Thursday, 25 April 2019

Sri Lanka and Christchurch: Contrast and compare the reactions

Well we got over that pretty quickly, didn't we? I'm referring to the slaughter of 300 Christians in Sri Lanka at Easter. A nine-day wonder. Well actually a two-day wonder would be more like it as coverage had pretty much disappeared by mid-week. Well at least it got some exposure, unlike the slaughter of 150 Christians by Muslims a few months back in Nigeria. Contrast that reaction to that of the Christchurch mosque killings in which 'only' 50 were killed. They're still on about that. Did you see Sajid Javid or Sadiq take to wearing a cross? In fact did you hear any condemnation from these two 'Britons'? Probably too busy arranging for the return of their 400 ISIS head-choppers from Syria.  I wonder will Prince William, who's flown all the way to Christchurch to pay his respects, stop off in Sri Lanka on his way home?

And what gives with the 'Easter worshippers' meme? Are they some strange cultists who gather at sunrise and wait for giant chocolate eggs to burst forth from the soil, or stones to spontaneously roll away from caves?  Given that this neologism has been used by several politicians (including Hillary, Obummer, mad-eyed Adam Schiff and Pocahontas Warren) as well as many in the media we must assume that it was coined centrally by Those Who Define The Narrative. "I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka” tweeted Clinton. No, this witch preys. She does not pray. Unless it's to her master Lucifer. Contrast this with what she has said about Christchurch: 'My heart breaks for New Zealand & the global Muslim community. We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped'.  Some difference, isn't there? Note how she didn't refer to the Christchurch victims as paedophile worshippers.

And here's another strange thing. There were two synagogues in Columbo but neither was attacked by the ISIS misunderstanders of Islam. And ISIS has yet to attack Israel. You'd imagine if they were looking to avenge Muslim casualties their primary targets would be Jews. If we didn't know better we might think that the tribe has been helping ISIS.


Tony in VA said...

Obama, a certified Muslim, who bows before Kings and Princes in Arabia and Islam. Hillary Clinton, a possessed Lucifarian, who operates an international organization which is untangled in child sex trafficking and human slave trafficking.

Obama and Clinton are two reprobates that are worthy of death in this life for their crimes against the US people, the Constitution, and humanity.

Californian said...

The obvious observations:
* Hostile Elites are using Muslims to batter down the White world (via mass migration, no go zones, ad nauseam).
* Christianity is an institution which has been a traditional bulwark of the White world (regardless of its current state of chaos).

Therefore, Hostile Elite spokesmen (Clinton et alia):
* exploit a terror attack against Muslims as an excuse to bash White Nationalists.
* exploit a terror attack against Christians to refuse to recognize even the existence of Christianity.

Look at the wider picture. Hostile Elite spokesmen tell us that something called "White Nationalism" is the real enemy. But...White Nationalism (WN) is an ideology (and a loosely defined one at that). WN is not an organization with initiation rights, party dues, a central directorate, and a trained-up armed wing which follows the orders of that directorate.

Will we see the elites label Islamism as the real enemy, given that the Sri Lanka terrorists used Islamism to justify their terror attacks? i.e., is the Elite goal the destruction of Islamist ideology per se, or just managing Islamist organizations such that their terrorism does not get too far out of hand?

Hostile Elites see the underlying struggle as one of ideology. White Nationalism is an ideological threat to the System. If White people start thinking in racial terms, the stranglehold of the System will unravel.

And so Hostile Elites use the Christchurch shooting as an excuse to crack down on WN ideology. The Elites actually could care less about the Muslims who were the victims of the Christchurch shooting. Christchurch was a photo op that those elites welcomed, an incident to be exploited in the war against YT.

Similarly, the Sri Lanka terrorism had to be spun into a narrative which would support the ongoing assault against the White world. Thus, the obvious and clumsy refusal to recognize that Christianity exists. The implication is that more terrorism against Christians is deemed long, I guess, as the attacks do not occur on Easter!

Look at the spin.
Then look at the agenda behind the spin.
And consider the Man Behind the Curtain

Anonymous said...

During and after the 25 year long ethnic war between the Singhalese and Tamils, the catholic Church was prominent helping the victims and resetling the refugees in western nations. These are the numbers according to Wiki:
France: 250 thousand refugees
Great Britain: 150k
Australia: 105k
Italy: 100k
Germany: 80k
Switzerland: 55k
Now we're expecting another huge wave of christian sry lankan refugees brought by the so called "Church".
It gets better and better.
I'm proud of being anti-christian!

