Saturday, 4 March 2017

A scandal to die for

Ireland is currently in a fever of outrage at the discovery of nearly 800 children's bodies in Galway. They died at a religiously run foster home there between 1925 and 1960. In case you're wondering this infant mortality rate is not normal, being double that of other mother and baby homes around the country over the same period. The children succumbed to a wide range of infant afflictions, some as simple ear infections. Lack of care and attention hardly describes it.

Make no mistake, this was a real scandal on so many fronts. And having been run by the Catholic Church it was grist to the mill for "Ireland's" Minister For Children, the American bull dyke Catherine 'Strap-on' Zappone (whose stated objective is to get mothers out of the home and into the workplace). With lip-smacking relish Strap-on explained that the scandal arose from a culture of unquestioning deference to the Church, rigid conformity, authorities avoiding and covering up inconvenient signs, a culture which blamed the victims (unmarried mothers) and a legal system in thrall to the prevailing orthodoxies.

And you know what? She/he/it was right. That's exactly what happened. And it's also exactly what happened with the Rotherham child abuse scandal. Except that here the offenders, being Muslim, occupied the position once occupied by the Church. In the West today rigid and legally-enforced conformity to PC multicultural orthodoxies means that Muslims are the ones who cannot be criticised, the ones whose crimes the authorities ignore and which if prosecuted attract slap-on-the-wrist penalties from the legal system

But the luvvies will never tell you that. Because the dead babies are mere weapons in the war on White Christian civilisation. The evil and indifference of the nuns will be paraded before us at every opportunity, their good work in healthcare, poverty alleviation and education studiously ignored. 


Anonymous said...

I was brought up a catholic and at school when about 15 I told my religious education
Catholic teacher I didn't agree with the church telling people in the 3 rd world not
To use contraception. Because if you have
Starved all your lives why have kids. And it was just a way of breeding more Catholics
I ended up every time we had religious studies sitting in the hall with the jehovas witnesses

Dave33 said...

The documentary 'The Edge of the City' was about Muslim grooming in Bradford, England.
The police asked for it not to be screened, so as not to inflame racial tensions, but the real reason for gagging the story may have been because it was viewed as potentially influential to elections - infuriated whites may have leaned right at the ballot box.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Please subscribe to this White HOuse petition which aims to reduce Joogle's monopoly position.

00:39 said...

It's a sad story for sure, but really no worse than what was happening in other countries at the time, and certianly better than what is still happening in many countries today, countries like Brazil and India. Zappone was clearly loving it last night on the news, talking about this dark period in 'our' history! I nearly choked on the chutzpah. She'll make the most of it though, expect her to use it to deflect from her position in the McCabe scandal.

Another disturbing development here last week was the insane decision to grant Travellers ethnic status. I'd be interested to hear your analysis of this, Savant.

Rob said...

I wonder what Zappone's ancestry is. The surname suggests Italian, but who knows? Maybe that's the name of some unfortunate long-discarded husband. The way she was parachuted into the Irish political scene is amazing.

Martinus said...

Zappone is definitely Italian.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

...Ah yes, the old "Dead Babies" card. Works a treat (((wherever))) applied, not to detract from
the heinousness in this case of the Galway R.C. foster home though.
"Dead Babies" whether real or fabricated guaranteed to get results when applied correctly. As the relishing of a clit cutting Imman will they happily apply lurid stories of babies ripped from
incubators and dashed against walls and of child human sheilds, yada, yada Oy Vey.

Anonymous said...

Probably long past time to deport all of tbe niggers in the West.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a good time to think about human language and what it is.

Human language for the most part, is describing our perception of reality to another person.

Is our perception of reality the truth?

Never. There are only common perceptions of reality that are regarded as truth so that we can successfully communicate with each other, for practical purposes.

1 rock + 1 rock = 2 rocks. One rock is made up of infinite undefined particles. There is no such thing as a rock, it is only a commonly held perception.

I have no idea about the subject matter of this story other than the perception that is communicated.

In a Christian country, bad people don't go away, they turn into Christians.

For an understanding of why Christianity is only a perception, I suggest reading the parable of the sower, from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic charity "Caritas Internationalis"(official name) has just started opening a humanitarian corridor for refugees from Ethiopia,Eritrea,South Sudan and Somalia. Once in Italy, Caritas will help them to settle in Italy or in other European countries.
The core belief of Christianity is to convert all tribes while killing off Europeans in the process- they have been doing it for centuries.

Eire nua said...

Italian for sure but perhaps it's the usual cloaking of identity by a certain tribe...

Zappa means hoe in Italian, Zappone would mean big hoe. Just like porta is door and portone is big door.

James said...


James said...

This article assumes Merkel is insane, or guilt-ridden, or both.

I think she is a cool and calculating Kalergist who knows what she is doing.

Eire nua said...

Is this not the same story from 2014???

James said...

Barbara Specter says Jews are trying to save Europe but white people are too stupid to appreciate their efforts.
What a strange lady.

