Thursday, 15 June 2017

Meet the New London Bobby

If you read the second last post you'll know about Roy Larner, the supporter of the 'racist' Millwall football club. He, alone and unarmed, fought back against the three jihadis stabbing their way along that bridge in London while the rest of the public fled for their lives. And now we learn that leading the stampede were none other than the local guardians of the peace, wide-eyed with terror as they sprinted away from the crime scene, leaving Roy to fend for himself. 

A chef from the nearby Fish restaurant said: “I saw two guys with big knives downstairs outside Roast. They were stabbing people. The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away. “The guy with the knife was killing two people. We were shouting ‘stop, stop’ and people threw chairs at them. Police came and shot straight away.”

Despite the reputation of the British Bobby for firm, brave and impartial administration of justice this development should not come as a surprise. Because today's police force - sorry, police 'service' - bears little resemblance to its traditional form.  The policeman of yore was male, straight, White, Protestant and drawn from respectable lower middle-class yeoman stock. The exemplars of today's force service could hardly be more different, predominantly gay, female, transgender, black, brown, Muslim or Sikh. Sexual degenerates and Third World bottom feeders who've never known anything but corrupt totalitarian rule. It's a ghastly stew of  incompetence, ethnic/religious nepotism and corruption with little empathy for ordinary British people. 

And they also chickened out because they know that career advancement lies in capitalising on being female, transgender, black or Muslim - ideally some combination of the foregoing - and above all in enthusiastically clamping down on any sign of British nationalism. There are no brownie (whoops!) points in putting your life on the line for the British public.

Yes indeed, Britain's traitors have done their work well.


Anonymous said...

What you wrote reminds me of the film "The Tin Drum". At the end of the film the family guy, the straight white German nationalist, who on suspecting he's been stiched up by one of his own tries to hide or swallow his NS emblem but too late. He gets butchered by a Russian red Chinese/Mongolian looking Asiatic soldier in front of his wife and children in his home town.

I believe this actually happened to thousands of ordinary, lower working class, middle aged, German men at the end.

Tragically they went like lemmings

Celtic Morning said...

No surprise at all. Look them up on various sites and see how many get convicted for dealing drugs, fraud, rape, kiddie fiddling and general arse banditry. Pathetic scum.

James said...

Paypal appears to support white genocide.

Anonymous said...

Just google British police run from Islamic mob
They must be under orders to
In 1 clip out of 100s about 60 police run backwards for about a mile whilst Muslims chant Allah Akbar chasing them in London 2009
It's got worse since then

I have been on demonstrations where there has been no problems and the demo is just winding down and the police allow agitators from the left onto the scene to cause a reaction from yong white lads . Who they then assault and arrest far right blah blah blah

I've said this to coppers about them being complicit and some have shrugged their shoulders and said sorry in a embarrassed sort of way

The last 2 edl demoes I went on 3 years ago were policed by a lot of Muslim coppers more than the average normal number
And they wouldn't engage in conversation like white police
I wonder why they were sent
A bit like the black n tans sent to Ireland , I thought


Hector Gray said...

Spent most of my life in England and not 100% supporter of the coppers but they were 100% white men. I remember a Sikh guy alright once who had a turban rather than a helmet. But now? Just unspeakable.

Franz said...

Great one, Sav.

Curious to me is why this is everywhere.

I don't remember when the Untouchables movie was, 80s-90s, when Sean Connery played a tough Irish cop in Chicago during Prohibition. Zany, maybe, but audiences loved the guy for doing his job and red tape/rules be hanged.

They loved it because it's over? Because it's not just London. Civilization is being repealed everywhere.

Flanders said...

I mainly just want to leave you the link to the website below, but here is an example article. It's similar in nature to what is being enacted in the name of "public policy" in our countries, but it is jew public policies - not White.

"Over the last few years the Jews have gotten a bit careless with their extreme anti-white policies. The actions taken by Obama, Merkel and other puppets of the Jews brought thousands of angry whites to Trump rallies and Pegida marches. These whites angrily demanded that certain types of invaders be removed or prevented from entering their countries. Without some sort of kosher outlet for this white rage, there is a persistent danger of racialist movements gaining traction. In response to this grassroots rage a number of Jews are positioning themselves as leaders of civic nationalism."

Cognitive Dissonance said...

The Long March Through The Institutions.....

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Muslim cops in Britain, makes me remember reading about a Muslim Yugoslavian soldier opening fire on a room full of sleeping Catholic & Orthodox Christian Yugoslavian soldiers. This was before the start of the wars to breakup Yugoslavia.
How long before that happens in Kalergi plan European nations?

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The Intelligence Agencies have long been controlled by Zio-Masons to further their plans to Kalergi the West and bring on their global "super-government"
U.S. and Germany Trained and Developed the KLA (Narco-Muslim, human trafficking, organ butchering, drug dealers)
Germany and the U.S. collaborated in supporting the development and training of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to deliberately destabilize a centralized socialist government in Yugoslavia.

Since the early 1990s, Bonn and Washington have joined hands in establishing their respective spheres of influence in the Balkans. Undercover support to the Kosovo rebel army was established as a joint endeavor between the CIA and Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND). The task to create and finance the KLA was initially given to Germany:

“They used German uniforms, East German weapons, and were financed in part by drug money,” according to intelligence analyst John Whitley. As the KLA matured, the U.S. and Germany recruited Mujaheddin mercenaries, financed by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, to train the KLA in guerrilla and diversion tactics.

Banger said...

I told you that was street theatre Savant. You are seriously deluding yourself, mate, and spreading mis-info to beat the ban. Do the research, I'm not wasting my f**king time posting on here, you know. You have been given the gift of accurate information. Use it.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a commonality among blogs and websites of this sort.

An awful lot of whining.

What is the solution?

The obvious, no brain start is boycott kikes.

It is impossible for most people to totally boycott kike as kikes have an almost total stranglehold on commerce.

One very small thing that all people can boycott is media.

Number of nationalist or pro-white groups who are sponsoring a boycott. 0

It's all fake.

I do not know the number of bolshevik organizations sanctioning BDS(boycott, divest, sanction kikeland) but there are many.

James said...

"Over the last few years the Jews have gotten a bit careless with their extreme anti-white policies. The actions taken by Obama, Merkel and other puppets of the Jews brought thousands of angry whites to Trump rallies and Pegida marches. These whites angrily demanded that certain types of invaders be removed or prevented from entering their countries. Without some sort of kosher outlet for this white rage, there is a persistent danger of racialist movements gaining traction. In response to this grassroots rage a number of Jews are positioning themselves as leaders of civic nationalism."

PEGIDA was that outlet. It was started in commie Dresden and never called for Merkel's arrest or impeachment. It never mentioned the Kalergi Plan. It avoided the issue of White genocide.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 15 June 2017

Grenfell Tower fire is believed to have started shortly before 1am when a fridge on the seventh floor exploded

The fate of the 600 residents of Grenfell Tower was sealed shortly before 12.50am, when the fridge in Flat 16 on the fourth floor apparently exploded into flames.

Neighbour Maryam Adam, 41, who is pregnant, said: 'He [her neighbour] knocked on the door, and he said there was a fire in his flat. It was exactly 12.50am because I was sleeping and it woke me up.

'When we got up, I saw outside his flat his luggage – there was a big bag with his clothes.

'That means he took the stuff from his flat, and then he told the neighbours.

'The fire was small in the kitchen. I could see it because the flat door was open. There was no alarm.'

Samira Lamrini said: 'The man whose flat it was came out and said it was his flat. He was a slim, tall, WHITE BRITISH MAN.

'He was pointing at the fire on a lower floor and said, 'That's my flat, that's it'. He said it was his fridge that had exploded.

