Sunday, 4 November 2018

The burghers sample diversity

Tudor Lawn in Dublin was always a nice place to live (house prices average €600,000 with rents at €3000). A glance at the cul de sac reveals perfectly manicured hedges and well-cared for trees lining the road. There is a green across from the road from the house, where children play in the summer, and many residents have lived here peacefully for decades ('a place violence rarely touches'). There is a new generation of professionals, including tech workers and students, living there in the shadow of a Microsoft campus and the legendary Leopardstown Racecourse.

But it lacked one essential requirement in the modern age. Diversity. No longer. A couple of years back a number of Africans took over a house there and immediately began demonstrating what the staid burghers had been missing. Mind you there were some downsides. Like the cops being called on a regular basis (twice in the same day on one occasion) while ear-splitting 'music' blasted away into the small hours of the morning. Still, as we'd all agree, a small price to pay for the joys of multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the vibrant newcomers overstep the mark. Residents in the Foxrock estate where a young man was killed in incredibly violent circumstances were stunned by the gruesome death. Locals who spoke to the Irish Independent yesterday expressed utter shock at the horror that had taken place in their neighbourhood. The killer had cut off the victim's genitals and placed them carefully on the mantelpiece before sitting back and relaxing while he bled to death. As one does.

Kenyan national Grace Miano (pictured) has been charged with killing Limbani Mzoma from Zimbabwe.

"I literally feel sick. This doesn't happen in Foxrock," one woman said.

It does now lady, it does now. Welcome to the new, vibrant and multicultural Ireland.


Clogheen said...

I can guarantee you that the 'liberal progressive' vote in Foxrock is the highest in the country. Did not they vote Shatter into the Dail?

00:39 said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people! But seriously, how did these black beauties afford the rent there?

Jules Joules Jewels said...

Progressive Jewish leaders tell Trump he's not welcome in Pittsburgh until he denounces white nationalism

James said...

Israel is antisemitic

We all know that criticizing Soros is code for criticizing Jews.

AnalogMan said...

Damn! When I read F McCool's comment on the other thread, I had a tiny hope that this might have been a lynching by the local citizens.

James said...

No need for conspiracy theories. It's all fact.

James said...

November 4: 23rd anniversary of assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by Talmudic terrorist Yigal Amir who stated “...the minute a Jew betrays his people and country to the enemy he must be killed. I’ve been studying the Talmud all my life and I have all the data"

What a Nazi.

James said...

FEMALE VOTERS Motivated To Vote Straight Ticket GOP: “TWO MONTHS AGO, I Didn’t Give A Sh*t About The Midterms…Now, I Would Crawl Through Broken Glass To Vote Against The Democrats”

Democraps obviously evil to more and more people.

James said...

In University of Auckland student accommodation only two groups get access to preferential place applications: "Pacifica people"* and nursing students**.

*Ocean-dwelling POX
**White girls for them to target

We all know the purpose of this policy.

James said...

The Female Conspiracy

It doesn't take much to get fired these days.

He was looking at a photograph of Markle with another male employee when he said “not bad.”

Two women in the office spoke out against the comment...

“Winston had disliked her from the very first moment of seeing her. He knew the reason. It was because of the atmosphere of hockey−fields and cold baths and community hikes and general clean−mindedness which she managed to carry about with her. He disliked nearly all women, and especially the young and pretty ones. It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”
-- Orwell, 1984.

George was a clever fellow to predict all that.

F McCool said...

"how did these black beauties afford the rent there?"

Apparently there were about ten of them in the house at any one time. All probably beneficiaries of Supplemental Housing Allowances. Dealing drugs on the side. No problem.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

outrageous ad rejected by cnn

luke2236 said...

One cant have a first world country with a third world populace; this stuff just comes with the territory as we all know. Those responsible for the importation of subhuman species and the forced 'integration' of same into white society[ies] WILL be held accountable. Until then, keep your powder dry...

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

To quote rabbi'd Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Lenin or whatever phukkwitz it was from talmudistan, "we will sell the retards all the rope needed for the diversity to hang them"

Or was it disease vectors like Friedman, von Mises, Hayek, Gramsci, Marcuse that said "live by the fiat currency die by reality's chibb"

I thought Specter, Greer, Stein, Luxemburg and the barrenbitchcoven let it slip that "whitetrash are a pox everywhere"

Perhaps it was criminals like Strong, Soros, Kissinger et la that said "phukk you all, U khaants!"

so many quotations to choose from by should be, have been, subject to post natal Hekate worship, workshyuntermongs.

Mind you I might be misinterpreting history.


Dublin Dave said...

Our taxes allow stone age people the right to a first world lifestyle.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

The "outrageous ad" above is so inflammatory it could change the election results. Mexican brags about killing cops and says he wants to do some more. . .this could seal the fate of the demoncrats in perpetuity, and forever.

Spread far and wide! History could be changed.

This paid ad refused by cnn:

English Tom said... one does.

Very biting Sav. But would it still not be a fools errand to try to convince these people that virtue signalling gets innocent white people killed?

Uncle Nasty said...

James said:-

... It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.”
-- Orwell, 1984.

George was a clever fellow to predict all that.

