Friday, 30 November 2018

'The Wall' should not be the main focus

Ann Coulter has attracted a lot of attention with this post a few days ago. "Trump was our last chance. But he's spent two years not building the wall, not deporting illegals -- "INCREDIBLE KIDS!" -- and not ending the anchor baby scam. Within 10 seconds of Trump's leaving office, there will be no evidence that he was ever president. Laws will be changed, executive orders rescinded, treaties re-written and courts packed. Trump will leave no legacy at all. Only a wall is forever."

Maybe overly black-pilled but in essence - once again - she's right. Because the wall, while great for optics and as a statement of intent, is not the main issue in saving the USA from demographic destruction. Far, far more effective would have been:

* Ending DACA 

* Requiring employers to verify legal status before hiring and heavily fining those who offend.

* Ending catch and release and while the cases are being assessed the potential illegals would be detained and immediately deported if found to be in the country illegally. 

* Above all withdrawing rights to welfare, education, voting and other state services would bring the invasion to a grinding halt and probably lead to net emigration.

As Flanders remarked in an earlier post the internal nation-wrecking traitors, especially (((activist judges))) would present major obstacles. But here Trump could learn from Obama by appealing such judgements while continuing with the program. Significant results could be achieved while appeals grind their way to the Supreme Court. This would require balls but could - and must - be done if the country is to avoid becoming a replica of those the 'migrants' abandoned.

PS, I have great time for Ann but never felt the same way about her after I learned she's been banging Dinesh d'Souza and Jimmy Walker. Jesus Christ!


James said...

Trump might be finished soon. Rush has said so which is ominous coming from him.

That means the US is finished.

That means Whitey is finished. (The UN already has 60 million immigrants lined up to Kalergize the EU, and of course that's only the beginning.)

Israel is doing well so that's something. They will carry the torch of democracy through the dark hordes towards a brighter future. That's Trump's legacy maybe?

James said...

Middle aged career woman's sad story

James said...

"I don't mind what they do as long as they do it in the privacy of their own bedrooms."

That was the standard NPC lie for everything.

Will these corrupted passports be used in bedrooms, or will they be used to spread this sickness to every country an Australian visits? No country can resist the globo-homo matrix now without destroying their tourism industry, or being world-wide news. That's how it works.

James said...

Is this guy purposefully promoting the gay lifestyle to whites, but happy to promote family values too?

Is it because...

One night at work I was sitting across from my Chinese supervisor who got a phone call. After the call was over, he exploded. Why? Some white guy had offended him. He started telling me about what China (Chinese men) was going to do to the world. He told me of the discipline they were going to impose on Canada. And he told me of how they were going to correct the insulting behaviour of white women who ignore them.

We are stupid. We assume that the quiet demeanour of these slanted-eyed men with inscrutable expressions is politeness. But they are angry escpecially about the woman issue, that we take their women and white women (not Indian or Black women) ignore them. But - they can't lose face in their anger. They have to be quiet about it and disguise it. So, for example, when the Fukushima diseaster happened they had to pretend they can't fix it. But they know good and well that those nuclear contaminated waters end up on the west coast of the United States and all of those white men and they love it.

Gorges Smythe said...

She's right though about most of his work being undone by the next democrat. Anything that doesn't go through congress will disappear.

Jen said...

Jackie Mason taking the piss out of being Jewish.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Going back to Mueller I read 'The FBI conducted a six-hour raid on the home of a recognized Justice Department whistleblower who had confidentially submitted documents related to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, according to the Daily Caller, citing the whistleblower's attorney.'

FBI = Deep State and is corrupt to the core.

D-FENS said...

“Trump might be finished soon.”

What was started for something to be finished? The only campaign promises he really kept were withdrawing from the nuclear agreement with Iran and moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Noticed how those judges had nothing to say about these issues. MAGA - Make America Grovel to Ashkenazis.

I give him credit for derailing the Clinton and Bush dynasties. Been a big nothinburger since then.

If somebody wasn’t convinced that we will not vote our ways out of this by what has happened (or perhsps, NOT happened) since 2016, they are hopeless.

Take advantage of the next 2 years to prepare for a shitstorm.

Flanders said...

"FBI Raids Home Of Whistleblower [a jew named Cain] On Clinton Foundation, Lawyer Says"

"Sixteen agents arrived at the home of Dennis Nathan Cain, a former FBI contractor, on the morning of Nov. 19 and raided his Union Bridge, Maryland, home, Socarras told TheDCNF."
"FBI agents raided the home of a recognized Department of Justice whistleblower who privately delivered documents pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to a government watchdog, according to the whistleblower’s attorney.

The Justice Department’s inspector general was informed that the documents show that federal officials failed to investigate potential criminal activity regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian company that purchased Uranium One, a document reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation alleges.

The delivered documents also show that then-FBI Director Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to Rosatom and to other Russian government entities attached to Uranium One, the document reviewed by TheDCNF alleges. Mueller is now the special counsel investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

“The bureau raided my client to seize what he legally gave Congress about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One,” the whistleblower’s lawyer, Michael Socarras, told TheDCNF, noting that he considered the FBI’s raid to be an “outrageous disregard” of whistleblower protections. (RELATED: FBI Takes Aim At The Clinton Foundation)"

Hans Frank said...

The interior of the US is probably a viable state. Unlike the UK and Germany of last century the interior has sufficient oil and is probably capable of being food self-sufficient with some modifications. The coastal areas can always be retaken later. If you look at a red/blue map of the House of Representatives you will get the picture. As of about now the former USA no longer has a defended border so eventually a new one will have to take shape. Woe to those that find themselves on the other side of this border.

gkru said...

"Israel is doing well so that's something. They will carry the torch of democracy through the dark hordes towards a brighter future."

What are you, a comedian?

If the West goes down, Israel should be nuked.

D-FENS said...

“As of about now the former USA no longer has a defended border so eventually a new one will have to take shape.”

A little logic here.

A state is defined by its borders.
There are no borders, only human beings.
Therefore, there is no state.

If a state exists, it taxes those human beings within its borders.
There is no state.
Therefore, human beings cannot be taxed.

Skeeter said...

Laura Ingraham also dated d'Souza. Shocking, to say the least, but somehow I
figured she was a lesbian to make matters worse. What Coulter had to say, I
agreed with; her choice of dates, not so much.

Flanders said...

"New Study Reveals Cost of U.S. Wars for Israel at $6 Trillion and 1 Million Lives"

"As President Trump finally publicly admitted the obvious — that the U.S. is at war in the Middle East on behalf of Israel — Brown University has released a new study which details the cost of these wars to the U.S. taxpayers, and the price tag is $6 trillion and counting:

'The United States has appropriated and is obligated to spend an estimated $5.9 trillion (in current dollars) on the war on terror through Fiscal Year 2019, including direct war and war-related spending and obligations for future spending....".'
[Flanders]: This below is only a part of what ROTR has to say on it. Please go to the link and read it fully. It's right on the mark [of the jew Beast].

"One of the most oft-repeated lies of the last half century is that America was in the Middle East for the oil. That was always a smokescreen for the real reason: the Jews were using the U.S. military as a proxy to consolidate Israel’s control over the region, which included their control over the vast oil reserves upon which the Jews had made the U.S. completely dependent, despite the fact that the U.S. had enough undeveloped oil fields of its own in Alaska alone to fulfill its needs for the next century or more." [More]

Anonymous said...

Write a paper letter to your MP before 10 December, emails go to /dev/nul.
Janice Atkinson: What's REALLY in the UN Migrant Compact | Jack Buckby

And not forgetting now the additional refugee pact:


John 14:6 said...

All money is issued as debt with interest attached to it.

The interest payment is never issued therefor the debt can never be repaid.

As a matter of fact, eventually more debt with interest must be issued to even pay the interest on the original debt.

This is low level thievery.

In Christian medieval times, the perpetrators of this pyramid scam would eventually be driven out because Christians are antisemitic and intolerant.

Wait one stinking minute! I want you to tell me any group of people who are not opposed to open thievery of the ignorant.

Ok, there are no groups of people who are opposed to open thievery of the ignorant, save the bolsheviks whose main goal is open thievery of the ignorant.

The bottom line is that we have all become antichrist degenerates.

Without Christ as Truth, the bolsheviks and kikes have free reign to make stuff up and pass it off as truth.

Antichrist is very good at this.

Flanders said...

"Spreading the Gun Control Sickness"

“The madness that is us.”

From a friend in the UK:

“Our Security Minister is putting pressure on eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, to forcefully impose upon their reluctant populations the same gun laws as those currently in force in the UK.

In other words, ban the private possession of all firearms.