Daily Mail, 16 June 2017

Ethiopian taxi driver whose 'faulty fridge started the inferno' says he'll 'never get over' how many were killed

The Ethiopian taxi driver whose faulty fridge is alleged to have caused the Grenfell inferno said he will be forever haunted by what happened.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 15 June 2017

Grenfell Tower blaze in pictures

The scene of a huge fire at a tower block in WHITE CITY, west London

UK Census Data (2011)

Wormholt and White City

Ethnic Group (Quick Stats) QS201EW

All Residents: 13,389

White: 6,617
Black/Asian/Arab/Other: 6,772

Note: White category includes "Other White" (1,932 East European etc immigrants).

6,617 White - 1,932 Other White = 4,685 White English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/Irish (British Isles).

Jewish Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green, Barbara Roche, pioneered Britain's open-door policy.

Daily Mail, 25 October 2009

Andrew Neather, who worked for [part-Jewish] Home Secretary [Jack Straw], and as a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up forever.

The report, entitled Research, Development And Statistics Occasional Paper No67 - Migration: An Economic And Social Analysis, was published in January 2001 by the Home Office, then run by [part-Jewish Home Secretary] Mr Straw.

[Jewish] Home Office Minister Barbara Roche...PIONEERED THE OPEN-DOOR POLICY...

BBC, 10 March 2004

On asylum and immigration, Roche has taken advantage of her increased free time to work with various think tanks, make speeches and write articles.

"The reason I feel very strongly about it is that I think that migration is vital to this country's future and it's been an essential part of our past and I also think that asylum is so important as a concept that if you don't ring-fence it and protect it for what it is then you will lose it," she says.

"And because I'm Jewish I feel incredibly strongly about it."

She attacks Migration Watch UK which is critical of the levels of people coming into Britain legally or otherwise, saying its founders, ex-diplomat Sir Andrew Green and Oxford University demographer David Coleman, need to "come clean" about "not liking" multiculturalism.

Frank Galton

James said...

Cheeky darkie who thinks a white america is a horror seems to suggest that if you attend an event organised by David Duke then you deserve to get shot.

Scummy indians like him who flood our countries in the millions yet still complain about 50,000 British who stayed in India (after improving the place) are A1 top-shelf bona-fide hypocrites and (often professional) anti-white race hatred proponents.

Another dirty Indian called "Sonja Gupta" says this shot congressman is a "piece of shit" - perhaps because he wants the US to have an immigration policy like India's.

India does not allow whites to move there. They do race checks. India is a racist country. But racist apartheid Indians LOVE telling whites how racist we are.

One of these anti-white bitches was responsible for making Hugh Mungus famous. Look her up. She is a professional anti-white who gets paid to speak about how bad the white race is. Listen to her speeches. She simply seethes with white genocide.

They are disgusting people from a disgusting country yet they have the nerve to talk about us as though we are rats in need of extermination. And they do it all the time.

Flanders said...

OFF TOPIC: IRS lessons:

"IRS Exposed: IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican trust."

"1. IRS Identity & Principal of Interest

In 1953, the Internal Revenue Service was created by the stroke of a pen when the Secretary of the Treasury changed the name of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (T.O. No. 150-29, G.M. Humphrey, Secretary of the Treasury, July 9, 1953). However, no congressional or presidential authorization for making this change has been located, so the source of authority had to originate elsewhere. Research to which IRS officials have acquiesced suggests that the Secretary exercised his authority as trustee of Puerto Rico Trust #62 (Internal Revenue) (see 31 USC § 1321), and as will be demonstrated, the Secretary does, in fact, operate as Secretary of the Treasury, Puerto Rico.

The solid link between the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of the Treasury, Puerto Rico, was first published in the September 1995 issue of Veritas Magazine, based on research by William Cooper and Wayne Bentson, both of Arizona."

Soul Glow said...

Yes, another great British institution, just like the BBC, bites the dust.

SAVANT said...

All Im suggesting is to lay off the transgender stuff Banger.

Mad Max 2000 said...

The viewing public were getting an education by the MSM into polictics / weak brexit and the imminent resignation of Theresa May etc.
Now, all of a sudden, we're all experts in Hire Rise dwelling Fire Regs, sprinkler systems, and the fire retardency of mineral backed fibre board.
What a difference 48 hrs can make.
Lots of work for crisis actors, what with all the 'terror' attacks too.
The MSM is still learning how to handle the crisis actor types. These, people spend their
days going to audition after audition, get into character in seconds, then have to do two minutes of improv. Trouble is, when improvising, they get carried away, on National TV, and end up spouting a load of bollocks that even the "anti-reporters" have trouble reigning in.
I've noticed how the MSM have started positioning cameras behind the 'actor' , when in an indoors interview, so that it cuts to the back of the actors head, when the "anti-reporter" is talking at length. This is because of the "micro" smiles that the actors signal, when they realise they are shitting everyone and getting away with it.

Gilly said...

I think I know why Banger has got such a beef with transgender. It's because he got lucky one night at the nightclub and took home what he thought was a woman only to find out much much to late that She was in fact a Man a Bloke A Geezer...... He has never been the same since.

Andy said...

LOVED-UP coppers got engaged during the Pride parade in London today as thousands united to pay tribute to those killed in Orlando’s mass shooting at a gay club..

One copper got down on bended-knee to propsoe to his boyfriend in the force

Another police officer taking part in the march asked his boyfriend to marry him who was watching on from the sidelines

The pair then shared a kiss in front of the crowd to celebrate their engagement

Tristan said...

Lesbian ally of the EDL’s Tommy Robinson standing to be UKIP leader


bjkahn said...

Crying Game event happened to a friend of mine when he was about 18 Gilly. Had a traummatising affect on him.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that these coppers who run away were proper coppers or plastic coppers (PCSOs)

PCSOs were introduced in September 2002 and first recruited by the Metropolitan Police.
In Scotland, PCSO stands for police custody and security officers, also known by the slang nickname >"turnkeys" <, who play a rather different role to that performed by PCSOs in England and Wales.

As of 2012, pay for PCSOs varied from force to force from between around £16,000 to around £27,000 per year. (27K just to walk around pretending to be coppers, after 6 weeks training, not bad hey)
 The original PCSOs recruited in 2002 by the Metropolitan Police received only 3 weeks' training, which was criticised as too little. The training period was eventually raised, and new Metropolitan Police PCSOs are now trained for six weeks. (Now ready to meet the great British public)

PCSOs are trained in a variety of tasks, including: radio procedure; report writing; dealing with evidence; going to court; gathering intelligence; managing a crime scene; usage of PCSO powers under the Police Reform Act 2002 and any person powers; use of force; human rights; race and diversity; traffic direction and cordon manning; general health and safety; self-defence (including restraint techniques and the use of handcuffs or leg restraints if used by their force); and first aid. (But not dealing with muslim men with bread knifes)

Leeway may be given depending on the situation, as the circumstances may dictate they do not have the training or equipment to deal with a situation like a constable could. It is also accepted that PCSOs do not have to intervene in high risk situations and it is reasonable if they decide to withdraw from one. This is due to the non-confrontational purpose of their role. (So muslim men with bread knifes, can do what they want- it's the publics look out, everyone for themselves)

PCSOs are not attested constables, and therefore do not have the same powers of arrest under section 24 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. They can, however, utilise the 'any person' powers of arrest under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (commonly known as a citizens' arrest). This means they are able to arrest anyone without warrant providing there are reasonable grounds to suspect they are committing, or have committed or are suspected to be guilty of an indictable or 'either-way' offence. This covers offences such as arson, criminal damage, theft, assault, possession of a controlled drug and burglary, etc. All PCSOs can also make common law arrests in exactly the same manner as a Constable to prevent a breach of the peace along with apower of entry. (But not dealing with muslim men carving up members of the public with bread knifes).

Since their introduction in 2002 three PCSOs have died on duty, although no PCSOs have been killed on duty: (no, they know when to run when best too)
31 January 2006, PCSO Adrian Martin, aged 45 – Metropolitan Police: Collapsed and died of heart failure while on a police cycle training course at Hendon. He was the first PCSO to die on duty. (Die on duty ? He fell of his bicycle whilst cycling in a field on training exercise - what I want to know, did he get a medal ? )

Martinus said...

