Monday, 19 November 2018

Dodgy Dave Millipede gets a job

Hertfordshire, UK, May 15, 2018, David Miliband addresses a gathering of charity racket industry big wigs. "Thank you for the invitation to be with you today. I run an international charity that helps refugees and displaced people. Here is the question I want to address: what are our obligations, as corporate or NGO leaders, as citizens, when Governments are in retreat? We need more partnerships like this in three areas.

First is in cash. The biggest thing refugees and displaced people lack is cash, and the most powerful aid tool is cash. We have built it into our emergency protocols established within 72 hours of a crisis. We need to get cash to refugees in simple, secure ways, and we need to think about how to make cash payments work in fragile contexts. 90 Swiss franc (about $50) can feed a vulnerable family, who have fled from conflict, for two months" 

Or, to put it another way, pay Millipede's salary (I've worked it out) for approximately ten minutes. You see he's trousering no less than $600,000 a year as the head of this, er, charity. Clearly he believes that charity starts at home. The Express tells us that "The charity cash is not Miliband’s only income as he is thought to have rented out his £3 million home in London. The couple could expect to receive £6,750 a month, or £81,000 a year, in rental. David and his brother, former Labour leader Ed, used a deed of variation to their father’s will that moved a share of the ownership of the family home into their names. Such deeds are often used to avoid inheritance tax." So 'passionate socialist' Ralph Milliband (cue sound of violins) who escaped penniless from Nazi Germany, and who like his sons spent his life fighting inequality somehow manages to acquire a £3 million house and then bilks the taxpayers through use of  a tax-avoidance wheeze. And while employed as an MP in one year alone Milliband - somehow - grossed £288,000 in outside earnings on top of his parliamentary salary.  Lovely people.

Millipede might have been prompted to bring out the begging bowl in light of the UK Government's withdrawal of £5.4 million due to 37 allegations of fraud, sex abuse and bribery against the "charity". Oh dear. But not to worry. George Soros and  Sacha Baron Cohen have stepped in to make up the shortfall. Who says Jews aren't generous, suckers for a worthy cause? And what could be worthier than International Rescue, whose objective is to transport Third World trash into White countries? While carefully bypassing Israel on the way. It's nothing less than 'a test of character' according to Dave. And for once he might not be lying.

Non-British readers might not be aware that Dodgy Dave and his broter Ed - two Jews- once tussled for the leadership of the British Labour Party. The post-May leadership of the Conservatives will likely be contested between a Jew (Raab) and a Muslim (Javid). As was the last Mayoral election for London, the Empire's premier city. What's happened to the descendants of all those men who enabled this small island nation to rule a quarter of the globe? Not up to the job?

Friday, 16 November 2018

Make or break time for Trump. And America

As the caravans begin to reach the Mexico/US border outriders have already begun to clamber over the fence. According to the Drudge Report 'Caravan Jumps Border Fence: No Troops'. Apparently there's actually a kind of platform on top of the fence, presumably to offer the invaders a chance to recharge their batteries after that energy-sapping climb.

One thing is certain: If Trump doesn't firmly halt this invasion his support among his base will collapse. According to a Bloomberg report migration has actually increased in the second year of Trump's Presidency while deportations have declined. We know that he's facing opposition from the country's traitorous Fifth Column by way of sanctuary cities, the (((courts))) and a virtual mutiny by some high-ranking military officers. But a tweet-storm of threats and insults will not stop the invasion and in that event his base will throw in the towel because he'll have conceded defeat on their most important issue, the overrunning of America by the Third World.

And here's a bit of advice. Stop insulting the migrants, calling them bad people, gang-bangers and terrorists. Not because they're not - huge numbers are - but because it will lose him support. The  reason being that the media will always root out a worried dedicated mother and her adorable children who just want to flee the violence in their homeland and become hard-working honest Americans. The sole difference between them and us isn’t qualitative but geographical: they’re there and we’re here. We’re lucky; they’re not. Good or bad fortune isn’t meritocratic. Americans have no more of a moral right to dry homes and safe streets than those Hondurans do. 

Virtually everyone on this blog can see through this shameless manipulation. But the great unwashed out there, and especially the women, will see what the manipulators want them to see. They'll easily succumb to the siren call to 'just let them in'. What Trump needs to do is emphasise the catastrophic impact that mass migration is having on America. That the kind of people who created the societies they're fleeing will become a majority in America if the invasion isn't stopped and inevitably make America more like the countries they fled. That the country does not have the physical, educational, health or housing infrastructures to accommodate them. That if such a caravan is allowed enter or its members given some preferential asylum rights (which is on the table) then there's no logical reason why a billion other migrants from Third World hell-holes shouldn't qualify for the same treatment.

He then has to follow up on it with some really tough practical measures such as arresting mayors of sanctuary cities and making them do the perp walk in hand-cuffs. Pour encourager les autresHe should continue with this program even when ordered to desist by activist judges. Appeal their rulings all the way up to the SCOTUS if necessary while - and this is crucial - he continues with the program awaiting the appeals.

The facts are clear: America is rapidly approaching a demographic tipping point after which it inevitably devolves into Brasil del Norte.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The Kremlin trembles with apprehension

Did you read about those recent NATO show of force exercises in the Arctic Circle?  Masterminded by the Defense Ministers of Germany and Norway (pictured top) they were presumably meant to strike terror into the Russians. However I had reservations about the extent to which these ladies (the Norwegian one a mystery meat from God knows where) would impress their Russian counterpart (below). 

