Sunday, 21 July 2019

Russia commemorates the Romanovs. But not everyone's happy

Last year Russia saw massive numbers of its people commemorate the centennial of the murders  (Wikipedia calls them 'executions') of the last Czar and his family. (And by the way the same project saw to the virtual extermination of the country's whole ruling class and its intellectual elties, providing Lenin with his desired population of 'white niggers'.) According to Russia Insider "This year, 60,000 Orthodox faithful gathered for the nighttime Liturgy at Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, built on the site where the Royal Family and their faithful servants were brutally slain, and the following procession to the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Ganina Yama, built on the site where their holy bodies were discarded".

But not everyone was happy, as the following bizarre headline in Western propaganda outfit The Moscow Times indicated:

A Conspiracy Around the Romanovs’ Murder Has Alarmed Russian Jews

Almost 100 years have passed, but the Russian Orthodox Church cannot let it rest

Doesn't that beggar belief? In any event the Tribe has good reason to feel uncomfortable about the Romanovs' fate because just about everyone associated with it - from the killers themselves right up through the chain of command to the very top - was Jewish.  The murders were carried out under the direct command of Yakov Yurovsky, who had armed himself with several revolvers, a bayonet and a short-handled axe. Presumably because young girls are hard to finish off.  Aleksandr Beloborodov (Vaysbart) was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ural Regional Council which controlled the region where Filipp Isayevich Goloshchyokin* was Military Commissar. Nothing happened there without their approval. The direct order for the murders came from Yakov Sverdlov (Yankel-Aaron Movshevich Solomon), Chairman of the Communist Party Central Executive Committee in Moscow. It's not a well known fact but around this time Sverdlov was better known and more powerful than either Trotsky or Stalin. All of these were Jewish, while Lenin, the man who gave the final sign-off, was quarter Jewish and grew up in a Yiddish-speaking household.

Well maybe the chain of command went even higher than Lenin.

"The order to murder the Tsar and his family actually came from New York. The Bolsheviks had been forced to flee from Yekaterinburg in such haste that they had no time to destroy all the telegraph strips. Those strips were later found in the telegraph house. [White leader] Nikolai Sokolov took care of them but could not decipher them. This was done only in 1922 by a group of experts in Paris. Sokolov then discovered that the strips were extremely revealing, since they dealt with the murder of the Tsar and his family.......... The chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Yakov Sverdlov, had sent a message to Yakov Yurovsky where he relayed that after he had told [Bolshevik financier] Jacob Schiff in New York about the approach of the White army, he had received orders from Schiff to liquidate the Tsar and his entire family at once."

So maybe the Tribe have reason to be worried. I guess we can expect a call from Bibi to his BFF Putin to clamp down on such dangerous developments.

* Not many people can claim to have had their own personal genocide named after them but Goloshchyokin is one (the Goloshchyokin Genocide). His was in Kazakhstan where up to one third of the population starved to death under his  forced collectivation programme. His mom must have been so proud.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Shock as well-known actor comes out

The entertainment industry has reacted in shock to the news that Robin Banks has 'come out'. "I just had to do it" he admitted at a press conference.  "The rumours and innuendo and the stress of hiding one's sexual orientation were becoming too much to bear.  If this damages my career or if colleagues find it offensive....then so be it. But the more people who come out, the easier it will be for others to follow."

The reaction to Banks' disclosure ranged from mild approval to open hostility. While his parents admitted "we still love our son" a distraught Tanya Hyde, Chairzir of the Gay And Lesbian Alliance admitted that "I feel like I've been physically beaten". "To discover after all those years that Robin Banks is a straight white male is literally the worst thing that ever happened in my life. After the wonderful progress that's been made, gay marriage, paedophiles adopting children, transgender programming in schools...this has come as a horrible surprise." Drying zir's tears Hyde added "under no circumstances must he be allowed to play the part of a non-straight zir again".  

A clearly distressed Da’Quonde King’Kong’Quisha (pictured left), Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and Professor of Moral Theology at Cambridge University exclaimed 'Oogabooga! Eek! Eek!".  Jonathan Silverplatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) referred ominously to "this terrifying development". "Be under no illusion" he warned, "this puts us on a slippery slope to a new Holocaust.  For me it conjures up images of Nazi Germany where heterosexual white youths spent their Summers in the countryside, working and innocently playing.  So you can understand why I'm literally shaking".

Banks has remained out of the public eye since making his shock announcement and time will tell how it impacts his career. Given the prevailing revulsion towards straight white males the omens are not good for him.

Epstein on suicide watch

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Black intellectuals

As many of you know I spent a fair amount of time working in Africa, an experience which my wife claims transformed me from a liberal to a Nazi. Being in the technology field my interactions were largely with 'the best and the brightest' that those countries offered. Remarkably these people, though dispersed from South Africa to Ivory Coast, all demonstrated a number of common characteristics, characteristics which they even share with black 'intellectuals' in the West such as Michael Eric Dyson. This interview between JF Gariepy and the son of an Ethiopian immigrant to America provides a perfect illustration. 


An attitude of supreme (but totally unjustified) narcissistic confidence. Loud, assertive and patronising. Whether this is just posturing or whether they actually realise their inadequacies is unclear but the spurious confidence probably derives from being unused to questioning from their less intelligent fellow blacks and White libtards. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king and all that.

An inability to process a logical and coherent argument. Similarly they're unable to anticipate when they're painting themselves into a corner, when an averagely intelligent White person could see it coming a mile off. And they never prepare adequately....which probably derives from their narcissism and delusional confidence. For instance Nimrod talks down to JP on the issue of eugenics only to discover that it's a field in which the latter is an acknowledged expert.

Their apparent expertise is skin deep. Always. Despite the confident assertions their expertise quickly dissolves in the face of informed counter-arguments. I've seen this so many times. It seems - truly - that blacks are unable to build deep expertise in any subject.

Rhetorical devices which they wield as required to get themselves out of a corner and/or to put down their opponent. These include constant interruptions, throwing out 'big words' to make themselves appear intelligent, snickering, dismissing semantic consistency as 'word magic', and saying 'I don't even know what you're arguing' or 'hey, that was funny' or 'it's called xxx. Do you know what xyz is? Look it up'. For the record, we could make some use of these devices ourselves.