Did Constable Martin he get a medal? Unlikely. Now if his name had been Mohammed....

Anonymous said...

You're right about that. Indian sub coolies and pakis are one in white host countries... and kimes LOVE them.

Boycott the cunts. Only ignorant whites eat at their stinking fikthy restaurants which pollute our countries.

Niggers hate them more than they hate us an all. Everywhere you turn in England today they're there even in fucking Cornwall the rats are there.. every filling station, post office corner shop, hospital, school .. these rats are there and multiplying

But then i look again and I see tramp stamped white shite grubbing all over them like they're family or something. Fuckwits

Anonymous said...

Much more diverse in my area but things haven't really changed. White guys tow the line and are left alone. Black guys act up and get slammed because they are sensitive to the culture that tells them they're different and wonderful, and they listen to the PC politicians that imply they will get a special deal. And when they really step out of line, they find out there ain't no affirmative action for crime and wind up in a hellhole for several years.

Did you guys in Europe not read between the lines when you got the PC memo? There's a huge difference between the commie aspirations and reality. If you have a large nonwhite population you absolutely must have armed cops. And you can have a pear-shaped lesbian cop with a Mohawk hair-do but they have to be backed up with serious white guys.

And white guys screw things up too. Look at that mess in the gay night club last year. Incompetence and cowardice.

You have to have tough law enforcement or society breaks down, as wrecked cities all across the country prove. It came pretty close to that in New York City in the eighties and nineties - 2500 murders annually. But thanks to Giuliani's leadership, the cops were able to fight their way out of it.

J Bull said...

God save England. We are at war. Englishman come forward now. We must stop this madness. This evil. We invited into our country.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Major chimpout brewing in London with gibsmedat justice monkeys demanding compensation for burnt out chimp tower

Frank Galton said...

BBC, 19 May 2017

Thousands of police on the beat without current background checks

Thousands of police officers across the UK have not had up-to-date background checks to ensure they are suitable to serve.

Figures reveal 90% of officers employed by one force have not been vetted in line with current policy.

All new police officers and staff are expected to be vetted, while serving officers are expected to undergo retrospective checks. Prior to 2012, forces had their own vetting procedures.

Vetting aims to help prevent corruption in the police service by checking an officer or potential officer's background.

The process, which can take several months, looks at an individual's finances, employment history and family associations, as well as a detailed search for any convictions.

Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2017

Want to be a detective? The Met Police will hire graduates with no police experience

For the first time, a British police force will recruit people directly to become detectives without them working as beat officers in uniform.

The Times, 06 June 2015

Pay off white officers, says Met chief

The country's most senior police officer [Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe] would like to pay off older white police officers so that they could be replaced by black and ethnic minority recruits.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 2015

UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis blessed Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, describing him as "a great friend of our people".

Russia Today, 14 July 2014

Metropolitan Police to 'reflect diversity' by recruiting only from London

In a bid to reflect London's diversity, the Metropolitan Police will now only recruit people who live in the capital city. The force will also consider taking new recruits with minor criminal convictions, local media reports.

The policy has the full backing of [part-Jewish] London Mayor Boris Johnson and Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

The move follows plans announced in March to fast-track external recruits into senior policing roles in order to improve diversity in the force.

Daily Mail, 15 November 2014

Convicted DRUG USERS AND THIEVES will be allowed to join POLICE: Rules relaxed in bid to lure MINORITIES - and London is already recruiting criminals

Met has already been recruiting criminals to increase RACE DIVERSITY.

Convicted criminals will be allowed to join the police under plans to relax strict entry rules that critics fear will undermine standards.

Daily Mail, 17 February 2012

In 2008, the Mail revealed how [the Metropolitan Police's Black head of diversity Denise Milani], had urged Met staff to ‘celebrate’ the contribution of Roma gipsies to ‘London’s culture and diversity’.

Daily Telegraph, 12 November 2000

Rasta recruits to the Met 'can wear their dreadlocks'

The Metropolitan Police is expected to change its dress code to allow officers to wear their hair in dreadlocks as part of a push for more black recruits.

...the rules concerning height restriction were changed a decade ago to benefit Chinese and Bangladeshi recruits

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

He is getting his transgender and "everything is a hoax" stuff from a youtube channel called jungle surfer
Walter Scott

nature's child said...

The reason Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe became the top cop and got a knighthood is because of reasons like this (trying to get white officers to move out). That and the Masonic networks rampant in the senior police ranks.

Franz said...

@ Anonymous 02:38

"An awful lot of whining....

It's all fake...

I do not know the number of bolshevik organizations sanctioning BDS(boycott, divest, sanction kikeland) but there are many."

That''s because Western governments support leftist NGOs, even if only under-the-table.

Start a pro-white nationalist group and infiltration hits after about... the first 3 or 4 members.

Sorry, can't give examples because personal experience makes the blood boil.

So you'll just have to take my word: No white "love your race" movement is ever going to get off the ground till something big happens. What's that something? If I knew, it would have happened already.

Sharing ideas is, right now, all there is.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim organiser of the flats fire demo
Has previous 10 years ago for suspected terror charges
Seems a slimy will ally himself to anything to cause trouble shit


Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 16 June 2017

[Half-Jewish music mogul] Simon Cowell has announced plans to help victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze by donating all proceeds from the release of a yet to be revealed single to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

Speaking to GMB via the phone on Friday morning, Simon said: "For me in my position, not to do something would be appalling. So I wrote to all the record label heads and I basically said let's all work together, there's a bigger cause here...The song is important because it obviously has to be sincere...for me, it has to mean something to the people affected by what happened. "


This is the same Simon Cowell who donated $150,000 to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The Guardian, 25 March 2009

Israel's military fired white phosphorus over crowded areas of Gaza repeatedly and indiscriminately in its three-week war, killing and injuring civilians and committing war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today.

In a 71-page report, the rights group said the repeated use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells in populated areas of Gaza was not incidental or accidental, but revealed "a pattern or policy of conduct".

White phosphorus burns in contact with oxygen and causes deep burns when it touches human skin, sometimes reaching to the bone.

Human Rights Watch

Israel’s Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) repeatedly exploded white phosphorus munitions in the air over populated areas, killing and injuring civilians, and damaging civilian structures, including a school, a market, a humanitarian aid warehouse and a hospital.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 30 July 2014

[Zionist] Simon Cowell gets blowback for IDF donation

Celebrity music impresario Simon Cowell is getting criticism for a $150,000 donation to the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

Cowell is Christian, but his late father, Eric, was Jewish*, as is his current partner, Lauren Silverman, who recently gave birth to the couple’s first child.

Simon Cowell's mother is a Gentile. This is what a "Gentile" looks like:


Frank Galton

H Nelson said...

I don't know if England is at war yet J Bull, this from sky news. Protesters of Glenfield Tower inferno storm Kensington & Chelsea town hall. PM Theresa May chased away from a local church by angry mob (she's lucky to escape with her life). The Queen along with her grandson William visits the tower inferno, angry mob stop being angry and bow curtsy and say in their best pidgin English Hello How Do You Do, the Queen leaves and the mob gets back to being angry (I think there just might be riots tonight, if not tonight then tomorrow night, if not then I think some people in the establishment are going to be really pissed off to say the least). Another brown man caught brandishing a knife around parliament (mother of all parliaments no less, what is it with that place that attracts all the nutters). Most proper Britons are out in parks or by the seaside sunning themselves on the hottest day of the year (86f which is bloody Hot, too bloody hot some say). Other news Tesco fined 8 million for polluting England's green and pleasant land, Amazon buys Whole Foods (boycott it). J Bull, You said We Invited them into this country? No We Didn't, (((THEY DID))), Going by Franks facts & figures he puts up daily, (((THEY))) definitely DID and are STILL DOING IT. There is No WE.
A round up of the other news from the uk.

