Thursday, 11 January 2007

Off to Dublin

As Somalia gyrates further down the tube, we can expect them to flood over here (having passed through numerous other less attractive EU countries). Having turned their country into crazier version of Mad Max , we can expect them to make a similar contribution here, like they’ve done in the US and Scandinavia – in fact everywhere they’ve gone. . Your Savant has recognized that Somalis combine the worst characteristics of Africa (tribalism, corruption and violence) with those of Islam (violence, corruption and tribalism).

I knew a Somali in the UAE – a pleasant, gentle man. But his gentleness had limits, for example when he cut a fellow teacher’s throat over a divergence of opinion on a religious matter and left him to die. They have a unique approach to problem resolution (picture shows academics debating a contentious issue at a conference in Mogadishu) and have proudly increased the crime rates (gang rape a specialty) wherever they’ve gone. Even now the poverty and refugee industries are dusting down the welcome mats.


Veronica said...

Amazing. i just saw today that the young scientist of the year came from Dublin from Somalia. So there!

Artur said...

Hey Savant :

Please consider inserting me into your blogroll.

Unamusement Park hasn't posted in almost a year and he's in your illustrious sidebar !

Ps : I just got off the phone with Wolgang Halbig. This guy is a professional school safety consultant who spent three months on the stand giving expert testimony after the Columbine shooting in 1999.

Please check out this sites, as this thing is starting to really gain momentum :


- Arturo

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