Tuesday, 20 February 2007

It DOES matter

Quite a number of readers have come back to say that even if IQ were distributed unevenly across racial groupings, which it is not, they will say, it doesn’t make any difference. So what if immigrants from Africa have on average lower IQ levels? Well, the answer is – it matter A LOT.

Most social policy in the West assumes in fact that the distribution of innate abilities and propensities is the same across different groups. As Herrnstein says “the statistical tests for uncovering job discrimination assume that men are not innately different from women, blacks from whites, older people from younger people, homosexuals from heterosexuals, Latinos from Anglos, in ways that can legitimately affect employment decisions. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 assumes that women are no different from men in their attraction to sports. Affirmative action in all its forms assumes there are no innate differences between any of the groups it seeks to help and everyone else. The assumption of no innate differences among groups suffuses American social policy”. He adds that this assumption is clearly wrong, as is the assumption that better programs, better regulations, or the right court decisions can make the differences go away.

As your Savant explained at some length in an earlier post, IQ is the single most important determinant of achievement in life. On average, blacks have substantially lower IQ levels than whites, and lower again than East Asians and Jews. Those with low IQs have high unemployment, high crime rates, low educational levels, higher levels of births outside marriage, higher levels of welfare dependency. In other words, they have a disproportionately negative impact on society. You’d need to be a Professor of Sociology not to be able to see this. In fact people’s everyday experiences tell them that this is the case, but the PC thought police and MSM ensure that it never gets an airing. In that sense it always strikes your Savant as similar to Communism. Everyone knows the truth, but nobody speaks it. (“We pretend to work while they pretend to pay us”).

So to spell it out, there are immense social ramifications to having a large and growing black population in Ireland. To get an idea, just look at England, France, the US – indeed any country that has a significant black component of the population and you’ll see the characteristics I referred to earlier. Is it ALL down to bias and discrimination? Well, what about those countries where blacks are in control? They are, without exception, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden disasters. That even applies to Haiti and Liberia, which have both been independent for 200 years and which rank at the bottom of just about every indicator of social advancement.

The evidence is clear. We're simply importing the same problems when we allow these people to settle here. (Check the Steve Sailer site if you want an avalanche of supporting evidence)


Steve J. said...

what rank and total rubbish. hate sites like this should be forcibly closed down.

Mark Richardson said...

Steve J., the Australian Government is considering limiting further African immigration because of an excessive crime rate among such immigrants (twenty times higher than expected).

See here.