Frank Galton said...

nature's child said: "The reason Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe became the top cop and got a knighthood is because of reasons like this (trying to get white officers to move out). That and the Masonic networks rampant in the senior police ranks."

He's also a good friend of the (((you-know-who's))). I mentioned them once, but I think I got away with it.

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

No white "love your race" movement is ever going to get off the ground till something big happens.

Totally agree Franz. My own oft-stated view is a catastrophic economic collapse which actually means no more cable for the proles. Too many White people too comfortable otherwise.

James Lord said...

H Nelson you are correct and J Bull wrong. We did NOT fucking well invite those chimps and sand niggers in here. I think almost everyone on this blog knows by now (((who))) invited them here and tricked the ordinary Brit into letting it happen by stealth.

rastus said...

A bit of good news from London. The toasted chimp count is heading towards 100.

Anonymous said...

So England suffers 3 terror attacks and we sing don't look back in anger

A fire which is not a terror action but a white goods fault. Kills people of all races and there are riots predicted

Bet you all of those people involved also all have cheap white goods in their homes they bought because they were cheap


But blame the government

Mad Max 2000 said...

Watching TV News tonight.

Never have I seen anyone disrespect the Queen before, ever.

Mussies at the Tower Fire, of course.

H Nelson said...


Bet you all of those people involved also all have cheap white goods in their homes they bought because they were cheap

In fifty odd years these tower blocks have been built, with white working class people in them to begin with never has there been such a fire thats engulfed the entire building. Over those years there would have been loads of cheap second hand electrical stuff in those towers. All these events over the last few weeks have one thing in common, which is reshaping politics in this country and our lives (in a undemocratic way) more draconian laws ie freedom of speech, internet suppression. We have 24 news saying how the multi cult race is a great thing, even tho they stage it and film it then show it FakeBullshit No One asked for It, in reality the majority Don't want It. All these events look like they have been organised by a shadowy organisation to get the genuine British to give up on what little freedoms they have, to leave the past and embrace a corporate communist soviet eu, a step away from a one world government. All this is being Done By Foreigners that have no allegiance to this country and the people that this country is name after. These foreigners are a fifth column in our country. From the terrorist to the victims to the eyewitness and the msm it all seems a bit monkey to me.

Flanders said...

Here is a site (actually there are two of them) which seem to be potentially compatible for our interests.

I am new to learning about the sites and I don't know the ownership or the backgrounds (apparently crowd-funded), but they have enormous potential for our side as I think you will see.

Here is one of their postings.

"After pressure campaign, Maddow loses major sponsor"

"Boston, MA – Upon hearing that has decided to pull their ads from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Melanie Morgan, Co-founder of the Media Equality Project, thanked the thousands of volunteers who have been calling, emailing, writing letters and cancelling their accounts.

“We’re fighting fire with fire and we’re winning! It’s so gratifying to hear understands how Rachel Maddow’s dishonest and biased reporting doesn’t resonate with their customers. Thank you to all the Stop the Scalpings volunteers who made their voices heard,” said Morgan.

Stop the Scalpings has posted the contact information for every advertiser on MSNBC’s flagship show on their Facebook page (now 103,000 strong) and on the website. Every day, volunteers focus their efforts on a different company and share their feedback.

Co-founder Brian Maloney added, “When left-wing smear organizations attempted to remove opposing voices from the airwaves, they should have known it would compel a strong response. While we’re not for censorship, we do believe moderates, conservatives and independents can choose to patronize businesses that correspond to their own values. LegalZoom has recognized this new environment.”

Another article worth checking.

"Why is Media Matters for America meddling in foreign countries?"

Flanders said...

"The Color Purple Revolution: Hillary’s Elite Cult Wants War"

"Ever since her crushing defeat and the revelations of pizzagate, or pedogate, Clinton’s Purple Revolution has been actively stirring up trouble across the country. Clinton and her cohorts including Janet Yellen have also been wearing the color purple, quite visibly, to show the control they still have.

Purple Revolution

From raising interest rates in a volatile economy, to encouraging citizens to rise up and resist the Trump Administration because of “muh progressivism”, while Soros is paying most of these “activists” (aka Useful Idiots: Black Lives Matter, FEMEN, Living Wage, ANTIFA, etc.) to show up and resist. All of these concentrated efforts are working overtime to undermine Trump. Even a mainstream newspaper such as the Chicago Tribune (Chicago of all places!) called out Soros.

These people don’t just show up on the street or at some rally. They are also flooding town halls and raising a ruckus. It begs the question, just how many ACTUAL constituents are getting their voices heard? Why would such a democratic, tolerant, peaceful, and progressive movement get in the way of their fellow citizens, their right to free speech and self-preservation?"
[Continues with more explanations and what to expect in the future].

Flanders said...

"Democrat Party Terrorist Launches #HuntRepublicanCongressman"

[Flanders]: This article is recommended reading.

"American Democrats are increasingly making their murderous intentions clear. Driven by their hatred of President Donald Trump, conservatives, Christians, and white people in general (even when the Demoncrat is white himself), they are intent on provoking a new Civil War."
I suppose the Color Purple refers to the color of their gums and lips?

"Nebraska Dem Official Asked to Resign After Saying GOP Congressmen Crying on TV ‘So Funny’ Following Shooting"

"Nebraska – Chelsey Gentry-Tipton of Omaha refuses to resign as chairwoman of the party’s Black Caucus claiming her Facebook post she made after GOP members were gunned down by a left-wing radical were taken out of context."

Anonymous said...

Reality without Truth is perception.

Kikes say that white is a cultural phenomenon.

Why don't whites reply that kike is a cultural phenomenon?

They're all fake.

Kike is a much more cultural perception than white although both identities are relative. Perception.

Without Truth, which is Jesus Christ, kikes can make stuff at will.

We don't need a warrior class or a merchant class. The kikes own both of those.

We need a priest class to define Truth beyond perception.

Any (((priest))), without the ability to deny kike perception, is not a servant of Jesus Christ at all but a servant of the kikes.

Flanders said...

You can pick up a lot of warm and fuzzy jew love at the following post. You can tell the jews just love Christians and White Americans so very much!

"Jews Angrily Swarm Saboteur365 Over Otto Warmbier Post"

Fine Looking Europeans said...

So you'll just have to take my word: No white "love your race" movement is ever going to get off the ground till something big happens. What's that something? If I knew, it would have happened already.

This just sounds like the god squad people on here, wait for divine intervention a big finger comes out of the clouds and says Oi you lot pack it in or I will smite you, then we have, lets just sit at home and wait till our enemy overstretches himself makes a mistake then the masses will come out onto the streets and demand ? Why I dont know what they will demand cos by then it's going to be a real mix bag of people. So basically we have in the red corner (church) and the blue corner (white revolution kind off, but only when the elites mess up) saying im going to sit this one out and Wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Till totally out numbered by young muslim men. Yep, we shall wait and wait, and wait, and wait then you die of old age or maybe get to have that cultural enrichment that every tv channel and blog is talking about.

Political party's get infiltrated, there's not much you can do about it, just so long as you keep focus on elections, campaigning in decent run campaigns, do not allow yourself to be caught up in infighting or any talk of illegal stuff, you can start raising the racial bar in politics. Getting a consensus from the people, after that, that consensus will give us the confidence to Take Back Our Country. This doesn't include usa, it might not include canada, new zealand but Europe it does.
Franz take yourself off to fishing or something, You Don't Got No Right Talking Bout Sit And Wait To Europeans. Usa is Completely different to Europe. Usa bases in Europe 70 years... in that time its gone from white to brownish... Remedy? Get usa bases OUT of Europe. Get americans out of Europe especially the boss-eyed ones, ones that are shaped like boxes have to go as well. Those left must be given a dna test to see Who the Fuck they really are, lets be honest here, They aint got a fucking clue about Who they Are Or What they Are, So how can this country be having bases all over the world. Please, Europeans get these fucking idiots out of Europe. If you hear an american accent in Europe, go straight up to them and tell them to Fuck Off, then walk on by. We just can't go on like this, this friendship with america isn't a friendship, it's a fraud, it's killing us. So remember, just go up to them and say Why Don't You Just Fuck Off, especially the Fat boss-eyed ones, if they can't look you straight in the eyes, then how trustworthy can they really be? Answer, Not A Lot.

