Sunday, 15 December 2019


Schadenfreude is a German word which means taking pleasure and self-satisfaction from witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of others. We're told that it's an ignoble and unworthy emotion. Maybe, but certainly not when it comes to the recent General Election in Britain. I'm simply revelling, wallowing in an orgy of it. How could it be otherwise on seeing a rancid stew of self-righteous delusional hypocrites, moronic blacks, angry Muslims (are there any other kind?), demanding and entitled Jews (are there any other kind?), crooked Indians and Pakistanis (are there any other kind?) and sexual degenerates of every hue - all with a poisonous contempt for voters - crashing to a stunning defeat. 

No comeuppance gave me more joy than that of the odious obnoxious man-jawed Jo Swinson, Leader (no longer) of the Lib Dems. She epitomised the arrogant entitled woke luvvie, secure in her progressive bubble, having no idea of how detestable she came across to the ordinary voter. Until the results came in. Far from sweeping to a breathtaking victory she actually lost her seat.  Bear in mind that prior to the election, in an act of breathtaking arrogance, she had actually billed herself as Britain's Next Prime Minister. From No. 10 to P45!  Watch the Swinson Swan Song here. You'll enjoy it as much as I did.  Other heart-warming defeats were those of Spear-Chukka Umunna (proof that if you're black, haven't killed anyone and wear a suit you path is paved with roses), Anna Soubry and Luciana Berger. Glorious.

The outcome suggests again a downside to controlling the Narrative. Because when you exclude and marginalise all opposing opinion you lose touch with reality. Dismissing the voters as racist, xenophobic know-nothings too stupid to be trusted with the vote isn't exactly a winning strategy. Same with putting up a gaggle of spokespersons who could hardly been more repellent to the traditional Labour voter if they had been selected by their opponents. Further proof lies in the fact they they still don't get it. One of them described the results as 'a victory of the old over the young, racists over people of colour, selfishness over the planet'. Just watch Swinson's Swan Song for further proof. As someone said, celebrities were betrayed by an undemocratic and ungrateful electorate. The one thing that hasn't yet got an airing is the charge that the Russians swung the election. I wonder if there will be calls for another election re-run entitled The People's Vote?

At this point I'd like to thank those fine people who made this all possible – Poison dwarf John Bercow(itz), Lily Allen, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, dog-choker Heseltine, John Major, Tony Bliar, Spear-Chukka Ummuna, Owen Jones and Alistair Campbell. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your unstinting efforts.

Finally. a word of caution. While it now looks almost certain that Brexit (or BRINO?) will take place be under no illusion that Boris Johnson and the Tories will represent the interests of the native British. They are every bit as globalist as the Opposition parties and even more in the Zionist pocket than they are. Hopefully I'm wrong but I believe that, notwithstanding protestations to the contrary, the Great Replacement will continue unabated.


Dr. Wassel said...

Oy vey, this populism reminds me of the early thirties!!

lavoicier said...

According to Diane Abbotts calculations Labour won by 5, 000 seats!

Anonymous said...

Another blow to the globalists. This is the era of nationalism. Congratulations British People!

(And no, not all Indians are crooks Mr. Savant!!!).

Chumlee's Brother said...

This is not the era of nationalism in the UK.

We are entering into an accelerated globalist phase now.

Nationalist parties were banned under hate laws bought in by Treason May, spurred on by the hoax murder of a BGT contestant / Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP.
Her 'crisis actor' 'husband' I hear , is a dead ringer for 'Frank Galton'.

brane pilot said...

The world is leaving the fake narrative of left liberalism and endorsing the Right wing nationalism..
One more country goes to Right wing..
Its high time world should understand that Right is RIGHT

Twin Ruler said...

Neither the Muslims nor the Jews are our friends. Both the Islamists and the Zionists trick others into assuming one is either an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe. That one cannot be both! That one cannot be neither! Do not fall for this hideous false dichotomy.

Jim said...

Borat said the theory that there is a great replacement is "disgusting".

He's disgusting. He should be forced to ditch the posh English accent and just expectorate in that unpleasant Hebrew/Klingon so people can see him for what he really is - an evil, filthy, Kalergist asshole.

Stefan Rijkaard said...

Boris is the man of the hour! But Nigel Farage has been "the point man" leading the Brexit movement for the last 25 years. The man's been raked over the coals, ridiculed, threatened, and spit upon. Once the Brits complete the Brexit, this "jolly good fellow," Nigel, "for his service to God and Queen" should receive "Knighthood" from Good Queen Bess II.

Jim said...

Nationalist parties were banned under hate laws bought in by Treason May, spurred on by the hoax murder of a BGT contestant / Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP.
Her 'crisis actor' 'husband' I hear , is a dead ringer for 'Frank Galton'.