On a closing note I see that despite the firestorm that followed Trump's 'go back to where you came from' suggestion his popularity has actually gone up among Republicans (and I imagine a lot of White Democrats as well).

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Some random thoughts on the Epstein case

The ongoing Epstein saga is fascinating beyond measure. Will it result in the exposure and disempowerment of the Devil-worshipping paedophile cabal that rules over us? I doubt it. But first let me ask how we got to this stage. Why didn't the (almost) all-powerful cabal kill this off before it got traction? Just like they did with the first attempt to bring Epstein to justice. They have the wealth, power and information access to have strangled it at birth. Yet now they're in damage control mode.

Will they be brought to justice? I doubt it. For sure Epstein is going to the slammer but I find it hard to believe that the likes of Clinton, Prince Andrew, the Rothschilds and God knows who else will have their collars felt. They might deploy the same bait and switch strategy they're using in the 9/11 Grand Jury case. I wrote here that "the GJ can act only on the evidence provided by the US Attorney's office. That means that a US Attorney with a lot of skin in the game could spike the investigation from the outset. And who'll be the one overseeing this investigation? Why one (((Geoffrey Berman))). Not only is Geoffrey a (((Geoffrey))) he was also John McStain's personal lawyers. He can select the jury members and determine what evidence is presented to them. And finding suitable members is unlikely to present him with too many difficulties as Manhattan is Zio Central. And in the unlikely event that his selected GJ fails to comply he can simply replace them with a new jury. All of which will remain secret to the general public.

I hope I'm wrong but I can't see the Deep State that orchestrated and covered up the 911 attacks allowing the full truth to emerge from this exercise. Here's a more likely scenario. The GJ will be used to foist the Saudis with the complete blame while carefully avoiding the Mossad/Jewish elephant in the room. This will be seized on the the media and the political system as a once-and-for-all clearing of the decks. Now let's look for some Saudi fall guys and get on with out lives." In the Epstein case one of the lead prosecutors is Comey's daughter while the judge is a Jew with a record of twisting the law against conservative causes. The New York South jurisdiction will ensure it's more of a jewry than a jury!  They'll know the danger of the goyim connecting the J-dots.

Which brings me to the strange case of Alan Dershowitz and his campaign to have the Epstein case papers made public. Given that he's almost certainly guilty (just look at him) why would he do that? My theory is that he wants to identify the accusers at which point he can unleash his buddies in the media to traduce them and undermine their credibility. For sure he doesn't want to see justice done.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts on the case which has the - slight -  potential to bring the House Of Satan crashing down.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

The McElligots - a step too far?

The McElligots, a new soap opera which RTE has described as 'brave, ground-breaking and edgy' has attracted a storm of criticism from multiple sources. Tintin O'Foole, Culture Critic at the Irish Times described the series as 'sickening'. 'In a throwback to Ireland's darkest days The McElligotts features an all-white Irish household in which the father works while the mother stays at home to look after the family, all of whom go to Mass every Sunday. Hello!!!  The Current Year is 2019. I'm a proud and tolerant liberal but everyone associated with this should be fired, if not prosecuted for hate'.

Ivan Aikenhead of the LGBTQVBRXNL Alliance admitted 'I literally cried' after watching the first series, adding wistfully 'I wish it reflected real life like Eastenders, which handled the recent multiracial mother-father-daughter menage-a-trois episode with such taste and sensitivity' Oogabooga Bambaluba of the Irish Immigrant Association, speaking from his Government-funded apartment in swanky Dublin 4, condemned the 'total lack of diversity' in the series and - ominously - warned that the show's 'exclusion and hate' could drive many people of colour back to Africa.

Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter admitted to being, well, shattered by the series.'There's only one word to describe this abomination: Hate. For instance a Crucifix is openly visible in one of the scenes and the priest in the series - a white priest - is neither gay nor a child-molester. What kind of message does this send? I literally see this ending in another Holocaust. I'm reminded of Brecht's chilling warning on Hitler 'Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again'. As a proud Jew and Irishman I despair”

Annie Price, spokesperson for RTE, defended the show. "Our idea was to add diversity. I mean, where else on TV will you see a straight White middle-class heterosexual self-supporting family? But obviously we went too far. RTE apologises for any hurt or offence and has made available support services and safe rooms for those affected'.  

Sunday, 7 July 2019

The case for democratic eugenics

Eugenics has been getting a bad rap for a long time, especially from the left and from "liberals". But it wasn't always so. And that's not surprising given that its promise of long-term improvement of the human species fused neatly with the concept of Communism's New Man. Little surprise then that many if not most of the early 20th century's 'progressive' luminaries actively espoused it. These included Margaret Sanger, H.G. Wells, Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, Harold Laski and many more. But then came (shudder) the Nazis. And the rest is (fake) history.

Eugenics is now seen as a kind of Frankenscience, a subject not to be broached in polite circles. Especially among GoodWhites. But how could any of them object to the following proposal?

Anyone of child-bearing age who volunteers for sterilisation gets a cheque for €5,000. 

Simple as that. No incentives or restrictions based on race, religion, culture or economic class. On what basis could any virtue-signalling hypocrite object?  Well they would be mighty unhappy with the proposal. Because they know, even though they wouldn't directly admit it, that the beneficiaries would overwhelmingly be characterised by low intelligence and high time-preference. Which means fast-breeding White welfarists and blacks. They'd take up the offer in huge numbers and within a few generations their defective genes would start to disappear from our gene pool.

The luvvies might find this concept abhorrent but for sure the Chinese do not. They're already, at both Government and private levels, working to produce future generations of high IQ children. Meanwhile the long-term trend of increasing average IQ levels in White countries (the Flynn Effect) has gone into reverse. Yes, IQ levels in White countries are declining. And the decline is directly attributable to the relative growth in the numbers of black immigrants and of welfarists incentivised by the system to breed with all the foresight of stray dogs. This has catastrophic implications given that wealth and livability are directly correlated with intelligence. That's why the Chinese are so interested in the subject.