Frank Galton said...

H Nelson/John C said: "...get the genuine British to give up on what little freedoms they have, to leave the past and embrace a corporate communist soviet eu, a step away from a one world government."

One World Government

New York Times, 28 August 1922

Dr. Sokolow Tells Zionist Congress Jerusalem Will Be International Peace Capital

CALSBAD, Aug. 27 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).--"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace," declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Executive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 January 1962

NEW YORK (Jan. 3)

"Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime...all other continents will become united in a WORLD ALLIANCE, at whose disposal will be an international police force...

"In JERUSALEM, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of ALL CONTINENTS; this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah." - Zionist-Jew David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel


Thursday, February 2, 1950

United States Senate, Subcommittee on Revision of the United Nations Charter of the Committee on Foreign Relations

Page 494


"We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.";view=1up;seq=11;size=125

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 05 June 1969

James P. Warburg, banker, financier...was a confidant of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. His roots were in the three great German-Jewish banking families, the Loebs, Schiffs and Warburgs.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

J Bull said: "God save England. We are at war. Englishman come forward now."

BBC, 16 January 2000

Beware the English - a nation with the potential for aggression and violence.

That's the warning from [part-Jewish] Home Secretary Jack Straw, who has aired his views on a BBC radio debate about what it means to be British.

BBC, 09 January 2000

[Part-Jewish Home Secretary] Mr Straw will describe the English * as "potentially very aggressive, very violent..."



Daily Telegraph, 04 May 2003

Fury as Dalyell attacks Blair's 'Jewish cabal'

Tam Dalyell, the Father of the House, sparked outrage last night by accusing the Prime Minister of "being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers".

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Left-wing Labour MP named Lord Levy, Tony Blair's personal envoy on the Middle East, Peter Mandelson, whose father was Jewish, and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, who has Jewish ancestry, as three of the leading figures who had influenced Mr Blair's policies on the Middle East.

Frank Galton

A White Man said...

Anonymous god spokeperson  @ 03:46

Will you just give it a rest please.
You are too fixated with disproving I'm white. I can categorically tell you that I am White, maybe not as white as jeues, like you say, he is or was Brilliant White, other races beg to differ, me on the other hand is just white, I can live with that, but I am White. You are probably caramel, there is nothing we can do about that, so it's best if you went to live in Brazil, you will like it there, they have a big statue of jeuse, but looking at it, it don't look that brilliant white to me, there are lots of caramel people there especially on the beach playing volleyball, you can converse with them. I just want to see Whites organise themselves, which will happen eventually, I just don't want them to go into your mishmash place and they won't thank God.

A White Man said...

Anonymous Confused god spokeperson @ 03:46

I forgot to say, you continually contradict yourself in most of your statements.
I'm not a doctor or anything like that but I'm of the understanding that you are off your fuvking nut mate.
Question, have you ever held down a responsible job, ie where peoples lives are at stake other then your own.

A White Man said...

Does any one here have any photos of white people.
Anonymous 03:46 needs to see them.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Nazis

Anonymous said...

What about America and its lovely allied associate, ISIS?  If a nation creates evil, if a nation funds evil, if a nation arms evil, if a nation protects evil, and if a nation excuses evil . . . then that nation IS evil.  America is evil.  America is evil in the truest sense of the word.  And as long as we remain Israel’s dutiful attack dog around the globe, just so long will our nation remain evil.

Pastor Cloudburst-Thunder said...

Returning Fire

THE QUESTION on the mind of every patriot, of every concerned American, is, “What should we do to oppose most effectively the enemies of our people? By what methods should we fight the media bosses, the politicians, the liberals, and the others who are destroying our society, our civilization, and our race?”

I was on a Christian radio talk show a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that we should read our Bibles and pray. I really don’t believe that’s going to get the job done.

William Hills said...

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War

If you watch a person flip a penny five hundred times, and it always comes up tails, you cannot be absolutely certain that the penny has two tails. But you at least ought to suspect that someone has been working on that penny in his machine shop.

Anonymous said...

Germanin war drums. Inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hitler and Freemasonry

I then learned that the Nazis did not immediately outlaw Freemasonry in 1933 but waited until May 1935 before finally pronouncing its death sentence. In the meantime, however, they had been playing a cat and mouse game with what amounted to a corpse because the Order had expeditiously acted as its own executioner at a very early stage in 1933.

Read up on this peculiar business, it involves being blindfolded, left trouser leg rolled up over your left knee, a noose put around your neck, your left nipple showing and something put on it. Bloody peculiar Oh yeah you have to take your left shoe and sock off as well. Strange people those freemasons
They do something with an apron and some drawers.
Hitler did well to get rid of these perverts.
I wonder why germany flourished 33-39 the German men weren't doing this kinky shit no more

CS said...

"Britain's traitors have done their work well."

How about an Anti-Treason Party?

Here's a platform:


End all immigration except of those of majority indigenous British descent (i.e., of those born in the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland prior to 1950). (Exemptions could be purchased by employers at a million quid a time.)

Provide multi-billion pound funding for a program of voluntary repatriation of immigrants of non-British descent, the objective being to restore the indigenous majority in all British cities.


Deport all terrorists, terrorist family members, and members of mosques, political parties, and charities connected in anyway with terrorists or terrorist organizations.


Provide a 50,000 pound tax break per child to indigenous British citizens, said benefit to be paid directly to mothers, thereby providing greater economic security to women who contribute to restoration of the fertility of the native population.

Confine marital benefits to those in heterosexual partnerships.

Outlaw polygamy

Develop programs for the voluntary sterilization of welfare mothers.

Preserving the Cultural and Religions Tradition of the West:

Restore Christian prayers and hymn singing in all state schools.

Eliminate state funding for non-Christian denominational schools.

THE EeYoo:

Tell them to fuck off (53% of all EU citizens want a referendum on exit. We support their demand). We want hard Brexit now. And if the Germans and the French want to sell their cars, wine and cheese in the British Isles then they'll have to negotiate mutually agreeable terms of trade.

The YouEss:

Hey guys, we'll preserve your European heritage in case you ever want it back. In the meantime, while you're destroying your people and culture and raining depleted uranium and white phosphorus on anyone who refuses your direction, take your fucking missiles, bombs and ships back home. We ain't fighting no one who don't attack us.


Britain will be the friend of all the world. To the degree possible for a small and unimportant nation, we will help others throughout the world in the war on ignorance, disease, cruelty and environmental destruction.

Meantime, we'll issue every able-bodied male with a rifle and make sure he knows how to use it against a terrorist, a home invader, or a foreign invader.

We'll also hang onto our nukes and we'll spend what it takes to ensure we have the means of delivering them anywhere anytime in the event of a existential attack on our homeland.


Develop expertise in viticulture in the Scotch Highlands.


Shut down the nuke plants, which as Fukushima indicates, represent an existential risk to large parts of the population.

Shut down all activity at Sellerfield, other than required by the defense industry, and take the the plutonium stored, glassify it, and then bury it at a depth of at least ten thousand feet in very solid rock.

Make the British Isles energy independent through

development of N. Sea coal-bed methane reserves
clean coal

so far as economic, wind, wave and solar power,

energy efficiency and conservation.


End all green field development. Tear down all of Britain's vast wasteland of industrial slums and develop new communities of high density, minimal transportation energy costs, and superb public spaces and recreational facilities.


Eliminate minimum wage laws.

Introduced negative income tax/wage subsidies, etc to eliminate unemeployment.


A merit based system with special schools for the brilliant, the not so brilliant and the intellectually limited, allowing all children to advance at pace adapted to their ability, with easy transfer from one stream to another according as how each child develops.

