Monday, 28 September 2020

Covid trade-offs

 "You might have the right to endanger your own life but you have no right to endanger the lives of others". To the strutting, preening Covid Karens this represents the ultimate argument in favour of masks and lockdowns. But as with everything else to do with the Covid hoax this argument falls at the first hurdle. Because we do have the right to engage in activities that potentially endanger the lives of others. The most glaring example lies is driving a motor vehicle. Every time we drive off into traffic the lives of others are potentially at risk. (Note: If my wife is at the wheel these odds soar).

Even in a small country like Ireland we could save over 300 lives every year by banning driving. Or even by enforcing a 10 m.p.h. speed limit. So "if even a single life can be saved...." - another Covid Karen favourite - doesn't apply when it comes to being inconvenienced by severe driving restrictions. And here's another perspective.  Some of you might remember a bad bus crash in England some years back, involving multiple fatalities, caused by the driver succumbing to a sudden heart attack. He had been diagnosed with an apparently mild heart condition some years previously and had been undergoing treatment. Should he have been deprived of his livelihood because of the potential risk represented by his condition? Given the high proportion of drivers today with dodgy hearts I believe such a restriction would be decisively rejected by the public. And what about airplanes too small to have a co-pilot? If the pilot becomes disabled for some physical or mental reason the crew and passngers are doomed. But such planes are in the air every day.

And here's the piece de resistance. Vaccines. You can be assured that once Big Pharma produces a "cure" for Covid-19 the pressure for mandatory vaccination will be overwhelming. Not necessarily as in police breaking down your door to force a needle into your arm (although developments in Victoria suggest such a scenario to be very much on the cards) but more by making ordinary life impossible without your 'digital passport'. But, despite the furious propaganda counter-offensive from Medico-Pharma Complex (MPC) vaccines have caused, and continue to cause, catastrophic damageEven Our Saviour Bill Gates has been run out of India after his oral polio vaccine resulted in thousands of casualties (the actual numbers are in dispute). 

The point is this: Death and serious injuries are part of living. Trade-offs have to be made that seek to balance the risks to a minority against the general well-being of the majority. We can debate and philosophise about the abstract issues involved such as the value of a human life but society generally has made its position clear: Your right not to be endangered directly or indirectly by others is not absolute.

Point that out to the next Covid Karen who starts hectoring you.


The Baron said...

You can also tell them that the virus has been proven to be less dangerous than the Flu, and if they have any data proving otherwise then let's hear it.

They won't have any data, just but but but it killed 6 million people...

But you know what, once this blows over it will be a good example to use when you need to quickly denoy the halacoust. Once people understand how this was faked, they can understand how other things were faked.

Rogue said...

Your car analogy is one I gave to my sister in law several months ago, when arguing against this Covid crap.

She believes firmly in the whole lockdown nonsense and masks saving lives etc etc. Possibly she has some doubts now.

In any event, I mentioned about the risk of driving on the road every day. And that no matter how carefully she drives, what about other road users that don't, are drunk etc.

And believe me, here in South Africa there is no shortage of really bad drivers.

Iron Felix said...

Yes. OK, Ido wear the mask when mingling, but this is as much a matter of courtesy as anything else, indefatigably courteous fellow that I am. But I am certainly tired of being incessantly scolded by power-mad little heifers who, even if pushed, could not find their own front door.

Invictus said...

Good idea,Sav. It'll be amusing to see how the Karens react.

waterboy said...

This is the latest from the CDC.

These are the survival rates for those who become infected.

Age Group Probability of survival

0-19 99.997%

20-49 99.98%

50-69 99.5%

70+ 94.6%

This matches the experience of other countries.


Lemmyhead said...

In the last thread an anon was asking for the source of a picture Mr. Sav had used. It featured two men kissing. In my in search for the truth I've found the original photograph. It hurts me to say this but Sav was duped. The photo he used was tampered with. The original can be seen here :-

(Hat tip to the Palestinians for having a sense of humour under dire circumstances).

