Tuesday, 29 May 2018

War has been declared on the British people.

The Soviet Union is commonly perceived to have been an absolute tyranny where opponents of the regime ended up with a bullet in the head. That form of coercion may have ended shortly after the death of Stalin but there never was real political freedom. All political activities had to conform to Party orthodoxy, potentially troublesome foreigners were excluded, no meaningful opposition media were allowed and rather than facing a bullet to the head dissidents could expect to lose their jobs, or if they got too stroppy sentenced to jail by one of the Party's kangaroo courts.

How different is that to what applies today in Britain? Not a lot really. Just a few days ago Tommy Robinson, in his role as a citizen journalist, was filming outside the court where Muslim child rapists were on trial. Police pulled him off the street, dragged him in front of a judge who immediately, without his legal representative being present, sentenced him to thirteen months in prison. After which he was immediately whisked off to start his sentence while the judge imposed a media blackout. How different is that case (and many others like it) to Soviet practice? 

In Britain, and in many other Western countries, the media is controlled, unorthodox political views will lose you your job or land you in jail, laws are so vague as to guarantee convictions, non-conforming foreigners are routinely excluded, education has been replaced by indoctrination, in effect there's just one political party, political hacks get promoted to top positions....and now we have a political activist tried and jailed in secret. I ask again, how is that different to the USSR?

War has been declared on the British people. The Government and its agencies are with the enemy, if not actually the enemy. Why else would they appoint the likes of this clown to head the Crown Prosecution Service and make the likes of these people responsible for the safety of White children? There's a reason for such appointments and British (i.e. White) candidates understand that they either get on message or get nowhere. Just like the Soviet Union. That in turn explains the traitorous behaviour of the police, courts and all Government agencies.

The question is...where's it going to end? Will the British people (and Western Europeans generally) keep retreating, heads down, paying the mortgage while ameliorating the pain of their dispossession with sport and entertainment mind-rot? Or will the traitors and their invader foot soldiers finally push them to outright rebellion?

I have no idea how this will turn out.


Bassett said...

Robinson was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court having video recorded a number of men – including defendants involved in a live trial – entering the court building, and livestreaming the footage on Facebook in what he claimed was an attempt at legitimate court reporting. West Yorkshire police, having been alerted to his activities, arrested Lennon at the scene. The initial reports suggested that he was arrested for a suspected breach of the peace, but what is now clear from the judgment published today is that his actions in broadcasting details about the trial were in breach of reporting restrictions.


vanguard said...

Just can't call it what is is can you ? It's not neo Left "Fascist" it's Jewish Communism. The Brits deserve it, Hell, the Commie Godfather is buried in England.

Unknown said...

Thank you Lord Savant, for your words. I have to say that at long last vast numbers of British people are getting angry but I cannot say where it will end. Just think, Churchill, Kipling and Powell would be serving life sentences if they lived in 2018.

Anonymous said...


I honestly think the British people are done. They're slaves. They should have rebelled long, long before this - but they voted for Blair 3 times. They're unarmed, and afraid to rock the boat. Don't bet on them taking to the streets any time soon.


Anonymous said...


Support Tommy!


awakened said...

100% correct savant. The UK is under occupation by globalist rulers, with a media, judiciary, police and party system all now in full enemy collaborator mode. The British police now are the same as the Gendarmerie in Vichy France, enforcers for the occupiers. A stealth war has been declared on the British people and only now are some of them wakening up to it.

Red Mist said...

This is the sayanim - this is the SHIT!

Yet it married a "white" male 20 years older than her in charge of the NHS ? LOL!

"Hypocrisy" No? - (('British')) resident and cosseted bitches ?? You know who you are reading this - and no I'm personally not on benefits, - not yet. Bear in mind though, I will take FULL advantage as or when the need arises. Make sure your tax payments are thoroughly up to date you ugly saps with nothing better to do

Bevois said...

I am wholly ignorant of whether TR is genuinely in contempt of court and whether the restrictions on reporting the trial were made with the view to maximising convictions or to minimise the public scrutiny of a protected religious/ethnic group.

But even assuming TR is guilty as charged, I nevertheless believe that he should be given full support as if he was innocent, as not to do so will embolden further arrests and imprisonments of anyone engaged in alt right politics. Currently, in prison are Britain First leaders, Jez Turner of the London Forum, some woman who sang a song about the Big H as being Big Lies. Truth is no defence.

The left shamelessly used the death of drug dealing, knife mugging St Stephen Lawrence, Martyr to further their agenda, so we should as well. In the USA #BLM defend any of their own who are shot by white policemen regardless of circumstances.

Stephen Daedalus said...

Anyone Irish or British ought to recall Diplock courts and internment (without trial) used on both sides of the border. Even though the press debated the injustice of these measures most of the public accepted their necessity. Fear of civil disorder outweighs that of personal injustice. Think of long struggles of the Birmingham six and Guildford four. Even the far-right is divided over Robinson's incarceration.

Red Mist said...

Did anyone one here watch "The Battle for Britain's Heroes" on channel 4 tonight?

They had a product of 'diversity' presenting a diatribe of angst about Rhodes, Churchill et al. Not a word about the kikes who sponsored them - Rothschild, Barnato and Amery respectively?

This creature/presenter (Afua Hirsch) is your classic case of global mongrelisation. It was hatched in Norway to offspring of a German labelled kike father (Hirsch) and a sheboon from Ghana. The brood moved to England as they do and the rest is history. Kikes have a penchant for copulating with coons and producing offspring. Chukkaspear Ummunta is another. He is the product of Niggerian father and kike mother. However they are all labelled as "English" here in Wiki propaganda.

This foul creature - a "barrister" no less, really goes to town on Churchill, Colston and Rhodes.

Check it out on here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/catchup

Pom Z said...

The Jew and the Dravidian Hindu/'other'coolie both worship the serpent. The serpent is the devil incarnate in my Bible. I understand why the Mohammedan hates both. All of them however, including the Mohammedan, hate the Christian, because the true Christian knows them for exactly what they are.

Anonymous said...

Is Robinson far right?

Stephen Daedalus said...

I cannot imagine any Irish feeling much affinity or sympathy for Churchill and Cecil Rhodes: both were fanatical Anglo Imperialists.

Denise said...

White English woman gets dragged off by the JewK Race Traitor Badge Fag vermin, for simply questioning why dune coons are permitted to commit crimes that the English are punished for committing. No warrant, no explanation. Simply dragged off.


Luker2236 said...

I fear England is done for, at least in the near term; eventually, it may turn around. Of course, had they not allowed themselves to be disarmed...

Anonymous said...

Italy could bring it down. The (((EU))) is attempting to block them from issuing new currency (t-bots?) and defaulting on eurodebt incurred by their occupational (((ruling elite))). The subsequent bank failures could very well bring all the (((central banks))) down along with the (((petro-$))). There is a march on Rome June 2. I think we will have a better idea how this is likely to end up after that.

Anonymous said...

did Ireland just okay abortion?

Flanders said...

"Two Freemasons' lodges set up at Westminster are continuing to operate" [4 Feb 2018]

"Two Freemasons’ lodges set up more than 80 years ago for members of parliament and political journalists are continuing to operate, the Guardian has learned.

New Welcome Lodge, which set up to recruit MPs, peers and parliamentary staff, and Gallery Lodge, established for members of the political press corps known as the lobby, both remain active, according to Freemasonry records.

The United Grand Lodge of England says that no MPs or lobby journalists are members of those lodges. However, it has confirmed that several MPs are Freemasons.

A third lodge called the Alfred Robbins Lodge, which was also set up for journalists, also continues to meet regularly in London.

The identities of the members of these three lodges remain unknown outside the world of Freemasonry, however, and so discreet are the members of Gallery Lodge that few journalists working in the lobby appear to be aware of its existence.

After what was likely a setup type of comment made by someone else who was probably another Freemason (the chair of the Police Federation, Steve White),"an angry denial from the UGLE. In a letter to the press, Staples said: “We are quietly proud that throughout history, when people have suffered discrimination both in public and social life, Freemasonry has welcomed them into our lodges as equals.” He added that many Freemasons chose to keep their membership secret in order to avoid being discriminated against."

The three lodges each meet four times a year at Freemasons’ Hall, the UGLE’s headquarters in Covent Garden, London." [More]

[Flanders here]: Denials or "explanations" by a subversive group which is set up in secret, and whose members are known to follow jew guidances and sympathies ring hollow. Freemasons are known to be subversive and that is proven by history, and the members should be revealed publically and treated as being as their fellow jews, because that is just what they are. They are trained and led into it and they subvert our White countries and every other country where they are located, and they cooperate fully with jewry. They are worse in a sense than any jew because of their secret loyalties and their secret operations spread throughout and subverting our societies and others throughout the world.

There are said to be at least 2 million Freemasons inside the jewed-"US" alone. No wonder our country is no longer the USA, the home of the free and the brave. As for England, I do remember having read that, although there are fewer Freemasons by number, they are of a higher proportion to the rest of the English population. There are said to be at least 6 million Freemasons worldwide. Most of those millions (despite what they may claim otherwise) respond to directions set by another secret organization, the CFR (which "appears" to be open, but is not). The CFR probably runs in tandem with B'nai Brith.

Now just how deeply all of these jews and Freemasons interrelate with other subversives, such as Common Purpose, BLM and NAACP, or ADL and SPLC, we have no way to know, but we can safely assume that they do so, and with other unnamed organizations and NGO's, too. The Freemasons, after all, are "the chosens" secret Noahides, and are given thier special places of honor by The Learned Elders. For that, the B'nai Brith is the overall leader of Freemasons and various other jew assets, and it too masqurades as being a "Fraternal" organization. [There will be more to follow this]


Flanders said...

UK Noahides:

"...the principles of Noah were still perpetuated by that portion of his race whom the Freemasons of the present day regard as their early predecessors. Hence Freemasons call themselves Noachidæ, or the sons of Noah. [Skip]
The “proselytes of the gate,” as the Jews termed those who lived among them without undergoing circumcision, or observing the ceremonial law, were bound to obey the seven precepts of Noah."

"On top of all freemasonry lodges in the World is the pure Jewish lodge B‘nai Brith, Sons of the Pact. All Masonic brethren throughout the world participate in the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, which symbolizes the Jewish secular world domination

“Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end”
— Rabbi Isaac Wise (of B’nai B’rith, quoted in Israelite of America, Aug 3, 1866)

«Freemasonry is based on Judaism. What is left of the Freemasonic rituals, when eliminating Judaism doctrines? «
«The Jewish Tribune». New York, 29. okt. 1925.

«It must be the Masonry first commandment to glorify the Jewish race that has kept in secrecy the divine content unchanged.» [Cabala/Talmud]
Freemason magazine «Le Symbolisme», Revue mac. 1928
"Christian Zionists, Jews and Freemasons and all the secret societies and intelligence agencies of the World in union want to re-build a new Salomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, where they can continue sacrifice animals for their sins, and rule the World from the Throne of Salomon – AntiChrist Kingdom – with the privileges of UN-Human Rights for their sheeples. It is called the Third Temple (God have removed from the face of the Earth the two first of them, as prophesised). The Freeemasons have been brainwashed to believe that the ‘Jews’ is of tribes of Israel when they in reality is of the Kenites (Serpent seed), or Edomites after Esau, NOT Jacob.

Grand Orient lodge belong as mentioned the humanitarian Freemasonry, who openly work for communism and sought affiliation to the Soviet Union, and it is therefore natural that the political kingpins at the same time was Freemasons, as mr. Anthony Eden, repeatedly have been in Moscow for political instructions, most recently in December 1941, where an agreement was made to surrender Europe to Stalin’s rule and thus to Bolshevism and the red terror, if England won the war». (from the 1943 book Frimureriets Hemmelighet)". [Continues at the link below, and more to follow.]


Flanders said...

