Thursday, 14 April 2016

Remedying Korea's race problem

I've read recently that South Korea has been deemed the  most racist country in the world. The horror! Whether true or not a recent report from one of the UN's gravy train riders (the splendidly named Mutuma Ruteere - 'you can rut here, Mutuma') has identified severe problems. From his report and many others it seems the explanation lies in Koreans' ignorance of the wider world, and by implications the benefits of diversity. And I suppose we could forgive them that, given that they've done quite well on their own so far. For instance in 1957 they had the same per capita income as that of  pre 'independence' Ghana whereas now it's more than twenty times higher.

"In one way or another, racism affects almost every foreigner in Korea. But being black here is different. Whether African-American, African or not even black but mistaken for it, experiences in Korea are tainted by the perception that blacks are lower than other races: Blacks are violent, unintelligent and poor. Black Americans are not really American, and are inappropriate teachers for Korean children.  The local media continues to be flooded with racist sentiments, advertisements and perceptions. It’s painful and it’s widespread."

"Black people report difficulty getting taxis, even when Koreans and whites get them on the same street. Some say cab drivers go so far as to make illegal U-turns into traffic to avoid picking up black passengers. Some Koreans will refuse to get into elevators with black people, and will often change subway cars to avoid being near black passengers".

On the other hand “there were meanings associated with the color white – peace, being a peaceful people, purity,”

Oh dear.

And the cause of this wrong-headed view of the po' blacks?  It seems "American movies and music influenced Koreans to see blacks as dirty, poor, violent slum-dwellers. The U.S. way of looking at black people came to Korea so Korean people looked at black people just like Americans did.”

Right. So I have a great idea. Why doesn't the Western media create movies and TV shows with blacks in lead roles, as professors, doctors and scientists...and who are brave, intelligent and resourceful?  Why not include an occasional black person in an advertisement, and in a positive role?  Why not  affirmative action blacks into high positions, positions way beyond their abilities, even to the level of US President? Why not encourage White women to see black males as ideal mating material?

I know these are crazy ideas. We all know they represents an inversion of reality.  But wouldn't it be worth it were they to correct Korea's racism problem? And now here's another suggestion.  According to this Korean journalist 'our racism is based on sheer ignorance'. You see - and he's right - only a tiny number of Koreans (here are some) have had direct experience of living with blacks and their (cough) 'culture'. So why not organise Cultural Exchange Programs whereby groups of Koreans spend a few months soaking in the authentic Black Experience in say.....Haiti, East St. Louis, Camden, Liberia or Somalia.

It'd certainly cure them of their ignorance, that's for sure.


roem said...

Same with Japan. They have a VERY REALISTIC understanding of the lesser races. The Jewish guilt tripping doesn't work with these guys.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I was wondering exactly the same thing when wandering through a quick review of the SK nuke power industry. How long until the UN forces a shed load of tree dwellers into the country? Having moved from a Morgan/Rockefeller IJ colony shithole where no native Korean was to be more educated than a bamboo whittler, it got shafted by a UN sponsored war into two shitholes bombed to phukk and then looking around after 1954, where it had no more than 50 graduates total, it got down to some serious hard phukking work and look what happened. Industrial power house, hard working bastards with two chips on each shoulder, smart as phukk and lined up to be phukked over by the UN again. Not to say that it hasn't been all plain sailing.

So we get a whining gilded phukkmunky from Burnalltheaidwegetsentland or Republic of Retardedmoneyjunkystan or Gloriaestbansbanned States telling us how shitty somewhere successful is.

BTW roem if you look closely out east, in Japan you can see the Noahide compliant bastards shuffling quietly in the Tokyo/Osaka Mass transits,in SK the K-Pop scene honks with them and just check out any English language Taiwanese blog, the Talmud tallyban fukkwitz are just awaiting the signal.

Mind you I could be wrong.

Searcher said...

I can imagine some Korean scampering away if they saw a Black man coming towards them. Fair enough. I wouldn't particularly want to be in a confined space with people who are twice my size. South Koreans that I have known have a real love and respect for European culture. Japanese also. Culture snobs in a sense. When you have a strong sense of discernment, you aren't going to rate every culture equally and buy into cultural marxism.

Maybe there is also a fear of becoming a side order:

The funny thing, all these anti-racist reports used to work - to give Westerners a sense of superiority. Now they work to give us a sense of respect for Asians who stand up for their own people and don't bow down to the UN. It's a massive shift in perspective that can change very rapidly. Slowly for people (like me) who bought into the anti-racist malarky and that is why I am probably more hyper critical than most of what is happening. Others are much, much quicker to turn.

Searcher said...

Another Trump vid:

"Bing bing bum bum"!! Have watched this about 5 times - too funny.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but

Anonymous said...

It will be real hard going to enrich Asian countries. First, they have a lot of their own people. Secondly, they of course have no guilt about "racism." Third, there's a lot to be said for them, especially the women. Had some working for me and what a pleasure it is to see a four foot eleven, 90 pound woman glide gracefully and efficiently across the shop floor. As opposed to some five ten, 200 pound tub of shit plodding around who, if she had to do something every three minutes, would forget about it.

Actually, and this should be a crowd pleaser, Israel is in much more danger of being enriched.
Both because of proximity to the heart of darkness and because all those cultural Marxist forces that wrecked Europe and the US are present there and have real force. The sensible Jews just haven't lost out to the fanatics...yet. But then, Israel is so small that it only has to happen once.

Searcher said...

Baby fingers LOL!

JoshuaSinister said...

Choke on your own diseased dick monkey boy. Koreans don't believe you are human, deal with it. You aren't going to make them feel bad about their ancestors monkey boy. You insult their ancestors and they will make your foul homeland a smoldering ruin, even worse then now. Why anyone believes something dumber than chimps and bonobos are human is a mystery. With that heavy bone density that makes it impossible to swim, just like apes, I would think that anthropoid is the obvious conclusion from the evidence. Wild animal behavior has already been more than proved hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Here's your enemy get out on the streets and oppose them

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Those slopes are so damned racist it makes my blood boil.

James said...

"Black people report difficulty getting taxis, even when Koreans and whites get them on the same street. Some say cab drivers go so far as to make illegal U-turns into traffic to avoid picking up black passengers. Some Koreans will refuse to get into elevators with black people, and will often change subway cars to avoid being near black passengers".

So what do blacks do about this? Go to Korea of course. They seem to just love racism and can't get enough of it. That's what they go to Europe for too.

No white has EVER been refused a taxi ride, EVER. 100% proven fact. Stephen Hawking (the real one) proved it to 14 decimal places in 1988.

Same with South Africa under apartheid: massive negroid immigration problem.


James said...

Trump vids.

I like this one better.

Flanders said...

Anti-black = Observation
Pro-black = Indoctrination

It's the same wherever you go.

Flanders said...

