Monday, 19 October 2020

The strange case of a judge, a lawyer, a paedophile and a murdered baby

George Gibney (in the news again) ranks as one of Ireland's most prolific paedophiles. Which says a lot as in fairness we seem to punch above our weight when it comes to that particular activity. As a swimming coach he was ideally positioned to abuse the children under his control and abuse them he did. At least according to the seven swimmers who provided sworn affidavits to police
 to the effect that Gibney had assaulted them at various times between 1967 and 1981. But despite these statements and the rumours swirling around Gibney no charges were brought for several years due to 'lack of evidence'.  Eventually the Director Of Public Prosecutions acted and this is where the story gets really interesting

Because in 1993 Patrick Gageby, Gibney's barrister, sought a Judicial Review preventing the DPP from proceeding with the charges. The appeal went all the way to the Supreme Court which ruled that all charges be dropped due to the length of time it took the victims to formally act. Gibney apparently couldn't be expected to remember raping or abusing a child on a certain night, or day, in his car, or in a room at the swimming pool, or on an Irish swimming trip abroad, or in their own house, or in the back seat of a family car while one of their parents was driving. Of course. Such little matters would slip anybody's mind. So just like that he walked free. Gageby, who had developed a reputation for representing alleged sex offenders, then proceeded to bring a large number of successful appeals based on this ruling. 

Now here's another strange thing. Sitting on the case, in what would appear to be a blatant conflict of interest, was Mrs. Justice Denham, brother of Patrick Gageby. She enthusiastically supported the ruling to expunge all charges against Gibney. So good for paedophiles, good for Denham (she was subsequently appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) and good for her brother who trousered vast fees in the ensuing appeals. But not so good for vulnerable kids, one of whom Gibney abused within a year after he had fled to America.

Irvin Muchnick, the Jewish journalist (let's give credit where it's due) who did so much to track Gibney down wrote "Questions surrounding the actions or inactions of the Arvada police add to the body of information of how Gibney, whom we’ve described as the most notorious at-large sex criminal in the history of global sports, not only managed to gain entry to the US via a 1992 visa, but also has remained in this country ever since — thanks in large part to curious official decisions that have had the clear effect of protecting him from on ongoing campaign to seek his extradition and trial on dozens of both old and newly emerging allegations of molestation and rape."

Now let me move to another seemingly unrelated case, a case of incest, child abuse and murder so horrifying I hesitated to bring it to your attention. Cynthia Owen's father was an alcoholic who raped her from the time she was eight. Aged eleven she gave birth to his baby during the Easter holidays of 1973. She alleges that, after removing the placenta, her mother picked up the infant and stabbed her with a knitting needle (more than 40 times the inquest later heard). When she was certain the baby was dead, says Owen, her mother put it in a laundry bag and crept out into the night, dragging Cynthia – now delirious – with her, and hid it in a lane in the nearby town of Dun Laoghaire. An investigation was launched but closed six weeks later, and the case became another notorious unsolved murder.

Cynthia also claims she was 'rented out' to a local paedophile ring, three of whom were policemen whom she alleged also covered up the allegations she made. Eventually in 2007 a jury at the inquest into the death of the dead baby unanimously found she was the child of Cynthia Owen; that she died at the family’s former home in White’s Villas in Dalkey; and that her cause of death was haemorrhage due to stab wounds. The ensuing public outcry forced Minister For Justice Michael McDowell to order an inquiry. And guess who he chose to conduct it? None other than Patrick Gageby! And guess what Gageby recommended?  That no further action be taken.  

The existence of a massive international paedophile ring comprising some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people is becoming increasingly clear. And we didn't have to wait for the Jeffrey Epstein or Jimmy Saville revelations to arrive at that conclusion. We look back in amazement at how their likes managed to get away with their depredations for so long. Time after time we learn that 'a file was presented to the prosecutors' and then that 'no further action was recommended'. Or gets "lost" as in the case of Leon Brittan, then the top Justice official in the UK. Gibney seems to have been similarly blessed all the way through, even after he fled Ireland. He immediately got similar jobs in Scotland and in America. It seems inconceivable that the developments surrounding such a prominent international swimming coach would have gone unnoticed by his new employers and even if they had, did they not make even a cursory career inquiry before appointing him to such sensitive posts? And as we saw above he got residency in the USA under very suspicious circumstances. (By the way a concerned Irish citizen warned Diane Feinstein's office about Gibney but never got even an acknowledgement). The Owens case had similar echoes, one being that her father, despite being a heavy drinker and smoker with a menial job left hundreds of thousand of Euro in his will.

