Friday, 19 June 2020

France celebrates its thousand points of light

“We are a nation of communities... a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky. We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." Thus said former US President G H W Bush, waxing lyrical on the joys of diversity.
Recently in France different people with different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams came together as virtual civil war broke out between Arab and Chechen gangs in Dijon.

 "A car tried to ram a gang of approximately 100 Chechens armed with pipes, knives and other weapons. It failed and then flipped over." The would-be rammer then had summary justice applied. "However after being outnumbered for a few days, and being chased around and beaten by Chechens, the Arab gangs brought in assault rifles and are now posting videos and photos on Twitter, calling for the Chechens to leave town." But...but...diversity? What about the beautiful mosaic? It appears that the African 'communities' that run the city's drug trade are concerned at this unwelcome exposure.

And, Covid or no Covid, the brilliant diversity continues to spread like stars (do stars spread?) as the mud-slide envelopes the whole country. Same thing way up north in demographically vulnerable Iceland (population a mere 300,000) as they welcome a steady stream of invaders new citizens, all Muslim and/or African. The birth rate for Icelandic women is well below replacement levels but the new arrivals, like Hassan and his seven children, will see to that. And presumably this guy  - whose ambition is to have no fewer than twelve children - has been busy since I wrote about him nearly ten years ago.

Aristotle saw it all two and a half millennia ago. “Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution; for example, the Achaeans who joined the Troezenians in the foundation of Sybaris, becoming later the more numerous, expelled them; hence the curse fell upon Sybaris."

We're on the eve of destruction yet it cannot be denied that, aided and abetted by the traitors in our midst, we have brought it on ourselves. And you know what? Maybe it's for the best. Seriously. Because if things continue under the Present System our countries will end up as impoverished, faction-riven and violent failed states. "Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, overthrown by strangers." Isaiah 1:7


Unknown said...

Isn't Iceland's pm female? Nordics are notoriously feminist.

birdsofafeather said...

Issiah had it right, but Christianity unless we go back to basics, I'm not suggesting Christian brothers or something awful like that which is trotted out as a weak argument in the face of the argument for religious based morality. The pope the Jesuit sucks muslim toe, thats where i draw the line. The problem is there is too many for france to absorb, and while they are distracted with their faggoty pedoesque little Lolita fantasies, they (the arabs, blacks whatever else to be absorbed apparently) come in at an alarming rate, france is inundated. Sarkozy when he was in power, said that French men cannot dna test their children, it was illegal to talk about race, etc. Hollande was busy dillydallying following the end of his dick, on a motorbike, suffering wheels disases, than looking after the original hard working people of france. France has collapsed, paris the first to go, over 5 times, like a homosexuals anus, even before multiculturalism because they are busy with their pleasures of cheese, wine, breads and Lolita philosophising their morality away, nice buildings though, oh right THEY ARE GOING UP IN FLAMES TOO, look I'm not happy about all that's going on over there,but I never had much time for talking shit to and fro to the French to be honest, there are some OKAY ones out there, even some of the Algerian pop were actually alright, but leave it happen, they have NO WILL, to change anything, if the frog wants to boil, let it boil. I liked that country once , now I don't if they want to die, let them. I feel nothing but resentment at the cowardice that is going on around Europe.

Heraclitus said...

Aristitle also said that ”tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society“.

jimmycarteronigger said...

“We are a nation of communities... a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky. We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams." Thus said former US President Jimmy Carter, waxing lyrical on the joys of diversity.'' --- Says it all, never experienced the sour side of diversity, fine education, living the artificial life behind the protection of his handlers, you wont find anything worthwhile in his words or actions, he is not for the people even all the peoples of America, he will say the realists are divisive, when the blm is the most divisive shit I can think of, jew powered tools against the white man whose blood is bound to be spilt again and again and again, any suggestion that the UNDERPRIVILEGED WHITE MALES, and FEMALES, should separate and for it to be legally recognised, is a no no and ''racist supremacy'' when really it is just about survival of an endangered peoples, we are not one fucking blob of white, they are humiliating us, we are no more than dogs on the STREET! Why should all whites mix up and run to the last space on earth , live with the fucking polar bear? I don't think so. The only diversity this PRIVILEGED carter got was being served a multicultural aromatic dish, in an indian five star restaurant, not cooked by some off the street Pakistani, with a fly in the curry, No, No carter would have never experienced that, maybe if he did ( like most people who are stupid enough to buy one) he would change his tune quite a bit. Or maybe he would like the rest of these shits, lie to himself first and lie to the world. He has that nice neighbourhood that he lives in to think of doesn't he, but for people like him it will always be a case of fuck the future, who cares, I'm alright that's what matters, that is how to break society down - into individual units, consumer bots, and raceless, or post race people. It wont spell utopia ,as we see in America and the rest of Europe. Even if you put different breeds of animal or insect together, they wont get on famously, they will fight for resources. Resources the jewish want off all our countries and to clear them out to take the spoils, the green agenda is not what you think, it serves ((((((them))))) not us. And as for Poland they and the polish who are here, can act as smug as they want, but it will come for them if they don't fuck off back to POLAND! GO HOME !

