Monday, 15 January 2018

Some observations on Trump's observation

Well Mr. Trump's 'shithole' comments certainly set the cat among the large and well-fed flock of PC pigeons, have they not?

A few observations:

I think it was Voltaire who said "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ He prayed that his enemies would defend the demonstrably indefensible, justify the demonstrably unjustifiable, attack what's demonstrably true and defend what's demonstrably untrue. And to make themselves look ridiculous in the process. Well in this instance our enemies obliged - in spades. Their outpourings of bogus outrage and subsequent acrobatics trying to defend the indefensible were a joy to behold. (The simple question of 'would you rather live in Norway or Haiti?' was followed by spluttering and evasions that bordered on comical)

Our bubble-based moral guardians assured us that with this particular outrage Trump had finally lost whatever chance he had had of winning in 2020. This from the same people who week after week during the Presidential Election assured us that 'this latest Trump outrage' had once and for all lost him the chance of the Presidency. Yet he kept on rollin' to victory. And this latest episode, far from fatally weakening his chances will in my view actually strengthen them. Because the overwhelming majority of Americans know that these places are shitholes. If not why are their citizens fleeing them? And why is the (((immigration industry))) in America using the terrible state of these countries as justification for not deporting their illegal immigrants in the USA back to them?

Again Trump has pushed the Overton Window back over to the right. He openly said what probably the majority of Americans believe and planted a seed of race realism among those who might not have believed. By using a profanity he undermined the prim mind-control shackles that have increasingly constrained what we can say. This is important as George Orwell recognised many years ago. Strictly limit what people can say and in time you'll limit what they can think. When it becomes impossible to speak openly about the truth, every civic function in what had once been a democracy gets neutralised. Those with the power to define the parameters of permitted speech get to control the political process, curtail criticism of their actions and thus destroy democracy itself.

Here's Orwell again: ‘In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. … The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.’ 

And again:

In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ 

By building a mountain of lies, by forcing us to pay obeisance to them on threat of unemployment and other consequences, our globalist overlords have created an almost bottomless gold mine of political capital that Trump digs into every time he blurts out what everyone thinks and no one is allowed to say. With his 'shithole' truth bomb he has just committed another revolutionary act.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Pathological altruism

Hard to imagine anything easier than demonstrating the scandalous waste represented by Western foreign aid. I have first-hand extensive experience of the phenomenon in Africa and Pakistan. Corruption tops the list as billions get lodged to foreign bank accounts of local bigwigs while well-connected local enterprises get awarded projects at vastly inflated prices. Huge quantities of aid also get diverted from the intended projects into grandiose follies and despots' ego trips. The biggest waste though, particularly in Africa, arises from incompetence the scale of which those of us from Western or East Asian cultures find literally incomprehensible.

Almost all aid to the Third World comes from Western countries. Oil-rich Muslim states are conspicuous by their absence. Britain for instance dishes out nearly £13 billion per annum. Which in itself is bad enough but spirals into a national scandal when set against the Winter cold death among elderly British citizens. 'Over the last four winters nearly 120,000 people in England and Wales have died of cold weather, or factors associated with cold weather such as a virulent strain of influenza. But campaigners argue that these excess winter deaths......have more to do with poverty than freezing temperatures'. Specialists in the field explain that 'the key to tackling winter deaths is to make sure older people have got a well-insulated, warm home and the income needed to pay the fuel bills. More suitable homes built specifically for older people, extra money for insulation and winter fuel payments are required'.

But successive Governments claim that the resources are just not there. Or to put it more accurately the resources are there but are being diverted into the foreign aid black hole. In other words British Governments choose to allow thousands of its own most vulnerable citizens to suffer miserable and undignified deaths by diverting the required funds to corrupt, incompetent and ungrateful foreigners. 'FIFTY percent of asylum seekers surveyed about the quality of housing they have been provided, which is paid for by the taxpayer, have branded it as "completely inadequate". Migrants also complained that staff did not take their complaints about housing standards seriously and there were separate concerns raised about possible sexual harassment of refugee women by housing staff.'   

