Thursday, 29 March 2018

3D chess? Or checkers?

It's becoming increasingly clear that our faith in Donald Trump was misplaced. I'm one of the holdouts (because it's clear that he knows) but the only consolation from last week's disasters is that the Hildebeaste would have been worse. After all Trump stopped the Joos from getting a majority on the Supreme Court and, for now anyway, pulled out of the Paris Climate Hoax Programme and cancelled the TPP. But that pig's ear of a spending bill he signed last week can never become a silk purse. Money for everything, every imaginable pork project, every failed social programme, billions for Israeli 'security', even $500 million for Planned Parenthood, the privately-owned abortion factory. And a fat pay increase for the Congresscritters.

Money available for everything. Except The Wall. And DACA remains in place for the foreseeable future. That's the DACA he was going to cancel on his first day in office. Reneging on the wall and DACA means (unless we buy into the increasingly improbable 3D chess theory) that the two main planks of his election platform have been abandoned. Another major commitment was to extract America from the foreign war imbroglio. And towards that end he appoints war criminal and Israeli-first cheer-leader John Bolton as his National Security Adviser.

Was he, as many suspected, a fraud from the very beginning, tapping into the zeitgeist to win the biggest prize? Or has he (more likely in my opinion) become hostage to forces so pervasive and powerful that he's simply given in? Who knows what they have on him? Whatever the reason he seems to have abandoned his base, compensating with futile appeals to minorities who'll never ever vote for him.

To offset these disappointing developments I'll leave you with a short entertaining video from the legendary British wild-life broadcaster David Attenborough.


BuelahMan said...

It's becoming increasingly clear that our faith in Donald Trump was misplaced.

No shit?

I warned anyone and everyone that would listen since Aug 2015. It is/was so blatantly obvious all along.

Anonymous said...


Celtic Savage said...

The man married off his children to the tribe. How did anyone think anything he said was genuine? Politics is not the answer. Politics is bread and circuses. If I hold all the power, why would I allow the serfs to vote me out of said power?

The only thing that matters is blood, and in the end, victory will come down to blood. We're entering a dark ages 2.0. Only, this updated version will be far bloodier, as we won't be simply fighting genetic kin, but genetic aliens.

FOD said...

Where Trump is failing is that he believes that by propitiating the jews he can get them off his back. No chance. Any sign of weakness means only a reinvigorated attack. Amazing his inability to see that.

gruff said...

Sav, you need to stop thinking like an old woman. "Oooh, will Donny satisfy me? Has he betrayed me? Can't wait to see the next episode!....Oh boo, he's done something I think he shouldn't've - what a rotter, I'll change over to the weather."

Enough with that crap. First of all, as to cases, the spending bill is a six month measure, not a full budget, and a new one will be done in six months. Secondly, he's clearly fighting for the wall, against MASSIVE OPPOSITION. He needs our support on that, not our queeny bitching. Thirdly, DACA is still set to expire, once the court rules that it's unconstitutional, as they almost certainly will. Trump's use of DACA as a bargaining chip has been amazing, and he's positioned himself to be able to claim, after it dies, that the Dems "just didn't want to help the poor kids..." Fourth, yeah Bolton's not my pick either, but Trump's a remarkable guy and can make some surprising but excellent choices - Pence has turned out just fine for example. Meanwhile, he's ENDING THE KOREAN WAR AFTER SEVENTY YEARS. And let's face it, Trump's never been anti-Zionist. But the Jews are nervous as hell anyway, for some mysterious reason...

Look, Trump's not the issue - no single man on a horse is going to come and fix everything. Trump will be gone soon, maybe in 2020, God willing in 2024. What's important is that he's CHANGED THE GAME, PERMANENTLY. There's a new wind in the air. The window has shifted radically. You are now getting disappointed over things you couldn't even imagine might be possible three years ago. Do you think the recent Italian and German elections would have gone quite so right wing if not for Trump? He's shown that change IS possible.

Our job at this moment is not to whine and curl back up in our little dens at every misstep, our job is to fight ever harder and ever more intelligently. Trump's given us an opportunity - we must SEIZE IT.

So please understand, Sav, the time for hennish carping is over. Inspire the will to fight, point out ways forward, lend courage to the men. Back Trump when he does well; when not, look for new chances for victory that may have been opened up.

After all, this is how Trump himself operates. He NEVER STOPS FIGHTING. Remember he got elected after a series of brutal media attacks that would have crushed any one of us. Take lessons from his style and apply them to the war. And KEEP GOING.

Also, read this helpful guide to the meaning of Trump. Read and absorb:

Matthew 7:15 said...

Chess is an extremely poor analogy for politics.

Chess is a game based on fact.

There are two opponents, a board and pieces. The two opponents can see clearly what the other is doing.

In my opinion the game to be used as an analogy for politics would be poker.

Poker is a game based on fact.

There are two or more opponents and cards. The opponents have no idea what the other has other than the knowledge that no player has what they have.

This is where the facts end and the analogy to politics begin.

When betting begins in poker, lying is quite acceptable, as long as the lie is backed up with money.

