Tuesday, 10 December 2019

"Lack of police resources"

Yesterday the people of Britain breathed a collective sigh of relief as police announced the apprehension of a master criminal who had been terrorising the country.  Following a protracted  operation a crack team of detectives was able to identify the criminal despite his lurking in a crowd of 75,000 at football match. His crime? Well take a look at the pic. He made a 'monkey gesture' at a black player. Aaaaand...that's it. He made a racist face. For which he was arrested and jailed before being released on bail. He'll face charges in due course, has been banned for life by Manchester City and will undoubtedly lose his job. All for making a racist gesture.

Whatever you think of his punishment you must admire the alacrity and skill with which the police apprehended and charged him. Which is in stark contrast to their complete lack of action over many years as Muslim grooming gangs raped and battered thousands of young White girls in the towns of Rotherham and Telford. That's right, thousands of White girls in just two towns. The criminal activity was common knowledge but the police cited lack of resources as one of the reasons for their inaction.

Same with the knife crime epidemic that soars almost out of control in Londonistan. "A MAN has been stabbed to death in a North London street as Britain's knife crime epidemic rages on. An Omani student was last week knifed to death for his designer watch outside famous department store Harrods. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi, 26, was walking home when he was jumped by a gang of masked muggers demanding his luxury watch.  The 26-year-old victim was one of three men who were fatally stabbed in a little over 12 hours of bloodshed in the capital." (My emphasis).

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised when these people run the country's "justice" system. The Brits might have created that system and spread it throughout the world but apparently they're no longer capable of operating it even on their own country.

Here in Ireland things are pretty much the same. The difference here is that judges are reluctant to jail offenders. Suspended sentences are routinely handed down to habitual criminals and serious offences are often settled by way of 'a donation to the poor box' or community service. An exception is made with 'racist' offences. Just last week a man in Co. Clare was sentenced to three months imprisonment for shouting 'ya black bastard' at a Brazilian. Mind you the man denies it and the only evidence is the testimony of the 'victim'. In other words uncorroborated evidence. But it was enough to send a guy with no previous convictions to the Big House. 

Again you must be impressed with the work of the police who reportedly were on the scene within minutes. No lack of resources there! Unlike in Balbriggan in Co. Dublin where gangs of "youths" run riot to their hearts' content. Terrified citizens ringing the emergency lines are routinely informed that 'no police resources' are available to save them. They're on their own. And things are set to get worse as we set about embedding in law the McPherson recommendations whereby a crime is deemed to be hate motivated if the victim classes it as such. So if  a member of a protected minority deems your cheery 'good morning' to a hate crime then it is. And you'll get your collar felt by the same police who stand by as minority criminals run riot.

We are ruled by traitors. That's not hyperbole, it's the plain truth.

And hot off the press we learn that a man and woman who, according to their State-appointed interpreter, 'came to' Ireland in 2012 beat their 9 year-old daughter so badly that she now requires 24x7x365 full time care. Courtesy of the Irish taxpayer. Don't bet on a custodial sentence. Legal precedent has already been set whereby offenders' 'cultural practices' can be grounds for voiding a conviction. Again, by the way, in complete contradiction to traditional legal norms.

Diversity is our strength.


A A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Diversity reduces social solidarity, general trust, trust in media, trust in local government, trust in political leaders, social capital, voter registration,political efficacy, charity, life satisfaction, happiness, co-operation, number of friendships, workplace effectiveness, general health. Diversity increases social isolation, military desertion rates, workforce turnover.

Gretchen said...

Those men who spent their entire life till date in patriarchy society, now all of sudden they came in western country. They cant digest that women are equal to them and they have voice. Their ego must be crushing lol.

Stefan Rijkaard said...