Here in the UK, we are experiencing a frightening violent crime wave, despite all the lies we were told,..". [Continues with wise words which explain].

Flanders said...

"Jews are certifying Latinos as Jewish to gain Spanish citizenship"

"Years ago I warned of the folly of the Spanish law that grants citizenship to those “descended” from the Jews expelled by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

Particularly sinister was the fact that Jews would be able to certify who was “Jewish” for the purpose of gaining this citizenship.

This was something the Jews specifically lobbied for.

Shlomo Amar, former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel, spoke of the role he played in negotiations with the Spanish government and boasted: “The rabbis will decide which Israelis get to be Spanish.”

And not just Israelis....". [See the details]

Flanders said...

We have all heard this argument below, but I no longer believe it in the least.
"The history of illegal immigration along the southern border has long been cynically bipartisan. Establishment Republicans didn’t mind if business was the beneficiary of cheap labor. Republicans talked about border enforcement but repeatedly caved to supply agricultural and other workers important to political donors.

Democrats were once opposed to unfettered immigration, when they were the party of the working class. But Democrats now mock the working class and win elections in the richest counties in America. They’ve long taken the African-American vote for granted, and black voters are finally becoming increasingly dissatisfied. Democrats know they need a new crop of future voters. And they know where they can be found."
Neither one of those 2 divisions of the Zionist Party, Repukes or Demrats, gain anything substantial from supporting the invasion called "immigration". They are working their own parts in the overall Kalergi Plan. That is the ONLY reason it is not stopped. They are race-mixers who enjoy money, prestige and [for now] "success" under a depraved jew-system now known simply as the "US".

It's time that our White people face the facts. There are no saviours within the "US" political class. God Himself is not going to help our White people who do not use the good sense which God has implanted into them, which tells them what they must do to stop this madness, or who are not willing to help themselves and thereby help all of us together. If you don't stop it, they are going to kill you. God, in whose image you were made, is not going to forgive you for your error. Neither will I.

It's time that we RETAKE America AGAIN - for AMERICANS - and this time keep our USA.

The extract showing above is from:

Flanders said...

Do not pass by the article below. The only bad part has my *asterisks*, but that wording may have been misinterpreted by me.

"A Call to White Americans"

"Today’s white American faces a frightening and uncertain future. As his race falls from majority to minority status, he often fears losing his place in the world. All around him, persons of other races raise the flags of their mother nations, adorn themselves with traditional costumes, and celebrate ancient and invented holidays as expressions of their ethnicity: generally, he has no one flag to raise except the Stars and Stripes.

In the great melting pot, before the salad bowl conception, his ancestors put aside their ethnic differences and intermarried: Irish and Italian, English and French, Polish, Dutch, Swedish or German, all mingled over the generations to produce the white American. He lost his ethnicity, and retained only his race. During his father’s generation, that was enough: his father had a strong identity as an American. His father had an American history, an American mythology, an American set of values. He celebrated American holidays and ate American foods. Above all, he knew what it was to be American: the American identity needed no definition. Now, in the salad bowl era, the American identity has no definition. America has no one history, no one value system, *and in the current conception should not*. The American nationality has been reduced to mere citizenship, the common fabric of American life unraveled to a single thread. And so the white American drifts, his group identity reduced to nothing but a passport and a color — a lack of color. Blanc, Blank.

On that blank white page of his withered identity, many people write their stories. The white American child learns he is the son of rapists and enslavers, murderers and thieves, liars and hypocrites.".... [Continues]

Flanders said...

"We have a new priest this year. Our prior priest had been here for almost 10 years and was remarkable for being so apolitical, doubly so for being in this standard left-coast metro.

The new priest comes here after a long stint overseas. One might believe his only contact with the USA was through Netflix and Facecuck. Speaking of physiognomy, he has the most jarring case of Gayface I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing first-hand in a priest. I don’t get a pedo-vibe, so, I stay cool about it.

Our parish has had bilingual Masses for years. Longer than the last priest was here. No one likes them, but most people are too cowed to speak up and out about it. Besides, it’s been decided at least two levels up. Short of a nationwide financial boycott, it’s not changing.

But that doesn’t mean we have to take it completely like a bunch of passive, agency-less slaves.

And so Thanksgiving Mass this year was the usual bilingual Mulligan Pie. Except that the new priest had to put his own spin on it. His tradition is to pass around a microphone for parishioners to share what they are personally thankful for.

Incredibly to me, the Latin community showed no hesitation, nor shame, in sharing their thanks for “mi familia” and who-knows-what-else in their native Spanish. It’s all BS because I and everyone knows virtually none these people can’t speak English. Bilingual Mass is a psy-op. Propaganda. It’s the old Soviet trick of showing to a people they are powerless. The bolder the lie, the more effective it is.

Well, it was more than this Heritage American could stand." [Continues]

Flanders said...

Stop - "The Suicide Cult". [Article from a Canadian site]

"Communities and societies, like individual persons, are alive, and like all living things in creation, can die. To remain alive, an organism must be constantly regenerating itself, growing new cells to replace the old ones that are dying. This is true of a society as well. The cells that make up a society, its people, are constantly aging and dying. For the organism that is a society to survive it must replenish those cells. It must be constantly reproducing itself.
A country with a liberal immigration policy accepts considerably larger numbers of immigrants than a country without a liberal immigration policy would. A country with a liberal immigration policy will also accept far more immigrants from cultures and populations radically different from its core culture and population than a country without a liberal immigration policy. Indeed, a government with a liberal immigration policy, although it will nominally be a non-discriminatory policy, may actually encourage immigration from cultures and populations that are further removed from its core culture and population over immigration from cultures and populations that are closer to its core culture and population.

When a government implements a liberal immigration policy in a period of dangerously low fertility this indicates that a society has moved away from reproducing itself and towards replacing itself. It has started to commit suicide.

During this period of low fertility and high immigration, several movements and ideologies have sprung up encouraging Western societies to embrace aspects of this culture of death.
What all of these ideologies and movements have in common is that they place the physical pleasure or the emotional “fulfillment” (or some such nebulous concept), of the individual or a group within society, over the good and even the survival of society itself. They are all also manifestations of the general ideology known as liberalism.

Liberalism’s orientation towards death can be illustrated by comparing its positions on capital punishment and abortion.
To see oneself as being a member of a race and other people as not being members of that race is the racism which anti-racists oppose. They insist that we see ourselves as individuals who are members of the human race and to attach no importance to groups intermediary between the individual and the species." [More]

Flanders said...

"The bread basket" - …from the quill of Antisthenes the Younger

Does that war not continue?

Flanders said...

"MUELLER was installed by his Deep State Masters to Cover Up Real Crimes, Fabricate False Crimes and Protect the Power Elite from Prosecution"

"Truly, Special Counsel Robert Mueller ought to be in prison for life, and certainly not investigating a fake Russiagate lie that was started by the Clinton crime syndicate.

There are several reasons why this dirty cop Mueller should be serving numerous consecutive terms in federal prison, but the single most serious crime wave relates to the false flag terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. As follows:

KEY POINTS: Robert Mueller was deliberately selected to lead the FBI during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was by purposeful design that his tenure as FBI Director began on September 4, 2001, just 7 days before the 9/11 false flag terror operation. And, that he remained in that job for 12 corrupt years until September 4, 2013 to ensure that the FBI would never professionally investigate the greatest crime and act of terrorism ever perpetrated on US soil. In fact, Mueller’s 12 years are marked by an overwhelming body of evidence which proves his willful neglect, dereliction of duty, official misconduct and misprision of felony. Clearly, Mueller’s greatest crime to date was overseeing the institutional cover-up of the 9/11 government conspiracy to commit acts of terror, murder and destruction against the American people and property.
What other crimes against the Republic is Mueller closely associated with?

It was attorney Jeffrey Marty, who at American, compiled a long list of scandals casting shadows over Mueller. The following are a few of the better-known:"

Flanders said...

"FLASHBACK: 2016 POTUS Election" [Image]

James said...

Queen Anne is a coalburner?

What exactly does she want the wall for then?

James said...

Jim Stone says old Bush is dead.

James said...

What are you, a comedian?

I suspect you didn't think it was funny, but yes.

Frank Galton said...

Re Jules Joules Jewels' link: Rabbi: "Biological Jews behind Open Borders for White Countries" (posted 29 November 2018 at 20:58, "Hegelian Dialectic anyone?" thread).

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim (07:48): It is not, in any way, desirable from the perspective of authentic Torah Judaism that people from the Third World be allowed to inundate Western societies and essentially turn them into Second World, and eventually, into Third World countries.

