Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The New French mourn the loss of a cultural icon


Chumlee's Brother said...

Cui Bono? ..........Macron.

p.s. any ten year old, capable of banging his form teacher, is capable of anything.

Rogue said...

But the media will no doubt only focus on the Muslims and other minorities who are seen to be involved in rescuing, fire-fighting etc.

And if such folks exist, by no means don't ignore them, but show the whole picture warts and all.

Except our wondrous "free" MSM don't do things that way

ianrob said...

There are those who would benefit more than Muslims, from Muslims appearing to be happy at the Notra Dame disaster. However, many still believe that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, so I'm not expecting the masses to see through any FF's that are pulled. They also run a mile from accusations of conspiracy theories, so the chosenites will likely pull it off. They don't need us all to believe, as the saying goes, you can carry a lot of water in a leaky bucket.

As an add on, I was once accused of being a conspiracy theorist at work. I said right, you come home early to find your wife in bed naked, and your neighbour naked in the wardrobe. She said she was tired and he said he needed to borrow clothes as someone had stolen his. They both protested that it was not what it looked like. I said that if you didn't believe them, you are a conspiracy theorist. Life is full of people conspiring against others. My workmate, walked off. Not wanting to confuse the limited boundaries in his mind, that's different he said.

Anonymous said...

The Notre Dame is a symbol of christian universalism, hence the mourning of the elites.
Though the Paris metro is falling apart, and thousands of homeless people live in its precincts, it's a non-issue for the elites.
France is the new Africa,

Frank Galton said...

Swedish-Jewish journalist Alex Schulman posts photograph of burning Notre Dame spire accompanied by the caption "Finally"

Sputnik, 17 April 2019

Swedish [Jewish] Liberal Journo Roasted for Rejoicing Over Burning Notre Dame

While most of his compatriots joined France in mourning the terrible loss of the 800-year-old cathedral, expressing sorrow and dismay, Expressen [Jewish] journalist and novelist Alex Schulman had a somewhat different approached to the tragedy and reacted with glee.

Alex Schulman of the [Jewish-controlled] tabloid daily newspaper Expressen has landed in hot water after posting a photograph of the burning Notre Dame spire accompanied by the caption "Finally" on his Instagram page.

Schulman even added emojis crying with laughter.



Alex Schulman

Carl Magnus Alexander "Alex" Schulman (born 17 February 1976 in Hemmesdynge) is a Swedish journalist, blogger and television and radio personality.

Alex Schulman is the son of television producer and journalist Allan Schulman.

He was married to Katrin Schulman (née Zytomierska) from 28 July 2007 til the summer of 2008.

Allan Schulman

Allan Schulman (15 September 1919 – 12 July 2003) was a Swedish-Finnish journalist and television producer.

He was editor in chief for the Jewish magazine Menorah.

Katrin Schulman

Katrin Zytomierska (born 17 September 1977) is a Swedish blogger, columnist, television host, and businesswoman. She was born to a Polish-Catholic mother and a Polish-Jewish father.

She was married to Alex Schulman.

Jewish Encyclopedia


Judæo-German designation for the temple or the synagogue ("bet ha-midrash"), used as early as the thirteenth century.


Expressen ("The Express") is one of two nationwide evening newspapers in Sweden, the other being Aftonbladet.

The paper is owned by the Bonnier Group.

The Bonnier family is a Swedish family, originally of Jewish descent, who since the beginning of the 19th century has been active in the book industry and later also in the mass media industry. They own the media group Bonnier Group, with the largest owners being Åke Bonnier and Jonas Bonnier. The group has 175 companies in 18 countries.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

YOU Need to watch this

Anonymous said...

Who is to say that they are two Muslims smiling there.

Henry IX said...

"Who is to say that they are two Muslims smiling there."

You're right. They look like Estonians to me.


Anonymous said...

Henry IX 17 April 2019 at 16:07
"Who is to say that they are two Muslims smiling there."

You're right. They look like Estonians to me.


Granted they are obviously not Estonians ... PRICK.. Now think a bit harder... Is every brown person a moslem? No of course not... Soooo.... Who's helping in the antagonism for more religious or racial strife in society for their to be more laws enacted against invasion queriebleness.

I give you two days Henry to come up with an answer. In the meantime im off for a curry. Tarrah

Anonymous said...

If only the banker frog had the wonderful level of hind sight…. of our treason May. He would have seen what was on the way!
In with our dosh ……before the dead got cold.
Carte Blank amnesty for all those adversely affected in the latter day London tower fire.
It is quite usual for primitives : To destroy or deface ……. the previous builders work, or claim it as you own ancesters work!


jazzman said...
The bright light and the yellow smoke signals the use of thermite to light the fire.

AnalogMan said...

Henry IX, please don't feed the trolls. It only encourages them.