"help me! I'm a poor refugee fleeing violence and terror"
But where are your women and children?
"Eh....back among the violence and terror...apparently"

A. Wyatt Mann said...

This document is a comprehensive index of studies, both historic and contemporary, detailing the negative effects of racial and ethnic diversity. The authors of these studies hold a wide range of political beliefs, though, pro-diversity/globalism, pro-left-wing/liberal are the most common among them. This data statistically validates, beyond all reasonable doubt, the theory that racial and ethnic diversity is overwhelmingly negative. Diversity is colossally detrimental to individuals and society alike, in almost every conceivable way: physical and mental health, social cohesion, violence, trust, criminality, etc. The more diverse a society is, the more pronounced and severe these negative effects are, however, even small amounts of racial or ethnic diversity are enough to cause a quantifiable negative impact. Individuals of every race fare worse within racially and ethnically heterogeneous societies, though racial heterogeneity has a greater negative impact than ethnic heterogeneity (when the ethnically heterogeneous society is mono-racial).


(I got this info from the comment section on eurocanadian.ca)

Kpzlk said...

sav I’ve been to ireland many times first time not so many refugees and each time coming back they multiplied but I do still love ireland and wish you well.

rastus said...

Folks,your going to have to fight to take it back! We all are!

Former Liberal said...

How utterly ridiculous and pathetic Britian and Ireland have become. Even though I no longer fully buy the official story of World War Two and the holocaust, it's still hard to believe that Britian alone in 1940 stood up to Hitler. But then again, World Wars One and Two killed off the best and bravest of generations of white men.

Chumlee's Brother said...

On the streets of Ireland. Be warned.
Please don't try and put a pizza box or milk carton into a pavement litter bin unless you can show that you have an account with a local garbage disposal business and are fully paid up.
The Irish police will sweep in on you like you're carlos the jackal and accuse you of illegal dumping.I kid you not.

Truth is, it's almost impossible to actually manage to fit anything bigger than a starbucks 12 ounce polystyrene cup into any litter bit in the country without a great deal of effort.

Chumlee's brother said...

Stefan Rijkaard said...
"help me! I'm a poor refugee fleeing violence and terror"
But where are your women and children?
"Eh....back among the violence and terror...apparently"

To be more accurate...... "Where are YOUR women and children ? "

MEANING where are OUR women and children for the invader to exploit.

Anonymous said...

An (not so)ironic answer to Government encroachment on humanity:

Activists Carry AR-15s To Give Out Food, Supplies


Anonymous said...

“Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”

Thus spake Sir John Harington who according to Wiki was, in the time of Queen Elizabeth I, credited with the invention of the flush toilet.

A pity his flush toilet can’t be employed today to deal with the traitors-in-chief who provide the operating instructions for the New British Police.

‘Diversity is our strength’ indeed.

It was apparently the ADL who coined this catchy little phrase. And being the ADL, I’m sure what they meant to say was actually…

Diversity is (((our))) strength

Anonymous said...

Simple solution. Send them back if they can't or wont assimilate. Otherwise westerns society as we know it is finished.

Personally, I think it's finished anyway because even the people like myself who can see what is happening don't do anything. Maybe this new National Party is the solution but they had better hurry up or there will be nothing to save.

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 29 July 2015

Football fan [Ernest Goult], 72, convicted of making 'monkey' gestures at black players

A Middlesbrough fan has been found guilty of making monkey gestures at black Blackburn Rovers players

Goult told the court that the gesture he made – of putting his hand under his armpit – was a well-known Teesside expression that means “It’s the pits, it’s rubbish.”

Goult called five witnesses, one whom was a member of a local dialect society and had written a dictionary of Teesside terms, who each said the gesture was a Middlesbrough expression meaning something is rubbish.

BBC, 29 July 2015

'Monkey gestures' Middlesbrough fan found guilty

A Middlesbrough fan who made "monkey gestures" towards three black footballers at a Championship match has been fined and given a banning order.

Ernest Goult had denied two public order offences, one racially aggravated, at the Riverside Stadium at a Blackburn Rovers game in November.

He was found guilty after a one-day trial at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Goult contacted Cleveland Police after the force released a picture of a man they wanted to talk to.

After he was found guilty, district judge Stephen Harmes fined him £600, with £600 costs, and he was given a three-year football banning order.

