Tuesday, 4 August 2020


I took a keen interest in the east African Asian (overwhelmingly Indian) community while spending time in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania many years ago.  Let's just say they weren't popular with European expats. And much less so with the local Africans. The accusations against them will be familiar to anyone who has already dealt with Indians. They were deemed devious and untrustworthy, treated their African staff life serfs (interviewees often had to perform some humiliating ritual like kneeling before the prospective employer) and sought to elbow out non-Indians from professions and certain lines of business, mainly money-lending, a trade at which they were ruthless practitioners. Their money was - wisely of course - not kept within the local economy but spirited back to the Indian sub-continent - a practice not unnoticed by the natives.  Marrying out, unless to a wealthy White was frowned upon and absolutely verboten where Africans were concerned. (Remind you of another group?)

Their attitudes towards Africans should be seen in the light of endless Indian complaints at the British for the racism Indians allegedly had to endure before 'independence'. (In Africa independence has come to mean sharply increased dependence.)  Clearly Indian attitudes to race were influenced by the Hindu caste system (although many of those expelled were Ismaily Muslims) which in effect represents a kind of pigmentocracy with the darkest nestling uncomfortably at the bottom. When Idi Amin seized power across the lake in Uganda on this day 48 years ago he ordered them out of the country. 

Did the Asians head back to Asia? Of course not. Most headed to Britain which, despite a housing crisis, pushed them up the queue ahead of native Brits. Why? After all as MP Ronald Bell said at the time ‘They were either born in India or have retained close connection with India. They have no connection with Britain either by blood or residence.’ But now we all know why. The current "British" Home Secretary is one of those Ugandan Asians. The family of Priti Patel (the poison dwarf) left Uganda nearly fifty years ago and landed in Britain destitute. Aided by Government largesse and loads of affirmative action they subsequently prospered.

And now she's the most powerful law officer in the land. You'd imagine her first statement would be a humble tribute to the munificence of her hosts. But no. Watch this. Try - it's only 30 seconds long. A more ungrateful, arrogant, ungracious, imperious and entitled harangue would be hard to imagine. We can be 100% certain that were Patel's people back running Uganda there wouldn't be a BAME within a donkey's roar of the loot and power. In the world of her people you step over starving beggars on the street without a second glance, you run a mile from black people. Yet she got praised for her tirade by the grovelling White sycophants who hung on her every word.

I know it galled and infuriated me. How must it come across to a normal red-blooded Englishman? Assuming there are any left.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Saint Anthony

I must admit to being puzzled by Anthony, a recent BBC "documentary". At least that's what they call it. It's about black yoot Anthony Walker who was killed back in 2005. The film imagines the life he would have lived had he not been prematurely offed. Being the BBC this life did not feature drug-dealing, stabbing, attempted murder, welfare dependency and a substantial period spent as guest of Her Majesty's Prison Service. Surprisingly they didn't see him becoming a brain surgeon or astrophysicist, selflessly deploying his wealth to the betterment of others. No, they had him down as a civil rights activist, successfully leeching off White taxpayers' guilt. And this being the BBC he had a blonde White wife, pictured here with not a bruise in sight. Naturally the possibility of multiple other little sprogs with multiple baby mammas was not explored.

But go back to my confusion, which was based on the fact that he was killed fifteen years ago. Why him?  It's not exactly as if they were short of black yoots getting offed. In fact London now runs red with blood as black-on-black killings reach Stalingrad levels. But yes, I inadvertently stumbled on the solution: Black-on-black killings are no use for the White racism narrative. Did I mention that St. Anthony's killers were White? And it seems the BBC had to go all the way back to 2005 to find a White killer of a black yoot. They had already milked the other one for all it was worth. 

Thanks to Conservative prime minister Theresa (Treason) May, the United Kingdom just “celebrated” its first annual Stephen Lawrence Day, which commemorates the April 22, 1993 murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence by several whites. The case was a media sensation. Nelson Mandela intervened. A 1999 public inquiry blamed police incompetence, a failure of leadership, and “institutional racism” for the murderers’ escape. The event created the strongest anti-discrimination powers in Western Europe.” It was the “catalyst for permanent and irrevocable change.”

Indeed it was. And now Lawrence's mamma roosts in the Britain's House Of Lawds.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Covid-19: Some inconvenient truths

All figures taken from https://www.ontario.ca/page/2019-novel-coronavirus Please note page is updated daily. The figures below are from June 21 but there have been no significant changes since.

