Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Comment from a South African Jewish reader

A reader from South Africa has written a comment (at the end of this thread) The following is an excerpt:

I have lived in South Africa for 68 years, I am Jewish but unfortunately I or any of my friends did not manage to own any gold or diamond mines. Quite a few of them however did start businesses which succeeded in employing many white and black south africans, affording them the opportunity of educating their children as well as putting food on the table.

It's amazing how today as in the past, any problem which arises finishes up being the fault of the Jews. We must surely be the "chosen people", chosen to be blamed, chosen to be killed, chosen to be chased out of any place they might make their home.Of course there were people like Slovo, Kasrils, Goldreich etc. who supported the abolishment of apartheid but were outnumbered by the jews who were not involved and just wanted to be left alone in the status quo unfortunately. Their thinking being that whatever happens we'll be blamed as seems to be the case now. The majority voted against the National party although there were a few who did.

Here let me expand on my response to his comment. First I know and have always acknowledged that not all Jews are engaged in the war against White civilisation. In fact maybe it's only a minority amongst them.  However, Jews are overwhelmingly over-represented in every movement working towards this end. Briefly I'm referring to feminism, cultural relativism, bogus equality theories, affirmative action, open borders (for White countries only) the degradation of art and entertainment. And here's another point. They are overwhelmingly under-represented among those of us fighting back.  

Specifically in regards to South Africa...while spending two semesters in SA (at Wits and UCT) in 1994 and 1995 I got to know at least ten Jews. Looking back I think that not one of them was enthusiastic or hopeful about the emerging Rainbow Nation. Yet the masterminds and controllers of the ANC-lead war against White South Africa were Jewish. Just as with the NAACP in America this 'black' organisation was in reality a Jewish operation with a few token melanin-enhanced faces shoved up front for the optics. It was founded by KGB agent Ruth First (wife of Joe Slovo), Dennis Goldberg, Lionel Bernstein, Arthur Goldreich and Bob Hepple. Jews have more control over the banking system now - both the Central Bank and the commercial banks - than they did under White rule, and several Jews are or have been in the Cabinet, three of them sit on the Supreme Court and they headed up the police and railway services. All despite representing a minuscule proportion of the population. 

In summary Jews - or at east the elite Jews - have precipitated the fall of White South Africa and have profited greatly from that fall.

So dear reader/commentator, what can we make of this? My proposal is the same as that recommended in an earlier post. 'You might as well give up trying to bamboozle those whites who already understand the nature of the Jewish attack on our people. That game is up, the evidence is overwhelming, and awareness is only going to grow from here. The horse is already out of the barn. The Jews had a good thing going, but as usual allowed their hatred and arrogance to get the better of them.
However, what you can do, if you are Jewish and if you are actually sincere, is work within the Jewish community to call off the dogs. You can work with them in a way that we can’t. Next time you are tempted to chastise the goyim, chastise your own instead. Persuade THEM, those who are doing harm, as opposed to US, who are simply pointing out the reality of the situation in a bid to salvage what we can out of the increasing wreckage of our own tribe.' 

So thanks for your comment my friend. I accept your sincerity and wish you well. And hopefully you'll give my words some consideration.


Kruger said...

That bloody terrorist Mandela was like the current monkey we have over here, totally incapable to run the corruption in his own party, always said, and its a fact, old east block Jews got Dr HF Verwoerd killed and twisted his plan of EQUAL but separate development respecting each others cultures and religion but each nation governing themselves. BUT the national assets would stay within the country. There were actually legislation to this regard. After Dr Verwoerds murder this legislation disappeared and the old East block Jews got property rights for all national assets like, Gold, Diamonds, Platinum,Silver, you name it, every piece of mineral wealth the Jews either own right out or have majority shares in.

Anonymous said...

Many Jews think they are experts on Jews just because they are a Jew.

But it just aint so.

Julian said...

I think the vast majority of Jews feel the same way as this commentator from SA.

Anonymous said...

I think you sum it up well. The Jews create problems. The Jews suffer. It's everybody else's fault. Jews know all about hatred. They have been kicked out of numerous countries and cities. Never have they been at fault. It's always anti-semetism. Perhaps if they stopped whinging there wouldn't be anti-semetism. Perhaps if they recognised that their ancestors where userers that might make a start. Every race or nation have had bad and hard times. They shut up and get on with life.
With Jews complaining has become an industry. The current decline of Western civilization can be laid at the Jewish door. No, it's not all Jews or only Jews. It is mainly Jews and for the benefit of Israel. That is where the problem lies. The Zionist is the problem. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. We goyim are willing to point out the non-Jews who are bringing about our destruction. There are very few Jews who point out the Jewish roll. If the silent majority(?)are not speaking out then what are we supposed to think?
There are some great Jews. Henry Makow, Brother Nat (can't really count him as Jewish now), I don't agree with Norman Finklesteins' politics but he writes prolifically against Jewish thieves. If there were more taking the stance that these people have I'm sure a lot of the anti-semetism would disappear. If the Jews who were anti Zionism and the NWO spoke out it would help when the goyim have the anti-semetic accusation thrown up against their arguments to shut the goyim down.
If Jews don't like what is happening to the societies they are living in then speak up. Do what the goyim have done. Point out the perpetrators both Jewish and goyim. Stop being so insullar. Say that you support then rights of white Nationlists. Point out that Jews have a decent life under whites. To end our current system would be bad for Jews, In other words stop fucking moaning and do somthing.

On a lighter side. How about a young lady who will make you smile? This young lady spouts on off the top of her head. A young informed head. I like the way she just does this video. She has that je na sais quoi that made me smile all the way through. Please subscribe to her channel. A young girl on our side needs the support.


Sick of the BS said...

Come off it.

There are Jewish politicians, writers, academics all over the Western world blaming ALL White people and their descendants for Jewish deaths in WW2. Even the facts of these deaths cannot be established publicly due to Jewish interests having successfully managed to make public discussion of Jewish casualties of WW2 CRIMINALISED.

But you play the victim card as a default (and congrats, it worked). Sav took you at face value and believed in your sincerity. Jewish interests and politicians are pushing for censorship all over Europe. We are currently being invaded and all you are concerned about is YOUR generalized victim story. I saw your the end of your comment about Blacks and this blog. A bit of a deflection methinks. We all probably have had Black friends and good experiences with the odd Black person. We don't want mass immigration of Blacks into our countries though. It's not terribly complicated. How many Jews are being murdered in South Africa just out of interest? Are Jews being murdered at accelerated rates by Blacks in South Africa? Or is it Whites? Who are the real victims?

Was it really so good of your friends to provide employment for South Africans? Really? Maybe South Africans were very good to let you into THEIR country which THEY built up to the extent that it was prior to your arrival. Strawman some exaggeration (owning goldmines) as if people think ALL Jewish people own goldmines. Nice sales patter. But not buying it. Telling us what you don't do for a living doesn't tell us what you actually do. Besides it would be HUMILITY to acknowledge the reciprocal nature of a relationship.

Maybe the South African workers helped provide your friends with a nice standard of living? Or was it all down to the Jewish employer's efforts that you even take credit for what the employee did with their paycheck - buying the food in the supermarket for them and paying their school fees? I don't know of any employer who has such a grandiose opinion of themselves as to think that he is feeding and educating his employees' children. No-one else had anything to do with you having a nice life in South Africa? Presumably you would also survive just dandy solo on a deserted island since, everything you have is down to your own efforts and you take nothing from society.

The fact that you didn't vote for a political party is a red herring and you know it. It's not the tiny number of Jewish votes that count when reckoning Jewish political influence (an extremely disingenuous position for you to take).

Alan Shatter no doubt prides himself on rental accommodation he provides to people and the people he employs in his legal practice. Happen that Irish people feel very differently about Alan Shatter. Maybe they are just jealous. Alan provides people with a roof over the head and food on the table for his secretaries who he then uses for his clumsy erotica. Whatever would we do without him? Have a party?

No concern for "the other". You are the primary and eternal victim. You are special and without you people would have no food on the table. You are indispensable. How would South Africans cope without you? Special. So special.

Anonymous said...

I think the vast majority of Jews feel the same way as this commentator from SA.

Thanks Julian that really helped. How do you think they feel about Barbara Specter?

katana said...


Here’s the transcript of video by a French blogger activist, Boris Le May explaining how he’s been persecuted and sentenced to jail for expressing his opinion about the Islamization of France and the West in general. Please note I’ve made some minor changes to his English to make it a smoother read — KATANA

France – Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for a Blog Post Against Islamization — TRANSCRIPT

Denise said...

Do "the vast majority of Jews feel the same way as this commentator from SA?"

Do they?

Well give 'em all a great big case of Zyklon B.

It's more of the Eternal Victim game, by Der ewige Jude. The Jewish Race is the most malicious, predatory, ruthless, vicious, merciless ABUSERS that have defiled Humanity for EVER. They've gotten far less condemnation and ..."correction"...shall we say?...then they have eternally deserved. ANY society that boots them out is simply protecting their own health, sanity, and existence. I sincerely pray that the Spawn of Satan gets everything they deserve. And more.

Enderby said...

Exactly, Savant!

This self identified Jew is brazenly lying for his own self protection.
He cries "any problem which arises finishes up being the fault of the Jews".

Utter BULLSHIT. We are talking about specific crimes committed by Jews - motivated by goy hate and unstoppable greed. Namely promotion of immigration, miscegenation and White genocide.

So you personally didn't get to own a gold or diamond mine. Cry me a river, Jew!

All Jews believe in their superiority over the goy. That all goyim are to be enslaved or killed when your messiah comes.

You don't believe that, you ain't a good Jew. Or even a Jew at all.

You don't agree with the depravity and criminality of your leaders, take it up with them, not with us Whites.

You also have the option of renouncing Judaism. But that might be bad for business.

Enderby said...

I think the vast majority of Jews feel the same way as this commentator from SA

With all due respect, how the fuck do you know?

An alphabet soup of hundreds of well financed Jewish organizations (ADL, AIPAC, AJC et cetera, et cetera) supported and financed by millions of Jews are carrying out a carefully crafted plan of White genocide right now.

Depraved criminal Jews control the perverted entertainment industry, the lying jews media and the education system. Oh yeah, and the international banks.

Yet I never hear a peep of protest from "the majority of Jews". Only cheers of approval.

Anonymous said...

I think you may find this link informative:

and this one:

and this:

john7 said...

Doubt it seriously Julian - its just not in their DNA. A jew will always stand with his people over and above anything else, with the possible rare exception. It IS possible I guess - sorta like Dr David Manning being black but understanding what morons blacks are and that whitey is their best / only friend on earth - but about as rare as Chuck Norris tears.
Sorry commentator - just cant trust you. Forgive me if Im wrong, but thousands of years of history are against you.

Anonymous said...

although the jews i knew here in chicago that did business with them, currency exchanges, pawn shops, cheap clothes and furniture stores startedt that they made a good living but had to have eyes in back of their heads even with the ones they hired who would rob them blind,owners almost all carried a concealed weapon usually not registered that they got off a street punk for a couple of six backs of beer, we cops knew this but never pushed the issue as if we took the gun some where down the line his life would be taken,knew one old timer that was a marine on Iwo Jima that once told me that he and his family were actually refused service in a restaurant years ago because they were jews, for this we really felt for him,but now from what i saw before i left the Pakis. chinese, and vietnamese have stepped into the roles that the jew did yrs ago , that is setting up business in shit neighborhoods and dealing in liquor stores and mom and pop grocery stores,John old rtf chicago copper,,,,,

Anonymous said...

We must surely be the "chosen people", chosen to be blamed, chosen to be killed, chosen to be chased out of any place they might make their home.

Now you are blaming gentiles for something the vast majority had nothing to do with.

Iron Felix said...

Always thought this myself. The idea of attacking Jews simply on account of them being Jewish is a repellent and entirely unworthy notion. What has distinguished Jews id that, within the religion they evolved a matrix of ideas about the world. They were not unique in this, but they were more articulate about it. Just as this central idea resonates with sections of the goyim, so likewise it is by no means shared by all Jews. It is this central idea, toxic and destructive as it is, which should be combatted, and ad hominem attacks upon Jews simply because they are Jews should, in reason and justice, be eschewed.

Anonymous said...

There is something about organized Jewry that can only be described as diabolical. I often wonder if its power is even of this world. What exactly are we dealing with?

Setanta said...

"With Jews complaining has become an industry."

Aye. And a highly profitable one at that.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but worth a read especially with today's news about terror cells and mass murder.eff the villa

Big Billy Burgess said...

Lemmyhead - just fell in love with that girl in the video. What a sweet voice. (And sweet message!!).

Anonymous said...

Always thought this myself. The idea of attacking Jews simply on account of them being Jewish is a repellent and entirely unworthy notion.

No one here has done that.