The Northern Echo, 02 December 2015

Middlesbrough fan cleared of making racist monkey gesture

The family of a football fan cleared of racism said his only crime had been to say a decision at a football match was "rubbish".

Ernest Goult made a one-arm under the other gesture at the final whistle after Middlesbrough conceded an extra time equaliser against Blackburn Rovers last November.

He was convicted of a racially-aggravated public order offence at Teesside Magistrates' Court in July.

The great-grandfather won his appeal before Teesside Crown Court's most senior judge Simon Bourne-Arton and two magistrates on Wednesday.

In a statement, the retired steelworker's family said: "Today we have witnessed the full force of Cleveland Police and the CPS fighting racism by pursuing a 73-year-old man whose only crime is saying a decision at a football match was rubbish."

Supporters helped with instances of where the under-the-arm gesture had been used on TV.

Supported by the evidence of the witnesses, the judge said the appellant had proved the gesture was used in the steel industry.

Frank Galton

gT said...

Stolen from another website

"….It is the policy of all those who lead a government to maintain among the citizens the highest degree of corruption; as long as the individual is gangrenous and weakened by the delights of debauchery, he will not feel the weight of his chains, and he will be able to subdue it without realizing it. Therefore, the true policy of a State is to hundredfold all possible means for the corruption of the individual. Many spectacles, a great luxury, an immensity of cabarets, brothels, a general amnesty for all crimes of licentiousness: these are the means that will subdue you men. Oh, you who want to reign over them! fear virtue in your empires, your peoples will be enlightened when it reigns, and your thrones, which rely only on vice, will soon be overthrown: the awakening of free man will be cruel to despots, and, when vice no longer entertains his leisure, he will want to dominate as you do." - Marquis de Sade

But de Sade got it wrong, his kind of thinking was in its infancy, its now too difficult to corrupt White folks that much, they have lived the educated Middle Class lifestyle for too long, so its much better to just get rid of the White folk by bringing in other kinds. The Middle Class is a complete disaster, Whites invented this Middle Class shit. So get rid of the Whites and the Middle Class, then (((Management))) can rule for all perpetuity. Then things will be back to how they belong, just aristocracy and serfs.

Frank Galton said...


A Manchester City fan arrested over claims he made monkey gestures at a Manchester United player has insisted he has "done nothing wrong".

Grandfather Mr Burke, from Wythenshawe, is adamant he has done nothing wrong.

He told the Manchester Evening News last night: "The picture has been taken out of context."

He wrote: "Listen, I'm only racist c*** because I had a screen shot that made me look it."

Take a look at the video:


Frank Galton

John Alpha said...

These non white/white hating protected species who are above and beyond all law and legitimate and deserving criticism are obviously being deployed in their 10s of millions as BOTH human shields and Proxy warriors of the international Christ/Christianity/White European hating y00-kn0w-wh000z.

That is why our dutiful dumber than a rock PC plods, the ruling "court" j00wry, and ALL you excremental masonic talmudic-protestant whores and agenturs of zion, are doing all that they can, in as quick a time-frame as is possible, to dismantle the entirety of White European civilization, what is left of it currently.

All of this abominable j00 created mass migrated, multicultural, miscegenated, militantly Anti-White mess is not yet a total defeat of White European civilisation, but it also NOT just a set back. It is a severe life threatening wound that will very soon become a mortal wound - if we don't get up off our knees and do what our ancestors - and our children - expect of us.

Its long past time where we turn our backs on the whole traitorous system, and do the necessary things for or own folk.

Heraclitus said...

Interesting quote from de Sade gT. Never knew he said that. In fact he predates the Communist movement which sought to achieve exactly the same in countries where they sought power. Weimar Germany being the classical example. But as that KGB defector pointed out, the same thing goes on today in all White countries.

Barney said...

There is no law any more in any of our countries. If you're White, you're "guilty". If you're a criminal (according to the "old" laws that is), the thought-police look the other way.

The plod are nothing more than zog's enforcers, and the fact that zog is now completely round the twist is of no importance to the enforcers as long as they continue to get paid to destroy the country.

