Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Some people in Ireland really do benefit from diversity

As you've probably discerned, I'm not a great fan of diversity despite being constantly assured of its endless benefits. Mind you for some strange reason those benefits are never actually spelled out in any detail. Which is leading an increasing number of people to wonder whether anyone actually does benefit. In fact I can assure the doubters that many indeed do. Specifically those engaged in the law, prison and immigration industries.

This from the Irish Independent:

"A man who took part in imprisoning, stripping and beating Innocent Wilson because he wanted to teach him a moral lesson for entering his girlfriend's bedroom has been jailed for six months. In Dublin Circuit Criminal Court Judge Sarah Berkeley sentenced Lucky Shaka (24) to two years' imprisonment, but suspended the final 18 months."

I can just imagine the scene in court

State Prosecutor: 'Mr. Shaka, you are facing serious charges. Are you innocent or not?'

Shaka 'No, I not Innocent, I Lucky'. Pointing at Wilson 'He Innocent'

State Prosecutor: 'So you are not innocent?'

Shaka: 'No, I not Innocent'

State Prosecutor: 'Judge, I rest my case'

And then there's the case of the Nigerian employed by an Irish hotel as a Food and Beverage Manager - 'in effect the second most senior management position in the hotel'. The owners must have seen him as quite a catch, possessing as he did a degree in Catering from Lagos University (his Shank Of Missionary being a mouth-watering speciality). Unfortunately - and totally unexpectedly - some problems arose shortly after recruitment. Like spending months at a time out on 'sick leave', having a difficult time with biased and racist colleagues, threatening to strangle the hotel manager. And showering fellow employees, diners and their food with a virulent strain of the TB bacterium.

His lengthy appeal was of course funded in full by the Irish taxpayer. 

So yes, the law and immigration industry do benefit from diversity.  And who does not benefit?  Well just about everyone else really.


Searcher said...

The hotel manager is lucky he still has all his fingers.

Nyom nyom.

Searcher said...

Some nuggets here on liars and truth:


Peter Hyatt said...
Anonymous Les66 said...
On his blog he says his wife was 'tragically killed'. She wasn't. She was brutally murdered.

April 19, 2016 at 2:03 PM Delete

Les66, good point.

You are giving us the "expected", that is, what most or average people would say given a circumstance like this. This is to project your own thinking, including the revelation of human empathy within you, into a statement.

When you did not hear those words, you paused to consider how odd his words sound.

This is at the core of analysis. To begin to study such is to reveal your own, and my own frailties, failures, upbringing, experience, and so on.

It is to tear down our own self esteem, with truth, and find out, once at the bottom, that we are all frail, failure orientated and not in need of being told "how great we art" over and over. Just the truth, please, just the truth.

Down here (humility, even if forced upon us) we see exploiters making gain off others. It is the core of deceptive politics and politicians.

I have invested in a new type of teaching for inner city children. If I can convince parents that the reason their children have not learned much is because it is the fault of the school and not their fault for not doing homework, or leaving the TV and computer on, I can make a lot of money.

Of course, my new school books are nonsense.

I ridicule memorization. I say that being "on time, that is, punctual" is "racist." I say that emphasizing respect for the teacher distinctly "white privilege", I am appealing to parents who are in need of an excuse, while appealing to others who are in need of a cause and still appealing to even more who are in need of relevancy.

All the while, I just want the money.

I could give a rat's rear end about the kids who's learning, for the next 2-3 years, just got worse.

Readers of Statement Analysis often wonder how such folly is agreed upon by so many. Even here, in the 'davey world', readers express the opinion, "How could anyone not see what this narcissist is doing?" and "How could anyone actually sit through this stuff?"

There will always be those who exploit the weakness of others, and often times, these exploiters are gifted and talented but were not taught restraint, kindness, empathy and so on, in childhood.

Those parents who do not displease their children when young, will be displeased by their children later in life.