The real original was posted on Twitter. Try using image finders like tiny eye.


Please savant refrain from using this very devisive Americanisms / language , such as ''covid karen'' - im getting sick to the back teeth of listening to such offence, im ready to do someone in for real, this covid lock down has us all feeling it, but there is no reason to use this anti-white language, anti woman language and if you really feel strongly about your wife driving and the odds of a fatality soaring, then please refrain from letting your wife drive - or preferably take the license and hide it when it comes to renewal time. I GET THE POINT THOUGH. Only this covid karen language, whether used in jest, or ironically does more harm than good. When this karen meme hit worldwide, it was made up by JWO jews and glowniggers, the whites that are using it now are just simply taking the bait.

Anonymous said...

Just think of the lives we would save, by not allowing blacks and muslims in our countries.

awakened said...

The 'deadly virus' is so deadly that you need a test to tell you if you have it or not. The 'experts' go on as if people were falling dead in the streets in their thousands.

James Lord said...

Not a single MSM outlet in the UK showed the footage of a van load of police turning up to arrest one pensioner, aged 72, who refused to wear a mask in a Starbucks yesterday. They handcuffed him!

Anonymous said...

van load of police turning up to arrest one pensioner, aged 72, who refused to wear a mask in a Starbucks yesterday. They handcuffed him!
The footage I saw, the pigs weren't wearing masks either.
You know who else doesn't wear masks in public? Chinks in China. The latest videos I've seen from there, a building on fire, and a rampaging autopilot Tesla, showed everyone on the streets without a mouth-diaper.
Either the virus is fake, or the mask is fake, or both.

The Baron said...

Some nitwit said "America is a nation of ideas" and Tucker Carlson said "No it's a nation of people. People live here."

Retarded conservatives seem to love that nation of (((ideas))) claptrap.

The Baron said...

Dutch Jews and the White Slave Trade

In the British West Indies much of the early capital to finance White slavery came from
Sephardic Jews from Holland. They provided credit, machinery and shipping facilities. In the 1630s Dutch Jews had been deeply involved in the enslavement of the Irish, financing their transport to slave plantations in the tropics. By the 1660s, this combination of Jewish finance and White slave labor made the British island colony of Barbados the richest In the empire. The island's value, in terms of trade and capital exceeded that of all other British colonies combined. (John Oldmixon, The British Empire in America, vol. 2, p. 186.)

Of the fact that the wealth of Barbados was founded on the backs of White slave labor there can be no doubt. White slave laborers from Britain and Ireland were the mainstay of the sugar colony. Until the mid-1640s there were few Blacks in Barbados. George Downing wrote to John Winthrop, the colonial governor of Massachusetts in 1645, that planters who wanted to make a fortune in the British West Indies must procure White slave labor “out of England” if they wanted to succeed. (Elizabeth Donnan, Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America, pp. 125-126. In Hoffman, They Were White and They Were Slaves p. 12.)

From their experience with rebellious Irish slaves, Dutch Jews would eventually be instrumental in the switch from White to Black slavery in the British West Indies. Blacks were more docile – and more profitable for the Jews.

The English traffic in slaves in the first half of the seventeenth century was solely in White slaves. The English had no slave base in West Africa, as did the Dutch Jews. Moreover, Dutch Jews were not only bankers and shipping magnates but slavemasters and plantation owners themselves. Jews were forbidden by English law to own White Protestant slaves, although in practice this was not uniformly enforced. Irish slaves were allowed to the Jewish slavers but were regarded by them as intractable. Hence the Jews became prime movers behind the African slave trade and the importation of Negro slaves into the New World. (Dalby Thomas, An Historical Account of the Rise and Growth of the British West Indies, pp. 36-37, and G. Merrill, ‘The Role of the Sephardic Jews in the British Caribbean Area in the Seventeenth Century,’ Caribbean Studies, vol. 4, no. 3, 1964-65, pp. 32-49.)

