Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Divine comedy

Sport is looked at with a jaundiced eye by many on the alt-right, being correctly seen as a component of the panem et circenses deployed by the NWO globalists to distract and neutralise the White masses. They've also found it a boon (whoops!) in that it showcases the only activities where blacks can equal Whites. (See shiksas, dark meat good for breeding!). But there was a time when sport embodied blood and soil, nationalism and local pride. The local football team was made up of local men and this form of rootedness spread up to regional and national level. Which was why it had to be destroyed.  In those days the very idea of a black on a European national team would have been sacrilegious. Now various forms of mystery meat predominate in the "national" teams of England, France, Holland and Belgium (others are headed the same way) while club sides have lost all connection with their localities.

The money and effort expended on this project by the globalists have been astounding. But they're not satisfied with displacing White men with coloured men. No, they want da wimminz in the game as well. We're all equal after all. Hence the relentless propagandising of women's sports and the shoehorning of women into every last male sporting preserve. Even rugby, that most manly of sports is now infested with a plethora of airheads spouting their vacuous nonsense while useless women's competitions are forced down the TV audience's throat. This particular development is making me incandescent with rage I have to tell you.

But out of evil sometimes cometh good. Because now that transgenders have been allowed in women's bathrooms you can hardly keep them out of women's competitions. And given that your sex is now what you proclaim it to be we find that many second-rate male athletes are transforming themselves into first-class women athletes by the simple expedient of declaring themselves women. What prizes and money beckon as even the Olympic Committee have arrangements to cater for trasngenders. So expect a lot more Caster Semenyas. And there's also the little matter of athletic scholarships, approximately 60% of which currently go to women.  Sorry Carol, that free place in college your were hoping for has gone instead to Willamina (known to his parents as Bill).

Libtard lunacy has come full circle to bite them in their smug asses. They're in an exquisite bind. If they side with transgenders, they discriminate against women who were born women. If they side with women who were born women the discriminate against transgenders. Meanwhile as sexual dimorphism becomes the crime du jour the number of gender identities increases daily as every freak imaginable makes its claim for unique identity. Sort that lot out, ladies!  If they don't (and they won't) the trannies will destroy women's sports.

Pass the popcorn!


joe btfsplk said...

. . .every freak imaginable. . .

Freak Out album by franklin zappa [1966]. . .paving the way for a glorious future!


James said...

Liberals (and increasingly everyone's a liberal) always repeat the lie that ingroup mentality is "irrational".

It has been 70 years since the British left India. In these years, Indians have systemically destroyed what the British left behind by asserting their tribal, superstitious and irrational culture.

OK try being rational in India and see how long you last.


Is Modi planning a drastic population reduction? If he is the survivors will worship the guy.

James said...

Frank Galton, you beat me to that point about the Square Mile. It is literally a different country and holds the rest of Britain by the balls. I have researched, or tried to research, the precise nature of that power and who holds it. Hard to find out but I suspect the (((usual suspects))) are up to their necks in it.

There is a book about it - The Great Red Dragon (LONDON MONEY POWER).


They have a symbol, which is called the Dragon's Eye. It is similar to some recycling symbols, but note that most of the recycling symbols on product packaging is a thinly disguised star of David, and that's because the Rothschilds et al are behind it.

Some recycling symbols appear to be a cross between the Eye of the Dragon, and the Star of David.

James said...

The money power

The book begins like this:

The Imperialism of Capital to which I allude is a knot of
capitalists — Jews almost to a man
— who have their head-
quarters in the Money Quarter of London, in Thread-
needle street, Lombard, and other streets in that vicinity,
where bankers have their habitat. These Jew capitalists
have succeeded in centralizing in their own hands the
industry and commerce of the earth.
— They own almost
all the debts of the world, — the debts of nations, states,
counties, municipalities, corporations and individuals, —
amounting in the aggregate, it is estimated, to seventy-
five billion dollars, on which they are annually receiving
about four billion dollars of interest. — They own the
manufactories, the shipping, and the commerce of Great
Britain, and most of the manufactures, shipping and com-
merce of the whole world.

The book says they have it all sewn up. It was written in 1890.

James said...

Beneficiar to the hearth.


A second view.


Western ideas need to catch up.

Renata said...

"Asian community in uproar in Paris after police shoot dead Chinese man in home"

France celebrating diversity.

James said...

Is this why they are making an issue of Islamic face coverings?

They won't want us to hide our faces from their cameras.


James said...

Putin "almost hits" priest who tries to kiss him.

Interesting comments.


James said...

Polish people aren't all bad. She can come over if she wants.


Clogheen said...

Very true about womens rugby. It is total shite, nobody goes to their matches, yet they try to give it almost equal coverage to men's.

Anonymous said...

Big right wing demonstration this Saturday
London. The left are threatening to cause trouble good luck to those attending



L H Oswald said...

Hey get a load of this. Sign at TRump rally in Huntingtn Beach CA. "DA GOYIM KNOW".


Searcher said...

The transgendered MTFs will never destroy women's sport.

I look into my crystal ball and whaddya know - a hive mind comes up. A very simple tried and tested passive agressive strategy: the strike/boycott. Suited for those who can put aside their differences for the greater good: the hive mind.

So all they have to do is stick together and strike it out. Do normies really care about transgendered peeps? Are they really that sympathetic to the general public?

The transgendered athletes will be faced with no competition. "Winning" is not really really winning if the top female talent in your field refuse to participate in the women's events that you enter.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Uncle Nasty have the most lovely idea for a new sport, which should be all the rage?
Something about plastic chairs and tall buildings?

Hope it catches on and becomes bigger than that stupid sport football(American or English version does not matter).

The Man from Mars

Anonymous said...

As the educational system and world intelligence continues down the path psychological meltdown more and more I am finding myself ashamed to be human.
You may educate these people but you just can't fix stupid.

Flanders said...

"In light of the Donald Sterling media fiasco it is interesting to see how the Jewish run media is promoting the idea that the NBA is simply run by White people. Take for example this ridiculous article written by Jew Harry Siegel in the New York Daily News which features a cartoon picture of Klu Klux Klan members. In reality, the NBA like other professional sports leagues have been dominated by Jews for quite some time now.
Luke Ford citing a 2014 Forward article:" [Continues with the list - 2014 article]


"It will be hard to find Jews on the court in the National Basketball Association playoffs. But toss a basketball into an NBA owners’ meeting, and you’ll probably hit one.
There are only three Jewish players in the NBA, and no Jewish head coaches. Yet nearly half the principal owners of NBA teams are Jewish, as are the league’s current commissioner and its immediate past commissioner.
No other major pro league in the United States has such a high proportion of Jewish owners. The NFL comes closest: Roughly a third of that league’s owners are Jewish. Just a handful of pro baseball and hockey owners are Jews.
So why do Jews own so many NBA teams? The answer has to do with the prehistory of pro basketball, the sport’s urban roots and the economics of the modern NBA. Also, Jews are huge basketball fans.
“Jews love basketball,” said Nathaniel Friedman, who writes widely about basketball under the pen name Bethlehem Shoals. “If you asked a Jewish multimillionaire what they want, they’d probably say they want to buy the Knicks, in their dreams.”


Who Controls America?
Who Controls Professional Sports?


A much longer list at this 2012 article, although there is only one solution to solve the Israel problem.


Searcher said...

O/T so apologies

Born that way

"... I've never met anybody with such hate in their heart for "people who were born that way", such absolute hate in their heart for "people who were born that way", it's something I've never seen before ... scary though because y'know, everyday on the front page of his paper ... and it's just whipping up a frenzy of hate ... they're going to put your picture in the paper, put where you live. No-one deserves that".

This is the clip from Scot Mills helping out people who were "born that way" in Uganda:

Here's a bit about some other people who were "born that way", mind you, in a different way:

"In a nutshell, the research recounted by Bronson and Merryman shows that children as young as 6 months are able to distinguish among the races, that they're troubled or puzzled by other races, and that as toddlers, they like to make generalizations and prefer the company of their own racial group."


Maybe this Scott Mills activist sort will help Millenial Woes out LOL since no-one who is "born that way" deserves to be outed on the front page of a newspaper.

Plus the social environment would have amplified "born that way" tendancies (nature AND nurture is important according to he who must not be named):


Disclaimer: I am not saying that Millenial Woes is racist but the fact remains that he has been "outed" as racist by a newspaper. But even if he were racist, is that really his fault since wouldn't he have just been "born that way"?

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Very relevant article over on Amren about how Chinese students view race. In essence Chinese girls hate and fear blacks but Chinese boys admire then for....as yu say Sav, their sporting prowess. The reach of the globalists is velly unnerving.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Forgot the link. https://www.amren.com/features/2017/03/chinese-college-students-think-race/

Flanders said...

"Jewish Teams Worldwide

Below is a list of Jewish soccer teams worldwide.
Only senior teams are listed."


Flanders said...

"The millions of Americans gearing up to watch the 51st annual Super Bowl on Sunday might be surprised to learn that this year’s game has a deep Jewish connection which extends to Israel: the owners of both teams competing in this year’s game are Jewish, and both have ties to the Jewish state.

Robert Kraft, billionaire owner of the New England Patriots since 1994, and Arthur Blank, who bought the Atlanta Falcons in 2002, were both raised in Jewish families. They have each donated millions of dollars of their personal wealth to Jewish and Israeli causes over the years, exemplifying the intrinsic Jewish value of tzedaka, or charity. He has also donated to promote Jewish-Christian relations, endowing chairs in Jewish studies at Boston College and Holy Cross College, and a chair in Christian Studies at Brandeis University.
The two [Kraft and wife, Myra] led multiple trips to Israel, even during the height of the Second Intifada; Myra regularly took Patriots players on the tours, including star quarterback Tom Brady in 2006 – who, though not Jewish, keeps a menorah in his Brookline home.

Blank grew up in New York and made his fortune by co-founding the Home Depot chain with Jewish partner Bernie Marcus, who has said that the company’s practice of donating to communities affected by natural disasters throughout America is directly motivated by the value of tzedakah."


"No Daylight” Between Israel, US for First Time in Decades, Says Ambassador [WATCH]"
By Abra Forman March 27, 2017

"For the first time in years, there is “no daylight” between the governments of Israel and the United States, Israel’s ambassador to the US told the annual AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

The governments of Israel and the United States are experiencing a nearly unprecedented level of intimacy, Ron Dermer said, in what was clearly an implicit criticism of relations with previous US administrations.

“For the first time in many years, perhaps even many decades, there is no daylight between our two governments,” Dermer declared to the thousands-strong crowd of pro-Israel participants.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual policy conference draws over 18,000 activists and policymakers every year. It is often seen as a benchmark of relations between Israel and American Jewry, and hosts the biggest names and movers in the world of Israel advocacy. President Donald Trump headlined last year’s conference." [Continues]


Flanders said...

You may want to look through these pictures below and tell me what IT is you DON'T SEE.

"A glass negative collection of 65 amazing photos that shows the United States in the early photography, taken from late 19th to early 20th centuries."


Searcher said...

O/T again

Posting because it is timely and relevant to anyone who is interested in censorship/tampering with "popularity/engagement" metrics:

Mister Metokur speaks about YouTube:

PS Sav thanks for your blog.

James said...

Big right wing demonstration this Saturday
London. The left are threatening to cause trouble good luck to those attending

Tell them to Stop Hating Whites.

Worked for NF here.

Hold up signs saying EU = Kalergi Plan.

And signs saying "Diversity is a code word for white genocide"

Worked here in little old NZ. Lefties had no answer. They never came back!

James said...

The transgendered athletes will be faced with no competition. "Winning" is not really really winning if the top female talent in your field refuse to participate in the women's events that you enter.

Women's sports will be interesting to watch with these new developments.

James said...

Disclaimer: I am not saying that Millenial Woes is racist but the fact remains that he has been "outed" as racist by a newspaper. But even if he were racist, is that really his fault since wouldn't he have just been "born that way"?

What's the opposite of racist? Did Trotsky make a word up for that too?

James said...

The transgendered MTFs will never destroy women's sport.

What about Venus Williams and his brother? No boycott there yet.

Gart Williams said...

Instead of getting fat or drunk while watching millionaires play games, it would be much better for white men and women to get out and exercise to get in better shape. An end to spectator sports would be good for all of us.

Uncle Nasty said...

From an older thread, I know, but it may be relevant.

Croesus said...

Frank Galton, you beat me to that point about the Square Mile. It is literally a different country and holds the rest of Britain by the balls. I have researched, or tried to research, the precise nature of that power and who holds it. Hard to find out but I suspect the (((usual suspects))) are up to their necks in it.
28 March 2017 at 12:17

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the more fascinating reads of the seventies and eighties (for me, anyway) was "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution." by a fellow named Steven Knight published in 1976


Despite its rather lurid title, the book was actually meant to be the first in a series of books uncovering the real power behind the throne in those days ... The Freemasons -- which Knight's second book did in great detail. This was "The Brotherhood" (1984) ... a frightening look at the power held by this most secret of societies.


... and I am afraid, that's all she wrote. Knight died in 1985 at the age of 33 ... supposedly of a brain tumour. Which begs several questions ...

firstly, the book -- whenever referenced by (((Mainstream book people))), the opportunity is never missed to call it Knight's "now discredited" book, or if they feel that you have not been paying sufficient attention ... as Knight's thoroughly "discredited" book.

Oddly enough they do not ever reference just who did the discrediting ... oldest jew trick in the book.

Secondly, the book (at AMAZON), over the decades has attracted scores -- if not hundreds -- of fairly heated user reviews. I used to have great fun reading and deconstructing the negative ones. There are now just thirty. I did not know that book reviews had an expiry date.