Savant, it looks like time to crack down on the anonymous comments, again. This pest is only degrading the discussion.

luke2236 said...

hey 'anonymous'...even if they arent muslim - which you can guarantee that in Paris they are - they are still 'brown persons' , hence should not be there and are still laughing at the destruction of a white, [at least nominally] Christian monument.
stick your curry where the sun doesnt shine. wanker.

Anonymous said...

Luke said
hey 'anonymous'...even if they arent muslim - which you can guarantee that in Paris they are -

No you can't guarantee that they are what a stupid blinkered view to take. I repeat not all brown people are moslem just like not all brown people living or visiting Paris are moslem. You need to think outside the box or photo and ask yourselves do moslems need to do anything other than have children which they are doing.

Anonymous said...

There is a picture of Gina Miller (born Guyana) on a post a few days back. Is she Moslem?

Gerry said...

Talking about the Muslims smiling
I sometimes think to myself if there was a atrocity or maybe worse a large atrocity like a dirty bomb
And I lived in a place like London
Then thousands upon thousands were heading for somewhere like Cornwall stuck in endless traffic jams with kids starving for hours
And jihadists had caused this
Would I look across in the traffic jam and see Muslim men with their Burka clad wives and children
And think to myself you caused all of this with your religion
Would the Rd down to Cornwall then resemble the partition of India with thousands dying in factional violence
Myself I would think these fuckas are the reason my grandkids are under threat and I would act accordingly
But what about if along the Rd to Cornwall other bombs or dirty bombs were set off
And the same was happening from the big cities up north heading for the highlands
It wouldn’t take long for people to start starving say 3 days
No diesel or water
Would you look across and start getting into a mob mentality
I would

eleos said...

Gina Miller is not Muslim. Part Hindu heritage.

Dedalus said...

Remember that a white man is being prosecuted in an English court right now for filming and posting a video of a Grenfell tower effigy burning on a bonfire.

AnalogMan said...

Off topic: While nobody was looking, an intrepid group of South African rebels has established Africa's newest Republic: the Republic of Zuidland (borders to be announced later).

This appears to be an initiative of the group calling themselves Zuidlanders. At the link you can see a video of their frontman, (((Simon Roche))), addressing the EU Parliament. Both of its members.

This Jew, (((Roche))), is a "former" ANC supporter and employee. When civilization fell in South Africa, this traitor was there to give it a good hard shove. He was rewarded for his efforts with a government job. His specific duty was to scrutinise tenders for government contracts to ensure that they contained enough "fat" for politicians. Now he campaigns against corruption and works to save White South Africans. In their own brand new Republic (borders to be announced).

For information, "Zuidland" is Dutch and means Southland. The date of its Declaration of Independence, 6th April, formerly known as Van Riebeeck Day, is the anniversary of the first European settlement in South Africa.

Jews destroyed the first Republic of South Africa. What could be more natural than to let them create the new one?

WhatEven said...

what? You show some random guy, what looks to be, smirking. This is not conclusive in the slightest. Not even one bit.You can't prove he's Muslim, nor can you prove he did it at all. He's smirking. Also, people laugh and do weird stuff when bad things happen, it's a reaction that many people have. This is a laughable bad post

Anonymous said...

eleos said
Gina Miller is not Muslim. Part Hindu heritage.


Moslem No she Isn't you're right
Caught smiling evertime she left the Old Bailey with a Stop Brexit verdict thereby undermining the clear majority vote of the British People. Her backers kept right out of the way. Her smile said everything but she wasn't a Moslem. Imagine if she was tho my God just imagine that.

Frank Galton said...

The lampshades and bars of soap are back: Frenchman sentenced to a year in prison for denying them

Radio France Internationale, 15 April 2019

France's Alain Soral gets jail sentence for Holocaust denial

A French court sentenced far-right essayist Alain Soral to a year in prison on Monday for Holocaust denial in relation to images and remarks posted on a website.

Soral, 60, was convicted for publishing on his website a litigious text written by his lawyer in regards to another case.

His lawyer, Damien Viguier, received a 5,000-euro fine for complicity, due to the content of his conclusions. Prosecutors had asked for a 15,000-euro fine.

Both Soral and Viguier were also ordered to pay a symbolic one-euro fine reflecting damages as well as 1,500 euros in legal fees to four anti-racist groups.

“After 10 years of convictions for racist and anti-Semitic offenses, the justice system is finally taking the right measures against the Soral phenomenon,” said Stéphane Lilti, lawyer for one of the plaintiffs, the French Union of Jewish Students.

The [Jewish] International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) hailed “the firmness of this decision” and called on web servers to close all of Soral’s websites.

Viguier’s own lawyer, Gérard Guillot, denounced “a scandal” in which “a French lawyer is CONVICTED FOR DEFENDING A CASE”.

The conviction concerns an image published on Soral’s website Egalité et Réconciliation (Equality and Reconciliation) in 2016 in which a fictional newspaper called “Chutzpah Hebdo” bears a caption reading “disoriented historians”.