Declan P. said...

Satanists do avoid naming the Lord's Name. So the word Christians is their taboo and fright.

Boomer said...

Anonymous @19.30

There's Christian and there's "christian" If you're proud of being anti - Christian then you are no different to the latter.

Mordechai Levi aka Karl Marx became a "christian" to get his ass into England at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Mugabe was a "catholic", a communist and a ((puppet))
Did well for himself and some for ((them)) in Africa no doubt about that.

Does this creature look and talk like a Christian? LOL!

Nige said...

Where is Jacinda Ardern? How come I don't see her tearful wailing on TV, wearing a crucifix and demanding muslims accept their collective guilt for this heinous attack against Christians. Guess to Jacinda, it was payback so that's ok in her mind.

I don't like to refer to women by the vernacular comparison to a female dog, but the word "bitch" is very appropriate and proper for Ms Ardern.

Red Mist said...

O/T Poor woman
Still can't forget ((Vorderman)) being interviewed shortly afterwards with her face deliberately hidden from the camera. She KNOWS who killed Jill. Same shit with Matthew Harding, Chelsea vice-chairman, who was killed in a helicopter crash. Murdered She knew too much.

Julian said...

So who killed Jill Dando then Red Mist? You seem to have the inside track.

Seth said...

Hilary, Obama, and their collective aren't human. Their alien physiology and psychology prevents them from pronouncing the word 'Christian'.

Uncle Nasty said...

Strangely on-topic.

The French yellow jacket riots are not over ... in fact they have moved up a notch or two.

Then this ...

Then this -- Totally unheard of till now ...

,,, and the latest --

It appears now, that the gloves are off and protestors are having seven shades of poopoo kicked out of them ... when actually confronted. Tell us Macron, old Fruit ... do you really feel in control?

And yet ... and yet ... information on this, possibly the second French Revolution, is amazingly sparse here in NZ, and putting together the timeline, could it be that the cops seen earlier, showing solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes have been replaced with imports from say, the US or the UK? Or Blackwater contractors, mayhap?

Or, maybe Mossad or the IDF? After all New Zeakand's squeaky fresh anti-gun laws were created in Canada (Like South Africa's). They all swap legislation like party favours.

Why shouldn't the left mix, match and borrow one another's thugs and sadists? What the hell? When you're given a weapon and allowed to wear an anonymising balaclava to work, you can be anyone you want to be ... bank robber, hijacker, riot cop, whatever.


Anonymous said...

We have here in the making a brilliant fantastic detective.
I give you Red Misst
Never misses a lead from the Daily Express/Mail

Lemmyhead said...

UN. Funny you should mention the yellow vests. Last Sunday had a drink with a mate. I'd sent him a link to watch the protests the week-end they started. I mentioned that I'd watched the continued protest the day before. His reply was 'What?! That's still going on?' Speaks volumes.


Heraclitus said...

There has been an almost total blackout on the yellow vest protests in the MSM. Whatever illusion I might have harboured about their independence have now been banished.

PreatorianXVI said...

@ Uncle Nasty

The Roman Elite used Germanic Mercenaries in the Praetorian Guard to subdue the locals in Rome back in the day, this practice is not quite so new, some people seem to repeat history, yet not pay attention to what actually happened by implementing such measures.

Rome is not Roman any more today... Italians will never be the Romans of old...

Uncle Nasty said...

Here's a little something else we're not hearing from the MSM.

Notre Dame in flames? Just another one of over eight hundred Christian churches burned down or vandalised in France.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Fall of Notre Dame Symbolizes The Fall of France.

Millions watched the live broadcasts of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris going up in flames, but my attention was drawn to moving news tape at the bottom of the screen. As the flames engulfed the roof and the spire it stated that the authorities had categorically ruled out arson.

As the tape progressed across the screen it then stated that the authorities intended to initiate a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire.
Categorically ruling out arson while the fire is still spreading, and before an investigation into its cause, was bound to invite suspicion from the inquisitive.

Due to the censorship routinely employed by the government the world was unaware that Christian places of worship in France had been subjected to a campaign of desecration for some time with twelve churches desecrated in the week preceding the fire.

