Sunday, 24 May 2020

Why we're doomed


Anonymous said...


It's an irrelevant ad. With the covid bollox, there won't BE any jobs to have job interviews with.


Glen C said...

Yup, sums up what's fucking the country.

Lemmyhead said...

I was like....shocked. It was this a joke? And then I was like what sort of Nazi would post a video like this? And then I was like should I call the police or something because this had invaded my personal space and I was like who ever posted this video shouldn't do that and it's wrong. I was like...this is wrong and in my personal space I should call the police. Are people like, really allowed to post things like this on the internet without a warning? I'm like to shocked to even phone the police. I'm like so shocked I'm going into my safe space for two days. I, like feel so sorry for that girl. Just getting fired from her job just like that. Isn't the man supposed to give her notice or something before he sacks her. I'm like if that was me I'd go to a tribunal or a court or a judge or something. I'm thinking of starting a 'fund me' page for this girl. Because it's like she might not have any money for ages except what her hedge fund father can give her. Im just so shocked. I'm just so shocked I feel I might fain...............

rapedenglishwhores said...

A caricature of all millennials but yeah I get it, lots are like that in some ways, i've come across it myself. Coder dojo or whatever new coding is out there, open source , bitcoin, ghost or whatever, not familiar with any of that stuff, wont save you in a real life face to face apocalypse. In interviews, we are expected now to oversell or blag ourselves, and interviewers, some of the really affected, like to mimic what they see on work reality shows. It seems to be a thing now. There used to be a saying when we were young kids, children should be seen but not heard, ie screaming at the top of their lungs like spoilt little emporers, it isnt a good way to set them up for the real world and wha'ts out there, struggles, rip off merchants , cheap labour, slum landlords, a psycho manager, very cynical , exploitative pimps and psychos. The whole idea of consumerism ( which is what we are pushed to more and more in technological ways) only came to me in my late twenties, did not bother with it when I was younger the whole idea of even grocery shopping was boring and mind numbing, now I notice since past mid 90's everything is revolved more around the supermarkets. Look at covid and how they have the whole footfall circling around soley supermarkets, very few local businesses, are surviving , we need to send that bill to china. The millennials are not capable of saving this, zoomers are just down the same trajectory , probably even more bombastic than the last generation.

luke2236 said...

painfully accurate

Aodh Mor MacRaynall said...

Never get tired of watching this.

Aspects of Mind said...

How about this for synchronicity!

In her latest article Carolyn Yeager discusses "the current rash of lies about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich."

This includes Henry Makow: "Hitler was a Rothschild, a British Agent and a Zionist." Yes, I noticed that Jew Henry is a bullshitter in this area and therefore I now ignore this Jewish liar and read Renegade Tribune instead.

I've seen Carolyn Yeager tear the testicles off anti-Hitler liars on TOO and her own blog. One of her victims still comments here and on TOO but he treads carefully in case Carolyn savages him again :-)

Alan Donelson said...

For ASPECTS OF MIND: If you'd be willing, that I'd like you to persue if not read and address the contentions in the work of Michael Hoffman and Miles Mathis RE Adolf Hitler -- then get back to this thread. The former describes demeanor, attitude, even occult and drug-addled mind and behaviors that truly call into question Herr Hitler's judgment. Explain, for example, Herr. Hitler's deliberate "sending to sacrifice" the cream of Germany's youth against Russia, a hopeless, irrational, historically proved MISTAKE -- unless DELIBERATE. Miles Mathis quite thoroughly and convincedly documents the Jewish heritage [also, Phoenician, if the word "Jew" seems too harsh to you] and his genetic predecessors.

Personally, I have "no dog in this hunt". I do ask this. WHY, with the dark cover of totalitarianism descending many places, would anyone want to divert ATTENTION -- the gold of the 21st Century -- to rehashing such debates. My answer, MISDIRECTION, MISINFORMATION.

My two cents' worth.

Rapparee said...

LOL, very amusing, but the sad truth of this parody is that Feminism is designed to create privileges for women in our culture, while at the same time absolving them from responsibilities.

Here is a surprisingly good report:-
Family court reform, suicide, and “repeated social defeat”for men, John Davis.


Iron Felix said...

I watched that little video, Savant, and I remember a friend once prescribing the one sovereign remedy for such situations; the lash, said he. The lash, only desisting when she is seen to be bleeding water.

thelimerickpogrom1904:weneedanother said...