Before a Star of David, a likeness of Charlie Chaplin surrounded by a shoe, a wig, a bar of soap and a lampshade asks “Holocaust, where are you?”

The image was a reference to a controversial cover of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo depicting a young man asking “Daddy, where are you?” surrounded by dismembered body parts, published in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels of 22 March 2016.

A court ruled the image on Soral’s site to be an instance of Holocaust denial and fined Soral 10,000 euros with the possibility of imprisonment in case of non-payment.

Monday’s conviction and sentence concerned a text by Viguier that Soral published on the same site in November 2017

In the text, Viguier says the shoes and wig were a “reference to memorial sites and sites of pilgrimage” that were “brought together to stir readers’ imaginations.”

Concerning the wig, Viguier wrote “haircuts occur in all places of concentration for reasons of hygiene,” and said claims that Nazis made soap from human fat and lampshades from human skin were “war propaganda”.

The New York Jewish Week, 22 February 2011

Peter Black, senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C., said questions about the soap are frequently asked by visitors and that his answer is, "IT DIDN'T HAPPEN."

“The Nazis did a lot of things that were very ghoulish, but for some reason the shock value of the soap, of leather goods and lampshades made of human products [“war propaganda”] capture the imagination,” Black said.

(Mark Jacobsen’s recent book “The Lampshade” is an account of the author’s attempt to authenticate whether a lampshade made from human skin could be traced back to the Nazis.)

Black said there is NO PROOF that such objects contain human product “and if it does, we don’t know it is from Jews. … And the difficulty is tying it back to the Nazis. There is nobody who was close enough to have seen the process. There were stories in Romania, Auschwitz and Danzig. But if you follow them to their source, THERE IS NOTHING.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I think we should always call them "Moslems" rather than "Muslims".

I have been told it is an insult, though I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

The "dirty bomb" has already been delivered, in the form og thousands of dirty Moslems.

Red Mist said...

That South Asian (Brazilian reared) coolie going by the label of "Gina Miller" is evil personified - an absolute cunt of the foulest kind. No amount of wealth can change what this thing (and many others like it) is.

ianrob said...

People saying that smiling or smirking doesn't mean anything. It in fact does. Don't believe me? Get to a night club this weekend and sit and smirk and smile and see how long it is 'til somebody beats the shit out of you. Facial signals are one of the prime communication methods used by humans and other higher animals since time began. It certainly doesn't mean that they did it, but it just as certainly means that they don't belong amongst the grieving locals. In more primitive lawless societies, they would be "dealt with" by the crowds.

Anonymous said...

Henry don't listen to AnalogMan I'm not a troll, I just view things differently (sometimes) note that AnalogMan gone right off topic again you might notice. I didn't go for a curry I went for pie & chips what a fucking parlaver that turned out to be, with hardly any Asians (of the dark kind) living in close proximity to my chippy (I drive 3 miles to this one coz of the beautiful surroundings) and low and behold who's breathing down my neck in a small queue? And get this, the Cunt jumps in front of me when time to be served, fucking Cunt I thought, I ain't having that, stupid Cunt then wants it outside, we go outside and the stupid Cunt says let's go around the corner (now I'm thinking this is all getting a bit fucking queer so I told him you fuck off around the corner spurs are on the telly in a minute I'm getting me chips so fuck off, which he did do). Yeah I've gone right off curry.

Frank Galton said...

"claims that Nazis made soap from human fat and lampshades from human skin were “war propaganda”."

BBC, 17 February 2017

The corpse factory and the birth of fake news

Lies have consequences

In 1917 MI7 employed 13 officers and 25 paid writers, some whom moonlighted as "special correspondents" for national newspapers. One of their most talented agents was Major Hugh Pollard who combined his work in the propaganda department with the role of special correspondent for the Daily Express.

After the war Pollard confessed his role in spreading the corpse factory lie to his [Jewish] cousin, Ivor Montague [of the Montagu Jewish banking dynasty. Note: The BBC journalist spelt Montagu's name incorrectly].

Writing in 1970, Montague recalled "we laughed at his cleverness when he told us how his department had launched the account of the German corpse factories and of how the Hun was using the myriads of trench-war casualties for making soap and margarine."

But lies have consequences. During the 1930s the corpse factory lie was used by the Nazis as proof of British lies during the Great War.

Historians Joachim Neander and Randal Marlin remind us how these false stories "encouraged later disbelief when early reports circulated about the Holocaust under Hitler" [Note: The corpse factories lie (Jews being turned into soap) was used again during WW2].

Dear Old Blighty, by E. S. Turner

Publisher: Faber & Faber, 1980

In his autobiography The Youngest Son Ivor Montagu recalls that when he was a boy during the war his family used to be visited at Townhill Park, Hampshire, by a cousin, Major Hugh Pollard, who laughingly described how his branch of Intelligence had launched the legend of the German corpse factories, in which the dead from the battlefields were supposed to be turned into soap and margarine. 'The tears ran down his cheeks as he told us of the story they had circulated of a consignment of soap arriving in Holland and being buried with full military honours.' Pollard claimed to have thought up the corpse factory idea to discredit the enemy in oriental countries, where reverence for the dead was deeply felt.