Up is down, black is white, left is right, right is wrong, mental defectives are now "normal", extreme cold is caused by global warming (our fault, of course) and we daren't say a word against violent invaders or - - - perish the thought! - - - the devil-jew that brings them here.


We're often told we "can't" send foreign criminals back because their own countries don't want them either, or because they'd have to face the consequences of crimes committed in those countries before they ran away to infest our countries.


We don't care! We're not prepared to be the world's rubbish dump. Just round them up, fly them back to their natural home and leave them there. What happens to them after that isn't our problem. If they're wanted for crimes committed "over there", let them face the consequences "over there" rather than treat our lands as "sanctuary countries".

Fly them home, dump them, come back for more. Problem solved. What's wrong with that?

Jen said...

Check out the happy campers in the photo in this link, without electricity or candles, as nature intended it.



Jen said...

Check out the happy campers in the photo in this link, without electricity or candles, as nature intended it.



Anonymous said...

The modern 'police' if we can call them that seem to be metrosexual automatons and angry, chubby girls with daddy issues. If I saw them burning in their vehicle, I wouldn't raise a finger to help. This is the bed these people are making for themselves. And vicious 3rd World crime is going to swamp them as the benefits of diversity snowball.

Hereticdrummer said...

It is the same in Scumerica. You are treated much more gently by the authorities if you are a murderer or rapist, especially one of "color", than if you are deemed to be a racist, the most despicable and horrific of criminals. Of course only whites can be racist and being racist includes simply loving your own race. That automatically makes you a genocidal "Nazi" and "hater". The day is soon coming when any white person trying to defend themselves against a non white criminal assault, sexual for women or otherwise for men, will be charged with felony racist "hate" crimes, convicted in a star chamber tribunal, and locked up in a dungeon with the key thrown away. It is pertinent to note that in the Bolshevik-Yiddish USSR, the government just wrist tapped violent, predatory criminals, then cut them loose, while simultaneously disarming decent citizens to keep them cowed and in a constant state of fear. However, political dissidents were imprisoned indefinitely for the most spurious of reasons. The aims and patterns of the "Chozen Pipple" and their goyim sycophants are readily discernible for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Simply put, Sayonara Whitey!

John Alpha said...

Orban has got it right I reckon. Things are shaping up for a last stand/final battle of survival for White European civilization/Christendom in the forth coming generation. As a organizing entity and set of moral and guiding principles, a revived, muscular and European focused Christian identity seems increasingly the only viable hope for White humanity on this planet. I wont criticise indigenous European Paganism as I know its more authentic to our own kind, BUT things are beyond far far beyond the repair and revival of all that as method of protecting and defending the body, mind and soul of true European people. A traditional Orthodox Church with balls, brains, defending the heart and soul of our nations and our people, free of any and all Talmudic and Masonic contagion - is the only likely rallying cry that may work in these worrying times and the much darker days ahead.


Iron Sharpens Iron said...

Who says African migrants aren't a boon to white civilizations?

Negro whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas.

Jen said...

So who is editor in chief of Time magazine?

(((Edward Felsenthal)))



Every fucking time.

nemesis said...

There was a time when Time was a bastion of conservative Christianity when it was owned by the Booth-Luce family. But as always it was infiltrated and subverted by the usual suspects.

A A Swedish friend of this blog said...

100% correct Hereticdrummer. The state has released criminals onto the streets at the very time it seeks to disarm law-abiding whites. Surely the penny must be dropping with white Americans?

Thor said...

No good saying 'we don't care' Barney. Fact is we signed up to the European Court Of Human Rights - we fell right into the trap. Their rulings mean every European country has its hands tied when it comes to deporting foreign criminals. And that was what the Court was about from the beginning. It was a tool to enforce diversity on the peoples of Europe.

Clogheen said...