In a game of poker, with no betting limits, a player with a huge amount of money, is going to defeat players with small amounts of money every single time.

All that the big money player has to do is wait for the small money players to wipe each other out.

Once most or all but one of the small money players are gone, all that the big money has to do is force the small money winner to bet all of their money on every single hand through fact or bluffing.

Barring an incredible streak of luck, the small money winner is going to lose as even the combined money of all of the small money players is no match for big money.

Why would anybody in their right mind play this game?

The proper terminology for Trump would not be 3d chess player but instead four flusher.

A four flusher is a poker player who shows four of the cards necessary for a flush hand as a bluff, but does not have the fifth card to make the hand complete.

Trump is a small money winner.

The kikes can take everything he has anytime they want and he knows it.

Hans Frank said...

Looks like the US will enter the next banking collapse without a credible leader. Probably would have been better for the (((bankers))) to throw the US population a few bones as this is not likely to go well for them.

Blackpillphil said...

The Trumpenstein transmogrification is complete.

Operation switch & bait:
-ZOG Quisling now fully operational.

Prepare for phase 2:
-ZOG Quisling Putin on standby alert.

Code Red: Amalek Solutions

*Protocol Messianic Imperative* - final stage activated.

Maple Curtain said...

The thing is, if he "knows," and he has been checkmated by (((them))) and their Deep State shabbos goy, then all it takes is to go off-script at a planned Rose Garden (i.e. protected site) press conference and state, with names and facts, all that is stopping him from actually making a difference. What is there to lose?

Terry said...

President Trump has asked the U.S. Congress to fund the border structure.
Legislators have steadily rejected his 
demands for the full amount of money, which his administration now puts at $25 billion. They granted him a $1.6 billion reprieve in the spending document he signed Friday. Could play right into his hands for the mid term elections. He could say the system, legislators are holding up building the wall. The American public, Trump supporters will only get more angry.

Anonymous said...

He's very slow on Russia too, though it's a start in the right direction expelling 60 Russians and shutting down that nest of spions that was the russian Seattle consulate.
In Russia there are dozens of closed cities that are inacessible to foreigners and even to other Russians, while we in the West allow free movement to russian and chinese spions.

Brian said...

Looked it up for kicks. (((New Square, NY))) Clinton's strongest district Hillary Clinton won 96.7 percent of the votes in Ramapo District 98, her biggest percentage in districts with over 100 votes cast.


Brian said...

Sectarian War in East Ramapo Schools

Read this you will not believe what your eyes are seeing... Honestly


Ozymandias said...

The wall along the southern border is not going to happen. It is useless. People come into the nation "illegally" by many other means. If you want to stop "illegals" from taking your jobs, you need to stop all welfare for them and go after the employers that hire them. It was Reagan and the Republicans in the '80' that stopped prosecuting employers that hired undocumented workers. If there are no jobs or welfare they won't come. Simple as that.

Flanders said...

Trump, Pence, Putin, the Pope and the whole damned CZ crew are playing the J-Game - It only has the deceptive appearance as if it is chess. Their rule book is the same one as this one:

"Judaism is Not the Religion of the Old Testament"
Haredi = an Israeli word for Hasidic Judaics, such as Chabad.

Yeshiva = Judaic religious academy.
Time to face Haredi secret
By Efrat Shapira-Rosenberg

“Not too long ago I happened to speak with a young man who studies at one of the ‘flagships’ of the Haredi yeshiva world; a yeshiva which is no doubt among the most important and elitist ones. We spoke about various issues, and at one point I referred to a certain Biblical character I'm especially fond of. This figure was not one of the Bible's leading actors like Abraham or Moses, but it was not a particularly marginal character either, but rather, an interesting and significant one in my view; one that conveys an important message to biblical scholars. So why am I telling you all this? Because the guy had no idea what I was talking about.

“He never heard about this figure, he was unfamiliar with it, and he was certainly unfamiliar with the important messages it teaches us...the time has come to shatter the myth and explicitly address the most open secret which we all have known for a while now – Haredi education in its various yeshivas only focuses on one thing, while creating ignorant students on every other front.

“An important clarification: I am not referring, like secular critics, to the Haredi disregard for subjects such as math, science, English literature, etc...This is a different problem. The issue I have is with the fact that the vast majority of yeshivas only teach Talmud and related questions and answers. That's it. What about the Bible?

“I am not disparaging, Heaven forbid, the importance of the Talmud. Yet for once let's talk about the religious people who strictly adhere to the mitzvahs, yet are unfamiliar with the Bible...And this is not an anomaly – this is the norm. The only Biblical verses familiar to yeshiva students are those quoted by Talmud sages, and that's that. The Bible is seen as a sort of inferior genre that is appropriate for young children (or for women)...”
[Source: | Feb. 10, 2010]

"Since God already gave the Torah to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai we no longer pay attention to heavenly voices. God must submit to the decisions of a majority vote of the rabbis.”

—BT Bava Metzia 59b
The above tract is from about halfway down at this page: "Judaism’s Holiest Book"

SAVANT said...