Got any proof for that?
I'm going to have to speak flatly here, so you understand. Cut the BS please.

Jim said...

Once the Brits complete the Brexit, this "jolly good fellow," Nigel, "for his service to God and Queen" should receive "Knighthood" from Good Queen Bess II.

The "Good" queen resided over this mess and put picaninnies around the xmas tree for her annual message. She appears to be the worst enemy the English people have.

If she gives Nigel Farage a knighthood I'd be very skeptical about what Nigel actually did. Is that a fair point to make? Not trolling, just asking.

Twin Ruler said...

We are living in a Post British Dark Age. Have been, ever since 1914.

Anonymous said...

A few people posting here seem quite optimistic regarding the election. I wish I had their faith.

James Lord said...

Agree with you there Jim. Anyone getting a knighthood automatically suspicious in my mind.

Twin Ruler said...

What is falsely termed "The First World War" was the beginning of it, and what is falsely termed "The Second World War" was not the end of it. Things have been winding down, ever since. Things do not seem well for the White Race, the Anglo Saxons in particular.

Frank Galton said...

"Nationalist parties were banned under hate laws bought in by Treason May" says the nonce.

Talking utter nonsense again.

Nationalist parties were not banned. Look up the definition of "party", you DUMMY!

The nonce continues: "the hoax murder of a BGT contestant / Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP."

Again, talking utter shite.

Frank Galton

they don't need no stinkin' badges said...

Modelo [mexican] beer PC commercials:


j. rodriquez whiteman/walker said...

I was in a social fraternity in the sixties- all White except for (((famous movie director)))

In 2019 jewish multi kulti has won- the new initiates have no clue:

Timmy Dinh, Raul Guillen, Justin Galbraith,
Ethan So, Abel Mercado, Gerry Thiru, Tristan
Lewis, Jesus Andrade, Jojo Paris, Jason Walker,
Aakash Kumar, Rudy Rizo, Hamza Nasim, Chris
Webb, Brian Jung, Degas Viena, Dylan Perez,
Eliott Livolsi, Aaron Singh, Luke Reissmuller,
Steven Gin and Troy Marino have joined the
ranks of the initiates of Theta Chi- Zeta *******.

Armoric said...

"be under no illusion that Boris Johnson and the Tories will represent the interests of the native British"

On the other hand, if BREXIT happens, I hope that, as a result, the Jews will lose some of their power over the EU administration. Turkey's entry into the EU will become even less likely.

>>>>>FACTS..... Oh Yeah me hat said...

Brilliant compilation of facts concerning the key players of mass migration

Buy Local. Use Cash. Stay Free.. said...

The Quiet Revolution

Independent Expert said...

It’s been a bad last 24 hours for the war propagandists.

Buy Local. Use Cash. Stay Free.. said...

You are all over looking the fact that it was a vote out of the European superstate. Don't be jealous and congratulate the voters.
A vote for Labour isn't a antisemitic vote it's a Communist vote... The People rejected it.
That is that.
The People will reject the Conservatives if they favour multinational corporations over and above small businesses and the living wage.... It's nationalism folks that what you are witnessing.

ianrob said...

I personally believe that Corbyn was compromised, probably they have stuff on him, like they do on most of the top layer politicians. I'd go so far as to suggest that you can't get into top layer politics unless you are controllable. He didn't even defend himself, against allegations, some of which were ridiculous. TV did the rest. Jo Swinson, Dianne Abbot etc don't need controlling, their kind just need supplied with sufficient rope to destroy themselves. We won't get any meaningful Brexit, we are already in military union with the EU, and failing a national uprising, the immigration will not stop. I can't imagine a national uprising, as part of the plan prevents that by destroying social cohesion. Women now won't be led by men, and visa versa, we are divided, the young resent the old, TV controls the masses, large tracts of cities are all for immigration, (wonder why). It too, would be only too easy now to create false flag events to confuse and embroil into violence, any attempt to get a meaningful movement formed.

In addition, on polling day, massive queues were reported in some areas, yet the figures were down, seems odd. In the meantime, as Bojo is spaffing up the wailing wall with the Kalergists, we are to believe that the tories, are our only chance of getting out of Europe, all the while the streets of London flow with rivers of blood from the knife crime. We live in interesting times, which look like only getting more interesting.

Who's a Communist Now? 29 said...

Labour party and Timber.. The Story

NWO Chaos said...

J Rodrigues, Whites have been left defenceless once they agreed to anti-racism and anti-hate legislation. We can no longer create or even maintain Whites-only schools, neighbourhoods, societies etc. Of course we know exactly who masterminded these laws.