Thirdly, Knight published a book on the "Killing of Justice Godfrey: An Investigation into England's Most Remarkable Unsolved Murder" -- Hardcover – July 26, 1984


There is no information on this book anywhere at all. The actual crime is mentioned in shittipedia, but of the book itself?
I can find nothing.

Finally, on the AMAZON site there is an edition of the Ripper -- Final Solution book on sale supposedly revised in 2000 ... but by whom? No reviews at all. The reader's comments section is empty.

a rather smelly situation if you ask me. Considering that the PTB in Germany are now selling revised editions of Mein Kampf.

Makes you wonder when "revised" editions of "The International Jew" and "Nineteen Eighty Four" will be forthcoming.


James said...

BNP video is publicizing the EU's Kalergi Plan for White genocide.

Recommended by my fave Jewish Nazi Henry Makow.

Why do politicians promote "Assimilation"?

"Assimilation is exactly what Coudenhove-Kalergi wanted."

Assimilation is just a code word for guess-who's-coming-to-dinner.

Nick Griffin then goes on about all the accomplishments of the white race which I personally think is not necessary. It doesn't matter. What matters is we want our countries back and that should be enough.


James said...

Militia confronts Jews at AIPAC conference

Jews appear extremely confident, happy, and smug. That's actually one of the best ways to identify them if you are unsure.


a swedish friend of this blog said...

" I am not saying that Millenial Woes is racist but ...."

Don't let 'them' decide the debate parameters Searcher. Every time you preface a statement with 'I'm not a racist but..' you have conceded half of the battle field.

Kevin Rafferty said...

"No Daylight” Between Israel, US for First Time in Decades, Says Ambassador.

The only time there was 'daylight' was when America was too slow in paying over the shekels. Normal service resumes. The one thing I hate about Trump. So far.

Seneca said...

"thoroughly discredited" Yes, the oldest jew trick in the book. And not just theirs although they make excessive use of it. The rhetorical device is extremely effective because one can quickly move on without the need to explain how exactly the book was discredited and by whom. The Bell Curve is a prime example with its figures supposedly having been 'thoroughly discredited' by that arch charlatan Stephen Jay Gould. Of course SJG did nothing of the sort and in fact it was his rebuttal that was subsequently 'thoroughly discredited'. But who looks into things that deeply?

John C said...

Jews get violent. I suppose you would too if you knew a lie was catching up with you.
The Man said Just Follow the Money Honey.

Rabid Jews Go Psycho @ AIPAC Convention Richmond Peace 


James said...

The Bell Curve is a prime example with its figures supposedly having been 'thoroughly discredited' by that arch charlatan Stephen Jay Gould.

I had someone try to tell me that brain size is totally unrelated to intelligence and that there are no racial differences in brain size. I told her "no, you are 100% wrong. Intelligent people tend to have bigger and more complex brains and that's the scientific fact. Anyone who says different is lying."

There, that fixed it.

John C said...

Jimmy in the Know
Nick Griffin then goes on about all the accomplishments of the white race which I personally think is not necessary. It doesn't matter. What matters is we want our countries back and that should be enough.

All very nice. BUT he really didn't have to destroy British nationalism whilst trying to save the white race.
A remarkable Achievement.

Do We Need Jewish Candidates?John Tyndall addresses a vexed issue

And here is where it is time to examine the latest 'gimmick' employed by the current BNP leadership by its adoption of a Jewish candidate to contest a local government election in the Epping Forest area. I use the word 'gimmick' deliberately for that is precisely what it is - just as previous gimmicks have been used, notably the adoption of a candidate in Cumbria who was reported as rejoicing in his black son-in-law and half-black grandchild and the granting of a regular column to a Sikh writer in the party newspaper. These previous gimmicks have achieved nothing other than to cause considerable internal disquiet within the party, leading to some resignations, and so it will be with this latest one involving the Epping Forest candidate.


BNP lose 80% of their candidates in four years!


A detailed analysis of the candidates standing at the county council elections on May 2nd reveals that the BNP has lost 80% of its candidates in just four years.

The initial feeble excuse deployed by the party – that it was choosing to concentrate on stronger areas this year – can also be easily exploded.  It turns out that the BNP is standing reasonable slates of candidates just in a few areas that have remained factionally loyal to Nick Griffin, while virtually disappearing in other areas that have many nationalist voters but have ceased to support the Welshpool charlatan.

From a high mark in 2009 two emp a lot of council councillors, too 2013 loosing 80% of council seats, members not wanting to stand, and are actually leaving the party.
What went Wrong Jimmy in the Know.

James said...

Militia confronts Jews at AIPAC conference - watch closely

Is Kyle Hunt a federali?

Watch the video again and read the comments.

01:40 Kyle Hunt called an "agent provocateur" by the narrator.

03:30 Reasonable acting Jew says much of what loadhailer guy is saying is "profoundly antisemitic". Loudhailer guy asks if he means against the language Semitic. He says he is not against the Semitic language.

04:33 Narrator: "There's Kyle Hunt - he used to be part of us but he's a federal agent, just like most of these people here. I've just been accused of being a federal agent because of the clothes I'm wearing, but anyone who knows me know that the way I live, I'm not getting paid by anybody. I'm my own man."

05:05 Zooms in on Israeli Flag: "That is what controls our govt"

05:20 Kyle Hunt grabs loadhailer and starts saying "AIPAC is treason. The Mossad carried out the 9/11 attacks.... USS Liberty was attacked by Israel."

06:10 The redhead jew appears to signal Kyle with his finger. Kyle immediately hands the loudhailer back to the other guy.

Random noise to finish.


An interesting aside: Kyle Hunt seemed to take over the "White Man March" a few years ago. It was trending #1 on Twitter ALL DAY, which was amazing pro-white propaganda reach. Then it died. People complained that there was nowhere to upload or send their White Man March sign sighting photos, and it was very poorly run. For something that made #1 on Twitter for a whole day it appeared to be purposefully scuttled. It was weird.

Earlier, it got rather nasty.


James said...

Someone commented.

6:10 you see the DOD guy instructing Kyle to give the megaphone back

Someone else responded.

He was not instructing kyle he was just an annoying jew pointing his finger at kyle and chris gesturing to them that he has them on camera.

Could be.

Anonymous said...

Massive anti Islam March in Poland.


James said...

Henry Makow says
Reading Solzhenitsyn 1974 & Lindbergh 1948 — faultless advice to the West we failed to heed.


John C said...

 James said...
Polish people aren't all bad. She can come over if she wants.

No they aren't, the vast majority of them are hard working nice people.
100K of them in england is fine But nearly 1 million is not. They have been used to under cut a family living wage of average Brits and lots more.
A british mp not long ago said that the average working mans wage is £3-4 hundred pounds down per week. Because of eu immigrants.
The Polish wasn't that kind to the ethnic Germans living in the newly formed Polish state in the 1920-30s

John C said...

James said

Recommended by my fave Jewish Nazi Henry Makow.

Not quite right jimmy.

Henry makow is Polish background, jewish he is, national socialist he isn't.

A GateKeeper He Is

John C said...

What markow had to say about a very courageous man.

For Ernst Zundel to deny or understate the Jewish Holocaust is grotesque. But it is not a crime. In these questions, only the truth matters. Let the truth speak for itself. Let Zundel be judged by it.

I am also troubled by the attempt to classify people like Ernst Zundel as a "hate criminal." Zundel's website claims only one million Jews were murdered, there were no gas chambers, and Hitler didn't intend genocide. Zundel's claims are repugnant, but he has a right to be wrong. Society needs people to dispute the historical record. One may be right. If spreading false information is a crime, shouldn't we also lock up Tom Brokaw?


Repugnant. Grotesque.

Gatekeeper for divvys like jimmy

John C said...

Gerry that video has been removed by the owner. What was it about ?

Andreas said...

That video from Poland was inspiring. The one quibble I have was the speaker saying 'we have no problem with peaceful Muslims'. That is a mistake on so many fronts. The peaceful ones will become not so peaceful once their numbers rise and they always bring the violent ones with them.

Otherwise brilliant, especially the number of people.

If only we had the same in Germany.

John C said...

You missed the best bit the 1 minute mark. Jewish Ginger hair man says are you a anti semite sir?
American man with camera replies Do you even know what a semite is?
Jew man, stunned, walks away. Lol

Kyle hunt? Tags into white survive, Flat Earth...... Enough is Enough jimmy.

Concentrate on white survive in New Zealand.

Are there any more videos that you would like to give a running commentary about?
There is a blog called Videos to be talked about and digested by you the viewer. Empowering yourself on a almost daily bases.
New Zealand is so far away. Like on the other side of the world. If it wasn't for the internet we wouldn't know just how fucking irritating some of them are.


jewamongyou said...

It's been a while since I've visiting your venerable blog. I see that you're still eloquent as ever. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I am not looking forward- I repeat, not- to "transgender" singers in classical Opera. Already (with the American classical singing community and the organization for choir directors in the US, as my musical parishioner tells me) the desire is to "Help" those whose defined gender is not according to their vocal range.

I do not want to see or EVER hear- man pretending to sing Leonora in a Verdi opera, like the [sic-k] "Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo" did for/to classical dance.

Because, ain't no way a baritone is going to sing "Suicidio" or "Ernani, involami." I'd sooner bring a gun to the opera, than submit to this idiocy any longer.... Vissi d'arte. -Fr. John+

Big Bob said...

For all great white nationalists concerned by white genocide like Jimmy is Join the Front today. Wear black clothing a must. Don't fuck about and shave your hair off, yes all of it. Wave nazi flags, its bound to get you elected. Are your fellow countrymen confused? You bet they are. Shouldn't you call yourselves nznsm and not national front. Really you should or are you just playing at being fuckwits of the highest order.
Jimmy here, is without a political home, he is homeless, he needs, wants a mordern winning nationalist party to belong too, so he can promote white survival, he can only do that by standing in elections, gaining incredible results, they are there if you put on a fucking suit, wear some fucking shoes, no fucking boots, smile, explain Nationalism v Globalism, the cost of each and how under nationalism whites will prosper.

Jimmy why don't you pop down to the international white genocide propaganda events? Anyone can take part. Even half pole half jew dash of maori can join in. Strictly no right arm twitching/stretching or pointing at the airplanes in the sky or waving to someone you know across the street, heard it all before.

1. Take part in our events. Three annual events that come to mind are ‘European New Zealanders Day’ that takes place every March in Christchurch, ‘Flag Day’ held every October in Wellington, and the international Fight White Genocide propaganda events that anyone anywhere can take part in. In addition there are also frequent local meet ups.


Anonymous said...

Ugly demographics that must be understood

Betrayal is everywhere during the time of decline. This won’t come as news to some of you, it will certainly shock many others, and it will incense those who shirk from ugly truths about sex differences:


James said...

All very nice. BUT he really didn't have to destroy British nationalism whilst trying to save the white race.
A remarkable Achievement.

I hread the BNP was full of criminals, and Griffin was fighting them. People were willing entire fortunes to the BNP when they died, and a criminal element was stealing it.

How exactly did Griffin destroy British nationalism?

James said...

From the Henry Makow article John C referenced:

In his book "Crimes and Mercies" (1997) James Bacque describes how he confronted New York Times reporter Drew Middleton with evidence that after the war, the US starved to death over one million German POWs. "What Middleton told me basically was that, yes, he had lied in 1945 and no, it did not matter to him or the New York Times if I exposed this." (183)

"Middleton's sense of security, his sense of the New York Times' power, took my breath away", Bacque writes. "But worse than that, Middleton did not care about this atrocity... the New York Times witnessed it, then denied that it happened. And has gone on denying it into the 1990's."


It gets worse:

Bacque estimates that, during the Allied Occupation (1946-1950) an additional eight to twelve million Germans were deliberately starved to death. The war did not end in 1945. For five additional years, Germany was subjected "physical and psychic trauma unparalleled in history." (93)

Red Army soldiers raped up to two million German women during the last six months of the Second World War, around 100,000 of them in Berlin. They also raped Russian women released from German labour camps. We live in a feminist era. Have you seen any movies about these women?

He said Zundel's views were "repugnant", but not the only "repugnant" thing:

To use "hate" to disarm opposition to the Zionist agenda is also repugnant. It leads to tyranny and more anti Semitism.

He judges Zundel's views as "grotesque" also:

For Ernst Zundel to deny or understate the Jewish Holocaust is grotesque. But it is not a crime. In these questions, only the truth matters. Let the truth speak for itself. Let Zundel be judged by it.

Is he accusing Zundel here, or positing criteria for judging him? Maybe he really meant

For Ernst Zundel to deny or understate the Jewish Holocaust [would be] grotesque.

Or maybe not.

I'm not sure of Henry's real position on the H. It's the one topic he's a little unclear about. I think he wants the truth but is upset by minimisers who tend to say Auschwitz was a holiday camp with a swimming pool and band stage. The place was probably not very nice in actual fact. But then neither was Berlin towards the end.

James said...

More gatekeeping from Henry:

If you're not anti Semitic, you're uninformed. By their own admission, organized Jewry wishes to destroy all other nations, races, religions and family. "We will destroy all collective forces except our own," says the Protocols of Zion,16, a document which is 100% authentic.

Anyone would be called a Nazi for saying that.


James said...

What went Wrong Jimmy in the Know.

I don't know.

Anonymous said...

My core thesis is that coordination is maximized in an all-male, all-straight group, which we call a männerbund, that actively develops a “Cult of Masculinity”. Contained in that is the claim that the presence of women and homosexuals significantly degrades these natural coordination mechanisms, without offering adequate replacement or compensatory benefit.


