Thursday, 22 October 2020

The simple syllogism that demolishes the Covid-19 scam


* For the pedants out there who might query whether this is a syllogism - it is. It's a Disjunctive Syllogism. (I like to add a bit of class to this blog every so often!)

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Another institution is sad decline

The Russian state security service (most commonly known as the KGB) without question set the gold standard in its field, consistently out-performing its Western counterparts despite operating on a fraction of their budget. Unlike the CIA they managed to infiltrate spies everywhere, into the very heart of the Western security establishment, time after time. And boy could they kill. At the peak of Stalin's Terror they were offing 7,000 victims per day. That's over two million a year. Admittedly achieving these quotas for Stalin meant that many an ordinary Dzho-in-the-street out walking his dog got swept up, his evening disappointingly ending with a bullet in the head. But the KGB could also operate with surgical precision, clinically taking out heavily-guarded targets like Trotsky and Bandera.

Which makes the ineptitude of their efforts to murder Sergei Skripal and his daughter as well as Alexei Navalny all the more amazing.  Bizarre use of radioactive toxin elements placed on doors or slipped into cups of tea at airports seemingly designed to fail, or at best partially succeed. They all failed. The victims are up and walking around. For such a dangerous monster Putin - for we're left in no doubt that the attacks were personally ordered by him - must be unhappy with his agents. But this raises an awkward question for the Deep State war-mongers and their media whores trying to provoke Russia: Is Putin grossly incompetent or an arch-villain about to take over the world? You can't have it both ways.

The whole blame-the-Russians ploy is laughably improbable for two reasons. First had the Russians wanted to kill Navalny and Skripal they could have made them disappear while they were still in Russia. Second, on the highly-improbable assumption that they blundered on that score, are we really saying that KGB assassins were incapable of cleanly taking out a couple of unguarded civilians walking around the streets? Sadly it seems the public are applying the same levels of forensic skills to this nonsense as they are to the Covid-19 scam, buying into it with their brains in neutral. Our overlords must be so pleased at the ease with which they can dupe the population. 

Now if only Putin would play ball we'd have a nice World War III on our hands.

Monday, 19 October 2020

The strange case of a judge, a lawyer, a paedophile and a murdered baby

George Gibney (in the news again) ranks as one of Ireland's most prolific paedophiles. Which says a lot as in fairness we seem to punch above our weight when it comes to that particular activity. As a swimming coach he was ideally positioned to abuse the children under his control and abuse them he did. At least according to the seven swimmers who provided sworn affidavits to police
 to the effect that Gibney had assaulted them at various times between 1967 and 1981. But despite these statements and the rumours swirling around Gibney no charges were brought for several years due to 'lack of evidence'.  Eventually the Director Of Public Prosecutions acted and this is where the story gets really interesting

Because in 1993 Patrick Gageby, Gibney's barrister, sought a Judicial Review preventing the DPP from proceeding with the charges. The appeal went all the way to the Supreme Court which ruled that all charges be dropped due to the length of time it took the victims to formally act. Gibney apparently couldn't be expected to remember raping or abusing a child on a certain night, or day, in his car, or in a room at the swimming pool, or on an Irish swimming trip abroad, or in their own house, or in the back seat of a family car while one of their parents was driving. Of course. Such little matters would slip anybody's mind. So just like that he walked free. Gageby, who had developed a reputation for representing alleged sex offenders, then proceeded to bring a large number of successful appeals based on this ruling. 

Now here's another strange thing. Sitting on the case, in what would appear to be a blatant conflict of interest, was Mrs. Justice Denham, brother of Patrick Gageby. She enthusiastically supported the ruling to expunge all charges against Gibney. So good for paedophiles, good for Denham (she was subsequently appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) and good for her brother who trousered vast fees in the ensuing appeals. But not so good for vulnerable kids, one of whom Gibney abused within a year after he had fled to America.

Irvin Muchnick, the Jewish journalist (let's give credit where it's due) who did so much to track Gibney down wrote "Questions surrounding the actions or inactions of the Arvada police add to the body of information of how Gibney, whom we’ve described as the most notorious at-large sex criminal in the history of global sports, not only managed to gain entry to the US via a 1992 visa, but also has remained in this country ever since — thanks in large part to curious official decisions that have had the clear effect of protecting him from on ongoing campaign to seek his extradition and trial on dozens of both old and newly emerging allegations of molestation and rape."

Now let me move to another seemingly unrelated case, a case of incest, child abuse and murder so horrifying I hesitated to bring it to your attention. Cynthia Owen's father was an alcoholic who raped her from the time she was eight. Aged eleven she gave birth to his baby during the Easter holidays of 1973. She alleges that, after removing the placenta, her mother picked up the infant and stabbed her with a knitting needle (more than 40 times the inquest later heard). When she was certain the baby was dead, says Owen, her mother put it in a laundry bag and crept out into the night, dragging Cynthia – now delirious – with her, and hid it in a lane in the nearby town of Dun Laoghaire. An investigation was launched but closed six weeks later, and the case became another notorious unsolved murder.