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim (08:21): The reason many [white] people are reaching these kind of conclusions is because they see many Jews involved in these movements, many Jews who promote these kinds of agendas, and one cannot deny that is technically so. There are many people who are biologically and even halachically Jewish, that is to say they are Jewish from the perspective of Jewish law, but in no other sense, in no meaningful sense, are they Jewish. These people have almost, without exception, have been brought up in homes that were bereft of any Jewish content.

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim (12:15): This is all about Jews who know nothing about their Jewish heritage, Jewish culture and civilisation, their Jewish history and religion. Such people do not represent the Jewish people.


How does Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explain the Chief Rabbis of Europe (Britain, France etc) who welcome, aid, and demand that Third World migrants and bogus asylum seekers be allowed to settle in Europe and North America?

Jewish News, 27 February 2017

UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis condemned President Trump’s attempt to clamp down on entry into America from seven Muslim majority countries as “totally unacceptable.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 08 September 2015

French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia urged Europe’s leaders to match the actions of non-Jews who saved Jews from the Nazis by welcoming Syrian refugees.


Machon Shilo

In the following video interview Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim sheds light on the resurgence of anti-Semitism:

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

George Herbert Walker Bush, "the 41st president of the United States and the father of the 43rd, was a ...." - Rockefeller Trilateralist, for one world government.

Now he's a good one.
"Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." - [Speaking to journalist Sarah McLendon in 1992].

Croesus said...

John 14.6. Compound interest is at the root cause of our financials scandals and other problems.

Frank Galton said...

Evening Standard, 30 November 2018

Tommy Robinson admits he shared 'fake news' about Muslims attacking boy at school where Syrian refugee was filmed being bullied

Tommy Robinson has confessed to spreading fake news about five Muslims attacking a boy at the school where a Syrian refugee was filmed being bullied.

Sputnik News, 30 November 2018

Tommy Robinson Faces Legal Action for Saying Bullied Syrian Boy Attacked a Girl

Frank Galton


I've been watching the Yellow Jackets all morning. The best TV I've seen for years. Wouldn't it be great if it spread through the whole of Europe?

Boomer said...

Check out the searing intelligence of the English universities and sciences minister
It's what all the British tommies fought for boys - check it out. LOL!

James said...

25% of people are antisemitic.

The world still has so much work to do to change this unfortunately.

James said...

White people: Don't have children because they will live in the west and consume too many resources - bring immigrants to the West instead! That's the message. People believe it, or appear to. Immigrants never want big houses and never use plastic straws right?

Gerry said...

Corkonian said...

The Yellow Jackets are complaining about tax rises and other costs right now and they include both left and right wingers. But I believe, hope, that the clashes signify a deeper discontent that could mutate into a wider opposition to the globalist cabal.

Professor Farnsworth said...

Good news everybody!

Despite the fire at the hotel in Moville which the owner noticed because he was unable to leave tthe building leaving his daughter to phone the firemen firewimmin and firenongenders of Carndonagh at 2am to extinguish the fire which had prevented the owner from leaving the building which was to house assylum seekers which will now prevent the buildin from housing said assylum seekers Mary Burk Robinson has made her townhouse in Dublin 2 available to house these assylum seekers out of the goodness of her pure heart and not seeking an ass kissing from our worthless media.

It presumably will also be safer as it is in D2 and not in the wild wild west like the hotel is. Or was.

Jay J. Jay said...

I thought that the Latin community wanted Mass to be conducted in Latin. . .

Gelu Valah said...

building walls is highly efficient (China, Hadrian, Eretz, Hungary).
actively protecting the walls built really reduces invasion.
in China and the Roman Empire, indeed the rot extended from inside, infiltrated by allogens (mongols in China, germanics in the Roman Empire).
the Roman Empire falled, but China recovered, due to a little book written some 2500 years ago, named "The Art of War", by general Sun Tzu, a mandatory study in every military academy in the world, but neglected by billions of civilians.
the book has aprox 100-150 pages, depending on format, and adresses even the problem of internal rot, offering solutions.
combining the knowledge from the book with the aware observation that internal rot frequently comes from jews, it becomes simple as a waltz (Strauss is a Jew's name, ain't it?).

Moville? More like d'ohville said...

Put yer hand in water.

Notice what happens?

This child did not drown.

Carndonagh where the local(?) untouchable drug dealers live in Direct Provission.

Frank Galton said...

"How does Rabbi David Bar-Hayim explain the Chief Rabbis of Europe (Britain, France etc) who welcome, aid, and demand that Third World migrants and bogus asylum seekers be allowed to settle in Europe and North America?"


1,000+ Rabbis Sign Letter In Support of Welcoming Refugees

The following letter, signed by more than 1,200 American Rabbis, was delivered by HIAS to all members of Congress on December 2, 2015.

Frank Galton

Gerry said...

So mr savant what you going to do when they kick your door in for running this blog
And collect all your data
If it wasn’t so serious we could think these high brow nation wreckers were on drugs
But they aren’t they are serious and they would have people like us in prison
I think we need a dads army on the streets

Frank Galton said...

Newsweek, 12 November 2018


Plans for the pilgrimage south came as thousands of Central American migrants made their way north toward the U.S.-Mexico border, with many hoping to claim asylum in the U.S.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...


Anonymous James said...

25% of people are antisemitic.
The world still has so much work to do to change this unfortunately.

1 December 2018 at 14:08

All that this proves is that 75% of the people are either ignorant, willfully stupid or asleep at the wheel ... something that accords with my own observations.
Thanks, James.

Whenever I get a brilliant link like this, I send it (with covering note) to a small group of locals on my own private mailing list. The group grows steadily and I have yet to have a comeback.


Frank Galton said...

Forward, 18 January 2017

1,500 Rabbis Sign Letter Calling on Trump To Support Refugees

More than 1,500 U.S. rabbis signed a letter calling on the incoming Trump administration to maintain the federal refugee resettlement program.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Independent, 01 February 2017

UK rabbis protest Donald Trump's travel ban in open letter: ‘We stand beside our Muslim cousins’

Speaking at the fundraiser in London was Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, who, in talking about how the charity gives people around the world hope, said: “Not much hope from the United States of America, of all countries, where President Trump appears to have signed an executive order which seems to discriminate against individuals based totally on their religion or their nationality.

Frank Galton

Noah Lott said...

If that is true about TR then he has been very very silly. Seriously undermines his credibility and by extension nationalists generally, and exposes him to damaging lawsuits.

Flanders said...

"UC Berkeley Student Government Votes to Fund Migrant Caravan Invasion of U.S."
"9 Year Old White British Boy Hanged Himself After Being Bullied at School by Non-Whites"

Frank Galton said...

George HW Bush voted for Hillary Clinton.

CNBC, 01 December 2018

Former President George HW Bush dies at 94

The lifelong Republican and father of President George W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat's failed run against Donald Trump in 2016.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"Tijuana Mayor Calls for Arrest of Caravan Organizers – “It’s a Federal Crime” - VIDEO"
Another fake hate crime - "Black [ie nigger in Baltimore] college lacrosse player, 21, is arrested for racist N-word and swastika graffiti targeting HIMSELF and other minority students in two incidents that terrorized the campus"

PB said...

Coulter's breathless support of Bush 2 back in the day leaves her as a non-credible political hack-writer as far as I can see. The American media establishment and alt-establishment is chock full of hacks, traitors-for-shekels and political shapeshifters. Anne just works the Right side of the aisle for them. Its what they don't discuss that tells you where they stand.

Flanders said...

"Paris on lockdown as protestors 'steal assault rifle from cops', torch cars and buildings in clashes with police"
"How believers in 'white genocide' are spreading their hate-filled message in Australia"

Kulak said...

It's too late to claim that Sav.

Gelu Valah said...

every mercenary soldier in this world knows very well this song.
especially those from the french foreign legion.
long live my brothers vallachians, now and for ever!
100 years already and millennia to go.
walls are protected by competent soldiers.
spilling blood.

Flanders said...

"Say goodbye to your democracy and way of life" - MEP Warns UN Pact Will Flood Europe With 59 Million Migrants by 2025"
"Progressive leader Rep. Jayapal joins 'caravan' for border crossing" - POLITICO

This Rat below looks like an immigrant herself, as so many of them really are, who are merely falsely granted a "title" as being an "american" while they can never be American. That title is not theirs because the entire "immigration" fiasco is a fraud from the very beginning, and any so-called "citizenship" thereby "granted" or obtained is voided ab initio [from it's very inception].

"House Progressive leader Pramila Jayapal will join a "caravan" of migrants seeking asylum as they try to enter the United States from Tijuana on Saturday afternoon — an attempt to sunlight what Democrats view as the inhumane effects of President Donald Trump’s border crackdown.

