Monday, 14 August 2017

Don't feed the bears

If you've ever gone to a wildlife park or nature reserve you're sure to have seen signs instructing you to not feed the wild animals. And there's a good reason for this. Feeding them makes us feel good but longer term the practice has negative ramifications for the animals. Over time they become dependent on humans and neglect survival instincts honed over thousands of years. For instance bears over time will shorten their hibernation period while their hunting and foraging skills deteriorate. With more r-selected species human feeding promotes spectacular population growth.

All of which is ok until something goes wrong and humans can no longer improve nature. This could - and does - happen in the case of bears when the parks are cut off by heavy snow or other adverse natural conditions. In such circumstances large numbers of them starve or freeze to death. In the case of over-population natural calamities such as drought will result in a large die-off of the affected species.

I thought of this when reading an article by some Irish philanthropist who focuses on Ethiopia. ("I have two adopted Ethiopian daughters" he reminds us frequently). Apparently that country is yet again headed for famine.  Insert boilerplate cut-and-paste doom porn here 'worst crisis in living memory, millions will die.....unless you send money NOW'. You know the drill. This guy should have heeded what Charles Darwin wrote many years ago. “One day something brought to my recollection Malthus’s “Principles of Population”. I thought of  his clear exposition of “the positive checks to increase”–disease, accidents, war, and famine–which keep down the population of savage races to so much lower an average than that of civilised peoples."

You see, since the time of the 1985 Ethiopian Crisis (which Bob Geldof exploited to relaunch his failing career) that country's population has tripled! Yes, tripled, from 32 million in 1975 to 101.4 million today. Any chance that this has something to do with the famine? Learning: Don't feed the bears.

And here's another learning: "Liberal" virtue-signallers are the worst hypocrites on the planet. Deep down they know that encouraging Ethiopians to breed at unsustainable levels inevitably leads to vastly greater suffering than had nature been allowed to take its course. But virtue-signalling to their peers trumps all. And now of course the reviled Whitey is being called on to once again rescue the situation. For all the thanks we'll get.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Welcome James to the land of the Red Pill

A few observations on the case of James Damore, the guy fired by ('do no evil') Google for circulating a document full of Hate Facts. And the first observation is that a factually-based, logically-argued proposition will not save you. Because the shrieking libtard/feminazi alliance are not interested in either facts or logic and in all probability won't even have read the material. And, as I noted in the previous post, claiming to be a GoodWhite who loves diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, blacks, gays, Jews and every other victim group will not alone fail to protect you but for some unexplained reason will further inflame the baying mob. Same with apologies and recantations. They won't save you.

All of this must have come as news to poor James, the nerdish GoodWhite. But even in the short time since his firing you can see the change that's coming over him. In his interview with Stefan Molyneux he's baffled by his predicament as the truth almost painfully dawns on him. But since then he's clearly taken the red pill and, as his new tee-shirt illustrates, his former loyalty to Google has disappeared.

And on that point each of us can do our bit by removing this evil company from our lives as far as we can. Possibilities include using Mozilla Firefox, Bing, Yahoo or a meta search-engine (which uses/leverages other search sites including Google and Yahoo) like Searx. When your mobile is due an upgrade choose Apple or Galaxy. I'm actively looking at alternative platforms for this blog, but one that won't mean losing what's on Blogger. (It's for the children, you understand).

Bear in mind that Google is going into overdrive on the anti-White project since that Indian coolie was made CEO. They've gone well beyond relegating sites like this to the bottom of the search queue. For example their new AI 'hate' checker rates "All conservative American Christian males should be put in labor camps" as 10 percent toxic while "All conservative Israeli male Jews should be put in labor camps" is rated as 83 percent toxic. Or, and this is brilliant, Google "happy American family", go to images, scroll down. And realise the extent to which they're fucking with our minds.

Finally a word on that Indian CEO and the army of HB1 visa holders (90% men, by the way) he's using to replace the White American workforce. India, where half the population is starving, turds everywhere you step. Where rivers are filled with shit, human corpses, dead animals..... and bathing humans. Where advanced degrees can be purchased for a few dollars and every single person is out to defraud you. Despite the glossy propaganda it's a corrupt and impoverished failure. You have to wonder how companies like Google will end up as they use such people and AA diversity drones to replace the productive White engineers who built the company.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Grovelling and recantations, all to no avail.

"I am not rescuing anything as it is over for me professionally as far as I can see - I am very, very sorry that I should have offended them. I do offer an apology for no other reason than out of genuine contrition for the hurt I have caused them...I am the author of my own misfortunes, I am the master of my soul and I must answer for what I've done. I must do nothing that will bring ruin or unhappiness to other people."