Chumlee's brother said...

One Hundred Hunters

Anonymous said...

Alan Donelson,

I suppose William Wallace was an English spy as well? What about Joan of Arc and Napoleon? Were they also English spies?

Do you not realise that by stating Hitler was a Jew, a spy of Tavistock and working for the Rothschilds, is Judaism telling the goyim, that they control, even their fightback, at their wrongdoing?

I don't buy that Hitler was a Jew, a Rothschild, an MI5 spy and nor do I buy that he deliberately created a war in order to murder Germany's youngest.

Makow's main 'itch' with Hitler is letting the British escape at Dunkirk. But what Makow, continually refuses to Acknowledge are Hitler's REPEATED attempts at peace with Britain, all of which were ignored courtesy of the fact that Churchill wanted war and the destruction of the German people.

See here for Hitler's peace attempts

More so, Hitler did not want to destroy the British civilisation. He had great respect for it. More so, he also realised that the British WERE kin to the Germans. Anyone who knows their history knows that the word England, comes from Angle, the Germanic tribe. The very history OF Europe has been one of infighting between the Celts and the Germanic peoples, with the Romans and Slavs thrown in to the mix.

Why would Hitler arrest a Rothschild, imprison him and ransom him back to the Rothschild family for $20million dollars, if Hitler was a sibling of the Rothschilds? It doesn't make sense one bit.
Why would Hitler KICK OUT the Rothschild private bank and istitute government backed notes with the creation of a national bank, if he were a Rothschild? The fact is that Abraham Lincoln was murdered for wanting to issue greenbacks and take the US away from private banking and after Hitler they did the same to JFK who wanted to do the same.

Makow just has a bone of contention with Hitler because family died in the work camps. His real bone should have been with his family AND the allies. Those in the work camps were communists (who Henry constantly harps on about) and the allies were responsible FOR the deaths within, courtesy of their bombing. Henry's always going to be anti German because of it. His narrative, I'm sad to state is BS.


Lemmyhead said...

If you liked Savs vid, you'll probably like this one.

Quartermain said...

Where's the vid from?

Sharon said...

The girl is 100% a wog!

Anonymous said...

off topic here in the States to all who served either Crown or Stars and stripes,a big thank you on this Memorial Day and not being corny or trying to be funny we owe our freedoms to you all for what you put forth,we know we will get the play back about the Jew conspiriscy and the big money men etc etc but we think of our own family members in both world wars who didn't run or hide but went and carried the gun going back to the battle of Shiloh and didn't complain or want out because they discovered that wanted a virgina instead of a penis of complain it wasn't PC to serve in the Army, well a big shout out to you as you know we still out you when ever we see you and you know who you are and what you are.the same plastic Paddies shouting free Ireland and up the IRA and the real Irish hate you, well glad we came across as how we really feel, God Bless al who servedJohn old rtf Chicago Copper

Aspects of Mind said...

@Alan Donelson 00:06 thanks for your reply and reading recommendations.

Like Carolyn Yeager, I've read some of Miles Matthis -- not much, as it was soon apparent to me that he either lacks integrity or has cognitive deficits of the type seen in Asperger Syndrome -- a condition I encountered in the course of my work and have studied. People with Aspergers often 'know a lot but understand little.'

I am more familiar with the work of a well-known Matthis disciple, whose name I shall not mention because apart from his absurd 'interpretations' (including anti-Hitler) of historical material, some of the material that he offers (before he 'interprets' it) is clearly the work of a highly intelligent mind and potentially valuable. However after studying this man's articles, videos and interaction with others on various sites, I would put my head on a block that he is diagnosable with Aspergers. FWIW, I distinguish between those who misinform honestly -- like this man, whose work I value highly apart from the nonsense that he promotes -- and those who do so maliciously.

Naturally, evaluation of an author's publications benefits from knowledge about the author:

Objective knowledge. a) Level of formal education in subject area, b) Respected expert evaluation of his work, c) Demonstrated strengths (e.g. insight shown by ability to 'think on feet' about current issues) and weaknesses (e.g. a rear-view mirror intellectual unable to apply knowledge to new situation); d) Possible bias associated with group affiliation (e.g. is the author jewish / non-white?); and (e) Consistency of honest reporting (e.g. has the author ever misrepresented facts of a subject that you know more about than the author?).