The Washington Democrat, a rising star in the House Democratic Caucus, flew to the border....

'Jayapal blames Trump for those conditions, arguing that large groups like the caravan have showed up at the border before without these sorts of issues. '

'House Progressive leader Pramila Jayapal will join a "caravan" of migrants seeking asylum as they try to enter the United States from Tijuana on Saturday afternoon — an attempt to spotlight what Democrats view as the inhumane effects of President Donald Trump’s border crackdown. '

'The president has tried to limit asylum claims including by executive order but has been rebuffed in part by the courts. '

'Indeed, Jayapal, whose goal Saturday is telling the stories of migrants fleeing from persecution, said she would present her finding to Democratic investigators. '

'And Jayapal said she would bring back her findings to her colleagues in the House."

Chumlee's Brother said...

Mr Nasty said...

Whenever I get a brilliant link like this, I send it (with covering note) to a small group of locals on my own private mailing list. The group grows steadily and I have yet to have a comeback.

....They are wondering.....'what is dis shit?'

Rapparee said...

Re: Flanders link - "How believers in 'white genocide' are spreading their hate-filled message in Australia"

...Just another SJW's gormless, puerile, traitorous anti-white diatribe in Australian media. The usual tropes and stereotyping of Nationalists as dangerous white supremacists and neo-nazis etc. This 'academic' Kaz Ross bitch is so typical of the shrill, whinging SJW cunts that infest Oz.
At least it was a written piece so thankfully I didn't have to suffer listening to her voice.
Whinging Aussie females can be one of the most annoying as someone once commented here.

Rapparee said...

Seems like France is at breaking point and it's not just the fuel taxes that is fueling the unrest.

White French cops furious at mistreatment by Macron of them and the whole white working class; famous white policewoman commits suicide:

Frenchwoman Maggy Biskupski was a female cop and the president and founder of “Policiers en colére,” ” (= “Angry Police”), a big, grass-roots organization of frustrated French police officers.

They are tired of being murdered by muslims. Tired of being accused of racism, and being very severely overworked due to an epidemic of serious muslim-migrant crime.

Maggy testified before the French Senate. “The prime mission of our BAC [“Brigade Anti-Criminalité”] is fighting street crime” (but it is overwhelming us)….

Tired of being furious that there are now hundreds of “no-go” zones in France where the white police dare not go in due to fear of huge muslim mobs that form instantly and attack them (or innocent firemen!)

If they beat a muslim who has just called them every vile name in the book, the newspapers report automatically it was due to white “racisme.”

Maggy Biskupski (her name comes from her dad being Polish), killed herself on the 12th with her service pistol at 36 after the government began “investigating” her on the trumped-up charge of not being “neutral,” over supposedly “missing funds.”

The Angry Cops movement began in 2016 after two cops were severely burned in their own car by molotov cocktails thrown by muslims migrants in Viry-Chatillon.
The Arabs just walk up to your car, smash your windows in with a tire iron, and throw in the lit gasoline bombs and watch you burn to death.

“Mort aux fromages!” — “Death to the cheeses!” – the Arabs say, calling all white native French people “cheeses” (“fromage”) because of their white skin color.


James said...

Corkonian said...
The Yellow Jackets are complaining about tax rises and other costs right now and they include both left and right wingers. But I believe, hope, that the clashes signify a deeper discontent that could mutate into a wider opposition to the globalist cabal.

Word out there is gas, soon.
The Moose limbs are locked and loaded with guns even Americans can't get.
The French foreign legion will be returning home soon to clean.
Macron will be Gaddafied up his bum with a French made implement.
Sarkozy will have KALERGIST branded into his forehead, or his nose if it doesn't fit.
The French have decided that's enough of genocide by ultra-niggerization.
Moose limbs can be guillotined in their burkas if they want, unless it stops the blade.

This is the beginning of the long stuggle towards Der Tag.

BTW, what does Queen Anne want the wall for again?

James said...

I've been watching the Yellow Jackets all morning. The best TV I've seen for years. Wouldn't it be great if it spread through the whole of Europe?

If Anders Brevik is EU president within 30 years the white race will survive past 2100.

If not, we are doomed.

That's my prediction.

Dirty old Nelson Mendela did it so Anders can too.

Californian said...

More than a Wall, what Trump needs to do is build up a mass movement of American nationalists. Such a movement would be able to take it to the streets and campuses. And have a legal section to launch court suits against those opening the borders. And create infowar campaigns to mobilize even more support. And perhaps do their own caravans to march against the globalists promoting the destruction of Western nations.

Frank Galton said...

Laura Loomer Protest At Twitter HQ

Zionist-Jew Laura Loomer (wearing a yellow Star of David): I have here thousands of examples of Tweets that are still on Twitter today from verified liberals, verified Muslims, verified... anybody who isn't conservative, spewing hatred, saying things like "I'll admit it, I hate white people"...

Note that there is no mention of her "fellow white people" (verified Jews) spewing hatred against white people.

Daily Stormer

The Alt-Lite Jewish racial activist Laura Loomer has just been banned from Twitter. This after she made some mild criticisms of a Somali Moslem from Minnesota who just got elected to Congress.

She further commented on her Twitter ban by complaining that her First Amendment rights were being violated. She also called on President Trump to take action against the big Silicon Valley tech monopolies that have been actively censoring speech on the Internet.

A little over a year ago, Loomer helped get the Alt-Right banned from the Discord chatroom application. Numerous articles were published giving her credit for this.

Now if Loomer actually cared about free political speech, she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to get people thrown off of Discord for having differing views.

And following last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, she did a video with Gavin McInnes falsely labeling the Alt-Right and the Daily Stormer as terrorist groups. This was clearly done with the intent of shutting down our free speech.

So based on these facts, it’s good to see that she’s gotten a taste of her own medicine. It has also exposed her blatant hypocrisy on free speech issues.

Frank Galton

Setanta said...

'Sarkozy will have KALERGIST branded into his forehead, or his nose if it doesn't fit. '

Christ, his nose is bigger than his forehead.

Flanders said...

Raparee, You're right. The French are mad about more than fuel prices or Macron.

Since it is a jew-poll, it's probably even higher than they say it is.

"Nearly Four Out of Five French Don't Want to Accept Any More Immigrants - Poll"

"According to the poll, conducted by Ifop in partnership with the Jean-Jaures Foundation and the American Jewish Committee, 52 percent of French men and women believe that France welcomes "too many foreigners". Another 27 percent believe France welcomes "enough". Taken together, some 79 percent of the country's citizens believe France does not need any more immigrants.

Similarly, 64 percent of those surveyed agreed with the sentiment that "our country already has many foreigners, and welcoming additional immigrants would be undesirable". 77 percent of respondents said they fear that a policy that is too welcoming of immigrants will end up attracting even more immigration; 71 percent believe excessive migration will lead to a decline in wages due to migrants' willingness to work for low pay."

Flanders said...

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara should be indicted for bribery in a corruption scandal known as Case 4000, the Israel Police have recommended.

A statement issued on Sunday says that Netanyahu is suspected of accepting bribes in exchange for policy decisions that favored Shaul Elovitch, a media mogul that controlled Israel’s largest telecom firm, Bezeq, and the Walla News website.
It’s now up to the State Prosecutor’s Office to decide whether charges will be brought."

Flanders said...

The jewed "US" will have a say about this and the jews main "Friend of Zion", Trump, will tramp it into pieces on the ground.

"UN General Assembly Urges Israel to Completely Withdraw From Golan Heights"

"The vote followed US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's announcement that Washington plans to reject a UN General Assembly resolution on the Golan Heights region given the document's "anti-Israel bias".
The Syrian Golan resolution was approved by a vote of 99 in favor, 10 against and 66 abstentions during the UNGA's Friday session.

The document declared that Israel's decision to extend its legislation on the Golan Heights is null and void and that the Jewish state should withdraw from the strategically-important territory."

Flanders said...

Friends of Zion Museum: [Including Trump]

Flanders said...

This is the first I've heard about this, so I don't know the background to it. I do know that these Antifa are usually able to forum shop until they find a "Chosen" judge to basically let them off.

A group of good Marines need to get together and wipe them out. They will no longer have the backing of the USMC officers which we older Marines at one time would have had, so they need to exercise some common sense precautions to avoid detection, if they do.

"A second Antifa member is charged with assaulting U.S. Marine reservists in Philly"

Frank Galton said...

Out of Africa

Nigerian Kate Osamor, Member of Parliament for Edmonton (U.K.), threatened to smash a journalist's face in with a baseball bat.

