Thursday, 1 September 2016

This here's the story of Adolph and Jesse

I see there's a new film ('Race') which tells the story of legendary black athlete Jesse Owens. Being a (((Hollywood))) production it predictably ticks off the standard array of anti-White memes. And as every schoolboy knows Germans (did you know they murdered six million Jews?) embody White Evil. The film retells the shocking tale of how the world's greatest athlete was humiliated by the German public and their politicians, reaching a heart-rending climax with Hitler point-blank refusing to shake the untermensch's hand, instead storming from the stadium in disgust.

Don't know why (((they))) felt they had to retell the story because we all knew it anyway, didn't we?

Well I suppose because repetition remains a central plank of indoctrination. With enough repetition the target can become literally incapable of revising the embedded version even when presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And in this instance the evidence to the contrary is indeed overwhelming. Totally. It is indeed true that Hitler did not shake Jesse's hand but neither did he for any other winners. Well that's not quite true. He had done it a few times during the first day of the Games but was then informed by the Olympic Authorities that he either was to personally congratulate all of the winners or none. The former being utterly impractical he decided to leave all hands unshaken from then on.

The best source for this is Jesse himself. “Hitler didn't snub me—it was [FDR] who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram.” he was quoted in Triumph, a book about the 1936 Olympics by Jeremy Schaap. In fact Roosevelt never publicly acknowledged Owens' achievements in any way. Back home when Jesse and wife tried to get into the upmarket hotel for his own celebration he was told that, being black, he could not use through the front-door. That moment still angers his eldest daughter Gloria Owens Hemphill, now 83. “He had to go in the back door,” she says. 

If he was treated like that in his home country can you just imagine the humiliation inflicted on him by the hate-filled German public? In fact he became a hero to them. There were German cheers of “Yesseh Oh-vens” or just “Oh-vens” from the crowd as he competed. When off-track he was mobbed by autograph seekers to the point that he complained about all the attention. He later claimed that his reception in Berlin was better than any other he had ever experienced. Hardly surprising given that he received no Hollywood offers, no endorsement contracts, and no ad deals. Three years after his victories in Berlin he was bankrupt.

So that's the true story of Adolph and Jesse. But hey, who wants true stories when your job is to make propaganda and guilt-trip the White masses? Reminds me of the famous Big Lie technique immortalised by Joseph Goebbels.  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Again, as every schoolboy knows he was referring to the Nazi modus operandi. Except he wasn't. The truth was the exact opposite. He was referring to the Jewish technique of the Big Lie and the need for Germans to see through it. Yes indeed, who wants true stories when your job is to guilt-trip the White masses?


(((THEM!))) said...

re MacDonald and Fetzer-

GHQ said...

"Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to leave. It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was bad taste to criticize the 'man of the hour' in another country" Notice : Hitler waved FIRST at a black athlete

James said...

He had done it a few times during the first day of the Games but was then informed by the Olympic Authorities that he either was to personally congratulate all of the winners or none. The former being utterly impractical he decided to leave all hands unshaken from then on.

I heard they just told him that heads of state were not required to shake hands with the winners and that it was preferable if he didn't. So he didn't.

In his book Owens said Hitler smiled and waved at him. He also said the false complaints about Hitler were "very bad form" and quite disrespectful of "the man of the hour".

So Owens liked Hitler.

These anti-whites making their anti-white movies should be exposed and denounced by a real anti-defamation league.

Anonymous said...

The idolizing of black sports heroes reached feverish proportions decades ago. Howard Cosell drooling over rabid race hater Muhammad Ali was when I stopped paying attention. Claimed his light skin was the result of slave rape but decades later the Irish press found out that he had an Irish Civil War veteran ancestor who MARRIED a former slave. So fast and so good no one could lay a glove on him which is why the repeated blows to the arrogant bastard's head left him a drooling idiot for the last twenty-five years of his life. And the drunkard (((Cosell))) got his too when he casually referred to a football back: "Look at the little monkey run!" and was hounded right out of his career.

It seems to me that blacks are idolized for their physiques because A - to compensate because they are obviously stupid and B- because (((they))), being obviously weak and fragile, have no chance of ever having a dog in that fight.

But really, it's more cultural than anything else. Here in the North blacks and whites boxed each other all the time up until the sixties. After that, white men were expected to act timid and weak like (((you know who))). Before that, the white champions were real but the cultural Marxists now insist loudly that things were the way they were because of racism.

Having been around them for a lot of my life, I can see that they don't wear all that well. What was taken as muscle years ago can now be seen as puffed out from heavy fat content and they seem to be hurt a lot. And what I consider the real measure of strength, the ruggedness of the skeleton, seems not to be noticed. Can't have that because it might favor certain northern European types.

David said...

Indeed to make the masses both Black and White believe we are all cartoon Nazis, which guilt trips Whites and emboldens the Other knowing as they do the verdict of Providence given to the most evils Whites ever, in turn makes doing G_ds work even easier. With the attention spans of Blacks being as dey be, why even bother watching the complete film when the trailer will do:

Anonymous said...

ISIS: Allah commands us not to fight Israel & Jews

Well that explains that then.

James said...

3 minutes of your time: The most interesting video you will see today - guaranteed!

ff to 2 min mark if impatient.

Anonymous said...

Is this true, or is Mo just a normal guy like Leo?

No, Muslims have NOT been killing Jews for centuries. Muslims & Jews have been ALLIES in killing and enslaving Christians for 1400 years, because Islam was created as a Proxy Army to wipe out Christianity while deflecting blame away from “The Tribe”. Islam was actually created by Khadija, the 40-year-old Jewish Yemeni Cabbalist Sorceress & Slavetrader, who asked her 20-year-old EMPLOYEE MOHAMMED to marry her, filling his head with occult visions, and writing down his “new religion” for him (because he was illiterate), which he never knew was based entirely upon the Babylonian Talmud & Torah, which is why the two religions are so similar. It was her vast Jewish wealth, inherited from her Jewish father, that funded Mo’s army of conquest, wiping out whole countries full of Christians, which continues to this day. After Khadija’s death 25 years later, Mohammed’s Jewish adviser Abu Bakr offered him his 6-year-old Jewish daughter Aisha to be his second wife, who reportedly poisoned Mo later on the orders of her father, who wanted to seize control of the “empire”, which he did.

