Sunday, 3 April 2016

Living - for now - testaments to the New Woman

Fascinating to watch 'em crash and burn, victims of their own design. Madonna and Angelina Jolie, the embodiment of the spirit of the New Woman, of Having It All. Sexually active while barely into their teens, an unfathomable number of subsequent partners (of both sexes), glittering careers, vast wealth, late onset "families", some of whom were purchased ready-made, home-wrecking, abandoned marriages (...AJ says of her first husband 'the greatest husband a girl could have......but I needed freedom'), feted and rewarded for dishing out democracy and women's rights to all those cute faces the rest of us see only on TV.

What more could the independent grrrlll of today ask for?

But now?  Being nearly twenty years older than she, Madonna reveals what awaits Jolie.  Excluding paid hangers-on she's now abandoned, alone and unwanted, so detested by her dysfunctional "family" that she used the law on her son when he chose in desperation to flee to his father. A bitter, squalling hair-trigger shrew, ricocheting between rage and self-pity as she frantically struggles to hang on to her collapsing career, each performance becoming more and more an exercise in self-parody.

And Angelina? Twenty five years of feminist freedom have left her a physical and emotional wreck with yet another disintegrating marriage and a squad of  mainly purchased children spiralling out-of-control. Luckily her non-stop filming, human rights status-whoring and stints in rehab mean she incurs minimal personal inconvenience from these little horrors. But pity the surrogate parents!

At least Madonna and Angelina have the wealth to purchase hangers-on and luxury. And, catastrophic as the results might have been, they have fulfilled their basic biological imperative by spawning their own offspring. But what about the ordinary woman, seduced during  her (long vanished) youth by the feminist illusion, and now toiling at her useless career in a tiny impersonal cubicle? For every Angelina or Madonna there are literally millions like her, and for whom a bleak future beckons.

Having decided to put off settling down she's horrified at the speed with which her child-bearing years are disappearing, while all those disposable 'good men' whom she confidently put to one side at an earlier time are no longer available, being married and/or interested only in girls a lot younger than she. The liberated kind  of girl who dispenses sexual favours with reckless she herself used to do. But now as her eggs atrophy in her drying ovaries she's doomed to an atomised life with just cats as a surrogate family, doomed to negotiate a Darwinian cul-de-sac.

While I do feel a small tinge of schadenfreude at the fate of such women I also recognise that they're victims. Victims of feminism, the single most evil and destructive movement ever to beset the White race.  A curse which most of us, men and women, have fallen under at one time or another. We now need to unambiguously proclaim that this has been a Jewish movement from start to finish, a fundamental component of the Cultural Marxist Revolution developed to destroy the White Christian family and with it the unique civilisation to which it gave birth. Feminism's intellectual genesis in the Frankfurt School, its icons such as Frieden and Dworkin, and its brainwashing enablers in news and entertainment have been overwhelmingly Jewish. As long as this central reality is denied or ignored there never will be a solution, a solution whereby our women revert to being friends and partners, not adversaries.

So let the deprogramming begin!


James said...

Even as some Jews are trying to deprogram themselves from Zionism...

The attitude which I thus exhibit here is an extremely unpopular one in Israeli and Jewish culture - it is the vein of the 'mosser' - the one who 'snitches' against the 'Jewish nation' towards the goyim.

From my favorite mosser, Henry Makow.

The letter mentions some Israeli massacres. Worse is coming I'd say. They will never change.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe, that a large number of feminist women will embrace Islam.
Time will tell if I'm correct....

James said...

Poland instituting abortion ban.

Bad idea. Are they trying to make the Catholic Church look crazy?

The Church has always been more lenient in matters of abortion and infanticide than the state.*

Same again here, but the Church will get the blame. Instead of fighting people who don't want children, the state needs to stop fighting those that do. Wouldn't that be a nice change?

*Think not? Read this book.

Phoenix Nights said...

Here is Britain's jew-created multi-culti nightmare in action as a black man and a niqab covered muzzlum creature rant at each other in a paki-shop in dystopian London.....

'My kids can't even see your face. Are you a man or a woman?' Muslim in a veil posts footage of furious row with 'racist shopper who called her Batman'
Man makes batman remark to Ahlam Saed, 25, and asks why she wears Niqab
During lengthy tirade he continually screams and swears at her in shop

Looks like the dimwitted black has been set up by the devious muzza who will now report him to PC Plod.

James said...

For an example of the state's crazy laws on children:

Man protesting law that requires him to pay for another man's child

Thanks Henry Makow for the link.

James said...

Kaiser Wilhelm bitterly regretted being nice to the jewish bankers.

Anonymous said...

Giving women the vote = Giving children their own choice of diet

James said...

The Saker laments the destruction of Europe.

He makes a big effort to point out that Islam is not the problem.

I'd agree. Race is the problem.

White genocide is the final solution to the race problem.

red pill said...

@Phoenix, I just lurv to see minorities having a go at one another. Pity it's in White countries though.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Regrettably, it has to be said---giving plenipotentiary power to women was like giving dynamite to monkeys. Regarding the condition of these women today, I find I have not a shred of sympathy for creatures who never over the years passed an opportunity to hand me a snotful of shit about what swine and lowlives we males are; let them now stew in their own juice.

Anonymous said...

We know the enemy, these jews, black hearted darkies and traitors. We also know thier end goal: the total extermination of our race and any evidence of its exsistence.

Obstacles are placed before us, but that does not rob us of agency; rather it should make that need to act more acute. However what do we do? Nothing but commiserate our plight and whine, this I am not placing before all of your feet slowly rather I share it as well and feel the frustration and hopelessness all the stronger knowing as I do that I have done on the whole nothing to retard, stop or win this war all white men are engaged in.

So I propose instead of this deadend exercise we come up with and enact solutions to the end goal of winning this one sided massacre that has been arrayed against us.

And to that end, I believe acquiring tools to construct makeshift weapons to protect ourselves and force out the invaders as well as denying the jew a profit and supplying us a ready supply of arms not dependent on large firms and corporations.

Anonymous said...

"minorities" - wtf r u a kike brainwashed cultmarx pussy. WHITE PEOPLE are a minority globally.

GHQ said...

My own modest insight is that while most White women are nothing as bad as the two you mentioned they are lunatic to some degree, tilted wildly to the left, and filled with rage, and hate towards White men who did the only great betrayal a woman can get from a man: become unsexy.

Anonymous said...

Re A reduction of trolls visiting this site .
They are probably a little tired after having being turned on by a little farming prog from the Heebrudeez broadcast by the BBC. These progs are in fact very good. The main players are the farmers and their families and contacts.
We/I do have a little problem with accents and slang .....I heard the name of the HEBRIDES island as I have spelt it!I ‘Fuck me’I thought, Is there no end to Zionist expansion?
In one issue, the young farming lash was of the practice, of weighing the flocks bollocks in the cup of her hand!... to check weight and quality , In olden times farm workers bit them off ... if they were not up to scratch! This practice still has some traction in foreign prarts, I understand this to be so from folk who have served in those places.
I personally would advise against coming to England to seek out this treatment as a pleasure source. We do not wish to have next New Year like Germany had this year.
I would warn that there has been considerable confusion with the multi national visitors to this site : local accents and the use of rhyming slang terms by the locals have caused some confusion (ask Jeremy ‘rhyming slang’ Hunt ).
Please keep things as they are Sav, as it “pisses off those who would have us believe that they believe they are doing gods bidding.”and we all should be in full arse kissing mode .

Dingo said...

Anon 20.51- Never a truer word spoken. Men make decisions based on what needs to be done. Woman's brains and ovaries functions as one body part.

James said...

Deprogram this.

Probably not possible, I admit.

David Miscavidge said...

Anyone with Sky check out Sky Atlantic+1 hour. It is the last hour of "Going Clear" about Scientolgy but it also explains the open borders cult.

Nero said...

toiling at her useless career in a tiny impersonal cubicle

Sounds like the career of many a man too.

Cassius said...

Surprised that Sky talks openly about the Open Borders Agenda.

Nero said...

And solutions?