So my proposal literally has zero down-side. We'd reduce welfare dependency and its attendant pathologies as well as the proportion of blacks in our populations. But that's why our NWO overlords will never allow it.  Bertrand Russell, being one of them, explained it thus: "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

Friday, 5 July 2019

Announcing the David Lammy Mastermind Award

I wrote a few months back that David Lammy, MP, could justifiably claim the title of Britain's Stupidest Person. But this didn't stop him getting on the BBC's elite Mastermind quiz, where his performance became the stuff of legend. Even for his 'specialised subject' (Bob Marley, not nucular fizzix)) other contestants answered more than he did. Recognising his humiliation the moderator took the unprecedented step of prompting an answer to the identity of the first female Nobel Prize winner for physics. 'Marie.....' the host ventured, to which Lammy brightly responded 'Antionette'. He went on to say that Henry VIII was succeeded, somehow, by Henry VII. He's on record as complaining bitterly at the racism of Papal Elections in which black smoke is seen as bad, having never heard of the ancient electoral process.

Now in honour of his unique achievements I hereby announce the establishment of the David Lammy Mastermind Award, which goes to the stupidest quiz answer of the year. Here are a few suggestions.

Ben Shephard: "Between 1991 and 1999, Peter Schmeichel was the goalkeeper for which English football club?"
Contestant: "Germany?"

Jeremy Paxman: "What is another name for 'cherrypickers' and 'cheesemongers'?"
Contestant: "Homosexuals."
Paxman: "No. They're regiments in the British Army, who will be very upset with you."

DJ: "What was Hitler's first name?"
Contestant: "Heil."

Jamie Theakston: "Where do you think Cambridge University is?"
Contestant: "Geography isn't my strong point."
Theakston: "There's a clue in the title."
Contestant: "Leicester?"

DJ: "Name a film starring Bob Hoskins that is also the name of a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci."
Contestant: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Bradley Walsh: What is the only planet in the universe known to support life?
Contestant Jack: Mars?

Alexander Armstrong: Name a country that ends in two consonants?
Contestant Sarah: "I did Geography at A-Level but that's about as far as it goes. Oh.. erm... Paris?"

Host: "Which European country is Budapest the capital of?"
Contestant: "This might be a stupid question. I thought Europe was a country? I know they speak French there, don't they? Is France a country?"

Bradley: "Complete the popular saying, 'Always a bridesmaid, never the…'"
Contestant: "Groom."

Bradley: "In 2009, Sunderland scored against Liverpool when the ball deflected off what object? A beach ball, an ice cream van or a sunbathing German."
Contestant: "Ice Cream Van."

I'm sure Lammy is nodding his head in approval of such erudition.

(By the way, this genius was given admission to Harvard and was Minister for Higher Education at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the last Labour Government.)

Monday, 1 July 2019

The happy carefree life of a cultural enricher

The young Irishman pictured here has been very naughty. Specifically he, along with two other Nigerians, raped and otherwise sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl a few years back. The girl told police that the three accused took it in turns to pin her to the ground and forcefully have sex with her. She said she was still on anti-depressants and had suicidal ideation four years on as a direct result of the abuse.  A very serious offence, one for which an Irish offender would get ten years in the slammer at a minimum. 

But these offenders are black, and Muslim. Right at the pinnacle of the Victimhood Hierarchy.  And they're being tried in a Western court. So they walked. That's right, they walked. Judge Mary Ellen Ring noted that the three men will carry a sexual offence conviction with them, which may “cause them not to get employment, or to lose employment.” She said this was punishment in itself and was likely to come back against them in many years to come. Yes, she actually said that. Judge, for a Nigerian parasite in welfare-rich Ireland work is just about the last thing he thinks about. What were the other mitigating factors? Akinade 'showed remorse' and was 'co-operative with police'.

So there!

Akinade was due to be deported after the conviction but, wait for it, another bewigged imbecile not alone blocked the deportation but granted him asylum. Why? Because according to Justice Bernard Barton he was a ‘hot prospect for the future for Irish football’.  Not content with this the rapist then, with the help of publicly-funded hot-shot lawyers, got injunctions against five newspapers preventing them from publishing his name. And who presided over these cases? The same Justice Barton. 

And did these splendid young gentlemen suffer the torment of guilt, sleepless anguished nights where their crimes came back to haunt them as feared by Judge Ring? No. In fact after the court case they took to social media to mock and abuse the victim. This by the way was in flagrant breach of a restraining order issued by the courts and for which breach they suffered no repercussions.   

The happy carefree life of a cultural enricher in today's Ireland.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The unimaginable becomes prosaic

I can remember, and it wasn't so long ago, when getting into the US represented a significant challenge. First you had to apply for a visa (which contained a raft of tricky questions along the lines of 'are you a terrorist or do you intend to commit acts of terrorism while in the US?') and if memory serves me correctly you even had to do an interview with some steely-eyed bureaucrat. My niece overstayed her visa and was summarily deported, never to return. A friend of my wife who lived in America, was married to an American and whose kids were born there was, together with her kids, refused permission to board the plane at Shannon due to some technical glitch in their documentation.

That was little more than twenty years ago. Now the detritus from every hell-hole on the globe can almost freely cross the southern 'border' and once across usually qualify for some form of residency. Sure, people are still stopped and others get deported, but literally millions have, over the last few decades, crossed illegally and now roost in the US. This says nothing of the legal immigrants (mainly from Asia) who have been flooding in by the millions over the same period. Despite the campaign promises Trump has utterly failed to make a difference. The staggering scale of the problem was graphically illustrated at the recent Democratic debate when close to a majority of the candidates, hands raised in the air, stood in favour of free medical care for people illegally residing in the country. Just think about that. Free medical care for people illegally residing in the country, when a few decades back they'd have immediately been punted back over the border - assuming they had somehow managed to get across in the first place.

Some time ago I wrote 'Am I alone in thinking that this is another sign of a general quickening? Not just gun control but all elements of the anti-White project seem to have suddenly gone into overdrive. Third World immigration, the spread of "hate" (read anti-White) legislation, the blocking of pro-White websites, White displacement in the workplace, antifa aggression and provocations, depravity and degeneration in the public sphere, the rewriting of history. It's like the way the flow of a river speeds up as it approaches a waterfall. It's a good analogy because it seems we are headed towards some precipitous event, the nature and outcome of which, to me at least, are unknown.'