We generally complain about Specter, Kalergi, Merkel, Shatter for ages before Frank Galton posts evidence that they are Jewish.

Ok maybe with Specter it was obvious from the start. Specter said Jews will be resented for their leading role in multiculturising Europe.

If she's correct, I suppose you will blame the gentiles for that too? We get blamed for everything.

GaryPaul said...

@sick of the BS. My sentiments exactly. He might be, probably is actually, sincere. I know many like him. But this is the point. THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY DISTINCT JEWISH RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FACT THAT WE CANT EVEN GO FOR A WALK IN MORNINGSIDE NOW. Getting worse by the day.

Croesus said...

Reading that excerpt from The International Jew brought home to me again how prescient and shrewd he was in his analysis. You do know of course that they 'got him' in the end, forcing him to recant in the approved fashion.

Eimear said...

@John old rtf chicago copper. Did you ever see that reality TV series about the jewish guy who ran a massive pawn (not porn!) operation in Chicago? EXACTLY as you describe it.

Anonymous said...

Analogy time.

Italians in the US were saddled with lotsa mobsters when they first came over. So many young Italians went to law school and became like Judge John "Maximum John" Sirica and threw the books at mafioso, the cosa nostra, and any other Italians not up to adapting to their new home.

Jewish story was far, far different. Main problem: Culture of sayanim. Even if they wouldn't help Zionist terrorists in America, they'd never turn them over, rat them out, or even help anti-zionism when it was easy.

Cannot treat American Jews like we treat Italian Americans because when Italians came here they mostly became Americans, our peace and prosperity was theirs just as our hard times might be theirs too. Jews never crossed that line in the sand. Here or anywhere. Makes a big difference.


Esther said...

Iron Felix. Your comment is a beacon of rationality in an otherwise predictably biased thread. It does not have to be all one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Sav Best ever: I spent a little time in Kenya ...............Got told off for talking with the natives, and to back off. Many of the African dhobi boys were far from happy about the kikuyu getting control...Regarding the being told to back off! I was advised not to talk about the war
whilst in Germany, this, by cunts, who were not even alive at that time.
One had hardly arrived on a course......... before Bert Trautmans (the footballer) name came up,as a means to break the ice so to speak.This was with German folk of my own age also I have found once a German settler in the UK, had me sussed out! things came out big time!

Anonymous said...

It is their nearly complete silence on Jewish crime that is the problem and always has been.

How many Jews are demanding 9/11 truth or Holohoax truth? How many are willing to acknowledge their central role in all the historical evils?

Anonymous said...

Big Billy said :-
Lemmyhead - just fell in love with that girl in the video. What a sweet voice. (And sweet message!!).

She's a lovely girl. I couldn't help but smile all the way through the vid. She has that magical ability to be liked immediatly. She's sort of zany yet sensible, funny yet serious. Don't you just wish that there were more kids like her? I can understand why she is red pilling people. She would be really hard to disagree with.
Please everybody go and look at her videos. We need these young people. They are our future. These are the generation that are the start of a re-awakening.
Watch and subscribe. Show this young lady we appreciate what she's doing. Please go now!


red pill said...

Lemmyhead, that girl gives me hope for the future. As you say one instantly takes a liking to her and not just because of her message (which emerged only later).

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Would you believe it. I just popped over to Katanas site. What did I find? He has the transcript of a video "The Most Anti-semitic Video Ever – The Truth About Jews". Who is this video by? Evalion. She's the young lady I'm pushing you to watch on Youtube!
Here's a link to the vid on Youtube. It might disappear because she has had it taken down when she has posted it. If it's missing I will give another link.

Here's the link to Katanas page.

Please support this young lady. I have the feeling that this young lady could really make a difference.


Heraclitus said...

What does she mean when she says her video was "showered" or something like that? Sorry, but this is an elderly non-American here so indulge me!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the Forest - Dr. Wm Pierce

The sum of the trees make the forest.

Anonymous said...

If the majority of Jews are innocent bystanders when have they ever denounced or disavowed the anti-White minority of Jews?

When has this innocent minority ever stood with us in any meaningful way to oppose the onslaught of minority Jewish anti-White hate and pro-White Genocide policies?

Anonymous said...

Just for you lemmyhead

Eff em

katana said...


[Note: The link I gave in my previous comment wasn't the correct one — please see the correct link below.]

Here’s the transcript of video by a French blogger activist, Boris Le May explaining how he’s been persecuted and sentenced to jail for expressing his opinion about the Islamization of France and the West in general.

Although the speaker talks only about the Muslim problem, readers should be aware that the Muslim invasion of Europe is merely one symptom of the disease of jewish supremacism. It’s organized jewry that is the driving force behind the Third World invasion of Western countries, as part of their push for a Jew World Order by creating chaos in Western countries and then offering them the “JWO Final Solution”, aka, a jewish tyranny.

Please note I’ve made some minor changes to his English to make it a smoother read — KATANA

France – Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for a Blog Post Against Islamization — TRANSCRIPT

katana said...

Heraclitus said...
What does she mean when she says her video was "showered" or something like that? Sorry, but this is an elderly non-American here so indulge me.


You dirty minded elderly non-American!

She said "Shoahed", as in, "not welcome", "pack your bags", "on your bike", "uprooted", "transport to Madagascar", "exterminated", "got a Zyklon B shower", etc.

Here's a transcript of a video where she uses that term again:

The Most Anti-semitic Video Ever – The Truth About Jews — TRANSCRIPT

kikz said...

and one of your first 'outreaches' should be to Pam Geller.

Anonymous said...

The weird thing is, so many Afrikaners have genuine respect for the Jews. My mother is one of them, granted we do have some Jewish ancestry too. Point is, it was always clear that a number of Jews were behind the SACP and the ANC, but no white South African I ever knew blamed Jews as a collective. Where I now live, in Europe, I have seen a few Jews who are instrumental in the destruction of society here ("refugees welcome" and the like) but I also know some that are so angry about the invasion that they have moved off - to Israel primarily and were very angry at having to do so. So, while there is often a clear influence in some national politics by Jews, I have never been able to buy the story that its a jewish conspiracy. I think their intelligence, history and insularity just make some of them predisposed to destroying their host societies, in the same way that so many white liberals feel nothing when playing their part. I think this is one occasion where collective blame cannot be ascribed.

Seneca said...

@17.35. Good analysis. I agree that except maybe at the level of Soros there is no conspiracy as such, Jews meeting behind closed doors saying 'this is how we take the next steps to White destruction'. However, and you inferred this, they have a strong Weltanschauung which derives from a very strong tribal experience and predisposes them to act in this way. I believe that many of the destroyers actually think they they are doing good.

Anonymous said...

Heraclitus what she says is "Shoahed". She's saying her vidieo has been holocausted by the Jews.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link mate. I always thought you were a nice guy. Now you've broken my heart. That one little bit of hope I had. The one crumb of comfort in this miserable world. You pick it up and throw it violently against the wall. You watch it crumble and turn to dust.

Ohh. Hang on she was taking the piss!


Searcher said...

Lemmyhead etc

That Evalion girl. She is getting a few comments (from Americans I would guess) on her teeth.

Teeth are an indicator of social standing in the US (in the same way that accent is important in the UK). The "look" is very important in the US. Ricky Gervais was pressured into getting fake teeth for American TV but he resisted. I don't particularly like Ricky Gervais, but I like when someone stands up and tells people to go F themselves when they are being pressured into acting against themselves.

Artificial teeth and artificial hair are big business in the US.

Donald Trump even has a mouth full of porcelain (veneers). Alex Jones also has them. It makes for a distinctive acquired lisp, since the porcelained teeth are bigger than the natural, untouched teeth. In my mind, they look ridiculous and reek of insecurity, but that it is because of my culture where fakeness is derided (not so for the younger generations though) and also my personality - not a trend follower for the sake of it.

Anyhow, someone like Evalion is going to be quite sensitive to criticism but will not lash out (her default mode is optimistic). She will internalize it instead. If you really like what she is doing and want to support her, tell her specifically not to touch her teeth. Not to bleach them. She is being encouraged to bleach her teeth which can make teeth more sensitive and can irritate the gum line. Not to get veneers. Leave her teeth as they are. The best thing she can do if she wants to make them whiter is to stop drinking sugary drinks and get a professional cleaning. It is NOT normal to have super white teeth like Donald, because his "teeth" are made from porcelain. Real teeth come in a range of whiteness and this is largely genetic or down to diet. Over zealous brushing can wear down the enamel.

Lots of commenters are telling her to brush her teeth. I very much doubt that she doesn't brush her teeth but she may take it too far (because of the comments she is getting) and start to over brush. I know someone who was told to brush his teeth with a hard toothbrush decades go. He brushed so hard, he had advanced gum recession.

She is young and she also does not have an A-Type Margaret Thatcher personalty who would easily shrug off criticism (A- Types have strong emotional boundaries, so they can deflect criticism more easily). The downside is they will never have the sensitivity to come up with anything particularly creative like Evalion. Evalion will probably shrug off the criticism herself (rationalizing it as shallow American commentary), but she will internalize it also. I reckon her teeth look fine, natural, fairly straight, not particularly crowded, not gappy with only a slight overlap.

Evalion is more of an explorer type (she has been researching since she was 10). You can see in her eyes that she is open. This means that she is also open to criticism, so again, if any of you have YouTube accounts and you really want to support her, support her in a way that she needs but will never ask for: SPECIFICALLY counteract the comments she is getting on her teeth. If the comments get to her she may start smiling less (as an open smile invites criticism from American men). In a moment of weakness, she might get into debt to pay for a mouthful of porcelain, so they will stop criticizing her teeth.

PS Even very strong minded people (A Types) can be worn down by a culture of expectation. Someone close to me, was worn down in a US corporate environment to get a mouth of porcelain. Now speaks with a lisp and the teeth look fake (like dentures).

Anonymous said...

Seneca the only good that Alan Shatter, Ronit Lentin, Barbara Spectre and the rest think they are doing, is for the good of there own kind.
Even if the common garden variety is 100% innocent and in line with our policies, how could we ever trust them?

Anonymous said...

Elmear; you speak of the Royal pawn shop on south Clark street across from the Federal lock up, this guy was there for years and have been in there on occasion, not a bad guy and how could you buy publicity like that??BTW OFF TOPIC, fell in love with a young Russian girl on Youtube singing a ww11 Russian song ""when we were at war"" this kid is a futher prison guard in the police academy. JUST WOW .John old rtf chicago copper,,,

Searcher said...

Spotted this on CH and I think it was a point well-made.

There is a very high premium put on people's looks in the US. If you ever want to know what a country's values are, just listen to what kinds of insults are common and what kind of people are celebrated/looked up to in general (not just talking about MSM). Also, see what kinds of compliments are given.

Sales always selects for attractive looking people. A consumer based society will therefore pedestalise attractive looking people to a greater extent than usual. Rainmakers vs back office. People skills in general pay more than technical skills regardless of looks - ask any project manager.

I think that his point about inclusiveness is well made (I don't think the looks based outcasting is as prevalent in Ireland/UK/Europe - I've met plenty of people at home and abroad with a good social life/career who aren't great looking). But I would extend it even further than the unfortunate looking/socially inept: homosexuals are outcasted on the Alt Right. Women are either homemakers/sex objects on the Alt Right. This is why, when I read some Alt Left blog, I thought, actually there is not much I would disagree with. But Sav, RamZPaul and Morgoth, I very rarely disagree with either. Hmm.

Anyhoo, outcasts are more inclined (naturally and for very understandable reasons) towards treachery:

Case in point: Ephialtes - 300 AD

Here's the comment:

Regarding the cuck culture – there is a problem in white societies of cliques.
I see it all the time in the US from sororities and fraternities in college to sales and marketing events where it’s only the attractive people who are asked to attend in a corporation- regardless of skills or positions.
If you are not deemed physically attractive or have a few social quirks – you’re out.
Consulting firms are well known for hiring attractive people.
This ‘in’ crowd mentality creates incredible resentment amongst the ‘out’ crowd. Rejection from your society & tribe is incredibly hurtful particularly at a younger age.
This ‘out’ crowd well then naturally gravitate towards the anti-establishment …alternative music, feminism….then ultimately in favor of open borders to destroy the society that has rejected them.
I see it everywhere – outcasts, rebels who will stop your criticism of Muslims blowing up Belgium with a comment about white people shooting up schools.

If we want to protect western countries, we need to make western societies inclusive to all of our own."

Searcher said...

Another S. African opinion below.

Your South African Jewish reader might do well to reflect on the ownership of multinational MSM outlets given the point made about the role of MSM in the eventual coming to power of the ANC. I doubt it though. At 68 years of age, your reader will likely never take the time to self-examine and really take on board any opinion contrary to his internalized victim persona.