Not so much prediction, as personal experience. Don't forget that Orwell fought in Spain on the side of the so-called "Republicans" before he and his compadres were quite thoroughly betrayed by the (((Left))) ... turning him against them forever. Orwell -- or Blair, actually -- was one of the those rare creatures; a Lefty who actually saw what was staring him in the face.

One could not have a better example of the moral and emotional shallowness of our time, than the fact that we are now all more or less pro Stalin. This disgusting murderer is temporarily on our side, and so the purges, etc., are suddenly forgotten.
— George Orwell, in his war-time diary, 3 July 1941

An interesting footnote: For all the barbarity displayed by the Spanish (((Left))) in murdering innocent civilians and raping Catholic nuns, Franco himself thought so little of their military capacity, that when he was informed by an aide that the (((Republican forces))) had collapsed in Madrid in March 1939, he simply nodded, not even bothering to look up from his correspondence.

Needless to say, the international (((Left))) never forgave him for winning.

Sound familiar?


Flanders said...

I'd left this link not long ago. Happens not infrequently in nigger town. Just what the mongrelized jews want our countries to be.

"Florida Man Accused of Chopping Off Rival’s Penis Held on $1M Bond"

Negroid beating negroid to almost death with a tire iron, or all the way, now that part is everyday old news, but throwing the other nigger's genitals over the fence - not so much.

Flanders said...

"Flemish police chief releases migrants heading for UK

The chief of police of a Flemish municipality is letting illegal immigrants into to the UK when they do not want to remain in Belgium."

"Migrants in transit do not want to stay here and we do not want them either, maybe it’s a bit of a short-term solution, but why do not we let them go to England?” Pieteraerens shrugged.

The migrants prefer the UK to other European countries due to the relative ease of finding undocumented work, the latter being due to the application of habeas corpus laws preventing the checking of migrants’ identification.

Flemish Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken, criticised the police chief, noting that the government had opened a reception centre for migrants in Steenokkerzeel for 200 migrants.

Pieteraerens said that the centre was far too small and added that “there is only room for 10 people when 30 migrants are intercepted, most are released and reappear two days later”.

Migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom have been flooding into Belgium since the dismantling of the infamous Calais Jungle migrant camp in neighbouring France."

Flanders said...

"Republican Senator invites illegals to stay in liberal homes"

In Texas, "Republican Senator Ted Cruz is enjoying a comfortable lead over Democrat Representative Beto O’Rourke, an open-border enthusiast."

"So when Cruz rallied in San Angleo on Tuesday, he told his supporters that the caravan of Central American migrants were not welcome. But, if they manage to cross the US-Mexico border into Texas, they should turn to O’Rourke’s supporters for help, Cruz said.

Cruz invited illegal immigrants to O’Rourke’s and his supporters’ homes, all those who are challenging the Republican anti-immigration stance in the election.

“When you get here, we have identified homes, that are willing to take you in to give you free housing, free food, free health care,” Cruz explained. “And every one of these homes is self identified with a little black and white sign that says Beto. Don’t bother knocking, just kick in the door. They don’t believe in walls, so just let yourself in, and make yourself at home.”

Flanders said...

"Dutch PM warns Canadians against the use of cannabis"

"Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte surprised an audience of students at a Canadian high school when he told them to "just say no" to cannabis.

His comments were all the more surprising because under the drug policy of the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis products in small quantities is allowed by licensed coffeeshops.

The idea of licensing the sale of cannabis was introduced in the 1970s for the explicit purpose of keeping hard and soft drugs separated. In the Netherlands, 105 of the 443 municipalities have at least one coffeeshop, although some ban foreigners from entering.

Despite the Netherlands’ international reputation, Rutte was speaking from experience. He told a gathering in Ottawa that “no first use” was the best policy. He said: “I have friends with children your age who get hooked on marijuana and get serious mental health problems because of this. So the best policy on drugs for yourself is no first use.

“It sounds a bit conservative, but I would urge you: don’t try it at all, and if you do at least make sure you don’t move from this stuff to the hard drugs.”

Flanders said...

"God’s Red Army” [—] that is a title given by the New York Times to Christian evangelicals in America that make up 26.3% of the population, voted 81% for Trump in 2016, and are the most reliable voters any country has ever seen—and who today are micro-targeting around 125 million social conservative voters across 19 different States through door-to-door interactions, digital ads, phone calls, and mailers, and will send out about 28 million digital ads encouraging them to vote in this last weekend and Monday—and that enter a volatile political environment that has already seen the Republicans and Democrats combined spending a staggering $1 billion, mostly going to pay for 3.5 million campaign ads, hardly any of which even mention Trump because of how much he’s loved—but for the Democrats is nothing but money going up in flames as President Putin correctly assessed that this election will be won by who is more fearful—that most certainly isn’t Americans fearing the childs fairy tale that Trump is Hitler, as they know it’s a lie—but is, instead, anyone supporting Trump, all of whom know, that if given the chance, these leftists will actually kill them—and who will crawl to the polls to vote if needed to keep that from happening." - Sorcha Faal article, Nov 3, 2018.

Flanders said...