After recognising that all this has been brought about, not by force or threats, but by the cancerous spread of ideas...the solution is to agitate.

Fight an idea with another idea, emphasising the despoiling criticism against our opponents ideas, and thus back towards traditional norms, as opposed to arguing for something new.

Anonymous said...

Glasgow police warning every internet user that they may receive a visit if they write the 'wrong' things - not joking. It's a police state.


Seneca said...

Allan@Aberdeen.....would not have believed it had I not checked it out myself. The Midnight Knock is you say the wrong thing. Unbelievable. Meanwhile criminals are allowed virtually free reign.

James said...

The Panama Papers

How White Genocide is funded perhaps?

James said...

Glasgow police warning every internet user that they may receive a visit if they write the 'wrong' things - not joking. It's a police state.

Buy a Raspberry Pi.

Do all your hate on it.

When you hear the knock, crush the SD card with pliers. Then say dindu nuffin.

Did the media define 'wrong'? Does that mean illegal?

Nothing on this site is illegal. They are serious about White genocide though and are determined to see it through so they will get tough eventually. They are worse than the Nazis. Maybe they are worse than the Communists. There is no escape for us. Where can we go? Where's our Israel?

Flanders said...

Feminism is a lot like modern "art", don't you think? Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder, but it begins from a jewish source before it travels there.

[OT, but does anyone know what this group is, or what it's actual credentials are? They claim to be in their 150th year of existence, and their present policy plans don't look that good].

Flanders said...

It was Anonymous Eamon Bejayzuz said... @ 21:31, which sent me on the search for PLENIPOTENTIARY and which resulted in the ICT link since it has a plenipotentiary committee which meets in a world congress every 4 years. A further search revealed a poem about another plenipotentiary.


The Dey of Algiers, when afraid of his ears,
A messenger sent to the Court, sir,
As he knew in our state the women had weight,
He chose one well hung for the sport, sir.
He searched the Divan till he found out a man,
Whose b******s were heavy and hairy,
And he lately came, o'er from the Barbary shore,
As the great Plenipotentiary.

. . .
When to England he came, with his p***k in a flame,
He shewed it his Hostess on landing,
Who spread its renown thro' all parts of the town,
As a pintle past all understanding.
So much there was said of its snout and its head,
That they called it the great Janissary:
Not a lady could sleep till she got a sly peep
At the great Plenipotentiary.

These are some of the more delicate verses. You can read one version of the full poem here on page 36, or choose a version from here. Longtime 2NHG readers may recall a similarly bawdy epic by Lord Rochester."

Flanders said...

Below is a link which tells more about the ICT link which I left earlier [2 pp PDF].

Flanders said...

This posting below is from Poland, but deals both with issues more suited for feminist thought and how it is used to "shape media", and reflects some of the activities surrounding that governments recent creation of a governmental plenipotentiary, which has Prof. Małgorzata Fuszara acting for the government on those issues.

While the posting below is not illustrative about the point I make, this is what I observe about how feminist-types are actually used by leftist networks.

These leftist "liberal" venues seem designed to allow leftist philosophies to be given voices over and above the voices of others in the community, including both men and women who do not subscribe to those philosophies, whether in the management of governmental, social, or other affairs. Those not subscribing to leftist viewpoints are left without voices, and are shuttled either to positions on the hated "right", or are denigrated as not supportive of women [applies to women, too], while the networks of governmental leftists continue to roll over the populations of their real people, those people who are the natural and generally more conservative base for most of our countries. True female representation is sidelined, along with that of conservatives, in order to promote the leftists' causes, and that is covered up by feminist rhetoric.

"The role of the media in shaping tolerant attitudes and respect for diversity was discussed at a conference organised on 27 May by the Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment and the National Broadcasting Council.

The conference began with an introductory speech by Prof. Małgorzata Fuszara, Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment, in which, referencing the voices of women's groups, ethnic and religious minority communities, and seniors, she reminded attendees that the formation of appropriate societal attitudes towards groups facing discrimination depends not only on education, but also on the media. The media has an enormous influence on the shaping of social behaviour.",2005,diversity-belongs-in-the-media.html

eah said...


Also Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock -- both barren bitches, with their adopted black kids

James said...

Speaking of knocks at the door at midnight:

White males are dying before their time; white youths don’t marry but party instead; white women abort their babies; and white suicides are soaring.

BTW, is Caitlin Jenner sexier than Kim K?

There is even a woman who decided she wanted to be blind, so she blinded herself. We should all accept her.

Then there is a cat woman who feels she was born as a cat. Who's to argue?

Stop hating.

Anonymous said...

Cops better round up the people on this hate site.

They are trans-phobic transsexuals.

Anonymous said...

Crazy gay stuff.

Frank Galton said...


The Guardian, 31 January 2016

A new strategy is aiming to counter an unacceptable level of toxic commentary on our website

Certain subjects – race, immigration and Islam in particular – attract an unacceptable level of toxic commentary... As a result, it had been decided that comments would not be opened on pieces on those three topics... The policy would be worldwide, applying to our UK, US and Australia offices, as the issues were global.

The Guardian, 27 March 2016

Holocaust denial...made brief, unwelcome appearances on our website last Sunday morning in comments posted below the line. Despite valiant efforts by the moderators to repel the bigots, threads on three separate opinion pieces had to be closed after barely two hours.

Last weekend, after consultation, comments were delayed on several Observer articles, including Nick Cohen on becoming a Jew... Comments opened once moderators were in place, but within minutes antisemites and Holocaust deniers were hounding Cohen...

The Telegraph is in the process of ending commentary on its site.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Off-topic, but important - The Panama Papers

There seems to be a new scandal which is not being reported, or scantily and perhaps deceptively, by our jews media. My understanding is that it involves a great number of off-shore accounts hidden by world leaders and others. It seems that there may be an effort made to try to pass this scandal off onto Russia and Putin, when it actually is much more extensive and involves the UK, the EU, Iceland, and the US to a large degree. The concern seems to be that the concentration of reporting will be done on their political enemies while the offenders in the US, EU and UK go on a defensive posture.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung broke the story on Sunday.

It is termed by the reporter organization which investigated, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, as being "The Panama Papers". Below are some of the links I have found about it.

"Gatekeeper to Offshore Secrets

Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca’s files include the offshore holdings of drug dealers, Mafia members, corrupt politicians and tax evaders – and wrongdoing galore."

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

[Dutch to English partial translation from a Dutch site in Belgium]:

Ensure Panama papers for mega scandal

This evening at 8 p.m. follow the Panama papers published. The "largest journalistic investigation ever" contains 11,5 million documents, good for 2,6 terra byte of information about the "globalization of the corruption (of the elite)". The publication about in particular the offshore world of 's world's elite went one year examination of 400 journalists from 80 countries, including Belgium, in advance. It would also be called 732 Belgians in the scandal.
Among other things the Prime Minister of Iceland, President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine and his entourage, six British Lords and a whole series of sheikhs from the Gulf States. Some of the other names that appear in the scandal are those of star footballer Lionel Messi, actor Jackie Chan, staalmagnaat Lakshmi Mittal and the Icelandic premier Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. European and/or American names remain for the moment -? - failure. The "Panama papers" are named after the lawyers office that the offshore deals arranged.

The Panama Papers: 'Biggest Leak in History' Exposes Global Web of Corruption

Searcher said...

Angelina & Madonna

2 famous narcissists who have biological children

Angelina has 3 - Shiloh; Vivienne and Knox (twins)
Madonna has 2 - Lourdes and Rocco

I don't how they compare to women working in cubicles who have no children with disappearing marriage prospects. There are many men similarly working in cubicle jobs (as someone noted above) who similarly have poor marriage prospects. Self-starters are outliers, not the norm. Feminism didn't "make" either Madonna or Angelina. Their hypersexuality, cunning, drive and attention seeking made both of them very rich at a time of massive wealth creation in the music and film industries. Both have fake personas, but their lives offer storylines to enliven a conversation enjoyed by a beiger type of woman - Coronation Street dilemmas with bling.