Well he certainly won't have been impressed by the Norwegian Navy's navigation skills. Despite frantic efforts to avoid a collision, an oil tanker was rammed full on by a Norwegian frigate, which sank shortly afterwards. 'Local media reported that the Maltese-flagged tanker Sola TS identified Ingstad and tried to avoid the disaster. The reports also revealed details that show that Ingstad did not have a firm grasp of the surface picture it was sailing into.'

“This is a huge blow to the Norwegian navy,” said Sebastian Bruns, who heads the Center for Maritime Strategy and Security at the University of Kiel, adding that the loss of the $400 million ship leaves the Norwegian Navy with a 20 percent cut to its most advanced class of ship.

The laughter from the Kremlin could be heard echoing up the fjords.

Naturally my suspicions were aroused. After all the Norwegians used to be a highly effective fighting force as the Germans found to their cost in WW 2. They performed rat-runs in the North Sea, dodging patrolling submarines and unloading their cargo at the dead of night in unlit rock-strewn coves. Now they're plowing into giant tankers straight in front of them? A search of the media, including Norway's, failed to unearth anything. Then when glancing through the Daily Stormer I hit pay dirt. As I thought, it was da wimminz. Armed Forces Forum No. 2 revealed that that “Four out of five navigators on frigate KNM Helge Ingstad are women“. 

So now we know. The empowered navigators were probably holding a diversity meeting or doing their knitting. Whatever it was it resulted in their ship going to a watery grave. They're not alone. The American Pacific Fleet, which prides itself on its diversity with women, blacks, Hispanics and transgenders at the highest levels (achieved only by drastically reducing standards) now wreaks havoc throughout the region with sea lanes becoming more akin to a dodgem cars track in a  circus. According to Defense News 'two accidents that claimed the lives of 17 sailors and wounded dozens more resulted from complete breakdowns in standard Navy procedures and poor decision-making by officers and sailors on the bridge of the two warships'. Even Ireland got into the act when a much-ballyhooed woman took the helm of a naval corvette. And proceeded to leave a trail of devastation in her wake, smashing into buoys, pontoons, yachts and quay walls until finally running aground. At which point Cork Harbour's terrified residents tentatively re-emerged.

We can and should get a good laugh out of it. But ultimately the laugh is on us.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

A significant development

I've made the point many times that Britain's rulers do not act on behalf of the British people, instead ceaselessly pursue the globalist/NWO agenda. I could fill this blog every day with examples so I pass except for exceptional cases. Like this one.

Police have hauled in for questioning a woman in her seventies ('a pillar of the community') who blew her horn at an Afro-Caribbean woman who didn't bother moving after paying for her petrol, instead dawdled, chatting on her phone etc. What, you might well ask, is remarkable about that? Happens all the time in diverse multi-cultural Britain. Well the reaction of top cop for starters.

Anthony Stansfeld is Police Commissioner for Thames Valley, one of the most important law enforcement positions in the country. And what do we expect from such people in response to outrages such as this? Mealy-mouthed politically-correct bromides that studiously avoid the real issue, rampant criminality among blacks. Not this time. The other driver was "taking ages" at a petrol station, so the woman, in her seventies, beeped her horn to get her to move, he revealed. Mr Stansfeld described the woman as a "pillar of society" and called for a review of current rules after the woman had to be questioned on suspicion of a hate crime. He  said that current laws mean detectives have to investigate anything that is “perceived” to be a hate crime, which could result in “huge injustices”.

He added: "It was an absolute classic. An elderly couple turned up at a petrol station and there was a woman who had filled up with petrol in front of them. "She was taking ages fiddling around and the lady who was driving, who was in her seventies, peeped on the horn and out flew an Afro-Caribbean lady who screamed abuse at them, went into the kiosk and reported it as a hate crime. "We had to investigate it. [The elderly lady] was questioned under caution. And this woman was a pillar of society. She was hugely upset." He added: "She asked us to remove it but the law is such that once it's on the books we cannot do so

Well he didn't hold back, did he?  Frankly I'm amazed. You don't reach a position like  his without faithfully implementing the nation-wrecking agenda. Maybe he's an honest and patriotic man sick of what his traitorous superiors are forcing him to do. Or maybe he senses a change in the wind, that the nativists are restless and a major reaction is on the horizon. Presumably he's aware of JFK's aphorism "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

To my mind this is a significant development.

As we celebrate the end of World War I

Friday, 9 November 2018

First take on the American mid-terms

Given that mid-terms normally give the party in power a kicking this must be seen as a good result for the Republicans and especially Trump. The much-projected blue wave failed to roll. Nonetheless, the rust belt seems to have swung back a bit to the Dems. Due imo to relentless ongoing demographic change which is transforming the voter base. This is only set to get worse as the ninos and ninas whelped by the Latino invaders reach voting age. The opportunity to salvage Heritage America is fast running out of time.

The results also revealed a lessening of Trump's hold on his user base. This is understandable given that - despite mucho tweeting and promises - their main requirements, stopping the invasion, repealing DACA and  solving the anchor baby problem were not met. Trump endlessly citing how much he's done for blacks and Latinos - never mentions what he's done for Whites - would also have dampened enthusiasm. And despite doing better than ever the racial polarities keep widening. It's a complete waste of time pandering to blacks as only a tiny - and declining - percentage will ever vote Republican. 10% of 'converted' Whites would equate to the full black vote and achieving it would be so much easier.

The firing of Sessions finally put paid to the theory (much touted by QAnon) that the disagreements between him and Trump were all staged to distract the enemy. Seems Sessions was the do-nothing he appeared all along. Ironically the "liberals" who were calling him Nazi are now rioting against his firing. The new guy looks the real deal. Then again so did Sessions.