And this even when the accommodation is worth £2 million and in an exclusive area of London.  'A family of former asylum-seekers from Somalia are living in a £2.1million luxury townhouse in one of Britain's most exclusive addresses at a cost to taxpayers of £8,000 a month. Abdi and Sayruq Nur and their seven children moved into their three-storey property in a fashionable area of London last month because they didn't like the 'poorer' part of the city they were living in. Mr Nur, 42, an unemployed bus conductor, and his 40-year-old wife, who has never worked, are now living in Kensington despite the fact that they are totally dependent on state benefits.'

It's classical pathological altruism and it's almost entirely confined to the White race as the figures show. A pathology which many believe to be genetically based deriving from the high-trust hunter-gatherer societies under which Europeans evolved. Of course it's not always altruism. Much of the SJW posturing on favouring The Other represents nothing but peer-focused virtue-signalling. And that in turn is surely bound in with the broader feminisation of society. But the main non-altruistic motivation can be traced to the NWO globalist nation-wreckers driving the whole foreign aid racket. 

Non-altruistic? Sheer malevolence would be more like it where they're concerned.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

"A true Irish patriot..."

Thus did the Irish Times (The Conscience of Ireland) describe Peter Sutherland on the news of his death last weekend. They fawned over his 'passionate loyalty to Ireland'. Actually the primary and over-riding loyalty for Suds (as he was known to the constellation of sycophants that surrounded him, hoping to capture some of the stardust that wafted in his wake) was to himself, followed by Goldman Sachs (aka the Vampire Squid and Crime inc.) and finally by a rogues' gallery of globalist NWO nation-wreckers such as Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission.

His loyalty to Ireland can be judged by his role in saddling the Irish taxpayer with the bill for paying off irresponsible bondholders who had lent to irresponsible banks. Late at night in September 2008 he rang the Irish Finance Minister who was dying of cancer and in a very weak position to argue with such a Master Of The Universe. Suds solemnly warned him that a failure to ensure payment to bondholders (even the unsecured ones who were legally owed nothing) would result in 'irreparable reputational damage' to the country. The rest is history. The Irish taxpayer was and remains on the hook for what I understand to be the largest per capita debt in banking history. It subsequently emerged that none other than Suds himself was one of said unsecured bondholders.

Some patriot.

But you can pay off a debt bomb, no matter how onerous, as Ireland is now doing. You can even rebuild a country bombed to ruins as Germany and Japan have done. But there's one kind of bombing a nation cannot recover from: The demographic time bomb. When your country gets flooded by unassimable fast-breeding invaders from the Third World it becomes poorer, fragmented and low-trust while its schools, hospitals, courts, jails and welfare systems come under immense and endlessly growing numerical and cultural strain. There's no way to recover short of mass ethnic conflict and displacement of the kind  associated with the dissolution of Yugoslavia. In other words there is no recovery for most Western countries.

And that's Peter Sutherland's main legacy to Ireland. With tactics straight out of the Kalergi playbook he incessantly pushed the project to blend out the White race. And only the White race. When claiming 
to the London Times that the EU needs “to undermine the homogeneity of Europe” his normal silver-tongued eloquence evaporated when asked whether this should apply to China, Japan and the rich Gulf states as well. So his distaste for ethnic homogeneity is selective. As it is for anti-competitive practices. Immediately after making his name as EU Competition Commissioner he took the Chair of CRH plc, a company mired in scandal and allegations of criminal breaches of competition law as they fought to maintain their virtual monopoly of Ireland's cement industry.

In conclusion it's worth considering why he would continue to throw his weight behind the destruction of his broader ethnic homeland even after his star was in the ascendant and his worth close to a billion dollars. You can call him many things - but not stupid or short-sighted. He simply had to realise the catastrophic impact of his policies. So why would push them right up to his death?

