Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Astrofizzisists to da rescue!

Consider the scene. It's 1962, Michael Jackson is still a black boy, not a White woman and JFK had yet to be assassinated by LBJ and CIA.  America has fallen behind the USSR in the space race and the President tells NASA to put a man on the moon. Pronto. But the complexity of the astrophysics has the scientists and engineers stumped. Even with the best of German rocket scientists they're struggling.  The astrophysicists of the Max Plank Institute and Ivy League colleges are not up to the job. The situation gets desperate. What can NASA do?

Well, there's only one thing for it. Try da ghetto. And there they come across three Women Of Colour, Keisha, Le'shaniqua and Levondia, astrophysical geniuses one and all. As the dumb and dumbfounded White scientists look on in wonder the grrrllls whizz through the toughest and most complex calculations, the mission is saved and the President is happy. At which point the brainiacs are booted back to da ghetto by the ungrateful White debbils. We wuz kangs and all that...

This is the story of a movie called Hidden Figures which has just gone on release. It's going to win every award going. How do I know this? Simply because it hits all the required buttons. (Well maybe not all. What if they had an evil Nazi-sympathising White man sabotage the rocket so that it crashed into a bus full of Holocau$t™ survivors? Yeah .... but that would have suggested White men are cleverer than Women Of Colour. And that would defeat the whole purpose.) According to the blurb the plot is 'based on a true story'. Mmm...Let me guess: There were indeed some Women Of Colour working at NASA. Bringing in the coffee and cleaning the latrines. As nature ordained. But with a little artistic license (((Hollyweird))) transforms them into the mathematical luminaries of the film.

Now you might ask why I'm writing about this. After all it's just another example of the Great Brainwashing Project that's been in progress for more than fifty years. But it's also an example of how our globalist overlords are losing touch. Because even the most brainwashed deluded White liberal (DWL) watching this is going to be struck by the jarring cognitive dissonance. The reality of their personal interactions with black women and their depiction in the film as astrophysical geeks will be enough to wreck their heads. 

And I suggest that many Blue Pillers will start to laugh at the movie's premise. They'll mock. And mockery is the one weapon which PC gauleiters are powerless to counter. They'll shrink before ridicule like vampires before a crucifix and as they slink to their crypt the giant cocoon of lies they've built around our lives will collapse into a heap of dust, to be blown away by an aroused people.

Ok, maybe I got a bit carried away there at the end and it's not going to be that simple. But the tide has turned. I can see it everywhere. Already I sense the sweet aroma of shitlib panic. So mock, laugh, ridicule, expose the insanity of the equalists. And do it with humour and eye-rolling condescension. 

Most of all, enjoy! 


Anonymous said...

You have got it wrong black racists and
Left twats will convince themselves it's
I've met British born IRA supporters who
Think that film about the Guildford 4 and I think the other gang . The maguire 7 were eventually at the old bailey accused of a bombing plot against England and Hollywood made a film about it showing the crowd supporting them screaming for justice
And freedom. But it never happened the court cases were years apart but intelligent
People believe the Hollywood film


Uncle Nasty said...

Savant, I have avoided all mention of this steaming pile of Hollywood creativity, simply because it rings the bells of all the liberal luvvies who have pounced upon it like blue-arsed flies finding a fresh dog product on the back stoop.

I'm guessing (althought I shall probably never find out) that it will show the negroid equivalent of the heart-string tugging scene in which we see the sepia-tinted shot of hopeless, helpless, pyjama-clad noses shuffling-towards-the-showers.

Then -- and this is just a guess, you understand -- we will move in close on the tear-stained visage of one of the protagonists as she recalls an experience from her depraved -- sorry!! Deprived!!! Deprived!!! Dammit!!!! -- childhood ... in which she, in a pretty little forties/fifties party frock, is savagely wrenched from her seat in the front of the bus, and hurled by a huge, cigar-chomping, unshaven sweat-stained, rednecked bus driver to the back of the bus where a large sign (badly-lettered) states that "no nIggaz, cuLLud FoKe or dogZ forwrad of this SiNE".

Slavering Dobermanns and Alsatians will look up from chewing the arm off a My Little Jungle Bunny doll and snarl silently at her, while black-clad Waffen SS troops march down the ---

Oh. Wait. This is Selma, Ala. circa 1953. Sorry. A bit of 1943 Warsaw slipped in there, somehow.
Don't know what came over me.

Anyway ... should any of the NG pluck up the courage to watch this no-doubt, masterly retread of Lucas's Red Tails, let me know if I got it right.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth is too painful to consider. Other times the truth is milked to cause even more pain. Your average Jew believes the Holocaust and also believes the Jews were responsible for what happened because they were meek and passive as they were led away. As if you could do anything against a squad of roided-up, meth head Nazis kicking down your door. Break out your revolver and they break out the flamethrower!

Similarly, blacks are searching for a heroic narrative. There's an over-size National Geographic on sale this week (I had no idea about Hadrian's villa - WOW!) that features an article about the Nat Turner "rebellion." The gang killed three white men, several white women and a bunch of kids. Thank you, National Geographic, for your splanation and justification for the butchery of white children. After all, they shared in the privilege of the oppressors. We should keep an eye on the octoroons peddling this trash because it's the same rationale the class of worthless black academics and their commie allies are spewing toward us.

But as far as the Tuskeegee airmen are concerned, they were a good unit and one of the few exceptions to the dismal record of black units in that war. Not that they had a chance against the Germans. We barely did.

But my favorite truth-bending tale is of the enlightened and principled decision of Truman to integrate the army during the Korean War. According to Omar Bradley's autobiography, they had no choice. The black units would not stand and melted away in combat. This is hinted at in the Gregory Peck movie "Pork Chop Hill."

Flanders said...

When I was a kid growing up on a farm, we used to plant seeds.

Some of those seeds were planted in neat rows, and were called "row crops".

Other seeds were, however, planted by hand not in rows and when the seeds were thrown out we called that method of our planting seeds as "BROADCAST". Some of these seeds would take and grow. Others would not, BUT enough would grow to make productive crops, despite some seeds not being good and growing, and all of these broadcast seeds which grew had many weeds which grew in among them, making those crops inferior.

Too many people today have received their information from jewsmedia's BROADCASTS - AND have the same intent - but, those RESULTS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME. Inferior product. Some seeds grow, but all the grown plants are inferior, especially those where the bad seeds were initially used. No amount of good rain and sun are going to make them better.

They just contaminate the good seed. Plow those under and begin a new season with the good seed from which any of the bad ones have been removed.

Flanders said...

What people fail to notice or realize is just how much real records of history have been removed from public view - only to be replaced with easily accessible and well-promoted garbage. It's been happening for quite a while now.

Whether it is in your public library, your children's textbooks or the movies and programs that you see on your TV screens, it is happening. Some truth is still available but it must be diligently searched for.

Not many people are inclined to do that. They want it instantly - and entertaining. Who cares about truth anyway when I'm so busy at work, taking kids to their extra-curricular activities, and just want to relax and have fun. I want to be just like everyone else I see on TV, "happy, successful and, most importantly - socially acceptable and respectable". I'm a good person and I deserve that. To hell with truth, my time and keeping my good attitude is much more important!

You are just a disgusting hater anyway!

I've seen upteen movies which prove that.

Flanders said...

Try searching for arguments from some of those intelligent and reasoned people who had opposed integration, and whose arguments were not only well-presented, civil, and very well-reasoned. There were many of them. Many of them were presented in the letters to the editors in every major newspaper of the time, the 1950's and 60's. You will not find them. They are locked away somewhere, or well-hidden behind a masonic site or a pay-to-view "educational" site with similar leanings. The information is available to them - but, it is not going to be made available to you.

The best you can come across are some old recorded court cases, usually appellate level, whose public records can still be accessed. Constitutional issues seem today to be so irrelevant. Where have those records and history all gone?

Frank Galton said...


Can a woman blow the shofar?

Blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) is a mitzvah (a commandment.)

A woman can definitely blow the shofar...

The one who blows the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah . . . should likewise be learned in the Torah and shall be God-fearing...

The shofar will be blown on the Day of Judgment when Moshiach comes. We thus blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah to remind us to examine our deeds and contemplate how we can improve them.

Jewish woman blowing the shofar

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"There are two world histories. One is the official and full of lies, destined to be taught in schools - the other is the secret history, which harbors the true causes and occurrences."

Honore de Balzaz (French author, 1799-1850)

There are nooks and crannys in this link which really should be explored. I have done so, but it has been a long time since I've been here. One book which is still there - probably still is, at least - is "How to be a Good Communist", by Nelson Mandela. I think it was introduced into evidence at his Rivonia trial. I had reposted it in full in several places until the censors had all of the sites where it was posted taken down. That was previous to the jew's ANC being forced to admit publically that he was a communist - after Mandella's death - which is why you don't hear so much about Saint Mandella anymore.

That will change again at some point in the future when the more recent heat of it, which helped to expose the jew's very active roles in communism there very well - have again died down. The jew's and their "historians" had been denying for years and years previous to his death that Mandella was a communist.

There are also books and tracts about the South and Lincoln, and a lot of links about Rhodesia - before it was sabotaged by the jewish-guided communists and turned into the filthy hole now called Zimbabwe.

I'd advise to save what you want and what you can.

This is the link to that page where the book by Mandela is [Yes, it's still there, down lower], and you shouldn't have trouble getting back to the main page when you want to.

James said...

I saw the trailer for it and laughed a LOT. The movie might have been made by someone trying to make blacks look ridiculous.

Flanders said...

I know that everyone must be so tired of seeing this! It's talked about so much on TV --- Or, is it?

"The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews - Spain - Public on April 29, 1492"

This is the only place I've seen it. Have you seen it before? It's on a site which arguably is intended for the "exclusively jewish".

Note that it is a copy of an original which, instead of being lodged in a Spanish or other museum, is located in a jew museum in Israel.

"(Left) Image of a page of the original Edict signed by Ferdinand and Isabella (Source: The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, Israel.)"

You can bet that a lot of YOUR OWN HISTORY is stored somewhere for the exclusive use by (((them))).

Frank Galton said...

We know that Hidden Figures is just another (((Hollywood))) propaganda film, but Katherine Johnson worked at NASA for 33 years (1953-1986) and got the job on merit. The head of NASA, Charles Bolden (nominated by Obama), got the Job because he's Black.


In 1953...she [Katherine Johnson] began working for NASA's predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, or NACA. The NACA had taken the unusual step of hiring women for the tedious and precise work of measuring and calculating the results of wind tunnel tests in 1935. In a time before the electronic computers we know today, these women had the job title of “computer.” During World War II, the NACA expanded this effort to include African-American women. The NACA was so pleased with the results that, unlike many organizations, they kept the women computers at work after the war. By 1953 the growing demands of early space research meant there were openings for African-American computers at Langley Research Center’s Guidance and Navigation Department – and Katherine Johnson found the perfect place to put her extraordinary mathematical skills to work.