They still are.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

And the Maine problem is.....

From USA Today "From Alabama to Wyoming: Here is the best and worst thing about every state"

This is how they rate Maine:

Best: Lowest violent crime rate

Maine ranks as the safest state in the country, as there were just 124 violent crimes reported for every 100,000 residents -- less than a third of the national rate.

Worst: Least diverse

According to the latest Census data, 94.4 percent of Maine's population is white, beating out nearby Vermont and New Hampshire as the least diverse states.

But wait, according to the New York Slimes help could be on the way.

'PORTLAND, Me. — … This month, 250 migrants from Africa arrived in this northeastern city of roughly 67,000 residents in the span of just a week, overflowing the overflow space and forcing Portland to hastily convert a basketball arena into an emergency shelter. Urgent calls went out for interpreters who could speak French, Portuguese and Lingala, a language spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. City Council meetings were given over to grappling with how Portland would pay for all of this — and the possibility that still more migrants might be coming. the sheer numbers — and the suddenness of the latest arrivals — have opened up a debate about how much Portland should be doing to help immigrants and whether it should entice more of them to come. "
If we have discovered the magic wand that will bring young families to Portland to help us build the next generation, why would we want to stop that, especially when it costs us so little money?”  Portland’s mayor Ethan Strimling said.'

Maybe Vincent Mbala from the Congo, who came to Maine with his wife and three children, can help in identifying this magic wand.

'He said that he learned through internet research that Maine provided financial support for asylum seekers. Maine is unusual in providing general assistance, for up to two years, to immigrants who have valid visas or who have applied for asylum. … Portland also has what local officials believe is the only municipal fund in the country that provides support to asylum seekers before they submit their applications.'

Now with my crystal ball in hand let me provide that rag with an update for 2030.

Best: Most diverse

Maine has become one of America's most diverse states, a beautiful mosaic of different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different dreams, united by their passionate belief in democracy, freedom, and the American Way Of Life.

Worst: Spiralling crime 

The citizens of Maine endure some of the nation's highest rates of murder, violent assault, rape, robbery and inter-communal violence. Sociologists and political scientists are baffled by these developments as less than a decade ago Maine was the safest place in the country.

Folks, these days the jokes just write themselves.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Orwell weeps

The treatment of political and social dissent by the post-Stalin Soviet Block regimes was far less draconian that is commonly imagined. The midnight knock, followed by a bullet to the head or disappearance into the gulag archipelago were replaced by far less draconian but still effective control mechanisms. These included media denunciations, mandatory re-education programmes, loss of job, loss of apartment or incarceration in a mental institution. One thing stayed constant though: The courts remained mere enforcers of the regimes' will while intruding into every facet of people's lives.

In other words pretty much what we have today in the democratic freedom-loving West. And our courts would make Brezhnev or Andropov proud. Consider this new and horrifying development from the Orwellian-named Court Of Protection: A female British judge ordered a pregnant woman who reportedly has developmental disabilities and a mood disorder to have an abortion, even though the woman and her mother allegedly strenuously object. The woman’s mother made clear to doctors and the court that she would assume care of her grandchild. The woman is believed to have the mental capacity of a grade school-age child. She is reportedly Catholic, and her mother is Nigerian.  “I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn't want it is an immense intrusion,” said Justice Nathalie Lieven. “I have to operate in [her] best interests, not on society's views of termination”.

Yup, you read that right. Not content with deeming full-term abortions - i.e. infanticide - a Constitutional right in America judges in Britain now decide who can have children.  Has this judge ever heard of the woman's right to choose? Well yes she has. Because the same Judge Lieven, prior to her elevation to the bench, was a leading advocate for 'women's health' (i.e. abortion and contraception). She even sued the Government of Northern Ireland for their restrictive abortion laws. Which we can assume contributed greatly to her early promotion. Writing in The Spectator a few months back a would-be High Court judge claimed that to make a successful application it was not sufficient to just commit to 'diversity and inclusion', applicants had to demonstrate how they had actively supported such objectives in their careers to date. Who are those who decide on such criteria? Probably the kind of people who worked to give this freak responsibility for children and the family in Ireland.

Now I don't want any smart-alecs commenting on the kind of a world we'd have if Africans with, er, 'developmental disabilities' (90% of Africans) were not allowed to reproduce!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Reasons to be cheerful

Obviously there's  no shortage of black pills but today I bring to your attention several reasons to be cheerful. First up is the ongoing swarm of mini quakes in Southern California. Now don't get your hopes up prematurely. Such swarms do not necessarily mean the imminent disappearance of Hollywood and Silicon Valley and the rest of Globohomo land into a watery Pacific grave. Nonetheless scientists claim that those quakes could set off a domino effect which would 'awaken the southern San Andreas from its long slumber'. That fault is capable of producing a quake close to 9 on the Richter Scale. And that would do just fine.

And we're on the subject of Hollywood it gladdens the heart to learn that their "comedies" are tanking. The Hollywood Reporter (which is the latest outlet to discontinue reader comments) laments comedy and romantic comedy ticket sales as a whole have been on a steady slide for the past decade. "Ten years ago, comedy was king at the movie theater, and now comedy is having a terrible time getting traction". Whatever the cause, there's a cascading list of comedies that have disappointed at the box office over the past few years, leading to a new calculus in the film industry: Which movie justifies a theatrical release and which should be relegated straight to streaming.

The HR agonises long and hard about the causes of this disaster without even coming close to discovering the blindingly obvious: The 'comedies' are just not funny.  And they're not funny largely because they're hamstrung by the PC thought police breathing down the writers' necks and the force-fitting of unfunny minorities and women (who make lousy comedians) into the starring roles. And  maybe straight White males, who make up a huge proportion of the market, have gotten fed up with being the butt of every joke and put-down from minority stooges who have gone beyond the subliminal and now openly display their hate and contempt. The targets seem to have taken the hint and are now staying at home in ever-increasing numbers.

