Monday, 1 August 2016

"Moderate" Muslims: Caution required

Long time members of this blog will know that I've spent many years working in Muslim countries, from Egypt to Pakistan and all stops in between. You will also be aware that I'm not a fan of the Religion Of Peace. Having said that my experience is by no means all negative. I have many pleasant memories of friends and acquaintances from those countries, with Oman holding a special place in my affections.

Now all of us have heard the following, or a variance of it. "We must distinguish between the terrorists and ordinary Muslims. I know plenty of Muslims who take a beer, don't go to a mosque, enjoy discos, are great fun....just like any of us".  All well and good. Apart from the last bit. Because apart from some rare exceptions they are not 'like any of us'. This truth can be established through the simple expedient of making a joke about the "Prophet" or Islam generally. Do that (not advised) and watch the transformation in your fun-loving hedonist. The realisation will dawn that in fact he is different, very different, and not in a reassuring way.

My experience has lead me to believe that an Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain, fossilises the neural pathways so that the brain is literally incapable of processing certain offending thoughts or concepts. I have had highly intelligent Muslims (technology PhD level from good Western universities) argue that the "Prophet" actually did head off into the skies on his horse and subsequently engage in a series tense (and successful!) negotiations with Allah Himself.  Attempting to dissect the inherent nonsense of such a position is not advised as it will quickly - very quickly - lead to a state of open and probably permanent animosity.

Also bear in mind that as a community Muslim behaviour is predicated directly on their proportion of the population. When it's tiny, as it is in Ireland right now, Muslims will generally be enthusiastic supporters of  freedom and tolerance of every kind, especially that of the religious variety. But they become progressively more demanding as they proportionally increases, to the point where they begin to run parallel societies (France, Sweden) and ultimately force their own rules and mores on the host population. "When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris, we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam."

Indeed. Nothing but a major prohibition on further Muslim immigration to the West will be sufficient. Those countries in the 10%+ range are doomed short of mass deportations.

All of which justifiably points the spotlight at those nation-wreckers who have foisted this recklessly dangerous social engineering project on the people of the West. In a just world they'd face the most severe form of retribution.


James said...

Yes, Sav we should send off Barbara Specter and her anti-white mates and she can take all her Muslims with her.
They are definitely deliberately using Muslims to destroy Europe. Can that even be seriously debated anymore?

James said...

Feminism - a strange and mysterious name for the destruction of woman. Feminism is white genocide. Doubt it not!

Anonymous said...

Israel is evil apparently.

Maybe, but no mention of White genocide as usual.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mudslimes, here's a link to one of the most blatant, anti-White films I've seen.

Synopsis: K-Shop is a gritty urban Sweeney Todd inspired horror set in a British Kebab Shop plagued by binge drinking culture. After his father is killed in an altercation with drunken thugs, Salah's fate is sealed in a fight with an angry customer. With a dead body on his hands the novice kebab shop owner turns vigilante disposing of the body in the one place he knows best...the kebabs. Salah watches gullible customers devour the new flesh kebabs and seizes the opportunity to seek revenge on abusive drunken binge drinkers, killing off those he deems punishable.

EVERY, White in this film is portrayed as soulless, sub-human maniac (in fact, just like a mudslime or nigger) - with the exception of a Mr Goldsmith (I know jews are not White), who is portrayed as a kindly soul, who recommends to the shop owner that he, 'burns his shop to the ground'.

Speaking of jewish arson, a former employer of mine, told of an Eastend jew who he knew, that had said, a factory fire once a year was good for business - apparently a plugged in unattended radio, left overnight, works a treat....

The BBC of course LOVE, this film. Hear Katie Martin of BBC Radio Solent, gasp, with HORROR, at the abuse our more tolerent kebab community have to endure nightly.

Apparently, not all of the kebab community are too happy about this film. I wonder why? Or perhaps not... BBC again.

Kebabs made as corpse lay nearby.

Time for us 'Haters', to start hating.

Anonymous said...

"an Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain, fossilises the neural pathways so that the brain is literally incapable of processing certain offending thoughts or concepts"

Progressivism, religion, HBD, crimestop, doublethink, etc.

Christianity, back when it still existed, did the same sorts of things, but for good ends: for honesty, against corruption, against greed, etc.

There is some evidence that, over the long term, genetics change in response to cultural pressures from ideological systems.

Also, and this is a critical point: the financial and cultural hegemony of the secular Jews in the West has effectively metastasized their affliction into the mainstream White cultural mind.

This was what happened in the 60s "cultural revolution" and the rot has only set in since.

Anonymous said...

Funny eff it

Uncle Nasty said...

Not far from me is a suburb -- Mount Roskill -- that, because of the preponderance of mosques, burkhas and ragheads ... sand niggers in general, I have renamed Mount Roadkill.

Waiting to see if it catches on.


Joe Btfsplk said...

AFP investigative reporter, prominent Clinton researcher, and prolific author Victor Thorn was found dead, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

great white said...

This is an example of an extremely confident sand nigger. He wanted the plane to turn around and face Mecca because he was saying his prayers.

Uncle Nasty said...

Back to a favourite subject ... well, you know what I mean. And that is just why people are antisemitic. In particular, people like me. I was asked this a few days ago.

The answer to that is that is all boils down to the behavior of the Tribe.

Singly and collectively.

First I will remind you that the Heebs have benefited financially from America ... and American taxpayers -- to the tune of US$130,000,000,000.00. That's a hundred and thirty BILLION Dollars ... and that was as at 2013.

This guy says no.

He puts the Total Cost to the US Taxpayer at, wait for it ... 3 TRILLION dollars ... US$ 3,000,000,000,000.00

Now, by my calculation, if you remove niggers, beaners, ragheads and other assorted benefit-eating scum from the mix, each and every White man, woman and child in the US has given the noses one Million Dollars US.


Now you would think, that, if we were dealing with humans, here, that there would be a smidgen of thanks ... no? A bit of gratitude? A "Thank You" card in the post, perhaps? A box of cookies?


This is what America gets:-

And, my favourte:-

Column one: Time to walk away from US aid

The point is that the US aid deal is really a deal for Lockheed Martin, not for Israel. And we need to say no.

n Monday, acting head of the National Security Council Yaakov Nagel will sit down with his US counterpart, Susan Rice, and try to conclude negotiations about a new, multi-year defense assistance package.

We must all hope that he fails.

No clear Israeli interest will be advanced by concluding the aid deal presently on the table.

Indeed, the deal now being discussed will cause Israel massive, long-term economic and strategic damage. This is true for a number of reasons.

First, there is the issue of the deal’s impact on Israel’s military industries, which are the backbone of Israel’s strategic independence.

Under the current defense package, which is set to expire next year, a quarter of the US aid Israel receives is converted to shekels and spent domestically.

Reportedly, the deal now under negotiation will bar Israel from using any of the funds domestically.

The implications for our military industries are dire. Not only will thousands of Israelis lose their jobs. Israel’s capacity to develop its own weapons systems will be dangerously diminished.

Then there is the problem of joint projects.

Today, Israel receives additional US funds to develop joint projects, including the Iron Dome and David’s Sling short range missile and rocket defense programs. These programs were undertaken in response to threats that weren’t foreseen when the current deal was negotiated a decade ago.

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I read this (read the whole article) and I think of the old punchline "Yes, yes, yes. Thanks for the car and the house and the million in the bank, but what have you done for me today?"


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last post, read this about the much vaunted F-35 Stealth fighter ... the Great White Hope of the US and NATO into the twenty first century.

Not looking good.

Part one of two

... The F-35 is a disaster of epic proportions, for the US first and foremost. If Israel agrees to base its next generation fighters on the F-35, it will be a disaster for us as well. Although it is late in the game, we need to cut our losses.

To date, the F-35 has cost the US $400 billion.

That is twice what it was supposed to cost. The project is already four years behind schedule and still in development. It won’t be operational until May 2018 – at the earliest.

The F-35 is a jet that was developed by a committee and tasked with doing everything. So it isn’t surprising that it doesn’t work. In February, J. Michael Gilmore, the director of the Pentagon’s Operational Test and Evaluation office, submitted a scathing report to Congress on the F-35 program.

It is worth going through just a few of his findings.

The F-35’s calling card is its stealth capacity.

According to the engineers at Lockheed Martin, the JSF is supposed to be all-but-invisible to radar systems. Its stealth system is supposed to be far superior to the stealth capabilities of its third generation predecessors.

But at present, its stealth systems do not work, and it is unclear whether they will ever work as planned.

First there is the problem with the JSF’s cooling systems. The JSF is too hot. To prevent its single engine from melting down in flight, pilots are forced to open its weapons bays at high speeds and altitudes every 10 minutes. When the weapons bays are open, the stealth systems do not work.