James said...

Now we know what school is for.

Look at this freaky mulatto.

Anonymous said...

Muslims sacrificing Christians to the arch-demon Allah.

Anonymous said...

Savant. Have you heard of the Mandela effect? It's not what I expected. Basically,it's a 'conspiracy theory' that 'they' (probably CERN)are messing around with time. It's called the Mandela effect because when some people heard of Mandelas death they believed that he had died many years before.
I've had one of those moments. I was sure that I had read a different post than the Owens one that was posted after 'The Alt Right Comes of Age'. It was based on a link from another site. It was an opinion that the 'alt-right' was planned all of the time and is not an awakening of white people?
Is it 'Mandela effect' or have you deleted a post? I think there was even two comments on my 'Mandela' post.


Anonymous said...

Anon said :-

'being obviously weak and fragile, have no chance of ever having a dog in that fight.'

I'm not one to defend them but they have had a few.


Martinus said...

Off topic but looks like we're two for two on this day!
Israeli-built satellite, check.
Owned by Facebook, check.


SAVANT said...

Lemmyhead. Sorry, that post was deleted by me in error. Blogger does not enable the recovery of a deleted post unfortunately.

Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic but ...

This is a serious question. Is it that because of millennia of lying to everyone they see, that they now lie -- compulsively -- to each other ... and ultimately themselves?

Please read the following and tell me that jews as a race, creed, nation, whatever are not batshit insane.

Massive Soros Funding Behind Efforts to Tar Israeli Democracy, Leaks Show

by Staff | 08.16.16 9:58 am

A cache of confidential documents from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), released after the George Soros-funded philanthropic network was apparently hacked, provides extensive details of the hedge fund mogul’s secretive efforts to spend millions of dollars annually to create an “echo chamber” of “organizations highly critical of the Jewish state,” Tablet Magazine’s Liel Leibovitz reported this week.

OSF has funded multiple organizations over many years that deny Israel’s right to exist or seek to delegitimize the Jewish state, often by advancing anti-Semitic language and themes, as part of a deliberate strategy.

Typical of the Soros grantees, Adalah, a self-described “non-profit, non- sectarian Palestinian-run legal center,” received over $2 million and frequently slanders Israel with false accusations Israel of committing war crimes and lobbies governments to break or downgrade diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. Adalah was also involved in crafting the platform released by a network of groups affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement, which charged Israel with carrying out a “genocide” against Palestinians. The libel was strongly condemned by a panoply of Jewish organizations, with Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt calling it “repellent and completely inaccurate.”

Another OSF grantee is I’lam, a Palestinian media center based in Nazareth. In a 2014 publication about Israel’s founding, which it called the Palestinian “Nakba”—literally meaning “catastrophe”—I’lam made the discredited claim that Israel was guilty of ethnic cleansing and that “the practical meaning of the Nakba undermines the moral and ethical foundation of Zionism and, hence, of the State of Israel.” OSF also approved grants to the New Israel Fund, a New York-based organization that has been widely criticized for acting as a clearinghouse for funds delivered to anti-Israel causes.

I often said that World peace will ensue, when the very last nigger chokes to death on the thighbone of the very last jew.

I am less optimistic these days. I see the end occurring when the last half dozen yids form a circular firing squad ... and all of them cheat by firing on the count of "one".

Hey ... I can dream ... no?


GHQ said...

I think (((they))) are afflicted with an insane self-destructive gene. And that gene is going to cause them to be fucked over worse than anything they have experienced in the past. The basis for the problem lies in their total inability to see how their standard behavior pisses off the rest of us and why our reaction is normal.

katana said...

"There were German cheers of “Yesseh Oh-vens” or just “Oh-vens” from the crowd as he competed."

But surely Sav, those evil Nazis were really screaming, "Ovens!" as in "Put him in an oven!"? :)

Anonymous said...

Use this if the net goes down


replace the dots with dots

Flanders said...

The jews use Owens and other niggers for the purposes of beating up on the White race (just because he can outrun a horse ... ha!) with the purpose of dividing most of the general public, turning them into propagandized racially-split wastrels.

Privately, however, the jews despise those niggers deeply. They know exactly what the jew propaganda, originating from stealthily hidden jewish sources and repeated endlessly from many other sources, is intended to do - and is false. But, how do those jews talk in private? Look at Israel - That is how jews treat those blacks who ARE genetic jews.

I'll bet that you didn't even know that Owens was not supposed to be at the Olympics.

The Olympic race was run by Owens, but was supposed to have been a jew. --- Replaced because of anti-Semitism, you see!

Here that jew is talking all about it to his fellow jews of the "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum."

The Nazi Olympics: Jewish Athletes (Part 2)

Flanders said...

"The first amendment compels the US Government and the American People to disband the subversive jewish controlled press and prevent a hostile minority from gaining control over the public discourse and government policy."
Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"The press has long been monopolized by the jewish bankers. Does such a press represent American freedom, or repression?

The jews are using the press to control American Government. This is an even more repressive system than government openly controlling the press, because it operates under the illusion that it is a free system thereby instilling trust in the electorate that the press is independent of the State. But in what sense is the press free of State control, when it controls government in a very real and measurable sense? Freedom, in the sense of the first amendment implies the lack of collusion between government and the press, and where they are under the control of the same persons or groups, freedom does not exist." [Continues]

Ecosse said...

I remember documentaries that black U.S. soldiers stated they were treated better by the Germans than they were back home. Also weren't there like 150,000 german soldiers who were part Jewish and the germans knew and accepted this.
For racists those germans were sure second rate. Just ask any Palestinian.

Flanders said...

James at 21:50, Re: ISIS
[From Your Link]:
Your link needs to be expanded upon. I'll try doing that using my notes:
[ISIS - Israeli and jew spies] - 1990 CSPAN Clip Author describes Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ISIS [specifically described near the very end of this first clip.]

MOSSAD means institute. Comparable to CIA. Second most in Israeli importance. It's flamboyance hides the importance of AMAN, like CIA hides the NSA. Under the PM's office.
Riviv said they [these jewish authors] wanted to know what the intelligence services called themselves when they talked to each other. "The Israeli PM's spokesman said, the "Israeli State Intelligence Services - ISIS" (at the 2:55 minute mark*).