"A 20-MONTH-OLD baby died from head injuries which were most likely caused from his head impacting at least three or four times against a hard surface such as a wall or floor, a murder trial has heard. Professor Jack Crane, was giving evidence today in the trial of Yusif Ali Abdi, who is charged with murdering 20-month-old Nathan Baraka Andrew Ali. The Central Criminal Court has previously heard that Abdi came from Somalia to Ireland in 1997 and was granted refugee status in 2000. He married Irish woman Amanda Bailey and they had a son Nathan, who was born in August 1999. "

Anonymous said...

Talking about apes......
The german town of Torgau just canceled its partnership with the polish town of Strigau.
Torgau had invited a Strigau polish delegation - including the mayor - for a town festival. Apparently the Poles felt disrepected by Torgau female mayor and decided to take revenge: Before leaving they demolished the hotel rooms they were staying in and, for good mesure, covered with excrements all the place!
The good news is that the german nationalist AFD is demanding that the border control on the polish border be reinstated so as to stop the epidemic cross-border criminality.

Gerry said...

Headline in the sun today
Two actresses confront boozed up lads on a train

Lots of pictures of young lads having a bit of banter but not yob looking
Newspaper probably hoping to get them sacked
Anyway the comments are mostly supportive of the lads
Nothing to see here
Or why do 2 lesbian actresses film them selves on a train picking a fight over high jinks
Then others comment why does the story mention anything the pair have acted in is it really just about them trying to further their careers

Olda said...

That Torgau / Strigau development is not good news. We need to foster unity between European peoples.

Hereticdrummer said...

Greetings, Swedish Friend; Despite the fact that America is still awash in guns, it is my perception that the majority of whites here are too demoralized and dumbed down to either see the extermination planned for them, care about it, or both. A great many of them are also race traitors and very brazen about it. The overlords are ruthlessly stifling any sane and rational intercourse or debate on the subject. For example, last summer there were several highly publicized mass shootings. In the bigger one, the talking heads of the controlled Jew media and the misanthropes in the U.S. Congress were screeching in unison that the carnage was the result of white racism and white supremacism, as are all gun killings. What mendacity and lunacy! This despite the fact that the alleged shooter was half Mexican on his mother's side and photos of him showed he clearly looked Hispanic. So how the fuck can he be a white racist or supremacist? I gently pointed this out in a letter to the local newspaper here. I also pointed out that in the month of July, there were 36 mass shootings in the U.S. and in 34 of them or approx. 98%, the shooters were black. This comes directly from the FBI, the anti white System's own henchmen. I called those blaming the murders on white racism, cowardly, lying hypocrites. Naturally the slime-bags didn't print my letter, just letters supporting the hysterical anti white view. Ten years ago they would have. The Iron Heel is much stronger and more oppressive now.

Anonymous said...

I thought most of the Poles were Tartars and related tribes. I don't know, are Tartars european?

Hereticdrummer said...

Tartars are a mix between Caucasians and Asians. Which race predominates has to be determined on a case by case, family by family, individual by individual basis. Some of them look very white, others very Mongol. Speaking of Poles, my cousin, now deceased, married a very pretty girl of Polish ancestry years ago. She had a sister and a brother. Once I was at her parents house with him and we were alone in their living room. On the TV was a framed picture of her brother. I said to my cousin, "Who is that Gook?". He said it was his girlfriend's older brother. Astonished, I asked, "You mean her parents adopted a Chinese kid?" He said no, he is her biological brother. I subsequently met the guy and in person, he looked like he was straight from Peking. Susan and her sister had kind of slanted eyes, though unlike their brother they were obviously European. They were just Polish on their father's side, the mother was Anglo. I realized then how much Genghis Khan and his Mongol, Asiatic hordes had sown their wild oats with the white women in Eastern Europe centuries prior, gang bang style.

gT said...


At the start of the communist revolution in Russia, 80% of the leading communists were Jews. So Communist Russia was ruled by Jews who made up about say 1% of the population of Russia. But then Stalin came along and he liked killing people so much he killed most of the leading Jewish Communists as well, and then went on to inflict 80% of the Wehrmacht's casualties during WW2. Some joke that both Capitalism and Communism are just two different attempts to achieve the same goal, a Jewish led One World Government.

