Thursday, 22 September 2016

Da Black Hist'ry Museum

I see they're opening a new  Museum of African American History and Culture In Washington. Apparently it 'confronts US slavery history while highlighting African American culture'. Just what's needed. Why didn't someone think of this before now?   

'Highlights include the dress Rosa Parks was sewing before she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus, abolitionist Harriet Tubman's hymn book, a $600 bill of sale for a teenage girl called Polly, and the coffin of Emmett Till, a teenager whose brutal murder in Mississippi in 1955 mobilised the Civil Rights Movement.'

I was disappointed though to learn that they have only 3,000 artifacts (compared for example to the Smithsonian's 145 million) so in the spirit of racial harmony I offer the following proposed additons for consideration.

* A functioning crack cocaine lab

* All of President Obama's birth certificates, arranged in chronological order

* A replica of the McDonalds outlet where the Reverend Jesse Jackson used to spit into the burgers he served to White people.

* The Rev. Martin Luther King Love Wall, featuring all of his favourite White prostitutes with photos, autographs, bruises.....

* Multimedia animation tracing Michael Jackson's fascinating transition from poor black boy to rich white woman

* A life-size statue of Shaquinta Chantelle - the only woman to have 18 children by 18 different men

* A celebration of the life of Emmet Till's father, up to and including his hanging for multiple rapes and murders

* A giant (6'x4') 5 dollar bill representing the largest tip given by a group of black diners  in recorded history (Akron Ohio, 2011)

* A tribute to the brilliant Lamar Robertson, the first black cryptologist to crack a mobile phone PIN number

* An audio copy of Archibald Carey Jr.'s 1952 address at the Republican Convention which Martin Luther King plagiarised for his 'I Have A Dream' speech.

What do you think? 

If I may say so I feel that these artifacts would greatly enhance the experience and provide the kind of rich insight into African American culture that we all so earnestly desire. Any additions from the fertile minds of this blog's readers will be gratefully passed on to the relevant authorities at da museam.


Anonymous said...

Black. History.

I have a dream.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

How about the first empty KFC Bucket actually thrown in the Trash Can and not out of the car window? Sorry, it can't be displayed, because it doesn't yet exist!

Flanders said...

The museum must never be without the book "Sex Rebel: Black Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet", which is authored by the man who was most likely Obama'a father.

Frank Marshall Davis

Dominic Cataldi said...

Open bag of Skittles with blood stains?

tsnamm said...

The first schwoog with a black eye and a fat lip...

Flanders said...

Where are all the CPUSA stickers and banners!? Oh I see, those are being saved for the ADL, AIPAC or SPLC museums. I wonder whether those will be at the present-day Highlander Schools?

"African American, Bayard Rustin is a former organizer for the Young Communist League. He spent 60 days in a California jail on a 1953 conviction for performing lewd homosexual acts in public. He also served 28 months in prison for draft evasion. Today Rustin is paid by Jewish organizations for use of his name as a "signer" of ads urging "Black-Jewish Unity." He was King's secretary and advisor from 1956 to 1960. During this period Rustin attended the National Convention of the Communist Party in 1957 as an "honored observer." King called him a "a brilliant, efficient, and dedicated organizer." It was Rustin who introduced King to a Soviet spy named Stanley D. Levison. He was a New York Lawyer and vice-president of the N.Y. Council of the American Jewish Congress. Levison's job was to launder the $1million subsidy Soviet Russia gave to finance the U.S. Communist Party. Levison proved important financial, organizational and public relations services for King. After King's death his wife, Coretta Scott King described Levison's role as, "always working in the background, his contribution has been indispensable." Levison wrote an obituary for King and described America as a "nation tenaciously racist... sick with violence...and corrosive with alienation. The civil rights liberation struggle is the most positive and rewarding area of work anyone could experience."

The money which the Soviet Union funneled to Levison came from a Jew named Isidore G. Needleman. He was a KGB secret police agent who fronted as an officer of AMTORG, the trading company in New York City which buys U.S. goods for shipment to Russia. There are so many Jews in the Communist Party the FBI hired two Jewish brothers, Morris Childs and Jack Childs as spies planned inside the Communist Party. For 30 years, Morris Childs was formerly a member of the National Committee of the Communist party and once served as editor of the Daily Worker. Childs reported that after the death of the Jew William Weiner, who was treasurer of the Communist Party, it was Stanley Levison who took over this vital post.

His [Martin Luther King Jr.'s] closest advisor Stanley Levison was a Communist, as was his assistant Jack O’Dell. Robert and later John F. Kennedy repeatedly warned him to stop associating himself with such subversives, but he never did. He frequently spoke before Communist front groups such as the National Lawyers Guild and Lawyers for Democratic Action. King even attended seminars at The Highlander Folk School, another Communist front, which taught Communist tactics, which he later employed.


Opens to the FBI vaults on Highlander Folk School:

Flanders said...

The bus has already been taken, too.

"The Textile Workers Union was completely controlled by the Communist Party. "Speak Now," page 529 reads as:

"FBI surveillance of the Highlander Folk School and the Southern Conference Educational Fund, (SCEF) intensified. In 1952 Myles Horton would invest their energy and resources in the historic Southern struggle over desegregation of the public schools."

"Speak Now," says that Parks attended summer training at the Highlander Folk school in 1955, 1956 and 1957. She is pictured with Martin Luther King sitting on the front row in a Highlander training class on September 2, 1957. Thus, the liberals' story that she was just a "poor tired black seamstress" when she sat
in the front of the bus is a total lie!

On December 1, the black Troy State College in Montgomery opened a $10
million Rosa Parks Library and monument. Attending the dedication included the state's first Jewish governor, Dan Siegelman, who praised Parks, Coretta Scott King said that this incident launched her husband's civil rights career and

"By the sheer force of her will, she set in motion a revolution that continues to this day." (Note: She could have and should have also thanked the Communist Party school which trained Parks)".

Anonymous said...

HOORAH.Gov. of No,Carolina says"" you not gonna tear my city up"" calls out southern Dixie miltia to put down nigger hi jinks in Charlotte,consists mostly of ""good old backwoods boys"" who will bust nigger noggins on demand if not obeyed,gotta love the Rebel southern,they were right as they knew the nigger for what it is,,,

Flanders said...

So, what do communist training centers do once the jews come into power? HINT: They don't fade away.

They go mainstream and put out plenty of jew propaganda that they were just "misunderstood" by the "good, ole boys", and that they really are just here to "help" people. A slight name change and a move to another town was what they did after being first run out of Tennessee (after being run out of Arkansas, where they had first operated using the name Commonwealth College [Orval Faubus' old school] for their communist activities. [You may wonder, as I do, whether Faubus conspired with the "Swedish jew", Ike, when the Little Rock Nine were imported into the schools there in Brown v Board of Education? Sorry, I don't have the answer, but I certainly suspect it.].

Highlander Research & Education Center

Eisenhower the "Swedish jew"?

Frank Galton said...

The Independent, 08 October 2015

"Who do you think taught Jesse Jackson to spit in the white folks’ soup?"

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]


July 17, 2013

Speakers to address topics including March on Washington, Voting Rights, and RACIAL PROFILING [Note: In Israel, racial profiling doesn't warrant debate or apologies. Israel takes the practice for granted *]


[African-American] Rev. Al Sharpton; [African-American] Martin Luther King, III; [African-American] Jesse Jackson, Sr.;...[ZIONIST-JEW] DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, Chair of the Democratic National Committee; [African-American] Hilary Shelton; NAACP Sr. Vice President for Advocacy & Policy; [African-American] Barbara Arnwine; President & Executive Director of the national Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; [African-American] Wade Henderson, President of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights; [African-American] Elaine Jones, former NAACP LDF Director-Counsel and President; [African-American] Derrick Johnson, NAACP Mississippi State Conference President

"I am a staunch supporter of the [racist, apartheid, JEWS ONLY **] State of Israel" - Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Zionist-Jew Debbie Wasserman Schultz condemns Jewish intermarriage

Sun Sentinel, 03 February 2015

Wasserman Schultz calls Jewish intermarriage a 'problem,' later says [after comments leaked] she does 'not oppose' it

"We [Jews] have the problem of assimilation. We have the problem of INTERMARRIAGE. We have the problem that too many generations of Jews don't realize the importance of our institutions strengthening our community." - Zionist-Jew Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Page 5

Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS [NAACP etc]. Such alliances build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS.

* HAARETZ, 08 January 2010

In Israel, racial profiling doesn't warrant debate or apologies

While other democracies hesitate to resort to racial profiling, Israel takes the practice for granted.

** Jerusalem Post, 26 November 2014

"Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

i draem of deram said...

I have a draem. . .

I have a deram. . .

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 25 February 2015

This Day in Jewish History the white JEWISH FATHER of AFRICAN STUDIES [Melville Herskovits] Dies

[In 1921] Herskovits undertook graduate studies at Columbia University [the Institute for Social Research (((FRANKFURT SCHOOL))), which had been founded in Frankfurt in 1923, moved to Columbia University in 1933 after a certain gentleman came to power], where he did his master's and Ph.D. under the guidance of [Jewish anthropologist] FRANZ BOAS [the person most responsible for saturating anthropology with Cultural Marxism], then the country's most distinguished anthropologist.

According to Wikipedia, "Melville J. Herskovits was an American anthropologist who firmly established African and African-American studies in AMERICAN ACADEMIA."

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Express, 12 May 2015

ISIS has gay wing: Homosexuality rife among terrorists

Daily Mail, 21 September 2016

'Attack the infidels in their backyard'

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Somewhere in those FBI files linked above [At my earlier link @ "The bus was taken, too"], I don't remember exactly where for now, is a copy of a check to Highlander School which was written and signed by Eleanor Roosevelt who was even uglier than Hillary Clinton during Hillary's earlier anti-Nixon, hippie years, and possibly more of a leftist, if that is possible. Myles Falls Horton, a comrade co-founder of Highlander and of similar communist "union" types of training operations, who had once introduced Rosa Parks to Eleanor Roosevelt as "the first lady of the South."

Other names of communists or their fellow leftists mentioned in connection with that "school" [the ones which I can remember for now] are Don West (co-founder), Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, MLK Jr., Andrew Young, Fanny Lou Hamer, along with a couple of Supreme Court jews, Abe Fortas and [if I'm remembering correctly] Thurgood Marshall.

The "progressive road" of that training center loosely termed a "school" was from Mena, Ar to Monteagle, TN, then to Knoxville after the state of Tennessee closed it down, with it's assets being sold at auction by the state. Many of the buildings were burned by the people who lived near there, who knew what the "school" really was. From there, it moved to New Market, Tn, where it continues it's activities today under a slightly new change of name, Highlander Research and Education Center, and it has branched into several other locations in several states which bear that or similar types of names.

Myles Falls Horton, whose father had been with the Worker's Alliance, the union of the Works Project Administraton [WPA] after being fired along with his wife from teaching in Tn., had gone to Cumberland College in Tennessee, the University of Chicago, and Union Theological Seminary in NYC. Chicago is where he was said to have studied Danish "folk school models", and he also visited Denmark for "perspective". He also opened another place after the subversive Commonwealth College was run out of [Mena] Arkansas, called Southern Mountains School in 1932, along with his comrade Don West, a "minister" from Georgia, and they had then soon changed the name of that to the Highlander Folk School, so that their Commonwealth history wouldn't follow them.

[See: Flanders photos - Eleanor Roosevelt speaks on the front porch of the communist Highlander School.]
Eleanor Roosevelt speaks on the front porch of Highlander School. The woman seated behind Ms. Roosevelt is May Justus, who, with her partner Vera McCampbell, was very involved with the school.
Image ID: 34378
State: Tennessee
Collection Name: Highlander Research and Education Center : Highlander Research and Education Center records, 1917-2005
Original Format Type: photographic print, b&w
May Justus was a prolific author of children's books who lived down the road from Highlander Folk School near Monteagle, TN. Ms. Justus lived most of her adult life with Vera McCampbell.".

Flanders said...

While we are discussing "culture, art and museums", let's turn on Glen Beck. Better, let's let Art-net tell us about it.

"On Sept. 2, Beck really got to the heart of the matter though, bravely exposing the sinister web that connects nefarious, un-American "progressivism" from the early 20th century to the art world of today. Specifically, he conclusively demonstrated that the Rockefeller Family secretly funded Communist and fascist artists. Beck did this, moreover, via a close reading of the magnificent murals in Rockefeller Center, routinely seen on the Today Show, subliminally exposing our children to images of. . . heroic workers! Nelson Rockefeller, Beck reminds us all, even hired Diego Rivera to paint a mural in the RCA Building, and it featured Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin! (Later, of course, Rockefeller had the mural destroyed because of the Lenin portrait, but don’t confuse us with the facts.)
"Here is my shortlist of four hives of evil ideology in New York City, right under our unsuspecting noses." [Flanders - One is shown below]:
As Glenn Beck says, sometimes Communistic ideas are hiding "right in plain sight," where you would never think to look for them. And this giant piece of public sculpture is beamed to the world through media outlets every hour of every day as a symbol of America. But did you know that it was the work of a Frenchman? And have you actually read that poem on its base? Here are the final lines of "The New Colossus":

"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Whoa. Did someone let Trotsky sneak through to write that? "Keep your storied pomp?" That sounds like hostility to inherited wealth to me! The "masses?" Lifting a lamp for the "homeless" and "wretched refuse?" Wake up, people! These are dangerous, radical ideas, and you are right to be uneasy about them.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."

A sentiment with which all White people should agree!

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a black man and a park bench
At least a park bench can support a family

Eff you know who

Flanders said...

"Holocaust survivors are among those victimized by Israel’s growing baby-stealing scandal, a shocking new investigation by Haaretz has found.

Israel has long been accused of nabbing babies from Yemenite immigrants in the 1940s and 1950s, but the new report from the country's “oldest daily newspaper” details accounts of families from Europe who lost children in unusual circumstances in both Israeli hospitals and in British detention camps in Cyprus.

Many families never received death certificates or burial sites and others report having their children taken from their arms by nurses who told them they had too many.

Some parents even received military draft notices on their child’s 18th birthdays, indicating no death certificates were ever filed.

Since its publication last week, more than 100 others have come forward with testimonies, with 15 Ashkenazi Jewish families reporting they were told one of their twins "died" in various circumstances, but believe they were actually given away and may still be living." [Continues at RT].

Frank Galton said...

Savant said: "I see they're opening a new Museum of African American History and Culture [the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture] In Washington."

Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

Leadership at the Smithsonian Institution

[Zionist-Jew] Dr. David J. Skorton is the 13th Secretary of the Smithsonian. As Secretary, Skorton oversees 19 museums and galleries, 20 libraries, the National Zoo and numerous research centers, including the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. He is responsible for an annual budget of $1.3 billion, 6,500 employees, and 6,300 volunteers.


Cornell Hillel’s board of trustees will award the 2015 Tanner Prize to Cornell President David J. Skorton May 29 at the Cornell Club of New York. The prize is awarded annually to an individual, couple, family or other entity to recognize longtime contributions to the Jewish people...

