Friday, 21 July 2017

Ode To Joy

What's that creaking sound I hear? Why it's the Gates Of Hell opening up to receive a prized new entry. Yes, John McCain has been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and, all going well, will die in agony some time over the next few months. Now they say you shouldn't wish serious illness on anybody. Karma and all that. But why not wish the very worst on the very worst of psychopaths? And that's what McCain is. A depraved, malevolent, degenerate, lying sack of shit.

Far from being a war hero he met the legal definition of a traitor through having betrayed military secrets to Vietnam, America's enemy du jour. According to documents secured by Counter Punch, he divulged specific military information such as the aircraft carrier on which he was based, pilot casualties and morale, and information about rescue ships’ locations.

[From Counter Punch] McCain is often called a “war hero”, a title adorning an unlovely resume starting with a father who was an admiral and graduation fifth from the bottom at the US Naval Academy, where he earned the nickname “McNasty”. McCain flew 23 bombing missions over North Vietnam, each averaging about half an hour, total time ten hours and thirty minutes. For these brief excursions the admiral’s son was awarded two Silver Stars, two Legions of Merit, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, three Bronze Stars, the Vietnamese Legion of Honor and three Purple Hearts. US Veteran Dispatch calculates our hero earned a medal an hour, which is pretty good going.

Mired in corruption throughout his political life (Boeing, Jack Abrahamson, the Keating Five), he divorced the faithful wife who waited all the years he was in captivity and within a month married a billionaire's daughter. As a returned POW he made a mini career out of championing the rights of the missing in action (MIA). Until Big Business decided they wanted friendly relations with Vietnam, at which pointed he rounded on his erstwhile colleagues, using his influence to bring the initiative to a sudden close.

He was directly responsible for the deaths of 134 sailors and serious injuries (blown off arms, legs, blindness and burns) to another 161 sailors on the USS Forrestal after his bravado stunt went wrong. As the crew frantically tended to the dead and dying McCain, in direct contravention of Navy regulations, took himself off to the hospital area for treatment to his trivial injuries. And he got away with it, as he did with everything else, because his father (the guy who master-minded the USS Liberty cover-up) and grandfather were Navy 'royalty'. He fought tooth and nail, probably at the behest of his good pal Larry Silverstein, against any attempt to investigate the 9/11 false flag.

But McCain's worst sin of all has been his war-mongering. Libya, Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia..... McCain was knee deep in the slaughter, cheering on aggression, doing everything in his power to prevent peaceful solutions. He has spent the last few years of his life trying to goad Russia into a war with NATO and America into war with Iran. Both instances capable of precipitating WW III. He literally has the blood of millions on his hands.

But you'd never know that from his fawning treatment in the MSM. Why? Well its's now quite clear to me that the Real Government organised candidates over whom they held the power of swift and total destruction. They know all their dirty secrets. The deal being, you do as we say, vote as we say, or we'll unleash our lapdog MSM on you.

So let's rejoice as this rancid little shit suffers a slow and agonising death awaiting his appointment with Lucifer. 


white rose said...

Only in recent years have I learned the truth about McCain. How did he keep it under wraps? Truly back then , I didn’t see McCain for what he is. I disgusted of my self to even trusting him. And I voted for him for President. I feel sick. And then to read He lied about the other POW’s . God help us.

reservoir-dog said...

McInsane killed sailors on the Forrestal and went on to kill his squadron pilots, then condemn POWs MIAs to slow deaths and executions… he serves no gods, only Satan. His role in our government has been to send more of our young to death in service of zionist neocon wars. God will have no mercy on his soul.

Iron Felix said...

A wretched person worthy of hell's domain.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Arizona, and will probably die there, God willing. But John McC embarrasses me and frankly makes me ill. I was watching his last election via Arizona's news station and watching McC and his wife accept his victory, again, almost spoiled the whole night for me. Almost.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why are you upset with this guy. He's white.

The proper identification of humans is by religious affiliation and not race as different races are capable of interbreeding barring religious/cultural or geographic boundaries.

With the advent of modern transportation, geographic boundaries no longer exist.

The only barrier between different groups of people is now religious/cultural.


John McCain is judeo/Christian. There is no more vile evil in this world than betrayers of Christ.

Kikes are virtuous in comparison as they never showed any love of Christ.

Denise said...

I am rejoicing. Being "kind", "respectful", "decent", and "mature" towards depraved monsters, that have wreaked utter havoc and ruin in as many places as they possibly can, and who want us dead, is one of the chief reasons we hover on the precipice the Existential Abyss. May Juan McTraitor suffer the agonies of the Truly Damned, before his rotten flesh falls off, and goes back to the bowels of Hell from when he slithered forth.

CS said...