Obviously the Jews as Communists borrowed a little thinking from the Sadist, he was a brilliant bastard.

Anonymous said...

Was going to Morrisons in Caerphilly and there was this old gypsy,eastern European -looking skank bumming for money,with a styrofoam cup on the floor. Definitely a mudslime.You Caerphilly Politicians are to blame for this. KEEP OUT THE INVADERS,OR ELSE..

AnalogMan said...

Speaking of protected classes, I read a report yesterday that Donald Trump will sign an order adding another one: Jews. Because they're victims of Hate.

Barney said...

Thor (11 December 2019 at 17:11) - I'm talking about when WE take control, as we must if the White Race is to survive.

gT (11 December 2019 at 20:47) - Communism and capitalism are both means of control. Under communism (((the state))) owns everything. Under capitalism the state owns nearly everything, but we're allowed to keep a tiny percentage of our true earnings. Both are systems of enslavement.

If we were free, we'd only need to work an average of four hours a week (more in summer, less in winter) to satisfy our basic needs, after which we'd be free to pursue other interests.

A A Swedish friend of this blog said...


"Germany’s government decided Wednesday to reintroduce military rabbis, backing a proposal by the Central Council of Jews to restore religious counseling for Jews serving in the armed forces after more than a century without such assistance.

“Today, we set an important example for our Jewish soldiers,” German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer tweeted after the decision by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet.

Kramp-Karrenbauer said the addition of military rabbis was a clear commitment to Jewish life in Germany."

(((looks white to me))) said...

Jared Taylor commits racial treason on Phil Donahue !



cranky white woman said...

Did the shooting at a kosher shop in New Jersey make the news over there?Two shooters-
dindu nuffins.Waiting to see how the media here spins this one..or the story will just go away by tomorrow.
On another topic...the hospital department I worked in until last year(having retired)
had a dumb shit nigerian there(or is that redundant?)who would on occasion go off on blabbering unintelligible outbursts.When said nigerian was off on his rant one of my co-workers would pound on his chest with his fists the way gorillas do when riled up.We would all just laugh...now I know that sort of behavior would be considered racist monkey gestures and he should have been reported to the authorities.Don't know that we have gone even quite that far in the States here.

Anonymous said...

“A nation that’s no longer capable of naming names and reporting what actually happened richly deserves an economic and political collapse to match its moral collapse.” Charles Hugh Smith

This is where the peoples of the western world are right now. We all know who the people who cannot be named are. Shall we meekly await our turn to be taken out and shot.

I had often wondered how millions of men and women had allowed themselves to be embroiled in two world wars without first storming their own governments buildings and demanding a real alternative be sought to war. Now I understand, having witnessed the peoples of western nations failing, even to speak up, in defence of their nations and their way of life.

Bob said...

Henry Makow reads the daily stormer.

That means the daily stormer is Jewish according to people like John C who used to luck on here when he was drunk and call everyone jewish if they didn't agree with whatever he was trying to say which was difficult because it was hard to work out exactly what he was trying to say.

That sort of thing is rather common.


NWO Chaos said...

Jared Taylor and Amren are filling a space in the White rights movement. They appeal to a certain demographic, upper-class Whites, soccer moms. He can get them thinking as White people and if he does that well it's a major achievement because once they start identifying strongly as White the Jewish subversion will become gradually clear.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

"In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat"

Read the comments. The Great Awakening is upon us.


Dr. Wassel said...

"Did the shooting at a kosher shop in New Jersey make the news over there?"

Well it certainly did in Ireland. Headline coverage. We all know why. Dozens of dindus shot in Chicongo every weekend but never a mention. God's chosen for sure.

Lemmyhead said...

I recently had the claim for my brand new Rolls Royce turned down after it was stolen. The insurance company said that I had never owned a Rolls Royce. I said that I had perceived I had a Roller and I perceived that it had been stolen. Therefore I was a victim of a crime that I perceived. Would they please pay up.

Just in case you might ever forget that something happened in WWII and it was very bad. Every word of this is true. Honest Guv. This really happened.


