Saturday, 4 July 2020

Maxwell: What's next?

Like all right-thinking people I rejoice at the capture and prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell. But my joy is tempered by doubts. We're told that she knows everything and is ready to spill the beans. That many of the world's most powerful and famous figures are set to be exposed. Which is why realistic observers predict that she won't live to tell the tale. Maybe.

For a start locating Maxwell any time since Epstein's death would have been child's play for those powerful people. For instance you'd imagine the Clintons (courtesy of funds from their Foundation) would have a team of trained assassins on standby for emergencies such as this. With the greatest of ease Mossad (who seem to have bumped off her father) could have had her killed or relocated to Israel under a new identity had she been such a threat. Then why did she return to America and live virtually openly in one of her houses?

You'd also imagine that the New York Prosecutor's Office would be like the State Department, an Israeli fiefdom. How likely is it that they'd haul in a Mossad asset? Could it be something tp do with the firing of Jeffrey Berman? ((Berman)) is, or was, the gatekeeper for some of the most important investigations including the Epstein case and the Grand Jury investigation of 911. As I showed here the DA has immense power over a GJ. He can empower them to get to the bottom of the issue. Or he can kill the investigation. Or misdirect it. Like shining the light away from Israel and Larry Silverstein and finding the Saudis exclusively guilty of the 911 attack. Case closed once and for all.

And consider this: Maxwell has been charged only with a few crimes, basically the same ones Epstein was charged with a decade ago, i.e. she had sexual encounters with a few minors and procured these girls for this purpose. Well, Epstein got 13 months for these crimes. She also has been charged with perjury in a civil lawsuit, but I doubt that will add much time to any sentence. That is, all the crimes that could lock her away for life (crimes she no doubt committed and helped orchestrate) are not part of the indictment. Could this be the ruse whereby an early guilty plea means she gets a light sentence and no dirty linen is aired?

But here's the possibility that most worries me. What if Maxwell was spared from assassination and prosecuted on the understanding that she'll identify Trump as Epstein's closest associate and sex predator while clearing or downplaying the role of all the others? A chilling thought, is it not? 


A. Wyatt Mann said...

"Painting Hillary Clinton" with Bob Ross:

Rabbi Schneerson said...

But Trump's (((their))) boy.

shapeshifter said...

Maxwell is where the bucks will stop! They had too much time to plot the system, and stage their own people into key positions. Before her arrest she tried to have a previous case stay sealed, she knew ahead of time....This is planned out to the Max.

Anonymous said...

I think they'd need more than the testimony of one vile criminal, to railroad the President. Primarily, they would need underage victims. If those existed, we'd have already heard about them.

Gerry said...

Apparently trump through the logs flew once to Epstein’s island
And at the time him and the Clintons were besties.
Maybe he didn’t like what he saw
But kept quiet because of his besties
But I guarantee that this Maxwell woman when told she will die in prison
Will spill everything she has got on everything and everybody
It’s going to be unbelievable horrible business she will talk about
And some people will say she made it up under duress
And make money representing her

Just saw on the internet trump has had 100s of left wing agitators arrested
I wonder if the trendy lefties will get bummed while incarcerated
BLM style
Ps why not have soros and his crew arrested
Some of soroses closest advisers would grass everything, rather than go to prison

Gerry said...

can all white sports fans watch this
All of it

NWO Chaos said...

Well no need for formal court standard evidence. If Maxwell were to testify that Trump was an active participant in underage sex it would finish his chances of re-election. That is all 'they' are think of.

Jorge said...

Two expectations: (1) The names she gives will all be 'small fish' - not a single 'whale' will be named; (2) Absolutely NOTHING of substance will happen. Will she be "suicided"? Doubtful - too many eyes are on her, especially after the Epstein incident.

Dexter said...

Here's wtf is going to happen........JUST like Epstein, Maxwell will be REPLACED, in her cell, with a body-double. THEN, she (the body-double) will be 'suicided'. THEN.....she will go off to get her plastic surgery, like Epstein, and will go off to some tropical island somewhere.....wherever Epstein is. THE END!