An advocate for Cornell Hillel and Jewish life, [Zionist-Jew] Skorton has promoted partnerships among academic organizations in the U.S., Israel and other nations.

American Jewish Committee, 21 June 2012

AJC has honored Cornell University President David J. Skorton with the global Jewish advocacy organization's prestigious Avraham Harman Leadership Award.

AJC's Avraham Harman Award is given annually to a distinguished individual who has dedicated significant efforts to strengthening ties between American Jews and Israel.

United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 26 July 2011

Subcommittee on Immigration, refugees and Border Security

Chairman [Zionist-Jew Chuck] Schumer to preside


[Zionist-Jew] David Skorton

Huffington Post, 08 January 2011

[U.S.] Immigration Reform: The Economic Argument, by Zionist-Jew David Jan Skorton

Newsweek, 13 October 2015

Non-Jewish Refugees Get a Cold shoulder in Israel


The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, 05 February 1971

David Jan Skorton claimed Miss Irene Roda Kitzman as his bride on Dec. 27 at Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue in Encino, Calif.

Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

I think an entire gallery of photos of White victims of Negro savagery would have other wannabee Blacks queuing around the block for tickets. Incog could provide these (warning):

Or anything from the rogues gallery:

And then, perhaps, a quote from evil, racist bastard Shaunantijihad, to highlight just how evil the White race is:

"It isn't the colour of your skin that is so repellent, but the content of your character."

Pure evil, I am sure you agree.

lotus said...

Amazed that Lew Rockwell published that. He usually avoids the Third Rail like the plague.

Frank Galton said...

Re Flanders' link:

"Coretta Scott King described [Martin Luther King's Jewish advisor Stanley] Levison's role as, "ALWAYS WORKING IN THE BACKGROUND, his contribution has been indispensable.""

WNYC News, 17 January 2011

One of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL ADVISORS, [Jewish lawyer and businessman] Stanley Levison, has remained largely hidden from public view - even 40 years after King's death.

San Diego Jewish World, 15 January 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. was born 84 years ago today, January 15, 1929. He was 39 years old when shot down at the Lorraine Motel, Memphis, 6:01 PM, Thursday, April 4, 1968.

In his short lifetime, King collected a cadre of loyal and fervent friends and colleagues. The majority of them, including Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, Andrew Young, John Lewis, and Jesse Jackson, have been African Americans.

A notable exception to this list of King's inner and most trusted circle was a white, Jewish attorney and businessman named Stanley David Levison. In recent years, a flurry of released documents, some available through the Freedom of Information Act, are revealing not only Levison's OVERWHELMING INFLUENCE on King, but the unrelenting and detrimental surveillance and wiretapping of both men by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI.

In spite of the fact that Levison was King's PRO BONO ACCOUNTANT, COUNSEL, EDITOR, BOOK AGENT, OCCASIONAL GHOSTWRITER, and CONSTANT FUNDRAISER, the story of Levison has remained largely and strangely cryptic, unrecognized, and unacknowledged.

New York Times, 11 October 1991

Boston U. Panel Finds Plagiarism by Dr. King

A committee of scholars appointed by Boston University concluded today that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized passages in his dissertation for a doctoral degree at the university 36 years ago.

Despite its finding, the committee said that "no thought should be given to the revocation of Dr. King's doctoral degree," an action that the panel said would serve no purpose.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Re Flanders' link: "Myles Horton would invest their energy and resources in the historic Southern struggle over desegregation of the public schools."


Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948), is a landmark United States Supreme Court case which held that courts could NOT enforce racial covenants on real estate.

The Jewish Solicitor General's brief filed on behalf of the United States government was written by four Jewish lawyers, but their names were deleted from the filed brief.

SUPREMECOURT.GOV, 18 February 2002

"...[Jewish] Solicitor General, PHILIP PERLMAN...broke with tradition in the 1940s and successfully urged in a friend of the Court brief the unconstitutionality of racially restrictive covenants on real property. The case was Shelley v. Kramer, decided in 1948. The brief for the United States was written by four lawyers, all of them JEWISH: PHILIP ELMAN, OSCAR DAVIS, HILBERT ZARKY, and STANLEY SILVERBERG. But their names were deleted from the filed brief. That decision was made by ARNOLD RAUM, the Solicitor General's principal assistant and himself a Jew. "It's bad enough," Raum said, "that Perlman's name has to be there." It wouldn't do, he thought, to make it so evident that the position of the United States was "PUT OUT BY A BUNCH OF JEWS."" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jewish Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States

Washington Post, 05 December 1999


A former law professor at Georgetown University and the University of Hawaii, Philip Elman made his greatest contribution in the relatively UNKNOWN ROLE HE PLAYED in the landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education SCHOOL DESEGREGATION LAWSUIT.

In tape-recorded interviews for the Columbia Oral History project, published in the Harvard Law Review in 1987, Mr. Elman revealed that he and [Jewish] Justice Felix Frankfurter had several private discussions about the case while he was preparing the Justice Department's brief in Brown. Those conversations between the judge and Mr. Elman, a former Frankfurter clerk and later editor of the justice's papers, helped shape the department's argument that the Supreme Court could end racial segregation in schools


On May 17, 1954 the United States Supreme Court handed down its ruling in the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. The Court's unanimous decision overturned provisions of the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision, which had allowed for "separate but equal" public facilities, including public schools in the United States. Declaring that "separate educational facilities are inherently unequal," the Brown v. Board decision helped break the back of state-sponsored segregation, and provided a spark to the AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

Frank Galton

David said...

How about some contributions from Liberia the home of freed African American slaves:

The election slogan of Charles Taylor which got him 99% of the vote "He killed my Ma, he killed my Pa, but I am going to vote for him"

Or magic nut oil that stops bullets?

How about an ingenious checkpoint made from human entails?

A. Wyatt Mann said...

In the matter of racial comparisons
The media shouts to the moon
About all the historic achievements
of the Redskin, Spic and the Coon

Yet strangely when strolling museums
The white man's creations stand thick
but all we can find of those others
is a blanket, a bowl and a stick

No telephones, timeclocks or engines,
No lights that go on with a flick.
No airplanes or rockets or radios
Just a blanket, a bowl and a stick

Not one sioux indian submarine,
No african ice-cream to lick,
not a single mexican x-ray machine,
it's a blanket, a bowl and a stick

So remember, when history's the subject,
and revisionists are up to their tricks,
the evidence tells quite another tale
of a blanket, a bowl and a stick!

Some cartoons:

john7 said...

THAT is [sadly] hilarious Mr Savant! Hafta think of artifacts to add now...but , as always, the comments above are excellent and quite revealing, especially the stuff about the 'Highland School'. That is a new one on me, and especially loathsome not only for its function, but for the 'cultural appropriation' of the name. Think Ill sue...

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed. The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. The BBC are showing a series called 'The Victorian Slum'. It's going to show the conditions white people lived in during the Victorian era. I can only think that they will say it's a work of fiction. Alternatively, it will show slums full of black people.
Perhaps they will show the conditions black people had to work in the cotton mills. How those poor black kids lost limbs after being caught up in the machinery. Poor black kids used as chimney sweeps. Black women who had to sell their bodies to get money for somewhere to sleep. Gustave Dore's illustrations of London show what hardships black people had to live in. Perhaps they might recreate the illustration of Dores 'Mixing the Malt'

These poor black men had a life expectancy of three years.

Or perhaps the utter dejection of a poor black mother and child.

These black people had to fight for a better life for their future generations. Luckily for us black people today are prepared to give all of those hard fought for rights and standards of living away to us white people.
While looking at these images check your white privilege.

P.S. The Black Country was not named because of the colour of the people who lived there. It was because a vast area was covered in black soot from the industries there. Anyone visiting and is interested in how the white working class suffered a trip to the Black Country Museum is well worth while.

Frank Galton said...

Re Flanders' link: "As Glenn Beck says, sometimes Communistic ideas are hiding "right in plain sight," where you would never think to look for them. And this giant piece of public sculpture is beamed to the world through media outlets every hour of every day as a symbol of America. But did you know that it was the work of a Frenchman? And have you actually read that poem on its base? Here are the final lines of "The New Colossus":

"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Whoa. Did someone let Trotsky sneak through to write that?"

Jewish Women's Archive

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

[Zionist-Jew] Emma Lazarus's famous lines captured the nation's imagination and CONTINUES TO SHAPE THE WAY [THE STUPID GOYIM] THINK ABOUT IMMIGRATION...TODAY. Written in 1883, her celebrated poem, "The New Colossus," is engraved on a plaque in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. Over the years, the sonnet has become part of American culture, inspiring everything from an Irving Berlin show tune to a call for immigrants' rights.

She called on Jews to unite and create a [JEWS ONLY] homeland in Palestine...

Jewish Virtual Library

Her best-known contribution to mainstream American literature and culture, the poem has contributed to the belief that America means opportunity and freedom for Jews, as well as for other "huddled masses" [displaced Palestinians etc]. the third essay, "The Jewish Problem" (February 1883)...she offered a solution: the founding of a state BY JEWS FOR JEWS in Palestine. Lazarus promoted Zionism throughout the 1880s.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Moan, moan, moan. Whine, whine, whine. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.
Are the Red Sea Pedestrians never happy?

The weird thing about the Tribe -- and one that I find endlessly telling -- is that no-one loves them. No one.
Even those they ostensibly help ...

Where Does Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitism Come From?

by Philip Carl Salzman
September 21, 2016 at 4:30 am

Black Lives Matter has been guided to anti-Semitism by the concept of "intersectionality, which argues that all oppressions are interlinked and cannot be solved alone. Thus, women can never be treated fairly if blacks face racial prejudice, and the disabled are not given sufficient support to be equal to the abled, and unless the Palestinians are liberated from the Israelis, and the Israelis are liberated from their lives and their home.

"Intersectionality" urges us to view the world as divided into a conspiracy of oppressors and an agony of oppressed, and reduces people to a number of categories, such as gender, sexuality, race, nationality, religion, capability, etc. Differences, such as sexism, racism, nationalism and ability -- as opposed to what we have in common -- are reinforced.

Supporters of "intersectionality" cheer terrorists when they murder Jews. To them, that is just "social justice" at work.

The recently published platform of Black Lives Matter (BLM) states that Israel is responsible for "the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people," and "Israel is an apartheid state ... that sanction[s] discrimination against the Palestinian people." These statements are anti-Semitic not only because they are false and modern versions of tradition anti-Semitic blood libel, but also because BLM selectively chooses the Jewish State out of all the states in the world to demonize. What has inspired BLM to engage in this counter-factual, anti-Semitic rant? BLM has been guided to anti-Semitism by the concept of "intersectionality."

The jewish experience -- throughout 5000 years of history:-

#1. Dig Deep pit for enemies -- real and perceived; line with spikes and sharp things.
#2. Dance on edge of pit, gleefully anticipating plummet and demise of enemies.
#3. Fall into pit.
#4. Scream, wail and bleat until so-called enemy helps you out.
#5. Move ten feet south; Dig deep pit ...

... and so on.


Oh, and the Gatestone Institute still has serial oven-dodger Elie Wiesel on their Board of Advisors. Must be getting a bit rank in there by now.

kulak said...

a $600 bill of sale for a teenage girl called Polly

Holy shit, that's a small fortune in today's dollars!

Couldn't pay me to take one today.

Flanders said...

From an older comment I had made elsewhere where the names of owners of the African slave ships are revealed. I suppose these jews had white-skins, but they most definitely were not White people.:

Slaves – Jewish ship owners

"The Jews Owned and Operated the African Slave Trade

Very few White people owned slaves–slavery was a rich man’s pursuit, and slavery did not exist amongst the middle and working classes of White people.

European Whites did not bring the slaves to America. On the contrary, it was the Jews who brought them here (as Louis Fahrakkan has also pointed out). Below is a listing of the Jewish slave ships and the Jewish owners of them.

Name of ship Owners- all are Jews:

The Abigail was owned by Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks

The Crown was owned by Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson

The Nassau and Four Sisters were both owned by Moses Levy

Anne & Eliza owned by Justus Bosch and John Abrams

Prudent Betty owned by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix

The Hester and the Elizabeth were both owned by Mordecai and David Gomez

Antigua owned by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell

Betsy owned by Wm. De Woolf

Polly owned by James De Woolf

White Horse owned by Jan de Sweevts

Expedition owned by John and Jacob Roosevelt

Charlotte owned by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks

Caracoa owned by Moses and Sam Levy"

Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, ‘Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America’ Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Flanders said...

From the Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995

"The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last year’s congressional election.

Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So let’s start suggesting, immediately.

No matter how crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America.

And the problem is getting worse, not better.
When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have commited at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II."

[Continues with a must read article which appeared in an Australian newspaper. I see that Heretical also had their own list of the slave ship owners at this link.].


wretched refugee said...

. . .The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. . .

Spell Syllables

something that is discarded as worthless or useless; rubbish; trash; garbage.

A call for the literal trashing of America with useless immigrants


Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against White Americans in the past 30 years<<<

That would be more than 15,000 per day. Can that be?

Flanders said...

The info below [This is 1 of 2 parts] is from another older comment which Flanders made elsewhere, and while you may say that it doesn't deal directly with today's situation in America [or other of our White countries], I challenge you to tell me that it does not. In fact, change some of the names to those who are presently involved in taking America and other countries down [Soro's for one, or many of the NGO's fitted with fancy names to hide the jews], in favor of similar if not exact interests, and it is business as usual, screwing the blacks at the same time that they operate against White interests and all for the benefit and riches of you know ((who))).

We can learn from information about what goes on in the former White Rhodesia [today's Zimbabwe] and the former White South Africa which deals with a 2004 Zambian matter, but illustrates how similar events of the past in South Africa lead all of the people there to be in the controlling hands of the jew. The link is no longer active unless you subscribe, but the information is some that is not widely available [Have you noticed how so much relevent information is now accessible ONLY by subscriptions or by paying? Even in our own countries – Nothing accidental there. Any ideas as to (((who))) is most responsible for this?]. This is written by a Zambian, but could [and does] apply to most any country.

Anyway, the excerpt below highlights the fact that there are a bunch of jews who hide behind the names of businesses and corporations. These tell governments what to do in order to get what the jew controlled companies want done (domestically or internationally).

The companies take advantage of leverages created by their governmental influences and screw the people and whatever representative government may actually be left at present. Those internationally connected jews work through [behind] the facades of companies, governments, NGOs, or they utilize capitalists of the West or Russians, or communist movements, too, all of which are inspired by them.