My overall take is the centrality of the demographic time bomb. Texas and Florida and now within a hairs-breadth of turning minority/majority. If that happens there probably will never again be a Republican President, or even a White one. The time remaining to save the USA from turning into Brasil del norte is shrinking fast.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

A quick note on American mid-terms

 Was stuck in a CNN-showing bar tonight for a short while. Usual salt and pepper talking heads, women and a White guy for window dressing. They were discussing the Georgia Governor race. One theme ran through the discussion. That Georgia had 'improved' so much over the last twenty years or so, to the extent that the state was now on the point of electing a worthless black female land-whale as Governor. (They didn't put it quite like that of course!).

The inference being that the White electors had become tolerant and anti-racist over that time span. In fact the explanation is that the White electors have been replaced and displaced. I don't have the figures to hand but according to Amren non-Hispanic Whites, who comprised about two thirds of the population in the mid-eighties now comprise a bare majority. Same reason Detroit politics has been dominated in recent times by blacks. In 1950 the electorate was 85% White, now it's 90% black. 

So CNN panel the explanation lies not in a Pauline conversion of Whites to diversity and multiculturalism. In fact we can safely assume any change in outlook will be in the opposite direction.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

The burghers sample diversity

Tudor Lawn in Dublin was always a nice place to live (house prices average €600,000 with rents at €3000). A glance at the cul de sac reveals perfectly manicured hedges and well-cared for trees lining the road. There is a green across from the road from the house, where children play in the summer, and many residents have lived here peacefully for decades ('a place violence rarely touches'). There is a new generation of professionals, including tech workers and students, living there in the shadow of a Microsoft campus and the legendary Leopardstown Racecourse.

But it lacked one essential requirement in the modern age. Diversity. No longer. A couple of years back a number of Africans took over a house there and immediately began demonstrating what the staid burghers had been missing. Mind you there were some downsides. Like the cops being called on a regular basis (twice in the same day on one occasion) while ear-splitting 'music' blasted away into the small hours of the morning. Still, as we'd all agree, a small price to pay for the joys of multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, the vibrant newcomers overstep the mark. Residents in the Foxrock estate where a young man was killed in incredibly violent circumstances were stunned by the gruesome death. Locals who spoke to the Irish Independent yesterday expressed utter shock at the horror that had taken place in their neighbourhood. The killer had cut off the victim's genitals and placed them carefully on the mantelpiece before sitting back and relaxing while he bled to death. As one does.

Kenyan national Grace Miano (pictured) has been charged with killing Limbani Mzoma from Zimbabwe.

"I literally feel sick. This doesn't happen in Foxrock," one woman said.

It does now lady, it does now. Welcome to the new, vibrant and multicultural Ireland.

Friday, 2 November 2018

A spectacular own goal

It's hard to dispute the good work Stefan Molyneux has done in relation to race, Islam, IQ and feminism. He has become hugely influential and has demolished mainstream interviewers when challenged on these subjects. But just like Jordan Peterson he has a blind spot: The JQ. Both avoided it like the plague for a long time. And that's understandable. Because on the one hand virtually all of the Western pathologies they so eloquently decry have been driven by Jews, on the other identifying this fact would result in their being Shoahed into external darkness. Peterson was eventually forced to bite the bullet and came out swinging in defence of his masters. Molyneux has been a bit cagier, carefully fine-tuning both his material and his guest selections to avoid being put on the spot.

But he too has been flushed out by - in my opinion - the reaction to the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre. You see whereas Jews did benefit from a public outpouring of sympathy, the shooter's anti-Jewish justification for the attack also attracted unwelcome attention. On some forums this subject, despite the frantic whack-a-mole efforts of the Comment Thought Police, began to take centre stage of the discussion. A worrying development for our (((overlords))). 

Time for Stef to step into the breach. It was not a pretty sight. The man of reason, of honesty, of logic, of Socratic discourse was replaced by a fact-mangling, tendentious, strawman-wielding, gaslighting huckster, deploying theatrical emotions in a way that would make a Mississippi evangelist blush. Here are just a few examples. First he uses the NAJALT argument, citing Jews that he knew who were opposed to all of the things, well, that most Jews espouse. 'Jews who bitterly opposed central banking, fiat currencies, open borders.....'. Yeah, sure Stefan. 'Some Jews work in Hollywood and Wall Street...' You don't say? Statistics-mangling: 'Jews are marrying out at an enormous rate'.  No, the statistics he recites refer to religious Jews who marry non-religious people, most of whom I suggest are racially Jewish. More statistics mangling: 'There are more non-Jews than Jews involved in [insert evil activity here]", while failing to remind us that Jews represent about 2% of most Western populations, non-Jews 98%.

Overall his analysis of the JQ revolves around Judaism as a religion. For the man who has done such sterling work on genetics and group differences to avoid the racial dimension of Jewishness can be nothing other than intentional gaslighting. At one stage he adopts a more positive tone, advising us, if we object to the behaviour of the media and big tech to build our own. "Just compete with Hollywood. Start your own channel. Make a better story and publicise it." Dang me, I never realised it was so simple. Must learn from Gab and Alex Jones how they did it. Oh wait....they're gone. 

He ends up with a lachrymose, theatrical appeals to reason, debate, tolerance and interaction. And then proceeded to delete offending comments as soon as they landed. However this action, and the whole video in my mind resulted in massive blow-back, exacerbating the very problem it sought to erase. Read just some of his readers' comments. Despite all the censorship they remain overwhelmingly hostile. Here's a typical one: "Strawman after Strawman. I expect much better from you Stefan. You used to confront the REAL questions head on, what is this????".

So here's my take. The likes of SM, JT, AJ, JP in a way seem to act as gatekeepers, to broach important and edgy subjects but in a way that directs 'inquiring minds' away from the JQ. But their excellent presentational skills only whet the appetite of the more intelligent goyim, which in turn gradually leads to a realisation of the war, the existential war, being waged against them.