As a computer, she calculated the trajectory for Alan Shepard, the first American in space. Even after NASA began using electronic computers, John Glenn requested that she personally recheck the calculations made by the new electronic computers before his flight aboard Friendship 7 – the mission on which he became the first American to orbit the Earth. She continued to work at NASA until 1986 combining her math talent with electronic computer skills. Her calculations proved as critical to the success of the Apollo Moon landing program and the start of the Space Shuttle program, as they did to those first steps on the country's journey into space.

From honorary doctorates to the 1967 NASA Lunar Orbiter Spacecraft and Operations team award (for pioneering work in the field of navigation problems supporting the five spacecraft that orbited and mapped the moon in preparation for the Apollo program) Katherine Johnson has led a life positively littered with honors.

Administrator Charlie Bolden

Frank Galton

Chicago Polack said...

And Marie Skladanowska-Curie was a black Muslima from Poland. Word!

James said...

Maybe they can work this one out. A man tries to save his daughter from undue influence and is charged with child neglect.

What he did shows that he actually cares, and whilst engaged the in alleged crime, she had his undivided attention the whole time. How is that neglect?

James said...

Megen Kelly at 1:40 says Trump was bullying her.

Like Trump doesn't get bullied by half the country (because of people like her).

James said...

Theresa May definitely wants the UK to be less white.

Also, she pretends to accept the BREXIT but she actually loves the EU.

She has one big goal. "A new positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the EU." She wants to build a more "global" Britain. What's that? The British Empire again? Or just more white genocide as usual?

Then at 11:40 she gets a slightly probing question and gets angry and pissed off. A BBC reporter mentions that she said previously that the BREXIT would be bad for the UK, but now says the BREXIT will be really good. So she babbles a big blob of shit in response.

She says lots of meaningless words about immigration - the usual, we want the best and brightest* etc.

She says "we" are working for a two state solution in the middle east. Slated arrival time 2095 I guess.

At 20:30 another question comes up from a reporter, and the narrator says it is "hilarious". Its the last question. A Spanish man with a deep voice asks it, and she doesn't like it either. She is very nervous about it and fumbling through it because she is trying to avoid answering it. Then she makes the slip at 29:50. She says "What's going to be right for the EU... uh oh, for the UK." Busted. Liar.

"I think there is goodwill on both sides." - translation: the EU and the UK both believe in and fully support the Kalergi Plan to destroy the White race.

Then she says thank you and virtually sprints from the podium as if her pants are on fire.

I think she might actually be extreme.

*blackest and smelliest

James said...

Merkel's body language at 11:00 mark. She is absolutely committed to more immigration. Her life's work is destroying the White race.

At 13:00 she says Assad is bad because he "kills his own people". At least he's not trying to genocide the lot of them Angela.

Her modus operandi is to relax her face like a dead jellyfish so it takes less effort to hide her lies, but sometimes they show through when she gets overexcited.

Obama got bored but woke up at the end to thank the genocidal bitch.

Mrs. Heracitus said...

Some indeed most might think it to be true. But for many the cognitive dissonance will be too much. And incredulity is contagious.

heuristic said...

Katherine Johnson was almost White. An octoroon at most. And her role was peripheral.

Flanders said...

There is one site which keeps a running track on everything [some at least] that the noble nigga is good at. They are much more original and unique than many people would even dream of them being. However, I don't see any jigaboo space cadets in training.

John C said...

Van driver gets blocked in by another driver, and he has no idea breaking news

White van driver man is perplexed by a black woman who has given him no room to leave, all tho there is plenty of space behind her. The white van driver asks his mate if he is in the twilight zone and they both laugh. Yes you are mate, most of us think this every day. I really would like to see this bloke and his mates reaction to this film you are talking about, I think it would be priceless.

Warning this video is fucking funny

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Interesting info there Flanders. I had not realised the extent of Kalergi's Jewish links. And of course all the usual suspects emerge when it comes to bringing hi dastardly plan to fruition.

Clogheen said...

Did you notice how the sheboon in that van video keeps mentioning the police. This is becoming quite common because that know that the 'law' is on their side, that all they have to do is call 'racism' and the white guy is in trouble.

Another thing I took from this video is that blacks are a different species. They are not fully human.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Judeo-Islam (K)
Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom
read more:
Jewish tribes of Arabia
Historian Arthur Kemp talks about this in his book "Jihad:Islam's 1300 Hundred Year War Against Christianity" & the jewish origins of Islam was also mentioned in a tv documentary. They love their fellow "Moon" religion, except of course in Israel!

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The Moon Of Alabama website is one of the best websites covering the zio-masonic plans to destroy "The Shia Crescent" (secular Syria). But the latest story is how Obama in his last press conference admits the DNC emails were not "hacked" by Russia, but were leaked from a Democrat insider.

Here is President Obama in his final press conference yesterday (vid @8:31):

First of all, I haven't commented on WikiLeaks, generally. The conclusions of the intelligence community with respect to the Russian hacking were not conclusive as to whether Wikileaks was witting or not in being the conduit through which we heard about the DNC emails that were leaked.

The DNC emails "that were leaked" - not "hacked" or "stolen" but "leaked".

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 01.33 I think you've fallen for the Hollyweird version. The Tuskegee's started as normal fighters but were moved to escort duties where there was less combat. They were useful for a short period. The Germans realised that the blacktails were not as good as the other fighters. When they saw one they would all go after it to up their kill rate.
Back on topic. We are keen to use the Bell Curve on this blog. We, therefore should not be surprised by a black woman showing exceptionally high intelligence. As usual, the filmmakers have to go over the top.


Anonymous said...

NASA? NASA??? What about NASSA?

Negro-American Space Society of Astronauts.

Doc right here:

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Thanks for the link to the books. When Bill "Cuckservative" O'Reilly gushed over the death of Mandela, calling him a champion of Democracy (democracy=communism) he got bombarded with emails & letters from outraged viewers who knew he was a communist terrorist (his role in the Church St bombing which murdered many women & children shoppers comes to mind). It gave me some satisfaction that there are more awake & aware people out there who called him out on it.
On PizzaGate, remember it was Megan Kelly who did the poorly planned cover up interview with homo James Alefantis

Anonymous said...

As @heuristic said above, Katherine Johnson is only a tiny fraction black. In poor light she'd pass for white. Needless to say, the actress chosen to play her part doesn't reflect this in the slightest.

hoosier said...

6 million dollar - the intelligence 'communities' no longer represent their government, still less the American people. They are rogue organizations with their own agenda. Have been for a long time. Any evidence they adduced must be seen in that light.

James said...

Chinese Racism - Chinks not happy about nigger levels in Paris.

I agree with the slopes here, Paris is not worth going to anymore. Its a hell hole.

James said...

What people fail to notice or realize is just how much real records of history have been removed from public view - only to be replaced with easily accessible and well-promoted garbage. It's been happening for quite a while now.

A guy on wrote a letter to Trump with details on how best to drain the swamp. He says that only lawyers are allowed to view the original US constitution, there are 3 different versions, and the one the public see is not correct. Lawyers are also not permitted to take photos or notes. They are hiding something big here...

There is a link to the letter in case you are interested.

James said...

We, therefore should not be surprised by a black woman showing exceptionally high intelligence.

"Exceptionally high" on the black scale or on the white scale. The two are VERY different.

James said...

Did you notice how the sheboon in that van video keeps mentioning the police. This is becoming quite common because that know that the 'law' is on their side, that all they have to do is call 'racism' and the white guy is in trouble.

Another thing I took from this video is that blacks are a different species. They are not fully human.

Blacks actually have Chimpanzee genes in their genome whereas whites do not. These genes were gained early on when humans and chimps were more similar. This also disproves the out-of-Africa theory. Whites evolved separately in Europe and are the oldest race. The races split before humans even existed.

Read "Erectus Walks Amongst Us" by Richard Fuerl for more details than you can handle.

James said...

And incredulity is contagious.

Yes. That's how propaganda works. Right on the button.

James said...

And Marie Skladanowska-Curie was a black Muslima from Poland. Word!

She got the Nobel because her husband died in a traffic accident. He did most of the work.
Sorry girls, but hero Curie doesn't measure up.

Not that a Nobel prize means much anymore.

James said...

Also from

Mark Zukerberg wants more privacy!

Mark Zukerberg bought a 700 acre plot of land in Hawaii. That is about two square kilometers. PROBLEM: Due to the way properties in Hawaii are set up, it is possible to buy a plot of land that surrounds other properties that are accessed only via trails. And Zukerberg's plot had about 20 such lands contained in it, which have been owned by the same families since the mid 1800's. Hawaiian access laws say that if your land completely surrounds someone elses land, that your land may be crossed to provide access. Zukerberg says NO.
So he is taking approximately 20 extended families to court, amounting to a few hundred people, to force them to sell their land. The scamming MSM is saying he's "likely" to give a fair price, but quite frankly, I doubt he will. At any rate, the point is MOOT. This prick bought a vacation home in Hawaii, and for his VACATION HOME he's displacing 20 extended families that happen to be natives, and has filed lawsuits against "a few hundred" people in total. Gee. Nice guy. Sounds about right for a DISGUSTING LIBERAL. This is precisely why we need to drain the swamp. And this idiot has mentioned a run for President??!!??

James said...


James said...

Poor Mike gets all mental at the podium.

But he wants to be strong and powerful and outspoken. "Was I too bossy?".

God help us all.

James said...

REVEALED: Germany can't deport terrorists because they don't have ID needed to return home

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Just fake them.

Then give them a backback full of old phone books and throw them out the door of the plane over wogland.

Anonymous said...

wow,back then Aunt Jemima was still a fat old nigger lady with her picture wearing a head scarf was was pictured on a pan cake package,,,just wow,John old rtf chicago copper...

James said...

Hitler's Jewish Blood

Maybe it doesn't matter, like Kalergi. Hitler wasn't even his real name?

So with almost no research, we have already found Hitler is Jewish in all or almost all his lines. He is Jewish on both the maternal and paternal side, and on his mother's side—the important one—he is Jewish in many lines. There is no way he wasn't aware of it. Given that, we may assume that the whole story about his paternal grandmother being a servant is also false. Like everyone else we have outed, Hitler looks to have been from wealth.

James said...

More from Miles:

The only name we were given in Eichmann's genealogy was the name Schefferling. Since the
mainstream admits Eichmann was teased as a boy and called “the little Jewish boy” by his classmates, we should ask why. We are told this teasing caused him to hate Jews, but we are never given a good reason why he was called that.

Ok, let's have a look. The link given by Miles Mathis is

It starts with this:

Eichmann was born on March 19, 1906 near Cologne, Germany, into a middle class Protestant family. His family moved to Austria following the death of young Adolf''s mother. He spent his youth in Linz, Austria, which had also been Hitler's home town. As a boy, Eichmann was teased about his looks and dark complexion and was nicknamed "the little Jew" by classmates.

Ok so they called him the little Jew. Did that make him hate Jews?