UK Noahides:

"...the principles of Noah were still perpetuated by that portion of his race whom the Freemasons of the present day regard as their early predecessors. Hence Freemasons call themselves Noachidæ, or the sons of Noah. [Skip]
The “proselytes of the gate,” as the Jews termed those who lived among them without undergoing circumcision, or observing the ceremonial law, were bound to obey the seven precepts of Noah."


Flanders said...

"The House of Commons does not hold a list of Members of Parliament or House staff who are Freemasons. Members may choose to disclose this information...". Parliament UK. But, someone does try to keep track:

"A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees"

Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
David Cameron
Winston Churchill
Edward Heath
Ruth Kelly

The above are only some of the names which are at the link below.


Flanders said...

We can today observe for ourselves how South Africa has been "assisted" by Freemasony's "...tolerance, and promoting peace and harmony" inside of that once peaceful and prosperous country.

"Only the Freemason symbol on the window and the Star of David above the large wooden doors show that this is not just another parliamentary building.

The building was inaugurated as the first masonic temple in South Africa in 1803 and is still used daily by its members.

This week, City Press took a tour of the temple with the newly appointed Grand Master of the SA Freemasons, Geoff Edwards.

On a table in the foyer are a square and a pair of compasses – well-known masonic symbols. On the wall is an engraved list of the names of former masters and the wall beside the front door is adorned with a framed photograph of Watty Watson, former DA chief whip and retiring Grand Master.

“People say we’re on parliamentary grounds, but that’s not true. Actually, Parliament is on our grounds,” he says.
Two artificial human skulls add a chilling edge to the room. “People say the Freemasons have ruled the world over the centuries, but the truth is that many rulers were simply masons,” he says."


Flanders said...

"Jewish Manifesto for Local Government"
[1 March 2018 – 14 Adar 5778]

"The event was organised jointly by the The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the The Jewish Leadership Council.

The Jewish Manifesto for Local Government is the definitive document for councillors and candidates who wish to serve Jewish residents in their wards and boroughs.

Download: Jewish Manifesto for Local Government [Flanders has previously given this link before, and it's highly recommended that you review it for yourself if you haven't yet seen it].

The document, which has been collated by the Board of Deputies after consultation with more than 250 community organisations, is being sent to candidates across the country ahead of 2018’s local elections on May 3, which will see local elections in boroughs with some of the largest Jewish communities in the country, including councils in London, Greater Manchester and Leeds.

Policies outlined in the document include: calling on all local councils to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism; to ensure that councils appoint coroners who are sensitive to the needs of Jewish communities; support for Jewish schools, welfare services and housing provision.

Councillors are being asked to endorse the Manifesto’s #TenLocalCommitments, which sum up all of the community’s policy priorities.
Following the launch, Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron said: “It is critical for the Jewish community to make its voice heard in local authorities, particularly on crucial issues such as coroners’ services and antisemitism. This Jewish Manifesto for Local Government will ensure that councillors and candidates know how about the issues that matter to their Jewish residents. And ahead of this year’s elections around the country we will be urging candidates to endorse our 10 Local Commitments, which summarise the community’s priorities.”

"JSCN reaching out across the Atlantic"

"Ed Horwich, creator of the JSCN network, and Samuel Richardson are collaborating to create JSCN USA.

Sam is well known in America for his academic work on Small Jewish Communities in the States. Asked how he got into area of study he replies “I woke up one day and wondered what were the chances that my future grandchildren would still be Jewish. What could I do to increase the possibility that they would be?”

Certainly “small communities” have a different definition by size in America. They are larger, but as a proportion of the total Jewish population they are a much smaller percentage than in the UK."


Flanders said...

Jews in the United Kingdom in 2013 - A jew Policy report about jews in the UK.

The jew leaders keep a close eye on all the jews, and these types of reports are very likely based on facts. This one is a 48 page PDF. You will find a lot of data and information in it. I won't even attempt to summarize. I will note, however, that this type of record keeping on jews has been going on for a very long time, especially since the Ashkenazi's became stronger within the "Zionist" movement in the early 1900's inside the US. The jew's report of 1921 in a "Social Register" of New York jews (and other similar ones elsewhere) served the jew leaders, serving as a marshalling of jew assets in order for them to coordinate the jews into networks which could dominate within the general White USA, by networking together on prearranged strategies, on both on economic levels and policy levels. Basically, they were an inventory of troops for a war to be conducted against White society and American nationalism, and we see that it has been that, and has become moreso with their subsequent rise in power.

This can be very helpful to our conscious and aware people in the UK, who are the only ones who can be capable to interpret the jewspeak in order to understand it's true significances.


Flanders said...

"Jewish Small Communities Network" - Jewish Welfare Organisations


Flanders said...

"Harry Truman Administration: Speech for the Conference of the National Jewish Welfare Board (October 17, 1952)

"Let's review some history. When our Armed forces marched into defeated Nazi Germany, revelations were made that shocked the whole civilized world. The full scope of the Nazi tyranny revealed that not less than 6 million Jews had been killed by the Nazi warlords. We soon discovered that occupants of the displaced persons camps did not wish to move out into the life of the country, although living conditions in the camps were poor.

I sent Earl G. Harrison, former Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization, to look over the camps and give me a report. He told me that the vast majority of the Jewish displaced persons felt their future would be secure only in Palestine. On Mr. Harrison's recommendation, I asked the Government of Great Britain to make available immediately 100,000 entry permits into Palestine. In order to relate the proposed permits to the larger problem of Jewish resettlement, the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry was formed. This Committee again repeated the recommendation that 100,000 entry permits be issued. You know the rest of the story as well as I do. The Jewish Agency for Palestine went ahead with plans to partition Palestine and to 'proclaim the State of Israel.

I am proud of my part in the creation of this new state. Our Government was the first to recognize the State of Israel. Dr. Chaim Weizmann is an old and dear friend of mine. It was a great pleasure for me to have him stay overnight in the Blair House. I could not help but notice the many thousands of people who passed by Blair House to see the flags of the United States and the new country of Israel flying side by side." [Continues]


Flanders said...

While the YMCA was immediately chosen by Chairman Fosdick to partner with the Commission on Training Camp Activities, he and Secretary of War Newton Baker believed that it would act without religious bias---- Members of the Jewish Welfare Board and of the Jewish community as a whole were eager to show that the beliefs of Judaism do not conflict, but instead intertwine, with the aspirations of American democracy. ---- The YMCA, which had originally denied the Board a position on its National War Work Council, had built a friendly relationship with the Jewish Welfare Board by the end of the war. Dr. John Mott, a leader of the YMCA, said that the work of the Board was of “distinctive and vital function,” and “cannot be done by any other organization of workers.”[9] Father John Burke, chairman of the National Catholic War Council, corresponded regularly with Chairman Harry Cutler of the Jewish Welfare Board, and they agreed on the importance of a unified fundraising drive as part of the United War Work Campaign.
Colonel Harry Cutler
Harry Cutler served as the chairman of the Jewish Welfare Board during the Great War, acting on behalf of his fellow Jewish Americans. Cutler was born in Russia in 1876.----Likely because of the experiences of his family and his heritage as a Russian Jew, Cutler embraced the causes of Zionism and Jewish relief work around the globe.----Not surprisingly, then, Harry Cutler replaced Cyrus Adler as Chairman of the Jewish Board for Welfare Work in July of 1917.[13]---- Members of the board believed that Cutler would be more representative of the group (later to be renamed the Jewish Welfare Board) as a Jewish immigrant from Russia, rather than Adler, who came from a German background. Furthermore, Cutler had earned the title of “Colonel” while serving with the Rhode Island National Guard,..".


Celtic Morning said...

If it comes to a state approaching civil war and the people take to the streets, who do you think the police and the armed forces will be firing at? The Jews? The Muslims? The blacks? Their sights will be firmly fixed on their fellow white men. As many have said, it is better to die standing on your feet than kneeling and until the true Brit (or European) lives by that maxim, then the situation will remain unchanged.We badly need a strong and effective clandestine vigilante force. As JFK said "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." Liberal whites have pushed too far for too long and its time they paid for their crimes against the nation. Is our main hope the still masculine attitude of the eastern European?

Californian said...

Whether or not Robinson was in violation of reporting restrictions is not the point. Such technical "breaches of the peace" are a farce given how the British "justice" system overlooked Rotherham et alia. The state used Robinson's actions outside the courtroom as an excuse to arrest and make an example out of him. Britain, like many other Western countries, are operating under a system of of officially sanctioned lawlessness.

Robinson is a symbol of how those who defy that lawlessness are being persecuted. Hence, he must be supported by patriots, nationalists and Men/Women of the West.

Joe said...

Has Robinson ever said England for the English?
Call a halt to further immigration multiculturalism has failed? Well No since Stephen Lennon and the EDL are opposed to a homogeneous society and British/English nationalism and they have played an active part in the decline of British nationalism for years. They formed in 2009 just when the BNP won two seats at the EU parliament and were winning seats up and down the country in local council wards.
It reminds me of the formation of C18 (backed from usa-probably cia) they were formed just has the BNP won their first council seat in east London in 1993. (It created disunity in the party for a number of years but the party managed to over come it with strong leadership at the time).
Who are Lennons real backers? Bevois any idea?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

@Stephen Daedalus

You point out a little much ignored fact of UKaboland's real structure. Ukakoland is just a Council of 10 opertion's base with slow release Talmudicin. Who fed the lion's mouth that got the, and they are always paid for somehow, candid cameraman lifted into the STASI court system? We will never know because we are never taught about how the private channels of control really operate. Some do and get to use the secret private emergency police and NHS numbers.

The STAR chamber have been stinking these shores for over 500 years now.

Anyway, what the Ukabo will never be told is that since the imported assets, brought and bought at great numbers of $, are to be put to work for global darkness, any UKabo causing an opportunity cost to the plan's schedule, will be written off. What the newly arrived don't get is that they will immediately be subjects subject to experiment.

Just watch as chimera are bred out of the new stock.

UKakoland is now virulently toxic to all of remaining humanity.

What can be done about it I hear the remaining Earthabos asking?



Hector Gray said...

Sensible suggestion Bevois. I cannot see how he was in breach of any order but if he has been it underlines the draconian nature of that order. As such we should give him unstinting support.

Gerry said...


5 minutes after filming the above Robinson was arrested

Working class gerry said...

This is a attack on the working class
To make them known their place

Martin said...

Whether or not Robinson was in violation of reporting restrictions is not the point. Such technical "breaches of the peace" are a farce given how the British "justice" system overlooked Rotherham et alia.

It is the point. He broke the law, he jeopardised the convictions of pedos.
The British justice system have convicted lots of muslim pedos, what the fucking hell do you think has been going on the last few years with endless muslims being convicted.
The police dragged their feet with an investigation 18years ago. The BNP highlighted it, then the local MP for Oldham took up the campaign for an investigation which she received a lot of abuse.

Dagenham Dave said...

Someone said earlier that nobody has ever before been found in contempt of court and a postponement order made preventing the media from immediately reporting it, a handy example can be found on 22 May 2017, where one Stephen Lennon was found to be in contempt at Canterbury, and a postponement order was made restricting publication until the end of the substantive trial.
It looks like someone is setting Tommy up.. Is it his zionist friends? Do they want the working classes to look dumb to the wider British public now? Do they want the pedos to walk free? So that the far right ie Nationalist get the blame? (TR isn't nationalist, he has said so on many occasions but the msm portray him as nationalist).

From the very beginning, Robinson has had a dubious relationship with organised Jewry in Britain and USA and this has meant toeing the line of “diversity and inclusion” what a mad stupid situation this is.... Have a guess who is behind it.
See the usual suspects (mainly in USA alternative media) promoting lies. I believe the altlight have been told to now go into destruct mode to make everyone on the so called Right/nationalist look fucking stupid.

BelfastFenian said...