Subjective knowledge. This refers to what is variously known as intuition, gut feel and non-local perception. Empirical research shows that access to this level of knowledge is associated with creative / artistic ability (e.g. that of Alison Chabloz, Monika Schaefer, Carolyn Yeager, Ann Marie Carey, the late Ernst Zundel). Subjective knowledge is often the impetus for seeking objective knowledge about a subject, from the Holohoax to a suspected extra-marital affair.

Also, as learning involves trial and error, some of the authors whom we once respected / trusted will inevitably be rejected if we are committed to this process. I have dismissed more than half of my white nationalist author 'stable' since awakening to jewish psychopathy a few years ago but some of those authors (including The Irish Savant and Carolyn Yeager) have withstood scrutiny and continue to command my highest respect.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

We are doomed because the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives can say this without public outrage:

Or when Guy Verhofstadt tells us that European countries must give up their sovereignty to the E.U.:

Or this: Europe will be diverse, or war! - Frans Timmermans:

Gerry said...

I said go my young secretary
Can I use your dictaphone
She said you sexist barstard use your own dick

Sorry couldn’t help it
I’ll get my coat

Lemmyhead said...


You forgot the.....Boom Boom.

kikz said...

golfclap for Lemmy ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Adele said...

Millennials don't have ANY original music.
Every time I turn on a local radio station, some yappy mouthed tart is invariably at the mike "introducing" songs that were played 40 years ago - before she was fucking born, as her own 'disco collection'. I'll wager that KC and the sunshine band, Chic, Duran Duran, Whitney Houston, Sting et fucking al by other 70s'/80's artists is played at least once a day EVERY fucking day on one of Britain's radio stations!! Little choice but to turn to classic FM or turn off. I'm sick to fucking death of hearing the same shite I heard 30/40 years ago again and again every fucking day! These millenials cannot create any new music of ANY kind whatsoever. They're fucking useless

krakbrain said...

She's deadly

Phil said...

Funny that the boomers here are laughing. The same generation that sat back and did nothing while all their shit was being taken from them. A complete joke of a generation.

Adele said...

I'm a Millenial - my ancestors were 'ard Vikings ooga booga ooga ... I'm a Millenial - my ancestors were 'ard, boo'iful Vikings ooga booga ooga ...I'm a Millenial - my ancestors were long haired 'ard boo'iful Vikings, ooga ooga ooga !!! nobody messed with my Viking warrior ancestors ... LOL!

What of the romantic, imaginary 'Viking' descendants today? Nothing but Smart phone staring-at, maggots, faggots and fuck-wits, literally bending over forwards to be ruled and buggered by niggers and pakis and turd world shite. Cocky self-loathing little whiggers constantly playing/listening to Boomer generation music and now wearing their re-cycled gear. Ha! About as useful and original as damp quilted toilet paper.

ianrob said...

@ Phil, I take it that the video hit a raw nerve then.

whybotherwithadickwhenyoucanuseyourmiddlefinger said...

Meanwhile we have the youth listening to a big flat nosed black nigger singing childrens rhymes, wow so amazing! This is what passes for art today. A FULLY GROWN nog singing CHILDRENS songs!

Chumlee's brother said...

Channel 4's Celebrity SAS Are you tough enough? reached it's conclusion last night on TV.

The 'Directing Staff' were desperately changing the 'Narrative' on the fly to make sure that the two highest status participants actually won.

These were a one armed para 'athlete' white woman and a nigger man.

These were the only two that properly cracked under 'interrogation' but somehow this was turned into a virtue by the producers.

whybotherwithadickwhenyoucanuseyourmiddlefinger said...

Lots of people willing to trade out their community into an absolute trashy, acid throwing niggerhole, for a few euro, it wont work out. We will become a bombastic embarrassing , hyped up race bait society where the obsession is neon rubberlips black lives matter, and all this rainbow dildo shit. Absoloutely a fucking joke, all you have to do is look across the water , both sides, luck of the irish no more. And those east euros? HAH! Absolute eurotrash, plate jumpers all w fake names, fake soc security numbers a name for each number , like a yuden with a fake surname, remember all those yorowhores going back and forth with their anchor babies, even getting the welfare check send straight to Poland! A fucking joke, not our friends, no friend of the irish, go home Poland before you turn to a bombastic overstated, lgbt version of turkey basters, HAH!