It continues

Eichmann started out as a filing clerk cataloging information about Freemasons. He was then assigned to the Jewish section which was busy collecting information on all prominent Jews. This marked the beginning of Eichmann's interest in the Jews.

He studied all aspects of Jewish culture, attended Jewish meetings and often visited Jewish sections of cities while taking volumes of notes. He became familiar with the issue of Zionism, studied Hebrew and could even speak a bit of Yiddish. He gradually became the acknowledged 'Jewish specialist,' realizing this could have positive implications for his career in the SS.

I'm not sure where Miles got the idea that he hated Jews because kids called him a Jew. Strange.

James said...

Well that maybe proves why Hitler never sent an assassin to waste Kalergi.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...
19 January 2017 at 19:35

Went to the site and could not believe my eyes.

Lefties are truly cave-your-own-cranium-in-with-a-brick, batshit crazy. It's now official.

Starting with Amy Biehl's parents, who in a nutshell, watched their daughter murdered by South African niggers -- and have lived off a self-flagellating love-thy-jigaboo trip ever since.

Passing through the Hildebeast not realising that calling 47% of the USA "A Basket of Deplorables." might have a negative effect on her crack at the Presidency ...

Passing through the Democrats refusing to attend the Trump inauguration ...

We now have this demented jewboy who is, in effect, saying to approximately ninety percent of the world ... "Fuck off and die. You can't have my shitty coffee."

Wonder how Starbucks shares will be doing in, oh, one month's time?

I seem to recall reading that Jeff Bezos of Amazon is doing something just as egregiously dumb, but can't quite recall what, now.

(Sigh). So much stupid ... so little time.


Anonymous said...

"Because even the most brainwashed deluded White liberal (DWL) watching this is going to be struck by the jarring cognitive dissonance. The reality of their personal interactions with black women and their depiction in the film as astrophysical geeks will be enough to wreck their heads.

And I suggest that many Blue Pillers will start to laugh at the movie's premise. They'll mock. "

That's a little of wishful thinking + lack of contact with the young.
Just by these assertions by you I can bet you are over 40, Savant.

I am in contact with the very young all the time... and I confirm my expectations: 80% will see nothing strange.

I mean, try an anonymous (anonymous, so there's no purpose for virtue signaling) chat with the young if you have no other way to talk with young Americans, and say things like "men and women's minds are differently endowed" or just MENTION anything about blacks that is not praise.

Try it.

I have this argument with many non-young: you grow up in a different cultural ecosystem, and can't put yourself in the shoes of the young, who receive the same indoctrination from all directions and have idiots as parents who, if they still are aware of the truth, grew up in the 60-70s and would feel guilty to speak them out.

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of zots promoted beyond their capabilities, we have this ...

Judge booted off Supreme Court after cursing out prosecutor

By Rebecca Rosenberg and
Bruce Golding

January 16, 2017 | 4:58am

A second-generation Manhattan judge whose dad was infamous for springing criminal defendants on low bail was demoted after repeatedly clashing with Manhattan prosecutors, even cursing one out in open court, The Post has learned.

Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright was shipped off to Queens — and banished to Family Court, one of the lowest rungs of the judiciary — following a testy run in Manhattan Criminal Court.
The humiliating move was the result of an official complaint from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., sources said.

Wright — son of the late “Cut ‘Em Loose Bruce” Wright — faces a significantly more challenging commute from his co-op in Harlem to the nondescript Family Court in Jamaica than to the iconic lower Manhattan courthouse at 60 Centre St.
That’s especially bad news for Wright, who’s also already proven he has trouble behind the wheel — by twice suing the city after getting slapped with separate tickets for driving in a bus lane and illegal parking.

Court transcripts obtained by The Post show that during a series of Nov. 11 arraignments, Wright repeatedly refused requests by prosecutors to have defendants detail their crimes by making a formal admission of guilt known as an “allocution.”

At one point, Wright engaged in a foul-mouthed exchange over a petit-larceny case.

“Before we complete this, can we have this defendant legally and factually allocuted?” Assistant District Attorney David O’Keefe asked.

“Who is the a–hole that came up with this idea?” Wright then fumed.

“Your Honor, I believe it was the Constitution,” O’Keefe answered.

“No, it was not. Trust me, it was not. Some pettifogging academic wanted to waste people’s time,” Wright said.

At the time of his potty-mouthed rant, Wright was assigned to handle civil cases but was working a Veterans Day shift handling criminal arraignments.

Looks like the Supreme court has just lost a nigger ... and who appoints judges to the Supreme court?

Why ... Ah do believe dat de Prez do. Now -- wasn't there also some other judge ... a malignant yiddish dwarf who promised to fuck off if Trump was elected?

Oh, yes .....

Make it Australia, dear. Preferably Perth or "Little Jerusalem on the Sea" as it's known these days. It's where all the ex-Saffa jews moved before they pulled the ladder up after themselves.

Wouldn't want those nasty Dutchmen to come looking for you ... would you?

Either way, it looks as though the Supremes are diminishing by the day ...

Da doo ron ron, yeah,
Da doo ron ron.**


Ye, yes, yes!!! I know it was the Crystals. Can't you allow an old man a bit of fun?

Eddie in St. Louis said...

P.O.S. straight to Netflix after a week and won't make a dime. I would venture to say the Niggers will avoid it, too. When the Chinese take over the remainder of Hollywood this shite will no longer be presented.

Uncle Nasty said...

Read things like this ...

and one begins to feel more and more, that this is the only worthwhile, lasting solution ...


SAVANT said...

ANon 22.57. Sadly I'm waaaaay past the 40 mark. So you might well be right. But surely if they are dealing with blacks on a regular basis they must experience some tingling of alarm?

joe btfsplk said...

$$$>>>You can bet that a lot of YOUR OWN HISTORY is stored somewhere for the exclusive use by (((them))).<<<$$$

I believe that there was a horror movie from the fifties entitled (((THEM))).

John C said...


13 comments in one and a half hours, 13 comments in 90 minutes, that's like 1 comment every 7 minutes or just under 7 minutes. And what's he going on about? Well he likes to let us know what jim stone thinks and other two bob blogers with their well thought out thought's and investigations involving Hitler and the kacki plan, just like how jews are so fascinated with Hitler, that they love putting him in their newspapers at least once a week with one far fetched story after another and on and on they and he goes trying to wear you down that there's no resistance left in you to even say, you know what, that hitler bloke wasn't that bad after all was he, which our people are increasing saying.

The kalergi plan was never mentioned by any nationalist until very recently, why is that. Was the book hidden, had no one translated it, is it the nationalist da vinci code that has just been discovered. Is it a book for new aspiring recruits to go forth into the world clutching it standing on soap boxes in the market square saying look here people it has been written, its been nicely written by our enemy for all to see, can you not see. Or are you stupid or sumfink.

Go and listen to Sir Oswald Mosley Globalisation Speech. For some reason youtube will not let me even play it today or link it.

Flanders said...

UN and James, From that site that you had linked:

So long Uncle Old Tomobamas - No slave is needed who can't pick enough cotton

Nigger houseboy's usefulness now ended and he doesn't know how to pick cotton for Israel - so he is no longer wanted on the jew Plantation, which began operations in about the same year that the Federal Reserve Board was "passed".

According to the site reporting this - you would almost feel sorry for Israel (If you were dumb, or crazy enough to do so). It's actually a pretty good laugh, even though I haven't confirmed it and there's no link.

"Throughout his 8 years of presidency, the Rockville Woodmont Country Club has given Obama a membership at their prestigious club free of charge—waiving the absurd $80,000 initiation fee and yearly membership dues of almost $10,000. Now, many Jewish members of the club are demanding for him to be kicked out of the club because of his disgusting treatment towards Israel."

[Woodmont Holohoax Reparations Clubhouse, or something like that]

John C said...

Sorry did I mention jim stoned? Well he said....... sumfink about out off me f****** nut in a Yellow Submarine on our way to South America via Liverpool with a shit load of dosh, I think 3 billion, priceless artworks, gold and Diamonds, don't forget the diamond's me boy. Having a wonderful princely nosh-up of steak & chips, he threaten to shoot the chef if the silly fucker dared to put any greens on his plate again. Its now act 2, retirement and hitler can relax and unwind with his feet-up wearing his favorite pink slippers, sipping on a long over due martini whilst chain smoking on Marlborough cigs in total queer abandonment, constantly shouting out to the other crew, we fucking did it lads, we fucking did it, we pulled-off the worlds biggest heist and destroyed a fucking continent at the same time. No one will believe it. In the future they will make a film about it called the Italian Job, but it will not do us justice. Full speed ahead skipper.

Dr. Wassell said...

(((Their))) ultimate horror story would be entitled The Goyim Know!!!.

Flanders said...

I guess the jews in Israel must be more excited about Trump than are many Americans!

"Police In Israel Prepare For The Arrival Of The Messiah"

"Markell pointed to various signs of how Jewish leaders are preparing for the arrival of the Messiah and the construction of the Third Temple, including:
◾A call by the Israeli rabbinical council involved with re-establishing the Sanhedrin for concrete construction plans.
◾“Red heifers” needed for ritual purposes being raised in the Holy Land.
◾The construction of an altar for use in sacrificial services."

Hannes said...

Quite incredible the extremes they are going to to belittle and ultimately destroy Europeans. I just hope you are right when you say even the dumbest are going to laugh at this story? There a hell of a lot of very dumb, thoroughly brainwashed people out there!

James said...

Thanks John.

BTW Obama had his public position and his private positions too.

Maybe Trump does too. Hope so.

John C said...

Well worth a read.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

We were warned.

Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech

Enoch Powell - Rivers of Blood Speech (FULL) ✔

John C said...

Plenty of food for thought here

Flanders said...

"Poppy Widdison [4 years old] was fed heroin, diazepam, methadone and ketamine for months [apparently it was really since birth] before she suffered a cardiac arrest and died."

Addict negress and a Mudzombie "male", who looks to be a somewhat white spaced-out druggie, jailed for 13 years - but, not even for murder!. "Hull Crown Court, judge Jeremy Richardson said Pyke [a 38 YOA, negroid muddess] was "utterly unfit to be a mother" and saw her daughter as an "inconvenience" in her relationship with Rytting, age 40. --- The judge said Poppy was born a heroin addict and suggested Pyke even named her in reference to the drug."

Flanders said...

A reasonable person might ponder whether Target stores in Dallas allowed an attack on a White shopper (a local theater director) to happen, and whether that attack proceeded due to mere negligence or was it due to an intentional higher-level PC store policy which prevented intervention when intervention was clearly and reasonably warranted? The man's attorney mentioned that the attackers may have worn "gorilla masks", but the video at the link within the report shows what seems to be either gorillas or blacks without a mask (how do you tell the difference anyway?). These "gorillas" used a big stick, and they weren't just throwing bananas.

Flanders said...

"A spokesman for the Federal Police in Belgium said they were unable to comment on Miss Lucas' claims." - And they probably REALLY CAN'T! It's covered up at a MUCH higher level, at EU and above - and is very likely STILL going on.

