Wednesday, 19 September 2018

My proposal for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

For many years I've been troubled by the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems to me that you had a head start by having the blood of thousands on your hands. Think Kissinger, Begin, Arafat....and not forgetting President Obomber herself himself. Following a period of profound reflection I believe I now have identified an ideal nominee for this year's prize. Ladies and gentlemen I give you John McCain's Tumour. This nominee struck a mighty blow for peace by taking down one of the most malevolent and industrious war-mongers of the last thirty years, ensuring that his stinking rotting carcass now lies powerless as his soul gets reacquainted with Beelzebub, his Lord And Master.

Now I didn't make this decision lightly. I first consulted a number of interested parties. First was Colonel Robin Banks, General Secretary of the American Veterans of Foreign Wars. "The vets hold the tumour in great esteem" he assured me. "Tens of thousands of my comrades were killed or mutilated due to that traitorous bastard having us fight wars for Israel".

On the other hand Schlomo Shekelstein, spokesman for the Greater Israel Project, was outraged. "This tumour is anti-Semitic!" he shouted, gesticulating wildly. "Senator McCain loyally served our interests throughout his career. We will now instruct - I mean request - President Trump to implement draconian sanctions on Norway should the tumour win the award".  

Finally I spoke to Ivan Astikoff of the Russian Foreign Ministry. "We're somewhat conflicted about this" he mused. "On the one hand we must recognise the tumour's central role in ridding the world of this corrupt war-mongering hypocrite. On the other hand he was, unwittingly, good for Russia!. "What?" I stammered. "Yes, you see the military conflicts he fomented with us resulted in - what you say it in the West? - blowback. They inadvertently resulted in Russia recovering Crimea, cementing our position in the Middle East and inducing us to become more independent in agriculture. But on balance Russia supports the tumour winning the Prize".

So there you have it. And here's another thing. If this proposal works out I  may well issue my own annual Peace Award: The McCain Tumour Prize. What do you think?

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Clerical sex abuse: Paedophilia.......or homosexuality?

Like an ageing punch-drunk boxer the Catholic Church staggers under an endless pummelling for its role in facilitating paedophile abuse by its clergy. But was paedophilia or homosexuality the real problem? In 2004 the John Jay College of Criminal Justice was commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to analyse all the relevant information available from dioceses throughout the country. It found that only 96 of the 4,329 priest offenders were classified  as true paedophiles. It also found that no fewer than 81 percent of the victims were males and most were post-pubescent teens. 

Even Newsweek with its liberal defense of homosexual clergy agreed that the “great majority of cases now before the Church involve not pedophilia but ‘ephebophilia’, an attraction to post-pubescent youths”. A Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report came up with similar findings in that the vast majority of victims were males and had reached puberty. The psychiatrist Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, who has treated large numbers of priests over 34 years said: “every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.”

But such evidence was quickly brushed aside and clerical sex abuse has become indelibly associated with paedophilia. That's because the nation-wrecking homosexual agenda is now sacrosanct, beyond criticism. Academic Michael O’Meara wrote that "This subversive ideology now even aspires to re-invent homosexuals as the flowers of society: liberators preparing the way to joy, liberty, fraternity, tolerance, social well-being, good taste, etc. As vice is transformed into virtue, homosexuality allegedly introduces a new sense of play and gaiety to the one-dimensional society of sad, heterosexual males." Yes, 'it's sapiens to be homo', and woe betide any critic who puts his head above the parapet.

Which goes some way towards explaining why the program to make paedophilia acceptable now gathers pace. Having deployed it to destroy the Church it's now safe to de-weaponise, or more correctly re-weaponise it to further the destruction of Western Civilisation.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Chimpout extraordinaire

Well unless you've been living in a cave you've seen Serena Willaims' epic chimpout in the American Open "Ladies" Final. At one stage I fully expected her to start throwing her own shit at the umpire. Nothing surprising about this because she has spent her whole career threatening and abusing opponents and court officials, in one case her blood-curdling threats induced an official to flee the court in terror. 

And of course in every case she claimed racism and/or sexism as an excuse. (Now look left and savour for a moment the irony of "her" playing the gender card.) And she's always gotten away with behaviour that would have resulted in a lengthy ban for anyone else. She also has a track record of missing drugs tests, in effect taking the test when the 'roid evidence has evanesced. Yet she and her army of drooling sycophants profess to believe that she's always suffered from racism and sexism. Even after this latest instance of abominable behaviour.
JK Rowling was immediately off the mark - by the way JK, whatever happened to those refugees you were going to house in one of your many mansions? But the shriek-fest really went into overdrive after a brilliant cartoon  appeared in an Australian newspaper. The mob claimed that Williams was made to look too black. Which is racism. And her opponent (also black) was made to look too White. Apparently that's racism as well. Go figure.

No, she's a spoiled, juiced-up feral half-man with a raging and totally unjustified sense of entitlement. Her latest outburst has underlined that and happily reader comments are heavily negative towards her. Which leaves me with the NY crowd. What the hell were they doing bellowing their support for this monster while booing both the umpire and her unfortunate opponent? 

Actually I explained it myself. They're New Yorkers.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Another 9/11 anniversary

Another 9/11 anniversary is upon us. In the intervening 17 years the perpetrators have achieved almost all their goals, and now luxuriate in their success, untroubled by the forces of law and order. Principal among those successes were turning America into a surveillance state and inducing it to destroy Israel's regional enemies at incalculable loss of blood and treasure.

The official explanation is so nonsensical that a twelve year-old child could demolish (ha!) it if given access to even the most elementary information. Those who dismiss this as a conspiracy theory (why should a conspiracy theory be a problem?) should be asked to explain away the following simple yet devastating facts.

The 'dancing Israelis' (self-identified Mossad agents) who admitted that they had their cameras in place well before the attack 'to record the event'.

The employees of Israeli software company Odego who admitted that they were warned not to come to work that fateful morning.