And finally to arch-demon Angela Merkel. Did you see her doing the Hippy Hippy Shake as she stood to her country's, sorry, Germany's National Anthem? Enjoy. The official Fake News explanation attributes the attack to dehydration. Silly lie because dehydration does not induce these symptoms.  So what was it? The optimist in me says it's an indication of an advanced neurological disorder that will soon send her to meet her Satanic Master. There are other possibilities of course. It might be an allergic reaction to the German National Anthem. Or the demon within her was trying unsuccessfully to escape. Did she get a sudden vision of Judgement Day, or did someone accidentally sprinkle her with Holy Water? Or, more whimsically, was she bursting for a piss or did she accidentally activate her vibrator? Let's be positive and go with the fatal neurological disorder.

So there you go. Hopefully your spirits have been raised and there's a spring in your step as you face another day.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Finally: The joys of diversity explained

The joys and benefits of diversity are endlessly touted. But I've always been struck by the lack of specificity. What exactly are the benefits? Ask a diversocrat and you'll get a vague response, buzz words and pabula. The nearest thing to specifics is exotic food and the restaurants that serve it. Yes, that's it! Like all the other supposed advantages this one doesn't stack up either as White chefs could go abroad, learn the skills and recipes, and bring them home to a grateful White world. I can't see them taking this on though.

CHIMPANZEE meat is being sold in the UK, with the risk of it sparking “the next big pandemic”, experts have warned. Sold as “bush meat”, the chimp flesh has found its way onto platters at weddings and Christenings, and is also sold as a luxury food at market stalls in the UK. Diseases such as HIV can be transmitted from chimpanzees to humans because we are so genetically similar. Dr Ben Garrod told the Telegraph that a ton of bush meat from West Africa was confiscated on a flight bound for the US in recent weeks. "It's rife, it's in all major cities across Europe and the US. Chimpanzee meat is seen as a luxury food item in (cough, cough) some cultures. From what I know, I can't imagine why people would want to eat chimpanzee, but most bush meat that comes to the UK is seen as a luxury food."

Meanwhile a report from a medical research institution shows sharply increased incidences in Germany of adenoviral conjunctivitis, botulism, chicken pox, cholera, dengue fever, E. coli, haemophilus influenza, Hantavirus, hepatitis, hemorrhagic fever, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, louse-borne relapsing fever, malaria, measles, meningococcal disease, mumps, paratyphoid, rubella, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, typhus and whooping cough.

Don't know about you but I think it's a small price to pay for the joys of diversity.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

The Great Irresponsibility Plot

Have you ever marvelled at the insanities of Health & Safety regulations? Emanating from the EUSSR Commission / Politburo they seem designed to mollycoddle people to the point of catatonia. British soldiers were told they could no longer fire actual mortars during training because even with ear defenders the sound of the explosion breached the 137 decibel limit. Kites have been banned from beaches in case they might fall and injure someone as have sticking plasters from workplaces in case of allergic reactions and children from taking part in sack races.

The days of being accountable for your own stupidity and/or carelessness seem to be gone. Tripped over your feet as you drunkenly stagger out of a pub? Sue for compensation. Whom do you sue? Doesn't really matter, the pub, the local're sure of a handsome cheque to soothe your recovery. A kid in Dublin, seriously injured when jumping onto the roof of a moving train sued the transport company and walked away with nearly half a million Euro. Somehow, in some unfathomable way the transport company was deemed at fault.

We're incubating a timid and indecisive society. Theodore Dalrymple, writing of the bureaucratic gridlock involved in resolving a simple pest control problem at a school suggests that "the aversion to risk even when there isn’t any is a mark of modern society. It is aversion not to risk, but to metarisk, as it were: the risk of a risk. The pest controller wondered what would happen if the school ever had to face a real emergency. The staff were so unused to taking decisions for themselves that they would probably be paralyzed by indecision. The only decision of which they were now capable was the decision not to take a decision. Human agency is a faculty that has to be exercised or it withers, to be replaced by paralysis followed by obedience to protocol". [My emphasis].

Now tell me, how convenient is it for our globohomo masters to have their subjects reduced to cowering, indecisive, risk-averse drones? As convenient as rending them androgynous?

Monday, 10 June 2019

Italy's multicultural miracle town

It was the Town-Where-Multiculturalism-Works, the ultimate Global Village. "This [picture on left] is a daily scene in Riace: two kids from Ethiopia are playing with local kids. They are grown in Italy, they speak a fluent Italian, they speak also English and their homeland language. Riace calls itself a Global Village, whose residents come from more than 20 countries beyond Europe."

"Riace was rundown and very poor. The town’s economy was rescued by the migrants’ arrival: the projects generate jobs, the property rentals support individual families and the turnover in the local shops has grown. About 60 original inhabitants are employed on the projects. External money has been pouring into this small economy: the benefit payments represent the largest investment ever made in it. And, to top it all, mayor Lucano is now world famous. His brave stand and his insistence on telling us about it has meant that, among other things, he made the list of the 50 most important politicians in the world, drawn up by the business magazine Fortune. Celebrities from all over the place have visited Riace."

"Some months ago, the association offered a beginners’ course in Italian but now the staff are focused on helping with practical things such as medical appointments, problems with finding somewhere to live, benefit payments and legal aid applications. Dotted around the old town, there are several other similar workshops, all of them financed through project funding. The workshops are just about the only business activities I come across, with a few others such as a partly shut-down shop selling souvenirs and the odd, corner store and other service providers. The finance for the project-funded activities comes from several sources: the EU, the region of Calabria and left-of-centre charities such as Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana. "

But now....

"The shops and workshops previously occupied by migrants are now shuttered. The village's historic streets are largely deserted, with funereal music occasionally punctuating the silence. Colourful, multi-ethnic murals can still be seen on walls, testimony to the experiment that took place here and the hopes for migrant integration it spawned in Italy and beyond, before it failed amid alienated locals and allegations of fraud."

Having put the YahooSpeak to one side I sought to establish what actually happened. And it wasn't easy as the coverage supplied by the search engines was wall-to-wall acclamation with the occasional vague references to dark forces of the right working to undermine this multi-ethnic utopia. But I was still able to establish how the Riace experiment actually played out. 