Rob said...

Franz and Savant, one thing that really needs to happen for whites to wake up is an end to all sport, especially soccer. Even if it were played by indigenous whites it would be the opium of the proles. But added to that we're presented with teams that look like a photographic negative of the indigenous people who inhabit the country they're playing for. Is there a more insulting parody of Frenchness than the "French national soccer team"?

SAVANT said...

Rob I totally agree even though I'm a major offender. Sport has been arguably the most effective anti-White weapon that's been deployed over the last few decades. In fact I'm doing a post on it within a week or two.

CS said...

I see that according to the Sunday Herald, the liberals for the genocide of the white race are rabid for Holocaust studies being made mandatory. I strongly support this plan and have added the following plank to my Anti-Treason Party platform:

Holocaust studies will be mandatory at every level in every school. This program will include the history of genocide, from the biblical account of the Jewish genocide of the Canaanites, to the ongoing ethnic cleansing by the Jewish state of Israel of the Palestinian people.

Holocaust studies will instill a clear understanding of the meaning of genocide as as it was defined by Raphael Lemkin, a Jewish, legal scholar who coined the term. Specifically, they will learn that that:

the term does not necessarily signify mass killings although it may mean that. More often it refers to a coordinated plan aimed at destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups so that these groups wither and die like plants that have suffered a blight. The end may be accomplished by the forced disintegration of political and social institutions, of the culture of the people, of their language, their national feelings and their religion. It may be accomplished by wiping out all basis of personal security, liberty, health and dignity. When these means fail the machine gun can always be utilized as a last resort. Genocide is directed against a national group as an entity and the attack on individuals is only secondary to the annihilation of the national group to which they belong. Raphael Lemkin

Students will then be led to analyze the post-WW2 immigration and social policies of the European states in terms of their consequences for the nations of Europe.

In particular, they will come to understand how policies on marriage, abortion, contraception, sex "education," and pornography have suppressed the fertility of the European peoples far below the replacement rate.

They will then see how mass immigration combined with multiculturalism means destruction of the European peoples as both racial and cultural entities. They will then understand that their own people have been, and remain, targeted for genocide by traitors within their own ruling class.

CS said...

Re: one thing that really needs to happen for whites to wake up is an end to all sport, especially soccer.

I absolutely have to disagree. Soccer was invented by the Brits, like most other sports. Trashing them would be abandoning an important part of our culture. What's needed is to end the genocide by suppressed reproduction and mass replacement immigration.

Obviously, if you replace your population from elsewhere, people from elsewhere are going to be doing the things that would otherwise be done by the indigenous people. That includes not just sports, but everything.

There's only one solution. It's (a) to send the immigrants home, by force, in the case of the criminals and terrorists, and voluntarily with substantial gifts of money and other benefits (e.g., maybe free UK university education for the kids -- provided the little dears go home once they have their degrees); and (b) restore the fertility of the indigenous population.

CS said...

"Sport has been arguably the most effective anti-White weapon that's been deployed"

With the right spin, it can become the among the most effective anti-Treason class weapons to be deployed.

Anonymous said...

Frank Zappa exposes ((them)) too

Anonymous said...

Savant that's why I said eff the villa

They dont represent me anymore

They did when they had ray Graydon Chico Hamilton johny Aston .Brian little. Bruce Rioch even andy gray
All lads that looked like the lads down the factory I worked at

But I am not prepared to pay to watch the new lot who probably hate me anyway


Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is white. There is no one whiter than Donald Trump.

Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, not only married a gangster kike but converted to the satanic kike religion.

This is the present and future of white.

We live in a dynamic reality. Without a basis in Truth, Jesus Christ, kikes make themselves the basis of truth.

Unfortunately, kikes seem to be the only ones to understand this.

When you are playing a game and not only have no concept of the rules of the game but criticize those who are simply telling you the rules, you are going to lose.

Rule #1 Jesus Christ is White. There is no one Whiter than Jesus Christ.

Rule #2 Kike is Antichrist.

Franz said...


"Even if it were played by indigenous whites it would be the opium of the proles."

Agree with that especially.

Professional "sports" for the last generation has been just plain weird.

Mike Royko, a now-dead Chicago newspaper man of the old school, once responded to "fans" when ticket prices went up by saying:

"Cut this crap about Supporting Your Team. You "support" nothing. You're only paying to watch a gaggle of millionaires on-field to entertain you, and they'll charge what millionaires always charge... the most they can get away with."

Didn't shut them up, but it was true.

Searcher said...

Forget about women (post-wall, wanting to nuture a 'child") and young (increased SMV from skewed male/female ratio) for a second.

Those biological reasons are understandable.

What biological reasons do men have to be in favour of mass immigration into their territory? I am not talking of why not only do they not oppose mass immigration, but why they are in favour of it. What is their biological cop-out?

Is it just as prosaic as:
- Fear (I won't win)
- Comfort/bribery (Money)
- Conformity (I want to be accepted)

I would never urge anyone into any action that I wouldn't take myself. So please don't take this as incitement. I am genuinely curious. Women have the nuturing/SMV cop-out. What is the biological cop-out for men? Or is there any?

Flanders said...

Deep 2% shenanigans are analyzed quite well.

"That 2% Sure Does Keep Popping Up Often"

"As we discussed earlier, Rosenstein (2%) wrote the letter recommending Comey’s firing and has now appointed a hostile special prosecutor to investigate Comey’s firing and the only one who can fire the hostile special prosecutor is Rosenstein (2%). Don’t worry though, I’m sure it’s pure ((coincidence)) that it worked out that way.

In the recent meeting with Brand, Rosenstein told her that if he were to recuse himself, she would have to step in and take over those responsibilities. She was sworn-in little more than a month ago.

So Rosenstein (2%) says that if it becomes too obvious what’s going on here, he may have to hand it over to Brand. “But but but Grandpa Lampshade, Brand isn’t a Jew name! Ha! You’re just a paranoid Nazi hater!” Ah padawan, you still have so much to learn. You see, it’s JQ 101 to know that you can’t necessarily go by the names. So is Brand a 2%er? Because Grandpa Lampshade is always careful to not name Jew without 100% verification, I will leave her classified as “alleged Jew”.

[Jew or not a Jew? I present to you this picture along with the fact that her husband’s name is Cohen.] image.
“I understand there are serious allegations that have been raised,” Rosenstein told a Senate panel earlier this week. “I recognize the importance of these questions, and I think that Director Mueller ought to review that and make a determination of whether or not he believes it is within the scope of his investigation.”

Now let’s dance a round of Jew square dancing. This is where several kikes go back and forth and ’round and ’round with each other and you can’t tell who’s on whose side all the while they’re leading you closer and closer to the door of your own destruction."

SAVANT said...

Gerry didn't Jolean Lescott do something along the lines you refer to. Mocking them with his wealth?

SAVANT said...

@CS. Excellent point about Holocau$t™ Studies. I'd add that the studies be real studies. As in all aspects of the subject be subjected to examination before being accepted as fact. How could (((they))) object to that?

Anonymous said...

Myth is a Gateway to Action

If Christianity is on the rocks, what actions is it prompting? Exactly what we see and it’s wrong. An orgy of charity for non-Europeans is not race-serving. Gluttonous compassion makes our racial enemies fat, overpopulated, and arrogant. Pride in coddling Jews is a deadly sin. Very deadly.

We can see why Christianity was deconstructed after the Thirty Years’ War, which cost the lives of 8 million white Europeans. Were they fighting over the actions their version of Christianity prompted or the literal truth of their version? Regardless, the devastation wrought caused philosophers to push Christianity out of the public sphere, separate church and state, and make religion a private matter. This became the Enlightenment.

Whites should exploit the Jew vulnerability that anything birthed by a Jew is a Jew. Only white babies are white; that’s just the reality. What’s true of whites is true of all other races, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, tribes in the Amazon, but not Jews. Only horses are horses, not mules. A mule is not a horse, but a mule can be a Jew. The Jew spins envy for racial purity into malice against racial purity. This is why the Jew is the anti-race. 