The Guardian, 01 December 2018

Kate Osamor: MP resigns amid row over son's drug conviction

The shadow international development secretary, Kate Osamor, has resigned from her role amid accusations that she had misled the public over her son’s drug conviction.

Osamor’s 29-year-old son Ishmael is employed by her parliamentary office [at the House of Commons] as a senior communications officer. He was handed a community sentence on 19 October after being caught with drugs worth £2,500 at Bestival in Dorset last year.

Osamor had apparently previously claimed she knew nothing about Ishmael’s legal case until after the sentencing. It has since been reported that she must have been aware of the case before this because she had written to the trial judge asking for leniency.

Meanwhile, the National Union of Journalists condemned Osamor following allegations she threatened a reporter with a bat and threw a bucket of water at him.

Osamor told a reporter from the Times she should “smash his face in”, according to the newspaper.

She also reportedly told the reporter to “fuck off” and called police after accusing him of stalking. The journalist was attempting to speak to Osamor about the claims surrounding her son’s drug conviction.

Nigerian Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya, Member of Parliament for Peterborough, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of perverting the course of justice.

The Guardian, 13 November 2018

A Labour MP deliberately misled the police and became “trapped in a number of lies” after blaming a former lodger for driving her speeding car, a court has heard.

Fiona Onasanya, the MP for Peterborough, was accused at the Old Bailey of colluding with her brother to pervert the course of justice after her Nissan Micra was recorded driving over the speed limit in July 2017.

Her brother Festus Onasanya, 33, admitted three counts of perverting the course of justice, a week before he was due to face trial.

Ventures Africa, 11 June 2017


Quartz, 14 May 2015

Britain now has enough MPs of African heritage to form the fourth largest party in Parliament

There are now more African-heritage British MPs than Lib Dem MPs

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Catalin C. is the name of the Romanian truck driver who was recently condemned in Germany for killing 3 young women in Germany,Austria and France,
The women were jogging when he decided to hunt them down, rape and murder them.
It's simply inconcievable for males who come from macho, gangbang cultures like in Romania, Muslim countries accept that women have a right to walk down a street or jogging, alone. So when they see a woman on their own, their preying instinct get aroused.
Thank you Frau Merkel!

Anonymous said...

From Frank Galton:

"More than 1,500 U.S. rabbis signed a letter calling on the incoming Trump administration to maintain the federal refugee resettlement program.

It seems one Rabbi has broken ranks with his colleagues and admits we "racist" and "anti-semitics" were completely on-track after all!


Gelu Valah said...

whatever Jeff, whatever, good old boy.
God, i just love Jeff, may I keep it daddy?
i promise i’ll be nice to it.
i swear to that.

Gelu Valah said...

we had fun, you and me, but i regretfully inform you that whatever you troll from now on, i quit the game – you win.
i will not bother sporting with you again.
it has been very nice for a while, but speak to the walls from now on.
respect, and fulfill your training, as i said before.

nemesis said...

Actually I think Jeff is pretty good as hasbaras go. He does just enough to appear on our side while carefully slipping in the shiv. He has earned his shekels. Would fool a lot of people. But not the jew-wise readers of this blog!

Uncle Nasty said...

A handy little graphic to send to your friends ... and your enemies. It's from my favourite hemi-hasbara site -- Theo Spark.

Like most stuff from Theo Spark, it follows the old definition of a bikini. Remember the bikini?

What it reveals is fascinating ... but what it conceals is vital.

In this particular instance, it's interesting that what is unspoken, is that all the cities mentioned in the graphic are nigger-dominated third world shitholes ... into the bargain.


Uncle Nasty said...

I guess actually posting the aforementioned graphic would be a good idea.


Flanders said...

Jeff is newer at the Hasbarat business. Give him 20-25 years and he may actually be capable to fool someone. For now, he's just good to have around for laughs.

Flanders said...

Let's all say Happy Hanukkah to both Jeff and Netty. They are both beat upon so unjustly. The racist cops in Israel must be anti-Semitic.

‘What a Hanukkah gift’: Bitter PM [Netanyahu] slams police call to charge him with bribery"

"Accusing cops of an ongoing witch-hunt, Netanyahu denies deal to help Bezeq boss Elovitch in return for favorable coverage from the businessman’s Walla news site
Investigators said earlier Sunday they believed there was enough evidence to bring Netanyahu to trial on charges of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust, and fraudulently accepting benefits. It is the third case in which police have recommended bribery charges against the prime minister. They also recommended that his wife, Sara, stand trial in the case." [Lengthy report]

Gelu Valah said...

you are right.
the man has an outstanding talent for trolling, but he wastes it, pestering us along; the arena for trolls(4chan/pol) forges incredible men, but it seems our lad lacks the discipline for attending there.
such a pity, because verbal/written fencing (a polemic) is so rare nowadays (because of political correctness), and a little bit of educated fencing stimulates the intellect in this dull world, keeps one alert and aware.

Rapparee said...

Re: Flanders link - "How believers in 'white genocide' are spreading their hate-filled message in Australia"

...more 'critique' on Kaz Ross's crapola. lol

Flanders said...

Netanyahu can always move back to the jewed "US" where his partner will protect him from the evil Israeli cops.

"In Hanukkah greeting, Trump pledges ‘love and support’ to Pittsburgh victims"

"On holiday, US president laments that Jews across the world ‘continue to face many different forms of violence, hatred, and bigotry’

“Melania and I send our warmest greetings to our Jewish brothers and sisters in the United States, in Israel, and around the world celebrating Hanukkah,” Trump, whose daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner are Jewish, said in a statement.

Despite the festive occasion, Trump noted that Jews “continue to face many different forms of violence, hatred, and bigotry” worldwide.

Every year, the White House lights a giant menorah over the festival’s eight days, which begins on evening of December 2 and will last until December 10."

Rapparee said...

As Melbourne's Sudanese community fought to defend itself this year from blanket accusations of gang violence, the ripple effect was felt hundred of kilometres away in the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown.

"My own son cannot get a job now": Sydney's Sudanese hit by Melbourne 'ripple effect' says Victoria Kisanga, who arrived in Blacktown 17 years ago after fleeing Sudan's civil war, said securing employment had become increasingly difficult for Sydney's South Sudanese refugees in the wake of the intense media and political scrutiny of Melbourne's community.

Sydney Zoo chief executive Jake Burgess hopes to break that perception, as he prepares for a mass recruitment drive before the zoo opens in March.

Last month, at a Sudanese gathering at Blacktown's St Patrick's Church hall, he directly appealed for the community to apply for the jobs.

"These jobs are for you, you should be applying. Your applications will be getting equal consideration," he told the meeting.

"I wanted to make it absolutely clear they were welcome to apply," Mr Burgess told the Herald, "Rather than having them presume that the jobs weren't available for them."

He is now organising a site visit to the zoo for those interested in applying for a job, and from there "it's ultimately up to them".

...what, as an exhibit? lol

Flanders said...

Some important principles are examined in this article, with illustrations given about how jewry and it's "press" are undermining our Constitutional rights and system of justice. Trump is knowingly playing right along with the jewish subversions which are being done.

"Stephanie Sledge: Trump’s words, “Worry about due process later”, reverberate after (staged) Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting"

"•Due Process is on trial… meaning our right to be innocent until proven guilty
•Fairness is on trial… meaning equal protection
•Common Sense is on trial… meaning re-writing the 2nd Amendment to include a mental health exams.

For an exemplary critique of the significance of these developments, see especially Arthur Clements, Jr., “The Loughner Precedent and The Specter of a Stalin-Style Purge”:
The media has a way of persuading the listener/reader that the alleged murder is already guilty, case closed. However, this is not how the U.S. Code- Title 18: crimes and criminal proceedings work. It seems as though our own elected president, as well as the house and senate, should know their oaths to the Constitution. Instead of Trump playing along with the Jewish charade, he should have told the public the man is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and just because the media labeled it a hate crime, it does not make him a guilty racist when all the facts were not even collected at the time, no evidence has been presented, no court case is before us. There is nothing presented at this time proving Bowers is guilty of killing anyone at a Jewish Synagogue. There has been no evidence presented or released of the motive, if the man is even guilty. Whether the reader wants to accept it or not, Bowers is innocent until proven guilty. That’s final. There must be submitted evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt to validate a criminal conviction.
If you want to see what a real criminal case of murder looks like, follow the brutal shooting murders of the Rhoden family in Ohio. In this case, no one talked until the investigation was over, all the evidence was collected, and arrests were made. Where was the entire platform of regurgitating media when this shooting happened? Was it because all murdered were all white and the media could not cry “hate-crime” and anti-Semitism is to blame?