No argument with the upsides of your thesis Jeff. Yes, Trump has by winning and winning in the way he did dome more to waken up Whites than anyone else that I can think of. And yes we must try and sustain that either through him or some other political force. But there's no escaping the fact that, for whatever reasons, he's backed down on his two core campaign promises, the ones that activated the base and got Whites out to vote.

Quite simply he could have vetoed the bill, pointing out - and he's very good at this - gross examples of pork and waste, asking 'how can I in conscience sign this?' I have no doubt that despite media hype to the contrary public anger would be directed mainly at Congress. My point is that he signed off on a bill that gave nothing to his core project but lavished funds on everything else.

Flanders said...

Truly, Trump is only one of the solidly political failures we have had for the past 60 years or more whom many have placed their hopes in, and it is us who have lost each and every time, and he is only one of the figureheads in this global game of perversion. It's been a global game for that long or even more. All political figures who support anything to do with the jews or with their stolen land which the jews call Israel are willing partners in it. There is no political solution in any single one of our major countries. It is a matter of being willing to resist or submit, and the timing is being pushed ahead much faster where the people will have no choice or voice, or person of influence working for them on any level.

NWO Chaos said...

Though Ramapo High School boasts a colorful mural with the phrase, “Unity in diversity,” the community has largely ignored this mantra.

Hardly surprising because it represents Orwell on steroids. It's the equivalent of 'war is peace' in that diversity (root verb = divide) of its essence means the opposite of unity.

Flanders said...

We White people have concentrated our attentions on our own national countries and have left the internationalists free reign to handle the international matters. You can see that reflected in the makeup of those attending the internationalist-types of summits with almost all made up of jews and leftists.

John, who quotes our Bible verses, has pointed out that Christianity was the last of our unifying glues which bound the White people of Europe and America together. The jews have even subverted that, using their internationalist powers, to the point where the title "Christian" does not even mean Christian, but means what the jews have caused it to mean. The jew has recognized our weakness in paying our attention almost exclusively to our local areas and has subverted everything that we have by using that international network owned by them in order to accomplish that.

The jews have many international organizations including Chabad, Hillel and that Bernie Sanders organization, Hatzair. There are many more of them, and their work is often done using our taxpayer dollars to afford them their working vacations. Until White men internationally recognize the jew problem, the jews will continue their control unimpeded and will continue working around each and every one of our national countries. The jews do the same sort of thing inside our countries - The jews network together against individual Whites until the jews have obtained a monopolistic type of control, and continue to increase their control in progressively more areas. Even there, we know how many of our fellow White people are incapable of seeing it when it happens directly in front of them, or of understanding it. That is because we concentrate on the here and now, and don't pay sufficient attention to the details about how things have developed and changed over given lengths of time.

A letter to America said...

There is nothing wrong with being nationalist and looking out for your own fellow countrymen.
(Ask any English man does he mind having 5 million eastern Europeans living in England, come on I really shouldn't have to tell you the response)

Christianity hasn't anything to do with holding white people together (all the wars between white nations Prove that over the last 1000 years) and it is to divisive for whites (keep it personal, keep it private). Here in Europe this is what we are doing albeit with mostly kosher nationalist party's, it is still pushing back against globalism and it is making the elites know and everyone else that globalism isn't wanted by the people , the people are being informed by continually standing in elections. Stop retreating into Internet fantasy land, and fantasy gun ranges Americans, get out and join a serious mature nationalist political party with Sensible policies that will gain votes. A nationalist party IS Your Unified Voice. KMac is in one but by looking at its poor functioning website it doesn't seem serious about anything.... Just another mouth piece website ... I couldn't wait for John Tyndall magazine Spearhead to be delivered each month (pre Internet days) and he at least led a party that was gaining votes in elections (small party at the time but nevertheless) and there was Action ie informing your people in elections by the hundreds of thousands.
Usa apart from trump (with a big fucking ? Dearie dearie me) You have NOTHING, NOTHING. Oh really sorry, you have 1001 different Christian denominations to get unified. Get Real.
A view from Europe... Americans are a big let down.

Another letter to America said...

This jewish ownership (starting with Hollywood) of the west media has the White western population deeply intellectually poisoned & intimidated, and keeps relentlessly saturating us with more ideological toxin.

Cultural Marxism, mass non-white immigration, hate speech laws etc. etc. are all weapons in the hands of the Jews who want to destroy the West, which they see as the major obstacle to their world domination. You cannot fight an enemy if you are not allowed to identify him !

There was no real immigration problem in Europe before 1948.. I can tell you now that the churches were not over flowing with worshippers in the 20s 30s and even the 1860s... Mass media wasn't invented back then but it's with us now, and it definitely isn't in our hands. Change that and within weeks our people will be fairly alright, to be able to do that we need our own people in charge of the media, to do that we need our people in Power. No amount of praying is going to make it happen.
But you Know What Will... Well, I hope you do.
It is writing on a placard. Hey ho we are whites, we are here and we won't go.. Say Hey ho we are whites... Do that standing in the middle of times square... Lol

Easter Friday said...

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover.

Members of many Christian denominations, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist and Reformed traditions, observe Good Friday with fasting and church services. (How am I expected to fast when everywhere I look there are hot cross buns staring me in the face. Ive eaten 6 so far today, ive had quite a few this past week as well, got loads more for the rest of the weekend.)