More Stefan, more!

Monday, 29 October 2018


Most people would consider equating the EU with the USSR as fanciful and unwarranted. This reaction in my opinion derives from a misunderstanding of the latter which is commonly associated with the midnight knock, mass summary executions, torture chambers and endless terror for most of the population. But in fact such a polity ended gradually after Stalin's death, to be replaced by one like, well, like the current EU.

For the latter half of its existence the rulers of the USSR maintained control through the following mechanisms:

A prevailing orthodoxy which could not be questioned. USSR = Marxism-Leninism, EU = Political correctness and multiculturalism. Both

Politicising the legal system: Vague laws under which anything can be classed as a crime by the System's legal enforcers, unequal application of the law, guilt by way of denunciation.

Orwellianism/cognitive dissonance. The serfs are forced to believe and espouse that which is blatantly false. 'Workers' paradise', 'all races equal', 'diversity is our strength' etc.

Coercing academia and media to enforce the Prevailing Orthodoxy.

Dualistic good/bad classifications. The USSR had its 'enemies of the people' (i.e. anyone opposing The System) and its heroes of the Soviet Union, i.e. anyone supporting The System. In similar vein the EU's enemies of the people are racists, nationalists, traditionalists, its heroes globalists and minorities of every hue 

Hostility to the family: The EU mirrors the USSR by promoting easier divorce, virtually forcing married women to work, stigmatising stay-at-home mothers, using welfare to encourage indiscriminate breeding

Hostility to national identity: The USSR kept up a barrage of anti-national propaganda (apart from the WW II interregnum), forced millions from their homelands and transplanted them among other ethnicities, the EU by opening up its borders to the Third World and corrupting the migration legal system.

Rewriting history, destroying non-conforming traditional culture and tradition

And both polities lack/lacked democratic accountability. Supreme power in the USSR lay with the Politburo, in the EU with its four presidents and Commission, none of whom were elected by popular mandate. Democratic national governments not delivering what the EU wants are undermined, national referendums failing to produce the 'right' result are ignored and re-run until the required result is achieved.

I don't claim the foregoing to represent a comprehensive analysis nor to suggest that the EU is USSR redux. My purpose is to show that there are enough similarities to cause deep concern for Europeans and indeed all Whites. In the USSR soulless careerists pushed a Utopian ideal fundamentally at odds with human nature and sustained it by lies which in turn required truth-tellers to be punished and marginalised. The methods and ultimate objectives may differ but in every other aspects the EU mirrors the USSR. 

Destroy the EUSSR!

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
Frank Zappa

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Police in three countries scramble to solve The Crime Of The Century

Someone close to me in Britain had his prize alloys and tires worth about €1500 stolen from his garden. Shortly afterwards they came up for sale on eBay from a guy in a ghetto a few miles away. The local police waved this clinching information away with a 'nothing we can do gov' type of response. Little wonder that fewer than  5% of reported crimes in Britain result in a conviction, which infers a conviction rate of about 2% for all crimes. Helluva job there guys. Maybe the fuzz are just too busy hunting down serious criminals, like the (cough) 'Asian' child-rapist gangs throughout the country? Er, no. The British police looked the other way for decades as the gangs  rampaged throughout the country, destroying the lives of thousands of vulnerable White children. In fact in one case (maybe there were many more) the police arrested a White  father trying to rescue his daughter from the rapists! 

In Ireland it's pretty much the same. I'm telling the truth when I say I haven't seen a cop on the street in over two years in the town (population 15,000) where I live. In Balbriggan (the Irish town which boats the highest proportion of African enrichers) black gangs terrorise the locals daily while police cower in their stations as the media fixedly turn their gaze the other way. If someone does get on a local radio talk show he or she is immediately cut off if the race of the gangs is mentioned.

So is there anything capable of rousing the guardians of the peace from their torpor? Well yes. In a low-cost holiday flight from Spain to England on Irish airline Ryanair an elderly man shouted insults at a woman. Cue international outrage. Brexit and the Khasoggi murder were pushed off the front pages. Not just in Britain, Spain and Ireland. CNN, ABC News, The Washington Post and media as far away as India, Australia and New Zealand solemnly reported the tragedy. Even Theresa May took time off from her gruelling Brexit negotiations to weigh in. The police of three countries (Britain, Ireland and Spain) - and probably Interpol - exited their slumber, stormed into action, sirens blazing, lights flashing. The world breathed a sigh of relief as the master criminal was quickly tracked down to his lair. 

(If you're of a sensitive disposition I urge you to skip the rest of the post which provides the details of the crime.)

Ok, you ready? In a crowded, cheap, booze-fuelled flight operated by an Irish budget airline a man in his seventies insulted a black woman.  “Don’t talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid ugly cow.” He didn't want to sit beside her and she was given another seat. And.....well, that's about it. That's what's been dominating the airwaves and prompting an international man-hunt. And of course there will soon be another winner of the ghetto jackpot. The 'victim' claims to have been traumatised by the 'attack' (that's what it's being called) and - crucially - has been at pains to point out the failings of Ryanair.  Gayle’s eldest daughter said Ryanair staff acted as if the man was the victim. ”On the plane it was unprofessional, and after it was unprofessional. It’s all wrong, I just believe they need more training”. Apparently the woman's life has been ruined, she can't know the ghetto lottery drill. Even though that company are notorious tight-wads we can, given the gravity of the crime, expect to see a handsome cheque lodging in the victim's bank account in due course. 