That’s another essay in itself, but as a principle, abortion is about liberation from biology. It always was. “BUT!” cries the so-called ‘far right extremist’, “What about the children being born into broken families, who statistics show invariably grow to become drains on society!” I turn the question around and ask “What about the children beingconceived by so many of these irresponsible degenerates? And who has enabled them in their current state?”


James said...

Anyone who promotes David Duke is a Nazi - except Henry Makow.

Henry promotes David Duke as a gatekeeper.

John C can explain why.

James said...

"Miscegenation is worse than holocaust" - Golda Meir

So Barbara Specter must be worse than Hitler.


David said...

Irish readers should become aware of the Celtic Party, whose meeting I attended recently, everything that is discussed here is broached, the party is small but has a real chance of growing,please inform yourselves.
Btw there was no trouble at this meeting, for those worried.


Uncle Nasty said...


Quelle surfuckingprise ... eh?

Jewish bomb threat suspect undermines groups’ narrative on anti-Semitism
By Ben SalesMarch 23, 2017 3:12pm

Evan Bernstein, left, and Oren Segal of the Anti-Defamation League at a news conference at ADL headquarters in New York City on the arrest of Juan Thompson, who allegedly made bomb threats against Jewish institutions, March 3, 2017. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

NEW YORK (JTA) — Many Jewish groups blamed white supremacists, emboldened by Donald Trump’s campaign, for the bomb threats that have plagued Jewish institutions since the beginning of this year.

It appears the groups were wrong.

The news that one Jewish teen — an Israeli, no less — was behind most of the approximately 150 bomb threats that have hit Jewish community centers since the start of 2017 is a shocking twist in light of months in which the Anti-Defamation League and other groups pointed their collective finger at the far right.

“We’re in unprecedented times,” said Oren Segal, director of the ADL’s Center on Extremism, at a March 10 news conference on the bomb threats. “We’ve never seen, ever, the volume of bomb threats that we’ve seen. White supremacists in this country feel more emboldened than they ever have before because of the public discourse and divisive rhetoric.”

The ADL has repeatedly charged Trump with emboldening extremists, anti-Semites and far-right groups in the U.S. Other groups were even more explicit in linking rising anti-Semitic acts this year to the new president. On Jan. 10, following the first wave of JCC bomb threats, Bend The Arc, a liberal Jewish group, said that “Trump helped to create the atmosphere of bigotry and violence that has resulted in these dangerous threats against Jewish institutions and individuals.”

In February, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect said in a statement to Trump that “Rightly or wrongly, the most vicious anti-Semites in America are looking at you and your Administration as a nationalistic movement granting them permission to attack Jews.”

But the perpetrator of the anti-Semitic acts, while his political opinions are not known, does not fit the profile of a white supremacist. According to Israeli reports, he’s a mentally ill Israeli-American Jewish teenager.



Searcher said...

Swedish friend

I know what you are saying and normally I would agree. IRL if someone was described to me as a racist, I wouldn't think "oooh the racist, let's pile-on", since it's a label that could apply to practically everyone I know (even "anti-racists" come out with something racist every now and then).

But it is a weaponised word that carries not just a social stigma, it also has an academic and legal framework to support its power. In such circumstances, I would not be too keen to agree that someone under attack by the "consent manufacturers" is racist if they don't choose to identify themselves as such.

I had been looking at some documentary recently on how gay rights came about. I don't believe in the narrative that street protests and so-on were the mechanism of social change. I believe academia, cultural work and mass media were much more signficant. It struck me when watching that other one by Scott Mills, how he was really sympathetic (understandably) to the people who had been doxxed (for homosexuality) by the local rag. It put me in mind of Millenial Woes' case. The "born that way" angle appeals to our sense of fairness - not stigmatising someoneo based on something outside of their control. Is racism outside of someone's control? Are we all a bit racist (on a spectrum so to speak)?

FWIW I think "racism" as a construct is largely bullshit.

There are always going to be some people who will take advantage of others and justify themselves by saying this is the law of nature: so Irish travellers in Wales keeping slaves would be a crude example of what I am getting at.

No-one supports them in their victory over the weak. Because they are taking the absolute piss. Expecting to be treated fairly by greater society whilst acting the maggot themselves. So any justification along those lines (the law of nature) is alien to me. I find that whole indentured servitude in Abu Dhabi (Indian men brought over as bonded labourers) disgusting. I also think they are getting an unfair advantage getting such cheap labour to build up their cities. My reaction would be: "develop your own working class" and pay them a decent wage. So, that kind of racism (treating someone as your slave because you can get away with it and they are not of your group) is not something that is compatible with Christ's teachings. I am aware that it is sanctioned by religions that promote dual morality but it is not sanctioned by Christ.

However, I do think that people who try to subvert and dilute a people's sense of identity to the extent where they don't even feel capable of recognising their own needs and interests are playing a very dangerous game. Out of deep hurt comes rage. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...

The problem in Poland are not the Muslims, but the Poles.
I bet you never was in messy Poland.

Anonymous said...

We should call for a massive anti-Pole, anti-Romanian march in the West.

Henry Jackson Society said...

Is Annie Logical on to something here?

Westminster Attacks BUSTED!!! Insider Photographers Exposed!
Annie Logical 



Anonymous said...

Everyone is a little bit racist–Hillary Clinton

One amusing and well-documented human instinct is the nesting instinct, experienced by pregnant women shortly before going into labor. (As my father put it, “When shes starts rearranging the furniture, get the ready to head to the hospital.”) Having personally experienced this sudden, overwhelming urge to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS multiple times, I can testify that it is a real phenomenon.


AKAEW said...

Andreas said...
29 March 2017 at 10:47

The peaceful Muslims want the violent ones to cut of our heads.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Jay. I'm a regular visitor to your site as well. Keep up the good work which gives me hope.

Anonymous said...


I will try again John c it works when I copy and paste anywhere else

It turns out edl Britain first NF BNP and football yobs who don't usually all get on together are feeling like they are the last saviours of Britain.
Because every government has let them down

God save the white working class from council estates I say


Ps I would love to go but with both parents
In hospital in there mid 80s I best not
Good luck to all those attending

James said...

Kyle hunt? Tags into white survive, Flat Earth...... Enough is Enough jimmy.

White Man March got the White Genocide meme to #1 on Twitter for about 20 hours straight. It was almost solid on #1. It was in top 2 for the whole time. That is actually pretty impressive.

Then they just dropped the ball. It was weird. All that hard work putting up sings and taking photos of them, and it was so hard to even find out where to upload them.

Just saying. It could have been a great annual event. It had the anti-whites in a tizzy. When #WhiteManMarch was trending #2, #1 was the leftists anti white man march hashtag.

It was a great day.

Why are you talking about flat earth? What are you even doing here besides criticizing me and talking absolute cryptic shit the rest of the time?

James said...

But the perpetrator of the anti-Semitic acts, while his political opinions are not known, does not fit the profile of a white supremacist. According to Israeli reports, he’s a mentally ill Israeli-American Jewish teenager.

He's been "discredited".

AKAEW said...

James said...
"Miscegenation is worse than holocaust" - Golda Meir

So Barbara Specter must be worse than Hitler.


29 March 2017 at 14:43

No James Barbara Specter isn't worse than Hitler.

She's WTA.

Come to think of it so was Golda Meyer.

James said...

B'nai B'ritain

According to L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke's Peerage , Jews "have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also." (Tales of the British Aristocracy1957, p.219.)

More gatekeeping from Henry. I don't know how this article is gatekeeping. Johnny will tell us how it works.


Flanders said...

“Oh but the Jews would never work with the Moslems against us” said every stupid normie everywhere."

"Ah life in today’s America. Where you go to a supposed institution of higher learning only to find out that it’s sole purpose is to charge you a lot of money so monkey people and women can tell you how stupid and evil you are. These people really seem to believe that things are different now and that they can basically jack with us and nothing will ever happen. It kind of reminds me of blacks who incorrectly assume that all white people = the hipster faggots in the city that are intimidated by them right up until the time they screw up and mess with the wrong white guy. These Marxists and assorted trash are so used to the Jew run system protecting their feels and always siding with them that they imagine that they will have the upper hand forever. They fail to realize that the ZOG system is teetering on the edge and when it falls over we’re not going to let all of these years of this bullshit go without a price being payed.
Polston accuses Zufari of claiming Jesus’ crucifixion was a hoax during class, and failing to challenge a Muslim student who said homosexuals should be decapitated under Sharia law." [A Christian student seems to be having to deal with some "problems" - of the type soon to afflict us all - if they have their (((way))).


John C said...

Gatekeeper? Stopping people learning, really learning the truth about Germany from 1933-45, and repeating the lies of the elites that national socialism is evil and its out of bounds for people to consider simply because of the mass extermination that german troops had supposedly committed. A good gatekeeper muddies the water by promoting lies that have no real proofs to back them up, the msm do it, so what the heck, but at the same time promote jewish conspiracies the protocols etc, thus covering yourself. No decent nationalist would do that. A good gatekeeper, keeps people talking around and around in circles but don't offer a solution to white working class displacement, the elites leave these gatekeepers alone. They are doing sterling work.

Flanders said...

Lesson for today.


John C said...

James said

Why are you talking about flat earth? What are you even doing here besides criticizing me and talking absolute cryptic shit the rest of the time?

Flat Earth, sorry I thought renegade tribune promoted it.

What am I doing on here? Commenting like you ffs.
I can question yours or anyone else's nonsense if I wish, it just seems its you that is commenting the most bollocks, so I question it.
Cryptic shit ? What is it you're not getting ?

Flanders said...

Some words from a 14/88 lady.

"It does not matter what God or Gods brought you to the realization that our race is dying it is being taken out little by little because we continue to stay blind to what is happening in front of us. We continue to ignore the crap being pushed on our people by the media and in our schools on our children. We allow our children to idolize and watch our enemy in sports and music and then ask ourselves why did my child decide to make the choices they made. We can not be ok with our enemy just because it entertains us or because it give us a few dollars in our pockets. we can’t get upset when our sons disrespect our mothers when we allowed them to listen to Rap music when every other word is some form of disrespect towards mothers wives and girlfriends. We can not ask ourselves why our sons or daughters made the choice to date our enemy when we allowed them to be sucked into the glamour of the enemy as a celebrity. We can not be mad at anyone but ourselves when our daughters come home beat down by her non white football boyfriend when she spent her whole life’s Monday’s at your sides watching football while you cheered for your team. Or she comes home pregnant by the non white Basketball player when you spent March glued to the television stuck in the madness.

I do not believe anyone allowed this outcome on purpose i believe it simple is what happens because everyone just likes to go with the flow because it is easier and a much simpler way to live. But we don’t posses the time for that any more. We have become an endangered Race slowly being brought to our extinction by Diversity and absolute lack of acknowledging the problem. We have allowed our voices to go unheard we have allowed our rights to be slowly taken from us and we have allowed a corrupt and soiled Government to make us and our beliefs out to be terrorist of our own Ground in our own Country." [Continues]


John C said...

 David said...

Irish readers should become aware of the Celtic Party, whose meeting I attended recently, everything that is discussed here is broached, the party is small but has a real chance of growing,please inform yourselves. 
Btw there was no trouble at this meeting, for those worried.


Worth repeating. I wish you all the best David. People are going to have to find courage within themselves to promote race survival through nationalist partys its the only way it can be done. The more sensible people involved the more sensible the party.

Anonymous said...

You know, Lord Savant, I rely on you. You really do make my day, thank you.

John C said...

James said

I hread the BNP was full of criminals, and Griffin was fighting them. People were willing entire fortunes to the BNP when they died, and a criminal element was stealing it. 

How exactly did Griffin destroy British nationalism?

Its comments like this that tells me, that you ain't quite right in the head.
For the umpteen time look up stuff on the Internet.
Look up your guru and Freemasons for a start. And other stuff. I guarantee you will find stuff, if you don't find any stuff, then I'll get that stuff for you. Don't count on henry, he's only allowed a certain amount of stuff to publish.

Uncle Nasty said...

The one thing from which I get a sour satisfaction is the blind, slavish obedience of the average hosenose to the dictates of the Hoffjuden.

From what I have managed to glean from all that I have read (and learned through experience) about the Tribe ... both positive and negative; In praise and in criticism; from inside the tent and without, there is one overriding consideration that drives them.
Fear. Terror of the jew elite.

Fear of being an outcast in the community. Fear of banishment. Fear of being called a bad jew, a self-hating jew or ... being declared a non-jew.

For the average hebe, this last is the most terrible of all. To be no jew at all.

It is because of this pervasive terror that jews will not stand up to the Hoffjuden ... even when they, in their hearts, know that the big Kikes are making a bad decision.

Like the one to flood the West with niggers -- sand and otherwise. Their thinking is that Whites hate them (jews) more than anyone else on the planet, so the strategy is to flood the lake with piranhas to kill the crocodiles -- and then somehow cut a deal with the piranhas, later.

Having said that, apart from the media and finance -- which we all know about -- what areas are totally jew-dominated and earn them literally billions every year?

Fashion and cosmetics. Pandering to the fantasy of every bubble-headed bimbo in the West who feels that if she spends every stray penny on clothing, shoes, lipstick and tasteless baubles ... that she will look sweet sixteen forever.

Well, it appears that the yids are fucking that one up too.

Islamism's Culture War Sets Sight on Multi-Billion Dollar Beauty Industry
by Shireen Qudosi
March 28, 2017 at 5:00 am


The long game of Western Muslims averse to Western values, was largely unaffected by an altered political landscape as they transitioned to a new arena: culture.