It would certainly be helpful to S Korea to have daily access to ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. That way the people could be "entertained" with their "news", and avoid knowing anything about these:

Flanders said...

Dead - I doubt it. Not so long as breath remains in the mixers and fixers in the EU.

"BRUSSELS' plan to relocate hundreds of thousands of migrants across Europe has been declared "dead" today after Poland refused to take in a single asylum seeker."

"Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the conservative eurosceptic Law and Justice (PiS) which stormed to victory in the country's October general election, said last year that migrants could bring diseases and parasites into Poland. [See * below]

His is one of a number of increasingly anti-Brussels governments springing up in Europe as a groundswell of eurosceptic feeling continues to grow.

Earlier this month the Dutch people defied the EU elite to vote down a controversial land grab plot with Ukraine, although Brussels has since indicated it will plough on with the deal regardless.

And Britain is due to hold its own referendum on membership of the EU club, with recent opinion polls showing the 'Leave' camp surging ahead as undecided voters come down in favour of Brexit.".


UNcle Nasty said...

Have to agree here ... apart from literally dozens of mainland Chinese, I have met quite a few Koreans and A few Taiwanese, and, believe me, the Koreans are the most racist bastards in New Zealand ... nor do they give a rat's fuck who knows it.

I like them immensely. They are also very assured of just where they stand in the hierarchy of the Asian world. As far as they are concerned, they are right up there, on the Throne, where they put themselves ... purely by dint of their own efforts, brains and bloody hard work.

They regard the Taiwanese as a few steps down the ladder, because, while pretty damn intelligent, they are not (in the eyes of the Koreans) quite as tough as they (the Koreans) are, but still, they had the balls to tell Mao Tse Tung and his jewboys to get knotted when things hotted up in the late forties ... so this counts for a lot.

As far as the common and garden Ying-Tong is concerned, the Koreans hold them in a sort of good natured contempt ... pretty much on the same level as Pacific Islanders. They regard your average Chinese as sheep.

Should one also point out that when the niggers got uppity in L.A. in 1992, the Korean shop owners were shooting the crap out of them , while the LAPD ran off like little girls.


Searcher said...

Thoughts from a legal immigrant, Stephen Fry‘infantile’-culture-of-trigger-words-and-safe-spaces

"It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that your uncle touched you in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy."

"Nasty place?". Sounds a bit messed up himself. His poor missus.

Eddie in St. Louis said...

What Korea needs is a 24 Hour Webcam broadcast from several locations in Detroit.

Searcher said...


A good YouTube comment from M Woes' latest video. I agree with a lot of the first points, however, I don't see the "fuck it, I'm jumping ship" as being pragmatic. To where exactly??!! LOL. Besides, expecting change from women is operating from a position of weakness. Much like all this talk about the female vote (in a rigged system, is it really relevant?).

ulius Ebola2 days ago (edited)
Black Pigeon just did a video about the conflict between victim cultures and honor cultures. If you think about it, victim cultures employ a traditionally female power strategy. If you cry enough, those who adhere to an honor culture will come to your aid and do your bidding by proxy. By contrast, honor cultures employ a traditionally male power strategy, in which the license for exercising power over others directly rests on the idea that we're defending the weak.

The victim can never admit the power they wield by claiming victimhood status, just as the one with honor can never admit the hidden social weakness which compels him to attempt to save others, since he sees no other useful role for himself. Like MRA guru Warren Farrell said, "a woman's greatest strength is the perception of her weakness, a man's greatest weakness is his perception of strength."

This is how you can understand MGTOW. These are guys who were programmed with the values of an honor culture. But they found that their attempts at heroic or honorable virtue vis-a-vis women were meaningless and of little value to them. Nobody has much need for the provider and protector in gender equalityland, assuming the guy can even do much providing and protecting in a failing economy where breadwinning jobs are disappearing. All their attempts to appeal to women through honor made them the proverbial "nice guy," the white knighting, friendzoned schmuck at best, an "entitled misogynist" at worst. So they consciously, deliberately, and bitterly reject the values of that former honor culture. The idea that they're supposed to sacrifice themselves to save the damseled womenfolk becomes offensive, a sick joke.

It's just the fallout of the decline of pair bonding and the sexual revolution. It's inevitable in a culture characterized by female "sexual freedom." For one sex's sexual strategy to be free, the other's become's restricted. It's zero sum. Female sexual liberation doesn't look like a culture filled with happy egalitarian couples. It looks like mobs of teenage girls chasing the Beatles or Justin Bieber around. Female sexual liberation, in the end, is not "equality," it's just a the majority of average women signing up to be in a minority of above average men's harem while the majority of average men who get locked out or are hanging on by the bottom rung no longer have any incentive to bother. They'll play the hero, and when that doesn't work, they'll attempt to play the alpha jerk role and build a harem. And when that doesn't work, they walk away. What else are they supposed to do?

Searcher said...

That was the whole point of traditional marriage. It forced a compromise between male and female sexual strategies for the benefit of children and for society. Monogamy gave women the male commitment they want from the alpha with the harem, and it gave men the sexual access they would ordinarily be denied. The trade off was that ordinary women would have to settle for an ordinary guy rather than a king, god, or rockstar, and men would have to settle for having access to one woman's reproductive resources, rather than a harem's worth. This is the wisdom of our ancestors that came down to us in the form of tradition, religion, and folkways, the wisdom we ignored.

Equality was never a possibility because sexuality is biologically rooted, not socially constructed. Nobody chooses their sexuality, not heterosexual men or women, and our natural sexual strategies are at cross purposes and in conflict.

The problem is that for "liberated" women in a post-monogamy and marriage society, male attention, sacrifice, and provision is abundant in a world of thirsty, competing men, and therefore it will be cheap and taken for granted. Look at how feminists and so many other women rebuff the nationalist right when it argues the borders should be closed. They'll "trade racists for refugees," remember? As for men in uniform who are stuck with the task of defending women from refugee rape, they're barely noticed by these women who take them entirely for granted, just like any friendzoned nice guy sucker. Those men at least collect a pay check to play the male protector role, but what incentive do the rest of us have if there is no possibility of having a family and children without having your life destroyed?

MGTOW hasn't pitted men against women. Feminism did. The problem is women. Women really are going to have to change. Men and women do have to trust each other and it's pretty clear that it's women that have squandered that trust, not men. I get that we all want to adhere to honor culture values and take responsibility, but reality isn't going to bend. You can only ask men to sacrifice for women for no reward for so long before those men jump ship and tell you to get fucked. Men who have no incentive to pay the high price that comes with the female-imposed male role will simply stop paying it and they will have no meaningful investment in their communities, civilization, or society.

I guess we're at the end of the road. Women are going to have to stop taking men for granted.