Well Sav, Britland will end up like Brazil or some such multi-varied entity.
Efforts like those of the BBC to venerate the black man will end in tears.

Harry said...

'Tommy' Stephen Lennon is quite famous now so is there anyone that has come forward (an ex-cell mate..Hes had loads over the years) to say what a nice charming bloke he is or indeed probably said what a fucking dick he is, so they could pick up a wad of cash and their two minutes of fame in the Daily's.
Just asking that's all.
Here's me doing my bit.. Reduce Toms sentence Now!!! It's a bit too much... Take 3 months off judge whatever yer name is ... You Psycho. I hear the American alt-light/right are going to be doing memes about you (they can do that coz they have that constitution of theirs.. hahaha best of luck).



The Euro Man Deal Or No Deal said...

Don't worry BelfastFenian with your lot putting up big welcome signs (for your sisters to have a great time) and you won't be far behind.
Picnic sandwich any one?

Anonymous said...

55% of Outfield England fball squad are dindus. 3 goalies r all White, so yeah get behind ingerlund!!!

Trevor McDoughnut said...

The trial is ongoing, and in the first minute or so the word "alleged" was added only as an afterthought. He also says: "Are you feeling very guilty?" and: "Got yer prison bags with you?".

What's that officer? No you can't have me phone.. Wot you doin? Get off me..Clear off.. I'm reporting for me legions of fans.. Oh fuck this.. someone get me a brief.

24 hours later there are crowds forming at the entrance to Downing St. People are scaling the gates to pour/lob cans of stellar onto Downing St. They sit down and block Whitehall, tourists who were going to do some sightseeing decide to watch this instead. All politicians and civil servants are on their holidays like everyone else, being a bank holiday weekend and the weather was wonderful.
The Americans think civil war has broken out in England. They still do...... Fuck..

ChumLee's Brother said...

The Euro Man Deal Or No Deal said...
Don't worry BelfastFenian with your lot putting up big welcome signs (for your sisters to have a great time) and you won't be far behind.
Picnic sandwich any one?

...Isle of Ireland is turning black far quicker than the UK, and they've had a 70 year head start. Sub saharan blacks and coolies everywhere.
When the Eastern Europeans move onto fatter pastures to pick clean, then what will Ireland be like?

MoreShitIsComing said...

The technicalities on the legalities of Robinson's action do not matter.

From one side you have gangs of pedophilic rapists pakistanis that have operated for several decades on thousands of girls, including kidnapping, rape on very underraged girls, forced abortion and murder and on the other side you have one activist who, as opposed to antifa activists, didn't break anything...it's worth a ticket maybe, like a speed ticket. But anyways, you all know that already.
At this point, many people believe that this cover up has been so long just because people at the highest level were involved.

I just post today to mention my disapointment at Harry, again. He had here an occasion to redeem a bit, showing that actually he cares a little bit about the british people. He may not be the smartest, but he has a big hart and has shown courage in the past. That alone is sufficient to make me expect that he would have sided with the thousands victims of the pakistani gangs and demonstrate some sort of support FOR the victims, if not in favor of Tony Robinson.
But no, too busy in honeymoon and champagne and activism to support the poor childs of Wakanda.

But it is not surprising. I read on Chateau heartiste a couple of posts about how, during Victorian England, small british children were send to clean up the chimneys of the rich and famous. Despite several children being burned to death when the fire restarted while the child were still in the chimneys, and despite that the activity was judged 'dangerous', British courts ruled that it was still more important to maintain a high standard of living for the borugeoisie than to spare the life of a few poor British boys. Basically the court ruled that it was worth it.
Like Madeleine Albright said that jewish policy in the middle east was well worth the life of 500,000 Irakis children. Exact same thinking. So now the lives of a thousand british girls apparently is worth nothing either, and 'some' prefer to enjoy their honeymoon in a bathtub with champagne and blowjobs than to take action.
Appalling. At this point i say your country is cursed and normally, nothing less than the Exorcism of the Inquisition at full power and under direct papal control should occur. Bypass the Queen, obviously. Oh, wait, the pope is siding with the pakistanis, as is the Queen. Then, prey for the future, more shit is coming.

Jen said...

Donald Trump found that out with Putin pretty fast as well. The problem with the UK is that it is an old country that doesn't lead itself to innovative thinking. "We've always done it this way." Can't argue with that. I would go nuts living there.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The real reason for the (((Firestorm))) over Roseanne Barr. Are at least some of the brainwashed masses going to pick up on the George Soros= mass migration invasion of the West?

Roseanne's Other Problematic Tweet Was About George Soros

Vivian said...

Denise read this


Cognitive Dissonance said...

Robinson has not had a 'dubious relationship' with organised Jewry. He was in their pocket from the very beginning. No shortage of evidence for that. He was even taken to Israel by the Zionists.

AAnonymous said...

Even Catholic schools are DIVERSE now. Went to work in my old school BC I thought they'd be free from Tyrone's rezoomay types, but No, a bleeding ethnic slum. My dept was darkies majority.

So generations of 'ethnic Whites' Irish, Poles, Italians graft for their kids' education & they get ghetto dindu apes & street-crapper buds foist on them by zog.

As one of the few White males: OFSTED have a rule you have to improve dindu boys performance, curriculum is crap muktikulti books (Mockungbird, (((Gordimer)))). You can't expel black thugs or paki teachers for fear of waaycizum.

Also many black teachers are called doctors despite being incompetent - in education. Common on TV tuo. Watch Dance Moms the sheen is a 'Dr' & all the other moms say she is clever, not realizing her PhD is in black edu studies from AA College.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AAnonymous said...

Chukas wiki gives his mother as Anglo Irish. Grandad Milmo doesn't look to have much red sea sand between his toes. Possible Gaeilgeor

Bevois said...

Cognitive Dissonance said...
Robinson has not had a 'dubious relationship' with organised Jewry. He was in their pocket from the very beginning. No shortage of evidence for that. He was even taken to Israel by the Zionist

TR was genuine in the very beginning. The local branch of the BNP which was pursuing a 'suits not boots' policy turned down TRs proposal to organise a counter-demo against the Muslim extremists, so TR organised his own one with his football mates.

I don't think the EDL sabotaged what the BNP was doing but drew fresh blood into politics. Also, by that time, the BNP had dropped its repatriation policies, so was officially anyway only moderately nationalist.

My personal take on Islam is that it is an inhuman totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion. To the extent that it is a religion they worship Satan. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. So-called moderate Muslims are following a strategy of conquest by outbreeding the local population. All Muslims should be given a year to pack their bags.

Flanders said...

Someone else suspects that there is a deeper agenda behind Tommy Robinson, just as many others of us do. It is explained at a UK[?] site which this is my first visit to, Mjolnir.

"The English Defence League, after all, was formed in the image of the Jewish Defence League, a terrorist group that aligned itself to militant Negro groups in America. From the very beginning, despite doing good work in exposing Muslim paedophile gangs, it also promoted multi-racialism and attacked genuine nationalists in Britain who had been exposing the same as “racists”. The EDL under Robinson had various groups within it, including a Jewish section and an LGBT one. In other words, the EDL promoted the same agenda as the government. This is not to say there were not any good people in the EDL. There certainly were, but they were coerced into toeing the PC line, with Robinson being convicted of headbutting someone he referred to as a “neo-Nazi” in 2011.

Indeed, when Robinson left the EDL in 2013, he cited “extremism” as being the reason and suddenly started working with the Leftist/Muslim think tank Quilliam and appearing on the BBC, no longer as an antagonist, but as one of the fold. In 2016, he was invited for a trip to Israel by Jewish Youtuber “Brian of London” (but obviously rather more of Tel Aviv), where he became a mouthpiece for Israeli propaganda. He has since worked for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media, a Jewish Canadian internet media outlet that has promoted Israeli intersts in the Middle East and Jewish interests in the West, including the usual Jewish hypocracy of advocating a Jewish ethnostate while undermining ethno-nationalism in other countries. Let us be clear: Robinson has always undermined ethno-nationalism for Whites. Just last year during the Charlottesville march, he tweeted this: [See at the link]
Here’s what I expect next: I expect leading politicians in Israel to criticise the British government over its handling of Tommy Robinson in order to gain the support of ordinary Britons for Israel and organised Jewry at large. This will mean they will be free to continue the promotion of miscegenation and decadence in British culture. Tommy Robinson’s celebrity will grow — expect a book out soon!"



Bevois said...

'OFSTED have a rule you have to improve dindu boys performance'.

Only in a roundabout way. Schools are given extra money called Pupil Premium to improve the academic performance of Free School Meal(FSM)pupils. FSM are invariably ethnics. There is also extra funding available for students who do not have English as a first language.

The extra funding does not cover the costs of having to employ 'behaviour managers' in inner city schools.

The inner city schools which report outstanding examination results are cheating by getting outside people to sit the exams on behalf of their pupils.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Denise Said ... 30 May 2018 at 02:43

These UK cops. They must be made aware of what happened to the Vichy Police after the war. That way they can never say they were not warned when led to the gallows.

And the gallows should be the very first order of business after liberation. No reconciliation, no mercy, no "we was just following orders" just the gallows that is all.

Anonymous said...

Robinson's far from perfect, but who else have we got? Who else is out there, putting themselves on the line? He's got balls of steel.


Corkonian said...

Agree totally JP. Perfection is the enemy of good enough.

John of Alpha said...

Tommy boy is ofc a stitch up and on the payroll of zion. The game plan is clear as daylight obvious. Flood us with Non-White Non Christian immigrants in two or three generation before the native sleeping Goyim population can stir from their HolyJewWood slumber, then stir the shit by a thousand and one affronts and false flags , and then final light the touchpaper and ignite a civil war!

Islam itself is a stitch up as well, likely jew inspired from its inception. Its all a take down of Christendom, which is of course in real terms the take down of White European civilisation, its nations and its peoples. It is in the wide perspective of history the final fall of Greko Roman era.

And who in the aftermath will be King of the dungheap? Well it is whoever wins. Its either The juden demon brood and their 1000 year demon reich of enslaved humanity, or the rebirth of a New Rome for European Civilisation!

This outcome wont be negotiated!


Flanders said...

Exactly promotion of which of these free-speech rights enumerated further below was Robinson was jailed for? It was my understanding that Robinson was himself a proponent for at least some of these. I don't have the specific details of any instances saved in my own files. Does anyone else?

We do, of course, realize that the jew's friends, the muzzies, and jewry's other "minority [meaning non-White] groups" are given special leeway and favored protections, too, in order to act as the lowly bootstraps which allow the jew's to draw upon criticisms about them in order advance jewry's own anti-White, anti-Nationalist, and jew-promoting agendas within our White countries. At the same time, jewry doesn't mind cutting certain "minorities" down a notch when they become too organized and a threat to the jews, and allowing one of their favored "Zionist" performers to do it while they hide in the background. Using double or triple agendas behind the actions the subversive jew's take in order to impose restrictions which are favorable to jewry upon everyone else is one of the scheming jew's favored tactics.

"THE FOLLOWING 13 BEHAVIORS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS EXAMPLES OF ANTISEMITISM in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere by the IHRA Plenary (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) in Budapest 2015 which is spearheading the campaign.

Questioning the alleged Holocaust is called 'antisemitism'.

Expressing an overall negative perception of Jews is called 'antisemitism'.

Unfriendly speech directed toward any Jewish community institution or religious facility is called 'antisemitism'.

Calling for, aiding, or justifying the harming of Jews or a Jew, even in the form of subjective hurt feelings or making fearful, is called 'antisemitism'.

Making allegations about the 'power' of Jews as a collective (such as Jews control the media or the government) is called 'antisemitism'.

Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group is called 'antisemitism'.

Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms of the 'gas chambers' or the intentionality of National Socialist Germany to genocide the Jewish people during World War II is called 'antisemitism'.

Accusing 'the Jews' or the state of Israel of inventing or exaggerating the alleged Holocaust is called 'antisemitism'.