Cynthia also claims she was 'rented out' to a local paedophile ring, three of whom were policemen whom she alleged also covered up the allegations she made. Eventually in 2007 a jury at the inquest into the death of the dead baby unanimously found she was the child of Cynthia Owen; that she died at the family’s former home in White’s Villas in Dalkey; and that her cause of death was haemorrhage due to stab wounds. The ensuing public outcry forced Minister For Justice Michael McDowell to order an inquiry. And guess who he chose to conduct it? None other than Patrick Gageby! And guess what Gageby recommended?  That no further action be taken.  

The existence of a massive international paedophile ring comprising some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people is becoming increasingly clear. And we didn't have to wait for the Jeffrey Epstein or Jimmy Saville revelations to arrive at that conclusion. We look back in amazement at how their likes managed to get away with their depredations for so long. Time after time we learn that 'a file was presented to the prosecutors' and then that 'no further action was recommended'. Or gets "lost" as in the case of Leon Brittan, then the top Justice official in the UK. Gibney seems to have been similarly blessed all the way through, even after he fled Ireland. He immediately got similar jobs in Scotland and in America. It seems inconceivable that the developments surrounding such a prominent international swimming coach would have gone unnoticed by his new employers and even if they had, did they not make even a cursory career inquiry before appointing him to such sensitive posts? And as we saw above he got residency in the USA under very suspicious circumstances. (By the way a concerned Irish citizen warned Diane Feinstein's office about Gibney but never got even an acknowledgement). The Owens case had similar echoes, one being that her father, despite being a heavy drinker and smoker with a menial job left hundreds of thousand of Euro in his will.

I'm not suggesting that anyone named in the post was involved in a paedophile ring. But extremely powerful people, much more powerful that the Denhams, Gageby's and McDowells of this world, have almost unlimited ways of applying pressure on lower level decision-makers, often indirect, but effective nonetheless. Meanwhile the project to normalise paedophilia continues apace.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Will TDS get Joe off the hook?

The scandals engulfing Joe and Hunter ("American Psycho") Biden are egregious enough to derail a Third World  Presidential campaign. Seriously. But there's no guarantee this will happen in Joe's case. For a start (and this reminds me of the philosophers' dilemma 'if a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees or hears it has it really fallen?') in America if something doesn't appear in the MSM and major social media platforms then - as far as the general public is concerned - it hasn't happened. And boy, these guardians of information flow have thrown off the last pretence of impartiality and imposed a coordinated blackout. Even the White House Twitter feed was cut off for a while.  The once great Drudge Report blanked the scandal for all of yesterday. 

The inability of the media to totally maintain the blackout lead to phase two: "Debunk" and ridicule these "baseless allegations". I've read quite a few of these refutations and without exception they're worthless puff-pieces, devoid of substance. However they're brimming over with bluff and bluster capable of misleading the casual reader. (And 95% of readers are casual).  'The claims are easily disproven', 'clear evidence of Russian meddling' and, my favourite, 'the FBI have had the laptop for over a year and saw no evidence of criminality'. Ah yes. The FBI did indeed have the laptop and yes, they did nothing. Which begs the question as to why, given the mountain of evidence on it? Remember James Alefantis, the Paedo Pizza creep. He wasn't questioned by the FBI either and cites this as evidence of his innocence. Same with Lucky Larry Silverstein who gave the order to demolish WTC 7. He smiles and says he was never even questioned by the forces of law and order. And he's right.  

And finally, even assuming that everybody learned of the scandal and saw through the bullshit excuses would those afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome change their minds?  My belief is that if Joe were seen sexually groping children they'd still vote for the ticket. Oh wait! Or if they learned that Kamaltoe Harris had withheld exculpatory evidence for a man on death row they'd still vote for the ticket. Oh wait! 

Yes, I do believe that TDS, stoked exhaustively by the media, has driven huge numbers of otherwise fairly rational people to the edges of clinical insanity. Rendered them impervious to logic. I've argued with them myself. And it seems to me that quite literally nothing would stop them voting against Trump. Hopefully the shocking new revelations might be enough to convince a critical number of undecideds and/or galvanise the wavering White suburban moms to vote for their future and that of their children.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Are you an Accelerationist?

Accelerationists base their beliefs (whether knowingly or not) on Lenin's dictum 'worse is better' as a means of bringing about the collapse of the existing order. The worse things get the more likely the proletariat are to rise up against their oppressors. Accelerationists take this a step further in that they believe the sooner the 'worse' happens the better. Accelerationists on what I'll call (for want of a better term) the alt-right feel this way about next month's elections in America. Voting won't make any difference (if it did they wouldn't allow it) and even were Trump and the Republicans to regain power it would only postpone the inevitable sundering of the nation, rendering an eventual solution all the more intractable.