These included the equally iconic Churches of St Sulpice and St Raphael which were severely damaged and set alight in an arson attack.

We now know that over eight hundred churches have been attacked in France previous to the Notre Dame fire so how the authorities can rule out arson or foul play when the fire is still spreading and before an investigation is completed requires an explanation.

Christianity in France has been under fire from both secularists and Muslims for some time so it would be interesting to know what information the authorities had on these two groups during lead up to the fire.

My emphases, Interestingly enough, more than a few locals have asked when our Lady of the Toothy Smirk is going to show solidarity by dumping the hijab and donning the surplice.

Oddly, no response ... yet.


Anonymous said...

George Soros behind Greta Thunberg

Behind every world famous 16 year old climate activist there is a liberal oligarch and a globalist movement. Soros behind Greta Thunberg

Anonymous said...

Bristol student union to investigate BME officer who told Jewish student 'be like Israel and cease to exist'

Omar Chowdhury was elected to his position on a platform which included 'zero tolerance for racism'

Anonymous said...

It's dangerous out there

Anonymous said...

I truly cannot keep pace with the amount of false stuff;
I got a bee in my bonnet regarding The demise of inshore fishing!
I have been horrified by the scale and size of over fishing ............#This has quite a bit of form .
Think of the British pilchard bonanza ..........brought to an end by scooping up fish too young too breed.

I have lost quite a bit of stuff through my health & age bearing down on my energy and quickness at spotting stuff. ..... ie A pair off huge factory /fishing ships, scooping up a seasons catch in the South Atlantic.
What I have found............... Many science and nature progs let slip through the most outrages anti PC stuff.
Mostly...... I have found most of these (slip ups?) occur on the BBC.
Most living things have strategy too ensure there own off spring survive long enough , to reproduce, & drive off interlopers looking for easy pickings

Red Mist said...

Anonymous said...
We have here in the making a brilliant fantastic detective.
I give you Red Misst
Never misses a lead from the Daily Express/Mail

26 April 2019 at 08:54

No I don't - now go and fuck yourself and remain fucking anonymous

Red Mist said...

Julian said...
So who killed Jill Dando then Red Mist? You seem to have the inside track.

25 April 2019 at 23:34

"Inside track"? no - no idea but I'd love to know. Many people allegedly got the impression that some elements in the MSM resented her popularity. I believe that too.

Californian said...

UN said: And yet ... and yet ... information on this, possibly the second French Revolution, is amazingly sparse here in NZ...

Well, you have a controlled media which does not want to give publicity to a growing populist rebellion that is opposing the New World Order. Compare this to the cheerleading the media did here in the USA in promoting Black Lives Matter.

This is why Nationalists need to develop their own media and agitprop fronts.

... could it be that the cops seen earlier, showing solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes have been replaced with imports from say, the US or the UK? Or Blackwater contractors, mayhap?

One reason to create an EU army, perhaps, is to act as a gendarmerie to suppress national-populist revolutions. Think of it as a new form of the Holy Alliance, which the European monarchies formed to oppose nationalist revolutions in the first half of the 19th century.

And this is why it is vital for Nationalists in all countries to network for a common struggle against globalism.

Gerry said...

Should be fun and shake up the establishment

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic ... but what awaits us all.

DA 'horrified' about dead babies, amputated limbs at Charlotte Maxeke hospital laundry

2019-04-18 13:35

The DA said on Thursday that it was "horrified" by a report that amputated limbs and dead babies were found regularly at the laundry of Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital.

On Wednesday, IOL reported that a woman who works in the laundry section of the hospital said she frequently dealt with an array of horror finds among the linen – from amputated limbs to babies; dead and alive.

According to the report, the laundry is gathered from various wards and sent down a metal chute where it lands on the floor to be sorted. The sheets are often blood-soaked, covered in faeces and contain placentas and blood clots. The dead babies are found at the bottom of the chute, often wrapped in soiled linen.

The so-called "Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital" (whoever the fuck she may be) was once the old Johannesburg General Hospital. Built by Whites in the twentieth century ... destroyed by niggers in the twenty first.

Pretty much like everything. My buddies and I used to date sisters and nurses from the "Gen".

The "Jo'burg Gen" as everyone used to know it, like Addington Hospital in Durban and Groote Schuur in Cape Town (First ever successful heart transplant in 1967) were among the finest teaching hospitals in the southern hemisphere.