Ontario population ~ 15 million

Number of tests: 1.17 million

Number of cases: 33,000 -> 2.86 % infection rate, or 97% of us DON'T HAVE THE BUG

Number of deaths: 2606 -> 2606/33k = 7.5% mortality rate

Your chance of death = infection rate x mortality rate = 0.22%

Your chance of NOT DYING FROM THIS BUG = 100 - .22 = 99.78%

But the news gets better

Of the 2606 who died, 1650 were in nursing homes. They represented 5335 total cases.


950 deaths out of 28,000 cases = 3.3% mortality if you get the bug

950 deaths out of 1.17 million tests = .00082, or you have a 99.99% chance of living through this if you're not currently infected.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Not very nice White parents

Have you listened to the New York Slimes podcast "Nice White Parents"? Here's the blurb: "We know that American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education — two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when we look at how our schools are failing, we usually focus on who they’re failing: Black and brown kids. We ask: Why aren’t they performing better? Why aren’t they achieving more?... Those are not the right questions. If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public education system, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents."
I'll bet you're amazed at that conclusion. Especially given the name of the 'journalist' - Chana Joffe-Walt. Yes, of course she is.  But the main message I took from the podcast was the unimaginable hypocrisy of the eponymous White parents. Apparently back in 1963 a new school was about to be built in a black slum in New York. You'd imagine that nearby White parents would have been on their knees in gratitude at their kids being spared the presence of the yoots  destined to infest the establishment. You'd be wrong. Apparently the parents left no stone unturned in their attempts lure the school from the 'hood to their own leafy suburb. They insisted that their kids luxuriate in the joys of diversity, soak up black culture and social norms, and absorb their legendary scholastic aptitudes. 

Their wokeness makes today's libtards seem like Fascists. And their efforts were successful. Soon a gleaming new community school (financed of course by White taxpayers) nestled among the neat Whiteopia houses and gardens. Anybody injured in the subsequent stampede by those nice White parents to get their kids' down with Jamal and Sh'aniqua? Er, no. In fact not a single While student registered. Not one. The best bit though is the excuses and evasions those parents offered up to explain away their actions. In essence 'a great and noble idea to fully integrate education. Just not for my kids'. Of course this is SOP for well-off Guardianista-style liberals. Former British Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbot (Abbot The Hut) built a career railing against the White privilege of private schooling. And then when her own spawn were old enough she sent them to.....95% White private schools. It was interesting in that the parents interviewed really didn't seem to grasp the enormity of their double-standards, far less cringe in embarrassment.

Truly liberalism is a mental disease. And it's destroying all of us.

Monday, 27 July 2020

Models are not = science

No, I'm not thinking of a bespectacled Giselle Bunchen in a white lab coat, poring over complex mathematical equations. I refer to the kind of models used to propagate the Covid-19 panic, the most famous/notorious being the one hawked by the frauds at Imperial College London. That's the one which said half a million Brits were going to die in the absence of a strict lockdown. The actual figure of course is less than one tenth of that.

How can that be? Well because Britain did in fact implement lockdown, see?  In fact we've now done a retrospective iteration of our model and it shows that, yes, with lockdown the figure is 45,000. We were right all along. And maybe they did.  But that's the thing about models. Unlike with real science you can get them to come up with any result you want. This is because results are largely determined by human choices. The variables are the programming (model logic), assumptions and probabilities. Assuming the logic/programming is not tampered with (although when it comes to Covid, cynicism should be the order of the day) you can still derive dramatically different outcomes by altering assumptions and probabilities. That's why a team from MIT, using Ferguson's model, produced results indicating that lockdown made no difference. Outcomes from countries such as Japan and a State-by-State analysis within the USA  suggest MIT to be right.

So when we're harangued into 'following the science' be aware that the models adduced as science are at the very bottom of science's seven-stage Hierarchy Of Evidence. A scientifically validated theory or thesis can be replicated and validated by other researchers. As we saw the "science" on which the Covid clampdown was justified can generate results totally at variance with the original proposition. The models are not science in any meaningful sense.

The Covid scamdemic has been an unscientific fraud from start to finish. Remember that the next time some Karen orders you to 'follow the science'.

Saturday, 25 July 2020


If you believe that two or more people often get together to plan bad things then you are what is known as "A Conspiracy Theorist"

If you do not believe that then you are what is known as "An Idiot"

If you do believe that but refuse to admit it then you are knows as "A Coward"