We MUST NOT accept the idea due process will be considered later. Every American has a right to due process. All Americans are Innocent until proven guilty regardless of what the media claims on television or the Internet.

Before Bowers even is convicted of his alleged hate-crime ,legislation has swept through the house to honor those alleged victims and call for stiffer penalties into hate crimes. In America is there really such a thing as a hate-crime? I don’t think so. Not lawfully anyway. These alleged shooting crimes seem to be real cozy justifications for hate-speech laws to be enacted to criminalize freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of the press."

Pom Z said...

No mention of this tragedy on the TV/Radio news outlets in the UK?
The kid was just 9 years old ???

Imagine the shrieking 'raaacisss' hysteria on the MSM if it was non white kid that hanged itself. WHITE TRASH>>>> Mrs Balls/Harperson and other militant government sponsored, communist cunts would be baying for blood like they did and still are 25 years later over Stephen Lawrence.

The silence from these leftist, Marxist, stinking, treacherous, 'WHITE' cunts (BBC et al) is deafening, just as it was/is over the Coolie grooming gangs! It was the same re Ross Parker in Peterborough and Kriss Donald in Glasgow.

Pom Z said...

Just read here that the cowardly piece of shit behind the Church street bombing in Pretoria 1983 wasn't a coon - but a stinking shitskin/mudslime coolie working under the auspices of that 'orrible, fugly, kike toad Kasrills. Why no South African hasn't yet kicked that cunt's head in or shot it, is beyond me? Typically the two dumb kaffirs carrying the bomb blew themselves up with it. Minuscule consolation

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, last ...

Would it be rude to point out that all five cities mentioned above are not only Democrat controlled, but suffer an enormously high percentage of negroids in the population?

Check it out for yourself. do a search with "US cities with most blacks" ... and see the winners.

Go here:

Scroll to "Cities with the highest number of Black or African American people" and there you are ...

Oh ... and while we're on the subject, Flanders in an earlier post said:-

"Paris on lockdown as protestors 'steal assault rifle from cops', torch cars and buildings in clashes with police"

That headline from the Sun is a scream. Is the writer such a naive little prick as to really believe that one crappy little "assault rifle" is going to make a difference?

"Paris on lockdown"? Give me a break, Schlomo.

The goat shaggers in Marseilles smuggle more AKM's and RPG's into France in a week than the whole Gendarmerie receive as issue in a month of Sundays.


Frank Galton said...



The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration

The UN's Intergovernmental Conference will be held in Marrakech, Morocco on 10 and 11 December 2018. Like Hungary, the UK should not sign.

65,326 signatures

Government* responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

Waiting for 9 days for a government response

* There are so many Jews at the top of Britain's Conservative party, [Zionist, and part-Jewish] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Nogs and technology ... the gift that keeps on giving ...


Frank Galton said...

"justifications for hate-speech laws to be enacted to criminalize freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of the press"

PART 1/2

Taki's Magazine, 17 March 2015

The “Monroe Doctrine” to Outlaw Hate Speech

by [Jewish journalist] David Cole

Back in 1988, [Jewish lawyer, Professor] Monroe Freedman hatched an idea: Would it be possible to draft a constitutionally-acceptable law banning speech that offends racial, religious, and ethnic minorities? A law that would restrict “hate speech” in general, and Holocaust revisionism specifically.

Could it be done?

Freedman told me he undertook the effort mainly because people told him it was impossible. No anti-“hate speech” statute would pass muster with the high court. Freedman’s answer was, “not now, maybe. But the court changes with its justices.”

So, back in November 1987, Freedman put the word out. He established a reward offer ($1,200, or about $3,000 in today’s dollars) for the law student who could draft what he was looking for. This notice went to law schools around the country...

At a conference in April 1988, a “model statute” was selected, written for Freedman by [Jewish] then-law student Joseph Ribakoff (who has since been disbarred for a variety of criminal offences). The statute was tested in a moot court with [Jewish] Columbia Law School Vice Dean (and former Director-Counsel of the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]) Jack Greenberg acting as prosecutor, and [Jewish lawyer, Professor] Alan Dershowitz acting for the defense. The judges were [Jewish lawyer, Professor] Abner Mikva of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and [African-American] Amalya Kearse of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

The statute was upheld in moot court. It passed the test, just as Freedman had hoped.

And there the statute has been ever since, sitting at Hofstra Law School.

Since 1988, Freedman’s model statute has INFLUENCED COUNTLESS EUROPEAN ANTI-SPEECH LAWS with its unique concept of “group defamation.” In the U.S., it’s dormant at the moment. I doubt it will remain so forever.

LAW NEWS, 17 August 2017

Newsweek Reprises 1988 Story on Hofstra Law Symposium on Racism and Freedom of Speech

The story opens by describing a hypothetical trial in a moot court from a legal symposium held at Hofstra University just two months earlier. That three-day symposium, titled “Group Defamation & Freedom of Speech: The Relationship Between Language and Violence,” had been organized by the late [Jewish] Professor Monroe H. Freedman.

Newsweek, 16 August 2017

Newsweek published this story under the headline of “Time to Outlaw Racial Slurs?” on June 6, 1988. In light of escalating racial tensions in the United States, Newsweek is republishing the story.

It was only a make-believe trial in a moot court, but the case could hardly have been more disturbing.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2



New York Times, 02 March 2015

Monroe Freedman, Influential Voice on Legal Ethics, Dies at 86

Monroe Henry Freedman was born on April 10, 1928, in Mount Vernon, N.Y.; his parents, Chauncey Freedman and the former Dorothea Kornblum, ran a pharmacy there.

In the early 1980s, he was the first executive director of what became the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Los Angeles Times, 19 December 1984

Joseph Ribakoff Los Angeles Ribakoff is executive director of the Southern California Council for Soviet Jews.


Greenberg was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York on December 22, 1924.


Dershowitz was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on September 1, 1938, the son of Claire (née Ringel) and Harry Dershowitz, an Orthodox Jewish couple.


Mikva was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Ida (Fishman) and Henry Abraham Mikva, Jewish immigrants from Ukraine.

Frank Galton

James said...

HELP!! I'm turning into a cat lady!!!

35 year old laments a failed life and cats.

A Jew advises her thus:

f you want to build a life with a partner, and have a more satisfying career, and maybe have children, you need to treat yourself like a treasured child starting today.

A Nazi further down the page says this:

Always remember that it was the jews who stole your life from you, and from your countless unborn progeny.
Let the hate grow day by day and channel it into sharing your story with teenage girls everywhere. Advise them to make millions of aryan nazi babies who will grow up to avenge you.

Excellent advice. Will she take it??? Will she even understand it?

James said...

Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...
Nogs and technology ... the gift that keeps on giving ...

Come on that could have happened to anybody dumb enough to stand there.

eleos said...

Nice idea but that infographic from UN is totally incorrect and we do ourselves and our cause a disservice by citing such figures. Far from being third the USA murder rate, even with the black cities included, barely makes it into the top 100.

Flanders said...

"US Authorities Arrest Notorious Honduran Murderer In Migrant Caravan"

"US authorities arrested a notorious convicted murderer who was part of the Honduran migrant caravan, according to a Department of Homeland Security statement.

Officials revealed the killer was a Honduran national who was sentenced to 16 years in prison in his native country, before he was released and traveled north in the migrant caravan, before illegally crossing the United States border.

“Border Patrol agents arrested a convicted murderer from Honduras Saturday night after he illegally entered the United States with other members of the migrant caravan,” according to a DHS statement.

San Diego Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodney Scott described the convicted killer as “dangerous” and thanked the Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles for helping US authorities identify the notorious criminal.

“It was Border Patrol agents’ effort and valued partnership with the Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles that helped us identify a dangerous convicted felon moving amongst the migrant caravan.“

The DHS statement continues:

“...46 year-old Miguel Angel Ramirez, was recently released from prison in Honduras. “Ramirez later admitted he was arrested and convicted for murder in Honduras and was released just four months ago … “The San Diego Sector Border Patrol’s Foreign Operations Branch....discovered that Ramirez served 16 years in a Honduran prison for his crime.”
"Honduran Drug Dealer, Wife-beater, Drunk Driver Has Been Deported Eight Times"

"KANSAS CITY, MO – A Honduran man who was arrested in Kansas City, Mo.,...illegally reenter[ed] the United States after having been deported eight times.

Salazar-Aguilar has previously asserted his membership with the Norteno street gang,... and has admitted to being a “drug mule.” Salazar-Aguilar also has prior felony convictions for delivery of a controlled substance (heroin) in Oregon, possession of a controlled substance in Colorado, and forgery in Arizona. Additionally, there are active warrants for his arrest from Salt Lake City, Utah, for distribution of a controlled substance; Phoenix, Ariz., for no valid license and traffic offenses; and Kansas City, Mo., for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, no insurance, and failure to carry a license."