That was then. Thanks, jewboys.


Anonymous said...

Israeli influence shouldn't be overlooked, although I have no particular insight into the recent bombings.

Christchurch looked fake. Tarrant's trial behind closed doors heightens my feelings about the show.


Anonymous said...

Tarrant's refusal of a lawyer offers authorities the perfect excuse for the in-camera hearing - disallow him the opportunity to soap-box his "White Nationalist" ideology.

All too cute for my liking.

Rapparee said...

A great graphic on the Lügenpresse climate change scam.
...Spread it around.

John 14:6 said...

For the 10,000 time. We all live in a dynamic reality.

Inside of a dynamic reality, there is no truth, only perception of relative truth.

Men must have Truth. We must.

Jesus Christ.

Judaism and mohamadism were formed as antichrist religions, based purely on materialism, to steal material wealth from Christians.

Atheism is the purest form of antichrist as atheism denies any truth at all.

People actually tried to start atheist churches beyond the teevee.

Total failure.

Men must have Truth. We must.

Jesus Christ.

John 14:6 said...

I have no idea why antichrist heathens are upset.

Christ mocked openly in heathen media. Check.

Christian places of worship burnt, only to fantasize about a heathen replacement. Check.

Christians murdered with little notoriety while antichrist heathens without the greatest of material comfort is a public shame. Check.

Descendants of Christians not being able to figure out that they have been had when they not only denied Jesus Christ but turned against out Lord. Check mate.

Retarded pagans thought that paganism is Christian morality without Christ.

Now the truth is known. Anichrist is in fact antichrist.

Jen said...

@Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...
Off topic ... but what awaits us all.

Happens all over South Africa. At a private hospital around the corner from us medical staff blocked our residential sewage pipe with empty plastic bottles and fistfuls of used medical wipes. They throw them down the toilets which are non standard and this effluent is being pushed into residential drainage which then gets blocked and flows into residential properties. The staff are now being trained in what not to throw down the toilets. We do not look forward to babies heads and diverse limbs flooding into our courtyard, but this country is full of surprises every day so anything can and does happen.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Anonymous said...

Christchurch looked fake. Tarrant's trial behind closed doors heightens my feelings about the show.

.....The 'firearm' wasn't a gun known to any armourers.
If you notice, the gun had words and symbols scribbled on it, which makes it look like one of those 'pre-unveiling' car shots, when they camouflage the body work with black and white graphics.
In fact, they think the gun was a 'firing' compressed air.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Money change scammers in Prague.

...Whites need to be warned about non-whites.
We should be taught to be distrustful of them, instead we are propagandised to think that non-whites will do you no harm.

James said...


James said...

Tarrant's refusal of a lawyer

How do you know he refused a lawyer?

How do you know he's even still in NZ?

James said...

Global warming is so bad that most countries in the world are warming faster than all the others.

The media issues a global warning.

James said...

An interesting story about perhaps the true founder of Israel.

Frank Galton said...

Jeff aka XXX said: "During and after the 25 year long ethnic war between the Singhalese and Tamils, the catholic Church was prominent helping the victims and resetling the refugees in western nations."


If you do some research you'll find that it's Zionists who control Western nations. It's these Zionists who allow migrants and bogus asylum seekers to settle in Western nations.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

A gunman has opened fire in California leaving one Passover worshipper dead and three other Passover worshippers injured, police say.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous James said...

Tarrant's refusal of a lawyer

How do you know he refused a lawyer?
How do you know he's even still in NZ?

27 April 2019 at 16:09

Don't concern yourself, James. The MSM in NZ (I refer to STUFF ... the latest breaking wind -- er, sorry, sorry. That should be "Breaking News!!!" Dammit) will supply us with all the information we need to know ... when deemed necessary.

Necessary by whom, I shall not say. But ... Good news at last!!

for those who miss the old USSR ... Do Not Worry!! Do Not Despair!! Our fearless toothy leader is doing her best to kickstart it once again.

Christchurch terror attack: More than 100 people being monitored by police
Sam Sherwood07:56, Apr 28 2019

More than 100 people - including white supremacists, Muslim converts and people left disgruntled by the Christchurch terror attack - are being actively monitored by police.

Stuff has obtained part of a top secret list that names those who are of concern to police following the March 15 terror attack. Stuff has chosen not to name anyone on the list or contact them for security reasons.