Rogue said...

The problem with Boris, as most know, is that he's a Tory wet when it comes to stuff like immigration; specifically, ethnic immigration.

Apart from which, one should always be suspicious of philanderers - I read (most of) a book by Boris many years ago where he denied that being a philanderer made one suspect in politics. I concluded from that, that he had something to hide. So it proved to be.

Chumlee's Brother said...

IanRanjeet said...
I personally believe that Corbyn was compromised, probably they have stuff on him, like they do on most of the top layer politicians. I'd go so far as to suggest that you can't get into top layer politics unless you are controllable. He didn't even defend himself, against allegations, some of which were ridiculous.

.....No, Corbyn didn't defend himself. How could he? The more unfounded an allegation is, the more it's impossible to disprove.
For example...I've heard a rumour that the poster on this forum known as "Frank Galton" has been advertising on Craigslist as a "Bottom". Not sure what that is, and wasn't going to ring the number to find out.

Lemmyhead said...

I always enjoy your comments. You seem to sum up nicely what I think. I would add to your last comment though. We didn't win anything in this election. Just a different position from the Kama Sutra of being f*cked. There is a glimmer. When you consider that the vast majority of those that are not of our skin colour would have voted Labour it would mean that the vast majority of whites voted Tory. This is the real shift. They have dumped Labour because Labour had dumped them. A generational tradition has been broken. This was always the problem that Nationalists had. I speak from experience when canvassing for the BNP. When they realise that the Tories are as bed, if not worse, then we might see some real change.

Terry May classed National Action as a terror group. They were stitched up. The majority were young Nationalists who had NA as their only home.

Heimdall in Africa said...

Sav : please do delete chumlee's Brother : he really tries to needle Frank Galton (who doesn't do the same - until CLB starts.) I don't enjoy flame wars, just really good content and comments. CLB seems to try to provoke dissention ( for no apparent reason). Thanks, Savant.

Otherwise, you are getting more and more amusing all the time. Cool.

Unknown said...

The Queen is Jewish. What did you really expect? They don’t even hide it.

Unknown said...

I think the white genocide kicked off with the Boer war but yeah.

English Tom said...


Re: Corbyn compromised.

From what I recall he was MP for Islington North during a,period when a huge paedophile ring was operating in council run care homes there.

English Tom said...

Sav you are correct in your assessment of Bojo. Whoever gets into power, the jews win.
Labours Momentum would flood us with Afticans, Bojo's conservatives will flood us with doctors and computer programmers from the Indian subcontinent/Commonwealth.

Whoever gets in, the mud flood continues. Traitors all.

Death to ZOG.

Frank Galton said...

"'Nationalist parties were banned under hate laws bought in by Treason May,' says the nonce."

Lemmyhead said: "Terry May classed National Action as a terror group."

You are correct Lemmyhead, but Theresa May did not ban nationalist parties, as the nonce claimed.

National Action was not a party.

Oxford English Dictionary

Party: A formally constituted political group that contests elections and attempts to form or take part in a government.

Note that the nonce uses the word "parties". The nonce is claiming two or more nationalist parties were banned. As I said, it's talking utter shite.

It's a nonce talking nonsense.

Frank Galton

Rapparee said...

ZOG au go-go...

Top UK minister says Conservative party probing anti-Semitism allegations:

"But days before the Conservatives’ success at the ballot box, concerns were raised about three of its candidates’ views on Jews".

For your disgust:

Also this:
Boris Johnson set to move forward with anti-BDS law:

Newly reelected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to unveil proposed legislation aimed at undermining the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel later this week, local media reported.

ianrob said...

Thanks Lemmyhead, I knew I was leaving myself open on that one. I've gotten off lightly up to now.

Anonymous said...

Frank Galton said on 15 December 2019 at 23:50...

The "man" is a sex-case, Anonymous. Take a look at the filth this sick bastard has posted on this blog over the past 6 months alone. You'll notice that it has never once denied any of the accusations put to it. Is that an admission of guilt? Of course it is.

I agree @Frank Galton, NONcy-boy definitely a case of "Not On Normal" ..... anything!


Factory of Facts said...

Margaret Hodge was Islington council leader 82-92 when that paedophile ring was happening she apologised for failing to ensure that allegations of serious child abuse in council-run homes were sufficiently investigated and for libelling a complainant.

Scot Irish said...

Good morning Savant, I'm not sure if Crazy Boris is a good thing or not. I am certain that Chumlee's bottom is a cancerous tumor to your blog.

A few post up it insults ianrob and Frank Galton in one post. I see no reason for him to do that.