"Former child sex slave [6yoa at the time] sold into Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring where boys and girls were tortured and KILLED reveals the horrors of her five years of abuse"

Flanders said...

Bill Gates Sued For Forcing Staff To Watch Child Rape And Murder

"Microsoft staff were forced to view photos and videos of “indescribable sexual assaults”, and “horrible brutality” including the rape and murder of children, resulting in severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a lawsuit filed against Bill Gates and Microsoft."

Anonymous said...

Was in Poland many times. Lots of Poles have tataric admixture. I've seen children, even babies with black hair. The Eurasian Union the EU is the biggest threat to Europeans. Wilders is calling for the Nexit, Le Pen for the Frexit. Power to them!

Anonymous said...

Paris has become a nightmare!
Blame the cowardly, efeminate French!

Anonymous said...

Trump now President. He handed Obama a banana and sent him on his way.

In a way, it's a good thing that Obama came in slick and healthy and left slick and healthy.

I wouldn't have been up for a race war this week.

Anonymous said...

Think of Trump as your wacky uncle Bob. But on a galactic level.

Anonymous said...

Government radio gushing all week about Obama's legacy. Trio of left wingers who became adults and political operatives during Obama's first campaign and the (((moderator))) starts off by introducing them as activists "who have never voted for a white man for president of the United States."

It was this kind of thing that got Trump elected and really was a new and fairly recent trend of the Left. And a position that any normal white person can recognize as dangerous. It's akin to the "white privilege" narrative which is easily seen as a rationale for violent action against white people.

Americans are well aware that racist appeals to the depraved and violent 60% black criminal underclass can be deadly regardless of the propaganda of MSM. It's been noticed by many that the torture of the white retard was only reported widely because of the ape broadcast.
They covered it for a week and now they're done. But it's common knowledge among whites, despite the moronic denial of the media, that this kind of vicious behavior of blacks towards whites has been commonplace for decades. You get it if you are vulnerable - poor, weak, old or even just off-base in some shithole ghetto. A friend of mine, from the last Italian family to move out of an enriched neighborhood, recalls that when he was ten years old he was held at knifepoint for three hours by three black teenagers. They let him go after they got their laughs.

The Left wanted to be free of the white working class and now they are. But that's only half the problem. Mercantilist Republicans have always been hostile to the white working and middlle classes and still are. Both Left and Right are still in the pocket of the globalist banker class.

Uncle Nasty said...

John C said...

Plenty of food for thought here

... a fascinating read. Especially this:

The Democrats thought he was so bad that he would take attention off of Hillary's baggage.
So the Clinton campaign pulled strings with their friends in the media to help him in the primaries.
We know this thanks to the John Podesta email leaks.

"We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates [Trump, Cruz, Carson] so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously,”

The DNC (and their corporate media lackeys) then worked to marginalize the Bernie Sanders campaign,
and used a secret agreement backed by "leverage" to prevent him from attacking Clinton.
This was confirmed by the DNC email leaks.


The jews are panicking. They see four generations of hard work in the US (ten generations in the rest of the world) unravelling like a three dollar Chinese sweater.
They see control slipping from their hands -- and when jews, a naturally feminised and hysterical race, panic, they make mistakes.

Big ones. 2017 looks to be an .... interesting year.


A really weird thing thing by the way. I had a dream the night before last (not trying to pull a Martin Looter Koon number, here -- a real dream) That 2017 was the year that George Soros, Comrade Bob Mugabe and Queen Lizzie the Twoth all fell off the perch.

A kind of triple bonus, sort of thing.

Who knows?


Uncle Nasty said...

Excellent articles from TOO. I believe I referenced Part one a week or so, back.

One of the comments:-

Pierre de Craon
January 16, 2017 - 10:59 am | Permalink

Which of you believes that Britain has no right to exist?

The root-and-branch falseness of this question needs to be exposed once and for all, and not simply with reference to Britain. No nation on the face of the earth has, to my knowledge, ever claimed a right to exist that wasn’t greeted with open derision from every other nation and people on the planet—save, of course, when circumstances of repression prevented the plain expression of derision.

In practical terms, however, the form of the question simply does not occur to anyone else, nor has it ever routinely done so. From the outset, the question strikes most people oddly because it seems to war with the very facts of existence. Life, after all, is an uncertain business at best, nor is it a stuff that endures. One need not be a Christian to grasp that, as Paul put it, we have on earth no enduring city.

The point is that the Jewish claim of Israel’s right to exist — even this terminology is a falsehood, since “Israel” is here simply a euphemistic placeholder for “international Jewry”** — is rather a claim that it is owed a guarantee from the rest of the world of its existence and indeed overlordship. Need it be added that the terms of the guarantee include its full funding by those from whom the guarantee is required?

Put otherwise, the question is yet another typically self-serving, loaded question from the Tribe whose existence exemplifies everything and anything that might be termed solipsistic and egomaniacal. Like the accusation of anti-Semitism, it demands, not an answer stricto sensu, but an exposé.

**"... since “Israel” is here simply a euphemistic placeholder for “international Jewry”

Or as we in South Africa knew it ... a Jewish bolt-hole. Everyone knew -- everyone in ZA -- that if a crooked yid managed to get through emigration in Jan Smuts Airport and actually onto an EL AL flight, that he was home free. Practically in Tel Aviv already, smelling the Matzo..

The only thing that would get him off that plane would be an RPG. The SA government was complicit even then.


PS. I just had a phrase pop into my head ... "Wake up and smell the fucking Matzoh." I think I'll use that from time to time.

Uncle Nasty said...

Six Million Dollar Man said...

We were warned.
Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech

Enoch Powell - Rivers of Blood Speech (FULL) ✔
20 January 2017 at 13:48

I recall reading a particularly interesting article pointing out that Trump's victory was because he spoke plainly and without obfuscation to people who needed plain, unadorned speech, which was something that Hildabeast, Obama and the rest of the Democrat slushpile could simply not give them.
Plain, unadorned speech, however is what seems to have sunk Mr Powell. He spoke the plain unadorned truth so well that he scared the living poo-poo out of the Luvvies of the day, and the Brits in general.

They would never forgive him for this ...
An article from the Telegraph praising Powell on the 100th Anniversary of his birth ... well, sort of:

Behind Enoch Powell's monstrous image lay a man of exceptional integrity
A century after his birth, Enoch Powell still seems more modern than most politicians.

Enoch Powell: with not one word changed, his speeches on Lords reform, some delivered half a century ago, could be delivered today Photo: Rex Features
By Peter Oborne

For years, Enoch Powell has been a monstrous figure in British politics. Even the mention of his name has been enough to invite damnation by association. Before the last election, David Cameron forced Nigel Hastilow to stand down as Conservative candidate for Halesowen after he praised Powell for being “right” about immigration.

And another one published in the same rag, one week later -- which reeks of Eau de Juif and looks suspiciously like damage control.

Enoch Powell was wrong
On immigration, the issue that defines him, Enoch Powell was not visionary: he was utterly mistaken, deliberately incendiary, and a dupe of the National Front, writes Ian Austin.

Enoch Powell's speech was dangerous, inflammatory - and wrong

On the centenary of his birth this week, we have been told several times about Enoch Powell’s prescience and wisdom. He has been condemned for the last 44 years as a racist, but a campaign to rehabilitate him is under way. A new collection of essays is graced with a foreword by Iain Duncan Smith, and several high-profile columnists have written in praise of him. After recounting his war record, his supporters list the languages he’d mastered, praise the power of his oratory and tell us how he saw the future. But they are wrong, and so was he.

Austin, above, keeps reciting the Luvvie mantra:- "He was wrong! ... he was wrong!!" But finishes with the following ... proving that a successful MSM scribbler these days, can be blind, deaf and dumb.

Despite the prejudice his speech encouraged, despite the fact that black people were attacked because of his speech, and despite all the challenges Britain has faced in the 44 years since, the race wars he predicted have not happened.

Really Austin? Maybe not in your little neck of the woods. Try visiting Rotherham, sometime -- the Brit equivalent of Hillary's "Flyover Country". You get there via Google Maps.


Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 19 January 2017

Trump's Press Secretary: Announcement on Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem 'Coming Soon'

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sean Spicer, President-elect Donald Trump's press secretary, said at a press conference on Thursday that an announcement on moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is "coming soon" and encouraged the journalists to "stay tuned" regarding this issue.
Spicer didn't provide more details, but his statement is in line with what Trump himself told Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom Thursday morning. Trump told the Sheldon Adelson-owned paper that he "hasn't forgotten" his campaign pledge to move the embassy.

Official U.S. policy doesn't recognize Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, which Israel claims as its capital. The U.S. embassy is in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem Post, 19 January 2017


The demonstrators also yelled chants against the relocation of the embassy.

“We will not give up on our capital,” they called out as the sun beat over their heads. “Oh Trump, listen, listen, you have to rescind your decision.”

The Guardian, 22 July 2015

Short of a conspiracy theory? You can always blame the Jews

But for the conspiracy theorists, even the most appalling political and military machinations of Binyamin Netanyahu and the Israel Defence Forces – of Israel itself – are far less important than the creation of what David Aaronovitch, in Voodoo Histories, describes as a new kind of super-Jew: the Zionist. This is not, for the conspiracy theorist, the straightforward hate figure of the left. Rather, it is a character, or more importantly a group, to which all western governments are secretly in hock: unbelievably rich and powerful, and dedicated unswervingly to its own project, which is nothing less than the complete control of the world.

New York Times, 28 August 1922

Dr. Sokolow Tells Zionist Congress Jerusalem Will Be International Peace Capital

CALSBAD, Aug. 27 (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).--"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace," declared Dr. Nahum Sokolow, Chairman of the Zionist Executive Committee, at a special meeting of the Zionist Conference today.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 January 1962

NEW YORK (Jan. 3)

"Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states having a Socialist and democratic regime...all other continents will become united in a WORLD ALLIANCE, at whose disposal will be an international police force...

"In JERUSALEM, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the supreme court of mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah." - Zionist-Jew David Ben-Gurion, first Prime Minister of Israel

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nothing gets the Left more unhinged than laughing at them over their faux climate change, global warming, global cooling, micro-aggressions!

Obama cares more about his climate change cult than he does keeping Americans safe.

Obama hates Americans, the Constitution, and free market capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!)

His never-ending push to flood America with non-English speakers is motivated by his desire to see America become non-white majority, and therefore guarantee the left a permanent majority. His refusal to call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists is evidence that he secretly supports them. His total defiance of the constitution is proof that he wants to tear it up and write another constitution, based on the "values' of black and brown people. And his hatred of capitalism is due to his Marxist upbringing, belief that such a system is "unfair".

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said:"Nigger houseboy's usefulness now ended and he doesn't know how to pick cotton for Israel - so he is no longer wanted on the jew Plantation, which began operations in about the same year that the Federal Reserve Board was "passed".