"[F]ashion is one of the outlets in which we can start that cultural shift in today's society to normalize the hijab in America." — Melanie Elturk, CEO of Haute Hijab.

Beautiful Nura Afia in an advertising campaign is a far more appealing and consumer-friendly alternative to CAIR's Nihad Awad or the political complexities of the Muslim Brotherhood. The face has changed but the message is constant.

Here you have the two faces of Islamist thought, one which underscores the myth of peace while privately exiling dissenting voices as ignorant, racist or bigoted. Meanwhile, CoverGirl and other brands upholding the hijab as a new standard of beauty, ignore the hijab's very ugly origins.

Versace shoes; Vicky's Secret; Elisabeth Arden; Chanel; L'Oreal; Sassoon; Helena Rubinstein; Dolce and Gabbana ... all hebe-owned and all doomed to go down the toilet.


Check out the link immediately above ... and see just how jews rule in the rag and stink trade. For now.

Vunce again ... Vhoops.


Flanders said...

I have always considered, since their original sell-out, that White Americans would be about 15 years after South Africa. The only change that I see for that scenario is that it won't be just Whites in America - It will be for Whites anywhere.

Many South African Whites were dumb enough to continue to disregard (((who it was))) who had stabbed them in the backs and placed them in their position. Now, they are paying the price for well-meaning stupidity. When jewry places words against you and your race, it is not long until they rouse others to act against you while they watch from the sidelines, even if it catches a few of their own.

"LAST month, British woman Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn were woken at 2am by three men breaking into a window of their remote farm in Dullstroom, a small town in the northeast of South Africa, about 240km from the nearest capital city.

The couple, who had lived in the area for 20 years, were tied up, stabbed, and tortured with a blowtorch for several hours. The masked men stuffed a plastic bag down Mrs Howarth’s throat, and attempted to strangle her husband with a bag around his neck."


John C said...

the process of controlling information as it moves through a gate. Activities include among others, selection, addition, withholding, display, channeling, shaping, manipulation, repetition, timing, localization, integration, disregard, and delection of information.

As long as there has been information, there have been gatekeepers who control it. This control might have meant keeping holy scripture in a language that nobody understood, suppressing news that might embarrass people in power, or restricting market information to ensure someone made a profit.

Therefore, personnel in the news organization become gatekeepers, letting some stories pass through the system but keeping others out.This then limits, controls, and shapes the public's knowledge of the totality of actual event occurring in reality.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

It's really this simple, Jews and their pet Blacks ruin everything.

Flanders said...

The jewish and their leftist networks do not operate only from within Antifa. They don't just beat up patriotic people - They also kill your freedoms, and sometimes your babies. They don't like it when someone blows the whistle on them and their (((activities))) especially when their activities are immoral and illegal.

"California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who recently charged two pro-life activists on 15 felony counts for their work exposing Planned Parenthood's sale of aborted baby body parts, received thousands in donations from the abortion provider, according to the numbers provided by Open Secrets.

"AG Who Charged Activists For Exposing Planned Parenthood Received Thousands In Donations From Planned Parenthood"


Flanders said...

This headline may sound like a clickbait, but it has the information it says it has, state by state. Not only the names but the amounts. They may be (((hidden))) behind other names which do their work for their, which is usual, but we know who they are by the (((policies))) they push. I'm not surprised that Tom Cotton is a recipient, since he is being "groomed" for bigger (not better) things.

"The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them"


Flanders said...

If you've never discussed the sale of baby parts yourself, the video at the site may teach you that there is "nothing to it". Networking parties can be so much fun!!!

"LOS ANGELES, March 29–New undercover video shows Dr. DeShawn Taylor, previous Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona and longtime abortion provider at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, graphically describing how to deliver intact fetuses in late-term abortions to harvest high-quality body parts, and indicating possible cover-up of infanticide.

The footage is never-before-released material obtained by The Center for Medical Progress, whose undercover videos recorded top-level Planned Parenthood leaders negotiating the harvesting and sale of the hearts, lungs, livers, and brains of aborted fetuses for financial benefit." [Good article continues, too]


John C said...

Douglas Christie

In defending the most unpopular, I have realized what is missing in people, generally. It is simply intellectual courage and principle. To stand for a new nation, at a time when the old one is sinking into the cesspool of discarded ideas, it does no good for people to follow the old patterns and believe the lies of your enemies. 

To defend the unpopular is to realize the value of courage and the meaning of discipline. These two lessons are essential to break free of the patterns of the past. I also learned that the most unpopular people are most frequently lied about. To be baited into defending those people might be foolish, the nature of politics being devious, but I believe I have exemplified the high price necessary to pay for freedom and the willingness to pay it. 

I could have let the noose of conformity be tightened around all our necks while I quietly pursued my personal political advantage. I could have stayed a Conservative. I could have played the devious games. 


Doug Christie represented Ernst Zundel many times in Canadian courts.
Ernst Zundel was harassed by the Canadian, USA and German authorities for twenty-seven years, serving time in prison on trumped-up charges, denied canadian citizenship even though he had lived there for forty years. He is a Proud German......... henry fucking who? Oh yeah, invented a boardgame. And is a Gatekeeper

Flanders said...

If you have any doubts at all about what is going on, then it's time that you learn.

"Is It Illegal For Us To Kill The Enemy?"

"According to the central and supreme government in Washington DC, our current top enemies are members of Al Qaeda, ISIS (and its other names), and “enemy combatants” associated with those groups, and “radical Islam” members.

The government sends our young duped men and women to go kill those designated “enemies” in various countries, mostly (but not all) in the vicinity of the jews’ Israel.

Also according to the government (notice that I don’t say “federal” government; it is not federal), some members of those designated enemy groups — “cells,” even — have entered the USA.

So, if you or I come across any of those enemies, is it illegal for us to produce a weapon and terminate those enemies?

I’d like to know the official answer.

If the government says it’s illegal for us to kill the people the government says are our enemies, then the government would be guilty of aiding and harboring those enemies."
[The article continues, making other reasonable and good points of logic.]


Anonymous said...

I guess you could say that sports are an analogy of conjured (((reality))).

You have rules and judges to make sure that competition is fair.

You have (((owners))), who change rules and buy judges to make money.

Funny how American football, while losing (((tv))) viewers, produced the most exciting super-bowl of all time. It's fake.

In my opinion, this whole (((reality))), now revolves around kikes eating their own.

Faith in Christ, patience, fortitude, perseverance. These are the virtues that will lead to a successful counter-revolution against (((them))).

Frank Galton said...

James said: "Miscegenation is worse than holocaust" - Golda Meir

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 July 1972

Meir Warns American Jews of Dangers of Assimilation

Premier Golda Meir has warned American Jewry of what she called the “dangers of assimilation and intermarriage.” The Premier told the opening session of the Zionist Organization of America’s 75th jubilee convention that she viewed the issues as seriously as she did the existence and security of Israel itself.

Mrs. Meir said, “We now see that not only through hatred and oppression can the number of Jews be diminished, but also through LOVE AND FREEDOM.” *

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 31 July 1973


Mrs. Meir said that assimilation figures in the United States were “a nightmare” to her and urged the creation and support of Jewish day schools in the U.S.

* New York Times

...today's most serious threats come not from those who would persecute us, but from those who would, without any malice, kill us with kindness--by assimilating us, marrying us, and merging with us out of respect, admiration, and even love. The continuity of the most influential Jewish community in history is at imminent risk, unless we do something dramatic now to confront the quickly changing dangers.

...Jews paradoxically need enemies in order to survive, that anti-Semitism is what has kept Judaism alive.

Many Jewish leaders, both religious and secular, have argued that Jews need enemies--that without anti-Semitism, Judaism cannot survive. Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism and a secular Jew, believed that "our enemies have made us one...It is only pressure that forces us back to the parent stem." In a prediction that reflects an approach to the survival of Judaism strikingly similar to that of the founder of the Lubavitch Hasidim, Herzl warned that if our "Christian hosts were to leave us in peace ...for two generations," the Jewish people would "merge entirely into surrounding races." Albert Einstein agreed: "It may be thanks to anti-Semitism that we are able to preserve our existence as a race; that at any rate is my belief."

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 11 May 1928

British Government Consults Beth Din on Jewish Law and Ritual

London (May. 2)

The Beth Din, religious court of the United Synagogue, presided over by the Chief Rabbi, is consulted by government departments and public bodies for rulings on questions of religious and ritual practice, it was reported at the meeting of the United Synagogue Council held here.

The Beth Din is endeavoring to arrest the growing EVIL OF INTERMARRIAGE, and in some cases has been successful, but the question bristles with difficulties and can only be effectively solved by the whole-hearted co-operation of all sections of the community, the report declares.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 20 September 1927

Vienna (Sep. 19)

Anti-semites Urge Laws Against Intermarriage

Legislation aiming to prevent inter-marriages between Aryans and Jews is now being advocated by the extreme wing of the Vienna anti-Semitic party.


Frank Galton

Flanders said...

What do you get when you mix Coke with "immigrants"?

"The source explained the cans arrive at the factory without tops on, to be filled with the fizzy drink before they are sealed and sold across Northern Ireland.

"The rumour is that some poor immigrants could have made that long journey in the lorry and that in their desperation were forced to use the cans instead of a toilet.

The night shift at Lisburn's Coca-Cola plant was disrupted last week when a container of cans thought to have arrived from Germany clogged up the machines - only for workers to discover a number were filled with what looked like human waste."

Test your comprehension level on trivia facts: Fill in the blank: ---- in a can.


joe btfsplk said...


Frank Galton said...

"We need a Roosevelt to lift up his voice against race suicide among the Jews.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 01 June 1927

That birth control constitutes a new menace to the Jewish race, is the fear voiced by the Jewish press which comments on the report that the Jewish population in Germany has decreased by 30 per cent, according to the 1925 census, which has just been published.

The decrease of German Jewry is not so alarming as appears at first glance, in the opinion of Jacob Fishman, who writes in the “Jewish Morning Journal” of yesterday.

But it is an indication of a real danger to Jewry everywhere and Mr. Fishman says we need “a Roosevelt to lift up his voice against race suicide among the Jews.”

“Figures which we have at hand,” he writes, “show that in the census of 1922 there were only 615,000 Jews in Germany. Perhaps there was another census taken between 1922 and 1925. But if the later census showed 800,000 Jews it could not have been due to natural increase by birth, but resulted from the influx of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who were attracted by the then prevailing low currency in Germany.

It is well known that just as Germany witnessed in the first years an unnatural influx of Jews, there was also an exodus of thousands when the currency was stabilized. [LOL!!!]

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

If you don't understand this, can you really understand jewry?

"There is another way of looking at and using this Rule of 72, that is, from a banker’s perspective. When a prospective home buyer applies to a bank for a home mortgage, and if the bank agrees to make the loan, based upon the borrowers ability to repay the loan, [a mistaken notion is the bank extends credit to the borrower. This is false. It is the borrower who has credit, otherwise, the bank would not make the loan] the bank will then, out of thin air, create the loan they provide to the borrower, as a credit to the borrower’s account."


Flanders said...

The details which Kevin Alfred Strom reveals in his article below are some which are necessary for every White man or woman to know.

"IN 1948, George Orwell wrote in his novel 1984 of “historians” and “librarians” whose job it was to erase inconvenient facts from the historical record, from books, and from past news reports. The old issues of books and newspapers would come in, be rewritten so that facts or statements that might now be “inconvenient” to society’s rulers were altered or omitted, and then be re-entered into the archives so that all citizens could see that the latest policies and statements of Big Brother were invariably in accord with the “facts,” which “good citizens” piously believed to have “always been so.” (Until the next revision, that is — at which time the good citizens declared that they had never been so foolish as to be believe what they had sworn was the truth ten days before, and that today’s pronouncements of the “authorities” represented Truth with a capital T, and always had.) Sometimes a fact or a truth was so “dangerous” in the eyes of the powerful that rewriting it wasn’t enough. It had to be destroyed. Publications and documents containing such truths were shoved into a slot called a “memory hole” — which led directly to the incinerators. They would never be seen again.

Something very similar is happening in America right now. History is being erased. The archives are being purged. In the role of Big Brother is the Jewish power structure, in the form of the Anti-Defamation League — and Google.


Frank Galton said...


Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 28 July 1931

George Bernard Shaw Sees Intermarriage As Solution to Jewish Problem

MOSCOW (Jul. 27)

The conviction that ultimately intermarriage will end the distinction between Jew and Christian was expressed here today by George Bernard Shaw, world famous critic and playwright, in an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, his first public expression of his views on the ultimate solution of the Jewish problem.

Having seen the statement in which Stalin recently declared anti-Semitism to be a remnant of the man-hating customs characteristic of the era of cannibalism and his further statement that under Soviet laws militant anti-Semitism is PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, Mr. Shaw expressed complete approval of Stalin’s characterization of anti-Semitism.

“I have never shared the viewpoint that Jews suffer from an inferiority complex”,” he asserted. “On the contrary, Jews suffer from a superiority complex. This is very detrimental for them and the cause of great annoyance to others. The world has long made peace with the Jews but the Jews won’t make peace with the world.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Nigger is an insolent beast of the field.

awakened said...

That 14/88 lady is spot on apart from thinking that White destruction was not done on purpose.

kurtz said...

The census of 1922 there were only 615,000 Jews in Germany.

And then the Nazis went and killed 6 million of them.

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 23 November 1928

[Jews] Move to Combat Inter-marriage in Germany

An organization which will act as a Jewish matrimonial agency in Germany, in order to combat the growing tendency toward intermarriage, has been established in Frankfurt. The organization, which will have branches throughout the country, is intended only for social and welfare purposes, and the funds, which will be raised by donations, bequests, and endowments, will be used to provide dowries for poor Jewish brides.