Astral nights said...

We are at a crossroads right now and it depends on what path we choose. We either join together, reconnect with the Earth and the teachings of our ancestors (this goes for ALL races), or we perish in a bright flash because the creator will not put up with our blatant disrespect for our mother Earth anymore.

I encourage you to go on YouTube and look up the Seven Fires Prophecy.

JoeG said...

That was George H. W. Bush with the thousand points of light.

kulak said...

Most of my hope lies with slavic peoples.

SAVANT said...

Correct Joe. Duly corrected.

Greg said...

Iceland's fatal mistake was accessing the EU in 2010.
As of 2018, there were 23 thousand Poles living in the country. Add to this tens of thousands of other Easterners: Romanians, Bulgarians, other Slavs...At least one third of the population is now made up of foreigners,
Icelanders are dumb!

Lemmyhead said...

Sav. You said sometime ago that you were having a bit of a rethink about religion. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. You can tell by my posts! Until a few years ago we were all swayed against religion. It had no answers for the modern day, rational man. I have found that it does offer answers now. I have found things that make sense. I have found answers to modern day problems. So, I've become a religious nut? No, I don't think there is a church that represents us. The nearest I could actually attend are Bishop Williamson's. Archbishop Vigano seems to be honest but his church is still part of the problem. I've come to believe that there might be something in Christianity. It seems that St. John the Divine is talking to us NOW. Not as we're told some time past or yet to come. I wouldn't say I've seen the light. I have seen a light. I did think at one time that the religious posters on here we well meaning but slightly lunatic. I apologise. I get it now. I'm not going to go into 'Sinners repent. You're all going to hell' mode. I don't believe that. I would ask that anyone reading this, sit back and contemplate what is really happening and why.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

kulak said...

Lemmy, the problem with whites is indeed spiritual.

Anonymous said...

"We're on the eve of destruction yet it cannot be denied that, aided and abetted by the traitors in our midst, we have brought it on ourselves. And you know what? Maybe it's for the best. Seriously. Because if things continue under the Present System our countries will end up as impoverished, faction-riven and violent failed states."

Couldn't agree more. We have brought it upon ourselves. Well, not you and me and others like us, but all the liberals and lefties, who thought nothing wrong of immigration. And here we are....
It's clear that the west is going to go down one of either two paths:

1. The elites win. The west is eventually obliterated. Greater Israel comes into being, where the Knesset will house the world government and Jerusalem will be the world's capital. 95% of the population will be obliterated and what's left will worship the Jew.

2. The elites lose. Utter war breaks out all over the place. Mass murder ensues. Those responsible are caught and punished. I should imagine some form of gladiatorial games, with animals brought in to rip them apart, along with dark age and medieval executions.

Either way, the future's really pretty shit. Sorry for the negativity but I don't think people actually realise the situation.

Point one, is really self explanatory, but for those unable to see it, the next soon-to-be-released covid strains will kill millions. This will bring about mandatory vaccination that will kill even more. Digital ID's of people, monitored 24/7. Expect more major wars etc etc. Think 1984 and Brave New World....

Now point 2 is interesting. By some miracle, the people wake up, well enough to actually fight back. So war against the police and the armed forces is the outcome, added to that private security brought in from elsewhere, as the west has done to Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. Economy goes to pot. All trade pretty much comes to a halt. What happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria now happens in the west (as in the US with Seattle). Food shortages, crime sky get the picture.

Point 2 gives us hope. And out of every negative there's a positive. Those traitors, those moronic liberals and lefties are f*cked either way. Point one, they are the 'useful idiots' as described by Yuri Bezmenov, first up against the wall. Point two, they're hunted down, a la French Revolution and seen as the traitors as they are and duly punished, severely.

So that's really it. But there are many people who knew this already.


Iron Felix said...

Utterly stupid comment by a clearly mentally challenged dolt. Smarten up, Sir. Or I shall have to straighten you out myself.