Kevin Myers, 'disgraced' Irish journalist (His crime? Pointing out that two Jewish women were Jews.)

“I Kamenev, together with Zinoviev and Trotsky, organised and guided this conspiracy. My motives? I had become convinced that the party’s – Stalin’s policy – was successful and victorious. We, the opposition, had banked on a split in the party, but this hope proved groundless. We could no longer count on any serious domestic difficulties to allow us to overthrow Stalin’s leadership. We were actuated by boundless hatred and by lust of power.”

Lev Kamenev, 'disgraced' former USSR Politburo member. (His crime? He offended Stalin)

Is there not an eerie resonance here? And also with their post-recantation treatment with both suffering immediate execution. Literally in Kamenev's case, metaphorically in the case of Myers. It's worth noting that, contrary to popular perception, the Russo-European Communist bloc did not (apart from the period of Stalin's purges) exercise power by way of mass executions. Instead citizens were cowed and controlled by round-the-clock surveillance which tracked every heretical word and thought. Offenders - apart from the more serious ones - were punished by way of losing their jobs and/or humiliated in the media.

Little wonder then that the term Political Correctness originated in that environment. And, in mutated form, still lives on today.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Legal justice in today's Britain

For centuries British legal principles have been an inspiration to legislators throughout the world. But along with everything else in that betrayed country they too have been sacrificed to the gods of diversity. Just read the following legal monstrosity as embodied in the College Of Policing's Hate Crime Operational Guidance.
"For recording purposes, the perception of the victim, or any other person .... is the defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime. The victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief, and police officers or staff should not directly challenge this perception. Evidence of the hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident." [My emphasis]

Could a more outrageous or egregious example of legislative (mis)guidance be imagined? Illegality is determined by the perception of the 'victim' rather than on the legal text and the associated case law. Under such a system a 'victim' could deem any innocuous comment or even a compliment from a White man as 'hateful'.  "I like your outfit" could be deemed as hateful by a 'victim' because....well, just because. And the 'victim' doesn't have  to provide any supporting evidence! How cool is that? 

A ten year-old child wouldn't come up with such nonsense yet in fact it emanated from one of Britain's most decorated judgesAnd it was not nonsensical really. It was another string to the bow of White civilisational destruction wrought by traitors in our midst. It's been successful. As the following illustrates.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Comedy gold coming our way

They say that comedy is dead and it might well be. I'm in no position to judge as I no longer watch TV or movies. No surprise if it is because SJWs recoil from it like vampires before a crucifix.  Humour and political correctness are mortal enemies. But hope is at hand and from the unlikely source of Jeff Bezos' Amazon History Channel. (Incidentally if we're ever invaded by aliens I propose sending Jeff to meet them as they'd think he's one of them).

Reparations traces the history of a three State republic gifted to liberated slaves at the end of the American Civil War. As 'reparations' for slavery.  Constantly attacked by an aggressive White America, the black republic (Colonia - why not just Colon?) nonetheless fights back and with the application of typical black characteristics - technical ingenuity, Teutonic work ethic, integrity and a talent for strategic institution-building - Colonia overcomes all odds and after 150 years become an economic and scientific powerhouse as White America 'struggles to stay afloat'.

Pure Comedy Gold. Tears will roll down our faces, we'll slap our thighs, our sides will ache as we're convulsed with mirth. Thanks Jeff, we need a laugh.  Although it's serious as well. Director Will Packer says the project  involves “bringing on the appropriate historians to make sure we are telling the story in an accurate and responsible way,” Wow!  

Actually Mr. Director I can be of help here. Because you already have the perfect template for the series. A country which was established by and for liberated American slaves after the Civil War, a country that in terms of natural resources was much wealthier than the Mississippi Delta, that got a head start with a major cash infusion from White America. Mr. Packer, I have just saved you a lot of time, money and effort. It's all here for you.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Ireland of the cucks

As far as I can judge there have been ten fatal accidents in Ireland in the last two weeks. These include six road fatalities, three drownings and one involving a farm tractor. Each of these - with one exception - got just passing reference in the national media. 'Man killed in two-car collision has been named as.....'. That kind of thing.  The exception relates to the drowning of young "Irish" boy Damola Adetosoye in the river Shannon, an event which attracted fevered coverage on national media, coast-to-coast TV and more. Locals were trotted out to deliver encomiums ('A Champion In Heaven': Tributes paid to teenage boy who drowned in River Shannon), the details of the accident were played out at length and the performance was repeated nation-wide when he was planted a few days later.