The list, which is understood to have included more than 100 people, includes "disaffected" people with firearm licences, and others with racist and radical views. Police appear to be placing a large focus on social media, with one person making it onto the list for posting "concerning information", including how to make their own live feed on social media.

Takes me back to my misspent youth when McCartney actually wrote music ...

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC
Didn't get to bed last night
On the way the paper bag was on my knee
Man, I had a dreadful flight

I'm back in the U.S.S.R
You don't know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the U.S.S.R

[Verse 2]
Been away so long I hardly knew the place
Gee, it's good to be back home
Leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case
Honey, disconnect the phone

I'm back in the U.S.S.R ...
You don't know how lucky you are, boy
Back in the U.S.S.R


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous Rapparee said...

A great graphic on the Lügenpresse climate change scam.
...Spread it around.

27 April 2019 at 03:43

Thanks Rapparee. I haven't laughed so hard since the pigs ate my little sister. I have isolated the graphic and sent it to everyone I know.

Obviously journalists need to take some serious remedial teaching on the meaning of the word "average". Preferably with a teaching aid in the form of a big club with nails in it.

However, please let me introduce you to the delights of tinyurl ...

Very handy for huge cumbersome links.


nilus said...

WHOSE WORLD IS IT ANYWAY ? UK Saturday Night Telly, 27/4/2019

BBC1 5.30pm 'Kung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Foreskinned Five' starring
JEW Jack Black
JEW Dustin Hoffman
JEW David Cross
JEW Seth Rogen and
JEW Tara Strong (Charendoff)

BBC2 8pm 'Dad's Army' Theme song mocking ADOLF HITLER sang by
JEW Bud Flanagan OBE aka Chaim Reuben Weintrop

ITV 8pm 'Britain's Got Talent' Hapless goyim judged by
JEW Simon Cowell and
TOTALLY NOT A FAGGOT, the creepy children's author David Walliams

BBC2 8.30pm '2001: A Space Odyssey' produced and directed by
JEW Stanley Kubrick

followed by 'Paths Of Glory' directed by
JEW Stanley Kubrick ,starring
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Channel 4 9pm 'Ghost In The Shell' starring
JEW Scarlett Johansson , Produced by Israeli
JEW Avi Arad

followed by 'Super 8' produced by
JEW Stephen Speilbergblattstein, written and directed by
JEW Jew Jew Abrams, Starring
JEW Noah Emmerich

ITV 10.30pm '2 Fast 2 Furious' produced by
JEW Neal Moritz. John Singleton directs, replacing
JEW Rob Cohen

BBC4 12.00 'TOTP 1987' presented by
JEW Gary Davies, featuring the
FAGGOT Pet Shop Boys
( named after the act of putting live rodents up the arse, hashtag Lemmiwinks) with
DYKE Dusty Springfield

followed by 'Island at the BBC' Performances from artists signed to
JEW Chris Blackwell's label, including
JEW Amy Winehouse


nilus said...

BBC1 12.15 'Laura Croft : Cradle Of Life' Produced by
JEW Lawrence Gordon and
JEW Lloyd Levin

BBC2 12.20 'Snooker: World Championship' presented by

Avi Arad was born in 1948 in Ramat Gan, Israel, and raised in a Jewish family.
The son of Holocaust survivors from Poland, he grew up reading Superman and Spider-Man comics translated into Hebrew
Along with Israeli-American Toy Biz co-owner
JEW Isaac Perlmutter, Avi Arad came into conflict with
JEW Carl Icahn and
JEW Ron Perelman over control of Marvel Comics in the wake of its 1996 bankruptcy. OY VEY

JEW Noah Emmerich was born youngest of three boys on February 27, 1965, in Jew Nork City, Jew Nork, to a Jewish family. HES A JEW !! JUST SAY IT: JEW !!
His mother, Constance, is a concert pianist; and his father, André Emmerich (1924–2007), was a gallery owner and art dealer (OY VEY) who was born in Frankfurt, Germany and left Nazi Germany with his family, relocating first to Amsterdam, Netherlands, and then Jew Nork in 1940

JEW Tara Strong (Charendoff) Her family, Jews who lived in Russia, had immigrated to Canada after escaping the Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire

nilus said...


"When I hear the words 'Guardian Culture Section' , I reach for my REDACTED .."