Naked Emperor said...

"Aristotle saw it all two and a half millennia ago."

And it was Pope Pius VI who saw it two and a half centuries ago, writing in the encyclical, CHARITAS: "Carefully beware of lending your ears to the treacherous speech of the philosophy of this age, which leads to death."

It was that "philosophy of this age" which has brought France to its present sorrowful state.

SAVANT said...

Yes I dud notice your transition Lemmyhead and mine has been similar been similar. For instance my total acceptance of the theory of evolution has changed to the point where I now see it very much as speculative. However the main Churches are irredeemably corrupt and I have no interest in any of them.

Cognitive dissonance said...

All around me are either apathetic or absolutely hostile to traditional White interests. And the worse things get the worse THEY get! It just makes no sense at all to me.

Johnny Rottenborough said...

Lemmyhead (17:36)—My faith went AWOL years ago and shows no sign of returning but I’m very impressed by the beauty and dignity of the services in the Russian Orthodox Church. This video (6¾m) records the first time since 1917 that the Divine Liturgy had been celebrated in the Grand Church of the Winter Palace, this video (11m) shows the consecration, a few days ago, of a new cathedral for the Russian Armed Forces and this video (3¾m) is of the choir of the St Petersburg Theological Academy singing My Soul.

Pierre said...

The Left is increasingly attacking that symbol of "white supremacy", Charles Darwin, the guy who has always been viciously attacked, denigrated by the Christians.
We see here a convergency of Marxists and Christians, both of whom preach the ideology of equalitarianism.
After all, humanity descend from Adam and Eve, and we all bleed red!

Anonymous said...


God's judgment on a degenerate West that openly and proudly rejects Him?


Free Spirit said...

Savant and Lemmyhead well done!
That's exactly what I deduced and I haven't looked back!

Faith is key. Everything else is irrelevant.

If there was no God there'd be no atheists

William Dorrit said...


They are unneeded for labor

They have IQs of 80 and can't be trained

They are bankrupting the Socialist Systems, not paying in

They breed like Flies

Franz said...

Anyone older than, say, fifty, has a story like this:

Year of Orwell, 1984 I'm in California, see, and my uncle the construction contractor came right out and told me: "I'd hire nothing but Mexicans if I could."

This, in the wake of industrial shut downs that should have had armies of native-born Californians (plus others) their shot at the lower middle class. But my Uncle Joe was a WWII vet and whatever the Greatest Generation wanted, it got. I can only point out this guy married my mother's sister and was not blood. Entire sectors of American workers were "replaced" before the 90s but the news never touched it. As Governor Lamm of Colorado said, "If lawyers and stockbrokers were being replaced we'd find our immigration laws being enforced in less than a week." Too bad the word Deplorables wasn't coined in the 80s, that's what Governor Gloom meant.

The whole race war/class war is something no religion will touch, and even white nationalists won't often rock that boat. They need donations after all. Cheap labor let millionaires become billionaires and whether it was construction or tech or porno; whether in the States or Europe, wherever you go there it is.

I can find no political precedents for any of this. The number of migrants now exceeds the historic populations they are replacing.

But there is no doubt WHEN it happened. On that, I got religion of a sort too: We all lost World War II.

Lemmyhead said...

Sav, I thought we were travelling the same path. I agree. The 'out of Africa' theory being a particularly cruel joke. Churches are irredeemably corrupt? They function to do everything that is corrupt and to destroy mankind. When noticing this, you can only call it evil, that made me believe that there must be an opposite. Gott mit uns.

Harbinger. Or my favourite, a black swan event. I did think Corona was it at first but not so. I do think if it happens it will only effect your two theories in some way.

I've just watched a film that made me wonder how it got made. It's a low budget British film called 'The Goodbye Girl'. It's set in the English working class but the characters swear far more than the working class do in real life. So, what's so extraordinary? Spoiler alert. The main character is a white family man. He works and does the best he can. He has decent family values and sticks by them. Who would expect that?

avatar said...

Why did your uncle want Mexicans Franz? Was it because they were cheap and non-unionized? In any case he wasn't helping his people.

NWO Chaos said...

A good analysis Harbiner (as always!) but I don't go for a civil war scenario for the simple reason that there is no way to identify the two sides. Overlaps are everywhere with geography, race (many if not most Whites will side with the 'enemy', class etc. Unfortunately I see just decline and marginalization.

Anonymous said...