Ulick McGee said...

The Church has solid moral and philosophical reasons for opposing contraception. Increasing the number of Catholics is not the driving impulse behind the ban.

I used to think it was a crazy position. But look at us Europeans now, share of word population collapsing, the smartest not even reproducing so White average intelligence dropping even without race mixing.

The Romans experienced the same. Caesar Augustus is quoted chastising his knights for not having children. Apparently, the Spartans too and many others. One of the mechanisms of civilsational collapse.

So the Church historians knew the Christians outbred the Pagans just as the Muz are outbreeding the Godless today. Of course the Church should oppose being being outbred by non believers. Any religion that doesnt is a dead religion. Frank seems a bit less orthodox on this issue than any other pope in history. Makes me suspect that the Devil is real.

I had my share of sinful one night stands but wasnt stupid, wasnt silly, wore a condom on my willy. Several otherwise sensible buddies admitted to sometimes neglecting this safety precaution. As the years went by realised I was in the minority. Then realised that no nagger ever has, or ever will, wear a johnny.

We need to defend the Church's position on contraception. It is a Godly, moral and wholesome position but thats not the reason to defend it. Attacks on the Church are cultural marxist attacks on White people.

And if we dont start having babies again then there will be no white people left because the savages will genocide us when our numbers fall below a certain point.

wilmo said...

Yes it is the same story. Just that now they recovered more bodies. BUt this will be milked for a long time to come.

Disgregato said...

James said...

What the feminists won't say is that the worst orphanages were run by nuns, and they were nasty old harridans.

I know some older gentlemen who were raised in orphanages, and the ones raised by men were OK - but the nuns were cruel and mean. Any raping I heard of was done by older kids to the younger kids.

Foundling hospitals were society's way of getting rid of unwanted babies. People would drop their kids off there and the hospitals "job" was to kill them. Blaming this on the church is perhaps unfair considering the climate of those times.

James said...

I used to think it was a crazy position. But look at us Europeans now, share of word population collapsing, the smartest not even reproducing so White average intelligence dropping even without race mixing.

The RCC saved ancient Rome from total demographic collapse. They campaigned against infanticide.

This is the opposite of the theory that the Catholic Church was a Jewish plot to destroy the Empire.

James said...

The police asked for it not to be screened,

What does "asking" involve, in this case?

James said...

At the pub yesterday everyone was bashing Trump. Called him an idiot for saying he was wiretapped by Obama.
Everyone was laughing at the only president worth the position in decades.


"10 times worse than watergate."

"This is as serious as it gets."

"No doubt that Mr Trump has sufficient evidence to be sure before he made the Tweet."

Mister Trump? He is "The President", "Mr President", or "President Trump" now.

James said...

It looks like everyone is just starting to stay at home and watch TV.

Or maybe the next generation of white people just doesn't exist?

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 23 July 2016

Who's Responsible for Disappearance of 1,000 Children in Israel? Inquiry Fails to Say

HAARETZ, 31 July 2016

Time for Israel to Admit: The Yemenite Children Were Systematically Kidnapped

For 60 years, the establishment, media and courts have colluded to hide the truth about this ugly affair that dismantles the Zionist story we like to tell ourselves.

It’s hard to convey the depth of racism toward immigrants from Yemen felt by leaders of the Jewish community, among them, David Ben-Gurion himself, as well as various administrators who dealt directly with immigration and absorption of newcomers.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Brendan O'Connell taking on the big Z head on.

James said...

Just listening to the Vinny Eastwood show interview with Brendan O'Connell. At 26:00 Vinny says a mate of his explained that the high prices paid in Auckland for coffee are because of the Chinese Triads.

In NZ, you can pay $500,000 for citizenship. The chinks get that, then they buy up all the houses and these are then marked down as domestic and not foreign property purchases.

They are infiltrating the NZ government too. They send their kids to posh schools and force them to study hard so they get good high-up government jobs.

China is a Zionist invention.

The Sassoon family (Opium). John Kerry, Roosevelt, and the Bushes are related. The Delano family was in Opium.

In Vancouver a secret report from 10 years ago said Triads own 80% of downtown Vancouver. The report was covered up at the highest levels.

Police run the drug trade and most biker gang top men are army and police he says.

James said...

Brendan told cops and intelligence guys about Kay Griggs talks on youtube and apparently they were blown away.

It's astounding that the agencies charged with defending us don't even know about white genocide.

James said...

Vinny Eastwood show was OK until about 01:33:00 when they start going full on anti-racist.

Ironically, Brendan starts to sound like a Jew. He thinks he knows all about Jews and how they think but then he goes full on Jew himself. He doesn't realize that dissolution of the races is their primary goal - not the collection of money and power for its own sake.

He then says this:
"I was talking to a White nationalist and said if you daughter was to bring a man home, which would you rather it be: a black man with a PhD, or a White piece of trailer park trash? He said the trailer park trash. You can't get through to these people."