I'm not suggesting that anyone named in the post was involved in a paedophile ring. But extremely powerful people, much more powerful that the Denhams, Gageby's and McDowells of this world, have almost unlimited ways of applying pressure on lower level decision-makers, often indirect, but effective nonetheless. Meanwhile the project to normalise paedophilia continues apace.


wilmo said...

And the Lord said, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Twin Ruler said...

Of course, (((they))) will normalize peadophilia, the same way they did with Homosexuality and Transgenderism. For, (((The Children of The Devil))) do not want any to properly assimilate to the American Way of Life. For, if any could, too many German Americans would take that option. After all, being punished severely for any expression of Ethnic Pride in their ancestral Homeland; they, the German Americans, would go all out of their way to assimilate to said American Way of Life!

(((The Children of the Devil))), in their cruel cunning, know this, so that is precisely why (((They))) go all out of their way to alter, and perhaps eventually, to abolish the American Way of Life forever. The German Americans, whatever else one may feel about them, have, historically, made the utmost effort to assimilate to the American Way of Life.

Moreover, why does it very much matter whether one is of German ancestry, or British ancestry, as the case may be? Do not the Jews and Blacks hate us White Gentiles all the same? Of course, the Jews emphasize The Holocaust; and the Blacks, Slavery. Why should White Gentiles ever be so cruelly divided against each other? I wonder.

The Baron said...

Nobody cares about white people. It's still the same.

“Young children are allowed to clean the machinery, actually while it is in motion; and consequently the fingers, hands and arms are frequently destroyed in a moment. I have seen the whole of the arm, from the tip of the fingers to above the elbow, chopped into mince-meat, the cog-wheels cutting through the skin, muscles and in some places, through the bone... in one instance every limb but one was broken.” (William Dodd, The Factory System Illustrated, pp. 21-22.)

“Accidents were often due to... children being set to clean machinery while it was still in motion. The loss of two or three fingers was not exceptional. There were more serious accidents... such as that reported by a Stockport doctor in 1840 of a girl caught by the hair and scalped from the nose to the back of the head. The manufacturer gave her five shillings. She died in the workhouse.” (Cruickshank, p. 51.)

Nineteenth century factory worker William Dodd stated, “Petition after petition has been sent to the two houses of Parliament, to the prime minister, and to the Queen, concerning this unfortunate class of British subjects, but without effect. Had they only been black instead of white, their case would have been taken into consideration long ago.”

The Baron said...

Samuel Roberts, in an 1834 essay on the boys used as chimney-sweeps, addressed his indignation toward the upper-class British females who met in their sumptuously-appointed parlors to weep with tender-hearted solicitude over the latest accounts from America of oppression to negroes, while in the next room, scarred and burned five year-old English boys enslaved as human brooms, were being forced up the lady’s chimney without a thought for their welfare:

There is a race of human beings in this country, the Chimney Sweepers’ Climbing Boys... which... is more oppressed than the negroes in either the West Indian Islands, or in North America... These objects are all young and helpless. Their employment is ten-fold more horrible than that of any attaching to the (negro) slaves... A far greater number of them are crippled, and rendered deformed for life. A far greater proportion of them die in consequence of hard usage, while the horrible deaths from suffocation, burning, and other accidents, are in this case, beyond measure more numerous. And all this at home, within our knowledge, before our eyes... in our very houses... How many of these poor infants... arrive at years of maturity?... of those who die young, who knows (or cares?) anything about them? The death of any of your favourite dogs would be more lamented. (An Address to British Females, pp. 11-17.)

These would be coal burners of a different kind today. Greta doesn't like the old coalburning.

The Baron said...

Is this what social distancing is all about? More genocide?

Kevin Rafferty said...

Our judicial system is corrupt to its core.

howblackmailworks said...

Peadophilia is a stable currency of blackmail, you can have ultimate control over the paedophile below you, as the paedophile above, think of the crows sitting on a tree, the elder crows of status, sit on top and shit on the one's below....

Twin Ruler said...