OK so I viewed one of the several versions of Seven Fires Prophecy
which on one interpretation is just more New Age / NWO "indigenous people wronged by Whites" schtick.
If in fact it's correct about Solutreans etc (vide Kennewick Man et al.) being earlier inhabitants of the Americas and true also that the mitochondrial DNA of many Amerinds is actually White Caucasoid in origins (fruits of breeding with the female relicts of the massacred White males), then any suffering of the "Native Americans" at the hands of White invaders is just kharma or Emersonian Compensation.
Strange how it's always these non-White "indigenous peoples" who are portrayed as custodians of the Earth and tuned in to its vibes; whereas in reality they were massacring bison to extinction when the rest of the time they weren't massacring each other or incapacitated through gum disease. Actually the main thing of interest about Amerinds is that they do not suffer male pattern baldness except for their half-breeds.

An unpleasant alternative from the "cyclical catastrophism" playbook:

Search for Chan Thomas.

The Earth is a petrie dish and those who prevail are the ones who show themselves meritworthy. Fortune favours the brave. Trust in God but tether your camel.


johnsmith said...

Daily Mail

The avowed aims of the British arm of Black Lives Matter are revealed: Abolish the police, smash capitalism… and close all prisons

At Companies House, a firm called Black Lives Matter Limited was set up this month by one David Wilks-Carmichael, who calls himself a ‘venture capital consultant’ — on paper, a strangely capitalistic profession for anyone associated with anti-capitalists.

The Director of BLACK LIVES MATTER LIMITED, David Wilks-Carmichael, is also the Director of UNIVERSAL PRIVATE EQUITY LIMITED.

Companies House


Patrick Hutchinson is a Senior Project Manager at UNIVERSAL PRIVATE EQUITY LIMITED.


Patrick Hutchinson

Patrick Hutchinson is the black "hero" who "rescued" the white Millwall fan at the Black Lives Matter protests in London.

The white Millwall fan "rescued" by one of chumlee's bruddas is a "former" detective constable.


FUZOG said...

I live in the great state of New Jersey, USA and in towns all around my state these Antifa anarchists are demanding and removing national monument statues left and right. Christopher Columbus statues town after town are being toppled with ZERO citizen resistance. The Bolsheviks are even demanding towns named after historic figures to change their names. Thanks to diversity we have an intolerable mob of multicultural sewage who demand White man to keel over and die in his own homelands. Every White guy I know and speak candid with is feeling the inevitable tension much like a powder keg ready to explode that will lead us into a Civil war like scenario seemingly overnight. We are all buying ammo and weapons at breakneck speed. I think TPTB aka Big Zog wants this Civil war to happen and that would explain their lack of response to the Antifa mobs relentless attack on our cities and monuments throughout even small towns. Even local majors bend over and submit to Antifa requests. The utter cowardice of politicians is appaling and shows how far we have fallen as a society to Jewish programming propaganda. The Effeminacy of men is very apparent at this stage but I do feel the testosterone of White men is about to be freed and unleashed in a rage the liberal bolshevik mud races will wish they never encountered. As George Bush smugly said, "They hate us for our freedom." What a laughable statement then and non existent for Clown world USA 2020. The only freedom we will ever see again we will have to fight for. White nations for White people!

AnonA said...

Off topic but an interesting perspective on the deep state.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments or religion and God on this post. There is no doubt that the established Christian Churches have let us down badly. Ireland is a classic example of this but all western countries have similarly been betrayed.

However, Ireland also produced a modern mystic named Brian Cleeve who never received the deserved recognition. Raised too many awkward issues! He wrote and published three books on our world and why it is the way it is. These books concern not just the physical aspects of our world but also the spiritual dimensions of it.

Lots of questions you thought would never be answered, are answered in those books but you need to put all your prejudices aside and approach them with an open mind. They will definitely give you something to think about. They are 1)The House on the Rock, 2)The Seven Mansions and 3)The Fourth Mary.

Franz said...

avatar -- "Why did your uncle want Mexicans?"


Back east (New York) there was a union of white construction workers who made a strike vote -- ONCE -- and he wanted no more of it. Thing is they didn't even walk out, only took a vote. Decided against.

Mexicans in the early 80s were usually illegal, and fat cats like my uncle loved that, because if they gave him any crap he could call the old INS. They actually deported them the same day he'd call.

He's dead. California looks about ready to join him.

John 14:6 said...

France was the world's second secular state after the United States of America.

In my opinion, France has a very curious modern history.

After a bloody cultural revolution, the Catholic monarchy was replaced by a man of little renown who went on to conquer much of Europe.