"We South African people are SO glad when there are people from other countries who understand the problems we as whites face in South Africa. We are as a white nation now a tiny minority and on the endangered list – these blacks are killing us gradually to extinction. On a daily basis.

So sorry for them – because the people they are killing are the providers in the country – less than 3 milj whites providing taxes and food and economy for over 50 milj black people. The very sad thing is that we were forced by the banksters/Jews/illuminti/c-ia scum to hand over our government in 1994 to these barbarians from the bush – because they so called suffered under the ” apartheid” of the whites. And was this a mass media scam and lie!! And the whole world believed it and forced the black government into power – and thus now the sad results.

PLEASE Europe and USA learn from our history and past what the outcome for you will be if you allow your government to infest you with these “political correct” agenda 2 1 ideas! Rather fight against it than allow yourselves to become the target of this worldwide killing of the white race and Christianity! NB

Searcher said...

Anti-semite Antony Sutton speaks about the Bolshevik Revolution:

Heraclitus said...

Thanks Lemmy. More smarts from her.

Larry said...

Check out this anti-semitic website alleging collusion between me and the judge. They are trying to say that we conspire (make secret plans with two or more people). Anti-semites are just jealous that they don't have the intelligence to plan in secret.

Anyone who alleges that two or more people make unlawful/evil or treacherous plans in secret is a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are generally stupid people, to the point where they are a danger to themselves and others. They have strong pattern recognition abilities and generally score well above average on IQ tests, but don't let that fool you. They are essentially quacks and they need tinfoil on top.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking back to a book I read years ago. The devils guard about german soldiers in the French foreign legion after the war fighting communists in Vietnam
In the book it talks about some men have different kinds of mettle
Some can slit the throats of a sleeping enemy
And some can never retreat
And some can cause righteous retribution once aroused

Where are these men now when we need them.
Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Searcher and Heraclitus. Want to know something. When it comes to words we can be real badass. I think we can start throwing some insults at those who attack our little heroine. TBH I often think it was what I was born for. We defend Savant on here but it's not to hard. He's pretty good himself and we don't get many attacks any way. I think the trolls lost heart after NU was roasted everytime he made a point. (I still regret the day that I got the two mixed up and went off on one and accused Uncle Nasty. He was quick to point out I was attacking the wrong guy and forgave me. I still keep my back covered just incase and I have given him virtual choclate.).
I think we should don our S.S. uniforms and defend a lady in distress. We really need these young lads and lasses to take up the fight. If they can start a trend towards whiye rights it would be fantastic. Those of her age aren't going to take any notice of us senile old Nazis.
The same goes for Millenial Woes. Another good kid. If you have listened to him from the start you can't help but notice his shift more and more towards our position. He even uses the J word now.

On another subject. Remember Meliissa Click from the University of Miisouri? 'Hey I need some muscle over here'. Poor lady got the Spanish violinist. El Bow. I think the violinst was a half brother to Jim Kerr from Simple Minds. His name was Juan Kerr.
Anyway after dragging you through my jokes(?) she's saying she was discriminated against because (Roll of Drums).................she was white.
If we were making up this shit we would be called liars. Nobody will believe that shit. We don't need to make up stuff. They present us with stupidity nearly everyday.


Searcher said...

Can't Stump the Trump - latest vid

CUCK: Conservatives United for Cruz and Kasich.

AnalogMan said...

I, too, was blissfully unaware of the role of the Jews in the subversion of South Africa. Oh, sure, they were prominent in opposition politics. For some reason they seemed to believe the kaffirs were just like anybody else. They were obviously deluded, but surely not traitors.

Only after the fall of civilization, when I heard Harry Oppenheimer bragging on TV, "Yes, I was the quiet engine behind the ANC"; when I saw George Galloway bragging about being an underground anti-Apartheid fighter in South Africa, where the entire ANC organization was Jewish; only then did I realise what had been done to us., and by whom.

By now, of course, it's well known that Jewish organizations** are overwhelmingly opposed to White civilization. This commentator is basically saying that not all Jews are represented by those organizations. Fair enough, but:

1. Where are the organizations that do represent them?

2. Are those Jews completely unaware of those organizations? How come you never said anything? You all just pulled up stakes and moved to Perth, Australia, without a word of warning.

Sorry, guys, you're all complicit, and you have no right to complain that nobody trusts you.

** - and there are a lot of them. See this comment I posted at SBPDL.

Searcher said...

R-Type maggots etc

Mass rapes. A while ago when this was being discussed on-line, I noticed comments from men who were showing extreme frustration at women on various forums for downplaying the seriousness of migrant rapists. Instead of trying to work with instincts that you believe are there (but are not) why not just point out the hypocrisy - rape is only important to feminists as shrieking about it serves their purposes - to demonize men in general in a bid to seize some power. When migrants commit rape, feminists don't care because these migrants have no power that the feminists can seize from them. Feminism is a power grab with a fake concern for women imho.

As far as I know, the worst jury members a man could face in a rape trial are other men. I haven't found any supporting links right now and base this on anecdotal chitchat from people who have worked in this field.

The protective instinct from unrelated men is unappreciated and even annoying to women who don't believe that they personally will be affected. However, what would affect them, is to point out the rape of young children. Add in a dose of shame (just in case they are childless or anti-child) that they don't care about helpless children and that they fully support religious sanctioned paedophilia because they are cold bitches.

Think about it: women do not attack pedophiles or rapists (in prison or vigilante style). Men do. Women cover up for pedophiles or rapists ALL THE TIME.

Searcher said...


Regarding trolls and Sav. Sav isn't a young sensitive girl. I don't think these comments on her teeth are particularly coming from trolls. They are coming from people I have seen commenting on other videos in a very patriotic manner. They might think they are helping her - "brush your teeth" might seem like friendly advice to them. Or maybe they are socially inept men and are jealous that she has that ability to communicate in a charismatic manner. But Evalion will really appreciate advice/support from older people. Particularly from men. Trust me.

Anyhow, I don't think they are hasbara types (like nastiest uncle). I think they are just gormless young men who don't really know the cumulative effect they can have on someone. If that kind of comment continues, she could well just stop doing her videos completely (and she may not even realize that it has gotten to her - she will internalize criticism and will counteract it herself but that only keeps it at bay - it won't have the same effect as someone sticking up for her). This is why I suggested the SPECIFIC countering of the teeth comments.

Any other comments can be easily brushed off (no pun intended - just spotted it!). But consistent ragging on someone's appearance (without being countered) will have an effect on anyone (sooner or later). The best way to do it is to tackle the commenter directly but don't make the mistake of saying we love you her with your shitty teeth when her teeth are pretty normal and healthy. They are promoting Eskimo values when they push someone to feel like shit about themselves and to pay good money to change their appearance (Simon Cowell has that effect on people who work with him - ever notice that?)! Michael Savage e.g. I couldn't believe him with his tirade against some young man. He had seen his avatar or whatever and started bellowing at the caller to get Rogaine for his hair.

Any time I see Americans comment on British teeth (in completely unrelated topics), I reflexively think, well at least they are not fake. The amount of lispy American TV presenters with toupees is hilarious and pathetic imho. It is a massive social pressure in the US and that kind of mentality spreads - I even see our Ryan Tubridy of PravdaRTE has gone down the Mr Ed route. Underneath the porcelain are wafer thin triangles of what remains of the person's teeth. Eskimo values.

Flanders said...

Great post, Savant! Sorry that I don't have time to participate right now.

Here is a post and video which definitely needs to be seen - and something done to stop it!

"Here’s imagery you won’t see from Hollywood: A lonely white girl is set upon by a mob of Africans in America."

Searcher said...

Yo Lemmyhead

I watched the hangout you mentioned - it was kind of crowded though. There was someone there with a light in the background. I thought it looked like Lemmyhead HQ!

The hangouts are great: very long though so I haven't watched many so far (although time does fly by listening to them).

Flanders said...

Analog Man, re your 00:22 on jew's early activities in South Africa's neighbor, the former Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, from a major jew publication:

"Jewish Directors of the early Rhodesian gold companies are legion –
Felix Bruch, who was on the Board of British West Charterland Ltd; Baron E.B.
Erlanger, close associate of Cecil Rhodes, who, amongst others, was on the board of the Premier Tati Monarch Reef Company Ltd., the Rhodesian Exploration and Development Company Ltd., the Shashi and Maclouitsie Exploration and Mining Company Ltd., and sundry others; Louis Floorsheim of Tati Concessions Ltd., Carl Hanau of British West Charterland Ltd., A. Heilbronn of the French Ayrshire and Lomagundi Development Company Limited; Jules Hellman of the same concern and of the French South African Development Company Limited; Henry Hirsch of Warnford Exploration Company Limited; Anton Horkheimer of United Excelsior Mine; Gustav Imroth of Andrew’s Rhodesia Syndicate; E.S. Marcus of Fleming’s Matabeleland Exploration Company Limited; C. L. Marks of Matabeleland Adventurers Limited; Max Michaelis (Later Sir Max) of Tati Concessions Limited; E. C. Mocatta of Anglo-French Matabeleland Company Limited and of Penhalonga Pty. Mines Limited; Ludwig Neumann of Consolida”ted Exploration and Development (Rhodesia) Company Limited and White’s Consolidated Limited; L. Ochs of Anglo-French Exploration Company Limited and Anglo-French Matabeleland Company Limited; H. Rosenheim of Anglo-French Matabeleland Company Limited; Bento Y. Viera of Colenbrander’s Matabeleland Development Company Limited and Vaughan Williams Rhodesia Development Company Limited; Julius Weil and Samuel Weil of the Enterprise Gold Mining and Estate Company Limited; T. Zaffere of the Great B. Syndicate Limited; and countless others."

Anonymous said...

Jews dindu nuffin.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the being told to back off! I was advised not to talk about the war
whilst in Germany, this, by cunts, who were not even alive at that time.

Within 2 hours of meeting a German I'm always onto the war. Then the Jews half an hour after that.

Anonymous said...

but no white South African I ever knew blamed Jews as a collective.

You'll never know anyone who knows the conspirators. Trust me, they won't talk to the likes of you. And if they did, you'd like them. Until they trust you, they won't say anything.

Flanders said...

The descendants of the Mutiny on the Bounty mutineers are themselves mounting a mutiny against a hostile takeover by Australia, which is designed to destroy their unique culture - and to replace it with the same Marxist-type of control structures which pass for being "PC culture" within our own jew-warped societies.

"They are angry that the Commonwealth will assume full control of the small external territory on July 1 this year.

It is the 227th anniversary of the Mutiny on the Bounty, and many among the protesters are direct descendants of mutiny leaders.

The mutinous behaviour has gone as far as calling for the removal of the island's Australian Government-appointed Administrator.

There have also been reports of death threats, sabotage and victimisation of locals perceived to be doing the bidding of mainland authorities.

"Today on Norfolk Island our culture is under threat," John Christian said, a direct descendant of the mutiny ringleader Fletcher Christian."

Norfolk Islanders protest, demand removal of Australian Government-appointed Administrator

Searcher said...

Actually, the South African reader was right. NAJALT:

Joe Btfsplk said...

Sutton- Wall St. and the Rise of Hitler pdf

Flanders said...

There is an early account given of the Bounty and it's mission given in this narrative on, "NORFOLK ISLAND AND ITS INHABITANTS, BY JOSEPH CAMPBELL", from 1879.

"Some 17 years afterwards, it was though advisable to try and introduce the breadfruit, which flourished in Tahiti, into the West Indies, as an addition to the food of negroes engaged on the plantations. The Government took the matter in hand, and gave instructions for the purchase and fitting out of a suitable vessel, the Bounty, 216 tons. Her crew, including officers, consisted of 46 men. Lieutenant W. Bligh was appointed commander. The mate of the Bounty, Fletcher Christian, was the fourth son of Charles Christian, Esq., of Mairlandelere, in Cumberland. His brother, Edward, became professor of law at [15/16] Cambridge, Chief Justice of Ely, and well known as the editor of Blackstone's Commentaries."

Other references to Norfolk Island are in the link below.

Searcher said...

This is funny.

The reason women don't like Hilary is because she shoulda' left Bill or made out that she was going to leave Bill, 'cos girl code, according to this guy:

Doesn't he get it? She is very obviously power hungry. She had to keep Bill, the charming, charismatic muh glorious leader. Without Bill she was/is what exactly? What is her motivation? "To Make America Great Again"? Or is the presidential role "good for her career" and she be breaking a glass ceiling, swimming in unchartered waters like a handicapped, transexual lesbian:

Question: Why do some women have an almost visceral dislike of Hilary Clinton?
Juan Battle: I used to do some polling work and stuff for her when she was running for the Senate the first time here in New York and I remember talking to these people who had organized some of these focus groups among white women. That was the first time I had ever been exposed to this sort of bimodal distribution of white women when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Either they loved her unconditionally or they wanted her hit by a bus and they wanted to be the ones driving the bus.