And what about all the White women, who, are raped, even raped to death, by Blacks?

Anonymous said...

"Mrs. Justice Denham, brother of Patrick Gageby" ?

Anonymous said...

"the elder crows of status, sit on top and shit on the one's below...."

Very much like corporate culture. There is always one who wants to fuck you up the arse.

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

Mel Gibson: Hollywood is Institutionalized Pedophilia

"According to Mel Gibson, who has spent 30 years in and out of the Hollywood system, the industry elites “thrive on pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering.”"

Lemmyhead said...


The points you make are sound. I've been saying the same for years. Because they weren't called slaves doesn't mean they weren't. They were lower than slaves. A slave could be sold and had value so was kept alive. Many of our ancestors were thought of as worthless. Dickens pointed out that the life of the average colonised people was better than the native British. It's the usual suspects that made money from the colonies. The working class Brits had been forced off the land and into the urban areas where they lived wretched lives. Apologise for colonising? Apologise for slavery? Ask those who benefited, don't ask the working class Brits.

Anonymous said...

"(By the way a concerned Irish citizen warned Diane Feinstein's office about Gibney but never got even an acknowledgement)."

This is unusual. Feinstein is typically very prompt with replies. The last time I requested something I was shocked how fast she replied.

The Baron said...

The points you make are sound. I've been saying the same for years. Because they weren't called slaves doesn't mean they weren't. They were lower than slaves. A slave could be sold and had value so was kept alive. Many of our ancestors were thought of as worthless. Dickens pointed out that the life of the average colonised people was better than the native British. It's the usual suspects that made money from the colonies. The working class Brits had been forced off the land and into the urban areas where they lived wretched lives. Apologise for colonising? Apologise for slavery? Ask those who benefited, don't ask the working class Brits.

If you say that then the left will say you agree that whites are the worst slavers ever.
The Arabs were worse.
The Blacks were worse.

Heraclitus said...

I live in Dalkey Savant and still get the shivers when I pass that street. Having said that there are some anomalies in the Owen story.

Anonymous said...

Jim Davidsons new show is quite good
Where he rants about everything

FredFarkle said...

Excellent post. Thanks for sharing it.

FredFarkle said...

There's a dark side to Whitey. It was there in the past and its growing now.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Savant, if you want a laugh, read this: said...

RUMOR: The FBI showed Kamala Biden's laptop

Rumor has it she flipped out and wants to get off the Biden ticket. The FBI wants her because they don't want to have to explain why they had that laptop for a year and said nothing, and they want her to bury it for them. But she's so upset that if she has any moral fiber at all she won't. That's the rumor anyway and with her I would not expect her "fiber" to be significantly more than lint.

Rogue said...

Interesting stuff, Baron.

Let's be clear, capitalism is a shit system.

Er wot, communism or socialism is good?

No, they're not.

But capitalism is also bollox. The modern day ultra-rich tech giants are all capitalists - and also leftist scum for the most part.

Caricature capitalists are portrayed as right-wing. Absolutely not the case in the modern West.

Maybe it wasn't the case in the "old" West either.

gT said...

"the rich do what they want and the poor suffer what they must", paraphrased slightly. So our aristocrats to be want us to get used to how things are going to work in the future, to "normalise paedophilia", as Sav says. Know your place serf, you should be grateful that your betters at least have a use for you, you useless eater.

The Baron said...

Comey has memory problems. He needs his head checked.

The Baron said...

It's not just fake news. It's criminal news.

The MSM is a criminal racket, aiding and abetting rapists, drug runners, mass murderers, pedofiles (sorry about the spelling, my locale is going nuts), and other assorted scum.

Anonymous said...

Here in South Africa I give my compararatively well paid and suitably clothed and shod black gardener sun protection SP50 to put on his face and neck. Being without water supply for the past 5 days is a reminder to observe the golden rule. The water is back today but still no rain. Temperatures at 37 deg C.

peadofaggotjasonash said...