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of the nations they live in is called 'antisemitism'. [Truth is no defense]

Saying that the State of Israel is racist (thereby somehow denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, in their eyes) is called 'antisemitsm'.

Using symbols and images associated with Jewish 'blood libel' [actual historical cases of kidnapping Christian children/young men and draining their blood for ritual religious purposes] or claims of Jews killing Jesus to characterize Israel or Israelis is called 'antisemitism'.

Comparing Israeli policies to that of the 'Nazis' is called 'antisemitism'.

Holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the state of Israel is called 'antisemitism'.

These are all examples of 'antisemitism' in public life as put forth by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA – created in 1998), the sponsor of the so-called “working definition of antisemitism” (developed in 2015) that is being pushed to be adopted by every government in the world. A number of European countries have already adopted it, including Germany and Austria. (See hereand here.)"

"Campaign against anti-Semitism DANGER to Free Speech World Wide"


Pom Z said...

Anonymous Stephen Daedalus said...
I cannot imagine any Irish feeling much affinity or sympathy for Churchill and Cecil Rhodes: both were fanatical Anglo Imperialists.

30 May 2018 at 00:03

Ha! Vice versa. I take it you have sympathy with the mongrel point of view no? - as would Gerry Adams who now has tea with the Windsors and a place in Westminster?

Red Mist said...

Tommy Robinson is actually Irish by default. Lennon is Irish

ChumLee's Brother said...

Gaslighters Inc said

And the gallows should be the very first order of business after liberation. No reconciliation, no mercy, no "we was just following orders" just the gallows that is all.

....No problem. Nuremburg 1946 , it's all legit.

When the moslems run the UK, all service personnel who can be connected to the Middle East wars, will be arrested and summarily tried. They can't claim just following orders.

Glad tommy highlighted it said...

To all Robinson detractors
Yes he isn’t perfect
He doesn’t fit everybody’s bill
But he is there everyday face up front
If you can do it
Come out from your made up names on a blog
Throw your face into the hat
Let’s see how brave you are
On your own exspence drive up and down the country
And stand outside a court where 20 odd grooming gang members are in court with their supporters on your own
Let’s see how brave you are

Jeremy said...

Why would the Jews/Zionists want to flood Britain with muslims and then support Tommy who wants to drive them out or at least stop more coming in?

Steve said...


It doesn't matter at this point about who have we got.... That got will come soon enough when people realise that organising a sensible political movement/party fighting for White Rights, that got/person will be made, he will come from that movement.. But it can't when most of our half baked racially aware people dribbling at the mouth with this Lennon character,( it's designed that way hence the altright media mania). A character presented to us as our champion. It's a fucking joke at the moment. they (the establishment) like it that way... and pricks that think they are aware go along with it ... fucking pathetic.

Red Mist said...

Anonymous AAnonymous said...
Chukas wiki gives his mother as Anglo Irish. Grandad Milmo doesn't look to have much red sea sand between his toes. Possible Gaeilgeor

30 May 2018 at 18:09

Wiki also describes Vanessa Feltz, Benjamin Ehrlingberg (aka Ben Elton) James Whale, David Walliams, Rowan Atkinson, Matt Lucas and countless others as "English" .... Quintessentially so no?
I looked up Ummuntu before its profile was edited. ((They)) got wise a while back to people "Jew searching" them on Jewgle.

As they say - the worst thing you can call a Jew is ... "a Jew"... worse clock him/her as a Jew and making him/her aware of it. I'm sure you're very aware 'anony' no?

Steve said...

About Robinson/Lennon/Harris/McSomething
But he is there everyday face up front 
If you can do it
Come out from your made up names on a blog

He had from the start some very influential people backing him. Can move from country to country on different passports. Gets delt with in a uk court with a name that isn't his...come on ... liven up

Steve said...

Red Mist
it appears he is an half and half.. half English.
Ive study his face and im sure there is a mad Scotsman in there somewhere. Im pretty sure im full English and he looks the double (well very close likeness) of one of my brothers. (He's a bit of a c--- as well)

Gerry said...

Robinson isn’t Irish
His English dad cleared off
His mom met a Irishman and the paddy brought him up
His cousin who started the edl with him
Looks a proper paddy red hair and a broken nose . Kevin Carroll

Steve said...

He turned up at a bnp meeting with two black mates whilst a paid up member of the party in 2004. He was a member for one year, this was 5-6 years before the bnp were really forced by law to admit immigrants into the party.
If you look at the years 2009 to 2012 you will find a few breakaways from the party... What's known as breaking rank, causing a split in a prominent nationalist movement... Unforgiveable. We are in this situation because of those actions.
These little players had someone whisper into their earholes... that they could do better.
The bnp had decided in the mid 90s not to do street theater... With good reason... Learned reason... Experience. The overall public Don't Like It. ie punch ups in the streets (you look like a mob, thugs, police involved).
Lennon went on to say 4-5 years later (after forming edl 2009) that street protests wasn't the way (lordy fucking lordy hallelujah). okay, he might have learned... But no it runs around with a mike and camera causing agg in Crown Courts, gets put away and then asks for money.... So much money over the years have gone to Lawyers from nationalist people.

Stephen Daedalus said...

Mongrel sympathiser? No. And I despise Adams. Churchill considered invading the Republic in the first year of the war. I can't see many agreeing with that.

Rabbi Titzer said...

The Tommy Robinson situation has broken fairly big over here. Discussed four times that I noticed yesterday with background of grooming scandal and so forth. People over here can't wrap their heads around the press blackouts and secret judicial machinations. But of course one of poor Harvey's accusers is anonymous so that seems strange also.

Six people killed by falling trees in last six days. In houses and cars.

Anonymous said...


Bassett is right, subject to that, could it be any clearer than this?

Sheilagh said...

Magnificent European Culture
Just about every European women who sees him playing falls in Love instantly.
How could they not?
Makes me so in awe and so proud to be White.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

Elon Musk says powerful people control the media and 500 Jewish journalists simultaneously attack him demanding to know who he's talking about [Reddit]

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Flanders said...

"Tommy Robinson"

"Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (born 27 November 1982), known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson and also going by Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris, is the co-founder, and former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL), and also founded the European Defence League. Robinson was also joint Party Chairman of the British Freedom Party and is co-founder of PEGIDA UK. Robinson joined the BNP in 2004: when questioned about this by the BBC’s Andrew Neil in June 2013, Robinson claimed he had left after one year, telling Neil “I didn’t know non-whites couldn’t join the organisation.” Robinson has apparently repeatedly insisted that the EDL is “against the rise of radical Islam” and that its members “aren’t against Islam”. Consequently, Robinson supports the notion of physically and psychologically displacing the indigenous population of Europe with the Jewish Marxist illusion of coloured Europeans."


Flanders said...

"You should know the theme by now: He’s a Zionist. Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson, aka Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris (27 November 1982), is the leading anti-Islamism activist in Britain. He led the English Defense League (EDL), a Christian-Zionist organization, from 2009 to 2013 until he was convinced by the Quilliam think-tank to abandon the group and seek out alternative ways of tackling the Muslim problem. In 2015 he became active in Pegida UK. He now works for The Rebel Media and writes books.
The Quilliam think-tank which influenced Tommy while in the EDL is a pro-Islam public relations group led by Majid Nawa and Ed Husain which promotes “Moderate Islam” and fights “far-right extremism” (white people who are tired of the lies).

Quilliam has known Islamic terrorists on their payroll. So it seems while on the weekend Tommy fights the Islamic invaders, mon-fri he’s working with them.

The trick being played against the People is simple: focus on fighting the Muslim migrants while you completely ignore the fact that it’s Zionists responsible for the crisis. If you believe Tommy is fighting to save England what motivation do you have to fight? Tommy will just do it for you. Only he isn’t. By not exposing the Zionists behind the migrant crisis, and by only attacking the migrants themselves, Tommy wastes everyones time. How can you stop the migrants from pouring into your country if you don’t acknowledge the cause?

If we stop the Zionists we stop the migrant crisis. It’s that simple, and Tommy knows it."


Flanders said...

"Tommy Robinson, Former EDL Leader Holds Secret Meeting with Manchester Jews" [July 7, 2017]

"His secret meeting with the Jewish Community in Manchester has apparently sparked controversy with other Jewish activists. Jeremy Newmark (pictured), the chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement, explains, “There can be no space in our community for the politics of extremism and hate. British Jews stood firmly against the British Union of Fascists, the National Front and the BNP.”

However, Robinson has made no secret of the fact that he is committed Zionist – which may explain why members of the UK’s Jewish Community are now courting and supporting him:
Tommy Robinson has met with members of Manchester’s Jewish community at a secretive event where he is believed to have outlined his extreme views on Islam in a speech.

The former English Defence League leader is said to have talked to around a dozen members in Prestwich, just outside Manchester city centre, until the early hours of last Thursday morning.

[According to his own Tweet, it appears that Robinson had collected money from the Jewish Community]


An additional source told the publication the meeting with the far-right campaigner, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, went on until “the early hours” of last Thursday morning."

"Yes, Tel Aviv is demanding freedom for Tommy Robinson" [May 29, 2018]

[Flanders] - Was the Robinson arrest a planned distraction created to hide our attention to another event? It does seem that is a definite possibility, and that all our times and energies might best be served by re-focusing our free speech and anti-intimidation efforts on that situation described in this article, rather than having the energies diverted in a jew [and "Zionist"] controlled operation which is intended to stop all our true momentum to beginning to resolve all of our jew-caused problems involving the muzzies and much more.


Flanders said...

Someone has provided the answers - and it does seem to be a BIG operation. Is it based in Ireland?:

"I've just come across this bunch of lunatics! What do they mean by Hate Speech? And what has this got to do with Human Rights? If you've got any more info or personal experiences, please comment below!"


AAnonymous said...

Because they thrive on chaos. Logic doesn't come into it.

It's like putting the brake and accelerator on at the same time. What happens to the car?

NWO Chaos said...

Ironically the jews shoot themselves in the foot again with the 13 'anti-semitism' identifiers because any normal person would conclude that anything at all that contradicts the official jewish version becomes anti-semitism. Therefore charges of anti-semitism become devalued.

Anonymous said...

Will the msm : Please come up with some new stuff: In ww2 mothers with young children experienced,' the blind eye' under age children into the movies:
The rounding up the usual suspects was from a Hump Duncart movie ok!
Leave Yaxy alone OK. Feel a few banksters & phone hacker collars. Hyping up on Islams phobia again I notice ...Who in their right mind is not mind full of the consequences of letting those fellows into ones country?..running out of free social housing fast ...many old folk living too long to be of any use, taking up space. Mark my words they have experience in taking folks houses away in ww2.
Re the thirsty Didas in Blackburn: In Manchester a few years back. The bill got together a raiding party comprising , Social Services /Child Agency staff/ Medical support etc. They visited a local encampment... did not find what they were looking for.. Fantastic alibis ...at The World Cup in Mexico.
Did find far fewer children than they expected ...The authorities were going by the number of children being claimed for.

Jen said...

"Jules Joules Jewels said...

Elon Musk says powerful people control the media and 500 Jewish journalists simultaneously attack him demanding to know who he's talking about [Reddit]
31 May 2018 at 04:09"

We have the same situation in South Africa, except that black interests control the media to keep white people terrified and submissive.

Harry said...

@31 May 2018 at 00:35
Rabbi, the reporting blackout (temporary til Sept) is because there are lots of young victims and the accused involving three interconnecting court cases. The accused can and will use anything to get them off, even saying they haven't been given a fair trial because someone live streamed them on fb.
All those alt-light e-celebrities supporting this Lennon idiot have shown their true colours now.
They only care about their own Internet ratings and coining more dosh for themselves from gullible concerned Whites... The alt-light arguments are easily pulled apart thus making genuine nationalists look stupid to the wider (not yet fully awakened) White community.
Job Done as they say

ChumLee's Brother said...