There's no way in hell the Pedo Globalists will allow this to get into a Court!

Anonymous said...

Looks bad for Trump. Now suppose the US had to go to war to control Iran’s nuclear ambitions. A wartime president can more easily be re-elected.

Six Ways To Sunday said...

Obama the Cultural Marxist Grand Mullah's terrorist OFA (Organizing For Action) organization

In what’s shaping up to be a highly unusual post-presidency, Obama isn’t just staying behind in Washington. He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action. Normally you’d expect an organization set up to support a politician and his agenda to close up shop after that candidate leaves office, but not Obama’s OFA. Rather, it’s gearing up for battle, with a growing war chest and more than 250 offices across the country

How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency

Obama Linked to Subversive Groups Causing Riots in US

Naked Emperor said...

Anonymous Dexter said...
"Here's wtf is going to happen........JUST like Epstein, Maxwell will be REPLACED, in her cell, with a body-double."

I suspect you're right, Dexter. I've had a nagging suspicion that Epstein is still alive. Do you have any evidence, or is it (quite reasonable, imho) conjecture?

Rapparee said...

Farmer has been reported to be the first victim of Jeffrey Epstein after she brought her story to the New York police and FBI in 1996.

Now, Maria Farmer is providing new details of her time with Epstein, and how the FBI and corporate media failed to tell her whole story. In a recent interview with journalist Whitney Webb, Farmer details how she often saw Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Epstein attorney Alan Dershowitz associating with Epstein. Webb played audio from her interview with Farmer on The Last American Vagabond podcast.

“The worst part was I named everyone. I named everyone who I thought was a co-conspirator at the time. So I named Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump, absolutely the Clinton’s,” Farmer states in an audio clip. “These were people that I saw coming and going, that I knew were a part of it. I made it really clear that this was a very scary thing for children and I see between 5-10 girls a day going upstairs.”

Anonymous said...

When she is transferred from New Hampshire to New York they will make the switch and she will be reunited with Jeff in Israel. There they will continue their lives of luxury and crime.

Anonymous said...

The picture is much bigger than Trump - he is already owned by Maxwell’s handlers.

In 2019 after decades of honeypot entrapment of the worlds CEO’s, politicians, royalty, celebrities & billionaires, Epstein was finally arrested so all the girls would feel safe to come forward to officially testify in sealed indictments.

Fast forward to 2020 and not once but twice, did the worlds powerful jump in unison. First they happily shut the world down for a flu - COVID-19. Secondly they allowed a rag tag bunch of nobodies - BLM to loot, burn and vandalise the USA and other world cities.

Without Epsteins sealed indictments the COVID and BLM shows would not have been possible - they have only been made possible by the worlds rich and powerful sitting on the side lines as the world burns - who has ever had such power?

The purposes of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest is to add the weight of a ‘guilty plea’ to those sealed indictments. Right now untold movers and shakers are having sleepless nights waiting to see if they are named.

I suspect over the next few months the world leaders will receive a tap on the shoulder, once again asking them to step aside or stand down. The will be asked to allow something to happen they would never have previously consented too.

I would further add if we look at the ethnicity of Epstein & Maxwell, the little nation in the Middle East Trump seems beholden too and this other little known fact - Rabbis in Israel claim the Messiah is already here and they are talking too him - they are just waiting for the right time to reveal him.

Hold on to your hats it’s about to get real.


ianrob said...

Remember when Israel attacked the Mavimarmara in international waters? The cops raided Cliff Richards. Found nothing, but, a good distraction. When Israel attacked Gaza in operation cast lead, Derek Bird went on the rampage we are told, another great distraction. We had BLM as a distraction till some clown mentioned Israel, ending that, so they had to get a new one, tara, Jizzy Maxwell. Why the distraction you ask. Well, some time soon Eli Musk's space x satellites are going to fire up the 5G giving us the second wave, much much worse than the first non existent plague, and the have to keep us occupied till then.

temp said...