Davey is very talented and he preys upon those, specifically, who are in need. He uses religious language, much to the anger of those who hold these things dear, but it could just as easily be anything else he uses.

I predict, as others have, that the truth will come out. If he is not arrested, I predict that he will "step down" from ministry "for the foreseeable future" but be back quicker than anyone would have allowed. We will get a mea culpa that is overwrought with the mea, highlighting the need to persuade.

I wish, for the sake of innocent people, that he would take his talent to Hollywood, or to selling cars or something else. Leave these poor young people alone.
April 19, 2016 at 3:05 PM

James said...

Do you ever notice that whites commit violence, while others innocently suffer its eruption?


Flanders said...

“Diverse” means formerly White… –Bob Whitaker

"Death - Rita Levi-Montalcini died in her home in Rome on 30 December 2012 at the age of 103.
Upon her death, the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, stated it was a great loss "for all of humanity." He praised her as someone who represented "civic conscience, culture and the spirit of research of our time." Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack told Sky TG24 TV in a tribute to her fellow scientist, "She is really someone to be admired." Italy's premier, Mario Monti, paid tribute to Levi-Montalcini's "charismatic and tenacious" character and for her lifelong endeavor to "defend the battles in which she believed." Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi praised Levi-Montalcini's civil and moral efforts, saying she was an "inspiring" example for Italy and the world."


"You need to stop listening to the lies about the white race, you’ve been brainwashed by people telling you “there’s only 1 race, which is the human race” and that “white people originated from Africa”. Well do you know it’s all done by a Jewish scientist who has made up the lies about humans? The name of this individual is Rita Levi-Montalcini (still alive aged 103 and currently a Senator for life in the Italian government); she wrote a brainwashing book which is basically a manifesto telling whites about how their own race doesn’t exist! I heard a David Icke speech where he kept on saying the words “human race” and I find this deeply offensive! Also, in one of his speeches he said “race is fuck all” and the brainwashed people clapped him for it. The fact is that the whites have a higher average IQ than the enrichers have and if you wish to learn more about the genes of the British people (I mean white people) then have a read of this article here."

Anonymous said...

Michael Hoffman

Memo to anti-Islamic loudmouths who have nothing to say about the Talmud.


Anonymous said...

Oven the libtards.


Anonymous said...

Chinese journalist complains about too much immigration in Canada.

Careful not to say he shouldn't be there either. Talks about "21 century Canadian identity", which readers here know just means white genocide.

He uses the royal "we" a lot. His opinion is worthless. He should wait until there are 300 million Indians in China before opening his noodle trap. Then he might have something to say.


Link from henrymakow.com

Flanders said...

We know that it is a result of planned treachery that there has been a substitution of idiocy for intellectualism on the college campuses, but that is only to be expected because of GIGO, garbage in-garbage out. The hiring director at the Irish Hotel in Savant's posting was probably a victim attendee of such courses.

College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity

Searcher said...

Rita Levi Montalcini
Manifesto by anti-racist scientists

"There is only one race: the human race"


Flanders said...

Learn more from a less-than 5 minute video than anyone will learn from an entire 4 year college program.

It’s Not The Zionists It’s The Jews!


Thanks to EndZog for that link, which he attributes to Kevin McDonald:

Flanders said...

A wise man once used that word in it's proper sense.

"If anything should disintegrate it will be those States which consist of all kinds of races, like our plutocratic world democracies, the so-called world empires, which are solely based on the oppression of and suzerainty over other nations."
"Suzerainty (/ˈsjuːzərənti/ or /ˈsjuːzərɛnti/) is a situation in which a powerful region or people controls the foreign policy and international relations of a tributary vassal state while allowing the subservient nation internal autonomy. The dominant entity in the suzerainty relationship, or the more powerful entity itself, is called a suzerain. The term suzerainty was originally used to refer to the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and its surrounding regions. It differs from sovereignty in that the tributary enjoys some (often limited) self-rule." [Continues, but it's kind of strange that jewapedia never mentions the quote above by Mr. A Hitler, made in 1939.].