Corrupt local politician sees an opportunity to get his paws on oodles of cash from the EU and other globalists desperate to create a multicultural success story. And the money duly poured in. This was in part used to finance 'enterprises' operated by the migrants. Naturally enough the town benefited financially. And the Mayor got his personal share by way of sweetheart deals on municipal contracts, human trafficking and, it is rumoured, drug dealing. Then for a variety of reasons the flow of funds declined and with it the so-called profits of the so-called enterprises. This was bad enough but as the social problems grew in direct proportion to the number of migrants the locals rebelled. Muslims had begun imposing their own religious norms while Africans were behaving like Africans, stealing, littering and sexually assaulting local girls. Once the Mayor's chicanery was exposed the game was up. He's now out on bail and in the recent elections he didn't get enough votes to even win a seat on the local Council as the 'far right' swept the boards.

I've always said that multiculturalism works until it stops working. By which I mean that such societies are inherently unstable, just waiting for a spark to ignite a conflagration. Riace got off lightly, its failure resolved peacefully. As time goes on such peaceful resolutions will be the exception rather than the rule.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Denmark continues to amaze

The city of Malmo looks like being the template for Sweden's future, and possibly that of every White country. Nearly 50% of the population is non-Swedish and now murder, rape, kidnapping and ethnic crime gangs are the norm. There are now more murders in a month in Malmo than there were annually in the whole country in the sixties. An Amren essay refers to the
way in which "the government, both national and local, has lost control of the city’s spiralling crime and rioting immigrant population..... institutions are struggling to cope with the multicultural reality which turns everything upside down. Malmö shows us all how Sweden is under attack; institution after institution, from the police down to the post office, are decreasing their activity or collapsing. Whilst the city is on the path to destruction, the experiment continues with an establishment that capitulates to the issues raised by Malmö, and a media which does everything to convince the population that Malmö is good and the issues are to be blamed upon Swedish society."

The poison has spread to the rest of the country. But strangely enough a country just twenty miles from Malmo has taken a different course. A diametrically opposite course in fact. Although last week's election there suggests a left-wing victory in reality the 'left wing' supports policies that would have it dubbed as neo-Nazi anywhere else. The new government is set to actually strengthen existing restrictions on integration and immigration including making the country’s  “ghetto” policy even harsher.  Did you know that Denmark has  officially designated ghettos whose inmates are subject to different rules from the rest of the country? Yes it has. (That's one of them in the pic below). In recent months the government has pushed through policies that demand far more extreme intervention in their inmates' lives. Laws passed in March require children to spend a minimum of 25 hours a week in state-approved Danish language childcare from the age of one. Proposed new laws, expected to come before parliament in the autumn, could include extra jail time for ghetto residents when they are convicted of a crime, or stricter sentences for crimes committed inside the ghetto areas.

The 'extreme right' Danish People's Party is proposing that children who live in these ghettos should be subjected to evening curfews, enforced by wearing ankle bracelets. Their leader says he would not consider any practising Muslim woman who chose to wear a headscarf Danish, regardless of her home, language or commitment to Danish values.The government wants to send up to 100 people who have completed jail sentences but cannot be deported because they are at risk of torture or execution in their home countries to the island of Lindholm which, appropriately, is used as a laboratory and crematorium by scientists researching swine flu, rabies and other contagious diseases. 

Even the liberal left Social Democrats (who made big gains by stealing the DPP's clothes) have called for a cap on “non-western immigrants”, for asylum seekers to be expelled to a reception centre in North Africa, and for all immigrants to be forced to work 37 hours a week in exchange for benefits. The SD voted in favour of a law allowing jewellery to be stripped from refugees, and a burqa and niqab ban, and abstained rather than voted against a law on mandatory handshakes irrespective of religious sentiment at citizenship ceremonies. In February they backed a “paradigm shift” – a plan to make repatriation, rather than integration, the goal of asylum policy.

Why has Denmark taken such a drastically different approach to their across-the-bridge Swedish neighbours? Some say it's because they're so close to Malmo and see first hand the joys of diversity. But the rest of Sweden can see that too. Undoubtedly the 2005 cartoon crisis was a factor. “For many Danes  it was a new and shocking experience, and one that shaped political discourse,” says journalist, historian and general pain in the bollocks Adam Holtun. “It hardened it, but it also has meant that freedom of expression has an elevated status in Danish politics compared to various other countries.” You almost expect him to burst into tears. But many if not most other enriched European countries have experienced far worse and yet have totally cucked out on immigration control. And how do the Danes escape the clutches of the ghastly European Court For Human Rights?

Whatever the question, the Danes seem to have found the answer.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

A new Peasants' Revolt

The venerable Uncle Nasty, in a comment to the previous post, discussed England's 14th century Peasant Revolt. Interesting because over the last couple of years I have begun to notice a distinct cooling of ardour from our (cough) 'elite' opinion formers on this topic. The revolt had been the touchstone of leftists for well over a century, the ultimate Good War. And you can see why, powerless serfs exploited by the land-owning class, rise up and get brutally put down by the forces of capital, church and royalty. This acclamation reached its apogee in the 1980's when Thatcher tried to impose a poll tax because the very same tax had sparked the peasants into their eponymous revolt way back then. Right Thinkers reverently bowed their heads whenever the subject was mentioned.

However, there has been a subtle rebranding since then reflecting a marked decline in leftist regard for the peasants. It took me some time to realise this and to seek confirmation I resorted to those classic New Speak fountainheads the New Statesman and the Guardian. And there it was. I learned from the latter that the “peasants’ revolt” is now called the “great revolt” by modern historians, to reflect what we now know to be the wider social background of those involved and that 'new scholarship has demolished many of its [the Revolt] foundations'. The same article warns that conventional interpretations of it are 'problematic'. Let me explain 'problematic' as currently deployed by the nation-wreckers. It's an interim state along the spectrum between acceptance and condemnation. Think of it in terms of a doomed Stalin apparatchik. The first sign of his impending fate is demotion to a lower level job. In due course he gets fired, to be followed soon after by accusations of treason, eventually ending in the Lubyanka death chamber with a bullet to the back of the head. Losing his job would be problematic.