What it comes down to is a means of control, who has pedo info over you and who has you on that blackmail pyramid, the kike eye is always watching.. Only a sucker bites on the chomp and any young males in particular who are on this blog or watching it, need to know its not worth it, and it destroys lives, yours and theirs, people who are in the pedo ring have control over you, can out you, im not talking to older ones who have done it already they are done for its only a matter of time , SOME get caught, not all will as there are so many males doing this now. And - Even if ((((now)))) we don't live in a high surveillance society, like china, we are getting there, government here like the idea of it, and the uk there are places you can't go w/out being seen or at least heard,by your own devices maybe, or someone passing in the street scanning your phone. Every piece of tech you have has bugs in it from china, they don't tell you nothing like that, just buy it goy , its fine. Unless you are not just a software nerd but a hardware nerd you wont know, people have been telling me about it for years, china got away w it, and American govt only found out recently. Some of the bugs cannot be found, as they are not activated, only get activated under certain circumstances, don't know or understand that fully, being a non software or hardware nerd.

waiting_4_theday_my_period_becomes_or_gets_described_as_an_evil_abortion_thegynocracylol said...

FBI are full of pakis I hear, what is this CAIR organization? Looked it up some time back is it a paki pressure group, in the middle of the US! After 9/11 , wtf is that all about? Doesn't make sense, like a country without borders and endless immigration, America is no longer the frontier country it was, its been ravaged.

johnsmith said...

"But not so good for vulnerable kids, one of whom Gibney abused within a year after he had fled to America."

The Times

George Gibney, Ireland’s former national swim coach who was charged with raping and sexually abusing numerous young swimmers, is working in a Florida hospice and sharing a house with a senior member of a lay Catholic men-only organisation [The Knights of Columbus].

In major change, Knights of Columbus drop secret initiation ceremony

johnsmith said...

"George Gibney is... sharing a house with a senior member of a lay Catholic men-only organisation [The Knights of Columbus]"

Savant said: "Gibney seems to have been similarly blessed all the way through, even after he fled Ireland. He immediately got similar jobs in Scotland and in America. "


Knights of Saint Columbanus

The Order of the Knights of Saint Columbanus (Irish: Ridirí Naomh Cholumba is an Irish Catholic Fraternal organization for lay men over twenty-one years of age.

The order is divided into 12 Provincial Areas covering the island of Ireland.

Political scientist and historian Tom Garvin wrote that The Knights "became a considerable political force after independence... At one stage many officials in the Revenue were in the organization.

Noël Browne, a controversial politician and former minister, criticised the Knights' political role in Dáil debates:

• On elections to Hospital Boards: "On the Catholic side it is done through the Knights of Columbanus and on the Protestant side it is done through the Freemasons. It is completely undemocratic."

In the Seanad, William Bedell Stanford was also critical:

"One of the things that is doing most damage to our nation at the moment is the existence of these conflicting secret societies [interpreted as meaning the Freemasons and the Knights] and I hope the Minister and the other Minister will do all in their power to prevent their gaining any control of the national economy, or the politics of the country."

More recently, Fintan O'Toole and Kieran Rose quoted a "leading right-wing activist" as writing that "in 1988 that members of the Knights of Columbanus occupy positions of influence in many walks of life and at the highest level.


Knights of St Columba

The Knights of St Columba is a Catholic fraternal service society. Founded in Glasgow in 1919,


Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus (K of C) is a global Catholic fraternal service order. Membership is composed of (and limited to) practicing Catholic men. It is led by Supreme Knight Sir Carl A. Anderson

The organization was founded in 1882 as a mutual benefit society for working-class and immigrant Catholics in the United States.

Anonymous said...

why are Kerry men known in the USA AMONGST OTHER Irish as the Irish Sicilians??

Mona said...

Catholic pervs at it again; who's surprised??!!

The Baron said...

Rudy on the Bidens.

The Baron said...

Hey Sav, enjoy your lockdown.

Aitch. said...

The Daily Mail has worked very, very hard over recent years, to sneer at and smear anyone who suggests that there might be paedophiles 'in high places'. 'Nonce-finder general' they called (repeatedly) one MP who drew attention to the possibility. I've always wondered why this particular shit-rag has worked so hard to deny that such a thing is even remotely possible. It reminds me of that line from Shakespeare - 'The lady doth protest too much, methinks.'

Steve said...

Corruption rules these days it appears across the board. God save us all.

The Baron said...

A shrill cunt twangs at Trump over and over about viruses.

She says "10% of Americans have caught Covid19 so that means 90% of Americans are still vulnerable."