GroundZero said...

What is it with the U.K., NZ and the aussies with regard to this virus? Their draconian responsive measures are unbelievable and make one wonder just what is going on behind the scenes to encourage this madness.

Anonymous said...

more off topic subjects,,,,latest rant from the obese tatted pink haired feminists and you won't believe it or may be you will now that want a investigation of the Chicago Bridge system and its male dominance phallic symbolism,,,that when a ship passes and the bridges have to be raised why is it a erect symbol of male dominance?? right,,you heard it here first and it is being pushed by the Lessie groups see professers of the City Colleges here in Chicago, they are having studies and protests against these giant steel structures that leap out at you and say ""i want to stick my Bethleham 100 year old steel girders up your ass pussy and for good night ladies in your hot mouth you cunt"",,,we think that maybe we will soon be seeing various freighters, pleasure craft goods carriers etc smashing into bridge structures to pacify these silly bitches

Mr Reynard said...

I decided to take a vaccine after all politicians are vaccinated . If they survive, we will be safe. If they don't survive we will be safe also !

The Baron said...

Philip Scofield was on TV in NZ years ago doing kids' programs.

Then he moved to the UK and was on TV for years there.

Then he turned gay.

Now they reckon he's a PDF file.

Armoric said...

"To the strutting, preening Covid Karens this represents the ultimate argument"

Most people probably don't have a strong opinion about the masks and the lockdowns. Covid Karens are a minority of the population and have no influence on the government. But I think they are useful to the government just like the leftists demonstrating in the street in favor of the rapefugees.

They make it look as if the government was listening to the leftists and the Covid Karens. As if the government itself was a misguided but well-meaning Covid Karen that cares deeply about our health. As if the government was also influenced by the leftists in the street, who are supposed to care about the well-being of the rapefugees.

In the real world, I think the government wants us dead and will use any means available: masks, lockdowns, replacement by migrants.

"Trade-offs have to be made that seek to balance the risks to a minority against the general well-being of the majority."

Everyone naturally understands that. It's the government and the media that put the idea in some people's heads that the lockdown is worth it if even a single life can be saved. And the destruction of Europe by mass migration is justified if a few refugee lives can be saved from drowning, starvation, political oppression, etc. It's not what people would naturally think. But that's the narrative pushed by the authorities.

Eimear said...

But Armoric, why would the Government the government and the media put the idea in some people's heads that the lockdown is worth it if even a single life can be saved? Why are they screwing up our countries? Do they think they are doing the right thing or are they under orders from higher-ups outside the country?

Chumlee's brother said...

Anonymous said...
van load of police turning up to arrest one pensioner, aged 72, who refused to wear a mask in a Starbucks yesterday. They handcuffed him!

...All these 'viral' videos of people getting roughed up and arrested for not wearing masks are gubberment sponsored 'hoaxes'.
The masses then believe that the gubberment has these powers. They do not.
The COVID laws that they dish out with gay abandon ( Frank and Purple Aki ) do not exist.

Anonymous said...

"Some nitwit said "America is a nation of ideas" and Tucker Carlson said "No it's a nation of people. People live here." "Retarded conservatives seem to love that nation of (((ideas))) claptrap"

(((Their))) mantra is that America is a "proposition nation" - anybody can be an American.

(((They))) have applied this to the UK/ROI as well - anybody can be British or Irish.

"All through history different groups moved to Great Britain and Ireland (Saxons, Celts, Vikings, Norsemen, Normans etc.)"

"Anybody can be British or Irish once they adhere to certain norms (democracy, rule of law etc)"

Go to the People's Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Japan or the Zionist State of Israel and try to push this "proposition nation" business on them and see how far it gets you (lol).