Maybe it's mom did not love it enough, maybe it just needs attention, maybe it's whole purpose is to spread dissension. does not have a mom. It was spawned from a unisexual mutant not of this world.

Chumlee's bottom will now post some sort of nasty comment directed at me with a heavy dose of psycho-sexual content.

You go Chumlee's bottom! Seriously, can't you just get the hell out!

Anonymous said...

The anti-zionists are desolate - Mr Corbyn lost!
Still they can move to that beckon of hope and justice, the Iran. They will be welcomed with open arms by those so nice mullahs with fluffy white beards and gentle hearts.

Boomer said...

Muslims in India (they have more than Pakistan despite being ruled by Hindoooises) are kicking off about the Hindooises friendly ties with Zionist kikes......

Chaugnar Faugn said...

What the fuck is the matter with her teeth? Is this 1935?

James Lord said...

I notice the media blaming Labour's defeat on public reaction to Corbyn's 'anti-semitism'. I really wonder whether anyone, apart from the jews obviously, voted against Labour on account of that?

Boomer said...

"Better a rapist than a racist" is so true a slogan in the current climate. Should be "Safer a rapist than a racist"

Twin Ruler said...

Jeffrey Epstein was in all likelihood murdered, because he knew too much!

Jack Finney said...

They tried replacement in the USA during the late nineteenth century. There was a perpetual labor shortage here and the robber barons aligned with the Tongs to kidnap Chinese men and bring them over as unfree labor, especially on the west coast. The white working man would have none of it and started killing them off in a series of vicious riots. However, common sense prevailed and labor organized a political response. There were soon restrictive laws against Chinese immigration in the western states. Washington, at that time afraid of losing control of the west coast (believe it or not!), soon followed suit with a complete ban on Chinese immigration and a substantial expulsion of those already here. Following this, the east coast problems of Jewish communists and Italian anarchists were solved (somewhat) by the 1924 immigration act which limited immigration to the people of northwestern Europe.

The thing is that those workingmen with six grade educations understood very well what they were dealing with.

Lemmyhead said...

Unknown said...
The Queen is Jewish. What did you really expect? They don’t even hide it.

That's rubbish. In her coronation oath she swears to protect our religion.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Twin Ruler. If you understand the idea of an 'equality' driven status pyramid then you'll understand that people like Epstein don't just get murdered.

Dexter said...

The Queen is NOT Jewish for fuck sake!! Savant why do allow such rubbish on your site?

Anonymous said...

Your royal family

Anonymous said...

"Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP."

A little muddled: Tracy Brabin, who succeeded Jo Cox as MP for Batley & Spen, was an actress in 'Coronation Street' from 1994-97.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Anonymous said...
"Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP."

A little muddled: Tracy Brabin, who succeeded Jo Cox as MP for Batley & Spen, was an actress in 'Coronation Street' from 1994-97.

...No, you don't get it. Tracy Brabin was put into Batley & Spen after Jo Cox was supposedly murdered, and acts like a smoke screen on internet search engines. It used to be possible to type "Jo Cox Coronation street" into the internet and stuff would come back about the 'crisis actor'. Then after Tracy Brabin got elected, the same search engine input just brings back articles about Tracy Brabin.

Hector Grey said...

But the media told us that everyone regretted voting to leave and now wanted to stay in.

Could the media have been misleading us?


Denise said...

I watched the brilliant young feller Unwashed video on that HORROR Swinson


I thought Murkin Politicos were bad

That THING needs embodies the concept of "Utterly Brainless Mindless TWAT"

That THING needs to have it's vocal chords surgically removed, as a mercy to Humans.

That THING needs to be sold to Pakistani Muslims.

And taken to Pakistan.



Frank Galton said...

Well said Heimdall, omg, Scot Irish.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

"Tracy Brabin was put into Batley & Spen after Jo Cox was SUPPOSEDLY murdered," says the nonce

Talking utter shite again.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

"the hoax murder of a BGT contestant / Coronation street actress masquerading as an MP," says the nonce

Anonymous said: "A little muddled"


What the nonce is saying in the above statement is that the Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, was not really murdered, and was not really an MP, but a Britain's Got Talent contestant.

Here we see Jo Cox elected to the Houses of Parliament. According to the nonce, she wasn't really a Member of Parliament, even though the people of Batley and Spen chose her as their Member of Parliament.

You see Anonymous, this nonsense makes us all look like crackpots. And that's the reason why the nonce keeps posting this nonsense.

As I said, it's a nonce talking nonsense.

Frank Galton

ianrob said...

@English Tom 16 December 2019 at 15:30
Thanks for the info mate.

Frank Galton said...

Unknown said "The Queen is Jewish."