Organizations are eligible for membership as well as individuals. A number of Jewish communities and the German Grand Lodge of the B’nai Brith have already made grants to the funds of the organization.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 01 October 1933

Jew-aryan Courting and Intermarriage Declared Punishable

Berlin (Sep. 29)

Intermarriage with Jews will be severely punished, according to new regulations announced today by the Prussian ministry of justice. The regulations provide drastic penalties for those found guilty of intermarriage with Jews for “destroying the German race” and for “degrading marriages”, according to the announcement.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 30 October 1934

The Hitlerization of Germany has turned London into a world centre of Jewish politics.

The catastrophe in Germany has in fact revived the Jewish feelings of many assimilated Jews, who were on the verge of inter-marriage and blood mixture.

HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, NO MIXED MARRIAGE

Jew-Gentile Intermarriage Punishable


Israel doubles down on marriage restrictions

Knesset upholds 2-year jail term for Jewish couples who don’t choose an approved rabbi to conduct their weddings

Frank Galton

Clogheen said...

John C and the Celtic Party launch. You mean 'democratic liberals' didn't seek to block the meeting or if failing that the storm the building?

Shaunantijihad said...

New Irish. Just like the New English, Swedish, French, Germans etc etc ad nausium:


"The 53-year-old gave a false name and lied about his background when he secured refugee status in Ireland in 2000. He claimed his parents and brother were killed by extremists.

It would later emerge he had convictions for terrorism and murder in his home country and had three life sentences and two death sentences hanging over him there.

A report compiled for Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald said he had been involved in an Islamist organisation whose aim was the introduction of sharia law.

He turned up in France in 2002 and was later convicted of terror offences there in a trial which heard he had been raising money for a major international terror network."

James said...

Its comments like this that tells me, that you ain't quite right in the head.
For the umpteen time look up stuff on the Internet.

I'll find a shrink and get back to you.

Frank Galton said...

James said:

"B'nai B'ritain

According to L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke's Peerage , Jews "have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also." (Tales of the British Aristocracy1957, p.219.)"

B'nai Boche

Jewish Telegraphic Agency,

Nazis Charge Fall of German Kaiser Due to Intermarriage of Royal Family with Jews

The Nazis have managed to inject the Jewish question even into the controversy with regard to the fall of the monarchy in Germany, as part of their election propaganda.

The Nazi press, headed by the “Voelkischer Beobachter,” declares that “the downfall of the Kaiser was due to the shameful blood mixture of the royal family with daughters of Jewish bankers and the transfer of Prussian trade to the Jews.”

Today, the Nazis assert, Chancellor von Papen prefers the domination of powerful Jews. Whereas the old-time dukes and counts had their court Jews ["useful Jews", "pocket Jews" *] , today the powerful Jews have their court dukes and court counts.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_Jew#cite_note-5

Frank Galton

James said...

Why do Germans vote for a woman who wants to make them extinct?


James said...

Sad career woman in Germany,


SAVANT said...

"Why do Germans vote for a woman who wants to make them extinct?"

Because they've been infected by this guy.


Anonymous said...

James said...

"So closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also."

And the problem is? Two birds, one stone.


Anonymous said...

No good deed goes unpunished:


"Just a few days after she was photographed with Nancy Pelosi grinning in approval, friends found Mehiel tied up, stabbed, tortured, and ultimately dead at the hands of El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, a black man arrested driving her car and using her debit card."

James said...

Women in Israel completely out of control.

One man must have alibis ready 24/7 or his ex girlfriend will try to put him in prison.

Another - a taxi driver - had to spend 6 hours driving a woman wherever she wanted to go or she threatened to call the police and accuse him of rape.


Many Israeli men will not hire women anymore because they are scared of them. So much for the pay gap.

24:30 "I'm jealous... Alot of Jewish women go with Arab men I'm sorry to say."

It's the same genocide by feminism in Israel too.

Frank Galton said...

Aunty B̶e̶e̶b̶ Heeb *

BBC Daily Politics, 30 March 2017

Ken Livingstone Hearing

Andrew Neil and [Jewish journalist] Jo Coburn are joined by [Jewish] pensions expert and Conservative peer Ros Altmann [, Jewish professor Jonathan Rosenhead and Mike Katz, Vice Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement]. Plus, reaction to the triggering of Article 50 with [Jewish Member of Parliament] Dominic Raab and Paul Blomfield.

Ken Livingstone says (43:56): "Back in 1933 Hitler's government signed a deal with the Zionist movement..the SS set up training camps so that German Jews who were going to go there [to Israel] could be trained to cope with a very different sort of country when they got there."

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 27 August 1933

Zionist Pact with Germany Denounced at Congress

The agreement reported negotiated with the German Government providing for the export of the capital of German emigrants to Palestine...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 06 February 1936

The present position of the Hachsharah shows that forty-five per cent of all the chalutzim have already completed one and a half years of training, twenty-five per cent one year, and thirty percent less than one year. Forty per cent of the chalutzim work in the Hachsharah co-operative centres, and thirty per cent in agricultural training centres chiefly abroad.

Jewish journalist Jo Coburn states (49:15): "Six million Jews were murdered on the orders of Adolf Hitler..."


Auschwitz death toll revised downwards

New York Times, 17 June 1992

It was previously thought that FOUR MILLION [THREE MILLION of which were Jews] died at the camps [AUSCHWITZ]. More recent research has revealed the figure to be closer to 1.5 million.

New York Times, 07 August 2007

Mr. [Raul] Hilberg said the Holocaust had been the result of a huge bureaucratic machine with thousands of participants, NOT the fulfillment of a preconceived plan or a SINGLE ORDER BY HITLER.


Jo Coburn said: “I joined the synagogue council a few years ago...
[Ros Altmann's] sense of justice is fierce; values that come from her Jewish faith...
[Jewish] Prof Emeritus Jonathan Rosenhead
Mike Katz, Jewish Labour Movement
Mr [Dominic] Raab, the son of a Jewish refugee from Czechoslovakia...

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beeb

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Six immigrants can be annihilated by each robot.


James said...

Planned Parenthood videos are full of interesting little anecdotes.

Abortionist says if the baby comes out looking like a baby it can upset some staff, so its better to pull it out in bits.

She also says that doing dis-articulation [dismemberment] abortions is hard work with 20+ week fetuses and you need big biceps to pull the baby apart. She jokes about going to the gym. 7:30 mark in this vid.


Searcher said...

Post term abortion

Why not? Let the mother and doctor decide:

College students agree:

Experts weigh in:

They might well have a good point. Why not have post term abortions?

Katie Hopkins thinks this is a good idea for the elderly (it's called euthanasia when it applies to older/sick people):

If the elderly are a financial burden and babies/toddlers are too unaware to count, surely post term abortion could also apply to the general population subset of people who are unaware and/or a financial burden.

In the "market place of ideas" (vomit)/"post-enlightenment age"/"secular democracy", I think it's good that all have the ability to engage in some blue sky thinking on who we think society as a whole can or should target (sorry allow) to avail of a post term abortion.

AKAEW said...

Hey, planned parenthood has been a boon to America.

AKAEW said...

Anonymous said...
Six immigrants can be annihilated by each robot.


30 March 2017 at 16:24

Really? How is that determined? How many "immigrants" actually enter the real workforce?

Are robots becoming pimps, human traffickers and drug dealers now?

AKAEW said...

Anonymous Frank Galton said...
Aunty B̶e̶e̶b̶ Heeb *

Andrew Neil and [Jewish journalist] Jo Coburn are joined by [Jewish] pensions expert and Conservative peer Ros Altmann [, Jewish professor Jonathan Rosenhead and Mike Katz, Vice Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement]. Plus, reaction to the triggering of Article 50 with [Jewish Member of Parliament] Dominic Raab and Paul Blomfield.

Jo Coburn? Whats the bet her real name is "Jo Cockburn" they always pronounce it "Coburn" for obvious reasons.

joe btfsplk said...

F- whites will win [site] is pretty good


(This may remind the reader of the huge Patriot Act, written before 9/11 and then presented after 9/11 as if it had been written as a “patriotic” reaction to the terror events of that day.)

This needs repeating everywhere- THE PATRIOT ACT WAS WRITTEN BEFORE 9-11

Allegedly by Jim Sensenbrenner. . .but wait. . .

Joe Biden Drafted the Core of the Patriot Act in 1995 … Before the Oklahoma City Bombing


CNET reported in 2008:
Months before the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Biden introduced another bill called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995. It previewed the 2001 Patriot Act by allowing secret evidence to be used in prosecutions, expanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and wiretap laws, creating a new federal crime of “terrorism” that could be invoked based on political beliefs, permitting the U.S. military to be used in civilian law enforcement, and allowing permanent detention of non-U.S. citizens without judicial review.* The Center for National Security Studies said the bill would erode“constitutional and statutory due process protections” and would “authorize the Justice Department to pick and choose crimes to investigate and prosecute based on political beliefs and assocblank Joe Biden Drafted the Core of the Patriot Act in 1995 ... Before the Oklahoma City Bombingiations.”
Biden himself draws parallels between his 1995 bill and its 2001 cousin. “I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing. And the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill,” he said when the Patriot Act was being debated, according to the New Republic, which described him as “the Democratic Party’s de facto spokesman on the war against terrorism.”
Biden’s proposal probably helped to lay the groundwork for the Bush administration’s Patriot Act.
The Center for National Securities reported in 1995:
On February 10, 1995, a counterterrorism bill drafted by the Clinton
Administration was introduced in the Senate as S. 390 and in the House of
Representatives as H.R. 896.
The Clinton bill is a mixture of: provisions eroding constitutional and
statutory due process protections, selective federalization — on political
grounds — of state crimes (minus state due process rules), discredited
ideas from the Reagan and Bush Administrations, and the extension of some of
the worst elements of crime bills of the recent past.
The legislation would:
1. authorize the Justice Department to pick and choose crimes to
investigate and prosecute based on political beliefs and associations;
2. repeal the ancient provision barring the U.S. military from civilian
law enforcement;
3. expand a pre-trial detention scheme that puts the burden of proof on
the accused;
4. loosen the carefully-crafted rules governing federal wiretaps, in
violation of the Fourth Amendment;
5. establish special courts that would use secret evidence to order the
deportation of persons convicted of no crimes, in violation of basic
principles of due process;
6. permit permanent detention by the Attorney General of aliens convicted
of no crimes, with no judicial review;
7. give the President unreviewable power to criminalize fund-raising for
lawful activities associated with unpopular causes;
8. renege on the Administration’s approval in the last Congress of a
provision to insure that the FBI would not investigate based on First
Amendment activities; and
9. resurrect the discredited ideological visa denial provisions of the
McCarran Walter Act to bar foreign speakers.
* Note: The CNET article contains a typographical error, using the word “detection” instead of “detention” in the sentence: “allowing permanent detection of non-U.S. citizens without judicial review”. Not only does this make no sense, but a review of the bill confirms that it provided for permanent detention.

joe btfsplk said...

Why not have post term (((abortions)))?

Flanders said...

"Mexican Attorney General Charged With Drug Trafficking at San Diego Border"

"The State of New York filed drug trafficking charges against Edgar Veytia, Nayarit's state prosecutor, on March 2, which led to his arrest on Monday, according to the indictment and authorities.

Veytia was taken into custody Monday at the Cross Border Xpress bridge, which links Tijuana Airport to the United States, U.S. Customs and Border Protection representative Ralph Desio confirmed.

Veytia, also known as “Diablo,” “Eepp,” and “Lic Veytia,” was indicted on charges including international conspiracy to illegally import, manufacture and distribute heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine.

Veytia allegedly smuggled the drugs between January 2013 and February 2017. The indictment, filed in the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York, links Veytia with at least one kilogram of heroin, five kilograms of cocaine, 500 grams of methamphetamine and 1,000 kilograms of marijuana smuggled into the country.

During that same, Veytia allegedly knew of and would attempt illegal importation of those drugs outside the U.S. as well."


Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic, but no ...

Thursday, March 30, 2017
Donald Trump Is Not Forever

[From the Northwest Front Bulletin, March 2017]

I will try to make these bulletins as little about Donald Trump and his activities as I can, and concentrate on what we ourselves need to be doing, which is Northwest Migration. In view of the situation throughout the empire at the moment, that’s going to be hard, but I’m disturbed at the reaction of all too many White people that “the good guys have won” now, and therefore we can all flop down on the sofa and pick up the TV remote again. That simply isn’t the case, and this mistaken attitude could kill us all. Literally, all of us.

We need to understand that at the very best, the Trump presidency might provide us with a breather of four years and possibly eight if the old man wears like Ronald Reagan, wherein we can get our act together and make a planned and organized migration to the Northwest Homeland. After that, through some kind of electoral jiggery-pokery the pendulum with probably swing back, and we’ll have this up-and-coming negress Kamala Harris or someone else even more ghastly in the White House. Remember, Franklin Roosevelt was first elected by an all-White voting population, so it’s not as if they don’t know how to schmooze and deceive their way into power as well as batter their way in with millions of illegal votes.

This, however is vital ...

>Phone Threats Against Hebroids

Okay, chalk this up under “I really shouldn’t have to be talking about this nonsense at all, but here we are.” I suppose most of you have heard of all these headstones in Jewish cemeteries being knocked over and bomb threats being called in to Jewish communities and synagogues? Yes, I am aware that statistically there is every likelihood that these activities are hoaxes being carried out by the Jews themselves in order to gain sympathy, but there are some dumb-asses in our own ranks who are—well, dumb-asses. On the off chance that this is being done by some of our people reading this, knock it off!