The fact that WTC owner Larry Silverstein admitted in a TV interview that he had given the 'pull it' (standard industry parlance to activate demolition charges) order for WTC 7 just before it collapsed, in free fall. Demolition charges for a building that size would take weeks to install.

There are of course dozens of other gaping holes in the official theory but the ones I cited about prove, without a shadow of doubt, that key players at a minimum knew in advance of the attacks and, as in the case of Silverstein, were part of the conspiracy.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Can journalism sink any lower?

We know that the vast majority of people have lost trust in the MSM and journalism generally. None more so than yours truly. But the sheer egregiousness of their output can still on occasion take the breath away. One such is an article in the print version of the "right-wing" Spectator by Paul Wood, whose daytime job is with the HebeBC  BBC.

The piece was based on two unsupported and unquestioned assumptions. That Trump colluded with the Russians and that this was decisive in his winning the election. But karma is on hand as he now stands (yet again) to lose everything. Wood assures us that 'his world is spinning out of control' . The title was Desperate Donald but instead could have been Trump Killed Again. The article was littered with journalistic monstrosities such as 'sources indicate' 'allegedly' and 'according to a source who must remain anonymous'.


Michael Cohen flipping and revealing the truth was 'terrifying' news for Trump. Why would this be unless Trump were a criminal? Well, that's the whole point. We're meant to infer that he is a criminal with unspeakable skeletons in his cupboard.  He goes into great detail about Manafort's squalid commercial manoeuvres. 'What has this got to do with Russia? [Wood rhetorically asks, and, more pertinently, could have asked what it had to do with Trump]. If he was paid $75 million by Russian intelligence as is claimed then they'd have strong influence over him and by extension, Trump. 'What Cohen might tell Mueller about the Russian connection could be deadly'. Then again it might not be deadly. But the smear has been made and the dirt sticks. "Cohen repeatedly claims to have never been to Russia but I have spoken to a witness who is not willing to be identified who claims he saw him there. Cohen was allegedly seeking help for a hotel deal". "Lanny Davis, Cohen's lawyer, hints that Trump knew about Russian hacking".

And so it goes. A farrago of insinuations and conjecture masquerading as journalism by a dishonest, unscrupulous, corrupt, lying, tendentious fraud. He brings to mind the wise words of a retiring New York Times editor (and this was in the days when journalism had some basic standards) who wistfully admitted to his colleagues "the role of journalism is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to fawn at the feet of Mammon…We are tools and vassals of the men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks: they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities and our lives are the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes”.

I could liken Wood to a whore but at least whores are honest about what they do.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Bad judgement

In the previous post I ended by suggesting we all enjoy our Whiteopias while we still have them. If and when we lose them we can blame the politicians of course. But the principle blame should lie with the courts which in almost every Western country have increasingly moved from interpreting legislation to becoming de facto legislators in their own right. Take this case in which the Irish Government moved in on bogus students from the Third World who had overstayed their visas. A simple case of applying the law, you would imagine. But no. The Government has now backed off and allowed nearly 6000 of these criminals to legally reside here and eventually claim citizenship.

Why? Because of a Supreme Court judgement that 'former holders of student permission were entitled to have their family and privacy rights under the European Convention on Human Rights. In the court challenges, two former students sought permission to change their status allowing them to work and receive social welfare payments'. (My emphasis).  This ruling flagrantly flouts the intended purpose of the legislation and opens the door to a flood of future claims. Just overstay your 'student' visa and in due course you legally get access to the honeypot.

Such judicial overreach - where the Constitutional legislative process is flagrantly flouted - is now routine. I remember a case in Kilkenny when an African child died after a botched circumcision. The 'doctor' claimed he was acting in accordance with the laws of his home country. To which the correct judicial reaction should have been 'so what? You're under Irish law now'. But no, the judge asked the jury to assess whether the accused 'genuinely believed' that he was entitled to operate under the foreign law. Which of course lead to his acquittal.

Recently, I think it was in Maine, another visa overstayer (i.e. criminal) was allowed to remain because the judge ruled that he was well settled in and he 'wouldn't cause any harm' were he to remain. In other words don't mind the law, let me decide what's best. A similar case in California where some new immigration legislation was deemed Unconstitutional by the judge in part because 'the legislation was introduced without adequate consideration by the legislators'. Get that? Judges now get to decide the legislative calendar.

Far from protecting the Constitution and the rule of law the courts are fundamentally undermining them. As they are with the fundamental separation of powers principle and the delicate system of checks and balances. Let us remind ourselves that judges are (apart from some lower courts) unelected and virtually unaccountable for their rulings. They represent one of our gravest threats.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


Today I had an unexpected treat. Cycling with my family in glorious weather on the the Waterford Greenway, a 30-mile walking and cycling trail formed by paving over an old railway line. Everything was perfect. Clean and perfectly maintained bikes, not a trace of litter on the well-maintained billiard-table smooth path, hundreds of cyclists and walkers, cheery greetings all round, everybody adhering to trail protocols, secure in the knowledge that in the event of an emergency rapid response teams were on hand. Is this trail a work of genius in terms of imagination, innovation, design, engineering and management? Well hardly. More a case of a job well done.

But then again....maybe it is a work of genius in its own way. White genius for creating and operating such amenities. Look at it this way. Can you imagine if it were somehow transported to a black location such as Baltimore or Detroit? Or somewhere in Mexico, Brazil or Pakistan? For a start the bikes would be badly-maintained death traps. We can be assured that few if any would be returned to the rental shop, instead being stolen outright, cannibalised for parts or thrown over a ditch at journey's end. Would a naive White traveller get even a mile down the road before being being barged off the trail by a gang of "youths", or more likely mugged or raped? Would not the trail itself quickly degenerate into a litter-strewn potholed barely passable dirt track?