Major Hugh Pollard

Major Hugh Pollard is chiefly known for the events of July 1936, when he and Cecil Bebb flew General Francisco Franco from the Canary Islands to Morocco, thereby helping to trigger the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

Ivor Montagu

Ivor Goldsmid Samuel Montagu (23 April 1904, Kensington, London – 5 November 1984, Watford)

Montagu was born into enormous wealth, as the third son of Gladys Helen Rachel Goldsmid and Louis Montagu, 2nd Baron Swaythling, a Jewish banking dynasty with a mansion in Kensington.

Montagu joined the Fabian Society in his youth, then the British Socialist Party, and then the Communist Party of Great Britain.

By World War II, however, he made a film for the [British] Ministry of Information.

His eldest brother Ewen Montagu, a barrister in civilian life, became a Naval Intelligence Officer RNVR in MI6, during the Second World War, privy to the secrets of top-secret Ultra [Enigma code breaking etc]...

Ivor Montagu himself turned out to be working, albeit briefly, for the other side [the Russians].,_2nd_Baron_Swaythling

Frank Galton

Red Mist said...

Racist? ' course not - the perp is black how can he be??

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: "I think we should always call them "Moslems" rather than "Muslims". I have been told it is an insult, though I don't know why."

Washington Post, 12 January 2015

“Muslim” means Muslim. But “Moslem” means something entirely different. “Whereas for most English speakers, the two words are synonymous in meaning, the Arabic roots of the two words are very different,” the article said. “A ‘Muslim’ in Arabic means ‘one who gives himself to God,’ and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast a ‘Moslem’ in Arabic means ‘one who is evil and unjust’ when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, ‘Mozlem’ with a z.”

Frank Galton

Chumlee's Brother said...

Anonymous said...
I think we should always call them "Moslems" rather than "Muslims".

I have been told it is an insult, though I don't know why.

....Yes, everyone here should adopt that 'naming convention', for too many reasons to list.

Chumlee's Brother said...

From what I understand, the word 'moslem' has a meaning, closer to their intentions....
namely, as conquerors and destroyers.

Chumlee's Brother said...

WhatEven said...
what? You show some random guy, what looks to be, smirking. This is not conclusive in the slightest. Not even one bit.You can't prove he's Muslim, nor can you prove he did it at all. He's smirking. Also, people laugh and do weird stuff when bad things happen, it's a reaction that many people have. This is a laughable bad post

....Well, imagine if a non-moslem white person, was allowed to visit mecca, and the place caught fire, and the white person had a delayed reaction to a joke he heard the night before, watching old Bernard Manning tapes. What do you think would happen next???

That there is a test of Western civilisation, and once again, we've come up short!

Chumlee's Brother said...

ianrob said...

In more primitive lawless societies, they would be "dealt with" by the crowds.

...In all respect, Ian, let me re-write that sentence.

"In more civilised societies, they would be "dealt with" by the crowds.

Pom Z said...

It's been shown before but what's with this vid i.e. a Yarmulke wearing Jew publicly standing up for white South African farmers, either aware or unaware that most of his kins people in South Africa caused the plight of what white South Africans are experiencing today? Note the responses he's getting from those hypocritical white Australian whores and utter freaks.
Not sure what's worse

I've seen vids of this bloke in UK demos too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18 April 2019 at 09:29

Looks like that was a set-up to me probably someone in the background ready to film you making the first punch.. There goes your job with a time consuming court case to be had.

Chumlee's Brother said...

The Blonde beast of Birkenau and Belsen, Irma Grese.

A beautiful country girl of kind temperament, hung by the ALL-LIES, for turning her "victims" into soap and lampshades.

Now that the 'soap and lampshades' crap has long since been discredited, then shouldn't her case be re-opened and a full pardon given by Angela Merkel???

Pom Z said...

In the UK they're telling us that unemployment is now at a record low since 1975? LOL!
Is it because the majority of claimants have been transferred to Universal Credit and re-classified as 'employed'? If you're in receipt of 'credits' from the state you're seemingly 'employed'? How do they explain the soup kitchens that apparently can't cope?

Red Mist said...

The FRUITS of diversity I kid you not. This is what our folks died in wars for folks - killing the best of us I hasten to add.
A paltry sentence of 5 years (out in 2) Just look at the foulness of this creature. Puke or die or both?

Frank Galton said...

Facebook bans British political party, BNP

In addition, praise and support for the BNP (a legitimate political party), would no longer be allowed.

BBC, 18 April 2019

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders

The ban includes the British National Party and Nick Griffin.

A spokesman for Facebook clarified what would now be done to the pages the groups and individuals had run on its site. All those named would be prevented from having a presence on any Facebook service.