Then there is the software. The F-35 is considered one big flying computer. It uses over 20 million lines of computer code. These codes are supposed to make it the most maneuverable and stealthy aircraft in history. The problem is that the codes are defective. The software programs that enable the plane to fly, maneuver, and engage in combat are all defective. So are the software programs that control the plane’s stealth capabilities.

And fixing them is not a simple process.

The fixed software systems can’t simply be attached to existing hardware – or to existing planes. The planes themselves have to be rebuilt to adjust to the new software. So the models that have already been produced, including the two F-35s that are set for delivery in December, will all have to be rebuilt before they will be combat ready.


Uncle Nasty said...

Part two of two

And as a panel of US defense and aviation experts that convened in late February following the publication of Gilmore’s report noted, that too will take time and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another major problem is that the F-35’s nerve center is dysfunctional and there is no clear path to fixing it. The F-35 is controlled by the Autonomic Logistics Information System. The ALIS is a central computer system, located in the US.

All F-35s all over the world will be required to log into the ALIS system to upload computer files after each flight and to check flight readiness. The ALIS is supposed to identify broken parts and help speed up repairs and handle mission data uploads.

ALIS has the capacity to prevent F-35s from taking off. ALIS can lock out pilots and ground crews if it sees danger. If this happens, maintenance technicians have to convince the computer that they either dealt with the issues the computer identified or that it was a false alarm.

Dan Grazier, a member of that panel, whose deliberations were reported by This Week, warned that this power renders the entire F-35 fleet vulnerable to hackers. If someone were able to convince the computer that something was wrong across the fleet, they might be able to keep all the F-35s grounded. Although the damage wouldn’t be permanent, it could continue long enough to cause the US or an ally to lose a battle or fail a mission.

For Israel, this vulnerability is prohibitive even if ALIS is ever made to work. The significance of ALIS control over all F-35s worldwide is that the US – and anyone able to hack the US system – will control the IAF. It will operate at the pleasure of the US government, and those able to hack US computers. They will be able to ground IAF planes whenever they wish.

This critical problem was acknowledged obliquely by Lt.-Col. Yotam, the commander of Israel’s first F-35 or Adir squadron, in an interview with Israel Defense in April.

AnalogMan can correct me, if I have it wrong, but I seem to recall South Africa being offered a fleet of Russian fighters back in the nineties at 27 Million US$ per unit. A rock-solid bargain if you ask me.

An even better deal, here:-

24 MIGs (Count 'Em!!!) for only US$18,000,000.00 Damn! I'd buy one myself.

But no ... the ANC niggers went with a few submarines, obviously concluding that they would be slower and easier to drive (by jigaboos, that is ...) and, not being able to fall out of the sky -- therefore safer.

They got that wrong too.

The Jigaboo (obviously a nog equivalent of Einstein) says, and I kid you not ... its because "we want to scare away sharks in the rivers and oceans" and who also, helpfully points out that South Africa is the only country with submarines.

At least, I think that was what he was trying to say ...


Chicago Polack said...

Savant, some of us still believe in Christ and the Church he founded.

That is not to say I am unwary of the self-negating tendencies of my fellow American and Europeans. Faithful Catholics practice death to self in imitation of Our Lord and attain Heaven thereby. I'll be darned if I can figure out why my non-faithful Catholic contemporaries and other self-styled Christians or secular Westerners want to die to muzzies and criminal Negroes. And their children, if they have any, to do the same.

Chicago Polack said...

And then there's this:

Anonymous said...

New party in Germany causing concern.

For Gedeon, four elements of “green communism” constitute a threat:

1) The end of “the family” and the development of shared or collective forms of living (in German, Wohngemeinschaften, in which several people share an apartment)

2) What he calls “the abolition of races,” which he explains is coming about “by supporting of a universal mixture of races, aiming at a world hybrid race”

3) “The liquidation of states and nations”

4) The “defeat of Christianity” by “secular state religion.”

Gedeon ends his anti-Semitic pamphlet by framing WWII as a “victory” for the United States (of course, it was) and “total defeat of Germany.” He is sad about the defeat for Germany and mocks the Nuremberg Trials. He trivializes the Shoah by equating the Soviet Gulag or Hiroshima with Auschwitz.


Anonymous said...

I don't know which is worse .but I suppose the cover up is

Eff the villa

Shaunantijihad said...

" Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain..."

And a multicultural upbringing induces the victim to encourage the suicide of his own folk in favour of those who wish to replace him (the alleged "good" Muslims and Negroes). He might have a remedial vestige of survival instinct to oppose "the terrorists", but the happy cuck has no problem being replaced by the "nice" Muslims and Africans.

So which, really, is the most insane?

From the impersonal view of natural selection, however, Islam is a successful ideological meme as it encourages the bodies that carry it to multiply. I think there are now over 55 Muslim countries that have successfully reproduced the Arab-brown genes to their current numbers. (White man's medicines and inventions have helped too, against our own interests.)

Multiculturalism does the opposite, as does feminism. Destined to destroy the genes of bodies that carry them. Which is why Jews promote these memes in White countries.

Racism (yes, I know Islam isn't a race but I include the fuckers) is a meme that helped White bodies multiply, a la the Anglosphere. Therefore, again from the impersonal viewpoint of natural selection, racism is good for White genes. Thus, racism really is "good" by the only god that actually matters - life.

If we survive this, then the above lesson must be learned. Absolute racism to outgroups, especially Jews and anti-White Whites who look like us and have behaved as traitors. That means in practical terms owning our own fiat currencies for one. Our inventions and medicines may only be used to help our group. Our weaponry inventions are not to be sold for profit, unless we know we hold even more superior weapons in secret and can nuetralise any threat from our own limited arms sales, which should be done to encourage outgroups to slaughter each other where we see a land grab opportunity.

This kind of ingroup/outgroup thinking must saturate every aspect of life. A religion might have to be invented. The 66 million murdered by the Jews in the USSR and the current Afro-Muslim invasion could be cornerstones of such a religion. The deaths of victims like Kriss Donald, Mary Lenehan, Charlene Downes and so on to be studied to inculcate absolute hatred of the Other. Even charities would have to observe the new reality - food for land, so we expand, etc.

To the multiculturalist, this all sounds horrible. But the multiculturalist is a dreamer, a sheep in a discussion with two wolves about what is for dinner, spellbound by the idea that "we are all one race, the mammal race", and "quadrupeds together". The genes that adopt such a suicidal ideology will not last long on this Earth as they disappear down past the bloodied canines of reality.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic ...but it does seem to connect up with population replacement!
Fantastic post Sav

Seneca said...

00.02. Astute observation. The counter-culture has become 'part of us' despite the glaring cognitive dissonance. Same applies to the Holohoax where most people seem literally incapable of contemplating the Awful Truth.

Anonymous said...

Hire blacks! Affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

Boy, if this isn't a mastepiece I don't know what a masterpiece is.

Sorry, but it's not about Jews. It's about the real problem of white people: white people.

John C said...

Yeah I've come across these moderate muslims Sav, we were getting along ever so well, talking about the footie who's going to win the league then about getting on in life, business (he owns a cafe, I'm self employed) then he kept wanting to talk politics, (local elections +referendum) he got out his labour party leaflet and told me thats who he is voting for, ( my head did spin with this news) then the referendum came up, he was telling all the customers and me that he was voting to stay in the eu, good for business init and we should too, I said hold on a minute, you have been telling me that business is bad, which I agreed, there's too many bloody cafes, restaurants, takeaways around here so if the uk stay in a enlarged eu (Turkey) when these people come here what are they going to do for work? Open up more cafes? restaurants? takeaways? Even more barbers? For crying out loud man, I said too him, you are already doing a 60+ hour week for £400 do you want your wages going down further, I just got a puzzled look from him.
He then asks me what party I vote for, ukip (reluctantly) I said, and that was it no more moderate muslim (hes a kurdish Alevism the good guys), it went all around my area (my cover was blowen, I was a informed proud Englishman probably a naaazzzi) the kebab shop workers started sharpening their knives a bit too much for my liking when I went in there, so i cook at home now, i like my head attached to my body thank you, (I mean you don't wana be going in there for your supper and the allahu akbar cry goes up, and all you have on you is a bunch of house&car keys maybe a pen knife and they have big fuck off machetes and the like)

Rotherham urban area Asian population is 8.3. Not even at the 10% mark. I do not live in Rotherham.

John C said...

13:47 And that's why you shouldn't drink so much coffee and cola. A nice cup of tea for me preferably black tea it calms you down and fights cancer.
These people are manic soppy fuckers (these middle class paper shufflers have become too cocooned in their own silly self-righteous world) just like the ones campaigning outside Byrons burger restaurant, ive never been in one but will do shortly when they have cleared the cockroaches away.