"A shul is not a synagogue. A shul which is Yiddish for a place of prayer and study, is a home for any jew looking for a warm and spiritual place to grow. At Chabad, everybody's welcome. Come when you want. Leave when you want. Bring the whole gang. And while the kids are making new friends at their special "kid-friendly" gatherings, treat your soul to something special. With a "come as you are" attitude, you'll feel right at

Walking into our shul, the first thing you will notice is the people. There are Jews from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and affiliations. You will see smiles, hugs and warm handshakes as people greet each other in a uniquely intimate and relaxed setting.

There is no charge to come to Chabad. Feel free to come as often as you'd like. You're already a member. We all are.

A Jew is a Jew. Period. We are one people; we have one Torah, and we have one G-d. Chabad endeavors to bring unity to the Jewish Community through our common bond of Jewish faith and observance. At Chabad, we don't label ourselves, and we don't label others. We're just Jewish".

Flanders said...

I'm NOT the only one. I sometimes feel like it. The world definitely and absolutely was so much better, and White, before the mid-1960''s. It was then when jew and globalists monopolies began showing and the media showed the control, and jew nigger-love became the "in" thing. Politicians turned from being merely crooks and turned to treason full time.

"47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,' cultural alienation survey finds" - [November 1, 2018]

"It found that 47 percent of Americans now say that things have changed so much, they “feel like a stranger in their own country.” A slim majority (51 percent) disagree.

Nearly six in 10 Republicans say that things have changed so much they feel alienated; 42 percent of Democrats agree.

Was there a better era to live in? Americans are divided on whether the country’s culture and way of life has changed for the better or worse since the 1950s. Fifty percent say such change is for the better, while 47 percent say culture has gotten worse according to the survey survey.

“There are significant partisan divides on this question, with 60 percent of Democrats and just 34 percent of Republicans believing American culture and way of life have improved since the 1950s; by contrast, 64 percent of Republicans say things have mostly changed for the worse,” the poll analysis said.

“The survey finds that partisans see two entirely different American futures. The survey shows Republicans’ vision for the country’s future is increasingly distant from the vision largely shared by Democrats and independents,” the analysis said.

The survey of 2,509 U.S. adults was conducted from Sept. 17 to Oct. 1 and released Monday."

Flanders said...

"Melania Trump at 17 - Model for Jecko - Communist Slovenian father.jpg

Melania [Knavs] Trump - fashion show organized by parents.jpg

"During her childhood only five percent of Slovenians were Communist party members and although her father did not advertise his political affiliation, it was obvious to neighbors and relatives.

In line with their father's officially atheist Communist beliefs, Melania and her sister were not baptized and did not make their first holy communion with the other children, a decision which did not escape Catholic relatives.

Melania's father Viktor, originally from Radice, an agricultural village 15 miles away, was able to use party contacts to access goods that other people did not have access to.

As one relative in the village remembered: 'Viktor was in the Party which helped you to get government jobs or higher positions.'

It was not clear whether Knavs was 'a true believer', she acknowledged. 'Maybe he was just being pragmatic. Being in the Party made things a bit easier and meant he could help his family.'

But whether or not they believed, the Knavs' adherence to the regime's philosophy helped make life more bearable at a time when some goods including petrol were rationed because of shortages.
Renowned Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko discovered the 17-year-old Melania in Ljubljana in 1987 at a modeling contest and asked if he could take some pictures of her."

Flanders said...

A jew can lie and say Christian and jew together, as if it can be true.

So, we shouldn't be too surprised that a jew places Patriotic and Communist together. The latter is true for the jews.

My old Commandant, Shoup, is mentioned below, along with an old FDR traitor - so we know how he obtained his rank.

USMC "Colonel Evans Fordyce Carlson: Our Most Patriotic Communist?"

A military memorandum re: the communist sympathizer who taught Maoist tactics to the Marines’ Raider battalions., Adam Weinstein· Jul 2, 2015

"The Marine ethos rarely tolerates distinctions, but it made a major exception last month. Since 2003, bowing to the demands of expeditionary warfare, the Corps has fielded an elite within the elite, a cadre of special forces clunkily referred to by their designated acronym: MARSOC. But the Corps’ new leadership held a solemn June ceremony at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to re-name MARSOC’s Marines in honor of the service’s earlier elite: the Raider Battalions, born 1942, died 1944

In press coverage of the re-naming, some mention was made of the Raiders’ famous motto, “gung ho,” and its permeation into the American vernacular. No mention was made of the Marine who coined the phrase, who did the most to build the original Raiders’ war-era legend and transform the Corps’ way of warfare with it. This is probably because that officer, Colonel Evans Fordyce Carlson, was a racially progressive, bleeding-heart communist sympathizer. “Gung ho” was a cry of solidarity with Chinese communism."
“Our expanding influence in the world today imposes the responsibility for inspecting minutely our expression of the way of life we sponsor,” he wrote in the foreword to a 1945 book advocating racial integration in the military. “We must mend the fences of our democratic society, and one of the gaps most in need of attention is the prejudice practiced in many communities against the Negro citizen.”

Carlson might have been dismissed as a nut if not for his hotline to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom he’d served as a Marine guard at the president’s residence in Warm Springs, Georgia.
Carlson also stormed Tarawa with David Monroe Shoup, another old friend from the China days, whose valor on that island that day would earn him a Medal of Honor. Shoup would later become the Marine Corps commandant under Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Kennedy’s cabinet was mulling an invasion of Cuba, Shoup reportedly presented the president with a projected image of the island. He then superimposed a photo of Tarawa, the tiny, nine-square-mile atoll where nearly 2,000 of Shoup’s and Carlson’s Marines had been killed, to make the point that assaulting an island as big as Cuba was suicidal folly."