This does seem strange unless you know that the most important assets in warfare are not weapons or tactics but information and finance.

The judeans supply both information and finance through their international chain of brothers with no loyalty to anyone besides themselves.

One of the little known aspects of Napoleon's conquests is his emancipation of the little judeans in the countries that he conquered.

After that, France seemed to dry up and blow away.

In 1848 there were cultural revolutions all over Europe led by the little judeans and financed by the big judeans.

It is only fitting that the author of this piece led it with a masonic quote from Bush, as the conquest of Christendom was only possible with help from the satanic masons.

John 14:6 said...

There is good news!

The supreme court of the United States of America has decided that people who believe that they are actually the opposite sex of which they were born, regardless of fact, must be given respect not only by the government but by private citizens.

This is to say that any reality that pops into your head must be given official respect regardless of fact.

Although this decision is a clear breech of separation of church and state where as religion is a belief without fact, this is good news.

The state must now officially respect not only religion without fact, the state must also respect any religion that is contrary to fact.

Libertarians must be smoking extra bong hits tonight in celebration.

ianrob said...

@ free spirit,
If there was no God there'd be no atheists,,,,,,,, and if there was no tobacco, there would be no non smokers. An odd thing to say. If you find that belief in a God helps you, then by all means do what you want, I have swung to and fro for years, but in realistic terms, it is very difficult to put into words, or justify to others. There's the, "why shouldn't there be a God", idea, that Dawkins squashed with, why shouldn't there be a tea pot orbiting Mars. As for Darwin, whilst the idea of natural selection, obviously is fact, and easily observed, neither he nor his theories explain the vast majority of life's quandries. I am very sure having had personal experiences, that there are many unknown or unexplained aspects of human mind/spirit that do exist.
The whole issue for me is explained by, if it works for you, then do it.

gT said...

Just a note, the Chechens in Europe are not really Chechens. At one point any Muslim coming to Europe and claiming to be Chechen was welcomed with open arms, as Chechnya was then fighting the freedom fight against the brutal Red Army. Meanwhile that was just the first incarnation of ISIS / Al-Qaeda, formed by the US /NATO to do the work US and NATO troops are unable and unwilling to do because the casualties will be too high. And instead of undermining Russia they literally irritated the bear out of hibernation. Let sleeping dogs lie, don't interrupt hard drinking men's daily interaction with their ancestors and their Gods and their steppe, no good can come out of it.

So those Chechens in Europe are probably of Russian lands origin or non Arab lands origin but most likely not from Chechnya, and are ISIS orientated. The Arab Muslims are not really liked by the other kinds of Muslims. Chechnya is a very small part of the Russian Muslim lands, maybe even the smallest one, their numbers are very low.

Eimear said...

Good analysis there AnonAnon. It beggars belief that Amerindians are held up as admirable. Their cruelty alone should put them beyond the bounds of decent people.

eleos said...

Not sure I get your point FUZOG. You point out the total lack of resistance to the anti-white destruction agenda but you also suggest that whites are arming and prepping for conflict. Is there any fight left in us?

Pierre said...

Take a look at american, anglo Whites - especially in the South: Their average weight: 500 pds. This eat tons of meat hence destroying the enviornenment. This Bible Belt people started negro worshipping with Elvis the Pelvis.
They are are anything but victims, rather assholes. And surely you need 100 mio Mexicans to build your houses and mown the law!
White victimhhod??!!!

Lemmyhead said...

NWO Chaos said...
I don't go for a civil war scenario for the simple reason that there is no way to identify the two sides.
Very easy to identify. White skin one side any other colour the other side. That's how its been set up to happen. What is really worrying, after seeing these Dijon films, is where have all those arms come from? There is not the odd machine gun or rifle but complete arsenals. I would bet that there many mosques around Europe that contain similar arsenals. And to defend ourselves we have..?
Those white liberals, antifa et al will die at the hands of the savages. There will be no'But I'm on your side'.
You're wearing your uniform, try taking it off.

Anon said...

Totally agree with you ianrob. I love the analogy of non smokers.

FUZOG said...

My point is that weak men have allowed it to come this far and offered zero resistance. We should have been organized long ago. The only way we will storm into action is as a last resort. That is my point. Men of the past would never have allowed it to get to this point to start with. We could have avoided a civil war if we would have just put this mob and left in their place starting years ago.

Phil said...

FUZOG is correct. This could have been stamped out decades ago, but the Boomers were too busy snorting cocaine up their noses, shooting heroine in their veins and having sex in the street with each other.