Women like Angelina and Madonna existed pre-feminism. Ingenue - Angelina. Witchy poo - Madonna. Their lives are simply following the arc which is predictable for narcissists.

I'm not quite getting the feminism angle on this one, other than Madonna was very clued in to the commercial aspects of the music industry and Angelina is very clued in to the PR aspects of the film industry. They have managed to take some measure of control when lesser waifu types would have been shafted by their respective industries (which are by all accounts run by sharks). So in that respect, good for them. If that equates to go GRRRLLL then so be it.

Would you credit that this article reminds me of a blondie attention seeker who was in the headlines recently. Tell you later.

Frank Galton said...


BBC, 17 February 2015

Former AC Milan and Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi has denied he is racist after claiming Italy's youth set-up features "TOO MANY BLACKS".


POLITICS.CO.UK, 30 March 2016

[Labour's mayoral candidate] Sadiq Khan: There are TOO MANY WHITE men on Transport for London

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Lone wolf attacks by jihadists in Europe will morph into a guerilla style civil war in Europe

Bett get stockpiling

Eff the villa

Hermione Grainger said...

Brain donor Denise Gough won some award at the Olivier awards and the woman who has a picture of the new Emma Watson* playing character made a speech about her luv of dark skinned johnnies because she is sooooo oppressed luvvie just like Emma Thompson and Merril Streep are.

*Dum-(african name actress).cannot be bothered to look it up.

Felicity Scully said...


Am looking for the video of the Australian woman who identifies as "attack helicopter". No media love in for her!

Frank Galton said...

Jewish-controlled MSNBC employs a man who incited blacks to murder “Crackas” (whites).

“I’ll off The Man. Well off The Man. Plenty of crackas walking right round here tonight.”


PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton is a one-hour political talk show broadcast on MSNBC, hosted by Al Sharpton.

MSNBC is a subsidiary of Comcast.

Jewish businessman Brian L. Roberts is chairman and CEO of Comcast.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

It was only a few weeks ago I said that we would be saying to avoid the Guardian. It's full of extreme right wing nutters.


Anonymous said...

Just for you bleeding heart effing liberals

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written Savant and so poignant to all white Caucasians in this god forsaken modern society we all share. You are a master of English - a prodigy

Anonymous said...


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Let the whores suffer. Dumb bitches.

Delta said...


James said...

We all know the MSM is rotten.

It's also infested with squirming maggots.

James said...

Nick Griffin said in an interview with Jack Sen, that a Labour Party insider told him that in the 1960s they created a secret plan to "make the UK non-white". I believe it. They are just following the Kalergi Plan.

This is genocide. Genocide is a crime. The highest of crimes apparently. (Or maybe its just like jaywalking in America when you genocide a low value race like Whites.)

I think we need new Nuremberg trials, and we need these people brought to justice. There are thousands of them. Start with the ring leaders and people like Merkel, Tony Blair, and David Cameron. They are all guilty of promoting or actually enacting the Genocide of the White races (and other races).

Anders Breivik would make a good presiding judge. That would certainly fit the fine tradition of Nuremberg, and would ensure a suitably high conviction rate.

Why not?

James said...

The Midnight Knock is you say the wrong thing. Unbelievable.

Pure scare tactics. 'Wrong'. What does that mean?

They can't do anything unless you post something illegal. (Although they can, and do, harass people I guess)

There's nothing illegal here. We are trying to expose the crime of White genocide on this blog. How can that be illegal unless there is a law against "exposing white genocide"? And if there was such a law, we'd expose that instead.

The anti-whites are getting desperate. Tell everyone you know that the UK government has a plan to destroy the white race - they wrote it down in the 1960s. It's older than that. The Kalergi Plan was formulated in the 1920s. But we know its older than even that.

But that was just the Labour Party, not the government! --Twisted, desperate liberals

But the party in charge doesn't really change the policy direction, and the opposition is always silent, and therefore complicit. They are just as bad. -- The clear dictates of Logic

White genocide is real.

Nick Griffin also said this:

Some of the elites are becoming afraid. Many feel guilty. They think this white genocide plan is going wrong, diversity isn't as pleasant as it was meant to be, and the whole thing is blowing up in their faces.

Guilty? Good.

Merkel must go to prison. Tony Blair must go to prison. Build more prisons. Re-open Spandau. Pack them in. Let them stew. Make them listen to Kevin MacDonald speeches all day.

How could they do this to us? Multiculturalism is a NIGHTMARE!

Anonymous said...

Just for you bleeding heart effing liberals

Shit a brick! Read the comments on that one!

Cops gonna be knockin knockin knockin all night long.

James said...


To be Racist or not to be Racist, that is the question.

The Italian guy is a racism denier. He denied being racist. That's racist.

Joe Btfsplk said...

I assume you all know about the fascist salute used in American schools until 1942:

Reginald Dwight said...

Al Sharpton is his brotha's unkel or his nephew is his step-brotha.
I cannot follow soap operas but soap opera drama lovers love soap opera drama.

Tony in VA said...

Yes Joe, the Bellamy Salute. My, how times have changed.

Lord Atticus said...

"They can't do anything unless you post something illegal."

James, wise up please. There are now so many laws on the statute books that virtually any action can be classed as illegal in some way. The 'hate' legislation is the perfect example. For example in Britain if the 'offendee' takes offence at what you said then this ipso facto makes it an offence.

So according to our law if a vibrant takes offense at you bidding him 'good morning' then you are in legal trouble. Please be aware of the risks.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for at least two years. They're cheap , as cards are cheaper , and they are versatile having a number of ports etc. Thanks to their low price They're also disposable.


Flanders said...

For those who may think that there are no options - It is time to rethink your abilities which are greater than you think. They have simply been restrained while you have been retrained. White people who work together are the greatest power on earth. Our Previous Generations have been hoodwinked by stealth, subversive jewry which had gained a deadlock on all communications until blogging began in 1995, or even later than that. Awareness now among the awakened will never go away - and more awaken every day.

For those who have been placed into extreme disadvantage, you may want to consider this link for any options it may have for you.

Brian na Wu said...

For example in Britain if the 'offendee' takes offence at what you said then this ipso facto makes it an offence.

Ukistan has gone down the Canadian (or Anita Scamartisan) route as it is known and you can be prosecuted if someone gets offended on your behalf.

Dawn French claimed that she would have been a model in the time of some artist and Kate Moss only a brush.

I am offended on behalf of Kate Moss seeing as she is dismissed as a Leicester City player's tail.

James said...

James, wise up please. There are now so many laws on the statute books that virtually any action can be classed as illegal in some way. The 'hate' legislation is the perfect example. For example in Britain if the 'offendee' takes offence at what you said then this ipso facto makes it an offence.

So according to our law if a vibrant takes offense at you bidding him 'good morning' then you are in legal trouble. Please be aware of the risks.

I think you exaggerate. Read Simon Sheppard's case files. He went to prison for certain things. Sending an unsolicited copy of "Did Six Million Really Die" to a Jew got him a charge (and prison time I think), but selling copies of the same publication on his website is completely legal.

The media would like you to think the book "Did Six Million Really Die" is illegal, and could plausibly make many people believe that by (factually) stating that Simon Sheppard was arrested (in part) for the offense of sending said material to a Jew. While that may be true, if said Jew actually ordered said document, there would be no offense. The police raided Mr Sheppard and took dozens of copies of DSMRD but returned them later because they are not illegal, and it is legal to sell them in the UK. What is not legal is shoving a copy of it in a Jew's face and demanding "What do you think of this, kike?!"

We don't advocate any harm to anyone on this site, but I do think people guilty of White genocide such as Angela Merkel should be in prison.

Anonymous said...

So according to our law if a vibrant takes offense at you bidding him 'good morning' then you are in legal trouble. Please be aware of the risks.

They'll get even more offended if you don't say good morning. Crossing the road when blacks approach, is that illegal? Is crossing back after they pass even more illegal?

Better safe than sorry. (Disclaimer: This sentence is in no way connected to the previous statement.)

James said...

Merkel should fry for this.