And I was shocked by this. I thought that all white women love all white women and so therefore everybody got along. And I was like, what is going on? It just, it threw me off and I felt like Karen on "Will and Grace." What's going on? And so here is my theory. I can't prove it, but here is my theory.

There is a tacit agreement if you will, a prescriptive ethic, what ought to happen, then a descriptive ethic that does happen. We're still talking about Hillary Clinton. The prescriptive ethic is if you're with a man and he cheats on you, you leave him, period. That's it. Hillary, her man cheated. We all heard about it. We all knew about it. It was an international sensation and Hillary didn't leave. Well quite frankly, most women don't leave. They just don't because if most women left you know they say 50% of marriages end in divorce. I would argue 90% of marriages would end in divorce.

So then what was it about Hillary that upset people so? It was because she was this sort of public manifestation of the fact of saying to men, "Yes you can cheat, yes we'll get pissed off, but we're going to stay." And so you've violated the rule, if you will. The rule is you're supposed to make them think you're going to leave, and so surely "if Hillary doesn't leave Bill then I ain't going to leave my man, but now that he knows that, you've shown him my hand." And so I would condense that down to saying to Hillary Clinton, "How dare you be so strong as to not do something I was too weak to do? And you've shown the hand."

Flanders said...

It's kind of amazing isn't it that jews always recount stories about how the jews had it rough, while it is the jews who often created the conditions for so many other people, usually White though not necessarily so, from different places around the earth to have suffered endless hardship, deprivation and death. The jews have contributed much more than their share to the sufferings of others. In the case of jewry, it was the intention for other people to suffer unnecessarily.

One last link dealing with Norfolk Island Settlement, and it deals with short accounts of the individuals who settled there, the mutineers:

Searcher said...

The Hitch slays Hill - funny AND informative:

"People should be distrusted who are running for therapeutic reasons"!

Flanders said...

Norse child beaten bloody by Negroes – Because Jews brought Moslems to Europe

"The first Jews came to Norway after the 1492 expulsion from Spain, only to be expelled from the country in 1687 and forbidden to return. This prohibition was enshrined in the first National Constitution, adopted in 1814. In 1851, thanks to the campaign led by the Norwegian writer Henrik Wergeland, the anti-Jewish clause was dropped from the Constitution and Jews were again permitted to settle in Norway. The country’s first synagogue was established in 1862, in the capital Kristiania (now Oslo)."

And now, the usual and standard understatement for each and every country that jews are in - as the jews network with other jews in the entire rest of the world to pressure and influence every aspect of the individual countries the jews attack - even as those jews reside there:

"Although small, the Jewish communities in Norway have a high level of activity relative to their size".

If it is not the "jews" doing the attacking, it is the jews media.

MSM in all it's ranges, Television, Movies, Newspapers and textbooks, etc., is designed for the stupid masses in order to subtly infuse jewish conditioning into them rather than for promotion of the gentiles values, and thus most "educated" people are taught to think of them as being only entertaining rubbish made solely for a "capitalist purpose" of making money.

Most people fail to realize that making money is generally not the real jewish objective, it is a means to an end for the jews, and it is all so much better for a jew to make money while destroying White western culture.
[The above was edited and paraphrased by Flanders from the section on Finnish newspapers at the link below].

FredBarbarossa said...

Historically, Jews have undermined all countries which have allowed them residence, to the detriment of the inhabitants who have nowhere to run once their meddling is complete. (eg. South Africa and, soon-to-be, America)

See the commemorative stamps which tell the story of the many South African Jews who worked to bring an end to apartheid.

"The stamps honor 12 brave Jewish activists, thanks to the efforts of Grant Gochin, a South African-born, Los Angeles-based money manager."

Gochin goes on to say that, “Jews made up just 2 percent of the white population of apartheid-era South Africa, but they constituted at least half of the country’s white anti-apartheid activists.”

These Bastards should be forced to live in those societies they so conveniently destroyed.

Flanders said...

"A freedom-of-the-press watchdog cited the Sheldon Adelson-owned Israel Hayom daily in downgrading Israel’s status from “free” to “partly free.”

“Israel declined due to the growing impact of Yisrael Hayom, whose owner-subsidized business model endangered the stability of other media outlets, and the unchecked expansion of paid content — some of it government funded — whose nature was not clearly identified to the public” in major media outlets, including the popular Ynet news site, said the report published Wednesday by Freedom House."
"In its 2015 report on Israel, Freedom House said “Israel Hayom is owned and subsidized by Sheldon Adelson, a wealthy American businessman who is openly aligned with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative Likud Party.” Israeli critics say the newspaper is pro-government.

Israel’s downgrade is biased and “incomprehensible,” columnist Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post wrote Tuesday in an article titled “Freedom House Drinks Anti-Israel Kool-Aid.” [continues].

Flanders said...

I'm sure everyone here wishes that they could be in Thousand Oaks, California for the showa, and it's on the jew-Soviets favorite day, May 1. There is another one below this which sounds more appropriate for one we would attend.

"Dr. Levitsky will talk on how the Holocaust was experienced in the Jewish Catskills vacation areas and why she wrote a book about it; why the Shoah continues to be so important, and how the Shoah is being made relevant to the next generations. She will focus on the importance of teaching the Holocaust to new generations and how to make it relevant in a globalized, digitally connected world."


"These Christians are but a few of the 100,000,000 Christian innocents who were exterminated by the Anti-Christian Jewish Red Commissars in Russia under the orders of Trotsky, the Jewish Commissar of Commissars. Yet Spielberg will never Direct a "Schindler's List" Movie for them or their genocide. Why is that? Because Jews did it.

My relatives and my fellow Christians were murdered in the USSR under Jewish Marxism between 1917-1945, and many of the Marxists came to Russia from New York to do this to Christians in 1917 after Jacob Schiff, the Jewish anti-Christian maniac banker who owned The Guaranty National Trust, the largest bank in the United States, financed Lenin and Trotsky $35 million for the Red Revolution and the mass killing of these Christian souls. We must never forget this."

great white said...

"it’s only the attractive people who are asked to attend in a corporation- regardless of skills or positions."

So how come we see dindus in every fucking possible occasion?

I call BS on this.

SAVANT said...

@AnalogMan, that's essentially my point about the whole Good Jews/Bad Jews issue. The good ones are inaudible and invisible.

B/t/w I'm very surprised you got that comment posted on SBPDL. I thought they resolutely avoided the "J" word?

Anonymous said...

Common sense has prevailed at effing last

Anonymous said...

Yo Searcher my Bro. Whadup bro? How's it hangin my man?
Hangouts are good fun. The other thing with hangouts is you get passing traffic. People who are ripe for conversion. A sort of two birds one stone. With having other bloggers and Youtubers on not only do you get a more indepth view of that persons views it creates more traffic for both sites.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell I'm reading these comments bottom to top?
I think you're right. Best not to attack people who are giving honest opinion. We should watch for the troll attacks and then step up.


Anonymous said...

Im no fan of Ken Livingstone but I don't understand his current problem. He's accused of being a Nazi apologist. He's said that Hitler was pro-Israel before the war. I thought that the support of Hitlers regime for Jews going to Palestine was established fact.
Medals were stuck for those moving to Palestine. These medals have been on general sale. Here's a link that shows a couple of medals and tells the story.

A Jewish guy has even made a documentary about it. Wikipedia page.

If you haven't seen this film you might find it interesting. Even the Jew who made this film questions the Jew/German relationship pre and post war. His grandparents who are the subjects of the video remained in contact with their Nazi 'handler' post war.
Keeping on topic with this thread, where are the Jews saying that Livingstone is telling the truth?

Another case of re-writing history?


Anonymous said...

Yes it was Muslim migrants who attacked Sikhs germany

kulak said...

Good response Sav

A slightly different tack though is analogous to one for black complaints about racism or white privilege.

Simply leave our presence, our neighborhoods, our cities, our nations and you won't have to suffer any of that nasty old racism, privilege, or 'blame'.

If you know you're going to be blamed for whatever happens, as the writer claims, why force yourself in among us?

(A: It's a living. *shrug*)

Searcher said...

Can't Barage the Farage

nilus said...

jews , queers, naaazis, holocaust: Thursday night -4- 2016 UK TV

Ken "GAS THE CAKES, RICE WAR NOW" Livingston special :

amc 7pm "Keeping Up With The Steins"
"The (((Fiedler)))) and ((((Stein)))) families embark on a game of one-upmanship as they try to outdo each other in their lavish preparations for their 13-year-old sons' forthcoming bar mitzvah parties. "
Produced by
JEW A.D. Oppenheim . Written by
JEW Mark Zakarin ,Cinematography by
JEW Charles Minsky . Starring
JEW Daryl Sabara
JEW Jami Gertz
JEW Carter Jenkins
JEW Doris Roberts (Green)
JEW Jeremy Piven
JEW Sandra Taylor (Korn)
JEW Larry Miller
JEW Neil Diamond
JEW Richard Benjamin as Rabbi Schulberg

Dave 10pm "QIXL"
JEW FAGGOT Stephen fucking Fry and
JEW DYKE Sue Perkins

Channel 4 10.30pm "Batty Man"
FAGGOT Anal Carr "chats" to
JEW Simon Helberg

BBC2 10.30pm "Jewsnight" edited by
JEW Ian Katz, presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss: "ANTI-SEMITISM !!!!! SKREECH!!! KVETCH!!!"

BBC1 10.45 "Question Time" "ANTI-SEMITISM !!!!! SKREECH!!! KVETCH!!!"

Film4 11.15pm "The Duke Of Burghundy" A LESBIAN butterfly expert develops a sexual relationship with her LESBIAN housekeeper based on sadomasochism. However, while the servant revels in her submissive role, her employer begins to grow weary of dominating her lover, placing a strain on their life together. Drama with an all-female cast

ITV4 11.15pm "Gangs Of New York" starring
JEW Daniel Day-Lewis

BBC News 24 11.20 "Jewsnight" edited by
JEW Ian Katz, presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss: "ANTI-SEMITISM !!!!! SKREECH!!! KVETCH!!!"

ITV2 11.20 PM "Family K-ke" x 2 starring
JEW Alex Borstein
JEW Seth Green
JEW Kunis etc , written by

followed by "Plebs" starring
JEW Tom Rosenthal
JEW David Schneider, etc

MTV1 11.30 "Faking It"
"Liam and Shane have dinner with a rabbi,
QUEER Michael J. Willett and
JEW Gregg Sulkin . Created by
JEW Dana Min Goodman and
JEW Julia Wolov , Developed by
FAGGOT Carter Covington

Lifetime 11.45pm "Real Housewives Of"

ITVbe 12.00 "Real Housewives Of"

BBC Parliament 12.00 "Daily Politics" presented by
JEW Jo Coburn , with guest
JEW Sir Anthony Seldon "ANTI-SEMITISM !!!!! SKREECH!!! KVETCH!!!"

Channel 4 12.30 "Embarrassing Bodies"
FAGGOT Christian Jessen

Sony 12.00 "How to Look Good Naked"

E4 12am "Brooklyn Nine Nine" JEW/QUEER cop shitcom starring
JEW Andy Samberg
JEW Chelsea Peretti , etc

E4 "The Big Nose Theory"

Gold 12.35am "The Comic strip Presents" starring
JEW Alexei Sayle
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Comedy Central 12.40am "Billy On The Street" starring
JEW FAGGOT Billy Eichner, with guest
JEW Paul Rudd (Rudnitzsky)

followed by "South Park"
JEW Matt Stone, etc

Dave 12.55am "QI"


nilus said...

Film 4 1.20am "Stranger By The Lake" A gay man visits a secluded lake in search of sexual partners, and becomes infatuated with a mysterious stranger Michel. One night, he thinks he sees Michel murdering his previous lover, but decides to pursue a relationship in spite of the danger.

Yesterday Channel 1am "Annihilation" Lest We Forget The documentary concludes with a look at the lives of the survivors of the Holocaust as they arrived in Israel, exploring their difficult integration into society before Adolf Eichmann's trial in 1961 exposed the true horrors many of them faced at the hands of the NAAAAAZIs. Plus, the film examines the Simon Wiesenthal Centre's work to find perpetrators who are still alive, and asks where commemoration ends and tourist attraction begins when trying to preserve the culture and memory of those who were lost

BBC2 1.35am "The Sally Army And Me"

Russia Today 2.30am "Politicking With K. Larry King"

Channel 4 3.40am "Unreported World"
The Forgotten Holocaust Survivors
Krishnan Guru-Murthy travels to Israel to reveal how thousands of Holocaust survivors are spending their final days living in poverty, struggling to afford basic food and heating. Since the Second World War, the German government has paid into an international body, the Claims Conference. However, in 2009 the body was rocked by a scandal at its headquarters in New York, in which an estimated $57million was stolen through fraud. Some claim the Claims Conference still lacks accountability, though Shlomo Gur, of its Israel office, insists the organisation is transparent

Channel 4 5.05am "15 to 1"
DYKE Sandi Toksvig

followed by "Countdown"
JEW Rachel Riley

followed by "Will and Grace" x3
FAG-COM guest starring
JEW Joan Collins
JEW Deborah Messing

Quest 5am "Chop Shop"
JEW Bernie Fineman , doing Goy Work (badly)

ITV2 7.15 AM "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

ITV4 6am "Hogans Heroes" Hogan becomes frustrated when he attempts to destroy an important NAAAAZI convoy. US comedy, set in a German prisoner-of-war camp.