Sheilagh said...
Magnificent European Culture
Just about every European women who sees him playing falls in Love instantly.
How could they not?
Makes me so in awe and so proud to be White.

...Yes, I concur. But's it's a bit far fetched when he's doing Emergency Trauma at age 17.

Check the bitch out in this...


white rose said...

Thanks for that link to Hauser. It lefts my soul and rekindles my White pride.

Thank you.

Red Mist said...

This creature is labelled "Tony Robinson"
Does it look Anglo Saxon, Celtic, or even Norman to somebody with a half decent education?


and this one is the ultimate blue blooded example of the Aryan race right ?



Something's not right, is it folks ?

Gaslighters Inc said...

Jen said ....
31 May 2018 at 10:07

Yes but the black interests controlled media is generally owned/ managed by coloureds and Indians who regularly consult and defer to the Board of Deputies.

Carl said...

For the Tommytards

Sheilagh said...

ChumLee's Brother said: Check the bitch out in this...


Yes, but don't you wish you were that piano being made love to, by Lola.
Well, I know I would love to be that cello for a while. What Bliss!

Six Million Dollar Man said...

This is a good read, note that these Cultural Marxists came out of Columbia, the home of the Frankfurt School when they got chased out of Germany. (Hippie's also)
Cloward-Piven Strategy


First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the Cloward-Piven Strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

The Balgel Factory said...

The only reason anyone is outraged by this Robinson tosser being arrested and imprisoned is because liars and fools have told them to be outraged, and they've dutifully done as they've been told, without doing much, or any actual thinking of their own.


Red Mist said...

Majid Nawaz (Quilliam) has a regular slot on here - LBC that is https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/iain-dale/baroness-warsi-prepared-inquiry-tory-islamophobia/

Inane dale is a kike queer

A Ryan said...

The Bagel Factory
Very, very average food. Not at all what you pay for. Ordered it once, will never even consider going back. Food was dry, bread was at least a few days old and despite my hunger i chose to starve rather than eat more. My advice, if you are hungry, chose almost anything else, this is an abysmal establishment.

Bevois said...

Anonymous Carl said...

For the Tommytards

31 May 2018 at 13:02

The Balgel Factory said...

The only reason anyone is outraged by this Robinson tosser being arrested and imprisoned is because liars and fools have told them to be outraged, and they've dutifully done as they've been told, without doing much, or any actual thinking of their own.
31 May 2018 at 16:16

Thanks for the link guys - since I am a retard and you have the ability to do your own thinking, you will no doubt be able to explain to myself and other readers of this blog why no one appears to be have to be sent to prison in all these other far more serious cases of contempt of court, more serious on account of having to abort trials.

Also, could you explain that the problem with more serious cases of contempt of court in your linked BBC article was that the jury could be unduly influenced by things that they might read or hear about outside the courtroom. My understanding, is that the trial that Tommy Robinson was reporting on had no jury and it was judges who were assessing the evidence and that they had already come to a verdict the previous day and so whatever TR did or said could have had no possible influence on the verdict.

Pom Z said...

My cynical mind suggests this was staged to make dumb, ignorant whites feel empathy and pity for shit skin refugees, further facilitating attempts for more of 'em to get into Europe? It's done the rounds around the world like the dead refugee baby washed up in Turkey a couple of years back.


Bevois said...

Steve said...
He turned up at a bnp meeting with two black mates whilst a paid up member of the party in 2004. He was a member for one year,

Steve, I don't know where you get your information from, mine is from another Steve who was the local BNP branch organiser. It really neither here nor there. We know that it is standard operating procedure to try to put the head of opposition groups onto their payroll. Given TR's zionist leanings, dodgy passports, I would not be surprised if he was on the payroll.

I acknowledge that The Lobby is behind the import of the Muslim masses. However, if you have to live along side Muslims you will know that the rape gangs are only the tip of the iceberg and that there is a lot of low level sexual harassment of white women and girls. The general public see this but they don't see the man behind the curtain, so it does make sense to me to campaign publicly against Muslims rather than Jews.

Imho Nick Griffin was the person who did most to sabotage the BNP, no need to blame Tommy Robinson.

anarcho tyranny for the UK said...

Here is something extremely rare: a right wing British comedian. Check out Daniel Bostock's dozens of vids on YouTube before they bang him up. This guy is a scream:

"Living Next Door To Ali"


ChumLee's Brother said...

Pom Z said...
My cynical mind suggests this was staged to make dumb, ignorant whites feel empathy and pity for shit skin refugees, further facilitating attempts for more of 'em to get into Europe? It's done the rounds around the world like the dead refugee baby washed up in Turkey a couple of years back.


...Yes, totally agree. I smelled a rat as soon as I saw the footage. Also, it owned the French news cycle for at least a day. What news got buried that day?
A four year old wouldn't have the grip strength in it's hands, to be able to hold on.
And who were the dubious looking couple standing near the supposed toddler.
Was it a real child, or a dummy like the dummy washed up on the beech in Turkey a few years ago.

Similar story on the RTE lunch time news today. 14 year old "Syrian" refugee in Mosney refugee accommodation, learnt the piano in only 6 months. Her snidy moslem head scarf wearing, mother was gushing about her little darling, with a fair dose of sneering at us, and some dupers delight to boot. Of course , the 14 year old looked at least 24 years old.

Steve said...

Steve, I don't know where you get your information from, mine is from another Steve who was the local BNP branch organiser.

I get it from the horses mouth Bevois


He subsequently turned up with some friends to a BNP meeting in a Luton pub. “These BNP blokes said my mates couldn’t come in because they were black. I didn’t know about that,” he recalls

We thought we’d join the BNP, we’ll get pissed and all that. So when they said the black lads couldn’t join in, we said, ‘You can’t have the meeting here in this pub then, because it’s on our estate’

 I joined the BNP in 2004 for 12 months and then left. I didn’t re-join.” 

He also said this
“Yeah, it’s got it out there, and got it talked about. People are debating it. It’s given a voice to it. But you need Muslims onside, and you ain’t going to get Muslims onside the way we were carrying on.”

There were many people in the EDL who wanted to take it in their own directions,” he continues. “They didn’t like me because I stood with Israel and I don’t care about immigration.
Oh Dear

So what does the future hold now for Tommy Robinson? He’s planning on writing a book at some stage, and hopes to talk to schoolchildren across the country alongside a Muslim activist to encourage integration and tolerance. He’s also toying with the idea of launching a think tank in partnership with Muslim groups to counter community tensions.

Bevois im a bit stunned, literally lost for words

Steve said...

Imho Nick Griffin was the person who did most to sabotage the BNP, no need to blame Tommy Robinson.

Im not excusing griffin for the big part he played in destroying the party and I will blame tommy robinson for helping to smear British nationalism with idiocy in the eyes of the wider British public.

Steve said...

there is a lot of low level sexual harassment of white women and girls. The general public see this but they don't see the man behind the curtain, so it does make sense to me to campaign publicly against Muslims rather than Jews. 

If you are talking about electioneering with a political party, you don't have to talk about neither those two groups. You talk a little maybe, but overall you talk jobs, better paid jobs, more money in your pockets, taxes how much the government take off you, where it is spent or how it is wasted. Better housing, safe neighbourhoods to bring your children up in. (Look, every fucking day the daily mail will have some outrageous immigrant scandal in it.. fuck, you don't need to bang on about it)

Marching anyone? Protests? Sit down protests? Collect signatures?... Well Thomas said it's a load of bollocks.

Flanders said...

Don't those jews in charge of all of Hollywood and MSM do such a great job!

"Fox’s ‘Simpsons’ mocks the crucifix, calls Christianity a ‘dopey religion"

"Hollywood treats Islam with kid gloves, but never hesitates to mock and attack Christianity.

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, an episode of Fox’s The Simpsons, “Flanders’ Ladder,” mocks Jesus Christ by making the crucifix a fetish and calling Christianity a “dopey religion”.

In the episode, Bart Simpson is struck by lightning and, while comatose, he begins having vivid nightmares that he has died and is being haunted by ghosts. Upon awaking, although he isn’t Christian, Bart places crucifixes all over his tree house to “ward” off the ghosts — a jab against Christianity, implying that Christians are superstitious.

Then the episode went into a direct attack."


Flanders said...

Does anyone see the parallels below to what "Robinson" is preaching?

Don't become discouraged - Become wise. Certain jew strategies may change, but many of the tactics employed by jewry remain the same, and are attempted to be used - over and over. More and more our people are learning and are doing so very quickly. There will be a time coming in the future for your emotions to be placed to doing good works - effectively. Check the details of this 2014 article by Peter Quiggins on "The Pseudo Leader".

"This is why we ended up with a choice of glove puppets leading the so called nationalist cause BNP, UKIP etc. Such groups are encouraged to recruit a multiracial mix of members thereby neutralising the rise of ukip-friends-of-israel common sense politics which would instinctively come through a protectionist National Socialist ideology of common sense politics. UKIP’s mandate is to focus our attentions on controlled immigration which just as effectively displaces the indigenous white population and pretending to challenge our EU membership. Through this method it attracts the plastic or phony nationalists who would rather bury their head in the sand and run with the mixed bag while other so called patriotic fringe parties the likes of the BNP draw our attention mainly to Israel’s enemy the Muslim! This intentionally distracts and points us in the wrong direction. Both ultimate are friends of Israel.

To remain in the political arena your allowed to be Semitic wise to the Muslim, Islam wise and Immigrant wise and It’s called free speech….. Yet if your Jew wise it suddenly becomes anti Semitic!

People must realise we live in a one party state. All parties comply with the dogma of Political Correctness in line with the teachings of Marx and Freud = Cultural Marxism. Therefore, the choice is no choice only Cultural Marxism from the Jewish mind. This is why the Jews created cultural Marxism to divide ethnic Europeans while unifying their tribe through all the confusion.
The Jews do everything by proxy behind the scenes so as to remain impervious to their trickery ie BNP (British National Party) :

Nick Griffin, changed BNP policy to allow the Kalergi import to join the ranks. The change was not about the ‘black issue’ as it was globally portrayed by the Jewish media, causing racial tensions. It was to protect the economic and cult interests of the sinister Talmudic tribe, a Jewish construct, managed by the black racist Trevor Philips through the Equalities Commission to be sure of its objective to penetrate ethnic European organisations, and by proxy, securing the position of the Jews to allow them to infiltrate all party’s."


Flanders said...

This way below is too slow, and while it's nice to see, I do suspect an underhanded jew agenda at play here, too:

"What is one of the things that people on the left and people on the right have in common with just about everyone else on the planet? Eventually they all wind up hating the Jews."
"So we’re all familiar with the fact that at some point our brilliant leaders decided, “Hey, you know what we should do? Let’s invite a bunch of subversive Jews that Hitler was trying to run out of his country due to their subversive activities to come here and take over our university system so they can be subversive here”; see the Frankfurt School. I mean don’t get me wrong, I bitch about the Jews as much as anyone but you have to hold a special level of contempt for those who were supposed to be leading the nation who chose instead to hand everything over to these Kikes, be it the monetary system or the educational system. Now as we should all know by now the Jews in the university system have pushed relentlessly the agenda that all brown/black people are oppressed by evil white people. When white people started to notice, the Jews predictably fell back on “Who me? I’m white like you Goyim” or “Don’t hate me for my religion”."

"Dr. Melissa Landa, a Jewish professor who worked in the Education Department at UMD until last June, claims that her contract was not renewed by administrators due to discrimination against...".


Flanders said...

"Another big rig in Ireland"

"Last week’s Irish abortion referendum was rigged.

The official result was—get this—a preposterous 22 points—yes 22 points!—out of step with the final opinion poll of the campaign.[1] And that was no rogue poll—other surveys put the anti-abortion side even higher.