That doesn’t change whether they deal with a little African country like Zambia or with a big Western country like the US.
“The mineral rights dubiously belonged to the BSAC, which was started by Cecil Rhodes and bankrolled by Rothschild whose real name is Moses Bauer. Muna Ndulo’s book entitled Mining Rights in Zambia records that these rights were still BSAC property even after independence in the Order in Council that created the Zambian constitution. These rights were to run as far as 1985 and for Congo until 1990 when they could be renewed, hence the sudden “winds of change” over ownership of land after democracy swept in. As seen in Zambia many expected a freehold system in which a person with title deeds would own both the land and the minerals. But all of a sudden the Lozi Royal Establishment opposed such a move much like Katanga province in Congo, and this set a rift with government that had undertones of secession as the Barotseland Agreement was resurrected. The compromise was “companies” could own land.

Flanders said...

Part 2:
The question today is how do “companies” using government get land from the chiefs to give to the “foreign investors” under the pretext Zambians need land, so that in future a freehold system can be introduced, and Zambians together with their chiefs may find that they do not own the nation’s mineral wealth but “Leopold” like and “Rhodes” like firms do? Do they tell government in order for the economy to improve a free hold system is needed or do they financially squeeze government until it accepts as seen in HIPC and ZANACO?

As noted in The Post of December 20, 2002 in an article entitled Beyond Privatisation, ‘when Cecil Rhodes died he left his vast private estate called Rhodesia in private hands being Rothschild’s son-in-law Lord Rosebery, who at one time was the Prime Minister of UK and Alfred Beit. Lord Rosebery had married Hannah Rothschild.’

Richard Hall notes that ‘in October 1963 serious negotiations were begun in London at the offices of the territorial government’s financial advisors, Warburg and Company. The British government sent an observer to the talks. On May 4, a meeting was held at the offices in London of Warburg and Company. Present were Kenneth Kaunda, Harry Oppenheimer, Sir Ronald Prain and representatives of Chartered.’ It does not state whether Harry Nkumbula or Simon Kapwepwe were present or what was discussed with regards to mining rights embedded in the 1964 Zambian constitution.

Warburg’s origins are interesting. Warburg’s entrance into the financial world was when Paul Warburg married Nina Loeb, daughter of Solomon Loeb of Kuhn Loeb and Company, while his brother Felix married Frieda Schiff, the daughter of Jacob Schiff the power behind Kuhn Loeb and Company. Schiff bought his partnership in Kuhn Loeb and Company with Rothschild funds.

It was Paul Warburg who was a Director on the Federal Reserve Board who played a key role in supporting America’s war effort. However when it was discovered his brother Max was running the German side he resigned.

The link between the Rothschilds, IMF, World Bank and Belgium Congo is found in Garry Allen’s book entitled None Dare Call It Conspiracy in which he mentions a grouping of high financiers called the Bildersbergers established by His Royal Highness Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. The Prince is the main figure for the Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell Oil) and the Societe General de Belgique. In May 1954 the Bildersbergers met and present at their meeting were some of its members being ‘Baron Edmund de Rothschild of the House of Rothschild, McNamara of the World Bank, Sir Eric Roll of S.G. Warburg and Company, Pierce Paul Schweitzer of the IMF’, writes Allen.

Consequently whether Zambians deal with the Russians, Communists or the west they are being sponsored by the same people so that who ever wins the balance of economic and political power still remains with the same group, unless they challenge the very system as seen with Ghandi of India and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam.”
Another couple of bits of useful information:

“Harry Oppenheimer represented Anglo-American Corporation (AAC) that was set up by his father Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and Lincoln William Hannold in 1917 with JP Morgan finance. JP Morgan incidentally was the American agent for the English Rothschilds.”

Flanders said...

Does this letter from section M. - "FROM THE GLORIOUS DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF TRANSFORMANIA" at the link below sound similar to what we now see happening in all our White lands, and familiar to what we are observing in our own countries today? See, the rest of our White world is only now capable advancing culturally to the glorious conditions now enjoyed by our White kinsmen [and women, and children] in the wonderful South African state. This South African has the same problem which most White South Africans have had, AN INABILITY TO RECOGNIZE (((WHO))) WAS PLACING THEM INTO THE SITUATION which he describes. His is the type of response most wanted by jewry because it hides them and takes them off the hook for the evils they have done, and places the full blame on Jewry's intentionally radicalized surrogates, the blacks.

Let's not wait until we are all in the same condition before learning what has caused that to happen to all White people.



March Now!

Ignore the 15 million illegal aliens already in the country

Ignore the push to have White "Gentile" South Africans be 5% OR LESS of the population by 2050

Open the borders. Cheapen citizenship. Demand nothing in return. Grovel. Debase yourself and your country

Work as tax slaves to support people who can't be bothered to use contraceptives

Work as tax slaves to support people who love to make Whites pay for their children.

Work as tax slaves to support elderly immigrants who have never put a cent into social security.

Actualize your self loathing

Make your brain as mushy as possible.

Embrace the "newcomers" who can't be bothered to learn the language and who hate South Africa and White "Gentile" South Africans with the passion of parasites

Embrace their "cultures" with zeal.

Open your nation to economic invasion, subjugation and Nigerian drug-lords.....

Call anyone who protests the looting of South Africa a racist.

Be submissive. Practice masochism.

Sell your children into prostitution and slavery just like they do in the Third World.

Kill your daughters in the womb because they are not valuable enough to be born.

Emulate the customs in the Third World cultures you bow down to.

Congratulations--you have achieved the objectives of one hundred years of brainwashing of White "Gentile" South Africans

You may now kiss the feet of your black masters....."
SCA News [from Near the bottom of the page].

Joe Btfsplk said...

highlander research and education center

James said...

He usually avoids the Third Rail like the plague.

Are you saying the plague left Jews alone? Amazing if true.

Anonymous said...

Very few White people owned slaves–slavery was a rich man’s pursuit, and slavery did not exist amongst the middle and working classes of White people.

Paul Joseph Watson said in one of his BLM critiques recently that even at the peak of slavery only 1.4% of White owned slaves.

Jews are 2% of the population (as they keep trying to tell us). It's probably fair to say that at least 1/4 of the Jews have slaves, but that's just a guess based on hate.

Accurate calculations* give us the result that 0.000000% of Jews actually had slaves.

*i.e. The Population Calculus, where counter-intuitive results like 3-6=4 make perfect sense.

James said...

That would be more than 15,000 per day. Can that be?

30,000 people die a year in road accidents in the US each year. It's a big country.
Most of those 15,000 crimes will be little things too.

If 100 times as many muggings occur as road fatalities, then that is over 8,000 muggings a day just there.

It seems possible. John the rtd Chicago copper would be able to confirm.

James said...

European Whites did not bring the slaves to America. On the contrary, it was the Jews who brought them here (as Louis Fahrakkan has also pointed out). Below is a listing of the Jewish slave ships and the Jewish owners of them.

They always had the aim of mixing the blacks with whites to create an easily ruled race of mulattos, IMO. Their books have plenty of knowledge on these things. They stick with their program.

The gentiles learn everything the hard way every generation, and never pass anything on.

James said...

Black Lives Matter has been guided to anti-Semitism by the concept of "intersectionality, which argues that all oppressions are interlinked and cannot be solved alone. Thus, women can never be treated fairly if blacks face racial prejudice, and the disabled are not given sufficient support to be equal to the abled, and unless the Palestinians are liberated from the Israelis, and the Israelis are liberated from their lives and their home.

I sniffed out years ago that all leftist movements seemed to have one thing in common: they are anti-white. That's the basis of the intersectionality.

White oppression is OK, and does not cause intersectional problems elsewhere. In fact, it solves them. BLM is anti-white, not anti-semitic.

James said...

The recently published platform of Black Lives Matter (BLM) states that Israel is responsible for "the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people," and "Israel is an apartheid state ... that sanction[s] discrimination against the Palestinian people." These statements are anti-Semitic not only because they are false and modern versions of tradition anti-Semitic blood libel, but also because BLM selectively chooses the Jewish State out of all the states in the world to demonize. What has inspired BLM to engage in this counter-factual, anti-Semitic rant? BLM has been guided to anti-Semitism by the concept of "intersectionality."

They are all anti-whites.

James said...

Take the vaccine you hater

In the not too distant future, refusal to take a vaccine will be seen as deliberate sabotage of Zuckerberg's plan to make the world a better place. What punishment could be too severe for such people?

Searcher said...


Pepe the Frog; Memes; Magic; Socerers/Magicians

Uncle Nasty said...

On a lighter note ... I never dreamed that the NZ herald would publish this:

The funniest lines from Hillary Clinton's interview on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

By Caitlin Moore
11:05 AM Friday Sep 23, 2016

Past criticism of Hillary Clinton's lack of smiling aided the comedy Two Ferns, as she played the unamused foil to Zach Galifianakis's purposefully droll and insulting questions.

Like President Barack Obama before her, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined Zach Galifianakis on his web series Between Two Ferns in a dry, hilarious interview.

Clinton's changing views on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, emails, attendance at Trump's wedding and health - the misspelled chyron introducing Clinton simply read "had pneumonia" - were all on the table. Past criticism of Clinton's lack of smiling aided the comedy as she played the unamused foil to Galifianakis's purposefully droll and insulting questions.

Whether Clinton will garner the same sort of positive reaction that Obama received when Galifianakis taunted him on the show while he was promoting ("What is it like to be the last black president?") remains to be seen, though Twitter seemed to be quite pleased with the interview.

Some of our favorite lines:

Galifianakis: Not to take away from the historic significance of you perhaps becoming the first female president, but for a younger, younger generation, you will also become their first white president, and that's pretty neat, too.

Galifianakis: As secretary, how many words per minute could you type? And how does President Obama like his coffee? Like himself? Weak?

Continued below.

Amazing. Here's me thinking that ... at last, the Oh-so-politically-correct NZ Herald has found a single lonely testicle, shivering in the cold ... and, bugger me, the article is written by a woman.

Wonders will never cease.


James said...

Warning: Disturbing picture. (Except for Searcher, she won't find this disturbing at all. I wonder if many women do.)

Anonymous said...

Racism is the ideology of peace.

James said...

Pepe the Frog; Memes; Magic; Socerers/Magicians

Tried watching it. Aint got 20 minutes to spend on that. Too long-winded.

Can you sum it up? Maybe post a list of fast forward times and important bits?

Frank Galton said...

Joe Btfsplk said (re Flanders' link):

">>>it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against White Americans in the past 30 years<<<

That would be more than 15,000 per day. Can that be?"

Press Bias and Politics: How the Media Frame Controversial Issues, by Jim A. Kuypers

PAGE 225

The enormity of what the [Jewish/Zionist-controlled] American mainstream press refuses to print is well demonstrated by information printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian newspaper:

Most victims of race crime - about 90% - are white, according to the survey "Highlights from 20 years of Surveying Crime Victims," published in 1993. Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped by whites, according to the same survey. Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites. According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the United States in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

The reporter, Paul Sheehan, ends with a cautionary note toward the [Jewish/Zionist-controlled] American media: "When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past thirty years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and ideals since World War II. All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the [Jewish/Zionist-controlled] American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard."

Jim A. Kuypers is an associate professor at Virginia Tech’s Department of Communication. Kuypers joined the faculty of Virginia Tech in 2005 after having first served as a Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Director of the Office of Speech at Dartmouth College.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT. Just f****** excellent.

Flanders said...

The video which goes along with this post is from the UK and not the US, but those negroids at the museum will be happy to see that their TNB now travels readily to any place in the world.

"A victim, a man with a white beard and hair, is caught unaware by the vicious attack as he stands at a rubbish bin.

He is looking at the person álming on their mobile phone when a youth in a black hoodie and grey jogging bottoms approaches from behind and lands a powerful kick to his side.

The victim, who appears frail, is sent crashing to the âoor, and hits his head on the ground.

Laughing can be heard in the eight-second footage as well as a young woman’s cries."

Flanders said...

In our own White countries various individualistic minorities are invited into our White nations (using propaganda techniques so that [almost] no one knows by whom - or factually why.), and are in addition to the native-born blacks. These other importees presently are enabled into our countries by a consortium of leftist groups led by (((certain others))). Those ((("leaders" of leftists))) consider and advertise themselves to be a perpetually oppressed minority also, and act a role as sympathetic leaders, of and for, the other minorities [even though (((their white-skins))) are too often in conflict with the interests of our own true White people and societies]. That leadership provided by the (((white-skins))) is directed against White society and intends to disrupt the civilized rule which has existed among White people prior to the arrivals of the imported masses. It would seem on the surface that the (((white-skins))) should have the same values, as they most often pretend to do, as our own White people. Instead, the ((("values"))) represented are becoming more and more obvious through observation of the actions of "our own" governments.

True White people are awakening to the deceptions, but those techniques used to hide the (((devious))) intents are difficult for an unaware people to detect, regardless how intelligent they consider themselves to be without awareness and knowledge, but the good news is that those intents and methods are being explained to more and more of our true White people. We must be clear that mere detection will not begin to stop the work against our own people by their crafty methods of deceit. Do not let the (((white-skins))) continue to forment troubles for our own people by hiding behind the backs of others with the subversions that they forment. Recognize who is behind the troubles formented "by minorities", and against whom those troubles are truly directed [our people], and don't forget to call out the real (((names))) who almost invaribly are directing the more troublesome of the minorities, who are merely exercising their natural inclinations, from the shadows in the background. Learn the networks and techniques they use and expose them. Don't let them stay hidden in the shadows.

It is bad enough when it is only several who are among a troubling minority group which are causing problems. In our own countries (all of them now) there are multiples of those types, and behind them all is the most (((devious "minority"))) of them all. Our own nations may be larger than the former Rhodesia, which was once a model for the world despite the more recent (historically) propaganda techniques used against it, and they had only one of those directed minority's to contend with, prior to their own swift decline. How do you think our own countries will deal with a multiplicity of minorities, amounting a majority if those minorities are used against our people?

Will that then be OK, because "it is legal" in a "democratic country"?!!

Last White Man - Zimbabwe

Flanders said...

What if White men had not been previously sacrificed in wars? What have those deaths "accomplished" for us, the White people of the world today?

"These numbers of deaths of white men, women, and children are staggering. In the American Civil War, over 600,000 white men died. In World War I, 8.5 million white soldiers and another 10 million white civilians died. In World War II, over 20 million white soldiers and 25 million white civilians died. These are the "official" numbers. The actual numbers of both military and civilian deaths are much higher." [See the link below].
What if those White men who were killed had instead gone on to have children of their own, if only they had lived normal lives? What has the real toll of wars been for our own societies today? We may wonder how many more White people would today be alive. The estimates below are for only WWI and WWII, but there is much more information at the link below, from which these estimates were obtained.

World War I

Generation 1: 18.5 million (killed)

Generation 2: 54 million (children)

Generation 3: 81 million (grandchildren)

Generation 4: 121.5 million (great grandchildren)

Total Killed: 275 million
World War II

Generation 1: 45 million (killed)

Generation 2: 135 million (children)

Generation 3: 202.5 million (grandchildren)

Total Killed: 382.5 million
The White Holocaust

Anonymous said...

How about something like the Tomb of the Unknown Coon with a black guy doing an ordinary job to support his family without complaining that everything is racist.