In addition, praise and support for the groups or named individuals would no longer be allowed.

Frank Galton

nobody said...

@Pom Z
"In the UK they're telling us that unemployment is now at a record low since 1975?"

they've been pushing people out of having one full-time job into having 2 or 3 part-time jobs - anyone who loses one of their part-time jobs is still employed so technically the unemployment rate goes down.

the big lie is them pretending it means the economy is doing well when what it actually shows is the proles are being crushed.

Boomer said...

What to believe ref the Rape of Berlin
Do we Boomers KNOW anything of it?

This text below is in the comments section

5 years ago
@brenden gallagher You are right, and that is the truth. But unfortunately so many People are such idiots and don't see it that way, they see it like TV has taught them and they are brainwashed.

There were even some Nazi Generals who were good, take General von Choltitz, commander of Paris. When Hitler ordered the retreat in 1944, he also ordered to destroy Paris before abandoning the City. Von Choltitz did not want to do that, , but he knew if he refused to obey the highest order, he would be execusted.

So he used a trick, he said he could not understand the telegraph message due to bad Transmission, he then contacted the French resistance and handed the City over WITH NO BLOOD SPILT. This man was a hero, he was a Nazi and yet a good Person.

I must say, this man behaved far better than Churchill, a sick man who dropped Phosphorous on an undefended City packed with 600 000 refugees, mainly woman and children. This served no purpose except gruesome death of thousands and thousands of innocent children, and destruction of an outstanding cultural centre which was world heritage of mankind. The Allies committed hideous atrocities in the war, they murdered 1 Million Kids and mothers by burning them alive for no reason, that's more People than in Auschwitz.

I am of Jewish origine both, and today i know that the Germans voted the Nazis because they did not want Alien Military in their Country (Poles in Westprussia, French in the Saarland etc.) and they simply wanted bread and Jobs. I do not reproach the Germans for that voting a Hardliner when Democracy had failed (the Weimar republic was a Desaster), i reproach those who had sown the seeds of war in Versailles 1919, and that was not the Germans.

Anonymous said...

Yes all over the world politicians manipulate employment figures because it is so easy to do so. I gave up heeding them years ago.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is a good thing because work can continue underground with less scrutiny. Remember, the jews always cultivate a highly visible "opposition" to justify reaction, legislation, and funding.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Jews always know what they are doing to screw down whites. South Africa is a bit different to the West. Dealing with a black majority is like dealing with leaking dynamite. His "defence" of whites will have an ulterior motive. The basic rule never changes.

luke2236 said...

Assume youve all seen the photo of the moslem/muslim/sheethead up on the side of the tower right before the fire started by now, right?

and again 'anonymous' , whether theyre 'moslem' or not is secondary - they should not be in our countries regardless of their false religion.

English Tom said...


Sometimes, with normies, exposing them to the truth is akin to blasting a sand castle with a high pressure hose. Their minds just can't take it!

Saoirse Ban said...

Read Savant's article. Do you even understand the difference between a post and and an article.
Time for you to go back to your handlers for more training.

Reziac said...

For anyone who hasn't yet seen it:

Notre Dame fire 2019-04-15 -
Person moving and flash on the roof?

"The clip is marked 15/04 17:05 on the webcam-site and the flash is at 23 sek with some movement a couple of seconds before. Meaning this (might be see correction above) is several minutes in real time."

eleos said...

The interesting thing about that movement on Notre Dame was that nobody was supposed to be on site at that time. Having said that it really is easy to fake digital videos these days.

bells of shandon said...

Savant give a shout out to Irelands National Party , the ONLY Political Party opposing Mass Immigration, Open Borders and the New. Plantation of IRELAND.
Paddys Pravda (RTE) and the privately controlled and subverted media ,will not give them a platform.

Frank Galton said...


Re the video 'The Rape of Berlin'

There's no mention in the video of Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg's leaflet, distributed to millions of Soviets troops, inciting them to rape German women.

Russia in the Twentieth Century: The quest for stability, by David R. Marples

Page 151

Ilya Ehrenburg had returned to Moscow from Paris in 1941 and took on the role of international propaganda chief for Stalin. His best-known writings during the war were publicized in Pravda, Izvestiya, and Krasnaya zvezda, and included inflammatory prose that was also distributed among frontline troops, perhaps the best-known being his leaflet "Kill"...

Life after Death: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s, by Richard Bessel and Dirk Schumann

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Page 142

There could have been very few doubts about the behavior of the Red Army during occupation for those who had read [Jewish propagandist] Ilja Ehrenburg's 1942 manifesto: "Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil. Use force and break the racial pride of these Germanic women. Take them as your lawful gallant soldiers of the Red Army!"


Encyclopaedia Britannica

Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg, (born Jan. 15 [Jan. 27, New Style], 1891, Kiev, Ukraine, Russian Empire—died Aug. 31, 1967, Moscow), prolific writer and journalist, one of the most effective Soviet spokesmen to the Western world.