John C said...

An Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry in your brain? I have read somewhere that having a bit of your member (sorry didn't know what appropriate word to use) sliced off at birth changed the chemistry in your brain, ie makes you ill-tempered.

Sean Stark said...

Sounds about as right as rain.

Anonymous said...

Kike judge sanctions the NHS (the British taxpayer ultimately) to pay for grossly expensive pills, which allegedly protects faggots from the filthy diseases they'd incur naturally during buggery sessions. WTF is wrong with condoms for these filthy bastards?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this bitch and her family "GO HOME"!!!
They don't belong in England or UK for that matter

Anonymous said...

I like this Hilary for prison page it effing well suits her

Anonymous said...

Anon @13.47 linked to an article that said :-
''So, my wife and I have been talking about the upcoming election a lot -- pretty much every night -- and I think we're both still in shock that America has somehow come to the precipice of putting a racist, fascist, sexist demagogue who doesn't even try to masquerade as a reasonable person in charge of the country.''

I've heard that said about Trump also.


Anonymous said...

Queers who are high risk can have this drug at a cost of £100 per week to the tax payer.
I think those kids that do free running should have their own individual fire engines following them. These should be equipped with air bags and safety nets in case one of them should fall.
Seems only fair. They take high risks that can cost them their lives.


Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>That means in practical terms owning our own fiat currencies for one.<<<

jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 for trying to create their own fiat currency.

The average lifespan of a fiat currency is 30/40 years.

We need to dropout from the existing system, which is setup to severely punish such dropout attempts. Survival is keyed to use/acceptance of jew fiat- you want a paycheck, especially a large one, it will be issued by the bad guys.

We need a way to block access to our creations. . .

The money hegemon is the REAL issue. It needs a good smashing. It also need more discussion in WN circles.

Gem Junior said...

There are numerous scenes of a dystopian London, only a few years down the road, in the movie called "Children of Men" starring Clive Owen. In the movie, which was adapted from the book by P.D. James, children have stopped being born and everyone wants one so they are hunting this ONE pregnant female in England. Is she a native Briton? Depends on how you look at it. I would say no, but then again I'm just a big ole' nawrtzee racist who hates people because of the color of their skin. The one savior of the human race is a braided, dreadlocked, thick-lipped wide-nosed black lady with an English accent. I know it's really bad to say but I am still astounded when a black person opens their mouth and starts speaking in an English accent even a Cockney-sounding one. It's similar to a Chinese born and raised in Ireland who starts speaking like an Irishman. My jaw just drops as I struggle not to dissociate from reality.

The scenes in the movie are not to be believed, and they are frighteningly realistic. Go on youtube and look for scenes of muslim gangs in Children of Men - scary.....

James said...

Boy, if this isn't a mastepiece I don't know what a masterpiece is.

Sorry, but it's not about Jews. It's about the real problem of white people: white people.

Unfortunately for you, it's not a masterpiece. It's not even bullshit. It's nothing really. You don't know what a masterpiece is.

First big mistake:
I felt that Bernie had a better chance to take on Trump than Hillary, but now that decision is out of my hands. He isn't a nominee, period.

Bernie faked it. He was always for Hillary. That's been proven. He is still a nominee, he's still on the ballot. He's just pretending he isn't so people will forget him and vote for Hillary. He is therefore a liar. There, was that a masterpiece? In one sentence I've out-thought, out-analysed, and out-truthed your supposed masterpiece.

I saw how he rallied people, how strongly people felt for him but he's no longer a choice.

See above. Democraps can still tick his box. But they won't because they've been had and if they see his name on the form they won't tick it because "it's not meant to be there, like, right?".

I have privilege, a lot of it. It doesn't mean I'm rich or that everything is easy, but it means I am not directly affected by a lot of the terrible shit out there. I'm white, I'm straight, I'm cis, I grew up in the suburbs, I speak English, my husband is white, my child is white, I am not physically or mentally disabled, the list goes on.

Yes, so you can promote your own people's genocide. Blacks can't do that without getting beaten up. More white privilege.

He will do things that I will 100% disagree with, but it will be nothing compared to what will happen to people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community or any people who veer away from what Trump deems acceptable.

Hillary will do worse to white people. But that doesn't matter, right?

You call that a MASTERPIECE? I call you an IDIOT. It's nothing but parroted anti-white rhetoric, and low-quality, easily-argued-against, simplistic rhetoric at that. You wouldn't catch Time Wise talking like that.

Now piss off and go start a Denk party somewhere. Call Barbara Specter for a starter pack.

Masterpiece. It boggles the mind how anyone can call that vacuous mediocrity a masterpiece, it really does. She doesn't even say anything except "Trump's racist". That's all. Sorry, its not a masterpiece. It's not even a piece.

James said...

BTW, is that Roland Gift-esque mongoloid on that coffee blog supposed to be the "white" husband of the masterpiece writer? God give us strength. If he's white, then I'm a masterpiece.

James said...

Anonymous John C said...
An Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry in your brain? I have read somewhere that having a bit of your member (sorry didn't know what appropriate word to use) sliced off at birth changed the chemistry in your brain, ie makes you ill-tempered.

Apparently, yes.

The person posting that masterpiece above is circumcised, retarded, or both.

As circumcision rates drop, antisemitism increases. Cohencidence?

Anonymous said...

Last week I was pointing out the hags at the Dem convention and wondered how the all the HR departments could function with so many harridans drinking wine and weeping and spastic dancing in Philadelphia. Someone mentioned that Human Resources was a British concept (fair enough) and said I was a "NVE."

What's a NVE?

Anonymous said...


"“between 1986 and 1990, 311 of the 938 murder cases the D.C. police brought to the U.S. attorney’s office—roughly a third—were dismissed…. One local prosecutor says many D.C. cases were thrown out because prosecutors couldn’t read or understand the arrest reports [written by the police].”"

Seems like policemen with 80-90 IQ can cause problems too?

Anonymous said...

My favorite post-apocalyptic movie of the last year was "Snow Piercer." Turns out it was South Korean directed by Joon Suk Fuk or somebody but with a lot of British and American stars (actually I thought "Dragonwarz" was pretty good).

But this was completely implausible with a super-train on a global track.

The thing that cracked me up about it was that the elitists at the front of the train were stealing children from the proles in back and it revolved around this one particular stolen little jig. What were they doing with the children? So, when we finally find out thanks to an Asian woman with ESP, it turns out the little jig is IN the engine.

I really lost it at that point and I usually don't. I must have laughed uncontrollably for ten full minutes, tears and all. I mean, the elitists put the little jig IN the engine!

Joe Btfsplk said...


Good for the economy, according to Orthodox Keynesianism. Economies run on spending alone- the more the merrier. Waste is not possible. More spending = more riches for all bitches.

Relax, get that credit card, and spend spend spend. Paradise will arrive when all spending/credit limits are removed. We can have a gigantic going away party, and wave goodbye to reality forever. New age is imminent! Prepare to fuck off forever!

Anonymous said...

Working on a biography of Noel Ignatiev entitled "How A Cossack Cannibal Became Just A Regular Kike."

reconquista2200 said...


WC-14 said...

There are only two kinds of muslims, aggressive and passive aggressive.

Anonymous said...

A fanatical muslim wants to cut off your head.

A moderate muslim wants a fanatical muslim to cut off your head.

(From a comment on

John C said...

As circumcision drops anti-semitism increases? Well I don't now about that because the percentage of semitic people have increased in the UK, they are still having their todgers sliced and there is a new phenomenon happening here where healthy English boys are having it done as well, ive been told that doctors are unnecessary advising mainly single mothers to have their young boys circumcised. Its totally unnecessary in most cases.

Anti-semitism on the increase? I don't really see or here it but when you have people like sir fat phil saying to members of his staff, I pay your wages, I own you, (I don't think you would hear a old english gent say such a thing, years ago most had class) whilst fucking off with 400milion of people's pensions funds then jollying it up on his yacht, well, um, you can see where this is going. You also had robert maxwell pissing on people from a rooftop building, he also stole workers pensions and had a yacht but fell off it (allegedly) the fat slob.

john7 said...

" Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain..."
No, not really. The difference is in DNA, as the sheet heads are just totally different creatures. Note too that quite a few semi-literate blacks take it up, but thats mostly just because they hate whitey.

as someone mentioned, Christianity can and does change the way one thinks, but again, the basic principles are hard wired into US. The Bible says - speaking of Gods people, i.e. true Israelite white folk - that He has 'written His Law upon our hearts'. WE know it instinctively - no other race does, and we have proven time and again that they are very difficult to teach such to. Witness the billions of dollars and billions of man-hours wasted in asia and africa by well meaning Christian folk and missionaries trying to teach those creatures right from wrong and help them lift themselves up from their third world existence. It just doesnt work very well.
I know mohammedism is a jewish/jews in the catholic government construct, but the basic ideas of murder, paedophilia and forced submission/conquest is simply part of who they are.