Dexter replied: "The Queen is NOT Jewish for fuck sake!! Savant why do allow such rubbish on your site?"


I think Unknown is referring to that troublemaking old queen, 'Chumlee's circumcised Brother'.

Frank Galton

Boomer said...

Last year I had an "elected" 'tory' MP - a west african coon from Ghana with a permanent and typically picannini smirk his shiny mug who turned Lib Dem and still got paid as an 'elected' member. Now I have another "elected" 'tory' MP - an Indian coolie female graduate yet to be married and/or stay in a job longer than 2 years, - the offspring of 2 state educated Indian doctors. This is Surrey, supposedly the home of the indigenous white cultured, well to do and without question some liberal (((others))).

People laugh and wonder why I voted for the Monster raving Loons? The general populace in the UK are too conditioned to spoil their ballot papers. Many like myself knew this would happen without even thinking about it. My surprise is that Corbyn didn't get it. My only consolation is to question whether the new incumbent could be worse than "electing" a resident pikey? Only an increasing white underclass opposed to a rudderless, disillusioned white working class could answer that I guess.

Boomer said...

Diversity in Ireland in full swing

Will the dormant IRA allow it to reach epidemic status like it is in Scandinavia and England?

ianrob said...

Some commenters seem to get really upset when claims are made that the royal family might be jewish. I don't know whether or not they are Jewish, nor do I really care as I never felt any affinity with them. The males were all circumcised until recently, and they are baptised with water from the Jordan river. Dianna was Jewish as is apparently Kate Middleton. Strange that they would seek Jewish wives, as in the US presidential families who seem to seek Jewish spouses. However I digress.

I just struggle to understand, given the way we are treated, how anyone could identify with or feel part of anything Royal or elite. In their circles we are regarded as vermin, and only judged on our usefulness to them. Our country when we are needed to die defending them, rapidly becomes their country again to give to foreigners at their whim and fancy. Just my thoughts on the matter.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Frank Galton. SAVANT is not publishing my responses to you.Count yourself lucky.

J Radcliffe said...

Boomer, my "representative" is Bambos Charalambous. How would you like that?

Read Incitatus in the Sindo the best consulate said...

A Scouser said that Liverpool Waverley? should not vote in Londoner Luciana Berger as she would be useless to Liverpool. He was proved right when she had a hissy fit in the London scrap between Corbyn and anti-Corbyn factions. Corbyn won controkl of the party at the expense of lsoing traditioin Labour outside student union twattery eg Liam Madigan a self proclaimed woman being woman's officer and Mr Harriuet "Pedophile Inmformation Exchange" Harman winning a woman only shortlist seat in Birmingham.Ovew

The perople haave spoken. The Bastards. To quote Connor Cruise O'Brien.

Over in the US a woman born into the wrong body raided the tampon bins in a truck stop so that she could obtain two usewd tampons to stick in her knickers so that "s"he could feel like a real woman. Real women do not do thinggs like that but sick freaks like Johnaton Yaniv do.

Nice to see the anti-free speech crowd stand up to that weirdo infiltrator false fagger who gave the Nazi salute at the google demo.

Boomer said...

J Radcliffe


I'm all but done mate but where to go to get away from it all. It reminds me of the regional candidacy of the Zimboonia/Azania 'elections' when those countries crossed the Rubicon into the monkey's tea party of (((progressiveness))) It's going the exact same way here affecting a white MAJORITY population as it is in Ireland and the rest of Europe. On the face of it the next indigenous population is on course to rolling over like lemmings and yielding to a point of no return IF they don't wake up and do something as a dedicated majority.

Boomer said...

The young women/children will need to know now...., who they can blame when the SHTF in 20 years time. Treacherous cunts of their own and fucking do-gooders. Will white liberals ever fucking learn?

R computers making people stupid? said...

Lookin fur googels demonstrates cuddent find a thing but this what showed. A palistine flag waved why? Beerly readible plackards being waved by moorons are they dislectric or sumfink. I spent hours decodin them to get what they were sayin.

I just read the sport pages me said...

To prove a point
It goes like this

So think twice about going again
Wasn't joking when they said
We will get a NWO if the people
Want one or Not

I get it.. It goes like THIS..

Anonymous said...

You won't find this in the MSM said...

Real Investigating Journalism

Boogie man said...

R computers making people stupid? said...
Lookin fur googels demonstrates cuddent find a thing but this what showed. A palistine flag waved why? Beerly readible plackards being waved by moorons are they dislectric or sumfink. I spent hours decodin them to get what they were sayin.

17 December 2019 at 16:48

Kike Troll at work Hoedspa...! Fished one out here

cecilhenry said...