I don't know what the answer is, but there is no social contract. Women already broke it, and that includes non-feminist women, since they still expect all the same deference and sacrifice from men but have no obligation to reciprocate it. It's actually absurd to go on expecting men to "man up" in this climate and any female on the right who engages in the pathetic, obnoxious shaming of men on this count is as useless and treasonous as any blue haired unique snowflake on the left. You are as much a part of the problem and therefore as much a traitor to your race as anyone else.

MGTOW is certainly degenerate, but it's a reaction to a very real circumstance, and that circumstance has been created by women. There's no getting around it. This is a society in which an increasing number of men have decided that its women are simply no longer worth saving. Take a look around. Are they wrong?

Anonymous said...

Vicious anti-whites in action.

Scroll down the the picture of a skipper of the genocide flotilla. Dumb Goy look on his face as the guy in the fancy uniform looking smug.

Look at all the do gooders working like hell to destroy any sense of future hope we might have left. These people are all criminals. Keep files. There will be trials once Europe regains its senses.

Anonymous said...

"BRUSSELS' plan to relocate hundreds of thousands of migrants across Europe has been declared "dead" today after Poland refused to take in a single asylum seeker."

Still no MSM mention of the Kalergi plan or any well publicized calls for Merkel's arrest on the charge of aggressively orchestrated Kalergist European Genocide.

Anonymous said...

Better think twice about vaccines.


They often list potential side effects, its just that most people ignore this info, or don't even know it is there.

Anonymous said...

John Kasich was in on it recently.

Why do they do it?

Anonymous said...

“The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. … The fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies”. -- Hillary Clinton email

Send her and Merkel to Lesbos. The police need to stop being anti-whites and start solving crimes. This one should be easy.

Anonymous said...

Never go near a fat pepper spray cop without a box of diversionary donuts.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Jacob Gold sez:

Flanders said...

"Racism: the brute, non-racist variety preached and perpetrated by non-Whites."
Why I don't like "African-Americans" - A Black man embarrassed by them.

Jim Stone's Secretary said...

Jim Stone on another remedy for the race problem.

The top list (which makes it all easy to understand) proves that indeed many vaccines, including the MMR vaccines do contain human tissue, just as I said, all along, and it is even listed in the vaccine ingredients. IMPORTANT: I also found the page on the CDC web site that deals with this, and the vaccine ingredients match perfectly. Even the CDC says human tissue is in many of the vaccines.

There are many vaccines that have human tissue in them in the first list below. Look at the MMR vaccine made by Merck and marketed as ProQuad. It has human albumin (which may cause liver problems because the liver has to synthesize albumin and fight the immune system's response to wipe it out. Human albumin (most importantly) transports hormones and buffers PH. Wipe it out, and you can ruin reproduction. And obviously, if your body cannot keep human albumin regulated, your PH will be off, and that alone can cause cancer rates to skyrocket. HERE IS THE BIG ONE THOUGH: This MMR vaccine by Merck (which you can find below in both lists) also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein.) So not only does the vaccine have human albumin, it also has actual human cell tissue from the abortion derived MRC-5 cell line, DNA, protein and all. That alone will destroy many babies, and we are now witnessing the results at Wal-Marts everywhere.

Anonymous said...

for a great laugh go on you tube and check out the ""the amazing racist"" jewish guy selling one way tickets to africa to niggers,takes his kkk robes to a nigger dry cleaner,you'll love it....

Flanders said...

When doing a search for Korean jews, a person doing the searching is met with the standard BS from jewish publications about how Koreans (and everyone else) loves the jews, but criticizing any slight hint of anyone who is opposing jews in their monopolistic practices, as being highly anti-semetic. This Asian jew site thinks that a way has been found to deal with that - A Sniper.
The article won't link, but it's presently on the front page.

"New search engine to target anti-Semitism

The World Zionist Organization (WZO) has launched an app called “Sniper”, which it says is a search engine for anti-Semitic content.

The Sniper system is set up to scan the internet using an algorithm that will identify certain keywords in different languages. WZO members will scan the results, confirm the cases that actually show real anti-Semitism, and respond with direct replies or contact authorities in the offending party’s country.

WZO emphasises the fact that the app will be monitored and supervised, so that its use will be proper, and not aimed at shaming individuals or groups without proper evidence.

“The Sniper will create deterrence,” say the entrepreneurs behind it. “It won’t be so easy to publish a status calling for the murder of Jews, or pictures of burning Israeli flags.”

Sniper’s first users will be members of the WZO’s global network for combatting antiSemitism, at the WZO’s communications centre. Later, other users are expected to join in.
Please login or register to see the full article".

As if jewish control of the media was already not enough!

And, that is demonstrated in this Bloomberg article which tries to turn criticism against the monopolistic policies of the financial jews into being a "religious" attack.

"It would seem there are enough issues on the table without bringing in religion, but the familiar slander of Jews as financial schemers has been in full bloom. The Sisa Journal article quoted a former South Korean diplomat in the U.S., an author of a book describing Jewish world domination, who said Jews usually control Wall Street's hedge funds. A U.S.-educated lawyer told the magazine's readers: "That the financial powers of Wall Street are dominated by Jews is a well-known fact."

Singer addressed the controversy on Wednesday. "I think it's a shame that this whiff, or more than a whiff, but this element of anti-Semitism has crept into what is a business dispute," he said at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference in New York. "I don't think the Korean people are anti-Semitic. I think there are some parties in this situation who want to paint this situation as Korea vs. the foreigners. And the Jewish component, I can't imagine why they thought that was something that would get traction."

Yet, it seems that perhaps South Koreans may not be as smart as they are given credit for being.

"Yes, in a country of almost 49 million people, many of whom believe in Buddhism and Christianity, there are more people who read the Talmud – or at least have a copy of it at home – than in the Jewish state. Much more.
'This way we'll be geniuses too'",7340,L-4065672,00.html

Flanders said...

Anonymous said...

Savant tells us:

"For instance in 1957 they had the same per capita income as that of pre 'independence' Ghana..."

...Which was higher than it was in 1950, when it was lower than it was in what was then the Belgian Congo.

Why "rich South Korea" at all?

It seems the race realists are missing the argument again.

The "Cold War" was a lie, even Henry Makow admitted that. What happened in Korea was that in the middle of 1950.... no, look it up. (Hint for dense race realists: Japan, Inc, made 3.5 billion in 1950 dollars on the Korean War just taking money to refuel US planes, house troops, etc. This was indirect expenses, the real cash went to Samsung, know.)

South Korea is rich because the Cold War was actually the Asian Economic Development Program, and there ain't gonna be one for Africa. Because we know who runs money in this world, don't we?


Flanders said...
As a commenter on the story below stated, "Now, perhaps, we have a clue as to why Talmud studies–of all subjects–are being promoted in capitalist S. Korea.".

And why North Korea has become a big target.
"...[I]t becomes obvious why the US government—controlled as it is by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Jewish campaign funding, and directed by the Jewish Supremacist-controlled mass media—is so hostile to North Korea.