FFS, that is quite possibly the most retarded thing a white person has ever said (except coalburners of course). It's completely not true, but unfortunately humanity is still at a low level of awareness. The average IQ of 100 (for whites) is still remarkably thick, if we are being frank. (Not that Frank. Not Frank your friendly locale policeman.)

Then she asks him if he will denounce the white race. He is not enthusiastic enough about white genocide for her liking.

OK, another dummy asks him about masks and why he isn't making people wear them. Masks are useless. There are so many mask experts, mask designers, scientists, etc making videos full of proof.

The Baron said...

Anonymous Mona said...
Catholic pervs at it again; who's surprised??!!

They are almost as bad as the rabbis. It's appalling.

The Baron said...

Biden's laptop data is now in safe hands - with Weiner's laptop.

Rudy the Recycler playing his part.

Michel said...

"The Baron20 October 2020 at 19:04
Rudy on the Bidens.".

Rudy is full aware of what's going on in Russia and the Ukraine: He is no friend of Putin: He says how corrupt that people are!
Anyone doing business with Ukrainians, and God forbid, Russians, is a gangster too!
Rudy is a good guy!

70_years_old_and_still_waiting_for_immaculate_conception said...


Cardinal Becciu: Vatican official forced out in rare resignation

High-ranking Vatican official Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu has unexpectedly resigned but has revealed he was told to do so by Pope Francis.

He said he was suspected of giving Church money to his brothers, and denied any wrongdoing.

Cardinal Becciu was a close aide to the Pope and previously had a key job in the Vatican's Secretariat of State.

He became involved in a controversial deal to invest in a luxury London building with Church funds.

That investment has since been the subject of a financial investigation.

Resignations at this level of the Vatican are extremely rare and the Holy See said little in its communique released late on Thursday.

"The Holy Father accepted the resignation from the office of Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and from the rights connected to the Cardinalate, presented by His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu," a statement said.

But the cardinal, 72, told Italian website Domani he was being forced out because he was suspected of giving Church money to his brothers. "I didn't steal even one euro. I am not under investigation but if they send me to trial, I will defend myself," he was quoted as saying.

Speaking later at a news conference, the cardinal said his removal had come "like a bolt out of the blue". He said the Pope "was suffering" when he delivered the news.

"It's all surreal. Up until yesterday... I felt I was a friend of the Pope, the faithful executor of the Pope.

"Then the Pope told me that he no longer had faith in me because he got a report from magistrates that I committed an act of misappropriation."

Cardinal Becciu insisted there had been "a misunderstanding", adding: "I am ready to explain everything to the Pope. I have not done anything wrong."

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

Back in 1996, the "Liberal" totalitarian Chinese helped their fellow totalitarian democrats to steal the 1996 elections!

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

The Muslim Lobby CAIR gets along very well with their "Jewish" congressional Kalergi operatives and their multitude of Jewish lobbies. Never any conflicts between them in destroying the United States and the the rest of (Age of Pisces) Western Civilization

The Israel lobby: A List ( A list of all the jewish lobbies)

johnsmith said...

Six Million Dollar Goy said "Back in 1996, the "Liberal" totalitarian Chinese helped their fellow totalitarian democrats to steal the 1996 elections!"

Washington Post

A Justice Department investigation into improper political fund-raising activities has uncovered evidence that representatives of the People's Republic of China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee before the 1996 presidential campaign, officials familiar with the inquiry said.

Sensitive intelligence information shows that the Chinese Embassy on Connecticut Avenue NW here was used for planning contributions to the DNC, the sources said.

The Chinese effort to win influence with the Clinton administration can be traced to 1993, one source said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has long urged the leadership in Beijing to increase its lobbying efforts in Washington, arguing that China has lagged behind Taiwan and Israel in trying to influence U.S. policy.

Some investigators suspected a Chinese connection to the current fund-raising scandal because several DNC contributors and major fund-raisers had ties to Beijing. Last February, Charles Yah Lin Trie, a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee, used his influence with party officials to bring Wang Jun, head of a weapons trading company owned by the Chinese military, to a White House coffee with Clinton.

New York Times

Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China

Conor MacNeasa said...

You'll love this Savant

Atlas lost said...

The Present is a foreign country

Anonymous said...