Flanders said...

When they have been "properly" redistributed, there will be more BLM offendees, probably attending "government-paid" classes where they will learn about their oppressions, and they will blame it on....

"Libya has one million potential migrants, including terrorist cells ready to cross into Italy said Italian General Paolo Serra to UN Special Envoy for Libya Martin Kobler in a hearing in the Italian parliament.

"If there is no change in Libya, at the end of the year approximately 250 thousand people could come to Italy," - said the general.
The Italian general called the Libyan situation "horrible" comparing refugee camp to "human warehouses", stressing that discrimination against black skinned people is very serious. Human traffickers treat lighter-skinned Arab migrants better than blacks."


Flanders said...

Let's not forget to thank a most deserving benefactor...


Joe Btfsplk said...

. . .stated it was a great loss "for all of humanity.". . .

jews consider themselves to be "all of humanity"

Therefore "all of humanity" = "human race" = jews. . .a great loss for jews

others [non-jews] are not human. . .http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/judaism.htm

Anonymous said...

It's official

Indian/Pakistan migrants (South Asians) are the largest minority group pouring into Australia amd official 'legal' quotas over there are to be increased from 13000 per annum to 18000 per annum. That's over an above what they allow in as refugees and all the rest of it.

These people are a plague worldwide In New York the first forms of human life apart from nigger border force controllers that you see over there is Paki taxi drivers. The city is crawling with them as the merge and blend 'nicely' with a similarly large Puerto Rican infestation. At London Heathrow or Gatwick it's a similar picture. These South Asian coolies are everywhere like wild rats. They've taken over the suburban areas close to the airports like Hounslow, Slough and Crawley town near Gatwick possibly Manchester and Liverpool too. I don't know thise places.
South Africa.. Durban, Cape Town, Joburg all South Asian coolie as is Kampala, Nairobi. Harare in ZXimbabwe too.

Wherever you go in Germany too, France, Spain et al these creatures are there! What future for your children folks ??? - I'm talking to you white man wherever you are in the world - specifically YOU WHITE people who are currently proud of your nationality and your good looking children.

They will soon have to share a stinking swamp like Luton, Leicester or Bradford with revolting coolies

Never forget ... Pakistan aside, or India's huge Hindu population and its Hindu handlers ...India on its on own has a larger Muslim population than Pakistan. The Indian sub continent is a kernel of cancerous 'human' filth both Hindu and Muslim breeding and spreading around the world.

Of the UK's 12 billion handed out in foreign aid, India and Pakistan are the largest recipients and the multi national conglomerates who import cheap coolie labour into white countries are practically all owned by "You know who" facilitating the malaise.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it folks - the only thing we as a white population can all do collectively -- that is if we really want to save ourselves is begin an IRA, no better still -- take a leaf out of "their" book a Haganah/Stern gang campaign WORLWIDE and get our countries back.

Nothing else will work!

Your children's future is in YOUR hands while there's time - NOT theirs or anybody else's not even the Jews, who we are all imbued to fear and loath simultaneously.


Flanders said...

Texan Lutheran Pastor to Iranian TV: Israel Was Chief Player in 9/11

“When we get to 9/11, there are series of clues and series of explanations that have been provided for us; they really get in the bottom of the fact that it was Israel that was the chief player in calling up 9/11,” said Dankof in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

Evidence of Israel’s role, according to Dankof, is spelled out in a book called Israel Did It and in an article published by the Council of Foreign Affairs in 1998 that explains Israel’s motivations for being the “driving force” behind an attack of such proportions."
[Skipping the portion related by the NYT's propaganda implying Saudi's. See the last link below this link.]

"Dankof, however, said, “When you look at this entire situation, the United States government is interested in trying out the 9/11 event in terms of propaganda purposes.”
In the next section below this, there are shown to be some reasons why...
New Poll Shows Only 6% Of People Trust The Mainstream Media

But, instead of..."By well-orchestrated and financed campaign of special interests, political interests and corporations", --- Why didn't they just say jews?.
"The New York Post said in a report on Sunday that Saudi Arabia’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels...". --- "In an interview with Press TV, James Henry Fetzer, founder of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, said the report had an “unusual significance...".