According to court documents, Salazar-Aguilar has been removed from the United States eight times, seven times after being convicted of the aggravated felony of delivery of heroin. Salazar-Aguilar was last removed from the United States on Aug. 8, 2013.

Salazar-Aguilar’s history also includes assaultive behavior that endangers the public, such as his 2010 arrest for beating up his common-law wife."

Flanders said...

"Minneapolis Installs ‘Sharia’ Hotline to Report ‘Hate Speech’ About Islam"

"The city of Minneapolis has set up a hotline for residents to report citizens who criticize Islam, in order to investigate them for “hate speech”, according to statements on the city’s website.

The city, run by Democrat Mayor Besty Hodges, a non-Muslim who regularly wears a hijab in public, will operate the “service” through its 3-1-1 helpline, and claims it is targeting any “harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice”, according to a press release.

According to the local newspaper, the Star-Tribune, “the announcement comes amid signs of a recent surge of such incidents affecting Muslims and Jews across the country, many of which go unreported.”

The city’s Department of Civil Rights clearly states on its website that it only enforces hate crimes against certain “protected classes.” Muslim imams, as members of the “protected class,” can preach the destruction of America from a Minneapolis mosque, and they will not be prosecuted."

Flanders said...

"German Police Shut Down Concert Due to Mass Nazi Salute"

"According to media reports, police in state of Saxony had to shut down a music concert after people in the crowd started chanting the banned Nazi slogan "Sieg Heil".

According to a police statement, the concert took place in Ostritz and featured two bands from "the right-wing scene".

Law enforcement had to intervene after hearing illegal shouts coming from the venue at 11:20 pm. Police have opened an investigation." [More]

Flanders said...

The jews are preparing to cut the throats of all those who are not good "Noahides".

If you think that the jews are not deadly serious about that part of the plan, then you don't have sufficient observation skills to decipher anything which is going on in the world. This is where it all leads, the apex juncture of judaism and Freemasonry, aka NWO, which in reality is the JWO.

"Nations invited to consecration of altar for 3rd Temple"

"The newly re-created Sanhedrin in Israel is planning a ceremony to consecrate a stone altar prepared for use in the Third Temple, and it has released a declaration intended to be an invitation for other nations to participate in the Temple “and to receive its blessings.”

According to Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz’ report in Breaking Israel News the altar has been prepared with stones made of aerated concrete and “fit for use in the Temple.”
The Sanhedrin is the re-creation of the ancient legal council that advised in Israel during biblical times. It earlier invited Arab nations to prepare for their role in the construction of a Third Temple.

“Also at question is whether the Kohanim will ritually slaughter a lamb or whether prepared meat will be brought. Though the Sanhedrin has received all of the necessary permits from the government organizations in charge of slaughtering animals, they are still waiting for the municipality to approve that part of the ceremony. In either case, the meat will be roasted on the newly consecrated altar.”

A large menorah will be lit as part of the ceremony, the report said, and Rabbi Hillel Weiss explained the significance of the ceremony being held on the last day of Hanukkah.

“According to Jewish tradition, the tabernacle and Aaron the Priest were consecrated for service on the last day of Hanukkah,” Rabbi Weiss explained to Breaking Israel News. “It is fitting that we should invite the nations to the ceremony since Hanukkah is about bringing light to the darkness. The Jews were meant to do this for the entire world.”

The declaration itself explains, “We are very close to the time about which the prophets of Israel prophesied that the God of the world who created everything will be called by the world in the name of the God of Israel, for only the people of Israel remained attached to Him.”

It continues, “Anyone who wants to accompany us, to be a partner in serving God, and to connect with his people, must be a believer in the God who was revealed at Sinai, and to be as the people of Israel who were present there and preserved this status to this day.”

WND reported earlier this year that the organization and others were minting a special edition “70 Year Redemption Coin” to raise funds for the Third Temple.

The Trump-Cyrus coin, which honored two Israeli foreign heroes – one present and one past – came following President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital."
Trump is almost as much a Zionist hero as was:

"Yosef Trumpeldor – The man and the legend"
"Joseph Trumpeldor Is Born"
"Thank You President Trump!!!"

Flanders said...

"Profile: Aviv Kochavi the IDF’s new chief of staff"

"In January 2019, Aviv Kochavi will become the new IDF’s chief of staff.

"IN 2001 Kochavi was appointed commander of the paratroopers and a year later led the brigade during Operation Defensive Shield to the streets of Nablus and Tul Karm, where he developed the use of a 5 kg hammer to break walls and cross houses in refugee camps to prevent shooting against his fighters. The creative idea, as well as other urban warfare methods he developed, were later copied by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan." [More]

Flanders said...

"How Jewish Bankers Helped Change the Balance of Geopolitical Powers in 1905"

"A chance conversation over dinner in London between a despondent baron from Japan and a Jewish investment banker resulted in an investment that helped Japan win the Russo-Japanese War. This victory in a little-known but geopolitically significant war made Japan the first Asian nation to defeat a European nation, and brought Japan onto the world stage for the first time. It also allowed Jewish bankers in New York to retaliate against Russia for its policy of anti-Semitism and its frequent pogroms against the Jews, afforded Jews protection during the Holocaust, but also resulted in some negative effects.

In the early 1900s, London was the financial capital of the world, so when Japan needed to raise money to continue fighting Russia in the Russo-Japanese War – a war in which Japan won every battle but which Russia could afford to prolong due to its deep pockets – it sent Baron Korekiyo Takahashi there to raise money raise ten million pounds sterling (the current equivalent of about two billion dollars) to buy a fleet to defend themselves against an anticipated Russian naval attack. Takahashi received a tepid commitment for about half the money Japan needed to remain in this first “modern” war." [Continues]

James said...

From the the previous post.

Anonymous chocolate farm factory said...

This needs to be watched

Without watching it my guess is this is probably damage control - are they saying real Judaism does not want White genocide?

Actually it does though. It is their #1 focus.

Read from start to finish and you will learn some very weird, and very shocking things.

Flanders said...

Semitic - Wikipedia

Semitic most commonly refers to the Semitic languages, a name used since the 1770s to refer to the language family currently present in West Asia,
Semitic people - Wikipedia

Semites, Semitic people or Semitic cultures was a term for an ethnic, cultural or racial group who speak or spoke the Semitic languages. First used in the 1770s ...
Semitic languages - Wikipedia

The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East. Semitic languages are spoken by more than 330 million ...
Semitic | Definition of Semitic by Merriam-Webster

Semitic definition is - of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic.
Semite | people |

Semite: Semite, person speaking one of a group of related languages, presumably derived from a common language, Semitic (see Semitic languages).
Semitic | Define Semitic at

Semitic definition, a subfamily of Afroasiatic languages that includes Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, and Phoenician.
Semitic | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Semitic definition: 1. relating to the race of people that includes Arabs and Jews, or to their languages: 2. Jewish 3. used to refer to races...
Semitic | Definition of Semitic in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Definition of Semitic - relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoe.
The last of the Semites | Afghanistan | Al Jazeera

It is Israel's claims that it represents and speaks for all Jews that are the most anti- Semitic claims of all.

Flanders said...

Harvard Semitic Museum:

"The name “Semitic Museum” is a source of some confusion. For recent cultural and historical reasons having little to do with the Museum’s original or ongoing mission, the name “Semitic Museum” is often understood to be synonymous with “Jewish Museum.” This is not the case and never has been.

In 1889 Professor David Gordon Lyon created the Semitic Collection (as it was first known) as a teaching tool--a set of archaeological and ethnographic realia—intended to complement the teaching of Semitic languages at Harvard. In Lyon’s conception, the term “Semitic” was in a strict sense a philological one, distinguishing a family of languages characterized by a system of triliteral roots. By extension, it encompassed the ancient histories and cultures of peoples who spoke and wrote in Semitic languages: Israelites, Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites, Phoenicians, Arameans, Akkadians, Babylonians, Arabs. (Ugaritic was not discovered or deciphered until the 1920s). That Lyon’s principal financial supporter, Jacob Schiff, was himself Jewish, was an important though not central factor in the Museum’s original identity and mission.

In 1903 when a building was built to house the Semitic Collection, again at Lyon’s instigation and with Schiff’s financial support, it naturally became known as the “Semitic Museum.” In fact the name was actually carved in stone over the front door. (It’s still there.) The building also housed the “Semitic Library,” the collection of texts, translations, commentaries and scholarly works concerned with the languages taught in the Semitic Department and whose material culture was exhibited in the Museum galleries.