Freemason traitors have opened the Third World floodgates and Germany has been inundated, as if a dyke has been breached.
Oliver, a German reader, reports that the German immune system has been destroyed.

"The prime backbreaker of the German people is that omnipresent guilt complex. 'Germany is alone guilty of the horrors of the world wars and then the (industrial scale) gassings.' That psychology has obliterated the immune system of Germany."

These invaders have backed the white race into a corner and unfortunately for them they better finish the job or else our hands are going to get very dirty with the cleanup. Assuming the government orders such a cleanup. We all just follow orders.

Anonymous said...

Simon Sheppard just linked to this article on his site so perhaps he can post here about where the line is drawn and what you can get away with and what you can't.

Flanders said...

There is even a section in the video devoted to the new women, those who have succumbed to the siren calls for "immigrants" into our countries.

"This poppy little song is entitled “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan” which is a play on the name of the Turkish prime minister and an older pop song that asked, “How, where, when?” or, “Wie, wo, wann” in German. (Actually, it was a 1980s[?] Nena tune that went, “Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann” — Anyhow, anywhere, anytime). The PM was not happy and has demanded of his nominal allies, the Germans, that they somehow exterminate this video from the net, and ideally, perhaps, lock up the makers.

He’s probably not going to get that, even from Mutti Merkel. But Turkish dudgeon over the video is really a thing. Therfore, even if you know nothing and care less of Turkey and Germany, you should watch it, if for no other reason than to irritate a censorious asshat, and perhaps to admire the craft that went into it." [More at the site]

From: "The Video International Incident"

Flanders said...

Certainly not the last one, and likely not the first despite the claims. I would say that she knew the jew networks in JYC and worked with them, just as the rest of jewry does today, and that is the true secret of her "success".

"New York's First Female Crime Boss"

"The press called her a “Queen Among Thieves” and the person who “first put crime in America on a syndicated basis.” In 1884, The New York Times named her “the nucleus and center of the whole organization of crime in New York City.” During the Gilded Age, Fredericka Mandelbaum, a German-Jewish immigrant, rose to power as the country’s premier fence—seller of stolen goods. Described as “a huge woman weighing more than two hundred and fifty pounds” with “extraordinarily fat cheeks,” Mandelbaum was the head of one of the first organized crime rings and a driving force behind New York City’s underworld for more than twenty-five years. J. North Conway, who has written the new biography “Queen of Thieves: The True Story of “Marm” Mandelbaum and Her Gangs of New York,” talks with The Forward’s Sarah Breger about life in the Gilded Age, chasing the American dream and why no one has turned Mandelbaum’s life into a Hollywood blockbuster." "She knew enough to bribe the right people, and she knew protecting her interests meant protecting a cadre of criminals; if they went to jail, they couldn’t steal things, if they couldn’t steal things, they couldn’t sell to her, and then she couldn’t sell to other people. If you were to do a flow chart of her enterprise, it would look like a very functioning business today. As a business model you would say she would be up there with the Bill Gateses of the world." --- SB: Why don’t more people know about her or how is this not a movie?

JC: It’s almost an affront to tell this story for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is she got away with it. She lived a life of crime, she had enormous power, enormous wealth and got away with it. The other is that she is a Jewish-American woman."

Flanders said...

The Devil's Truth lead to feminism.

What is the Devil's Truth?

"The Devil’s Truth is a lie reinforced by threats of violence; or when murder, mayhem or economic punishment is used to force the acceptance of a lie or a false idea. The lie is concealed behind the threat. The Semitic hoaxes known as Judaism and Islam are the original practitioners of the Devil’s Truth such as, “believe what we say or we will cause you harm” or “believe what we say or we will kill you.” The Devil’s Truth is employed to promote such ideas as Judaism, Islam, the Holocaust, Communism, Affirmative Action and Racial Equality." - Banjo Billy [Quote is from Flanders files and is not at the link below, which is to an article by Banjo Billy].

Besides being The Devil's Truth - Banjo states that, "Feminism is a psycho-political form of genocide. That's all that it is". [The full article is at the link below].

Celtic Morning said...

Tell us young man, what was it that sensibly decided you to live with your father and break off contact with your filthy slut/whore mother, Madonna?

Searcher said...

O/T interesting work on monetary reform:

Seneca said...

Very droll Rob. Could have been coined by the host of Chateau Heartiste himself. High praise indeed.

Frank Galton said...

Lord Atticus said: “James, wise up please. There are now so many laws on the statute books that virtually any action can be classed as illegal in some way. The 'hate' legislation is the perfect example. For example in Britain if the 'offendee' takes offence at what you said then this ipso facto makes it an offence.”

Evening Standard, 31 May 2012

Section 5 of the [Public Order Act] 1986 Act, which applies in England and Wales, makes it illegal to use "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour" within "the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress".

Cases involving Section 5...included an Oxford student who was arrested for calling a police horse "gay"...


House of Commons Debate, 03 November 1983

[Jewish Member of Parliament for Burton] Mr. [Ivan] Lawrence asked the [Jewish] Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he has COMPLETED HIS REVIEW of the Public Order Act 1936; and if he will make a statement.

[Jewish Member of Parliament for Leicester West] Mr. [Greville] Janner: In view of the patent weakness of the Public Order Act to deal with such evil manifestations as National Front parades, marches and demonstrations at the Cenotaph service during the forthcoming Armistice and Remembrance observances, will the Minister, in considering AMENDMENTS TO THE ACT, take care to see that such activities can be banned?

[Jewish Home Secretary] Mr. [Leon] Brittan: The concept of public order disturbances should be at the centre of such legislation. I understand and share the anxiety expressed by the hon. and learned [Jewish] Gentleman about the activities of the organisations that he has in mind.

House of Commons Debate , 13 January 1986

The Secretary of State for the Home Department (Mr. Douglas Hurd): It is not unreasonable that the Public Order Act 1936 should be followed by a Public Order Act 1986...The proposal in clause 5 will penalise behaviour which is not itself violent but which is “threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly, and —I emphasise the word "and"—is likely to cause alarm, harassment or distress...Clause 5 takes account of the many helpful comments that we received when we asked for suggestions on how the new offence of disorderly conduct should be defined. First, we have abandoned the requirement of proof of actual alarm, harassment or distress.

Frank Galton

Edward Turner IV said...

From Charlton Heston's autobiography:

"I got a call from Tony Makris, my guru on matters relating to Washington. 'Chuck, you ever hear of a rap performer named Ice-T?’

'No, why would I? I remember some rock critic saying, 'Rap is made by people who can't sing, can't play an instrument, and can't write lyrics. It's vocal graffiti!' I believe I can sign that.'

'I think you ought to hear these lyrics. They've teed off just about every policeman in the country, but Time Warner's stonewalling them because it's a hit record, and the press is tiptoeing around because the guy's black.'

Tony was right. The lyrics (aside from being badly written) were an obscene ode to the killing of policemen. Along with a handful of others, I did a press conference about it, and Warner backed down to the extent of changing the album title from Cop Killer to Body Count, without removing the song….I was told that Ice-T himself threatened to kill me. He didn't, though.

Then we found that Time Warner had a stockholders' meeting scheduled in Beverly Hills. I happened to hold several hundred shares of Time Warner stock (I've since sold it). This meant I could attend the meeting.

Even at this point, the chairman - CEO of Time Warner, (((Gerald Levin))), could have said -- no doubt with perfect honesty -- 'Look, I don't read rap lyrics. If some clown in the record division screwed up, we can fix it.' Instead, he chose to defend the album in terms of the First Amendment, which was ridiculous. Ice-T, in search of his 15 minutes of fame, certainly could have performed his work publicly -- but Warner had no obligation, constitutional or otherwise, to pay him to do so. Its motivation was not the Bill of Rights, but simple corporate greed.

I had the floor for perhaps only eight or ten minutes, but it was enough. I spoke briefly and quietly to the meeting, then simply read, in full, the lyrics of 'Cop Killer,' which almost no one in the room had heard or seen, they being too offensive for the media to quote. Unhappily, I can't quote them here, since Time Warner would almost surely refuse permission, and my editors are also reluctant to print what is basically racist filth. I'll simply say that the lyrics begin with 'F--- the police . . .' and go on from there.