Flanders said...

"There are many ways for a foreigner to get into the United States, and one of the most corrupt ways of doing it legally is to be admitted as a “refugee.” Since 1975, more than 3 million refugees have been resettled in the United States, and one of the best introductions to how they got here is in the latest issue of The Social Contract, a quarterly magazine published in Petoskey, Michigan. This issue, titled “The Refugee Racket,” is a 60-page compilation of articles that expose a little-known web of scams.
Anyone who has left his own country and doesn’t want to go home is therefore a potential refugee. Until the 1990s, the United States decided whom we should let in, but now a UN agency called the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) chooses about 95 percent of our refugees." [Continues]


Anonymous said...

The health service won't benifit.even with all those doctors and nurses trying to migrate ha ha like wilderbeasts
Eff em


SAVANT said...

Do you ever notice that whites commit violence, while others innocently suffer its eruption?

That's always been a favourite of mine. 'Detroit [or any other black hell-hole] suffers from catastrophic levels of murder, robbery, school violence and corrupt politicians." Are we to infer that Whits from the suburbs sneak in to commit those crimes and somehow rig the elections of those politicians?

Anonymous said...


Have a read. Mass Muslim immigration will bring with it islams problems

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Only Trumpie can compate with these people. Shame our race has very few of the same form of collective ruthlessness or acumen... we not otherwise be dominated by them

Searcher said...

When asked about why she thought young girls were leaving the UK for Syria, Miss Mirza jokingly suggested they were fleeing because they thought the male jihadists were 'a bit of alright'.

'And what they've done is, they have sold their mother's jewellery and bought a one-way ticket to Syria for some halal meat.'


Joe Btfsplk said...

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex? The Highlands Forum EXPOSED



Anonymous said...

Old Hickory, who beat the Brits 2000 to 100 at the Battle of New Orleans, is no longer good enough for the twenty dollar bill. He's to be replaced by Harriet Tubman. Ugly even by negroid standards.

Originally, they were going to get rid of Hamilton, a real pirates of the Caribbean "bastard son of a prostitute and a Scotsman." But he started the central bank and there's a popular rap production of his life now on Broadway. No time to get rid of a banker I guess the hedge fund managers decided. He did lead the glorious charge on one of the two redoubts at Yorktown. (The French took the other redoubt but that's down the memory hole as we are only allowed to celebrate the English, niggers, Jews and queers now).

Anonymous said...

Obama for the three dollar bill.

Anonymous said...


Yep new students leader is a woman of colour and a Muslim with history

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...


Funny worth watching as he mimics English working class accents who he supports

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20:32 that's bullshit !!

Replace Irish for English an you'll be nearer the mark. The Irish are LOVED in America as they are in England! (they're treated as an "ethnic minority" with special treatment like the niggers and pakis)

A patriotic Englishman is slated like a dog ... especially by other liberal minded English people ..granted ... and the rest of the Brits i.e. Scottish, Welsh Northern Irish in no particular order.

I have Irish and English ancestry .. so if you hate English swing on a spud pikey

Anonymous said...

Sponsor a niglet:


Don't you wanna sponsor a lil' niglet? Be a True Christian (tm) and join in!

Anonymous said...

The key point about the old attitudes that worked so well for western (white) man is that they apply to us and only to us. Not the "others" and not women either. Us, we and not "them." You start with the idea of our inevitable supremacy and go from there. What "we" do does not need to have a universal consistency as we are the ones to judge. It's all over the classics.
Caesar wasn't concerned about what the niggers thought of him. This is why the classics have been thrown out of the schools. Too much hurtful, insensitive stuff there. And the Bible is next.