Anonymous said...

another banner year even with the quarantine,Memorial Day 3 day holiday produced 9 nig DOAs and 39 wounded, perhaps they were doing a reenactment of the Normandy invasion or perhaps the 1st battle of the Somme with a all shit head cast,we will never know, anyhow the summer thus far looks good in Chicago and other nig infested areas and did we mention job security for fire and police and nig funeral homes,John old rtf chicago copper

krakbrain said...

Adele is the best music artist ever.
Better than George Michael
Elton John

Greg Bacon said...

A WH doc on some COVID panel has the Covid cure; get rid of all whites. Good thing she didn't say Jews, cause the feces would of hit the rotary oscillator:

In 1928, Marcus Ravage, a Jewish Rothschild biographer wrote an essay entitled, “The Real Case Against the Jews.”

“You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.”

whybotherwithadickwhenyoucanuseyourmiddlefinger said... - An absolute masterpiece from morgoth, titled the ''skintellectual'' breaking through the requirements for the pampered ever critical of the whiteman (((poc))) to pave out a career for these race grifters today, even in the past it was creeping in, but not as pronounced or as bombastic as it is today. It cannot be more aggressive or appaarent, so the signal is now is the time for no talking. Too much of it. The older gen who have seen different know, KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS this is. All they need to pass for an ''expert'' on ''modern culture'', and this useless 'diversity'' bollox, is to have brown skin or a hook nose, there is your qualification right there and a useless gender studies degree, or race studies, whats it actually going to do for you if the food shortages hit, engineered by you know whos? Anybody actually awake to that, NO. Didn't think so!

whybotherwithadickwhenyoucanuseyourmiddlefinger said...

krakbrain or slackdick adele is the ''best music'' - no artist writes their own lyrics, all stolen and handed to them on a platter, you morons should know that by now. How many niggers in your area? Just wondering :))))

demented~riddler~skull said...

As long as some homeless irish can have an onion bhaji and you can keep up the pretence donating to charity - it's all good. Oh and bring in all the refugees while you are at it, its not like they are pissed off or anything like that or see us as one big blob of a white supremacist enemy. Dumb fucking nordies.

swedehead said...

Dumb fucking nordies.

Anonymous said...

Adele is the best music artist ever.

She's also a fat, foul mouthed slag in public who got turked by a fat kike and had its baby. Now he's living the dream on HER alimony. Kate Winslet is another overrated slag who did the same and some. Adele's singing as with most pop stars is enhanced by sound engineers using Boomer technology and previous.

Anonymous said...

In this one pic/vid we can see clear as day the rot and cause of the demise decline and destruction of not just the UK but of the entirety of Western civilisation , culture and society. The lofty towering corrupt cathedrals of “””International finance””” and the Talmudic masonic 5th column cabal of traitor and whores, that funded and backed and enabled the globohomo cultural Marxist degeneracy and mass non white/anti white, non Christian/anti Christian immigration to the West and with that the Trojan horse Islamic proxy warriors of the JWO Christian nation destroying cancer .


thresekeoghbambabomber98 said...

When you see how FAKE it all it is and how much THEY HATE us, you begin to see the root cause.

crackedcommunity said...

a question to those who have an idea of what's going on, how many niggers in your area, rap artists if you can call them that singing childrens nursery rhymes, omg what talent. omg ooga booga, they are nothing they cannot even come up with a kids rhyme, lol, I wonder can some of them recognise themselves in a mirror, a cat would recognise itself faster than a nig! racist yes, does it save communities, it might have, I'm glad your all finished now, live in shit.

Chumlee's brother said...

Anonymous said...

Adele is the best music artist ever.

....I thought that Adele was the absolute best.
No woman could match her voice in contemporary pop music.
Then I realised that in every town in the country, there were people that could do a fantastic rendition of Adele at any karaoke that you cared to shake a stick at.
These 'singers' were all hairy arsed men.

Ergo. Adele is a man.

abaldnodickfaggotsarticialwhat? said...

you faggots allowed this with your ''BALL OF ISLAMIC LADS'' - tell me AGAIN when you come up for AIR after blowing all that Islamic dick.

Gerry said...

That poor blond girl crying about racism. Over on BareNakedIslam sums up savants post
I just can’t work out if she’s a daft brummie
Or a daft yam yam
Lemmyhead might know

fakedramawhore/s said...