Flanders said...

You who are in Ireland , the UK or Europe may not know about it yet, but you likely are already set up to be in this same system. If not, you will be.

Do not be so deceived into thinking that it cannot and will not happen inside America. Continuing subversions and the gradualism of time clouding people’s memories as to the jewish deceptions and how those occurred is the tactic.

This article by a former Congressman below is wrong only when it states that atheists and agnostics will be exempt. No non-jew will be exempt. Save the link and read the entire article when you have the time.

“A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil. On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine! On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill into law.

Before you respond, “NO, that cannot be – not in our free country!” let me explain.

The passage of this law, HJ Res. 104, is especially troublesome to me because I was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time it was passed. Even worse, I was in the House Chamber the very day that is was passed, voting on other legislation. Yet I, as a U.S. Congressman, had NO KNOWLEDGE that it had been passed or even that it was to be brought up for a vote.”
The committee referred this Resolution to the House for a vote on March 5, 1991. But here is where the real treachery begins! The record states that the House of Representatives passed this Resolution by “Unanimous Consent.” But what the average American does not know is that “Unanimous Consent” is a euphemism for getting a bill passed “under the radar” with almost NO ONE present to vote AND with NO RECORD of who voted or HOW they voted.

A Congressman’s ears prick up when he hears the words “Unanimous Consent” because he is aware that this may be a signal for skullduggery. And in this case, it most certainly was!”

Flanders said...

Despite his seeming ignorance on some subjects, including Hitler and the "parties", Jim Stone occasionally has some posts which make some very good points. The one he has today does that. I urge that you read both the upper and lower portions where he is urging people to vote Republican in the first section. They look much like the same messages, but are not. The main part of the posting is about jews.

"Subversion is the creeping slime mold satanic way of accomplishing the same objective Hitler had, by lying to everyone's faces, brainwashing, and ripping their foundation out. It is what George Soros is all about. It takes a very evil mind set to even consider subverting a society the way the Jews have with America, and they fully intend to once again pull off a great subversion by rigging this next election.

Here's a GREAT example of subversion, on a micro scale (they have progressed this to the most miniscule scale and truly hurt America:" [His example given is at the link below and it is a very good one].

James said...

Israelis convert to Goydaism and move to Russia - say Israel is fuxated with LGBTQHIV now

The Divorce rate in Israel is very high. The secular Jews are the worst.

Are the hardcore Judaics genociding secular Jews?

I see all the White peoples of Europe - Germanic, Celtic and Slavic - as my brothers and sisters. I see them as a family of people who share the same Aryan origin as I do. At the same time, I love ordinary Jewish people (not the NWO type), they are kind and warm but sadly a lot of their suffering is the result of their intolerant religious consciousness. It is self-inflicted.

Interesting perspective.

"What is the purpose of the entire creation we see before us?" I asked them. "It was created mainly for the Jews and the "Gerey Tsedeck" (i.e. Gentiles who become Jews by conversion) and the Goyim (people who are not part of the Jewish "cult") shall serve us..."

Fair enough, but difficult to enforce. Or is it?

The problems of Feminism, racial mixing and loss of meaning in life reflects much of the modern world. My reasons for leaving are the same reasons that people of European blood worldwide are looking for a better way - away from racial conflict and Marxist propaganda. I even have some Jewish friends in the U.S who tell me that they wanted to move to Israel but later found out that Israel is no better in comparison.

So they aren't all liberals then. But unfortunately they do get overly triggered by white nationalists and therefore cause us harm. That is regrettable.

James said...

UK police focuses on maintaining high double standards.

Police 'need to offer female offenders support not prison'
Majority of women’s crimes are linked to poverty and poor mental health, finds London report.

Best convert to womanism if you want a career as a criminal. Apparently it is easy now.

Flanders said...

Set him up with any "Irish" mudsharks, including jewesses, you may know. He may go through quite a few of them.

A negroid who strangled his white 14-year-old girlfriend before stuffing her lifeless body in an oil drum is searching online for women to date in London - after serving 38 years in an American jail

"Dempsey Hawkins, 58, who was deported back to Britain following his time in jail, has been approaching women on the social networking site

One woman who was contacted by Hawkins under the alias Dempsey Louis...".

Flanders said...

[Texas] Negress mammy, 'kept her two-year-old daughter's body in her car for three days' after her boyfriend, 32, 'sexually assaulted her, beat her with a belt until she was unconscious and then tried to use a hairdryer to warm her up'

"On October 23, she and Hewett tied a heavy rock to the body with rape and tossed it into a body of water."

Jen said...

An everyday occurrence in South Africa. A black man was found disemboweled with his head chopped off and neatly placed next to his torso along a freeway near where I live. His knackers were gone.

SAVANT said...

@English Tom. I'd say one personal experience is better than a million words. Bit the poz is deep and it would require a bit more direct experience of diversity for them to give up the virtue signalling.

Interesting that the town in Ireland with the highest percentage of travelers also massively supported the 'anti-traveler' candidate in the recent Presidential election.