((('Mr. Levin,')))* I said..Let me ask you: If this piece were titled, 'Fag Killer,' or if the lyrics went, 'Die, die, die, kike, die!' would you still peddle it?
The room was death-still. I gave them one more dose, a few lines from another cut on the CD, less notorious but even more disgusting. In this 'song,' Ice-T fantasizes about sodomizing two 12-year-old nieces of the next Vice President of the United States.

I left the room in an echoing silence, then repeated much of what I'd said inside to the media. One or two journalists said, 'You know, we can't run that.'

'Yeah, I know,' I said. 'But Warner is selling it.' A week or so later, the company pulled the album, pretending that Ice-T had asked them to. A month after that, they terminated his contract.

--In the Arena: An Autobiography, Charlton Heston, p. 567-568

Mr Shekellover* was the guy in charge of Time Warner when it merged with AOL which reduced Ted Turner's holding from being worth $7 billion to $2 billion and it was not through the dilution of his shareholding but through mis management. When September 11th happened he discovered his new vocation as Mr Journalistmanwhowasnotconcernedaboutearningsbecuasetheyweretanking*. He was fired. Time Warner AOL was one of the worst mergers ever.

Searcher said...

Lightbulb moment Flanders: "Devil's Truth". I have never heard of that expression before but it is perfect - it is like opening a door for me so thank you! The truth is not vindicated by threats. The opposite is true.

"Believe what we say or we will cause you harm” or “believe what we say or we will kill you.”

It explains perfectly also why the so-called "tolerant" are the most intolerant. They are repeating the "Devil's Truth". If you do not accept the "Devil's Truth" then you must be shouted over or silenced in some other way. Ever notice that "Devil's Truth" promoters start singing together out of nowhere when "triggered" - drowning out any other opinion. Ever notice that "Devil's Truth" promoters can be quite agitated when they speak? Ever notice that "Devil's Truth" promoters have control "issues" and need solidarity/companionship for spreading their "truth"? No lone wolves amongst the "Devil's Truth" promoters.

That reminds me of another point. Billy Baldwin spoke about Donald Trump. He said something along the lines of: "Donald speaks his truth". Not "the truth" but "his truth". It is commonplace now, that people are encouraged to speak "their truth" i.e. "it was real in my head". The more usual way of describing one's own subjective perspective was to say that someone was "speaking their mind". The truth was always considered as something objective and incontrovertible. Not that it was always possible to arrive at the truth, but it was always understood as worth aiming towards, rather than this "my truth'" nonsense which cannot be challenged as it is "real in my head". This kind of thinking is pernicious and spreads further than New Agey celebrity psychobabble. Lord Atticus mentioned that "in Britain if the 'offendee' takes offence at what you said then this ipso facto makes it an offense." So "their truth" is more important than "the truth". M'kay.

Someone made the point above that they reckoned feminists would embrace Islam. Let's see, Islam means "submission". Women want to submit to a man. (a) The men that are produced in a femininised society are not a product that women particularly want (at least not wanted by feminists) as they "did the only great betrayal a woman can get from a man: become unsexy"; (b) the feminized Western men are replaced by Islam which dictates that a woman is subservient to a man and also submits to Allah; (c) meeting her womanly needs for submission and the feminist's personal needs for order (she has control "issues"). Hilarious.

This is probably legal to share since Richard Dawkins has not been arrested for re-tweeting it:

And what was the reaction of the so-called "Skeptics and Scientists" to Richard Dawkins for retweeting this video:

"So... they kicked out Richard Dawkins from a conference cause he tweeted this? But... it's true!

I quote:
"We believe strongly in freedom of speech and freedom to express unpopular, and even offensive, views. However, unnecessarily divisive, counterproductive, and even hateful speech runs contrary to our mission and the environment we wish to foster at NECSS."

So... you value freedom of speech, but you don't agree with freedom of speech... Are you sure you're not feminists?"

More on Richard Dawkins and his "divisive/counterproductive etc" Tweetin':

Searcher said...

Feminism/Merkel etc from Stefan Molyneux

Another lightbulb moment for me (literally). At around the 4.35 mark the lady caller mentions that Christmas was called "The Light Fest" in the old DDR (East Germany). So the multiculturalism excuse about not wanting to offend XYZ and celebrate Christmas normally and call it Christmas, is just that: an excuse. Renaming Christmas has nothing to do with multiculturalism. DDR was not multicultural. DDR was a prison state. DDR was communist/marxist.

Now take a look at the "Festival of Lights" propaganda being proposed for young Irish children, to replace Christmas:

"The Light Fest" = "Festival of Lights"

What is the common denominator here? Head scratch. Who produced that video for Irish children? Someone on a different version on YouTube commented as to who produced it. Clue: it wasn't an Irish production. Why is Hannukah mentioned in the Irish video also when we have such a small Jewish population (hankies at the ready, the Cork synagogue closed recently - no mon/no fun apparently*) and there is a Jewish school already in Ireland for Jewish children. Hang on a sec, is Hannukah all about lights - lighting candles? Christmas is not centered around lights. Thanks Wikipedia: "The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a unique candelabrum, the nine-branched menorah (also called a Chanukiah/Hanukiah), one additional light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night."

Coincidence theory just got another coincidence to examine.

If any peeps you know parrot the "offensive" line about Happy Holidays being better than Happy Christmas etc, tell them what Christmas was called in non-multiculutral DDR. Tell them about the prison state where everyone (two legged animals) were equal. It was equality central, very progressive, abortions, spying on your neighbors for the State; not allowed to leave the State: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others". "Four legs good, two legs bad". Did I hear some lunatic once going on about how the people who are on this Earth to serve them are "two legged cattle". Some Narcissist weirdo . Two legs bad. M'kay.

Donald Trump mentioned Christmas at one of his rallies. Bringing back Christmas; Making America Great Again - that's very offensive to communists. "You're admonished!". Ha ha - he is classic, letting the audience make the points for him that he cannot. He has a GSOH. I don't think the other two do (Bernie and Hills). Although Bernie could give Alan Shatter a run for his money with his erotic writings (funny in their own manner, in a "laughing at you, not with you" style). Bernie and Alan: do they have any other similarities?

I'm going to have a lie down. I've had a bit too much to think. Must start reading 1984 again.


Anonymous said...

More sex attacks Germany.imagine if merkel has any teenage relatives and this happened she would expel every one on a whim
How have we let this wo man spoil a continent

Eff the villa

Master Laura Bates said...

The indo today has Michaella (sic) McCollum only being guilty of being a strong woman yet nobody ever contrasts her to the weak Athlone men who bribed themselves out of a Peruvian jail for the same crime. #EverydaySexism

Anonymous said...

You Europeans are so stupid these Muslims will cut the heads off your children

Searcher said...

Another hilarious Trump video

Searcher said...

Antidote to the "Devil's Truth".

Dance on his dance floor!

"Devil's Dance Floor":

Anonymous said...

Guess what 4 have fled the country

Martin Chuzzlewith said...

Anon 14:18 We have an assylum seeker here who has 51 previous convictions and because of yooman rites we cannot kick the worthless bastard out so this criminal does not need to flee the country.


RE: Living – For Now – Testaments to the New Woman





Joe Btfsplk said...

A wealth of information about "loans made up from nothing."

Frank Galton said...

Lord Atticus said: “There are now so many laws on the statute books that virtually any action can be classed as illegal in some way. The 'hate' legislation is the perfect example.”

HAARETZ, 04 April 2016

A French appeals court upheld the HATE-CRIME convictions of anti-Israel activists who called at a demonstration for a BOYCOTT of the Jewish state.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

You can take the man out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the man

Anonymous said...

Anti-semitic Jews blame Jews for racial destruction.

Anonymous said...

That guy on so many PC liberal T-shirts was a Jew too.

Ariel Sharon's cousin apparently.

Flanders said...