Then he goes full idiot mode like the unmentionable:
"So what do we need to have, a color chart with different shades of white on it? What's the cutoff point."

"Racism extends to all races. No one is forcing your daughter to marry the black guy."

OK Brendan, the Jews aren't forcing anyone to do anything either so what's your problem dude? It's all about freedom? How about the freedom from 24/7 race mixing propaganda?

No Brendan, its easy to tell who is white. Just get a liberal like you to stand at the airport. The prospective applicant reads a card with the word "nigger" on it. If your attached polygraph shows any anger then that person is white and can't come in. If the needle doesn't move they are diverse and require a free house and passport.

Vinny reckons he is "fighting our extermination" and yet he falls into this basic trap. It's getting pretty hopeless.

I'm amazed that someone who "fights the Jews" doesn't care about their race-mixing agenda at all. That's inconsistent, to say the least.

James said...


Not many people out on the streets. Too many trapped in the Internet wasteland.

"Mike Delaney used to do it, until he became a goosestepper."

Anonymous said...

"...the dead babies are mere weapons in the war on White Christian civilisation"

No! Whites! They only wanna kill WHITES!

Long time back, a local minister played the same card, "what about all the Russian Christians who died in the Gulag?"

As if Europeans en masse had converted to Zoroasterianism in the 7th Century they'd be any less dead.

They don't care about the particulars. They want whites dead and damn if I know why. Christian or even civilized matters little they hate US ALL.


Anonymous said...

Irihsavant said ;

"...In the West today rigid and legally-enforced conformity to PC multicultural orthodoxies means that Muslims are the ones who cannot be criticised, the ones whose crimes the authorities ignore and which if prosecuted attract slap-on-the-wrist penalties from the legal system.,,"

In the province of Ontario, Canada ( I'm in quebec, the province next door ) they - the LIBERAL governement - very recently passed a motion called M 103, this motion will surely become a law, and what does this motion/law does? it says that criticizing Islam is illegal...after a few years under that law the populace will be " de-sensitized", and after more muslims are imported, then it will be sharia law.

I am willing to bet sharia law will be applied in Ontario in about 10 to 15 years at most.

Ontario has a population of about 14 million , it is the most liberal province in Canada. Right now the prime minister of Ontario is a feminist and a lesbian, and yes despite being a feminist-lesbian she welcomes all this sh1t from boggles the mind , doesn't it? what the fvck is wrong with liberals???

Stick a fork in Canada, we are done.

rastus said...

Know why blacks have white palms?

Cause there's a little good in us all.

Popebeliever said...

If only we had a Catholic pope!

joe btfsplk said...

It's because blacks climb palm trees in the jungle. The effort scrapes off the black. . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Catholic charity "Caritas Internationalis"(official name) has just started opening a humanitarian corridor for refugees from Ethiopia,Eritrea,South Sudan and Somalia. Once in Italy, Caritas will help them to settle in Italy or in other European countries.
The core belief of Christianity is to convert all tribes while killing off Europeans in the process- they have been doing it for centuries.

5 March 2017 at 08:51

When I was young Protestants always looked down on Catholics for having large families. Nowadays, Catholics have caught up with Protestant morality.

Many years ago the priest at my local RC church refused to allow collections for CAFOD, the English branch of Caritas as they were all communists. I later read that the person who ran CAFOD was a homo and the Church hierachy were ok about this.

"The core belief of Christianity is to convert all tribes while killing off Europeans"
Makes a change from the charge that Cortes&Co genocided the Aztecs and other assorted Indian tribes in America, I suppose.


hoosier said...

"Stick a fork in Canada, we are done."

And I was hoping to flee there!!

Frank Galton said...

Jame said: "It's astounding that the agencies charged with defending us don't even know about white genocide."

BBC, 03 March 2017

MI6 takes to silver screen to recruit unlikely spies

A young woman of ethnically indeterminate background [the woman's background is sub-Saharan African] is shown demonstrating people skills and emotional intelligence in a range of everyday situations. This woman, we're told, does not work for MI6.

"But she could," the advert concludes.

Daily Mail, 25 July 2009

The eagle-eyed MI6 spooks – who can’t even spell

Spooks have littered their own website with [deliberate? *] spelling mistakes that would shame a GCSE student – raising serious questions about their ability to check simple facts.

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) site, which is used to tempt high-flyers into a career spying for Britain, is awash with basic errors.

Deliberate spelling mistakes or incompetence due to positive discrimination?

The Guardian, 02 March 2017

Two women who currently work at MI6, from minority backgrounds, told the Guardian working for MI6 had not even occurred to them as they looked for jobs.

One, who has now been an intelligence officer for 15 years, said: “I applied to join the CIVIL SERVICE FAST STREAM in the Foreign Office."


Candidates must be from one or more of the following backgrounds:

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)

The SDIP [Summer Diversity Internship Programme] is a great way to prepare for a place on one of our Fast Stream graduate programmes, which could lead to many different career paths at the HEART OF THE UK GOVERNMENT **.