There's nothing to gloat about.

There are some 4 -5 million non-Whites in the UK with an agenda to push for more.

None have been sent back yet.

The politicians and other elites and their estates have not been punished.

They may lose elections, but they do not lose their fortune or their freedom.

Until THAT changes, there is nothing to be grinning about.

English Tom said...

@ianrob @factory of facts

Re: Margaret Hodge. Her actual name before she got married was (((Oppenheimer))) a very wealthy family.

cranky white woman said...

In reference to all the circumcision talk above-I know several parents that had their sons circumcised and they are NOT jewish.They thought it looked tidier and easier to clean

When sugar does not work, the Left will use rat poison. said...

The reality is that we have an organised minority, assisted by the corporate mass media, who are seeking to put normal people back to sleep whilst they pursue their campaign of anarchy. The intended casualties are the normal, decent British people who are having their culture and values undermined by a poisonous cocktail of wicked people who hide their hatred behind faux Liberalism, supported by the fools who fall for their virtue signalling.

Frank Galton said...


Posted a couple of comments yesterday re a certain commenter. One of the comments is re this certain commenter slipping up again in his comment 17 December 2019 at 11:11.

Can you check your spam folder?


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The nurse told me.......................The nature of stuff around ones dick is of benefit! epecialy ones own pee .............. told to pee before inserting catheta.

ianrob said...

@ cranky white woman. Drastic measures to make it look tidier and easier to clean. The same could apply to FGM, and why not extend it to ears, noses, and perhaps hair?.

ianrob said...

Thanks English Tom, Didn't know that.

Actors with phone's reading a script with DEW security said...

Christmas is here

ianrob said...

@cranky white woman, in addition to my previous comment, I'd like to add that, other than for medical reasons, I know of no-one who is circumcised, and in fact, would be surprised if the NHS would carry out the op for cosmetic reasons. I also suspect a hint of Stockholm syndrome on your part because the royals are involved.

Californian said...

Check out Dr. Ed "Jolly Heretic" Dutton's podcast on the Brexit election:

Go to the 1 hour 58 minute mark for the moment of triumph.

It's worth a cheer or three.

Quote: "This was not an election. It's what is known as a 'bloodbath'."

SAVANT said...

I didn't publish them Frank - and the same for Chumlee by the way - because I don't want this to and fro to start off again.

Frank Galton said...

English Tom said: "Margaret Hodge. Her actual name before she got married was (((Oppenheimer))) a very wealthy family."

Stemcor is the world’s largest independent steel trader.

Daily Telegraph, 09 November 2012

Margaret Hodge's family company pays just 0.01pc tax on £2.1bn of business generated in the UK

The Labour MP has been one of the fiercest critics of tax avoidance by companies... However, she is likely to face questions over the limited tax paid by Stemcor, the steel trading company in which she owns shares and which was founded by her father and is run by her brother.

Stemcor was founded by Mrs Hodge’s father Hans Oppenheimer more than 60 years ago.

Today, the business claims to be the sixth largest private UK company by turnover. Last year the company, which employs 2,000 people in 45 countries, generated sales of £6bn from trading about 20m tonnes of steel.

Frank Galton

Interesting study said...

@ianrob cranky white woman dofornow Boomer

The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes.

A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions.
Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration.
In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.

Anonymous said...

RE dik snip:
Good and bad info on this........................ Post independant sub continent.
One was asked to drop ones clouts, so as to find if one was of correct faith..........
life and death depending which zone one was in!

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 31 March 2015

It is one of the oddities of the Royal family -- shared by the majority of the English upper classes -- that for many generations they have circumcised their male sons, invariably using a Mohel, the Jewish word for a circumcision practitioner. It was rarely done on medical grounds, nor on religious ones, but was a matter of class.

The connection between class and circumcision, which continued up into the 1970s, has all but died out in Britain. Indeed by the time the Duke of Cambridge himself was born in 1982, it is understood that Diana, Princess of Wales, refused to continue the tradition.

The connection between circumcision and the royal family was started by George I, who brought the practice over from Hanover. And it has continued through Queen Victoria’s children to Edward VII, and then through the Duke of Windsor to the Prince of Wales, Princes Andrew and Edward.

Financial Times, 04 August 2007

When it comes to circumcision, location is destiny. To understand why, historians look back to Victorian England, the era when circumcision for medical reasons first gained popularity. It was during the mid-19th century that substantial numbers of doctors in English-speaking countries first began performing circumcision, says Robert Darby, a medical historian whose book, A Surgical Temptation, charts the story of medical circumcision.