(((The Guardian)))
JEW Katherine Viner ( Executive Editor)
JEW Jonathan Freedland ( Deputy Editor)

'In the shallow: why does ( JEW ) Hollywood hate (JEW) pop music?'
ISRAELI JEW Natalie Portman’s (Herschlag) new film Vox Lux
(Produced by LESBIAN Christine Vachon and
JEW ? QUEER? D.J. Gugenheim
JEW? QUEER? Michel Litvak) is the latest to convey the genre as empty and miserable, while country, rock and rap are revered ( DASS RAYCISS !!!!)
by Stephen Rose (((?????)))

From Misty to Miller… how (NEGRO) Arinzé Kene is reshaping theatre
Killian Fox
His hit 2018 play riffed on black identity and saw the actor and writer hailed as one of British theatre’s most exciting voices. Now he’s starring in a bold new version of Death of a Salesman (Drug Dealer)
Kene has appeared in stage productions such as playing Simba in The Lion King OOGA BOOGA
When he did finally propose an idea in 2015, it felt extremely close to the bone. He wanted to tell the story, set to grime music, of a young black man in Hackney provoked to violence as his neighbourhood succumbs to gentrification. This would be interspersed by scenes in which the author of the story, called Arinzé, worries that he’s perpetuating a stereotype of disaffected black youth.
Now the 31-year-old’s hot streak looks set to continue. From Wednesday, Kene will appear as Biff Loman, son of Willy, in a radical new staging of Death of a Salesman at the Young Vic. In JEW Arthur Miller’s original text, the Lomans are socially and professionally frustrated for reasons that have nothing to do with the colour of their skin. In this production, co-director Marianne Elliott has made the family black, which casts their travails in pre-civil rights America in a very different light.
For Kene, who was born in Lagos and moved to London aged four, this isn’t difficult to understand. “As a black man I’ve experienced institutional racism and the paranoia that comes with it,” he says quietly, “and the effects that has on a person’s character.” Similar experiences fed into the writing of Misty, which is acutely sensitive to racial tensions in British society.
As a teenager, he poured his energies into music, rapping under the name Street Journalist, playing in bands and collaborating with, among others, grime artist Labrinth and singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka. He was also a keen basketball player JUST CALL THEM KNYGGERZ

On screen, he played a gay footballer opposite
QUEER Russell Tovey in The Pass in 2016, and appeared in the (((BBC))) adaptation of NEGBREW Andrea Levy’s The Long Song.

In the meantime, Kene was still grappling with his elusive commission for the Bush theatre. He wanted to talk about gentrification and racism and the kind of anger that leads one man to attack another on a night bus winding through Hackney.

Simples, dude: TNB

nilus said...


"If an illegal drug let me finish the London Marathon, I’d take it like a shot" (hashtag shattering stereotypes..) Nick Cohen

'Marathon Man' is a 1976 (((American))) suspense-thriller film directed by
QUEER JEW John Schlesinger. It was adapted by
JEW William Goldman from his 1974 novel of the same name and stars
JEW Dustin Hoffman. It was produced by
JEW Robert Evans (Shapera) and
JEW Sidney Beckerman

In the film, "Babe" Levy, a graduate student (Dustin Hoffman), becomes embroiled in a plot by NAZI war criminal CHRISTIAN Szell (Laurence Olivier) to retrieve stolen diamonds (OY VEY !) from a safety deposit box owned by Szell's dead brother.
Hammy over-actor Hoffman would run round and round the set before takes to appear sweaty and out-of-breath. Dear, dear Lord Larry was amused by these antics and asked him, " My boy, have you ever considered acting ?"

JEW Robert Evans (Shapera) was born in New York City, New York, the son of Florence, a housewife who came from a wealthy family, and Archie Shapera, a dentist in Harlem. He has described both of his parents as "second-generation Jews." He grew up on New York City's Upper West Side during the 1930s, where he was better off than most people living during the Great Depression. OY VEY !!
In his early years, he did promotional work for Evan-Picone, a fashion company founded by his brother Charles, in addition to doing voice work on radio shows. OY VEY, the sufferink, the poisecution ...

