Sunday, 8 December 2019

Where are they happy?

They're not happy in Gaza ..
They're not happy in Egypt ..
They're not happy in Libya ..
They're not happy in Morocco ..
They're not happy in Iran ..
They're not happy in Iraq ..                                                                             

They're not happy in Yemen ... 
They're not happy in Afghanistan ...
They're not happy in Pakistan ..
They're not happy in Syria ..
They're not happy in Lebanon ...


They're happy in Australia ..
They're happy in Canada ..
They're happy in England ..
They're happy in France ..
They're happy in Italy ..
They're happy in Germany ..
They're happy in Sweden ..
They're happy in the USA ..
They're happy in Norway ..
They're happy in Holland ..
They're happy in Denmark ..

Basically, they're happy in every country that is not Muslim and unhappy in every country that is!


Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves


AND THEN- They want to change those countries to be like, THE COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!
Excuse me, but I can't help wondering...
How frigging dumb can you get?
Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

Lets have a look at the evidence: 

- No Christmas
- No television
- No nude women
- No football
- No pork chops
- No hot dogs
- No burgers
- No beer
- No bacon
- Rags for clothes
- Towels for hats
- Constant wailing from some bloke in a tower
- More than one wife
- More than one mother-in-law
- You can't shave
- Your wife can't shave
- You can't wash off the smell of donkeys
- You cook over burning camel shit
- Your wife is picked by someone else for you
- and your wife smells worse than your donkey
- Then they tell them that "when they die, it all gets better"???

Well No Shit Sherlock!....
It's not like it could get much worse!


a lightwatcher said...

Sav thanks for your hilarious post on this craziness!

Chumlee's Brother said...

Lots and lots of gay sex. Yes, you heard me right.

Whilst Homosexuality may be punishable by death, 'straight' forward buggery is totally acceptable and wide spread in moslem countries.

Boomer said...

Spot on Sav but WHO IS sanctioning... nay actively encouraging their importation into our non Muslimm (yet that is) countries?

Quote Enoch Powell... Collectively, We have gone mad, - literally FUCKING MAD
Check out the facts

Rapparee said...

As we speak, in the seditious Australian L├╝genpresse today, this Egyptian born, Trotsky look-
alike traitorous Cunt, Peter Khalil, who perfectly encapsulates the Leftist/Commie/Kalergist/White-hating/JWO Agenda, speaking at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation in Melbourne on Monday...

Mr Khalil will propose a “fair share agreement”, in which multiple countries would agree to lift their ambition to resettle hundreds of thousands more refugees each year.

With the world only resettling 92,400 of the 25.9 million refugees last year, Mr Khalil said Australia’s “fortress mentality” may no longer work.

Australia resettled more than 12,000 refugees under its humanitarian intake last year while Canada (28,076) and the US (22,938) led the way.
With the world only resettling 92,400 of the 25.9 million refugees last year, Mr Khalil said Australia’s “fortress mentality” may no longer work.

Mr Khalil, a former Victorian multicultural commissioner and national security policy adviser to former prime minister Kevin Rudd, said there was still an opportunity to lead an international effort and that should start next week at the first United Nations Global Refugee Forum in Geneva.

Anonymous said...

In fairness Savant, Muslims would be happier overall if America and NATO stopped bombing their lands willy nilly at behest of Isra-oh-Hell. Is it little wonder then that, offered a wide open door to the Zest, they pour in and wreak as much revenge as they possibly can. Especially since the, ahem, ‘liberal’ elites, turn the other cheek and encourage them to so at the expense of the indigenes.

And of course we must always keep in mind why America, as large and scary as it is, is just a groveling toady to Isra-oh-Hell. Because Isra-oh-Hell was create by and for the benefit of a tiny plutocratic elite, captained by the Rotshites. Amerika is utterly and totally in their debt. NATO is, to all intents and purposes, their private army. They own and control EVERYTHING.

Why? Because they got the gig, back in 1694, of ‘minting’ the coin of the realm. Then they followed it up in 1913 with the ‘Federal Reservation Act’, just in time for the ‘outbreak of hostilities’ in good old Europa. As night follows day, they end up owning the whole kit and kaboodle.

We are mere tenants on THEIR property. And they don’t want us here. That’s why the door has been opened to young Mooslim hotheads to pour across the lack-of-border, proceed to rape the women, and generally create mischief and mayhem. It’s really just a continuation of the Clearances which saw the dispossession of highland Scotts and many more besides. Did you know that Cockney was in fact originally a rural tongue from East Anglia? Forced off the land and into the East End ghettos.