This whole Epstein thing ,is just simply throwing a dog a bone, it is a sideshow, a bit of entertainment, showing the public, we are good ((((((jews)))))) and doing something about it, bringing those paedophilic elites to jutice, when yeah they could exclusively name people based soley on their poltical beliefs, when we all know, the more degenerate you are, the more libshit you are, the more likely you are to be a true paedophile ( not just staring at it on your screen, going on ''holidays'' and engaging in pedo tourism). Tech proliferates it like the LGBT proliferates all that rainbow sexuality spectrum nonsense of 75 genders.

You can talk about amish but most are not obsessed with it like the little Lolita pedos, they have shit to do as there isn't electricity to even work from. People blur the lines with pedoism, and say lets say a 15 year old and a 16 year old get together, and one gets arrested for having sex with a minor, the 16 year old, this is how they will define it, for themselves for their needs, law and crime are the same thing, we just need it to work for us, that is all. This epstien ghilisane shit show is just that a shit show, how was she able to be holed up in a huge compound like mansion, with fortified security and nobody knew??? This i8s theatre, that is all, meanwhile the destruction of our race/s, Irish, English, etc, don't give two fucks about eastern Europe (sowwy) just don't they need to go home, while their home is still nice and those matchstick houses are still on the cheap, but even then the destruction of any European sub group is fundamentally going to change Europe into a basket case, and I don't agree with it, a chaz or chop on a world wide scale. How is that right, how is that just or even moral? The only way to deal with this is a layered approach kind of like what those dick noses have been doing to us for centuries, but I'm not sure we have that time.

Chumlee's brother said...

ianrob said...

Well, some time soon Eli Musk's space x satellites are going to fire up the 5G giving us the second wave x satellites, my arse.
Yes, look into deep space for the 5G death ray.
Don't tell anyone though, it's right outside your bedroom window.
About 20 feet away.

white rose said...

Wonderful if that were true AldousOrwell but it raises one big question: Who are the Good Guys in this? Remember the Bad Guys control everything, politics, media, big tech, finance. They know everything about the GG, who they are, what they're saying, who they're talking to. So why did they not kill this thing at birth? That is my fear.

Chumlee's brother said...

Anon @ 5:45

I would further add if we look at the ethnicity of Epstein & Maxwell, the little nation in the Middle East Trump seems beholden too and this other little known fact - Rabbis in Israel claim the Messiah is already here and they are talking too him - they are just waiting for the right time to reveal him.

...Some good points Anon.
I personally don't believe that the Messiah is here.
I believe that (((they))) believe that the Messiah will only come back when his progeny, the Northern European race is destroyed.
This is why (((they))) are wiping whitey off of the face of the earth. To make the 'Messiah' return.
Of course, they should be careful what they wish for, as the 'Messiah' is just going to throw that big ol' reset switch.

Jonny Kay said...

Why Ghislaine Maxwell was staying in the US when she could have been safe and secure in Israel or France?

I suggest that Ghislaine Maxwell WANTED to be captured -- that what we are seeing is another scripted charade, like the imprisonment and “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.

Recall the placement of Jeffrey Epstein in the Metropolitan Correctional Center; the pretentious "no-bail" decision of Federal Judge Richard M. Berman (immediately praised by such notorious fighters for truth and justice as Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Federal Prosecutor Alex Rossmiller); the warnings by many that Epstein was in danger; the ambiguous "suicide attempt" or "assault" in jail. The stage thus set, Epstein “commits suicide”.

Jeffrey Epstein is a high-level servant of the international corporate elite and their intelligence agencies. Most likely, he is safe, secure, and comfortable in Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, or on some other billionaire's private island.

I suggest that, one way or the other -- either by fake suicide, fake illness (COVID-19 -- why not reinforce that narrative at the same time?), or a “plea deal” where she quickly walks, Ghislaine Maxwell will, like Epstein, be safe and secure -- and there will be no major revelations or major new indictments.

Once again, we are being played.

Anonymous said...

The nutters are having a field day speculating.

Izzie said...

ianrob 5 July 2020 at 09:07: "... Why the distraction you ask. Well, some time soon Eli Musk's space x satellites are going to fire up the 5G giving us the second wave, much much worse than the first non existent plague, and they have to keep us occupied till then."