This from  the New Statesman is the equivalent of airbrushing Yeshov from his photos with Stalin. "Take, for example, the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. It was, after all, a tax revolt - something we now associate more with the right than the left - originating in some of England’s most prosperous counties: Essex, Kent and Norfolk. Many of the rebels were not peasants: according to contemporary accounts, the first leader of the protests was a local landowner, Thomas Baker, while another leading agitator, Geoffrey Litster, held the title of bailiff and was a literate local official. When the protesters arrived in London, they soon became absorbed in what Vallance calls “a carnivalesque orgy of violence and destruction”, particularly targeted at foreigners and immigrants."

Aha!!  Now it becomes clearer. You see for today's rootless, multi-racial, atheistic cosmopolitan 'elite' (again, I use that word advisedly) the idea of peasants revolting is, well, revolting. It sends a quiver down their puny spines, conjuring up all sorts of unsettling imagery. Because they now occupy the place of the 14th century aristocracy, feudal landowners and  tax collectors. They're dimly aware, especially post Brexit and Trump, that a seething mass of latter-day peasants, as now represented by the White working and middle classes, flexes its muscles and prepares to retake their country.

Here's to a 21st century peasants' revolt. And hope that this time don't be duped and betrayed by TPTB.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Where's Satan when you need him?

 When is that evil witch Ruth Bader Ginsburg going to do the decent thing and croak? Well considering she's never done the decent thing in her whole life I don't suppose she's going to start now. And few have been more evil than she. Few have done more to destroy the foundations of Heritage America, helping to turn it into a disintegrating degenerate Brazil del norte in waiting.

Just a few examples of her malevolence:

She's called for the legalising of sex for children as young as 12 years. She's argued for legalising prostitution, bigamy and interstate sex trafficking. She has worked tirelessly against sexual dimorphism, ruling for the forced integration of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides, college fraternities and sororities, women in the the armed forces (with the proviso that they must benefit from affirmative action), quotas for women in jobs....even finding that Fathers' Day and Mothers' Day to be, yes, offensive and possibly Unconstitutional.  She claimed that the concept of husband-breadwinner and wife-homemaker "must be eliminated from the code if it is to reflect the equality principle".

While she claims to be a Constitutional scholar she has flouted and mangled that document to the point of national scandal. First by her blatant partisanship, threatening to leave for New Zealand were Trump elected, her open and unprecedented canvassing for the Sotamayor SCOTUS appointment. Such partisanship on the part of a Supreme Court Justice represents grounds for removal from theCourt. The Senate has that power. But can you just see them use it? 

And here's the reverence for the document she's sworn to uphold. In a 2012 interview on Al Hayat she stated that she would not look to the U.S. Constitution if she were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. "I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, have an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done." She also believes that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a Constitutional right. I'm sure that very thought was uppermost in the minds of the Framers, as of course was same-sex marriage. If we're to believe what this witch says.
So come on Satan. Be a good little devil. Cut off this demon's supply of children's blood and welcome her to your fiery abode. 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Longford and Ireland's traitor class

Longford is a town in major economic decline, buried deep in the Bog Of Allen.  Not good but this should have at least one upside: Safety from the joys of diversity. But if you thought that you'd be wrong. As this picture of the local primary school entitled Schoolchildren Of Rural Ireland illustrates.
The excellent Gemma O'Doherty copied the image from the local rag The Longford Leader and posted it - without comment - on her blog. Given that the LL published it on their front page you'd imagine that they'd be proud of it. But no. When Gemma's post went viral they lawyered up, threatened her with copyright infringement and insisted that she take it down. Strange as you'd imagine this declining outlet would be be delighted with the publicity. Maybe their response to Gemma was driven by the reaction of the locals who seemed, based on the reaction of the local cricket club at least, to be outraged. To wit:

"This is not a political account. However, I feel compelled to call out @gemmaod1 for her horrendous attack on Longford [my emphasis]. This person is a vile, narrow minded, hateful woman full of disgusting sound bites. You hate Longford and we have you. So just fuck right off."

Which is also most surprising. Until you look at the composition of the "Longford" Cricket Club.
Yes folks, this is today's Ireland.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Iranian war threat

It's said that many of the worst conflicts have resulted less from planning and more from the combatants stumbling into an actual shooting war which then took on a life (so to speak) of its own. The claim is that military mobilisation, hateful propaganda, sanctions and deliberately impossible ultimatums coupled with a belief that any shooting war will result in quick victory lead to a powder-keg environment which needs just a small spark to ignite. History is replete with evidence supporting the theory and also reveals how frequently a certain much-loved tribe has been on hand to supply said spark.

All of these preconditions are there in abundance with regard to Iran. To make matters worse the warmongers in America have a virtual monopoly on politics and media. To the horror of those who voted for him Trump recently appointed John Bolton as his National 'Security' Adviser, from which position he has sought to activate his message of a few years back: To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran. That would be the same Iranian bomb which Netanyahu continually warns is 'imminent'. Note: His warning of an 'imminent' Iranian nuclear  bomb was first issued twenty three years ago.  Recently one of Saudi's state-aligned newspapers (no other kind is really allowed) called for "surgical" U.S. strikes in retaliation against alleged threats from Iran. We've also had a few preliminary false flag attacks on Saudi shipping but these were so pathetic they even embarrassed the warmongers.

However a juicy new target has just arrived in the Persian Gulf: The USS Abraham Lincoln's carrier strike groupNow I'm not suggesting it's a target for the Iranians. No, I see the potential attack emanating from the same source as that which attacked the USS Liberty and organised the Lavon Affair. And for the same reason: A false flag to get America into a war against the enemies of Israel (and in this case the Saudis as well). Many commentators such as Pat Buchanan play down the risk of war breaking out given the serious military challenge Iran would pose. A former General in the Israeli army claimed that 'In purely military terms, it's impossible to defeat Iran. It has a huge amount of territory. The Americans won't have enough forces to deploy there. The logistics are crazy, it's impossible for the Americans.' 