Bevois said...

<<< 5 November 2018 at 07:51
So they aren't all liberals then. But unfortunately they do get overly triggered by white nationalists and therefore cause us harm. That is regrettable >>>

Not sure if that is James's or his mentor's opinion. White nationalists are reacting to Jewish interference and control over white communities not the other way round. Compare and contrast to the Chinese community. There are just as many of them in the UK as Jews but I can't think of a single Chinese person involved in politics or the media and as a result there is no loathing of that community by white nationalists beyond being over here instead of their own country.

NWO Chaos said...

Good point about the Chinese. No matter where they go they always, unlike the Jews, keep to themselves. But like the Jews they are both intelligent and crooked, ok with their own but see outsiders as fair game.

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Re Savant's post "The EUSSR?"

Daily Mail, 5 November 2018

Elderly 'pillar of the community' is questioned by police as a hate criminal after 'beeping her horn at a slow motorist who happened to be black'

A leading police commissioner has revealed that hate crime regulations [Public Order Act] forced his officers to question an elderly woman for beeping her horn at another car.

Anthony Stansfeld, the police commissioner for Thames Valley, has called for a review of current rules after the elderly lady was quizzed under caution because the driver just happened to be black.

The woman even wrote to Stansfeld asking him if he had recorded the case as a crime.

The commissioner added: 'She asked us to remove it but the law is such that once it's on the books we cannot do so.'

Daily Telegraph, 05 November 2018

Home Secretary condemns 'disgusting' video of people burning effigy of Grenfell Tower

The Home Secretary has branded a group of people who laughed, cheered and mocked residents of Grenfell Tower while burning a cardboard effigy of the block of flats as “disgusting, shameful and a disgrace.”

The Justice4Grenfell campaign group, whose members include families of the dead and survivors, said: “The video has caused great ALARM AND DISTRESS [Public Order Act].

“This is clearly a HATE CRIME and as a society we should never tolerate these types of blatant acts of hatred..."

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy, who is leading the investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire said: “The Met’s Grenfell Tower investigation team is taking this matter very seriously. Any offences that have been committed will be fully investigated.

He asked anyone with information to contact the police.

Daily Telegraph, 05 November 2018

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy, who is leading the investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire said that his team would fully investigate any offences committed, but was not clear about the nature of any potential legal infringements.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2

In 1983, the Jewish Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, conducted a review of the Public Order Act.

House of Commons, 03 November 1983

[Jewish Member of Parliament for Burton] Mr. [Ivan] Lawrence asked the [Jewish] Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he has COMPLETED HIS REVIEW of the Public Order Act 1936; and if he will make a statement.

The [Jewish] Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr. Leon Brittan): Work on the review is nearing completion.

[Jewish Member of Parliament for Leicester West] Mr. [Greville] Janner: In view of the patent weakness of the Public Order Act to deal with such evil manifestations as National Front parades, marches and demonstrations at the Cenotaph service during the forthcoming Armistice and Remembrance observances, will the Minister, in considering amendments to the Act, take care to see that such activities can be banned?

[Jewish Secretary of State for the Home Department] Mr. [Leon] Brittan: The concept of public order disturbances should be at the centre of such legislation. I understand and share the anxiety expressed by the hon. and learned [Jewish] Gentleman about the activities of the organisations that he has in mind.

House of Commons, 13 January 1986

The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr. Douglas Hurd): It is not unreasonable that the Public Order Act 1936 should be followed by a Public Order Act 1986... The proposal in clause 5 will penalise behaviour which is not itself violent but which is "threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly, and" - I emphasise the word "and" - is likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress... Clause 5 takes account of the many helpful comments that we received when we asked for suggestions on how the new offence of disorderly conduct should be defined. First, we have ABANDONED THE REQUIREMENT OF PROOF of actual ALARM, HARASSMENT OR DISTRESS.


Ivan Lawrence

Leon Brittan

Greville Janner

Frank Galton

Jules Joules Jewels said...

James said...

Not sure if that is James's or his mentor's opinion. White nationalists are reacting to Jewish interference and control over white communities not the other way round.

So you disagree that Jews get triggered by white nationalists? Fair enough, although I struggle to incorporate that idea into my corpus of knowledge given the obvious conflicts with reality.

Did you detect any value or interest in Michael Berg's article at all, or are you just criticizing it out of habit?

James said...

Anonymous Jen said...
An everyday occurrence in South Africa. A black man was found disemboweled with his head chopped off and neatly placed next to his torso along a freeway near where I live. His knackers were gone.

Was it the KKK? Only they possess the hate levels for that.

James said...

Anonymous Flanders said...

...of accomplishing the same objective Hitler had, by lying to everyone's faces, brainwashing, and ripping their foundation out.

Bevois, does this mean Flanders is a Jew? What do you think?

Bevois said...

<<< James said...
Not sure if that is James's or his mentor's opinion. White nationalists are reacting to Jewish interference and control over white communities not the other way round.

So you disagree that Jews get triggered by white nationalists? Fair enough, although I struggle to incorporate that idea into my corpus of knowledge given the obvious conflicts with reality.