Remember, when the Scythians returned from Babylon after twenty years, their slaves rose against them. They couldn't defeat them with swords and spears. It was only when they put these away and brought out the whips, and started treating them like slaves, that they were able to win.

What you do is your own business. If you want to bang the Chinese woman, or even a jig, that's your business. But for your women to do the same is a crime against nature.

Anonymous said...

Watched two black kids get into a fight today. A fat bully who fought like a girl, hands slapping palm out and a smaller, skinny kid who had a few good moves, could at least throw a correct punch. Reassuring, in a way, to see these kids becoming feminized.

Anonymous said...

nigger folk sure give you end less chuckles to be sure,,

rambaloosa said...

Just loved that Landover Ministry link. Hit the button in so many ways.

Searcher said...


I don't understand this part of your comment:

"What you do is your own business. If you want to bang the Chinese woman, or even a jig, that's your business. But for your women to do the same is a crime against nature."

Any chance you could expand on this further? How is it a crime against nature only if women engage in mixed race relationships/sex; but if men do so it's ok?

This is a genuine question by the way - not trying to bait or say you are wrong. I just am interested in how you think it's ok for men but not for women since mixed race children result from both scenarios.

For example, when it comes to simple sex tourism where children are not a goal, I have disdain for both: men going to Asia and women going to Ghana. I don't think GO GRRRLLL for the women and I don't think FAIR PLAY to the men. I think "ugly, past it, low SMVs on tour", for both. I can't see how Fritzl and his fellow passengers in Asia are any better than overweight Geman and English women on the beach in Ghana getting serviced by the locals. Not a fattie hater or an ageist, but I do recognize that what the people want at home is in general the opposite of what travels abroad to poorer countries to get laid.

Flanders said...

Where have you been, Anonymous at 22:10?

What you have stated is the operational mode that all White people are supposed to have. It's difficult to think of anyone not having that way of thought as being worth anything to anyone. All of these so-called "intellectual" discussions are meaningless without having the correct attitudes as a basis. Thank you for your well-stated viewpoint.

Searcher said...

African American humor. In all fairness they are a lot funnier and insightful than Silvermann and co:

Eddie Murphy

Patrice O'Neal

Katt Williams

Chris Rock

Flanders said...

Joe Btfsplk said... at 18:37
"Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?"

Joe, A good example of those "Jesuit Merchants" who run everything may be the "Jesuits" who run the Landover Babtists whose link Anonymous 22:10 and his group have provided.

The "lord must work in mysterious ways", but I doubt that God works through "Jesuit Merchants, or that he tries to be so smug as to propel us toward providing financial support for those "Babtists" who promote adoption of the "cute little niglets". "Rev. Jim Osborne" and his pal, Anon 22:10, are as Kosher as are those "Jesuit Merchants", so perhaps there is something that is useful about that link you provide - but it is only useful to those people who do understand that "Jesuits" are just as Kosher as those "Babtists of Landover" and "Anon 22:10".

Joe Btfsplk said...

. . .Brits 2000 to 100 at the Battle of New Orleans. . .Johnny Horton from 1959:

https://youtu.be/50_iRIcxsz0 almost 6,000,000 views

Flanders said...

Joe, Thanks for that link, and I didn't intend to disparage you or your information with my comment. I just find it difficult to understand how people with good information as those links do contain can fail to see for themselves the Kosher elements and fail to mention the jews to the people they are supposed to be informing - if they really are intent on informing.

It's much like the Freemason-controlled John Birch Society of the 50's and 60's, who "taught" Americans of the "Cold-War" America with the Bircher's expressions against the "communists" - which always neglected to mention the jewish names and activities which were inherent and predominant, both in the formation and activities of world communism, directed by the jewish communists in America. Without that information the exhortations of JBS were worse than useless, and they were intentionally made to be so.

James said...

Anon said

Here's a thought. Don't be lazy.
If you want people to read it, link it.

Searcher said...

Diversity: were we programmed to embrace this?

I remember in the early 1990s, teachers being amazed that the geography curriculum had changed so much.