Thomas "Babe" Levy is a history Ph.D. candidate and avid runner researching the same field as his father, who committed suicide after being investigated during the Joseph McCarthy era. OY VEY !!! Babe's brother, Henry, known as "Doc", poses as an oil company executive but is actually a government agent working for a secret agency headed by Peter Janeway. One of Doc's jobs is to serve as a diamond courier for the infamous Nazi war criminal Dr. Christian Szell who is known as the Der Weiße Engel (German for The WHITE Angel) due to his prominent mane of WHITE hair. A wanted war criminal, Szell is ensconced in South America and is living off a large cache of diamonds which he had taken from Jews killed at Auschwitz.


Subtle as a Talmud Suppository

nilus said...

These two programs were on at exactly the same time , wow.
TV listings as cognitive dissonance !


BBC4 1.55am 'John Lee Hooker: The Boogie Man'
Blackumentary about the ASTONISHING CONTRIBUTION of..blah blah,
(nog worship)

BBC2 1.55am 'STABBED: Britain's Knife (knygger) Crime Crisis'
Twenty-five years after the murder (surely, RAYCISS MURDER ??) of his friend
STEPHEN LAWRENCE , Tyrone Scotchbonnet-Plantain explores the current wave of knife (knygger) crime (TNB) and the impact (aka ASTONISHING CONTRIBUTION) it is having across the nation

nilus said...

Brilliant vid by Jacktion:

Hello Savants. Long time. Please come over to Morgoths once in a while.

Whatever happened to the Morgoth / Savant stream ? Lets make it happen.

Best wishes: Tony Hayers / Nilus / Ngubu Scotchbonnet

Anonymous said...

Re: Comment of 27 April 2019 at 14:40 (Chumlee's Brother)

I also found the brief video clip of Tarrant's apprehension pretty unconvincing, given the dramatic nature of the alleged event. What about police car footage prior to the ramming of the vehicle?


Anonymous said...

(((Rita Katz))) with the latest scoop on ISIS.


Chumlee's Brother said...

Frank Galton said...
A gunman has opened fire in California leaving one Passover worshipper dead and three other Passover worshippers injured, police say.

.....Another psy-op.The 'manifesto' is just too good to be wholesome!

Do (((they))) do this to embarrass us???

Dr. Wassel said...

NATION REELS AFTER ATTACK ON SYNAGOGUE went the headline on Drudge. That as after one, yes ONE person was killed. Now contrast and compare that.

Chumlee's Brother said...

The white race IS totally in control of it's own destiny.
We are not the unwitting victims off an unwanted invasion of military age brown 'people' at all.
It's just the age-old class warfare playing itself out in modern times, like it always has.

Poor grade 'huwhite' people, are voting for political parties that are engaged in actively importing an even worse grade of 'humanity',so that they can feel better about themselves.
That's it in a nut shell.

Just look at your typical ANTIFA types, physically. Says it all really.

Mary Louise said...

Here's an 'Easter Worshipper'.

Lord Haw Haw said...

Have you all noticed how just about - no every male sport is currently being broadcast with female commentators yapping and shrieking in high pitched tones, literally 'oestrogening' and fucking up the spectacle for all viewers including feminINE viewers. From news reading to weather reporting, - everything but emptying fucking bins, it's some made up overzealous invariable unattractive - ghastly feminazi or a stinking shitskin.
I feel sorry the young white generation of males who cannot see what happening to the inventions and legacies left to them by their older peers. They are being deliberately isolated... never mind their fathers who already are.

Jen said...

That's still a bad thing as part of a general attack on Judeo Christianity. In Saudi Arabia terrorists are strung up or crucified. That's what we should be doing as well

Lord Haw Haw said...

The owner of Fiat (AND Ferrari) ...

I guess it's the same for all the top car marques post WW2,
Merc, Porche Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, Alfa, Rolls Royce, BMW - ALL the others too?


What they can't buy with their money power they destroy
William Joyce

NWO Chaos said...

Fred Reed is long past his sell-by date. In fact it surprises me that Unz still publishes him. His latest 'debunking' conspiracy theories is pathetic and flagrantly dishonest.

Anonymous said...

Stop pissing in the drink

Jen said...

That should read beheaded, not strung up.

On 2 January 2016, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of 47 imprisoned civilians convicted for terrorism in 12 different provinces in the country. Forty-three were beheaded and four were executed by firing squads. Among the 47 people killed was Shia Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

But they don't seem to mind Islamic terrorism in other countries. We should do our dirty work ourselves.

Rapparee said...