The US government is, just like in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, simply following the orders given to it by the Jewish lobby to destroy all enemies of Israel—even if those orders are directly contradictory to the interests of America and will result in the death and maiming of even more Americans."

Flanders said...

Another reason for Koreans to keep away from blacks. Too bad Europe already has it.

Invaders Bring Deadly Fever to Salzburg

"Relapsing fever is transmitted through the bites of lice or soft-bodied ticks, and infected people develop symptoms between five and 15 days after they are bitten. The symptoms may include a sudden fever, chills, headaches, muscle or joint aches, and nausea. ---- Louse-borne relapsing fever is currently prevalent in Ethiopia and Sudan. Without treatment, it has a 70 percent fatality rate."

Scott said...

Well give Stephen Fry credit for calling out the nonsense of safe places and such. Remember every time some element of PC gets ridiculed and invalidate it helps our cause.

sentient said...

To me that attack on Kevin McDonald is deeply suspicious. I actually agree with what Gold says but using this to transform K McD into some kind of jewish lackey is just ridiculous. Do not allow anyone to sow dissention in our ranks. If we disagree let us make a rational reason-based argument that is not ad hominen.

Anonymous said...

Advice for the Koreans - "if you see these n****** coming for you - you should probably shoot them" Hilarious

Anonymous said...

France not Beirut or baghdad bloody france

beppo said...

I wonder if Sav remembers another Paul Singer with an investment business/scam in Ireland - Dun Laoghaire actually. I doubt it,a bit before his time.

Well marketed, it invited people to invest in a stamp-dealing, sure - profit enterprise and ended up with Singer legging it and numerous Irish citizens losing everything,

Reports in the newspapers described witnesses recognising him sunbathing on the beach in Israel.

Searcher said...

Re Stephen Fry

I know, I know. But it is hilarious coming from such a thin skinned, self-pitying sort as himself. The Left eating the Left.

He was giving out about homophobia on his honeymoon recently:

"It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that the Hondurans don't celebrate you touching your husband in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy." *

Trump cannot be successfully parodied. Trump supporters love him warts and all. Even the attack videos are hilarious.
The Left can be successfully parodied. Because they pretend they have no warts.


Searcher said...

Paul Singer

Paul Singer, whose Jewish family fled Central Europe in the 1930s, had just left London for Ireland leaving a failed family financial business behind him. He persuaded a well-established auctioneering family, Shanahans in Dún Laoghaire, to set up in business with him, and Shanahan's Stamp Auctions was born.

The collapse of Shanahan's Stamp Auctions was followed by the arrests of Singer and the Shanahans on charges of fraud.
There followed years of court actions and sensational revelations about foreign bank accounts, fictitious stamp dealers and bizarre accounting practices. In the end only one person ended up in jail, and it wasn't Paul Singer, the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Baloo said...

Another masterpiece! I've reblogged it here:
South KKKorea

Searcher said...

What's happening? This has to be pretend. A news anchor calling out globalist interests and exposing who is pushing the migrant invasion into America:

A journalist with integrity who is putting his people's interests before his career! UNBELIEVABLE!

It would be nice though if journalists etc would stop overemphasizing this 'cheap labour" angle.

Anonymous said...

For anyone applying for a job in the British Civil Service this what they WANT!
Yids, niggers, pakis, and white wombs = = = = = = Malleable mongrels ....
NOT heterosexual white boys

Anonymous said...

for a great laugh go on you tube and check out the ""the amazing racist""
All that shit is staged, with professional actors. You really think a jew would have the guts to do that stuff in real life?

Anonymous said...

Dumb white liberal wombs, niggers, pakis and other forms of mongrel permate the British Civil Service -- listen to these fuckwits

Anonymous said...

Female shiiiiiite! Niggers and white shite mixing up as "project managers" would you believe ? You couldn't make this ape world up. Look at the fucking monkey with straightened brown hair operating as a 'project manager' for the home office

God help the British fucking Isles - England has long gone ... Scotland, Wales and Ireland you too are about to succumb to the apes and their kike handlers very very shortly Trust Me!

Anonymous said...

Flanders: "The Sniper will create deterrence," say the entrepreneurs behind it. "It won't be so easy to publish a status calling for the murder of Jews, or pictures of burning Israeli flags."
If they were truly serious about ending anti-semitism, they would put their Highest IQ and Longest Future Time Oriented minds together and figure out how to stop pissing off the Gentiles in every corner of the world.

Anonymous said...

Mad chimp in Sheffield. Cop woman looks Jewish

Anonymous said...

permeate ... typo

Flanders said...

Anon 18:18, An effective Counter-Sniper program would be the most efficient app to counter those toady's in all our governments who actually do the bidding only for the jews, and against those jews and their supremacist organizations who call for their supremacy to be hailed above those free speech and rights of association, which the jews presently enforce against all mankind. That app would be monitored and supervised by trained personnel, so that its use will be proper, and not aimed at shaming individuals or groups without proper evidence.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHa! but wait .... some white liberal/kike liberal fuck like Jon Snow Ch4 news will have something to say about this ...

Searcher said...

How come the white man in that civil service ad has a skin condition -as if some of his skin has been tea stained? No normal looking white man could have done the interview? Jeepers, they would collectively put anyone off applying to work with a boring bunch of corporate-speak jobsworths.

The other one is a scream - it's like a bunch of people sitting in a community centre pretending to work. And the ageism is blatant. We want younger people. Goodbye oldsters! You'd meet more attractive looking people behind the counter at your local McDonalds. Except for dyslexic, dyspraxic lady. In fairness, it's only a learning disability and in some ways it can be a bonus to be dyslexic. Your brain adapts around the learning disability in unusual ways. Can aid lateral thinking for example (or so I believe). I personally know 4 people with dyslexia who are paid well above average and have never used it as an "in" to some government funded job or scheme. How on earth does that qualify someone nowadays for the V Card?

Did someone here note before the Agenda (TM) being pushed in the Irish Civil Service - some brochures or such the like?


Flanders said...

Great video at your 17:00, Searcher. Something I had never expected again to see - NEWS.
A local reporter who actually researches and reports factually about what is going on in his community. I call him a man of courage. He cannot be ignorant about the agenda he faces.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Excellent sarcasm.

SAVANT said...

Yeah, I saw that chimpout. Leading to this:

Searcher said...

Spotted this on a piece about child abuse

Anger against women

It is not at all uncommon to find that male victims and adult male survivors of child sexual assault reserve their greatest anger for women. This is not confined to situations in which the woman is the offender: it is just as common in the greater number of cases in which the offender is male. This anger against women stems partly from the myth that being victimised equals being “weak” or “feminine”. It is not hard to understand how hating and wanting to reject these classifications can translate into hatred of women. It is also possible that shifting the anger onto women is easier than feeling alienated from one’s own sex."