Daily Telegraph, 06 November 2007

"In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man." - Enoch Powell, 20 April 1968

* There was the enduring view in some communities that it takes a certain type to work at MI6, and if you haven’t got a PPE from Oxford [Oxbridge], you are not one of them.

** There are so many Jews at the top of Britain's Conservative party, [part-Jewish] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Hernan Cortes had at least 13 known children. He sired children with two Aztec princesses and several other native women. Obviously the women had first to be converted by the sword.
There were two mio. natives living in Mexico in 1500. Now there are 100 mio. of them. So the Mexicans have been genocided I guess.

James said...

Know why blacks have white palms?

Because god made them put their hands on the police car while he was spraypainting them.

red pill said...

It should never be forgotten that every time a minority gets favoured for a job (as in Frank Galton's link on MI6 recruitment) it means that a local loses out. This is a zero-sum game.

katana said...


Patrick Grimm wrote extensively during 2007 and 2008 exposing and warning the world about the dangers and machinations of organized jewry and its nation wrecking activities. Here is a two part series that he wrote that lists the numerous ways that they are destroying our countries — KATANA.

Patrick Grimm – How the Jewish Supremacists Wrecked America

Popebeliever said...

It is simply amazing how easy it is to advance the Novus Ordo - the New World Order. Check the dollar bill! Ten years to the day before "nine eleven" George Bush senior told the world publicly on TV that we were going into the New World Order. How? "by the rule of law". Amazing or what. Worldwide criminal gangs with a secret religion write the laws for the law abiding. Believe it or not this was inevitable. Just as the spirit behind this New World Order (Novus Ordo Saeclorum) is invisible so also the only resistance to this spirit is also invisible. Up until 1965 this spirit resided in all the Catholic Tabernacles of the world - our only protection against the rule of hell. These tabernacles are all empty and the Sacred Heartbeat which gave great pain to Lucifer and his minions is gone.
The "mass" which most living Catholics know is called the Novus Ordo. It is a mockery of the real Holy Mass - the mass celebrated by the angels and saints in heaven but not anymore on earth. What is even more terrifying is the fact that there is not one priest remaining with power and authority to offer it. In effect we are back in a B.C. world. It is as if Jesus Christ never became incarnate. The "Ruler of this world" is back in charge and we can expect times such as were never before seen on earth as Our Lord warned us. Baptism (not by any priest) and the Rosary are all that remain to us.
Funnily enough, the usual suspects are waging a war on Paddy Catholic and his Catholic schools - the cheek of him with his baptism lark and some remaining semblance of watered down Catholicism. And of course, speaking of our Great Apostle, the Great Briton, Saint Patrick, his feast day is now a day out for naked in-your-face paganism.
That embarrassing jumped up county councillor Kenny will be heading off with Saint Patrick's symbol of the Blessed Trinity, the Shamrock, to present it to a representative of our long time enemies the Mayflower Ascendancy who were also determined to eliminate Catholicism from the New World.
It would make you weep. The Neo Catholics of the John Paul's think it is great. But then it is me and my generation The Who generation that allowed it all to happen without any protest. We have been falling into hell every day now for 51 years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Martinus said... 5 March 2017 at 2.17

Zappone is definitely Italian.

But having an Italian surname - or any other surname common to Europeans - in no way guarantees a Jew has not had their name changed to a European one in order for their army of crypto-Jews to infiltrate and subvert our White nations. Along with selective outbreeding with Whites, name-changing for Jews has been for centuries a way for crypto-Jews to infiltrate & destroy our White nations. All the while Whites being unaware of the crypto-Jew menace that lurks within. Organized Jewry would never have been half so successful if it was not for the infiltration and subversion being committed by this army of crypto-Jews worldwide. But the Internet Truth is now awakening Whites worldwide, who strive to learn the Truth and who shun the ill-informed gossiping of the dumbed-down White a-- k-----s. - racerealistuk.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Odd thing about this birth control population-limiting lark; it commends itself to the prudent, the diligent, the socially responsible. It means nothing to the scum. So what you get is a situation where the very people whose numbers one should seek to increase are dying out, but the criminals, the profligate, the trash, these multiply like maggots. What a nice social order we will all have in five generations time, eh? Ulick McGee is on the ball here.

CS said...

Did you see the report that Pope Francis urged a Chinse-style one-child policy for the Western nations while participating in a Vatican "Biological Extinction" conference? The claim has naturally now been denied, but since Paul Erhlich, an advocate of compulsory abortion and sterilization, was an attendant at the conference, the original report was probably correct.

Anonymous said...

Too many babies in the west.

Easy solution - ban immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would Ireland have an American as a government minister for children? Is that some kind of Barbara Spectre deal? But worse?

Here in my very PC town, in an actual "sanctuary" county, in the obviously PC metropolitan area, I pity the poor minority that thinks he can get away with any kind of serious, let alone violent, crime. Oh, and they've got a really nice place about twelve miles from here for the molesters and sex offenders. That's off to the side of the really scary state prison - a big, circular building with a huge metal dome that you can see from the highway. I shudder every time I drive past to think what it must be like in that hellhole.