James said...

PJ Watson examines legitimate forms of protest.

BLM out of control.

MSM ignores.

James said...

They tried to warn us in 1981.

Treated as comedy back then. Still treated as comedy now.

Clogheen said...

I totally disagree that They tried to warn us in 1981. The clip is designed to show the 'awakened' guy as nut case, the with-it colleagues dismissing him in the superior way you see with Trump supporters today.

Soul Glow said...

Simply astounded that the Beast went on the Zach Galifianakis SHow. She was bound to be ripped and her lack of quick-thinking and wit were obviously going to be shown up. She came out of it badly.

Anonymous said...

London mayor Sadiq Khan says .."Bombing part and parcel of (enriched) city life!"
I think some primitives would take this as an encouragement to take short-cut to heaven !

Moch Mich said...

Unrelated? The 20-year-old woman resigned after being told that shaking hands was obligatory, if she wanted to keep her job.

Related-related: Did you do your homework? “Na, homework racis’.” Why did you get an F on the test? “Test racis’.”

Sean said...

Bloodthirsty black mob hunts down and murders white man in London. This is happening increasingly often in parts of England these days.

City businessman is chased along street and beaten to death with metal chain by BMX teenage gang after chicken shop row
The 31-year-old was attacked after a 'trivial' row inside the fast foot outlet
Gang of youths chased after beat the man, leaving him in a pool of blood
A cyclist attempted CPR but he was later pronounced dead by paramedics
The man's uneaten chicken meal was found next to his body in east London

Uncle Nasty said...

Not on topic, but, a thought just struck me.

The noses, sensing a rising awareness of the antipathy that they generate in almost everyone, have a bit of problem ... communications.

They're getting too good.

Over the last thousand or so, years there has been a tendency for major pieces of history to fall through the cracks, as they say.
History has traditionally been written by the winners ... in some cases by the survivors or even the remnants.

The control of history, over the last few decades, has slipped from the hands of the Powers that be. After all, when one sees that the dissemination of news of events that, a mere two hundred years ago, travelled at the speed of the ship or the caravan, is now available literally at the speed of light ... electricity, anyway.

Brad Pitt whines over breakfast, that he is given a bum deal by his race traitor wife and her feminist harpies. The whole world -- those who care -- know about it by morning tea.

What I am saying is that much against the wishes (and the plans) of the noses to paint themselves in rosy tones, reality is setting in.

For every hundred puff pieces that tell us about what a harmless, set-upon, downright cuddly collection of victims the jews are, there is a core of two or three deniers who point out their endless rapacity and deceit.

And more and more people are noticing the spin.

There is a piece of joocrap hitting the screens pretty soon -- purportedly about the courtroom defeat of David Irving by Deborah Lipstadt. Now from what I have read (for what it's worth) Irving acquitted himself very poorly and got clobbered.

But ... think of it. Every time the hebrews swamp us with their fictionalised bullshit -- poor widda misunderstood us -- the more immediate, and more intense the reaction against it. And I am not merely referring to those like us, who, pretty much sing from the same song sheet. There is definitely a reaction brewing against them.

And matters are not helped by their batrachian poster boys (and girls) like Soros, Kissinger, Weiner, Shumer and the greasy, paranoid Netenyahu, who insist on behaving just like ... archetypal nasty jews.

Der Ewige Jude

What happens when they put all their eggs in China's basket, Move to Beijing, start behaving like yids** ... and even the slopes get pissed off with them?

Don't forget that the Chinks, under that vulgar moon-faced peasant, Mao, whacked out over 45 million of their own over four years. They could purge 12 million hosenoses in a few months. It's not as though they blend in.

This is really their last shot.


** As they always, always do?

AnalogMan said...

Flanders quoth

"Work as tax slaves to support people who can't be bothered to use contraceptives"

It's all right, Flanders, we've got our best minds working on this, and we believe we've identified the cause of the problem:

Unprotected sex is the leading cause of pregnancies in SA, says minister of health.

Asked if he knew of any other causes of unplanned pregnancies, Minister Motshoaledi said "No, I do not know of any. But the department is working around the clock on the matter."

James said...

What if those White men who were killed had instead gone on to have children of their own, if only they had lived normal lives?

Abortion is worse.

Anonymous Clogheen said...
I totally disagree that They tried to warn us in 1981. The clip is designed to show the 'awakened' guy as nut case, the with-it colleagues dismissing him in the superior way you see with Trump supporters today.

I think sometimes they get a kick out of telling us the truth, with the expectation that none of us will get it. And yes, packaging it as you describe is a common method.
The conspiracy is "open".

Searcher said...

Pepe: the meme, the magic, magicians and sorcerers

Summary of MKFreeTVs presentation

Sad Pepe
Adopted by Alt-Righters on 4Chan to express:
Sadness at the decline of our civilisation

Sad Pepe >= Smug Pepe
Used by Alt-Righers to express smug enjoyment at certain events and happenings

Memes = ideas/philosphies that travel around in thought form around society. Social/cultural mass consciousness.

If we consider that the internet (which we are all connected to) as "neurological activity" and if we know how to use/alter/effect these memes then we have the power to change the memetic make-up of society.

Kek = Egyptian frog god = brings primordial chaos in order to bring light

Kek became Pepe
Pepe became Trump

Sigil magic
Take a symbol/logo and imbue it with power. You can use it to influence the external world/influence yourself; remove certain energies. The sigil is imbued with the energy of the magician.

Catchphrases/tunes - anything that can have a deep impact on you on a subconscious level that carries with it some weight and power is a sigil.

Money = the most powerful/glorious sigil. On face value, money is a worthless piece of paper.
Magicians (central bankers) imbue the paper with a value/power. They convince those outside of themselves that this paper has power. [Someone in the comments section pointed out that the moneychangers are sorcerers, not magicians. I would agree, since it fits better with his distinction between mangicians and sorcerers].

Magicians vs sorcerers
The magician alters himself for reality (changes his own consciousness/self). Controlling reality by controlling himself.

The sorcerer alters reality for themselves. The sorcerers are those who control our society using propaganda/manipulation.

The magicians (via meme magic) are fighting back!

It's only about 20 minutes long. He's a good speaker.

Anonymous said...

Zionist Neocons directly threatening Assad, personally. The CIA is full of nasty people. Watch this.

"I wanna go after Assad. I wanna destroy his presidential helicopter. I wanna destroy his palace. I wanna send him a message that he's not safe, personally."

James said...

Operation google. Helps the sheetloards.

Use the word google for nigger etc.

Use the word skype for kike.

Google sucks google googlies.

"If we simply call a bunch of black people 'Googles' they will 100% be anally devastated."

James said...

What happens when they put all their eggs in China's basket, Move to Beijing, start behaving like yids** ... and even the slopes get pissed off with them?

Don't forget that the Chinks, under that vulgar moon-faced peasant, Mao, whacked out over 45 million of their own over four years. They could purge 12 million hosenoses in a few months. It's not as though they blend in.

I doubt it. China is already full of skype. The chinese are the skypes' googles.

The chinese will worship skype even more than we do.

Anonymous said...

Whites create,
Asians imitate;
Hispanics populate;
Muslims detonate,
Blacks desecrate.
Jews infiltrate.

Anonymous said...

Trump backs searched google.


Searcher said...

The albino primate (or in PC terms, the melanin deficient male) hate-mongers when he finds out on Google that melinated beings were indigenous to Europe. It's 2016, where has he been already? While his "people" were living in caves, mating with dogs 'n' sheeit, Black people were supreme in Europe.

TL/DR Millenial Woes discovers a political agenda in Google image search results.

Anonymous said...

No "Hillary" signs in neighborhood. Three "Trump" signs and it is interesting that they are all attached to houses and not stuck in the front yard. There were reports of Trump signs being torn down or stolen.

But you'd better be ready to go to war if you start ripping at someone's house.

That's my theory, anyway.

Anonymous said...

The only group loudly, consistently and uninhibitedly complaining about the Jews are the blacks.


Anonymous said...

The best sources for racial crime statistics are the almanacs. The statistics are all there because our wise government decided to promote civil rights by bean counting us by racial boxes instead of just promoting a more egalitarian system - helping everybody. Hence, white success is considered a negative by the government and likewise white failure mitigates black failure. If you dumb down white kids, there will be less of an achievement gap. Apparently a lot easier than helping black kids succeed.

Joe Btfsplk said...

So I was looking at FoxNews a moment ago. Nigr juan williams vs a White guy re nigra violent crime, and justifiability of race profiling. White analyst mentions DOJ stats, nigra williams begins obfuscation, claiming he can win any debate on this subject!

Show abruptly ends. . .

(((pam geller))) and juan willyums video, jest for the halibut:

Cassius said...

A sad comment on our times, but this could actually make a difference:

"Kim Kardashian reportedly 'on the fence' on voting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump"

Flanders said...

My old friend, Barney, reminded me today that I'm not the only one who has problems when it comes to newer technology.

"On a lighter note, here’s something I received in a legitimate e-mail today. I thought it was amusing.

I was in a Starbucks Coffee recently when my stomach started rumbling and I realized that I desperately needed to pass gas. The place was packed but the music was really loud so to get relief and reduce embarrassment, I timed my gaseous releases to the beat of the music. After a couple of songs I started to feel much better. I finished my coffee and noticed that everyone was staring at me.

I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod with headphones! This is what happens when old people start using technology!

great white said...

Same fucking thing happened to me Flanders!! Lol!

Flanders said...

There are universal truths, just as there are Godly truths, and those coincide.

"THERE IS an Unwritten Constitution that binds every government of every nation. It stands above any written law or constitution made by men. This Unwritten Constitution is but an expression of Nature’s immutable laws as they apply to human societies.

And that Unwritten Constitution is this: The function of government is to serve the survival, best interests, and upward progress of the biological group — the race; the people — which created it.

This is Nature’s law. The leadership caste of any social species — any life form which exists and evolves as a group, like humans — that leadership exists only to serve the advancement and survival of that group, to ensure that the gene-patterns which make that group what it is continue to exist in the future, and that in turn makes the group’s continued evolution toward its destiny possible.

The alpha wolf ceases to be the alpha wolf if he cannot or will not serve the pack’s best interests, or if he betrays the pack and lessens its chances for survival. He will be ousted and likely killed if does so betray his fellows — and rightly so.

In the beehive, the queen rules in the best interests of her kind. The leader of a flock of migratory birds leads so that the flock — and the species — may find and occupy the territory it absolutely needs for survival. So also the leaders of the great migrating herds of antelope, impala, and other creatures.

Nature bestows leadership for one purpose only: the advancement and survival of the group, the race, the subspecies, or the tribe; the pure and uncompromised pursuit of the genetic interests of the led. Anything else is an aberration and leads to death — death of the false or parasitic “leader,” or death of the group, or both.

This applies to human groups as well. Thus, any leader or any government clique which puts its own personal interests ahead of the nation’s interests is tyrannical and illegitimate and in violation of the Unwritten Constitution and, morally, ought to be overthrown. And any leader who serves, openly or secretly, another people while pretending to serve his own people, is tyrannical and illegitimate and no real leader at all, and, morally, deserves to be overthrown — and then given the punishment traditionally given to traitors.
Thus, the American politicians and other “leaders” who serve the Jewish lobby — who send our sons to die in the sand for Israel — who spend billions to protect Israel’s borders but who refuse to defend ours — who vote to disarm the American people while importing millions of hostile, violent racial aliens into our country and into our neighborhoods — who persecute and imprison brave activists who try to awaken and defend White families and make a White future possible — who pass laws forcing us to hire and educate and associate with alien invaders at the expense of our own people — these so-called leaders who vote to transfer our wealth on a massive scale to the parasites of the brown underclass and the parasites of the Jewish overclass who engineered the invasion in the first place — these are no leaders at all. They have no legitimacy, and any laws under color of which they rule us are themselves illegal. Their permanent removal is as righteously justified as the removal of a blood-swollen tick from the skin of a helpless child — and if the tick’s head is ripped off in the process of removal, well that’s just too bad."

Flanders said...

What should our Trump supporters keep in mind? Do they need to be prepared for the aftermath of a glorious newer future for our people? We all like to have that hope, of course. I'm not out to dissuade anyone from voting for Trump, since what else is there if we choose to vote, and I don't think that Mr. Strom was saying so above, either.

My own opinion is that those White people who are supporting Trump need to be aware that there will be those who will try to lead the masses further down darkened roads, and to demoralize those gains, somewhat in dissaray with the "elections", which have already been made in awakening other White people to this point. Be prepared to re-energize rather than becoming disappointed, and do not relent. Soon, we will see the fruits of Trump, whether for good or bad.

James said...

If you dumb down white kids, there will be less of an achievement gap. Apparently a lot easier than helping black kids succeed.

In Stephen Fallon's book The Affirmative Action Hoax he describes in some detail an experimental school in the US that was given a practically unlimited budget to prove that access to resources is the problem.

It had:
- a sports complex good enough for the Olympics
- a computing facility similar to MIT
- low class sizes; only 10 to 12 pupils per teacher
- anything and everything modern edumacators could ask for
- packed with googles and googlets, since a mind is a terrible thing to waste

And yet, the poor little googles still failed. Badly.

James said...

Anonymous Searcher said...
The albino primate (or in PC terms, the melanin deficient male) hate-mongers when he finds out on Google that melinated beings were indigenous to Europe. It's 2016, where has he been already? While his "people" were living in caves, mating with dogs 'n' sheeit, Black people were supreme in Europe.

To cut a long story short, if you do a google image search for "European People Art" you get a Larry pageload of googles looking back atchu.

I tried duckduckgo which is far less googled than google and the same thing happened. Actually it looks like duckduckgo just uses google behind the scenes like startpage does. was far more racist and showed mostly statues of white people, even an Arno Brekker Nazi Racist Hitlerite genocidal gas statue.

It's possible the bias is jew to the engine calculating result based on the word "people" and since the word "people" in a European context often means other people, its kind of explainable that way.

But why is yahoo so different? Yahoo is rayciss. Better use yahoo.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

What happens when they put all their eggs in China's basket, Move to Beijing, start behaving like yids** ... and even the slopes get pissed off with them?

Don't forget that the Chinks, under that vulgar moon-faced peasant, Mao, whacked out over 45 million of their own over four years. They could purge 12 million hosenoses in a few months. It's not as though they blend in.

I doubt it. China is already full of skype. The chinese are the skypes' googles.

I think you are missing my point. The noses managed to infiltrate the west because the white-skinned ones, the Ashkenazim looked like us ... more or less.

Yes ... there may be hundreds of thousands, maybe a million or so, of yids that have interbred with the slopes over the centuries, and now could pass for yellow, but ten or twelve million obvious Ashkenazim suddenly scarpering into Chinkland would attract attention.

They'd stick out like the nose on Adelson's face.