It's something to consider when apportioning blame for the invasion of Europe and looking at men's roles and women's roles. Is it really feasible to blame European/Western women for the steady "diversification" of Western countries for decades (only being speeded up rapidly since the Rumplestiltskin deals of 2008/09 commonly known as Credit Crunch/Bank Bail-outs). Or is it (as I suspect) simply easier to shift one's anger to "women' in general rather than risk feeling alienated from other men (who may be pro-diversity and interested in what they can get out of it themselves?)

PS Flanders - I nicked that vid from CH. The journalist has been tweeting Ann Coulter and has made various pretty good tweets. I was amazed (as you said he actually researches). If he gets dropped from his station, he can ply his trade on the internet. He's much easier to follow than breathless Alex Jones! No surprise that the Risen Ghoul, George Soros is involved in that organization. They seem to love corporate veil type of camouflage. Good on yer man for pointing that out: "Partnership for a New American Economy"...snort... whatever that's supposed to mean." Exactly. Whatever that's supposed to mean.

The terminology is interesting:
Gateway city: we had "gateway" towns/cities in Ireland designated during B Ahern's term
New Americans: we have the same terminology "New Irish"

Heraclitus said...

An interesting theory Searcher. But maybe maybe using 'responsible' rather than 'blame' for the influx is more appropriate. Determining blame is a pretty subjective thing, and women have had their kinder nature exploited by those who wanted to destroy us. In any event they have indeed been disproportionately responsible for the migration/invasion mess we see today.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Thanks Jews- great video

Searcher said...

Disproportionately responsible?

Kinder nature? Hmm it depends. Women are not that kind to each other unless they feel the other woman is weaker than them. Women need a "safe space" to come out with "unkind" stuff such as: "I don't want migrants in my town." Men need to open up that conversation for the most part. Any grief they get from women is just shit testing. I know - I used to be that SJW type years ago (never acted on it though) but it took a man to get me out of that mindset.

Two older women I know had some pretty good sayings:

"Women only like other women when they are down"
"Men keep their friends as they get older, women lose theirs"

No woman wants to be perceived as a bitch. Note "perceived". Many are but hide that side and let their true feelings be known only when safe to do so. Perception is reality. No woman wants to publicly say something that reveals "unkindness" because they know the power of a group and the group turns against a bitchy woman. They rely on men to state the truth to a large extent.

Take this girl, for example. If someone showed me this at work, I'd probably say "Aww sweet" but really thinking "baby voiced weirdo, soft in the head". Why? If I am not related to this girl, what relationship could I possibly have with her? Friend or colleague? Friend? Exhausting. Colleague? Exhausting. She's probably a nice daughter/sister/girlfriend and a good neighbor. I know that a lot of men will love this "sweetness' and "vulnerable brain" and so it's considered "bitchy" to state a negative opinion of an adult woman who behaves like a five year old, because she's harmless and not aggressing anyone, so let her love cats and cry about it :-) OK I just realized this was her dating ad. So it totally makes sense - damsel in distress - realizing that if she doesn't get hitched she will be cat lady - starts crying but can't admit that cat lady has popped into her head so its "cos I just love cats!" LOL

Searcher said...

I have listened to colleagues (who I generally like) come out with utterly self-serving nonsense but why don't I challenge them (the way a man would challenge another man talking out his behind?) Group dynamics. When a man in the group sets a woman straight it's easier for her to accept and it's also easier for him to do so - no social ostracisation for him because everyone recognizes that he is telling the truth and this is what is expected of him: to be independent of group pressures. A woman is much more interdependent. Weigh up the pros and cons. Pick the battles. Why do women like having a male boss - e.g. teachers/hospital staff? They value a man's fairness, independence and steadiness. So I would have to disagree with you on women being kinder overall (especially to other women). More nurturing with children etc and gentler. But not as altruistic when it comes to parting with hard cash and financially supporting Ahmed and his 20 brothers. We can agree to disagree - I have no stats or facts to back it up. Just observance and a lot of anecdotal experience (not even my own).

I reckon I am not the only woman who is not viscerally affected by rapes in Cologne or other cities. I don't well up or feel real anger. I will admit this on the internet and to friends (if it came up and helped in a serious discussion) but otherwise this is a reaction that people will not voluntarily be privy to because "bitch" is the first thing most people think. Same with header ball above. Why so critical - she's lovely?!!! You beeyotch :-)

Anyhow, Merkel and crayon color hair eejity women VS:

A MAN gifting a ship to bring Africans into Europe
Minister for Defence, Simon Coveney

A MAN Peter Sutherland, guilt-tripping all Europeans to welcome Muslims into Europe (couldn't find his BBC interview). But he is everywhere - like a termite - not just university speeches)

A MAN Pope Francis Guilt-tripping all Catholics to welcome Muslims into Europe

A MAN guilt-tripping Irish people to welcome Muslims into Ireland (Tomi Reichental)

A MAN putting together blatant propaganda for the the BBC to present Muslims as victims (Gavin Hewitt for the BBC)

A MAN ferrying Africans into Europe (Torger Grenden)

Yup. Traitorous men. Who woulda thunk it?

Invasion/migrants/refugee crisis. There was a lot of stuff coming up about women ruining civilization; women shouldn't vote etc. Merkel of course, came up with a brain fart of her own accord because she is a barren, post menopausal bitch. LOL. Simples. Victims (who have been trampled on), even if it has been done by other men, direct their anger to women (because they have a hard time accepting that they have been collectively fucked over). Transference. Kick the cat.

Searcher said...

Disclaimer: I am probably not as fair minded as you, so I do think in terms of blame and not in terms of responsibility. I think in terms of active agents (Sutherland etc) vs people playing along (feminists and feeders). But if women have accepted this invasion on the surface, my instincts tell me that it is only on the surface. It is very difficult for a woman to break away from "nicey pie, oh the poor ole refugees, poor little toddler on the beach" to "get these f**kers out of our country", without a bridge in the middle which says "It's ok, you can be a hater. Men won't turn on you and women won't turn you out". That bridge is not yet there. It's being built, day by day, but women in particular need it to be built.

For example, invasion etc recently came up in my social circle. I came out with a few red pill comments and two of the three "turned on me". By the end of it all, one of them was unloading all "hater" type thoughts and experiences to me privately and another said earlier on "you're dead right". Why? It was all surface opinion. I knew that because I used to believe in the same things. Kept a sense of humor and listened but I know rightly, people don't like being tricked into thinking against their own self-interest. Anyhow, I also value friendship so I don't like to go all out and sometimes it's just important to create a safe space for people to confide their own "unapproved thoughts"!!!

Someone I don't know very well confided later that they thought the world was going to end. Most people keep that type of thing to themselves for fear of looking like an idiot. It's important to air that kind of thing though out in the open because it is insidious and probably more common than we realize.