Uncle Nasty said...

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>That means in practical terms owning our own fiat currencies for one.<<<

jewry declared war on Germany in 1933 for trying to create their own fiat currency.
The average lifespan of a fiat currency is 30/40 years.

Not too sure about that, Joe. Let's look at a definition of a Fiat currency.

Fiat currency

Yuan dynasty banknotes were the earliest fiat money.

Fiat money is money that derives its value from government regulation or law. The term fiat currency is used when the fiat money is used as the main currency of the country. The term derives from the Latin fiat ("let it be done", "it shall be").[1]

Fiat money originated in 11th century China,[2] and its use became widespread during the Yuan and Ming dynasties.[3] During the 13th century, Marco Polo described the fiat money of the Yuan Dynasty in his book The Travels of Marco Polo.[4][5] The Nixon Shock of 1971 ended the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold. Since then, all reserve currencies have been fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar and the Euro.[6]

The term fiat money has been defined variously as:
any money declared by a government to be legal tender.[7]
state-issued money which is neither convertible by law to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard.[8]
money without intrinsic value.[9][10]

While gold- or silver-backed representative money entails the legal requirement that the bank of issue redeem it in fixed weights of gold or silver, fiat money's value is unrelated to the value of any physical quantity. Even a coin containing valuable metal may be considered fiat currency if its face value is higher than its market value as metal.

My emphases.

The German Reich had as a basis of the value of the Reichsmark, the value of the German worker's labour and goods manufactured therefrom ... usually for export, and usually of quality.

These might prove of some value ...

If you ain't got time to read, you can always listen:-


Uncle Nasty said...

Even further to Fiat currency, readers may be interested in this story ...

In the eighties and nineties, South Africa's coinage -- Mostly silver in the early days, like that that of most other countries, was revamped into the higher(?) value coins being struck of a high nickel-content alloy. The five cent, ten cent, twenty cent, fifty cent and one Rand coins.

Needless to say, the govt. made a small fortune by recovering all this silver bullion, and replacing it with a relatively low-value base metal.

For a while.
Time marches on, however.

Some bright spark in the nineties/early two thousands woke up to the fact that the actual metal (nickel) in the coinage was worth quite a bit more than the face value. So ... what did they do?

Easy. They plundered the coinage by exchanging paper money (worthless promises) for, literally tons of the higher value coins (creating a real shortage for a while) ... hauling their booty off to a handy smelter where they reduced the coinage to ingots of nickel.

Which they then sold at a whopping profit, overseas.

The ANC govt., slow as frozen molasses, eventually woke up -- or, more likely, were prodded in the ribs by those in the know** and then revamped the currency, once again -- reissuing new coinage -- in steel, this time.

I can only wonder when the value of the steel will exceed the face value of the coinage ... again.

As an aside, I used to hoard the copper (cupro-nickel) one and two cent coins. A few wipes with a file, bore or trepan a hole in the middle, and Voila -- a copper sealing washer, at a fraction of the cost of buying one.

** That is to say, pretty much everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Posts about the KALERGI PLAN are popping up all over the Internet.

Keep it up everyone. Tell people about it. Tell people about how Merkel is a genocidal Kalergist and should be in prison.

She does have Hitler's eyes.

Uncle Nasty said...

I guess it's time to have my eyes checked ,,,

Anonymous said...

Boy, if this isn't a mastepiece I don't know what a masterpiece is.

Sorry, but it's not about Jews. It's about the real problem of white people: white people.
2 August 2016 at 13:47

I'll admit that I spent a lot of time trying to find the link that this person was blathering about ... to my horror, I found it.

There are some people who should never publish pictures of themselves, for they reveal too much.

Upon coming upon this character my first response was "Smirking, smug, mischling, liberal, crypto-faggot.

But why did he seem so familiar? Ahhh, yes.

Plaid onesies and hot chocolate complete the picture.


PreatorianXVI said...

Seems like policemen with 80-90 IQ can cause problems too?

Just look at South Africa, a prime example of sub 70 IQ capacity... in the police farce.

Californian said...

Savant, re:

My experience has lead me to believe that an Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain, fossilises the neural pathways so that the brain is literally incapable of processing certain offending thoughts or concepts.

I've seen a related argument, that Islam has historically appealed to nomadic peoples (Arabs, Turkics) and that the genetics of nomads make them inherently different from city dwellers and more amenable to conversion and then going on jihads. The latest mass migration of Muslims into Europe is one example of nomadic behavior. Of course, this may be a stretch, but who knows what the view is like from inside the Muslim mind?

Still, you have a point there, especially the calls to prayer and such and how they influence the brain's functioning. It's worthy of more study.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Is that the first time you have come across this (((Pajama Boy))) creature UN. 'He' has become an internet sensation and been regarded as the greatest own goal in advertising history. The mockery has predictably given rise to wails of anti-semitism by some jewish publications.

A Geezer said...

Anonymous 2 August 2016 at 22:08 An NVE is a Non Violent Extremist. This is UK government terminology for a thought criminal.

Anonymous said...

France: Moslems Yell “Allahu Akbar” as They Torch Bus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2016

Anonymous said...

My experience has lead me to believe that an Islamic upbringing actually changes the chemistry of the brain, fossilises the neural pathways so that the brain is literally incapable of processing certain offending thoughts or concepts. I have had highly intelligent Muslims (technology PhD level from good Western universities) argue that the "Prophet" actually did head off into the skies on his horse and subsequently engage in a series tense (and successful!) negotiations with Allah Himself. Attempting to dissect the inherent nonsense of such a position is not advised as it will quickly - very quickly - lead to a state of open and probably permanent animosity.

This condition is not limited to Muslims.
I worked as a IT contractor some years back with a group of 'home grown' Englishmen in their mid 20's to early 30's. A couple of them claimed to have an IQ 'in excess of 120' and they all had a passion for Formula One motor racing. They idolised Lewis Hamilton to the point where it almost seemed homosexual.

I asked one of them why he was so obessed with Hamilton and his "Still I rise" phenomenal success.

The answer I got was 1) becuse he is "English" 2) he's on par to overhauling the mighty Schumacher for track records and matching Senna for god like driving skill.

I almost pissed myself laughing at the sheer IGNORANCE of these clowns.
Hamilton has a black NON English father born and reared in Grenada and a pale skinned (not white) mother called Carmen Larbalestier - fuck knows what denomination that last name is ..??

I then said Rudyard Kipling was born and raised in India did you know that ? Is he an Indian then ??

"Rudyard who" ? they asked?

But hey ... Hamilton's DNA is English! you get me ? ENGLISH !!! just like Frank Bruno's and Cwith Eubank's - even the Dail Mail and the BBC call him English as the do all Yids born here with a British accent - you know like Benjamin Erhlingberg (Elton) Gabby Roslin, Vanessa Feltz Paxman et al LOL!

So much for "IQ" tests

John C said...

Anon 6:52 stay away from the Hitler crap please but by all means spread the message by any means possible   Nothing like the spoken word and let them see the sincerity in your eyes. The working class haven't really got much else to lose. So talk to people and do not give a fuck what their reaction is. All the best brother.

John C said...

Granville Thorndyke has been making top notch videos for a while now. Watch his vids on youtube. A Irishman with something like a 1k followers, should be much much higher, really top notch. Over to you spread the word.

John C said...

Anon 16:58 Yes I've got these mummy boys from the suburbs living around me, parents ex londoners who have spoilt them rotten, they do not have IQ of 120 they are fraudulent little shits who don't know they have been born. Rib the shit out off these little gel face gel hair tossers. Most of them have never had a punch in the face.

John C said...

Yeah Sav there was this other time I came across these moderate muslims and this time I had become a regular at a indian/bangladeish restaurant, there was fat jim ( a chelsea supporter with a big fat fist) a long time regular and a ex british army man second generation irish, who thought the sun shone out of their arse. Well there was me jim ali and java, aili and java being the owners of the restaurant, jim was getting them to bet, have a pound bet over the football, I said, jim you are corrupting these people, but he ignored me because he adorned these moderate muslims, I did too, so welcoming they were. One night Ali got out photographs of his big villa in bangladeish, I ask could I possibly go there as a holiday, he said with a intense attitude that I could not go there because I drink alcohol and I would be killed, you should have seen old jims face computing the situation. Later the place got raided, three got carted away, nothing to do with me. It was jim the fat slag what did it... Haven't been back since.

Anonymous said...