We all know the answer. So the genius lies in Whites' abilities to nurture high-trust, efficient, productive and peaceable societies in a way no other race can with the possible exception of the Japanese. That's why everyone in the Third World wants, as an Austrian politician noted, 'to live like Europeans but not to work like Europeans'. 


Enjoy your own local equivalents of the Waterford Greenway while you can. Because diversity is headed your way.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Whither South Africa's Whites?

The genocide plans are taking shape in the conventional way. First demonisation of the ethnic group, then appropriating their property and finally disarming them. That's when the fun starts. As Ruanda's Tutsis could tell you. If you could find any still alive. South Africa's Whites are the designated victims in this case. Hot on the heels heels of expropriation without compensation comes the news that many legally-held (i.e. White-held) guns must be handed over to the authorities. Various blandishments and assurances have been offered and Trump's intervention has effected a temporary stay of execution. But, unless I've totally misread the situation, the dispossession and disarmament will go ahead. To be followed by.....

Which raises the question as to what Whites can do in practical terms. Armed resistance? Futile in my view. Whites are widely dispersed and surrounded everywhere by blacks. Farmers represent the most obvious example and it's hard to see how they can avoid being picked off one-by-one given that the 'forces of law and order' will be with the attackers. Due to BEE and other employment legislation formerly all-White gated communities will be contaminated by richer blacks (i.e. bigger crooks) with 'security' in black hands as well. A large mob descending on such an enclave would eventually wipe the Whites out even if they were well armed. 

Retreat to larger defensive zones such as Orania, building it to ten times its current size? Even assuming you can get that many to move the same thing will apply, just taking longer. Remember, despite the Trump aberration, South African Whites will get zero support from the 'international community' who'd be more likely to actually apply sanctions on them. Just look at the performance of that traitorous bitch Theresa May (latest in a long line of traitorous British leaders) during her visit to SA this month. Far from calling out the blacks on their pre-genocidal thievery she supported it. “The UK has for some time now supported land reform that is legal and transparent and generated through a democratic process. I discussed it with President Ramaphosa during his visit to Britain earlier this year and will discuss it with him again later today. I welcome the comments that President Ramaphosa has already made, bearing in mind the economic and social aspects of it. I think he’s made some comments that it won’t be a smash and grab approach. I think there’s an opportunity to unlock investment.”

What about emigration? Well one of the problems is that, due to the collapse of the Rand and prevailing currency restrictions most Whites would have to set up in new countries with few assets. Not an appealing thought, especially when the traitorous ruling class in Western countries will do all in their power to deny them entry under favourable conditions. Russia and Eastern Europe will offer a welcome but linguistic and cultural dislocation would be immense.

What else could they do? Well they could remain. And that would be a viable option for many, especially those in the Western Cape. At least for the immediate future. Long term, hard to say. It's possible that the country could end up like Brazil with a White elite holding most of the wealth and power in relative security. However the history and racial dynamics of the two countries are very different. Brazil has never experienced the race-based hatred and vilification now seen in South Africa, nor the promise of getting hold of the White man's wealth now being dangled in front of the cargo-cult natives.

I'm not an expert but to me the only solution is to leave. South African Whites have shown themselves to be at the apex of productivity, innovation and the ability to thrive under adverse conditions. (I had responsibility for a branch of a technology firm there for a few years and found that they and the Israelis were the most capable people I'd encountered anywhere). Such people would thrive, albeit after a deeply challenging bedding-in phase, in almost any other country.

In any event I hope the expropriated farmers will leave the robbers with farms carrying massive mortgages and denuded of all equipment.

Monday, 27 August 2018

The Paedophilia Rights Project is underway

On several occasions on this blog I've suggested that the next item on the great nation-wrecking agenda would be paedophilia. And it's certain to follow the same incremental methodology used so successfully by the homosexual lobby. This started by appealing just for homosexual acts that were voluntary,  in private and between consenting adults to be decriminalised. Who could object to that? After that came the demand to ban employment discrimination based on sexual-orientation, followed by protection for homos under the hate law rubric which called for heavier sentences should an offence be motivated by the victim's sexual orientation. And so on to the legalising of gay 'marriage' and allowing homosexuals to 'adopt' innocent children. 

Quite a transformation, wasn't it?

So here's what we can soon expect - and some of it we're seeing already.

'Scientific papers' and domain 'experts' will tentatively emerge suggesting paedophilia might be 'more complex' than had heretofore been believed. We'll learn of 'research' indicating that some amorous adult/child relationships can be 'nurturing' for both parties. Appeals for 'understanding' will follow, reinforced with a new lexicon of euphemisms such as inter-generational love and minor-attracted persons etc. New (and mysteriously well-funded) organisations such as Parents And Friends of Minor-Attracted Persons will emerge. They'll reassure us that their friend or son is perfectly normal in all other ways, wouldn't hurt a fly but is leading a lonely and marginalised life because of, yes, paedophobia. Society hates him just because he wants to express his love in his own way. You'll hear the word 'love' deployed endlessly, just as it was with the homos.

The (((American Psychiatric Association))) will become increasingly active lending a  further patina of respectability, just as it did for the homosexual agenda. We'll learn that not all those who sexually abuse children are paedophiles, that not all paedophiles abuse children and that paedophiles are much more numerous that we think. Openness to discussing paedophilia will be promoted as sophisticated, progressive. And tolerant. Love should never be illegal, especially for the lonely isolated and vulnerable.....those seeking a loving partnership. Expect to see 'project couples' dredged up, whereby both the adult and the child recount the joys and benefits to be derived from inter-generational love.

Indeed. You can just see it, can't you? This time we must be better prepared.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

And so it goes....