And I would like to point out that the Chinese (up the social ladder a rung or two) are an arrogant and intolerant bunch of shits. It's centuries of their dog-eat-dog culture at work.
Down in the gutter, they are as nice as anyone ... marry the village chief and move up a notch, however ... and all that "nice" disappears. They make jews look humble and self-effacing.

Secondly the Ying Tongs are not very prone to western-style "Aaaaw ... Sweet!" empathy and altruism. They won't forgive and overlook the way we do


James said...

I just noticed the yahoo image search is just a flickr image search.

Breaking news


white man white woman

Even more genocidal than the art search.

James said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The only group loudly, consistently and uninhibitedly complaining about the Jews are the blacks.


So long as whites don't start listening, then they'll get away with it.
Whites are the target. Blacks are just evolutionary by-products currently useful as a biological weapon.

James said...

Female Volunteers At Calais Jungle 'Having Sex With Multiple Refugees A Day'

No surprise there. The bigger surpise is that its only a scandal because the volunteers are 'abusing' the refugees. Whatever makes you feel intelligent I guess.

As Simon Sheppard said - the wog lover won't go to wog land because it nullifies one of the man benefits of sleeping with wogs: they thrive on the disapproval of white men.

One day I suspect women will be put under control again and it will make Saudi Arabia look like spring break. It really depends on how far the pendulum swings to the left first.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to stop 9/11 families suing Saudi govt.
I guess he doesn't want the Saudis defending themselves and pointing fingers at the real culprits.

tsnamm said...

What's the difference between Batman and a black man...

Batman can go into a store without Robin...

Flanders said...

Strange but (((true))).

Did you know that....

Nearly Six Million jews lost their lives during a revolt on or around August 10, in the 70th year AD?
Is it possible that 6,000.000 jews also once worked at the New York Times? No, it just seemed that way. But, the NYT did find six million oppressed poor jews at other times and places.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

On topic but off topic.

A pleasant surprise.
...Check out the "stranger". What a good person.

Flanders said...

What will be White people's response when illegal mass negroid violence, or that of others, moves from the urban centers toward and into suburbia and even into the rural areas? Sure, we think that we will have it covered if it comes to "my" area. But, will it, and will you?

That is not going to be the half of it. When they come, there will be Federal "peacekeepers". Up to 30 thousand at a time are said to have come to some of the forced integration "events" back during the 1950's and 1960's. They'll find an excuse to come this time, too. Anything will do.

Kennedy sent the 503rd Military Police Battalion and the 82nd Airborne Division into Oxford, MS, forcibly entering there against the wishes of the people and the state. They killed White people then, too. Two if I'm not mistaken.

When they come, it'll be one place at a time - and they get to pick it. An area at a time. With full (((media))) backup.

America is spread out, much more so than Europe. It's difficult to mass together for common defense. Or, for a large scale resistance or retaliation. And, THEY have the busses in which to move their pawns [militant blacks or others] around.

We know who it is who gives the orders, but those are hidden away in protected centers. It won't be their blood they spill. It will be that of fellow Americans, the white cucks trying to avoid starving by joining the military or some of the other pawns. If that doesn't work, they'll try the UN, and use them as Hessians (again) against Americans, as their great, great, great Uncle Rothy did back during the Revolution.

They use surprise and force to demoralize people's spirit, and if you think it doesn't work look into the eyes of the blathering cucks you can now see on You-tube or on most of America's streets, especially it seems from locations in the South or even Mississippi.

I'm not trying to dampen anyone's spirits. Quite the opposite. It's only by being aware, examining the past, and realizing just how evil these suckers really are and how much they hate the White people that we can prepare for the tactics and strategies that they will likely use. We need to be effective when this type of thing happens, and we need to stay alive to resist and overcome outright tyranny for another day, year or however long is necessary. Don't let them have or use the element of surprise.

We aren't going to do that alone. But, we do need to prepare. Prepare to give no quarter. They won't give it to you.
Charlotte and negro violence

Flanders said...

1 of 2:

The Statue of Isis was first known as Liberty Enlightening the World, but is now more commonly called, the "Statue of Liberty".

10 Things You Should Know About Emma Lazarus
by Leah Berkenwald

1. Emma Lazarus was born in 1849 to Moses and Esther Nathan Lazarus, descendants of the pioneering group of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who settled in New Amsterdam in the mid 1600s.

2. While Emma's devout ancestors and relatives were actively involved with the Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue in New York, her immediate family was "outlawed" among the Lazarus clan because they were no longer religiously observant. Moses Lazarus sought instead to place his family among their Christian peers. However, while Emma's friends were almost all Christian, she was usually referred to and seen as a "Jewess."

3. The Lazaruses educated their children at home. Emma's early poems and translations show she had a strong classical education and a mastery of German and French. Her father recognized his young daughter's talent and encouraged her work. When Emma was 17, he had her first book of poems privately published.

4. In 1868, the precocious young poet sent the celebrated Ralph Waldo Emerson a copy of her first book. Over the next few years, Emerson became a trusted mentor, offering notes on her poems that ranged from enthusiastic praise to more critical comments. But whether complementing or criticizing, Emerson remained a supportive reader.

5. By her early 20s, Emma’s talent was widely recognized. One of the first successful Jewish American authors, she was part of the late-19th century New York literary elite, and was celebrated in her day as an important American poet.

6. Her writing combined her interest in European cultural history with her Jewish identity. Her translations of the works of Goethe and her poem “In the Jewish Synagogue at Newport” (where her family had a summer “cottage”) both found a place in her published work.

7. In the 1880s, as tensions rose in Russia and pogroms became more and more common, many Eastern European Jews chose to immigrate to America. Emma Lazarus became increasingly convinced that "the time [had] come for actions rather than words." She visited Russian Jewish refugees and volunteered at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. She became an advocate for the new arrivals, using her pen to call attention to their plight and giving her time to help those who had recently arrived in America.

Flanders said...

2 of 2:

8. Emma Lazarus’s prose and poetry had always dealt with Jewish themes; in her later years, her work reflected an even stronger identification with her people. She wrote bold, powerful poetry and essays protesting the rise of antisemitism and, a member of the well-established Jewish elite, she defended the rights of recent Russian Jewish immigrants. She called on Jews to unite and create a homeland in Palestine before the Zionist movement was well established.

9. In 1883, Emma was asked to write a poem as part of an effort to raise money to build a pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. In composing “The New Colossus,” she drew inspiration from her work with Jewish immigrants. Although she herself never faced the hardships of Jews who left Eastern Europe to escape oppression and persecution, the words she wrote—“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”— captured the experience of the immigrant to America so perfectly that they still inspire us today.

10. Between 1885 and 1887 Lazarus traveled in England, France, Holland, and Italy. She continued writing even while traveling, Her last work, a collection of prose poems, was published shortly before her death in New York City, probably of cancer, in November 1887. She was 38 years old. A plaque bearing the words she composed was affixed to the nation’s most famous statue in 1903.

More on: Labor, Anti-Semitism, Volunteers, Immigration, Zionism, Poetry, Translation, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Statue of Liberty, Top 10 Jewish Women in Labor History

After the death of her famous sister Emma, Josephine Lazarus emerged as a writer and activist in her own right.
Descended from the first Jews to settle in the US, Josephine Lazarus came of age in the wealthy and cultured Sephardic community of New York and was educated in languages, literature, music, and art alongside her five sisters. For years, she focused her efforts on caring for her parents, siblings, and her orphaned nieces. Her first publication was a memorial essay for her sister Emma Lazarus, followed by a series of literary biographies of contemporary women writers. In 1893 she spoke at the Congress of Religions at the Chicago World’s Fair, later expanding her ideas into The Spirit of Judaism, her first book, in 1895. In her writing, Lazarus advocated nonsectarian ethical humanism that would combine the best of Judaism and Christianity, with Jews fully assimilating into society but bringing their rich spiritual tradition with them. Her views were shaken, however, by widespread anti–Semitism in the wake of the Dreyfus Affair. In her later essays she struggled to incorporate her vision of a universal humanism with the need for Jews to have a homeland and political autonomy.

More on: Labor, Anti-Semitism, Immigration, Journalism, Non-Fiction

Flanders said...

"While scholars have frequently labeled mid-nineteenth-century European men such as Moses Hess and Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer as mevasserei ziyyon [forerunners of Zionism], the American Jewish poet and writer Emma Lazarus surely merits this appellation as well. Stirred to Jewish consciousness by the Russian pogroms of the early 1880s and the subsequent plight of Eastern European Jewry, the aristocratic Lazarus, whose familial roots in America extended back to the 1700s, called for the rebirth of the Jewish nation on its ancestral soil in both poetry and prose. In her 1882–1883 prose work “An Epistle to the Hebrews,” published in the American Hebrew, Lazarus promoted a proto-Zionist vision that predated and paralleled the Zionist position adavanced a decade later in the writings of Theodor Herzl. Lazarus wrote, “What we need to-day … is the building up of our national, physical force. … For nearly nineteen hundred years we have been living on an idea. … Our body has become starved and emaciated beyond recognition. … Let our first care to-day be the re-establishment of our physical strength, the reconstruction of our national organism, so that in the future, where the respect due to us cannot be won by entreaty, it may be commanded, and where it cannot be commanded, it may be enforced.”

Rosa Sonnenschein, publisher and editor of the American Jewess between 1895 and 1899, echoed many of the Zionist themes that Lazarus had articulated and became one of the earliest supporters of Herzl on American soil. In the April 1897 issue of her journal, Sonnenschein wrote an article entitled “What Jew Has Not Dreamed of Seeing Israel Restored as a Nation—Of a New, Free, Great, and Glorious Judah?” Later that year, she was invited by Herzl to attend the First Zionist Congress in Basel as the representative of the American Jewess.
Eastern European native Golda Meir, informed by the tenets and visions of Labor Zionism, left America to join Kibbutz Merhavyah in 1921. Twenty-five-year-old American-born Hannah Hoffman, the daughter of a New Jersey Conservative rabbi and a graduate of Smith College, traveled to Palestine in 1925 over the objections of her family and became a pioneer at Tel Joseph;..".
By the 1930s, the integral role that women had come to occupy in American Zionism was assured. The impact Zionism had upon the lives of these women, young and old alike catapulted such women as Shoshana Cardin into positions of prominence in American Jewish life. The role these women had come to play in the life of the American movement is captured in the memoirs of former New York congresswoman Bella Abzug, who recalled that in 1932, “When I was twelve, I joined Ha-Shomer ha-Za’ir [the Young Guard], a Zionist Youth Organization. From then on, I was an enthusiastic Zionist who dreamed of working in a kibbutz, helping to build a Jewish national home in what was then called Palestine. Dressed in brown uniforms and ties, my friends and I rode the subways and stood in the cold on street corners, collecting pennies for our cause. It was my first venture into political campaigning, and also my first experience as a leader.”

Jewish women were active participants in American Zionism from the earliest years of the movement on these shores. From the time of Emma Lazarus, women expressed the greatest yearnings of the movement, and others such as Hannah Hoffman and Jessie Sampter participated in and described the pioneering dimensions of the Zionist cause. These women moved fluidly between private and public life,..".

Flanders said...

"In the 1880s, a wave of anti-Semitic pogroms across Eastern Europe prompted a massive Jewish flight to America. During this time, Lazarus, who was already a well-known poet, became involved in visiting Russian refugees and volunteering for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Inspired by the suffering and fortitude of these immigrants, Lazarus used her literary prominence to call attention to the scourge of anti-Semitism and to become an early American spokesperson for a Zionist solution to Jewish persecution. Her concern for the history of Jewish suffering and the continued plight of many immigrants found expression in "The New Colossus," among other powerful works.

Lazarus's famous lines in “The New Colossus,” “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” were not originally part of the Statue and were obscured in the years after Lazarus’ death in 1887. It was the efforts of her friend Georgina Schuyler that resulted in Lazarus’ lines being inscribed on a plaque affixed within the statue’s pedestal in 1903. In 1945, the plaque was moved to the Statue’s main entrance hall.

Over time, Lazarus' words caught the national imagination and became indelibly associated with the meaning of the Statue and with the American ideal of liberty. They continue to inspire the way Americans think about freedom and exile. Cited frequently, including at the 2004 Republican National Convention, “The New Colossus” continues to symbolize America's promise of opportunity and freedom to the “huddled masses” of every land."

Flanders said...

"Sephardic Jews constitute only a small proportion of American Jewry. Although they comprised the majority of American Jewry during the colonial period, that majority never exceeded twenty-five hundred prior to the American Revolution. The Sephardim of Holland, the Caribbean, and England may have formed the vanguard of colonial pioneering, yet it is difficult to isolate any special role of Sephardi women or even to arrive at more than an estimate of their numbers.
By the nineteenth century, the Sephardi community was vastly outnumbered by Ashkenazim. Nevertheless, a few outstanding Sephardi personalities captured public notice. Penina Moïse (1797–1880), the first American Jew to publish a volume of poetry, also conducted a private school and wrote movingly of the travails of the Jews at the time of the Damascus Blood Libel (1840). Her hymnal was published and utilized by Congregation Beth Elohim of Charleston, South Carolina. Maud Nathan (1862–1946) was a multitalented woman, distinguished for her active involvement in the life of the Spanish and Portuguese synagogue of New York, Congregation Shearith Israel, as well as in the wider New York community. She served as a founder of the Consumers League of New York and the movement for woman suffrage. During her short life, Emma Lazarus (1849–1887) gained immortality through her evocation of the immigrant’s dream of America in her poem “The New Colossus.” Her Sephardi connection was through the prominence of her family in Congregation Shearith Israel rather than through any distinguishable attachment on her part to Sephardi tradition.
Post–World War II Sephardi immigration from Muslim lands has brought a critical mass of Sephardim to American shores. Although Jewish women were largely confined to the domestic sphere in places such as Syria or Central Asia, the organized Sephardi community in America (the American Sephardi Federation, founded in 1972) has enjoyed new professional and leadership opportunities. Access to higher education has enabled Sephardi women to overcome traditional limitations on their involvement in the broader society."

Flanders said...

The two comments below are of interest re the whore holding a torch. The second one is from a site which I think is now gone, but which I didn't trust.
This first is a comment from an unnamed commenter at a thread which I did not link.

"The statue, sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, had been conceived of as a gift of friendship from the people of France marking the two nations' commitment to liberty. France provided $400,000 for the 151-foot statue, and a fundraising drive in the United States netted $270,000 for the 89-foot pedestal.

To further muddy the waters... The idea is given to be from Edouard Rene
Leferbre de Laboulaye, the artist, is of course F. A. Bartholdi, and the construction from Eiffel, of the Eiffel tower fame.

However, the money raised for the pedestal, was done by a certain newspaper
man named Pulitzer, listed below as a 'hungarian jewish immigrant'. I'll leave
it as an exercise to the reader about the coincidence that the 'prize poem' is
written by jewish woman, who's main 'cause' was the inclusion of russian jewish immigrants into american life."
"The Statue of Isis was first known as Liberty Enlightening the World, but is now more commonly called, the "Statue of Liberty." However, we must ask ourselves, "Is she truly enlightening the world, or is she actually the Goddess who keeps our illumination in the shadows as she holds the light above in her torch, only to hide the truth from the profane (uninitiated) of the abyss (sea of humanity) who are kept in the dark?"