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Sav
While events in Victoria might be pointers, a bigger tell was the Australian Prime Sinister’s comments precisely along the lines of your concerns, which he later walked back. But they cannot be unseen. Because Australia is a federation it is an easy jurisdictional cleavage line for divide and rule. He said that you at be ineligible for travel or employment if you resist being sticked with the mark of the beast. “no jab, no play”. “As mandatory as you could possibly make it” to quote him.
This is the current extent of conservative politics in Australia.
At least in Ireland you can drive at 120kmph. Never saw one of the Guardia trying to raise revenue on a speedo there!

Barney said...

There's no debate, not a single dissenting voice anywhere on the msm.

"The (fake) virus is real. It's so deadly we won't even know we've got it unless we take the (fraudulent) PCR test."

Why no valid questions? Why no medical or legal challenges? Why no deviation from the government lies?

Here it is, straight from the propagandist's mouth. Listen carefully from 8 minutes 15 seconds.

Aitch. said...

Luvvie Jason Isaacs is gobbing off about 'anti-maskers' needing to be hanged in the street. According to the website 'Jewish Lives Project' he was 'born to Ashkenazi Jewish parents.'

Lemmyhead said...

Do you, like me, stumble upon things and think 'That might be interesting?'
I came across this Jootoob video.
14 songs that rip off classical music.

I'll save you the trouble of watching it. Much to my surprise most of the 'composers' who ripped of classical composers were... No, I wasn't really surprised and I don't have to tell you what most of the 'rip off' composers had in common.
Eric Carmen (as Wikipedia informs us, not to be confused with Eric Cartman) didn't bother to do much changing to a few Rachmaninoff pieces. Carmen, a descendant of Russian Jews, believed that the works he was ripping off were out of copyright. They were in the U.S.A. but not elsewhere. He had to pay the Rachmaninoff Estate 12% of all income. This doesn't negate the fact that he didn't acknowledge who the composer of the original music was.

johnsmith said...

Rastus said "All these 'viral' videos of people getting roughed up and arrested for not wearing masks are gubberment sponsored 'hoaxes'. The masses then believe that the gubberment has these powers. They do not. The COVID laws that they dish out with gay abandon ( Frank and Purple Aki ) do not exist."

Governments do have "these powers" and covid laws do exist, you thick cunt.

Coronavirus Act 2020

Enforcement measures for failing to comply with this law

You have the IQ of a sub-Saharan African.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in the UK. There are many things I like about it but I will never be British. I would always be a guest there and I am white and English speaking. The idea that a middle eastern foreigner can ever be British is just retarded.

Anonymous said...

Louis de Zoysa.

druid witch said...

Anonymous-Equally idiotic is the expression "black British." They might be a British citizen,have a British accent of some kind,but they will never,ever be British.Almost got into an argument once with someone who referred to that English actor,you know,Idris Elba...........AARRGHHH!Made my blood boil.Tried to explain to them that he was not English.

The Baron said...

What is it with the U.K., NZ and the aussies with regard to this virus? Their draconian responsive measures are unbelievable and make one wonder just what is going on behind the scenes to encourage this madness.

For most people in NZ it wasn't that bad. But we can't go anywhere in a plane without huge hassles. Decent guns are gone. Hate speech laws coming.

It's not looking good really is it?

Phil said...

The debate was not too bad. Trump went Trump and I respect his consistency. He’s definitely not a run of the mill political figure.

He had none of the typical characteristic ways of pandering. He brought it and was very short tempered.

I spent about an hour flipping around and seeing the reaction on the Jewish run networks. Looks like they are upset because he wouldn’t disavow “White Supremacy”.

They focused on that, got sound bytes. I’m glad he didn’t feed into that. The moderator was a Jew and he clearly worries them.

Tomorrow I expect to see him being called a racist on all the media. Seems to be their game plan.

Two debates left but it won’t be decided on Election Day. Looks like it will be drawn out. Very unfortunate for my nation. As if we don’t have enough problems here all ready.