The date of Good Friday varies from one year to the next on both the Gregorian and Julian calendars. Eastern and Western Christianity disagree over the computation of the date of Easter and therefore of Good Friday. Good Friday is a widely instituted legal holiday around the world, including in most Western countries and 12 U.S. states.(whoa whoa back up Back Up only 12 out of 52 states in America recognise it for an holiday-go go Christian usa) Some countries, such as Germany, have laws prohibiting certain acts, such as dancing and horse racing, that are seen as profaning the solemn nature of the day.

AAnonymous said...

What can you say? He was stabbed in the back by the Republican/Conservative establishment. They won't denounce what is happening to Trump as an attempted bloodless coup against democracy. Hell, they won't denounce and work against antifa. They won't do anything about the leftist extremism and white-hating racism that permeates our campuses even though they control the majority of state governments. They're just a business lobby, completely in the pockets of Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce, pretending to be a political party. They loathe the middle-class and below, hate that they have to grovel for the votes of their "inferiors", and fear and hate any form of populism. They'd literally would rather see the country, conservatism, and even their own political party be destroyed rather than give anything to the masses. Always with that shuck and jive act about how they tried to do something for the little guy, but they just couldn't do it, even though they hold political power. There was a hole in their glove and the sun was in their eyes.

And in fact that is exactly what is happening, they're destroying their own party and nation with their support for open borders rather than give anything to the hated white lower classes. In some ways they are acting logically, they shit on the majority of their voters and those voters keep coming back, in part because they are fleeing the racism and general nuttiness of the Democrats. Which is a major reason the Republicans don't do or say anything about that racism and nuttiness. That's how cynical they are and how deeply they detest the majority of their constituents.

Manwe said...

Trump was never a saviour in my opinion, he was just a noticeably better choice for now than the demon Hilary. What we need to do is start supporting younger nationalist politicians all over the West who will actually follow through on what Trump promised and then continue on to the next necessary steps in the war against globalism.

John A. Alpha said...

Our "leadership class" have been failing us regularly and consistently in an ever increasing downward spiral since the 1st talmudic juden backed and organised coup d'etat at the Norman Conquest. This trend has only increased in speed, destruction and deadly effectiveness since the very obvious overthrow of the Christian West and its pish poor whore-ship class with the Reformation the "enlightenment" and all the subsequent wars for the talmudic cancerous parasite cabal and their protestant masonic whores of anti Christ Mammon thereafter. Now the whole pantomime puppet show charade of democratic politics is as worthless as its democratically elected participant and proponents. Defunct and in an advanced state of decay and stinking degeneracy.

Like the ancient Celts did with their tribal "elite" when their time had come - its time for us to bind, gag and sacrifice our "elite" and throw them in the swamp for future historians to muse over their bloody demise.

Any which way you look at it - someone and something is going to be sacrificed here!!

On another note this is an excellent piece of writing which shows the state of decay we are in now...

Godbless and a Happy Easter to all pilgrims of good faith and heart!

ChumLee said...

SAVANT said...

No argument with the upsides of your thesis Jeff. Yes, Trump has by winning and winning in the way he did dome more to waken up Whites than anyone else that I can think of. And yes we must try and sustain that either through him or some other political force. But there's no escaping the fact that, for whatever reasons, he's backed down on his two core campaign promises, the ones that activated the base and got Whites out to vote.

...Yes, Trump HAS done more to wake up whites than any one else, Sav, BUT Hilary would have done far, far more. Whites, being atomised individuals, won't wake up until there is a fucking big problem on their very own individual doorstep.
Hilary would have Brung it!.

Corkonian said...

Just another mouth piece website? Occidental Observer has done more for the White cause and for elucidating the JQ than a thousand street marches.

João José Horta Nobre said...

I've also given my take on Trump and basically concluded the same that "The Irish Savant" has concluded:

Anyways, I don't expect anything much from Trump and I sincerly believe it's most likely that he's been transformed into a hostage by the jews in control of the White House. Trumpism was a major fiasco, it's obvious by now and I think we can all agree at least on this.


Flanders said...
'We, White people, have concentrated our attention on our own national countries'.
And when our 'attentions' have come in conflict we've kicked, stabbed, arrowed, speared, shot, shelled, blasted, bayoneted and bombed the shit out of each other.Inbetween these times we were passive, trading peoples. Because, as has often been pointed out, we're very nice people. Till we're not. I've said it before and I'm going to repeat it. We may have a 'co-operation' strand of DNA. I think we also have a warrior strand of DNA that's developed alongside it. Think of all the warrior tribes we are descended from. They've got nicely mixed up. The warrior kicks in when the nice co-operative strand says its had enough and hands over to the warrior strand. Then the lunatics are let out of the asylum. I'm convinced there will be a black swan event and within a few days, there will be 'paedophiles' hanging from every lamppost and tree.
I was reading an extract from a WWII Germans diary. He and his friend were shocked at the health of English troops. The Germans were fit and well fed. The English were undernourished, some even had rickets. Yet they fought tooth and nail.
Sent to fight a war, undernourished and with rickets. Is that the white privilege I hear so much about?