Show up at county court for a very creepy afternoon's entertainment. It's still jig central. Pavement apes with huge saucer eyes realizing what they're in for. We still have two million people locked up and, despite Obama's best efforts, over a million of them are brothers. Ass incarceration I think they call it.

And I have to hand it to the local cops. They swarm and control every situation. How much trouble can a drunk and disorderly make when six to eight cops show up? I gather the workable formula is 2+ cops per thousand population. Seems also to work pretty well in NYC also with 35,000 cops to cover the city.

Anonymous said...

"Always be civil and strange with priests and policemen."

Advice my grandfather gave my father in 1920s County Mayo.

Declan-P said...

The more I see of Pope Francis the more I see him as the Manchurian Candidate. And the unprecednted forced resignation of Ratzinger seems to make more sense.

CS said...

@ Anonymous:

"Too many babies in the west.

Easy solution - ban immigrants."

or better still, as someone long ago suggested, eat them:

A Modest Proposal

For Preventing The Children of Immigrants to Ireland
From Being Aburden to Their Parents or Country, and
For Making Them Beneficial to The Public

Flanders said...

The "Vandalized Jewish Headstones" are big business for jewry. The jews work hard to get taxpayers money through grants from Homeland Security - and jewry are successful in doing so. The money is not the only reasons they have for trumpeting about these, as will be seen in other links below, but it is one.

“Six Jewish institutions in the St. Louis area are receiving a total of $370,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to help protect them against possible threats.

“The area’s Jewish population is up 14 percent since 1995 to an estimated 61,000 people. Households with at least one adult Jew have increased 34 percent for a count of 32,900, according to an in depth survey commissioned by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.”
New York jews are spreading the word below about the free grant monies and what must be done by their various entities to collect it. This goes on all across our country. It’s not confined to the areas known for their bigger concentrations of jews.

“One final piece of advice. If you think that your organization is at high risk because of ideology-based/spiritual/religious reasons, think about how you would document them, especially if you follow mission implementing policies or practices that may elevate your risk.”
This article from New Nationalist should be read in full, as well as the one which follows it from the No Disinfo site.

“A Jewish Forward article reported that among 995 grants distributed through the national program from 2007 to 2010, 74 percent (734) went to Jewish organizations. In 2011, Jewish groups were the big winners again, receiving 81% of those awards. Jews make up about 2% of the U.S. population.”
These and similar types of events are used in other countries also.

Used to further promote the holohoax, there are additional reasons:

"It is all to create the one-world beast system, where all the ‘faiths’ join together in a global Zionist plot for total world control. Per the NPR newswire:

LINDA SARSOUR: We actually met our goal of $20,000 within three hours. And now we are at over 1,500 donors, majority of whom are from the Muslim community across this country.

Note: the fund has now raised some $70,000 dollars."

"HoloHoaxers at it Again with Fake Missouri Jewish Cemetery Vandalism"
It’s not just grant monies which jewry is after. Accumulation of power ranks high, and the constant propaganda values. Besides the jews just love to cry about one thing or another whether it makes any sense or not.

“100 Jewish Schools To Receive Free Security”
Some opposition is noted in the latter part of the report, where he says:

“I don’t get why this is so important to Councilmember Greenfield when the only thing the security agents can do is call the NYPD,” he added.

Anonymous said...

I understand everything you wrote. G.Mason USA

Anonymous said...

@ Eamon Bejayzuz --

"...this birth control population-limiting lark; it commends itself to the prudent, the diligent, the socially responsible..."

You nailed it right there.

So-called "baby-boomers" (wherever they were) actually begin the trend toward a massively lower replacement rate. Many had no children.

In America, (((Ben Wattenberg))) even bewailed the fact in his 1987 book called The birth dearth. Too late by then, but also by then, replacement migration was already up and running.

European peoples never subscribed to the "fire and forget" breeding strategy. They are careful. If opportunities are limited, they will refrain from having kids, period. The only argument for a permanently growing population is from the "science" of economics, and they've been wrong about everything since the beginning.

Gals born during WWII and just after were sick to death of standing in hours-long lines for everything, so they either had few or no children. They were right, partly, but their sacrifice was in vain. By the 90s it was clear if white women were not going to have enough children for the "global economy" then Asians and Africans will be imported to make up the difference (and then some).

Conservatives used to know this. The science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein explicitly stated once that low birth rate periods are useful sometimes, "racially self-correcting" is how he put it. But then he thought whites would always be in charge of their own countries, a hopelessly over-optimistic point as we now know.


Popebeliever said...

Hadn't ever read or heard the phrase "The Long March Through The Institutions" before but it just makes me thank God I am still alive to attempt to make some reparation to Our chief Catholic Priest before I meet him to give an account of myself. Biased and all as the Chief Search Engine is, it has been doing lots of good by enabling people worldwide to learn what has being going on for thousands of years and especially the last 500.