In the farrago of nonsense deployed to boost the lottery payout the victim did ask one interesting if rhetorical question: 'Can you imagine the reaction if the races had been reversed?' Indeed we can Gayle. The police and media would react in the way they did to the 'Asian' grooming gangs. They'd look the other way.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

What gives with the Khashoggi case?

What do you believe is going on with the Khashoggi case? I'm not questioning that he was killed by the Saudis or even why they did it. I'm curious as to why the Saudis' former friends in Western circles of power have suddenly turned on them. All the bad guys so to speak. Merkel, May, the Ziocons, American Congresscritters from both parties, the EU.... Let's get one thing out of the way immediately. Those people don't give a flying fuck about a foreign journalist getting offed in some backward country. They have no hesitation in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in places like Iraq and Syria. Journalists are killed all of the time and after a few perfunctory squawks are quickly forgotten. So let us scratch morality as a motive.

So what else can it be?

US foreign policy is for all practical purposes run by the Israelis yet they and the Saudis have been best friends for quite some time. And Israel's (and therefore our) Great Satan is Iran (you know, the country that five years ago was, according to Netenyahu, within weeks of launching a nuclear attack), the bitter enemies of the Saudis. There's Saudi purchasing power, strong enough to bring most Western countries to heel and Jared Kushner is best buddies with new Saudi strongman MbS.

It could be that the West will not follow through with any meaningful sanctions. But already they've virtually killed the forthcoming 'Davos In The Desert' investment conference on which MbS had staked so much. I watch with interest and hope that the combatants eventually destroy one another.

Friday, 19 October 2018

No panacea

Anyone else notice an emerging theme on White Identity sites, especially those of the MGTOW variety, to the effect that White men should partner with north-east Asian women (China, Korea, Japan)? MGTOWs have given up on White women whom they see as unfeminine, competitive land-whales, uninterested in child-rearing or housework, with crazy ideas on their attractiveness and ready to legally strip you of your wealth and children if they get fed up of you. 

There are some attractions. Despite being classed as 'yellow' most NE Asians, especially Koreans and Japanese, have lily-white skin, paler in fact than many Caucasians. Then there's their high'll have on average smarter kids than if you mated with a White girl. They're also reputed to be more demure and family-oriented and look up to Whites.

These are not trivial qualities in this day and age.

But proceed with care. First it'd mean the White race being subsumed by the Asians given that they outnumber us 3:1. Future Whites would look like Count Kalergi. And NE Asians have a certain sperg-like quality, haven't they? You'd have to wonder what thoughts those inscrutable black eyes are hiding when you see her gazing at you intently. Is it passion? Or is she doing a quick calculation of what your vital organs would fetch on the Israeli body-parts market? And there's always the chance she might eat your pet dog. Finally be aware that any male offspring would have small dicks. 

Verdict: NE Asian chicks offer no panacea for White males. Work instead on saving our own females.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Squaw Pokahontis.....she heap bad medicine

Well, so old Fauxahontis turns out to have less Indian blood than the average White American.  Even a well-disposed (((Harvard geneticist))) can't get her out of the kill zone in which she positioned herself. The analysis proves her 1% Native American and 100% liar. What a total and utter hypocrite. But wait, she's a woman. We must believe her. Or so I'm told. And, incredibly, lots of shitlibs do claim to believe that she has proven her Cherokeeship! Deranged. Either way Warren has destroyed any hopes she might have had for the Presidency. Can you just imagine the fun Trump would have with her in such a contest?

But this should only be the start of her troubles. Because she spoke with forked tongue, got into Harvard under false pretences, under financially preferable terms and in doing so displaced a genuine White (or maybe Asian) candidate. Warren should have to pay back every penny she was granted for college benefits and all interest that would have accrued on that money. Many Native Americans could probably attend college on what she would have to pay back. Craw-thumping hypocritical bitch.

If this does not happen then why can't Whites with more than 2% 'minority' DNA claim a similar advantage? Write to the Great White Father in DC and ask for a free phone, welfare, SSI and Section 8 housing....every White contractor bidding on government contracts and every college applicant should claim minority status based on the same minority DNA basis. And that's the 'logic' of identity politics and the benefits it attracts.  If Heritage Americans capitalise on this opportunity it could drive a stake through the black heart of AA and by extension the Democrats.

Because rewarding diversity just for the sake of diversity will attract cheaters.The fact that libtards are so blinded by partisan hatred for Trump that they can’t even recognise the repugnant optics of a rich, privileged, Liberal White woman exploiting Native Americans to score wealth and cheap political points should give sane, rational Americans all the evidence they need that the Democratic Party has rotted from the inside core out and is beyond redemption.

Let the games begin!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Is an American Civil War II Possible?

The answer to this question depends on what's meant by a civil war. There surely cannot be a reprise of Civil War I in that no standing armies will be involved. But there are other kinds of ethnic conflict which are tantamount to civil war. Thomas Chittum in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America convincingly claims that social, political, and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving it toward a bloody war. He envisages the nation dissolving into several different - de jure or de facto - countries divided along ethnic lines. He sees riots, gangs, militias, exploding crime rates, mass immigration and rising unemployment fuelling the fires of war.

Clearly we're a long way from that right now. But that's largely down to the refusal of White Americans to engage in identity politics except in the most passive way through the likes of White Flight. But for how long? How much longer will Whites, especially straight White males, put up with being mocked, marginalised, discriminated against and ultimately being displaced in their own country? An analysis of previous civil wars shows that events can simmer for a long time......and then explode into blood-red violence. Often a seemingly innocuous incident can light the fuse.