I'm just glad some of these fuckwits kids will be marked by the pakis , nigs etc. Verrrrrrrrry expensive to remove yourself from it safely and even ((((((then))))) ((((all whites must die))))) something , something. ;) Action = consequence.

mudsharkjusticestdsblackeyexpirationdatetc said... - how snapchat can make a horny mudshark, ugly.....

Jay Whiteman said...

whiteness celebrated Estonia

Anonymous said...

krakbrain said...
Adele is the best music artist ever.
Better than George Michael
Elton John

26 May 2020 at 13:36. You dont know music at all. Watch Led Zeppelin,Hendrix,etc,thats music. Fucking fake popstars are all they produce,and all sing the same fucking way. Robert Plant had a voice of an angel in the 70`s,Hendrix is still the worlds best guitarist. FUCK OFF WITH YOUR JEW CRAP. DAS REICH.

Anonymous said...

This young honey sums Millenials but this old duffer interviewing her is obviously trying it on - dirty old bastard

Anonymous said...

What an abomination... Uuurggh !!!!

Lemmyhead said...

John said...
''perhaps they were doing a reenactment of the Normandy invasion or perhaps the 1st battle of the Somme with a all shit head cast,we will never know'' I think perhaps they wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about. Those figures look good. Perhaps they'll increase as the weather gets warmer.

Lemmyhead said...


With the sudden passing of Simon Harris I decide to revisit his work. I was struck, again, how prescient 'The Protocols' are.
How Protocols 9.8 and 9.9 (starts at 24.21 in video below) have matured so well for those who compiled them. By twisting and making laws so unintelligible that they become confused. Hate laws anyone? Lock down? Immigration? Asylum? Terrorism? Let's just say most new laws passed over the last twenty five years. The intention is to cause confusion and is so successful it must be beyond their dreams.
Protocol 9.10 I listened to Simon reading this and was struck by something I'd said before. (starts at 25.02). To paraphrase this. If the plan so far gets interrupted they have another, back up plan. This is that by this time every city will have 'metropolitan railways' and 'subterranean passages'. From these all 'institutions' and 'documents' can be 'exploded'. Although Simon doesn't read it, on screen it says that this is probably figurative. It probably means an explosion of Bolshevism. That, I think, is wrong and it should be taken literally. How can a rise of Bolshevism be guaranteed? It has failed before and doesn't make much of a back-up plan.
When written this was speculated to be true. Like so many other 'Protocols' underground railways and subterranean passages are here. God knows how many and where. How many 'conspiracy' theories have you read about concerning these subterranean works? Usually the theories are secret military bases. Perhaps most are. What about those that aren't? Who knows what could be down there?
At the time the 'Protocols' were written (?) explosives were coming on in leaps and bounds. In 1916 the Lochnegar mine triggered on the Somme, was heard in London and blew a hole 30 metres deep and 100 metres wide. Even before this large, destructive explosions had occurred with just gunpowder. At the time of writing, this 'Protocol', perhaps it was envisaged that centres of Government could be destroyed by conventional methods causing chaos. As time evolved this could have been updated to nuclear. These could literally destroy cities. The immediate thoughts are that it couldn't be done and nobody could be that diabolical and ruthless. For the second part we know that there is a certain group that wouldn't think twice about loss of life and carnage if it advanced their power. Look at their policies now destroying the West. We have all heard rumours that should 'their country' fall they would take the Sampson option. Do you think they wouldn't. We have also heard on this blog before about options they were going to take if they didn't get their way such as putting cholera in the London water supply. It's not by accident that they are known as poisoners of wells.

Lemmyhead said...

As for the first point how difficult would this really be? Time is not a factor. It could be over any time period and manufactured piece by piece. These pieces could be manufactured anywhere around the world and assembled by a few people with the knowledge. Think of the book 'The Fourth Protocol' by Frederick Forsyth. An author who is renowned for his novels being technically accurate and although fictional, possible. How possible would it be for those with significantly more knowledge than Forsyth? We are constantly told how intelligent these people are.
Even if someone suspected what was happening, who are they going to tell? The local Bobbie would think you insane. Even should he pass it up the line there are so many compromised and corrupt officials it wouldn't receive any investigation. The instigator would probably die an unexplained death. Let's not kid ourselves, their are plenty of our own that would willingly co-operate, for a price.
This also carries another benefit. If a politician doesn't toe the line a city can disappear in a 'nuclear accident'. Who would want to be the P.M. in charge when that happened? Extreme, yes, but we're dealing with ruthless people.
When you look at how prescient all the other 'Protocols' are, can I be far off the truth?