A secret that keeps most of the population of the United States in complete ignorance as they are cast under the wicked spell of Isis. A Goddess of both Heaven and Hell.


The world-famous statue is located in the New York harbor, and was presented as a gift in the year 1884 from French Freemasons of the Grand Orient to their Mason Bro's in the United States. The statue was designed by well-known French Freemasons, sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, displaying the Hidden Hand of Freemasonry in the image below and Engineer, Gustave Eiffel (A.G. Eiffel)."
Statue of Liberty
Visit the statue that greeted millions new comers to America. We will also tour the Museum of American Immigration that shows how these immigrants shared their ethnic heritage with the rest of the nation. Edouard-Rene de Laboulaye, a French historian, wanted to present the American people with a statue theat celebrated freedom, the idea of republicanism, and friendship between America and France. Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was commissioned to create the statue. Gustave Eiffel designed the steel framework that supports the statue. Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant, raised the money from his readers to build the pedestal for the statue. As part of the effort to raise money for this project, Emma Lazarus wrote her poem, "The New Colossus", now engraved on the pedestal. The Museum of American Immigration celebrates the statue and the immigrants who came through Ellis Island. Treasures of various immigrants are on display."

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Flanders 0.4.44. One technique I use to awaken sleeping whites is to say 'if you make a little effort by considering alternative explanations you will find it's like pulling a loose thread on a cardigan. The whole official narrative just unravels before your eyes'.

Problem is, most people would prefer to just continue in their bubble.

Uncle Nasty said...

This comes from the Gatestone Institute (and what a grand, nay, noble name that is)** who bring us the following information:-

France: The Great Wall of Calais

by Soeren Kern
September 23, 2016 at 6:00 am

Around 200 migrants from Calais, the principal ferry crossing point between France and England, are successfully smuggled into Britain each week, according to police estimates cited by the Telegraph.

In recent months, masked gangs of people smugglers armed with knives, bats and tire irons have forced truck drivers to stop so that migrants can board their vehicles.

"Before, it was just attempts to get on trucks. Now there is looting and willful destruction, tarpaulins are slashed, goods stolen or destroyed. Drivers go to work with fear in their bellies and the economic consequences are severe." — David Sagnard, president of France's truck drivers' federation.

"They want to go to England because they can expect better conditions on arrival there than anywhere else in Europe or even internationally. ... They can easily find work outside the formal economy..." — Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais.

(Work? WORK? WORK" ... UN)

"The asylum seekers could apply for protection in France or the European country they first landed in... they only reached Calais by crossing French borders. France is part of the borderless Schengen Area of the EU, whereas Britain is not." — James Glenday, ABC News.

Building work has begun on a wall in the northern French city of Calais, a major transport hub on the edge of the English Channel, to prevent migrants from stowing away on cars, trucks, ferries and trains bound for Britain.

Dubbed "The Great Wall of Calais," the concrete barrier — one kilometer (half a mile) long and four meters (13 feet) high on both sides of the two-lane highway approaching the harbor — will pass within a few hundred meters of a sprawling shanty town known as "The Jungle."

The squalid camp now houses more than 10,000 migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who are trying to reach Britain. The migrants at the camp are mostly from Sudan (45%), Afghanistan (30%), Pakistan (7%), Eritrea (6%) and Syria (1%), according to a recent census conducted by aid agencies.

Now, my question is ... are they commiserating or gloating?
You decide.

Question 2 ... what happened to the French Army? ... and here's me thinking that the purpose of a national army is to protect the country and preserve the peace ... when the police lose or relinquish control -- as they obviously have.

Just where the fuck IS the French army? Are they all in Syria?


**which amazingly enough, persists in retaining the late Eli Wiesel as a member, and is yiddled (that is to say riddled with yids) ... and is, therefore, as reliable as a chocolate kettle.

Anonymous said...

Flanders, and anyone else who walks around with headphones on in an urban environment, is a fool. Your auditory sense is one of your chief defenses against getting run over by traffic, getting stepped on on the sidewalk and not to mention the auditory clues and cues emitted by pavement apes on the attack.

Anonymous said...

A billion dollars! Yes, a billion dollars...was spent on the construction of a high school in Newark, New Jersey.

Per capita student funding in some urban districts (thanks to a clause in our state constitution) is now more then double that of affluent (and successful) school systems.

Government radio is telling us that the only thing that will really work is a return to radical, forced integration.

Joe Btfsplk said...

. . .(((thanks to a clause in our state constitution))). . .

The Santa Clause?

Joe Btfsplk said...

Per capita. . .capita is plural. . .caput is singular. . .per caput means per person

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>the only thing that will really work is a return to radical, forced disintegration.<<<

Shaunantijihad said...

I still only read comments for Uncle Nasty and Frank Galton. Both of whom should be Generals in the coming revolution, imo.

Sav, I have told you this before, and you should no longer need examples, but your comment section is 'yiddled" as Uncle Nasty puts it. It has been since posts about 911. It is a lot more subtle than NU was. Mostly it just trolling by boring, irrelevant crap. These are not the comments by typical alt-righters. Mostly it's just rubbish. (((They))) fear you, you know, for the same reason they fear truth. I'll say no more.

Strength and honour, brother.

Searcher said...

Trump attack ad

Backfiring spectacularly (as they always do)

1. Robert Downey Jr (eyeliner, frozen face, former drug addict, made easy millions off the back of a comic book franchise).

2. Scarlett Johansson.

3. Who? (bald African American man in pale blue patterned short sleve shirt)

4. Who? (big watch, issue wristband)

5. Mark Ruffallo.

6. Ethan Hawke? (guessing)

7. Who? Good looking woman (Sandra Bullock lookalike)

8. Julianne Moore.

9. Who? (bedhead hair African American woman)

10. Who? (muscular man)

11. Who? (square jaw woman)

12. Who? (dark haired woman)

13. Who? (white haired man with glasses)

14. Who? (blonde bob woman)

15. Who? (blondie who cry talks)

16. Who? (architect/problem glasses older man)

17. Who? (BLM)

18. Who? (he looks familiar - man)

19. Who? (hair in the eyes woman)

20. Who? (achy breaky voice man)

21. Who? (square jaw, long dark hair woman)

22. Who? (regular looking, lightly bearded "please like me" man)

23. The non-famous one (woman)

24. Another non-famous one (man)

25. Who? Asian man.

26. Who? Another man with architect/problem glasses.

27. I think this is Don Cheedle who was surpised that the indigenous Black population of Ireland was so paltry. Read a history book Don.

28. Actor from "How I met your mother" or some such TV tripe

29. Who? Blue eyed African American man.

30. Martin Sheen.

Out of 30 participants, I guess that only 2 are supposed to be "nobodies" or "citizens" (to paraphrase Liz Hurley). So 28 "celebrities"?

I recognised 7 (not going to even bother googling Ethan Hawke or Don Cheedle to verify - so 5 certains, and 2 probables). 25% name recognition. Not a patch on the Global Goals UN propoganda.

Celebrities who I wouldn't turn against for appearing in this ad are Julianne Moore (she gets a well kept beauty pass but minus points for the cursing); Martin Sheen (he has been a SJW for decades) and Mark Ruffalo (has been a SJW for ages also) i.e. it's no surprise that Martin or Mark are anti-Trump and they are moved to speak against him. I also find Martin Sheen and Julianne Moore quite likeable in general. Mark Ruffalo - he's the kind who could turn 180 on the red pill.

Scarlet Johansson will probably survive this unharmed. She has been in the industry for years, has a large male appreciation and has a few passes (pretty/successful).

Who annoys me the most in this ad? Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheedle. Why? Robert Downey Jr is the po-faced multi-millionaire. He just comes across as out of touch and arrogant. Don Cheedle: he has no social capital so any annoying sheeit he pulls, it's a meh, get off the stage. Oh and the crytalking blonde. FFS. I can't even even.

Flanders said...

This post and video from Saboteur365 illustrates how black kids are being trained to respond toward cops. Do you think that those jigs will respond any better toward teachers or other civil White people in society?
"I can’t wait for Hillary and Barack to weigh in on the “police brutality” shown in the embedded video below. It’s a must watch if you have any interest in racial issues.

Essentially, liberals have encouraged blacks to believe that forcing them to obey the law is racist white oppression.

The bastard liberals live far from the sh*t that cops and ordinary whites who must live with diversity have to put up with.

F*ck liberals and their Negro worship. The police are a white invention, a white concept, a white institution. Any attack upon the police is an attack upon civilization.
"The incident began Sunday when Hagerstown police officers received a 911 call that a bicyclist hit a car, according to police.
One of the videos shows the girl walking away from police and then attempting to ride away on her bike before she was then pulled back by one officer.

“Get off of me!” the girl cried repeatedly, as she struggled with the officer for several minutes before two cops lifted her up and put her in the back of a police car.

The videos show passersby watching as officers repeatedly told the girl, who was handcuffed, “you are going to get sprayed,” and ordered her to put her feet inside the patrol car." [Continues with the details and the video].

SAVANT said...

@Shaun. Yes, we've had this discussion before and there's no easy answer. We have truly great commentators/researchers on here and yes we have lots who don't add a lot to the discussion. But as I've said many times I'm reluctant to get heavy into blocking comments. However I am looking at some different options regarding how comments appear. All options have pluses and minuses...

Glen C said...

All those assholes in that video linked by Searcher are just turning people TOWARDS TRump. So insulated and self-righteous they fail to see that their preening is just turning people off.

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 24 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn SWEEPS TO VICTORY INCREASING HIS MANDATE as Labour leader – as it happened

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Anon 17:31, I agree with your concerns and second them. A White person today should train themselves to always have situational awareness. Around blacks - Never relax! Know what is happening around you.

That said, It wasn't me wearing the headphones, but the man in the story. The last music I listened to and enjoyed was the song, Dixie. I have no love for "music" as the apes and their (((agents))) sometimes call it.

Flanders said...

Savant, Did my comment prior to my reply to Anon 17:31 make it through? It linked to a story from Saboteur. I didn't have the usual indicator that it posted.

Frank Galton said...

UN said: "Don't forget that the Chinks, under that vulgar moon-faced peasant, Mao, whacked out over 45 million of their own over four years. They could purge 12 million hosenoses in a few months. It's not as though they blend in."

"It's not as though they blend in."

Have to disagree with you UN.

Frank Galton

dindu nuffins said...

Think the museum has a wing dedicated to Democrat support of slavery, Dredd Scott, segregation, and the current assumption that blacks will vote for them no matter how bad their plight gets? I'm guessing no.

James Lord said...

It's great that Corbyn 'sweeps to victory'. It means Labour will become a marginalised retreat for muslims, blacks, queers and poncy leftoids.

Uncle Nasty said...

A White History month would also go down rather well ... correcting old misconceptions.

Thanks to Hollywood, we're all familiar with the old bogey-man, Gestapo ... right?

Always over six feet tall and immaculately suited all in black -- Peaked cap, riding breeches, tunic and highly polished riding boots? Riding crop slapped idly against thigh .... optional.

Aaaaah no. That was SS.

Tall, clipped, icy blue Aryan eyes, monocled -- or, at best -- with round steel-rimmed spactacles, and immaculately attired in dark suit, wide-brimmed Fedora and calf-length leather trench-coat.

Rather Like this guy ...

Thank God for the likes of Steven Spielberg and his helpful collaborators at Paramount or we would never know the true meaning of the word "Gestapo".

Most of us don't anyway. You might want to take a half-hour or so, and read a history of the real Geheime Staatspolizei, or the Secret State Police.

... The book opens with an account of the “first Protestant Evangelical preacher killed for defying the Nazi regime on religious grounds,” Paul Schneider, at Buchenwald in 1939. He had been incarcerated there in 1937 after being warned many times about his criticism of the regime, including his ridicule of the stormtrooper martyr Horst Wessel. He had been freed from custody due to the lobbying of his parishioners. Two hundred local ministers, and a crowd of local parishioners attended his funeral.2 Hence one already might ask questions: Why hadn’t this monstrous terror state quietly eliminated Schneider in 1933, when he had already started critiquing the new regime? Why was he given so many warnings? Why did such a supposedly totalitarian state heed the lobbying for his release by parishioners? Why did he receive a widely attended public funeral, when he might have been quietly executed, and some pretext offered?

Despite the popular, and the academic, image of the Nazi state as all-embracing and Hitler as all-powerful, the German people as brainwashed, and the Gestapo as “a huge organization with agents everywhere,” “in reality any person who accepted and supported the Nazi regime enjoyed enormous individual freedom. Hitler’s regime was hugely popular. Once you appreciate this essential fact you begin to understand the reality of life inside Nazi Germany.”

An interesting little aside regarding torture ...

The trial of the defendants of the “Malmedy massacre” was notable for the interrogation techniques. The defendants had been accused of shooting American soldiers who had surrendered during the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. Secretary of the Army Kenneth C. Royall established a tribunal to investigate allegations of torture that had been brought to the attention of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The tribunal was headed by Gordon Simpson of the Texas Supreme Court, with Leroy van Roden, Pennsylvania judge, and Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Lawrence of the U.S. Army.34 The Simpson Commission recommended the commutation of all death sentences of the Malmedy defendants.35 While the Simpson Commission report was “bland,” van Roden returned to the USA fully endorsing the allegations that interrogators had subjected the defendants to beatings, including “blows to the genitals,” threats of hanging during interrogations, and refusal of water.36 Willis M. Everett, appointed by the U.S. Army as chief defense counsel, was uneasy about the number of Jews who were involved in the war crimes process.37

I would be too ...


Searcher said...

Glen C


I reckon, people in general are getting weary of FAKE. And weary of agenda (TM) in MSM/Hollywood. Also, the internet exposes celebrity secrets in a way that was never possible heretofore. Their veneer of glamour is paper thin.

My reactions to these celebs are not going to be the same as everyone's (maybe Martin Sheen is detested by people for his "activism" here for example) and maybe the majority of these "celebrities" are better known than I perceive them to be, but I think it's useful to share.

The main point that I would make is that I have yet to see an attack ad on Trump that does not backfire. Showing imagery of young children watching Trump on TV (in the dark so it looks like night-time). It begs the question, why would you have soft-faced youngsters up at night watching presidential debates/the news? Poor parenting skills implied. Mexican? children cursing about Trump. No-one wants to hear "sassy" children using swear words especially not when they are being prompted to do so by adults. Poor parenting skills implied. The Hitler ad. Woah - really bad move. Now you prompt people into googling WW2 stuff. Hop and a skip...

Sidenote: I saw some clip of Lena Dunham recently where she said that Trump would rate her body a 2 (and this is bad). But why would she give a BLEEP what a "racoon haired overweight oompaloompa" rates her body? I thought she was an empowered paedophile, the voice of her generation?