Which leads to my offering the following two vignettes which reflect what's happening all over the country at present. A report in Zero Hedge tells us that Bloody Battle Breaks Out On Portland Streets As Antifa Clashes With "Patriot Prayer". The standard playbook applied. Whites engaging in a peaceful demonstration are attacked by masked Antifa while the police look the other way. Until Antifa began to get their ass handed to them at which point they intervened. Hitler's SA (Sturm Abteilung) started under similar conditions. Contrary to (((popular myth))) the SA wasn't founded to attack political rivals. Its purpose was to defend NS marches from unrelenting attacks by Communists and Socialists. And it grew from there.....

In Brookhaven Mississippi two White police officers were recently murdered by a black criminal.  Such incidents are the rule rather than the exception given that blacks are the perpetrators in 85% of black/White inter-racial violence. While the White officers were risking and ultimately losing their lives the Chief Of Police was roosting in his office, getting fatter every day. Now I ask you to look at this guy's picture. A half-ton gorilla fast-tracked under AA into the Police Chief's job in a town that's 50% White. Seriously, this guy should be in a zoo, not heading up a police department. How must capable White officers feel about working under such a person? How do the families of the dead officers feel? Simmering with rage - at a minimum. Again, similar scenarios play out every day across the country.

Now to add insult to injury black "students" at a local holding pen school shortly afterwards did an enthusiastic reenactment of blacks shooting a prostrate police officer during half-time at a local football match. Chittum suggests that such developments will over time lead to “black inner cities surrounded by primarily White suburban and rural areas. Blacks will seize the municipal governments and urban Blacks will become increasingly poverty-stricken due to mismanagement and corruption of Black one party rule…Riots will increase, and Black mayors will not put them down so as not to alienate their power base. White flight to neighboring enclaves will increase, as will the development of parallel institutions for establishing security. Local police and National Guard units may engage each other or split, depending on racial composition."

Chittum sees such developments as the prelude to all-out civil war. Now if you add the burgeoning Latino and Muslim populations into the mix you get the perfect ingredients for a fissiparous country made up of mutually hostile ethnicities. Far-fetched? Maybe. Or maybe not....

Now it's customary to conclude such a essay by piously hoping for the avoidance of such an eventuality. But while I don't want to see civil war I do want to see Whites awakening and taking back what's rightfully theirs. Before it's too late. And by force if necessary. Because the earlier they're driven to this the less violent the eventual denouement will be. The longer it's delayed the more violent it will be.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Let us now celebrate the New Ireland

Once Ireland was known as The Land Of Saints and Scholars. Our monks and scholars travelled the length and breadth of Europe bringing wisdom and learning to its benighted masses. "This was Ireland's Golden Era as it became a burgeoning land of art and literature, culture and Christianity".  Sadly that ended about 1500 years ago, at which point we descended into an abyss of poverty and ignorance, ridden, in every sense, by the Catholic Church and where we amused ourselves by beating one another to pulp in mass faction fights. Thankfully those dark days are well behind us as Ireland now becomes a cultural superpower.

While this claim was undoubtedly reinforced by the election of an Indian Hindu homosexual as our Prime Minister the social advances were coming thick and fast anyway. For instance we were among the first to legalise gay 'marriage'. Our hearts burst with pride. And with other deep emotions too as this video underlines. Take a look and try to guess what had driven the women to such paroxysms of emotion. Had a baby been saved from a burning house by intrepid firemen or some such? Au contraire, their emoting was based on the fact that we had recently voted overwhelmingly to allow women kill their unborn children in their wombs. 

And in yesterday's Budget no less than €12 million was snaffled from our bankrupt 'Health' services to pay for these abortions......our taxes at work. (You may have noticed that in recent times abortion has become co-terminous with 'women's health'.) And that wasn't the end of the goodies for da wimmins. Take (please do) Margaret Cash, a splendid example of our travelling community and their 'culture'. She and her partners whelp children with all the foresight of stray dogs. But, despite never doing a stroke of work in her life, she lives well

Yes, this upstanding (despite spending most of her time on her back) citizen had spawned no fewer than six children by the time she was 26. Plenty more where they came from. Following yesterday's Budget she'll now pocket €1000 per week to help keep her in the style to which she's become accustomed. In the old backward Ireland she'd have been a pariah, today she's a celebrity, epitomising the strong, independent, indomitable female spirit. Even if she exists entirely on the taxpayers' dime.

And this doting mother would certainly have been a pariah in the Ireland of old, possibly spending the rest of her miserable life in jail. 'A MOTHER WHOSE five-month-old baby girl suffered a catalogue of injuries in her care including a skull fracture, a broken arm and two broken legs has walked free from court. At Ennis Circuit Court, Judge Gerald Keys told the 23-year old woman: “I see no benefit to society, to the child, to yourself or to the father of the child by imposing a custodial sentence. I just don’t see any future in that and I don’t think that anyone will benefit from it.” Judge Keys said that the woman’s continuing efforts to rehabilitate herself would not be possible if she was jailed and he imposed a suspended two year suspended sentence.' Can't be jailing women in the New Ireland, can we?

And of course we're enthusiastic multiculturalists. The old Ireland was pale and stale whereas now the country is a glittering vibrant mosaic of races, religions and cultures. Admittedly this can have unexpected downsides. 'A school in north Dublin has been closed today after a student allegedly posted gun-related threats online against staff. Gardai confirmed a 16-year-old boy was arrested following the incident, but has since been released and will be cautioned under the Juvenile Diversion Programme. “Don’t come in tomorrow if you have any regard for your life, you’ve been warned. “I think I’m ashoot up Ardgillan Community College tomorrow. Think I’m joking, you’ll see tomorrow.” The fifth-year student included a close-up image of his own face, but posted it on an Instagram account with a fictitious name on Monday night. The teen is unlikely to face charges or a court appearance and will instead be dealt with under a Juvenile Diversion Programme, which gives young offenders a second chance.' (My emphasis). The brain-power to post the threat under a false name while forgetting to change his picture suggests the perp might be an African cultural enricher. And indeed he is. Not that our MSM reported that. Our own Dublin Dave pointed this fact out in an earlier comment and a friend of mine in nearby Skerries confirmed it.