Very strange I didn't see this on MSM news or not strange at all thinking about the colour of the bad guys

Eff the villa

James said...

A couple of them claimed to have an IQ 'in excess of 120' and they all had a passion for Formula One motor racing. They idolised Lewis Hamilton to the point where it almost seemed homosexual.

120 is nothing special. Anyone who thinks that's worth boasting about has just proven themselves to be quite average.

120 IQ is not enough to really understand the world we live in. It is enough to help destroy the white race. For many Brits, it seems to be their fondest dream I've noticed.

James said...

Anonymous John C said...
Anon 6:52 stay away from the Hitler crap please but by all means spread the message by any means possible


The best thing anyone who wants to spread the message can do is read this book.

If a pro-white was to only ever read ONE book in his life, let this one be it.

It will open your eyes about what propaganda is and how it really works. It tells you how to make it work. It's so brilliant that even the great Revilo Oliver recommended it as the best book on the subject.

Forget all the Marcuse and Bernays crap - this is the real deal.

Searcher said...

Interesting YT comment following on the Richard Gutjahr/Thamina Stoll expose by Peekay:

Here is a email I sent to Richard Gutjahr and the response I got in return! Please read the bottom email first then the top! Jul 28 (6 days ago) to me:

Matt, I live and work in Munich. I was on vacation in France, I was filming the fireworks, when the truck came. I did NOT do any video in Munich, I arrived 20 minutes AFTER the shootings at the scenery. I am a news reporter. I cover news. That's what I do. We had no informations about the attacks, nor were we involved. We are traumatized. Please leave my family alone.

Richard Gutjahr Von: Matt Stewart Betreff: Germany and France events Nachrichtentext:

Dear Richard, How in the World where you able to show up at two staged events in two different Countries. First you where on the balcony of a hotel in Nice France and you just so happened to film a white work truck, which was later involved in the staged death of 80 some people. Then you where in Munich Germany with your Daughter and you actually filmed a gunman coming out of a Mcdonalds!

Do you have a crystal ball and you know the future before it happens or do you have a time machine? You must have some new technology the rest of the World knows nothing about. I am sorry to inform you but your families part in the hoaxes has been broadcast-ed to millions of people worldwide. My question to you is what is your agenda ? What is your goal?

I see that the events are linked back to Israel and Einat Wild your wife is a Globalist. Einat is also described as a Jew and a atheist, strange combination! I think Hitler perfected the are of deception and even faked attacks on Germany by German troops dressed like Polish troops.

I saw your wife has a background as a intelligence officer- well she has became a little rusty and possibly needs to be retrained on her covert operations! One warning to all involved in these hoaxes , we are in the information age and everything is spread on the internet World Wide.

Your daughter is even very close to me in Durham NC as a student at Duke University. I am saddened that you have her actually participating in your dirty deeds. She looks like a nice young lady! A concerned Citizen who is tired of the false propaganda being spread on the mainstream media!

So he doesn't deny that Thamina Stoll is his daughter.
Even though he has perfect speaking English (not unusual for a German speaker), he says "scenery" instead of "scene". To feign stupidity/innocence? "Scene" would be a very common word used in journalistic circles. Also he says "informations". It's the kind of English you'd expect from a tourist, not a journalist.

"We" implies complicity. Every other point he made was "I": "I cover the news, that's what I do." Then he switches to "we". "We had no informations...nor were we involved".

Really traumatised people don't tend to explicitly say they are traumatised. Pretend victims vs real victims. They also more than likely wouldn't respond to a cheeky e-mail.

Speaking of time machines/crystal balls, this man correctly predicted terrorist attacks in France. Proficiently using his hasbara manual - emphasising "democratic societies" as common ground (us vs them). Give the man his due, he saw it coming:

- Richard Gutjahr was the MSM source for footage of the truck attack in Nice
- Richard Gutjahr was a MSM source for photographs of the Munich McDonalds attack
- Richard Gutjahr's daughter (Thamina Stoll) was a MSM source for the Munich attack, independently of Richard
- Richard Gutjahr is married to a former Israeli intelligence officer who very recently changed her Wikipedia page to remove some detail on her career in the Israeli intelligence services.
- Richard is traumatised. The haters need to back off. It was real in his head.

Anonymous said...

Is TRUMP Insane??

The democrats are adopting the communist tactic of declaring their political opponents to be insane, and are coming ever closer to declaring that any disagreement with their ideology constitutes insanity, per se. The Soviets used to send political dissidents to psychoprisons, where jewish psychiatrists would torture them and destroy their brains with torture, drugs and surgery. The democrats are now calling Trump insane and seeking to have him committed.

This sudden change in American politics is nearly as dangerous as Trump himself and is a major step towards the complete bolshevization of the USA. Recall that Wickham Steed kidnapped Lord Northcliffe and had him committed, when Northcliffe, owner of the London Times traveled to Palestine and criticized zionism. Lord Northcliffe had earlier warned of the "Jewish Peril" on the pages of the Times and called international attention to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Northcliff died shortly after being committed to an assylum. See:

Jewish Terror: The Story of Lord Northcliffe

The madness is ages old.

Ludolf Holst published a book which took an honest view of the jews, Das Judentum in allen dessen Teilen. Aus einem staatswissenschaftlichen Standpunkt betrachtet, Mainz, (1821). Holst's honesty offended the German hating jew Ludwig Boerne. Boerne responded with a negative review of Holst's book and famously stated that he eagerly awaited the day when any statement which offended jews would bring its author into prison, or the insane asylum.

Anonymous said...

you should have seen old jims face computing the situation.

The looks on liberal faces when they finally realize what's going on is just priceless.

The guy running the Paris guillotine said the funniest thing ever was when he was going to chop someone's head off and they pleaded "WHY!???". Often it was a former revolutionist who fell out of favor, which was even funnier.

He couldn't even pull the lever he laughed so hard. Why? Why? WHYYYYYYY!!!???





Anonymous said...

old Heinz that has coffee with us certain mornings is a heck of a old country guy who is in his late 80s or early 90s and fought on the Eastern front at 17 and came to the States and was drafted in to the US Army and fought in the Korean war,he made a statement that was profound when you think of what he said the other morning,""Merkle has fucked up Germany more then Hitler could of ever dreamed of doing""John rld rtf Chicago copper.....

Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch it, but maybe someone can.

Anonymous said...

I've just seen the new anti-terrorist police unveiled. This is what I posted on Yahoo.
It will probably be taken down but at least I tried.

They are not anti-terrorist police. They are an armed militia. Look at them and the S.A.S. Is there any difference in the way they dress? The government can't afford to keep the Army up to a decent number. It can put an armed militia on the streets that are just short of a battalion of real soldiers. Will this armed militia solve anything? Terrorist will still plant bombs, shoot and behead innocent people.
Where has this armed militia come from? It must have been in the planning for a long time. This six hundred must have been recruited and trained. That doesn't happen in a few days or weeks. It takes years to plan, organize and train.
If these crazies who have run the country for the last fifty years hadn't imported terrorists we wouldn't need this militia. Now they want us to believe that this is to stop terrorism. This is another step towards their goal of a police state. George Orwell warned us and we ignored him. This will only get worse.


moishe kuntstein said...

this is an excellent and very perceptive analysis of the situation with having a 'moderate muslim' so-called friend. whenever you up the ante and discuss the failings of mahoomid (poo be upon him) - you begin to reach the limits with your 'moderate mooslim' friend - just like meeting a 'hippy-israeli' during my vast forays around asia - you know the type - dope smoking, yoga-pant wearing, dreadlocked, smelly Israelis of both genders who have just finished their genocidal military service - and act all smiley, and peace-loving. I tried one trick on these neurotic fuckers that guarantees a rise every time - I just act like a dumb aussie backpacker saying stuff like: "but jews and arabs look the same to me" and "why are Israeli people always killing people who look just like them" - these two statements are guaranteed to make that peace-loving hippy Israeli backpacker - into to their solar - and REAL opposite - a ranting, bloodthirsty Zionist apologist with a smelly body odour and a case of paranoia that is delicious to trigger - again and again:)

Anonymous said...

Eff the Villa.
It seems to me that if you want UK news the last place to look for it is the UK. RT is not a bad start. Here's one from the U.S., even if a bit dubious.


Anonymous said...

Re. My last post. Anti-terrorist police.
I said that it was the start of the police state. Another six hundred 'officers' in training now.
They must have had word that a far right plot is underway. Muslims are peaceful so it can't be because of them. There's a Mussie on RT as I type moaning about the persecution of Mudslimes. More will be radicalized. That must bring the radical Mudslimes up to very near 100% now then.
What a fuck up our once great white homelands have become. Diversity is really our strength!
Does anyone believe that this new militia is to stop terrorism? I believe it's preparation for the white backlash and the civil war that is inevitable.