People are searching for options. Present mythologies weren’t made for a multi-race jet-age world and can’t protect us in such a world. “Love everyone. Jesus does. He’s a god with infinite power. Be just like him, even if, it costs you everything.” We are in a state of cultural retreat. We are measured by how many nails in our coffin we can take. That’s a culture of death.

Let’s turn that around:

There has been a long-standing dispute in Christianity over salvation by faith or works, meaning salvation by, work or no work. This is a false alternative created by a de-racinated death-focused ideology. This does not come up in life-focused racialism. The Aryan is the optimized white man.

Anonymous said...

Myth is a Gateway to Action

Christians gave Jews the power of loan shark and slave master. Christianity. Good for the Jews. Sure some atheistic Jews take Christianity as a “truth” to deconstruct at the advanced stage of Christian capitulation, however, biologically, Jews never had more power and privilege than in a Christian world. Jews can only thrive among Christians because race-blind Christians can’t stop Jews, even when they are beating the war drums for communism. Christianauthorities can’t say, “Jews cause communism. Stop the Jews to stop communism.”

Their meekness is their weakness.

What paralyzed the monarchs while the clouds of communism gathered? Why couldn’t they slaughter the Jews, while they had the chance to save millions of their own from communist Jew butchers? Why couldn’t the czar save himself? Meekness. The masturbation to meekness must end. Meekness invites the slaughter of your race and family. Meekness is vile, reprobate, diseased, wicked, rancid, putrid; exactly what the Jew needs to get you.


Elaine said...

"Donald Trump is white"

No, Donald Trump is orange

BigNoniePhil said...

Franz--""Cut this crap about Supporting Your Team. You "support" nothing. You're only paying to watch a gaggle of millionaires on-field to entertain you..."

I can't speak for why Americans watch sport, but for many traditional British football fans it was not so much about supporting your 'team' as much as supporting your town. In these atomised times that's a force for good.

Football hooliganism was always associated with far-right politics years ago. And remember during the 2011 London riots that it was football team fans that provided the only real white-London resistance to the rioters?

There's an obvious reason for this: football teams are now one of the few places where natives actually meet in groups and have networks they can call on.

I don't think we should underestimate the importance of actually having physical places and times where local people can actually come together. A thought experiment: in the event of a future unrest, if Muslims and whites were both under threat of sudden riots from hostile nearby communities, who would be in a better position to quickly come together and respond--Muslims with their mosques, or whites sitting at home on the internet?

In this respect I do think that the loss of a shared faith is a huge blow to Europeans. Even though it is mostly composed of geriatric spinsters, even today getting the backing of local churches would be of far more use to an MP than getting the backing of a similar number who belong to no group. There is a power and unity that comes from meeting, talking, getting to know each other, organising, bonding. We used to have a culture that was rich in voluntary organisations. All we have left now are the football teams, and I think it's a huge advantage that Muslims have over us.

Quite agree that the sports entertainment industry is unfettered capitalism at its worst though.

katana said...


Andrew Hitchcock – Erasing the Liberty – The 50th Anniversary Of Israel’s Attack On America — TRANSCRIPT

In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney about Israel’s very deliberate attack on the USS Liberty off the coast of Israel on June 8, 1967, killing 34 and wounding 174. The attack on the Liberty was carried out during Israel’s offensive war against several Arab countries, known as the Six Day War.

The purpose of the attack was to sink the Liberty and then blame it on Egypt giving America the justification to come into war on Israel’s side. It was a classic jewish false flag event — just like 9/11 — carried out with the collusion of President Johnson and other high level traitors in the zionist controlled US Government — KATANA.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The Goyim Know

Why is British Jewry’s political choice so distinct from that of their gentile neighbours?
(Sir Eric)Pickles pontificates on Corbyn’s recent electoral success in an article in the rabid Zionist Times of Israel. “[H]ow did Corbyn’s comments on Hamas not put off voters?” he asks.

In the article Pickles affirms that it was the Jews who kept Theresa May in power. “Were it not for the Jewish community’s strong support for Conservative candidates in north London, then Comrade Corbyn could well be in No 10 right now.” Pickles is probably right, but how did this come about? Why is British Jewry’s political choice so distinct from that of their gentile neighbours? Are those Jews British first or are they just ‘Jews who live in Britain’ as the Zionist mantra* suggests?

Like the vast majority of his chosen tribe and unlike half of the Brits, Pickles doesn’t like Corbyn. ”Worryingly, it seems Jeremy Corbyn’s relationships with hardline and extremist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, simply didn’t concern British voters in a way one would have foreseen.” Pickles admits that it seems even ‘Islamic terror’ failed to boost May’s popularity.
(So does that mean the Manchester terror attack was a traitorous Intelligence MK Ultra coordinated attack like the FBI did in Texas?)

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitler and Freemasonry
Jews and Freemasons in Europe 1723-1939
By Jacob Katz
Translated from the Hebrew by Leonard Oschry
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massaschusetts, 1970 (Online book)

Dexter said...

@Phil. So true about having little that binds us any more. But the Church now is literally an enemy.

Anonymous said...

New video.

Americana - Defeat in Victory
Granville Thorndyke


Anonymous said...

Forgot link.

Americana - Defeat in Victory
Granville Thorndyke


Seneca said...

Are those Jews British first or are they just ‘Jews who live in Britain’ as the Zionist mantra* suggests?

And that is what is known as a rhetorical question.

Kelly said...

I think Searcher that you missed out on one - and possibly the most important explanation. Disinterest. The proles have been distracted by the guff streaming out of the jewtube and by bread & circuses, most especially sport. And that sport distraction shows those same invaders doing well for the whiteman's teams.

eah said...

Anonymous said...

to Anon 18 June 10.39

You completely misunderstand the Catholic view of 'faith and works'.

As to the frequent accusations on here that religious belief leads to inactivity in the fight against evil,St Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, had this motto 'Pray as if everything depended on God, act as if everything depended on you.'

to Anon 10.40 18 June
There was more to the Russian Revolution than the personal failings of Czar Nicholas but in answer to your point, was Jesus wrong when he said 'the meek would inherit the earth' ? No, because what happens when some arrogant arsehole ends up in power. Resentment slowly builds up against him amongst the people he is oppressing. Then one day the resentment results in an explosion of anger and vengeance against the arrogant arsehole. If you think Jesus is wrong about this, just ask the Jews how many times have the common people have risen up against them.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Oliver Stone: Israel more dangerous than Russia

"In 2004, a former intelligence official who was familiar with the latest FBI probe and who had recently left government work told the Los Angeles Times, “There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli activities directed against the United States. Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States.”[16]"

Franz said...

Maybe off-topic but --

The subtext of some of the sport & other comments makes me wonder about the "Trump" situation.

I've never even imagined the hostility toward the guy, he's being blind-sided by the entire system in the US. The reaction makes me wonder if the whole so-called "anti-American" thing was, however phrased, actually the correct.

Before the US became the main driver of "globalism" there were hometowns everywhere and this crap about REFUGEES was a sometimes, case-by-case situation. Now it's a total inundation all the time. No USA, no migrants?

Veterans like to think otherwise. But some of us, damn it all, are now considered subversive for supporting simple stuff like normal relations with Russia and cool it with immigrants.

So any dissenters out there, I guess I'm with you now. They hate us all.

I think Trump stepped into it without knowing how much the Tribe he's very close to hates white folks, silly man.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of jihadist supporting al quids demonstrators marched through London today
Corbyn a normal attendee at this hate fest didn't turn up today,nor did khan for once

I fucking hate them all

I sometimes wonder if meteorites came down and blew up that black stone in Mecca , Jerusalem and the Vatican would the world be a better place


Frank Galton said...