McCain is scum, but Blair, Cameron and May are worse. They have colluded in the genocide of their own people, their latest achievement being an agreement to keep Britain's border open for another five years. Already almost 30% of births in Britain are to foreign-born mothers. Another five years of mass replacement immigration and the English children entering primary school will be a minority across the land. Moreover, the additional couple of million immigrants and several hundred thousand children of immigrants who by then will have come of age will ensure that in a new referendum the Brexit decision will be reversed. By then, the English nation, silenced by the politically correct state imposed by Blair, Cameron and May, will have been destroyed as a racial and cultural entity, victims of a genocide* the name of which the Jewish-Holocaust-obsessed media will not speak.

Franz said...

Fine work, Sav.

Can one hope this starts a... trend?

Ain't it about time for, say, George Soros and Hillary C and maybe an early but nice and painful end to Tony Blair and, hell, I can go on but there's too many more.

But McInsane is a good start, so I'll be patient and enjoy his wretched demise.

Anonymous said...

Luke 23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Christ our Lord.

Christ vs. Antichrist.

Celtic Morning said...

A sad comment on our "democracy" that such an arsehole can rise to fame and fortune and grow fat on a diet of lies and murder.Sadly there are many more traitors like him who take the sheckle and thrive.May he survive and suffer for a while yet. On second thought no, die you bastard and let the world be that much cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Another ZOG puppet about to take up a new career as worm food.

Iron Felix said...

Savant, why an appointment with Lucifer, the Light-bearer? Surely the other guy, wossname Satan, Prince of Darkness chap, would be more appropriate................

SAVANT said...

An interesting distinction Iron Felix. But given that Alinsky dedicated Rules For Radicals to Lucifer I think the Light Giver will welcome McStain with open arms.

SAVANT said...


I suspect you're trolling. Just in case you're not an evil White traitor who has sold his soul to our enemies and whose every action damages White interests is worse than any of our overt enemies.

SAVANT said...

Well said Denise.

Iron Felix said...

Savant Alinsky, lowly cur that he be, has appropriated Lucifer for his own ends.. Lucifer is the Light bearer, the one furthering knowledge, the shedder of light into dark corners. Hopefully the Light giver, far from welcoming the boy McCain with open arms, may in due course have a little surprise for Alinsky and one not at all to his liking.............

Anonymous said...

But those mine enemies, which would not that I reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.
Luke 19:27

Walter Scott

luke2236 said...

McCain is assuredly on his way to 'his father the devil' ; too bad it took so long. The damage done by this 'two fold more a son of hell' is basically incalculable.

lucifer a 'light bearer'?!?!? give me a break; other than the fact that he and his angels often disguise themselves as 'angels of light' [II Cor 11:14] they only bring darkness and despair.

Celtic Morning said...

So accurate, so bloody depressing. There will be no Brexit. It will not happen. The procedure will be delayed for so long and watered down so much that the eventual compromise will be worthless. The ((financiers)) do not want Brexit to happen. So it wont happen.
They want the British people to be eliminated. So they will be eliminated. Unless we suddenly unearth a man of might to take ultimate power PDQ and start a hard line policy of total aggression against the enemy and pride and patriotism in our country. And that is extremely unlikely.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

John McCain has two nicknames. One is "Songbird" & the other is "McQaeda".
His father who was an admiral squashed the investigation into the terrorist attack by the zio-Masonic state of Israel on the USS Liberty!
John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!

Mad max said...

Divulging secrets to the Vietnamese during McCains captivity should not be held against him, as under torture , everybody breaks, sooner or later.
Although I'm not assuming he was tortured. He was probably treated as royalty by the Vietnamese, too.
People in the service of the Illuminati / Satanists, like John McCain are actually at their most dangerous, as Octogenarians. This is usually when they do their up most worst.
This is because they realise time is short, and there is much to be done.
These people believe that they will re-incarnate , higher than before, for their actions , serving their satanic majesty in this life, if they have exceeded their lifetime brief.
Hence the most dangerous are Octos. And who are we to judge. Maybe he will come back to earth more powerful than before, through that version of Karma.

Denise said...

Re: Lucifer - the light he bears is the demonic, hideous light of Hellfire.

Denise said...


Cameron is a blood Jew. May? It's highly likely that the creature is a crypto. Blair? His bubby was named Sarah Lipsett. Google pics of THAT hebrewess, if you want to understand Blairberg's motivations.

Naturally this troika of Nation Wreckers want to genocide Europeans. White Genocide is their chief goal.

Tony in VA said...

No evidence that McCain was tortured. All the evidence from the other POW's is that there was no torture, none of them were tortured, they had heard of nobody being tortured. The only 'evidence' comes from that lying piece of shit himself.

Signifier said...

I live in the United States, and I thank you for this sterling, rousing condemnation of this unjust, malevolent cretin. Ode to Joy and Happy Days Are Here Again!

Iron Felix said...

Denise, you could be right of course regarding Lucifer. To tell the truth I had always construed old Luc as being the atavar, if such be the word exactly, of Science, of the quest for knowledge and more pertinently for enlightenment. Accordingly I always felt there was something vaguely Luciferian about such things as alchemy, Gnosticism, the Cathars, all those somewhat extramural chaps who from time to time fell foul of the state orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Too much religion and demon talk here. Makes me uncomfortable. Calling for this and that. Beyond bad luck in any religious tradition.

Anonymous said...

Decline of the west

No mention of Israel's world 'eCONomy'?
COMMUNIST China top spot followed by Communist? Hindu ruled India which has more Muslims than Pakistan, followed by Indonesia - largest Muslim population in the world.

God help white populated Australia/New Zealand

Maple Curtain said...

The word "hagiography" comes to mind. Haven't you anything critical to say about this monster?

Anonymous said...

Are these attacks NOT racist ?!? Neau Neau Neau!!!! they NOT ?

Fucking MSM ((Dykes)) as in hideously fucking pale and ugly 'Greg' will not say so nor will the Dacre Cunting Mail with 'film star' ponce/barrister mansfield who made a meal of the Lawrence saga

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Further info on John "Songbird" McQaeda
McCain and the Trump-Russia Dossier: What Did He Know, and When?
A British spy. An Arizona senator. And one inflammatory dossier on Donald Trump. The connection between them is starting to unravel...

Did John McCain and a controversial D.C. lobbying group conspire to get the infamous "pee dossier" into the hands of the press?

A lawsuit making its way through court in the UK hopes to determine just what role the senator and his associates had in making the lurid dossier public.

New filings in the lawsuit, obtained by McClatchy, detail how David Kramer—employed by the nonprofit and purportedly non-political McCain Institute—acted as a representative of McCain in the Arizona senator's dealings on sensitive intelligence measures. It also reveals that McCain was one of a just few people with whom the dossier's author, ex-British spy Christopher Steele, shared a copy of his final findings. So how did they get from there to publication in Buzzfeed?

Anonymous said...

You've got me going now. The Bible specifically warns against "angels of light." Maybe more so in the Apocrypha.

joe btfsplk said...

Denise-Re: Lucifer - the light he bears is the demonic, hideous light of Hellfire.

Reminds me of FIRE! song by Arthur Brown. Is he on our side? Fighting for the right?

Anonymous said...

The twat even said he had blood lines going back to Robert the Bruce in his book
I'm a bit embarrassed this twat is from scots Irish stock

Going back to Robert the Bruce
Where are the people like him when we need a leader
Robin Hood //
I watched the film agincourt the other day
The speeches before battles were better than anything Hitler could of come up with

Unleash the dogs of war


Anonymous said...

Look at the little ginger kid in this photo
Do you reckon he is a ancient descendant of the Scots Irish from the British army's forays
Into Afghanistan 200 years or so ago
If so we should in my opinion go to war and save him
Or is he from John McCains Ulster clan
Either way if he is a celt he should be saved


Uncle nasty said...

McCain is not the only garden slug in the US hegemony ...

For our American cousins. Want to express your detestation of the Noses? better do it now ... while it's free.

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel

Glenn Greenwald
Ryan Grim
July 20 2017, 4:30 a.m.

The criminalization of political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the West. In France, activists have been arrested and prosecuted for wearing T-shirts advocating a boycott of Israel. The U.K. has enacted a series of measures designed to outlaw such activism. In the U.S., governors compete with one another over who can implement the most extreme regulations to bar businesses from participating in any boycotts aimed even at Israeli settlements, which the world regards as illegal. On U.S. campuses, punishment of pro-Palestinian students for expressing criticisms of Israel is so commonplace that the Center for Constitutional Rights refers to it as “the Palestine Exception” to free speech.

But now, a group of 43 senators — 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats — wants to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel, which was launched in protest of that country’s decades-old occupation of Palestine. The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat (((Ben Cardin))) of Maryland and Republican (((Rob Portman))) of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

The proposed measure, called the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S. 720), was introduced by Cardin on March 23. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that the bill “was drafted with the assistance of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.” Indeed, AIPAC, in its 2017 lobbying agenda, identified passage of this bill as one of its top lobbying priorities for the year:

My emphases.

Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

Do these hebrews simply not realise that their ground-in compulsion for crowing and gloating is -- and always has been -- their downfall?
Obviously not.

Truly ... as was attributed to Voltaire: "To learn who truly rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."


Uncle Nasty said...

While we're almost on the subject of Dunkirk, here is a strange and interesting take on the history of that era.

Was the Battle of Britain worth it?

As the 75th anniversary of the airborne battle is celebrated, Britain is still deluded about the terrible mistakes made by the country’s wartime leaders. Seventy-five years on from the Battle of Britain, the question remains: was Churchill right to reject peace overtures from Germany in 1940? Did the moral grounds for a continuation of the war – a just cause, a proportionate cost and a realistic likelihood of victory – exist? Was more war morally justifiable?

It certainly could be argued that the British were wrong not to seek peace. The Danes, for example, did so hours after the Germans invaded, and soon returned to (albeit limited) self-government. In the longer term, this led to the survival of almost all of Denmark’s Jews (who, contrary to folklore, were not saved by the king, or the Danish resistance, but mainly by SS Governor Werner Best). Of course, Hitler was a psychopathic criminal, but he was not completely blind to his own interests. These were best served by peace with a Britain that was still unconquered, and faithfully guarded by the mightiest navy in the world.

I can’t say at this point what might have happened in my peace scenario, for I’m not dealing with subsequent “what-ifs” but existing, ascertainable facts. So what was the Battle of Britain about? To prevent a German invasion? Peace talks would have achieved the same result – though anyway, no invasion could have occurred in 1940. The German navy adamantly was against it. The British Home Fleet could muster 130 destroyers, some 40 frigates and cruisers, two aircraft carriers and five battleships. In 1940, the German navy had no seaworthy battleships – the Bismarck and Tirpitz were still being built, and the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were undergoing repairs. What it did have were seven destroyers, one cruiser and three dozen motor torpedo boats, and most crucially of all, no landing craft.

While the author raises the usual tired old boilerplate on Hitler as demented villain (Yaah! Boo! Hiss!!) the obligatory horse exhaust of the ho££owco$t (Oh woe is us!! The humanity!!! Weep, weep, weep. Those poor, poor, widda noses!!) he makes a few interesting points ... which, today could be a dangerous thing in the Good Ol' UK.

I personally am not sure of his facts (my history of that era is dodgy), I would be very curious to hear of your impressions. I find the general tone of the article less hysterical than one has come to expect.


Cassius said...

Of course Churchill could and should have made peace in 1940. The British, in fact everyone, makes peace while blustering that 'we will never surrender'. Declare victory and move on. But Churchill was wrapped in Jewish tentacles and would not move, in the process destroying not just Continental Europe but Britain (which never recovered its former glory) and lost its Empire.

AnalogMan said...

In general, I avoid PJMedia; the constant kvetching about anti-semitism gets tedious. But occasionally I browse Instapundit, which has some interesting links. Since McTumour is topical, they have a link today to an article that asks "Was John McCain a war hero?"

Instapundit's comment: "Yes. Next question?"

Who could have seen that coming? Bleddy jews compulsively take the wrong side of every argument.

Don't you love the way they're already talking about him as if he's already dead?

Anonymous said...


"I suspect you're trolling. Just in case you're not an evil White traitor who has sold his soul to our enemies and whose every action damages White interests is worse than any of our overt enemies."

22 July 2017 at 10:42

I truly believe in everything I post.

I like to make short, to the point commentary so that people can read them easily if they want to or disregard them easily it they do not care to read them.

Perhaps sometimes I am too brief and I don't do a good job of transferring my thoughts to word.

In the first part of the post you mention, I tried to define the problem. Multiculturalism.

In the second part of the post I tried to define a result of the problem. Judeo/Christianity and John McCain as an example of this retardation.

Anonymous said...

Every year, in the metropolitan area that I live in there is an almost exclusively white, pride march. I don't go to it.

Perhaps there is such a march in your area as well, as there are in most large metropolitan areas. You probably don't go to it.

You see, these predominately white pride parades aren't about pride in racial identity but pride in queer sex.

Religion/culture is the dominant factor in determining the identity of groups of humans.

If religion/culture is not the determining factor in human identity, then these white pride rallies should be filled with nazis.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The white revolution is over.

The white revolution was the judaizing of Christian White people.

How retarded can you be?

The filthy kikes tell you over and over again, how they are waiting for the last remnants of White people to die off.

There is good news!

We live in a relative reality. There is no truth beyond what the kikes say is truth.

Your descendants will be eating dogfood and having sex with the dog and it will be good. The kikes said so.

Franz said...

@ Anon 20:42 --

"Too much religion and demon talk here."

Damn straight.

Too many people never learned that "lucifer" is just monotheistic code for "working class".

Don't, whatever you do, trust me on this. Go back, start with Genesis and move up all the way through the Gospels. The Jew God hates productive workers, and slags us whenever he can.

If you don't hate Jehovah... you never worked for a living.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, never ever and I mean never ever forget the Great Battle of 937

Gerry your list of Great British leaders, is missing the greatest of the lot, King Arthur
When King Arthur pulled his sword out in front of all that were watching, in total amazement, all dropped to their knees instinctively knowing that they were in the presence of a great man (haha, you thought I was going to say huge, haha, well I didn't)

Anonymous said...

Robert the Bruce was a Norman and a turncoat, whose family had estate's (Land, not council estates) all over England and Scotland.
William Wallace family hails from Wales and they too were from Norman stock.

Anonymous said...

Even as Hell approaches, McCain is trying to do as much harm as he can:

Scroll down for the comment section, a lot of commentators have seen the light, here are some comments:

"Trump finally did something right. We're no longer funding John McCain's terrorists in Syria. John McCain is the worst war monger in America but the U.S. media loves him because he's in favor of illegal immigration."

"Yep, it's malignant all right.."

"100% Sold out to the globalists - sad. he's bought and paid for"

"I am thinking of Nuland..she deserves a similar fate."

"Funny how when McCain ran against O, he was vilified by the media and mocked at every turn. Now he is a 'POW war hero' because he attacks Trump."

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'm with the cancer on this one. This time it might actually save some (or even a lot of) lives."

"I FIND IT INTERESTING that John McCain can talk filth on the Senate floor - saying F..... You to a fellow senator , but locker room talk between two adult men is then splashed in every newspaper - and saying this is reason for one to be unworthy of being president of the United States . Lord have mercy on the media . I have none for it ."

"John Mcain he is a war loving idiot who has no idea what he is talking about he is a cancer to the world (no pun intended)"

"This really illustrates the vice like grip that "the Deep State" can have on a human being. Instead of quietly settling his affairs and spending his remaining time with his family here he is out front and centre hurling out insults and fake accusations at a man that has done more for America in a 6 months than McCain has done in 80 years of miserable treachery."

Anonymous said...

Also from the comments section of the dailymail piece I quoted before:

"Glioblastoma is horrific, but actually not the most agressive tumor found in the brain (as the article states).(...) Sen. McCain has a tough road ahead of him...his specific tumor is very deadly and almost universally fatal, no matter how much treatment or money you have. On average, patients live 15 months after diagnosis.(...)"


Anonymous said...

A day late.

July 22, 1946: Jewish terrorists bomb the British headquarters for Palestine in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.


sentient said...

It seems to me that McCain's reputation as a fighter is down to his being in a permanent rage. Not the same thing by a long way.

Voltman said...

I invite you to read "Inside Insane McCain's Brain". check it out:

Anonymous said...

It is such a shame that there are no others of his tribe that can be dispatched along with him to Lucifer's garden of pig shit.

James said...

White race struggles to work out how to stop 10,000 immigrants a day. Could Isaac Newton have figured it out?

James said...

This article might be gyno-phobic, but that's OK because the people in the pictures are diverse. We wouldn't want anyone to thing stopping feminism has anything to do with race.

James said...

Will the Austrian Army stop the hordes? Or will they just walk past like March in the Camp of the Saints?

I think we'd only have to shoot about 1% of them and the rest would leave. The EU has other plans though - Kalergi Plans.

James said...

Not allowed to speak because she's white. Anti-whites are becoming more and more brazen, and we just don't stand up for ourselves.

James said...

Non-whites tell her to keep her mouth shut because she is white, and her response:

“I’m all for actual social justice. I just…I don’t think what the people at Evergreen are asking for is social justice,” Kyger told Boyce. “Focusing on the color of someone’s skin or treating them differently based on their skin color, which is what they’re asking for…That, to me, is racism.”

Reasonable considering she's an idiot I suppose.

James said...

More work than they've ever had and lawyers still complain. Maybe they get a sore back raking in all the money? As Germany circles the drain...

James said...

Commie pope at it again. When will he be removed?

Anonymous said...

Hell is too good for "Corpse Insane" McCain. The Devil doesn't want his sorry ass. The molecules he is composed of will be tossed into the cosmic recycling bin and at some point used to make a higher form of life, like a baboon. It's a safe bet he was getting his knob polished by his running mate, Sara (the imbecilic slut) Palin during that selection (excuse me, election). That "Christian" Bible thumping whore was fucking her husband's business partner for years. She had the temerity to preach about family and morality. What a cute couple they made. Only in Scumerica. Someone should get this the fuck over with and open Corpse Insane's skull with a meat clever, pop out his satanic brain and use it for stickball.


reservoir-dog said...

"Every year, in the metropolitan area that I live in there is an almost exclusively white, pride march."

Bloody hell!! Where do you live, Hungary?

Definitely not western Europe or North Aerica.

reservoir-dog said...

Woops, rushed in there too fast!!! Makes sense if they were all fags.

James said...

The Kalergi Plan to Genocide Europe.

More details on how to achieve maximum diversity by making everyone the same.

James said...

In that thing about the Kalergi Plan, Darkmoon says:

Lest there be misunderstanding, most in the Jewish community don’t have the inclination or the power to promote this destruction. The organized Jewish community and individual wealthy and powerful Jews have played a significant role in opposing European nationalism and in promoting displacement-level immigration into Western countries, but the common people among them are not at fault. Some Jews, in fact, are horrified by the madness. Much better relations between our respective communities would be very desirable. Restoring good will can’t be just a one way street, though. Handling these problems within their community would be an ideal solution, if that could come about.

Well this is an important point. Can it be believed? Does it even matter? How many Jews are anti-white genocidal Talmud maniacs, and how many are just liberals?

Liberals want us gone. They say diversity is a blessing. Then they sneer that we deserve it.

James said...

Then Darkmoon says this:

Ultimately, this isn’t really about Jews versus non-Jewish people of European descent, but rather unaccountable globalist elites versus the public. Those to blame (be they of any background) are would-be social engineers scheming to impose their will on the public, corrupt politicians selling out their countries, and overreaching plutocrats. Those types would be well-advised that their hubris does not win hearts and minds.

This may be true in a way, but in reality they are following tal mud principles - as Karl Marx said, they shall be their own Messiah through dissolution of the races.

LD : Though the European Union and its multicultural agenda of mass immigration, leading eventually to White genocide through the mongrelization of the European people, is clearly founded on the pioneering work of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, there has been a concerted effort to blank out the name of Coudenhove-Kalergi from the history books and pretend he never existed. This is why not one person in a hundred, if not one in a thousand, has ever heard of this Austro-Japanese count.

This was forcibly borne in on me a few days ago when I was browsing through the latest political bestsellers in Waterstones bookstore. I happened to pick up Tim Shipman’s All Out War: The Full Story of Brexit (662 pages).

Tim Shipman's useless book can be ignored here:

The fool story of BREXIT more like it. Is Shipman a Jew? Probably. Over 600 pages and no mention of the main goal of the EU... White Genocide!

Anonymous said...

White race struggles to work out how to stop 10,000 immigrants a day. Could Isaac Newton have figured it out?

This is easy. Just dig a ditch somewhere across the border, fill it with gasoline, then when the great hordes approach, set light to the bloody thing. It worked in planet of the apes and they didn't even use gasoline but some clever mind reading tricks, it totally threw the apes.
With them coming on boats, this is easy as well, just have all the old rickety boats of Europe lined up in a Sicily port, again put the great hordes on to them, point boat in north Africa direction stick gears in forward position with just the right amount of fuel to get them home safe, back where they f****** well came from, the boats being old should disintegrate on hitting the shore. With hidden cameras on board, we should be able to watch this all unfold from the comfort of our living rooms.
This took me two about minutes to think up, I do not want any dosh or any type of accolades coming my way. Im just glad that I could help save my race and give people (mainly the kids) some entertainment at the same time.

Anonymous said...

How did I forget king arthur ffs

I am even taking 3 of the grand kids to tintagel This coming Sunday

I bet you are all jealous I am having 5 days off touring Cornwall seeing the grand kids and getting my metal detector out
Hope it don't rain

Anonymous said...

James, do you have Sunday roast in New Zealand? Beef, Lamb or chicken, what's your favourite? Mine is beef but I do like roast lamb with mint sauce, also do have Yorkshire pudding? And roast vegetables parsnips & swede.
Finally, do you have spotted dick with custard? Or even jam roly-poly with custard?
It is going out of fashion where I live and it breaks my heart, the women point blank refuse to cook, they instead just pick up the phone and order a pizza.... Yeah I know, on a Sunday, On a bloody SunD, ordered a bloody pizza.
I looked at her and thought, you bloody lazy cow, ordering a pizza on a SunD. She doesn't know yet, but it's over, I ain't putting up with that.

Henry said...

LOL...Don't hold back, Sav...tell us what you really think.

Let's not forget McCain's talent for Beach Boy covers...

Nor his need to suck Henry Kissinger's cock in public...

Uncle nasty said...

I recommend Dilbert.

A beautiful -- or, more to the point, horrific -- example of how the liberal mind works.

If one may dignify their semicerebral processes with the term "works".

It is probably the best strip available today, since the end of Gary Larson's The Far Side


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely jel Gerry, hope it doesn't rain. I get the feeling you're gonna enjoy it more than the kids. Lol
Try a nice pint of Doombar (best ordered by saying can I have a pint of DOOM, please) when down there. And a nice Cornish cream tea, absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Well this is an important point. Can it be believed? Does it even matter? How many Jews are anti-white genocidal Talmud maniacs, and how many are just liberals?

Liberals want us gone. They say diversity is a blessing. Then they sneer that we deserve it.

Western man stands at a point of crisis partly brought on by his own questing spirit and partly by the aliens and traitors who have purposely shaken our will to live. Today we ask ourselves, why should we survive?

Please do go and read it

James said...

With them coming on boats, this is easy as well, just have all the old rickety boats of Europe lined up in a Sicily port, again put the great hordes on to them,

Most of the rickety old boats only have to go 200 m into the Med before they get picked up by the EU shuttle service.

James said...

Tim Shipman's book - 600 pages and Kalergi isn't even in the index!

I guess that's how they do it. He could probably win mastermind - specialist topic: the History of the EU. No Kalergi questions thanks, let's not spoil the show.

AKAEW said...

Uncle Nasty said: 22 July 2017 at 23:16

It's the Russian Coup de etat all over again. What they are really creeping insidiously closer to is the outright death penalty for criticizing Kikery.

Until such time is right for them they will be happy to simply murder "transgressors" via the ((legal)) system and ((economically)).

Are you not worried however that Kikedom having seen how its gloatingly excessive Kikecentric takeover of white society throughout history has resulted in various pogroms, expulsions and edicts against them have finally woken up to it and having established an iron grip over the ((media)), ((legal system)), ((education)) and ((Institutions of "Higher Learning")) and having swamped government institutions and business with a Tsunami of the Tribe have finally broken the cycle?

Reason I wonder this is that I have to ask whether there was ever a time in history where the White Nation has been so thoroughly cucked and cowed by propaganda into accepting the steel jackboot on its neck with nary a squeal of protest. In fact our greatest opponent to ridding ourselves of the jackboot may not be Kikery itself but rather the self hating orcs* of the white west.

These things worry me.

*In the works of Tolkien Orcs were once Elves but became corrupted by the Dark Lord. So what was once the fairest and most beautiful and magically powerful became a most grotesque caricature of itself and the very embodiment of evil. The difference of course is that not all self hating whites can be identified by sight alone.

AKAEW said...

Anonymous at 03:17

Don't you think you should get round to doing that DNA ancestry test you've been procrastinating on?

I know you don't want to but you remember what your mum always said?

"Eat your vegetables first Sunshine. That way you can enjoy the rest of your dinner without the anticipation killing you."

Goes for DNA tests too. C'mon 'Just Do It'.

Now there's a saying that might appeal to your haplotype.

Anonymous said...

Most of the rickety old boats only have to go 200 m into the Med before they get picked up by the EU shuttle service.

This is a good thing, because it shows clearly the intent of the European establishment to ethically remove working/middle class people of European descent from existence.

Italians Say Government Committing “Ethnic Replacement”

The survey found strong opposition to mass migration, with more than 70 per cent of people polled disagreeing with the statement: “[Italy] must welcome the Africans who are arriving in boats.”


According to a report released by polling organization Odoxa on Dec. 16, the National Front is the political party with the most support among French people aged 18-34. Roughly one-in-five back it.

Shame the Babyboomer generation are still hooked on the easy fab life and what they can get out of it before they depart, hence their commitment to the soviet EU freak show (french people im talking about, a bunch of bureaucratic meanies that talk a good shop about fresh bread cheese & quality cheap wine), its hard to get people to think differently when they are being subsidise by others.
Why couldn't Germany be on the other side of the English channel and put France somewhere down near Albania. Better for everyone.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

(K)alergi Plan:
UN Document From 2000 Exposes Global "Migration Replacement" Solution To Developed World Demographics
Tara McCarthy
Do We Need More Diversity? (She also discusses the various Human "races" being different Species/Sub Species)

James said...

Bjerknes says Richard Spencer is "effectively a Kalergist". Apparently Spencer respects the thoughts of Alexander Dugin, who is possibly worse than Kalergi.

BTW the UN report was about "Replacement Migration", not "Migration Replacement" wasn't it? Subtle difference, but more sinister that way. Not just a "solution", but the final solution to the white question.

Richard Spencer's Russian wife Nina Kouprianova translated some of Dugin's writings, and this link to the Russians creates an obvious conflict of interests in Spencer's expressed views. Spencer is a kosher product and a judas goat leading us through the gates of hell to the bolshevik slaughter house.

Perhaps someone should bring this to Richard Spencer's attention so he can adjust his approach? He may not know what he is doing. His situation reminds me of the fact that many libertarians and white nationalists are Ludwig von Mises fans, not realizing that von Mises was friends with Albert Einstein and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, BOTH of whom advocated destroying the white race as a sure-fire solution to all the world's problems.

Yes, Einstein thought Europe should be taken over and repopulated by the Chinese. He was a Jew first and foremost and didn't care for Europeans at all. Just saying it like it is.

b boru said...

Reading about this Afghan 'youth' in Dublin who described how he left a war-torn background to come to Ireland for “a better life” and to study mechanical engineering.

Just like that. Come over to Ireland for 'a better life' and get the Irish taxpayer to pick up the tab for your university education. Meanwhile Irish students study hard,desperately hoping to reach the required number of points for Mech. Eng. Jesus Christ, what fools we are.

James said...

Shame the Babyboomer generation are still hooked on the easy fab life and what they can get out of it before they depart

If they even have viable offspring they will sell their real estate to a large corporation on their way out so their kids will have to rent.

Here are some articles from an economist who used to post on Henry Makow's site under a pen name but now runs a blog under his real name. His insights are quite useful - especially if you are considering buying a house or investing.

In these articles he explains how the NWO seeks to turn us all into renting serfs...

James said...

Reading about this Afghan 'youth' in Dublin who described how he left a war-torn background to come to Ireland for “a better life” and to study mechanical engineering.

There is only so much better life to go around, and his life will get better in direct proportion to how much his presence diminishes Irish life. They'll meet in the middle, in the dreary old NWO.

Anonymous said...


Is a jew

James said...

This is what Dugin says about White Nationalists.

I consider the “White nationalists” allies when they refuse modernity, the global oligarchy and liberal-capitalism, in other words everything that is killing all ethnic cultures and traditions. The modern political order is essentially globalist and based entirely on the primacy of individual identity in opposition to community. It is the worst order that has ever existed and it should be totally destroyed. When “White nationalists” reaffirm Tradition and the ancient culture of the European peoples, they are right. But when they attack immigrants, Muslims or the nationalists of other countries based on historical conflicts; or when they defend the United States, Atlanticism, liberalism or modernity; or when they consider the White race (the one which produced modernity in its essential features) as being the highest and other races as inferior, I disagree with them completely.

He accuses WNs of the standard stereotypes, and completely avoids our struggle against White genocide.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

James said...

Commie pope at it again. When will he be removed?

A Rabbi Whose Good Friend Became the Pope
Pope wants to fight antisemitism created by Christians

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of Alt Right material wishing agony for McCain since he was diagnosed. And I hate him as much as anyone, but that take is just nasty.

However, the joke is on the vindictive. When you're as rich and connected as McCain, few cancers are going to be particularly painful ways to go, and certainly not glioma, which was one of the least painful cancers to die from, even in the days before formalized palliative care.

That said, I'll be glad to see the treasonous blowhard dead.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of Alt Right material wishing agony for McCain since he was diagnosed. And I hate him as much as anyone, but that take is just nasty.

However, the joke is on the vindictive. When you're as rich and connected as McCain, few cancers are going to be particularly painful ways to go, and certainly not glioma. It was one of the least painful cancers to die from even in the days before formalized palliative care.

That said, I'll be glad to see the treasonous blowhard dead.

Anonymous said...

This is why I tell European nationalist to be weary of Americans, Richard Spencer (most probably cia) represents a fucked up white America that wants to export their messed up country to Europe, No f****** way. He sounds queer by-the-way.
I like this comment from that youtube vid.

Euromutt nationalism aka "I have no ethnic identity so you shouldn't either" nationalism I value my British ethnic heritage and have no interest in discarding it for a narrow sense of White identity (British ethnic identity and White racial identity are complementary, not competitors imo). I'm sure that most Europeans and most Alt-Rightists feel the same way.

I like this too
This stupid faggot (Spencer/Some Mothers Do Ave Em) has sucked more jewish dicks than an average rabbi!

Dugin is a soviet race mixer...... Thousands of White Russian nationalist banged up in putins prisons whilst slit eyed c**** stroll about Russia. F*** Off dogin

2-3 hundred Polish living in England Is fine.... Not 1 million (what we have now).. White European nations, sovereign and independent but cooperating together.

Anonymous said...

Coming to an Auschwitz near you.....

I was there so I should know said...

There were no lethal gas chambers at Auschwitz: Timothy Ryback a leading Jewish Holocaust Scholar confirms "The Auschwitz 'Gas Chambers' shown to tourists are actually a "reconstruction"" Joseph Burg, a Jew, a survivor of 3 years at Auschwitz and a notable writer was ostracized by the Jewish community for stating the simple fact "There were no lethal gas chambers at Auschwitz"

buy the autobiography's of Churchill, De Gaull, FDR and Stalin, none of those biographical accounts of the war (written by the leaders of the allies) NEVER EVER mention the holocaust or the extermination of the Jews

((( Survivors )))
Alison Chabloz