Canvassers in towns and villages across Ireland reported huge support for the pro-life cause on doorsteps—sometimes at rates of 100 per cent[2]; yet the official result recorded a majority for the abortion cause in almost every constituency, and the pro-aborts won the national vote by two to one.

Pro-life rallies in the run up to the referendum numbered over 100,000; whereas, their pro-abortion counterparts mustered derisory turnouts of two or three thousand hardcore lefties and embittered cat ladies.
In keeping with the Big Rig strategy—a subspecies of the Big Lie—the Deep State rigged the abortion vote referendum on a massive scale; the theory being that, as with the Big Lie, the bigger the rig, the more it stupefies the target into dazed submission—Shock and Awe administered in the psycho-political realm.

Bear in mind that the Irish vote had implications not just for Ireland but also for Northern Ireland, the United States, Poland, Spain, Hungary, and other countries where abortion is still a burning issue. So, for both domestic and international reasons, the Deep State needed the defeat to be huge and psychologically crushing. Is anyone naive enough to believe they wouldn’t rig it under such exigent conditions? Seriously?" [Continues]


Anonymous said...

Indeed, focus on the ape tweet, not >

Roseanne's Other Problematic Tweet Was About George Soros

Anonymous said...

Iger has been married twice. His first marriage to Kathleen Susan Iger ended in divorce.[54] They had two children: Kathleen Pamela Iger and Amanda Iger. In 2005, Kathleen Pamela married Jarrod Alan Cushing in a civil ceremony at the Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum in Rhode Island.[54]

In 1995, Iger married Willow Bay in an interfaith Jewish and Roman Catholic service in Bridgehampton, New York.[55] They have two children: Robert Maxwell "Max" Iger and William Iger.

Iger co-chaired a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign on August 22, 2016.[56] Iger was named to President-elect Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum on December 2, 2016.[57] He resigned from Trump's Advisory Council on June 1, 2017 after Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.[58]

In 2016, Iger switched his party registration from Democratic to independent (no party affiliation).[2]
Accolades and recognition

In June 2012, Steven Spielberg, founder of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, presented Iger with the Ambassador for Humanity Award, the Institute's highest honor. Iger was recognized for his support of the Institute’s work, his longtime philanthropy, and his leadership role in corporate citizenship.[59][60]

Iger was presented with The Milestone Award from the Producers Guild of America (PGA) in 2014. The award is the PGA’s highest recognition for an individual or team who has made historic contributions to entertainment.[61]

Anonymous said...

A jew told me that she couldnt get help from jew orgs...-at least in LA.

'they only want to help immigrant jews.'

Anonymous Flanders said...

"Jewish Small Communities Network" - Jewish Welfare Organisations


Anonymous said...

Catherine Austin Fitts, in a talk I heard on (jootube)
sees people being ruined..
lower class by medical bills, middle class by student laons, --with the 'degree' presumably not leading to that 50k-100k/yr job.


“I’ve Paid $18,000 To A $24,000 Student Loan, and I Still Owe $24,000”

Lots of blacks get university for free - no study, no money, free degree.

The student loan scam is white genocide in action.


Anonymous said...

chums bud
chum lee, I agree.
I am not sure USA mass murders even happen.
2 kinds of false flags-
1] all staged--no deaths
2] mk ultra guy is a patsy who kills.

Flanders said...

This is a declaration of War by jewry against the rest of the entire world.

"The UN is really doing this, it is intending to fulfil the intentions of the demonic head Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Schneerson who wants the Noahide Laws effected in every nation in the world, by world Jewish government."
"Yes, these draconian, racist, genocidally mass-murderous laws that are intended to completely outlaw all other religions in the world and to literally authorize the mass-killing of all those who would dare to remain Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Muslim et al is, around 6 BILLION individuals, are exactly what the treacherous Jew-controlled organ, the UN has stated as its intention, that ALL nations in the entire world become controlled by Noahide Laws, and obviously the small number of survivors who are non-religious after this proposed and thoroughly-intended mass slaughter of Gentiles around the entire world will be held merely as slaves, and made to agree with some limited basic laws, before they too are ultimately all killed as well according to the Zohar.

The Noahide Laws will only be physically effected all over the world at the time when the Jews effectively control the entire world from Jerusalem when all authority officially and MILITARILY rests with them, using NATO and other treaty nations troops from within similarly subjugated nations. That is coming, and coming very fast indeed, unless people reject their sneaky traitorous fake governments around the world en-masse who are selling them all out to the Jews behind their backs, the problem being that most controlled governments have a substantial number of crypto-Jews in them, who terrify or drive anyone else out of the world of politics by various means.

Ultimately, ALL government members in every part of the world will be Jews alone if they succeed in their plans, and NOTHING is stopping them at the moment."


Red Mist said...

The BNP was full of cunts like this https://www.channel4.com/news/graham-williamson-front-national-liberal-party-bnp-election

He was very close to Patrick Harrington - Griffin's 'right hand man' and has a 'low caste' or very fucking dark coolie wife

Pom Z said...

Diversity in action


SAVANT said...


A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Tommy Robinson does good work in so far as he helps awaken the British (i,e, White) population to the fact of their rulers betraying them. Don't knock the value of this. However, a major however, is that if the Zionists have him in their pocket and he allies with blacks and others he ultimately will be used as a weapon against Brits.

Maybe due to (((discrimination laws))) he feels he has to allow them in (same goes for BNP) but they could always be frozen out and marginalised.

Heraclitus said...

Bevois (20.01). That is my understanding as well. But let us assume that he was in breach of the order. What kind of a restriction is it that would prevent someone from filming outside a courthouse? To me that smacks of a form of entrapment. Bear in mind too that the rapists' families and friends regularly gathered outside the courts and shouted abuse and threats at the victims.

nemesis said...

Flanders not only does the Jew disguise himself as White when expedient he actually makes a virtue out of it. Cf. Noel Ignatiev 'Confessions Of A Race Traitor' who calls for the elimination of the White race. He sells this as a White guy selflessly calling for his own destruction because, you know, the good of humanity.

ChumLee's Brother said...

Anonymous said...
chums bud
chum lee, I agree.
I am not sure USA mass murders even happen.
2 kinds of false flags-
1] all staged--no deaths
2] mk ultra guy is a patsy who kills.

...Yes. I think most mass murders are hoaxed. And a lot of "atrocities" like Grenfall Tower fire in London are hoaxed too.
With the former, mass shootings etc. I think they hoax it so that it is easy to "tie off" ,pass legislation and move along quickly to the next distraction. They would have no problem actually doing the killing for real, they just don't want decades of "follow up" by grieving friends and relatives, Northern Ireland style.

Steve said...

Flanders 1 June 2018 at 04:33
You need to read up on the difference between Tyndalls bnp and Griffins bnp.

Red Mist
The BNP was full of cunts .

Red Missy a few suspect individuals that Griffin gave official positions too were designed to alienate genuine nationalist in the Party so they would leave and also make the Party look like a bunch of cunts... It worked.
There were loads of decent people in the party unfortunately they were over looked and being average normal working class men and women came to realise that it was a loosing battle to carry on whilst there is a very dodgy person at the helm.

calculus said...

Meanwhile, on main stream TV you can see the Globalsit Elite of Europeists, Junkers, Macron etc. and Trudeau, reacting with the most ferocious vigour against Trump and his "protectionist plan' aka taxes applied to metal and aluminium imports in the US.
All of them pronounced the world 'unaceptable'. Junkers and even the Queer Trudeau said it (the US Protectionism) was unacceptable. In addition, Junkers pronounced this word with some nastiness in his tone. He didn't say 'unacceptable' in a coldly manner, he said it with hate and vigour, with all his heart, like he had been personnaly stricken by some weapon.
Here is something worth fighting for the Elite : The maintenace of a Liberal and Global Market.
A thousands underaged girls ? eh, who cares. It's not worth a word from them. To me, the contrast is stricking.
But again, did the Elite of Viktorian England cared more about young Bristish boys burned alive in their chimneys than they care now about girls being raped by Pakistanis ? nope.
Nothing has changed.

But there is an additional point I want to make : I was talking about more shit to come above. Well, i believe that Trump's National Protectionism could be a trigger for the global finiancial crash and recession to come. The present system is only viable under a Globalist financial control with the Dollar as the exchange currency. US Protectionism can hit the Chinese and European economy. But the Chinese can retaliate with their holding of billions in US debts. So in short, a US protectionist system, while it may recreate a few manufacturing jobs in the US, will expose the trillions dollars in US debts and perhaps all the Western economies debts. None of these debts are reimbursable.
It's like the ususry slave debt mentioned above : you owe a Trillion, you reimburse half a Trillion, you still owe a Trillion.
Chineses creditors asking for some trillions as reimbursment in retaliation for US protectionism would certainly send the dollar down with all the bubles bursting one after another.
And now, shit happens in the form of a global recession, Weimar republic style of 1920's. Everybody is well aware of whose fault it is...that is, there is no need for a charismatic leader with a mustache to repeat who is the 'internazional Clique of Banquers' behing this. Internet has replaced this leader. So perhaps a Global internet shut down will come with a total recession.
For the UK, in addition to the Brexit, that means great suffering for the Middle class. First with increasing price of commodities such as cofee, sugar, gas... then perhaps even food shortages. Except now, unlike during the Blitz of 1940, Brits' s solidarity will have to apply to pakistani rapists as well as 10-20% of non-brit population that has nothing to do in Britain.
And when people starve, do they share their food with the rats around them ?

Certainly the Elite doesn't want ot take such risk. This is how i see the incredibly strong reaction of the Globalists to Trump's new measures to MAGA. They feel danger.

Ronnie Idiotson said...


TR was told three times what not to do and he didn't listen. Contempt of Court and a suspended sentence hanging over him... It Is Not A Case Of Freedom of Speech.
There are other interlinking cases to be heard.
The victims will have a solicitor, family and friends with them at all times.
The main thing here is to gain a conviction/s. And that is All.

Steve said...

Nick Griffin, changed BNP policy to allow the Kalergi import to join the ranks. The change was not about the ‘black issue’ as it was globally portrayed by the Jewish media, causing racial tensions. 

Seriously Flanders that man you keep linking to doesn't know what he his talking about. He was only in the Party for a couple of years.
Look up Joey Owens and hear what he has to say about this fella.

Nigel said...

TR had no intention of carrying out the advice given to him at two previous trials, and blatantly ignored his suspended sentence conditions. He was sent down so quickly, because there was a significant risk, he's ignore warnings again, and return to the court, and see the whole trial collapse. They could not risk that, and so he had to be detained in order to ensure that the trial went ahead, and convictions were obtained.
All he had to do, was wait for the verdicts. 
What a idiot

Kathy said...

Didn't Tommy Robinson PLEAD GUILTY

Jen said...

Except for the koala bears needing eucalyptus trees - which they don't have - the gifts were all corporate plastic crap made in China.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan to return wedding "gifts" worth £7 million

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to return £7 million-worth of wedding gifts after being flooded with presents from companies looking for publicity.

The royal couple - who are currently honeymooning in Canada after tying the knot at St George's Chapel in Windsor on May 19 - have been flooded with unsolicited presents from well-wishers but, due to royal guidelines, they are unable to accept any presents from people they do not personally know in order to avoid any companies exploiting their offerings for commercial gain.

A statement from Kensington Palace told The Independent newspaper: "When gifts are accepted, the consent of the Member of the Royal Family should be contingent upon the enterprise undertaking not to exploit the gift for commercial purposes.

"Gifts offered by private individuals living in the UK not personally known to the Member of the Royal Family should be refused where there are concerns about the propriety or motives of the donor or the gift itself."

Before the wedding, Prince Harry and his partner - who was known as Meghan Markle before the ceremony - asked for donations to charities instead of presents.

Guidelines issued to guests stated: "It should be noted that gifts cannot be brought to St George's Chapel or the Reception that follows at Windsor Castle. Guests are advised to seek further guidance on delivery arrangements for any gifts to Kensington Palace."