W 6.25 am "Who Do Jew Think Jew Are? USA "
JEW Josh Groban

Lifetime 5am "Pawn Stars"
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followed by "Hardcore Pawn"
JEW Cohen family

Universal 5am "Quincy" k-ke shite starring
JEW Jack Klugman , sniffin shiksa panties

Searcher said...

Britain First - invade the sharia court


Flanders said...

Sabotuer365 and Katana have a thread, with a video and transcript about this girl and her "Most Antisemitic Video Ever".

Whether she [Evalion] is an honest and wholesome White girl or a jewish shill is something I don't know for sure. I have not encountered her or studied her works before. This is my impression based strictly on my viewing of this particular video.

"I didn’t understand why Evalion has been called a jewish shill by some people as I watched this video – until the last two minutes of it. White people are finally awakening to the evil treasons of jewry, and the jews seek to impede and delay that awakening. That they seek to do so using guile placed behind a seemingly sweet and intelligent young girl should not be so surprising.

The jews are very eager to place question marks into people’s minds whereby White people will give them a pass because it is “only some of the jews”. It’s important that White people not fall for that trap which is intended to place them into confusion. The jews know how the White mind works and those jews who are experts at the psychological processes try to turn our good intentions against us. World jewry is aware that White people are seriously beginning to understand about the jewish subversions of our societies, and these jews will recount what is already known about the jews in order to subvert the thought process of Whites so that jewry can continue unimpeded with it’s evil works.

It is almost every jew who is involved in, or cooperating with, the jewish treasons being committed against White people and their White countries, and it’s not just “some” jews (with all their differing labels), and our people should not be mislead by implanted implications which weaken their White resolve by the intentional jewish subversions which are given in the last few minutes of what appears to be an otherwise good video."

Whether she is an innocent who is misguided by her own wish to be seen as a "do-gooder" or not is for you to decide. But, don't be blinded by honeypots when making evaluations.

Flanders said...

Old tires fight back against Zika.

"With summer approaching and concerns over Zika virus growing, a study performed in Guatemala is providing a timely and cost-effective solution to mosquito control.

Researchers developed a highly effective mosquito trap, called an ovillanta, using nothing more than 20-inch cut tire pieces hung in a certain fashion with a pheromone-laden non-toxic solution poured into the bottom, and a piece of floating wood or paper where female mosquitoes are drawn to lay their eggs.

This egg raft is removed twice a week, and the eggs are destroyed. The solution is drained out of a valve on the bottom of the tire piece, filtered and then reused in the tire. The trap is completely environmentally friendly, as no pesticides are sprayed."
"There were no new cases of dengue during the study, even though up to three dozen cases would normally be reported."

nilus said...

Faking It (2014 TV series)

Faking It is an American single-camera romantic comedy series that premiered on MTV on April 22, 2014. The series was created by JEW Dana Min Goodman and JEW Julia Wolov. FAGGOT Carter Covington developed the series and serves as the executive producer.
The series features the first intersex main character on a television show, and included television's first intersex character played by an intersex actor.

It stars
JEW Gregg Sulkin and
FAGGOT Michael Willett

"At Hester High School in the suburbs of Austin, being different is popular. After many failed attempts to stand out, Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) and her best friend (((Amy Raudenfeld))) are invited to a house party hosted by popular gay student Shane Harvey (FAGGOT Michael Willett), who is under the impression that the girls are a lesbian couple.
At the party they are subsequently outed as the school's first lesbian couple and unwillingly nominated for homecoming Queens. Continuing the charade as their popularity soars, Karma attracts the attention of the popular and handsome Liam Booker (JEW Gregg Sulkin), while Amy becomes aware of her growing romantic feelings for Karma."

Amy Raudenfeld, a junior at Hester High School and Karma's cynical best friend. She hesitantly agrees to Karma's plan of pretending to be lesbians for popularity, but realizes she might not actually be "faking it" after their first kiss, and, as their lie progresses, so do her romantic and sexual feelings for her best friend. Although, at first, she is not sure whether she is a lesbian, or solely attracted to Karma, she eventually decides she must move on and begins dating girls, even beginning a serious relationship, and is confused and angered by Karma's apparent jealousy. Amy also has issues with her conservative, former beauty queen, mother, who has a hard time dealing with her daughter's homosexuality, and who connects more to Amy's stepsister, Lauren, a near carbon copy of herself.

JEW Gregg Sulkin as Liam Booker, Shane's best friend, a mysterious and sexy artist who is the most desired boy at the school, and becomes secretly involved with Karma. At first, he is only attracted to her because of his desire to have sex with a lesbian, but he quickly realizes that he has developed real feelings for her; given his previous "player" status and lifestyle, and Amy's presence, his feelings for Karma often cause trouble for him.
Bailey De Young as Lauren Cooper, Amy's stepsister, and the new girl in school.


nilus said...

Highly conservative, she is furious and frustrated , aware that someone like her would almost certainly be highly popular in a "normal" school that didn't have such liberal-minded students. In season 2, it is revealed that she is intersex ; Initially a secret shared only with close friends, she faces major stress as more and more students discover. Lauren becomes very close with her new stepmother, Amy's mom, after realizing they enjoy the same things and that she relates more with her than with anyone at her school.

FAGGOT Michael Willett as Shane Harvey, the most popular boy in school who is openly gay . He is witty, straightforward and outgoing, and the best friend of both Liam and Amy. It is Shane who initially (erroneously) outs Karma and Amy as lesbians. He is also who brings attention to Lauren being intersex, when he publicly confronts her after hearing that she secretly takes pills, drawing attention to her situation, not realizing her need to take hormones. Shane becomes Amy's confidant as her feelings towards Karma develop. As of season 2, he has had two major love interests: a celibate Christian named Pablo, and later, a closeted, macho , wrestler named Duke, who eventually comes-out to please Shane, deepening their relationship."

Introduced in Season 2:
Skyler Maxon as Duke Lewis Jr., a MMA fighter and Shane's ex-boyfriend.
Cameron Moulène as Wade, the show's first bisexual identified character.

Introduced in Season 3:
Elliot Fletcher as Noah, the show's first transgender identified character, who is a member of the band, "Noah's Arc", and is a love interest of Shane's.
Sophia Taylor Ali as Sabrina, a childhood friend of Karma and Amy's and a love interest of Amy's.
McKaley Miller as Rachel, Liam's coworker and love interest, and the daughter of a rabbi.


Anonymous said...

It's only a game.the privilige game

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

An excellent response by kulak.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care what this, or any other Jew thinks.

Be gone!

You have Israel, move there. It is obvious Whites and Jews are not compatible.

Flanders said...

I've heard that Monsanto gets upset when news is reported by someone other than their sources, and I can't say that it is them, but you may encounter some "problems" when accessing this article, as I got a pop-up warning from some source which claimed to be from Microsoft, but I'm now accustomed to seeing such dirty tricks being used to suppress and censor information. Move your security levels to high when viewing if you are concerned.

"The issue surrounds the fact that Monsanto has been demanding that exporters inspect cargo to determine whether or not farmers had paid the requisite royalties to produce the company’s genetically modified soybeans. Monsanto is claiming that Argentine farmers have benefited immensely from the Intacta technology [a genetically engineered soybean] and is demanding that everyone pay to use it.

For about a year, Monsanto has been pressuring shipping companies and demanding that the companies notify it when crops produced with Intacta technology are scheduled to be exported without corresponding documentation proving that royalties had been paid to Monsanto."

Chris Ashton said...

When migrants commit rape, feminists don't care because these migrants have no power that the feminists can seize from them. Feminism is a power grab with a fake concern for women imho.

Guy in Berlin expressed concern for the victims of the Cologne attacks. Local woman was having none of it. The crimes if there were any and it had not been established that there were in her mind were commited over there (points towards Cologne a far away city) and the real victims were the perpetrators.

With brain donation like that she could be an England international like that Tuilagi guy.

Searcher said...

Ireland's population has always been "diverse"...

Oh here - this is funny - "legislate for love not hate"..

Published on Jan 28, 2016
Ireland, unlike most other EU countries, has no hate crime legislation. We are calling for the government to enact the Criminal Law (Hate Crime) Bill immediately, to protect minorities in Ireland.


"We need to send a clear message that racism and hate have no place in our communities and that our society should be inclusive of all. We must break the silence on hate crime, encourage people to report it, and find effective ways to address all forms of racism and prejudice."

Searcher said...

Afrophobia - you heard it here first folks...

Searcher said...

Who we are?
Sarah was elected in June 2013. She was previously Deputy Director at the Runnymede Trust, the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank. She runs Runnymede’s European and international programme, which includes coordinating the UK Race & Europe Network - a network of UK based non-governmental organisations interested in European race equality policies. Sarah has led Runnymede’s criminal justice work and written reports including Equal Respect: ASBOs and race equality and Preventing Racist Violence; Work with Potential Perpetrators: Learning from Practice to Policy Change.

Who funds these people?

Anonymous said...

Only in England could a disabled ex serviceman get beaten by 10 black youfs over a prang with his car
What's it all coming to

Eff the villa walks away wishing he had some kind of army training he could put to use hen the time comes
And it's coming

Searcher said...

ADL Urges Donald Trump to Reconsider “America First” in Foreign Policy Approach
New York, NY, April 28, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged presidential candidate Donald Trump to reconsider his use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan describing his approach to foreign affairs, citing its anti-Semitic use in the months before Pearl Harbor by a group of prominent Americans seeking to keep the nation out of World War II.

The most noteworthy leader of the “America First Committee” was Charles Lindbergh, who sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes, including assertions that Jews posed a threat to the U.S. because of their influence in motion pictures, radio, the press, and the government.

“The undercurrents of anti-Semitism and bigotry that characterized the America First movement – including the assumption that Jews who opposed the movement had their own agenda and were not acting in America’s best interest – is fortunately not a major concern today,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “However, for many Americans, the term ‘America First’ will always be associated with and tainted by this history. In a political season that already has prompted a national conversation about civility and tolerance, choosing a call to action historically associated with incivility and intolerance seems ill-advised.”

In a letter to Mr. Trump, ADL urged him to refrain from using the slogan in the future.

As a 501(c) (3) organization, ADL does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

Searcher said...

NGO - Equate Ireland

Equates Advisory Board:

An advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice and support to an organisation. The members of EQUATEs advisory board all work as volunteers. They each bring different areas of expertise and skills to help guide the work of EQUATE.

Declan Ryan:

Declan Ryan founded the One Foundation in 2004 as a high-impact venture philanthropy fund focusing on helping children, young people, migrants and other vulnerable sections of society in both Ireland and Vietnam. He is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship and social enterprise in Ireland through the DCU Ryan Academy and was named Irish Philanthropist of the Year in 2008

Ruairi Quinn TD:

Ruairí Quinn TD served as Minister for Education and Skills from 2011 to 2014. He has been a public representative since 1974 and a TD since 1977. He has served as a Minister in six different Departments, including as Minister for Finance and is a former leader of the Labour Party from 1997 to 2002.

Tanya Ward

Tanya Ward is the Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance since 2012. Previously, she was the Deputy Director at the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) where she worked for eight years. She has also worked with the Irish Centre for Migration Studies, the Irish Refugee Council, the Curriculum Development Unit and the City of Dublin VEC

Conor O’Mahony

Dr Conor O’Mahony has lectured in constitutional law in UCC since 2005, and is currently the Director of Graduate Studies in the Faculty and Deputy Director of the Child Law Clinic. He is the author of Educational Rights in Irish Law (2006) and has published numerous articles in international journals on family and children's rights, educational rights and special educational needs.

....The One Foundation>>>

Searcher said...
I couldn't actually ascertain who these private philanthropists are? Perhaps Declan Ryan, Dr. Tony Ryan's son of Ryanair fame?

I find it disturbing that a group with sufficient influence such that government officials, civil servants and Gárda chiefs would feel necessary to attend their conference, are so lacking in transparency. Who are these private philanthropists? Is the apparent secrecy due to the fact that these "private philanthropists" include the government, i.e. You and Me the Tax-payer? I would like to see some figures.