AMAN - Intelligence arm of the Israeli armed forces - Military Intelligence - The largest and most important.

Shin Bet - Domestic equivalent to FBI - combats terrorism, counter-terrorism, subversion and plots against the state of Israel.

Brian Lamb - C-Span moderator, Booknotes
Dan Riviv - Co-author "Every Spy A Prince"
Yossi Melmen - Co-author "Every Spy A Prince"
Another, and longer section of the same C Span Booknotes session, but on a different video, discussing jewish spies (usually called Israeli spies, but only because they SUPPOSEDLY are initially controlled from there), and their spy program. [THIS VIDEO HAS THE SAME SECTION AS THE 1ST CLIP ABOVE, ABOUT ISIS, BEGINNING AT THE 55 MINUTE* MARK, (but, before that these jewish "journalists" engage in misleading outright lies designed to lead people to think that Israel has no extensive nuclear program) - They DO!]:

Talking about Jonathan Pollard in specific [at 11:00 minutes below], Dan Riviv says:

"We say in the book that Mossad should have learned ages ago not to hire jews to do that."
He [Pollard] was handled by Le Comte' [phonetic] of - The Science Liason Bureau [SLB], which was not known about, even by other Israeli intelligence services, until Pollard was arrested in 1985. It was a "sacred secret" [of the PM]. [13:20].

Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman: Every Spy a Prince (1990) [55 minutes]

Flanders said...

I'm keeping this one shorter by skipping some of the good stuff, and I encourage you to read, "Challenging the profit motives of globalism versus nationalism".

"... we still live in a world where the elite absolutely rely on the leverage provided by the labor arbitrage that only globalism (and floating exchange rates) can provide. Take the European Union, for example. Each member of the European Union can print bonds in their nation’s name, but they cannot print currency to pay the coupon of those bonds. Furthermore, these nations cannot raise their taxes to pay the coupon either, as they are high-tax socialist paradises, thus, any increase in taxes will cut directly into consumption, which directly affects their imports/export agreements. There is only one way in which European nations can pay off these coupon: labor arbitrage.

Importing massive amounts of cheaper immigrants, especially in export-heavy nations like Sweden and Germany, is a conceit that Europe must now follow the American/Ford model of labor arbitrage: Import labor to do that which is too complex to outsource, and then outsource the rest. In short, Europe is engaging in a variation of Gresham’s Law regarding labor: Hoard complexity, liquefy simplicity. That means human organizations have a propensity to hoard those who can resolve complexity and expend those who are tasked to resolve simplicity. The profits generated from cheap labor arbitrage will extend the politically popular (and expensive) socialist policies of human care that an export nation must provide to be competitive. .... The loyal socialists who labored for years are replaced by a configuration of cheaper labor. Their complaints and frustrations are dismissed as nothing more than racist reactions or tone deaf nationalism since the imported labor heralds from a variety of different races and/or nationalities." [Continues]

Flanders said...

"Censorship is not a top-down reaction chasing down an idea after it has gained popularity. That’s Fischer Price’s “My First Dictatorship“; some fairy tale plebs tell their children if they do bad things.

Real censorship is a multi-layered process. In order to prevent popularity of an idea, you have to prevent the idea from being spoken.

To get started, you foster an environment where everyone has their own subjective definition of every single word. This can be done by giving everyone nuggets of positive reinforcement (Henceforth referred to as “gold stars“) every time they perform behavior that demonstrates their willingness to create their own subjective lexicons. An example of this is to demonstrate clever-sounding hand-waving to describe a situation. The more grandiose the hand-waving, the bigger the gold star.

For instance, if the question is “Why did X happen?“ then acceptable ways to get gold stars would be answers likes “God“, “racism“, “classism“, and other shallow attempts to display an understanding of more complex affairs without being held responsible to demonstrate mastery of such complexity. The interface for authority (Parents at first, then community leaders, then mass media) gives the gold star, and the Pavlovian response is established.

This is the first layer of censorship: Rewarding acceptable behavior." [Continues with - Other layers which are very well explained]:
Rewarding acceptable behavior.
Associating positivity with interfaces of authority.
Punishing those who do not provide gold stars.
Fear of confrontation.

James said...

a prudent man wouldn’t be toiling to turn the Camp of the Saints into non-fiction

One of UN's greatest contributions to this blog was mentioning this other blog.

James said...

The NZ Herald just said today that transgender people face a 50 year waiting list for surgery.

I'm glad they addressed that. By Monday it should be 50 minutes with any luck.

Seriously. (I'm serious that is, they really said that. I can't tell how serious they are.)

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Berel Lazar awarded Order of Merit - Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin awards Chief Rabbi of Russia with an Order of Merit in the Kremlin Moscow Russia July 31, 2014

Ancient Jewish Library Welcomed to New Home in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow's Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre as an important collection of ancient Jewish books, the Schneerson library, arrived on Thursday. The President familiarised himself with the most valuable parts of the collection, which contains some 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents dating from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The transfer follows years of debate with the New York City based Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community who demand the return of the library. The movement argues they are the right owners of the books, as the author of the collection, Schneerson, headed the organisation after moving to the United States. However the transfer of the Schneerson library was welcomed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, who called it a big day for Russian Jews.

Russia has maintained that it will keep the collection, saying that it is a state property and part of Russian culture. The matter got into the media spotlight in January after a US judge ordered Russia to pay $50,000 (€37,000) per day until it returns the library. The decision to move the collection to Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre was proposed by Putin himself this year during a meeting of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations.

Moscow's Jewish Museum and Centre of Tolerance was opened in November 2012, with Israeli President Shimon Peres travelling to Moscow for its inauguration. It features several interactive displays regarding the Jewish peoples' long and tumultuous place in Russian history. Now home to the the Schneerson library collection, the museum's new library department operates as a part of the Russian State Library.

Putin and Chabad sect in Russia. Leader of Russian Jewry, Rabbi Berel Lazar praises Vladimir Putin.

Rabbi Berel Lazar about Putin

- See more at:

Anonymous said...

Watch it you lot don't mock the burka
Eff the Villa

Anonymous said...

According to Jim Stone, above top secret stuff was on, and China didn't have to hack it - there was no password. (Anonymous access was granted for everyone)

heuristic said...

http://82DOT221DOT129DOT208/ Can you provide some more in formation on this? (net goes down)

Adolph Cromwell said...