According to the site reporting this - you would almost feel sorry for Israel (If you were dumb, or crazy enough to do so). It's actually a pretty good laugh, even though I haven't confirmed it and there's no link.

"Throughout his 8 years of presidency, the Rockville Woodmont Country Club has given Obama a membership at their prestigious club free of charge—waiving the absurd $80,000 initiation fee and yearly membership dues of almost $10,000. Now, many Jewish members of the club are demanding for him to be kicked out of the club because of his disgusting treatment towards Israel." "

New York Post, 10 January 2017

Obama may get rejected from golf club over Israel policies

President Obama’s clashes with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may cost him a membership at an exclusive golf club, sources said.

Obama is looking to join the elite Woodmont Country Club in Maryland once he becomes a private citizen.

But members of the mostly Jewish club are at each other’s throats over whether to accept the golf-loving president, with many saying he deserves to be snubbed for not blocking an anti-Israel vote at the United Nations, according to the sources.

Woodmont was founded by the DC-area Jewish community in 1913 precisely because Jews were banned at other clubs.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Are there actually anyone who thinks that Hillary and Bill being quiet after the elections is because those scum are (I even hate to say it) "decent and honorable"? I think I had heard that someone mentioned that somewhere.

CF-gate - Following the investigations into the Clinton Foundation rackets.

Flanders said...

Anon @ 23:53: "Obama cares more about his climate change cult than he does keeping Americans safe."
You will be happy to learn the before and the after at this site below:

"At 11:59 am eastern, the official White House website had a lengthy information page about the threat of climate change and the steps the federal government had taken to fight it. At noon, at the instant Donald Trump took office, the page was gone, as well as any mention of climate change or global warming.

It’s customary for to flip over to the new administration exactly at noon, but the only mention of climate on President Trump’s new website is under his “America First Energy Plan” page, in which he vows to destroy President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which is a government-wide plan to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. To reiterate: It is normal that the site is completely new; it is notable that climate change is not mentioned on any one of Trump's new pages."
[More, including the before and after]:

Anonymous said...

You bastards! Why do you pick on the negro retards?


For the uninformed, objective truth can in fact be categorized as racist, by law.

This leads to the argument that race may be an objective truth, based in fact, while anti-racism is in fact theoretical in nature an based in rationalism.

In my opinion, race is a relative truth and should not be disregarded as we are God's creation.

Matthew 25:31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Flanders said...

Frank Galton, re Jerusalem:

"Prepared for the
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Daily Alert"
One primary site: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

"The Jerusalem Center was founded in 1976 by the late Prof. Daniel J. Elazar. It is led by Israel’s former UN ambassador and foreign ministry director general Dr. Dore Gold."
Sinister Sites – Israel Supreme Court [in [Understand why it' sinster at the link below, and why it is worshipped too by the jew-led Freemasons]
"Built in 1992, the Israel Supreme Court sits in Jerusalem, in front of the Knesset (Israeli legislature)."

"The Israel Supreme Court is the creation of one elite family: the Rothschilds. In their negotiations with Israel, they’ve agreed to donate the building under three conditions: the Rothschilds were to choose the plot of land, they would use their own architect and no one would ever know the price of its construction. The reasons for those conditions are quite evident: the Supreme Court building is a Temple of Masonic Mystery Religion and is built by the elite, for the elite."

Uncle Nasty said...

This is from Stuff ... New Zealand's totally unbiased online news thing ... whatever.

I'm sure you'll be terrified. Terrified, I tell you ...

Donald Trump inauguration speech dark, dangerous and dystopian

Trump promises to put 'America first'

During his inauguration speech, Donald Trump follows the theme of his election campaign, promising to put 'America first'.

Donald Trump started his presidency as he intends to continue – defiant, populist, anti-establishment and talking directly to an America that he sketched as dark, dangerous and dystopian; a nation under siege from foreign competitors and Muslim terrorists, and which had been screwed by a Washington cabal.

The traditional staples of these speeches - salutes to the value of the Constitution and national institutions and maybe a bit of poetry - were consigned to the shadows as all the light on a bleak day shone on the great vertical pronoun.

Ignoring the fact that his own cabinet's fat-cat billionaires come from the establishment against which he rails, Trump fell back on the ugly, authoritarian riffs of his campaign – no acknowledgement of the Republican Party he hijacked; not even a nod to the people's Congress, with which he must work; and a swift knee to the groin of presidents past – with Carter, Clinton, Bush junior and Obama arrayed behind him.

Read more:
(if you can stand it)

... and in another piece of editorial-free content ... or do I have that the wrong way round?

American man Gary Belis flees the US to escape Donald Trump

The minute Gary Belis arrived in Auckland he began to think he might have to pretend he isn't American.
Gary Belis came to New Zealand to escape Donald Trump - but he isn't sure it's far enough.

"I left the day before Trump's inauguration. As soon as people hear my American accent they want to talk about Trump and I came to New Zealand to get away from it all," he said.
"I may have to tell people I'm Canadian."
Belis made it clear from the start that if Trump was elected, he wouldn't be sticking around.

... and people tell me you don't get snowflakes in Auckland.

I have seen slow-news days here. But no-news days are something new.


Flanders said...

Similar to the "Big Lie", these symbolisms greet us daily, and most of us are so accustomed to them that they pass on by without them any longer registering in our consciousness.

That is what Satanists, occultists, Freemasons whether in the Corporate and Governmental Offices, "Hollywood", (fake) "religious leaders" and other advanced societal positions which they control want. They communicate openly and spread their doctrines, power and influence - in devilish networked ways (knowing each other and understanding the satanic message each is presenting to each other), while we are controlled and locked into a prison where our only communication lines (the few that they are, usually in normal English) are laughed at openly by those practitioners who sabotage and subject our beliefs to scorn while they network together in debaucheries which most of us oppose, whether business or corporate, governmental or NGO, or socially and politically. At the same time those operate openly in our midst, undetected and undetectable by normal people, spreading their doctrines and messages undisturbed - while acting as if they are "one of us". Their symbols, mantras and methods are very much centered around jewry and kabbalism. Don't you ever wonder why?

"These intersecting crescents can apparently also double as a "yoni" presentation. Occultists love double, triple, quadruple (etc.) meanings for their symbols. Recall the yoni-shaped hats worn by royal 'elites', earlier in this article.

And the aforementioned Sufi occultism comes out of the Muslim world. In the same way Kabbalism is a satanic counterpart to Judaism, Sufi occultism is the explicitly satanic alternative to Islam. Below: Typical Sufi wing symbolism--". [Images and photos at the site]

Anonymous said...

Christian-White people don't exist anymore.

Congratulations kikes and pagan scum.

Thank you very much Adolph Half-Wit.

DNA tests for every member of the alt-kike now.

Not much money in criticizing the kikes.

How do you pay your bills?

Anonymous said...

What is truth?

John 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.

Pilate knew that Christ was innocent but he still let Christ be tortured and murdered for the sake of a pack of politically powerful kikes.

Pilate is Obama, Bush, Clinton, Trump.

How easy it is to wash your hands.

Matthew27:24 When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

Uncle Nasty said...

Don't you love the smell of joobullshit in the morning? Smells like ... panic.

China / 09-01-2017
Holocaust denial in Chinese media
Source: CFCA

Below is information received from one of our readers:

I live in China, and in the last few weeks I've been alarmed at the amount of antisemitic propaganda being published by Baidu News. Baidu is China's equivalent of Google, so it reaches a truly enormous readership, and is state owned.

This article was published recently, and essentially denies that the holocaust really happened, and the number of Jews really killed numbered only in the "tens of thousands."
There is also this article published, which claims that the Jews themselves have responsibility for the holocaust for being too greedy and self-interested.

There have been many such articles published recently. Another one, while not as overtly antisemitic, propagates a false rumour that Hitler had respect for China but looked down on the Japanese, because when he was poor he was selflessly helped by a Chinese family living in Vienna, meaning he felt great gratitude to China.

Needless to say, this sort of false information promotes sympathy for Hitler within China and therefore support for anti-semitism, and it is shocking that these lies are allowed to be published in what is effectively state media. I personally am outraged by this, and strongly feel that Baidu should be held accountable for this and be pressured to issue a correction and apology.

I can see it, now. Dozens of very orderly Chinese holding placards in broken English saying things like "Heeblews MusT Og!!" and "ImPaired lIFe to biGnoSEs!!" and "HEEBloos oUT!!"
With, of course, the one guy who never gets it and has dug his sign out of the cellar, which references "Capitarist Running Dog Lackeys".

A member of the Old School.

Getting back to the article, the writer leaves us in no doubt as to his allegiances. His rather desperate references to "false information", "These lies" and "I personally am outraged by this ..." are a bit of a giveaway


Flanders said...

The Congressman's own story.

Why couldn't a Congressman who sponsored a resolution calling for an investigation into the murder of U.S. sailors on orders of the Israeli government get help on a
resolution requesting Congress to investigate an attack [and the cold-bloodied murders of US troops]by the Israelis in 1967 on a ship called the USS LIBERTY?

"The Wisconsin state legislator, Marlin Schneider, who authored this article was very naive when he agreed to sponsor a resolution calling for an investigation into the murder of U.S. sailors on orders of the Israeli government. It appears he's had a rude awakening.

He was warned to: "beware of massive political contributions against me and even potential assassination"."
"Maybe the most puzzling for Mr. Schneider was the fact that even when he "wrote to each and every major veterans organization, including the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars" he did not get "even the courtesy of a response". Why?

The organizations allegedly established by and for military veterans, are in fact organs of the controllers. They have established hundreds, thousands, of organizations in order to control their 'opposition'.

If they establish and control their opposition, naive and trusting people who join their organizations will seldom question the intentions of the founders or leaders."

We know why a Crypto-jew like LBJ participated and then covered it up, but why would the rest of Congress go along? [Scroll down slightly for the Congressman].

John C said...

Is israel a bolthole for jewish gangsters and swindlers

Right or Wrong she was gone, twelve years exile in israel in a pokey little flat. They must be getting a bit squashed there hence the need for more space.

In 1998, BBC2 screened a documentary, Looking for Shirley, which profiled Westminster City Council's efforts to recover the surcharge and Porter's efforts to move her estimated £70m assets into offshore accounts and overseas investments.

pincer said...

Although somewhat dated, but still readable (it was written in the days before the internet) - an alternative history of South Africa, and what really happened behind the scenes (if the link does not work: search for "archive org the plot against south africa"):

Citizen Kane

Dave33 said...

32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

And the Islamic nations wil hope they get to be with the goats!

Declan-P said...

ANon 06.13. It is so easy to see Pilate parallels in today's society. From the Christ-like figure, to Pilate and to the ravening mob.

John C said...