Reprinted this post in full from the pro-Trump board This is obviously about Latrinos but on this side of the pond it can just as easily apply to Africans, Muslims and South Asians, and any combination of same. Powerful stuff, the kind of presentational mode that we should all try to master.
"This is how they take over. Political types always yell about how “Latinos don’t vote,” but given their numbers it hardly matters.
First, you notice that a majority of little children at the elementary school level are Latino. Then bilingual signs appear in the grocery stores. Then shitty little stores selling burner phones and money wiring services. Then a few fatal DUIs, often killing elderly White people or, as in the case of the guy who made A Christmas Story, a family. Then the local Police Department has a “Gang Enforcement Unit” and their budgets are now through the roof. Then the civil rights cases start, so your local cops start pulling over you going to work at 68 in a 55 zone, while studiously ignoring the beaner beaters completely out of code and not street legal.
Then there are zero White kids at the primary level. “Social Services” becomes code for “Free stuff for Latinos.” To the extent people are still walking around in your town, they are 4’11” latinas, each pushing three kids in strollers and each so pregnant they are wider than they are tall. Then the state comes in with the “women and infant children” program, congratulations, sucker, you’re paying for those kids.
Then the annual New Year’s Day story about “the first baby born here in X!” mysteriously always feature a blank-eyed latino couple, and the white anchors coo over Baby Rodriguez or Gonzalez. You begin to notice that you haven’t seen a White baby be the first born in the New Year for ages.
A few more years pass, and every service job imaginable is filled by brown people. The town you grew up in, with young White kids hustling to mow lawns, and local high school teenagers working at McDonald’s and Dairy Queen is dead as a doornail. In fact, speaking of fast food, you used to like to grab it on the go every once in a while but now ordering is an ordeal and the food always sucks..who puts that much mayonnaise on everything? (Answer: Latinos)
The new Gang Enforcement Unit isn’t doing too hot, so they need more manpower, bigger budgets, maybe hire a few consultants from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to help out. PTA and other school meetings are now held in Spanish, because 85% of the students’ parents speak Spanish in the home.
A few old family restaurants have been bought out. One–it was Jack’s Family Restaurant, you remember it fondly from when you were a kid–is now purple of all things and it’s called “El Pulpo – Mariscos” whatever the hell that is.
A few old bars are now hangouts, and one is Salvadorean and the other Nicaraguan and there are fights. People get stabbed. Fire Chief says he needs more paramedics, budget needs to go up, so property taxes go up again.
Local hospital is in crisis due to ER room write-offs in the tens of millions. They shut down. Now, if something happens, you need to go to the City, about 40 mins away, maybe 25 if the ambulance is going Code 3, but what if something happens?  That was part of the community here. Now, it’s all strip mall “Urgent Care” places run by arab-ey looking “doctors” and rumor is that there is a lot of Medicare/Medicaid fraud going on.
Your high school, the one you lettered in and still go to all the football games, now has a metal detector at the entrance and two cops posted there full time. There are fights between the latinos and the 20% of students left who are White. The school counselors are now all bilingual and latino and they have posters up on their wall from strange organizations like MeCHA, that speak openly of “Brown Pride.”
You’re paying through the nose in taxes. No public benefits are going your way. Now, your youngest is getting to high school age and you’re thinking private school, but, Jesus, how will you afford that?
Well, it’s Sunday, so you’re not going to think about it right now. You’re going to watch some football with the guys while your wife takes the kids to the Aquatic Center for some swimming and cute pictures. Just not going to think about it right now.
And then you hear your wife pull up and the car door slam. She walks in all business, herding your three children in to go upstairs and change out of swimming clothes. You notice: no one is wet, or has been wet.
“What happened? Is everything all right?”
“No, it’s not all f**king right. You won’t believe what happened. I’m standing there juggling towels and floaties and the Parks and Rec guys are telling me it’s now $10 a kid for a day swim pass, so I roll my eyes and I’m digging in my purse to get my card out, and then all these little mexican kids go flying through the front door and I’m like ‘Hey, why aren’t you telling them they have to pay’ and the guy is like ‘They have red wristbands” and I say “So?” and he says “it’s a program we have here at the Aquatic Center for disadvantaged youths so they get the benefit of swimming and lessons in a safe environment” and they just kept piling in and I’m thinking we’re already paying through the nose in taxes, and now I have to cough up money for OUR KIDS WHO WERE BORN AND RAISED IN THIS TOWN so these people can swarm the pool for free.”
You’re hoping she’s done there, but she’s not. You can feel Sunday slipping away. The “boys” can hear everything going on, but you can bet your ass they’re staying out of this one.  She continues:
“And there were so many of them, and they were SCREAMING AND YELLING and it was chaos, and I just, I just, couldn’t do it, so I told the kids we were leaving and I turned around and walked out of there. Then, before we get to the car, James starts crying, says it’s ‘no fair’ and that I promised we’d go swimming today all week, which is true”
And she’s looking at you, because, you know the deal, you are responsible for fixing this. You think. Or maybe she’s just venting.  But you do what you can.
That night, you get the Sunday Night Blues and Monday morning comes around, and you’re driving into work and you’re looking around your town and you’re thinking:
This isn’t my town any more. I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know what to do.
Am I racist? Jesus, am I becoming one of those guys. I sure sound like one of those guys.
And you’re stopped at a red light a few blocks from the office and here they come, slow walking across the crosswalk, two toddlers in tow, one in a stroller, and both pregnant, and both talking as loud as they can into two cell phones.
And you laugh, because hey, it’s all okay, because these people right here, right in front of me, them? They don’t vote much."

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Britain's rulers versus the people

It's long been a theme of this blog that Britain's leaders (and not only Britain's) actively and deliberately work against the interests of those they purport to represent. Law enforcement provides the most glaring example. In this arena the authorities openly favour blacks and especially Muslims against the British people. (Holding a British passport and/or being born in Britain does not make blacks or Muslims British). There have been countless examples of Brits being jailed for harmless "hate" offences (like throwing rashers at a mosque) and violent Muslims treated with kid gloves. (Four Somalis attacking and seriously injuring a British girl while shouting 'white bitch' were acquitted of racially aggravated assault and left off with a caution). While the demographic profile of those spearheading law enforcement undoubtedly provides part of the explanation traitorous Masonic British judges and lawyers are equally guilty.