Declan Ryan (Co-Founder & Chairman)
Declan Ryan runs a private investment company called Irelandia Investments Ltd., which recently set up new low cost airlines in Asia (Tiger Airways) and Mexico (Viva Aerobus).

Declan was a director of Ryanair for 18 years from 1986 to 2004. He has held several senior management positions within Ryanair, including CEO.

Deirdre Mortell (Co-Founder & CEO)
Deirdre worked in senior fundraising and communications roles within the Irish NGO sector from 1993 - 2003. She has worked with Barnardos Ireland, Oxfam Ireland and served as Chair of the Irish Charities Tax Reform Groups.

Deirdre has a degree in business from University College Cork and a Masters Degree in Women’s Studies from Trinity College Dublin.

Emma Lane Spollen (Deputy CEO)
Emma leads Irish Investments at the One Foundation, with overall responsibility for Disadvantaged Children and Families, Youth Mental Health and Integration programmes.

Emma has over twelve years experience in both for-profit and not-for profit organisations in Ireland and abroad. From Shell International to Comhlámh (Advocacy & campaigning on International Development) as CEO (& COO). Emma has held a variety of Directorships including the Boards of Dochas, the NCCRI and the Irish Refugee Council.

Emma is a Chartered Management Accountant with a BA in History & Politics from Trinity.

Eoghan Stack (Acting Deputy CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager)
Eoghan Stack is acting Deputy CEO for the One Foundation, responsible for One Foundation’s Irish strategy, and specifically for building the capacity and effectiveness of One Foundation’s portfolio organisations through strategy development, business planning, and performance management of One’s 22 current investments. As Senior Portfolio Manager, Eoghan is responsible for leading One’s investments in youth mental health and the integration of minorities, including 2 of our largest investments – Educate Together and Headstrong.

Prior to the One Foundation, Eoghan spent eight years with 3Com’s R&D team designing integrated circuits and is an Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering graduate of University College Cork.

Vicky Brown (Portfolio Manager)
Vicky Brown is Portfolio Manager for the Disadvantaged Children & Families programme at the One Foundation. Prior to this, Vicky spent 5 years in New York, working in advertising and direct marketing for both commercial and non-profit clients. On returning to Ireland, she took a role in the retail marketing division at the Bank of Ireland, before moving to Barnardos where she held a number of senior fundraising positions.

Vicky has a degree in Psychology from UCD and a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations.

Orla Kelly (Office Manager)
Prior to joining One Foundation Orla worked with Ballymun Partnership.

Searcher said...

Richard O'Donnell (Portfolio Analyst)
Prior to joining the One Foundation, Richard worked with the Strategic Learning and Evaluation Team in the Atlantic Philanthropies. Richard holds a First Class Honours Bachelor of Business Studies Degree and a Master of Science in International Business from the UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business.

David O'Brien (Portfolio Analyst)
David is a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts in Business and Politics. Prior to joining the One Foundation, David held a management position in the food business sector.

Who are these people? What are their political connections?

Searcher said...

Common Purpose

Organisation: Common Purpose Ireland
Common Purpose finds leaders everywhere from all ages, backgrounds and in every sector - private, public and not-for-profit and we bring them together to learn from each other and begin to understand they have a common goal.

Information about your organisation / company:
We have identified a need for greater connections amongst leaders in society. There are problems that affect all of our businesses and personal lives that cannot be solved by one person or organisation. The response requires a more concerted effort. That is where Common Purpose and our leadership programmes fit. We provide people with knowledge and networks they need to tackle old problems in new ways. We give leaders an understanding of where they fit into the bigger picture and how to influence people who see the world in a different way.

There are more than 6

Common Purpose graduates throughout Ireland who consistently say they have gained benefits such as:
- broader perspective
- better decision-making
- new ways of thinking
- personal satisfaction.

Our programmes are unique because they are deliberately cross-sector, they are locally rooted and draw on real problems.

Whether you are already a leader or are on your way to becoming one Common Purpose has a programme for you. See how you can gain new competencies through an innovate approach to leadership development, how your organisation can benefit from stronger, more inspired, better-networked leaders who are closer to the community and how we can all benefit from cross-sector understanding and initiative.

Training experience and qualifications:
Common Purpose has been running programmes in Ireland for 1
years. All of our programmes are 'chaired' by specifically trained and experienced Programme Directors who facilitate diversely structured sessions between participants and local leaders, allowing them to explore and tackle real leadership issues in their region.

Clare Cork Dublin Limerick Tipperary
List of clients and organisations you have previously provided training to:
Office of the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner
Bluebell Youth Project
The Depaul Trust
McCann FitzGerald Solicitors
Dublin Institute of Technology
Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Bank Ltd
Aoife Cassidy & Associates Sustainable Development Practice
Ballymun Regeneration Ltd
Department of Transport
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
South Dublin County Council
Department of Finance
Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform
The Abbey Theatre
Homeless Agency
Department of Health and Children
Mater Private Hospital
Dublin West Community Church
Irish Prison Service
Tesco Ireland
Irish Estates (Management) Limited
AIB Capital Markets
Department of Education and Science
The Wheel
Fingal County Council
Vhi Healthcare
Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment
The One Foundation

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

I'm very surprised you got that comment posted on SBPDL. I thought they resolutely avoided the "J" word?

Yes, they do, which is why you'll always see them referred to there as "TWMNBN" (Those Who Must Not Be Named), or "YKW" (You Know Who) or "Saturday people". Sometimes Eskimoes. I think that's partly for the benefit of bots policing Blogger sites; I know he lost an advertising contract because of somebody getting the vapours over The N-word. That's not the whole story, though. He seems to be very sensitive to Holocaust Denial.

It's a bit of a crapshoot. Some people there seem to be able to get away with stuff that I never could.

That's OK, though. It's a single-issue blog, and he does good work. Good research. He doesn't want to get distracted from his main focus. Lots of people start their journey there. Also, that's his living, and he can't afford to make enemies. I go there for milk, here for meat.

FOD said...

Christ, the ADL have some fucking nerve. Deeming "America First" to be offensive. But understandable that dual-citizens would feel touchy about that term.

Anonymous said...

Flanders said :-
"I didn’t understand why Evalion has been called a jewish shill by some people as I watched this video – until the last two minutes of it."

We need more shills like Evalion. She baked cakes with swastikas on and sang 'Happy Birthday' in front of a photo of Adolf on his birthday.
Read Mein Kampf and comments on how good it is. Raves about Julius Streicher.
Hates Feminism.
Calls blacks, niggers.
Hates gays.
Says how good NS Germany was.

I think the Jews may have pushed that one step too far if she's a shill.
Having said that the one thing I do worry about is.....her safety.
She is very forthright if you watch the rest of her vids. She's so advanced for an 18 y.o. girl. She genuinly does seem to have looked into things for the last eight years. Her knowledge and admiration of the right people is par excellence.
On the one hand I feel she should be given some advice. The problem is how do you give an 18 y.o. advice that she would act on. Even if she did it would take away that natural ability she has to, well, be natural.
This is something new that God has handed to us. She isn't a shill. This is the first time we have had someone who has the ability to make people listen.
Us, we are old men. The others that are at the front of the Alt-Right are old men or teenagers with zits. There are a few good ladies (good looking too).
WE NEED YOUNG BLOOD! Evalion will appear to thos pre-pubsecent kids who will dream about being in SS uniforms and making sweet music. Hundreds of young teens will fall in love with this older girl. If she could be promoted into the mainstream alt-right circles we will have (or she will have) built a monster. Evalion could bring out her own range of dolls. Evalion as Eva Braun. Evalion as Ilse Koch. The possibilities are endless.
Millenial Woes appeals to other millenials who think, and perhaps are, alt-right intellectuals.
Evalion just says it as it is. With backed up refrences.
I don't buy that she's a shill.
It may be because of my next comment.
Please read.


kulak said...

Iron Felix wrote:

It is this central idea, toxic and destructive as it is, which should be combatted, and ad hominem attacks upon Jews simply because they are Jews should, in reason and justice, be eschewed.

They're just nutjobs. Don't argue with crazy people.

Nutjobs should be carefully watched, sometimes medicated, and sometimes put into an asylum, for everybody's good.

That asylum is the state of Israel.

kulak said...

The most noteworthy leader of the “America First Committee” was Charles Lindbergh, who sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes, including assertions that Jews posed a threat to the U.S. because of their influence in motion pictures, radio, the press, and the government.

Other members and supporters:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Frank Lloyd Wright
Alice Roosevelt
Walt Disney
Sinclair Lewis
E.E. Cummings
Gerald Ford
Gore Vidal

For shame! :O

kulak said...


However, Jews are overwhelmingly over-represented in every movement working towards this end. Briefly I'm referring to feminism, cultural relativism, bogus equality theories, affirmative action, open borders (for White countries only) the degradation of art and entertainment. And here's another point. They are overwhelmingly under-represented among those of us fighting back.

Exactly why the vast majority of Jews will never support Amren, for example.

Because once you frame the undesirability of blacks, or Mexicans, or any group in this way (small differences in means making for large differences in tails)... (will Iron Felix call the same reasoning about blacks ad hominem? No, because he'd simply be laughed off the stage...)

They KNOW what you'll find when you start looking into other things.

The guilty flee though no man pursues.

AnalogMan said...

"America First".

Did you read the speech?

Fred Kaplan (good old Irish name) has an article at Slate where he calls it "an incoherent mess". He wrote an incoherent article about it.

My favourite part was:

No one dollar can be wasted. Not one single dollar can we waste. We’re also going to have to change our trade, immigration and economic policies to make our economy strong again. And to put Americans first again.

Neither in the speech nor in any commentary have I read any mention of the most obvious implication. Does this mean no more foreign aid? No more handouts to Africa? Are we finally going to stop feeding them? That would be the single most cost effective and simplest thing he could do for the world, and for America.

Anonymous said...

This is part of an email from my youngest son.
We have come to a crossroad here and which path we take is entirely up to you. You can leave me to lead my life in the way I see fit, without you continually pushing your (what I find to be) offensive political opinions on me and my family. This option will allow you to enjoy the family that you have left and be part of (grandsons’ name) life and watch him growing up. Or you can take the option where you continue down this path and I will do exactly what (other son) has done and hang up the phone for good.
Please do not email me back with pages of your so called "truth" as this will only infuriate me further and will only act in telling me that this view you hold is of greater value to you than our relationship.
I love you dad but this cannot go on and will not go on. The choice is yours.

Guys and gals. This is really difficult for me to write.
I love my kids. I do feel separated since I got divorced. I haven't seen much of my gran children anyway.
This email has been hanging around waiting for a reply.
I suppose the main question that needs answering is 'Do I love my kids and grand-kids more than my views?
One of my best friends and one of the most decent friends I have ever had was shot and died in Ireland. Once when I was in deep, deep shit he was there to help. He could have fucked off and left me but he didn't. He won't be having kids.
I think of mothers during both world wars who received telegrams or officers knocking at the door to be told her son had died. Then the same thing again. And again. Fighting for this country she has lost three sons. I think about the bravery of the Dambusters. The Battle of Britain Pilots. The men who stormed the Normandy beaches. The men of my Regiment who had died at Loos, Somme, Ypres, Arras, Monte Camino, Anzio, Nijmegen. At Waterloo, Alma, Inkerman. In fact from Tangier (1680) to the present day gulf. We can argue the rights and wrongs of wars but the common soldier was fighting for his family and country. A homeland that was safe for his family. If you die your mates will still benefit. If he dies you benefit. We know this as soldiers and do it. I may not have been a soldier for over thirty years but I hold the ideals and attachments to those men dearly to my heart. I'm proud to have made that statement:- 'I love my country and I love my countries people. I will die for it'.
I have told this story on here a few times.
My Father had served all the way through WWII. Evacuated from Dunkirk to Normandy landings and fighting up through Europe. We were talking about the state of Britain and the immigrants one day when with tears in his eyes he said 'I wish we had lost'.
That was probably the defining moment for me. He thought we would have been better off under the Germans. That was my ticket to finding out about Hitler. Most of the stuff at the time was not complimentary. The National Front gave out some good stuff but best of all the internet was in its infancy and I found everything I could. I wouldn't say I'm a hard-line National Socialist but I have leanings. Along this path I kept picking up little bits about the holocaust being a lie. I investigated this and discovered it was a lie. I started to wonder about Islam. The more I found the more I hated it. I knew this was not simply immigration it was an invasion of a poisonous ideology.

Anonymous said...