 Anonymous said...
Christian-White people don't exist anymore. Really, why are all the churches packed out where i live.
Congratulations kikes and pagan scum. You conceed, you defeatist.
Thank you very much Adolph Half-Wit. Please explain oh great one who doesn't show himself, well not just yet. What would you have done so differently? All in hindsight obviously.
DNA tests for every member of the alt-kike now. So every nationalist should go on a dna data base. *
Not much money in criticizing the kikes. He mentions Money, does the only good christian in the world.
How do you pay your bills? By not having any, by making yourself self sufficient the best you can.
21 January 2017 at 04:49

* Have you been up all night? Or have you just woke-up with a eureka moment?
Stay with us mate, stay with us

Rogue said...

Oldest POTUS has hottest FLOTUS!

Whoo hoo!

Uncle Nasty said...

John C said...

Is israel a bolthole for jewish gangsters and swindlers

Is it indeed? I cruised to the most interesting part of any article dealing with the doings and the screwings of the jewings. The comment section .... only to be told ...

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So ... not only are there no comments, but the comment section is now full.


Anonymous said...

On Enoch Powell.

Plain, unadorned speech, however is what seems to have sunk Mr Powell. He spoke the plain unadorned truth so well that he scared the living poo-poo out of the Luvvies of the day, and the Brits in general.

After the speech, he certainly scared the shit out of the establishment. The average Brit loved him for it. It was said that if there had been a General Election the following week and Enoch had stood for P.M. he would have won by a landslide. I was but a young lad living in a Black Country pub next to Powells constituency at the time. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, agreed with Powell. You know, those people who had fought a war for Britain.


Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 24 April 2016

Rich list: [Jewish] 'Asylum King' who houses migrants in budget hotels enters list of richest Britons

He has been dubbed ‘The Asylum King’ after securing lucrative Home Office contracts to house refugees in his budget hotels.

Now Britannia Hotels founder [Jewish businessman] Alex Langsam, 77, has entered The Sunday Times rich list after amassing an estimate fortune of £220 million.

Jewish Chronicle, 21 February 2011

Mr Langsam, 72, opened his first hotel in Manchester in 1976. The son of Viennese Jews who came to Britain to escape the Nazis, he now owns 36 hotels across Britain, including the historic Adelphi in Liverpool.

LegalWeek, 24 June 2011

Beachcroft sees £3m negligence claim dismissed by High Court

Beachcroft has seen a £3m negligence claim brought against the firm by Britannia Hotels Group founder Alex Langsam dismissed by the High Court.

Mr Alexander (Alex) Langsam is a self-made and highly successful entrepreneur who has built up a hotel business...Some of the hotel assets are held in the Partnership and others are in at least two companies, Britannia Hotels Ltd ("BHL") and Britannia Country House Hotel Ltd ("BCHHL").

Mr Langsam...consulted Arthur Andersen and on the advice of Mr Brian White, who was then at that firm, instructed them in late 2000 to effect an ERA. This was established by arranging for the Partnership to have a £40 million overdraft facility with the ISRAEL DISCOUNT BANK ("IDB") that was to be matched by deposits to be made in the IDB's overseas subsidiaries.

Frank Galton

James said...

Trump says he's going to "eradicate Radical Islam" in his inauguration speech. Who's he sending to kick the hornet's nest? Is he jumping the gun with Albert Pike's 3rd world war? Will they let him do it?

During the prayers at the inauguration Rabbi Marvin Hier did the Jewish prayer. I remember this guy. When David Irving was coming to NZ over 10 years ago this guy was on the TV talking about how bad it would be. I wondered how the media found the guy. Anyway, the Rabbi is apparently a full on criminal and organ trafficker I heard and millions flow through his synagogue. Just rumors. Well he's a freaky looking little creature.

At the same time cohencidentally, (((someone))) painted Swastikas on Jewish gravestones in the Symonds Street cemetery. The cops had no leads apparently, but Irving posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the perps. He predicted on Tv that the crime would NEVER be solved and that his $10,000 was safe. He was right apparently. He might have been implying that the vandalism was an inside job I think.

Then another Jew weighs in. He says only 2 nations were created for the glory of god: Israel and America. Whatever.

James said...

Maybe they don't like Holocaust denial because it blows their cover - who really did the Holocaust?

Or is this just Nazi denial?

Any ideas?

James said...

(((Bikers for Trump)))

Frank Galton said...


Re the Rothschilds

BusinessWeek, 25 November 1998


How did they do it? That's the recurring question in Niall Ferguson's formidable The House of Rothschild, a history of the legendary European-Jewish banking family. ''There is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild,'' said a French journalist in 1841, giving voice to the popular suspicion that the dynasty and its money held sway over the affairs of nations. In this first of a two-volume study (the second is due out next year), Ferguson confirms that often, the Rothschilds were BEHIND THE SCENES, influencing policy across Europe in their own interest.

Business Insider, 23 December 2012

Nathan [Rothschild] stood to make a huge gain or loss based on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, and an urban legend suggests he was the first to hear the news of Wellington's victory.

Nathan was stone-faced hearing this incredible news, and proceeded to sell stock in order to trick others into thinking that Britain had lost. When the dust settled, Nathan's agents had picked up even more stock at a discount in a huge profit-making day for the family.

"Urban legend suggests [Nathan Rothschild] was the first to hear the news of Wellington's victory."

The Washington Post, 23 December 1979

Upstairs, Downstairs at [Rothschild's] Waddesdon Manor

It seems significant that "many people appeared to come to stay at Waddesdon immediately after they had taken part in some notable event. As an instance, Lord Wolseley, on reaching this country after the capture of Khartoum, HEADED STRAIGHT FOR WADDESDON, as did British ambassadors after important international conferences, or war correspondents, hot-foot from some Balkan war."

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

White Christian is an oxymoron. Christianity as well as Marxism are color blind!

David said...

Does the Irish Times sense a sea change?
Let’s talk about the link between immigration and low reproduction rates
How did we lose the will to replace ourselves and, knowing the demographic consequences of losing that will, can we reclaim it?
William Reville is an emeritus professor of biochemistry at UCC.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

White Christian is an oxymoron. Christianity as well as Marxism are color blind!

I'm told dogs are colour blind, too. Imagine my disappointment at discovering that there's no such thing as a black Labrador or a golden retriever.

Telemaco said...

They want to destroy us all who oppose their crimes by sponging and harassing us, one day their time will come.

List of traitors by country, we need to update it and add more traitors.

joe btfsplk said...

For the first time in US History, Black People were kicked out of Public Housing and White people moved in. [comment from SHTF]

Anonymous said...

Now that Trump is president, the lawn jockeys will be painted black again.

joe btfsplk said...


They are fact-blind, opposing common-sense [that is, asserting that there is a "higher" reality than the one one sees with one's very own balls- I mean eyeballs]. NAZI has identical idealistic epistemology.

gregga said...

"So ... not only are there no comments, but the comment section is now full."

DM does this regularly especially when the tribe come in for some flack.

John C said...

I have no telly and im no way going to watch this film, so I'll just get this belly laugh out, hahaha. Right, done.
We have four years to organise, get more vocal, Trump will disappoint but people should give him and his goldman sack the nation administration one and a half years, then draw up pick folks, they are playing for time and so are we, four years and we should/will be ready. So keep spreading the message, know the top enemy in your area. We have a right to exist and we will. so in the next four years keep calm and plan. Its what our people do well. Don't disappoint.

Uncle Nasty said...

Strangely enough (for me, anyway) back on topic ...

“Education, sir, is the development of that which is. Since the dawn of history the (black) has owned the continent of Africa — rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.

In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lived as his fathers lived—stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!

And this creature, half child, half animal, the sport of impulse, whim, and conceit, ‘pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw,’ a being who, left to his will, roams at night and sleeps in the day, whose speech knows no word of love, whose passions, once aroused, are as the fury of the tiger—they have set this thing to rule over the Southern people——”

--Thomas Dixon, Jr. 1905

I love good, strong, historical quotes. They have such authority.


Anonymous said...

All these feminists marching for women's rights
Weren't beside me when I went to a domonstration in Rotherham over little girls being groomed in the town by Pakistani men

Same kind of feminists as that cox woman she was a proud Yorkshire lass
But refused point blank to help on a committee for Yorkshire girls who had been groomed


John C said...

Anesthetize your self to this bullshit.

Enough is Enough

Free Download

The Greatest Attribute A Man Can Have Is Moral Courage

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The revisionist historian Michael Hoffman on the movie "Denial" which was about the famous Historian David Irving vs zio-masonic Holocaustanity promoter Deborah Lipshitz
(This is the trial where the judge told David Irving that the Truth was no defense)
Michael Hoffman's website

John C said...

Something like a few thousand women march on washington.

There comes a time to say. Shut The Fuck Up Will You

Uncle Nasty said...

Logical statement #1.
Jews, from all the evidence and by their very nature, are a pain in the arse. Regardless of what contortion of logic you may use ... they would not be detested if they were not detestable.

Logical statement #2.
Nobody ... but nobody likes jews. Not even most jews. If this were not the case, they would not have been ejected (often violently -- and often more than once) from more than a hundred locales over the last millennium. Even niggers don't have that happening to them. Well, not yet, anyway.

Logical statement #3.
So-called illogical and mindless antisemitism is a myth. You do not live in peace and harmony with someone for decades or centuries -- and one fine morning, wake up, scratch your genitals -- and decide to loathe them. I have yet to meet anyone who actually hates kittens or baby rabbits or any infant creature for that matter.
I exclude juvenile cockroaches -- or maggots, of course.

A question that often pops up (and one that has vexed me since childhood [more later]) is:-
Are the jews, as a race, so contentious; so vexatious; so deep-in-the-bone -- get-right-up-your-nose annoying; so downright bloody unpleasant that even the SJW's will get pissed off with them?

Strangely, yes.

Democrats’ sympathy for Israel has crashed nearly 25 percent in last nine months — Pew
Liberal Democrats sympathize with Palestinians over Israelis by 38-26 per new Pew survey

A new Pew Research Center poll from January 4-9 of American views on foreign policy shows that Democratic Party sympathies for Israel are crashing, down ten points in the last 9 months, from 43 percent to 33 percent. That’s a 23 percent crash.

If this was the stock market, Israel would be considered a tanking stock.

Liberal Democrats now sympathize with Palestinians over Israelis by two-to-one, while Democrats overall are now virtually tied in sympathies for Israel or Palestine, 33 to 31 respectively. While Republicans are overwhelmingly on Israel’s side. The gap of 41 points between parties in sympathies, for either Israel or the Palestinians, is at widest since 1978.

Again, notice the numbers crashing for Israel among Dems: Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (74%) say they sympathize more with Israel than the Palestinians… Democrats are divided – 33% sympathize more with Israel, 31% more with the Palestinians, while 35% sympathize with neither, both or don’t express an opinion. While Republicans’ views of the Mideast conflict have changed little over the last few years, the share of Democrats sympathizing more with Israel has fallen 10 points since April 2016, when 43% said they sympathized more with Israel.

- See more at:

Amazing, and here we are told -- continuously, by Hollywood, anyway -- that your average Republican is a toothless, NASCAR-viewing, redneck, racist, annisemmite.