Clearly this was a nucular fizzizist or brain surjun in the making. Or maybe not. Because despite a plethora of signs warning of dangerous waters he nonetheless jumped in and sank like a stone. Yet Longford County Council were widely blamed. According to one local dog-collar 'the accident could and should have been avoided'. He was right. It would have been avoided had the knuckle-head taken notice of the multiple warning signs.  

How cucked can a country get? What has rotten our souls to the point that we mourn the loss of a Nigerian ahead of our own people? 

And today we learn that veteran gadfly journalist Kevin Myers has been fired from the Irish edition of the London Times (the Oirish Toimes) for an outlandish anti-Semitic attack on two BBC "journalists".  

Sunday Times Ireland columnist Kevin Myers will not write again for the paper, a spokesman said. The newspaper said it abhorred anti-Semitism after Mr Myers noted that two of the best-paid female presenters at the BBC, Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz, were Jewish in an article on the corporation's gender pay gap. Myers wrote: "Good for them. Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price, which is the most useful measure there is of inveterate, lost-with-all-hands stupidity."

Sunday Times editor Martin Ivens has apologised personally to the two women for these "unacceptable comments both to Jewish people and to women in the workplace". A spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Kevin Myers will not write again for The Sunday Times Ireland. "A printed apology will appear in next week's paper."

Yup, that's correct. He got fired for noting that the Jewish women were Jews. But the reaction isn't as crazy as it sounds. An old Russian proverb says something to the effect that you can deliver any insult to a Jew. Apart from calling him a Jew.

The Fighting Irish? Gone with the wind. A relic of our past.  If you doubt me read the comments at the link above.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Dykes versus kikes: When victims fall out

Did you see where some Jewish lesbians were ejected from Chicago’s Dyke March for brandishing Stars of David/‘Pride’ flags? One report (in I think the Jerusalem Post) juxtaposed a picture of the ejected and dejected dykes with a group of concentration camp inmates. I quite literally laughed out loud. And have you heard the story of Professor Brett Weinstein of Evergreen University in Washington? He's the guy who objected to being excluded from campus by minorities because he's White. 'But I'm not White!' he protests, 'I'm Jewish, an oppressed minority like you'. Too bad, the other oppressed minorities didn't appreciate the distinction and the Prof was metaphorically thrown under the bus by both students and administration. He's now suing the university for nearly $4 million.

 Oy vey, the sufferink! What's happening to the Most Oppressed People Ever (MOPE)? What's happening is that the brilliant Jewish wheeze whereby they played both sides of 'being White' is running out of road. But what a wheeze it was. Best of both worlds. Playing the White card enabled them to get away with being vastly over-represented in finance, media, universities and politics. For instance Jews are over-represented by a factor of about 10 in Harvard but disguise this by appearing in the White cohort. Then, cuckoo-like, pushing out actual Whites who are under-represented by a similar ratio. In addition playing White enables them to pass self-serving and anti-White legislation ('hate', human rights, immigration) under the guise of universal altruistic principles and to infiltrate and subvert genuinely pro-White organisations.

It's history repeating itself. They had a good thing going but pushed and pushed until they generated blow-back. Their scheming has created an America where blacks, Hispanics and Asians are displacing Whites at a stunning rate. Which was the whole idea. The problem is that their Frankenstein monsters have no sympathy for or affinity with Jews. They don't - unlike Whites - buy into their bogus victim narrative fact they see them as representing the worst aspects of White privilege. As the self-proclaimed progressive and Cultural Marxist Prof. Weinstein will now ruefully testify. In any event there are so many vibrants in the West now - thanks to immigration 'reform' - that they feel free to put 'people who look like them' in power. And Jews don't look lie them.

Hostile Indians (feather) are coming over the hill from the other side as well. The 'all Whites as evil oppressors' meme has become too successful and is now leading to blow-back from Whites, fed up with the vilification and ever-increasing demands of  non-White victim groups. Trump's election is but one symptom, in part reflecting the increasing White understanding of the treachery visited upon them by their hostile elites.

It's an exquisite irony that Jews are now impaled on a hook of their own making. They should have learned that apparatchiks were the first victims of the Red Revolution. How will they respond? Well one response will be to increasingly identify as White. We can see this already with the likes of Michael Savage, Milo whats-his-name, Stefan Molyneux and an awful lot more. Whites should welcome loose tactical alliances but must be aware of the infiltrate and subvert strategy which could see us lose control of our movement the way Jews are now losing control of theirs.

Unlike them make sure that we actually do learn from history.