Were the Dems to take full control in the elections (so their thinking goes) they'll go mad, unleashing an orgy of welfare spending, taxation of the the middle class, anti-White affirmative action, Section 8 on steroids, legalise all thirty million illegals, throw open the borders, and allow unfettered lawlessness on the streets. This in turn would drive Whites to rise up and demand separation into a White homeland or multiples thereof. And they're probably right. Whites might well demand such a thing. But here's the catch: The Dems won't allow it. Apart from their (large) lunatic fringe the rest fully understand the extent to which they're dependent on productive Whites. They realise an America sans Whites quickly becomes Detroit or Baltimore writ large.

How will they block it? Well prevailing legislation makes it impossible for a State to secede in the absence of Federal approval. Federal approval will not be forthcoming. The hugely expanded Supreme Court, packed with blacks, Latinos and Muslims will vote as dictated by their Third World genetic programming: For Their Own. Big Tech and the alphabet "security" agencies will be on hand to monitor, censor and subvert nascent White resistance. The financial services parasites will refuse to process transactions while the MSM will maintain a barrage of wartime-scale propaganda. Meanwhile with thirty million newly-enfranchised illegals the Dems will have a bullet-proof majority for long enough to ensure the end of the USA and its replacement by Brasil do Norte.

Would even a sweeping Trump/Republican victory prevent this doomsday scenario? Almost certainly not. But at least there's a chance. The last chance for Heritage America. Americans should vote accordingly

Sunday, 11 October 2020

"Trust the science, follow the expert advice"

Thus we are instructed by our moral superiors. "Trust the science, follow the expert advice". But what if the science is unclear and the experts wrong?

On Jan. 21, the day the first Covid-19 case in the U.S. was confirmed Anthony Fauci said the following on Newsmax TV: “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” Shortly afterwards he said in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine that 
Covid-19 would be no more dangerous than common influenza. Two months later he and CDC Director Robert Redfield proclaimed it to be "the greatest public health crisis that has hit this nation in more than 100 years.”  The WHO's latest mortality rate figures (this week) show that only 0.13 percent of those infected will die. That’s 26 times lower than WHO’s originally suggested death rate of 3.4 percent. This 0.13 percent death rate is almost exactly the death rate for the common flu.

"Trust the science, follow the expert advice"

In March of this year Professor Neil Ferguson, head of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London, issued a horrifying report which projected 500,000 deaths in the UK arising from the Covid virus. But not long after that he revised the half a million to just a few thousand. Just like that! Some expert. But he had form going back many years. In 2002 he predicted that up to 50,000 people in UK would die from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“mad cow disease”) possibly to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. How many actually died? A grand total of 178. In 2005 he forecast up to 200 million deaths worldwide from H5N1 ("bird flu"). The eventual body count? 78. No, not 78 million, 78 people. That model might need a bit of work, Neil. Then in 2009 he warned that H1N1 ("swine flu") would kill 65,000 people in Britain. The eventual body count? 457. Not 457,000 - 457 deaths. Similar doomsday Covid fatality figures have been published by other prestigious research organisations.

Trust the science, follow the expert advice

The effectiveness of masks has been in dispute from the onset of the plandemic. The head of infectious diseases at the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health (RIVM), Jaap van Dissel, has argued there is no scientific proof of cloth masks’ effectiveness, and that they might in fact do more harm than good. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Feb. 29 beseeched the public as follows: "Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS!” The CDC initially said "if you are NOT sick you do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask)". The effectiveness of masks remains to this day - to put it mildly - under dispute. Yet moves are afoot in most Western countries to make mask wearing mandatory.

Trust the science, follow the expert advice

Originally the WHO and other experts warned that Covid-19 can be spread from contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. This in turn lead to the use of surgical gloves and the maniacal scrubbing of door handles and table surfaces that we've all seen. Such warnings, while not withdrawn, have been discreetly slipped down the Memory Hole. Same with ventilators. Remember them? We needed hundreds of thousands to be produced.  NOW! Until the experts found that they were killing more patients than they were saving as evidenced by a 
study of 2,600 New York City patients which found an 88% death rate among Covid-19 patients placed on respirators.

Trust the science, follow the expert advice

The Lancet, arguably the most venerable medical journal, published an article earlier this year headlined “Hydroxychloroquine: Trump’s Covid-19 ‘cure' increases deaths, global study finds.” Shortly afterwards they published a full retraction and withdrew the paper Just like that.

Trust the science, follow the expert advice

The foregoing brief summaries show that the experts have, at one time or another, been wrong, sometimes catastrophically so, on just about everything of substance related to this virus. Maybe I should correct that. The experts who dominate the discourse have been wrong. Many others, voices crying in the wilderness, have been calling out the hoax from the beginning. Their numbers have grown of late. Take for instance the Great Barrington Declaration which has now been signed by nearly 6,000 scientists and medical experts across the globe as well as 50,000 members of the public. They say keeping the lockdown policies in place until a vaccine is available would cause "irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed". Yet we see pressure for more draconian lock-down measures all over the West.

So who do we believe?

My suggestion: Our belief should be guided by the knowledge that the Covid-19 Project represents one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the public.