Flanders said...

Details about this are at the link:

"Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting"

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn

On March 24, 2018, one month and ten days after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, student-led pro-gun control “March For Our Lives” demonstrations took place across America, including in Washington, D.C.

The word “Our” in March For Our Lives refers to students."

John 18:38-40 said...

Jesus Christ is White. There is no one Whiter than Jesus Christ.

Antichrist is antiwhite.

White is simply a term of identity that the anti-Christ kikes use to identify Christendom and descendants of Christendom without using the name of Christ.

Without Christ as the basis of Truth in reality, we are all subject to relativism, which is defined by the power of money, which is printed by a pack of satan worshiping kikes.

On this Friday, in the year of our Lord March 30, 2018; I am with our Lord Christ and not Barabbas.

Flanders said...

While we all are trying to roll a 14/88 - all Trump can get is 666.

Flanders said...

Forget the wall. Let the America's citizens loose to ourselves eject these imported invaders without having uncalled for interference from the leftist government watchdogs who presently control our militarized Federal agents.

At some future time, it seems we are going to have to do that regardless.


"Buzzfeed excerpt:

…For five days now hundreds of Central Americans — children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras — have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them.

Organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan is intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but gangs and cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants.

Organizers like Rodrigo Abeja hope that the sheer size of the crowd will give immigration authorities and criminals pause before trying to stop them."

[I had tried to leave this link at the site below, but my machine wouldn't allow it for some reason:

Anonymous said...

“Here Are the Companies Boycotting Laura Ingraham, Let’s Boycott Them Right Back”

Not that it is likely to work when it only us to do it, or that we care about either Ingraham or Rupert's Fox.

We should at least know those companies names and who these networking companies are who support the leftists, and I suspect that we already know (((who))) it is who sits on those interlocking networks which staff the Boards of Directors and who act as their major investors.

We know who they are who (((anonymously))) use the corporations and banks as their own vehicles in order to bypass constitutional requirements, doing those otherwise unconstitutional things against the people that government is otherwise prevented by law from doing. They do all of this while obtaining major tax breaks and benefits as they unduly influence the politicians, and they have longer life spans (perpetual) than people do. They do all this while they pass their fortunes on to their leftist (((666 progeny))) in a revolving cycle.
“The Media Matters thuggery behind the astroturfed boycott of Laura Ingraham”

Hogg and the Hoggette Chorus of Snorting and Tolerance continue bullying for Soros.

Flanders said...

The Hogg Marches. - Details about this are at the link:

“Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting”
Posted on March 30, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn

On March 24, 2018, one month and ten days after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, student-led pro-gun control “March For Our Lives” demonstrations took place across America, including in Washington, D.C.

The word “Our” in March For Our Lives refers to students.”

Flanders said...

"A view from Europe... Americans are a big let down."

A view from America... Americans are a big let down. Europeans have allowed themselves to become irrelevant.

See, we do hold common viewpoints. I know, which you probably don't realize, that America [primarily through it's (((State Department agencies)))] spent tons of money on Europe in order to train and educate the people of Europe to become snobbily leftist (you might even say tolerently socialistic) in their orientation after WWII, while giving a story to Americans that the money was being spent on anti-communist causes in order to "protect the West", keeping the Americans feeling patriotic, increasing their taxes and dumbing them down in their reasoning capabilities as much as possible, so that they would continue to bleed and finance the wars and subversions done for jewry against the rest of the world.
"This jewish ownership (starting with Hollywood) of the west media has the White western population deeply intellectually poisoned & intimidated, and keeps relentlessly saturating us with more ideological toxin."

You're absolutely right about that. The jews' program that media differently for Europe than they do for America, oftentimes based on the same set of facts and circumstances. Americans are told very little about Europe and (((media and MSM))) often use whatever examples in the news which is given here which gives Europeans a patronizing and illogical tone toward America, while in Europe they provide an absolutely rubbished interpretation on "facts" about America and it's people and "your" media also recites histories that are entirely false, especially when those are on racial issues. They do their best to make sure that we are "competitive" at best, and look down to sneer at each other. Despite what you seem to think of Americans, remember that it's media works for the jew. The media hunts down and kills all whom jewry deems to be an enemy, although it does that in circuitous ways.

THE (jewed) MEDIA MUST BE THE FIRST THING TO GO. It is a poisonous well whose waters flow to all sections of the earth.

Have you measured the distances between your cities and ours to the large cities? It's not as if crowds of Americans can take away and travel to the major cities on the so damn many issues of every nature which need addressing and correction. You also have social workers for police in Europe who are nothing like the militarized governmental forces ready to be arrayed against American citizens who are deemed to be too "disruptive". Sneer down your nose at American guns, but they are the only thing which stand between government efforts (here and there) to replace both the individual Americans who care about our White people here, and the White people of Europe, when an instigated war against our White people "suddenly" happens. I realize that being European you think that "negotiation" and "understanding" between intelligent people will be all that it takes to resolve all issues, but you will be dealing with mobs who will be directed by that same media which we both know is there to defeat and kill us, and there will no longer be reasonable people, and no diplomats available or capable to deal with them.