Anonymous said...

Snide bitches like that, are the exact type of person I'd walk up to, take off my mask, and cough in their face. Just for fun.

"Because we do have the right to engage in activities that potentially endanger the lives of others."
Precisely. The preaching of the Gospel, for one. Ever hear of the word 'martyr.' Karen?

- Fr. John+

Nitro said...

Tracing App -- in case it's not obvious to all by now, DON'T!

Ann Marie Carey, one of the world's most honest and knowledgeable experts on this subject:

"They need the track and trace to work, that is why it is important to tell our friends and family NOT to allow this con and not to agree to it on their phone. We have that choice still."

Gerry said...

Just watched a u tube clip from that camp in Wales
Welsh demonstrators are outside the camp.
And police have hired what looks like muslim private security guards
Who want to rough demonstrators up

Google.Rent a cops get put back behind the fence

Jack Mioff said...

One article since Monday Mr Savant? That's it I'm off to Bellingcat.

Anonymous said...

Phil 10:56

Things look more dour here in "flyover country" than you'd expect. Debate not considered, I ventured outside the Chicago-retiree-fat-pension strip (million dollar lakeshore homes, flush full of Biden signs and on the opposite corner of Lake Michigan) just to see what the locals inland seem to like. Biden signs all over the place and a few BLM posters too. This is "lock 'n load country! Hmmm, I thought to myself.

Northern Michigan is a place that in previous years went (D) just as the iron mines closed and the place turned touristy and little else. It's 99% white - the 1% are mulatto babies pooped out by the blonde daughters of the lock 'n loaders who got fertilized by some come & go Pell Grant colored guy "attending" one of the several "colleges" recently erected around here. (That part I got...Pell is virtue signal talk for "plant.")

Further thinking on this dismaying discovery, I've come to the realization of several things. First off worker bees of recent years in the US have gone French-envy. That is, they want a 30 hour work week, 6 weeks vacay is the norm, and 5 more national holidays on top of it. COVID-19 layoff has fueled that dream - and now they realize that cocooning for months ain't bad! In fact, it's a f-cking dream come true! They ain't starving and can still fill up that tank with $2/gallon gas. What's to worry? It is important to realize that worker-bee age people today have a nanosecond attention span. What it is now is what it is. Never mind where the dough for that phone bill comes from. It'll be there.

The stripped shelves in the stores bother them not a bit. They have no memory of price competition (which has completely vanished here - everything is the same price no matter where you look), and their media feeds them the "lay around" and have fun principle incessantly. You can't do that in the land of upward mobility that existed just 30 years ago. That stuff was old capitalism stuff. Socialism is just as tasty as the rank noodles & cheese they feed their fat grotesque bodies on.

As older (very frightened) whites flock here to keep well away from the nigger cities down state, the locals are still clueless about the fact we're going SA. Most of them don't even know anything about SA. They couldn't find Capetown on a map if you put a pistol to their head and apartheid is something you sip at a high class social dinner.

Ballot roasting aside I'm beginning to think Biden might very well come out ahead. This is one of the last places I'd ever expect to see more than a few Biden voters. Scary. Empty out those non-Roth IRA's quick as you can. 65% tax on distributions is gonna hurt! And yes, it's coming.

Anonymous said...

What ever possessed the People of these nations to give up their firearms? Something does not make sense concerning this act. (As history has clearly demonstrated - read "The Gulag Archipelago" by A. Solzhenitsyn. RE: Bolshevik Revolution). Such an abomination can only result in a future of eventual slavery and/or death.
~Fr H~

Anonymous said...

@Eimear, you are absolutely correct! Something doesn't add up. No amount of fiat paper, women, et cetera, could ever induce me, let alone all of the folks I associate with, to act in such a despicable manner??? What is going on with these misanthrope's?
Fr. H

Frederick said...