John C said...

Listen to this little american beauty.... Youtube.. Civil War Music- Southern Version Of the Battle Cry... What a little little sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Good muslims, bad muslims . . .
Problem is they all have a marriage
arranged for them at an early age,
every single one of them!
So guaranteed loads of children.
(not to mention all the child benefit
that that can accrue.)
We just can't compete with that.

James said...


""Merkle has fucked up Germany more then Hitler could of ever dreamed of doing""John rld rtf Chicago copper.....

Merkel is very bad, a genocidal anti-German Kalergist. The sad thing is that she will get away with it. She will not be arrested. The worst that will happen is she will be "removed". i.e. voted out. Is that it? Is that all Germany can do to its worst enemy?

During the FBI investigation of Clinton's emails, an anonymous FBI "high level analyst-strategist" answered questions in a forum called 4chan.

He confirmed that the goal of the Masonic Jewish bankers is "to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race."

This is exactly the KALERGI PLAN.

Richard Coudenhove Kalergi was the father of the EU; he designed the flag and selected the anthem. He said "We intend to make Europe into a mixed race", and said that the "Master Race" would be the "spiritual nobility of the Jews".

No wonder they don't want people talking about it. Anyone who plots like this deserves a jolly good gazing, that's for sure.

SOROS is the boss.

But otherwise he is correct when he says, "Soros' ideology is basically Nazism, but with jews instead of Aryans" calling the shots. He says, "Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government, right down to the tax code."

This next part is BS. "Birthrates". Really?

"Soros/Israel control Germany. Germany is bullied into behaving by Israeli ambassadors. Merkel opened the floodgates due to Israeli pressure and a need for Western civilization to improve birthrates. Merkel will be removed soon, but the next leader will be chosen if Germans do not take their election into their own hands."

Foreign powers are in possession of some of the documents we have analyzed, because they were hacked from the Clinton server.

Funny, she didn't even have a password on it. You didn't need to "hack" it.

"You cannot possibly ask the entire government to prosecute itself. Lynch has also given to the Foundation, and has many ties to many people she should not. Remember that Bill appointed her. She is a great prosecutor, but she did not get where she is by simply being good at her job."

More BS. "Great prosecutor!". Don't 99% of Federal charges stick automatically? Even a 25 IQ gorilla can be a great prosecutor in the USA.

I think WW3 must be coming. Muslims will get wiped out. That's the good news. The bad news is that it might be the last thing Whitey ever does. It'll be fun though. Muslims really are stupid just walking into Europe. Who do they think they are? What is Allah? A second rate demon? Don't they realize what the white man is capable of when the Jew gives him the orders? Germany found out, Japan found out. Muslims will find out. The US kicked their asses in Iraq. What are they thinking? Islam is doomed; certainly in its current form and possibly altogether.

Here is the original article from Makow. What to make of it?

James said...

"but jews and arabs look the same to me" and "why are Israeli people always killing people who look just like them"

I think they get that Goyim are too stupid to tell the difference between the pinnacle of God's creation and an Arab, but all the same it must hurt to be mistaken for one.

But, tell us, how do you keep from laughing every time?

Uncle Nasty said...

Every time I see the shenanigans of the left, I think to myself ... "Can they sink any lower?"

And the answer is always yes. Never mind the literally millions of beaners, niggers (sand and otherwise), chinks, slopes, coolies and gooks flooding into the US, who do they target?

Trump's White Slovenian wife.

Reminds me of the South African guy who, quite legitimately, claimed refugee status in Canada. The spiteful, loony left did not rest until he was slung out ... but he finally won.

For now.


UNcle Nasty said...

Popped in to pay my daily visit to my favourite Hasbara site (keep your friends close, and all that ...) just to see the latest flavour of bullshit they're feeding us ...

And fell about laughing at this headline -- which I cut and paste exactly as printed ...

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Young Israeli Tourist Yovel Levkowski Slashed in London Jihad Knike Attack

Okay ... now would that be a knife attack or a kike attack? Can't have it both ways you know.

The interesting thing, of course, is that if it were a White woman who'd been attacked, the article would simply never have appeared, but because it's a jewess (OMG!!!) and an heroic, plucky, little ISRAELI (OMGGGGG!!!!!) the whole world must go into an Orwellian "Two Minutes of Hate" and de' po' Lil' "Reffoojee" suddenly transforms into a slavering muslim nigger.

You'll also be fascinated to read allllll about her:

She's a lovely little thing.

Stabbed in the hand.
Just 19-years-old and set to join up for her mandatory military service next week.

Thank goodness she's alive.
Here, "Yovel Levkowski, Beautiful Young Israeli, Stabbed by 'Norwegian-Somalian' in London Russell Square Attack — 'My Israeli instincts kicked in...'"

Be sure to click through for all the young lady's busty bikini tourist photos at the link.
She apparently keeps quite a prolific social media profile. Very teeny-tiny bikinis.

Again, thank goodness her Israeli instincts kicked in!
From Donald Douglas at 20:31

Mr Douglas gives new meaning to the words "Fawning" and "Adulatory". My God ... if the woman had a dick, he'd be on his knees before her. Ah, well ... even Hasbarats have to eat, I guess.


Uncle Nasty said...

Apparently there was another attack by a crazed nigger in London ... this one a bit more serious.

Many years ago I was having a conversation with one of my smarter workmates, just after I had returned from my seven month European sojourn. I mentioned in passing that several countries I had passed through had beat cops carrying auto weapons (machine pistols). East Germany, Portugal, Spain ... parts of Italy.

You must remember that this was in 1970, and therefore rather unusual.

His response was that countries that had to arm their on-the-beat cops with machine pistols were either failed or heading for failure.

So I give you this without comment ...


Anonymous said...

Regarding the latest Aloha Snackbar attack in Londonistan, this Headline & commentary from VDare:

"IRISH TIMES Headline On Somali Knife Atrocity: “London Knife Attacker Is A Norwegian National – Police”


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding my post about the brave, young israeli -- slashed to ribbons** in Londinistan, the writers at Theo Spark have gone right off the edge of reason with this ...

I guess a link would go down rather well.

So, those of you enthralled at this modern-day equivalent of The Perils of Pauline can read to your little heart's content.


** "... Stabbed in the hand."

This is just a guess, you understand, but I have a sneaking feeling that the life-threatening wound mentioned is about what I would have sustained during a moment's inattention in my garage ... or the kitchen.

white rose said...

I was astonished to hear that a Norwegian was behind that stabbing in London. /sarc

Anonymous said...

Re the London murder :
On the morning 6Am + following. I made a quick pencil note of this image on the TV. On the railings behind what I could not identify as a body!..... was a crude notice A2 or A3 size Approx ############## follows

Lest London forgets
Jo Cox mp
There were other smaller notes to the left ..too small to resolve.
I did press record in the chance of a repeat....but no repeats made!
Re the London the latest murder :
On the morning 6Am + following. I made a quick pencil note of this image on the TV. On the railings behind what I could not identify as a body!..... was a crude notice A2 or A3 size Approx ############## follows

Lest London forgets
Jo Cox mp
There were other smaller notes to the left ..too small to resolve.
I did press record in the chance of a repeat....but no repeats made!

Anonymous said...

White Rose. Channel 5 News managed to get in that he was a Norwegian from the USA somehow.

Guys and Gals. I'm afraid I have to bring you to task. 600 Highly armed 'police' have taken to our streets. Unveiled as an 'anti-terrorist' force and sold to us as our protectors.
Does nobody else think that this is another step towards a police state? Does nobody else find this suspicious? Over the last few months, we have seen a step-up in terrorist attacks. Suddenly the answer is there with these SAS lookalikes. This force has been a long time in the planning. Recruiting, training and equipping this type of force doesn't happen in a few weeks or even months. My alarm bells were going off as soon as I saw them. Something is in the air. I think one of two things will happen. There will be a crackdown on terrorists and dissidents. I include us in the dissidents. The other option, and the one I think most likely, is a massive false flag. As ever, I hope I have it wrong. Time will tell.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the Heebette that got a taste of vibrancy in London, the story morphs a bit ... it now appears that she was some sort of heroine. She thought the Somaliwegian was in trouble and needed some help. He was obviously being mugged by the 66-year old American woman.

Hey, anyone could make that mistake.

Thursday, August 4, 2016
Yovel Levkowski, Beautiful Young Israeli, Stabbed by 'Norwegian-Somalian' in London Russell Square Attack

Following-up, "'Mentally Ill Norwegian-Somalian' Somehow Creates 'Knife Bloodbath' in London's Russell Square."