I think of mothers during both world wars who received telegrams or officers knocking at the door to be told her son had died. Then the same thing again. And again. Fighting for this country she has lost three sons. I think about the bravery of the Dambusters. The Battle of Britain Pilots. The men who stormed the Normandy beaches. The men of my Regiment who had died at Loos, Somme, Ypres, Arras, Monte Camino, Anzio, Nijmegen. At Waterloo, Alma, Inkerman. In fact from Tangier (1680) to the present day gulf. We can argue the rights and wrongs of wars but the common soldier was fighting for his family and country. A homeland that was safe for his family. If you die your mates will still benefit. If he dies you benefit. We know this as soldiers and do it. I may not have been a soldier for over thirty years but I hold the ideals and attachments to those men dearly to my heart. I'm proud to have made that statement:- 'I love my country and I love my countries people. I will die for it'.
I have told this story on here a few times.
My Father had served all the way through WWII. Evacuated from Dunkirk to Normandy landings and fighting up through Europe. We were talking about the state of Britain and the immigrants one day when with tears in his eyes he said 'I wish we had lost'.
That was probably the defining moment for me. He thought we would have been better off under the Germans. That was my ticket to finding out about Hitler. Most of the stuff at the time was not complimentary. The National Front gave out some good stuff but best of all the internet was in its infancy and I found everything I could. I wouldn't say I'm a hard-line National Socialist but I have leanings. Along this path I kept picking up little bits about the holocaust being a lie. I investigated this and discovered it was a lie. I started to wonder about Islam. The more I found the more I hated it. I knew this was not simply immigration it was an invasion of a poisonous ideology.
One day my son said 'what does it matter if the holocaust is true or not. It serves as a great example of man’s inhumanity to man'. I thought this was an excellent point. I got to thinking about who benefitted from this though. It wasn't being served up as a strictly 'man’s humanity' thing. This made me even angrier. I found out about the control Jews now had. How the State of Israel was founded because of the Jews alleged suffering. I found out about the amount of money and weapons the USA gave to Israel. By now I was a man that did live on hate. I then discovered who was behind the immigration in to my (our) countries and why. I first found out the Protocols and read them. I read Ford and the International Jew. I found out about the Frankfurt School and researched them. Then the Kalergi Plan and read about that. By now I was a seething mass of hate and bile (and still am!) When I read The Holocaust Industry by a Jew that was my fate sealed. There was no turning back. I tell everybody! I probably come across as a mad man to most but some I enlighten.
So this is the way I feel. I love my country and hate seeing it invaded. I owe loyalty to the living and dead soldiers of my Regiment and country. Men who would feel the same as me if alive.
I was talking to a really nice Hindu guy today. I said to him 'You do know we have really big problems coming?' He said 'We all do. The Hindu community is very aware and we know who will be creating those problems. The problem we discuss is you British. We like you. You have given us a good home and a chance to carry out business that we wouldn't have had the chance of in India. Our standard of living is far higher than our brothers in India. We are grateful for these things. We worry because we don't know which way the British man will fight. Will he want to fight the Muslims with our help on his side or will he just want to fight all black and brown people? ‘A fair question to which I have no answer. Not bad eh? A xenophobic racist Fascist talking to a brown guy!

Anonymous said...

My son is a cucked SJW. He has a good job and so do the other kids. I must mention now that the girl is a lesbian and is 'married' and they have had artificial insemination for a baby who is probably about two now. I never seen him, never been to their home. The whole idea disgusts me. I don't mind that she's a lesbian. I hate lesbians having children. It's not normal. It's not right.
I have two sons who are cucked SJWs with good jobs.
I have a lesbian daughter who I love and loathe at the same time.
I have two sons that tell me if I mention my views I'm out. I won't see my grand-children again. I love my grand-children; I love and loathe my sons at the same time. I wonder how I let things get to this state, I really do. They think the vast majority of Muslims are peace loving people who will integrate into the great British melting pot that is diversity. They will never debate with me. That's normal for SJWs. No matter how many logical facts you put before them they don't believe them. Now they aren't prepared to listen because my arguments and points of view are 'offensive'. (Vile in another part of the email).
I desperately love, and want to see, my grand-children. On the other hand I hate being told what I can and can't say. This will create an atmosphere any way. I'm fairly certain that they won't let me see the grand-kids on their own. I don't think I could get a court judgement to see them for the very reasons stated.
I don't see why I should give up my loyalty to my dead friend, my fallen comrades from numerous wars. I don't think I can give up my loyalty to those who have made enormous sacrifice to give me what I have now. I cannot betray or be silent about what's happening to my country and countrymen. I cannot be forced into silence about the betrayal of my white European and American brothers.
I really don't want to but feel that I must write my children and grand-children out of my life. To not do so would be to betray all those who have gone before. To give in strengthens their delusion. To not be able to speak is the silencing of argument. It's in a small way. When they want to censor others by my giving in I have set a small precedent.
I have a duty as a Father and Grand-Father to point out the dangers of the world. I should never stop those warnings under any circumstances
Am I right to loose contact and stick by my values? Should I just bite the bullet and give in?

Sorry if some overlapped.

James said...

Actually, the South African reader was right. NAJALT:

Once upon a time, the worst troll ever on this blog said he was just an unpopular fringe lunatic and the majority of Jews didn't share his (worse than Nazi) views.

When he died, 800,000 Israelis went to his funeral. Feet speaks volumes more than lips it seems.

On a related note..

The vast majority of Christopher Columbuses had nothing to do with the genocide in America.

But one did.

In a delicious irony, the Jewish Communist historian Howard Zinn
spent the first part of his classic, Peoples' History of the United States
excoriating the goyim for Christopher Columbus' atrocities. Turns out Columbus was Jewish. In fact, as the Dearborn Independent explained in 1920, the rapacity of Western imperialism largely can be attributed to Jewish finance in the guise of national interest.

Uh oh. Is that why Jews didn't call him the Einstein of exploration all these years? I guess the vast majority of Jews didn't know about this, but it will take about 14.88 seconds for the vast majority of jews to go on the defensive here. The vast majority of Jews never own up to their criminals and mass murderers.

The vast majority of gentiles are blamed for crimes committed by Jews, but the one thing we must all try to remember is that the vast majority of Jews had nothing to do with those crimes. Never mind the stinking Goyim getting the blame since they would have done it anyway if they had the brains.

That's about how it is. Correct? The vast majority of jews dindu nuffin.

So what about the minority? Well there are criminals in every race, so why pick on the Jews?

We could talk about this for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he get it? She is very obviously power hungry. She had to keep Bill, the charming, charismatic muh glorious leader. Without Bill she was/is what exactly? What is her motivation?

She is reported to have had multiple empowering abortions but was advised to keep Chelsea because having a kid is good for politics.

Funny, the US must be different. Being a Lezzo didn't stop Helen Clark heading straight for the UN.

Don't worry Uncle Nasty, she's after the United Nations top job. Bet she doesn't sniff the seat Kofi Annan used to sit in.

James said...

Searcher said
I believe that many of the destroyers actually think they they are doing good.

Yes, they think destroying the white race is good. Some thing destroying the world is good.

Overall, many think actual EVIL is good. Why? because if you completely corrupt the world, and almost destroy it utterly, then God will be forced to intervene - he will actually come down to earth! And that is a good thing, right?

Are they mad? Well yes, if they fail. No, if it works. Is it worth trying to see if it does work? Well that depends who you ask..

The "vast majority of Jews" don't think that way and would say no, of course.

Unfortunately "the vast majority of Jews" are just more Goyim to the Jewish elite and will be easily sacrificed when the time comes.

The "vast majority of Jews" would report Jewish crimes to the police, wouldn't they?

Perhaps "the vast majority of Jews" might explain it like this:

Neftali Ben Yosef7 months ago
Maybe you guys are not understanding. The way Judaism works is whatever happens between us stays between us and if something serious happens you dont take your brother to the coart of the Gentiles, you must take him to the Jewish coart and see how they wanna deal with it because gentile coarts dont pass laws that the Torah says, only the Jewish coart does. For example for a Violation of the Law such as stealing in a regular coart u would be sent to jail for a few years where as in a Jewish coart you are to pay the person whom you stole from double so if you stole from him 1000 you now must pay him 2000, etc. We do things different, its our religion, muslims do go to the police for their issues they deal with it withen their own communities and so do the Amish and other groups so why is it when the Jews do the same thing we are the devil himself. This is not the only time that Jews are critisized for what some minority groups do even more worse than they. Its pure Hypocracy. Now on the other hand if the man is harboring a pedofile that has commited a crime then yes he is a criminal in our own Torah and must be dealt with. But the lady even said that he said "Forbidden to report it to non Jewish authority" which is true cause then it riles up all you ignorant mother fuckers in the comment section to now start classifing all Jews as rapist or murderers, etc. Man of the world thought like most people think and act when it comes to the Jews there wouldnt be no world left. Also ya guys with the racist bs ya spill through ya mouth would be the same people singing kumbiyah and going to black lives matter and singing about equality, not that hypocracy itself should merit death.

Unfortunately for this representative of "the vast majority of Jews", his attempt at preventing anti semitism is BS. Pedophilia in orthodox Judaism is not a crime to them - in fact it is a RIGHT! They do it all the time and punish very harshly anyone who interferes. Makow has articles on this.

This Neftali guy is a liar. Once again, blaming the gentiles for something Jews have done. Scapegoating is their #2 hobby, second only to making money. Or maybe its number 1 all things considered.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Negress teacher fired for saying jews are ruining America:

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>Who funds these people?<<< Who creates all wealth? They fund everything.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Last paragraphs of Evalion video [katana]:

I believe that today the Jews really can’t help themselves. And that’s why I don’t hate them. We are all animals with instincts telling us what we need to do to survive. The nations of the past who removed the parasitic jew did so because of their instincts. The jew was a parasite because of his own instincts. And, as I said before, you do need to think very carefully about this. You need to study the facts and come up with your own conclusion. It’s difficult for many people to understand the Jews because they can’t relate to them.

They are really such a unique ethnic group.

I find it very difficult to summon my thoughts on the Jews in a comprehensible manner. I went to school with Jews. I even lived with a jewish family friend for a little while, so I have had a lot of experience with jewish people and culture

I don’t believe that every single jew is promoting evil. But it is very clear to me that although people argue because Jews cured polio and have so many Nobel prizes, that they contribute more positive things to our society than negatives, the Jews bring with them a unique destructive force.

Comment- The sentence "But it is" can be misread as "because jews cured polio. . .etc.", leaving out "although people argue." She is not saying these good things about jews- rather, others say these things. "It is very clear to me that. . .the Jews bring with them a unique destructive force" And what "others say re jewish achievement" does NOT mitigate them as a unique destructive force.

And, you know, there are evil people in every race. But there is no race that is as destructive as the jew.

Thanks for watching guys. And stay sane.

Anonymous said...

Some more run of the mill innocent jews

Ready2Invest was run by Jonty and Alice Crossick,

Flanders said...

This is from a commenter, Tom, at another site, and if there were more time available (June is my understanding) this would be a good cause for everyone to rally behind, if the facts are as they appear to be. Maybe someone will have some ideas. Regardless it needs to be known, and these types of future situations remedied.



We have all heard the mantra of “keeping immigrant families together” as a justification for keeping illegal Latinos and other “immigrants” in the U.S. because they may have an “anchor baby” or because “the children have grown up in the U.S. and don’t know any other life.”

We also hear endless propaganda about so-called “rainbow families”–unrelated people living together and homosexual couples “who should not be denied the benefit of having children and adopting.”

Finally, we are told large numbers of nonwhite refugee children must be allowed into the U.S. and other formerly-white-majority countries because of the grave dangers they face. This includes more than 50,000 unaccompanied minors from Central America.

But in the case of a white South African boy who just turned 18–and spent most of his life living with his beloved grandparents in the U.S. State of Oregon–a game of cat-and-mouse by the INS will result in his deportation to a poverty-, crime- and murder-ridden country (South Africa) he is absolutely unfamiliar with. In that country, “Kill the Boer” is a frequent chant at political rallies. And valuable lands and resources have been expropriated from Boer whites (often horrifically murdered in the process) by thugs sanctioned by the black-majority communist ANC government.

The youth facing deportation, Jaun Erasmus, is Boer.

Read the details in the following article:

Flanders said...

Misanthropic Division Doctrine

Let those who commit treason with the Zionist destroyer, or sit on the fence, be aware.
If we are successful in our goal, expressed in the Fourteen Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” …then your treachery will be appropriately rewarded. If not, and the White race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world.
Therefore, we, the aware body of those people identified historically and properly as the Aryan (or White) race, declare the following…

Flanders said...

The posting at this link is one which should be understood by every White man. It is aimed at the people in Europe, but it applies equally to those of the US and all White countries. It is on more than just "Breivik and Violence".

Flanders said...

If it is only the "Big jews", then what are these jews? - These jews seem itsy-bitsy whenever they are viewed alone, but banded together in a gang (under the "friendly" protection of "the HATE laws" passed by the Big jews, and with the "loving support" from their communal kosher kehillahs') these jews are collectively less than equal to a half-sized and one-armed White man.

red pill said...