Seventy four percent of Republicans support the yids. Who'da thunk it?


John C said...

Women Will Never Ever Be Happy

John C said...

March? This is marching my dears. You spoilt little brats. 280 miles

Anonymous said...

In dearborn America alongside 100s of other places in the world .young Muslim girls are being killed by their family's in the name of honour

Why aren't these hypocritical women marching for these poor girls


Frank Galton said...


Re Thomas Dixon. Jr

The Winnipeg Tribune, 20 June 1908

[OCR Text]

The Rev, Thomas Dixon. Jr., has written a very powerful play, "The Clansman"...The reverend gentleman is very emphatic in his views upon the race problem which has aroused considerable antagonism in certain quarters and no small praise from those who sympathize with the stand he is making against the social equality craze in the south.

Thomas Dixon, Jr. author of "The Clansman," left New York on June J for his first visit to the Pacific states. He hopes to visit a considerable number of the cities In which his famous race problem play, "The . Clansman," will be performed next season. He will also gather material for his new novel of the Pacific coast, "Comrades," dealing with an attempt to establish a social Utopia under the favoring skies Of California. , Mr. Dixon expects to be at least a week en route, breaking his Journey at Chicago to visit his brother, Rev. A. C. Dixon, pastor of Moody Memorial church. On arival at San Franclscd he will start immediately upon his literary labors.

In response to requests from many of his friends as to his views on the so-called "social equality" dinner given in New York recently, the author of 'The Clansman" has issued the following statement: "The recent dinner given to promote social equality between white girls and negro men in New York by the so-called 'Cosmopolitan club,' must be dismissed with contempt but for...fact, that two editors of national influence were present and spoke. The standing of these men, Hamilton Holt, editor of the Independent, and Oswald Garrison Villard, the editor of the New York Evening Post, cannot be questioned. They represent a force in our social and intellectual...which cannot be ignored.

"One of the speakers at this now famous dinner, where beautiful white girls were sandwiched between black negro men, declared triumphantly that America is THE GREAT MIXING POT * great mixing pot of the earth and that the man of the future who would emerge from this mixture would be more than man he would be a deml-god! The divine thing in this deml-god of course, being that he would be a mulatto!

"Could maudlin sentlmentallsm reach a more dangerous form of insanity? I hold that the men who teach such are the most vicious criminals at large in modem society, and should be held in asylums for the criminal Insane. The poor fool who kills one man in fit of rage is harmless compared to the fanatic who sits in high places and necks to murder his race. Will the breed of horse be improved by crossing with the donkey...

"The negro has a racial record of four thousand years of incapacity and this creature, half child, half animal, the sport of impulse, whim and conceit, whose passions once aroused are as..the tiger's shall we surrender to him our beautiful daughter whose fair skin and dreamy, glorious eyes incarnate the progress of humanity, the glory of tha past and the hop of our future? "The destiny of this nation depends on the strength and purity of our white racial stock; for this republic is great not by reason of the amount of dirt we hold or the size of our census role. We have become great for one reason only: because of the genius of the race of pioneer white freemen who settled this continent, dared the might of kings and made our wilderness the home of freedom, The people of the Pacific coast have shown their appreciation of this truth in the patriotic stand they have taken on the race problem..."

* Israel Zangwill’s 1908 play “THE MELTING POT”

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Frank Galton: re the Rothschilds.

Try this old Indian Ships Captain site. I think you will find the TRUE SOURCE for Rothschild's riches stated therein. It is not that cock and bull story designed to throw people off the track, and which Rothschild's advertise as true on their own site, although it is probably contains facts which are true enough. It's designed to hide the murderous open Rothschild and jewry's greed behind a veneer of "admirable" trickery based on "intelligent" deception - almost a near "respectability".

I have not found confirmation for what Ajit states, but that doesn't mean that he is wrong. He does not source his materials or statements, but he is informed and of that there can be no doubt. I checked the internet several years ago when I first read this for "Tippi Sultan gold" and found many, many hits for treasures being presently auctioned out of London's bigger auction houses. That had strongly indicated that these treasures were still being released - hundreds of years later. I think they have caught on that the story is out into the public because the last search I did revealed very few.

Worth more than the sum total of the Forbe's 500 list.

"When the British killed Tipu Sultan in 1799 AD, Rothschild carted away all his gold. Tipu Sultan had stolen 7000 billion USD worth of gold from my home town Calicut's temples-- centuries of Spice trade returns. Tipu's father Hyder Ali had stolen all the gold from Calicut king Zamorin and forced him to commit suicide.

Sceptics--in 1800 AD India held 63% of the world's private gold jewellery. In 2011 India still holds 38.2% of the world's private gold.

Today the Jews control the financial world.

Forbes gives bullshit that Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the top 3 richest men in the world? The total wealth of these three is around 170 Billion US dollars or 170 thousand million dollars..

The richest is the Rothschild family. Their wealth is MORE than 300 trillion or 300 million million dollars.

Forbes does NOT put Rothschild in the Forbes 500 list, though today they are worth more than the sum total of the entire 500 members wealth -- in more than 300 trillion USD..
Fur Trader Forbes ( descendants John Forbes Kerry and John Murray Forbes ) was in the Opium business and were agents of Rothschild at Boston."

Flanders said...

Regarding that Captain Ajit site, the link I left is not his most comprehensive story telling about that Tippi Sultan gold and treasure, but I don't want to search for it now, but others may want to. I'll mention that he is more anti-White, but probably because he associates White people with the jews, and he's probably a black Indian. It is true to too damned many of our own White people have until more recently refused to awaken to the jews or to the control exerted by them, so considering his view on that may help to explain it. It's our job to awaken the rest of our own White people and shake them out of their long-managed jew-induced slumber.

I've found almost everything else he states at his site to be generally correct, which is amazing considering the volume and lengths of his posts.
I've never seen him state where he obtains his information, or offer sources, but there is very little other that I would disagree with him on. It's not just the White world that the jew's consortiums of international bankers which include the Rothschilds' seek to control and destroy for their own greed and to satisfy the jew's innate inhumanity.

He often refers to the jews as being the "R's" for whatever reason, and understandably many of his posts deal with the Rothschild and jew [r's] effects on India's culture and politics.

James said...

(((They))) just never quit. Nothing's ever good enough.

Trump is only one million percent behind Israel, which is borderline antisemitism.

James said...

Imagine my disappointment at discovering that there's no such thing as a black Labrador or a golden retriever.

Both of white have white skin.

James said...

People who aren’t Jewish or familiar with the history may not realize this, but “America First” makes many people deeply uncomfortable.

ADL asked Trump to not use the phrase but he didn't listen. He is like Hitler.

James said...

Hillary nearly in tears.

Bill seems OK.

James said...

WOW!! -- Eddy Wally

"It feels like we are trying to avoid the apocalypse and half the country voted for the asteroid."

"From slavery to Nazism, the country has faced challenges before."

"History is put on hold again."

"Decency lost last night and that's what is so hurtful about this."

"A kind of pushback against the advancement of African Americans, Mexicans, Women, and Muslims."

"I can't understand how disorganised and hateful America has become."


Well Trump just grabbed them by the country.

James said...

Makow had an upset reader say their 12 year old was taken to this exhibit for school. That would have been an education.

The interesting this is that with the lesbian couples one usually looks normal and the other queer, but with gay men they both look queer. There must be some scientific explanation.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Judd seems insane but we can't be sure without further investigation.

Anonymous said...

Let us talk about Christ for a moment

We spend an onerous amount of time discussing the kikes the mohammedans and the bolshevik pagans.

These filthy savages create bolshevik Christ.

Our Lord Christ is the Authoritarian.

Love God, respect your ancestors, don't lie cheat and steal, sex has a purpose, don't murder, respect others as you would like to be respected.

This is obviously too much for the kikes and the bolsheviks. I think they get stuck on the no lying cheating or stealing. God is out. Respect for others? Nobody else exists. Murder, deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Trump surrounded by jeaux.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "Try this old Indian Ships Captain site [Ajit Vadakayil]. I think you will find the TRUE SOURCE for Rothschild's riches stated therein. It is not that cock and bull story designed to throw people off the track..."


Re the site you linked to.

"Forbes does NOT put Rothschild in the Forbes 500 list, though today they are worth more than the sum total of the entire 500 members wealth -- in more than 300 trillion USD..Fur Trader Forbes ( descendants John Forbes Kerry and John Murray Forbes ) was in the Opium business and were agents of Rothschild at Boston." - Ajit Vadakayil

John Kerry is NOT related to the founder of Forbes magazine, Bertie Charles Forbes.

Syracuse University Libraries

Bertie Charles Forbes (1880-1954) was an American journalist and the founder and editor of Forbes magazine. He was born May 14, 1880 in New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Robert and Agnes (Moir) Forbes.

In 1901 Forbes left Scotland for South Africa, and he worked there as a reporter for various papers, including the Rand Daily Mail, which he also helped to establish. Three years later, he went to New York...

Forbes family (publishers)

This article is about the Forbes family associated with Forbes magazine. For information about the Forbes family related to US Secretary of State John Kerry, see Forbes family.

Forbes family

Notable family members are businessman John Murray Forbes (1813–1898), part of the first generation who accumulated wealth, and politician John Forbes Kerry (born 1943).

Forbes Magazine

The World's Billionaires

Benjamin de Rothschild on Forbes Lists
#1121 Billionaires (2016)

Nathaniel Rothschild on Forbes Lists
#1153 Billionaires (2012)

As the heir apparent to the centuries-old European banking dynasty, 40-year-old Nathaniel Rothschild (he prefers Nat) is building on his inheritance with canny investments in commodities...

Jeff Rothschild (no relation to the banking family) on Forbes Lists
#321 Forbes 400 (2016)

David Rockefeller, Sr. on Forbes Lists
#214 Forbes 400 (2016)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I have just been reading 10 pages of the reviews of the book the film is based on.
Whilst there are a lot of people saying how dull the book is, no one is questioning the basic narrative of the story as people want it so much to be true.


Flanders said...

"A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

Listed below are the 8 billionaires along with their estimated wealth, which combined equals $426.2 billion.

Bill Gates – $75 b
Amancio Ortega – $67 b
Warren Buffett – $60.8 b
Carlos Slim Helu – $50 b
Jeff Bezos – $45.2 b
Mark Zuckerberg – $44.6 b
Larry Ellison – $43.6 b
Michael Bllomberg – $40 b

Oxfam’s assertion is that world economies are mismanaged in favor of the wealthy, which is largely true, however, the report failed to hit the mark on this serious issue by not acknowledging the greatest problem with the world’s economy, which is the global central banking model of privately owned debt-based fiat currencies.

The current banking model is the product of hundreds of years of planned development, structuring, manipulation, force and trickery which began in earnest with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who first established banking and finance houses in Germany in the 18th century.