Good to see we still have an intelligent reader here. I thought Sav's weak management style had driven all thinkers away.


ianrob said...

Chumlee, please explain this x satellites, my arse.
Yes, look into deep space for the 5G death ray.
Don't tell anyone though, it's right outside your bedroom window.
About 20 feet away.

likeafuckingrat said...

yeah 20 feet away sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Ghislaine Maxwell will, like Epstein, be safe and secure -- and there will be no major revelations or major new indictments.

Her real name is (((Hoch))) as was her father's. (Czech Jew) No mention of the brothers? They're just as dodgy as the rest of them and received 100% UK tax payer funded legal aid to sort out their old man's criminal affairs in the 90's of which they were implicated and got away with.

Most of these high flying criminal yids with fraud/drug indictments end up in, or have unfettered access to America, Levitt, Lyons, Lawson and Fry to name a few, but if a white person (non kike) has a minor record for common assault, drug use or anti social behaviour, s/he is banned from entering the USA.

nemesis said...

Federal Judge Richard M. Berman is a brother of AG ((Berman)) and of another Federal Judge in NY. Nothing like keeping it in the family/tribe.

Chumlee's brother said...


Don't get intoxicated on 'Izzie' licking your lollipop.

Better bring you back down to earth then.

Elon Musk does not have a space industry on the side. It's a big scam.

Twin Ruler said...

Just like MOSSAD carried out the September 11th Attacks, to distract attention away from the Israeli role in the sex traffic; like so, they released Covid19, to distract from the Epstein scandal.

luke2236 said...

Your last paragraph is the only possibility that makes sense to me Mr Savant. But of course, my mind doesnt work like (((theirs))), so who knows what (((they))) have up their sleeve. Whatever it is, you can bet that justice will NOT be served and no real 'revelations' and attendant prosecutions will result. All theatre...

Anonymous said...

I note from memory....... Leicester was one very affluent area .
It now has one of the highest rates of in work poverty...............This is the result of bring in third world folk (cheap labour) arse cheap compete with the 3rd world folk...
When all the social cost are included........they cost a fortune and more demands to come.
following their total disregard of how they are able to feed so many folk.
I note the government or was it the Boris........ has promised a massive increase in housing. I think mass production of cheap dwellings .........stacked multi story .This way space will continue to be available for if existing problem sights are used.

sickofthemorons said...

what's next, the destruction of the irish people still continues, I don't give a fuck about some thick ugly east euro head, being honest we need to start thinking can WE as well okay PAN MUTT Europeans, blackmail them????? No??????? Cannot do that, choke on that tie.

Anonymous said...

Leicester was Public Paedo number 1 (((("Lord Janner's")))) constituency. All main cities within England that have been overly contaminated with Kikes during the 2 world wars have gone to the dogs. The contamination started prior in the East End of London, then Hull, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield followed. All these cities and some are now riddled with coolies and coons in the wake of these kikes who've migrated to the more affluent, middle class English areas and countryside where they continue to "assimilate" and pollute. These stinking coolies are following them there too from Cornwall to the Cotswolds. The country needs nuking

ianrob said...

I thought you might have something to say Chumlee. here's a site that you might like. It gives tracking information for all satellites. Some really obscure objects too, all to convince a few hundred weirdos that space is real and satellites do exist. BTW, I admit to being unsure how satellite internet will work. I assume it will be picked up by dishes similar to Sky Tv dishes on the Cell towers, and then be relayed via the street light antennas that our caring governments have lashed out on. Can't fix roads or cut grass, pick litter, kill weeds, etc etc, but out Netfix viewing is top priority. Why do I feel suspicious.
As for Izzie's comment, thanks Izzie, don't worry Chumlee, I have the likes of you to talk to. That keeps me mired at the bottom.

Templar X said...

Here we go again. Chumlee on to try and blow the thread away from the subject at hand. Ban this guy Sav. He messes up every comment thread whenever he comes on.

seeebbbbbakaflatnoseontheradio said...