The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor Robin do then,
Poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn,
And to keep himself warm,
Will hide his head under his wing,
Poor thing!

ianrob said...

Who would like the original indigenous population destroyed? Who said they were going to do it? I rest my case.

DEW that's Direct Energy Weapons on Citizens said...

Boomer 9 December 2019 at 00:29
I know one thing Boomer The WHO are back on tour next year with their first album in 13 years. I know this because I was listening to the radio in my van yesterday.
Enoch didn't say that much really and he allowed himself to be pensioned off to Ulster. Didn't even give a little help to the National Front back in the 70s. A Conservative til the end. Ended-up in the Lords you know. At the beginning back in the late 60s Enoch gave the British public the impression that their were nationalists in the Conservative party that cared for the working classes of Britain. No, money comes first, then titles. So WHO are your WHO. It isn't the The WHO, they just play songs.

Spock said...

Finland just got its Jacinda Ardern. Only she looks even more dangerous.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious...

Well that depends on just how ambitious.

Jen said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Why have those three stumblebums attracted the attention of the authorities? Rapefugees? Suicide bombers?

Anonymous said...

Ianrob 9 December 2019 at 10:17

Who would like the original indigenous population destroyed? Who said they were going to do it? I rest my case.

That's no case. Who the hell are you representing? WHO ever it is Needs to replace you.


a lightwatcher said...

@Anon 04:37, you're clearly well-informed about Jewish psychopathy and your The North Wind Doth Blow quote is apt -- we might be entering a Grand Solar Minimum, which would result in "climate disruption . . . erratic precipitation, increased flooding, storms, droughts, crop loss, population pressure / reduction, migration and in the long run, global cooling."

As you might know, the last Grand Solar Minimum is seen to have caused the Little Ice Age (c. 1350-1850, with three particularly cold intervals starting 1650, 1770 and in 1850), which resulted in economic chaos, catastrophic human suffering, wars and the French Revolution (1789-99).

A Grand Solar Minimum could be seen as divine intervention to stop the ecological destruction of organized Jewry, JWO, consumerism, etc. One need only look at what happened during the Little Ice Age (e.g. to appreciate this. Considering current human population sizes, urbanization and military technology, bacteria like the one that caused Black Death near the start of the Little Ice Age must be licking their chops in anticipation.

Democratic Republic of Stasi East Germany.. Presents said...


DEW targeting nationalists for now.. Who next? said...

DEW that's Direct Energy Weapons on Citizens 9 December 2019 at 10:28
Boomer 9 December 2019 at 00:29

Went on to play and sing out to a couple of songs of The WHO... Great band Great Songs The WHO.

Jen said...

Off topic but look at this genderqueer fat slob who referred to itself as "they" instead of he or she. Said it hated white people, but hated itself because it couldn't or wouldn't diet and never ever dated. Was given a camera by a white church group but displayed hatred towards whites.

It has now passed away.

Jen said...

Correction, this crazy blob has not died yet from obesity related causes. It relocated to the Cape from Johannesburg. Cape Town's loss, Joburg's gain.

Gerry said...

Just watched a couple of videos from wexit Alberta
Some very angry Canadians most are ex army angry with Trudeaus immigrants

Hoo Nose said...

Hoo is this Hoo? Who is still stuck on first base:

(((Abbott))) and Costello


kikz said...


Boomer said...

Swedish watchers have you seen this ...?


Anonymous said...

Nobody is happy in any of the countries you listed.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Spock, this is the only Finn you will ever need.

Merry Christmas

Chumlee's Brother said...

Spock, I'd have a go on at least 3 of them.

Well. Possibly 4. No wait a minute. I'd do them all.

Aitch. said...

No one ever seems to mention the fact that the Freemasons, the single most powerful and influential bunch of cunts in the world, could have prevented all this if they'd wanted to, but evidently they didn't, and don't. Same goes for all of Britain's secret services. Every one of them suborned by the enemy.

((($$$))) said...