Given the criminal proclivities of blacks and Muslims it was only a matter of time before such leniency began to have a serious societal impact. Crime rates, especially those for violent crime, have skyrocketed. A recent report lays bare the shocking fact that recorded crimes rose by 11% last year and that - almost incredibly - only 10% of reported crime ends up with charges being laid. When you consider the practice of traitorous judges of acquitting 'minority' criminals and the fact that a huge proportion of crime goes unreported it's not unreasonable to suggest that only about two crimes out of every hundred result in a conviction. 

In a recent interview with The Independent the Head of the U.K. Police Federation John Apter admitted that citizens are being “failed” due to huge demand, budget cuts, and lack of police resources. 'We are moving into an area where some crimes will not be investigated, whereas two to five years ago they were... We can’t do everything – there are going to be situations where we simply can’t deliver the policing we want to deliver.  You can only slice the financial cake so many ways. The public are already suffering and they are going to suffer more and more.” Which is consistent with a new Metropolitan Police crime assessment policy which instructed officers to drop investigations for, inter alia, shoplifting, car crimes, and criminal damage. 

And nowhere are things worse than in Sadiq Khan's Londonistan whose murder rate recently overtook that of New York and where knife attacks and sexual assaults rose by a mind-blowing 30% over the previous year. No prizes for guessing the demographics of the criminals who, by the way, have introduced colourful ethnic enhancements such as acid throwing and machete dismemberment. Lack of resources? Well that old fallback hasn't stopped Khan from lavishly funding a dedicated Hate Crime Hub, the purpose of which is to identify and hunt down Brits who offend against the gods of political correctness.

A while back I wrote the following:

The British State and its agents no longer serve the British people, instead they actively work against their interests, operating as an administrative and enforcement arm of the NWO globalist oligarchy. It's abundantly clear that their role and objective is to dispossess and ultimately marginalise the native people while corrupting and debasing the institutions that made Britain Great. They asset-strip the country and expend blood and treasure in foreign wars of no relevance to the people, all at the behest of their NWO globalist overlords. There was a time, not so long ago, when such people would have been hanged for High Treason.

I stand by that assessment.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

And this year's Dodo Award goes to.....

Because it had no natural predators on the island of Mauritius, evolution shaped the dodo to be a large, flightless and defenceless bird. And they lead contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Dutch settled the island. Having no concept of fear the birds ambled up happily to the settlers, who promptly slaughtered them to the point of extinction.

But the spirit of the dodo lives on in today's European-derived societies.  Created by the genius and drive of White men, these societies are so wealthy and safe that many natural human instincts for survival have atrophied. In a development unprecedented in history vast swathes of the population can now live comfortable lives without ever producing anything of value, be they welfare parasites or engaged in para-parasitical contrived occupations such as diversity managers or NGO employees.

Exhibit 1Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan (Soyboy and Manjaw).

Austin wrote in one post; “You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place.  People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it, evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

To put this to the test they decided to cycle through ISIS-held territory in Tajikistan. What could possibly go wrong? Well...., according CBS News "they were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. Two days later, ISIS released a video showing the same men sitting in front of the group's black flag. They looked at the camera and vowed to kill all "disbelievers".

For such an initiative I award Austin and Geoghegan the coveted Dodo Award for 2018, albeit posthumously. Many thoughts crossed my mind on reading this story. For instance could they not have put their theory to the test by trying to cycle through a Detroit ghetto rather than travelling half-way around the world? And what were their last thoughts? Maybe 'Trump was right after all'. And I consoled myself with the thought that, tragic as it was in its own way, the gene pool had been enhanced by their premature departure.

Should we feel sorry for them? It can be argued that they were idealists who walked the walk so to speak. Maybe, but I see them more as virtue-signalling religious fanatics with an ultimately fatal sense of self-righteousness. The likelihood is that they were exemplars of everything that's destroying the very societies that enabled them to live in their comfortable smug bubbles.  Soyboy was a vegan who worked for the Department Of Housing And Urban Development where for sure his time was spent polluting decent White neighborhoods with Section 8 ghetto trash.  Manjaw worked as an admissions officer at Georgetown University where she ensured straight White males got dumped to the back of every queue. They'd have held up signs saying 'Syrian Refugees Welcome', marched in parades supporting every form of sexual degeneracy, looted the White working and middle classes to support brown and black parasites, demanded that legally (i.e.White) held guns be given up and they were the kind who'd have turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs.

Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Sweden: No more Mr. Nice Guy

You've all heard of Phillipines' President Duterte's no-frills approach to drug dealers and other anti-social elements. In effect he tells his police to shoot first and ask questions later. So far they've racked up an impressive 12,000 kills and the total rises every day. Now maybe Sweden's Prime Minister is taking a leaf from Duterte's book as his exasperation with his country's African and Muslim guests reached breaking point after nearly 100 cars were recently burned out in co-ordinated multi-location attacks. Such attacks are endemic since the country became enriched by multiculturalism but never before has such damage been done.

This finally drove 
Prime Minister Stefan Lofven to his Duterte moment. “I’m furious. My question to (the perpetrators) is: what the hell are you doing?” he told Swedish Radio on Tuesday. “You’re ruining things for yourselves, your parents and your neighbourhoods,” adding the incident “looked very coordinated, almost like a military operation”. And then the moment the "youths" were dreading. "We have already begun interviews under caution with the parents of the young people who participated in the events although we chose not to arrest anyone”. 

Yes, driven to distraction by the orgy of violence and destruction the Swedish authorities are going to the parents.

Meanwhile as massive forest fires rage throughout the country help was sought from neighbouring states, which were willing to help. But as Polish fire teams raced to the fires they were astounded to learn that many Swedish firefighting units were otherwise engaged. Taking part in a Gay Pride parade!!