In Britain, the vogue seems to have been short-lived. By Christmas Eve 1949, when the British Medical Journal published an influential article on the disadvantages of the procedure (complications include infection and haemorrhage), circumcision was already well in decline, at least outside the upper classes. By the end of the 1960s, it had all but ended other than for religious reasons.

Frank Galton

Jen said...

Re circumcision

No wonder the Royals are all so daft then.

Diana was not Jewish. Not only Jews can have strong noses.

gT said...

@Interesting study

Yep, circumcision of an infant is thought to permanently alter the sympathy and empathy pathways. There is also the occultist third eye procedure which is thought to enhance something or other ability, has to be performed before the kid is 9 years old. But I won't mention exactly what that third eye procedure involves.


The Royal Family seems to have had some Venetian influence in the past. Venetians sound just like Jews if you ask me (Victory through Deception, always supporting both sides in a conflict, getting others (NATO) to do your dirty work for you, etc), but then again Jews always worm their way up into those in power, in addition to purloining unique thinking from everyone else and then acting like they thought of it first. (Nice big doc from another website, read the Royal Wedding article and the Venetian one also)

ianrob said...

Thanks interesting study. I had heard similar. Is it something to be suffered because of it, or is it the reason for carrying it out. It seems likely the latter, as the effects that you mention are indicative of certain groups.

ianrob said...

Interesting Frank Galton.

ianrob said...

Cheers gT .

ianrob said...

@ Jen, Was Dianna's mother not a Goldsmith? I assumed that they were Jews.

Cliveden said...

I believe it is just a cultural thing handed down from father to son, traditional that sort of thing. I mean back in those hazy dusty days they needed to keep things clean what with cleaning washing clothes dishes there wasn't that much water to spare, hence the slice. Also hence the quarrelling and agg in those parts that no one could smooth things out, it took a miffed European man to say hey hey hey what's all this quarrelling about can't we all just sit down and sort this mess out by writing some rules that we can all abide by, pay a bit of tax for upkeep of roads and maybe get an aqueduct built. It didn't last, with soldiers being harried all the time I think they just gave up and went home. It's a belief of my mate Derek who says that when on his travels he notices a mass of people at bus stops not forming orderly queues he puts this down to bad education or a big circumcisional area because of the sharp elbows the pushing and shoving to get on the bus first when the bus pulls in, it takes an English man to shout out 'let the people off the bus first ffs' but gets trampled underfoot for his trouble. This is something I haven't witness myself because I have a car but do wonder about the unnecessary overtaking and undertaking when there are traffic lights on red every few hundred metres on the dual carriageways, some other bloke lent over from his table and said it's the coffee mate, too much fucking coffee their drinking or that redbull stuff, gets them all hyped up it does..... Got me thinking anyway.

It's not me saying this it's Jewish doctors said...

Circumcision trauma has long-term effects. In a medical journal survey of 546 circumcised men who reported circumcision harm, the following effects and feelings were noted.

anger, rage, sense of loss, shame, sense of having been victimized and mutilated
low self-esteem, fear, distrust, and grief
relationship difficulties, sexual anxieties, and depression
reduced emotional expression, lack of empathy, and avoidance of intimacy
Some of these men wish they had been given a choice at a later time rather than having circumcision forced on them when they were too young to resist.

Interesting study said...

Women who have only had sex with circumcised men may not know what they are missing.
According to surveys in the medical literature, women reported that they were significantly more likely to have vaginal dryness during intercourse with circumcised men than genitally intact men.
A medical journal survey of women who had comparative sexual experience included 138 responses. Other things being equal, on a scale of ten, they rated genitally intact men 8.03 and circumcised men 1.81. With circumcised partners, women were less likely to have one or multiple vaginal orgasms, and their circumcised partners were more likely to have a premature ejaculation.
Circumcision was also connected with vaginal discomfort. Women were less likely to “really get into it” and more likely to “want to get it over with” if their partner was circumcised.

Jen said...

Not necessarily, ianrob. Being a goldsmith is not that unusual for an Anglo. If it were Goldstein or Goldschmidt, that would be a Jew.

Jen said...

Here, ianrob, have a look at this link about Anglo-Saxon metal crafts.

Jen said...

I bought an oil painting of a valley in Meiringspoort (Meirings Pass) by Gabriel de Jongh who died in 2004 and was a profilic landscape artist of the western Cape. Those mountain layers of sandstone took 20 million years to pleat and fold themselves. There is a river at the bottom of the gorge in that painting that I remember as being typical of the Cape mountain rivers where I splashed around happily as a child. Gabriel de Jongh was the son of Tinus de Jongh, also a world famous Dutch landscape artist. Those paintings used to be worth a fortune but have gone out of fashion in favour of politically correct art. I see nothing political about landscapes myself. If you prefer portraits of Arabs and Africans by Irma Stern be my guest - that's if you can afford it. Nobody really enjoys those paintings anyway.