At the Sun U.K., "'SHE DIED BEFORE MY EYES' Israeli tourist stabbed by Russell Square attacker tells of horrific moment US woman was killed: Yovel Levkowski had tried to help 19-year-old knifeman before realising he was the attacker."

She's supposed to start her required national military service next week.

Also at London's Daily Mail, "'I don't know if it's luck or fate but it's a miracle. The woman standing next to me perished before my eyes': Israeli holidaymaker, 18, reveals horror of Somali knifeman's Russell Square carnage."

She's lucky to be alive.

But, once again the part that had me rolling on the floor, was that she described her survival as a "Miracle".

She obviously got that from her Grossmutti ... "It vos a miracle!! A miracle, I tell you!!!!"

Oh, how we laughed.


Anonymous said...

Wanna keep yourselves informed on microaggressive excuses?

Today I first saw this amazing <a href=">site</a>

Anonymous said...

Look at the pointless white trash (white kaffirs) in this BLM kaffir demo near Heathrow

Anonymous said...

Yovel Levkowski, Beautiful Young Israeli, Stabbed by 'Norwegian-Somalian' in London Russell Square Attack

Neau neau neau NO! he's "Norwegian" of Somali descent, - NORWEGIAN I tell you, NORWEGIAN!!!! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Fast talking out of control feminist Brit bitch Cindy Gallup on government radio today talking about Saatchi executive Kevin Roberts' dismissal for insensitive remarks regarding women. Said something about women not being interested in "vertical mobility."

Anyway, this globalist whore is demanding majority affirmative action hiring for women in the advertising industry and going on and on trashing white men.

On the other hand, let dog eat dog. Roberts was making 4 million a year and shot his mouth off. A Walmart associate would have known better.

Anonymous said...

Migrant groups falling out in Luton.some are saying maybe the Muslims attempting sharia

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Actually, diversity works fairly well in my suburban town (40% white, 20% black, 20% Spanish, 20% Asian). Probably only because almost everyone is working and everyone is driving. It's weird, there's no one on foot.

Also, a cop with a gun per each 400 residents. They swarm every incident. I walked by a black club (now thankfully defunct) last year while some kind of incident was going on and there were 20 police cars at the scene.

Same basic tactics as NYC where the cop to people ratio is about 1 to 250.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on John C

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant John 7. I've been reading the Bible in this light for a while now and it makes all the difference. Obviously Europeans are the Israel of the Bible.

Searcher said...

Granville Thorndyke hits the spot again. This is a short hilarious clip featuring Peter Sutherland. Good contrast in looks with the real Scot (Sean Connery) which is surprisingly considerable given that they are kinsmen (owing to Peter's Scottish ancestry via his father).

Californian said...

His response was that countries that had to arm their on-the-beat cops with machine pistols were either failed or heading for failure.

What no one seems to be asking (at least not in public) is: Why do we need heavily armed cops in the first place?

Since at least the 1970s, the US and other countries have up-armed their police forces. This started with SWAT teams but now you see beat cops armed with automatic weapons. But you go back to the terrible, tewwible decades of the first half of the 20th century, the decades of segregation and immigration restriction and even (horrors!) apartheid. Did cops need assault rifles, armored personnel carriers or body armor to enforce the law? Of course not. Even hardcore gangsters like the Capones could be taken down by law enforcement mostly armed with shotguns and the occasional Thompson. As for third worlders in Western countries and Africans-in-America, they understood that any encroachments on their own part against white people would be met with swift retribution.

What's changed since the 1960s? Oh yeah, the US had its Civil Rites Revolution. Europa has been enriched with diversity. South Africa now knows all the joys of black majority rule. What really happened is that YT lost confidence in himself. YT opened the floodgates to his cities and suburbs. And non-whites are exploiting the weakness with more senseless violence, rioting and terrorism. So the cops have to up-gun in response. But at the same time, governments are making more political concessions to non-whites, so the latter up the ante with even more senseless violence and etc.

It's a vicious circle, and one which will end only when enough whites stand up and tell the third worlders in their midst: "NO!"

Until YT gets back some confidence, expect the downward spiral to continue.

Anonymous said...

Muslim brotherhood persecuted in eygpt, can claim , asylum in Britain

I kid you not

Eff he villa

nilus said...

The Home Office has ordered the Australian family fighting to remain in Scotland to leave the UK, after they failed to find a job that meets the government’s strict immigration criteria.
Gregg and Kathryn Brain, who emigrated from Australia in 2011 in the belief they could build a life in Scotland on a post-study work visa, were given the news by their MP, Ian Blackford, on Tuesday night.
Blackford said Robert Goodwill, the Home Office immigration minister,
had written to him saying the Brains would not get indefinite leave to
remain or a further extension to the grace period, after the last
extension lapsed on 1 August.
The Brains, who have a seven-year-old son, Lachlan, and are originally from Brisbane, now face imminent deportation.

Tom said...

The benefits of diversity? Black youth scars five white teenagers with acid-like substance, in unprovoked attack in Essex, near London:

‘Highly intelligent’ thug, 17, left five friends maimed like ‘something from a horror film’ after spraying chemicals on them that burned through their faces in an unprovoked attack
Alexander Bassey , 17, attacked five friends at Ockendon station in Essex
Bassey then pulled a bottle from behind his back before squirting them
They were covered in a highly corrosive alkaline which burnt their skin

nilus said...

UK TV , Friday 5 / 8 / 2016


ITV 6am "Good Morning Britistan"
PAKI FEMALE Ranvir Singh "chats" to

ITV 8.30am "Lorraine"
FAGGOT Richard Arnold
FAGGOT Andi Peters
FAGGOT John Waite
FAGGOT Marc Heyes
FAGGOT Dan Whooton, guest is
Dame Kelly Holmes

ITV 10.30 "This Morning" presented by
FAGGOT Rylan Clark and his "HUSBAND" ,
FAGGOT Dan Neal , with
FAGGOT Christopher Biggins
FAGGOT Russell Grant , and
FAGGOT NEGRO Will Smith , and
"SEX EXPERT" Lucy Beresford

ITV 12.30 "Loose Women" with
JEW Stacey Solomon

ITV 1.30pm "ITV Lunchtime News" read by

ITV 2pm "Judge Rinder"
KIKE FAGGOT Robert Rinder

Channel 4 7.30 am "Everybody Except Raymond Is A Kike" x 2

followed by "Frasier" KIKE-COM starring
FAGGOT David Hyde-White

followed by "The Big Nose Theory" x 2
Funny as dropping a lumphammer on your ingrowing toenail.

followed by "The Simpsteins" x 2

followed by "Come Dine With Me" produced by
JEW Rachel Bloomfield

BBC2 9am "Victoria Derbyshire" : "Does the UK need its own Black Lives Matter (Silverback Male tt) Movement?"

Channel 5 9.15am "The Wright Stuff" , panel of 3:
BULLDYKE Lucy Spraggan , and
PAKI DJ Bobby Friction , who is moaning about how he keeps being "looked at" , cos he "has brown skin".
Not cos he's famous or anything like that.

BBC1 10am "Homes Under Mohammed"
PAKIS buying up White people's birthright , for Prophet.

nilus said...


BBC1 1pm "News" read by a COON or a

BBC2 1pm "Pressure Pad" presented by
FAGGOT John Barrowman

ITV2 1.45pm "The Ellen Degeneres Show"
DYKE freak talks to some KIKE.

ITV 2pm "Judge Rinder"
KIKE FAGGOT Robert Rinder

BBC1 2.25pm "Escape To Our Country" presented by
FAGGOT Alistair Appleton

Channel 4 2.10pm "Fifteen To One" presented by

Channel 4 3.10pm "Countdown"
JEW Rachel Riley

ITVbe 3pm "The Real Housewives Of Jew York City" presented by

Channel 5 2.15pm (((NCIS))) KIKEFEST

followed by "Client Seduction" starring
JEW Ally Sheedy (Baum)

Channel 4 5pm "Couples Come Dine With Me"

followed by "The Simpsteins"

BBC1 5.10pm "Pointless Celebrities"
JEW Robert Peston ( There HAS to be a FAG or a KIKE on every show, remember)

ITV 6.30pm "ITV NEWS" read by

Channel 4 6.30pm "Hollyoaks"
FAGGOT/DYKE propaganda for kids

Channel 5 6.30pm "NEWS" read by

ITV2 5.50pm "Take Me Out" The opening titles show a NEGRO male dancing with a WHITE female.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3 August at 6.52

"Merkel has Hitler's eyes".