Sav,a little off topic,but where I live,Caerphilly,there`s shit loads of fag flags flying. ABERBARGOED,YNSTDU,which is really fagged out,with at least 10 fag flags in one row.Near our local indoctrination centre,there`s rainbows and other fucked up symbols in windows,etc. This fucking place is turning fucking faggot and I cant wait to move back home.As far as I know its Labour in power,or Plaid curry.Biggest bunch of communists you will ever find in one area. DAS REICH,at your service.

johnsmith said...

"Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China [1999]"

Jews make up 2.2 percent of the American population, yet comprised 23.3% of the Bill Clinton administration.

University of Virginia | Miller Center


FIRST LADY: Hillary Clinton

VICE PRESIDENT: Albert Gore, Jr.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Warren M. Christopher (1993–1997)
SECRETARY OF STATE: Madeleine Albright (1997–2001)

SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Les Aspin (1993–1994)
SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: William J. Perry (1994–1997)
SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: William Cohen (1997–2001)

SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR: Bruce Babbitt (1993–2001)

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Janet Reno (1993–2001)

SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Lloyd Bentsen (1993–1994)
SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Robert Rubin (1995–1999)
SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY: Lawrence Summers (1999–2001)


SECRETARY OF LABOR: Robert Reich (1993–1997)
SECRETARY OF LABOR: Alexis Herman (1997–2001)

SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: Ronald Brown (1993–1996)
SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: Michael [Mickey] Kantor (1996–1997)
SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: William Daley (1997–2000)
SECRETARY OF COMMERCE: Norman Y. Mineta (2000–2001)

SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE: Dan Glickman (1995–2001)
SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE: Michael Espy (1993–1994)

SECRETARY OF EDUCATION: Richard Riley (1993–2001)

SECRETARY OF ENERGY: Hazel O'Leary (1993–1997)
SECRETARY OF ENERGY: Frederico Peña (1997–1998)
SECRETARY OF ENERGY: Bill Richardson (1998–2001)


SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTION: Frederico Peña (1993–1997)
SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTION: Rodney Slater (1997–2001)

SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS: Hershel Gober (2000–2001) [German and Jewish forename, German surname]

databreacheslossofmemorystickofabusecasesgovtcorruptasfuck said...

''A TOTAL of 130 data protection breaches involving sensitive information held by the Department of Justice and Equality were reported last year - more than three times the number that occurred in 2018.
The breaches included the loss of a USB key containing personal data relating to the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by former sports coach Bill Kenneally, known as the Hickson Commission.
The encrypted device was lost in transit along a 1.5km route between two department buildings on Hanover Street and Haddington Road in Dublin. It was never recovered.
Another breach occurred when the Probation Service sent an appointment letter to a man's son who had been dead for 12 years.
The mistake occurred after details relating to a client with the same name as the deceased was wrongly inserted into a case tracking system.
In a separate incident, an email titled "Litigation files for the attention of the Government: November 2019 report" was accidentally sent to someone at "another civil service organisation", according to department records.
The file attached to the email contained details of "sensitive High Court cases" and the potential implications of each legal action.
Separately, a USB key containing "evidential material" relating to an international criminal investigation was lost last year after it was delivered to the wrong address in another jurisdiction by a courier company. It had been sent by the department's Criminal Mutual Assistance and Extradition section.
A data protection breach also occurred when notes from a Parole Board interview were accidentally emailed to an external public service organisation as a result of an "autofill" error in the email application.
The records, which were released under freedom of information laws, provide details of another incident in which an applicant for naturalisation had to have her permission to remain in the state renewed for six months after the department posted her passport to the wrong address.''

''Data protection breaches were also recorded in relation to the theft or loss of mobile phones from Probation Service workers on 11 occasions in 2019, compared to six phones reported lost or stolen by staff in all other sections of the department.
A further 50 data protection breaches were recorded during the first five months of 2020, which included an email containing details of all amounts paid to the department's legal panel being accidentally sent to every member of the panel.
"The Department of Justice and Equality processes significant volumes of personal data on a daily basis and has systems and processes in place to protect the data processed," said a spokesman for the department.
"All reported breaches are investigated with a view to minimising any potential impact on data subjects involved and, where appropriate, establishing the corrective action required."
He said that the majority of breaches recorded were categorised as "low" or "negligible" risk, and added that the single most common cause of personal data breaches was "human error".''

evilpriest said...