"Fast forward to 2016, the Rothschild family is a dynasty of unimaginable wealth which manages to somehow conceal it for the most part, never quite being publicly credited as the richest and most influential family in the world. By dividing up their capital and holdings amongst the many members of the family, including numerous descendants and heirs, occasionally a single member of the family will appear on a list of the world’s top individuals; however, the family as a whole represents the largest fortune ever known.

Traditionally, the Rothschild fortune is invested in closely held corporations. Most family members are employed by these corporations directly or invested in operations that generate family wealth. The remarkable success of the family has largely been due to a strong interest in cooperation, being entrepreneurs and the practice of shrewd business principles."

"Jewish Rothschilds - A Wicked Family" [10 min]

Flanders said...

"How the Rothschilds rule USA" [Comedy video with facts on the Fed - 30 min]

"he Warburgs, Kuhn Loebs, Goldman Sachs, Schiffs and Rothschilds have intermarried into one big happy banking family. The Warburg family- which controls Deutsche Bank and BNP–tied up with the Rothschilds in 1814 in Hamburg, while Kuhn Loeb powerhouse Jacob Schiff shared quarters with Rothschilds in 1785. Schiff immigrated to America in 1865. He joined forces with Abraham Kuhn and married Solomon Loeb’s daughter. Loeb and Kuhn married each others sisters and the Kuhn Loeb dynasty was consummated. Felix Warburg married Jacob Schiff’s daughter. Two Goldman daughters married two sons of the Sachs family, creating Goldman Sachs. In 1806 Nathan Rothschild married the oldest daughter of Levi Barent Cohen, a leading financier in London. [22] Thus, Merrill Lynch super-bull Abby Joseph Cohen and Clinton Secretary of Defense William Cohen are likely descended from Rothschilds.

Today the Rothschild’s control a far-flung financial empire, which includes majority stakes in most world central banks. The Edmond de Rothschild clan owns the Banque Privee SA in Lugano, Switzerland and the Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. The family of Jacob Lord Rothschild owns the powerful Rothschild Italia in Milan. They are founding members of the exclusive $10 trillion Club of the Isles – which controls corporate giants Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Barclays, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, BHP Billiton and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials. [23]

The Club of the Isles provides capital for George Soros’ Quantum Fund NV– which made a killing in 1998-99 destroying the currencies of Thailand, Indonesia and Russia. Soros was a major shareholder at George W. Bush’s Harken Energy.

Quantum NV operates from the Dutch island of Curacao, in the shadow of recently shuttered Royal Dutch/Shell and Exxon Mobil refineries. Curacao was recently cited by an OECD Task Force on Money Laundering as a major drug money laundering nation. The Club of Isles is led by the Rothschilds and includes Queen Elizabeth II and other wealthy European aristocrats and Black Nobility. Fugitive Swiss financier and Mossad cutout Marc Rich, whose business interests were recently taken over by the Russian mafia Alfa Group, is also part of the Soros network. [24]

Ties to drug money are nothing new to the Rothschilds. N. M. Rothschild & Sons was at the epicenter of the Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) scandal, but escaped the limelight when a warehouse full of documents conveniently burned to the ground around the time Rothschild-controlled Bank of England shut BCCI down." [More]

The Federal Reserve Cartel, Part II: The Freemason Bank of the US & The House of Rothschild

Flanders said...

Frank Galton @ 07:06, The real point of the posting was not at all about Forbes, but was about the Rothschilds and Tippu Sultan's gold. The links you provided may be correct as to Forbes, but the author at the site link I posted may have made a statement on Forbes when it was actually Astor's family who had engaged in the fur trading business. The author at this site linked below also says that John Kerry is related to the Forbes.

"1 .The Astor Family. America's first multimillionaire, John Jacobs Astor, joined the opium smuggling trade in 1816 when his American Fur Company bought 10 tons of Turkish opium and smuggled it into Canton."
2. The Forbes Family. John Murray Forbes and Robert Bennet Forbes worked for Perkins & Co. in its China trade. While the former's main job was to secure quality tea for export, that latter was more intimately involved in the importing size of the business and had more of a direct role in the opium trade. Their father, Ralph Forbes, had married into the Perkins family. It was the brothers' activities in the 1830s and 1840s that led to the Forbes family's accumulated wealth. The most notable family member on the contemporary scene is US Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry. The Forbes legacy in the China opium trade lived on in the Museum of the American China Trade in Milton, Massachusetts,..".

Anonymous said...

What is up with the scores and scores OF le Juf sorrounding Trump?

FFS I do not know what to think any more! Is this a case of the tribe simply having more than onne horse in the race?

Again what the hell is going on with all the Ashkenazis and odd Sephardic surrounding Trump like gulls around a decomposing beached whale carcass?

Frank Galton said...


Re the site you linked to (americanbunker).

"Ties to drug money are nothing new to the Rothschilds. N. M. Rothschild & Sons was at the epicenter of the Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) scandal, but escaped the limelight when a warehouse full of documents conveniently burned to the ground around the time ROTHSCHILD-CONTROLLED BANK OF ENGLAND shut BCCI down."

Bank of England

The Bank of England is the central bank of the whole of the UK and was established as a corporate body by Royal Charter under the Bank of England Act 1694. The Bank was nationalised on 1 March 1946, and gained operational independence to set interest rates in 1997. The Bank is a public sector institution wholly-owned by the government - the entire capital of the Bank is, in fact, held by the Treasury solicitor on behalf of HM Treasury.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 03 November 2015

How to invest like the Rothschild dynasty

The family’s banking dynasty has had a presence in London since 1811, when Nathan Mayer Rothschild, along with his four brothers, was instructed by their father, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, to expand the family’s banking business across Europe.

The initial fortune was made in government bonds and bullion but a tidy profit also came Nathan’s way after he spotted an opportunity to make money from the Napoleonic Wars. Nathan opted to support the Duke of Wellington financially and started to loan money to English troops fighting Napoleon. The family netted healthy profits when the debts were repaid.

But they also speculated on the stock market. And here, as the armies closed in for the final confrontation at Waterloo, Nathan’s family connections gave him a crucial advantage.

In an age before the instant transmission of information across the world, the Rothschilds had a network of agents across Europe in place to send news of key events such as the battle back to London. On the afternoon of June 18 1815, Nathan learnt of Wellington’s victory.

Realising that other investors remained ignorant of the battle’s outcome, he sold heavily on the stock market. Other traders followed suit. But later the same day, still before other investors had learnt of Wellington’s victory, Nathan quietly bought almost the entire stock market at incredibly low prices. When the news eventually emerged, the market rocketed, netting Nathan a fortune.

The Washington Post, 23 December 1979

Upstairs, Downstairs at Waddesdon Manor

Mrs. [Dorothy] de Rothschild in her book, "The Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor," goes on to tell how she coped.

It seems significant that "many people appeared to come to stay at Waddesdon immediately after they had taken part in some notable event. As an instance, Lord Wolseley, on reaching this country after the capture of Khartoum, HEADED STRAIGHT FOR WADDESDON, as did British ambassadors after important international conferences, or war correspondents, hot-foot from some Balkan war."

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


Re the site you linked to (americanbunker).

"Today the Rothschild’s control a far-flung financial empire, which includes majority stakes in most world central banks. "

Daily Telegraph, 04 February 2011

Today, the bank is tiny in comparison to US rivals, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Helps explain why the moon landings were faked... :)

Anonymous said...

Today, the bank is tiny in comparison to US rivals, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley...

I can see why people think that might be true. One of the companies I used to work for used to sublet some of its office space (in the City of London) to N.M Rothschilds. It would be the other way round if the Rothschilds were still major league.

On the other hand, if they aren't major league players anymore why do big hitting politicians like Mandleson and Osbourne hang about on their yachts. And also how did the Rothschilds lose their position at the top? If they bet the house on Imperial Chinese War Bonds or trying to get control of the Silver markent like the Hunt Brothers did they could have ended up losing their shirts but then we would have heard about it.

In the absence of hearing of any financial catastrophes hitting the Rothschilds I am going to assume that they are just as rich and powerful as they ever were but with extra control over the media and politicians so that stories about them are suppressed or very carefully managed.


Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 26 October 2008

Tories face call to repay Rothschild £1m loan

The Conservative party faced demands last night to repay a huge loan from a member of the Rothschild banking family made through a company set up with the sole purpose of protecting her anonymity.

An Observer investigation has found that the party has benefited from a £1m loan from Lady Victoria de Rothschild, made via a 'non-trading' company that conducts no business and has had no other function in its four-year history than to lend the Tories money.

The Independent, 22 October 2008

The Rothschilds and their 200 years of political influence

The Rothschild family and politics have been intertwined for generations, ever since Nathan Rothschild, who founded the English branch of the family business, financed Britain's war against Napoleon two centuries ago. Nathan was the son of Mayer Rothschild, who founded the family business in the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt during the 18th century.

Serena Rothschild, Nat Rothschild's mother, was one of the largest individual donors to the Conservative Party last year. She gave £190,000. She has also helped fund Mr Osborne's office.

When another member of the clan, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, married the New York businesswoman Lynn Forester, they spent the night of their wedding dinner in the White House as guests of Bill Clinton. Lady Rothschild was a fund-raiser for the Democrats, but defected to the McCain camp after her friend Hillary Clinton was beaten to the nomination by Barack Obama.

So it is nothing new for a Rothschild to be mixing with prominent politicians – but generally they do it in a way that does not invite unnecessary publicity.

Nat Rothschild is thought to have made much more than the money he stood to inherit as Jacob Rothschild's youngest child and only son.

Frank Galton

uncomfortable questioner said...

" There were indeed some Women Of Colour working at NASA. Bringing in the coffee and cleaning the latrines. As nature ordained."

This begs the question: why you, Savant, aren't open to accepting all of nature's ordainment? It seems some of its facets you can't accept them, really.

Do your best, and act the same way when you like the ordainment and when you dislike it.

And before you mentally recollect one or some hundreds of Whites that in your opinion aren't below anybody else in terms of acumen and intellect, remember that for most things it is the average that matters, not the exceptions.

Whites are today where they should be. Above those black women you speak about so contemptuously, and below other people.

Why the whining?

Dr. Wassell said...

"She has also helped fund Mr Osborne's office."

Please. (((Mr. Osborne)))

Greg Bacon said...

But of course they did! And kept that startling info under wraps until Glenn had died, since they didn't want to hear any sass from some white guy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Haha of course it was negresses that got us into space anyone sbould know, we wuz kangz 'n sheeit!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Haven't you noticed all dogs are white?

Labs are brunettes. Retrievers are blonde. Setters are redheads.

Anonymous said...

How is that Bill Gates was worth 75 billion twenty years ago and he's still worth 75 billion?

We need betters lists.

Walton family well over 100 billion now.

When they announce the first trillionaire, that'll be the signal to grab your Bible and guns.

But then, I said that about gay marriage.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...


Haven't you noticed all dogs are white?

Of course. My comment was rhetorical, to mock a fallacy in the original comment. Even a colour-blind dog can differentiate between black and white.

Anonymous said...


And don't forget wolves!