@ Savant , I have a question, never asked you before, so indulge this one question, wont be on here much longer. ... What are your thoughts on pan euro nationalism, when it simply is NOT and HAS NOT WORKED, what other strategies are needed, you don't need to spill all just some.. That will help us plebians. Do you honestly think Poland or RUSSIIIIA will save Europe that there is some ''great big white hope'' out there, bullshit click artists, lots of them, now I know a lot are not and even there is something to be said even for the control op spy civ nats, at least they push you to thinking on the right, never had that problem, i think I may have radicalised some of them on the qt, you know ive always been a WRAYCIST lol.

ianrob said...

Sorry here's the link Chump'

Jay Whiteman said...

MASSIVE illegal fireworks in Los Angeles

MASSIVE LYING about L.A. demographics:

Los Angeles Demographics
According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Los Angeles was:

White: 52.43%
Other race: 22.50%
Asian: 11.65%
Black or African American: 8.90%
Two or more races: 3.60%
Native American: 0.74%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.18%

eh, what about the mexicans. . .are they being counted as White?

Izzie said...

@Templar X 5 July 2020 at 18:27: About that (((idiot))) Sav allows to crap on his blog at will, I see some of the most informed ex commenters from here now contribute elsewhere, e.g. Renegade Tribune.

I wonder what happened to English Tom? Like Ianrob and a few others here, he was an astute reader of jewish psychopathy.

Anyway, @Sav thanks for continuing to publish your thought-provoking and educational blog.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, too -- one of the (formerly) young girls who has brought charges against GM has been ordered by the judge in her case to destroy all of the evidence she has … and to provide verification to the Court that it has been done as ordered.

This stinks to high heavens … so many felons … so little rope … 

roguesgalleryferrisbuellersdayoffmarch17thtrytosavepaddiesdidntwork said...

@anon well said, if we as a white pan mutt race were to make this effective, even with the slobbery jewish all over it, and poc's , we would use this with all our connections and blackmail( on both sides) to make it work for whites, I couldn't give a F about most only irish interests, makes me a little irelander I suppose, always have been never been any other way, never had that ''eureka'' moment, as the doctor of racism , dr ribena herself would call me a ''natural racist'', more of a realist, seeing what ive seen travelling, you cant go back from it, an ardent racist from the age of 8 I would say, and I don't apologise for it either, whats been done to me is way worse than anything, that anyone could possibly imagine, what runs around those mental hospitals to this day, they are free to practice, even when I was in a workplace years ago, YES I know ppl will get a whiff when I say this, but I will say it, poc's muz in particular will come up to me and say things like ''dr feelgood'' the yuden and poc's crawling in there was quite unbelievable, a doctor a psychiatrist threw me into a room with about 20 of them, none of them touched me but I knew what they were at, and IF I, I repeated any word they said, I would look like the nutter and often times I stupidly did that and ended up back at square one, a fucking looney bin, you can post this if you want savant I think we both know who each other are.

Anonymous said...

the lady in question will go to the ladies room in the joint and when she docent come out they will find her with slashed wrists laying on the floor BTW she in the same lock up where Epstein died,,,,,,,go figure John old rtd Chicago copper

ianrob said...

@Twin ruler, I know that it sounds conspiratorial, but something always takes Israel's wrong doings off the front page. Just like BLM even though we really know that no goy lives matter. BLM wasn't spontaneous, and once they mentioned Israel/Palestine, we saw how much BLs really M'd, as criticism of Israel or the Jewish people will not be tolerated.

Check out Kill Bill and his husband giggling over how the second wave will certainly get noticed, on Ritchie from Boston on youtube. I don't have the link, but you'll find it.
I do believe that 5G will be used to create the second wave, especially as it can cause oxygen starvation by vibrating the O2 molecules making it difficult for our haemoglobin to absorb, and you already know that Joe Public has the necessity for ventilators rammed into his head, and will associate people dying of O2 starvation with Covid. Check out Mark Steele on this vid.