What day did "Pope" Francis take over as chief spiritual puppet of the Vatican Branch of the UNOVAC? UNOVAC is the United Nations One Visible Accepted Church. You could even call him the "Man from Uncle" - the United Nations Church of Liberty and Equality (and whatever other hellish perversion you like).

Anonymous said...

In the UK Times today Melanie Philips a pro Zionist Jew tells us that Ireland is not really a nation.

Under the headline 'Britain is the authentic nation in this battle' she describes Scotland and Northern Ireland as "the most troublesome bits of the United Kingdom".

No, there is no other trouble brewing in the UK at all, is there you treachous bint, no mass rape of schoolgirls by aliens, lets try and stir whitey up against each other.

To be honest a return to the Troubles might be a good thing, with a glut of weapons floating around and ethnic miltias, you could get a lot done under the guise of fighting an ancient tribal enemy, ie take on an even older one.

Finally the South might get that spillover we were warned about for so long, pogroms and peace lines, seems acceptable if we are have third world filth residing here.

Ever wonder why the betrayer of God is called Judas?

Tick fucking tock

James said...

France's Death Spiral

What is happening is the result of a corrosive development initiated five decades ago. In the 1960s, after the war in Algeria, President Charles de Gaulle directed the country toward closer relations with Arab and Muslim states.

Migratory flows of "guest workers" from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which had started a few years earlier, sharply increased. Immigrants were not encouraged to integrate. Everyone assumed they would return home at the end of their employment contracts. They were settled in the outskirts of big cities. The economy was dynamic, with strong job creation. It seemed there would be no problems.

So if they hate the west why do they want to live there? They don't hate the west, they want it. They just hate us. Except our women. They like them.

James said...

Slavery in Africa

Slaves were treated by members of this group of Negrids in Gabon as though their lives were unworthy of consideration, for by native customs the right was accorded to all slave-owners to kill them at will. In Oroungou territory Du Chaillu saw some of the skeletons of slaves, to the number of one hundred, who were killed to accompany a chief to the next world. A large number of slaves were also tortured and killed at the funeral of a Mpongwe chief, in accordance with instructions left by him. It must be recorded, however, that another chief of this tribe expressly forbade the killing of slaves at his funeral.

All this was observed by a white man who did nothing to help. Shameful.

John said...

This birth control population limiting lark; it commands its self to the prudent, the diligent , the socially responsible..... Not under National Socialism it wouldn't.... By the way, with the advancement of mechanisation we dont need the population growth that is expected in the uk (soon to reach 70mil then up to 80mil later, it should be 40 mil). The welfare state has helped the establishment create a stupid greedy sumfink for nufink class of new people, who vote for their own needs and downfull, classic divide and conquer then throw in lots of immigrants into the mix. the establishment got what they wanted.
Also because of globalisation the uk is designated a service economy it got rid of a lot of industry, it now raises tax from restaurants, cafes, other places where you go to stuff your face, all run by immigrants, the tax for the exchequer and local councils is quite a tidy sum. More people more restaurants more obese fat people more doctors more hospitals more homes built more roads built more mental illnesses more psychologists, quite frankly lots more of everything, including tax. Gnp grows, uk is a growing economy because the population is growing. Fucking madness.

Nun's being spiteful? Could it be that they were never held or cuddled by a man, to feel really really wanted (if you know what I mean) that made them spiteful to life? Honest question.

Priest buggering little boys? Would this buggering have happened if the priests were allowed to have a real relationship with a real voluptuous woman? Honest question.

All nations have a history they ain't proud of. England was still shoving little boys of four years of age up chimneys to clean them and risk suffocating or burning to death in victorian times, the house of lords said it could carry on because it came under property laws.

Frank and a few others about immigrants getting promoted over and above the natives. One way to see it, is that it helps the - Polarisation of the Nation- (I say it like a rastafarian, try it, its funny) this brewing seething hatred and polarisation of the nation is what we want, isn't it? We are going to have to be degraded and humiliated until we know how to organise and fight back.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "It’s not just grant monies which jewry is after. Accumulation of power ranks high, and the constant propaganda values."


New York Tribune, 09 February 1920

Judge Julian Mack [president of the Zionist Organisation of America]...urged the congregation to contribute to the $10,000,000 Palestine fund. He said that Palestine will have a population from 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 Jews...but non-Jews would be eligible for citizenship. He said Christians were being asked to contribute to the fund in "appreciation of the DEBT WHICH ALL THE WORLD OWES THE JEWS."


The Washington Times, 26 October 1919

6,000,000 Jews - men, women, and children - were dying of starvation.


South Bend News-Times, 13 October 1919

6,000,000 Famished and dying Jews - not in South Bend - but in Eastern Europe - millions of Poles - not in South Bend - but in Europe.