Did you detect any value or interest in Michael Berg's article at all, or are you just criticizing it out of habit?
5 November 2018 at 22:18 >>>

No, I didn't read the article before commenting but now that I have I can see its your opinion and not the original author's who very clearly has an opposite to yours namely that Jews are the cause of anti-Semitism.

"I concluded long ago that no one hated Jews for no reason, that antisemitism is a self-inflicted harm done to Jews by Jews themselves."

Bevois said...

<< Bevois, does this mean Flanders is a Jew? What do you think? >>>

James, your comprehension skills are very poor today as Flanders was quoting Jim Stone. Flanders is of course one of the most valuable contributors to this blog.

Uncle nasty said...

Not stricly on topic ... but a rivetting You Tube on intelligence or lack of ... in the US military.

It's called Macnamara's morons, and it's possibly the most useful thirty-six minute piece of info about the way the US fights wars.

McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War

A presentation and reading by Hamilton Gregory, author of "McNamara's Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam." Because so many college students were avoiding military service during the Vietnam War, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara lowered mental standards to induct 354,000 low-IQ men. Their death toll in combat was appalling.

I do understand that the training course for the Marine Corps is three weeks on Parris Island. Can anyone confirm or deny? Could this be the key to US troop's piss poor performance from WWII until the present day?

Could it be that the whole military thing that the US has pursued, for about four generations now, is planned to fail?

An extension of the (((lawyer's))) detestation of the death penalty? Not so much the so-called humanity but the loss of a generational income stream ... after all, a life sentence is the opportunity for endless legal action -- and profit. Appeals, representations, parole hearings, more appeals ...

But not even a Tribesman can get money out of a stiff. Without actually going through his pockets, that is.

Back to the topic on hand, could it (to be cynical) be a massive culling exercise of what Hillary called the "unmentionables" ... the "insupportables" or whatever -- and on the other hand, could it be the reason why the WWII German soldier was so feared by his opponents?

I include the Poms, the Reds and the GI's.

Most fascinating is the author's final comments on McNamara's love of technology and a politician's total indifference to the ordinary humanity who actually got the job done.

Sound familiar?


Jen said...

No it was other blacks.

James said...

James, your comprehension skills are very poor today as Flanders was quoting Jim Stone.

I understood that.

opposite to yours namely that Jews are the cause of anti-Semitism.

Perhaps your comprehension skills are lacking. Where did I say the opposite of that. BTW what is the opposite. Is it that Jews do not cause antisemitism, or is it that antisemitism causes Jews, or is that the converse. I'm not sure, it gets tricky. Tell me what you think I believe and quote where I said it, that might be easier.

James said...

My mentor Henry Makow tries to explain how white he is.

I wish he would address the particular problem of nearly a million Jews going to Rabbi Ovadia "Goyim are stinking insects designed to serve Jews" Yosef's funeral. Any claim that they are innocent dupes of the banksters seems a little far-fetched in light of what that guy preached.

James said...

Brazil has the best president. Trump is low energy compared to this guy.

James said...

Funny AF.

James said...

Extra funny.

James said...


Frank Galton said...


Posted a comment last night re the Noahide Laws.

Can you check your spam folder?

I'll repost.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Re the Noahide Laws

Jewish Encyclopedia


The Seven Laws

Basing their views on the passage in Gen. ii. 16, they [the Rabbis] declared that the following six commandments were enjoined upon Adam: (1) NOT TO WORSHIP IDOLS; (2) not to blaspheme the name of God; (3) to establish courts of justice; (4) not to kill; (5) not to commit adultery; and (6) not to rob... A seventh commandment was added after the Flood—not to eat flesh that had been cut from a living animal (Gen. ix. 4).

In the elaboration of these seven Noachian laws, and in assigning punishments for their transgression, the Rabbis are sometimes more lenient and sometimes more rigorous with Noachidæ than with Israelites. With but a few exceptions, the punishment meted out to a Noachid for the transgression of any of the seven laws is decapitation, the least painful of the four modes of execution of criminals (see Capital Punishment).

H.J.Res. 104 (102nd): To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”.

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, ‘the rebbe’, this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of ‘education and giving’, the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws;

H.J.Res. 104 (102nd): To designate March 26, 1991, as “Education Day, U.S.A.”.


JAN 31, 1991 Introduced

MAR 20, 1991 Enacted — Signed by the President

The President signed the bill and it became law.

Redemption of the Lost Tribes: Preparing for the Coming Messianic Age, by Rick Richardson

Noahide Law

Former U.S. Congressman, Bill Dannemeyer, in an article titled Now the Government can Legally Kill Christians writes:

On January 31, 1991, an innocuous-sounding Resolution was introduced, designating March 26, 1991 as “Education Day, USA.” It was purposely given this name to deceive the American people.

It was, in fact, a Double Deception because not only did the Resolution have nothing to do with “Education,” it was also deceptively billed as a vehicle for recognizing the eighty-ninth birthday of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

But in truth, the Resolution was nothing less than a secret, under-handed plot to control the American people by the Noahide Laws – a subterfuge for the elimination of Christianity, the elimination of all Christians, and the enslavement of all remaining “Gentiles.”

Professor Rick Richardson, PhD

NOW THE GOVERNMENT CAN LEGALLY KILL CHRISTIANS, by Bill Dannemeyer, U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992 (Link from Bill Dannemeyer's Wikipedia page, References: 11.)