One should be clear about Putin's Jewish links. These are largely confined to one extremely Orthodox sect. This is where all the glad-handing and mutual back-slapping takes place.

Anonymous said...

http://82DOT221DOT129DOT208/ Can you provide some more in formation on this? (net goes down)

It's Jim Stone's site via direct IP address rather than DNS.

People on here said his site was inaccessible in Australia already, so if something funny happens, it might be a useful source of heads up.

Anonymous said...

confined to one extremely Orthodox sect

Tell Theresa May that these people seem extreme. She wants to track down extremism wherever it may lurk. She said so.

Isolde said...

On the night of her election as PM she had dinner with Britain's Chief Rabbi.

Anonymous said...

Leftist starting to use hot bitches to push their message.

Go Heidi!

Anonymous said...

Heil Trump

Phoenix (CNN)Donald Trump on Wednesday stated clearly there would be “no amnesty” for undocumented immigrants living in the US, putting to rest questions about whether he was softening his stance on the issue that’s driven much of his campaign.

“For those here illegally today who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. To return home and apply for re-entry like everybody else under the rules of the new legal immigration system that I have outlined today,” the Republican presidential nominee said.

He added: “There will be no amnesty.”

“People will know that you can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized — it’s not going to work that way. Those days are over,” Trump said.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Isolde said...
On the night of her election as PM she had dinner with Britain's Chief Rabbi.

Sir/Madam, that was an extremely extreme comment.

Anonymous said...

Trump spewed, spat, and dribbled:

"It is our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish here."

The operative word is "choose". What a novel idea!

Funny how it rhymes with the operatives really controlling immigration.

Anonymous said...

"Choose" - what a word!

What's another word for choose?

Let me think....

That's it: ELECT!

Maybe one day we will be allowed to elect something we want.

Anonymous said...

If Trump gets in and turns the immigration tide, Mexicans will start complaining about the flow of Hispanic crap moving south.

Liberals won't know what names to call them, but they'll have plenty of names for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Trump oozes more filth from his warty trap:

Number Seven: We will ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported

There are at least 23 countries that refuse to take their people back after they have been ordered to leave the United States, including large numbers of violent criminals.

UN can figure out a way to get them there.

Anonymous said...

Trump also states:

Number Eight: We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.

For years, Congress has required a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system, but it has never been completed.

In my Administration, we will ensure that this system is in place at all land, air, and sea ports.

This can also be used to track RACISTS.

Anonymous said...

Now it's proved Muslims are attacking Sikhs they will probably act quicker to stop them as to the powers that be .that's a attack on Multi culture which is a worse crime than killing Christians

Eff the villa

James Lord said...

The Sikhs fully understand Muslims and take no crap from them. Sit back and watch them celebrate diversity!

Jon said...

Multi-cult London is a dangerous place for whites........

Shocking CCTV shows gang of 10 (BLACK)youths savagely beating a (WHITE)teenager before knocking him out with a CHAIR.

London police take 5 months before releasing the footage!

V for Victory said...

Owens himself and one reporter in particular who was at the Olympics. There is another reporter though he mostly just interviewed Owens in his later life. Irony side, Owens became an "African Nazi" and his view points of race, and politics fits in line with a Nazi. Mostly because of his impression of Nazi Germany and Hitler during his stay. If you ever read or watch an interview of Owens post war about racial inequality in the USA, marriage and many other things. He sounds like a Nazi. Often spoke in admiration of Adolf Hitler as well. I've been kind of holding off seeing the Owens film that came out recently out of fear that it is just another propaganda film. Afraid they'd likely paint the opposite picture about Owens for the sake of politics,

Anonymous said...

Because of Kapernick (mudshark mom, completely missing dad and adoptive (((white family))).

Controversy about national anthem third verse referring "hirelings and slaves."

I always figured it referred to British Army mercenaries (like the Hessians in the revolutionary war) as hirelings and slaves as any British subject. As in if you have a king in your country, you are by definition a slave.

Turns out the "hirelings" referred to were the British professional army and the "slaves" were, well, the slaves. Brits being up to their hateful tricks of offering freedom to any blacks who fought against their country.

Anglophiles, when such things counted when there was an actual WASP establishment, always hated the anthem.

Anonymous said...

Georgetown university getting slammed big time for having slaves back in the day. Jesuits falling all over themselves to apologize and make amends.

New wind in the sails for reparations. Expect Liver Lips to lead the charge on it.

Joe Btfsplk said...

free press

FCC [Federal Communications Commission] established during 30s

CBS to jew paley. . .ABC to jew goldenson. . .NBC to jew sarnoff. . .

(((they))) can (((buy))) [steal] what they want- means of communication, for example, whilst seemingly part of "free market" are not so. Example- the bidding war between Ted Turner and (((Laurence Tisch))) over CBS network. . .guess (((who))) won? The one with buddies having unlimited funds. . .LA Times recently "purchased" by (((Sam Zell))). . .Riverside Press-Enterprise also "purchased" by a couple of (((them)))

As a [classical] liberal I deny that the state has any right to be in the economy,

We got here by such involvement: 1) Federal Reserve Act of 1913- the basic enabling act for (((kikery))) 2) FCC as outlined above.

Book Triumph of Conservatism [1963] [by jew Kolko] shows how business hates laissez-faire AS THEY NEED GOVERNMENTAL COERCION TO SECURE THEIR POSITIONS. Business hides behind regulation and pretends to be "regulated"- using such legislation for their own emolument.

Of course, complete economic freedom applies only to White Nations. . .

Joe Btfsplk said...

". . .People on here said his site was inaccessible in Australia already. . ."

Browsec- it's free Virtual Private Network. It doesn't tamper with you connections like the others! It only works with a browser, not on your overall computer. Other VPNs can open your network to prying eyes. [as detected by Avast]

I have two IP numbers- one here in Chrome, and my real number, for Explorer or others.
I will now go to Singapore and get a new number. . yes, that fast, that easy. Back to New York instant change. In Explorer, my computer number

Use the real number for banking etc. or you may hit some resistance. A few sites balk at VPN numbers due to spamming [many folks use the same VPN IP number]. This is rare.