They partied while western civilization went to shit right before their eyes. Thanks, Boomers! Hope you had fun.

Lucky for you most of you losers won’t have to be around to clean up the mess.

Lemmyhead said...

Did Dawkins really use the argument 'why shouldn't there be a tea pot orbiting Mars'?
That's a pretty dumb argument from what I thought was an intelligent man. By using that argument there are infinite 'why aren't there.....'. Why aren't there lavender scented candles orbiting the moon? Why aren't there herds of cows drifting aimlessly through space? Why are there no Mars Bars on Mars?
Take a piece of grass. Then break it into two. Now put it back together. If the universe was an accident without cause created from nothing, putting two halves of a blade of grass together should be easy. Even if by accident. The argument most often used is 'Well who created God?' Again, go in to the garden. Pick up an ant and explain your world to it. Let me know if the ant understands. I can accept the multi-verse theory, the big bubble theory and the simulation theory. But come on! The universe was created out of nothing or there was a speck so dense and that exploded? It's man trying to explain his own existence and everything that's around him. It's natural. It's how we've got to this technological age. Question, question, improve, question. If Drakes theorem is correct we probably aren't even the most intelligent beings in the known universe. If Fermi's paradox is correct then, well, why? Fermi relies on us being at least of some interest to other beings. Perhaps there are other beings that look upon us like you do the ant. We think we would be able to detect them. How arrogant is that?
I don't doubt that in some form there is a creator that is way beyond our intelligence. Whether that intelligence is interested in us is a different matter. How arrogant is it to think that it is? We could be destroyed by an asteroid tomorrow and the rest of the universe wouldn't even blink. It would matter less than you killing your pet ant.

SAVANT said...

To the commentator with a 100-character name/avatar which somehow always inludes 'paedo' I say this: Demanding that 'all Jews be burnt in the ovens' will have one result only: The deplatforming of this blog. Is that what you want?

Unknown said...

I don't care about all races,they can go to hell. I care about OUR race ONLY!

@blueeyes said...

No I don't want it to be de-platformed, all I want is the truth, that is it. Nothing more.

fb said... - forbury multiple stabbing, lovely day out in England???? Is this how it goes???? nobody In media willing to say a fucking thing, if it was a white I'm not so sure they would be so tight lipped about it, but an arrest has been made, nothing said. Same shit the world over. Maybe the protected species?

incitementagainstwhites said...

Lemmyhead said...

Sex and drugs and sausage roll all the way. We've had a fantastic time. Shooting up heroine, snorting coke, LSD trips, weed and booze. Non-stop partying. Never rattled. Never got the D Ts. The only draw back was the odd STD. Not a big problem for us Boomers. A few shots of penicillin and back in the saddle. No HIV for us. Ohhhh and Disco! Did you miss out on that one! Boy were they good. A usual Saturday night would be to shoot up some heroine, do a few lines of coke and then down the pub before the main event. Then into the Disco and straight to the bar. Top up the booze buzz then into the bogs to top up the coke buzz with a few lines. Next was the dance floor for some Northern Soul dancing. That could work a bit of a sweat up so it was back to the bar. There would usually be some Boomer Boobs that you could stare at and below that a mini-skirt or hot pants. Things got hard. Very hard but with a bit of luck the mini-skirt went home with you and took care of it. I must admit the Sunday after were bad. You would wake up really needing to main line and snort a few lines. What was even worse was that sometimes you would look across the bed and what you had taken home to relive the tension was a real munter. So, you had to get rid of the munter because Mum had the Sunday roast on. Sunday afternoon was round to Mums where Dad would have a couple of bottles in the fridge so you could relax while Mum slaved away. After the roast beef and Yorkshire pud followed by sherry trifle it was time for the afternoon nap. Around tea time Mum would wake us up with a plate of salmon paste sandwiches and a cup of tea. Dear old Mum didn't want us going home hungry. Dad would clap us the back as we left and tell us what a wonderful job we were doing. Mondays were often terrible. Perhaps enough heroine and coke to see us through to when we signed on. Occasionally having to get by on just weed. The dole then was £1,000 a week so nobody under sixty went to work. We would often meet up on the street and discuss the social decay. As far as we were concerned worse meant better. We wanted everything to be destroyed because we knew we were leaving it to pricks like you.

Naked Emperor said...

Lemmyhead said: "We could be destroyed by an asteroid tomorrow and the rest of the universe wouldn't even blink."

God has a sense of humor. He made tiny little earth the only body in the universe with life on it. Humbling.

Lemmyhead said...