Welcome to Cuckistan.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

A clear case of Jewpidity

How sweet it is to see identity politics turning on its Jewish creators. Their black and brown bio weapons, coupled with artificially-induced White guilt, did a great job for a long while. But now (((their))) heads are beginning to explode as  their dastardly plot unravels.  The target of choice for Nick Cohen, who gets paid handsomely by the goyim to berate goyim for being insufficiently philo-Semitic, is the "British" Labour Party. He's outraged for instance that one Mike Sivier remains a member of the party despite a flagrant anti-Semitic outburst. Mike said - hold onto something solid please - that 'it may be entirely justified to think that Tony Blair had been unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers'.

What an incredible suggestion! Although maybe not so incredible as this story from a wealthy "Labour" donor suggests.

"We were greeted by Jane Hogarth and taken to meet Lord Levy. He was like an animated cartoon, with large gestures and an overbearing personality. He discussed donations and how appreciative the party would be, especially Mr Blair.

Then they witnessed an extraordinary exchange. Lord Levy was taking a call when the Prime Minister walked over to him and started to speak. Courtney said: "Lord Levy held up his hand and said, "Not now, Tony," and went back to his phone call.The Prime Minister turned to walk away and Lord Levy said, "Tony, wait, I need to speak to you."

"I thought, "My God, what a way to talk to a Prime Minister." But Mr Blair stood there like a puppet on a string while Levy continued his phone call for at least a couple of minutes. Then he turned to the Prime Minister without apology for keeping him waiting and launched into a conversation about the importance of the evening. "Here was the leader of your Government being treated like a child. Jane Hogarth, Lord Levy and Tony Blair all acted like this was normal.

And some people still wonder why Blair pushed Israel's proxy war on Iraq.

And now Nick wails that "the party’s decision to ignore a widely accepted definition of antisemitism simply beggars belief". Now if you're not familiar with this widely accepted definition you can read it here. But in a nutshell it means that anything negative about Israel or Jews is anti-Semitic. Chutzpah on steroids, but they do allow one chink of light: You can criticise Jews provided you don't identify them as Jews. Well thanks a lot for that. But seemingly Labour's 'minorities' balked at the Declaration's clause that Jews don't have divided loyalties between their host countries and Israel. Yahweh forbid! Which brings to mind Joe Sobran's greatest line, "We'd be thrilled with dual loyalty." 

Jews and their dumb White enablers can  now only look on aghast as Labour, like the Democrats in America, rips itself apart as feuding minorities squabble over Whitey's spoils. As they hear opinions and voices that are not their own the terrible realisation dawns that their golem has turned against them. Who would have thought that 'The Help' would get so uppity? Why, it's like the family dog giving an opinion on a movie. 

Cohen and his ilk claim their long-standing loyalty to Labour has now been betrayed. But their loyalty was never to the British working class. In fact they despise them and are embarrassed and irritated by their very existence. Do they have one iota of empathy with an unemployed and unemployable Yorkshire miner? Do their chests swell with pride as a White choir sings God Save The Queen?  No. Just like their Neocon counterparts in America their left-wing loyalties were always determined by the one foundational principle: What's best for the Jews?

They're a globalised hostile elite, modern arch-cosmopolitans, trendy, faux working-class, and completely alien to the people they claim to represents. And, delightfully, the can feel the ground moving under their feet.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The most persistent and pernicious canard

One of the most persistent and pernicious canards we hear about Third World invaders of White lands is that if given a chance to settle they'll become 'just like us', law-abiding and productive. So why aren't they like that in their home countries? Ah, that would be because they have to 'endure' high levels of crime and corruption there. And who are the instigators of said crime and corruption? Well, unless unknown interlopers are making daring nightly raids  across their borders then their own people are to blame. 

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants to the USA are from Latin America and that region is one of the world's worst in terms of the murder, poverty and corruption upon which lie a flimsy and delusional patina of democracy. Unbelievably almost 120 politicians were murdered in the run up to Mexico's most recent election. But this just reflects the rest of society. The homicide rate stands around 22 per 100,000 population — near the levels of Columbia and Guatemala. By way of contrast the USA rate is 5 (the vast majority of murderers are non-White) while Ireland's is less than 1.  The real high achievers are Honduras (44) and El Salvador (60) - both, by the way, rich sources of illegal immigration to the USA.

Meanwhile in Brazil, that happy samba-land of multicultural bliss, things have got so bad that, according to Zero Hedge the country's elites have become "totally freaked out" and are fleeing 'bloodshed and chaos'. 'Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once. Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy Brazilians are now fleeing the country'. A well-known actor said he has considered moving his family to Europe for the safety of his three children. “In several years, they’re going to want to go out, to start dating, without worrying about getting shot.”  Well there's a simple answer to that: Ban guns.

It makes perfect sense for Third Worlders to emigrate to wealthy, safe and clean White countries. It makes no sense whatsoever for White countries to let them in because, as we see in the barrios and ghettos of America and Europe they'll turn their new host countries into mirrors of the ones they fled. While complaining bitterly about the racism of their hosts. 

No less an authority than Plato recognised this phenomenon more than 2,000 years ago when he said that 'this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.'

Monday, 6 August 2018

Will South Africa's farmers have the last laugh?

Everyone on this site will know by now that the Government of the post-racial Rainbow Nation, in the best cargo cult traditions, is to pass legislation allowing White farmers to be dispossessed of their homes and businesses without compensation. All decent people must worry about the fate that awaits them. With an array of official and unofficial discrimination measures in place their opportunities for gainful employment are minuscule, rampant crime and corruption render a private business fraught with difficulty. Emigration offers few prospects given that whatever meagre possessions they may retain after the seizures can be exchanged only for free-falling Rands. So it seems like they'll be driven off their ancestral lands without a penny in their pockets.

Or will they?