Born into a middle-class Jewish family that later moved to Moscow...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

A good book to expose normies to the truth:

Ariel Toaff's Blood Passover

This is an important book in making our case against the (((chosen ones))) and it should be more widely known

I tried multiple times, but couldn't even get the author's name OR the title of the book past (((Breitbart)))'s censorship. It kept saying "detected as spam" so they must be aware of this author and the book title

And it's an Israeli professor who wrote this book, coming to the reluctant conclusion that the blood libel accusations throughout the centuries were not false

As for the brief book review below, forget about it. Breitbart (and normie Zio-sites) would NEVER allow the first sentence

Nevertheless here's a brief review of Ariel Toaff's Blood Passover:

"This book courageously faces one of the most controversial topics in the history of the Jews of Europe, one which has always served as a war-horse of anti-Semitism: the accusation, leveled against the Jews for centuries, of abducting and killing Christian children to use their blood in Jewish Passover rites.

Where Italy is concerned, nearly all the ritual murder trials were held in the north-eastern regions, characterized by large settlements of German-origin Jews (Ashkenazim). The most famous case of this kind occurred in Trent, Italy, in 1475, as a result of which many local Jews were indicted and sentenced to death for the murder of the boy who was to become known as “Simon of Trent”, and was venerated as a Saint for several centuries, until only a few decades ago.

An unprejudiced rereading of the original trial records, however, together with the records of several other trials, viewed within the overall European context and supplemented by an exact knowledge of the relevant Hebrew texts, throws new light on the ritual and therapeutic significance of blood in Jewish culture, leading the author of the present study to the reluctant conclusion that, particularly where Ashkenazi Jewry was concerned, the "Blood Libel" accusation was not always an invention...."

Jay Whiteman said...

Cover: Stone medallion depicting the purported martyrdom of
Simonino di Trento, Palazzo Salvatori, Trent.
Inscription on the medallion: “In the interior recesses of this building,
where a synagogue once stood, but where a shrine has now been built,
the blessed martyr Little Simon of Trent was killed with horrible
tortures, in the dead of night, by the Jews, at the age of twenty-nine
months, on the 10th of April 1475 of our era.”


The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder

by Ariel Toaff

Translated by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti.
Published by Lucchese-Gianetti Editori LLC.

2016 revised edition.
(c) 2007 by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti.
Formal abandonment of copyright: December 24, 2014.
Revised. Please use this version.
Last revision: August 1, 2016.
Annuls and replaces all previous versions.


The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an
injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passover
on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of
Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at
Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.
Dr. Toaff is uniquely qualified to write this book, being thoroughly
familiar with the derivative literature in English, French, German and
Italian, as well as the original documentary sources in Latin, Medieval
Italian, Hebrew and Yiddish. This is not something he worked on in
secret. On the contrary, he worked on it openly with his university
students and colleagues in Israel for several years; one of his students
was even going to publish a paper on the subject. The author is
extremely careful about what he says, and his conclusions must be
taken seriously. It reads like a detective story.
If it had been published in Israel, in Hebrew, no one would have
cared. There are large bodies of literature in Hebrew that Jews do not
wish Gentiles to know about. But Dr. Toaff’s announcement of its
publication in Italy, in Italian, raised a worldwide firestorm of fury.
Under unbearable pressure, the book was withdrawn from publication.

Come in out of the darkness, and strike a blow for the light.


Uncle Nasty said...

Strangely on topic. It appears that the sand niggers in Sydney are ... causing problems.

Do let me know how much of this appeared on your MSM.

... or do they work on the New Zealand principle that there's no such thing as a bad Ayrab?


Rapparee said...

Cursing Notre Dame
Israeli Rosh Yeshiva Shlomo Aviner

"Notre Dame Fire May Be Divine Punishment, Says Prominent Settler Rabbi Urging ‘God-fearing Jews’ to refrain from grieving.

"Leading religious-Zionist figure invokes 13th-century Talmud book burning as possible reason for the devastating blaze.

"The conflagration at Notre Dame de Paris that badly damaged the ancient cathedral on Monday was possibly divine punishment, an influential Israeli rabbi said on Wednesday April 17, invoking a 13th-century burning of Jewish scriptures.

"...when answering the question 'So it can’t be said that it was punishment?' the rabbi wrote, 'It is possible, after all. The first big Talmud burning was in Paris, there in the plaza of the Notre Dame Cathedral.'

"Aviner said it was a result of the Paris trial, 'In which Jewish sages in France of that generation were forced into confrontation with the Christian sages. The result was the burning of the Talmud. The Talmud books were brought to the Notre Dame square in 20 wagons...and were burned there, meaning, 1,200 Talmud books.'

"French-born Shlomo Aviner, now the rabbi of West Bank settlement Beit El, also said it is a mitzvah - a deed done from religious duty - to set fire to churches in Israel..."