So there you have it. The New Ireland. The Land Of Sluts And Scammers.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Germany's globohomos slither back

"Germany to ease immigration rules to fight worker shortage" blared the headline on The Local. We learn that "worker-starved Germany will ease immigration rules to attract foreign jobseekers, including giving well-integrated irregular migrants in employment a shot at staying. In a deal hammered out after marathon talks deep into the night, Chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right CDU, their Bavarian allies CSU and the centre-left SPD agreed on a new strategy to combat fast-ageing Germany's worker shortage."

Yeah, right. Brilliant productive workers like this guy on the left. This development underlines a point I've made many a time: That any concessions from the traitorous globohomo nation-wreckers on mass Third World immigration are mere tactical diversions. They'll throw a few morsels at us when the nativists become restless but the end goal - blending Whites out of existence - never changes. As soon as we become distracted they'll restart the invasion using every excuse and stratagem at their command.

And they're on their way to neutralising the AfD, Germany's only opposition party, which is now launching a Jewish wing. This might be a move to fend off the Nazi tag. Or it could be an example of the classical Jewish SOP which I term Infiltrate And Subvert. If you can't beat 'em join 'em. And then subvert them to the point where Jews (having mysteriously gained control of key positions) gradually 'convert' the party into one which opposes 'racism' and 'anti-Semitism' while strongly supporting Israel. In other words emasculate and neutralise it. It's happened time and time again. Which is why the motto for every political party opposing mass immigration to White lands should be 'with Jews you lose'.

I wonder could this be the solution to Germany's problem?

Thursday, 4 October 2018

An open message to Chris Rock

Dear Chris Rock,
Its true. We've built the most prosperous, civilized, and free societies the planet has ever known. We've also improved the quality of life for the entire planet with our inventions and work ethic. The countries we build are so great, in fact, that nearly all of the planets 6 billion so called "minorites" want to come here and mooch off our generous welfare systems. The allure of our clean, safe, and wealthy countries apparently overpowers any notions of hatred these minorities feel for us. 

We are even so kind (or stupid, but that's a separate topic) that we allow you to stay in our country and use our infrastructure, schools, and media platforms to complain about how terrible we are. Most of the things that make modern life possible were invented and built by white people, including your ability to complain about us. Your right to do so without fear of government recrimination? Also invented by white people. Try going down to Mexico, to a Mexican college, and getting your anti Mexican screed published in their university newspaper.
We are also pretty good at warfare. The best, actually. When you minorities get pissed off, you destroy some cars, maybe burn down a city block or two. But, you always make sure to do it FAR away from white people, especially white people of a certain type, because you know we won't tolerate it. Whites, on the other hand, will burn an entire country, or even continent to the ground if pushed. Personally, I wish we did less of that kind of thing, but we ARE really good at it, and that's also a separate issue. 

If you are so concerned about whatever culture you come from getting erased by white people, why do you insist on living among us? If we are so terrible, and such a threat to your culture, shouldn't you go back to wherever it is your people come from? You should. But, you don't, and won't. You won't admit this, but these problems you bitch about are far outweighed by your desire to live in one of our countries. In white societies, third worlders are provided with a far higher standard of living than your countries and people are capable of providing for themselves, and you all know it. But, like a growing number of white people, I'm tired of listening to you complain about us while squatting in our country.

[Courtesy comment on Zero Hedge]

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Some random thoughts on the Kavanaugh lynching

What a sickening spectacle. I'd have had some respect for the Dems if they hadn't tried to cloak their sociopathy with cloying claims to justice and fairness. Jesus Christ, they fabricated charges so nonsensical that they should have been dismissed without consideration as the malevolent ravings of a cock-crazed whore. I'd have had some respect had they brought the issue to a trial of political strength based on the unacceptability of his judicial record and/or political views rather than cynically destroy the reputation of a good man.

Why were the accusations from this whore (on her own admission she shagged 57 men even before she went to university, where shagging begins in earnest) given any attention when there was virtually no supporting evidence and the supposed attack took place in 1982? Why, after testimony that was riddled with contradictions and refusals to answer (*see below), did Trump claim she was a credible witness? For the love of Jesus what was he playing at? And why are the FBI being called in? To investigate what? She said/he said and with her witnesses denying her story? The only genuine reason would be to charge her with malicious perjury. But we know that won't happen. You can bet that already more women are being lined up to fabricate further accusations whom the deeply corrupt FBI - you know, the people who 'investigated' the Clinton emails - will deem to be 'credible witnesses' as well.

Why did the Republicans choose an incompetent and potentially double-crossing prosecutor to conduct Ford's cross-examination? Well we know, don't we children? It's because she's a woman. And we can't have a nasty White male (and especially, God forbid, a straight one) upset the po' little innocent Ms. Ford. Which underlines that we're quickly reaching the stage where women are virtually above the law, amenable to a radically different set of standards to their male counterparts,

And what to make of the transfiguration of Lindsey Graham? I always saw him as one of the most despicable politicians but my God what a performance! The guy really has ability. I genuinely believe his contribution did more than anything else to bolster Kavanaugh's position. I was transfixed. Seriously.

