Thursday, 11 January 2007

First post

First posting to the Irish Savant blog. The reason I started this blog is to save Western Civilization, no less. Some seek greatness, other have greatness thrust upon them. Your humble Savant is – or soon will be - in the latter category. What lies in store for us is life, but not life as we know it, and certainly not as we’d like to know it. We, not just Ireland, but the West in general, are rendered helpless, like Gulliver before the Lilliputians, by political correctness. PC is like Stalinism, but with less humour. It has stifled open discussion more effectively than the Gestapo or the Taliban. In response I have flushed my Diversity Sensitivity pills down the jacks and unleashed the trusty sword of truth, which I intend to ram up every PC ass that exposes itself.

Future features include what Islam, the ‘Religion of Peace’ has in store for us, the impact of immigration, especially relating to Africans and Muslims, hard-hitting interviews with leading pains-in-the-hole like Cardinal Connell, President McAleese, Bono and Martin Cullen (who embodies PJ O’Rourke’s aphorism that politics is the business of getting power and privilege without possessing any merit), plus fair-minded and balanced comment on blood-sucking parasites like farmers and the clergy.

Join me on the ride. Feel free to comment – provided you agree with me.


katana said...

I, katana, in the year of our lord almighty 2013, August 20, do take possession of this barren (out)post, in the name of White civilization! This historic comment is the very first comment in the very first post by the very honorable Irish Savant!

[Please raise the flag, corporal!]

Heil victory over the forces of evil!

Keiser said...

[Please raise the flag, corporal!]

Flag Raised Captain!

*bugle sound*