Source: Yotam Berger, Israeli newspaper Haaretz, April 17, 2019

"Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva, said Christianity 'is our number one enemy throughout history.”

Source: Times of Israel, April 17, 2019

“The great Christian Church in Paris is on fire. Should we feel sorry for that, or should we rejoice, as it [the cathedral] is idolatry, which is a mitzvah to burn?' — Israeli Rabbi Shlomo Aviner

"Several immensely important rabbinic rulers, most prominent among them Maimonides, ruled that churches are places of idolatry and ought to be destroyed. The rulings are very clear."

Source: Mondoweiss

Flanders said...

"300 Illegals Stopped By Armed Militia"

"United Constitutional Patriots” detained the group after watching them cross through a fence gap"

Flanders said...

"Chase Bank Shuts Down 'Alt-Right' Accounts"

"Chase banker Marcel Smith told Tarrio: “I see nothing that indicates any reason why the account should be closed. I don’t see any outstanding transactions or anything ridiculous.”


But Project Veritas followed up and spoke with an employee working in Chase Corporate Global Media Relations who acknowledged the bank makes political judgments about its customers."

Flanders said...

A deranged Chinkess, who looks like the leftovers of an 18-wheeler squashed pancake and a grand piano, says that libraries promote "whiteness". So idiotic that it's worth reading for that prime example.

"The official Twitter account of the LJ tweeted the quote, which came froma blog postby academic librarian Sofia Leung, whose Twitter profile says she likes, among other things, “intersectional feminism, social justice, … and [Critical Race Theory.]” Of course.

Leung explains in her post that because libraries are filled with things “written by white dudes,” they “promote and proliferate whiteness”

She goes on to claim these collections “are paid for using money that was usually ill-gotten and at the cost of black and brown lives via the prison industrial complex, the spoils of war, etc.” She offers no evidence for this assertion."

Flanders said...

Most intelligent people knew that it was BS when this "happened" in 1998, but the (((media))) were the ones who had exclusive access to the (((facts))). This was the predecessor case to all of the (((hate crimes))) that are so (((loved))) today.

"The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder" [The Guardian]

"Matthew Shepard’s horrific death at the hands of redneck homophobes shocked America and changed its laws. Now a different truth is emerging, but does it matter? Julie Bindel reports"

"But the Matthew Shepard story is not yet finished. A new twist came last year with the publication of another book, this one by investigative journalist Stephen Jimenez, who has spent 13 years interviewing more than 100 people with a connection to the case. His conclusion, outlined in The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths about the Murder of Matthew Shepard, is that the grotesque murder was not a hate crime, but could instead be blamed on crystal meth, a drug that was flooding Denver and the surrounding area at the time of Matthew’s death. This new theory has, understandably, caused a lot of anger.

Jimenez has faced a barrage of criticism since the publication of his book and has had readings to promote the book boycotted." [Continues]

Flanders said...

"Oghaleoghene Atuno, 21, Circled Car Before Ramming 2 [White] Boys [11 and 12] In Aurora, Colo. Neighborhood"

"Law enforcement said security footage from the area showed Atuno circling the cul-de-sac several times before allegedly hitting the boys. The boys were walking on the sidewalk.
A search of Google News shows only this attack merited only four stories from local news outlets":

John 14:6 said...

It is still Good Friday where I live.

I have never liked the term Good Friday.

I have sat through the stations of the cross many times and in my opinion, depressing Friday would be a more appropriate term for this particular day.

Or perhaps, hit your face with a brick and kick your deadbeat ass back to reality, would be an even more appropriate term.

The satanic kikes and their heathen minions murdered the Son of Man and the Son of God for having the audacity to tell them the Truth.

Perhaps the burning of this old church is symbolic for them in time and place as it is a worshiping place for the servants of Christ as well as the sight of the burning of the satanic talmud.

Stupid kikes and heathens. Sunday is Easter or resurrection Sunday.

John 2:19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?

21 But he spake of the temple of his body.

22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.

Anonymous said...

actually we here in the American Mid west believe that the blaze was stated by radical papist Romanist fanatics in order to raise funds for the newly discovered 17 unknown disciples to be buried in a newly built crypt somewhere within the renovated edifice,if this is so and we believe it is we have in our procession the ultimate relic, the true beard of St, Joseph which we purchased in a bazaar in the Left Bank of Jerusalem. we are willing to let this go for a surprisingly low price,just so you know oh great Savany and viewers,btw the gentlemen in the photo look much like the sellers of the mentioned beard,, hmmmm

John 14:6 said...

You can hem and haw and bullshit all that you want.

The real argument is Christ vs. antichrist.

Racism is only a distraction from the real argument.

You can have every white brain surgeon on your team every time and I will take every negro bean picker, with Christ in their heart, every time.

White people aren't diminishing for lack of white people, white people are diminishing for lack of a Christian priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Stupid kikes and heathens. Sunday is Easter or resurrection Sunday.