About SoFi Stadium

(((SoFi Stadium))) is an unprecedented and unparalleled sports and entertainment destination being built in Inglewood, CA, by Los Angeles Rams Owner/Chairman (((E. Stanley Kroenke))). The first indoor-outdoor stadium to be constructed, SoFi Stadium will be the home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams when it opens in summer 2020. The state-of-the-art stadium re-imagines the fan experience and will host a variety of events year round including Super Bowl LVI in 2022, the College Football Championship Game in 2023, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 2028. Located on the site of the former Hollywood Park racetrack, the stadium is the centerpiece of a 298-acre mixed-use development featuring retail, commercial office space, a hotel, residential units, and outdoor park spaces.


Frank Galton said...

ianrob said: "Who would like the original indigenous population destroyed? Who said they were going to do it? I rest my case."

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi did declare for a European-Negroid race, with an intellectual aristocracy of Jews.

Jewish international banker Max Warburg was one of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's most important backers.

Did Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi have Jewish ancestry? According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, YES.


Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 02 August 1934

The Graf [Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi] did, however, say some of the things attributed to him. He did declare for a European-Negroid race, with an intellectual aristocracy of Jews,

The Intermarium: Wilson, Madison, & East Central European Federalism, by Jonathan Levy

Page 392

The Warburgs were a wealthy and powerful family of Jewish international bankers. Max Warburg who fled Germany in 1938 was one of Coudenhove-Kalergi's most important backers. The American branch of the family helped set up the American Committee for Pan Europe in 1926.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 29 August 1931

Jewish Families Claim Legacy of Millions Said to Have Been Left by Marrano Banker

The claimants include several famous people, notably Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder and head of the Pan-European movement.

Frank Galton

Armoric said...

It must be a Semitic thing. Jewish logic is very similar to Muslim logic. For example, why does Israel bomb Syria? The Israelis say they do so in retaliation against the Syrian anti-aircraft-defense that takes aim at their fighter-planes. Does it make sense?

- Why must criticism of the Jews be forbidden?
To put a stop to the lie that the Jews are in control of government and the media.

- Why do we need to side with the invading brown hordes?
Because they are victimized by our refusal to let them in!

- Why do we need to bring in all those Africans?
We must save them from the harm they may incur on their journey to invade us. If we don't bring them in, they could drown in the Mediterranean.

I think what the Muslims like about us is the free money. ZOG understands migrant psychology. That's why it is handing out welfare money and free housing to attract Muslim migrants. Actually, they would rather get the money in their home countries without the hassle of having to migrate. Many Syrian desperate refugees go back to Syria during the winter season. But ZOG's plan is that they have to come here, stay here, and replace us.

AnalogMan said...

OT: A few days ago, I asked for recommendations for news aggregation sites. Thanks to those who posted suggestions.

I looked into the suggested sites, but didn't find what I was looking for. I'm a sensitive soul, and I don't like being told by my information sources what to think about the news, unless, of course, I already do, if you follow me. I get particularly irritated by news headlines containing the phrase "vile anti-Semite". How can I trust such a source?

From the Woodpile report:

Dan Bongino has launched an alternative to the Drudge Report, and it's very good. Drudge, for whatever reason , flipped to the dark side. Whatfinger News was the recommended fallback but it doesn't fill the gap, my opinion. The Bongino Report does...

Ol' Remus at the Woodpile Report is also a rich source of interesting links. I don't agree with all his views. He's pretty level-headed on most subjects, pretty much like Savant pre-Uncle Nasty on the JQ, I guess, and I'm pretty sure he would dismiss me as a Conspiracy Theorist, but he's not evangelical about it.

I also had a look at the Citizen Free Press blog, but it's also Jewed. Likewise Instapundit, Pajamas Media, Gates of Vienna. Even Unz is Jewish, but he appears to be righteous. Good material there, all perspectives.

I'll see how the Bongino Report pans out.

Anonymous said...

Hooey dew
Nothing resonates like Powell's speech of '68. Nothing...

ianrob said...

As Usual Frank, we can rely on you for the proof. Good comment.

gT said...

@ a lightwatcher

The Grand Solar Minimum will stop the ecological destruction of organized Jewry, but only because there will be so much fewer of us Goyim left alive under the One World Government afterwards. Fewer people need fewer resources, and the One World Government only needs to look after the needs of a minority of those who survive.

(((They))) intend to use the coming chaos to further their objectives, and one of their objectives is a reduced global population, as fewer people are easier to control.

Global warming (Al Gore and Greta) is just fake news used to distract people from what is really happening.

Corkonian said...