Flanders said...

Nashville Police Officer Attack

"Man, I got this shit on camera."

Flanders said...

"The First rule of ‘Diversity’: Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘Diversity’.

The Second Rule of ‘Diversity’: Nobody must EVER point out the First Rule of ‘Diversity’.

“White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”

Pavlov had a bell. Stalin had a bell. Liberty has a bell. And now everyone in the West has a bell around their necks. It is attached to a noose. The Bell demands that ‘Diversity is OUR strength!!!’ Even when it isn’t. Even if it means White Genocide. Even if NOBODY wants it.

When the Bell rings you had better applaud–or ELSE. This is NOT freedom."

Article noted on the sidebar of the link above: "In 83% Black Detroit, a City Dominated by Black Officials, Why Are Black Contractors Still Classified as "Minorities"?

Frank Galton said...

Re the Civil Service


Find out if you’re eligible to apply for the Civil Service Fast Stream.

You can apply for the Civil Service Fast Stream if you’re a:



TURKISH NATIONALS are...eligible to work in most Civil Service posts as a result of free movement rights acquired under European law.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

A coronation was staged last week, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, amid the gilded splendour of Marlborough House, a former royal residence on The Mall.

At a lavish ceremony featuring performances from a gospel choir, Caribbean dancers and a steel band, the New Labour peer Baroness Scotland of Asthal accepted one of the diplomatic world’s most prestigious jobs... the former cabinet minister became Secretary-General of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth.

Previously, 60-year-old Baroness Scotland was best known for an unfortunate scandal which catapulted her on to the front pages in 2009, when she was serving as Gordon Brown’s Attorney General, or chief legal officer. It revolved around the revelation that she employed an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT from Tonga called Loloahi Tapui as a cleaner, on a paltry wage of £6 an hour.

The wealthy peer was duly prosecuted for breaking immigration laws that she had helped draft, and fined £5,000.

Now she has a new job RUNNING THE COMMONWEALTH, which is set to thrust her back into the public eye.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"The ‘American’ media (made up mostly of ‘diversity’ and AA reporters it would seem, hence my scare quotes around the word American) have in many cases not been accepting comments on such articles for some time,

They pretend that they are making heroic efforts to fend off the non-PC villains who disagree with the party line. Note this part from the linked article:

“Despite valiant efforts by the moderators to repel the bigots, threads on three separate opinion pieces had to be closed after barely two hours. The bullies had won.”

[Emphasis above is mine.]

Nice turning of the tables. Who are the ‘bigots‘, Mr. Pritchard? Who are the ‘bullies‘? Who is being ‘valiant‘?

The self-described journalists used to assert that their job was simply to report facts. Who, what, where, when. Maybe ‘why’. An op-ed piece was another thing. However most alleged ‘news’ articles in today’s lying press are barely disguised op-ed pieces, loaded with bias and unsupported assertions, often written by people who cannot be impartial, and who are in fact hired to represent what is called in today’s PC cant ”underserved minorities’ or ‘underserved communities’. Someone who is born of immigrant parents, or is himself an immigrant, usually has emotion-based biases which prevent an objective, factual approach, yet the media deliberately seek out ‘persons of color’ to write on race, immigrants to write on immigration, and Moslems to write on Islam. Note the bylines on many such pieces. People are hired because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, and sexual ”orientation”, and are hired to express a subjective point of view which is usually hostile to the majority population. They are paid to stack the deck against the majority and against the traditional point of view.
The left, which includes the media, government, and education at all levels, are letting it be known that they will continue to preach at us from their respective bully pulpits, and we are only to listen and conform, because we have no right to be heard."

The shameless liars of the Left

Flanders said...

Even people in the UK and Europe lose track of just how oppressive the nigger situation can be here in the US at times, and have not experienced it themselves to near the same degree. Their media evades informing them of that, too, as I know from experience. Val Koinen has a graphic which can assist somewhat with that. He also has a link to this article by Savant in his most current posting.


Henry IX said...

Why thesurprise at the appointment of "Baroness" Scotland? She meets all the requirements: black, female, corrupt and unqualified.

Esther said...

Personally, I think saying that Asians dislike darker skin as a blanket statement doesn't cut it. It goes deeper than that.

A lot of Asians relate black people to vices that are not well received in Asian culture (e.g. over sexualization, machoism, violence, drugs, etc.) All of these perceptions are from western popular music and Hollywood. I don't know many Asian people who actually hang out with black people so these are perceptions many Asians hold. Also, most of the poor and dangerous neighbourhoods in the US are predominantly black, exacerbating the negative perception some Asian people already have.

I don't think Asians dislike the race per se - its more the socio-economic conditions that surround being black. For example, if Asians really disliked black people as a race, they wouldn't have overwhelmingly voted a black president into office.

katana said...


This is the transcript of a 43 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach Whites about jews, especially about their unparalleled ability to lie and deceive. An exemplar of this is the hoax of the twentieth century know as the “Holocaust”.

HRC guy spent most of his life revering, looking up to jews as a special victim group that deserved our respect and protection. Then he began studying WW II history and to his shock and horror discovered the truth about jews and how they are at war with Whites with the intention of destroying us.

HRC guy is originally from Rhodesia but has, since the early 1980s, lived in South Africa where he has witnessed how a once White run First World country has deteriorated into a complete mess under black rule, engineered by organized jewry — KATANA

Teaching Whites about Jews — TRANSCRIPT

Anonymous said...

Koreans are fully jew-aware and admire them, and emulate them thus inadvertently protecting themselves from the things that jews do such as nation-wrecking. I first noticed this about Koreans being jew-aware but which jews consider to be ‘anti-semitic’ – a bit like the prey being aware of the predator but where the prey can resist the predator:

- The Global 100 survey asked respondents the following 11 true or false questions questions, and—as noted above—rated someone as anti-Semitic if they “probably true” to six or more of them:

1.Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this [the respondent’s] country (or countries they live in for nations where Jewish people represent less than 0.01 percent of the total population.)
2.Jews have too much power in the business world
3.Jews have too much power in international financial markets
4.Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust
5.Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind
6.Jews have too much control over global affairs
7.Jews have too much control over the United States government
8.Jews think they are better than other people
9.Jews have too much control over the global media
10.Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars
11.People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave
In South Korea, a majority of respondents answered “probably true” to questions 1-3, 6, 8, and 9. A whopping 65 percent of respondents in South Korea answered probably true to the first question about whether Jews are more loyal to Israel or the countries they live in. Similarly, almost 60 percent of South Koreans said that Jews have too much power in the business world (59 percent) and in international financial markets (57 percent). -

This isn’t Korean ‘anti-semitism’ as each of these points is demonstrably true.