Anyhow, it is funny to see the very people who give out about people dissing their looks, have no problem dishing it out (Barbara Streisand - "my stepdad said I was too ugly to buy me an icecream") was on about Trump's looks recently - something about a squirrel/raccoon/small animal on his head. I very much doubt he cares how Barbara Streisand or Lena Dunham rate him though and that's the difference.

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said...

UN said: "Don't forget that the Chinks, under that vulgar moon-faced peasant, Mao, whacked out over 45 million of their own over four years. They could purge 12 million hosenoses in a few months. It's not as though they blend in."

"It's not as though they blend in."

Have to disagree with you UN.

24 September 2016 at 23:34

Damn, Frank ... you're right.

The buggers do blend right in ...


Flanders said...

UN and Frank, re: "It's not as though they blend in."

By ITSVAN BAKONY, [Translated 1969]


"The Israelite leader Israel Joseph Benjamin II, Cha-
cham of Israel, after his visit to China at the middle of
last century, says in his report on Chinese clandestine
Judaism, presented to the western Israelite leaders, that
in one epoch the Chinese Jews mixed themselves with the
population of the mongolic race through mixed marriages:
"They keep their faith with the characteristic tenacity distin­
guishing the Hebrew race, they even now do not marry
but women of their same religion"... "During the war
among Tartar and Chinese peoples, a part of them moved
to the Che-Kiang province, neighboring that in which our
city is located, and became established in Kang Tchou, a
city I intend to visit, and the other part is in Arnoy in the
Fo-Kien province. There are emigrants also in Peking and
throughout China"."
"... a German Jewish magazine said, talks
about a group of Chinese Jews that: "Only one had a
real Jewish type, but except for the religion and circumci­
sion, they are completely converted into Chinese by their
language, dressing, customs, and habits, they also have
Chinese n a m e s . . . It is said that Jews came to China from
the north-western part of India by about the third cen­
tury after Christ; they first remained secretly in Ning-hia,
Hantcheou and Peking, and later became established in
Kai-fung-foo". (1)A dangerous fifth column of secret Jews
had entered China, who as a result of their total adapta­
tion through the centuries, to the racial and social charac­
teristics of the Chinese people are now dangerously con­
founded and diluted in the population of that country.
It should be noted that although the Israelites of the former
celestial Empire are considered among the most mixed
with the indigenous race, since the last century they have
kept the rigid custom of marrying only among themselves,
and the above mentioned Hebrew leader says that they
have kept their faith "with the characteristic tenacity that
distinguishes the Hebrew race".

The historian of the Chinese Jews, Alexandre Wyllie,
in his valuable book called Investigations on the Existence
of Jews in China, since the Most Ancient Times to These
Days, notes that the existence of the Jews was hidden for
the majority, but that, nevertheless, "some accidental ob­
servations in Marco Polo's trips, show that Jews were
sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in
China and Tartaria".

[Photo - Member of the ultra-secret sect Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, spread throughout
China. Picture published about the middle of the 20th century by
the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia, Jewish official work of utmost
authority on Judaism. Published in Mexico, 1948.].

I don't have the link, but I think this 38 page PDF was obtained from:

Flanders said...

One more selection re those Chinese jews who "would have trouble blending in":

"S. M. Perlmann, the Jewish historian, mentions that
one of the Tartaric tribes adopted Jewish kings from a
group of immigrants coming from Media and Persia,
descendants of the tribes of Simeon, Ephraim and Mana-
sehh. He also states that these immigrant Israelites turned
themselves in ferocious nomads and great warriors in Tar-
taria. These Tartaric Jews are at present the bulldogs
of the Soviet Jewish regime in Siberia, and it is well known
that there are many Jewish-Tartaric officers in the Red
Army, for the Chinese and Tartaric Jews differ from those
of other nations in possessing great military talents.

These millenary Chinese Jews, who have a Chinese
racial aspect, practice Chinese customs, and use Chinese
names, have been known to World Judaism, up to the
present day, as Chinese Jews Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou.
The Israelite
leader, Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin, talking about the origin
of the word Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, says as follows: "Some medi­
eval commentators state that when Isahia (The Bible's
prophet) forecasted the restoration of 'the land of Sinim'
by the Jews, he had in mind those who travelled ten
thousand miles from the Jordan through the Caucasus,
Turkestan and the Tibet up to the Yellow river in China.
Undoubtedly there are indications that centuries before
the Christian Age the Jews had trade relations with the
'silk men' (this is the Chinese) w h o called them Tiao-Kiu-
Kiaou, that means those who remove the tendon (referring
to the Jewish ceremony mentioned in the Genesis 32-33).
Probably Judaism was diffused there by the Radanitas
Jews, w h o went by sea or in caravans, through the Samar-
kanda route to Khotan to exchange products from Africa
and Europe for paper, glass, fine cloths and silk that were
produced only in China at that time. They constantly in­
creased in number in China producing wise and cultured
people." - Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin. "Gentile Reactions to Jewish Ideals".
New York edition, 1953, page 417.

Searcher said...


I think it is a bit much of you to state publicly that UN and Frank Galton are the only commenters that you read on Sav's blog. There are many more good commenters on Sav's blog including (but not exclusively) Flanders, AnalogMan, Corkonian, Gem Junior, Lemmyhead, Retd copper John, Kulak, Bevois ... There are more but I'm just jotting quickly. You are basically writing the vast majority of Sav's commenters off as worthless (not worthy of your attention) when you say that you only read UN and Frank G.

You mostly comment on Morgoth's Blog. It has not surely escaped your notice that your have a new arrival over there? You know, the one with two avatars. You never called him out. Is that someone else's job? But, do you ever call people out specifically - you just vaguely hint about and think that's good enough. It doesn't work like that. Who you are talking about? People here call out infiltrator types all the time. What are you afraid of? You just hint in a general sense. Why don't you just call out who you think is a (((troll))).

So, how do you think the hasbara is getting on over at MRev?! Started off pretty quickly with anti-Irish shite. You never called him out on that did you? He's working through all his angles very capably - running rings around the second-tier chosenites in particular.

It's actually a good thing in a way - it tends to highlight the people of poor judgement. And so he goes on - the Polish: don't trust 'em. Phillipinos - trash. Sikhs - get real. Googles are worse than Skypes. Liverpool is full of Irish scum etc. English nationalists are oh so scary. But I like a nice Skypish type I do. Demoralise the English people - it's all over mate. And also call for violence on a blog. FFS. Yet, Shaun is silent. You're not the only silent one though in fairness. Although a woman calls him out - Norty Nina (one of the first). Female intuition Shaun - it's not going to build a swimming pool, but it will sense when someone's a shit stirrer.

The best (imho) posters are always under attack on MRev blog.

Where is Lapin? Theodara Angelina (you know - the brighter posters who had something interesting to say)? And what's happening now? An attack on Tony Hayers. Yet no support from MRev regulars. Not surprising though really is it? Norty Nina just taught all the blog how to do memes and frequently posts some interesting stuff. Didn't see much support for her recently though either (even though she seems to have been doxxed by some troll on MRev). Point being: you don't support each other that awfully well imho. And I personally don't want to see that happen over here and I think you are inadvertently creating a similar dynamic here (FWIW I don't think you are a troll - I just think you have a stronger than average need to follow authority.) So yeah, it was inevitable that an anti-authoritarian like me would pick up on your comments!

Why don't you just say who you think is a troll/are trolls? Or reply directly to a troll if you think something is being trollish. Who knows what you reckon is boring, irrelevant crap. Tell us.

PS Have you ever defended a commenter on Sav's blog against a (((troll)))?

PPS You might like to check out Millenial Woes and his take on 9-11. I agree to a certain extent with him. Perception is reality. The narrative has been set. I wager that you would disagree with him but I think it would be interesting to hear what you would have to say about his take on the significance/symbolism of the event.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said:" Strange but (((true))). Did you know that....Nearly Six Million jews lost their lives during a revolt on or around August 10, in the 70th year AD? "

Southern Illinois University

The Open Court: Vol. 1897: Iss. 5, Article 2

Historical Sketch of the Jews Since Their Return from Babylon. With Illustrations of Jewish Customs and Life, by The Rev. Bernhard Pick, Ph.D


PAGE 271

The spiritual head of the Jamnian commonwealth was Gamaliel 11. National fanaticism, indeed, was not yet extinguished; but it burnt itself completely out in the vigorous insurrection led by Bar-Cocheba, the pseudo-messiah, in which nearly SIX MILLION JEWS LOST THEIR LIVES, together with the famous Rabbi Akiba, one of the pseudo messiah's most ardent adherents (135 A.D.).


PAGE 281

JULY 1, 1909, TO JUNE 30, 1910

THE CABALA. Bernhard Pick.

Frank Galton

Californian said...

What else should be in the museum?

How about a series of dioramas tracing recent Detroit history?

* First exhibit: Horrors of Detroit under White rule. You walk down a well maintained street with a factory turning out automobiles while Motown plays in the background.
* Second exhibit: Year of Liberation. Relive the excitement of the 1967 riot, I mean uprisings, as motolov cocktails fly through the air, white people flee for the suburbs, and police sirens wail in the background.
* Third exhibit: Great Moments with Mayor Young. An audio-animatronic full-scale replica of Coleman Young which chants "Racism, racism, racism!" Fake dollar bills descend from the ceiling while the Communist Internationale blares over loudspeakers.
* Fourth Exhibit: It's a Black World. Yes, you too can sing along with rap artists as you walk through fullscale models of abandoned factories and trashed libraries. Be careful, because the lightbulbs are all missing but the exhibit will be lit up by the regular flash of driveby shootings.

And guess what? You don't have go to Washington DC to experience the soon as Africans-in-America move into your neighborhood you will find yourself duly educated!

James said...

I think you are missing my point. The noses managed to infiltrate the west because the white-skinned ones, the Ashkenazim looked like us ... more or less.

Yes ... there may be hundreds of thousands, maybe a million or so, of yids that have interbred with the slopes over the centuries, and now could pass for yellow, but ten or twelve million obvious Ashkenazim suddenly scarpering into Chinkland would attract attention.

No I got your point, I just don't quite agree. A recent posting on Henry Makow's site from a Chinese gentlemen said that the Chinese are already ruled by the Jews. All the business is in their hands. Many Chinese know it and grumble like we do, but they can't do anything about it.

The Chinese will underestimate the Jews as they always have. Sassoon sold a lot of Opium in China, and there was nothing the Chinese Government could do about it.

James said...

And I would like to point out that the Chinese (up the social ladder a rung or two) are an arrogant and intolerant bunch of shits.

Any ideas why that would be? Hint: its what we've been talking about.

James said...

Trump attack ad

Searcher, how do you find these vids. It's so boring I couldn't even hate it.

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

... The last music I listened to and enjoyed was the song, Dixie. I have no love for "music" as the apes and their (((agents))) sometimes call it.
24 September 2016 at 23:29

These may change your mind ...


Anonymous said...

Obama seems to have had at least three major brain operations. You can see the scars.

LVG said...

Agree with you there Searcher. Good and all as UN and FRank Galton, as you say Flanders, AnalogMan, Corkonian, Gem Junior, Lemmyhead, Retd copper John, Kulak and Bevois always are worth a read. Personally I would add yourself to this list, you have a knack for digging up interesting links, supplemented by excellent analysis. Also don't forget Iron Felix (whether we agree with him or not), Rob and Keiser.

Frank Galton said...

Sub-Saharan Africans discovered America

The Black Home School

Black History Was White Washed: [Sub-Saharan] Africans Came to America Before Columbus [according to Jewish historian Leo Weiner]

Renowned Black art collector and author of The Kinsey Collection, Bernard Kinsey, calls it “The Myth of Omission.” Author of Powernomics and lecturer on Black wealth, Dr. Claud Anderson, calls it “White Washing.” Others simply call it White lies! Whatever you call it, there is no denying that African history has been largely erased from history books worldwide. For example, it is widely believed and taught that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Au contraire [LOL!!!]. Here are 10 facts that prove otherwise.

Columbus said himself Africans were in America. In the book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” Harvard [Jewish] historian Leo Weiner explains that Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

Africa and the Discovery of America, by Leo Weiner

PHOTO: sub-Saharan Africans

Wiley Online Library

American Anthropologist volume 22 issue 2


Africa and the Discovery of America

This unquestionably interesting but in many ways unfortunate volume presents the reviewer with something of a puzzle, for a careful reading leaves one in doubt as to whether the author really intended his work to be taken as a serious contribution, or has attempted to perpetrate a rather elaborate jest. For while he has brought together material of much interest and arrives at startling conclusions, there is, especially in his later chapters, so much in the way of unsubstantiated assumption, hasty correlation, false reasoning, misunderstanding and misrepresentation of sources and evident lack of familiarity with the results of American archaeology that it is difficult to take the volume seriously.

Frank Galton

Potgieter said...

James, interesting exchange there between yourself and UN regarding Jews and Chinese. I'm more inclined to take his point. It has to be much easier to exert control when you are generally indistinguishable from those whom you rule over. Don't forget that Whites are also weakened by relatively weak in-group solidarity and have had their minds fucked over by Holochristianity.

The Chinese suffer from neither of these impediments and traditionally have given short shrift to exploitative outsiders once they push to far.

Frank Galton said...

UN said: "What happens when they...start behaving like yids** ... and even the slopes get pissed off with them?"

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 26 September 2016

Chinese authorities crack down on tiny Jewish community


Frank Galton

BigStraightPhil said...

The thing about this place is that it is not really a museum but something else.

If you were to go to go and look at a coffin in an Anglo-Saxon museum, the point would be to try to understand its qualities as a historical artifact. What were the materials used to construct the coffin, what technology would have been necessary, what religious beliefs coul be inferred; the purpose of these questions being to shine a light on society at that time.

But that is not the purpose of looking at the coffin of Emmitt Till--after all, the technology and type tell us little about black culture and if anything tell us more about white technology and culture, seeing as they would have been the driving force behind its production.

No, the relationship we are expected to have towards the objects is one of veneration: they are holy objects and religous objects; rather than a museum this place is better understood as a temple of sorts, for a very modern kind of religion.

James said...

Chinese authorities crack down on tiny Jewish community

One of the comments is more interesting than the article. It all started when one of them tried to smear the CCP. This article isn't really up to Frank's usual standards.

It looks like once again, I have to educate people in the face of one-sided propaganda on the Kaifeng issue. Take it from a person who's ACTUALLY been there and maintains contact with the community!