Searcher, Here is information revealing a source for some of The Devil's Truth, which seems to envelop the entire jewsmedia - except for those items of fluff and minor truths which are found necessary to maintain some slight degree of their "credibility" and "documentable standards" with their unaware viewing audiences. They are truly in line to take full honors at our own newly instituted rewards program, The Pitchfork Awards.

Eustace Mullins will tell us some of the history which is behind the Rothschild's Reuters, the Reuters News Agency.

"Sir Roderick tells us that Baron Julius de Reuter was born Israel Ben Josaphat Beer, the son of Rabbi Samuel Beer of Caase, Germany. Like so many of his co-religionists, Beer saw that the British Empire was ripe for plucking. He emigrated, set up a news agency, came to the attention of the House of Rothschild, and the rest is history. In 1859, now Baron de Reuter, Beer signed a Covenant with his two rivals in Europe, Havas of France and Wolff of Germany. Havas was a French Jew, Wolff was a German Jew, and these three divided up the world between them. Havas was to have South America, the three were to share the continent of Europe, and Reuter was to have the rest of the world. The arrangement, providentially concluded just before the outbreak of the Civil War in the United States, endured until the First World War for Zionism.
Almost any biography of Cecil Rhodes will inform the reader that he was financed in his African empire by the House of Rothschild.

On April 28, 1915, Baron Herbert de Reuter, Chief of the Agency, shot himself. The cause was the crash of the Reuters Bank, which had been built up by Baron Julius de Reuter to handle foreign remittances without their being subjected to inspection. It was felt by the directors to be unwise to replace the Baron with another German Jew, there being a war going on with Germany, and Sir Roderick Jones who had served Leo Weintal faithfully and well, was chosen as a more respectable front for the international operations of the agency. On page 363, he tells us:

““Shortly after I succeeded Baron Herbert de Reuter in 1915, it so happened that I received an invitation from Mr. Alfred Rothschild, then the head of the British House of Rothschild, to lunch with him in his historic New Court, in the City.””

The Reuters Connection(s), by Eustace Mullins

James said...

Quote on the White Genocide vid.

I read that Barbara Spectre, (spectre (ˈspɛktə) or spectern1. (Alternative Belief Systems) a ghost; phantom; apparition2. a mental image of something unpleasant or menacing.)
has had to move and hire a body guard because she spilled the beans, and really pissed off a lot of people. She has had non-stop death threats. Awww....


Really? Fab! I reported her to the Swedish police because of some tweets she made. I told the policeman all about her, the Jews and white genocide. Let's smoke them out like rats.

Not all police are anti-whites.

Flanders said...

Eustace Mullins had once provided a warning to Americans - "WARNING — THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE IS DANGEROUS TO AMERICANS"

"...[I]t is difficult to recall that we have not always had a "Department of Justice". Such an operation was never envisioned by the Founding Fathers, who believed that they had made adequate provision for judicial and police departments in the Constitution, and in the Judiciary Act of 1789. Almost a hundred years later, subterranean influences in Washington, working upon the sensibilities of Congress, claimed that there was now a public demand (inaudible to all but the conspirators) for a Department of Justice. By means as yet undisclosed, Congress was persuaded to create a "Department of Justice" in 1870. The first century of this nation's existence had seen unparalleled growth and prosperity for all Americans. This began to change, and not subtly, soon after the department began to operate. The century since its creation has been one of steadily accelerating decline for our people. How did this happen ? America had begun its existence as something for which the entire world longed, a nation of freedom, a nation of opportunity, a nation which had not been stifled by the stealthy machinations of the Canaanites and the Black Nobility. America was also intended to be a land where justice would prevail. In fact, it did prevail, until the Department of Justice was established. After 1870, the new department, as the ultimate tool of the monopolists and their spoils system, served to remove the possibility of obtaining justice in the courts beyond the reach of Americans who were not in on the scam. Justice since that time has been only for the fortunate few, for those who conspired to create the Department of Justice, and who have since been the sole beneficiaries of that creation.

Because of these sinister origins, the Department of Justice exists solely to serve the directors of the PIP, the Party in Power, which is known more accurately as "the Perverts in Power", because of their strange desires, and also for their compulsion to pervert every aspect of American existence. Although all government departments in Washington are permanently tainted by political opportunism, the Department of Justice remains the most reprehensible,..".
Few Americans are aware that for years the vast resources of the FBI have been diverted to protect the profits of a few Hollywood film moguls, who are also the largest donors of funds to political campaigns. The resources of the FBI are dedicated to protecting the profits of these film moguls, and to conducting black bag criminal break-ins for the ADL. The five thousand lawyers employed at the Department of Justice carry out the most humiliating errands for the party bosses; when they arc not conspiring with the dread KGB to commit atrocities against American citizens, they indulge in their most consuming passion, volunteering to carry out hatchet jobs against any critic of the State of Israel.

Since the advent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, and a staff of government officials personally selected by Bella Moscovitz, the secret boss of the top secret Harold Ware cell in Washington, the Department of Justice has been unrelentingly pro-Communist in its bias. When Bella Moswvitz fell, or was pushed, down the stairs a few days before Roosevelt's inauguration, the leadership of the Harold Ware cell was taken over by none other than Roosevelt's other mentor, the sinister Felix Frankfurter, who had been denounced by Roosevelt's own cousin, former President Theodore Roosevelt."

Patrick Starr said...

Amy Schumer objects to being included in the Hail Fat Women section of Glamour magazine alongside Melissa McCarthy and Adele and some other fat chick whereas she feels she belongs with natural athletes like Bruce Jenner and Mindy Kalling.

Another brain donor

Flanders said...

"This relocation behavior, known as a corporate tax “inversion,” has come under heavy fire from lawmakers because companies move their headquarters overseas to claim a lower tax residence and, at the same time, keep their core operations and management based in the United States. Once an inversion is successful, the company no longer becomes subject to US corporate tax laws.

Ask yourself: [Why does Reuters use the quote brackets below when referring to the Panama Greedsters, after all they are TRULY unpatriotic, treasonous corporations, with many jews and other TRUE traitors being the beneficiaries of those "corporate profits" - Flanders]

Reuters - US cracks down on ‘unpatriotic’ corporations’ tax inversion deals
Companies looking to invert their tax residence often do so in order to get away from the 35 percent corporate tax rate in the US. In countries like the UK and Ireland, the rate is 20 percent and 12 percent, respectively."

Frank Galton said...

Martin Chuzzlewith said: “We have an assylum seeker here who has 51 previous convictions and because of yooman rites we cannot kick the worthless bastard out so this criminal does not need to flee the country.”

Jewish Chronicle, 10 July 2008

[Jewish] LibDem peer [Lord Lester’s]...two Private Members’ Bills became the models for the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998...

House of Commons, 09 March 2000

Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords]

[Part-Jewish Home Secretary] Mr. [Jack] Straw: It would be appropriate to place on record not only my thanks, but the thanks of a huge number of people, for the work of [Jewish LibDem peer] Lord Lester of Herne Hill, who over the years has made probably a greater, more singular, contribution to the development of RACE RELATIONS LEGISLATION than anyone else in this country. It was he who--BEHIND Roy Jenkins--was the ARCHITECT of the RACE RELATIONS ACT 1965, the RACE RELATIONS ACT 1968 and the RACE RELATIONS ACT 1976. I have no hesitation in saying that I have listened very carefully to the advice that he has offered.

Frank Galton

Iron Felix said...

Great news that, about Barbara Spectre. A few death threats should put a dart of wind up her anguished knickers methinks, but stand by for the howling about the "rising threat of anti-Semitism in Sweden".

Searcher said...


"The Pitchfork Awards'! More entertaining than the Oscars, less prestigious than the Nobel Prizes. But who will be overrepresented in these awards? Let me just shuffle the cards and concentrate really hard.

Anonymous said...

Far left blamed

Anonymous said...