Nowadays, the Semitic Library has long ago been absorbed into the Harvard central library system, although one still finds in Widener Library older volumes bearing the stamp “Semitic Library.” The Semitic Department has evolved into Harvard’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. NELC still teaches Semitic languages of the ancient Near East (Classical Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, Classical Arabic, Egyptian, and now Ugaritic), but also non-Semitic Near Eastern languages (Persian, Turkish, Sumerian, Iranian, Armenian), as well as other languages such as Ethiopic, Swahili, Yiddish."

Flanders said...

I thought I had saved an article where the jews are trying to turn the USS Liberty into being an "anti-Semitic" agenda. I must have mistakenly deleted it and my comment, and I'll try to find it tomorrow. It's too late to recreate tonight. Here is a different link from the one which I had. Basically, I think it may be a planned trick, with or without the actor's knowledge, so that jew media can turn USS Liberty into a prohibited subject.

"Brett Favre, More Stars Tricked Into Creating Anti-Semitic Messages"

"Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, actor Andy Dick, and rapper Soulja Boy were paid to create video clips where they unknowingly made coded anti-Semitic statements, according to a report by BuzzFeed News."

William B urr Fan Club said...

Amdy Dick is a comedian so maybe he was testing out new material?

William Burr Fan Club said...

European America has European murder rates african America has African murder rates as expected.

There are more bad punters than good ones if you know what I mean. #PaddyPower

Rapparee said...

Disturbing stuff from primo-jewologist Michael Hoffman on the Seven “Noahide” Laws of the Chabad, and of Orthodox Judaism.

“The demonic powers should be given a portion, occupying and assuaging them, so that they will not disturb Israel’s intimacy with God.”
— The Zohar: The Pritzker Edition (Stanford University Press, 2007), vol. 4, p. 140.

As in many pagan religions, in Kabbalistic (Orthodox) Judaism, the demons must be propitiated with blood sacrifice so that the life of the people of Israel may continue unmolested.

. The Zohar insinuates a certain urgency to the sacrifice of goyim that Israel must make to Satan, in that, where no such sacrifice is made, it is believed that Satan will sacrifice rabbis. The Zohar states that this occurred to ten rabbis who were killed in the second century (A.D).

To anticipate the objection that Orthodox Judaism is not Kabbalistic and that the Kabbalah is actually heretical and not a part of Orthodox Judaism, we refer you to one of the largest and most politically influential branches of Orthodox Judaism in the United States: Chabad-Lubavitch, which proudly operates “Kabbalah Online” at:

There is no denying the pivotal role of the Kabbalah and its principal book The Zohar in much of Orthodox Judaism. Furthermore, every U.S. Congress since the administration of Ronald Reagan, has officially made the birthday of the Kabbalist Menachem Mendel Schneerson — Chabad-Lubavitch's last grand rabbi— as “Education Day USA,” a Congressional decree which is intended to lay the legal groundwork for officially promulgating the Seven “Noahide” Laws of the Chabad, and of Orthodox Judaism in general. As I assured The Saker in his interview with this writer, the Noahide Laws require the execution of anyone who engages in Avodah zara, i.e. “idol worship.” Orthodox Judaism considers Jesus Christ an idol, and Christians as idol worshippers.

Moreover, the Kabbalah gained firm purchase inside the papacy beginning in the 16th century. This secret emerged into the light of day from the 1960s onward.

These facts are denied by people who haven’t done the research and prefer to parrot the myths with which their heads are stuffed. The revisionist historian has a different vocation.

Michael Hoffman ©2018

Anonymous said...

Japan didn't defeat a European nation, it defeated another Asian nation, Russia!

prepare to be replaced said...

Leaders of many white countries inc Britain and Ireland are about to sign a pact which will allow Asia and Africa to move to these white countries en masse and criminalise any white who objects to it. Think I'm joking then read this in the Spectator-

The war of the world
The UN’s Global Compact on Migration is a sinister globalist ploy

Cognitive Dissonance said...

The UN’s Global Compact on Migration is being sold as voluntary and not legally binding. So why then are they freaking out at the countries that refuse to sign? Be assured that this measure is deeply sinister and would not otherwise have been introduced.

Gelu Valah said...

liberte, egalite, fraternite.
yeah, whatever.
check out Paris, a beacon of democracy.
the hypocrisy.
i think this is fake news these days, France is perfect, there are no problems.
little boy macron intends to put snipers on those rioters - a true measure of democracy.
well, it's a full blown urban warfare - "european" "democracy".
i wonder who voted for little boy macron.
yes: "i make you, i take you down", no matter the price of gas or taxes.

Egghead said...

Flanders, In a world where there are NO coincidences, Ivana named her third child Joseph.

William Burr Fan Club said...

Jimbo Jones of Jerusalem Boulevard Springfield is ethically and ethnically challenged. Sometimes the Simpsteins writers hit Frankensense.

Flanders said...

ROTR explains the issue clearly - Be sure to read their comments about this:

"Brett Favre Caves to Jewish Threats and Disavows Support of USS Liberty Survivors"

"Brett Favre has withdrawn his public support of the survivors of the intentional Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 American crew members, and left another 171 severely wounded:

“Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre on Saturday explained how he was duped by white supremacists into using coded, anti-Semitic language in a video." [Continues]

WhusperedbyBobHarris said...

Maricon pute a juifs

Jay J. Jay said...

or whether prepared meat will be brought.

How about some Oscar Mayer hot dogs?

Red Mist said...

We don't know a fraction of it..

This could happen again in any white country ... if we let it

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said:_

"Honduran Drug Dealer, Wife-beater, Drunk Driver Has Been Deported Eight Times"

"KANSAS CITY, MO – A Honduran man who was arrested in Kansas City, Mo.,...illegally reenter[ed] the United States after having been deported eight times.

Anyone want to bet that he didn't vote Democrat, every time he was in the US?

No? Thought not.


Red Mist said...

The Eternal Jew by Fritz Hippler

Red Mist said...

This is what should be done to those stinking paki groomers AND the fucking police/councillors - hidden hand behind it who turned a blind eye

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said:-

For an exemplary critique of the significance of these developments, see especially Arthur Clements, Jr., “The Loughner Precedent and The Specter of a Stalin-Style Purge”:
The media has a way of persuading the listener/reader that the alleged murder is already guilty, case closed. However, this is not how the U.S. Code- Title 18: crimes and criminal proceedings work. It seems as though our own elected president, as well as the house and senate, should know their oaths to the Constitution. Instead of Trump playing along with the Jewish charade

I emphasise:- The media has a way of persuading the listener/reader that the alleged murder is already guilty, case closed.

They are also capable of controlling the thought processes of the Great Unwashed by simply ignoring anything -- anything -- that may be construed as detrimental to the Tribe and its goals.

Endless stony silence is also propaganda in their hands.

Go here:-

Scroll down to:-

The COMEY Files..................from Rico

You are known by the company you keep.
- Ad erratum est: If you voluntarily keep company over a long time with shit heels, then YOU likely are a shit heel too.

Loyal 'swamp critter' COMEY had five folders of 'Child Sex Crimes' harvested from Anthony Weiner's laptop...the laptop his wife, Huma Abedine [Hillary side-kick and Princess of the Muslim Brotherhood].
- True copies of the original documents are attached FYI.

Connecting some dots, it's not just 'Anthony the Weiner' who had some deviances but his wife Huma who was the paramour of 'Hillary the Lesbian.'
- We don't need to mention Bill's aka 'Free Willy' track record in this area, it's too well known.

Instead let's talk about convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his close friendship with both Bill and Hillary. Jeffie keeps a private island called "Orgy Island" and often flies VIP's/guests there on his private jet called "The Lolita Express."
- Bill has flown on the Lolita Express no less than 26 times according to FBI records.
- Cankles has flown on the Lolita Express at least 6 times according to FBI records.

Unbelievable? Attached is Jeffie's mugshot from his arrest for Pedophilia (he was convicted and served time, btw) along with Page One of his 22-page long Palm Beach arrest/charge sheet.

Check out the accompanying documentation, then please let me know how much of this is reported in your local birdcage liner.

As Goebbels said:- "You can call them lice, parasites, cockroaches ... and it's water off a duck's back ... but, call them "jews" and the reaction is overwhelming."


kulak said...

First erected in 1979 and lit by Jimmy Carter.

How nativity scenes violate the first amendment but this does not...

Well we know how.

Anonymous said...

Stupid jew

Anonymous said...

SPOT ON!'....

Anonymous said...

LOOK COULTER...IS JUST ANOTHER FAKE....SHE MAY EVEN BE A CRYPTO JEW...if she was real she would have already lost her job.