OK thanks for that John 14:6
.Btw what did Jesus do to upset the Jewish leadership.
In this day and age it doesn't seem much to upset them, I once said I didn't think much of bagels (very fattening) to someone and low and behold I was put on a list to be watched. If only I could give 10milion dollars to a charity I might be forgiven (pret amonjay) , until I win the lottery I'll just have to eat 10 bagels a day (try and make amends) and say yum-yum with each mouthful.

ianrob said...

It is obvious to practically everyone with reasoning power, that Western Christian based populations, don't have much in common with Muslim immigrants, or African immigrants, and we don't mix. Most don't want them in, yet their coming in is facilitated and streamlined, to such a degree, that a Somalian family without the ability to speak any English, read or write, or do the most basic arithmetic, can be given a house in London and given access to benefits that working class British people would never be able to access. Have you ever filled the forms in?? well they don't have the ability nor ever had to fill them in. Our?? is it ours?, government don't protest this. The UN and EU unelected bodies, pass laws to stop us asking, stop us complaining, stop us posting videos etc.
Nobody except us, is on our side. Lots of lefties, unsure of their sexuality, or the climate, white privelage, or anything else. Know 100% that we are wrong and they hate us for being white. Women have been targeted, and many turned against us too. The GJ in France, regardless of our praise, is on a hiding to nothing. We are unarmed, unable to ""secretly"" arrange anything to fight back. I am sure in my own mind that if anything dramatic happened near where I live, that I'd be one of the first lifted. It's not rocket science. Here's an example. A couple of weeks back, my wife said that the new back door fitted last year was catching on the bottom. I suggested that it need adjusting and that I'd have a look on the internet. I went onto utube and typed adjusting, and adjusting UPVC door hinges was the first search item. Chance? no fkn way. They can listen to us. Yet they say that of course it is only advertising!! 1984 here we come and I am Winston Smith.
I'm not sure how this will go, but I remember reading the Gulag Archipelago back in the 60's. It described the rounding up and selection for the "real" death camps by the Bolsheviks in Russia. 66,000,000 may have died, is it in your face every day, no. The Bolsheviks were Jews, or the vast majority were. They hated Russian Christians and us just as much. He said, NB NB, When the arrest squads came to arrest us, if we had been armed with hammers and axes and waited for them, they might not have been so keen, never knowing when they set out, if they would ever return to their families. Yes you are innocent, and they were too.

Chumlee's Brother said...

John 14:6 said...

You can have every white brain surgeon on your team every time and I will take every negro bean picker, with Christ in their heart, every time.

.....Hmmmm, Brian surgeon. Just a combination of 'credentialism' plus a black and decker.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting the French Louvre with all that imagery stored and displayed there to be burned before the Notre Dame Cathedral. "They" will get around to it eventually. You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

The jews are behind every great or small disaster that has happened to Western Civilization since recorded history, even before the Crucifixion of Christ. If they were treated as the enemy they are other threats would take heed.

Jay Whiteman said...

Would you pick a negro brain surgeon if he has Christ in his heart?

Does Christ Consciousness override genetic crime tendencies? You seem to agree with the jewish communists that the nigger problem is anything and everything except heredity.

btw- Aren't we supposed judge [evaluate] people by deeds rather than by words? What if these so-called Christians are lying?

"Wherefore by their fruits [deeds] ye shall know them. 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 7:20

James said...

Mr(s) Obama was there to document the event.

The MSM says she was on a dinner cruise before the fire, but you can see it reflected in her wine glass according to Jim Stone so we was there to watch a planned fire. The fire protection system was interfered with. It should not have burned like it did.

James said...

Sometimes, with normies, exposing them to the truth is akin to blasting a sand castle with a high pressure hose. Their minds just can't take it!

Its a waste of time in most cases. Their only lament is the lack of a number to ring to get you dealt with afterwards.

Besides, what is the truth? Much of what white nationalists say is bullshit and they can tell.

James said...

Anonymous Saoirse Ban said...
Read Savant's article. Do you even understand the difference between a post and and an article.
Time for you to go back to your handlers for more training.

A post is what Sav does, and comments are what we do in response. Maybe Sav is posting articles, or maybe he is just posting posts.

James said...

The Notre Dame is a symbol of christian universalism, hence the mourning of the elites.
Though the Paris metro is falling apart, and thousands of homeless people live in its precincts, it's a non-issue for the elites.

Are you saying the elites a mourning the ND fire? Is that what you are actually saying?

James said...

My workmate, walked off. Not wanting to confuse the limited boundaries in his mind, that's different he said.

People like him encourage the conspirators. There are so many people like him. Maybe he needs to read Robison's Proof of Conspiracy.

James said...

What if these so-called Christians are lying?

He didn't say "so-called" Christians. He said people with Christ in their heart. I would assume that such people are unlikely to lie, if you follow his meaning.