Among the official wedding presents Prince Harry and Meghan are able to keep, are a pair of koalas named Meghan and Harry from the Australian region of New South Wales, which will be kept at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Harry said...

calculus said
But again, did the Elite of Viktorian England cared more about young Bristish boys burned alive in their chimneys than they care now about girls being raped by Pakistanis ? nope.
Nothing has changed. 

There have been loads of arrests and convictions. Yes the police and council top officers (minor elite on behalf of the real elite no doubt) dragged their feet in the beginning but these pedos are being banged up now. All thanks to a working class hard working activist Marlene Guest.
It has always been the case, if working class people aren't educated, informed and organised they will have untold liberties taken out of them by the elitist and whoever serves them.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

calculus said...
But the Chinese can retaliate with their holding of billions in US debts. So in short, a US protectionist system, while it may recreate a few manufacturing jobs in the US, will expose the trillions dollars in US debts and perhaps all the Western economies debts. None of these debts are reimbursable
A excellent observation and one that fits in with what was taking place in the US when the Pat Buchanan movement was in full swing in the US. The Clinton Administration & the Democrat Campaign Finance Committee took in tens of millions of illegal campaign contributions from Communist China which was real treason & "Collusion" to steal the 1996 Presidential election (also Neocon, Democrat, Bolshevik media collusion against Pat Buchanan). When the Impeachment of Bill Clinton took place, CFR traitor Newt Gingrich & other fake Republican Neocons made sure Clinton was not impeached for Treason in regards to taking tens of millions of illegal bribes and giving the Communist Chinese US guidance Missile technology. Now those trade deals like the WTO creation by Clinton, was payment for the illegal campaign contributions and deconstructed the US manufacturing and economy and is responsible for that massive debt & trade imbalance that you mentioned. This was a set up by the Bablyonian (((GJA))) "World Order" etc etc

This was the much suppressed "Cox Report" a congressional investigation into "ChinaGate" which was shoved down the Orwellian Memory Hole that is is never mentioned.
Cox Report, 1999

The Report of the Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China, commonly known as the Cox Report, is a U.S. government document reporting on the People's Republic of China's covert operations within the United States during the 1980s and 1990s.

John said...

Jen I know, ive just received back the Tottenham Hotspur mug (written on it, says Yid Army) I sent them. They have obviously sent someone to suss me out and found out that im a nationalist.
It's only a fucking Mug meghan (bin it if you didn't like it, no need to send it back. Ffs).

Steve said...

Red Mist @1 June 2018 at 12:40

The BNP was full of cunts .

Goodbye to my England, so long my old friend,
Your days are numbered, being brought to an end.
To be Scottish, Irish or Welsh, that's fine
But don't say you're English, that's way out of line.
The French and the Germans may call themselves such,
So may Norwegians, the Swedes and the Dutch
You can say you are Russian or maybe a Dane
But don't say you're English, not ever again.
At Broadcasting House the word is taboo,
In Brussels it's scrapped, in Parliament too,
Even schools are affected. Staff do as they're told.
They must not teach children about England of old.
Writers like Shakespeare, Milton and Shaw,
The pupils don't learn about them any more.
How about Agincourt, Hastings, Arnhem or Mons?
When England lost so many of her very brave sons.
We are not Europeans, how on earth can we be?
Europe is miles away, over the sea.
We're the English from England, let's all be proud,
Stand up and be counted - Shout it out loud!
Let's tell our Government and Brussels too,
We're proud of our heritage and the Red, White and Blue.
Fly the flag of Saint George or the Union Jack,
Let the world know - WE WANT OUR ENGLAND BACK!"


Red Miss go and read about Marlene Guest 

Mince Pie said...

So it seems that the owner of this site is a supporter of Tommy Soppy Bollocks Robinson.
A learned man, a educated man.
But doesn't understand the rudiments of English Law.

Ireland........ You are in tror-ruble

ChumLee's Brother said...

Mince Pie said...

So it seems that the owner of this site is a supporter of Tommy Soppy Bollocks Robinson.
A learned man, a educated man.
But doesn't understand the rudiments of English Law.

Ireland........ You are in tror-ruble

....Ireland is very cargo culty. It shook off it's anglo heritage back in the early 1920s and has regressed back to gombeenism.
Anyone reading this from a civilised country should think twice about investing in Ireland or setting up a business here. They will learn you, as they say over here.

The Welsh Wizard said...

Nick says something very profane. Sham he isn't a leader of a political party with a milllion+ voters.
No, don't matter, it's a texty sexy twitter account.
Wots he chatting about? ... Cyclists..........


John 14:6 said...

"War has been declared on the British people."

First, war was declared on Jesus Christ.

(((They))) can only defeat Christ, which is Truth, in peoples minds, which is perception.

After that, it's all down hill.

What is blood family when (((individuality))) defines you?

Foul language, blasphemy, tattoos, pierced face, queer sex, adultery; these are the things that make you an individual.

Wait a minute! These things aren't individualistic at all. These are common cultural/relgious behaviors of the anti-Christ people.

(((They))) have actually gotten people to believe, that by participating in group cult-like behavior, that they are actually bold individualists.

John 14:6 said...

Selling point #52.

If you watch television, you are being mentally conditioned. Brainwashed.

It's true. Corporations don't spend billions of dollars in advertisements for nothing.

In my opinion, the more intelligent that you believe that you are, the more impervious to mental conditioning that you think you are, the easier target you are for higher levels of brainwashing.

James said...

The litmus test for TR is to think what the UK would be like if he was dictator for a year, and actually practiced what he preaches.

I expect it would be a place that is very safe for Jews and moderate Muslims.

As far as the white race is concerned I don't know because TR never talks about the white race does he?

So just with that little thought experiment I think I've shown that TR is a pointless distraction at best. In the struggle against White genocide he could even be a red herring. So what if all the Muslim rapists, jihadis, and terrorists are removed? Non-raping Muslims will genocide the British even faster.

I admit I may be wrong about all this because I don't follow TR too closely. Can TR followers dispute this with evidence? If you can then please do so.

BTW can someone explain why was he protesting outside the court anyway? The court was attempting to put those rapists in prison wasn't it? Why protest that? What point was he trying to make (besides possibly getting arrested on purpose)?

Frank Galton said...

What's this Zionist's game?

Financial Times, 31 May 2018

How Tommy Robinson won the SUPPORT OF THE GLOBAL ALT-RIGHT

Jailed activist was warning of the dangers of the far-right just five years ago

• Tommy Robinson becomes symbol for alt-right after being jailed
• Activist renounced far-right just five years ago
• Videos have been hugely successful and lucrative

Jailed after repeat offence

On Friday, Robinson, who now describes himself as an independent activist and journalist, was jailed for 13 months for contempt of court after putting an ongoing trial at Leeds Crown Court at risk by live-broadcasting its details.

Almost exactly a year earlier, he was given a suspended sentence for contempt of court after he tried to film four men accused of gang-raping a teenager at Canterbury Crown Court. Robinson, who described the men as “Muslim paedophile rapists”, pleaded naivety. “I have to say I find that really rather difficult to accept at face value,” Judge Heather Norton said.

She warned him that if he turned up at another court and publicly ACCUSED SUSPECTS OF CRIMES BEFORE A JURY HAD FOUND THEM GUILTY “You will find yourself inside. Do you understand?”

His repeat offence, and imprisonment, has now won the 35-year-old global notoriety, with demonstrators descending on Downing Street over the weekend and a petition for his release gathering almost half a million signatures. Posted on Change.org, the document was also translated into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Czech and Russian.

Mr Hamdi said Robinson’s real beliefs are unclear...

Read more:

Zionist Robinson (born Paul Harris) states that he's outside Leeds Crown Court where ten men are facing verdicts. The Zionists confronts the accused as they enter the court to hear the verdict: "You got no guilt mate?". Note that these men have yet to be found guilty of any offence.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

4 good looking and proud White teenagers are being charged with hate crimes after "racist graffiti, and swastikas" are found at what seems to be a black and jew-run high school in Maryland.

They may be 18, but this is child abuse of America's good young people, and it needs to be made to stop. Every American needs to place these jew laws in the trashbin where they have belonged ever since they were "passed" by jewish conniving, and stand up to protect America's children from this criminal jewish-inspired idiocy.

The jews are forcing these "laws" against kids, and know that when they can treat our young people in that demeaning way with impunity, in blatent disregard of their constitutional and natural rights as American citizens, then the jews are then empowered to enslave everyone.

"Four Maryland teenagers were charged with hate crimes after racist graffiti, homophobic slurs and swastikas were discovered spray-painted on a high school campus.

The graffiti was found at Glenelg High School on Thursday morning just before an awards ceremony for seniors, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Following an investigation, which included reviewing surveillance video, police arrested four senior students: [Named in the article and shown in the photos.]
“On what should be a joyous day, when parents and students assemble to celebrate the senior class for its many accomplishments, they were instead confronted with an appalling display of bigotry defacing their school,” Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman said at the news conference.

He said he had four children who attended the high school and his daughter was currently employed as a teacher at the institution.
“They do not represent our shared beliefs as a community. They do not represent our shared values in Howard County. We will not tolerate it and will stand together in condemning this behavior.” - [said the jew].


Flanders said...

I'll bet that some Howard County Executive watches it, too.

"Jews produce "Holocaust pornography" in Israel"

[Flanders] - Anyone who has ever been to a jew porn site (I don't think there are any others than jew run ones anywhere) probably has seen "offerings" similar to those described below, so the jew's deviancies aren't "exclusively" confined to Israel - or to porn, either, so far as that goes.

"Jews in Israel produce morbid holocaust-themed pornography, which we can read about in the following article from New York Press:

In Holocaust Porn, Jewish women are shown squatting and defecating in packed trains. (…) a man dressed as a stormtrooper emptying a tank labeled "Gasoline" into a woman's mouth. The woman holds the funnel and masturbates the Nazi with her right hand. (…) The Holocaust Porn industry is based in Israel.
We can also read about "holocaust pornography" in the interesting article Israel: Whose Country Is It Anyway? which was written by the famous jewish feminist Andrea Dworkin:

'You have to see it to believe it and even seeing it might not help. I've been sent it over the years by feminists in Israel--I had seen it--I didn't really believe it. (…) In it, Jewish women are sexualized as Holocaust victims for Jewish men to masturbate over. Well, would you believe it, even if you saw it? Israeli women call it "Holocaust pornography." The themes are fire, gas, trains, emaciation, death. (…) sprawled on the ground, apparently dead, with parts of their bodies severed from them (…) Even as you see a severed arm, a severed leg'

The links to the described articles are provided in the thread below.


Flanders said...


"Given Israel “dominates advertising, period”, adds Goldi, it should be no surprise the injection game is full of former intelligence officials."

"The ad injection process effectively intercepts users’ traffic to inject content, namely, those irritating adverts and popups that seem to come from nowhere.
Nicholas Weaver, computer security researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, has different concerns around Unit 8200. He’s worried injectors may be transmitting user data from across the world to Israeli servers over unencrypted HTTP connections. “What worries me is whether any of these systems might cause users to fetch data from Israeli servers over HTTP. These companies may consider themselves benign, but the Israel government is notorious for hacking and industrial espionage, and the Israeli government can use any such traffic to hack individual targets,” Weaver adds.

To recap

If Unit 8200 have access, via ex-members, then a signals intelligence unit potentially has direct access toview the contents of what someone is browsing and modify the content,” he added.

Injectors may be transmitting user data from across the world to Israeli servers and the Israeli government can use any such traffic to hack individual targets

A vulnerable ad injector could be exploited by hackers to kill security protections in the browser, and they can relay plenty of information back to the software author, including usernames and passwords."


Flanders said...