An IP number outside of OZ should allow access to J.S.

Compared to the other VPNs I have used, this is paradise.

Flanders said...

Is this good news that Islam is invading Europe?

Les Brigandes - The great replacement

Uncle Nasty said...

I find the Left, in general, disconnected from reality. As we move to the US Elections** Hillary supporters even more so.

When I see or hear their burblings, I think back to this Ron Cobb cartoon, that was a favourite of mine many years ago.

Originally drawn back in the eighties, I feel it is even more relevant today.

BTW I read today that the actual voting process has been expanded to ... wait for it ... thirty days.

Surely they realise the opportunities for electoral hanky-panky available in thirty days?

Oh. Wait.
Of course they do.


Anonymous said...

Savant. The 'Mandela Effect' is growing. Not only have I seen a ghost post I've had my reply deleted too. Did you do another post and then take it down or am I going mad?


James said...

I've been kind of holding off seeing the Owens film that came out recently out of fear that it is just another propaganda film. Afraid they'd likely paint the opposite picture about Owens for the sake of politics,

It will be propaganda. Never pay for propaganda; just download it. Why pay for anti-white genocidal propaganda?

Latest Jason Bourne movie is 100% propaganda, and the black in it is even more evolutionarily challenged than the one in Star Wars 7. His facial and cranial structure is 500,000 years old at least by white standards. Very ugly. Very distracting.

They must have a casting office in the deep congo jungle now or maybe in the Land of the Lost.

James said...

As a [classical] liberal I deny that the state has any right to be in the economy,

We got here by such involvement: 1) Federal Reserve Act of 1913- the basic enabling act for (((kikery))) 2) FCC as outlined above.

That's debatable I reckon.

The Fed isn't really the state, is it? Hard to say. If we had a pro-white state it wouldn't matter how much it fiddled with the economy. But we have an anti-white state.

James said...

Uncle Nasty said...

When I see or hear their burblings, I think back to this Ron Cobb cartoon, that was a favourite of mine many years ago.

Following UN's link yields:

I scanned it from a book of Phil Ochs songs, which brings up the appropriate simile:

Ron Cobb was to R. Crumb as Phil Ochs was to Bob Dylan.

Robert Crumb made some interesting cartoons.

I couldn't find these links on but after a closing my eyes and hating like mad, I thought about modifying the French URL that is still there and found them.

Simon Sheppard got charged for publishing this cartoon and did time, even though Robert Crumb has never been hassled about it and is apparently a philo-semite.

Is this proven and demonstrable case of unequal and anti-white application of the law?

James said...

Anonymous Flanders said...

Is this good news that Islam is invading Europe?

Les Brigandes - The great replacement

Good video. An interesting fellow was mentioned in the blurb.

Jacques Attali : « Il faudrait organiser la venue de deux millions d’Ă©trangers par an entre 2020 et 2040 ».

Google translate says that means
"It would organize the arrival of two million foreigners a year between 2020 and 2040"

It will be more than that. So sad.

Read this!

Atalli is like Betrand Russell, but even more jewish and even more slimy.

The driving force of this trend is technology that frees youth from parental control. The first was the radio, which allowed the young:

'To dance outside the ballrooms and therefore be free of parental supervision- liberating sexuality, opening them to all kinds of music, from jazz to rock, and thus announcing youth's entry into the world of consumption, of desire, and of rebellion.'

A media-dominated culture will create an egocentric populace who 'will be loyal only to themselves.'

With lovers failing to mate for life, 'the world will be no more than a juxtaposition of solitudes, and love a juxtaposition of masturbations.'

Is that what the Jews call "Improving the World?"

To paraphrase Noel Igantiev, only a committed antisemite would oppose these improvements or give credit where credit is due. Best to ignore them and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Another song by the Brigands.

Interesting line

On a besoin des drogues pour contrĂ´ler les goys

Which joogle says translates to

We need drugs to control the goyim

They can't say that!

Anonymous said...

Hildabeest should be in the slammer?

Anonymous said...

Attali is interesting.

Jacques Attali is a pioneer of microfinance, founding PlaNet Finance, the third biggest organization of its kind. Microfinance consists of giving loans to poor people and community groups worldwide to start businesses.

When asked in an interview with Charlie Rose why 80% of microloans are given to women, Attali describes the phenomenon as a 'strange thing' but in the book he gives the real reason.

Women will defer to state collectivism.

By 2060 Attali sees Hyperdemocracy (one-world collectivist government) becoming a reality and the pioneers of this system are what he calls 'transhumans.'

Transhumans will find pleasure in serving others in their communities. They will 'usher in an economy of altruism, of free availability, of mutual giving, of public service, of the general interest.'

'Women will become transhumans more easily than men: finding pleasure in giving pleasure is peculiar to motherhood.'

'The progressive rise of women in every dimension of the economy and of society- particularly through microfinance- will add enormously to the numbers of transhumanists. '

He's planning a nightmare, but probably gets awards for philanthropy.

Anonymous said...

White nationalists and self-identified Nazi sympathizers located mostly in the United States use Twitter with “relative impunity” and often have far more followers than militant Islamists, a study being released on Thursday found.

Better fix that.

White genocide is very important.

Anonymous said...

Attali believes that all opposition to the coming world order will be futile because it will not propose another system.

'Most of these new contestants will propose no system of substitution... Expect for a handful who will propose a return to theocracy.'

They always accuse their understanders (I hesitate to call such ineffective people resisters, and we are mostly too weak and stupid to be worth the name enemies), of wanting some nutty religion to take over, when they have the nuttiest religion of them all. But is it really nutty when it works so well?

Attali's world is just computerized Judaism.

The Goyim won't be able stop it. I suspect we will happily build it for them.

This century will be the weirdest yet, that's for sure.

Hopefully something in our human nature manages to derail this. We won't be able to do it consciously...

Flanders said...

This refers to a posting hung up in spam, so it may not seem relevant until that post appears.
Here is one Tippi Sultan item I found still online. The last I had checked there were pages full of items being auctioned, almost all originated from the UK.

"Lot 370*
An important gem-set gold Finial in the form of a Tiger's Head from the throne of Tipu Sultan (1750-99) Mysore (Seringapatam), made between 1787-93

Sold for £434,400 (US$ 577,051) inc. premium

Islamic and Indian Art
10:30 BST

London, New Bond Street"

SAVANT said...