Regarding Evalion, as you say Flanders we should make our own minds up. My position is to ask whether the balance is positive or negative. In her case it's overwhelmingly positive.

Tharg said...

Gore Vidal of America First fame is a cousin of Al Gore who stayed with the Westaro Baptist church family when campaigning in 2000AD. Aithnionn ciorog ciorog eile

Anonymous said...

Look at these fuckwit goy sycophants badgering "Red Ken" the notoriouos leftist commie who defended a Labourite Paki MP for slagging off the Jews ROFL Sometimes I'm truly ashamed to be white. Could you imagine a Jew other than Brother Nathaneal having a go ata fellow Jew for slagging off Caucasians ?

Anonymous said...

Look at this cunt called Mann

The kikes are terrified about the rotting can of worms spilling out its contents

Beyonce Z said...

Bruce Sprungsfeld the working class farmer from New Jersey cancelled Greensboro North Carolina with 48 hours notice in protest at anti-LBGT legislation. Queen Bey cancels Nashville Tennessee with 168 hours notice which is even more effective because Beyonce is Queen Bey as you can read in one of the 16 articles in The guardian about her.

Anonymous said...

They didn't mind lumping all us Brits together
under the banner of that evil, colonialist
British Empire even though 99% of us
ordinary folk had nowt to do with it and
certainly didn't profit from it.
So all jews will forever be a part
of their nations current and fast-moving
globalist empire building,regardless of
their individual participation or
lack of!

Anonymous said...

Analog Man, sounds as though you have a very messed up family. Gay daughter, divorced, two sons who have the backbone of a jellyfish. I have four children myself and always found that if they didn't respect me, they wouldn't listen to me on anything. Luckily I learned this lesson early on.

Anonymous said...

With my Irish celtic ancestors if I grow a beard it's a ginger beard and I'm proud of that

But look at the above twat. No orang u tang jokes please it's racist

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day from colonel Richard kemp ex commander of British forces

When the Refugee Convention was drawn up was it envisaged that fighting age male cowards would run away & abandon women & children in a war zone?

Eff the villa

Corkonian said...

You know those people who complain about the last two minutes of that girl's (Evalion) video totally piss me off. Unless someone agrees 100% with them, if they include anything even slightly nuanced, they go and blow a gasket, called them jew bastards etc.. These people will never convince anyone and are about as effective as your average manic street preacher. As such they are worse than useless to the White cause

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Analog Man, sounds as though you have a very messed up family.

No, mistaken identity. That was Lemmyhead. I'm very proud of my three children and 15 grandchildren. Congratulations on your family; you seem to have done it right. Although, I can testify that luck has a lot to do with it. I know better men than me who were not as lucky, and whose children turned out disastrously.

Lemmyhead, I don't know what to tell you. Life has placed you in an impossible position. I can only try to imagine myself in your place. This is my view, for what it's worth (which, I warn you, is precisely nothing):

Your son has already changed the terms of your relationship. It will never be the same again, so don't even think of carrying on as normal. If it were me, I think I would respect his position as head of his home, but at the same time resent the subordinate role he wanted to force on me. Consequently, I would not visit him at home any more. All future interaction would be on my, or neutral ground. If he never comes to see me, that's his choice.

If he doesn't want to hear your views, or have you speak of them to his children, you must respect that; but you have no obligation to renounce your views, or try to hide them. He must decide if he can live with that. There are many other values that are less controversial, that your grandkids need to learn (and won't learn from their parents). Concentrate on those, and cultivate their respect and trust, so that when they are grown, they will not reflexively reject your views.

You seem to be an honourable man, and I'm sure whatever you decide to do will reflect that. Unfortunately, that's no guarantee that it will be right, and it's pretty sure to be painful, whichever way it goes. Best of luck.

Searcher said...


Do you know that man who sent the email to his children? If so, you might send him this as a message:

I take it that he is a Baby Boomer with GenX children.

He needs to realize that his children's values have to a large extent moulded by the education system and the media. Also the more educated they are, the less connected they probably are to race. Would a Chinese man walk into an English shop and start speaking Chinese as if the English shop assistant should understand? Of course not. The point I am trying to make is that he needs to bridge a gap between himself and his children and communicate with them in a way that respects the fact that their world view and self-concept is different to his.

I personally never really gave much priority to my parents on politics or history, since they were pretty narrowly focused individuals and a hindrance rather than a help when it came to education beyond a certain point. They seemed out of touch and I completely disregarded them when they warned me to stay away from Racial Group X, Y and Z. 3 specific groups I was warned off. They just expected to be followed. When they were wrong on so many other things and incompetent in so many other ways, why on earth would I listen to their views, views that I had learnt at school were "racist". By the way, I don't see them as incompetent now, but I am speaking about the school vs parents values.

I was also taught at school how to treat racists. I was to say, "I am not going to talk to you about this anymore and I am not a friend of a racist". I kid you not. Having a good memory is useful, because I can even remember the classroom and being taught this "role play". I questioned everything as a child and wondered why on earth we were being taught all this anti-racist stuff when we didn't live in the US or the UK. Did my parents realize that this was going on? Of course not.

If his children are of the get along mentality and rarely uttered WHY when they were children, then Grandad needs to realize that his children are the norm. His children will reflect the values of the predominant culture. His children probably outsource practically all their opinions to education/media/friends; so he is an inconvenience to their world-view. This does not in any way make them bad people. If they are that angry with him, he could pause and reflect on whether he could improve his communication skills. Most people are not particularly good communicators because they are poor listeners and don't see the other person's POV.

His children will switch and "wake up" when there is a huge crisis. That is the only way that they will change their opinion. Either that, or someone who is a redpiller in their social circle wakes them. up. In the meantime, he can teach his grandchildren through metaphor. Chicken Licken = climate change. Rumplestiltskin = bank bailouts. He can teach them Hens and Geese.

Children need granddads for love, protection and skills, more than they need them for red pilling advice.

Grandad could focus his energies on keeping a diary, blogging. Meeting up with like minded sorts. Focus on the positive. No point in getting ulcers/blood pressure problems. Look after himself and agree to disagree with the children.

Searcher said...

PS A lot of my family and friends are "sheeple", SJW types and bleeding heart types. You don't feed a baby steak. Milk, mush, semi-solids then steak. IMHO it doesn't really matter hugely right now. There are people who have influence within their social circle, and people who do not. People who are listened to and people who are not. The internet helps join like minded people together. The fact that the message is getting out there is good. He could focus his energies on putting together a library of key works for safe keeping or recording his thoughts on video/print. The internet offers a world outside his own family for sharing thoughts and can help him deal with the despair and hate.

Grandad might also bear in mind that a lot of Gen X have been influenced to think of their parents as "toxic" or "unhealthy". Cutting off from FOO (family of origin) is fairly common advice. Stick in there. Keep a red pill stash of information and enjoy the grandchildren. Be thankful that the children are healthy and employed. Give thanks for every blessing.

Searcher said...

PS Lemmyhead

If that is actually you who is the grandad, forgive me - I thought you were a lot younger!

Anyhow, I was just thinking, someone had some "unhelpful" "unassseptible" comment about your children being spineless and something else. File under "I" for Ignore.

The way I see it, is that you were a success as a dad and here is why:
- Your children are all in well-paid jobs. Congrats :-)
- Your children have gone forth and multiplied. Congrats :-)
- They have not joined cults or are sitting about on the streets like Occupy Wall Street :-) Congrats.
- They have a strong sense of responsibility for their own children. Congrats :-)

There is a very special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. I adored my grandparents because their love was doting and endearing. Any tension between my parents and my grandparents was exceptionally nerve wracking but my loyalties were always to my parents (as is normal).

Look I give out about SJWs etc but there are "professional SJWs" in my own family. "Sheeple" are practically everyone I know :-) I have a few bleeding heart friends. I know women who come out feminist crap.

It will get worse before it gets better. But don't isolate yourself from family. Keep communicating with people who can see your POV, but be careful not to turn on your family for what are essentially common or garden views. Their views can change and they probably will be forced to change in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital was on the Alex Jones show about 3-4 weeks ago. Had the audacity to state that there is no blame on the part of the Rothschilds for the globe's financial or other messes. A statement like that shows you that no matter how horrible and destructive the tribe members are, they defend or deflect the blame from each other. Keep in mind that this swine's father spent years in jail refusing to pay the interest on the money the Rothschilds print out of thin air (aka income taxes). Statements like these are why they are so hated. They do not worship the same God as us and they do not have the morality that is instilled in us.

Lepers, all of them.

SAVANT said...

I take your point about Peter Schiff. And whereas I'd be a bit more open minded on the subject I'd always be suspicious of a Jew's first loyalty until it's been fully demonstrated. As many have by the way.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was harmony throughout the planet. I know there are good Jews who mean well and have done nothing wrong. I know they are in the same predicament. Fear. I wish we were aligned. Jared Taylor once said that some Jews told him... we should align ourselves with those who want to kill us? Excuse me, how did this all start? Jews do not want to just kill us, they also want to destroy every remnant of whites and our civilizations. They have attacked us repeatedly throughout history and we have attempted to defend ourselves from further destruction by removing them - not killing them - from our societies. Banning them in a defensive posture. Kicking a people out of your nations for destructive & parasitic tendencies is a defensive posture. WWII, itself, was a holocaust. A holocaust was the Holodomor. A holocaust was the Armenian genocide. A holocaust was the Russian Revolution. A holocaust was the theft of Palestine and the continued raping of her people, the real Semites. We have never attempted to annihilate the Jews. We take taken their rap for slavery, too. The problems with these people are endless. They have a lot of making up to do if they want to end it. And, a helluva lot of reparations - and refunds - in their future.

To make it clear, I don't want to kill anyone. However, I do believe those individuals that are truly guilty of atrocities should hang by the neck or worse. Jews can start by getting the courage up to start the real reversal. I, personally, don't have much hope. In fact, none. Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

A to Zion - The definitive Israeli Lexicon is a fictitious alphabetic satirical lexicon.

A is for Anti-Semites and for Arabs, B is for BBC and Britain, and so on for the entire alphabet. This book is for everyone.

Containing important and eye-opening definitions like:

Bar Mitzvah – the moment when the male Jew accepts that his foreskin is not going to grow back

Canaan – the land of milking money

Catch 22 – free ham

Humus – a traditional Jewish Polish vegetarian dish brought to the Middle East by Zionist pioneers. Not to be confused with Hamas

Jewish mother – Just like a Jewish father but with balls

Water – is vital for all known forms of life except Palestinians

By Gilad Atzmon and Enzo Apicella

kulak said...

Tough spot you're in Lemmy.

I would try to get your sons to agree that while you won't begin discussions on those subjects, if they or other members of their families do that it would only be fair to let you chime in.

They may be a lost cause. In that case, suck it up, so that one day you may warn your grandchildren, who will have come to know you and love you through long contact, especially if you can do so before they are full grown.

john dicarlo said...

More "pangs of guilt" brought on by this lying jew? Jews are world class congenital liars. Jews are responsible for the deaths of a hundred million Whites since just the beginning of the 20th Century. Don't be mislead by a lying, whining, jew, claiming he dindu nuffin.

What jews are responsible for the mess the world is in today?


john dicarlo said...

Hey Nilus<

-- all those TV shows you list, those must be some of the good jews, some people are alluding to here in this thread, who don't know what the other jews are doing. They're just victims. Just ask them! They'll tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant, another Irish Saffa here. Spot on comment, and I have often made the same comment about the over and under representation of our Jewish compatriots to mostly a horrified albeit factually impoverished audience.

Another point I'd like to make is that those do-nothings (that your Jewish pen-pal said far outnumber the "Do's") also vigorously support the Jewish organisations morally and financially who lobby and influence-peddle relentlessly to create a Brave New World in previously White Countries. This alone means that they are not innocent. Just like those yids that went over to fight for Israel were in the vast minority, it was the stay-at-home- and-look-after-our-precious-skins ones that made it all possible through donations and support.

Sometimes its the silent support that is the real muscle behind the movement and we must not forget that silence will often be construed as support because it robs the dissenters of a much needed voice.

SAVANT said...

Welcome Irish Saffer (17.50) and I'm sure everyone on this blog hopes your move to Ireland works out for you and yours. Must be terrible to see from afar your beautiful and advanced country getting driven into the ground by useless orcs whose only claim to the country derives from their ability to out-breed the people who built it.

On the subject at hand I'll just add that whereas there's growing Jewish opposition to 3rd World mass immigration it's based on the age-old question 'is it good for the Jews?'. Thus any support Whites might get from that quarter is purely tactical and will be jettisoned the moment it becomes opportune.

Anonymous said...

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