There is nothing more stupid and infantile than threatening somebody. Why, oh why do I have to explain this? If you mean to carry out your threat, you put your target on guard. If you don't, you just make all of us look weak and foolish.

Regarding the last, Covington has it absolutely right. Do not threaten. Never, ever threaten.
Follow the farmer's "Triple-S" creed when having to deal with loudmouthed environmentalists.

Shoot, shovel and shut up.

Shut up forever.


Searcher said...

This is a general question (particularly interested in any American replies).

I noticed some people on the Daily Stormer trying to make "potato nigger" a thing. I say "trying to make it a thing", since I have only seen it very recently. I have never heard of the term before. It's not a thing in Ireland/UK or other European countries for obvious reasons. But it is being passed off as a commonplace term in the Daily Stormer. Also there's some Happy Merchant in an Irish flag saying "Muh famine". Is this something that Irish Americans have noticed?

We can all recognise, there is a difference between those who originate and those who are lackeys/applauders. You know those of the: "as long as it's not me" mentality. For some reason, the lackeys are more detestable. And I'm not entirely sure why.

Some Anonymous is posting shit on this thread about Polish people. Poles are a problem in Poland? WTF? Knowing of course that there is a Polish American who contributes to the blog from time to time. Iranians also were mentioned for some reason. I wonder why (not really). I have yet to see Sav write anything about Iran. I see it in exactly the same light. If a group is "us against the world" and there are enough "as long as it's not me" then it is very simple and easy to run people off and plant division.

Probably the "best' in that regard was something I saw lately on a Millenial Woes comment. Something along the lines that Irish people are 4% negro or negroid or whatever so Swedish people should just racemix to their hearts content and in generations to come they will be still normal Swedes (the Black will wash out) as has "happened" to Irish people. A double whammy: frenemy advice to White people (go ahead and racemix) and denigrate Irish people at the same time.

This is the kind of thing that works on impressionable people. Thinks "potato nigger" is a thing, will think oohh when I see those Punch pictures of Irish people on the Daily Stormer looking like apes must have been true. Nope dopes. The same style of picture of brutish native versus peaceful newcomer was recently shown in Brexit (Saatchi and Saatchi pic). If that annoys you (to see your group depicted in national newspaper as a brute) then congratulations you are not a robot. You would do well to bear in mind that other people are not robots.

Reality Czech said...

Searcher I've seen this kind of things and am strongly of the view that the majority of such commentators are trolls. (((They))) are adept to the point of brilliance with soeing internal dissention among their enemies. And they see us as their enemies, have no doubt. There are many in the Czech lands forums trying to get us to hate with Russians (not too difficult!!) and in other ways to soe dissention with Germans.

Flanders said...

"The systematic misclassification of non-white perpetrators as “white”

Numerous examples for the misclassifications are given, and they are often atrocious on their face. We know that this matters. It matters a hell of a lot, but many counties continue doing it. It's a way to replace truth with a lie, and too many people buy it.

"Some of the counties will still classify all Latino offenders as white in the data the send to the state.

Historically, when state data is sent to the Federal government, all Latino homicide suspects were reclassified as white. Around 2014, the Federal government started publishing a secondary breakdown of homicide offenders into two categories, “Non-Hispanic” and “Hispanic.” However, they state that the data is not accurate because “Not all agencies provide ethnicity data.” This is a reference to the fact that Latino does not exist as a perpetrator category at all in many areas.

In the pre-2014 Federal homicide statistics, you would simply see results like 94% of black homicide victims killed by blacks and 6% by whites. There is no Latino offender category at all."


Flanders said...

I have not believed for a long time that advertising works for big company's. I think it has only been a way for them to pay their dues to those (((networks))) with whom they are affiliated and whose job they make it to be to sway people's opinions to their pre-planned agendas. That is why we have some much SJW type advertising, which is what is really being pushed. That is why the MSM and their "news" and other media outlets have been so effective. They are funded so heavily by those "advertising" dollars, and they and (((regulators))) have worked to keep competition at bay.

Does this article cited below give the real reasons which they are stating within it, or is it instead an indication that the same type of monopoly position is being established within the internet, similar to what we had with (((MSM)))? We know that they want to do that, don't we?

"Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results."

"As of a few weeks ago, advertisements for JPMorgan Chase were appearing on about 400,000 websites a month. It is the sort of eye-popping number that has become the norm these days for big companies that use automated tools to reach consumers online.

Now, as more and more brands find their ads popping up next to toxic content like fake news sites or offensive YouTube videos, JPMorgan has limited its display ads to about 5,000 websites it has preapproved...".


Searcher said...

Reality Czech

I agree that the majority (of instigators) are trolls.

That 4% negro "factoid" was a classic. Very cleverly done. Impressionable people, who are not Irish, will fall for it (I have no doubt that there is a certain percentage who will). You need strong social skills (peddler ancestry) to come up with something like that.

However, I am talking moreso about the people who run with it, rather than the trolls themselves. They think this is great, "all the people I am not" are being insulted so I will join in, not realising that they are not immune to being cut down themselves (the only thing that wakes them up) or that they are just someone else's tool, unwittingly pushing someone else's agenda.

Shallow memes like "no more brother wars" means nothing when your supposed "brother" is shitting on you whenever it's convenient (and I'm not talking "pretend brother", I'm talking men who are actually White Christians).


Also, and maybe more signficantly, there are those who get a "come up in life" through strife.

Funny that you mention Russia. I notice for a while now, someone has been posting lots of anti-Russian stuff. I like the Russian humor (dark). I love to see when the Germans are coming together in a public space to say that they don't want war with Russia. It seems relentless though. My own opinion is to confront it when you see it.

Flanders said...

There is a troubling legislation being passed in Texas which sounds very good on it's face - since it's purported to be designed to make Sheriff's of Sanctuary Cities comply with immigration law or be placed in jail. County Sheriffs, at least as I have understood it, have been exempt from encroachments by Federal authorities in the past, but that has been a good thing because the Sheriff represents the will of the people of the county. It has been good because the Sheriff has represented us as a last defense against undue Federal encroachments. Is this the real reason that this proposal is being made while it is on a popular subject? It may come back to bite us if that is the case. We need to be a little cautious with "new arrangements", even those which are purported to be "for us".

Find some other way to enforce compliance with the law and leave our historic processes alone. By the way, isn't Abbott one of the (((clan)))?

"Texas Governor to Sign Legislation That Can Put Sheriffs of Sanctuary Cities in Jail (VIDEO)"

"Texas Governor, Greg Abbott called into the Steve Malzberg show to discuss sanctuary cities plaguing certain counties in his great state. He said he would sign legislation that could put Sheriffs of sanctuary cities in jail.

Here we go, folks! Don’t mess with Texas!"


Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 02 March 1926

The contention that there is, among others, a strain of Nordic and Negro blood, in the Jews, is put forth by the author of the Nordic theory, Lothrop Stoddard, in an article on “The Pedigree of the Jews” [LOL!!!] which appears in the March number of the “Forum.

The Semitic, he says, was the original root. He then makes the statement that during their sojourn in Egypt the Jews absorbed Negro blood.

“A Negroid strain.” he writes, “undoubtedly exists in Jewry; to it the frizzy or woolly hair, thick lips, and prognathous jaws appearing in many Jewish individuals are probably due. Although at that time the population of Egypt was predominantly Hamitic, the trickle of Negro blood, which has since so strongly modified both Egypt and the adjacent Asiatic regions, had already begun.





Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 14 January 1934

Proposed Nazi Race Law Puts Jews in Same Class As Negroes


Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said

there is one overriding consideration that drives them.
Fear. Terror of the jew elite.

I've had this book on my computer for years, now, and finally got around to reading it. Douglas Reed - "The Controversy of Zion". Mind-blowing.

He makes the point that it has always been that way. It's why they invented the ghetto. That's where the Communist technique of having everybody spy on everybody else comes from. Jews can't trust anybody. They live in terror of being denounced and excommunicated. For them, that's literally a death sentence.

Written in 1956, even more relevant today. From Deuteronomy to the Protocols. You'll learn things about the Bible you never learned in Sunday School. I expect you've probably read it, but for anybody who hasn't I recommend it.

Download PDF

Flanders said...

White Americans once used to think, "They're just a bunch of kooks up there in those big cities" which will never have an effect on them or on their children.

They've been working longer than you would think, these social engineers, change-agents and assorted Marxists. For the most part visible, and promoted publically, but at the same time with goals covered up with an intentional (((media))) camouflage which gave them personas which conflict with the facts.

"On September 23, 1968, the then President of the NEA, Elizabeth D. Koontz, got into the AACTE at a meeting of the association in New York. Said she:

“The NEA has a multi-faceted program already directed toward the urban school problem, embracing every phase, from the Head Start Program to sensitivity training for adults — both teachers and parents.”

Thus she revealed the real goal: involvement of the entire community in one gigantic laboratory of groups, exactly as in North Vietnam, Russia, and Red China.

It is enlightening to know that this same Elizabeth Koontz, the first Negro president of the NEA and a known member of the board of SIECUS, the infamous “Sex Information & Education Council of the U.S.,” was appointed by President Nixon, earlier this year, Director of the Womens’ Bureau of the Department of Labor!"
"Founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by the brilliant but degenerate Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati (Enlightened Ones) played a major role in the French Revolution, before going underground in 1795 and emerging, partially, in 1848 as the League of the Just, which hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto.

Sensitivity training, as it turns out, is the most poisonous legacy the Illuminati left us – and the main evidence we have that the Illuminati, as a part of the overall conspiracy, are very much with us today, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Before we probe further for the Eye of the Octopus, a brief recap is necessary. We already know the following:

That the self-criticism of the Illuminati was revived in 1929 by the Soviet Secret Police for use on Russian citizens; while under the name of “sensitivity training” it was started in the U.S. with the founding of the National Training Laboratories of the NEA in 1946."
"Now let’s shift our focus from Esalen to the NTL and its double headquarters at Bethel, Maine; and Washington, D.C. (1201 16th St., N.W.). We find that a web of NTL programs is being conducted in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, West Germany, Australia and New Zealand!

This European network extends from England and the Tavistock Institute, University of Leicester, to the Institute of Social Research, University of Vienna, Austria; The Technological Institute in Denmark; and the Netherlands Pedagogical Institute at Zeist.

In Germany, The German Productivity Center; in Sweden, the State Technological Institute; and from there, always under NTL control, the network spreads to six centers in France,...".


PB said...

Australian State-run television is hammering women's football like I've never seen. Largely empty stadiums, but we're assured everyone is excited.

joe btfsplk said...

from SHTF

Mike says:
Comment ID: 3681347
March 30, 2017 at 7:42 pm
Can you tell me why the they’s in the system want to eliminate the white race?
It is obvious that the ruling class wants to turn the white race into mixed mongrels.
But why? What is it about the caucasian race of people do the “Elite” find so threatening?
White people are already a very major MINORITY on a world wide scale.
So why do they want us gone or the genetics watered down?
It is obvious that white’s are considered a threat? Just makes no sense to me as to why they Elite want a watered down singular mixed race.

You are viewed as cattle by the nut jobs running things. Politicians, Police, Government and the Deep State.

This is Governments view of YOU:
You will be snooped on and controlled. Your neighbors and children taught to snitch on you.
You will be sheared. By Politicians and Police.
You will be milked. By Politicians, Police, and Government.
Then you are slaughtered by the Medical Establishment. AFTER they have taken everything you have ever earned.

This is the real world. Not that make believe BS on the TV/Movie screen and the lies you are taught in school.

Wake up. You are no longer in Kansas. Click your Ruby Red Slippers all you like. There is no going home.

>>>White genocide is now widely understood- but they still ponder who or why.

Flanders said...

Want to know about, "The Man Who Counted to a Million"?

"Jeremy Harper counted to 1,000,000 to help Push America, a charity for the disabled."


"Here Warwick Hester mentions the increase of the Jewish world population by 3 million between 1933 and 1950, which of course is in contradiction to the 6 million murdered by the Nazis. In this connection he tells the following story:

"Recently when talking to a North American of Jewish origin whom I esteem very much I referred to that discrepancy [of Jewish population numbers]. I asked him whether he himself believed in earnest that the Nazis had killed 6 millions. He said:´Naturally not. For that they had neither the time nor the means. What they obviously had, was the intention. Here begins politics [i.e. the psychology of propaganda]. Given the imputed intention, you can make any number. We thought that 6 millions are not too much to appear plausible, but sufficient to make mankind shiver for one century. This chance Hitler has given to us, and we make the most of it, to good effect, as you see.´ I said he ought to consider that a political lie like this will, in light of subsequent investigation, disclose itself and turn against those who invented it. But this Jew, a psychologist, denied that. It [the propaganda] had penetrated too deep into the subconscious of the masses, so that it could never be dislodged. Humans in general are completely uncritical. What is anchored in the subconscious, even an individual with common sense almost never is able to expunge. As a proof he cited the fact that already now [1954!], after a relatively short propagandistic campaign, that item required no further discussion. ´We have no problem, since we have created a historical fact which from now on is in the history books of schools, like the date of a battle.´"


"The evidence shows that Auschwitz-Birkenau was established primarily as a camp for Jews who were not able to work, including the sick and elderly, as well as for those who were temporarily awaiting assignment to other camps. That is the considered view of Dr. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University, who also says that this was an important reason for the unusually high death rate there. [13]

Jewish scholar Arno Mayer, a professor of history at Princeton University, acknowledges in his 1988 book about the "final solution" that more Jews perished at Auschwitz as a result of typhus and other "natural" causes than were executed. [14]"


"Holocaust Surviver” Warns Trump He Must Accept Open Borders"



Flanders said...

"Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die"


"The Parable of the Six Million Tumors"


Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2: Those mean old Germans were awful to the jews. A jew and former Zionist jew tells us just how mean the Germans really were.

"It was a sellout that I can best compare -- suppose the United States was at war today with the Soviet Union. And we were winning. And we told the Soviet Union: “Well, let's quit. We offer you peace terms. Let's forget the whole thing.” And all of a sudden Red China came into the war as an ally of the Soviet Union. And throwing them into the war brought about our defeat. A crushing defeat, with reparations the likes of which man's imagination cannot encompass.

Imagine, then, after that defeat, if we found out that it was the Chinese in this country, our Chinese citizens, who all the time we thought they were loyal citizens working with us, were selling us out to the Soviet Union and that it was through them that Red China was brought into the war against us. How would we feel, in the United States against Chinese? I don't think that one of them would dare show his face on any street. There wouldn't be lampposts enough, convenient, to take care of them. Imagine how we would feel.

Well, that's how the Germans felt towards these Jews. "We've been so nice to them"; and from 1905 on, when the first Communist revolution in Russia failed, and the Jews had to scramble out of Russia, they all went to Germany. And Germany gave them refuge. And they were treated very nicely. And here they sold Germany down the river for no reason at all other than they wanted Palestine as a so-called “Jewish commonwealth.”

Now, Nahum Sokolow -- all the great leaders, the big names that you read about in connection with Zionism today -- they, in 1919, 1920, '21, '22, and '23, they wrote in all their papers -- and the press was filled with their statements -- that "the feeling against the Jews in Germany is due to the fact that they realized that this great defeat was brought about by our intercession and bringing the United States into the war [WWI] against them."

The Jews themselves admitted that. It wasn't that the Germans in 1919 discovered that a glass of Jewish blood tasted better than Coca-Cola or Muenschner Beer. There was no religious feeling. There was no sentiment against those people merely on account of their religious belief. It was all political. It was economic. It was anything but religious.

Nobody cared in Germany whether a Jew went home and pulled down the shades and said “Shema' Yisrael” or “Our Father.” No one cared in Germany any more than they do in the United States. Now this feeling that developed later in Germany was due to one thing: that the Germans held the Jews responsible for their crushing defeat, for no reason at all, because World War One was started against Germany for no reason for which they [Germans] were responsible. They were guilty of nothing. Only of being successful. They built up a big navy. They built up world trade.

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2: You must remember, Germany, at the time of Napoleon, at the time of the French Revolution, what was the German Reich consisted of 300 -- three hundred! -- small city-states, principalities, dukedoms, and so forth. Three hundred little separate political entities. And between that time, between the period of. . . between Napoleon and Bismarck, they were consolidated into one state. And within 50 years after that time they became one of the world's great powers. Their navy was rivalling Great Britain's, they were doing business all over the world, they could undersell anybody and make better products. And what happened? What happened as a result of that?

There was a conspiracy between England, France, and Russia that: "We must slap down Germany", because there isn't one historian in the world that can find a valid reason why those three countries decided to wipe Germany off the map politically. Now, what happened after that?

When Germany realized that the Jews were responsible for her defeat, they naturally resented it. But not a hair on the head of any Jew was harmed. Not a single hair. Professor Tansill, of Georgetown University, who had access to all the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in his book, and quoted from a State Department document written by Hugo Schoenfelt, a Jew who Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to investigate the so-called camps of political prisoners. And he wrote back that he found them in very fine condition.

They were in excellent shape; everybody treated well. And they were filled with Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews happened to be maybe 98 per cent of the Communists in Europe at that time. And there were some priests there, and ministers, and labor leaders, Masons, and others who had international affiliations.

Now, the Jews sort of tried to keep the lid on this fact. They didn't want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that.

So they did take appropriate action against them [against the Jews]. They. . . shall I say, discriminated against them wherever they could? They shunned them. The same as we would the Chinese, or the Negroes, or the Catholics, or anyone in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought about our defeat.

Now, after a while, the Jews of the world didn't know what to do, so they called a meeting in Amsterdam. Jews from every country in the world attended in July 1933. And they said to Germany: “You fire Hitler! And you put every Jew back into his former position, whether he was a Communist, no matter what he was. You can't treat us that way! And we, the Jews of the world, are calling upon you, and serving this ultimatum upon you.” Well, the Germans told them. . . you can imagine. So what did they [the Jews] do?"


Flanders said...

This subject below does not get anywhere near the investigation and the wide-spread exposure which it deserves to have. One reason of course is that the jews work hard to eliminate the good sites which expose them along with the details of jewry's multi-level international racket. It now goes way beyond food products, and I think the non-food is classed by them as being "parve".

"The Great Kosher Scandal Will One Day Explode!

The New York Times, a Jewish owned daily, in a rare article on this subject back on May 18, 1975, reported that kosher symbols are deliberately printed "unobtrusively on labels" so that they will go unnoticed by Christians. In Jewish publications large ads are run to instruct Jews to buy only kosher marked items. In other words, the Jews are boycotting all products which do not pay the kosher tax! The biggest secret of all is the exact ANNUAL amount these companies pay to Orthodox rabbis. This same "Times" article stated: "Neither kosher group will disclose what gross revenues are, nor, are corporations anxious to make their own payments public. "How often do we hear our congressmen demand that there be "truth in advertising" and that the "consumer must be protected?"

In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which every nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

New York columnist, Dorothy Kilgallen, just before her death wrote that the U.S. Post Office changed the makeup of the glue on the back of the postage stamps at the demand of Orthodox rabbis. It was changed from a pork-fat based glue to a vegetable derivative that had Kosher approval! The rabbis had objected that "no Jew should be forced to lick pork!" Note: Kosher postal stamps? Along this same line we find organized Jewry forcing the federal prison system, and the U.S. Armed Forces into buying kosher food for Jews, who are either in prison or in the military. No politician has raised his voice in protest against this interference by Jews with U.S. government programs! This causes unnecessary extra costs which the taxpayer ends up paying. Note: Jews almost never serve in the U.S. Military!
Note the article by the Jewish Union on Reynolds Wrap [not featured here]. It states that one food firm had a product with 21 ingredients from 12 other companies. Each of them were also required to pay the kosher tax before the original company could receive kosher certification! Also, a giant company with scores of products can't pay one fee for all its food products. It must pay a separate kosher tax for each product and each mustbe inspected by the Rabbi on different visits. This can run the total tax up into the millions of dollars! This is also a GRADUATED TAX that increases each year. Note: A great example of this kind of theft, is with McDonalds. They use Kosher Coke A Cola, (Pepsi is also Kosher), Kosher Kraft Cheese, and Secret Mac sauce (Thousand Island salad dressing), Kosher Ketchup, Kosher buns, and Kosher oil for deep frying. Millions of people, world wide, are paying Kosher taxes, from New York, to Moscow, to Tokyo, even if the buy, of all things, a cheeseburger. Hindu India, that uses lamb for their burgers, has to pay this Kosher Tax. Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and many other chain restaurants, act like mini tax collection agencies, and steal trillions, world wide, for Jewish interests.

Swedish site with article:

Kosher company:

You have to go to the end of this article below by St Louis jews to find the list of international symbols, but it is worth doing. It even has a shopping guide for your pets.


Anonymous said...

Only the cucks believe Russians are Europeans. Anyone who had first contact with them knows they are Asians.
JM Keynes visited Russia in the thirties and attributed Russian drspotic traits- both in tsarist and bolshevik Russia- to some beastliness in the Russian character.
Hitler saw the war against Russia from an ideological and racial perspective.

Seneca said...

"Today, the Nazis assert, Chancellor von Papen prefers the domination of powerful Jews. Whereas the old-time dukes and counts had their court Jews ["useful Jews", "pocket Jews" *] , today the powerful Jews have their court dukes and court counts."

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

But take heart from the fact that this seemingly invincible power came crashing down withi a few short years.

Scott said...

Just on his appearance alone that Edgar Veytia, Nayarit's drug-dealing state prosecutor should be arrested. Only in a country bereft of any sense of morality could such a felon be placed in such a job. Trump was right.

Kevin Rafferty said...

>>>White genocide is now widely understood- but they still ponder who or why.

Did you notice how they tiptoed around the (((elephant in the room))) in the reply?

Kevin Rafferty said...

Searcher, regarding your reply to Reality Czech (nice moniker!) let me just say that you get such weak-willed people everywhere. Such people as you say will 'join in the gang' to kick anyone who is down. They're irrelevant to our cause.

SAVANT said...

Flanders your article on the kosher tax reminds when of when I was implementing a manufacturing system at a Pepsi bottling plant in County Louth very many years ago.. The whole process had to be certified as 'kosher' and to do so required bringing in, at company expense, a group of Orthodox Jewish engineers who went through the whole manufacturing process with a fine comb. What a racket. And they were a nasty and deeply unpleasant bunch to deal with.

John C said...

 Clogheen said...

John C and the Celtic Party launch. You mean 'democratic liberals' didn't seek to block the meeting or if failing that the storm the building?

Well if there is enough hefty looking men at the meeting, they (demented commies, students) wouldn't dare to try and disrupt the meeting. They just end-up singing silly songs behind a line of police, to everyone else's amusement.
But really they don't show up if the meeting is on a need to know bases, really only the person organising the meeting should know, the less the better, you should have a rendezvous first then move off together to the meeting place that's all nicely set-up , brilliantly organise,( like I used too,) slick well organised meetings end up growing with more and more people turning up. Its really important to only have the flag of your country on show and nothing else, ask people to turn up reasonable dressed, if any person turns up wearing dm boots, camouflage trousers, or chat about guns, over throwing the establishment with armed rebellion, you have to tell these people to piss off, they are doing that to stigmatise the party, so puting normal (thats us, and others coming around to our way of thinking) people off coming to further meetings. Hire private halls or council halls in a different name, never use pubs. Anyway the Celtic party will know all this, its for other's out there who fancy a bash at organising such events. The occasional times meetings have been disrupted are put in msm or youtube to create fear in us, thats all, it hardly ever happens.

It is David thats rolled his sleeves up, he's so concerned with what is happening to His Country, that he went to a meeting, lots more should too. More people, bigger voice.
I hear a lot of 2-3 generation Irish from overseas moan about the plight of Ireland, why not send a little donation to the Celtic Party.


James said...

It is obvious that white’s are considered a threat? Just makes no sense to me as to why they Elite want a watered down singular mixed race.

Revilo Oliver had a theory.

Whatever the explanation, the Jews’ determination to exterminate the Aryans is not unreasonable.

One may see a good analogy in the cattle that are raised in the southwestern part of the United States. For a long time, the favorite breed was the ‘Texas Long-horn,’ which was hardy, able to fight off coyotes and other predators, and to survive in the wilds until it was rounded up by the cowboys for a long drive to the market, but it was also a dangerous animal that would attack its owners when provoked. It is now virtually extinct, having been replaced on the ranches by more docile breeds, such as the ‘Black Angus,’ since the predators have been exterminated and the cattle now graze within fences or are simply fattened on corn provided for them, and the vigor of the potentially dangerous ‘Longhorn’ is no longer needed, while the more docile and sluggish animals yield more tender meat.

Early in the Twentieth Century, Aryans had, for all practical purposes, subjugated the entire world and made it everywhere both safe and convenient for the Jews, whereas events in Germany in the 1930s proved that Aryans could be dangerous to the Master Race, if they got out of control. Elimination of the species seems therefore a logical step for the self-styled ‘God-people.’


Searcher said...


I disagree. I think they are exceptionally relevant. Agree on the cool moniker thoguh: Reality Czech! I'll explain why:

It is a part of human nature to fail the "friendship test": "at least it's not me'.

It is a part of human nature to kick someone when they are down or being put down: "at least it's not me".

Everyone is susceptible to it (we price in/factor in a lot of negative judgements on our friends without necessarily being aware) but we accept them nonetheless. We don't see our friends IRL as perfect beings. However, when they fail the "friendship test" all the negative judgements surface and I don't know why this is, but, everything about that person is grating: their look, the way they speak; the way they eat; the way they hold themselves. It is very hard to go back to accepting them as flawed but acceptable.

My point being is it's important to realise that everyone is susceptible to it, but of course not everyone will give in to the ego stroke and the false protection of "at least it's not me". Those who do so are doing unpaid work for people who can't stand them either. Those who do unpaid work for tringulators need to be called out otherwise they will continue to do it.

If someone wants to set up a blog about "us against the world" and selectively talk shit about every White ethnicity ... well, that space has already been taken by MSM.

Russians are Asiatic? Jared Taylor probably thinks they're just grrrrreat so!

John C said...

Raging debate going on at darkmoon. Its so good, im agreeing with both sides.

Trump’s Dangerous Enemies are out to get him


Searcher said...

RamZPaul's latest on censorship and the internet:


Well worth a watch.

Anonymous said...

There is a loophole in the abortion business that Planned Parenthood must have seen.
Parenthood, by the way, is a nice name, like 'freedom-fighters' for some terrorists.
This loophole comes from the legality of being aborted in general :
Since it is legal to become pregnant, naturally or by implantation with multiple embryos, and since it is legal to abort within the legislation, then it should NOT be illegal to become pregnant with the intended purpose to abort legally, provided one could prove the premeditated intention.

If the embryos are implanted and one biological parent of the embryos is also a person who is supposed to benefit from a graft of embryonic stem cells (call this person the recipient patient), the chances of histocompatibility with the recipient patient are much higher, since the embryo is his biological child. For that purpose several embryos can be implanted and later screened for histocompatibility. So now the recipient patient can benefit from Stem Cells-based Regenerative Medicine with the added bonus of a decreased risk of graft rejection.