The Trump Administration obviously doesn't care about traffic fatalities since it's not funding the replacement of six million intersections with four-way clover leafs.

To the extent that liberalism is not totally a Jewish psy-op, it could be defined as “pathological risk-aversion plus ignorance of unintended consequences”.

Eric V. said...

You can watch people come out of a subway station on a live cam in Russia... very few wearing masks. Maybe 1 in 50. If you're not wearing in a freaking subway, when *are* you wearing it?

As it should be. The best doctors I've seen on line say that the only significant efficacy of a mask is defensive. Wear one if you consider yourself vulnerable. If you're symptomatic with Covid, masks are not going to save someone right next to you ... STAY HOME.

white rose said...

Anonymous 00.12. Deeply dispiriting to see that. I can only hope the Trump supporters are keeping their support under cover. Otherwise the end is nigh.

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

Stripped Bare: Looting Till There Is Nothing Left of Gauteng’s Rail Network (South Africa and the destruction of a first world country via "Liberal" "democracy")

Armoric said...

Eimear: "Why are they screwing up our countries?"

It's a Jewish thing. That's what Jews do. They like to destroy their host societies. And they receive plenty of help from White people out of conformism or financial motivations.

In the case of the virus response, there was uncertainty as to the dangerousness of the virus and the right approach to take. Mandatory masks and lockdowns appealed to authoritarian politicians and health officials. It seems that some laboratories working on a vaccine have been bribing journalists and politicians. In the US, there was the idea of harming the economy so Trump wouldn't be reelected. So, there were non-Jewish reasons for the mismanagement of the virus crisis. But I think Jews in the media, politics, and health agencies, had their own motivations and played a crucial role.

"Do they think they are doing the right thing?"

I guess many Jews think they are doing the right thing by harming White people. And a lot of Jewish destructive ideas have been incorporated into the program of the left under the pretense that they are kind and compassionate ideas, even though they are simply destructive.

- For example, many left-wing teachers used to support the whole-word method to teach reading. They were under the false impression that it was a kinder, less authoritarian way to teach reading. In fact, it didn't work, and I suspect this terrible method has been pushed by the Jews. It had nothing to do with the left-wing ideology of equality.

- Likewise, many people on the left think we have to be tolerant and make an effort to appreciate the value of modern art. They think that way because modern art has been pushed by the left and they identify as left-wing. What they don't realize is that modern art was pushed by the Jews out of racial animus. It has become part of the left because of Jewish influence on the left, not because it has anything to do with left-wing ideals.

- Likewise, some White people who watch too much Jewish TV have come to think that it's kind and compassionate to shut down the economy, to replace White people with migrants, to release criminals from jails, to encourage homosexuality in the kindergarten, etc.

So, some of the destroyers of the European world really think they are doing the right thing. But the real problem is the Jewish dictatorship at the top.

Anonymous said...

As older (very frightened) whites flock here to keep well away from the nigger cities down state, the locals are still clueless about the fact we're going SA. Most of them don't even know anything about SA. They couldn't find Capetown on a map if you put a pistol to their head and apartheid is something you sip at a high class social dinner.

You should see/visit London, Leicester, Bradford or Birmingham.
The alien residents are becoming increasingly aggressive too. If you call 999 for an emergency in London you're greeted with a incomprehensible third world African or South Asian accent - Indian/ Sudanese or some shit like that. Moreover they're clueless and a waste of food rations like the asylum seeking shit that they actually are. Quality farmed livestock is slaughtered to feed this utterly worthless shit - for nothing.

Chumlee's brother said...

If you're a white male in almost any town or city in the UK, and you have to interact with a young asian male in the course of your day, then you will experience blatant rudeness.
Examples are having to speak to an asian male in Tesco's pharmacy or just inside Tesco's and also other big concerns like Argos etc. Also in coffee shops on the high street.
Downright rudeness for now, bordering on aggression.

Anonymous said...


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