"The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on".
Henry Ford.

Lemmyhead said...

Sorry to rant on but I had an after thought.
Should Truro (sorry to anyone one from Truro. I love the place really) disappear in a 'nuclear accident' it would be either
1. A nuclear accident.
2. Islamic terrorism.
3. Definitely not the tribe. It would be anti-Semites spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories giving Jews far more power than they really have. A trope.

rations said...

If we invented a wide nose and long nose tax, a lot of these people would vanish, oh and scrap the white privilege thing , its bollox.

dontbenglishdontsufferindignity said... - This is the indignity of running like a hapless mutt,instead of standing your ground. Mixing and running to the last area of earth while the bombastic crazy poc grifters scream white privilege at you, and all this utter nonsense. ffs. Don't be English. I don't think even the largely abandoned for many years by the (((English))) would even indignifiy themselves like that, lots are woke now to the negative and utter devastating impact of the freemasonry and the rest of that satanic shit, being low down on the pecking order of it doesn't do much or any good, just means you get shat on by a bigger crow.

Anonymous said...


Nigerian fake news detected at 09:25 and at 16:18.

Anonymous said...

"These 'singers' were all hairy arsed men."

Cave Cinaedus. Cave Chumlee.

Anonymous said...

@Lemmyhead - I suspect you are not wrong ...

"One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the
potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike
from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why
they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak
in radiation.

The aerial survey is designed to help local officials react more quickly
in the event of terrorists detonating a "dirty bomb" that releases
radioactive material into the air. With the survey, police may be able
to pinpoint the exact source of radiation by comparing new readings to
their pre-existing "radiation map" of the area.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the department wanted a record of the
city's naturally occurring and other "radiological signatures" to
compare with periodic readings it does to detect for dirty bombs or
other nuclear devices."

Anonymous said...

The (((bum bandit))) said:

"Channel 4's Celebrity SAS Are you tough enough? reached it's conclusion last night on TV. The 'Directing Staff' were desperately changing the 'Narrative' on the fly to make sure that the two highest status participants actually won. These were a one armed para 'athlete' white woman and a nigger man. These were the only two that properly cracked under 'interrogation' but somehow this was turned into a virtue by the producers."

You are talking utter shite as usual.

The staff were not "desperately changing the 'Narrative' on the fly".

ALL of the candidates (1 white male, 2 black males, 3 white females) were told, quote: "If at some point it's clearly obvious by your actions or your words people are going to get killed, you need to then go to your real story."

The white male, one of the black males, and two of the white females failed to follow the instructions given to them.

Chumlee's brother said...

Galtee Advertiser Boy @ 23:26 said...

ALL of the candidates (1 white male, 2 black males, 3 white females) were told, quote: "If at some point it's clearly obvious by your actions or your words people are going to get killed , you need to then go to your real story."

.....Walter M. It's a TV show. Calm down.


Chumlee's brother said...

Hendrix is still the worlds best guitarist.

....Really. Saw footage of him playing the guitar with his teeth.

It must have been a tape he was playing to and this was at an open air concert.
What gives?

Anyway, he went into acting under the name 'Morgan Freeman'.Did very well for himself too.

krakbrain said...

Take it you can't sense sarcasm anymore?

Anonymous said...

The video nailed it! I've had at least three job interviews in the last few years that went something like the one in the video. LOL

"Yes, I'm leaving [after two weeks] to take a job for higher pay. But, will you hold the job for me in case the new job doesn't work out?"

"The job won't interfere with my going on vacation whenever I want, will it? My wife and I like to take cruises every now and then."

"I know I already accepted the job ... but, my father-in-law wants me to go to New York and work for him. I've decided to give New York a try, but can you hold the job for me if I change my mind?"

No, I didn't hire or keep them ... and the interviews are running jokes around the office.

Absolutely clueless!

BTW: A few years ago, our HR sent out a slide deck suggesting that values have changed. Therefore, going forward, we needed to meet the expectations of the Millennial Generation rather than the other way around. It's no longer "Here's what I can do for the company!" Rather, "What can the company do for me?" The consensus among the hiring managers was, no, we will not follow the new policy. Project teams are not babysitting services for people with stunted social development.