All the Covid news was getting scarce, so they needed us distracted so BLM, then BL's didn't really M so Jizzy Maxwell. Keep wearing masks, as happened in Scotland, so that the 5G kill grid when ready, will be blamed on Covid.

somethingwickedthiswaycomes said...

This is for certain, just read that netanyahoo, the Israeli jewish prime minister, no black minister, no white minister, no diversity there, but I know this much, from this, and all their antics, something a LOT worse than hitler will come about, with all this crap going on. Not just one, but many, lots of people are sick and tired of these fucking dick nosed jews looking for sympathy, all the fucking time, just fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same - odd how she just happens to be captured at this time. It's blatant that an ideological game is being played out right now to galvanise as much negativity against Trump as possible. They know if they don't, he will win in November. The ultimate player in all of this is China, they have global plans and are buying up as much strategic business as possible while the prices are low.

Rob said...

Ah well, at least they've assigned a fair and unbiased judge to the case.

ianrob said...

Here's Kill Bill and Melvin, giggling like schoolgirls over slaughtering Goy with the "second wave".

Anonymous said...


Here's Kill Bill and Melvin, giggling like schoolgirls over slaughtering Goy with the "second wave".

6 July 2020 at 12:53

Socially inept spergs, laughing at the wrong moment. But hey, nerds need to have fun as well.

Anonymous said...

shout out from Chicago grand tally for 4th of jULY WKEND IS AS FOLLOWS 17 DOAs 80 wounded thought it would be better but the queer mayor and nig supt, of police apparently did something right and flooded the streets with of duty cops and them that sit in the stations reading papers and stabbing each other in the back,labor day will be 1st of sept and then perhaps we will see a up swing.John old rtf Chicago copper

Gelu Valah said...

Mr. Savant, this is way offtopic.
I felt compelled to say something about this, which is not quite fresh news.
the site "Voice of Europe" which was informing people, outside of the MSM narrative, about the levels and effects of the invasion of Europe, and other matters, but linking West to East (i.e. speaking too about the Visegrad Group 4), closed down indefinitely, by the very men admins, because of the severe censorship and the desisting of online financing through retrieval of ad-support.
this is no coincidence, the site was repeatedly harrassed since January, AD.
the pattern is worrysome, taking down beacon lights one by one.
I seldomly comment here nowadays, but I tend to keep close men of the same mind.

Boomer said...

Arthur Conan Doyle "must fall"

Arthur Conan Doyle, who created Sherlock Holmes, was born in Picardy Place in 1859 with a statue being erected by the Federation of Master Builders to mark its 50th anniversary in 1991.

The statue is located at Leith Walk in Edinburgh, opposite the house where Conan Doyle was born.

In one of Doyle’s novels, The Adventure of the Three Gables, one of 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories published in 1926, he writes about a moment in which Holmes stares at the “hideous mouth” of a “huge negro” and tells the “savage”: “I don’t like the smell of you.”


Meanwhile, in The Sign of the Four, the second novel featuring Sherlock Holmes published in 1890, Doyle describes the aborigines of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India as “naturally hideous, having large, misshapen heads”.

They are indeed but white mudsharks are retarded and honed to love them

Boomer said...

Have the YIDS shot themselves in the paws?

Karl said...

Despite the UK leaving the EU, this evil outfit is still powerful enough to finish off with Western Europe, including the UK.
The euro elites are totally silent about Poland, which is now the main gate of entry for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants -coming as far as Bangladesh - who then simply cross the open border into Germany.

"Die Welt" newspaper 05/07/2020:

"The security situation at the German–Polish border is serious,” said Ernst Walter, head of Germany’s federal police union. “Day by day, there could be hundreds or thousands of illegal border crossings into Germany from Poland, with potential terrorists among them — and we simply have no idea about what’s happening.”

"Largely unreported on by the media or remarked on by politicians, this migrant flow into Germany from the east has solidified over the last year, with people traveling by train from Belarus and entering the Schengen area in the Polish city of Terespol where they can file an application for asylum."