Jim Broadbent,
Dame Kristin Scott-Thomas,
Mark Rylance,
Steve Coogan,
Thandie Newton,
Peter Gabriel,
Philip Pullman,
Tom Stoppard,
Sir Richard Branson and Michael Morpurgo,
Alice Temperley,
Barbara Broccoli, (The woman who hired an actor dahlin' who does not like BOND to play BOND!)
Bianca Jagger,
Brian Eno,
Brian May,
Mariella Frostrup,
Kellie Bright,
Juliet Stevenson,
Sir John Hurt,
Jemima Khan,
Nick Hornby,
Richard Curtis,
Rowan Williams,
Sandi Toksvig,
Terry Gilliam
and 70s singer Cat Stevens, known as Yusuf Islam,
Sir Bob Geldof,
Danny Boyle and Colin Firth,
Jude Law,
Helen Bonham Carter,
Stephen Fry,
Benedict Cumberbatch.

These cunts (That is the collective noun for more than one esteemed media artist whore?) have asked you to boycott them as they have called for the destruction of the UK.

Flanders said...

I have not read through this entire section, not to mention the entire book, but I think you would agree that this particular entry would recommend further investigation. We will find I suspect that, "Shylock’s Masterpiece — “The Crime of 1873.”, reveals the true reasons for the War against Southern sovereignty", and also the present-day war being conducted against the rest of America.

"I am personally informed by Mr. Sharp, that, some years ago, in connection with a brother frequently in Europe, occasion was taken to trace up the man, Hazard, then in London. He was at that time secretary, or solicitor, or both, of an English bankers’ association in touch with bankers throughout Europe, and was financially connected with the Rothschilds. At last advices, he was still living. Mr. James Buell, who represented the National Bankers Association in 1873, became, in 1875, the founder and first president of the American Bankers Association. He was then President of the Importers and Traders National Bank, of New York City. He died about thirteen years ago, quite naturally a millionaire.

The Buell circular shows, by the bankers themselves, how deliberately they have subsidized the press, and have used Members of Congress to fit legislation to their special monopoly. But does anybody, in our day, need special proof on this point ? As for the other document — the “Hazard Circular” — it is unique — a clear illustration of total depravity. But no man or demon ever knew better what he was talking about than this exponent of the “European plan” of slavery, “led on by England.” Practical slavery, white or black, at any time or in any place, can be instituted, and can be retained, by any set of men who can control a people’s money. Mr. Hazard’s philosophy of bonds and bank-issues is true also, beyond criticism. It was evidently written under inspiration — the plenary inspiration of the bottomless pit."

Shylock: as banker

So far as that war which is being being waged against all Americans in America, it has particular significance for the people of the South.

"American Empire

The South’s defeat in 1865, as Thornwell predicted, cleared the way for the triumph of a Jacobin/Marxist worldview in a consolidated American Empire. Wasted by war and military occupation and swindled by crooked Carpetbag and Scalawag “entrepreneurs,” the Southern people could do nothing to halt the centralizers’ juggernaut. One would think the demonizers’ work done at this point. But after a truce of sorts prevailed for several decades, especially during times of war when America needed the services of Southern manhood, the demonization of all things traditionally Southern resumed apace in the 1950s and 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement and the age of leftist revolution. And it continues to this day, the perpetrators showing no signs of letting up."

Dave33 said...

Searcher said...

No love for Mrs Palin - sisterhood where art thou?

Searcher said...

Jesus wept.

Hand crime. Face crime. Head crime.

According to EUSA safe space rules, only gestures that indicate agreement are “permissible”, and then only as long as “these gestures are generally understood and not used in an intimidating manner”.

Hateful hand movements are not covered by free hand movements. Hateful headshaking is not covered by free head movements. Hateful facial gestures are not allowed either. Your freedom ends where mine begins.


Searcher said...


Dissecting Cologne perspectives using the R-Type/K-Type framework.

From Millenial Woes:

Joe Btfsplk said...

cop killer vid with lyrics

Flanders said...

"Panama Papers: Hundreds of Israeli Companies, Shareholders Listed in Leaked Documents Detailing Offshore Holdings

Leaked documents of Panamanian law firm reveal shell companies linked to prominent Israeli lawyers and business persons."

"Some 600 Israeli companies and 850 Israeli shareholders are listed in the leaked documents of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, a leader in creating shell companies that often serve to conceal ownership of assets."

Several names and details are at Haaretz.

Flanders said...

According to Daily Slave, Pat Buchanan is warning of a revolution if Trump is denied the nomination.

"Whatever happens to Trump, the country has spoken. And if the establishment refuses to heed its voice, and returns to the policies the people have repudiated, it should take heed of John F. Kennedy’s warning:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

john7 said...

Amen Mr Savant.

Anonymous said...

In Norway, police have expressed concern about how the arrival of some 31,000 asylum seekers in the country of 5.2 million last year will affect far-right groups.

What's their concern?

Great reporting daily mail.

Anonymous said...

Comment on Makow.

All I can say is WOW to the article on Che Guevara being Jewish and Ariel Sharon’s cousin. Is psychopathy genetic ? Leave it to a Jewish website to describe Che in glowing and proud terms.

Timely in that I just watched Stefan Molyneux’s “The Truth about Che Guevara”,

but Molyneuex did not reveal anything about his Jewishness, only the fact that he was a disturbed murderous psychopath who even tortured animals as young man.

If you read “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”, you will know that Castro is also Jewish.

- See more at:

Anonymous said...

I truly believe, that a large number of feminist women will embrace Islam.

Ir just may be that feminism is one great big sh*t test. Females throw the biggest tantrums available, and wait for white men to say "NO!" to them. And white men are largely failing the test. So feminists open their arms to the onrushing Islamic hordes as they trample into Europe as womyn perceive Muslim men to be more manly. What better explains the refusal of feminists to protest the mass sexual assaults by Muslims and other third worlders throughout Europe?

Flanders said...

“When faced with the many discrepancies and outright falsifications that have taken place in what was represented as an investigation into the events of 9/11/01, what is a person of conscience, sworn to defend this country and its constitution, to do? The option of putting it out of your mind to focus on the minutia of daily life does not seem available. Is it possible to do that and not feel in the back of your mind the slipping away of values and ideals that have been inculcated in all of us, and which we thought we had the birthright to assume were shared by those who were entrusted with high office?”

Anonymous said...

Ex Muslim girl sick of Obama tells the truth McGonigle said...

Michael D McGonigle is the President of Ireland.
CarolMcGonigle is the Poet Laureate of the UK so Wilhlemina McGonigle is the something of Scotland.

My Grandmother's Housespoem
By Jackie Kay

She is on the second floor of a tenement.
From her front room window you see the cemetery.

Her bedroom is my favourite: newspapers
dating back to the War covering every present
she’s ever got since the War. What’s the point
in buying her anything my mother moans.
Does she use it. Does she even look at it.
I spend hours unwrapping and wrapping endless
tablecloths, napkins, perfume, bath salts,
stories of things I can’t understand, words
like conscientious objector. At night I climb
over all the newspaper parcels to get to bed,
harder than the school’s obstacle course. High up
in her bed all the print merges together.

When she gets the letter she is hopping mad.
What does she want with anything modern,
a shiny new pin? Here is home.
The sideboard solid as a coffin.
The newsagents next door which sells
hazelnut toffees and her Daily Record.
Chewing for ages over the front page,
her toffees sticking to her false teeth.

The new house is called a high rise.
I play in the lift all the way up to 24.
Once I get stuck for a whole hour.
From her window you see noisy kids
playing hopscotch or home.
She makes endless pots of vegetable soup,
a bit bit of hoch floating inside like a fish.

Till finally she gets to like the hot
running water in her own bathroom,
the wall-to-wall foam-backed carpet,
the parcels locked in her air-raid shelter.
But she still doesn’t settle down;
even at 70 she cleans people’s houses
for ten bob and goes to church on Sundays,
dragging me along to the strange place where the air
is trapped and ghosts sit at the altar.
My parents do not believe. It is down to her.
A couple of prayers. A hymn or two.
Threepenny bit in the collection hat.
A flock of women in coats and fussy hats
flapping over me like missionaires, and that is that,
until the next time God grabs me in Glasgow with Gran.