@Lemmyhead. Yes, I accidentally deleted a post a few days ago. Checked into the Mandela Effect. Not too convinced initially ut I'll follow through.

Anonymous said...

Revolting reading Pakistanis gang rape Jewish Man East London

Eff the villa

Declan-P said...

"Attali's world is just computerized Judaism. "

Actually I think it is computerised Luciferianism.

Ryan said...

Hello, Savant.

I believe you'll find this interesting about the quote attributed to Dr. Goebbels:

Goebbels actually accused others of using the technique. In a 1941 article titled “Churchill’s Lie Factory,” he wrote:

“One should not as a rule reveal one’s secrets, since one does not know if and when one may need them again. The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

This comes from a website called the "German Propaganda Archive" run out of Calvin College.

Check out what he wrote about Hitler and the Big Lie. I have Mein Kampf and read the actual passage. In fact, I have another edition from a different publisher and check it against that translation. The professor is correct.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose because repetition remains a central plank of indoctrination.

Yes. Unanimity and no-stop repetition..

Uncle Nasty said...

Your forgiveness, Savant, but I am going to repost this post ... of which only the second part appeared in the older "The Alt-Right comes of age" thread.

Mea culpa, mea culpa ... mea bloody culpa

I would not normally double post, but I think this one is vital, as it exposes the creeping leftism in NZ politics -- and this, I might add, is under a so-called right wing (National Party) administration.

James -- and any other antipodean posters -- please take a close look at what this bill proposes ... and the possible consequences. This country could become a second UK in months if the ramifications of this legislation are not trumpeted to the hills ... and the actual legislation shot down in flames.
Pardon the mix of metaphors ... but this is really dodgy shit.

Flanders said:-

Video: ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt explains what the alt right believes, and why it’s so dangerous, on MSNBC.

2 September 2016 at 07:39

Speaking of which, it appears that Nineteen Eighty Four ... like so many things has arrived in New Zealand. Late as usual, but arrived, nonetheless.

I got this in an email this morning. The fucker is actually quite proud of it.

10% of New Zealand adults and 20% of secondary students have experienced this. It's harmful, it's offensive and sometimes it can have serious repercussions on people's health and happiness.

If you've ever seen any of the following take place on the internet, it's important you take notice.

* Name calling
* Public humiliation
* Trolling - or deliberately making comments to upset people

These are all examples of cyber-bullying or online harassment.

From sports stars to media personalities to young people to in fact anyone, as the chief executive officer of NetSafe, I see first-hand that online harassment is not just confined to kids.

Statistics show that one in 10 New Zealand adults and 20 percent of secondary students have experienced online harassment. And with online and offline activities more connected than ever before it’s important everyone, no matter their age, adopt safe and secure online behaviours.

But of course that’s just one part of creating a positive online experience. Other things like education and online security tools will help, as will the new Harmful Digital Communications Act.

End part One of two


Uncle Nasty said...

Latest atrocious New Zealand legislation ... part two of two

This legislation, sometimes referred to as the cyberbullying bill, sets out new measures to help individuals take action, simplifies the process for getting harmful communications removed from the internet and introduced new penalties which include:
• A fine of up to $50,000 for an individual or up to $200,000 for a body corporate, or up to two years’ jail for posting or sending a harmful digital communication; and
• Up to three years’ jail for the new crime of incitement to suicide.

Harmful digital communication can take many forms and covers private messages as well as content shared in public. It can be an email with offensive content, a social media post that spreads rumours about an individual even a sext message.

The common theme is that the digital communication intends to harm someone.

From November, NetSafe will have the responsibility to receive, assess and investigate complaints about harm caused to individuals by digital communications. It’s important to note that we will not be forcing anyone to take action though.

Our expectation is that when we contact someone who has produced something offensive they will do the right thing and take it down, but if we can’t resolve things the complainant can make an application to the District Court.

The District Court will have wide powers and will take into account a range of factors before deciding on the outcome. It will also consider how people responded to the advice NetSafe provided in an attempt to resolve the complaint. Any order the District Court makes must be complied with.

As you can imagine there’s a lot NetSafe needs to do before this service launches in November. Until then we remain focused on our purpose to enable New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and prevent online harm.

Our team should continue to be your first port of call when you or your family need help or expertise related to online safety, online security or anything else you come across on the internet including scams, cyber bullying, privacy breaches or objectionable material.

You can get in touch with us on 0508 638 723 or check out for useful information and how-to guides.

Martin Cocker
NetSafe CEO

Etcetera, etcetera, etfuckingcetera ... my emphases. Looks like the crybabies are attempting to grow teeth ... or fangs.

From such legislation -- seemingly Gooood legislation, does tyranny grow.

Once again ... to all Kiwis ... check it out and act. The November he refers to is this November.

I would have posted this to Cameron Slater of Whale Oil ... but he's blocked me. Really don't know why.


Uncle Nasty said...

Oh, and just for fun ...

It's brilliant.

Fury and fear in Paris: Wealthy residents outraged as huge wooden migrant camp is built directly opposite £3m apartments in elite neighbourhood which is home to Carla Bruni, Russian oligarchs and foreign embassies

Two wooden buildings have gone up in the upmarket 16th arrondissement It is situated next to palatial Paris apartments worth up to £3million each.
Furious neighbours have delivered a 50,000-signature petition to officials

Paris residents have reacted with fury to the building of new camps in the city that are set to be full of thousands of UK-bound migrants by next month.

It came as a £4m one designed primarily for vulnerable women and children reached completion in one of the city’s most upmarket districts.

Two wooden buildings out of five containing 24 housing units each have already gone up next to the Bois du Boulogne, the historic wood in the 16th arrondissement.

They are situated next to palatial apartments worth up to £3 million each – prompting intense anger from neighbours who say they will turn into a ‘new Sangatte’.

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

You bought it ... you paid for it, you rich Lefty fuckers. Now you can eat it. Choke on every fucking mouthful.

Schadenfreude is fast becoming my favourite word. I shall drift off to sleep tonight ... with a huge shit-eating smirk on my face.

Sometimes ... life can be so sweeeeeet.


Uncle Nasty said...

When thieves fall out ... eh?