And at the same time:

- I was sipping tea with a South Korean friend of my father’s when he asked: “Do you go to church?” It’s a much more common getting-to-know-you question in Korea than in the north-eastern United States, so I replied: “I actually don’t go to church, I’m Jewish.” When the oohs and ahs from members of the family, who were thrilled to learn I was part of the tribe, had subsided, my father’s friend proclaimed: “I forgot your dad is Jewish! Koreans are the Jews of Asia!” -

So, Koreans are fully aware of jews and their controlling power, yet see this as a positive.


Anonymous said...

Frank 06.59

In that "Daily Mail" article re the ape woman "Baroness Scotland" ... there's a regular commentator on there in the ecomments section ... a cunt going by the moniker of "Jack Roth". Anyone from the right who counterjibes this twat is banned from further comment on the "Daily Wail".

They call it a 'right wing rag' Ha!
If not a parasitic kike of the lowest form, this cunt going by the label of "Jack Roth" certainly wants to be one .. and never forget the DM was .. about 15 years ago edited by a "former" commie on £600,000 a year. The current editor is probably also another despite Mr Dacre's allegedly 'right wing' sentiments.

Anonymous said...

They are just lard and the press beleive them

Anonymous said...

Tommy Robinson speaks after all charges dropped on Friday

Anonymous said...

Pro-white Video:

Anonymous said...

aid worker who migrants think is a Muslim listens to their conversations as they accept aid from Christians and call them filthy kuffars as gratitude

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...’s-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-—-part-9

The BNP and their thoughts on the kalergi plan and tony blairs labour

I agree with what they have said

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Straight from the horse faced kike's mouth

Anonymous said...

we in theGreater Gurteen Area have been doing guerrilla tactics in the hills surounding ,only give the word Savant,,,

Anonymous said...

More from the Daily Mail's favourite Rat sorry Roth - worst comments

Anonymous said...

Paris 14th April 2016 Hard to believe

Anonymous said...

Koreans have PLENTY of exposure to Americans, black and white--namely, members of the US military to which South Korea (and Japan) subject their foreign policy. Rapes and demos have been going on for years in both countries. The soldiers are not particularly liked by the populace.
South Korea also has plenty of Asian immigrants--every second farmer has a Vietnamese or Philippina wife, it seems.
But what people say about the place is basically true. This is not kumbaya, hugarefugee territory.

David said...

Koreans are the Jews of Asia..I once heard them describe themselves as the Irish of Asia, this was during the troubles in Ireland and there was a lot of unrest in Korea too at that time, so maybe they also have a chameleon like identity too depending on whats trending? Mind you I heard of Somalis referring to themselves as the Irish of Africa..what a compliment!!

Anonymous said...

Koreans believe that they are the cleanest people in the world, according to their creation myths.

Maybe they are. At least the women.

Anonymous said...

Great news everyone!

The Pope has decided to take a grand total of 12 (yes, 12!) migrants back to Vatican City.

Flanders said...

Google's jewgles are playing with the search engines - giving an infinate variety of results when a search is conducted for "Koreans hate blacks", but giving almost no returns when searching for "blacks hate Koreans".

That latter hatred is probably much more prevalent at being correct and real than that the Koreans and Asians hate blacks. Koreans and Asians see their needed services going to unappreciate markets in which criminal elements are allowed to prevail within those areas that the Asians can afford to operate within. Negroids veiw Asians simply as being their priveliged exploiters. This one for instance:

"Koreans control 80% of the distribution of black hair products. They tightly control both retail and wholesale distribution. And as we speak, they are closing in on the remaining handful of black manufacturing companies that have managed to stay a float. How were they able to get this monopoly? During the late 1960’s the Korean and American governments came up with a plan (conspiracy) to help the Koreans impoverished,war torn people survive; make money off American Negroes."

What such blacks don't realize is that most of their exploiters have been, not the Koreans and Asians, but as is the case with us all - the networked jews. The Koreans and the Asians are simply the lower part on the jew's totem pole of rainbow distribution chains, passing on products controlled by jewish businesses intended to exploit the lower markets.

Lucky Heart Company was one such provider, owned by the jew Morris Shapiro and Joseph Menke families. It was based out of Memphis and distributed exclusively to the black clientle, and it's evolution is explained further in this section from an informed black site:

"The Lucky Mon-Gol Company was a short-lived company that arose after the break-up of the partnership between the families of Morris Shapiro and Joseph Menke of the Lucky Heart Cosmetics Company, and eventually led to the founding of the Clover Horn Company by Marcus Menke in Baltimore, Maryland.

Lucky Brown cosmetics were distributed by Famous Products, owned by Morton Neumann. a Jewish American chemist in Chicago, Illinois, whose Valmor company also manufactured and packaged hoodoo curios and spiritual supplies such as Genuine Mo-Jo Brand lodestones under the King Novelty Company name and produced cosmetics under the Sweet Georgia Brown and Madame Jones names. Neumann's chief competition came from the Memphis based Lucky Heart Company owned by the Shapiro family, which marketed a similar assortment of African-American cosmetics and Lucky Heart hoodoo curios."

Searcher said...

France - eldest daughter of the Church

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Why would Koreans want to deal with Black Trash?

Searcher said...

Idris has his priorities straight

I saw him on the side of a bus the other day, advertising some new film, Bastille. Think I'll give it a miss - just checked the trailer - banging down doors, CIA, professional pickpocket. Meh...

Back to the news:

‘It was very sad. Idris and I were madly in love, but he was getting a lot of flak for being married. Everyone was like, “Dude, you’re the hottest sex symbol!”

White Minority said...

Off-topic (kind of)

Jury dismissed in trial of taxi driver accused of biting passenger's thumb

Flanders said...

It would be expensive if I ever got the chance to use my machete to cleanse it.

"A FriaTider report from the time states as he raped the young girl, he repeatedly told her “black d*** is expensive”."
"A young [12 year old White Swedish] girl has been repeatedly threatened and attacked, on one occasion needing hospital treatment, after being victimized by the friends and family of her rapist, according to reports.

SOMALIAN MIGRANT “Muhammed” received just 180 hours (22 days) of community service last year after he was prosecuted for attacking and brutally raping a 12 year old girl. Aged 18 at the time of his conviction, now the rapist’s friends and family are exacting revenge upon his victim, prolonging her trauma. (ILLUSTRATION: 13 year old Ida shared a picture of her injuries after being kicked in the head in March)
Now 13, ‘Ida’ has told local Swedish paper, Sundsvalls Tidning, about her most recent ordeal. Two brothers of the rapist go to her school, from which she has had to be withdrawn. Now five or six times she has been attacked by the men and their friends in public, at the local shops and around the neighbourhood." [Continues]

Flanders said...

Everyone's time will come - and this is a graphic which every White person should give serious consideration - if not for themselves then for those around them. You don't have to be old - just in any type of serious circumstance or condition.

Flanders said...