1. The article neglects to mention the fact that this conflict was sparked when You Qing, who goes by Sarah Liwei on Facebook, applied for religious asylum after illegally immigrating to the US. In the process, she criticized the Chinese government for non-existent religious oppression, which enraged the CCP, ironically (and likely purposefully) leading to the situation today. This has been CONFIRMED by actual community members. Her family is continuing this line of argument in court still!
2. These events have been framed in a variety of ways, including in the context of a wider tightening on foreign and religious NGOs. But let's not forget how this got on the CCP's radar in the first place.
3. The "crackdown" is overstated. It is only people who seek publicity that are given a visit by the police, no more. People are still welcome to worship at home in private. NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE. And it'll stay that way provided the pot is not stirred. Recently, well-meaning do-gooders in the West have been trying to "help" the community bu publicizing the situation, when it has done absolutely nothing constructive. If you wish to be educated on the issue, you may ask a knowledgable and authoritative party in private. Otherwise, articles like these continue to fan the flames.

James said...

The Chinese suffer from neither of these impediments and traditionally have given short shrift to exploitative outsiders once they push to far.

So how did Sassoon get half the country hooked on Opium and drain China of silver in the process? You might say he had British help. Well now they have American help too.

Scroll to the bottom and download the Chinese book. Lots of info in there about Chinese Jews.

James said...

Amal Clooney tells the UN states are not being punished for genocide.

No mention of white genocide of course.

Joe Btfsplk said...

As jews control world [fake] money, they control all of the major governments.

See the Rothschild mark on Chinese currency:

Joe Btfsplk said...

". . .Chinese authorities crack down. . ."

They have but two choices- crack down, or crack up. [Cornfushus say]

James said...

A Somali says Sweden is so violent he wants to go back to Somalia.

Do it then. What's taking so long?

Flanders said...

One more from the same source, regarding the Chinese jews, while THANKS TO UN @ 08:14, I listen to my newly-found musical idols from Hamburg.

Chinese Jews [Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou]
were experts in agriculture. This has allowed them to in­
filtrate among the peasants, just as their great military
talents have also allowed their infiltration in the army,
creating a fifth column of Israelite Imperialism infiltrated
at all levels in China. This must undoubtedly constitute a
serious danger for the Popular Maoist China if it is not
found and extirpated, because both the public or hidden
Chinese Jews, like all Israelites around the world, are in
reality members of a foreign nation and agents of a mil­
lenary super-imperialism.
As such, their complicity with
their Jewish brethren of the Kremlin in their struggle to
turn Popular China into a satellite of the Soviet Union, just
like the satellite socialist states of Eastern Europe, excepting
Albania and Roumania.
Chinese Jews
Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou, who also participated in the opium traffic
in Shanghai and Hong Kong under the protection of the
British government, which as we all know was already
a satellite under the control of Jewish Super-Imperialism.
Under Jewish control, the British government even sent
—betraying the ideals of democracy— its own people to
fight and die to protect and expand the Jewish opium
trade, so that the Jews might make a profit out of poison­
ing the Chinese people, and Chinese Jews participated
in this trade at the expense of their Chinese hosts.

As Indian Jews and other Israelite communities of
the Afro-Asian world were somewhat behind Western
Judaism regarding the progress of their religious institu-
tions and internal policies, Western Judaism, during the
XIX Century, started a program to adapt the Secret Jew­
ish societies in Africa, East and Southern Asia to the ad­
vances of European and American Judaism, not only re­
garding changes in Jewish religious and social institutions
but also with regard to new techniques of infiltration and
political control over the Gentile nations, including revolu­
tionary techniques intended to accelerate their domina­

Iron Felix said...

LVG, thanks for the mention in despatches. Good site, this Irish Savant blog.

Flanders said...

Somewhere in my older files, but inaccessible for now, I have other confirming information regarding this point. Maurice was the old pointman who was a guiding hand insuring the UN served the purpose for the establishing jew sell-outs.

"Maurice Strong: the son of Deng Xiaoping and Anna Louise Strong?"
Map of (acknowledged) jew communities in China.
Look Who's Arming Beijing
January 29, 1999 by Patrick Bucanan

Flanders said...

The jews have much more influence in China, at least from behind the scenes and the seat of government, than they want anyone in the West to know about. I've studied various links and publications over the years which indicate that influence to be a fact. This article by a jew in 1907 would argue against my observations, but it may be both true and an anomaly. It probably is true so far as those Chinese people who had known, and had experienced, those jews who had previously been among them. The jews have invested much more since that time to cultivate positions.

"After much difficulty and tipping I persuaded my visitors to be photographed, and then accompanied by Mr. Shields, My Hu (my interpreter), and two soldiers, I visited mosque after mosque, which excited and annoyed the Mohammedans, who mistook me for a Jewish rabbi in disguise.

The fourth proved to be the one I wanted, for in a small room I saw the ark on a table, and made toward it, when the crowd objected and pushed me out, emphasizing their disapproval in no uncertain manner. The soldiers were helpless, but I had a strong suspicion that they were at heart with the mob. The climax came when I clambered on the roof of the mosque and began to examine the tiles, for thousands of Chinese surrounded the mosque, yelling out, "Kick the devil's stomach!"' "'Batter his devil's brain on the stones!" "Kill the Jew!" "Choke the sinew-puller!" "Tear the foreign devil's entrails out!" and other diabolical things too numerous and too disgusting to mention. The majority were armed with bricks, clubs, or knives and were mad with rage. Every second I thought would be my last, for the fury of the Chinese mob beggars all description."

Frank Galton said...

"The "crackdown" is overstated."

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 26 September 2016

[Kaifeng's] study center has been closed, all public signs of Jewish history in the city have been removed...and an ancient well, which is believed to be the last remnant of an ancient Synagogue, has been buried under rubble.

New York Times, 24 September 2016

Signs and exhibits that celebrated centuries of Jewish life have disappeared. An ancient well, believed to be the last visible remnant of a long-demolished synagogue, was recently buried under concrete and a pile of earth.

The government has shut down organizations that helped foster Jewish rediscovery, prohibited residents from gathering to worship for Passover and other holidays, and removed signs and relics of the city’s Jewish past from public places.

Cultural genocide or cultural cleansing is a concept that [Jewish] lawyer Raphael Lemkin distinguished in 1944 as a component to genocide.

The term has since acquired rhetorical value as a phrase that is used to protest against the destruction of cultural heritage.

It involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer's notion of what is appropriate.

As Basil Fawlty said: "This is exactly how Nazi Germany started."


Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

One more from the same source, regarding the Chinese jews, while THANKS TO UN @ 08:14, I listen to my newly-found musical idols from Hamburg.

Chinese Jews [Tiao-Kiu-Kiaou]

Glad to be of service, Flanders. Let me see how far I can stretch your sense of humour, before it snaps back -- and bites me ... :o)


Flanders said...

Part 1 of several - black commie "entertainers" I and II.

Despite my own new found admiration for certain musical choices (Thanks UN), White people, regardless of their choice musical genres should develop a healthy habit of inspecting the messages that are contained in their music. Communists and jews have long made it a generational endevour to infiltrate and infuse the messages of our most popular mediums to give an import to their associated propaganda. Music is "international" in it's language, often in much the same way that there is a "Communist Internationale", or that there are "International Jews". Like communism, music, too, is often used by those "internationalist voices" (which like communism, are monolithic as to their jewish source).

Welcome to Northstar Compass!

Dedicated to the Re-Establishment of the Soviet Union as a Socialist State

"Below is the full text of a tribute by Paul Robeson to Joseph Stalin upon Stalin's death on March 5, 1953. It was published in New World Review, April, 1953, and reprinted in Paul Robeson Speaks, edited by Philip Foner, pp. 347-349. We are exhibiting it in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Paul Robeson's birth on April 9, 1898."

To You Beloved Comrade by [a Communist ne-Groid (#2, the son)] Paul Robeson

"Today in Korea - in Southeast Asia - in Latin America and the West Indies, in the Middle East - in Africa, one sees tens of millions of long oppressed colonial peoples surging toward freedom. What courage - what sacrifice - what determination never to rest until victory!

And arrayed against them, the combined powers of the so-called Free West, headed by the greedy, profit-hungry, war-minded industrialists and financial barons of our America. The illusion of an "American Century" blinds them for the immediate present to the clear fact that civilization has passed them by - that we now live in a people's century - that the star shines brightly in the East of Europe and of the world. Colonial peoples today look to the Soviet Socialist Republics. They see how under the great Stalin millions like themselves have found a new life. They see that aided and guided by the example of the Soviet Union, led by their Mao Tse-tung, a new China adds its mighty power to the true and expanding socialist way of life. They see formerly semi-colonial Eastern European nations building new People's Democracies, based upon the people's power with the people shaping their own destinies. So much of this progress stems from the magnificent leadership, theoretical and practical, given by their friend Joseph Stalin."

Flanders said...

------Part 2
"Paul Robeson Jr. has died at age 86. He was the son of the famous African-American performer and activist Paul Robeson, who died in 1976 at age 77. Regardless of what the adoring left says, both men were hardcore communists, with the senior Robeson being a dedicated Stalinist.

The headline for Paul Jr.’s obituary in the New York Times was predictable, stating simply, “Paul Robeson Jr., Activist and Author, Dies at 86.”
"Alas, when it came to poisoning the minds of young people—and also accusing the House committee of being racist, fascist, and pro-Nazi—one such communist who excelled at the art was Frank Marshall Davis, who joined Communist Party USA during World War II (after the signing of the Hitler-Stalin Pact). Davis, who I profiled at length in an October 2012 cover feature for The American Spectator, deserves mention here. He knew the senior Paul Robeson extremely well, admired him greatly, and likely knew Paul Jr.

Davis mentioned Robeson more than any other figure in his weekly columns for the communist-line Chicago Star and Honolulu Record. He was his biggest cheerleader. Davis, who otherwise lied about his party membership and work, candidly acknowledged in his memoirs that Robeson was a major factor, if not the factor, in Davis suddenly uprooting from Chicago in 1949 to move to Hawaii to do Communist Party work there.

There, in Honolulu, Davis would eventually meet and mentor a young person named Barack Obama. There’s no doubt that Davis would have regaled young Obama with stories of glory about the great Paul Robeson. Does Obama today have an opinion of either Robeson? He absolutely does, and I would pay good money to hear it. What was his reaction to the younger Robeson’s death? How about the old man, Frank’s pal? Unfortunately, we can expect no one in our press corps will bother to ask the president.

As for both the senior and junior Paul Robeson, they will be eternally remembered by our press and “progressives” as stoic civil rights crusaders, lionized as fearless freedom fighters who battled the nefarious forces of McCarthyism. Their work on behalf of a truly pernicious regime and ideology will get a wink and a pass."

Flanders said...

Part 3

"College Republicans campaign to take Paul Robeson's name off library at Rutgers-Camden"
"Paul Robeson and the Jews" - [A jewish "Folk Music" site?]

"Oh no, the song that put Paul Robeson in the crosshairs of HUAC [House UnAmerican Activities Committee] was the song that made him the voice of labor's martyred troubadour Joe Hill, who was executed in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 19, 1915. That was Paul Robeson's political testament, and the words were written by Alfred Hayes, a Jewish immigrant poet from England, who joined the literary left in New York City during the 1920s.*

Long before Robeson wrote his autobiography Here I Stand, the song Joe Hill, with words by Alfred Hayes and music by Earl Robinson, showed what Robeson stood for: Where workers strike to win their rights...

where workers fight and organize...

in every mine and mill...

it's there you'll find Joe Hill.

Robeson's complete identification with a song that was sung on every picket line and at every communist rally and May Day parade throughout the 1930s and 1940s made him the premiere political artist of his time and was at the heart of his well known aesthetic credo: "The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative."

By the time Joan Baez opened her set at Woodstock with Joe Hill in 1969 there was a new generation and a counter-culture of sufficient strength that a protest singer could make statements through song that only enhanced their popularity and sold more records. When Robeson sang Joe Hill in the 1940s it led to his records being taken off the shelves-there was a price to pay for singing songs like that, and Robeson paid it in full."

Flanders said...

Part 4 and final:

Hollywood [Hard leftist] Steve McQueen says his next film will be about Paul Robeson.
"'12 Years A Slave' director will tackle the story of the legendary singer and activist, with Harry Belafonte tapped for a role".
This seems to be somewhat a strange negroid-jumble type of site, supposedly about negroid history, (but here is what they say about "Paul Robeson and Britain’s secret service".

"The Special Branch of the Metropolitan Police opened a file on Robeson and his wife Eslanda in 1933. Three inches high, released in 2005, they are reference KV 2/1829 and 1830 at the National Archives in Kew. Other KV files have documentation and reports on Fascists — and others who supported radical changes to British life. The Robeson files have transcripts of phone calls to the Communist Party’s King Street offices, and copies of letters and telegrams sent by and to the Robesons and their London associates, notably the West African Desmond Buckle and Barbados-born Peter Blackman.

The files note that at a meeting of the League of Coloured Peoples in London on 5 June 1933 Robeson “startled many of those who heard him by denying that there was any discrimination against coloured people in Britain. Any prejudice, he said, that may exist is due to the pressure of Americans in this country”. In October 1937 the same League heard that Robeson had joined the Unity Theatre, and suggested that “steps should be taken to persuade him not to identify himself so closely with the Communist Party”. One month late Special Branch reported that Robeson had joined the Communist Party when in Moscow and that “up to date he has given the Communist Party of Great Britain well over £1,000”."

James said...

[Kaifeng's] study center has been closed, all public signs of Jewish history in the city have been removed...and an ancient well, which is believed to be the last remnant of an ancient Synagogue, has been buried under rubble.

Sometimes small sacrifices must be made.

James said...

These may change your mind ...


25 September 2016 at 08:14

And if they don't then these certainly will!

Useful music, in its loveliest form.

Captain Cantankerous said...

Where was/is Kalergi's former study centre?

Frank Galton said...

What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough enough enough to take the world and all its got
And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee coloured Gentiles by the score

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Israel Zangwill


The image of America as a crucible wherein the European nationalities would be transformed into a “new race” owes its origin to the title and theme of [Zionist-Jew] Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot (1908).

Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said...

These may change your mind ...

Thanks, UN. Interesting. Put me in mind of this clip

Glen Campbell - William Tell Overture.

These people seem hardly human.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Beethoven Five-Oh by Ventures

James said...

The image of America as a crucible wherein the European nationalities would be transformed into a “new race” owes its origin to the title and theme of [Zionist-Jew] Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot (1908).

Britannica is anti-white.
"Multi-colored people" can not be produced from "European nationalities". Gurus are not "European nationalities". Hindus are not "European nationalities". Little red Indian boys are not "European nationalities". Rabbis are not really "European nationalities", although some flexibility could be admitted there i suppose.

Overall it's highly debatable that the song is a white genocide anthem.

Wikipedia is anti-white:

"While the song has assimilationist undertones, it is generally considered a plea for racial harmony.[2]"

Hitler wanted racial harmony too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, this blog chronicles just a few examples of it daily.

Anonymous said...

Just one comma would have made it correct. "The wretched, refuse [deny] of your teeming shore"

Farm Boy said...

An exhibit displaying the wonders of the liquor store holdup?

Anonymous said...

Divide 15,000 by 50 states and you get 300 per day in each state. It definitely is possible if you count all crimes, including minor ones by blacks against whites.