Andreas said...

As a European I agree with what you say vis-a-vis how Europeans and Americans have been programmed to misunderstand and sneer at each other. We know of course also (((who))) have been the instigators of this. It took me many years to see it but now I do understand the importance of privately owned guns in maintaining freedom for Americans. Which explains the determined attempt to take them away.

Frank Galton said...

Lady Judge, the New York Jewish banker and boss of the UK's Institute of Directors, is in the news again.

Note that this New York Jewish banker was chairman of the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority.

Financial Time, 05 June 2014

Lady Judge was chairman of the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority.

Lady Judge’s career in law and banking has included stints in New York, Washington, Hong Kong and London, and she is now the chairman of the UK’s Pension Protection Fund and holds several non-executive positions, including at universities in the US and UK. Her first, and perhaps still biggest, break happened in her early 30s when she became the youngest ever commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission... She pushed for international accounting standards and in the process opened the Tokyo Stock Exchange to foreign members, giving her the credibility to move from law to international banking

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

On its formation in 1954, the authority was responsible for the UK's entire nuclear program, both civil and defence, as well as the policing of nuclear sites.

According to Breitbart, "She [Lady Judge] currently is a member of the... Trilateral Commission, as well as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations..."


According to Wikipedia, Barbara Thomas Judge, Lady Judge, CBE, was born Barbara Suzanne Singer. Her Parents were Jules and Marcia Singer.

Financial Times, 07 October 2011

Lady Judge in her dining room

Judge credits her own mother, 88, a dean at the New York Institute of Technology who retired only this year, for her strong work drive.

QNS, 01 June 2006

NYIT [New York Institute of Technology] HONORS MARCIA SINGER-Associate Dean of Students feted for 38 years of service

New York Times, 24 January 1967

Mr. and Mrs. Jules H. Singer have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Barbara Suzanne Singer, to Theodore J. Kozloff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kozloff of Merion, Pa.

The Jewish Floridian, 25 June 1943


Couples married by Rabbi Moses Mescheloff during the first half of the month-of-weddings, June, were:

Ensign Jules H. Singer and Miss Marcia Bosniak.

Frank Galton

Six Million Dollar Man said...

What needs to be added is that "Wahabbism" itself is a *jewish* construction (as is Judeo-Islam). Read the lower article with the knowledge of the first article.

2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin
Saudi Arabia: Western Nations Helped To Spread Wahhabi Islam

Californian said...

Much of the dilemma goes back to a lack of populist/nationalist "infrastructure" to support the man in the White House: mass media, think tanks, corporate foundations dispensing the goodie$ to the faithful, activist organizations that can put protesters in the streets, and especially "deep state" operatives. The president can not rule by fiat. He has to have a base of organized – repeat, organized – support to back him up and carry out directives.

This is something the Democrats understand. For eight years Obama did a pretty good job of reading the Oval Office teleprompter while the infrastructure did the dirty work. The payoff was in the creation of organizations like BLM and now the Gun Control Children's Crusade, and the deep state-media offensive over Russian "hacking" of elections. So the lefties gain control of the streets and campuses while sabotaging any attempts to move forward on a populist/nationalist agenda.

Meantime, the Republicans do not appear to have a clue. Or maybe they do, but they are just playing their part in a game which has been rigged for decades.

Anonymous said...

Whites have become the niggers of the world by our own acquiesce.

Franz said...

Maybe he's planning a Night of the Long Knives of his own:

Admit it, since early '17 he's been lining his ducks in a row. Even PROMOTING them.

When Zero Hour comes, BANG! A one-shot kill if there ever was one.

Naw, probably not. On the other hand this happened here (Funny no news outlet of any size reported it, excepting the usual crybabies.)

"...the rambling campaign-like speech Trump gave on Thursday to assembled union workers in Ohio, in which he claimed that the US campaign in Syria — where over 2000 US special forces troops are leading a group of anti-Assad rebels ostensibly against ISIS forces, though also often against Syrian government troops — is “winning” and that those troops will “be home soon.” He also, in that speech, decried, as he did a month ago, the alleged $7 trillion the US has spent on military campaigns in the Middle East, from Libya to Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan, which he correctly notes have won the US “nothing,” and he promised to end those efforts, to bring the troops home, and to refocus government policy on “building jobs and infrastructure at home.”

Or maybe it CAN be happening?

John A. Alpha said...

Rome was the child of Ancient Greece, Christendom was born of Rome , Western civilisation was born from this legacy and heritage and European peoples and their nation states its progeny. The talmudic demonic poison and their masonic "lost tribe" protestant whores and familiars - are its certain death!

If we can do nothing about the masonic enemy within the gates - then we can do nothing! They more than anything else! - are the 5th columnist enablers of the extinction of the Greco-Roman -European legacy and its future.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

$7 trillion the US has spent on military campaigns in the Middle East, from Libya to Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan, which he correctly notes have won the US “nothing,

Please study Keynesian economics- money cannot be wasted as the economy runs on spending, the more we spend the richer we become, the GDP is simply total spending, just add up all those big numbers. Without all the pump-priming we'd still be stuck in the depression of the thirties. .