I forgot. Unforgivable really. On Sundays it was salmon paste sandwiches AND homemade cake. Mum would wrap up what you didn't eat so you didn't get hungry on Monday. Cinema tickets were 6d, sorry 2.5 NEW Pence. Beer was 1 NEW pence per pint and a packet of fags (it only had one meaning then) were 4 NEW pence. It was tough on only £1,000 per week dole. It was worth it to ruin everything for you.

Henry IX said...

'White skin one side any other colour the other side'

How can that be when about 40% of Whites are on the side of the enemy?

Boomer said...

@ Lemmyhead

This (((Phil))) merchant is not just a sanctimonious (white) boomer hating (((twat))) - its agenda is all about whipping up 'hate' against ALL white boomer males to the extent its forebears bray and whine about white national socialists aka (((Nazis))) and still do. These creatures live and breathe 'hate' as you know. It won't belong before you see screeching millennial (((schmucks)) with banners on your TV screens equating white boomer generation males to the 'Naaaazis'! They're long in the tooth already with terms like "white privilege" and notice this particular label is never aimed at white females whom they wish to coddle and eat. Many white male boomers know a lot more than we do and that's what ((they're)) concerned about.

What's tragic (and typical) is that there are NO groups of white females (maybe one or two silenced like Katie Hopkins) who are brave enough to stand up and say anything not just for us but their white sons. They're sucked into and are selfishly, detrimentally involved with the feminist movement to the point of self destruction without a whimper. Their collective white female silence over the grooming and raping of their daughters is deafening? Could you imagine ((dogs)) like Feltz and Lipman keeping ((schtum)) if 13 year old Jewish girls were being raped or groomed in North London, Manchester, Essex etc by Muslims, - worse
white millennial males of err ((Phil's)) generation or the ultimate horror white boomers?

(((Phil))) could be female or queer for all we know...;) Keep vigilant

Boomer said...


I take it you're French/Belgian or something?
Take a look at those countries... full of Antifa/communist shit siding with Muslims and Niggers ((((when it's convenient))) right? just like (((Trudeau's)) Canada which was once a beautiful white country. WTF are these hypocritical cunts doing for the Red Indians?

ianrob said...

@Lemmyhead, Yes Dawkins used the teapot analogy, for why shouldn't there be a God. As for the rest of your argument, none of us know, and it's just down to personal opinion, and as the saying goes, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. My opinion changes depending on how I'm feeling, and it would certainly be very comforting to believe in a benevolent deity, but mostly I doubt it. I recall a story about an old man who bought a derelict country cottage with a huge overgrown weed infested garden. Over the space of a few years, he renovated the cottage, and returned the garden back to it'r former glory. It looked lovely. A priest/minister was cycling past, and stopped to look. "My isn't it wonderful, he said, what the good lord and man can do when they work together". "The good lord", the man said, " you should have seen it when he had it to himself".
The somebody must have made it idea, is used by the Jehova witnesses. They also claim that the world is only 2000 years old, and that God put the dinosaur skeletons there, to test their faith.
Me I don't know. It was up and running when I got here.

Free Spirit said...

if there was no tobacco, there would be no non smokers. An odd thing to say. indeed that is odd? If they weren't smoking tobacco they'd probably be smoking pot, hash or camel shit and there'd still be non smokers

No, not 'a god' but FAITH in the Almighty with its Christian tenets discovered, founded and galvanised by MY forebears to create our nation state over a thousand years ago which translated the Latin scrolls into the English language in Europe that made us who we are... is what helps me - I couldn't live for anything else and I doubt I'd be here otherwise.

As for Darwin, whilst the idea of natural selection, obviously is fact, and easily observed, neither he nor his theories explain the vast majority of life's quandaries.
Exactly, Darwin's observations and perceptions arr nothing but theories - hijacked by loathsome Marxists I hasten to add.

As for Dawkins he was/is little more than an arrogant egotist who was humiliated in one of his documentaries when be began arguing with a Jewish Muslim convert about his god in a north African country (I think Morocco?) He looked terrified.

The whole issue for me is explained by, if it works for you, then do it.

Your choice - people like me will never hold a gun to your head - we don't need to but we will and can defend ourselves with FAITH in ourselves, our lord and like minded brethren who love being who we are.

Chumlee's Brother said...

FUZOG said...

Christopher Columbus statues town after town are being toppled with ZERO citizen resistance.

...I don't believe that whites will rise up in America.
The act of toppling statues is what the winners do, meaning that whitey has already lost by his own inactivity.