Now as it's approaching Christmas. The Savant annual quiz. This year, spot the difference.



Anonymous said...

@ cognitive dissonance 11.22

Any reason why they don't just bring to Israel?

Anonymous said...

I shall not cast my vote .........................The last genuine vote was in the
Camoron cockup (His IN or Out vote ) . This was a gift from the devil .......gave the shites who control most stuff......... opportunity to show how much control they have over folk who are in charge..all departments.
I thought treason was still a crime.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: "'Diversity is our strength’ indeed. It was apparently the ADL who coined this catchy little phrase."


Can't find any evidence that the ADL coined the phrase. Using Google's Ngram Viewer to search Google Books, the phrase can be traced back to 1936 (returns 14 results).

Ngram Viewer
Search in Google Books: [Click: 1800 - 1948]

The Peace Digest, Volumes 5-8 [1936]

"For though men hate each other when they come here, they should be taught as the basis for American citizenship that here we may differ each from the other, and that DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH and our nature, and each man is to believe what..."

Title: The Peace Digest, Volumes 5-8
Publisher: Peace Digest., 1936
Original from the University of Michigan
Digitized: 11 May 2006

1936 - 1948

"For though men hate each other when they come here, they should be taught as the basis for American citizenship that here we may differ each from the other, and that DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH and our nature, and each man is to believe what..."

Frank Galton

Chumlee's Brother said...


Do you have a link for the Clare man who supposedly called a brazilian a black bastard ?


SAVANT said...

@Chumlee. It was on the print version pf last Saturday's Irish Examiner. Don't know if on the online version. I took some amusement from the fact that the 'racist' is an evangelical preacher!

Gelu Valah said...

commenting here randomly, of lately, 'cause i am busy.
but today (and this is off-topic entirely) i watched a tv doccummentary in Africa, made by a notorius PC German TV-network.
watched about 1 minute, about children in Africa, the focus of the camera being on running schoolchildren on their way home, after school, on emphasis on their athletic then training.
i am rayciss thinking the whole minute watched:"run, nigger, run!"
actually blacks continued to use this phrase in USA, between themselves, in their community, i know it from various movies and gangsta MTV clips from decades ago, before PC, since i started to learn about American history.
if your black people was persecuted and exploited for centuries, how come you perpetuated the old South White slang well into 2000's?! so that a foreigner like me still knows and remembers this from his adolescence?
is it an effort to mitigate and gradually trivialize your people's way of being, to fool the Whites, and to "blend in"?
like the Jews surgically correcting their noses, stealthy in private clinics, to blend in, no?
to blend into what, parasites?
for if you distroy the host (Whites), you will be blending/" integrating" into nothingness, wherein there is no what and no one to fool.

FOD said...

Diversity is (((our))) strength. Never a truer word.

Jim said...

Tommy Roberniesanderson is saying trolls are calling him a Zionist and he's not a Zionist.

We were saying it for a long time here. TR even said he was a Zionist himself. He also says all his followers are racists. Next he will say Britain doesn't need people like his followers.

He took all the donated money he was supposed to use to make a movie about Muslim grooming gangs and did not make that movie. Now money has appeared from somewhere else (we suppose) to make a movie about an old Jew who was too scared to go outside (presumably because white supremacist nazis were dressing up as muslims and harassing him).

That sounds like a movie that will be banned. TR will have to put it on bitchute.

Now we just need John C and the other plastic chair throwers to come on and say "TR, love him or hate him, is bla bla bla."

OK so I'm just a keyboard warrior and don't throw plastic chairs but this link here is worth reading.


Prad Bitt said...

Emily Ratkikekowski promotes sex with Harvey. How many impressionable girls are going to follow her advice?


Jen said...


There's a Chinatown on Craggy Island

Chuck said...

250,000 have signed petition to impeach Nancy Pelosi for TREASON.

Media silent. Sign it anyway.


Frank Galton said...