AnalogMan said...

Lemmyhead said

We may have a 'co-operation' strand of DNA.

Quite possibly. And we may not be the only ones. Some monkeys may also. (But not chimpanzees and negroes):

These monkeys surprised scientists by sharing even more when no one was looking

A new study further burnishes the marmoset’s reputation for admirable community values. Researchers report that these caregivers share their food more generously with little ones in private than when they’re surrounded by the watchful eyes of other community members.

Such seemingly selfless behavior makes the common marmoset a particular puzzle for researchers keen to explain the already-perplexing phenomenon of altruism in humans and a few other higher-order primates.

After all, in stark evolutionary terms, kindness, generosity and self-sacrifice make no sense. When an individual’s survival and the propagation of his genes arguably depend on his hoarding every advantage for himself, why on earth would he forfeit anything to benefit a fellow member of his species?

For marmosets, it’s hard enough to explain the willingness of some family members to delay or forgo breeding to help out with a relative’s offspring. But to share food with those babies when no one’s looking? That just defies all expectations.

Flanders said...

I commented recently about the media at another site where most people are not awake and aware, and are otherwise not conscious (about who it is behind accomplishing their subversions). I replied to another commenter who suggested that media coverage of Americans marching against Hogg and his leftist-indoctrinated little piglets might be helpful, and said:

"...armed citizen doing the job the government will not do. We need a march so the children of idiots can learn the good of guns."

[Flanders]: I understand why it is that you say that, Bob, because you think as a regular White American person does, about the fairness and evenhandedness which could be expected if we were to do a march. We once could have realistically expected that, because that was our trusting White nature at that previous time, and we expected the same respect from others (and almost always got that).

When our country was almost entirely White (and before the communists began importing drugs into our country in order to weaken our people as they did during and after the Viet Nam war), we could have expected the media to follow our actions and protests of that type and to report about it more fairly, although the media was already inhabited by many leftist-minded operatives even at that previous time, which became very evident during and after Viet Nam, when the media basically became enemies to those of us in the military, and to the American public, too.

The ones who guide the media are not like us. Those media and MSM leaders and managers have an oriental-minded perspective which compels them to deviousness and underhanded methodology in accomplishing objectives which they have predetermined, which are done exclusively for their own purposes. They are not like us. They have never retreated from their devious treacherous ways.

The only march which the media will cover without demonizing it is a march by a legion of their controlled operatives who guide mobs of brainwashed children who are given false senses of importance. This allows their indoctrinations to be reinforced and often spreads it onto others. At the same time, it indoctrinates the gullible public who remain glued to their television screens, and who do not have the time or take it, to view how things have happened to move our country further leftward with each passing generation. A march done by reasonable and normal White American people will be demonized and derided by those behind the electronic synagogues which beam poisons into every living room.

[Flanders added this comment]: For any who may doubt the power and effect which the television screen has on people, please keep and read this longer article recounted at the link below. It concerns a story which was reported in a British paper about the effects of TV on the people of a rather insignificant country which was the last to have TV, and how that changed from the type of people and country which had existed before.

"Toxic TV Syndrome is no Myth"

Flanders said...

One part of me is convinced, as I'm sure everyone else understands, too, that Trump is not exercising the full extents of power which are available to him as President, and which have always been available to the President, in many constitutionally authorized ways including the powers as Commander-in-Chief. When he goes on to make it clear that another dumpy subversive little country is going to continue getting full support, at the expense of more American blood and continues to pack numerous dual-traitors into coveted political positions, it is more than reasonable to have serious concerns about him.

When his major domestic policies wind up aligned with what those dual-traitors want to happen inside our America, all of it aimed and lined up against the best interests of the White American people I don't give a damn about whether he is keeping the economy going strong. I also don't like that he dances waltzes with Chabad and with Kissinger.

I'm suspicious about the blanketed media denouncements arrayed against him, appearing to be a cover for his willing cooperation with their agendas. It almost seems to be designed to throw a smokescreen over our people while everything is smoothly accomplished toward obtaining what jewry wants as major goals. It makes me really wonder if that old link I once posted here about a jew national hero in Israel who was named Trumplestein needs to be dusted off and looked at again.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

That last country to get tv- I wonder how much of "their" programming is generated by "them?"

Horror · The earliest (((atomic tests))) in New Mexico cause common ants to (((mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization))). ... James Whitmore in Them! ..... This movie has pretty much everything going for it: a literate, atmospheric, extremely well-written script for what is essentially a B picture (although Warner ...

The Keynesian comment was sarcasm, one needs to learn the fallacies. It is unbelievable bollocks- amazing that the public does not know the absolute ludicrousness- all spending is good, waste is not possible, apparent waste is the driver of the economy! Example, pay one guy to dig a hole for $20, pay another to fill the hole for another $20. The Gross Domestic Product just went up by $40!!! Cuz the workers will put the $40 into circulation, where magic begins [yes, it is based on magical thought]. Why not just hand them the $40? The public might get pissed. . .[off]. . .there must be some illusion of actual work. . .