“We have no idea if they stay in Germany or if they travel on to other countries,” a federal police official said. “We simply have no idea.”
Since the German border with Poland is open under the Schengen agreement, there are no official statistics on how many have crossed into the country this way. But nationwide, the number e.g. of Russians seeking asylum in Germany grew six fold this year alone, jumping from 307 in January to 1,835 in June, according to Germany’s Federal Office for Migration.

Another big problem in Germany is the tons of crystal meth "imported" from the Chech Republic through the open borders!

The EU is the white man's (read:Western Europe's) burden.

Dying Breed said...

@Karl 6 July 2020 at 20:41

That is very disturbing but not surprising. I believe the same is happening at the Greek/Turkish border posts including Cyprus as well as Malta and Sicily. We're not given the full story on any of the satellite news channels. All we see is pointless reports presented by over paid squawking whores and faggots about racism, antisemitism, Yids, niggers and pakis with corona, or else shrieks about CHINA, who's worth how much and shit like that.

Europe as a whole has steadily been primed for turd world mass invasion for decades as Qadaffi openly suggested and predicted - he knew exactly what was/is going on and delighted in telling us. He was right shots are being fired in defence of ANY country in Europe and the scum in charge of the UK have opened a ruse about a spat with China to facilitate 3 million Chinks into the country. With an Indian coolie now in charge of the UK's finances it's an open house - literally. Expect 3 to 4 million Indian sub coolies/pakis to pour in after the Chinese contingent has been finalised and with Europe out of the picture. Alongside that more kaffirs from Africa et al will pour in too. They're massing on the North/East African borders as I type.

This treacherous, stinking POS (once a so-called "Minister without portfolio" whatever the fuck that is) sacked twice no less and now a fucking "Lord" (sic) is still at it - literally a full blooded, Marxist (((sodomite))) from birth.

Our only consolation for our grand kids being born is that they will be the last generation of our dying breed as we know it. If their kids look like them there will be nothing other than slavery for them in all its forms.

Twin Ruler said...

The odd little thing about anti-German bigotry. One need not be either German, or German American, to be a victim of it. After all, any White person, particularly with blue eyes, and a certain attitude, has to live in fear of being suspected of such.

One of the grievous indignities, any US Citizen of English ancestry, or whatever British ancestry, has to live in fear, dread even, of being mistaken for being either German, or German American. Personally, I grow weary of this. It is bad enough we are termed WASPs, to remind of the winged, stinging insect. Just goes to show what (((they))) think of us, and of course, (((they))) complain about how they were termed Rats, during The Good War!

Hereclitus said...

Part of the plan by the 'usual suspects' has been to demonise Germans and then make them surrogates for the whole White race.

Twin Ruler said...

You sure are right about that. The English, and people of English ancestry around the world, all have to be careful what they say, and even what restaurants they go to, in order not to be mistaken for being Germans, or German Americans in the US. Still, being termed WASP, is a problem unto itself!

The Baron said...

Not sure if anyone has posted this already but:


The article is 10 years old. Go cops, you can solve the case now. (If your boss's boss's boss's boss says its ok)

The Baron said...

SJW cucks taking over Linux?

OK to clean up the language if it upsets people, but it sounds like they want blacks writing code in the Kernel. FFS, that stuff is so hard only the best white men can do it.

Maybe just have an IQ test to get in. I wouldn't even want Indians in there. They always find a way to fuck it all up somehow even the good ones.

The Baron said...

So Maxwell was working with the Podestas?

All three match the identikit pics. Of course that means nothing. It is just a conspiracy theory.

floatie said...

WASP was the old way of saying ''privileged white male'' - which today, I can say without doubt, stating the fucking obvious, that is in no way at all ringing true, they start out like that and end up calling you privileged and your people privileged, when all you have left is to just seek out other ''white people'' and it doesn't matter if they are irish, polish, a swarthy fucking Lithuanian ,a thick headed russiiiiiiian, etc, you just end up a mutt, WOOF, and they laugh because all white SUB races are DYING. But, you are privileged cis gender , never forget that, hitlers gas didn't go far enough, I must apologise for the german of the 30's/40's, eventhough they are not even my ancestors and even if they were, I still have FUCK all to do with it, in the end all this racism nonsense is a meal ticket to taking every bit of land off you, so while the big entrepreneurs are happy to sell out, the real power has been taken right from under their feet. Small brained sell outs.