Of course the West can be offended at the thought of a woman (or a transgender man why not) who becomes pregnant with the intended purpose of a later abortion, but hey, this is My Body My choice right ? and even if that's the case, women in the third world are probably willing to play foster mothers for this business. This allows the sensitive souls of the West to turn their gaze...somewhere.

Are premeditated abortions practiced somewhere ? in some off shore private yacht hospitals for example ?
Organ trafficking and transplantations of the late 90's and early 2000 were performed off shore Turkey, to have access to cheap 'donors', for example.
Any yacht equipped with advanced Surgery facilities and staffed with competent (((surgeons))) should be boarded by the Coast Guards for inspection and searched for embryonic biological samples. But of course, if you cannot prove that the abortion was premeditated, the loophole is total. There is no illegalities whatsoever, I am not sure what could be done anyways in international waters under pavilion of whatever fake country the yacht belongs.

Yet, this is Blood Libel - again- and about turning your gaze away, this is not always possible.
I was watching another disaster on TV and thought that often, we are so powerless that the only thing left to us is to PRAY for the life of our loved ones. And sometimes it works.
I am sinful like everybody else but I hope that I have not reached that level of legalized evilness. Yet, disaster will strike the people involved in this business of premeditated abortion like anybody else. And they will be powerless too, like a baby in the womb. And they will want to pray, but to whom ?


Anonymous said...

What we need is these :-



Not exactly those. Just the same tune different song.


Flanders said...

Savant, re your 10:36 comment, I would really like to hear more about the details of your and your associates experience with complying with the kosher requirements, and the expenses, too, if you know. Sometime when you have the time and inclination it could make for an interesting post. The mere indignity of being required to comply with additional time and expenses within private companies to extortions wielded by an esoteric "religious" sect, with expenses being passed on to the unaware public is enough that it should by itself cause outrage. The jews and their media will never let it become widely known.

I know that this may be of no personal help to you, but for we Americans in the US, the information below is of the utmost necessity.

Kosher Truck Wash Directory:


Letters of Kosher Certification (LOCs)
One jew certification company in Chicago - Their
Client list:


Flanders said...

This is a tool which might become useful to you in your quest to be a righteous B'nai Noach.

"Hear "Parve" pronounced in Modern Hebrew by an Israeli":


David said...

@John C thanks for the call out. The meeting was organized pretty much as you describe, you must contact the party to get a private invite. There was good robust speech with disagreements - but an overall consensus on the massive problems facing us.

Do please make an effort, go, inform yourself, and it felt great to be doing something positive, even by attending you are fighting the NWO.


Flanders said...

"The abortion industry is led by extremist Jews"

"Abortion rights have pretty much become the litmus test for being an elected Democratic representative in this country as evidenced by the pro-abortion stance of Catholics like Sen. Ted Kennedy and others. “Of the 41 Jewish-born members of the U.S. Senate over the last 20 years, 32 (or 80 percent) have been stridently pro-abortion.” [8]

The radical feminist movement, headed by Jewish women like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, has been a staunch driving force behind the pro-abortion movement since its inception. Their disdain for families and imagined female oppression by men in this country and their belief that gender roles are a social construct and not innate has caused them to push for abortion as being the great equalizer, liberating women from their ‘oppressive’ role as mothers.

Simone Weil, former French health minister and Auschwitz survivor who led the drive to legalize abortion in France was quoted as saying: “We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child.”


"Currently, the following vaccines in the UK contain aborted foetal tissue: MMR II, MMR (Priorix), MR, Rabies (Imovax), Hepatitis A (Havarix and Avaxim brands). Old style single rubella vaccines contained foetal tissue, as well as some brands of single measles vaccines and the Medeva polio vaccine which was withdrawn for safety reasons.
In the USA, there is also an inject able polio vaccine by Connaught Labs which contains foetal tissue, as does the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine.

This practice began in the 1960’s when lung tissue was taken from an aborted female foetus, for use in the rubella vaccine, after she was terminated for mental health reasons by the mother. They also took tissue from a 14 week old male foetus, aborted for the same reason.

Newer cell lines from fetal tissue includes PER.C6 cell line from Merck, which used tissue from an 18 week old baby whose mother aborted it because she didn't know who its father was. They also used tissue from a 21 week baby and this line is being used in flu and TB vaccines as well as experimental vaccines that researchers are still working on, including maleria and rabies vaccines, cancer and HIV vaccines. The tissue used was from both babies eyes."


AnalogMan said...

James said...

Revilo Oliver had a theory.

Whatever the explanation, the Jews’ determination to exterminate the Aryans is not unreasonable.

Of course, that is not the explanation, since this project predates the 1930s by about 3000 years. Again, refer to the book I linked above. It's all there.

John C said...

Searcher why is some one like you going on the daily stormer website? You really surprise me.
Are slowly moving right of right? From alt-light to full naaazzzi. Seriously you should look in to the people that have written for it. Then you will see.
That Polish comment, I think was just a little laugh. When the Polish first came to England fifteen odd years ago it was a common occurrence to get your hands burnt from using the taps in the toilets of restaurants especially indian restaurants and turkish cafes, the owners would say, bloody Polish workers they put the hot taps where the cold taps should be. In the uk everything is regulated and you come to expect the cold taps to be where they should be, which is on the right hand side of the sink, I don't know if this is the case the world over because im not very well traveled, cos I hate travelling and I hate to many foreigners around me talking in their bloody lingo.
Btw nice Polish restaurant I go to quite a bit, taps in right place, food is lovely, wonderful things they can do with cabbage, mash with every meal just like the brits and irish.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Robinson love him or loathe him
At least he puts his face out there
Marine A


look over there, where, there said...

Tommy is working for the enemy. so really theres no point in promoting him. Protests should be to the enemy that brought the muslims in to Britain. The real enemy wants whites and muslims to fight while all the time thats happening the (((elites))) sit back and laugh. So ((( kosher tom ))) is doing the (((elites))) dirty work for them to drum up fights. We really do have a problem with uneducated whites in Britain who refuse to see the wood for the trees.

Anonymous said...

Says who
I've met tommy and watched him
He is just a jack the lad
Who has got a bee in his bonnet about Islam and the British police
That is why some of the proceeds from his book are going to pay for him suing the police for harassment


Ps he is white British working class , we aren't devious, just sometimes mislead

Anonymous said...

Says who
I've met tommy and watched him
He is just a jack the lad
Who has got a bee in his bonnet about Islam and the British police
That is why some of the proceeds from his book are going to pay for him suing the police for harassment


Ps he is white British working class , we aren't devious, just sometimes mislead

James said...

Talking to some random guy a couple of nights ago, and he started telling me about the "Kaleeji Plan" or something like that.

Obviously word is getting around and people are starting to talk about it.

James said...

people are “turning their noses up” at diversity.

Yes, because it sucks.


James said...

The wrong message? I think so.


Anonymous said...

Montana prohibits courts from applying Sharia law. Why not prohibit Talmudic Halacha which is worse than Sharia law?


Anonymous said...

Chinese racists not accepting the wonders of diversity.


Anonymous said...

Kosher Tom IQ 62 shouldn't be allowed to drive a car.

Anonymous said...

Sorry am I missing something here. Do these organisations edl bf want the multi cult race rainbow alliance to all get along in one big melting pot of happiness, all go down the pub and share a few pints while our kids all play together growing up to marry one another? Seriously halfwits of the highest order ever.
They had for their own benefit better jack this shit in.

Two comments from people at this get-together.... notice one woman is only concern with the plight of women and children. NOT MEN... A fireQueen says hes scared of big muslim population but then says they dont want to play with us, its not fair. Mix the pot until no more white. Morons. Hurry up and die you imbeciles.

Despite an instruction from Golding not to talk to the media, Britain First organiser Angela Holbrooks, from Timperley, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester, said: “We need to keep our streets safe for our women and children, stop them raping our kids. If anyone says anything about Muslims, then they’re attacked. But the Muslims don’t want to integrate.”

Retired firefighter Steve Green, 52, from Gravesend, Kent, said he attended the march because he was scared of the growing Muslim population. “Politicians are doing nothing to protect us. They don’t want to mix. My daughter will be forced to wear a burqa at this rate.”

Anonymous said...

The Trouble with Tommy



Anonymous said...

But if there is one group of people he has no time for, it is the “wankers” of the far-right. His nights in clubland made him lots of Black friends, and time and again he spouts the refrain that he is not far-right, racist or against multiculturalism.  He hates the BNP, hates White nationalists and proudly parades his Black friends before visiting journalists. What’s more he is remarkably friendly to Jews, wears a badge saying “I am a Zionist,” and considers anti-Semitism one of the worst of sins.

Robinson says he actually paid to join the BNP, but says his “brief flirtation” ended when he turned up at a party meeting with two Black pals who were barred entrance. Tommy explains in his typically eloquent fashion.

They discovered in no uncertain terms that we were as pissed off as pissed off gets — and that was that, with the BNP as far as I was concerned. After that anytime we heard about the BNP we just told them to get fucked. … Wankers that lot.

The great thing about Tommy Robinson for the powers that be is that he doesn’t ask too many questions.  Specifically he’ll never ask who exactly let these Jihadis into the country and what was their motive.

Those who stand for White resistance must always be on guard against attempts to create “controlled opposition” which divert energies from an awareness of White identity, and especially we must be wary of those who preach anti-racism.

The great thing about Tommy Robinson for the powers that be is that he doesn’t ask too many questions.  Specifically he’ll never ask who exactly let these Jihadis into the country and what was their motive

James said...

The great thing about Tommy Robinson for the powers that be is that he doesn’t ask too many questions. Specifically he’ll never ask who exactly let these Jihadis into the country and what was their motive

But Nick Griffin does. I'm still waiting for John to explain why Nick Griffin is bad and if he was lying when he said criminals and scam artists took over the BNP. Just so everyone knows what's going on.

James said...

The Bolshevik Revolution is Russia was the work of Jewish Planning and Jewish dissatisfaction.

Our plan is to have a New World Order.

What worked so wonderfully in Russia is going to become reality for the whole world.

The American Hebrew Magazine - New York, Sept 10, 1920.

That's really all anyone needs to know.

Henry Makow (the Jewish GATEKEEPER, according to Johnny) says:

The self-admitted goal of organized Jewry is fatal to every other race, nation and religion on earth.

And that's why I like Henry so much. If he's a gatekeeper then the truth must be even worse than what he says and nobody would want to hear it. He's already so far out there for most people, but thankfully tones it down so he doesn't blow minds. Or maybe I'm a gatekeeper too? I'm not sure, maybe it can happen to anyone?


James said...

Countries by population size.

Actually China and India are diverse empires.


Anonymous said...


If you think anybody is going to get anywhere spouting about white genocide or rights for whites then you are wrong.

You will have to join a group and infiltrate it
Find like minded people and form a click

That's how Muslims are doing everywhere just look at the Labour Party SNP and now ukip
I met like minded people and we keep in touch about a lot whilst I was in the edl

Ps lots of remnants from the NF


John C said...

Jimmy the Dimmy

Henry Makow (the Jewish GATEKEEPER, according to Johnny) says:

He don't ie doesn't ie won't look into the fake stories of the holycaust for obvious reasons. Stop being a mincing mincer... Whites do not need any help from other people and don't for one minute think that they are overly concerned with our plight, they ain't.

And that's why I like Henry so much. If he's a gatekeeper then the truth must be even worse than what he says and nobody would want to hear it. He's already so far out there for most people, but thankfully tones it down so he doesn't blow minds. Or maybe I'm a gatekeeper too? I'm not sure, maybe it can happen to anyone?

Oh alright then. Just carry on promoting could be might be maybe, talk of the elites skull & bones 379 ÷+-=666, eating little children, running around naked with dead gutted out chickens on their knobs at some grove, a new book of mysteries previously unknown written by a unknown author who knows a retired ex paper tray filler of the secret services and before he dies he wanted to let the world know that he had some explosive in-fo-mation that will shake the world.
But leave alone the lies that have been put on our brothers in Germany that will and are being used against all of us.
Led Zeppelin sang a song about there are two roads you can go by, take the wrong road if you must jimmy.

Regarding your guru


I don't want to have to keep going over the same old thing jimmy, its becoming boring, I don't doubt you're concern about white replacement but these facts are facts and must be absorbed by white activists if we are to grow into leaders of our struggle for our very own survival. We cannot afford to be lead by controlled opposition, we will always be lead down dead end routes to our eventual death. Liven up ffs.
If you carry on with this caper, I can only suspect that you are not being honest about who you really are. Its up to you, James.

Anonymous said...

Sorry just noticed this, Angela (thickO) Holbrooks who ignored her boss Mr Golding advise not to talk to the scum msm reporters, instead opens her big gob (shes not going to listen to a man and shes got something very important to say anyway) and says muslims are practically raping kids all over the place but the cheek of it all is they dont want to integrate with us. You stupid fucking cunt its alright Angela, they will be learning some fucking wicked dancing moves soon, provide by a government agency, paid out of your taxes and they will talk the chat down at the discotheque ok ok meat market, and do things the integrated way. Happy Now.
complete and utter retardation.

Despite an instruction from Golding not to talk to the media, Britain First organiser Angela Holbrooks, from Timperley, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester, said: “We need to keep our streets safe for our women and children, stop them raping our kids. If anyone says anything about Muslims, then they’re attacked. But the Muslims don’t want to integrate.”

Anonymous said...

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