There was still physical geography but there was this new "human geography" which dealt with migration. Physical geography didn't even teach about countries anymore. Tectonic plates, volcanoes, climate change, types of rock (igneous, sedimentary and another) and rock formations (sea stack), oxbow lakes etc were stressed. The type of stuff that would take approx 3 hours to read as an adullt.

Now, I didn't pay huge attention at the time to "human geography" as it struck me as non-intellectual and not worth an investment of my time or attention, in the same way "home economics" seemed a bit "light". In hindsight it seems remarkably predictive. Incredibly predictive. So incredible that it doesn't really fit with my usual coincidence theorist viewpoint.

In the early 1990s, Ireland was not yet an asylum seeker/economic migrant destination. It could conceivably be argued that we were being conditioned into accepting "migration" as normal, and more importantly, inevitable before it even happened on our own land. Hmmm.

Now for certain people, land means nothing. Migration opportunities and skill-set are everything. They leave a very shallow archaeological record and claim to be persecuted in every country they settle. They were specifically targeted by Germans in the 1930s/1940s and died in what has now been called "The Holocaust". They have a special word for people who were not part of their "social construct" and are very picky about intermarriage.

But enough about gypsies.

PS The mistake most right wingers make IMHO is assuming that MSM is the leader in opinion forming. Better off looking at school books and getting insight from teachers than sharing what Laurie Penny and Jones and Irish Times f**wits are saying. They are reinforcers of opinions for the most part. The younger you are the more impressionable you are e.g. I doubt an 80 year old is too swayed by what some PravdaRTE talking head has to say about anything, but a 10 year old learning from their teacher that White men are evil and started WW1 and WW2 and enslaved the poor Blacks etc are WAY WAY WAY more impactful. Respectively yours. IMHO etc.

Flanders said...

We have previously established proof, sufficient to surmount reasonable doubts, that Angela Merkel is a jewess. Here is further proof on that account, derived from independent means, and which does a great job of establishing the "capstone" on her Jewishness.

The EU, like the UN, is run by Freemasons and Jews, and Merkel is their "acheivement".

Just as is shown in the link which Searcher provided to Rita Levi Montalcini - JEWESS - "Cultural mixing is the foundation and basis of hope for progress stemming from the European Union constitution.", the deadly plan of Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi, is being fully institutionalized against Europe, more specifically, against the White people of Europe. Isn't it past the time when all reasonable and intelligent White people became capable of seeing past the multi-cultural haze that they have been provided, and to see that Jews are intent upon killing them, and if not them, then any and all of their off-spring?

Merkel Is Jewish [An 8 page PDF]:

We may obtain a Freemasonic perspective on Coudenhove-Kalergi from this site where the English translation follows, below and after, the German.

Graf Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi

Flanders said...

There IS a reason why...
The reason, Why EU Flag resembles the Japanese national Flag ?

Continue watching as the video changes through to:
European Plan to Eradicate Race Through Immigration (Kalergi Plan)

Flanders said...

Most of us at Savant's are very much aware that what has been planned for Whites is:
White Genocide in motion

Flanders said...

I have not researched deeply at all into this pro-immigrant sites information, and most of these links I wouldn't classify as on our side, but you can imagine who it is who has determined the best ways to make a profit off of the ILLEGAL trade, while doing it in "LEGAL" ways.
How for-profit prison corporations shape immigrant detention and deportation policies

"According to public analysis from Bloomberg, the largest holder in Corrections Corporation of America is Vanguard Group Incorporated. Interestingly enough, Vanguard also holds considerable stake in the media giants determining this country’s culture. In fact, Vanguard is the third largest holder in both Viacom and Time Warner. Vanguard is also the third largest holder in the GEO Group, whose correctional, detention and community reentry services boast 101 facilities, approximately 73,000 beds and 18,000 employees. Second nationally only to Corrections Corporation of America, GEO’s facilities are located not only in the United States but in the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

You may be thinking, “Well, Vanguard is only the third largest holder in those media conglomerates, which is no guarantee that they’re calling any shots.” Well, the number-one holder of both Viacom and Time Warner is a company called Blackrock. Blackrock is the second largest holder in Corrections Corporation of America, second only to Vanguard, and the sixth largest holder in the GEO Group.