A US Army lady, now retired, has the details at The Foxhole.

"Unfucking Real: IRS Encourages Illegals to Use Stolen Social Security Numbers for Fraudulent Tax Returns"

Flanders said...

"A TIME FOR UNITY by Kev Bryan

Having been active in Nationalism for some 30 years I have seen many people come and many people go, many of those that have gone were never going to stay the course, and what I mean by “stay the course” is that once you become a nationalist you have broke through the mould of The Conditioned, because lets face it, around 98% of people have been conditioned, and that does of course include the Left Wing, the Left do believe they are fighting for a cause but their cause fails to include the real problem, in fact the only time the Left ever turn against the real problem is on the pro-Palestine demos but even then, they only see the problem in the Middle East, they do not see the damage that the problem is doing to their homeland or the rest of Europe.

Many people become Nationalists mainly because of immigration, just as I did, but nationalism is an education, where as what you are taught through school education and forever after through the television & media is selective programming, what you learn as a nationalist is an alternative to that selective programming and you soon realize that what you are now reading or watching makes so much more sense than that selective programming.

Once you have broken through that Mould nationalism can become addictive, it becomes addictive because you realise that you have truth on your side, whereas the Liberal and the communist (is there any difference?) will argue that mass non white immigration has been good for the nation, the reality, the truth is that it has been an absolute disaster,..".

David said...

If you have not already seen this have a look at this video taken on a train in Japan of James "King Tight" Blackston who was found guilty of assaulting a white Irish girl while his buddy Richard Hinds murdered Irish girl Nicola Furlong in the next room. Both girls were drugged before the assault. This video was taken a few days before the crimes were committed.

Rogue said...

It could well be that the Koreans are racist ... but my advice to them is to stay Korean. Racism is a lesser sin than multiculturalism and diversity.

It could well be that the Japanese are racist ... but my advice to them is to stay Japanese. Racism is a lesser sin than multiculturalism and diversity.

It could well be that African countries are racist ... but my advice to them is to stay African (Black). Racism is a lesser sin than multiculturalism and diversity.

It could well be that European countries are racist ... but my advice to them is to stay er, um, European. Racism is a lesser sin than multiculturalism and diver ... Oh wait, please forgive me! Of course, racism is the worse sin evuh!! Oh please accept my grovelling, pathetic apology! How ... how could I have been so wrong?!

Please Darkies, Yellows and all others, flood White lands with your great worthiness ... and please, please, may you find it in your hearts to forgive my totally unacceptable, disgusting racist attitude. Oh, how bad I feel ... yadda, yadda, etc. etc.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "A FriaTider report from the time states as he raped the young girl, he repeatedly told her “black d*** is expensive”."

Fria Tider, 27 June 2015

Muhamed's comment while raping twelve-year-old Ida: "Black d*ck is expensive" – gets away with 22 DAYS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE

Last November a Somali immigrant brutally raped a 12-year-old girl in Sundsvall, Sweden. This Wednesday he was found guilty of child rape – but got away with a meagre 180 hours of community service.

Daily Mail, 01 February 2016

Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to Swedish social worker 'stabbed to death by Somali boy, 15' in case it upsets refugee children

Racist Jewish Hypocrites Start Shipping African “Refugees” from ISRAEL to SWEDEN

Israel has started shipping African “refugees” out of the Jewish state and dumping them in Sweden—saying that Israel “cannot afford to absorb tens of thousands of Africans because it will affect the Jewish nature of the state.”

Of course, they don’t say—or care—what it will do to the “Swedish nature of the Swedish state.”

Jerusalem Post, 07 January 2014

Eritrean migrants resettled from ISRAEL to SWEDEN

The resettlement...was part of the “ONGOING PROCESS of willful deportation to SWEDEN...”

The Times Of Israel, 07 January 2014

Several dozen Eritrean asylum-seekers have left ISRAEL for SWEDEN as part of a voluntary departure program.

The voluntary deportation was carried out in coordination with the Swedish government after an agreement between [Israel’s] Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar and the United Nations High Commissioner on Human rights...

As part of their voluntary departure, the asylum-seekers were transferred to Sweden by Israel’s Immigration Authority and received $3,500.

In 2013, 2,612 asylum-seekers, 1,955 of whom were from Sudan or Eritrea, left Israel as part of a voluntary departure program, up from just 461 in 2012.

Jerusalem Post, 30 June 2011

Danny Danon [Israeli MK]: Send African migrants to AUSTRALIA

Send them to live down under.

“The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity,” Danon told The Jerusalem Post.

“The refugees’ place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Australia is the right and just solution.”

Frank Galton

Searcher said...

Swop racists for rapists

"victorygreen2 years ago
It is funny how the linguistically impaired show up with derogatory comments when someone does something asinine in another country. As of someone who is American and of mixed background who studies Japanese and wants to go there. I find Blackstone's actions deplorable and think that he should be prosecuted for what he did to Furlong. Also think the majority of the people who resort to these racist remarks are no better than him. "

Making a racist comment on YouTube is as bad as raping and killing young women. Rape and death are quick and over. Words are forever. M'kay.

That taxi driver. What's a man to do when young people laugh at your laughable name? Take a chomp at someone's fingers of course. Duhh Why is this case even in court - this will only encourage racists. He can obviously behave as he sees fit when he is in Ireland. He has been told by MSM and politicians that he is culturally enriching. His story is our story and his children are our future and so on.

Anonymous said...

Goyim deaths are fuck all in this god forsaken "shitty little country"

Now if the woman had been a sheebee battered to death in London there's be shrieks of outrage and anti-semitism if the Met dodged her family ... "Lord" Brittan(sky) case in point.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Koreans believe that they are the cleanest people in the world, according to their creation myths.

Maybe they are. At least the women.

I've never been to Korea, so I can't speak for all Koreans.

However, there are a lot of Koreans in New Zealand, and if they are representative, then, no, they're not the cleanest people in the world. In fact, they're bloody filthy. My daughter used to rent out a room in her house for foreign students, but she refuses to take Koreans any more.

Sabedor said...

que bunita!!!

agora sim hem

quase uma russinha beuzebu

não sei qual era pior, o antes ou o depois

seria melhor o

quem sabe...

Anonymous said...

I believe that much of this racism is based on cold reality. I taught a high-level class in Korea once and had to write and grade a fairly complex final exam.

All the As went to Korean males, all the Bs went to Korean females and the only C went to the only black in the class.

I can rule out grader-bias: It was a typed exam and all the respondents were anonymous. All spoke English as a second language so it was not like ebonics/fem-speech was coming through in the writing.

I have to be anonymous for obvious reasons, but would I waste my valuable time making up a story like this because I'm such a vindictive rayciss? Do you think?? Hardly. I am just a lover of the truth.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the heads-up anon 20.37. No surprise.The only surprise being that people still believe that race has no bearing on intelligence.