And is anyone anywhere going to point out that the attack on Kavanaugh is being driven by Jews? 
The charges were conjured up by Feinstien who also, with Blumentha, leads the attack on Committee while Schumer eggs them on from the sidelines. As far as I can see every single Jewish Senator has come out against Kavanaugh. Ford's lawyers are Jewish as are two of the three accusers. There's wall-to-wall negative (((MSM)))coverage as well as articles openly exposing Jewish opposition to him. Is Brett Kavanaugh Bad for the Jews? (WSJ) Jewish groups respond fiercely to nomination of Kavanaugh (Haaretz), The Jewish Case Against Brett Kavanaugh (The Forward) ......all (((their))) media is the same. So my question is will anyone shine the light on this glaring attempt by a small subversive minority to thwart the appointment of someone representing traditional American stock. Well, you know the answer to that, don't you?

Let me close by admitting that I want to see the bastards behind this lynching to suffer in every way possible. I'd rejoice to see them rotting with disease, bankrupted living as beggars under a bridge.

* Cock-crazed whore's credibility

1. She contradicted herself a minimum of 15 time during her testimony.
2. Ford could not even remember her own address of the house she lived in when this incident supposedly occurred. She had to be reminded by her attorney during questioning.
3. She can’t remember when this happened but knows for certain that Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge had been drinking before they arrive at the mystery house.
4. Claims she does not remember how she got to the house or how she got home but knows for certain that Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge had been drinking before they arrive at the mystery house.
5. Claims she does not know where this party was but knows what other people were doing before they got there (refer to #1 & 2 above).
6. Originally claimed there were 2 boys at the party, changed that to 4 boys, then changed that to 3 boys + 1 girl. In testimony claimed a) several people were at the house, b) changed that to 5 boys + 1 girl all in the same sentence. But does not name the 5th boy.
7. Claimed she could hear others talking downstairs before she left the house. Changed that to, No, she could not hear people talking downstairs, then changed it again that she might have heard others talking downstairs. All within one statement.
8. She stated that the party was "unremarkable" but later says it “scarred her for life”. Really? Which was it?
9. Stated that she went to other parties after this where Brett Kavanaugh was present and that nothing ever happened. (Brett Kavanaugh stated he has never even met her.)
10. Said that she never told her therapist Judge Kavanaugh’s name. Contradicted herself five minutes later and said she did tell her therapist his name.
11. Does not remember if she gave the Washington Post her therapy records or if she just told the reporter about them. WAPO reporter has stated she was given all of her therapy records.
12. Refused to allow her therapist records to be part of the proceeding.
13. Claimed she had “academic problems” in college because of this alleged incident. So how did she get a BA, an MA and a PhD if she was so academically challenged?
14. Can’t remember what she told people last month, but wants us to believe her memories from 35 years ago. (Refer to # 11)
15. Claimed her polygraph exam was “stressful”. The exam consisted of two questions which Ford was allowed to dictate. They were these: a) Is any part of your statement false? b) Did you make up any part of your statement? That’s it. The whole exam.
16. Refused to have the full videotaped polygraph meeting placed as part of the record.
17. Stated that she met Mark Judge sometime later in life. Can’t remember when that happened and says HE should be able to fill in those blanks for her. Think about that. She wants a person she accused of a crime, to fill in her memory gaps for her. Who does that?
18. Before hearing her lawyers said she could not testify due to fear of flying. In testimony admits she has flown all over the world. Flew to DC for this meeting. Flew back and forth several times to meet with her attorneys before yesterday.
19. Claims she has PTSD because of allegedly being groped in high school. But she spent the last 35 years becoming a PhD, gives lectures all over the world, has no problem flying all over the globe for her job and vacations and marching on Washington wearing a vagina hat.
20. Stated she “did not understand what that meant” when the JC offered to send investigators to her home to interview her in private. How much clearer does “We will come to you” did they need to be?.
21. She testified that she did not know how to contact her Senators with her story. This is a flat out lie. As an Anti-Trump activist, she knows exactly how to contact her Senators. She has protested during the Women’s March and the Science March with various representatives. Also, she knows how to Google.
22. Spent the entire testimonial time fake crying and shuffling papers after every question in order to use up time and avoid answering questions.                                                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Welcome to the Oasis

"Just a few miles from the centre of Sheffield, Fir Vale is a richly multicultural area with White British(!), Asian and Eastern European (read: Roma) communities living in a mix of parallel terraced streets. There are as many mosques as churches in the area." Into this bedlam came the comically-named "Oasis Academy" in 2014. Its main objective is "to inspire students and fashion unity while cherishing diversity". Good luck with that. Given the demographics it's no surprise that 40% of the pupils do not have English as their first language while nearly a quarter have special learning needs.

Just like me you're expecting that it's turned out to be an oasis of tranquility and learning as diverse talents coalesce into a beautiful mosaic, an idyll of peace, harmony and academic rigour. Well, not quite. In what has been tagged as the biggest riot in (cough) 'British' school history 150 students (about one third of the student body) engaged in a mass riot there yesterday. Eyewitness claimed 'all hell was breaking loose' prompting dozens of police cars, ambulances, helicopters and dog teams to 'scramble' to the scene.

As I've regularly pointed out, multiculturalism works. Until it stops working. By which I mean it might give the appearance of working but in reality it's a tinder-box waiting for a spark to start a conflagration. The traitorous British leaders responsible for this catastrophe should be - literally - hanging from lamp-posts.

Monday, 24 September 2018

If Whites were to disappear.

Everyone seems to be saying that Whites are to blame for the world's ills. The world would be a better place without us. Why, only this week (((Paul Krugman))) let slip that we're on the way out. And that this is good. Well, maybe. Here's how I envisage the institutions that replace ours.

Urban planning




Peaceful protest



Al fresco food preparation