Cheers! Uncle Nasty
Thanks for URL tip.

Chuck foster Kane said...

Obviously journalists need to take some serious remedial teaching on the meaning of the word "average".

They don't. They have to be as innumerate as the people they ill-inform.

LSE Alum said...

16 year old Rebecca Great-orator T'Hunberg refuses to walk like a normal 16 year old because she has assburgers and OCD so it takes her 1 hour to walk a 10 minute walk to school. Really this is someone we should be taking climate change lessons from. Another great find by George Soros. Could be a LSE lecturuer as well as a Nobel Laureate.

Jay Walker said...

". . .What they can't buy with their money power they destroy. . ."

What they can't STEAL with their money power they destroy. . .

Jay Whiteman said...

I mean Jay Whiteman

Anonymous said...

Now that the news cycle has moved on, did anyone see any CCTV or cell-phone footage whatsoever of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting?

PB said...

"Have you all noticed how just about - no every male sport is currently being broadcast with female commentators yapping and shrieking in high pitched tones,"

Here in Australia we have suddenly had womyn's AFL football shoved down our throats as though it was somehow always a thing. It started with the ABC (BBC but with extra feminism) and has spread across the major channels since. You can tell no-one has their heart in it and they know it isn't worth watching, but it's alive with "everyone gets a trophy" symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of your televisions it is only programming you. >They< have many ways to program you. GET RID!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are taking your bird out tonight don't go to a disco club or cinema no No No take her to the theatre to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf then chat about it over a few drinks in a fairly quiet pub.. See how she sees. Ffs doo not mentioned the war part2 household bills Brexit the price of greens and the ever rising cost of property unless she's an estate agent or a veggie.
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Boomer said...

More on "Easter Worshippers" from the Telegraph

Anonymous said...

Am I reading this wrong: TV+Radio this morning ........things are to be made much easier.................For old folk to pass on their property & housing too pay for our health care .... non contributers to be included?
In WW2 the government said all private housing ...........was HM property! use as long as the HM considered necessary ( belonged to the state).The problems this caused...Lasted into the Kray era in the 50s .
What is on the way......... In my opinion.(Is: our luke warm citizens will kick off off sooner than later . The young alien demographic and the ‘I want it now .........mindset’ will see to that! plus of course the attitude to
white folks opinion having ...........little impact on , the liblabcon buffoons.

Anonymous said...

anon 29 ......04..........:09:39
Cunt move fast............. I'm on 2nd dose chemo this week end.
I'm thinking you are north of the border .
I aint! not quite so much danger as you ancient jocks.

white rose said...

Sorry to hear of your problem dofornow. How serious is it? Much chemotherapy is successful these days.

AnalogMan said...

Jen said...

That's still a bad thing as part of a general attack on Judeo Christianity.

(((My fellow Judeo Christians...))).

PB said...

"I'm on 2nd dose chemo this week end."

Had it a year ago right about now myself. Still here, and feel pretty good. Impossible to say if chemo works or if its the lifestyle changes you have to make, or both in tandem.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice there dofornow. I once went to see that play in the West End with Diana Rigg playing Martha, what a fine looking woman and brilliant actress she is.
So many cutting remarks in this play that it put me off marriage for life lol.

Martha: [derogatorily, to George] Hey, swamp! Hey swampy!
George: Yes, Martha? Can I get you something?
Martha: Ah, well, sure. You can, um, light my cigarette, if you're of a mind to.
George: No. There are limits. I mean, a man can put up with only so much without he descends a rung or two on the old evolutionary ladder, which is up your line. Now, I will hold your hand when it's dark and you're afraid of the boogeyman and I will tote your gin bottles out after midnight so no one can see but I will not light your cigarette. And that, as they say, is that.
Martha: Jesus.

George: You can sit around with the gin running out of your mouth; you can humiliate me; you can tear me to pieces all night, that's perfectly okay, that's all right.
Martha: You can stand it!
George: I cannot stand it!
Martha: You can stand it, you married me for it!

Nick: Who did the painting?
George: Some Greek with a moustache that Martha attacked one night.

Nick: To you, everybody's a flop. Your husband's a flop, I'm a flop.
Martha: You're all flops. I am the Earth Mother, and you are all flops.

Martha: I swear, if you existed, I'd divorce you.

Hahaha fucking brilliant. Yes go and see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf