Wednesday, 7 June 2017

"We'll fight them on the beaches! We'll fight them on the...... Actually we won't"

There's been some change since 1940 when Churchill uttered these famous words. And there's no doubt that had the Germans tried to occupy Britain the Brits would have defended their homeland with dogged determination. (The irony of course is that Hitler had no interest in occupying Britain with which he was anxiously seeking peace. But Churchill had fallen under the control of the (((international financiers))). And they wanted Germany destroyed utterly. So the slaughter went on until that objective was achieved.)

But now we have this. London's Metropolitan Police enjoining Londoners to run, hide and tell if they encounter a modern-day invader. Thus we measure the decline of Britain and what's become of the once indomitable British bulldog spirit.

But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. Because the Londoners who braved the Blitz were a different people to those now being instructed to run and hide in the face of their adversaries.  In fact White British (i.e. British) are now a minority in their own capital which is ruled over by a dusky Muslim coolie from the cruel impoverished and backward wilds of Pakistan. In fact it was hardly necessary for the Met to issue their guidance as fleeing and hiding is what today's 'Brits' have been doing anyway.

Apart from Roy Larner. A True Brit, alone he stood his ground and fought back despite being unarmed, getting seriously injured in the process. Interesting that his battle cry was 'Fuck you, I'm Millwall'. You see Millwall is the most despised football club in Britain. Why? Because they're supported by White racist low-life yobs. We are GoodWhites if we hate and despise them.

Roy Larner shows that the spirit that ruled an empire on which the sun never set still lives on, albeit ridiculed and marginalised by moral eunuchs not worthy to tie his bootlaces.


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James Lord said...

The problem is Sav that this guy is old enough almost to have been born during the Blitz. The younger generation were cowering under the table.

Glen C said...

When Americans think of your average Brit Roy Larner is the kind of guy they have in mind.

Rob said...

Regarding Hitler and Churchill...

From Steve Sailer's blog:

William Manchester’s vivid biography of Winston Churchill includes a chapter on Winston living large in the late 1930s at his country estate of Chartwell.

But … how could Churchill afford that on his journalistic earnings?

The short answer is Churchill couldn’t afford his spendaholic lifestyle. He was on the verge of having to sell Chartwell in 1938 to avoid bankruptcy when Austrian-born South African zillionaire Sir Henry Strakosch, the chairman of The Economist, secretly bailed Churchill out so he could concentrate on fighting appeasement of Hitler.

Anonymous said...

A man I met a few times


Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Remember that O'Shaughnessy line, "...three, with a new song's measure, can trample an empire down.....". Well, two more Roy Larners and we might see the start of something both momentous
and long overdue.

Searcher said...

That man is a legend. It's almost unbelievable what he did. Mucho respect to him.

Frank Galton said...

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 24 April 2017

Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon on Saturday said the Islamic State terrorist group in the Syrian Golan Heights “apologized” for attacking an Israeli unit.

What to do in terror attack. Metropolitan Police issue warning to "run, hide tell".

Daily Telegraph, 04 June 2017

'Run [to nearest synagogue], hide [in synagogue], tell [family you're safe; ISIS won't attack synagogue]': What to do in a terror attack

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Both events look very dodgy.They also saved the Torys

Californian said...

What gets me is the endless amount of World War II era movies, documentaries, telescreen shows, video games and etc., which are endlessly churned out to wide-eyed White audiences. But then compare all that with the reality of largely passive White countries which open their gates to third world invaders and do little as their cities are burned down by them. Why not show some of that same spirit which is cheered when it came to "fighting Hitler" against the threat to today's Britain, France, America, etc., etc.

But of course, the propaganda system works to undermine the defense of White countries by glorifying the refugee and the third world terrorist--see the beatification of Nelson Mandela. Don't forget, by opening Calais up to "refugees" we are fighting Hitler!

Flanders said...

"The Moslem supremacist terrorist mayor of London Sadiq Khan has demanded that Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK be cancelled. He is upset that Trump called him out for telling people not to be alarmed after this weekend’s Islamic terror attacks.

[The article goes to to recount a version of Khan's remarks from Fox News].
It is a disgrace that this brown monkey is lecturing the country on any of these matters. Moslems like him are in many ways a bigger problem than the ones committing actual terrorism. They help build this ridiculous narrative that there are good Moslems and that if we don’t accept them all as a group we are somehow bad people.

Quite frankly I’m sick of this. Khan and the rest of his terrorist friends need to be rounded up and placed in concentration camps for national security reasons."

Banger said...

Savant, you've written fantastically over the years, and your insights are often next to none, but the fact that you think these attacks are anything other than a macabre kind of street theatre, with no real casualties and certainly no muslim jihadists - other than play acting goons, of course - is a little disturbing.
More and more people are realising this, and I've lived in that Borough area years ago while doing the paddy studying at UCL, thing. I still know the area and have family there. This attack never happened, my friend. How it's supposed to have played out doesn't even make sense if you happen to know that area.
Like the Trump thing, I'm afraid you've been had, again - and I'm by no means trying to be a smart arse in saying that.

p.s. Gal Gadot - Wonder 'Woman'? M to F transexual!!! A classis example, and the script/lines reveal may clues w.r.t. this as you'll know if you've managed to sit through it!

This is where our REAL focus should be. And ALL the major nations are onboard with the plan. The coolies are but a distraction. It's about transhumanism, not darkie scum from God knows where, I'm afraid.

Flanders said...

"On 6 July 1938, Churchill moans once more about the so-called rape of Austria, but he is worried most about the Jews. He complains about the incarceration of the representative of Jewish high finance, Rothschild, about the terrible fact that “Jewish ladies” are forced to clean the streets, then continues:

Q But 300,000 Jews in Vienna present a problem of large dimensions and intractable quality to a policy of extirpation.” Q

After Churchill has lamented the presumed terrible economic situation of the Jews, he turns, as always, to making threats:

Q The tale of their tribulation spreads widely through the world, and it is astonishing that the German rulers are not more concerned at the tides of abhorrence and anger which are rising ceaselessly against them through the heavily-arming United States. Q

Churchill sees Jewish rage over the fact that it is not possible to bleed the German Reich dry, since Germany has freed its lands from parasites, as a decisive factor in politics, and therefore unintentionally reveals the extent to which Englanders and Americans have become unable to govern their nations themselves, making their fate and their activities — the “heavily-arming United States” — dependent on the rage and opinions of big Jewish financial parasites and Bolshevist agitators."

"The War Criminal Churchill" [“Der Kriegsverbrecher Churchill"]
By Alfred Rosenberg, 1944

Flanders said...

Now, the "British" leaders cry: "We will let them kill all of you", BUT "We'll arrest you if you talk about those who are doing it".

"London Cops Arrest Dozens for ‘Hate Crimes’ Since London Attack, But Mayor Says Police Can’t Afford to Track Jihadists"

Flanders said...

Off topic -
I find the final act of this play to be infinitely more rewarding than the use for the product, and it is a symbolic example, I hope, for the entire troupe of leftist media. A very enjoyable article, which I think you will like.

"When you get fired by Squatty Potty, things are going badly.

Squatty Potty is a little plastic stool you put under your feet when taking a No. 2. The stool helps "mimic a perfect squat" while also having an "ideal foot position for maximum comfort." Now available in Slim Teak ($59.99) and Tao Bamboo ($69.99)."

Six Million Dollar Man said...

And the zombie liberals solution to the Kalergi Plan is to put out candles, balloons, and teddy bears.

Anonymous said...

"But perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. Because the Londoners who braved the Blitz were a different people to those now being instructed to run and hide in the face of their adversaries."

I have been saying this for a while. White people don't exist anymore.

Demoralize, destabilize, crisis, normalization.

It is pretty obvious we are in the crisis/normalization stage.

Kikes running the banks, media and federal government is normal.

Anti-Christ pagans, mohammadans and low level kikes running the local government and culture is normal.

Anti-Christ bolshevism/satanism is international. It's global. It is globalism.

The term of identity "white", is a relative term.

In order to have an understanding of this relative term, I need a defining point.

The defining point of White is Jesus Christ. Always has been.

The defining point of white would have to be Donald Trump, at this moment.

This is the best that I can do as the white naionalists and neo-nazis cannot define white.

Searcher said...

Golden One's latest

When he talks about how the modern politicians say: "Swedes must integrate into the new Sweden", this gets me so angry. Angry to the point of being almost incoherent as to why it makes me angry. I'm not even Swedish, but I feel angry about that line being crossed: the denial of Swedish people being a people, not just some randommers subject to the taxing rights of the State or in a legal relationship with the State,* but an actual ethnic group that DEFINE Sweden THEMSELVES.

Nobody associates Somalians etc with Sweden. They do not DEFINE Sweden (the land of the Swedish people). That Swedish people should 'integrate" into the country of their forefathers, is a mindfuck. So the message, from politicians, is to stop being Swedish because that's what 'integration" means i.e. stop being yourselves. Forget about being Swedish. Be beige.

It's the topsy-turvy nature of it that is so infuriating. It reminds me of Porrige Pals and this nice professor who happens to be Jewish, telling the tradie that Muslims built Australia:

This is also quite interesting. The professor asks a question in a manner that I associate with Anne Robinson/Judge Judy - it takes you an extra moment to understand what they are actually asking (making you feel/look a bit stupid):

- "Do you know, by a large margin, what's the largest birthplace group of Muslims who live in Australia?"

He is in his element talking shit to a tradesman, running him down about not "living in the real world", not "having the opportunity of a university education".


* You might guess that I'm not an "institutions define us" sort. Probably because institutions replicate very easily. I'm much more taken with art/culture. Not a fan of Sargon of Akkad for that very reason. He doesn't jell with me - people are more important to me than institutions. I don't consider Millenial Woes a "vile vlogger" because an institution (NUJ affiliated MSM outlet) defined him as such. He's not a vile vlogger. Institutions are only as good as the people running them. If the people are trash, the institutions will be also.

This tradie sort (whilst a poor performer on TV) is probably a type like Ray Larner, the sort you need when there are dead-eyed attackers about en route to the 72 virgins.

Everyone has their role.

PS Glad John C is safe (you are counted in my "hope they're ok list" for London). That was funny about the tree hugger. I know a few that are slightly on the tree hugger route. Guilt-trip on themselves. They want to be beyond reproach (impossible). Slightly > majorly neurotic AND well-meaning in my experience. IMHO this type of thing is pushed anyhow in schools. I even remember in primary school wishing that we all went back to a pre-industrial age so that we have no Chernobyl etc. That was the answer. People had got too clever.

Actually speaking of being too clever.

I can vividly remember reading this WW2 magazine when I was a young 'un - it was about the Holocaust. It was this explanation as to the high intelligence of the German people that made them/allowed them come up with such dastardly plans. I remember being a bit frightened then, thinking that "hmmm it makes so much sense to me ... I must be a bit "odd" too if I understand the "blue sky thinking" element to it". I made a pact with myself then that I would never go into a career in science (I would turn into/discover my inner psycho). I should dumb down a bit, just in case.If you don't let your "efficient solution thinking' run riot, you can stay human (and not in some awful situation of: "oops, sorry about that" ... 70 years later and counting). Holocaust Belieber for most of mah life. Bigly.

Searcher said...

Crowdfunding for Roy Larner

Not a victim hero. Just a hero.

Flanders said...

In the US: Can we even fight them in the libraries?!

"A program that aims to give young children “unabashedly queer role models” is making its way across the U.S. via various public libraries.

“Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?” an adult male dressed in drag asks a group of children at the Brooklyn Public Library during a recent installment of Drag Queen Story Hour."

When leaving an age when Political Correctness prevailed, people may not yet think it is "cool" to believe it, but all of these different nutty and dangerous groups arrayed against us and our societies are instigated, organized, empowered, encouraged and "legalized" through the efforts of their same jew source[s]. When people come to that realization, that is when real progress can be made to stop them and put them back into their bottles.

Anonymous said...

Henry Makow‏ @HenryMakow 2h2 hours ago

Why do we only love people who are the same as we are. Isn't this just loving ourselves?

This is kike hive thought.

This fake will never deny kike. What defines kike? The kike won't tell. But kike will define itself as kike.

Kike is Antichrist.

No one is the same as me. I may share common characteristics with others but we are not equal.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 22 May 2017

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find

The history of human evolution has been rewritten after scientists discovered that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa.

The discovery of the creature, named Graecopithecus freybergi, and nicknameded ‘El Graeco' by scientists, proves our ancestors were already starting to evolve in Europe 200,000 years before the earliest African hominid.

This discovery was NOT reported on BBC TV news.

BBC, 07 June 2017

'First of our kind' found in Morocco

The idea that modern people evolved in a single "cradle of humanity" in East Africa some 200,000 years ago is no longer tenable, new research suggests.

Fossils of five early humans have been found in North Africa that show Homo sapiens emerged at least 100,000 years earlier than previously recognised.

Until now, the earliest fossils of our kind were from Ethiopia (from a site known as Omo Kibish) in eastern Africa and were dated to be approximately 195,000 years old.

This discovery was reported on BBC TV news.

Reuters Institute, 2015

Television remains the number one source of news in most markets

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"OUR own leaders" - are telling you the same thing:

Flanders said...

Paladin, I want to draw your attention to the comment and link above, and the opinion below.

Jim Stone has reported on that intelligence leak also, and considers it very important. He reported on this or similar in 2013, and here is a little about what he has to say.

"Former U.S. intelligence contractor Dennis Montgomery has uncovered a plot by the Obama administration and failed Clinton administration to round up and kill 20 million Americans. This is verified across many sources. This story blew up when Sean Hannity had two investigators on that confirmed it.

Now, because James Comey was fully aware of this, Dennis Montgomery filed a lawsuit against James Comey for knowing and participating in the intelligence gathering effort which involved gathering all data on the main core of Americans who are the last resistance holding the country together. I did a detailed report on them doing this and posted it in 2013. That report is now fully confirmed 100 percent accurate, and is re-posted below.
With the NSA looking inward, especially with them recording every phone conversation and e-mail and not just the meta data, the people who understand what America really is supposed to be are now fully identified. These people, which are referred to as "the main core" represent what remains of the backbone of this once great nation, the core of which numbers 8 million with 30 or so million close enough to the main core for any psychopath to be able to justify taking out along with it. If America is to become the totally transformed Communist society that the Zionists want it to be, the main core has got to be ripped out, and the NSA has made this future event possible to accomplish with minimal effort and pin point precision.

There is no question that the elitist zionist faction wants every aspect of America it cannot control with ease wiped out, just like the elitist Zionists Bolsheviks did to the Ukranian people."

The report continues in an insert at his site.

Flanders said...

That last comment I mistakenly posted was intended to go to the link below. It's worth visiting to obtain the CNN jew graphic anyway.

Flanders said...

An Investigative Project on Terrorism.

"Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography, IPT Analysis Finds"
[March 28, 2016]

"IPT research found that on average of 3,284 people died in Islamist terror attacks only five years ago. Today, that average is 28,708 per year.
Terror deaths today have skyrocketed 774 percent since the 2007-11 average.
From 2001-2006, the threat was dispersed in area and occurring primarily in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Russia. By 2014-2015, significant Islamist terrorist activity could be found in 18 countries....
Islamists are consolidating gains and rebuilding capabilities to resume growing again in 2016-2017, especially in Africa.
Interventions by the U.S. and/or NATO or other Western coalitions inflamed the threat from Islamists, the IPT analysis finds.
Attacks will continue increasing in 2016-2017 in lethality and geography....
The IPT predicts a dire 2016-2017 based upon its analysis.

Below is what it predicts for the future:

"The IPT predicts that the following trends will emerge or develop in 2016-2017 and beyond:

1. Europe's security systems will become more stressed and unable to respond to the rising challenges associated with the mass migration of refugees. Violence in Europe will increase in size and scope as Islamists exploit its nearly unregulated immigration system and Muslim enclaves such as Molenbeek in Brussels become more widespread.

2. The proliferation of terrorism in Africa will proceed unabated.

3. The Middle East will experience growing destabilization in Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as a result of regional conflicts spilling into their borders.

4. Thailand, the Philippines, India and Bangladesh will become more susceptible to an increase in attacks due to their perception as soft targets.

Now for my own prediction. I predict that government stooges will increase the importations in linear progression related to the severity of repressions applied against the true British, American, European and Australian people, and that some day the people will realize what has been done to them, and what fate is actually intended for them, and will fight bsck like demons in all our countries - and win - if you call what getting back all that should never have been lost "winning".

Flanders said...

We won't fight them, but "our governments" will. And, then will invite more of them here.

The "US" is at WAR.

"If you were to check the headlines, the home pages, or even the back pages of the world’s largest media outlets right now, you would have no idea that just yesterday, the U.S. launched an illegal act of war against another sovereign government.
The media doesn’t want you to question these developments because they want them to unfold without question. Reporting on these issues would create a dialogue, and out of dialogue comes dissenting opinion.
"And the cold hard truth needs to come to light: the U.S. has illegally invaded Syria’s territory. The fact that the Syrian military cannot realistically drive the U.S. military out (especially while it is embroiled in numerous battles with ISIS and other radical guerrilla forces) does not constitute tacit acceptance of the U.S. military presence there. In fact, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called the U.S. and its associated forces “invaders” numerous times because the U.S. has no legal basis to operate inside Syrian territory.

On top of this unwarranted invasion, the U.S. claims it has the right to defend itself from troops loyal to Syria’s current government. It also claims it has the right to defend forces that operate under the control of the U.S.-led coalition. This is not a new proposal under Donald Trump; Barack Obama authorized U.S. air power to defend the U.S.-trained fighting forces in Syria, even if that meant attacking Syrian government troops.

Trump is just following the manual, with one key difference. Trump has empowered his military generals to make all these decisions for him and call in airstrikes whenever they feel like it, something that was impossible under Obama. According to the Guardian, this means Iraqi forces on the ground in Iraq can call in air support from the U.S.-led coalition. These are the same Iraqi troops that have been documented committing revenge acts, torture, and outright massacres."

Related Reading: Video Shows Iraqi Forces Fired White Phosphorus Into Mosul

Franz said...

"Because the Londoners who braved the Blitz were a different people..."

Here too.

Because of my sinful and fallen nature I worked for the Japanese for awhile in the 80s/90s when Nippon was seriously buying into US industry. Their money was as good as anybody elses and they were loads of fun after too much saki. First thing they all said drunk, almost without exception:

"You ain't the same people that beat us in the Forties"

But on top, we were. George H. W. Bush, who bailed out of a Grumman Avenger as a junior naval flight officer in the Pacific war, was president by then. He was also CIA and Council on Foreign Relations... the very gangs who set us up for "free trade and open borders" like the Foreign Office and The City set up England, and other countries were set up by their own versions of the same.

White Europeans ALL got set up after that war... with few exceptions by the regimes that piled on the Germans.

I'd forget about everyone from the Boomers to Gen X to the Millenials and concentrate on the Upper Tier of the Greatest Generation, as in: What did they know and when did they know it? Were we all force-fed the same Equality crap because they knew we'd be helpless, for the most part, when the Inundation began?

This HAD to be what they all meant when they said "New World or No World" right after the war.

What was the United Nations but a switchyard for the game of musical chairs that started as soon as enough commercial jets were connected from the Turd World to white nations? And the UN sits on ground that was even donated by the Rockefellers, for the love of Gawd.

A handful of Roy Larner's just won't help. You're only as strong as your gang and when the "Allies" (AKA white men) destroyed Germany, they proved they didn't have one.

Somebody figured that out awfully fast.

Flanders said...

"Here’s a simple, printable list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding products made by companies on this list, you can help ensure your money isn’t going to Monsanto and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself."

Flanders said...

"Your invited to the USS Liberty Memorial Public Library June 8th 2017, the 50th Anniversary"

Flanders said...

"Mossad, CIA, & Saudis Pushing for War With Iran"

Captain Cantankerous said...

Banger you need to change your name to Headbanger and go back on your meds. Seriously mate, you have problems.

Anonymous said...

@Captain Cantankerous

Well said.

Dexter said...

Flanders 6.41 - top comment. That is the way it's going to be.

Fiona said...

Had any of the barbarians survived & been injured by this hero, they could have claimed damages off him & there'd be a queue of human rights lawyers ready to take on their case !
Fk human rights.
Time for human rights to protect the majority, not the minority

Anonymous said...

This nation has been knifed in the back for years for many rears , in my opinion:
I followed the work in progress on Tony Sales “Codes and Cyphers” way back.
He was got rid of when became a nuisance and was banned from the site .
He must have caused quite a panic ,,,,,,,,,,,,,because he found so many of the “hands on folk and inventors” were still alive back in the late 90s.
His original site s still up there add worth a look , though some stuff has gone!
The point I make is: A couple of the top folk in charge or access to BP ...were passing stuff to Stalin (The intercepts on Operation Citadel) for example, also the original proto type of the 10cm radar component, was copied and sent to Stalin!, This came to light when the USSR collapsed.
I noted that it was not your hands on electronic folk, who struck the with the knife in the back.
The Americans let loose much of the Bletchley Park stuff ..when they claimed they had invented the electronic computer ,
I must say that they had some of their top signals folk , code breakers and the like, there from the very beginning! But like our lot, they kept tight lipped!
It strikes me those recent stabbing slashing assassins ……...may have been use full idiots….who had run out of cred…… spite of been TV stars!
They had not ,in my opinion, anticipated the the enthusiastic use of fire arms!
All of what I refer too ..Is up there on the net.,,,,get searching!

Banger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adr said...

Meanwhile in Galway someone threw a stone at a mosque and the media go into a meltdown. All the Christian leaders fall over themselves condemning it.

John C said...

People have Got to ask themselves What do muslims Get from this endless bombings shooting stabbings motor vehicle road rage killings ? ? ? ?
Who gains the most ?
What is achieved in the aftermath ?

rastus said...

And if anyone comes from Muzzieland to kill us- including anyone that visited there and gets radicalized; we kill em first along with their wives, children and don't forget the houses! Mohammed was a fraud. It's pay back time now. Enough crap from this batch of Mongrels. Repent from your hate religion!

Anonymous said...

I often hear Muslims say that the nowhere in the Quran does it say for Muslims to kill "Innocent" people. I believe that is true, but what they are hiding is the fact that in the Quran and Ahadith it says that unbelievers are guilty of the crime of disbelief.

The only 'Innocent" people are muslims and everyone who is not a muslim is a Criminal and ripe for slaughter.

John C said...

If this is true by the Millwall suporter then I say good man (lets not forget the Bulgarian man /bouncer who did similar) but really what I find perplexing is that he shouted out im fucking Millwall and Not im fucking English, why didn't he shout out im fucking English You C**** lets have iiittt You F******shitstain Slags ? Why Not ?
I support a team but I would have exactly said just that. I notice he still lives in Deptford or maybe has moved there? Be prepared for pictures of his extended family (Modern london) happy smiley and brave, waving the flag of Saint George.

Watch these vids and Keep Vigilant
Those that can lie about mass immigration & the HoloHoax can lie about anything.

Ordinary Peoplefuggerfees
Good Neighboursfuggerfees

nature's child said...

Banger - and I don't know why I even waste my time on this - but are you seriously saying the LOndon attacks did not take place, that Roy Garner cut himself shaving and that all these beautiful women you keep referring to are transgender?

Yes, you really do have issues.

John C said...

First time in over twenty years im not voting (uk) I was thinking should I go and spoil the ballot paper, what could I write? Or even just say to the counting clerks that I'd run out of toilet paper at home so could I use this ballot paper. Should Raise a laugh.
Tell a lie, I did once spoil my ballot paper but can't remember what I wrote, something to do with No one to vote for they are all zionist mouthpieces. Ive been to loads of election counts and the top Chief it gets sent to glances at it non plus and puts it to the side with the others. Maybe I'll write on it, To the Top Election Count Chief I'm Going To Kill You, You Mother ******, Yes i shall do that, then go down to the count Only to watch his Reaction (I will blag my way in, you need a pass, only for people involved in the election are allowed in).

Ps thanks Searcher, but I was in my safe space that night, in the Leafy Shires.

Anonymous said...

Banger said...

but the fact that you think these attacks are anything other than a macabre kind of street theatre, with no real casualties and certainly no muslim jihadists - other than play acting goons, of course - is a little disturbing.

It doesn't really matter, does it? I think I can speak for Savant as well as myself when I say that I'm prepared to believe that it was a false flag. Genuine or not battle lines are being drawn up. The battle for Europe is on. The only question left is whether it will be a fight or a walkover.


Six Million Dollar Man said...

The Judeo-British Globalists besides helping the UN with sanctions against Rhodesia, and continually betraying them in negotiations, also provided some of the surrounding communist nations with missile systems which could take out Rhodesia's aircraft, all the while "Communist" China, Cuba, & the Bolshevik controlled Soviet Union were providing the racist terrorists that were murdering Rhodesians with their weapons and training. Frank Galton had previously cited PM Harold Wilson's being owned by Bolsheviks, how many others in the government & media were also owned by them?
When Ian Smith wrote about Rhodesia's "Great Betrayal" he wasn't kidding.

-"At our meetings, he spoke endlessly about how Rhodesians had been more British than the British, how Churchill - had he been alive - would almost certainly have emigrated from corrupt, liberal England to Rhodesia, and how this small community of decent, fair-minded whites had been betrayed by, well, just about everybody he could think of - the Tories, Labour, the Afrikaners, the OAU, the UN."

John C said...

nature's child
banger and others like him are here to confuse, smear and make obsurd those that want to get a clear picture of what exactly is going on. The transsexual thing is way out loopy and its ment to be, so mix it in with this attack and its job done (so they think) Don't let him or others like him put you off investigating the new world order and the things they get up too. Nwo want no borders for a start, they want enyone mixed, no country’s, No White Race, especially the anglo saxon celt, why, because they/we are clever people, we have shown it in the past, we can do in the future, if awaken, the nwo/zionist are F*****, they are in a hurry to make us impotent. The nwo/zionist have lied on so many fronts, they can easily stage an event like london manchester boston, where from the top they set the scene, put some actors in, some patsies in (mi5 says to perverted imam time to release one of your unstables), some innocent people get caught up in it (its bloody Real for them) and Roll camera (if they are working) and a few eyewitness accounts (some questionable people), non stop msm shouts for more internet clampdown, more middle eastern wars (the average citizens dont want that) and guess what? They get idiots clamouring for all the things that are not in their long term interests. I dont want this level of immigrants (black or brown) in my country but I can still see whats being played out here and I always will be courteous with black brown immigrants until they show attitude to me, its then they get to see the other side to me. We have far to many gullible people of our own race and they have to be tackled, the soft ones need guiding to our way of thinking, and a small traitorous minority that need a good you know what done to them. We are obviously in a War, two Wars in fact, one is against our own traitors, the other is? You should know this, and its not the most obvious.
Ps If you ain't no racist, what are you? but a half baked retard.

Comment off YouTube
Invesigator I think it was in an interview with Ole Dammegard who said that nearly everyone involved in the hoaxes is either a crisis actor or connected to journalism and media. The Paulstal Service channel also noticed that this terrorist attacks are hoaxes who only involved media people and crisis actors.

Ordinary Peoplefuggerfees

John C said...

rastus said...
Repent from your hate religion!

he's meaning muslims


Live happily ever after ? In muti cult/race lala land. Silly Boy

Joe Splunge said...

couple of points here;what is this with that Gal Gadot damsel? I mean, the nonsense about her being transgender? She looks like an exceedingly fine lump of a girl to me, so what is this twaddle? Anyway; Islam is of course the Religion of Peace, and every good Moslem is enjoined to strive for peace in earth, you see. Peace on earth, you understand, can only come about when the world's population consists exclusively of good Moslems (you all see where this is going, of course...............), and ipso facto it is every good Moslem's duty before Allah to do what he can to cleanse the earth of it's pollution, i.e., infidels. Convert or die, that is it. By this logic the extermination of the entire world's population other than it's Moslem component is the summum bonum. By this logic too the highest state attainable for a good Moslem is martyrdom in pursuit of this goal. Now might one conjecture here that by this same logic the greatest act of Christian charity for any infidel would be to facilitate and enable the good Moslem's desire for martyrdom? What say any of you?

The News at Ten said...

Why wasn't at least some injured people taken to Guy's hospital which is right on top of the incident? Or london bridge hospital much smaller but would have done. Roy the Hero had cuts and was easily stapled up, he says he might be in hospital for a week? Oh come on now, this is all sounding like a load of boloxs, total nonsense, guy's hospital was quiet (watch video) and its a Saturday night, something like 98% of the two london terrorist attacks are foreigner victims (hard to see their family and friends spread right out across the world. Another thing, (tell me if im wrong) but the authorities/freemasons released a film footage of a man getting attacked by the three attackers all with knifes, police turn up shoot kill attackers but man/victim gets up from off the ground and moves out of way from camera view, apparently 268 shots were fired, F***, wouldn't you lie still and play dead? Than get up and move about, plus your heart will pump more blood out the knife wounds? Surely, Yes? No? The victim can see and hear the police, and apparently what the London police do now is bellow at people to get the f*** Down, lower, Lower than that, just get the f*** Down will you Or you might just well get your bleeding head blown right off, these guns are bloody powerful you know.
Btw hows that holocaust story going? Still 6 is it?
Bloody liars

No Victims Taken To Nearest Hospital During London Bridge Terror Hoax
Trust One News 2

Andromeda said...

Guys, just stop it. Now. Please. There WAS a knive and vehicle attack. Seriously, for fuck sake!! Such claims that it never happened make us all, and this blog, look ridiculous.

Not saying that the authorities behaved nefariously in the background but.....

Anonymous said...

just saw the video of the Ryan air employee in Brussels brought to tears in the air port by""dark skinned American from Brooklyn""now have to say its got to be a fucking Jew ""me first"" or a fucking Puerto Rican which makes me wonder why he is in Europe to begin with and most likely a Hillary supporter,on behalf of all right thinking Americans out there please don't judge all of us by this asshole although we know it is hard,once saw a 3rd world American think the Clampetts move next to a English family enjoying a meal and mr, goof with a biscuit in his mouth say"" hey you the English.i can tellhey does you ever see the Queen lady,"" wanted to sink into the floor and disappear so just bear with us and don't just compare us all,JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER,

My Eyes Have Seen The Glory said...

 Joe Splunge,
Be a good chap and explain why muslims who are still massively out numbered in uk/england would want to provoke a backlash against them from Britons ? All they have to do is remain fairly quite and keep having large families and western Europe is theirs in a generation or two. Can you also explain why Christians and churches in Arab lands are permitted with out molestation. Israel on the over hand......

Hercule Poirot said...

An American citizen Terrorizes a beautiful blonde lady, verbally assaults bald fat man over 50 dollars. To think It started off so well 76 years ago with them giving out chocolate bars and silk stockings.
Go Home Yank. Leave Europe In Peace.

Angry American passenger makes Ryanair employee cry at Brussels Airport
world magazine video channel

Anonymous said...

If the Germans had gotten across the Channel in any kind of force (say 150,000), they would have easily defeated the British. Look at a map. It's tiny!

Anonymous said...

Whining ten year old girl James Comey, all 6'8" of him, keeping a diary of abuse relating to Trump. It's the kind of thing lesbian lawyers advise Puerto Rican housewives to do. Create a document with dates and details that automatically has more authority in court than simple recollections. The motherfucker hid behind drapes to avoid running into Trump during the inauguration.

Luke2236 said...

Amen Mr Savant as usual. And God bless Roy Larner.

Amen anon 2:15 also.

You are correct Mr Flanders at 4:52 [as well as elsewhere]. The only problem with [[[their]]]plan is that we are heavily armed. Especially those of us [[[they]]] want rid of. And many are just looking for an excuse...

oh yeah hercule poirot... thats representative of all Americans like the 'citizens' who terrorize England, murder, blow things up and rape are... Take off you hosehead; white folk need to stand together, not get all pissy and act like jr high kids at a football game.

Anonymous said... 2017 Britain it's more like "We'll fuck them on the beaches...we'll fuck them in every city and town..."

Instead of resisting with blood, sweat and tears, it's more like "blood, sweat and queers..."

Winnie was supposed to be the first globalist secular saint. That's what giving him US citizenship was all about. But it was a premature step and he was later discarded in favor of Gandhi, Einstein, Martin Luther King and Mandela. And coming up fast...of course...Obama.

Never a big favorite in our household, if it had been up to my dad, Churchill's drunken ass would have been hanged for war crimes in Ireland. But...consider...if it had been up to my dad, you Brits wouldn't be overrun with coons swarming all over your island.

Anonymous said...

some one mentioned a transgender type gal on here and must say check out LAUREN SOUTHERN A real gutsy right wing conservatve gal who hits all the Antifat protest.ers and goes where most men wouldn't, she was born a man but had the female plumbing and went and had her self ""straighten out"" so to speak and must say turned into one beautiful woman.this i can accept but never the ""diesel dykes"" one sees in the left wing protests,

Flanders said...

The jew controlled "US" Congress has silently pulled another fast one for their kosher bosses, which is who they truly represent, while they hope that the American people will never find it out. It's so obvious that it's sickening to anyone who has true intelligence to see what is happening in America, but those types of Americans among the "educated" classes of America are so very few. Their "education" consists of having been extensively trained and conditioned into supporting jew "diversities" and Israel since their very birth and on throughout their post-graduate years, while the information that would make them truly knowledgeable, well-rounded, and capable of making clear-headed observations - are avoided and constantly obscured.

And, the jews and thier media are intent to keep it that way.

"Senate OKs U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem resolution 90-to-0"

The report is from an ecstatic jew site with "conservative" credentials, which pushes the false narrative that jews are "good Americans" who only want "what is best for America" as they play their end among the many networks jewry has established to control all aspects of American thought.

"The U.S. Senate, in an extremely rare moment of action without any opposition, has adopted a resolution calling on President Trump to abide by a 1995 law that calls for the U.S. Embassy to be in Jerusalem.

The vote was 90-0, with Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Dan Sullivan of Alaska not voting, along with Republicans Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

While the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 calls for the move to Jerusalem, which would be seen worldwide as a resounding affirmation of Israel’s historic claim to Jerusalem, it also provides a waiver the president can sign every six months if he determines the move might harm national security.

The waiver has been employed by both Democratic and Republican presidents ever since, including President Trump just days ago.

However, Trump renewed his commitment to moving the embassy, explaining the timing is not right.

So while the call for the law to be followed is seen by many as a call for the establishment of the embassy in Jerusalem, technically it simply states that the law should be followed."
"WND reported last month when Christian leaders [Satanist supporting Marxist-Zionists, of whom it would take only a very few (even as few as 3 or 4) to "represent" those other so-called "60 million"] representing 60 million members of the faith across America sent the president a letter asking him to move the embassy."

Anonymous said...

Warning: Unpleasant Scenes
This Is England: Extraordinary
Don't see this happening in america

'Eltham hasn't been touched by riots ... we're doing the job of the police'
The Guardian

We are the Enfield Army': Video of locals chasing rioters in London

Street Justice: UK vigilantes stand up as police fails to combat riots
RT 1

SAVANT said...

Anon 22.30 - I was greatly heartened by these videos. If these Englishmen can keep this going and get organised nothing will stop them. But be assured that the police will devote ten times more resources to countering them than they will to the terrorists.

Banger said...

Andromeda, check out this research from one of Britain's finest.

Now, you probably won't be able to access the site via your normal browser - go figure; but you can access him through Tor. Read a bit, research a bit, and I guarantee you that if you keep an open mind, you might be very, very surprised.

I happen to know that it is street theatre, and more importantly why 'they' go to the trouble - and believe you me, it is a lot of trouble. The real deal would actually be much simpler!! Brainwash a few clones and let 'em loose!! But that's not what it's about.

Chris, and others, will tell you why if you do some digging but I warn you, it'll require a re-assessment of what you think it means to be 'British.'

Anonymous said...

Jews in Israel going nuts, 108 yr old rabbi before he died told followers he had met the Messiah and would give it to his 80 yr old son in a written message to be released a yr after his death,well the son did and the rabbi stated his name was JESUS,the Messiah.go figure,

Anonymous said...

fake news and staged news, refugees pretending to drown etc.:

from 5:30 onwards it gets really interesting.

Flanders said...

Great videos, Anon 22:30. Those need to have some subtitles and be spread around. The attitudes and motivation are inspiring examples. It does seem that in that area at least the police are supportive for their people, or am I understanding that wrong?

AnalogMan said...

22:30: I had a look at the third of those videos. I believe that refers to the 2011 riots. I remember the reports of Sikhs organising to protect their property. They were warmly praised by the media. I also remember reports of about 60 White men gathering in the street in Dalton, I think it was, for the same purpose. About 300 police came down on them like a ton of bricks. That was probably the firmest police action of the whole riot.

I also remember a video of a female reporter interviewing a White victim of the black rioters, and telling him he can't say the rioters were all black. He said to her, "You want me to say they weren't all black. All right: I was the White guy there". She replied, "I'm sure they weren't all black, but all right, I hear you".

I followed the discussion of those riots on a police blog, and let me tell you, the British people did not cover themselves with glory; but the police were the worst of all. Total denial. At one point I said to them "Englishmen and -women are being stripped naked in your streets by feral negroes, and you people won't even name the problem". Boy, did I get jumped on (and banned). They didn't even know! The photos were published in the Daily Mail. The police didn't even know. Pathetic.

No, there won't always be an England.

Banger said...

John C. The transexual thing is indeed way out crazy to a normal person who has yet to be made aware of it. And I promise you, as a fellow reader of this blog, that I'm certainly not interested in smearing, confusing, or 'making anybody obsurd.' It is directly related to the overall theme of Savant's writing. Although the dots are hard to connect, admittedly, for some. But that's only because some of us don't (have to) do it for a living, and if yer focused on the kids, the bills, and the 9-5, is understandable that I sound like a f***ing lunatic. I hear you.

I just wanted to give readers on here a heads-up in the interests of human decency and our common interests as European Islanders, for the most part. What we all know, believe in, and have been brought up on, is in the process of being INverted - not just SUBverted.

Do me a favour and check out the image below - can you honestly say that this is a woman? Would you be willing to consider the possibility that you have been hypnotized by very sophisticated techniques to see/think otherwise?

Now, you may not give a shit about what this creature is or indeed isn't, and you might even think that it's not relevant. But if you care anything about traditional European values, you might want to re-examine that view a little more, with respect. And consider the point I made again about hypnotism.

Gal Gadot is a more advanced model, for sure. But as I said before, it's said in the back curve and shoulders, brow line.

Go wild and consider this as part of the immigration picture, and let me know what you think, if Savant would be so kind as to humour us just a little bit more~

I can tell you that I have to switch around my own IP address in order not to have some stuff here deleted (probably by Google A.I. 'program' - what? you didn't know about those?) - but it's not by Savant, I can assure you. Check out Chris Spivey, one of your very own; he has a lot to say about stuff getting deleted!!!


Flanders said...

"How did most africans get into ireland?"

Flanders said...

Here is a pertinent section of the report from the Beaumont, Texas local "news" channel 12, an ABC affiliate: [Note that they can get and correctly report the color of the Cadillac, and that "the man wore a black mask" - but what do they overlook and seemingly neglect to report?!].

"Morris says she was with Kera just before 2 a.m. after driving back from Galveston when they noticed a black Cadillac driving back and forth by the exit of the Siena Trails Apartment complex.

She says Kera drove around the Cadillac and parked when all of a sudden a man in a black mask came up to the window of their car.

"She kept saying no, please, please don't, no. And I jerked her back and he opened the door and shot at her twice," Morris said."
For comparison, here is another report with a few more details:

"White Wife Kera Teel and Unborn Baby Shot Dead by Three Black Robbers"

AKAEW said...

Those videos are great. However I'd like to see what actions are being taken by white native Brits to counter the wholesale forceful "Shariaisation" of swathes of British Cities Towns and Villages.

Is this happening?

AKAEW said...

Anonymous said..

8 June 2017 at 19:21

So who was yer dad then?

Anonymous said...

hey England,didn't know you loved mussies that much,well your gonna get them and sudanese niggers up the kazoo with this Corbyn guy,also you got fucked and didnt get kissed.farewll to a formerly great country, a guy across the pond,

Flanders said...

Off Topic:
I'm giving the question, but not the answer because there is other good info to see.

"Yesterday we learned how money works in a "debt system" economy.

It is essential that one thoroughly understands the example of how Joe would lose his house, by defaulting on his loan, unless the bank put back enough New Money into the economy to enable Joe to acquire sufficient cash to make all of his 88 cent payments.
Of course if the bank did put money back into the economy it would be through the issuing of loans.

Now, when you conduct your poll which we suggested earlier, also ask your friends and relatives this question: "What was the cause of the Great Depression of the 1930s?" The "pat answer" will be "the stock market crash of 1929".

That is simply not true.

It is a perpetuated lie.

Actually the stock market crash of 1987 was greater in percentage than in 1929. Yet, there was no depression following.


The answer is quite simple now that you have seen how our sample economy works."

[Flanders] The answer is in Part 2 at the link below, but it's tricky to navigate to it.
[In the left hand column, pull it down some and look for "Constitutional Rights and Stuff of interest..." and click on it.

The first article is the one, "How can the richest nation in the world be in debt?"

The heading is: The Hidden Dynasty of the Economy - The answer is further down in Part 2].

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Some of you may have noticed that almost all of the Muslim (Mind Controlled?) invader terrorists had been "previously detained" or "under government watch list" etc etc Now this story backs up that the (Masonic) FBI had agitated (and were handling) these Muslim terrorists.

Did the FBI Want Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Dead?
FBI agent was at the Garland jihad attack, egging on the attackers.
FBI under mounting pressure from Senate why FBI agent was present at Garland free speech event but did nothing to stop jihad attack

J Bull said...

Sixmillion, yeah, they watch them until they attack. Great system isn't it?

Mad Max 2000 said...

I always thought Theresa May was working to "roll back" brexit.
Now with her deliberatly disasterous election, I'm convinced. Even though Labour are not staunchly anti-Brexit, she's weakened Brexit's bargaining power with Europe, and UKIP have got almost wiped out from the previous protest vote. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

It was nothing to do with fighting muslims, Roy the Hero saw the geezer wearing a fucking Arsenal shirt didn't he. He said fucking liberty, coming over to my manor, giving it fuckin large. So I gave the geezer a slap didn't I, I said, get yerself over the other side of the river you mug before you get proper hurt. It was only when I went back inside to finish my beer, that someone pointed out that I'd been cut.. I thought the crafty little slag, i let that gooner get away with that... It was nothing to do with him being brown or nothing like that, ive got loads of brown mates me. I have muslim mates as well, its just, You can't go putting knifes up to peoples faces can you without getting a dig. And the prat was wearing plastic tesco stripey lemonade bottles sellotaped around him, thats what got me, what a fucking mug.
Press Release: Millwall FC said that a Burger Stall will be named after our hero Roy, where special Larger than amelie mauresmo head burgers will be sold, you will have to be brave to eat an whole one.
Ps we are so very glad that Roy our Hero didn't mention shitstain muslims terrorist or that he himself was English. After 50 years of bad rep for being a racist club, we have endeavoured to change this stigma we have being carrying around with us for to long, due to some very ignorant fans but thank god, thats changing now. We say well played Roy, our non-racist Hero. We hope to see many New Londoners pop into the New Den to take in a game or two and we hope you enjoy the great atmosphere the fans generate at The Den.

News At Ten said...

Never Six Million @ 11.37
Why would the (((fbi))) want (((pamela geller))) dead ? Don't make sense.
if any thing the muslims have retarded themselves with too much inbreeding.

Read this and show the women folk you know. This alone should have them banned from the West.
Wait and watch outside Great Ormond Street childrens hospital in London and see the amount of muslims with crippled children coming out of there. I read a article in a newspaper with a professional married Pakistani couple brought up in Britain both were related somehow, and they had a crippled child, guess what? They put it down to gods will..... Bloody Mental.

Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

Anonymous said...

Quiz: Only 1 in 100 Americans Can Guess the Countries? Can You?

I got 100 out of 100. Not bad for a london comprehensive multi cult/race education
Baseball is what we call Rounders, a girls game.

Anonymous said...

If you lot want a right good f****** laugh today then go and read darkmoon. Well funny

Britain In Chaos — Hung Parliament, Pound Falls, Brexit in Tatters

Searcher said...

Regarding that American at the airport. I wouldn't bother if I was American, apologising on his behalf. His identity is that of a "Hebrew Israelite".

Straight from the "Prince of the Universe" himself:

"Is it because I am "black"? Mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners, especially so called "blacks" are alive and well as evidenced by this video.

The Dominion Of Public Opinion

Opinions are like rectums since everybody has them,
Newspapers are the blues makers,
Since they distort what, why, how and when.
Upon the buck, Negro male the Lynch mobs descend, thirsty for blood and hungry for war, and
Regarding their evil intentions, they do not pretend.

Strange fruit hanging from the trees is what the Negro male is destined to be whenever subjected to the domain of global white supremacy. It's plain to see, freedom and equality have been historically non-existent for Negro males in western society.

And Africa is not our home, we were just there on a sojourn, we are Hebrew Israelites in captivity and that's why Negroes are so forlorn.

Read the "Zondervan's Bible Dictionary" if you fail to understand that the American Negro is not a descendant of Ham.

And see if you can walk ten miles in a negro's shoes before getting troll happy on the internet and being quick to abuse, but of course my challenge most will refuse because they automatically know that in the west if you are a Negro, you lose.

Naturally a physical life of Biblical Curses is not something most people choose, but always bear in mind, the Head Cornerstone is the stone that the builder refused."

Evil snowchimps didn't recognise his awesomeness. P'raps on account of their broken blue eyes LOL. Or ... he could have just paid the 50 forfeit for not having printed his boarding pass.

I used to think it quite comical to see the 'real Israelites" in the US i.e. the "black" man, so-called, African-American (two continents, hiding the identity of the "Hebrew Israelites"). They all were itching to put people (Whitey) into slavery. Sooo slavery is fine, if you are an "Israelite", just as long as you get to be master. Good to know.

News At Ten said...

Today there was nearly a terrorist incident in a jewish neighbourhood

Police hold man in Stamford Hill who threatened to ‘kill you all’

A man has been detained by the police today after he reportedly walked through a Jewish area shouting “Allah! Allah! I’m going to kill you all”.

Searcher said...

From the article on inbreeding.

The recommendation by the author:

"A legislative ban on first cousin marriages is a logical and compassionate imperative for both the Muslim world, for EU and our Western national governments."

Cousin marriage is legal throughout most of the Western world but in practice it is not the norm.

Cousin marriage AFAIK is only a problem if it is continually repeated, generation after generation. So currently there is no imperative to criminalise cousin marriage, based on the practices of the normie/majority Western populations.

To remove rights/freedoms from the majority, by responding to a need from a minority is a bit "same old" tbh. The right/freedom to marry within your own ethnicity is a logical (extreme) end to that process.

"The will of God" regarding the crippled child. What else are they going to say? "We married each other to keep wealth in the family". Swings and roundabouts. European royalty had the same issues. People lie to themselves all the time. Comforting lies.

PS If cousin marriage is banned, will procreation with cousins (outside of marriage) also be banned? Can marriages be contracted within a community that are not necessarily in accordance with the laws of the land? Lower age for example? Matters such as divorce are considered differently in Beth Din Centres and Sharia Law Courts in the UK. These religious communities have freedom to self-regulate to a certain extent.

Slippery slope.

Mad Max 2000 said...

Bangor said.
John C. The transexual thing is indeed way out crazy to a normal person who has yet to be made aware of it. And I promise you, as a fellow reader of this blog, that I'm certainly not interested in smearing, confusing, or 'making anybody obsurd.' It is directly related to the overall theme of Savant's writing. Although the dots are hard to connect, admittedly, for some. But that's only because some of us don't (have to) do it for a living, and if yer focused on the kids, the bills, and the 9-5, is understandable that I sound like a f***ing lunatic. I hear you.

Bangor, you don't have to defend yourself to pratts like John C.
Have a word with yourself.

News At Ten said...

Oh, I see I see i see

Special Report: From Ulster with love, Israel’s unlikely ally

Unbeknownst to most until last week’s parliamentary vote on Palestine, the Westminster MPs of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) are a staunchly pro-Israel lot.

But that’s not the whole story. Steven Jaffe, co-chair of the Northern Ireland Friends of Israel, thinks it stems in part from faith. “Many DUP MPs come from a Bible-believing Protestant background,” he says. “They have a very sincere and positive attitude to the Biblical roots of the Jewish people’s connection to the land.”

CS said...

Yes, the tyranny of political correctness undermines the virtue of self-reliance.

In Paul Johnson's little potboiler about Winston Churchill there is an account of Churchill, out of office in the 30's, expatiating on the German menace before a group of cronies gathered together at his country home in Kent. Worried by the imminent danger, a guest asked: "What would we do if the Germans arrived now." Taking the question in the most literal way, Churchill responded:

"That should not present no insoluble conundrum. Although the armory at our disposal is not the most modern, none of us would be without a weapon. We would sally forth. I should venture to assume the responsibility of command, and if the worst came to the worst, we would sell our lives dearly. But whatever the outcome, I am confident we would give a good account of ourselves."

Circulation of such stories could yet revive the bulldog spirit.

Anonymous said...


My dad was a regular guy with the political attitudes of working class Americans in the 20th century. There was a definite understanding, for example, that uncontrolled mass immigration was bad for working people. While minorities shouldn't be abused, you shouldn't have to move them into your house either. The poor should be provided for and predatory capitalism should be contained. War was a terrible thing and should be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Transgenders are cyborgs in waiting. When you get used to frivolous mutilation, you might as well stick a chip up there also.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought?

Pending bill in the New York state legislature will raise the minimum age for marriage to 17 from...wait for it...14.

Cousins marrying cousins is not a good thing but is not an issue for whites because of mobility. Happens a lot in black ghettos and small Southern rattrap towns where the alpha buck knocks up half the female population.

Anonymous said...

If any of you guys happen across the Black Israelites holding loud hateful meetings in Times Square, get away quick.

Also, European tourists should not hang out in Times Square. Not because it is particularly dangerous, but there is so much more to see by just walking around anywhere else in Manhattan.

Also, you might try Boston. Central Boston is more affluent in some ways than Manhattan. Oh...and not so many jigs.

AnalogMan said...

Banger said

Do me a favour and check out the image below - can you honestly say that this is a woman?

No, I can't. And thereby you undermine your own case. He/she doesn't look at all like Charlize Theron. So, what is your point?

All that stuff about back curvature and finger length may be true on average. Ask someone to explain averages to you. I haven't done all the measurements, but at least on one of your criteria, I'm a woman - I don't have a sloping forehead. What should I do? Please don't tell me I must accept my real nature as a woman, because then I'd have to be a lesbian to boot.

Yes, I've noticed that movie stars don't generally look like your average woman. I find that unsurprising. They are (or used to be) selected for conformity to an idealised standard of beauty. For instance, they generally have smaller butts than average. But on most of your criteria, they're female. They don't look like your tennis player. They sure as hell don't look like your average man, either.

Sorry, your entire thesis is preposterous. As you yourself say "The real deal would actually be much simpler!!"

bw said...


bw said...

Not sure if mentioned, but I believe the BBC has admitted that it was not in point of fact Churchill giving that particular speech, but rather an actor doing voiceover.

Flanders said...

If you live in an area with blacks and don't see murders by them being reported, it's because your media is not reporting on it - because it will be happening.

"We are trying to document as many 2017 interracial felony homicides involving blacks and whites as we can. This is an issue that is wildly distorted, misrepresented, and obfuscated by the media. We want to create the most comprehensive and honest picture possible. The DOJ report on 2015 murders shows that blacks made up 13% of the US population but committed at least half, and probably well over half of all murders in the USA. Black on non-black murders accounted for approximately one in ten murders. Meanwhile, well over 90% of black victims are murdered by a black perpetrator and a large majority of the remainder are killed by Latino perpetrators.

So far we have only found six white on black killings. We invite you to look for more. Send us an e-mail if you find any. Three of these were black males killed by white males. All three were national news stories, where the media explicitly listed the races involved and aggressively speculated about racial motives. In two of those, the authorities have stated that they were not racially motivated. The third suspect allegedly confessed to having a racial motive but then plead innocent and claimed self-defense at his arraignment.

What is interesting is the other three cases we found were all white females who were charged with murdering their black boyfriends. In each of these cases, they were tiny local blips. Why didn’t the media hype these? Probably because when a woman kills her boyfriend or husband, people tend to automatically jump to the conclusion that the male must have done something really bad. Also, the media like to portray black male/white female relationships as glamorous and trendy. A white female killing her black boyfriend doesn’t fit any popular media narratives. Except for maybe this one.

Our list of black on white felony killings for 2017 has already exceeded 200. In fact, we already have eight for the month of June. There are another forty or so murders with no suspect that we are tracking with Google News Alerts.
Three unborn babies were also killed along with their mothers. These were not included in the official totals."

Flanders said...

Do niggers get a free pass to rape, rob and murder because they are "youthful"?

Does that excuse the jew media's neglect to "report"?

It is not that difficult to report what, who, when, where, how and how many, and why.

Maybe it's time our ire is increasingly directed at jews and their (((media, MSM, and "authoritative sources"))), which are who it is which is intentionally misreporting, and who are maltreating the regular people and citizens on our streets and in our own neighborhoods. It is the jews who are empowering this stupidity.

"St. Paul: Black Mob Rapes and Robs Four White Kids"

The video asks some good questions about media and the prevailing neglect to regular people whose lives are disrupted by "youthful" niggers.

Flanders said...

"Teen Pleads Guilty to Gunfight That Left Trooper Shot, Could Serve 146 Years"
[Headline at the (((MSM))) fable]

"A teenager charged with shooting a state trooper after a chaotic car chase in downtown Philadelphia has pleaded guilty. reports 18-year-old Giovanny Cotto has pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder and causing a catastrophe, among other charges. Judge Roxanne Covington told Cotto he could face a maximum of 146 years in prison."

This link below has the link to the fable above:

"Black Teen Pleads Guilty to Gunfight That Left (White) Trooper Shot, Could Serve 146 Years"

Flanders said...

"It was a horrifying sight for some motorists in New Bern Wednesday who say they saw a driver tossing kittens from her moving car.

Chris and Lacey Orris say they were driving down Country Club Road approaching the Highway 70 overpass when they saw a woman throw two kittens out of her car window and run them over."

James said...

They want white genocide to be comfortable and easy so nobody wriggles.

Flanders said...

"What is with Jewish people always needing to go into hiding?

And what is with powerful non-Jews always being best friends with Jews?"

"A Columbia University professor from Brooklyn went into hiding Thursday after pal James Comey revealed during his Senate testimony that the man leaked memos detailing the former FBI chief’s conversations with President Trump to the press.

'Daniel Richman confirmed by e-mail to several reporters that he was the “good friend” and law-school prof who Comey slipped the documents...". [NYPost]

Flanders said...

"The Evil Terrorists and The “Good” Terrorists"
"Trump’s Blunders Fuel Mideast Conflicts"

AnalogMan said...

Searcher said...

Or ... he could have just paid the 50 forfeit for not having printed his boarding pass.

Is that what all the fuss was about? I never got that far into the video. That's actually a good reason to complain. Printing boarding passes is an administrative task of airlines. It's outrageous to expect your paying customers to know, and preform, your duties for you. And then to fine them, as if they were common criminals, for not knowing - who the hell do these airlines think they are?

Nevertheless, I have no sympathy for him, and the reason is precisely what he said. It's because he's black. I am so tired of the sight, the sound, the smell, the very thought of them...

Banger said...

AnalogMan, okay, then. I'll leave it up to the readers. But you obviously haven't done your research. And that's not unusual, so don't worry.

There's a term they use in psychological evaluation (I know, I know, it's all Jew pseudoscience, in truth; but hear me out! Some of it is useful, and nobody ever accused Schlomo of being stupid. Quite the opposite, in fact. Riiiight at the other end of the spectrum, darn him!!!) called: Cognitive Dissonance. That's what happens to some people when their worldview is challenged (shaken?) by a conflicting world view. Basically, they react irrationally - angrily, aggressively, denial, for example - rather than following up in the traditional way by re-examining the[ir] facts. (Which is a skill - Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, ya know? - no longer taught in most 'schools' unfortunately; elite academies/institutions excepted, of course.)

You should check it out! Cognitive Dissonance - I believe Orwell uses the term in 1984, but it's been while since I've read it. While you're there, check out 'doublespeak.' Here is a classic example from your good self:

"Yes, I've noticed that movie stars don't generally look like your average woman. I find that unsurprising..."

See what I mean?

What is an 'average woman,' for example? I see little goddesses on the street every day - beautiful looking kids/women - whose mums could be toilet cleaners for all I know. And given that I'm based in Asia these days, probably are. They'll never be in the movies. Starting to get my drift?

Probably not.

....Or try this: If they - said movie stars - looked like a man, then no red-blooded teenager would BELIEVE they are a woman and pin 'em up on his wall. Would he? Sports stars are another type of model - they are designed for efficiency and power usually....

(e.g. testosterone restriction pre-puberty prevents the larger - bio-dynamically, if not always physically, a fact - male jaw from forming, as Rory McIlroy probably realises by now, but this also reduces physical strength. So sports models and movie models differ in design, appearance. But it's all to the same end as I've explained before. For example compare Caroline Wozniacki and Amelie Mauresmo, one is quite 'beautiful' and looks 'feminine,' but lacks power and titles, the other thing would smash Ivan Lendl outta the court!!!)

....not visual aesthetics. And btw, you do realise that they use body-doubles for all those fashion/bikini/lovemaking shots, don't you? (Jude Roberts in Pretty Woman being an earlier, 'classic' [loll~] known example - but it's not made so clear these days, obviously.) Not to mention photo-shop tech which is actually waaaaay more advanced than the versions you and I could buy down in Power City!

C'mon. I'm strugglin' with the obvious here!!! But I hope this helps to clear things up for you.

Mad Max 2000? I hear ya, brother. Seems like a lost case! But a man just has to lay down a few cards every now and then. Which ones're the aces, of course, is for the punter to decide!.

Best, B.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

European Union threatens legal action against Eastern European countries that refuse to take in tens of thousands of African Muslim male invaders posing as refugees

News At Ten said...

Cheapskate said
Is that what all the fuss was about? I never got that far into the video. That's actually a good reason to complain. Printing boarding passes is an administrative task of airlines. It's outrageous to expect your paying customers to know, and preform, your duties for you. And then to fine them, as if they were common criminals, for not knowing - who the hell do these airlines think they are?

Well every one else in the queue manage to do it, the dumbfuck black american made a mistake, so instead of paying the administration fee/fine, he instead tries to bully everyone else around him, he obviously got great delight he making the blonde woman cry (over $50 £35, ) No f****** class whatsoever. And he went on and on and on like a old woman, with an audience watching. Sad to watch people demean themselves over $50 £35.
Reason this one out you dumbfucks don't travel on cheap airliners cos things like that happen, they'll want you to pay to use the toilet next, maybe sit on one anothers laps, squeeze more in to make more profits.

Anonymous said...

This era of Antichrist will end. When, I do not know.

Our Lord Christ said He came to bring war.

Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Antichrist says it has come to bring peace.

I and many others have had enough of Antichrist "peace".

In my opinion, it will take more suffering for people to understand what our Lord was saying.

News At Ten said...

Why you should never ever, Ever Shag your cousin.... EVER

Marriage Laws and the Principles of Breeding

Cousin shagging produces wonky eyed people who are bad-tempered and can't drive a car in busy city streets without crashing.

Flanders said...

"In case you haven’t seen it yet, jimmies have been rustled over the fact that the Saudi soccer team refused to participate in a moment of silence honoring the latest batch of white people murdered by brown desert people before a match with Australia. I have seen more than a few outraged people posting their outrage about this on these tubes and honestly, I just don’t get it.
And now let’s pause for a moment of silence for those killed by brown desert people in Londonistan. Brown desert people soccer team: “Lol”
And I ask: why should they? If you are outraged as though this is some sort of insult then you are still being misled on some level or another as to what is occurring. Let me put it another way: when the United States nuked Japan, did the people of America stop to observe a moment of silence for the Japanese who were killed? Of course not. They just viewed it as a good thing because more of the enemy was dead. I keep saying it over and over: these aren’t immigrants they are invaders and it’s not terrorism it’s war and guess what: you’re are losing. People will sit there and agree with me and then turn around and be all rustled over some silly shit like this. Why? Why should they put on a show as though they are mourning the death of their enemies?
It’s not a part of their culture to act like cucked faggots and mourn the death of their enemies."

The article continues, and later gets to the jew's part. Besides there is a lot left out in between the excerpts above. I think Gramps is right once I take the time to think about it. I just wish we didn't have so many wimped out multiculti fags on "our" own side - and I'm not talking about that "game" or any other, and all of the "sports teams" which are used to spread the globalist feelings of "brotherly" rivalry. Sport teams even look like Masonic faggots nowadays, and all they ever do is make more money for jewry.

News At Ten said...

Royals did it Muslims do it........ Lets all Do It.....Lets all shag our cousins.

Ann Cryer, Labour MP for Keighley during the last Parliament, condemned cousin marriages, saying they harmed children and were arranged to keep wealth and property within families.
She said they put a strain on the NHS in areas with big Pakistani communities because many children needed treatment for often disabling genetic disorders.

Peter Corry of St Luke's Hospital in Bradford estimates that among people of Pakistani descent in the city, 55 per cent of whom marry first cousins, the risk of recessive genetic disorders – the type due to related parents – is between 10 and 15 times higher than in the general population. A 2004 study found that 13 out of 1,000 Asian children born in the Bradford area had inherited recessive disorders, which can lead to disabilities.

In the UK, the issue came to the fore when the MP Phil Woolas, now the Immigration minister, claimed earlier this year that first-cousin marriages within Asian communities in Britain resulted in an increasing number of children with health problems. "A lot of arranged marriages are with first cousins, and that produces lots of genetic problems in terms of disability [in children]," Mr Woolas said.

Previous research has suggested a higher risk of health problems for babies born as a result of consanguinity – marriage to a blood relation – including studies involving Jews, Arabs and Romany gipsies.

Flanders said...

The old Socialist jew, Bernie Sanders, now a has-been, shows that jew Sharia prevails when jewry are in power, and what the jew's really think of Christians. His is not an isolated case among jewry. It's the norm.

"Bernie Freaks When Christian Refuses to Deny Faith for Islam"

"This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is having trouble understanding the Constitution, and in this particular case its prohibition against a religious test for public office. [In connection with a confirmation hearing for a Office of Management and Budget nominee].
"Essentially, Sanders is insisting that anyone who believes there is only one way to salvation (which includes Muslims, by the way) are not fit to serve in public office. While trying to expose Vought as unsuitable for office, Sanders instead revealed it’s him who has an utter disrespect for our nation’s Constitution.

The fact that Vought holds orthodox Christian beliefs and has written about them publicly has no bearing on whether he is an acceptable nominee to work in the Office of Management and Budget, or any other public office for that matter."

Flanders said...

"US Marine Gets Barred From Commencement Because He Was Wearing His Uniform"

Regardless of the feelings we may have for those young men who erroneously think they are "serving their country" when fighting wars for jewry, we hate the leftist policies being progressively applied here at home even more. This is a reflection on the result of Marxist measures being applied willy-nilly, and in ways to weaken our strongest institutions, especially our children's schools.

"A member of the United States Marine Corps was barred from walking across the stage at his own high school commencement ceremony, all because he was wearing his uniform, the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

Furthermore, the school didn’t read the man’s name, among the graduates.

High school graduate Jacob Dalton Stanley graduated early so that he could join the Marines. He completed boot camp, then flew home to walk with his classmates."

The article continues, but it is wishy-washy and doesn't go or say near enough.

Flanders said...

"EU Boss threatens members with legal action over muslim quotas"

"European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker threatened Friday to launch treaty violation proceedings against EU members refusing to take in their share of refugees, AFP reports.
Eastern European countries including Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have flatly opposed an EU plan adopted in 2015 to redistribute among other members 200,000 Syrian, Eritrean and Iraq asylum seekers from Greece and Italy.
Warning that he is losing patience, Juncker said the drastic step of launching infringement proceedings aimed to make clear that “decisions that have been made are applicable rules, even if one voted against them”.

“This is about European solidarity and there should not be a one-way street. There must be traffic in both directions,” he said.

[Flanders] It looks to me to be more like an 8 lane highway going one way only - and it's driving what's left of Europe over the mountain side - while it's making the European people pay the entire cost of the trip.

Flanders said...

Barf at will.
Speaking from jew-ruse-alem - Israel's top rep to the UN - playing the victim while it uses the "US" to stomp a bloody spot filled with the guts of all it's opponents.

"Envoy Haley says U.S. won't let the UN 'bully' Israel anymore"

"Nikki Haley spoke Wednesday in Jerusalem a day after she berated the UN's top human rights body for ignoring countries with horrendous human rights records while focusing obsessively on Israel.

Israel has long complained of ingrained anti-Israel bias within the UN, where Israel and its allies are far outnumbered by Arab countries and their supporters.

Haley told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the approach toward Israel at the UN was a "habit." She said "the UN was such a bully to Israel because they could."

In a meeting with President Reuven Rivlin, Haley said "I have never taken kindly to bullies and the UN has bullied Israel for a very long time and we are not going to let that happen anymore." She said "it is a new day for Israel in the United Nations."

Rivlin said Israel sees in her support a new era where "Israel is no longer the UN's punching bag."

[The sick jew slanders and "pity me" remarks continue - incessantly, as is usual].

Mad Max 2000 said...

Flanders said

It’s not a part of their culture to act like cucked faggots and mourn the death of their enemies."

That's nailed it in one line. Thank you Flanders.

Thor said...

Cousin marriage is a major reason why those societies are so backward and disfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Six million never Not even 1
European Union threatens legal action against Eastern European countries that refuse to take in tens of thousands of African Muslim male invaders posing as refugees

Well why shouldn't they take them in? It's a club at the end of the day,(a soviet one) You can't keep taking out and not put in. If you don't follow the rules then you deserve to be fined or even kicked out (that wont happen kicked out that is). BIG HARD BRAVE POLAND AND THE HARD WORKING POLISH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DOOOO ?????
You're going to take them in you mugs, thats what yer gonna dooooo.
After 45 years of soviet rule the first time round, you should know how the game is played. Christ the pols are so fucking stupid.
I really cannot Stand Hypocritical people

News At Ten said...

Thor that's right, 1400 years the moslem been doing it along with 'jews' even longer. They say it's about the money, keep the wealth in the family. Problem with that is, you do end up with some right spasticated family members further down the line.

double first-cousin marriage

loosening of genetic ties in europe started before christianity?

Anonymous said...

Re UK election: In my opinion : It woz the gladioli lobbing tendency ..wot dunit !
Grief on the cheap.
I suggest that folk investigate the recent bomb alert stampede in Italy.
And ask themselves whether any up to date fire drill is taking place n schools.
The police now appear to be better equipped both anti and post attack!

John C said...

C'mon. I'm strugglin' with the obvious here!!! But I hope this helps to clear things up for you.

Amelie Mauresmo would smash Ivan Lendl outta the court !!!
Banger the bagel muncher, you are talking utter boloxs now.

Amelie age is 37 and Lendl is 57 some competition and I reckon Lendl would win, probably just, but he is 57 and retired 25-30 years ago , and if it came to a physical fight Lendl would knock her right out, if he wanted too. Some women have that bit more testosterone in them than other women, take Martina Navratilova, she won everything going in the 80s. She couldn't beat Jimmy Connors who only won two Wimbledons (two more than me) in his career, he had been retired for sometime, read on to see the rules for both players. He beat Navratilova comfortably, it was only 2 sets, she started off well (considering the rules) but tired in the end. Men play 5 sets if its a even game. You're talking utter rollocks Banger. You are here to promote silliness. Go and play cards at the casino with the Big Boys with Proper Big Money. Or just go and play on the one arm bandits at the amusement arcade. Or even better, take yer mum out to the bingo. Idiot puffhead.

This from wiki
A third "Battle of the Sexes" match, entitled Battle of Champions, was played at Caesars Palace in Paradise, Nevada on September 25, 1992 between Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova aged 40 and 35 respectively. Navratilova had previously turned down invitations to take on John McEnroe and Ilie Năstase as she considered them undignified.The promoters initially tried to match Connors with the then top ranked female player, Monica Seles. Connors called the match 'war'. Navratilova, on the other hand, called it a battle of egos.

The match was played under hybrid rules to make it more competitive; Connors was allowed only one serve per point, and Navratilova was allowed to hit into half the doubles court. Each player received a $650,000 guarantee, with a further $500,000 for the winner. Connors won 7–5, 6–2. Navratilova made 8 double faults and 36 unforced errors. Connors, too, was nervous and there was a rumor that he had placed a bet on himself to win at 4:1. According to the Connors book "The Outsider" he placed a million dollar bet on himself, saying that he would lose no more than 8 games.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

There has been discussion of the fake jews allies the Muslims infiltrating to the highest levels of the US government with Huma Abedin being the most obvious (an agent of Saudi Arabia and Hillary's Handler, with Carlos Danger aka Anthony Weiner being the handler for the Zio-Masonic fake jew state of Israel) here they have taken over the State Department, which has long been controlled by zio-masons
Exclusive: Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department

Six Million Dollar Man said...

European Union is Kalergi Plan
A conclusive report on the undeniable & self-evident Jewish creation of the EU
One cannot completely and totally oppose the EU, without mentioning its anti-European agenda, the origins of which are undeniably and self-evidently Jewish, as are the staunchest promoters of a dysgenic, anti-European: 'United States of Europe', today and historically.

The way the EU is set up in terms of internal policy creation results intentionally in a situation whereby interest groups have more influence on the actions of the European Commission than do the national interests of each member state.

This is openly admitted in academia.

This means groups like the European Jewish Parliament, European Jewish Congress, the international ADL and numerous other Jewish-centric organisations and lobby groups led by singular individuals such as Moshe Kantor (co-author of the policy suggestion paper 'Model statutes for the promotion of Tolerance') have more influence than any singular nation state on the formation of EU Commission policy. The fundamentally anti democratic and anti European concept is sometimes actually stated as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. This entails all of the genocidal and anti democratic foundations of the EU concept.

The democratic deficit (technocratic dictatorship) inherent in the EU is also openly admitted within academia.

John C said...

 Mad Max 2000 said...
I always thought Theresa May was working to "roll back" brexit.
Now with her deliberatly disasterous election, I'm convinced. Even though Labour are not staunchly anti-Brexit, she's weakened Brexit's bargaining power with Europe, and UKIP have got almost wiped out from the previous protest vote. Interesting.

Mental Max 2000 your interesting comment has been up for 24 hours and nobody is interested enough to reply to it (which I find interesting). Perhaps you can go under a different name and reply to yourself. Thats what queer boys normally do.

Mental Maxine 20 read this, it is interesting.

The Wilkomirski Affair: How a Holocaust Hoaxer was Rewarded for his Lies

Mad Max 2000 said...

Anonymous News At Ten said...
Why you should never ever, Ever Shag your cousin.... EVER

On the contrary, I wouldn't recommend anyone breeding past their third cousin.
2nd and 3rd cousin Cosanguinity should be actively encouraged.
1st cousin marriage should be frowned upon, unless the parents of both parties, are not already too imbred in the community.
I blame most of the ills of modern Western Civilisation, down to the fact that such marriage and breeding is taboo. Philosphers and assorted intellectuals can talk to their hearts content about the decline of our civilisation, and why white men won't rise up and take care of business.
It's simple,we're atomised. Most people in the UK , don't know their next door neighbours, next door neighbour. Whereas Irish Gypsys and the lower races, all practice cousin marriage, and they have successfully built extensive networks of 'criminal associates'. These criminal enterprises are blood bonded, and the security services cannot penetrate them.Whether they are ripping off the government in housing benefit / Disability Allowances etc. etc. or whether they are more serious criminals, they are costing the UK billions a year, raping our women and children and destroying our civilisation.

John C said...

Mental Micky 2000
said this
On the contrary, I wouldn't recommend anyone breeding past their third cousin.
2nd and 3rd cousin Cosanguinity should be actively encouraged.
Whereas Irish Gypsys and the lower races, all practice cousin marriage, and they have successfully built extensive networks of 'criminal associates'. These criminal enterprises are blood bonded, and the security services cannot penetrate them.Whether they are ripping off the government in housing benefit / Disability Allowances etc. etc. or whether they are more serious criminals, they are costing the UK billions a year.

He wants us to be like this and go backwards, seriously, a stupid mind at work here. He wants us all to be stabbing one another over the most trifling of things, lots of people walking around boss-eyed, ripping off the elderly for badly made drives or roofs that just needed a few tiles fixed but change the whole roof or am I thinking of the english builders. They are all at it. Except those nice wonderful hard working polish builders). Funny thing is that the normal irish, the ones that live in houses with a mortgage dont particular get on with them the most.
Some blacks and some unemployable white social misfits have 2,3 children with each 2-3 different women, you going to promote that? Might as well. You really are mental Max, probably boss-eyed as well.

In my area, they (irish travellers live in static caravans and travel to Spain once a year for two weeks, like everyone else) mention they have minority rights if a publican says they dont want them in the pub. Everyone just roll their eyes and look away, but luckily they have two pubs that are theirs if they want change of scenery.
Ps max, the security services, system, wants a breakdown of neighbourhoods awash with drugs, they dont mind people living on the social, dealing drugs, taking drugs, so long as you dont threaten the system we live under. Honest upright working/middle class people scares them. From them comes - National Socialism. Now play some scary music in your head while you think of That.

John C said...

Mad Max 2000
It's simple,we're atomised. Most people in the UK , don't know their next door neighbours, next door neighbour. 

Thats because you don't bother to talk to your neighbours or they don't want to talk to you. Try not to look so creepy/autistic and that could change. Find a girl, that wants nothing more than a large family, probably going to be ugly but that dont matter, just get pissed every night, and try and get one thats got some legs, our race got to many short arses already. So did you get that. Long legged ugly bird that loves babies, is your best bet.

Mad Max 2000 said...

John C said...

So did you get that. Long legged ugly bird that loves babies, is your best bet.

Thanks for the dating advice, John, you're a regular Marjorie Proops.
And before Bangor gets excited, that's you with glasses and a skirt.

joe btfsplk said...

". . .probably going to be ugly but that dont matter. . ." jimmy soul-brother agrees [1963]

Anonymous said...

I was thinking to myself, thinking how did theresa may manage to completely mess up a majority government and a raging hard brexit? Just how was it possible? I know what some of you dirty minded people are thinking, but it's not that. Well I found the answer on this website.

If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit they could not do better than contrive the situation Theresa May has wrought. It works like this:

Anonymous said...

So...the key thing is to keep the jigs out of our countries. Especially the Sudanese famine/civil war tidal wave that's currently forming. Bad as the Somalis are (and it took them dropping turds on the streets of Minneapolis to bring a full awareness of the mass immigration issue to middle America), the Sudanese are even worse. Like fifties East Ender gangsters compared to Oxford dons.

But Trump is gelded and fighting with the one voice for a reasonable curtailment of immigration, Jeff Sessions. Tom Cotton is the only other reliable politician on this issue. Meanwhile, if any of Trump's agenda gets through, it seems like it will be the worst of his irresponsible big business handouts. The regular Republicans like that kind of stuff. And the Democrats can live with it.

And the recent British election is being narrated here as a rejection of Brexit.

Anonymous said...

Savant I don't think this blog is going the way you intended
Just the same old boring comments

And John c the retired old fart always looking
To eventually find the bad in everybody's
Posts. Like some sort of agitator kike
I usually skip 90 per cent of his posts now

But in all honesty I find the replies in my local newspapers stories to be more debatable and amusing

So sad savant sorry the way it's gone on here

white debbil said...

Islamists have built a powerful infrastructure of terror inside Europe's cities. These terror bases are self-segregated, multicultural enclaves in which extremist Muslims promote Islamic fundamentalism and implement Islamic law, Sharia -- with the Tower Hamlets Taliban of East London; in the French banlieues [suburbs], and in The Hague's "sharia triangle", known as "the mini-caliphate," in the Netherlands. These extremist Muslims can comfortably get their weapons from the Balkans, where, thanks to Europe's open borders, they can travel with ease. They can also get their money from abroad, thanks to countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These Islamists can self-finance through the mosques they run, as well as get "human resources," donated by unvetted mass migration coming through the Mediterranean.

AnalogMan said...

Jews At Ten said...

Cheapskate said

See what I did, there? Don't you admire my wit?

No, of course not. That was childish. Do you get it?

I'll make a deal with you. You refrain from the personal insults, and I'll do the same. Try to keep it classy. If not for your own self-respect, then in deference to our host.

AnalogMan said...

Banger said...

What is an 'average woman,' for example? I see little goddesses on the street every day - beautiful looking kids/women - whose mums could be toilet cleaners for all I know. And given that I'm based in Asia these days, probably are. They'll never be in the movies. Starting to get my drift?

Probably not.

No, it seems to me you're just digging the hole deeper.

You know perfectly well what I mean by an "average woman". That "define her" stunt is the last refuge of someone who has run out of arguments. Like the trolls who challenge us to "define White".

If you want to quantify it, you could say that, if women are defined on a scale of 1 to 10 for attractiveness, then the "average" woman (assuming normal distribution) would be a 5.5. You could measure a representative sample of women for height, bust size, hips, waist, age etc and calculate an arithmetic mean (or a median, or a mode) for each data point. You'd be no wiser than you are now.

Your argument sounds like the classic logical fallacy: "All men are mortal. Socrates is mortal. Therefore Socrates is a man." Either that, or you're attributing that fallacy to me.

Try it like this: "All movie starlets are beautiful. Mai Ling is beautiful. Therefore Mai Ling is a movie starlet." But she isn't, so that proves... something.

Or this: "All men are mortal. Charlize Theron is mortal. Therefore, Charlize Theron is a man."

What's your point?

Frank Galton said...

Six Million Dollar Man said: FBI had agitated (and were handling) these Muslim terrorists."

Russia Today

VIDEO (ff 15:46)

"Most terrorists are false flag terrorists or are created by our own security in the [Zionist-controlled] United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism." - Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence activity

The Guardian, 19 June 2014

Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder of the US Marine Corps intelligence hugely respected by senior military intelligence experts across the world.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

News At Ten said: "Cousin shagging produces wonky eyed people..."

The Tablet, 10 September 2014

Study Says All Ashkenazi Jews Are 30th Cousins

International Business Times, 10 September 2014

New Study Shows European Jews Are All Related

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 10 August 2012

Orthodox Jewish men given a new weapon in the war against sexual temptation… blurred glasses so they can’t see their cousins

It may seem a short-sighted solution but blurred glasses are their latest tool available to ultra-orthodox Jewish men who want to stop eyeing up their cousins.

The specially-designed out of focus glasses are not proving popular among so-called 'Charedi' men in religious areas of Israel.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Far too many of our White people, despite having an ingrained intelligence and ability, fail to have a capability to go past the programming which has been built into our present society which creates and allows their inability to see what is happening and who it is who is causing these courses of events to happen, seemingly to others while the target is them.

The site's author below expresses an awareness about this and documents their findings very well. If you fail to see after some in depth exposure, perhaps you need more time away from the comfortable semi-socialist nest which has been created for you to rest in apathy, while being told to remain positive while your execution is being planned - and which is now under execution as it has been prepared to soon be carried out.

"The leftist enemy Zionist/Jesuit owned and operated western media glorifies the supplanting and killing of whites and Christians: only whites and Christians. Whites and Christians are being supplanted and killed off daily on a global scale through Zionist multi-cultural Marxist/Latin crypto-Jew Jesuit liberation theology with their media remaining dead silent while they promote Africans and other enemy minorities over all Whites, Protestants, and Christendom. This is no joke or conspiracy for the facts within this reality bears this all out while they still exist.
Make no mistake America even the people now sitting on the US supreme court today are our dire enemies. They are pagan Jesuit and heathen Jew comrades who push a deceptive secular/relativistic anti-white, anti-Protestant, anti-christian, and an anti-American agenda based upon Talmudic/Kabbalist multi-cultural Marxism and Marxist Latin liberation theology. Since the pagan/heathen multi-cultural Marxist/liberation theological Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity now control most of our white christian sociopolitical and economic institutions voting is now a complete fraud. Even Trump is a Jesuit trained Jew pretending to be a white a protestant christian along with his latest supreme court pick. This is why we whites are now a minority globally and are also being made a minority within our own white nations = leftist genocidal social justice. The holy wars never ended.
Make no mistake white christian America all the mass immigration and fleeing refugees really represent a full scale invasion of all our white kindred nations, and is a leftist old brand of white and christian genocide being disguised as some twisted new form of harmless humanitarian democracy."

Multicultural Genocide of White Protestant America 2

Flanders said...

True Americans - White Americans - need to realize what the "US" really is:

"US" means USA enslaved.

Flanders said...

When it is possible that you, a White American fully-fledged citizen can see with some clarity what is going on - AND (((who it is))) doing it to you within your own country, you will be given a more visible target who makes no bones about it that they are targeting you (and you even fail to remember who it was (((who))) imported them).

But, make no mistake about it, jewry is hard at work behind the scenes writing and directing the script and sometimes even acting in them.

Sometimes they even give what seems like (and given the current conditions what actually is) good advice:

"This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack"

"As images of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and Pulse nightclub massacre flashed on-screen, Ivey warned residents that attacks have happened locally as well as abroad."

“What’s next is to fully understand that this is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to protect you, your family, and those around you if attacked,” he said.

Ivey stressed that attackers rely on people running, hiding, and waiting for help, rather than fighting back.

“What they don’t count on is being attacked themselves, having to become defensive to save their own lives,” Ivey argued.

The sheriff said that calling 911 means officers are on their way, but said, “Until they arrive, it’s up to you and those with you to neutralize or eliminate the threat.”
“No matter who you are or what your position is on guns, there’s no denying the fact that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun or a knife is an armed and well-prepared citizen or law enforcement officer,” Ivey said."

Flanders said...

Oh, Look! One of the directors is already here, busy at work in the nation's capitol, working with his scriptwriters in Congress on a brand new scene.

"George Soros’ Son Has Been Day Drinking With Democratic Leadership"

Flanders said...

The last scene shot in D.C. was so colorful, as well as practical! We just can't wait to see the next one.

America's Capitol: "D.C. Spending $20,000 to Paint LGBTQ Murals on Storm Drains"

Flanders said...

One of the last administrations who worked so closely with jewry (who had even provided him with their own (((prosecutor))), Chertoff, had such a profitable enterprize, but there must be an error in the printing office, because I didn't see it reflected anywhere in the national budget.

"The Numbers Are In- The Clinton Foundation Made 2.85 BILLION $$ for Selling Uranium to the Russians"

Flanders said...

But, jewry does have some foxy friends that so many of them love to hang out with.

"Antifa showed up in droves to counter-protest the March Against Sharia in New York City where conservative journalist Lauren Southern, among others, were live-streaming.

At one point during Lauren Southern‘s livestream feed she gets surrounded by Antifa that begin harassing her before dumping an unidentified liquid on her – [now beleived to have been] red fox urine."

Flanders said...

It's gotten so bad in todays' "US" that even the well-meaning activist SJW's can't even get a break. Have no fear, she will still spread her love throughout the world, even after she is mugged for the 27th time while lying in her hospital bed while in her 70's.

"Activist Robbed At Gunpoint Just Hours After TV Talk On Stopping Violence"

"A Chicago [negress] activist was robbed at gunpoint the same day she appeared on television in a report on Chicago's gun violence.

Aleta Clark, an anti-violence and anti-poverty activist, appeared on ABC7's "Windy City Live" on Monday afternoon to talk about her work. Clark sells T-shirts with the slogan "Hugs No Slugs,..".
Clark asked the man if he was going to kill her over the money she makes selling shirts. He said no, he didn't want to kill her, but he wanted her money. He laughed about her own T-shirt, which urged people to "put the guns down," she wrote on Instagram."

Flanders said...

USA - Land of the Free - previously HOME to White AMERICAN people:

"Blocking traffic, unauthorized camping, public defecation decriminalized in Denver" (((PROTECT THE REFUGEES)))
[Thanks to Death2Autism for the title and link].

Banger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Banger said...

John C: Facepalm! I was talking Lendl in his prime. It seems that most people are indeed correct; you are an utter and complete moron. But more fool me for responding, I suppose. I like to see the good where I can. Necessary in my line of work.

p.s. YOU and people like you are the reason that Britain's not Great, anymore. You do get that, don't you?

Never mind: This is what's coming. I hope you are ready. (And you thought lowlife scum form the 'stans were the big problem? Jeez, buddy, you ain't seen nothing yet!)

Anonymous said...

The decline of culture/religion is absolutely the main contributing factor in the decline of Christian civilization.

Television is the basis of religion/culture in our society. Television personalities are the priests of this religion.

Jesus Christ is not on television, Jesus Christ does not run television.

Antichrist runs television.

This should be obvious now to even the densest of morons.

There is a state religion and it is anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Kikes are anti-Christ.

This is a fact.

As a whole, kike is Antichrist.

Why does no one mention this?

It's all fake.

Instead they come up with some anti-white mumbo-jumbo.

What is white? They can't tell you.

Jesus Christ is White.

Kike is Antichrist.

Frank Galton said...

The Grio, 20 December 2013

Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men

Nazaree Hines-Starr details how she feels many black men fall short when it comes to qualities that make for a good husband. She goes further and lays out why your Prince Charming may be at your local synagogue.

African-American interviewer (01:10): "What about when it comes to the roles in the house. Who brings home the bacon, so to speak?"


Frank Galton

Flanders said...

The newly nominated FBI director seemingly does not have a record of protecting and advancing Hillary's direct interests, but Christopher Wray does, according to this article, have a record of sorts, and it doesn't bode particularly well. Read it as MORE of the same. Besides old Bush ties, the article points to this:

"If confirmed as FBI director, Wray will be in charge of the agency’s war OF terror on Muslims and other designated enemies of the state.

Inventing reasons to bash Russia, China and Iran will be part of his mandate."

Add to that, this story and Wray certainly is not looking like the best choice.

"Christopher Wray, Trump's Nominee for FBI Chief, Hunted Nazis Hiding in the U.S."

"Christopher Wray's cases included the denaturalization of the notorious former Sobibor death camp guard John Demjanjuk, which paved the way to his deportation to Germany"

Excuse me for not signing up in order to obtain the full linked story, but you can if you like.

Flanders said...

Too much good reading in the article below to properly summarize it.

"Liberals are Losing their War of Terror on America"

"Libtards in good standing mostly favor the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. For sane observers, one can agree that recognizing Palestine is an essential necessity, but to extrapolate that his ultra socialism is a valid succession is moronic. Theresa May’s Troy Party has failed for scores of reasons of their own making. However, in a world where there are few, IF ANY; constructive political alternatives, the need to maintain a continual fake war of terror becomes paramount.

The popular culture in the United States has deteriorated severely over the last century. Under a Teddy or a Franklin Roosevelt administration, the malignant neoplastic disease of progressivism has spread as the grim reaper. Zionist Khazars have destroyed our national values, fabricated a false news narrative and destroyed our money, while illegally amassing financial dominance.
Push back from genuine Patriots has begun. The Right Begins to Fight: Conservatives Launch Offensive Against ‘Hate TV’, is a non violence approach to counter the Soros backed subversive effort to silence the truth from the progressive enemy controlled media.

Our Republic has been under governance by traitors well beyond the lifetime of any living American. This phony terror war provides self-justification to divert the actual causes of the destruction of our constitutional bill of right protections.

Americans will never cast off the yoke of national slavery until they jettison an internationalist foreign policy that aids and abides Israel or the Saudi regimes."

[The article continues, and there is much more good to read].

News At Ten said...

Cheapskate said
Jews At Ten said...

See what I did, there? Don't you admire my wit?
No, of course not. That was childish. do you get it?

I think your wit is fine and I dont mind being called Jews at Ten. But you are still a Cheapskate and a bit dumb at times, you're not understanding the rules, when you look around for a cheap bucket airline to travel with, these airliners get a bargain cheap ticket for you by squeezing the wages of their employees and above all else they get YOU to Print the Bloody Boarding Ticket Out, Get This, Thats Why It's Cheaper Than Other Airliners... Get It Victor Meldrew, you can complain has much as you want but rules are rules. Get It? All the other people in that line patiently queuing had done their bit (by printing out the ticket, so saved $50) then had to watch that spectacle, they were probably thinking that this is dumb Dumb So f****** Dumb.
I dont do deals with defeatist.
Our Glorious Leader is probably laughing at you being called a Cheapskate and now Victor Meldrew. I dont bloody Believe It. Lol

Victor Meldrew joke

Flanders said...

Are (((liberal jewry))) looking for a back door way to bootstrap the anti-White jews and their leftist counterparts back into control over America's dialogue, and have they now found the way to do it? Of course, they have.

[headlines is all, without signing up].

"At NYC 'Anti-sharia' Rally, White Nationalists and Conservative Jews Find Common Ground"

I don't think it is a surprise to most of us White people that jewry would seek to use the very scum whom they worked so hard to import as a weapon against us. The jews never gave a damn about muzzies or anyone else. They merely want division and lack of unity to exist among our own White people, and they will use other people to do it.

I would recommend being very leery about any White "leader" who tries to encourage participating in such events in the "US". Even if they are legitimate in their reasons, it opens their organization to potential unintended infiltration.

In the UK and Europe, you won't have much choice except to protest muzzies, but Americans have MUCH (((bigger problems))) than a few muzzies, most of whom are so PC'd themselves that they would pee on allah before they would curse the NYT's recommended reading list.

That said, no one who is not White, including the traitors who have only "white-skins", belong inside any of our countries, and the sooner our White people are on board with that message, and understand why, the faster our problems can be addressed and surmounted, and normal life lived again. This time let's do it with the appropriate type of love for our true White neighbors, and not the sappy, syrupy, media-mandated kind with the hands-out mongrel hound-dog faces which are now commonplace.

Flanders said...

"Moses Montefiore, (Italy, 1784 - London, 1885) while looking at his ring explained that the Hebrew inscription reads "Possessor of everything" and as his portrait shows, the laurel wreath is decorated with a ribbon on which you can read all the country names they aim to possess at the time. Imagine, all of this has been programmed well over 100s of years ago." [image]

"Sir Moses Montefiore ( a Sephard & a Freemason) brother-in-law to the famed Rothschild [image]

Before continuing I insist in making the following declaration:

As of today I respected everybody through all my life and therefore I am part of everyone, which means I have no difference in race nor religion whatsoever. The only law I believe in is God’s law as well as freedom and equality for everybody on this earth. However, through my descent I have inherited a very serious ancient unsettled problem from a group called

“The Learned Elders of Zion”, Zionists – so-called “Jews”

This group did not only cause a lot of harm to us – no, they also caused lots of harm to many innocent Jewish-, Christian-, Moslem God believers as well as to various other religious God believers around the world. These Learned Elders of Zion have done this to satisfy their immense ambitions for controlling the entire worlds wealth which they need for their

New World Order

Today, you are all witnessing of what is going on in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and you all know that Syria and Iran will be their next targets if you – the people will not stop this. Do not forget the “exodus” from Ur = Sumer and their ca. 4000 year old interest in this region!

(At the site - Use the arrows near the top to navigate to the next page. The language bar is at the top in case it doesn't show in English.)

"Zionists in Moroccan History"

Flanders said...

Influence of jews in the UK [and other countries, too]:
United Kingdom

Jews were 0.6% of the population (300,000) in 1931.[59] These numbers had dropped to 263,346 in 2011.[60] Their influence is grossly disproportionate in the United Kingdom to their numbers.


There have been, and are today, a frighteningly disproportionate large number of Jewish politicians in Britain (see that page as well as List of British Jewish politicians).

Media and the BBC

The media and particularly the British Broadcasting Corporation has long entertained a disproportionate Jewish influence (see that page[61]), as has the legal profession. Other examples include:"

Flanders said...

"Total Control Of The United States │ The Israeli/Jewish Lobby" [50 min]

Flanders said...

"The World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany have issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards an open society.”

At the same time, of course, both Jewish organizations back Israel, which has a Jews-only immigration policy and which checks potential immigrants to see if they have Jewish DNA.

In a formal statement published in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, titled “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist” (“We Jews Understand What Being a Refugee Means”), Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Dr. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and a vice-president of the WJC, attacked all Germans who oppose the flooding of their country by nonwhites, calling them “neo-Nazis.”

“We are witnessing a huge wave of spontaneous civic involvement, and administrative decisions are being taken much more quickly than used to be the case in Germany. This has won Germany new sympathies world-wide,” the Jewish leaders wrote.
The two top Jews then went on to demand that the flood of nonwhite invaders be distributed around to all European nations:

“What is needed now is not only a just allocation to the various countries, but also longer-term support. Winter is around the country, and the refugees need good housing. It won’t suffice to provide them with tents, or pretzels, or teddy bears.”

The Jewish leaders were also at pains to point out that the new flood of nonwhites had to become supporters of Israel and to believe in the Jewish Holocaust story:" [Continues]

While reading this article, I saw a link to another article in the right sidebar where the jews MSM had promoted the same claim against Hitler as they tried to use (DID actually use) against Trump during the campaign. [The jews have very unhealthy fascinations with urine, scat and butts and try to project those onto others.

wilmo said...

God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe the lie.... for this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie..2 Thessalonians 2:11

Declan-P said...

Gods Kingdom is close at hand. Just as Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, God will not let this generation of filth continue to escape his judgement of death. Remember why he brought S&G to destruction, we are at the same place

Clogheen said...

"How did most africans get into ireland?"

One thing I do know is that the official figure for Africans/Muslims in Ireland is waaaaay too low. Just looking around you in the street will show you that. The real worry is the younger cohort as these people breed like rabbits.

Kelly said...

Jimmy Connors had to operate under severe restrictions. The worst being having only one serve and to play one of the doubles lines. In boxing terms this is like fighting with one hand behind your back.

Banger said...

Analog Man: Some 'men' are in denial - when it comes to the transgender agenda - but not all 'men' are in denial. Therefore, you are in denial. And logically illiterate.


Focus on the crux of the argument, and don't be gettin' sidelined by the minor details, would ya? You are starting to sound silly~

Flanders said...

Do you need some documentation for your statement at 10:01, Declan-P?

Grooming the kids is a job for all the deranged queers, especially the child abusing "parents". "Success" is celebrated by all who are engaged in public perversity, including their supporters among the public.

Mom, Coriander Golden, is awfully proud. I suspect from her name, and her deranged viewpoint, that she is as happy as any jewess could be.

I could be wrong, however, the mom could be the other "parent", Jessica Mélançon.

"Incredible 8-year-old drag queen steals the show from RuPaul’s Drag Race star"

An eight-year-old drag queen is getting a lot of love online, after stealing the show during a Bianca Del Rio comedy set.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race queen had been performing in Montreal, Canada, as part of the Werq the World Tour."

However, when she spotted a boy in the audience in full drag, she just had to pull them on stage.

The eight-year-old explained that his drag name was ‘Lactatia’, winning hearts in the audience with his sassy answers.

Bianca said: “I absolutely adore you. I love the fact that you’re here, and what I love most about this is that your mum is here supporting you. “

It turns out that the aspiring drag queen, real name Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, is a young Drag Race obsessive who is supported by his mum and big sister.

After the clip was shared online, the boy’s parents have spoken out to defend their son from critics.

Speaking to Beskept Montreal, his parents Jessica Mélançon and Coriander Golden explained Nemis had grown up wearing his older sister’s fancy dress outfits." [Continue - if you dare].

It's not the son who needs to be defended from the critics.

rambaloosa said...

'Why All Black Women Should Marry Jewish Men'

Boy, that gave me a chuckle. I'm sure that jewish dragon mammas will be lining up the Sh'aniquas and LeShawns of this world as fast as they can.

Mad Max 2000 said...

Flanders said....
If you fail to see after some in depth exposure, perhaps you need more time away from the comfortable semi-socialist nest which has been created for you to rest in apathy, while being told to remain positive while your execution is being planned - and which is now under execution as it has been prepared to soon be carried out.

Yes, this is happening. Our race only has, maybe 50 years left on earth.
I can't even see, small enclaves of Whites forming anywhere remote, as Drones would be sent out to finish us off, or they would poison our water , or chemical attack us.
Some very attractive Whites, especially women, would be bred, for brothel work etc.
That is our near future. 100 years after the end of WWII, us, in our own homelands, will be scurrying around, as 3rd citizens, daring not to look an Asian or a Black in the eye, for fear of immediate rape and attack. Rape of white males on the streets will be common. We turned a blind eye to the rape of our women and children, now it will be our turn.

Declan-P said.... God's kingdom is close at hand,.....

What a load of shit. If our noble Christian for fathers thought this in the 16th and 17th centuaries, Battle of Lepanto and Battle of Vienna, then we would all be muslims or dead now, wouldn't we.
What is this meme that modern Christians have been infected with. It's a mental disease. You just go back to watching your TV soaps, and God will smite your enemies. You relax, take it easy, Jesus is on his way to take care of business. I think not. You people don't deserve saving, and that is exactly what Jesus would think.
God helps those who help themselves.

AKAEW said...

Hey Flanders

This was great reading and educational. Thanks for posting it!

John C said...

Banger the bagel muncher
Said this,
But it's all to the same end as I've explained before. For example compare Caroline Wozniacki and Amelie Mauresmo, one is quite 'beautiful' and looks 'feminine,' but lacks power and titles, the other thing would smash Ivan Lendl outta the court!!!)
 Banger said... This

John C: Facepalm! I was talking Lendl in his prime. It seems that most people are indeed correct; you are an utter and complete moron. But more fool me for responding, I suppose. I like to see the good where I can. Necessary in my line of work.

You didn't say prime and him at 57 her at 37 he would over power her in strength. In a tennis match who knows, that comes down to stamina. You are a idiot bagel boy deceiver. I note that the vid link also does the flat earth bollocks as well.
One or two people may not like me, that doesn't equeat to most. You say that what you are on to is vital information, that you have to use different IP. Then goes and links a video that tells all? Facepalm for bagel boy........ those women taking their kids to see transsexuals are in the minority, fucked in the head already... There will be casualties amongst us. This trannie issue isn't important, you mention that race wasn't important. I see where your coming from bagel boy. The post is about englands newest hero called Roy the Millwall fan. Are the terrorist attacks what they seem, who really is behind it all, bagel boy do you know?

Bagel boy said this
I can tell you that I have to switch around my own IP address in order not to have some stuff here deleted (probably by Google A.I. 'program' - what? you didn't know about those?) - but it's not by Savant, I can assure you. Check out Chris Spivey, one of your very own; he has a lot to say about stuff getting deleted!!!

Chris Spivey ? Thats who you look up too?
I recommend that people go and read his stuff most importantly read the comments section. KEEP AN OPEN MIND, helps to have a beer as well, maybe a bit of something else.
Exspect this, this person is really that person, look at the ears, See, Same Person. Warming, people, years of drink and drug abuse takes it's toll.
Never was gas chambers killing people in 1940s Europe. Was there Banger. BANGER WAS THERE????

John C said...

Exactly Kelly

Banger is a bagel muncher, probably a pothead as well.

Some truths mixed in with a load of nonsense. A fake concern but really disrespecting women at the same time. Trying his best to swerve the issue from Race replacement/genocide to nutty irrelevant stuff.

Anonymous said...

wog males won't like this

Anonymous said...

 Clogheen said...

"How did most africans get into ireland?"

Being members of the soviet eu.... break it apart and start again, whereby we keep the good parts, fair trade and easy travelling, not undermining country's independence. Deport all non Europeans.

Anonymous said...

bw @ 9 June 2017 at 20:11
Not sure if mentioned, but I believe the BBC has admitted that it was not in point of fact Churchill giving that particular speech, but rather an actor doing voiceover.

Yeah I read that from David Irving book Churchills War. Or a speech of his I went too.
I dont know if he was the first to point that out but he did say that churhill was a raving alcoholic who ordered mustard gas to be used (ban from ww1), luckily the person taking the order knew churchill was out of it once again, so didn't pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Sharia is the new communism - the latest kike weapon to kettle and contain us in our own countries

Kikes, communism and Islamic sharia is the antithesis of the Son, the father and the holy spirit. ALL Semites, non whites, fags/dykes, mongrels and feminists in Christian/secular white countries are ONE against US. DESTROY them before they destroy life eternally for your white children. Better dead than red. Don't be a SLAVE to this scum! Fuck their Police!

Frank Galton said...

England lists six Nigerians for U20 squad

Daily Mirror, 11 June 2017


Teams Walk Out For U20s World Cup Final [England team: 4 whites, 7 Africans]

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell I thought this was a joke about wonky eye boss-eyed people and mixing it with your cousins.
Those links from Frank just proves it's for real. Case closed

This was hilarious
This from daily mail comment
Gunter, Germany,

Visited Birmingham yesterday for first time. Not a beautiful woman in sight.

Mad Max 2000 said...

Borrowed from Jims Blog Why women love ISIS.

The evolutionary optimal strategy for a female, in the ancestral environment, and in our present day environment, is to act in ways that gets the west conquered by Islamic State. If free, likely to have 1.5 children, and similarly her grandchildren, rapidly resulting in the total disappearance of her genes. If her menfolk are conquered and she is sold naked in chains on the auction block by Islamic state, likely to have six or seven children.

Another really good reason to remove universal suffrage at the earliest possible convenience.

Anonymous said...

Roy the Hero
The Millwall fan bravely launched himself at the three attackers in a bid to protect dozens of other people

"Three blokes tried to kick their way into the bar because the door was shut. They entered the bar, all of a sudden they start pulling out knives, one's trying to come to me with a knife, as I'm fighting him the other two have come to me then to help him," he said.

"The three of them, I'm fighting them, and at the time I’m thinking of those families and kids who need to get out of the bar. It happened in about 45 seconds and as I've got them out they've been shot around me."

The Peckham man said he didn't want to let the terrorists win - and hadn't even clocked that they were wearing suicide vests (which later turned out to be fake) when he started throwing punches at them.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said (re Haaretz article): "headlines is all, without signing up"


To read Haaretz articles without signing up:

1. Copy headline e.g "At NYC 'Anti-sharia' Rally, White Nationalists and Conservative Jews Find Common Ground"

2. Paste into Google.

3. Click search.

4. Click cached.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

This is bothering me

Wonder Woman said...

Mad Max 2000 said...

Borrowed from Jims Blog Why women love ISIS.

Who controls isis ? Max

Mad Max 2000 said...

Wonder Woman said...

Who controls Isis?

Yes, ((they)) control Isis, via the US , UK and Saudi dark alphabet agencies.

But, who controls them, is inconsequential to the end result, which will be
a muslim caliphate in Western Europe.

CS said...

Interesting article here: “It Will Come to Blood” by Patrick Cloutier on the prospects for a new American civil war.

And here: Democrat Pollster discovers working people don't like being shafted by their own side. LOL As if the Democrats needed a pollster to tell them that. They know full well, which is why the Clintons were paid so much for screwing their own side.

Searcher said...

Why is it bothering you about Hyman Larner?

That Ray Larner might be related (seeing as they share the same surname?)

Ray Larner's mother is from Sligo. If his dad is Jewish (I presume that is what is bothering you), what of it? Is the narrative untrue? Did he not take on 3 armed attackers? Is it all a PSYOP?

I personally wouldn't care if he was a gypsy or Jewish as to my estimation of what he did. He was exceptionally brave and gave others a chance to escape. Ditto for any man who tried to intervene (the Romanian and the other man who was interviewed about seeing the blonde Australian being attacked - he tried to fend the attacker off by throwing what he could find at them).

TL/DR I don't think you can discredit his deeds on the basis that he is possibly Jewish. Instinct is probably more important than anything in that situation. He had a man's instinct to protect his group. His instincts were intact and he didn't ignore them or stop to rationalise them (fast reaction time). This was good for the group but it put him at massive personal risk: he put his own safety on the line. "Tell Mama" and Run/Hide/Tell is a default female/civilised attitude: outsource your security/protection to someone else (it makes sense as long as the "someone else" is more capable and you trust them).

What he said "I'm F888king Milwall", his friends' reaction "Learn to Run" magazine, and how he didn't even spot their fake suicide vests are like something out of a movie/comic strip.

Actually just check his surname here:

Larner is usually an English surname.

But then again, since you had found the "Hyman Larner" wiki article, you must surely have found other articles contradicting your suspicion. But you posted it anyway (to cast suspicion on Ray Larner). Wonder why you'd want to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sharia is the new communism - the latest kike weapon to kettle and contain us in our own countries 

Kikes, communism and Islamic sharia is the antithesis of the Son, the father and the holy spirit. ALL Semites, non whites, fadoesn't have to/dykes, mongrels and feminists in Christian/secular white countries are ONE against US. DESTROY them before they destroy life eternally for your white children. Better dead than red. Don't be a SLAVE to this scum! Fuck their Police!

Nicely put Anonymous.

What he said "I'm F888king Milwall", his friends' reaction "Learn to Run" magazine, and how he didn't even spot their fake suicide vests are like something out of a movie/comic strip. 

It is understandable he didn't see all three of their hoax fake bomb vests when it is extremely dark in the tight narrow streets of Borough Market. I might donate to his gofundme he wanted £500 he has received £45000 so now he doesn't have to sleep on his friends sofa. It would be nice if he could receive £1250000 so he could buy a lovely little flat in or around Borough Market or just buy in Peckham three miles down the road, have money left over, save it for a rainy day. Was going to say emergency but that wouldn't be appropriate. I think Peckham is the next big boom town, so invest if you have the bucks.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

@Frank Galton,
Thank you my friend for the info that supports my findings. While reading the definitive book on the 1960's race riots "No Cause For Indictment" there was a footnote that I never forgot "It was a known fact that the Black Muslim groups in Newark NJ were FBI fronts".
I always wanted to study further the 3 major agitators, Jane Fonda's ex-husband Tom Hayden, Stokely Carmichael, and LeRoi Jones who became Amiri Baraka a black muslim who was married to a Bolshevik.
Take note that Black Muslim recruitment takes place in the US prison system under the all-seeing eye of the USSA Government

Anonymous said...

The London Bridge Attack

Something strange about this

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said" This is bothering me "

Searcher replied: "Why is it bothering you about Hyman Larner? If his dad is Jewish (I presume that is what is bothering you), what of it? Is the narrative untrue? Did he not take on 3 armed attackers?"


It's not bothering Anonymous. Anonymous is Jewish.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

bw said: "Not sure if mentioned, but I believe the BBC has admitted that it was not in point of fact Churchill giving that particular speech, but rather an actor doing voiceover."

The Guardian, 29 October 2000

Finest hour for actor who was Churchill's radio voice

Recording proves who really made those war speeches

PROOF THAT some of Winston Churchill's most famous radio speeches of the war were delivered by a stand-in has emerged with the discovery of a 78rpm record.

The revelation ends years of controversy over claims - repeatedly denied - that an actor had been officially asked to impersonate the Prime Minister on air.

The record makes it clear for the first time that Norman Shelley's voice was used to broadcast some of the most important words in modern British history - including 'We shall fight them on the beaches'. It is marked 'BBC, Churchill: Speech. Artist Norman Shelley' and stamped 'September 7, 1942'.

Daily Telegraph, 28 January 2015

[Churchill] had drunk an estimated 42,000 bottles of Pol Roger champagne through his life; he thought nothing of starting the morning with...a glass of hock and ending it at 3am with the best part of a bottle of cognac.

Hitler...called him an “insane drunkard”.

One thing is certain: his fondness for kickstarting the day with what he called “mouthwash” -- a weak whisky and soda, which he would take from about 9.30 onwards and keep continually topped up.

Frank Galton

Corkonian said...

Well if this Larner guy is Jewish I have no problem with that. He still has my 100% support and admiration. Mind you, a jewish Millwall supporter is as incongruous as it gets.

Frank Galton said...

Six Million Dollar Man,

A report by the United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) states that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, is: "Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

The Washington Times, 10 September 2001

Of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Note the date of the article.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"Delta Airlines Dumps NYC’s Public Theater Over ‘Graphic’ Trumpified ‘Julius Caesar"

“No matter what your political stance may be … Their artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste,” airline said in a statement
NYC Public Theater, a leftist bunch pretending to be "artists", had planned to portray Trump in an extremely negative light, as is detailed in the link which accompanies this report. Thanks to Delta Airlines for putting an end to this type of leftist propaganda nonsense. Everyone is glad to be rid of it, and ready to be rid of those leftists who continue their flagrant in-everyone's-face harrangues.

"Delta Airlines announced on Sunday that it was withdrawing its sponsorship of New York City’s nonprofit Public Theater over a new Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar” featuring a facsimile of Donald Trump in the title role meeting a very bloody end.

“No matter what your political stance may be, the graphic staging of Julius Caesar at this summer’s Free Shakespeare in the Park does not reflect Delta Air Lines’ values,” the company said in a statement, ending a four-year-old sponsorship.

“Their artistic and creative direction crossed the line on the standards of good taste. We have notified them of our decision to end our sponsorship as the official airline of The Public Theater effective immediately.”
The production follows the widespread outcry over comedian Kathy Griffin’s photo shoot in which she posed with a bloody decapitated Trump head — a provocation for which she later apologized."

Flanders said...

WWLD - We know many things leftists would do. They are still capable of going further into their stupidity than any reasonable White man, woman or child could ever realize.

"California Drought Gets Over a Trillion Gallons in Fresh Rainwater: So…They Let It Drain Into The Ocean!"

"California has received enough fresh rainwater to entirely end the drought, but they still continue to dump water in the ocean for a bait fish. That’s right – a little tiny fish IN THE OCEAN needs all that water more than farmers who used to feed the world. They are nuts in California, right? Nope, it’s politicians getting paid off and the only reason they don’t say the word “bribe” is because those same politicians get to define what the word “bribe” means."

Flanders said...

A truly impressive list - We should be.....:?


Quit trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments:".

Flanders said...

Now, all jews can be hasbarats on a mission to take orders from a central command post, instead of having to rely on the coordination of thousands of worldwide jewish networks with a new propaganda tool for jews, the Israel Hasbara App. - for the exclusive use of all the chosen rats in the world. Expect a new round of plagues in the world - the jews, as usual, will be happy to deliver.

Maintaining a centralized loyalty to an entity which was stolen over the blood of many original inhabitants, many jews have never resided there, but jews' have their loyalty exclusively to Israel rather than to the countries and peoples with whom, and in whose countries they reside.

"The app is sponsored by the Israeli Strategic Affairs ministry which has a $36.2 million budget devoted to fight "delegitimization" of Israel.

The app posts daily missions and tells you what to do and what to say."

Thanks to ESET @:

Flanders said...

Most of us here have never been to this town named below, and we are spread around many places in the White world, but we know exactly what this author is talking about.

"My Hometown Is Gone."

"I was born in Utica, a “faded industrial town” along the Mohawk River/Erie Canal corridor, and lived there until I was 8-years-old when my family moved to a nearby small college town. I loved living in Utica because there were lots of families on my block, big Catholic families with lots of kids. You could yard-hop, checking out who was available for play. You could bike around the neighborhood. There were block parties in the summer. My grandmother lived up the street. Life was good.

My father and his father were born and lived in Utica, NY. My father was a judge in Utica, like his father before him. The Catholic school my father attended is now a community center for refugees.
The CPS worker who investigated me was Muslim.

So let me just summarize: the social worker at the school is Muslim, the administrator who ok’s homeschooling is Muslim, the CPS worker is Muslim, the nurse practitioner at the ER is Muslim, the doctor at the ER is Muslim. These are positions of authority that wield a lot of power.

Are you starting to get the picture?".

Banger said...

John C. Those mums are indeed in the minority. However, and regardless of this fact, these are LAWS that are about to come into effect in Canada (= testing ground; as was Ireland w.r.t. the 'gay' marriage thing).

Very soon these creatures will be permitted - by law - to hang around public facilities where your kids and grandkids will be taking a pee. Irrespective of gender.

Nobody really gives a shit about angry, past-it old farts like you, that's why they allow comments boards. For now. But *they* ARE very much interested in our children.

Will you be able to defend yours? Or will those cheap fags and pints of bitter win the day?

Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder.


You silly old twat.

James said...

Bill Clinton Explains

Clinton Tells Women That Oral Sex Is Not Intercourse and That It Is Biblically Sanctioned!

Lewinsky says that she performed oral sex on Clinton for 18 months. Clinton told her that this was not "intercourse" or an act of "infidelity."

She was simply serving her President.

Lewinsky explained all this to Linda Tripp who was taping their conversations about Clinton. She said that Clinton said that they must restrict their acts to oral sex only because, "you can't take the risks of intercourse these days!"

Clinton explained that this is Biblically sanctioned and cited Genesis 38: 8-10 where Onan is reluctant to impregnate his brother's widow and "spills his seed on the ground."

Clinton also quotes Black's Law Dictionary which states that oral sex is not technically adultery. In fact, Clinton told both Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers that oral activities are not sex at all but, "an advanced massage technique!" This is why he was able to go on national TV and state that he did not engage in sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinsky.


By Dr Fick! Is this made up?

James said...

Sharia is the new communism - the latest kike weapon to kettle and contain us in our own countries

Tommy Robinson will never say that.

Franz said...

@ CS --

"...Democrat Pollster discovers working people don't like being shafted by their own side. LOL As if the Democrats needed a pollster to tell them that..."

Thanks for article link. Probably correct now that the prez tossed in the towel, maybe.

Carolyn Chute's 1999 novel along these lines, Snow Man, might have been prophetic. In it, she describes militia men blasting away at political and business traitors. On initial publication some of the newspapers considered her subversive (she was also an officer of the 2nd Maine Militia and kept a cannon in her back yard. Seriously pro-firearm, lets say.)

Maybe she trimmed her sails a bit to keep her publishing contract. But a more recent novel called Treat Us Like Dogs and We Will Become Wolves still has some of the old fire, I flipped through a copy. One nugget went something like, "The US constitution was just an early version of NAFTA". Ho!

But what can you expect from a woman who once wrote thusly about the two-party system: “A Republican is a standard screw. A Democrat is a Philips screw. So whichever way you vote you get the screw.”

The lady was right.

Wonder Woman said...

Mad Max 2000

Who controls Isis?

Yes, ((they)) control Isis, via the US , UK and Saudi dark alphabet agencies.

But, who controls them, is > inconsequential < to the end result, which will be
a muslim caliphate in Western Europe.

You could have used this word Max > unimportance <
You have got a choice in this war, fight the muslims (which are NOT isis) which are many - Or fight (((THEM))) Who are few....Which is it to be Max ?
Puting down Your Sisters and creating division between the Sexes isn't Manly.
Find yourself a decent wife Max.
You will not find a decent wife in a nightclub.
Where you will find a decent wife, is in a church.

Flanders said...

This is actually a Zero Hedge article being posted below, with the site author's own comments about how gun sales have continued to rise even with Trump in office, and deals with the question of "The Coming Civil War, and with the premise being that it "…is already here."

"When People Get Scared They Get Protection"
"Each side has very much to lose in this battle.

The Globalists: Power, Money, Control
The Nationalists: Borders, Independence, Freedoms

When the stakes are high, when there are such stark ideological differences, when people are firmly entrenched in their own foxholes and when there really is no middle ground, it is a recipe for conflict. And we are seeing it. And it will likely get worse.

What is especially concerning is how absolutely and blatantly biased the mainstream news reporting has become. While they have always been left-leaning (no one can objectively argue that one), what we have been witnessing especially since election-2016 is stunning in its fervor. It is dangerous, and getting more dangerous every day.

Why? Because what they are doing is pitting one side against the other. While their constant barrage of ‘reports’ and attacks are appeasing their globalist controllers and left-leaning viewing audience, the other side is angered by the lopsidedness, many of whom don’t even consume their media anymore.

I have never witnessed such division in my life. And others even older than me are saying the same thing. People are feeling it and are getting concerned. I believe this may be a significant reason why FBI background checks for firearms have set a new record for the month of May – despite a gun-friendly president being elected.


The many recent attacks in Europe have permeated the news cycles. I do believe that regardless of the fact that they’re occurring across the pond, it affects people’s mindset anywhere – because most people know that given today’s policies, it could happen anywhere…".

[Flanders]: Continues with quite a bit more, and the comments are interesting. - Please note, however, that this site was not a conscious site the last time I visited, and may even be unfreindly, but it does have some good info at times peppered with discernable marketing links.

I do think the situations are being set up to cause general alarm, and the jewed-system is trying to make people jump even more than usual, but doing it in such a way so that they can control the narratives, working them in ways favorable to jews, - along with the legal system behind our crooked governments. Rattling the cages keeps the people disorganized and fearful. Beyond that, I've not yet made sense of it, except that jewry plans to use the regular riled-up American people to help keep jews safe on the streets - probably at the same time as the jews' continue to bring more of the muzzies and other "minorities" in and prosecute the White Americans who resist. There will be an angle somewhere in there for the jews to make more money while doing it.

For those of a mind toward something along the lines of joining with a militia, but don't know where to turn, I'm not familiar enough with either of these sites below to make recommendations. I doubt they have been very successful despite the almost desperate interest, but that is a judgment off the cuff and they may have more potential than I'm aware about. The first two seem to be American only, while the third [US Crow] may have some UK links. You might pick up some ideas if nothing else for your own group. There probably are many more which aren't so publically known. How those stack up in potential I have no way to know.

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