A Jewish website,, states that the worship of any deity other than God, which includes Jesus Christ, is idolatry ["the following six commandments were enjoined upon Adam: (1) NOT TO WORSHIP IDOLS"].

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

Yes indeed FG, you comment had been Shoahed!

Poes and Latte said...

Why is this ugly fucking goffel (mixed race) white hating whore still in England?
I guess the clue is in its surname (Samuels)

Mehh I thought it was hilarious! Amazing what it takes to scramble the Police these days LOL!

Poes and Latte said...

Does Ireland still 'own' this cunt ?

Dublin Dave said...

Balbriggan gangs at it again, last Wednesday on Halloween a large number of black males terrorized the northside seaside towns of Malahide and Portmarnock

On a night of mayhem in the north Dublin seaside towns, several youngsters were attacked in terrifying incidents which included:
A boy having his jacket and phone robbed at Malahide Train Station
Two boys being attacked and one mugged at Portmarnock Village
Several people complaining that they had had to run after youths demanded their phones
Another young man whose jeans and runners were stolen by gangs
A car being surrounded by gang members near Portmarnock beach

A local woman who was pregnant tied to intervene when a gang were beating up a young boy, one told her

“I’ll cut the baby out of you and chop it up in front of you."

He was pulled away by another thug who reprimanded the woman that

'you're just giving us hassle because we're black'.

The blacks are riding the train lines and causing havoc all north Dublin, they are from balbriggan, last year they went up to Bettytown and caused havoc there.

Its good though, the sleep is beginning to fall out of peoples eyes.

Egghead said...

New movie plot: Orphaned 16 year old white Muslim girl funds her journey through Africa by teaching the Koran to children....

SAVANT said...

@Dublin Dave....would you try to keep a record of anything you hear about Balbriggan? (And/or post it here). I'm trying to keep track of what's happening there as it's the canary in the coal mine for Ireland. Needless to say I wont get anything from the MSM.

Dublin Dave said...

Will do Savant, I thankfully don't live there, but I have relatives near there and go through occasionally. When my mother was dying I used to drive through it to visit her, it hurt me more, to see an Irish town turning into this, my mother was at the end of her life, a sad but natural event, this is not, I ended up having to avoid the place completely.

There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land - Euripides.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Extra funny.

6 November 2018 at 11:02

I think you'll like this, then ... not all Germans have been turned into lefty wimps.


Jen said...

The black guy who was disemboweled and decapitated with his torso and head left by the freeway that I previously mentioned used to sell pot scourers at a local taxi rank. He was probably killed in the taxi wars that never stop in this town. He saw something he was not supposed to see and shot off his mouth. These murders are entirely black on black. Most of the service delivery protests you see on tv are not about service delivery at all. They are faction fights abut who gets to feed at the trough as a city councillor. Many of these black councillors run taxi businesses on the side. The violence between rival taxi gangs regularly gets so bad that the entire taxi industry is shut down for weeks even months on end. Workers cannot get to their jobs if they dont have their own transport. I once made the mistake of letting a black woman talk me into giving her a lift to work. She wanted me to stop at every second street corner to give her pals transport to their work places as well.

Gary Paul said...

Jen, where do you live? South Africa? (No need to be too specific)

Menachim Sneerson said...

Steph Fran19 hours ago
In the UK, over the past 10 years over 5,000 people have been fined or jailed for offensive speech.

Scottish RedHead CountDankula was
fined £800 for getting a Mops to salute Hitler but an approrpriately hair colored Englishman was not even prosecuted for getting his cat do the same. It is as if arbitrary laws are been applied arbitrarely to up Dame Alison Saunders law prostitution figures.

Terrible tragedy, but Tommy is right. The authorities are covering up the true number of deaths because they don't want to admit that there are far more illegal immigrants here than we, the public, are led to believe. Illegal immigrants have no right to be here and should be removed straight away.

And in the Grenfell Tower bonfire incident 10 illegals have come forward to claim compensation after being made homeless.

AnalogMan said...

Jen said...

I once made the mistake of letting a black woman talk me into giving her a lift to work. She wanted me to stop at every second street corner to give her pals transport to their work places as well.

I've been there. Once, driving down the N7 towards Cape Town, in the middle of nowhere, I saw a black woman running alongside the road. I thought, she's obviously in a hurry, and give her credit, she's making an effort, but she's not going to get anywhere like that. So I stopped to give her a lift. Big mistake.

We'd barely got moving, and she was trying to cadge something to eat. No thanks for stopping, just gimme more. I didn't have anything for her, so she got into a huff and sulked. Presently she pointed to a farmhouse a couple of hundred yards from the road and demanded to be taken there. I was not feeling charitably inclined by then, so I said I'd drop her at the turnoff. Boy, was she PO'd. Got out the car and slammed the door as hard as she could.

Of course, I resolved right there never to give them anything again. Gratitude is not in their nature. You'd think they would notice a pattern, but they really are stupid. They think it's racism that makes us oppress them so. That's a good enough explanation for me.

AnalogMan said...

Menachim Sneerson said...

And in the Grenfell Tower bonfire incident 10 illegals have come forward to claim compensation after being made homeless.

Also a number who had never lived in the tower. All claimants, I believe, were given permanent residence in the UK.