I posited one possible explanation here

Sunday, 7 January 2018


 One of blacks' most notable characteristics is their high time preference and its close relative, an unwillingness / inability to anticipate logical outcomes arising from given actions. These pathologies have been displayed in splendid relief in Baltimore since the Freddy Gray riots which were enabled if not actually supported by the City Authorities. "We gave them space to destroy" explained Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in a press conference. (With such a  high-calibre dedicated team of  public servants as seen behind her in the video it's a wonder the city has any problems at all).
 But it does. Lots and lots and lots. In fact the city proudly boasts the highest murder rate in the country, pipping Chicongo in 2017 despite being but a fraction of its size. So bad that a few months ago current Mayor Catherine Pugh called for the Federal Government to intervene in hopes of restoring order, noting that “violence in the city is out of control". And a local bigwig  the Rev. Kinji Scott told NPR that they want the police back and and engaged in the "community". Adding "but we don't want them beating the hell out of us.....”.

Right.....But you see Reverend therein lies the problem. The six police involved in the Freddy Gray case were relentlessly pursued by an incompetent black racist Prosecutor (but I repeat myself) despite there being almost no case against them. While none were convicted the boys in blue nonetheless got the message. If you do your job - and in Baltiomore that means whacking dindus on a regular basis - you're liable to end up fired or even prosecuted. Especially if you're White. Consequently there's been an exodus of  the better cops. The remainder, despite not being the sharpest pencils in the pack, have responded in an entirely rational way.  They ignore black crime. Clock in for work, collect your pay and build up pension entitlements. Who can blame them?

The ensuing bloodbath caught the city's authorities by surprise. As does, I imagine, the rising of the sun every morning. Hence the plaintive appeals for someone - i.e. Whitey - to dig them out of the mess. They tell us that the city "suffers from" stratospheric levels of crime and violence which its citizens must "endure". They also "suffer from" and must "endure" derelict neighbourhoods, 80%+ rates of illegitimacy (and their disastrous social consequences), disloyal and irrational Whites fleeing with a consequent loss of shops and employment opportunities. 

The causality eludes them. As it does their fellow vibrants in Philadelphia where they're planning to outlaw bulletproof glass at retail outlets. Apparently the hood rats see such barriers as dis'specting them.  The poor dears.“No establishment required to obtain a Large Establishment license … shall erect or maintain a physical barrier that requires the persons serving the food either to open a window or other aperture or to pass the food through a window or other aperture, in order to hand the food to a customer inside the establishment” the bill states. That's going to work wonders for the city's  retail trade.

But wait, Baltimore's city authorities have A Plan. It involves the Feds (i.e White taxpayers) providing them with a $6 billion fund to be disbursed by people like those behind the Mayor in that video. What could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

And thus it begins.....

The Irish are very proud to be European, or more correctly to be good EU citizens. It's kind of glamorous to be like our EU neighbours, especially the big progressive ones like Germany, France and Britain. Well today we became a little more like them because we've just had our first jihadi attack, an eighteen year-old knife-wielding Egyptian Muslim randomly killing one and wounding two others as he rampaged through the Co. Louth town of Dundalk.

Mind you the police have sternly warned us against assuming it's 'terror-related'. What a crazy thought. It emerged that the suspect arrived from Britain a few days ago and applied here for permanent residency. I imagine today's episode will prove unhelpful  to that request. But not necessarily fatal (whoops!). Countries all over Europe have been welcoming back their own Misinterpreters Of Islam from Syria where they'd spent their time chopping heads and throwing queers from high buildings. 'Helping them reintegrate into society' apparently is how they describe the process. 

So maybe in a few years when this vulnerable youth has served his sentence taxpayer-funded lawyers will take his case right up to the top European Courts where they'll deem that his Human Rights would be violated by deporting him back to Egypt. Think I'm kidding?

PS: It has subsequently emerged that this guy showed up at a police station in Dundalk a few days ago and asked for asylum. The boys in blue made no inquiries about how he got into the country, if he was here legally but because 'he seemed nice and friendly' they let him loose onto the streets.  But maybe we shouldn't be too hard on the cops. They're walking on eggshells here. One complaint from the jihadi would have been enough to activate the hive of diversity fanatics, most of them from publicly-funded NGOs, forcing the cops into damage limitation mode.

The country is in safe hands.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Austria: Why are the NWO globalists backing off?