Clogheen said...

How the hell are these migrants getting into Poland? Surely the Poles should detain them while their applications are being processed? If it is true then we are truly finished. Certainly here in Ireland I see vast numbers of swarthy individuals look like South Asians all over the place and was wondering how they could claim asylum. This probably explains it.

Barney said...

A "dead" (not really) Epstein can't be made to talk, and is currently enjoying retirement, probably in yidland (I refuse to call it Israel because it isn't).

A soon-to-be "dead" Maxwell dyke won't be talking either. What will it be though? A Lee Harvey Oswald style hit? They'll have to come up with something different to having this lesbian Maxwell creature being suicided by hanging with sheets made of something resembling paper, tied to something a couple of feet off the floor, like they did with Epstein.

Ne mention of Wexler in all this I notice.


As for Linux, I've been using Ubuntu for several years, and the 18.04 version is total CRAP. I've always believed in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but they clearly don't as their OS becomes more like Bill Gates' spyware every year.

I sometimes wonder whether the latest version could be any worse, but I'd rather not risk it.

katana said...


Book – Myth of German Villainy – Part 22 (last) – Winners and Losers

[Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, coolly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief accuser and tormentor, organized jewry, is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

In Part 22, (Chapter 23) the author concludes the book by stating that the winner of World War II was its instigator, International Jewry, while the loser was Western Civilization.


Twin Ruler said...

Will the White Race survive?

Izzie said...

CV Facts Not Fear Leaflet Campaign – Annie Logical Uncensored

For those who want to get off their arses and practically oppose this aspect of jewish psychopathy.

SAVANT said...

I read that book katana. Excellent. Problem is it'd make your blood boil. Should be made compulsory reading for every German.

Anonymous said...

I am confused: Glad you are back..... though it adds to my obfuscation! there Are are those on the extremes of religious and alien cults , That would a like a mass cull of us who are too aware, especially us old gentle folk.?
‘Been there seen that’ and have ability recognize the weight and direction the bugger is going by his tracks in the shite
I am thinking (paranoid hat On).

Jen said...

I shall order it for my husband then. He is very much better since I started double checking every med he takes. Eats a 280g rump steak every day.

doesitfloat said... This sick looking , batty individual, peter thatchell, saying how a lgbt sex ed was trialed in NORTHERN IRELAND, and they allowed parents to choose if they wanted their children to listen to trans lgbt nonsense, but the devious catch was: the parents were REQUIRED to maybe take time off work , whatever and PHYSICALLY TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CLASSROOM BEFORE THE SEX ED commenced. What a horrible wretched cunt he is. The offending results were, that the rate of pulling children out of the classroom , and resistance, plummeted to zero.

floatingvoter said... - every day occurance, that is what England wanted, the govt wanted it, the royals wanted it, good for gdp.

Boomer said...

Who's heard of the 48 group? (((Straw(insky))) and (((Heseltine))) are members. Nuff said I guess

Gook said...


X cop said...

In one of Doyle’s novels, The Adventure of the Three Gables, one of 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories published in 1926, he writes about a moment in which Holmes stares at the “hideous mouth” of a “huge negro” and tells the “savage”: “I don’t like the smell of you.”

Overall I'd say Doyle was very sympathetic to blacks and sounded like a liberal. I've read all the stories, twice.

He worked hard to get a Jew off a murder charge too, and started writing Sherlock stories in order to show people how police work should really be done - by forensic evidence and logical deduction. Cops were a bit hit-and-miss prior to this.

X programmer said...

Linus Torvalds is a great man. He should be supported and if someone can't handle their code being called shit, they should not be programming.

j walker said...

I hope that Maxwell does not have a Demon.

katana said...

SAVANT said...

I read that book katana. Excellent. Problem is it'd make your blood boil. Should be made compulsory reading for every German.



Here’s an interview with him:

The Myth of German Villainy: Author Ben Bradberry Interview — TRANSCRIPT