Re the phrase "diversity is our strength"

"For though men hate each other when they come here, they should be taught as the basis for American citizenship that here we may differ each from the other, and that DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH and our nature, and each man is to believe what..." - The Peace Digest, Volumes 5-8, 1936

It looks like the above quote from The Peace Digest (1936) is by Pearl S. Buck.

This is what she said in 1937 in Survey Graphic magazine:

The University of Virginia

Survey Graphic in the Thirties


On Discovering America, by Pearl S. Buck, June 1937

In a moving challenge to all Americans who foment prejudice and back legislation against the foreign-born, Pearl Buck, long an alien in foreign lands, and recently returned a stranger to her own country, brings personal observation and the wisdom of the long view to her picture of America, as it is, and as it is bound to be.

We are all immigrants—in the long view that Miss Buck expresses in our leading article this month.


For though men hate each other when they come here, they should be taught as the basis for American citizenship that here we may differ each from the other, and that DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH and our nature, and each man is to believe what he feels true, and our one common belief is this.

The University of Virginia

Survey Graphic in the Thirties

Established in 1921 as a companion to the social work journal The Survey, Survey Graphic targeted a mainstream audience interested in social and cultural issues.

Survey Graphic provided a public forum for discussions about unemployment, labor unrest, race relations, healthcare, and technological change.

Pearl S. Buck

NOTE: I can't find any references to the quote prior to 1936. This is NOT proof that Pearl S. Buck coined the phrase "diversity is our strength".

Frank Galton

Izzy Izzsteinbergvitzcoebaum said...

Israel helped do 9/11?

So Israel is an enemy of the US?

That means the US must be an enemy of the US too then...


Carlton Coon said...

"The Israelis were the only suspects arrested anywhere in the United States on 9/11 who were thought to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks."

So the US needs to bomb Israel at least as hard as they bombed Iraq, Syria, and Libya.
When will this happen?

Anonymous said...


English Tom said...


I watched part of a trailer for Tommy Robinsons new docu and yes, it is the old violins playing, oh the poor aged jew who survived Hitler. I only watched a,bit and then had to vomit. Tommy of ZOG indeed. Fuck him. The traitor.

Jack Finney said...

Well, if you're going to live with coons and other nonwhite things, you'd better have a competent police force. Response time in my town for a 911 call is 2-3 minutes and quicker if they're patrolling nearby. And that's the start: within five minutes you have another police car or two, then likely two more within ten minutes. They swarm every incident (the more witnesses the better).

You can't fool with this stuff. I called the mayor's office about Mexican gang graffiti appearing on a little bridge nearby and two hours later was pleasantly surprised to see a police cruiser chaperoning the clean-up operation.

And the street criminals, though incredibly brutal, are also dumb: if you're on the down low from the cops, you park your van at the Walmart, not the cemetery (like the Jersey City shooters). And the muggers haven't figured out yet that if you attack someone on the street now, you are probably on camera. And if they have your picture, you're toast.

Very few cops and all white people would be better but we haven't lived there for a hundred years (or twenty years for you Europeans). There's really no choice or society will break down. So you have to have powerful police or even a virtual army like the NYPD.

Besides, it's more good jobs for Irish guys.

Ned Stapleton cumann leader said...

Linehan the right on south Dublin twat who supported the witch hunt of Count Dankula was cautioned by the plod for the t hought crime of not accepting that a man born woman was in reality a womanman. Police of a certain type love these non crime crimes because they ncan hide their fuck up at Southwell tube station. That idiot Flanagan wants to bring in hate speech laws so that the likes of the gang rapist of Bohemians can be protected. He tweeted that gang raping with girls was his favorite game.
Did twitter ban him over this?
Did the twats who hated Paddy Jackson over being lower middle class have a problem with this?
Will the Sindo be cover to cover bullshit this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Ecosse says,

So I guess this makes it official. The state confirms imitating monkeys is associated with imitating black people.
Isn't this racist by the state, doesn't this set a dangerous precedent?

When I was a kid in my then all white country lots of adults and children imitated monkeys just for fun. We didn't know we were being racist. Boy this diversity sure comes with a lot of restrictions.