Remember back in 2000 when Jörg Haider's (cough) "far-right" party joined the Government coalition? The EUSSR and the (((usual suspects))) went batshit crazy.  A whole range of punitive measures and sanctions was imposed on Austrians for voting the wrong way. Their representatives at the Commission and Parliament were snubbed, joint projects abandoned, nobody would take part in collective media opportunities if Austrians were included while Belgium even threatened to kick the country out. "It's too simplistic to say we must keep Austria in Europe at all costs," argued Foreign Minister, Louis Michel. "Europe can very well do without Austria. We don't need it."


Every imaginable Jewish group rose up in righteous indignation while the Israeli Government paused briefly from dropping phosphorous bombs on Gazan villagers to warn Haider that he would not be allowed into the country. 'The Simon Wiesenthal Centre said it was pulling out of a joint project with Austria on tolerance (LoL!)among youth while a group of Auschwitz concentration camp survivors called on President Klestil not to let the Freedom party into government.' 

Ah yes, democracy is great. Until it gives the wrong result. In which case right-minded people must undo the electorate's mistake, as explained by British Labour MEP Glyn Ford. "Some say that it is not right for us to interfere in Austrian politics. They are wrong. Some say we have to accept the outcome of democratic elections - but elections do not always make democrats." Which is straight from the George Orwell playbook. 'All animals are equal but some are more equal than others'. These people are so far up their own assess that they've degenerated into self-parody. 

Fast forward now to the current Austrian Government which is more "far-right" (using NWO globalist Newspeak) than was Haidar's and more important it holds far greater power in Parliament. In other words it's a much bigger threat to the EUSSR agenda than was Haider's.  The People’s Party received 31.4% of the vote while their alter ego Freedom Party came in second with 27.4% percent giving the "far-right" nearly 60% of the popular vote. Yet there's hardly been a squeak. Have you heard anything? For the EUSSR Commission it's business as usual and Juncker has already met the new Austrian PM. Even the (((usual suspects))) have been strangely quiet, merely trotting out a few oy-veying 40 year-old  Holocau$t survivors to warn of its imminent return. But it seemed half-hearted and unconvincing.

What's the reason for this spectacular turnabout? Is it the size of the "far-right" vote, the fact that similar Governments rule in neighbouring Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, that Brexit and Trump have undermined the nomenklatura's confidence in bullying its subjects into RightThink?

I don't know. But I do know I like the look of it.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Give Boot the boot

Have you ever been struck by the way some 'experts' retain their reputation despite being spectacularly wrong on just about everything? People like Paul Ehrlich (are we about to freeze or burn to death Paul?). Max Boot, the 'conservative foreign policy expert', is another one. Every forecast he's made proved catastrophically wrong (Iran was supposed to have nuked Israel by 2015) as has every one of his policy recommendations. He proclaimed that American military intervention against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria would transform these countries - with minimal casualties or destruction - into liberal freedom-loving pro-Western democracies. 


Yet instead of being on trial for war crimes he remains a key member of the immensely powerful Council On Foreign Relations while his 'expertise' is eagerly sought by the MSM - a platform he uses to fan the flames of new American wars - this time against Russia and Iran. And now he's created another flurry by suddenly discovering that he's the beneficiary of White Privilege, a somersault that has been eviscerated by left-wing feminist (!) Caitlin Johnstone. "Max Boot is courting Democrats because his war-hungry ideology is being increasingly rejected by Republicans" and Trump in particular who's not bellicose enough for this particular armchair warrior.

Unfortunately most of Libtardia is clucking and cooing at a prominent 'conservative' figure seeing the light. But Boot (or should that be Bootski or Bootov?) is not now and never has been a  conservative. No more than he is now a liberal. As with all the Jewish Neoconservatives (but I repeat myself) his migrations between liberalism and conservatism stem from the perception of what's good for the Jews, specifically for Israel. The destruction and slaughter inflicted on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria were never about American interests but about weakening Israel's regional enemies. And that's why he's now beating the drums for war against Iran and its Russian allies.

It speaks volumes for the power of ZOG that this Russian Jew with such a calamitous record remains ensconced at the epicentre of the American foreign policy power structure.