Chaugnar Faugn said...

Jen said: "Not only Jews can have strong noses."

So, Jen, a big ugly nose is "strong?"

Keep telling yourself that, Jen.

ianrob said...

Thanks for the info Jen.

Jack Finney said...

Previous "replacements"

Since this is primarily an Anglo blog, I'm limiting myself to the murderous depredations of the British crown against white people. I mean, really, what did you guys think the Empire and Commonwealth were all about?

WWI - yes
Boer War - yes
American revolution and the War of 1812 - Aid to and choreographed incitement of slave insurrections in the South. Allied with Iroquois Indians in coordinated attacks and massacres of white settlers in New York. The Indians could field about 1500 warriors.

The American Revolution in particular should not be seen in terms of the low-casualty, very cinematic battles between Washington and Cornwallis. The real action was a high casualty vicious civil war between Patriots and Loyalists.

And the granddaddy of them all: the non-genocide and so-called "Irish Potato Famine" (it's complicated, don't you see?). Irish families in the millions were evicted from their homes and replaced with...cattle!

The numbers are astronomical and mind-boggling. The island's population cut in half, from eight to four million. And with maybe a million fatalities (no one will ever know for sure). That's double the deaths of the Armenian genocide. The Cherokee "Trail of Tears," which we hear about endlessly, was fatal to only several thousand.

gT said...


In reference to that Venice doc, Venice was closely linked to the Roman Byzantium Empire, which in turn was closely linked to the Khazarians.

"Venice lasted as long as it did ... by continuous terror against the masses. ... There was no continuity of the population of Venice; the continuity was located only in the oligarchy. ... the population of the city seemed unable to reproduce itself ... The decimated natives were continually replenished by waves of immigration, so much so that ... could report that the population was mostly foreigners."

Sounds just like the Kalergi Plan, so you peasants in the UK know what awaits you, especially when the welfare, health care and pensions are withdrawn, which is soon - the continuity of the population is to be located only in the oligarchy, only the upper classes will enjoy the free formation of families :-)

Original article where I first encountered some proper Venice stuff is


On my way to Cape Town once I got lost somehow and drove through Meiringspoort, nearly crashed due to looking at those crazily folded mountains. My geologist sister-in-law goes orgasmic over those rocks. I prefer paintings with either Table mountain in it, or a typical white painted Cape Dutch farmstead in the Karoo with those flat topped "hills" all over the show, but the Karoo landscape painting must include some sheep / goats and chickens running around and a windpomp in it, then I just feel content.

Team Freedom said...

This is funny.. Well done that Scottish man

Jen said...

Hey Chaugnar I don't have a big nose lol. I meant strong as in pronounced. Like Virginia Woolf's nose. She did marry a Jew though.

Frank Galton said...


Re Goldsmith

Goldsmith Name Meaning

English: occupational name for a worker in gold, a compound of Old English gold ‘gold’ + smiĆ° ‘smith’. In North America it is very often an English translation of German or Jewish Goldschmidt.

Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press

Frank Galton

ianrob said...

Thanks Frank Galton, and gT. You are right to say that welfare will go tits up. It has to, then the very left wing 4x4's that held the refugees welcome placards will be tossed into the abiss. Sick I know, but I'll enjoy watching it.

Jen said...

Frank Galton said ...

"... In North America it is very often an English translation of German or Jewish Goldschmidt."

Thank you Frank.

ianrob, please note the qualifier. I don't think the UK has many Jewish immigrants from North America. The USA is a paradise for Jews.

Jen said...

Anonymous gT said...

gT, have a look at local art for sale online on Bid or Buy. There's a lot in your line of taste there and it doesn't even cost very much these days.

Buy Local. Use Cash. Stay Free.. said...

A long holiday from reality

Common Law said...

Kate Middleton is a very beautiful woman just look at her photos plus her entire family background is Anglo Celtic. Goldsmith surname is from pre Norman invasion. Just look at her nose, the perfect straight nose. Stunning looking woman and she is English.

This is Freedom of Speech said...

Wow I didn't know America had so many great speakers

Anonymous said...

"Luciana Berger"- that Jewish sow lost? Oh, frabjous day,Kalloo kallay.

When Europe comes to her senses: I hope we reinstate camps; she can be the first inmate. THAT would be fitting justice of a divine sort.

Fr. J+

White Swan said...

I think the people who really need re-educating and therapy are those who suffer from Nation Dysphoria.

Mung Bean Daniels said...

Until they lose their heads, then they will understand.