Absolutely extraordinary how Jews have gotten control of not just the Big Tech companies but also those on social media, almost all of the major political blogs (e.g. Drudge, The Hill). They have the whole spectrum covered.

Must comment though on the Unz Report. Not one word of complaint even though Ron is Jewish. He publishes material that no other major outlet would touch. He also is very forgiving with comments. I never had a single one deleted.

Amren is of course another good aggregator but runs scared of the Third Rail. However some negative stuff about Jews does get into the comments.

Frank Galton said...

Cheers ianrob,

Frank Galton

Unknown said...

Handyman' - A solid working -claas White Man. Right?

Not for the greasy ARSEs of CountDown. All the 'KyteBuilder' show sponsor ads show women/darkies rescuing a nice White m/c family.

Who is the psychopathic thug who knocks over bathroom tiles, scratches their wires etc?

A dindu doin TNB? No. Racist!
A fat hag? No. Sexist!
A swarthy frizzy ARSE? No!

Why ofc - it's a GINGER!!!

We all know those nasty fair redheaded Celts are the thugs of Yardie drugdealers, SSing groomers, fembot trigglypuffs!!!!

I live in fear of GINGER thugz!!!

a lightwatcher said...

@gT 12:11 "(((They))) intend to use the coming chaos to further their objectives . . . Global warming (Al Gore and Greta) is just fake news used to distract people . . ."

Thanks, I strongly agree. If an ordinary person like me can go online and see that "global warming" is a lie, then our enemy will have known this from the start of the hoax. For sure, the evil intentions of this cabal are beyond the imagination of people who have not educated themselves on sites such as Sav's.

Unknown said...

Sav - look @ the latest tweet by David Lammy.

Sez if BoJo elected, blax will leave GB. FFS is that the best elex ad the Cuckservatives ever had!!!

Won't use it tho. I won't vote eother

Anonymous said...

time to flush this sewage out to sea...

English Tom said...

@Frank Galton

It is believed that Paul Warburg was one of the architects of the Federal Reserve. His brother Max was the head of German Intelligence. During the Versailles Treaty conference, Paul represented USA and Max represented Germany.

According to Webster Tarpley their family came out of Venice, and were originally named Del Banco, before moving north and changing to Warburg.

English Tom said...


I have to agree with gT. Based on historical precedents, Grand Solar Minimums generally cause societal chaos on a global scale (see: Global Crisis by Geoffrey Parker, about the Maunder Minimum).

Factor in the presence of large, hostile cultures imported into the West, and we can state that the turmoil will be epic.

(((They))) are performing a cull and they will use the conditions attending a GSM to accomplish this.

Mongo Lloyd said...

Notice the countries not on the list of accepting refugees, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and many other muslim run stable countries. Send these cunts to muslim majority contries, they don't belong among civil western society.

Mongo Lloyd said...

Good, hopefully more of this things follow suit.

gT said...


" ... this crazy blob has not died yet from obesity related causes. It relocated to the Cape from Johannesburg ..."

Hadn't realized that such things as Dean Hutton actually ex"orc"ist in South Africa, thought such things were strictly a first world phenomena.

cecil1 said...

Why is it moral for brown people to not want to live in a brown country but immoral for White people to not want to live in a brown country?

From the anti-White perspective, no one should have to live in a brown country EXCEPT White people

Access to White people is NOT a human right.

Bob said...

Why is it moral for brown people to not want to live in a brown country but immoral for White people to not want to live in a brown country?

It's no moral for white people to want to live in a brown country (colonialism), to not want to live in a brown country (racism), to want to live in a white country (racism) and to not want to live in a white country (colonialism, again).

They just hate us, that's all.

Frank Galton said...

English Tom said: "It is believed that Paul Warburg was one of the architects of the Federal Reserve."

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 15 January 1932

Mr. Paul M. Warburg... Founder of American Federal Reserve Bank System.

YNET News, 26 October 2011

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Shalom Bernanke, is Jewish too, as is his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, and the Fed founder, Paul Warburg.,7340,L-4099803,00.html

Frank Galton

Jay Whiteman said...

"Access to White people is NOT a human right". . .true, from a rational viewpoint, but the Age of Reason has been over for a coupla hundred years.

"From each, according to ability, to each according to need" marx borrowed that from Acts 4:32

"From each White male according to ability, to each nigger and jew, according to need and greed"

Dropping out is one option not permitted to Whites. It is unthinkable, so please don't think about it.