There are many other startling overlaps in private-prison/mass-media ownership, but two underlying facts become clear very quickly: The people who own the media are the same people who own private prisons, the EXACT same people, and using one to promote the other is (or “would be,” depending on your analysis) very lucrative."

Private Prison Lobbyists Fundraising For Clinton
"Lee Fang of The Intercept made the discovery after examining Clinton’s list of lobbyists who are bundlers for her presidential bid, released last week. Bundlers are people who raise money for campaigns by organizing and collecting contributions from other donors.

Among those funneling money into Clinton’s campaign are:
•Richard Sullivan of the firm Capitol Counsel, documented lobbyist for GEO Group.
•Five employees of lobbying and law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, which received $240,000 from CCA last year.
•“Akin Gump lobbyist and Clinton bundler Brian Popper disclosed that he previously helped CCA defeat efforts to compel private prisons to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests,” noted Fang.

Fang’s reporting comes on the heels of revelations that Clinton’s campaign has also benefited from the largesse of the fossil fuel industry and Wall Street.

Critics say the fresh evidence of Clinton’s ties to lobbyists for the private prison industry raises a host of new concerns."

At least on that last link a commenter named George has the sense to understand what it is partially about. Note on the Hip-Hop link that a hasbarat made a comment early in which turned the negroids into anti-"whites".

Flanders said...

A letter to a school publication may have pinned the biggest problem in America.

"In the latest ISI citizenship report, 51 percent of the country couldn’t pass the basic civic literacy examination required of incoming citizens. Not only are Americans not qualified to be voters, but apparently most of them aren’t even qualified to be Americans." [The truth is that most of the ones who are called American "citizens" probably are not Americans].


Anonymous said...


Where's the Greek army

Searcher said...

Trump vid - Trump as Darth Vader

Longish but hilarious. Especially around the 5 minute mark.


Searcher said...

Important news

Black people are Anunaki (gods).

YouTube is great for sharing the kind of information that MSM keeps hidden:


Comment from a "melenated being" ROFLAMO:

"Not only do we have reptilian influences in the hands and feet. We also have a reptilian brain stem which allows the animal (lower conscious) men to act like a reptile. Although we as melanated beings should strive to live by our higher brains (the cerebral cortex, and the frontal lobes) if we are to ascend."

Heraclitus said...

Searcher 23.39, agree 100%. If either sex miscegenates then it's bad for the White race. Even if nothing is spawned from the grisly coupling the message nonetheless is that miscegenation is not something abhorrent.

Searcher said...


That is fascinating about the prison corporations.

Mind blown.

Anonymous said...

The much lauded humanitarian and exponent of Cultural Marxism, Jew Rita Levi Montalcini: 'There is only one race, the human race'.

Except, of course, when these same two-faced Jew hypocrites do every single thing within their power to maintain the status of Israel as the only nation in the entire world to have laws declaring that Israel is a nation for one people, and one people only, the Jews. Meanwhile, for generations Organized Jewry has been vigorously promoting Third World mass immigration/diversity into our White nations and committing genocide upon our own White people. Oooh, I guess saying that must make me a nasty anti-semite that wants to gas 6 million poor innocent Jews.


Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

"Diversity: were we programmed to embrace this?"