You may remember VW getting zapped by the yids in de US Gubbamint?
14.7 Billion dollars US?

Well ...

Tit. Meet tat.

Apple just got zapped for sneaky tax-dodge deals ... 20 billion Euros worth

Let's see who the jew-Ess-Ay tries it on, this time around. So far Europe is ahead by 5.3 Bills.

Oh ... and speaking of Apple:-

Speaking of Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs worshipped him. He originally bonded with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak over their mutual obsession with collecting Dylan bootlegs. Later on, as an adult, he dated Dylan’s one-time girlfriend, Joan Baez (although, according to biographer Walter Isaacson, he was too cheap to buy her a dress he saw in a store and told her she should wear, even when he knew full well she couldn’t afford it). He even got Dylan to make an unprecedented appearance in a TV commercial - for Apple’s iPod.

Living proof that you don't have to be jewish to be a jew.


kurtz said...

Made my day UN at the news of the 16th arondissement getting the benefits of diversity!

Armoric said...

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

Example of a big lie: Race replacement is great for White people!

That is the official truth today in the West. It doesn't matter that people know the truth in their hearts. The big lie tends to win when it has government and media backing. The first step to change things is to state the truth. It must be stated loud and clear, as in the ending of Andersen's tale, the Emperor's new clothes.

Even when everyone knows that the government and the media are lying, that is not enough. We need to talk together and confirm to each other that they are lying. It must be done publicly. That's where the internet comes in useful.

There is a deep conformist streak within all of us, and we need a public confirmation that everyone agrees with us before some of our beliefs can be fully integrated into our vision of the world. And then, we can act on it.

In other words, public action is usually preceded by public discourse. As long as the media remain in the hands of liars, it will be complicated to change things.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Furious neighbours. . .

They are Furious (((Bellow)))

Uncle Nasty said...

Something you may find very interesting ... a Lefty's definition of the Alt-Right.

You can tell that he's a Lefty, because his gasps of horror (in all the appropriate places, of course) and the occasional left-wing pejorative force their way through the narrative.

But the really weird thing?

I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything he said ...

The Alt-Right supports the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants and protectionist trade policies. It opposes feminism, diversity, gay rights, globalism, gun control and civil rights.

But it is the underlying ideology of the Alt-Right, rather than its controversial policy positions, that is truly sinister. Alt-Right thought is based on white nationalism and anti-Americanism. The Alt-Right holds, in essence, that all men are not created equal, and that as racial equality has displaced white dominance, America has declined and no longer merits the allegiance of its white citizens.

Alt-Right leaders, unlike Neo-Nazis or KKK supporters, are intellectually and rhetorically sophisticated. Jared Taylor, editor of the American Renaissance website, holds degrees from Yale and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. On his site, Taylor published “An Open Letter to Cuckservatives” — the Alt-Right’s insulting term for moderate conservatives — laying out his beliefs.

In the letter, Taylor denies the notion that "the things you love about America…are rooted in certain principles.” Rather, “they are rooted in certain people.” That is, white people: “Germans, Swedes, Irishmen, and Hungarians could come and contribute to the America you love,” Taylor says. “Do you really believe that a future Afro-Hispanic-Caribbean-Asiatic America will be anything like the America your ancestors built?” White nationalism is more important than inalienable rights because “Even when they violate your principles, white people build good societies. Even when they abide by your principles, non-whites usually don’t.”

You know that the Loony Left is in deep trouble, when they start telling you the almost unvarnished truth -- and then step back, holding their breath and waiting for you to condemn and rail against reality.

Like they do ...

I reached the end of the article, shook my head for a moment. Confirmed that this was ... yes! A mainstream publication (The L.A. Times) and said

"-- and your point iiiis ...?"


Uncle Nasty said...

This is interesting.

Long, yes ... but really interesting.


Seneca said...

Interesting Guardian article there on Trump, Uncle Nasty. One basic mistake it makes lies in classifying Kristol, Kagan and other neocons as conservative. Their eponymous transition from left to right reflected the interests of Israel and had nothing to do with American conservatism whatsoever.

Seneca said...

And in relation to the LA Times article, well, they tell the truth here because the truth (based on the excerpts UN quoted) as cited by them as all too terrible. All decent-minded people will, they imagine, recoil in horror in response. Problem for them is that it seems a significant majority of White americans respond as does UN with 'and your point is....?'

Anonymous said...

They didn't learn from Rotherham

Eff the vill

Anonymous said...

U.N.Said :-
'Two wooden buildings have gone up in the upmarket 16th arrondissement It is situated next to palatial Paris apartments worth up to £3million each.
Furious neighbours have delivered a 50,000-signature petition to officials.'

£3 million and 50,000 signatures. Hmmm. Amazing what money can buy.


Shaunantijihad said...

Her speech smacks of that same fear of exposure that George Bush displayed when he told the nation that they had better stop listening to conspiracy theories regarding 911 - which was a Bush Administration/Jewish act of terror to justify the middle east invasion, and to simultaneously get rid of some other evidence about Enron and the missing Pentagon billions.

Anonymous said...

As an American, and someone who is 60 years of age, I am now done with any positive emotional attachment to blacks-ever!

I thought Mohamed Ali was interesting, but boorish. I thought Michael Jackson was sick and perverted, and it turns out I was right. I thought Bill Cosby was pleasant enough, but never believed his persona in the TV series, and now I've been proved right. I loathed the Obamanation from the first time I saw his smarmy face, and now it turns out… I was right. I am now, and will be until I die, a fan of the constellation ORION.

Our race is our nation. This movie -and everything connected to it -can go to hell. Oh wait, it already is. Deo Gratias.

Bellic's words were never truer: "The faith is Europe; Europe, the faith." And all that that sentence means. -Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

A nigger will always be a nigger no matter what economic class it is in. A wealthy nigger, even one worth millions, is still at the end of the day a monkey faced nigger. The nigger shine is a blight upon the earth and it will debouch and debase anything that comes in contact with it.

The only solution to the nigger is immediate reparation back to Africa from all Western nations. Once the process of complete deportation is complete, Africa needs to be sealed off for a period of no more than a century. All foreign aid will be halted for this entire time period. All naval ports are to be demolished. All ocean faring vessels in Africa will be confiscated and destroyed to ensure their isolated existence. Any boats seen trying to flee the Subsaharan areas of Africa will be blown out of the water by an international naval blockade consisting of a coalition of non-African nations.