It's an honest assessment but those who argue that such impediments preclude a major conflict miss the point. The point being that those egging on the conflict, the Israeli/Saudi/MIC nexus and their whores in Congress and the media, don't need America to occupy Iran. The  Israelis and Saudis want a war (with of course the goyim/kuffars doing the fighting and picking up the cost) which destroys Iran's infrastructure and military a la Iraq or Libya, rendering the country powerless for generations to come. The MIC wants  the hundreds of billions on offer from the ensuing reconstruction and rearmament projects. 

That's why when it's claimed that the Iraq war was a failure I always ask 'a failure for whom?'. It certainly wasn't a failure for the "American" neocons, those who masterminded the conflict and whose goal was to further the Yinon Plan. Nor was it a failure for Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon or 'no-bid-contracts' Halliburton.

So then, are we liable to 'stumble' into a potentially catastrophic war with Iran and its allies? Well the false-flag sinking or disabling of the USS Abraham Lincoln would fit the bill nicely.  Were such to occur the crescendo of war propaganda might be too much for Trump to resist. The criminals who fomented the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are still there, still in power, unaccountable and unabashed.  Given that the same people launched the War On Terror based on a fable of skyscrapers magically collapsing in freefall it's all too possible.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

What do they really believe?

Not a very original post today but the subject is relevant and enduring. It concerns the actual beliefs of the vibrants who now celebrate the decline and eventual marginalisiation of America's White majority. For instance Ilhan Omar, who fled the world's worst hell hole to the sanctuary of the West (pausing on the way to get married to her brother) tells us that 'America will no longer be the country of white people'. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, the new darling of the left, agrees and awaits the the day of the dusky majority with relish. In fact it seems that non-Whites of every hue feel the same way.

I ask myself can these people be for real. Gentle reader, I really do ask myself that question. Do they really believe that when the majority is composed of blacks and Latinos that the USA will remain the kind of country it has always been? Can they really believe that races who created failed, and in some cases dystopian societies will magically transform their nature, capabilities and ingrained cultures to become what we know as Americans? 

It’s not as if they’re short of in-your-face evidence as to what’s likely to happen (despite the machinations of the MSM). Blacks are simply Africans transposed to America, as Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, Gary and dozens of other cities and towns will testify. They’ll see it in their own black neighbourhoods, if they’re unlucky enough to live near one. They're Africa on steroids. 

Latinos in the USA are still Latinos. Whole regions of Southern California now look and sound like Mexico. Latinos everywhere, Spanish the prevailing language, while garbage litters the streets. Squads of seemingly feral children swarm all over the place, the cars are rattle-traps, while begging and panhandling are rife. One writer described it thus: “My neighbourhood has turned into a barrio, with bars on doors and windows, abandoned shopping carts, old sofas and junky cars strewn everywhere, graffiti, rude, surly people, chickens in yards, Mexican music blasting all night, ridiculously long waits in emergency rooms full of illegals, overcrowded, dangerous and ineffective schools, auto accidents caused by uninsured illegals. 

Who do they think is going to pay for all the black and Latino welfare (and thereby what passes for peace in their respective ‘communities’ today) once the productive white taxpayer fades into irrelevance? Or are they like the cargo cult natives of Africa who thought that civilisation just happened and that White men just happen to own it? They believed that once they got control of, for example, wealthy and peaceful Rhodesia that they'd simply swap places with the white man and live in peace and plenty for the rest of their days. Same with once-great American cities like Detroit.

What do they really believe? I really don't know the answer.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Anti-Semitism reborn: Survivors speak out

Did you know that the spectre of anti-Semitism is rapidly rising once again? No? Well the pages of the MSM these days report one shocking atrocity after another all with chilling overtones of 1930s Germany. Take this story from Borehamd Wood in Essex. Anti-Semitic handbills which 'made a number of antisemitic references to the Rothschild family, “thirty pieces of silver”, the “New World Order” and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion infamous fabricated text which purported to describe a plan for Jewish world domination were stuffed through the letter boxes of traumatised residents. Police are now searching for the perpetrator.

If you think that's bad then what about this from Melbourne where an unfortunate peace-loving rabbi was verbally abused in traffic. This survivor recounted in a breaking voice that a man shouted 'would you like me to get out and show you what Hitler did? …You should have died in the Auschwitz'. And Jews are now questioning whether they have a future in Belgium of all places after courts there seek to ban kosher slaughter. Brooke Goldstein, executive director of The Lawfare Project claimed that 'the ban on religious slaughter is a shameful and vindictive act towards minority communities. If allowed to stand it has appalling implications for Jewish communities in Belgium'. Appalling implications is putting it mildly.

Even New York, the capital of Judaism, hasn't escaped the horror. In a time when anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head both in the city and around the county, it’s painful when it comes from an NYPD Traffic Agent. A motorist contacted Yeshiva World News, saying he was trying to turn into the Queens Midtown Tunnel. At that point, the Agent walked over to the vehicle, took a look at the Orthodox Jewish driver and his passenger, and told them “you can’t make a right turn, you stupid Jew”. The traumatised driver is now receiving counselling and the officer has been fired. Fired? He should be jailed for a long long time or else the Nazis will be firing up the furnaces again.

I thought that we Irish, despite Alan Shatter, were better than this. But to my bitter shame and regret a vile shocking incident took place here recently. An Israeli journalist in a Derry bar questioned why Palestinian flags were displayed. One man at the bar says: “The only thing that Hitler didn’t do wrong – he didn’t kill enough f***ing Jews… Jews are the scourge of the earth." Others laughed as he said this. I hang my head in shame.

As you can imagine this spate of incidents has sent shock waves through Jewish communities everywhere. How can any people continue to endure such sufferink? It's anudda' Shoah I tell you. The one source of consolation is that such incidents have garnered massive media exposure throughout the world. Unlike in the thirties. And why not? Can you imagine the international explosion of outrage were someone to call an Irish guy stupid? See what I mean? And unlike in the thirties no police resources are spared in tracking down the culprits this time. For instance four Florida officers have been assigned full-time to the task of identifying and bringing to justice the psychopath who shouted 'fucking Jew bastards' at a group of peaceful Jewish worshippers. Hopefully the survivors will recover in due course and submit a claim for generous reparations.