An interesting article in the normally reliable Zero Hedge points out that White farms are massively indebted to the banks.  The article asks "who is going to pickup the debts (mortgages) that white South African farmers have attached to their land when they get kicked off? They walk off with nothing, so there will be no way that the banks will be able to have any claim with them. I don't think the new "owners" will take over their debts." The writer claims that the debts are high enough to precipitate the collapse of many banks. "So either South African banks take it on the nose and have their balance sheets wiped out (i.e. the banks would collapse)... or the South African government will have to make good on the debts that are owed to the banks."

Now few things would make me happier than seeing banks and financiers reaping the whirlwind of black corruption and incompetence. But the big takeaway for me is that maybe the farmers aren't so badly off after all. You see it's common knowledge that South African farmers brilliantly exploit the land, are highly productive and efficient. Which means they should be making good money. So why have their debts skyrocketed over the last ten to fifteen years?

Here's a thought. Maybe when they saw the way things were going in the Rainbow Nation that all the talk of a fair and balanced post-racial society was just that - talk. Maybe they realised that Zimbabwe II was being incubated. Maybe they played it really really smart by keeping up an optimistic front while borrowing money that, rather than investing in their businesses they squirrelled away for the catastrophe heading their way? I don't know if my theory is true. But it's a nice thought.

Here's another nice thought. Once the dispossession/theft orders have been signed the farmers should adopt a scorched earth policy on their farms. Poison the wells, burn the corn seed, let machinery seize up through lack of lubrication and sterliise the land. On second thoughts, what's the point? The new farmers will have done that all by themselves within a few years.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Another victory for Mother Nature

The Washington Post writes of Brigitte Adams, a vocal and influential feminist  who encouraged women to put off raising a family and focus on their careers instead. Her slogan was the catchy  “Freeze your eggs, Free your career.”  Several years later, Brigitte has found herself a victim of her own advice.
Her story was one of empowerment, how a new fertility procedure was giving women more choices in pursuit of the holy grail "to have it all.”   Her plan was to work a few more years, find a great guy to marry and still have a house full of her own children. Things didn’t turn out the way she hoped. In early 2017, with her 45th birthday looming and no sign of Mr. Right, she decided to start a family on her own. She excitedly unfroze the 11 eggs she had stored and selected a sperm donor. But for a variety of reasons all of the eggs failed and her chances of carrying her genetic child had just dropped to near zero. She remembers screaming like “a wild animal,” throwing books, papers, her laptop — and collapsing to the ground. “It was one of the worst days of my life. There were so many emotions. I was sad. I was angry. I was ashamed,” she said. “I questioned, ‘Why me?’ ‘What did I do wrong?’ ”

Well lady I can be of help here. In fact you did quite a few things wrong. First you failed to realise that as a 45 year-old with an expression that said 'I'm proud of my five abortions and one hundred cocks' every Mr. Right in your ambit had long scarpered, married to women much younger than you. I could have told you that, but would you have listened? Right now you'd be lucky to snag an elderly Kerry farmer. Then, with full knowledge of what you were doing you declared all-out war on Mother Nature - with predictable results. So whining 'why me?' only shows that you're representative of the prevailing 'go grrrrrl' attitude: Power without responsibility. In fact you're fully responsible for what's happened to you and now you face the future alone in a roomful of cats while your useless marketing career aimlessly plods along. Not exactly having it all, is it? 

But here's another thing you did.  Being a vocal and influential feminist you suckered thousands of other women into taking the disastrous course that you did. Do you feel guilty about that? Or are you so solipsistic that their fate never entered your mind? Let me remind you Brigitte - you can’t fight biology with ideology.

The gods of karmic justice are smiling grimly at your fate.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

For our children, and our children's children....

It's the go-to political cliche for every opportunistic charlatan seeking to win support for whatever wheeze he has in mind. 'For our children, and our children's children....'. But actually the concept has often crossed my own mind when I consider the NWO globalist threat posed to my country and the West in general. Because this threat, destroying our heritage, ethnic solidarity and the family structure on which both are based, will not really affect me given my age. The same cannot be said for my children, and my children's children. I dread to think what their world will be like say in another twenty to thirty years.

In fact that world will surely, if present trends continue, be terrible for all Whites, even the so-called elites leading the destruction. Surely Europe's most powerful leaders must share my concerns to some degree? Well no. Because, incredibly, and in defiance of statistical norms, the majority of Europe's leaders, especially those from the most powerful countries, are barren and childless. I researched the subject and ticked off the list with mounting incredulity.

Angela Merkel
Theresa May 
Emmanuel Macron
Paolo Gentiloni (Italian prime minister up to a few months ago)  
Holland's Mark Rutte
Sweden's Stefan Loumlfven 
Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel 
Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon 
"Ireland's" Leo Varadkar 
Jean-Claude Druncker and now Martin Selmayr, the guy parachuted in against the rules to succeed Druncker

This is absolutely stunning and would have been virtually impossible at any other time in human history. Whatever's driving the most powerful EU leaders it's not the future of their children and their children's children. Note that all of them are ardent NWO globalists while those leaders with normal families (such as Viktor Orban, who has five children) are on the opposite side. A grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future. Such people's motivation will naturally focus on their own temporal personal interests and as such they are far more likely to make pacts with the devil as it were in order to advance those personal interests. 

Coincidence? I think not. 

Friday, 27 July 2018

Lovin' Govan

The BBC (the HebeBC?) is puzzled by the Third World poverty levels in Govan, Glasgow. "Someone actually dropped a child inside a clothing bin to pass stuff out. When the police came to chase the others away the child was left inside." There are "men loitering on street corners, bin lorries and council collection trucks picking up old sofas, mattresses and broken drawers left on pavements and rubbish blows around in the breeze." Charity worker Margo Uprichard said the poverty in the area is quite extraordinary. "We had workless men standing on street corners, large families and flats where there are infestations we have not seen for generations. Bed bugs, cockroaches and rats in flats."