That is a good point you make Searcher. I remember way back in the autumn of 1985 when I returned to school in Dublin aged 16 to start my two year course for the Leaving Certificate Examination. My fellow students and I were quite amazed by the two new French text books we were given. You see, at the time Dublin, as well as the rest of Ireland was 100% homogeneous white. However it was quite the opposite with these French textbooks. Every picture showing happy teenagers learning and speaking French consisted almost entirely of Negros, Arabs, or Orientals. We had never previously seen a "diverse" schoolbook. It seemed completely weird to us. Our basic reaction was disgust and laughter, followed by asking the teacher "What the hell is all this?".
The teacher explained what was going on. The books were produced by an Irish educational publishing company. The UK had been impressed by the books and had put in a big order, in fact a very very big order of them for its schools. With one provision that is...
Replace all the photographs.
You see, the original versions of the books had photographs consisting of white Irish teenagers, and white Irish teenagers only. The teacher explained that the UK educational authorities had said that because modern society was "multicultural", the text books would be more effective as teaching instruments if they better reflected the varied ethnic makeup of modern classrooms. So please replace all the photographs.
If however the company didn't replace all the photographs...no sale.
Well I think the company went a bit over board because I seem to remember there was
hardly a white face in the entirety of either of the two books.
That was also the first time any of us students had heard the word "multicultural" before. At the time we thought it was a bit surreal.
Looking back now, it was the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...


Make your own mind up ex jihadi joined mi5

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:57,

That wasn't a shot at the English but a fact of life in the US. Culturally, the US has been super anglophile since the late nineteenth century (when England was no longer a threat).
Maybe it shouldn't be grouped in the same way with the sacred cow status of the Jews, blacks and mutant gay transgenders and so forth, but it is undeniable.

How do you think it was that we reversed our national inclination and supported the British Empire in two world wars?

It's not a shot at you at all. You guys present well and you should understand it and leverage it to your advantage.

Anonymous said...


Miscegenation is a crime against nature for our women because it dilutes our gene pool. For white men to put a little cream in the coffee might improve the overall population base. But that is really secondary. The point is that white men are dominant. Any more questions? I refer you to Thomas Jefferson.

From the movie "Wild Bill," and this was only 140 years ago: "Yeah, we're hanging 'em tomorrow. The boy stole a horse. The Indian wandered into town after the Custer massacre. The Chinaman looked at a white woman."

James said...

Looking back now, it was the beginning of the end.

We live in a nightmare and the only way to cope is to have a split personality.

Be polite to diverse people all day and read hate all night.

How many here do that?

Searcher said...

A mixed race child fathered by a White man does not dilute the gene pool yet a mixed race child mothered by a white woman does?

We are not living in times of slavery. Where do the offspring go? Where do they socialize/live? The local community? Who are they going to likely mate with when they grow up? The local community? Whether their dad was White or the mother was White is immaterial surely?

Again, I emphasise, I am asking the question because if you come out with something like that in public, that question will naturally arise - it is not to antagonize you. I admire the forthright statement of self-belief that all else follows from that point on, I just don't get the logic behind race-mixing being ok if done by a man (unless you are assuming that the child will be brought up by the ethnic minority mother in a separate community, which makes up part of the country's "base population"?

It's probably more of an attitude that sits better in America than it would over here as the ethnic minorities have only been here en masse for about 15-20 years. Not long enough for them to be reasonably counted (by this readership anyhow) as our "base population".

Anything is funnier than Sarah Silverperson said...

I identify as Attack Helicopter

Detroit is north of Canada now wonder it is a hellhole eh?

Harker said...

People of Ireland!
1. End welfare for invaders
2. Deport foreign criminals
3. Get married and start having large white families again

Anonymous said...


Like I said, it's a matter of dominance. Of course, it's better if your kids are white. But the key thing is not to give an inch on the dominance thing. It still is a different world for you and the wogs, and now especially your women. I can still wander wherever I want to at night, even in enriched areas, and, unless I'm visibly impaired, I will not be bothered. Not so your women or the wogs once they're off their regular turf. Ironically, white women had much more freedom of movement a century ago,

For the crowd on this blog whose family years are behind them, I would say definitely go after the brown women. They will appreciate you in ways your own don't. And can you imagine the bullshit they have to put up with. Those headscarves do come off, you know.

Professer Skip Gates said...

2. Deport foreign criminals

And do not let them back in to steal your technology!