The 'left' can never be beaten.It has a common goal that transcends all internal 'divisions'. That goal is power at all costs.
The 'right' just want to be left alone to bring up their families, with a bit of prosperity for good measure.

ianrob said...

@ free spirit, You talk a lot, but say little. As I said it is your choice. If you want a God then have one.

muh fuh said...

Chumlee's Brother said:
"I don't believe that whites will rise up in America."

Ever been to rural America? No? You should go there.

Hereticdrummer said...

I can speak for the Jewnited States of Scumerica. It is way too late to reverse the "Camp of the Saints" scenario here. It was too late once we passed the mid 80s, and that was a long time ago. The incredible number of non whites here translates into political power in a Slobocracy, such as Scumerica has. Their phenomenal birthrates easily eclipse that of whites, who are not even replacing their own dead with new births. Factor in that the mongrels are still pouring in unopposed with the incessant virulent, inflammatory anti white propaganda of the Jew media machine and barring intervention by our ancient Aryan Gods, it is game fucking over.

Die With Honor said...

No, it's not over. It's over when I hit the ground with 87 slugs in my dead body.

Anon said...

Tell a fundie you have no need to believe in a god and out comes the talk of not holding a gun to your head. People were burned at the stake not so long ago by the same godfearers.

Die With Honor said...

" is game fucking over."

No, it's not over. It's over when I hit the ground with 87 slugs in my dead body.

Hereticdrummer said...

.I respect your attitude, I was speaking in general terms for the masses of sheeple.

Free Spirit said...

Anon said...
Tell a fundie you have no need to believe in a god and out comes the talk of not holding a gun to your head. People were burned at the stake not so long ago by the same godfearers.

Err metaphorically speaking .. you 'evolved' simpleton.

Free Spirit said...

@ free spirit, You talk a lot, but say little ??
Ha! Pot and kettle.

Die With Honor said...

Hereticdrummer, I know you were. I was trying to be more graphic in my assessment of the situation we find ourselves in. Cheers!

Hereticdrummer said...

Cheers to you, Die With Honor. Stay strong, Brother.

Chumlee's Brother said...

muh fuh said...
Chumlee's Brother said:
"I don't believe that whites will rise up in America."

Ever been to rural America? No? You should go there.

...If whites do rise up en-masse, then they can easily take back America or at least carve out a homeland for themselves.

AnonA said...


If the white Christian race is beaten, it is because it has been told for decades that it is beaten. This has been done and continues to be done via the elite controlled media. There is no comparable alternative viewpoint.

The "educational system" has now produced a generation who believe everything that they see in the media. They have been taught to act on their emotions not reason or logic.

Today's media is all powerful. On any given issue, it is judge, jury and executioner and everybody lives in fear of it.

Until the media is dismantled, you are talking in a vacum.

ianrob said...

Free Spirit, you must be a woman, you argue like a woman.

Free Spirit said...

ianrob said...
Free Spirit, you must be a woman, you argue like a woman.

No, now please piss off you silly little man..

Anonymous said...

The "thousand points of light" reference by Bush is actually referring to a satanic chapel at "The Mothers of Darkness" chateau in Belgium where ritual child sacrifices are held

Andre Surkis said...

I read that the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, approved the actions of the Chechens, regarding this as an attempt by the younger generation to take control of the situation, after "the local authorities were unable to restore order with lawless drug dealers."

ianrob said...

@ Free Spirit, I rest my case.

Lord Haw Haw said...

@ Johnsmith 20 June 2020 at 04:28

Wohoho top man!
You're a sleuth John! with your commanding knowledge and ferret like investigations.
Thank you for proving what I thought when I studied that staged sketch of this so-called black "hero" trying to look cool in grandpa beanie hat for all the dumb slappers to cream over "scooping up" the Jimmy Somerville (bloodied to un-bloodied) lookalike maggot.

Not surprised he'a a "former" cop as you say - the poxy little turd. Galvanises my sheer contempt for the (((Police))) and the (((stinking press))) all the more now.

Anon said...

There are so many stupid Jesus freak females around. They need a good rogering.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you 2 kikes were made for each other. Faggots

johnsmith said...

Lord Haw Haw said: "Thank you for proving what I thought when I studied that staged sketch"

Was it staged in order to "shape public responses"?

'Controlled spontaneity', by Ian Cobain, former senior/chief reporter for the Guardian and The Times

Lord Haw Haw said...

Was it staged in order to "shape public responses"?
You know it was. It underlines the treachery of the iniquitous Media rats playing on malleable, gullible, self-loathing white trash