Note the dates of the articles.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "It’s not just grant monies which jewry is after. Accumulation of power ranks high, and the constant propaganda values. Besides the jews just love to cry about one thing or another whether it makes any sense or not."

Daily Mail, 06 March 2017

The Battle of (((Tesco))) in breadline Britain: Elderly bargain hunters elbow rivals out of the way in fight for supermarket's reduced fruit and veg

BBC, 16 May 2016

[U.K.] Pensioners: Nearly 1m over-75s living in poverty, report says

BBC, 15 November 2012

More Holocaust survivors to receive German compensation

Germany will increase pension benefits to Jewish Holocaust survivors and broaden the category of those eligible for compensation.

To date, Germany has paid an estimated 55bn euros (£44bn; $70bn) to survivors.

Spiegel, 29 May 2013

Holocaust Reparations: Germany to Pay 772 Million Euros to Survivors

The German government has agreed to pay 772 million ($1 billion) for the homecare of Holocaust survivors throughout the world.

Jerusalem Post, 09 June 2014

Germany to pay $250 Million to child Holocaust survivors

Material Claims Against Germany announced last week that it had secured approximately $250 million from the German government to be paid to Holocaust survivors who were children at the time of the war.

HAARETZ, 05 June 2014

Germany extends ghetto workers' pension benefits

The new deal means some 40,000 Holocaust survivors who were approved for ghetto pensions will be able to receive benefits backdated to 1997.

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 28 May 2014

In first, Poland to pay pensions to Shoah survivors abroad

Procedural change will allow some 50,000 Israelis of Polish descent to apply for allowances of about NIS 470 per month

BBC, 05 December 2014

France agrees Holocaust SNCF rail payout with US

Under the deal, Holocaust survivors as well as their spouses or DESCENDANTS will receive compensation.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

NYC Jews are upset that the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn where many headstones were toppled turned out to be the result of bad maintenance and the wind. This is according to an NYPD investigation and interviews with cemetery managers who say sometimes headstones are deliberately laid down before they fall over. But the Jews and local politicians aren't buying it and instead implying dark conspiracies.

In other Jew news, 97 out of the 100 US senators signed a letter urging Homeland Security to free up guessed for security at Jewish institutions. Two western senators and Rand Paul didn't sign the letter.

Popebeliever said...

There was a time when it was more or less wise to believe about half of what you hear. Now we can probably believe about half of what we see. Actually, make it less than that. Probably a lot less. Considering that so many people spend so much time looking at screens of some kind the reality all around us has been altered.

The most recognisable people on this earth now for more than half a century have been popes. These strange men have been known to most of the world's population even to those dying of starvation. Yes popes. Not one of them true popes. Jews yes. Popes no. Jew + Pope = impossible. Yet there they go acclaimed by all the meejits in the meeja (as you would expect) and all the faithless "Catholics". Worse still, eternally worse, they are the enemies of all souls regardless of nationality or colour.

These deceivers have even managed to persuade millions upon millions that hell is empty, or never existed and that people of all religions and now according to Francis even atheists are going to heaven. Cui Bono?

Luke2236 said...

@anon 8:51 . You obviously have NO idea as to what Christianity entails. The FACT is , that true Christianity is exactly the opposite of what you postulate. Christianity clearly tells us to be 'a peculiar' [separate] people, and that he who does not care for his own kind is worse than an unbeliever. catholicism is NOT Christianity - in fact it is in direct opposition to the Word. Learn a little on your own wouldya and stop parroting the [[[narrative]]].

James said...

As far as protecting America the FBI, CIA, and NSA are completely useless.

University edjucated idiots still think they are pretty cool if they get a job there however. They are part of the swamp.

Here in NZ, our "Race Relations Conciliator" Dame Susan Devoy is an anti-white genocidal maniac who thinks diversity is great. So much for being an expert on Race if you can't even see the biggest genocide in the history of the planet right in front of your nose.

Is she stupid or evil? I guess stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nun's being spiteful? Could it be that they were never held or cuddled by a man, to feel really really wanted (if you know what I mean) that made them spiteful to life? Honest question.

Priest buggering little boys? Would this buggering have happened if the priests were allowed to have a real relationship with a real voluptuous woman? Honest question.

Honest answer, no and no. Its horses for courses but some women target priests, men in uniform and all that, and I understand in South America it is quite normal for a priest to have a live-in housekeeper. So there is no need for a randy heterosexual priest to target young boys.

Anyway being married does not grant you immunity to sexual temptation. Its easy enough to find sex abuse cases involving married Protestant pastors and rabbis.

In the USA the Catholic Church is having to sell off its churches to pay compensation for sex abuse cases which makes it a big story but sex abuse by teachers in US public schools is not a big story because the school system's assets is protected by legal immunity.

Not that I am Irish, but I have read that Irish Catholicism got infected by the spirit of Jansenism with the result that there was a wrong balance between justice and mercy, between acknowledging the inherent good in mankind and the effects of original sin. In practice this meant that you got flogged for the slightest misdemeanour at a Christian Brother school when a dissapointed look by a teacher would have been sufficient for correcting the behaviour of a young boy.