Kikes can cast as many aspersions as they always do on the Greatest Patriot, relating to the non-existent link between AH & the traitor Merkel - but despite the usual cover-up by the controlled kike media & crypto-Jew trolls lurking about the Internet - there Is plenty of evidence available on the Internet that Angela Merkel is of part-Jewish descent. It makes no difference if she is 1%, 10% or 99% Jew, for her life-long anti-White actions leave no doubt that this traitor is a dyed-in-the-wool crypto-Jew/Marxist. It makes no difference either how many Internet kike trolls try to hide the Truth - for the Truth is the Truth.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the latest Aloha Snackbar attack in Londonistan, this Headline & commentary from VDare:

"IRISH TIMES Headline On Somali Knife Atrocity: “London Knife Attacker Is A Norwegian National – Police”

5 August 2016 at 00:26

(Sigh) To anyone in the newsgroup ... in fact, to anyone with eyes in their head, he's a nigger.

but I guess you can't say that, anymore. Oh. Wait ...


nilus said...


BBC2 6.30pm "Blitz Cities" Those EVIL NAAAZIS , bombing plucky Brits for no reason.
It's not as if WE declared war on Germany , ignored umpteen peace offers, and bombed German cities for months before Hitler eventually retaliated....20,000 Londoners were killed , over 5 years....compared to ONE NIGHT in Dresden or Hamburg.........
By the way, 200,000 people are killed or injured on UK roads, every year.

BBC1 7pm "The One Show"
JEW John Sergeant
JEW Lucy Seigel, etc

BBC2 , 7pm "I Like Trains, and Sucking Cock" presented by
FAGGOT Poofter Portillo

Channel 4 , 7pm "NEWS" presented by
JEW Cathy Newman ,
PERSON OF CURRY Krishnaan-bread Onion Baahji, with
JEW Simon Israel, and other ludicrous lib cucks.
" 'Black People Are Stupid Worthless Violent Infantile Scum' protesters block the access road to Heathrow , and Powerful Paedos get away with it yet again as that NZ bird quits, realising what she's up against"

BBC4 7.30pm "BBC Proms" presented by
JEW Suzy Klein

BBC1 7.30pm "Room 101" panel of THREE, one is
JEW Claudia Winkleman, one is
halfJEW pseudo-faggot Russel Kane

ITV 7.30pm "Coronation Street"
FAGGOT 3-way , one is a vicar. The only priests and vicars allowed on TV now are FAGS, FEMALES or AFRICAN (females)

BBC2 8.30pm "Gardener's World"
JEW Rachel De Thame (Cohen) visits one of (((Lord Rothschilds))) gardens. (that was last week, to be honest, but hey)

BBC1 8.30pm "Goylimpics 2016: Countdown To Rio" presented by
FUGLY BULLDYKE Clare "National Treasure" Balding , worshipping NIGGERS Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill

Channel 4 9pm "8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown" , produced by
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JEW Victoria Coren and
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Channel 5 9pm /11pm "Celebrity Massive Faggot" , with
UBERFAGGOT Frankie Grande,
FAGGOT Christopher Biggins ,
DYKE Sam Fox,
KIKE Katie Waissel , presented by
UBERFAGGOT Rylan Clark, directed by
FAGGOT ben Hardy, produced by
KIKE Rachel Rosen

BBC2 10.30pm "Jewsnight" , edited by
JEW Ian Katz, presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss and
FAGGOT Evan Davis

BBC4 9.10pm "Music Moguls: Masters Of Pop" , yeah, fuck the talented goys who learned to actually play their instruments and write great music , lets celebrate the KIKES, FAGGOTS and KIKE FAGGOTS who put the "BIZ" into the "MUSIC BIZ":
QUEER KIKE Brian Epstein, KIKE Phil Spector, KIKE Mark Ronson, KIKE Sharon Osborne, QUEER Joe Meek, QUEER Neil Tennant,

nilus said...


BBC1 10.35pm "Would Kikes Lie To You?"
KIKE Claudia Winkleman ( a kike on every show, remember? SOMEBODY is counting)

BBC1 11.35pm "Goylimpics Opening Ceremony" Run goy, run, see goy jump, see goy throw , etc. Presented of course by the Nation's Most Beloved Ugly Arogant Lantern-Jawed
BULLDYKE, Clare Balding , who also presents the walking, cycling, rowing, horse-racing, Trooping The Colour , Crufts , etc etc etc.
She's obviously the best man for the job.
Her co-presenters will be all female and/or NIGGER. You can bet on it.
BBC2 11pm "((((Artsnight)))" (((Meg Rossoff)))
(((((Award-Winning)))) KIKE Meg Rossoff explores the relationship between (((art))) and the (((unconcious mind))) as she attempts to unlock the (((secrets of the creative brain))) yada yada oy vey oy vey kike kike kike
"Rosoff was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1956, the second of four sisters. Her family were Jewish and practised Judaism; Rosoff herself is an atheist.[OY VEY!!!] She attended (((Harvard University))) from 1974, graduating three years later. She then moved to England and studied sculpture at Saint Martin's School of Art in London. She returned to the United States to finish her degree in 1980, and later moved to (((New York City))) for 9 years, where she worked in (((publishing and advertising)))." OY VEY !!!

BBC2 12.35am "Good Hair" White-hating racist NIGGER Chris Rock
explores the world of AFRICAN-AMERICAN HAIR. ( It's wool, for fucks sake, what more needs to be said?)
He visits beauty salons, barbershops, and travels to India"

But WHY? Cos poverty-stricken Indian females sell their hair so that "oppressed" American sheboons can wear it , to look more like White women. OOOOPS !!! Narrative FAIL

BBC4 12.10 am "Danny Baker Rocks: The Eighties" Danny celebrates weird Scottish
KIKE Ivor Cutler , and "The Clash" , managed by
KIKE agit-prop bullshitter Bernie Rhodes , and fronted by
Posh Public-School %JEW Joe Strummer and
JEW Mick Jones

Channel 4 2.15am "Peep Show" Gosh, after 9 series, Jeremy has turned FAGGOT.
Just like that.

Dave: KIKE FAG Stephen Fry, with KIKES, DYKES and FAGS, every night, forever.

Film 4: Some KIKEFEST, no doubt. AVOID.

John C said...

Nilus Thank you for reminding me why I should never go back to having a teevee. How anyone can have one in the corner of their front room I will never know. Evil Evil Evil

Anonymous said...

Is this girl German or "Brazilian" ?

James said...

BBC2 12.35am "Good Hair" White-hating racist NIGGER Chris Rock
explores the world of AFRICAN-AMERICAN HAIR. ( It's wool, for fucks sake, what more needs to be said?)
He visits beauty salons, barbershops, and travels to India"

I still remember the "Black Hair" magazine in the UK with its big frizz-ease ads. Do they still have that?

Moishe kunstein said...

I decking love winding up yids-i get much delight FM acting like a dum goy around the cunts. I spent some time with the ism in Hebron and everyday we had to get access to Palestinian areas and negotiate safe passage with the IDF gangsters. And I can tell you one thing-on the whole-jews are thick as fuck, completely undisciplined to boot and don't get it when someone is taking the complete piss out of them. My speciality was mimicking their horrible hebpoo-english accents-"err","eh" etc-,they would order us out of cars, literally guns to our head and speak this devilish hebpoo-,English speak-they literally looked like rats with humungous noses wearing ill-fitting helmets. Anyway, my irish-aussie contrariness would kick in and I would mimic that foul vernacular that they hiss. If you could see the look on their faces-you would laugh forever. Now, whenever I meet Jews(esp jiz-raelis)I torture the cunts with my dumb got antics-litle do they know that the joke is on them-jews really are thick as fuck-they are no match for switched on goys-deep down they know it-they can only rely on hardwired ingroup/outgroup strategies to beat us-heaven knows that this will be the source of their demise in the ntd future.

Anonymous said...

ok, so you guys "see the jew" but 12 million jews ain't the problem. 1.5 BILLION muzzies who are fanatical and on the warpath are the real problem facing the world. They have sufficient numbers to impose their will on the world. Worry about the muzzies that want the world to live in the 7th century. If you don't like jews, avoid Israel and NYC. while that are smart they don't have the numbers to do shit. Yes, my friends... worry about the muzzies. They bare in lockstep and are planning the takeover of the world. Because Allah and the Koran demand it.
I'm worried about them and you should be too. Focus your jew-hate on the real threat we face. Let's all hope and pray Trump wins. Vote please!

John C said...

Anon 02:59
The SAS are small in number but man can they do damage when they put their mind to it.

Phil Pietersen said...

Currently travelling in Quebec I stopped at a popular coffee shop today to find a bunch of ME-types in the parking lot apparently doing what I assume to be praying. Positioning themselves at the most conspicuous spot in the lot, right at the entrance seemed somewhat contrived. The two that stood about looking aggressive seemed to be providing security for those with their butts in the air. They just stood around and tried to stare down anyone who dared pay too much attention. Seems our cultural-enrichment experience has started!