Jen said...

How can this be a good thing? The shit has already hit the fan. How are you going to get the fan shit free again?

Jen said...

Most black South Africans are totally confused. They want a lucrative government job where they can earn a lot of money for messing up the country's economy even further than it is already damaged. But those jobs are only for those who have ANC pals to get them in. So most scratch out a meagre existence and blame whites for their poverty.

It's not whites who are keeping them poor, it's their tribal leaders who won't let them own land and it's the same all over sub Saharan Africa.

I was in hospital recently for a hip procedure and although most of the staff were quite competent I was quite amazed at how black South Africans still engage in magical thinking. I was told by one registered nurse that I should employ a full time maid. One of the security guards asked whether I would hire him as my personal chauffeur. I drive a very ordinary 15 year old car. How was it possible that they couldn't get maid and chauffeur jobs with all the blacks employed in government?

Because black people exploit black people far worse than whites do. Working for a white is a doddle compared to working for a black. A black will not try to mooch off a black because she knows she will get nowhere. That's why that black woman slammed your car door like that. She had already thought you were a fool for offering her a lift in the first place. When you wouldn't oblige by giving her more free shit she lost it with you. You're lucky a couple of black thugs didn't appear when you offered her the lift in the first place.

AnalogMan said...

Jen said...

You're lucky a couple of black thugs didn't appear when you offered her the lift in the first place.

That would have been quite a trick, on an open road with no cover in sight. Mind you, my daughter and her family were hijacked on a different stretch of the same road (in my car, nogal). They had stopped to deal with a bratty child when a kaffir appeared with a knife and held them up. It was purely an opportunistic attempt, he was not ready for the task. As he held the knife to my daughter's head and tried to remove her wrist watch, she thought, "This guy is falling-down drunk, I think I can take him". So she punched him in his face.

But of course, she punches like a girl, so he didn't fall over; but by that time my SIL was rounding the car behind him, so he took off running with SIL in pursuit. A couple of friendly neighbours joined the chase, and the munt hurt his face in a fall, just before the police arrived to rescue him. They had been called by a passing motorist.

It was just not his day. The kids were luckier than they deserved; on first contact the coon tried to stab him in the face, but his glasses deflected the knife, which just nicked his eyebrow. Made for some gory photos in his police file, but no serious damage done. Then, when she punched him, he tried to stab her in the head, but again the knife was deflected by the alice band in her hair. Some days a kaffir just can't catch a break. And then, some people deny that they're oppressed.

Jen said...

Every white or Indian person in South Africa has either been hijacked or had their car stolen or had an attempt made on themselves inside or outside their car or had their house broken into by the black oppressed. I nearly forgot: all white women have had their handbag with or without cellphone stolen.

Jen said...

Goes to show they're all over the place all the time with their knives and evil opportunistic intentions.

Poes and Latte said...


I don't care about Indians or Pakis. Flip side of the kike. How many SA resident kikes have been murdered or hijacked by coons? That's what I'd like to know

Jen said...

Poes and Latte said...
Does Ireland still 'own' this cunt ?
6 November 2018 at 19:40

Converting to Islam in a sulk is par for the course for a certain kind of ignored, neurotic, post menopausal celebrity. Pay no attention.

Jen said...

Continuing about Sinead O'Connor:

She's not well and I agree with Jack Buckby that we should all pray for her. If half of what she says her mother did to her is true it's no wonder she went completely bonkers. She had a full hysterectomy in Ireland a couple of years ago - that's what she says, but why in Ireland, without hormone replacement therapy afterwards - which I doubt, as a woman of her resources with a doctor and psychiatrist on speed dial wouldn't likely let this happen to her - but who really knows. Her mother forced her to wear her hair very short when she was little and she kept it that way. Probably less hassle after a while, and she had the elfin looks to carry it off. Joining Islam the way she's going about it is a cry for help. She's a danger to herself and others if she gets introduced to radical Islamists.

Jack Buckby on the whole mess.

Chumlee's Brother said...

AnalogMan said...

You'd think they would notice a pattern, but they really are stupid.

...Self referencing again Anal man. For a sperg, your pattern recognition skills are shite.

....Jen, a word of advice. Don't drop your guard around Analogman.
He's not what he pretends to be. You'd do well to avoid him like the plague.

Jen said...

Thanks for the warning Chumlee. Unfortunately some old men get really cranky due to low testosterone levels.

Dan said...

There was a photo of Sinead O'Connor looking healthy possibly on the manic side of bi polar.

It is a shame what the press did to her. When she was of no more use she was to be mocked. Remember the press are never our friends.

Jen said...

According to the shrinks themselves bipolar disorder has been greatly overdiagnosed. They had to come up with a fancy name for moodiness and manic depressive sounded too harsh. True manic depressive disorder is very rare but every second celebrity has bipolar disorder these days so it's all bullshit. The trick cyclists have a vested financial interest in coming up with labels for non existent disorders.

Jen said...

Sinead O'Connor still has a couple of good tunes left. She should update her look and relaunch her career. Very talented woman.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Jen said...
Sinead O'Connor still has a couple of good tunes left. She should update her look and relaunch her career. Very talented woman.

...She still has a brother, Brendan whose very well connected, so it is still a possibility.