By the time I am seven we are almost the same height.
She still walks faster, rushing me down the High Street
till we get to her cleaning house. The hall is huge.
Rooms lead off like an octopus’s arms.
I sit in a room with a grand piano, top open –
a one-winged creature, whilst my gran polishes
for hours. Finally bored I start to pick some notes,
oh can you wash a sailor’s shirt oh can you wash and clean
till my gran comes running, duster in hand.
I told you don’t touch anything. The woman comes too;
the posh one all smiles that make goosepimples
run up my arms. Would you like to sing me a song?
Someone’s crying my Lord Kumbaya. Lovely, she says,
beautiful child, skin the colour of café au lait.
‘Café oh what? Hope she’s not being any bother.’
Not at all. Not at all. You just get back to your work.
On the way to her high rise I see her
like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Everytime I crouch
over a comic she slaps me. Sit up straight.

She is on the ground floor of a high rise.
From her living-room you see ambulances,
screaming their way to the Royal Infirmary.

Well it is 2016. Justice for the most poetic family ever!

Denis E Gough said...

During her speech she also took the opportunity to remark that she was "disappointed" at the all-white shortlist in her category highlighting the work of Noma Dumezweni, Marianne Jean-Baptiste and Sharon D Clarke, who missed out on nominations.

What a drama queen.

When Neil Kinnock was accoladed with some award for portraying the leader of the Labour party he kept saying "We're all white! We're all white! We're all white!" signalling his pride in the party of Eddie Izzard, Paul O'Grady, Steve Coogan, Jo Brand, and stephen fry.

I guess he is Welch and not wexican.

El Samuel Jackson! said...

Standards too high in UK army lets lower them for women.

Standards too high in STEM lets lower them for women.

Notice that The Telegraph got rid of the comments section. I wonder why.

Also damn you Daily Mail. There was a comment that Idris Elba got an OBE for services to Nordic films. So moderator obvioulsy understood the reference to the UK's Morgan Freeman.

Dan A White said...

Dawn French 5' 2" 266 lbs

Joanna Jedrzejczyk 5' 6" 115 lbs

Connor McGregor 5' 8" 145 lbs

Kate Upton 5' 10" 141 lbs

Lena Dunham 5' 6" 132 lbs

Amy Schumer 5' 6" 160 lbs

Ashley Graham 5' 9" 203 lbs

4 inspirational wimmenz 1 Sports Illustrated cover model given out to as being too fat and 2 athletes. Can you spot which is which?

Anonymous said...

Looks like all the jocks are leaving the police force in Scotland.probably fed up of being asked to snoop

Eff the villa

Searcher said...

Nohsty Little Racist
Jayda Fransen

JVS (Jonathan Vernon-Smith) is the presenter.

He hosted a show on this topic also: eruv - fishing wire on the footpaths.

SAVANT said...

Hi UN. A fellow resident in the Antipodes (feels he might actually live in your city) has asked me to facilitate a communication between the two of you. Best approach is to email me at

Anonymous said...

I watched a prog on Bletchley Park on a BBC recording:
What I found interesting was those not mentioned.
They failed to mention that Toni Sales the fellow who got the place, saved as a historic monument on computer development .
I put a link here to whats left of his sight.
Typical BBC they shoe-horned in a mention of Ohsarmer Binliner and 9/11. but they did give credit to techniques created at Bletchley to track him down ..they also got in a mention of the seals who did it !(they all dead now, I understand!!).Very sad ...but one tends to get dead if you know too much.

Ed Turner IV said...

Mohamed B and Redoaune B drive their Audi through police lines and into a muslim woman. These are the guys the Daily Mail referred to as White supremacists.

James said...

Slaves, bitches.

James said...

Henry Makow posted an article about The Library of Politcal Secrets

I've posted it here before too. (I wonder if the tip-off to Makow from someone called Marcus was a result. The hate vine grows thick.)

It tells you all about Indian Jews, Chinese Jews, Black Jews, Mexican Jews, English Jews, and all sorts of other strange Jews you probably never heard of.

(The Jews claimed in a newspaper article here about a Hitler Restaurant in India closing under pressure from the Jews in India, that there were only 2000 Jews there. What a joke, there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS of them. Of course they have infiltrated the Brahmin caste.)

Here's the source of the books, in that treasure trove of sick hate provided a few weeks ago by UN.

Anonymous said...

Just binge-watched the fifth season of "The Walking Dead" and you mean to tell me that Andrew Lincoln is not a Jew? Wikipedia says his real name is Andrew Clutterback and doesn't mention anything about his Hebraicness. And he does have that English guy impossible slenderness. But the suspiciously long hump-backed nose? I don't know. I get a kick out of hearing his Brit accent after watching him play a Southern sheriff. Got to hand it to the Brits as actors, generally head and shoulders over the American variety. Must be the classical training as opposed to the dumb American "method" tradition.

But what really bothers me about "Walking Dead" is the Darryl character. I mean, if you are the great, feral hunter, wouldn't you at least get the hair out of your eyes?

Twenty years ago, about three miles from here, during hunting season which is always a mess, they found a guy with an arrow through his heart. Never found out who did it and maybe the archer didn't know...Or maybe he did...

Unknown said...

Oh you silly Micks. Doncha know how the game is played? When they look up a wrong article, make sure you put it up yourself. When the girlie bobbies show up to knock, give them the Irish Welcome and show him how the river flows. When the liar who sucks his own plays his game around your home, find where his bollocks lie and take them back to show your own. The Englishmen who fancies themselves gentlemen have lost the stones to rule his roost. Fear you a girlie pretender whose Empire lieth in ruins? They trusted foul and now have none, how hard is it really to find a gun? They are around as long as you do not obey the law. Why not? Its not your law you be breaking. When the IRA welcomes the apes, they have lost the Faith for their races' brethren. A new Army you need, who sell you out not, and hold your hearth and home in their stout heart.

Anonymous said...

Further to your previous topic.justin effing bieber accused of cultural appropriation
Backs must feel like they are coming to the top of the tree now they are able to pick on these whites
I've met 100s of these whites over the years and told them blacks really think of them as freaks
And they have said you don't understand our relationship with coloured people we are all of one planet

I scoffed. And years later I am trying hard not to really scoff so I just walk along whistling a happy tune. Usually Jerusalem

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Migration has brought us so effing much

Dr Huckstable said...

Black privilige.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Flanders re Military and 911. Folks seemed like salt of the Earth. Another view of the military- very disturbing-

“Kay Griggs, former marine colonel’s wife, talks about Military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual perversion deep within the highest levels of U.S. military and government.”

Anonymous said...

Talking of memory:
I watched a prog on Bletchley Park. a BBC recording:
What I found interesting was those not mentioned.
They failed to mention that Tony Sales, the fellow who got the place in my opinion saved as a historic monument on computer development .
I put a link here to whats left of his site
I followed this site when Sales was setting it up........lost the lot when I had a Hard drive turn into a mincer! A real shame as there was a lot of anecdotal stuff ..(often very good at getting to the truth) being fed in by folk still alive .(must have had some top folk pooping them selves when it started coming out).
Typical BBC! They shoe-horned in a mention of Ohsarmer Binliner and 9/11! To up up credibilty of the official report, In my opinion, but they did track him down and some credit to Bletchley for the techniques used they also mentioned the US Seals who did it!(they are all dead now, I understand!!).Very sad ...but one tends to get dead if you know too much.

Flanders said...

Joe, That was a Marine at the 911 site who was doing his duty, not just as a Marine, but as an American. All Marines should know what the entire military is being turned into. Our duty to our country and our people doesn't stop just because we have discharge papers. Our most difficult war is still being fought against domestic and international communists, who are no longer so stealth, and who are worse enemies than our nation and people have ever faced - and that we face them now in our own land is an everlasting disgrace.

I'm familiar with Kay Griggs and her silenced attempts to get the story out. Thanks for the heads up on it, though.

Here are some of the more "honored women" category:

Anonymous said...

Madonna and Angelina Jolie are trannies--another huge problem.

Anonymous said...

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