"Arms Manufacturer Lockheed Martin Opening Preschools in Jerusalem"

"The company known worldwide for developing state of the art killing machines has several schools in Israeli cities. But the new school will be the first in Jerusalem. It is due to open during the 2018/2019 school year and is said to be quite unique. Israeli sources say that the “facility will seek to foster and boost advanced technology” apparently “from the earliest age possible”.

Kids as early as five or six will be provided with computers and state of the art technology to develop what one presumes will be the finest minds in the art of killing.

Lockheed’s kindergarten will cost $250,000 with the American company footing most of the bill.

CEO of Lockheed Martin Israel, Joshua Shani, delighting over the new school said: “Our preschools are an Israeli innovation in every respect, and already, delegations have arrived from other countries, like Korea and Germany, that are thinking of going in a similar direction.”


Flanders said...

"Lift the Veil: A True Collusion Story – Trump, Putin, Israel & Chabad"

"The fake Russiagate story of collusion is just a cover for the very real conspiracy to put Trump in office, orchestrated by the jewish mob."

See the video and see the comment made by mothman777, too.


Frank Galton said...

Jeremy said: "Why would the Jews/Zionists want to flood Britain with muslims and then support Tommy who wants to drive them out or at least stop more coming in?"

International Business Times, 26 August 2013

[Zionist] Tommy Robinson claimed that the EDL was neither racist nor far-right, and does not want to force Muslims out of Britain...

"We don't want Muslims to leave this country. But we do want them to understand how terrified we are of certain aspects of their ideology that needs to reform."

BBC, 29 January 2016

[Zionist Tommy Robinson] demands greater integration, and compares Muslims unfavourably to other minority groups such as Sikhs, who he says have integrated more successfully into British society.... "I think every mosque in this country should fly the flag of St George."

Twitter, 18 November 2017

[Zionist] Tommy Robinson: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography, by Zionist-Jew Dr. Stephen Steinlight, former National Affairs Director at the (Zionist) American Jewish Committee

Finally, I confess that I suspect that [Jewish-controlled] MTV, for better of for worse, will prove more powerful with young Muslim immigrants than the mullahs, and that the remarkable material and cultural attractiveness of American life will cause the new immigrants to follow (mostly) in the footsteps of their predecessors. Free of Old World constraints, most new arrivals will in time choose individual freedom over subservience to outworn forms and will opt for the rights of individual conscience over traditional sources of religious and political authority.


ARUTZ SHEVA, 29 June 2017

[Tommy] Robinson has declared his support for the Jewish people and [the JEWS ONLY* State of] Israel, calling himself a Zionist.

MTV is a subsidiary of Viacom. Jewish businessman Philippe Dauman is President and CEO of Viacom.

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

BBC, 29 May 2018

[Zionist-Jew] Roseanne Barr sorry for comparing Obama aide to ape

Comedian Roseanne Barr has apologised for a tweet comparing ex-Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is African American, to an ape.

I wonder if Zionist-Jew Roseanne Barr studied the Talmud? The Talmud says Black people are monkeys.

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 20 March 2018

Chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’

In footage aired by the Ynet news site, [the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yitzhak] Yosef could be seen referring to black people by the word “kushi,” which in modern Hebrew has pejorative connotations, and then going on to term a black person a “monkey.”

His office told Ynet that the comparison was a quote from the Talmud.



Jerusalem Post, 10 December 2014

Staunchly siding with her Jewish identity and pro-Israel stance, Barr concluded her strongly worded statement...

Recently, Barr has taken to Twitter to show her unequivocal support for the Jewish state. In April, she tweeted: “If Israel doesn’t nuke Iran, then nothing makes sense anymore.”

Frank Galton

Red Mist said...


Interesting stuff re Marlene Guest and the shit skin coolie taxi owner who laughed at her. That stinking coolie probably smirked about the demise of Jo Cox an all despite the dumb cow being on his side.

All European nations only have themselves to blame for tolerating treachery and allowing this shit to remain on OUR lands. Only an uprising in the form of a Vietnam/IRA style campaign will reclaim Europe's countries, starting with the traitors and the money handlers. The shit skins will fuck off like there's no tomorrow when that happens and it will.

The poverty stricken peasant population of Vietnam practically won the war against the might and wealth of the US with SIMPLE but deadly tactics. Check the stats and go figure.
We can learn from that and be better

When whitey begins to realise that if s/he doesn't get his/her finger out and eradicate the traitors/do-gooders "change" will happen. Most whites particularly in England already know their grand children stand to inherit a position in their own country no different to the abbos of Australia in stinking ((coolie)) claws.

Regardless of EVERYTHING our forebears have given these shit coloured cunts in the form of food, clothing and sanitation to a FREE first class education in OUR lands, WE still have the upper hand! WE - OUR people are still inventing. The BEST of us no matter how insignificant in number WILL win in the end. ((They)) and their shit coloured gophers will eat each other. We can and will overcome. Failing that it will be the ultimate destruction of the planet and ((they)) cannot afford that.

Don't fret! It might not seem like it right now but I believe the worm is turning! Keep the faith. This medium alone and EVERYTHING it took to create it, is the result of an accumulation of WHITE knowledge and inventiveness throughout the ages. Nothing like unbridled WHITE POWER.

Frank Galton said...

"Mr Hamdi said Robinson’s real beliefs are unclear..."

We know that Tommy Robinson supports the Jewish State and its Jews-only immigration policy. The Jewish State that Tommy Robinson supports sends African migrants to Europe, and its government-funded NGOs aid Muslim migrants in Europe, helping them get to Germany.

We know that Tommy Robinson doesn't want to force Muslims out of Britain. Instead he wants them to integrate. Note that in the Jewish State that Tommy Robinson supports, mixed marriage is banned, there are separate schools, separate housing, separate roads and separate buses for Jews and Muslims.

We know that Tommy Robinson doesn't really believe in freedom of speech because, right now in Europe, people are being sent to jail for questioning the Holocaust/Jewish power and there's not a peep from Tommy Robinson.

We know that Tommy Robinson doesn't really believe in democracy because, as George Galloway said, he elected himself leader of the EDL. LOL!!!





Frank Galton

ChumLee's Brother said...

John 14:6 said...
Selling point #52.

If you watch television, you are being mentally conditioned. Brainwashed.

It's true. Corporations don't spend billions of dollars in advertisements for nothing.

In my opinion, the more intelligent that you believe that you are, the more impervious to mental conditioning that you think you are, the easier target you are for higher levels of brainwashing.

....True. Hence the high number of astrophysicists that believe the earth is a spinning ball.

Bevois said...

To Steve, I am calling BS on TR's recollections
taking a couple of blacks to a BNP meeting is marginally less far-fetched than taking a couple of nuns with you to a massage parlour claiming to be shocked at services offered.

Zog Zoo said...

The idea that Robinson is an anti-establishment rebel is laughable.

Steve said...

@2 June 2018 at 12:13

Bevois, possibly that could be the case but have you seen the picture of TR with three other people two Jewish (man and woman) and one Blackman. That Blackman is Toms best mate in Luton who he grew up with. (Frank has put this picture up loads of times..It's funny as fuck). Well Tom does know blacks, he is friendly/chummy with blacks, there were a few blacks in his EDL, he's photographed with a black in the edl all smiley and happy (who happens to be his best pal). I don't know if he likes jerk chicken rice and peas (I do on the odd occasion ive had it)... Yeah Bevois, the likelihood that Tom took a couple of Black mates to a bnp meeting that didn't except them at the time is very remote.
Why would Tom even join in the first place when he has very close Black mates. Was he being a two face hypocrite to his mates. Was it all a ploy to create havoc and fear in the locals looking at setting up a branch in his part of Luton.
Was it a tie in with what came later.. Tie his name (a name of football hooliganism and drunk street marching) to the bnp when the bnp were gaining more and more votes around 2009.

Not blindly stupid said...

Frank Galton seems to rip people apart
Whom he seems is galvanising support against the establishment
He never ever puts a sentence together
That hasn’t been copied from someone else
Not one honest word from frank Galton
Just vitriol against people who put themselves into the limelight

Concerned said...

TR did take some black mates to a BNP meeting
Because he was young stupid and politically naive
He was just just starting to get involved against Islam
And he thought his black mates who disliked Muslims would be accepted
But they weren’t
Just young stupid and naive on his part
He has never been about a all white issue
But he is calling out mass migration more and more .and he has mentioned soros a few times

John 14:6 said...

2 June 2018 at 11:39

"True. Hence the high number of astrophysicists that believe the earth is a spinning ball."

I have never said or suggested such a thing.

I have found that lying and embellishment of fact are not traits of intelligent people but are traits of people who believe that they are intelligent.

This is kike culture.

The kikes don't believe we are stupid for lack of intelligence. The kikes believe we are stupid for lack of lying, cheating and stealing.

Oh well, tv party at that guy's house!

Frank Galton said...

James said: "BTW can someone explain why was he [Tel Aviv Tommy] protesting outside the court anyway? The court was attempting to put those rapists in prison wasn't it? Why protest that? What point was he trying to make (besides possibly getting arrested on purpose)?"

Also, why bother reporting from outside the court? What can he tell us that the MSM won't? Once these people are convicted, their names and photos are plastered all over the MSM, so why bother? What's his game?

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Not blindly stupid said: "Frank Galton seems to rip people apart Whom he seems is galvanising support against the establishment"


Tommy Robinson's probably got more in common with the Establishment than he has with his own followers:

1. Like most members of the Establishment, he's a Zionist.
2. Like most members of the Establishment, he doesn't give a fuck about mass immigration into the U.K., quote: "I don’t care about immigration."
3. Like most members of the Establishment, he doesn't want Muslim migrants to leave the U.K; he wants them to integrate.
4. Like most members of the Establishment, he's a liar.
5. Like some members of the Establishment, he has convictions for fraud and drug offences.

Frank Galton

Roger Anout said...

@2 June 2018 at 23:43

TR isn't stupid how can he be when he got 4 GCSEs when he left school (he could have been a copper if he wanted). He even passed the exams to be employed at British aerospace in Luton, something like 50000 people applied for this job and Tommy beat the lot. He was ready to start his new job when he got nicked (I believe having a argument with opposing football fans) so that put paid to that.
Stop making lame excuses for him
If you really care about Tommy, why don't you send him a couple of books whilst he's in prison.
The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson
Mein Kampf by Mr Adolf Hitler

And tell him to stop wearing those stupid over priced Stone Island clothes

Victor Meldrew said...

Well I don't bloody belieeeeve iiiit


Dean said...

Robinson has not been imprisoned for exercising a right to free speech, but for potentially jeopardizing two trials by jury by repeating criminal actions for which he'd been convicted previously. He could have said all he liked about all of the other Muslim rape gangs, but no, he had to jeopardize these two trials, and so he went to prison as he must have known to expect. 

Gordillo said...

Dean. That is neither here nor there. The so-called authorities were criminally abetting the cover up on a massive scale of child abuse and rape, for decades. If that isn't a declaration of war on society, I don't know what is. These tickets should have been dealt with years ago.

Terry said...

Yes they were covering up no one denies that (Marlene Guest along with other courageous people made this known) we are not questioning that, what we are questioning is why TR would jeopardise a court trial. There are people saying that the msm were not reporting muslim grooming gangs but when I Google a six month search between January to April 2018 there were a few articles from the Guardian the BBC and Daily Mail.

As I see it, there are two types of people currently propagating the Free Tommy Robinson myths: far-right sympathisers deliberately sowing discord and falsehoods, whose concern for due process is a cipher for hero-worship; and good people confused and worried about what they’ve heard about the “threat to free speech” posed by the overbearing English and Welsh justice system. The first category are never going to be swayed by facts or rational argument. That is plain from their every interaction on social media. Their motives are clear, their integrity irretrievable. Tommy and his fan club are making nationalist look bloody dim in the eyes of the British public and at the end of the day it is the British public that matter if nationalism is to take hold in this country.


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