Al-Quds Day Rally, London, 18 June 2017

FF 1:59:51

EDL defending Zionists - the group responsible for flooding Western Europe, North America and Australasia with Third World immigrants.

EDL supporter to Muslim: "Go get a 12-year-old you dirty fucker...go marry your cousin."


If only he knew...

The Tablet, 10 September 2014

Study Says All Ashkenazi Jews Are 30th Cousins

International Business Times, 10 September 2014

New Study Shows European Jews Are All Related

Shiurim Online Beit Midrash

The Shiurim Online Beit Midrash, brought to you by the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem (CY), offers accessible, user-friendly articles, sourcesheets, videos, and daily learning content.

Tanakh, Talmud, Mishnah, Midrash - all in one well as a variety of other sources and study materials to help learners and teachers of all ages and backgrounds deepen your Jewish knowledge and strengthen your community of learners.

Niddah, Chapter Five, Mishnah Four

Mishnah Four

1. A girl of the age of three years and one day may be betrothed by intercourse and if a yavam had intercourse with her, he acquires her thereby.

2. One can be liable for adultery with her;

3. And she defiles the one who had intercourse with her so that he in turn conveys uncleanness to a couch underneath as to a cover above.

4. If she was married to a priest, she may eat terumah.

5. If any of the disqualified men have relations with her he disqualifies her from the priesthood.

6. If any of the forbidden relatives found in the Torah had relations with her he is to be executed on her account, but she is exempt [from the penalty].

7. If she was younger than this age, intercourse with her is like putting a finger in the eye.


Section one: As stated above, intercourse with a girl over the age of three years counts as intercourse. Therefore, since betrothal may be performed by intercourse, she may also be betrothed in this way.

If she is liable for yibbum (meaning her previous husband died without any offspring) and the yavam (her dead husband’s brother) had intercourse with her, she becomes his wife. Again, this means that intercourse with her creates legal obligations and a legal relationship.

Section two: If her father marries her off to someone (this can be done even before three years old) and then another man has intercourse with her, he is liable for adultery and he would get the death penalty.

Section three: If she is a niddah, she defiles one who has intercourse with her such that he would defile any number of couches or cushions upon which he sat. This was explained in 4:1.

Section four: An Israelite woman married to a priest can eat terumah. Since this marriage counts, she can eat terumah.

Section five: If someone who is disqualified from the priesthood, such as a halal (a disqualified priest) or a non-Jew, has relations with her, he disqualifies her from subsequently marrying a priest. This is true of all women.

Section six: If a man forbidden to her because of incest has relations with her, he gets the death penalty (as long as the incest was punishable by death). She, of course, is not punished because little children cannot be held accountable for their actions. Obviously, this was an act of rape.

Section seven: This is the concept I mentioned in the introduction. If one pokes someone in the eye, the eye tears up but returns to normal. So too, the rabbis believed that if one had intercourse with a girl younger than three, her hymen would repair itself. She would remain a “virgin” and therefore there are no legal consequences to relations with her.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Frank Galton

Why do you think the edl imploded, the only people to actually go to areas they were told they couldn't go to and look for a fist fight
Because of Jew influence
My pals are still out there most weekends, not on the Internet
Yep lads ready for a fight
And if they can throw a insult on a demoe, and provoke a reaction they do,like Jew flags at muslims

But the problem now is every body I know who has been on the streets has had their house raided
All the neighbours watching
My own son was with a friend who got drunk and stole a 6.000 pound bicycle outside a pub
He even rode it home drunk with no lights for 10 miles. The police got it back next day from a shop he sold it to for £30
The police looked at CCTV saw my son so raided my house with 6 squad cars for 3 hours
Looking for right wing stuff, but to no avail
But that is the price you get when you get off your keyboard


joe btfsplk said...

A saint can be turned into a sinner if enough $$$ is involved???

Top total compensation Lockheed-Martin [2016]:

Marillyn Hewson $19,422,118

Bruce Tanner $7.3M [on jew surname index]

Orlando Carvalho $5.8M [Spanish/Mexican]

Dale Bennett $5.7M [regular American ??]

Maryanne Lavan $5.0M [Lavan on jew surname index]

Maybe one WASP. . .

Is the capacity for rationalization and self-deception unlimited??

One of these execs was questioned about how their offerings [of destruction] were being used. "It's not our concern- we make weapons, the government uses them. If you don't like it take it up with government- not with us!!" That is, we absolve ourselves of ALL responsibility for how these evil devices are used!! It's ONLY the fault of government. . .

These folks are so whacked they do not, or cannot, see themselves as being in the wrong. . .as being evil.

I pace the floor about this matter- the mentality of the MIC leadership- do they hate facts and reality as much as the (((enemy))) does?

The leadership is more or less PC. I am thinking about the remaining White engineers. Is there anything they could do to stop the juggernaut- were they so inclined?

>>>What is an accessory to a crime?

An accessory to a crime is a person who participates knowingly and voluntarily in the commission of a crime. An accessory can be categorized as before or after the fact (the commission of the crime). They need not be actually present at the scene of the crime in order to be held liable.

Aiding and abetting:

A person charged with aiding and abetting or accessory is usually not present when the crime itself is committed, but he or she has knowledge of the crime before or after the fact, and may assist in its commission through advice, actions, or financial support.

Frank Galton said...

Gerry said: "I sometimes wonder if meteorites came down and blew up that black stone in Mecca , Jerusalem and the Vatican would the world be a better place."

First they came for the Jews...

And everyone lived happily ever after.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


These problems will never be solved by supporting Zionist-Jews and Israel. All these groups (EDL etc) are doing is going round and round in circles like headless chickens.

The only way to solve these problems, as previous commenters have pointed out, is to "NAME THE JEW".

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Oliver Stone: Israel more dangerous than Russia

"In 2004, a former intelligence official who was familiar with the latest FBI probe and who had recently left government work told the Los Angeles Times, “There is a huge, aggressive, ongoing set of Israeli activities directed against the United States. Anybody who worked in counterintelligence in a professional capacity will tell you the Israelis are among the most aggressive and active countries targeting the United States.”[16]"
18 June 2017 at 17:50

If we knew them the way they know us -- and if we hated them just half as much as they hate us, there would not be a single jew walking the planet today.

Four fifths of hatred is actually fear, and this is why the Tribe's detestation of us is so virulent. Those of them in the know are aware that they richly deserve the very worst that we could give them.

The only thing that keeps them even functioning -- I won't use the term "sane" -- is projection. The endless wash of propaganda that convinces them (on the surface, anyway) that they are the saints -- and we are the monsters.

When the Saxon actually wakes up, however ...


Frank Galton said...

Re Lockheed Martin

The Guardian, 19 February 2011

Boycott the UK census over links to Lockheed Martin, protesters say

People are being urged to boycott next month's UK's census because the US arms manufacturer responsible for Trident is involved in gathering the information.

The company, which makes Trident nuclear missiles, cluster bombs and F-16 fighter jets, won the £150m contract to run the census on behalf of the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Siân Berry, a former Green party member who led the party's 2008 campaign against Lockheed's bid for the contract, said she was disappointed by the decision to support the census.

"The really worrying thing is the fact that the information being collected in the next census – including new questions on sources of income and place of birth [to help monitor immigration] – would be ideal fodder for the kind of anti-terror analyses being carried out by Lockheed, and could lead to a faraway database* identifying thousands of us as potential 'threats'."

*Lockheed Martin Israel Ltd

Frank Galton

Soul Glow said...

A very telling observation UN. Because there is indeed a self-reinforcing non-virtuous circle of fear-> hate -> bad behaviour -> reaction -> fear etc. Has happened throughout history and you must wonder whet it gets to break out again.

kulak said...

The Bobby's Prayer:

Lord give me the strength to police those I can
The speed to run away from those I can't
And the wisdom to know the difference

Anonymous said...

The BBC have managed to find a black policeman who was very badly wounded tackling the London Bridge terrorists. Just sayin'. Keep up the good work Sav.

Bevois [0-0-0]