As a Catholic, my general view is that Satan and his devils are going to target the True Church in preference to any other man made institution, so the Catholic Church is always going to appear very corrupt when it succumbs to the tempatations of the devil but very holy when the temptations of the devil are resisted.


James said...

catholicism is NOT Christianity - in fact it is in direct opposition to the Word.

Is the Catholic Church really Catholic anymore?

James said...

BTW Luke, being cryptic hardly gets your point across. You have to explain because the rest of us are knuckle-dragging neanderthal snow chimps here - pretty thick in other words. Like 14 years old with Max IQ = 88.

Anonymous said...

All this church talk is boring...boring...boring!

I thought something was wrong when they stopped the Latin Mass; nothing like lopping off the intellectual and mysterious nature of the religion. You could actually learn something with the Latin.

And then the no meat on Friday thing. All that noise and effort and it didn't matter anyway.

You might begin to get an idea of what was lost by looking at the Catholic chaplains in the war documentaries. Ever notice the Father Duffy statue in Times Square?

James said...


- Setting fire to a synogogue... OK*
- Depicting a beheaded Donald Trump...OK
- Dress up as Hitler next to Trump...OK
- Show Merkel behind bars...VERBOTEN

Hmmmmm... Getting too close the to truth?

Merkel is guilty of genocide and should be in prison.

*if you aren't a racist Nazi, or course

joe btfsplk said...

Separate by race, or by religion?

John said...

James said...

BTW Luke, being cryptic hardly gets your point across. You have to explain because the rest of us are knuckle-dragging neanderthal snow chimps here - pretty thick in other words. Like 14 years old with Max IQ = 88.

Speak for yourself James the ultra conservative hiding away in fake nationalist circles selling tea and cakes for 50p being ultra clever with a nod and a wink with all the other boys on the floor being told not to speak real racial Nationalist talk in real politics by the nz equivalent of a nick griffin wasting precious time tieing yourselves up in a mental straight jacket then low and behold on to the internet with the honest straight talk like the racial warrior that he has always been then becomes easily put out that le pen the french warrioess who has gone down the road of his mind frame in a political system that demands it watering down nf policies to such a decree that we all hope with fingers crossed that when in power the real french will get their country back with her (((other half))) blessing jimmy wants her to now give it some real racial talk before she is even elected le President in a delicate situation whereby there are votes up for grabs that could be won and lost its not even a given thats she's won yet this time anyway such is politics the other alternative for nationalistis to lay your stall out and give real racialist nationalist talk gaining enough votes but not winning but thereby polarising the multi-cult multi-race system we are forced to live under bringing things to ahead quickly but that would need brave bollocks of steel from a few men in the west if they are out there jimmy the tail chaser is confused to how to go about racial politics because he's always chasing his own tail and around and around he will go he spends most of his time denigrating national socialism he uses our enemy slander words to mock national socialism which as been the only antidote against the new world order Globalist agenda he skirted around nationalist party's in nz and thought nar dis ain't the way bro instead of showing leadership skills and taking nationalism into his mordern local world cos he ain't no leader but a follower of establishment tools/fools so you get the tail chaser and the establishment laugh.
I'll have a cup of tea and a cupcake please can you break a score

Popebeliever said...

Let the talk of religion be "boring, boring, boring" but let some commentators explain why we have had fake popes for 103 years now - since the beginning of the great war. And if the vast majority of Catholics think these fake popes are successors of Saint Peter that just shows how scarce Catholics are on the ground. Would there be a million Catholics on this earth, 900,000, 100,000? Would there be enough to fill Croke Park? Maybe. That would be pushing it. If it is any "consolation" then be absolutely assured that John Paul the Great is down there in the deepest depths of hell forever along with other "great" luminaries such as that body snatcher and worse still, soul snatcher known as Mother Teresa of Costcutter.

The Great War/Great Work as it is known never ended. That is why it is commemorated so widely by all the Politicians of Europe RELIGIOUSLY every November. This war is a religious war, the war for scalps (souls). White souls, black souls, yellow souls, brown souls, Jewish souls, Protestant souls, Catholic souls, Muslim souls atheist souls. A process of self annihilation by human beings waged by you know who and his myriad minions in the flesh and in spirit.

How amazing is it that most people alive today have never seen a pope, Catholic bishop or Catholic priest ever! Now explain that please.

Anonymous said...

Attacks on the the Christian churches are attacks on nation-wtecking, race-mixing universalism.
The Catholic Church was the first global organisation- no wonder 90% of Catholics are brown and black.

Anonymous said...


I missed the reason why you believe there have only been "fake popes" for the last 103 years.

WWI is commemorated by all the European politicians because essentially everyone died and Europe still hasn't recovered. Similarly, the US never recovered from the Civil War. The base population was replaced.

Anonymous said...

This is what stopping me from fully converting to Catholicism - the commie weirdo Pope.