ChumLee's Brother said...

Jules Joules Jewels said...
$7 trillion the US has spent on military campaigns in the Middle East, from Libya to Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan, which he correctly notes have won the US “nothing,

....7 trillion dollars is small potatoes to guarantee the fiat dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

What was Planet of the Apes trying to tell us?
Vicki Momberg: South Africa Becomes the USSR of Race

"The Star newspaper in Johannesburg carried the headline “Victory over racism.” Adriaan Basson, the editor of, the country’s largest online news portal, entitled his piece on Miss Momberg, “Nowhere to hide for racists like Vicki Momberg anymore.” According to Mr. Basson, “It is the first time (that I am aware of) that someone will be imprisoned for using racist language in our country’s history.”
Some blacks on social media were calling for the death penalty for Vicki Momberg, a legal impossibility, since our liberal Constitutional Court had abolished it, mainly to protect the almost 100 percent black and colored class of murderers who kill about 50,000 people every year."

Flanders said...

In regard to the story linked at my 31 March 2018 at 05:22 comment:

Forget the wall. Heed that America’s citizens soon must loosen ourselves from our long spell of perpetual non-responsiveness to lawlessness and must act to eject these imported invaders, and do so without having uncalled for interference from the Kosher directed leftist government watchdogs who presently control most of our militarized Federal agents on the borders.

Those dogmatically socialist bureaucrats do their work primarily in order to restrain us, the American people from our rightful actions in repelling these illegals and unwanteds, who are not needed in our country, and they do not work to effectively keep out those who are uninvited by us or by any legitimate authority.

The entire and sole status of invaders is that it is they who work in concert with and provide assistance to, those revolutionary leftists who are attempting to hijack our country and government through illegal means. There is a name for such subversions - and a penalty.

Be aware about traps whenever it is they who have a pick of time and place, along with propensities to positioning snipers.

nilus said...

"Whites have become the niggers of the world by our own acquiesce."


John 14:6 said...

I just read some commentary on a popular (((alt-news))) website.

Of course the opinion is retarded and the supposed purveyor of the site can claim innocence by way of ignorance.

The sermon on the mount without acknowledgment of satan worshiping, bolshevik kikes as an adversary of Christ is indeed bolshevism.

In my opinion, sermon on the mount Christians should be avoided just as much as old testament Christians.

Jesus Christ is the purpose of the old testament.

Sermon on the mount Christians totally deny the arguments of our Lord against the satanic kikes as if it never happened.

In my opinion, the gospels should be obligatory reading.

This is not to say believing the gospels should be obligatory, only reading the gospels, to counter antichrist liars.

Antony said...

Its a shame that video at the bottom is not on youtube or bitchute etc - then it could be put up on feminist and leftist sites to show how women get treated under "cultural enrichment".

ChumLee's Brother said...

Six Million Dollar Man said...
Some blacks on social media were calling for the death penalty for Vicki Momberg, a legal impossibility, since our liberal Constitutional Court had abolished it, mainly to protect the almost 100 percent black and colored class of murderers who kill about 50,000 people every year."

.........."I didn't say execute her....I said SHOOT HER!"....Way to get around the abolition of the death penalty, Bolshevik style.

Aitch said...

On Good Friday I came across a sick ant-Christ comment, on Breitbart Jews, from what was obviously a yid. I gave it him back, and because he thought he was smarter than me, this exchange went on for a bit. In my humble opinion, I won, and shortly afterwards I got an email saying I was henceforth banned from posting comments on Breitbart. I wondered if there was any connection. Whatever, I enjoyed the opportunity they gave me to red-pill as many people as possible, and to bad-mouth a few kikes, so no harm done. Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

Congress presents the budget and the President has three options once he gets it: Sign, veto (which can be over ridden), or do nothing (pocket veto). The abomination was handed to him at the 11th hour and I'm sure his enemies were hoping he would not sign it and shut the gov down. It's more about hating Trump than anything else.
Bill contains big budget for the military which Trump is now saying he's going to put on the southern border till the wall is built.
Mordor on the Potomac is not going down easily or quietly. I really don't understand how people expect so much from one man who is surrounded by his enemies.

Bill Sturka

Dominic Burke said...

Maybe not

He’s operating within what’s possible

If you enter teletubby lala land you get JFK’d

He’s the first president in 60 yrs willing to talk to North Korean regime

HE bombed an empty Syrian airfield last year to get the neo cons to back off

He just bombed 3 empty buildings with no fatalities, to hold them off again.

There was good comms with Russia to avoid hitting any russian or Iranian troops, and avoid Russian jets (deconflicion rules obeyed)

Be in no doubt, neo cons want a war with Iran and would be fine with a war with Russia. Trump isn’t giving that to them, yet.

He listened to Gen. Matthis who suggested a minimalist strike.

Trumps throwing the chicken hawks only tiddly scraps so far.
Graham, Bolton, etc. who want all out war.

Eg Lindsay Graham: this week:

Graham told reporters that the administration has no military strategy to counter Iranian and Russian influence and seems willing "to give Syria to Assad, Russia, and Iran."