And for once the BBC isn't lying. I know, because being an avid Celtic supporter I've frequently visited arch-enemy Rangers' ground  which is close to Govan. I can testify to the filth, squalor, criminality and destitution of the place. (I'm talking about Govan here, not Ibrox Stadium. But now that I think of it....). And the reporter is puzzled as to why this should be. So why is the area so poor? blares one of the report's headlines. Well perhaps inadvertantly Rachel Moon of Govanhill Law Centre identified a possible cause.  "Govanhill has the highest concentration of cockroaches in Scotland. Quite often they just travel up and down the flats and it is really difficult to eradicate them."

If I were the naughty kind I'd ask could she be referring to the thousands of Roma gypsies that seem to make up the majority of Govanites? They're all over the place, doing what the Roma do. The lower picture shows their impact on the apartment block specially  built for them in Kosice, Slovakia. But right on cue the local police scotch (see what I did there?) that suggestion. Ch Insp Graham McInarlin, the area commander, says "If we are to believe everything we read then the Roma are responsible for all crime in the area. In actual fact we know that is not the case." Well done Inspector. Your Masonic globalist superiors have duly noted your contribution.

But Sheffield (here's the city's First Citizen) Council had more realistic expectations prior to a mass invasion of Roma enrichers in 2013. To wit:

'Don't defecate or urinate on the street'
'Don't have sex on the street'
'Don't dump your rubbish in your neighbour's yard'
'Don't try to sell your babies'
'Don't shoplift'
'Don't rip out and sell the plumbing and other utilities from your taxpayer-provided housing'

The tyranny of low expectations.

Maybe I should send this post on to help the puzzled typist reporter at the Beeb?

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Why are Whites so passive?

Have you ever asked yourself why Whites are not fighting back against their dispossession? Far from taking up arms to drive out the invaders and execute the traitors Whites don't even take the risk-free alternative of the secret ballot.

The fundamental cause of White (especially White male) passivity is down to the endless cradle-to-grave multi-faceted propaganda directed against everything White, straight, Christian and masculine. No need to elaborate on this other than to suggest that this may be powerful enough to actually alter the target's brain chemistry, in effect making White males different people to what they would have been. It also forces them to ask the question 'why should we fight if we're so bad?'

Trends towards smaller families, ever easier divorce, weaker ties due to a rootless itinerant globalist lifestyle and targeting White neighbourhoods/regions for enrichment all undermine White social cohesion and trust, and hence the possibility of organised revolt.

Women, especially younger White women, are highly xenophilic. They're the ones usually holding the REFUGEES WELCOME signs and poll after poll shows them voting for open borders and against 'right wing' candidates. Obviously virtue-signalling is an important motivator with vacuous young women but there's also an evolutionary psychology dimension. "For foreign conquest and alien rule, the evolutionary psychological perspective suggests that women should fear alien rule much less than men, but only so long as they are reproductive, because they then have a good chance of being spared by the conquerors and have the option of marrying into them. Accordingly, the analyses of the Eurobarometer data show that young women are much less xenophobic than young men, but the sex differences disappear around age

Male testosterone levels are plummeting, and rebel leaders will always be high T. Maybe that's why we don't have any. And all revolutions need leaders.

On a more prosaic level we have to understand the potential down-side for any straight White male stepping outside the PC reservation. An indiscreet word is enough to get him charged for “hate speech”. At a minimum this means heavy legal fees, probably a fine or even a jail sentence and loss of his job. With a criminal record his alternative employment prospects are dim. His family will also be dragged in to public odium.  He also knows that the police, judicial system and military contain a rapidly decreasing ratio of straight White men like him. He'll realise that blacks, Muslims, queers and Jews in those positions will be willing to pull  the trigger, both literally and metaphorically.

Finally there's the issue of priorities. We see in poll after poll, and we know it from our own personal experience, that White people are opposed to the ongoing mudslide engulfing their countries. Yet they continually vote in political parties that clearly have no intention of stopping it. Despite the facts I outlined above it seems clear to me that Whites just don't see this issue as their top problem. Their primary drivers seem to be economic in the broadest sense. Employment, taxes, inflation etc.

Which leads me back to a contention I've been making for many years. Namely that Whites will not rebel in the absence of a catastrophic economic melt-down. And here I'm not referring to the likes of 2008, rather to that of the thirties or even worse. The irony is that by allowing invaders from the Third World swamp our countries we will become more like the Third World with every day that passes. The defining characteristic of the Third World is poverty. And that's the level of poverty that will finally drive Whites to rebel. Problem is by that time in many cases they'll be strangers in their own lands, their time passed....

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Diversity is our greatest strength.

We've been trained like performing seals to clap at the very mention of 'diversity', programmed for at least half a century by non-stop brainwashing. But have you ever noticed how its advocates never bother to explain how diversity - filling your country with the kind of people who build the kind of countries those same people are desperate to escape from - is good? No, they seem confident that the brainwashed plebs will happily fill in the blanks with their own version of the mantra. Sure we get vague amorphous aspirational stuff like...diversity challenges assumptions, opens minds, and unlocks our potential in the way monoculture never could. Which I'm sure will come as a surprise to the Chinese and Japanese, and to the British and Germans of the twentieth century.

That's because they felt no need for racial or gender quotas, forced residential integration, voting-rights laws, affirmative action or citizens burning down their own cities. The simple observable demonstrable truth is that the more racially and/or religiously mixed a country is, the more unstable it becomes, because it has no common culture, heritage, history, values, heroes and legends. And forced mixing exacerbates existing fault lines as per Chateau Heartiste's axiom Diversity + Proximity = War. Again, the evidence for this is everywhere, both contemporaneously and historically. Check out Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Rwanda. Or even up the road in Northern Ireland.

Despite all of this the project, whose ultimate aim is to blend Whites out of existence, has been on steroids of late for whatever reason. Could it have something to do with this fact: That when Jews claim that 
“diversity is our greatest strength” they're dead right?