What will occur within the sealed off area will be complete and utter madness. The population of a billion niggers in Africa will begin the process of the "chimpout" from day one. This will not be your average category one or two, this will be the epic chimp the world has not yet seen, Smoke will be seen from thousands of miles outside of the zone, the niggers will literally burn down all of their cities in Africa.

Cannibalism will set in resulting in the killings of hundreds of millions. The smells of cooking human flesh will be smelled all the way in Europe. After a month 80% of the niggers in Africa will have been killed. Tribes of ultra predators will begin roaming the burned out shells of the cities. Starvation would then cause the population to dwindle down to 5% of the original population.

After the 100 year mark has passed the remaining humanity (I use this word loosely) in Africa will be indistinguishable from the existing wildlife. Niggers will have re entered into the animal kingdom assuming their place back in the food chain. Th continent would now be ready for colonization and resource extraction and should be divided up amongst the European nations.

That is the only viable solution for the nigger, anything less is doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1746

I thnk you have completely over exaggerated- namely

After the 100 year mark has passed the remaining humanity ?

I think this mainly because if we give them enough weapons it will literally be last man standing gets the can of coke

Eff the villa

Ps what's your solution to the mo ham heads

James said...

Up to three years’ jail for the new crime of incitement to suicide.

UN, this will increase suicides. Many suicides are motivated by revenge in order to make people feel really guilty, and if you can get someone in the slammer for a few years then why the hell not just jump off that bridge? Just post to facebook that you're jumping because Adolf Simpson called you a fag two weeks ago.

Typical politicians. NZ does not really have a viable future.

UN also spat venom thusly:

You know that the Loony Left is in deep trouble, when they start telling you the almost unvarnished truth -- and then step back, holding their breath and waiting for you to condemn and rail against reality.

Watch the movie Imperium to see this in action. In that movie the big bad Nazi says "Diversity is a code word, and what it means is WHITE GENOCIDE". Let's see what the Goyim make of THAT! Probably "tut tut, code word is just a conspiracy theory"

Anonymous said...

Martin Cocker
NetSafe CEO

He's just trying to make money*.

*I hope that wasn't harmful.

John C said...

Nothing to say. Just wanted to get the comments on number 88

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie Imperium to see this in action. In that movie the big bad Nazi says "Diversity is a code word, and what it means is WHITE GENOCIDE". Let's see what the Goyim make of THAT! Probably "tut tut, code word is just a conspiracy theory"

I have not seen this film but if the character who is mouthing the 'white genocide' meme was a bona-fide 'Nazi' in the film rather than a regular upstanding white guy then it doesn't help us anymore than Charlie Sheen being pushed as a 9/11 truther. The reaction will be to dismiss the meme if heard in real life because it is being linked to Nazism.

The positive is that the (((MSM))) are no longer able to ignore the alt-right memes, populist political movements and now are having to try and defeat them starting off with the 'Nazi' smear.

Incidentally, the Evening Standard years ago carried a news report saying that the writer or producer (can't remember name or role) of the movie 'Showgirls' said that every script in (((Hollywood))) had to be passed by Jewish censors.


Frank Galton said...

Harvard International Review, 10 November 2014

There is a longstanding myth that Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens, but it never happened. The "snub myth" has lived on, despite denials by Owens at the time, and historians later. The day of the so-called snub was August 2, the day before Owens won his first gold medal. Hitler had invited the first day's winners to his box to be congratulated. The final event of the day, the high jump, lasted until late in the afternoon, and many fans had left the stadium, including Hitler. When the high jump winner turned out to be Cornelius Johnson, a black American, a New York Times headline read, "Hitler Ignores Negro Medalist." When Jesse Owens became the star of the Games, journalists changed the story, making Owens the victim.

The next day, the IOC president, Count Baillet-Latour, informed Hitler that he would either congratulate all winners of Olympic events, or none. Hitler chose none. There were no more personal congratulations after that, except in private.

The American athletes had no reason to dislike Hitler or the politics of Germany. In fact, at one point, Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler appeared to admire each other. According to Owens, Hitler paid tribute to him during the competitions. In a newspaper article, Owens was quoted as saying, "When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand to me, and I waved back to him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany." Owens continued to deny that Hitler ever snubbed him, even after he returned to the United States. On one occasion, he described Hitler as "A MAN OF DIGNITY."

The Herald, 16 February 2009

Jesse Owens: Olympic icon

Hitler didn't snub Owens as William Baker's superb biography makes clear. Before he'd won his first medal, IOC president Henri Baillet-Latour told Hitler to acknowledge all winners, or none.

Owens later said: "When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him."

In the US, Owens was obliged to stay in black-only hotels, and dine in segregated restaurants. Not so in Germany. As Owens later said: "Hitler didn't snub me - it was FDR president Roosevelt who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram." After a ticker-tape reception, he reputedly had to use a lift reserved for freight at New York's best-known hotel.

EUROSPORT, 01 August 2008

On this week: July 27-August 2

1936 - The Olympics in Berlin begin (August 1) The most infamous Olympics of them all is now remembered mostly as a propaganda tool for Nazi Germany and the performance of black athlete Jesse Owens who won four gold medals. A prevailing myth quickly emerged that a furious Hitler snubbed Owens after his success but that was a case of propaganda working the other way, with Owens himself saying that he was disappointed to be portrayed as a poster boy of defiance against Hitler.

"When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany," he would later say.

Frank Galton

James said...

I have not seen this film but if the character who is mouthing the 'white genocide' meme was a bona-fide 'Nazi' in the film rather than a regular upstanding white guy then it doesn't help us anymore than Charlie Sheen being pushed as a 9/11 truther. The reaction will be to dismiss the meme if heard in real life because it is being linked to Nazism.

Duh, what did you expect? Of course the movie is anti-white. Hollywood is anti-white. The director, writer, producer, most if not all of the cast, and many of the technical staff are anti-whites too.

Anonymous said...

• A fine of up to $50,000 for an individual or up to $200,000 for a body corporate, or up to two years’ jail for posting or sending a harmful digital communication;

Shortland Street sucks.

How much will I be fined?