Thursday, 31 March 2016

"You beez appropriatin' muh culcha"

By now you're all familiar with the story of Corey Lewandowski, the Trump aide who restrained a female "reporter" lunging at the candidate. Instead of prosecuting her the authorities instead hit Corey with an assault and battery charge. And for good measure assigned a former member of the Hildebeast's Florida Leadership Team (one who had earlier described Donald's rhetoric as 'divisive and inflammatory') to prosecute the case. The wheels of justice grind fine indeed.

Now consider this case (report and video here). In summary a black SFSU 'student' threatened to cut off a White student's hair because his dreadlocks 'appropriated black culture'. While Cultural Appropriation is all the rage these days it of course goes only one way. Because if the sheboon had thought about it she'd have realised that the language she spoke, the clothes she wore, the institution of the university....even the scissors brandished by the goon assisting her, were all products of White Civilisation.

In fact she'd have been justified in the cultural appropriation claim only if the White guy had been wearing a loin cloth and a bone through his nose.

She clearly wasn't a very learned student in that (as far as I can discern from the video) she's never even heard of Egypt. But she most certainly is learned to post-doctoral level in the dark arts of Victimhood. Because as the guy tried to get past her she roughly grabbed him by the arm while shrieking 'take your hands off me'. Then she physically obstructs someone filming the incident. Her arrogance is not surprising as we've now reached the stage whereby high-ranking Victims perceive themselves - correctly - as virtually unaccountable for their actions.

Is this an outrage? Of course it is. Is it another nail in the White Coffin? Well, not necessarily.

You see, every such incident further highlights the glaring injustices and double-standards faced by Whites, especially White males. These have become so egregious that even the most credulous and brainwashed White 'liberal' senses that something is badly askew.  I am absolutely convinced of this. The big question is whether it's all too late. I don't think so. But as time is short it's essential that all of us spread the word of every such development.


Denise said...

Last time I checked we were free to wear our hair however we know, land of the free? She is an aggressive bully attempting to intimidate. She actually assaulted that young man. You need to keep you hands to yourself. She doesn't get to dictate how others do their hair. Got it sunshine?? What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Is every Black woman who straigten's their hair appropriating White/Hispanic/Asian culture?

Anonymous said...

Black women = Black men with tits....and giant chips on their shoulders. (See Michelle Obama)

Larry Finkelburger said...

Most blacks have a violent hatred of whites. The jewish wigger, Mr Goldstein, didn't even have dreadlocks, he looks as if he just doesn't bother combing his greasy locks, nevertheless the black banshee was out to get him. Poor little wigger would probably have been shanked if someone else wasn't filming the tawdry scene.

Perhaps it'll be a lesson for him and he'll stop virtue signalling from now on?

Larry Finkelburger said...

Oy vey!! Interesting piece here from one who knows the score......

Is the ‘Migrant Crisis’ Part of a Zionist Plot Against White Europeans?

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

We all know how this ends, gents.

Andrew Murray said...

Beyonce culcha appropriated when she uses Lady Gaga race invented instruments to make african caterwauling which is recorded on Lady Gaga race invented recording equipment and made into Lady Gaga race invented music (Somewhat in the case of Gaga!) - caterwauling playing equipment which Lady Gaga race invented.

So that is 4 nothing to Gaga.

Is she using the lesser felted Ladyball?

Anonymous said...

A wave of hair to surf here me thinks !
have to give it a little bit of thought first.

Anonymous said...


Magaret Cho commedienne said...

Well done that lady for asking Goldstein why Morgan Freeman, Sarah Silvermann and Samuel L Jackson get casted as scientists yet their kind continually overlook me who has that natural Asian scientist look.

Anonymous said...

Off topic Belgium baggage handlers cheered when they 1st heard the news off the Paris attacks

Ff the vila

Anonymous said...

Sorry more off topic but it's About the death of Europe .belgian mp admits local Muslims had street party's after the Belgium attacks and he asks why it wasn't shown on local tv

Anonymous said...

From John Wards blog:
In a recent post, I exposed and explained – for the fourth time in seven years – the astonishing £700billion Civil Service pension scheme heist that the Commons PAC never saw and never signed off. It represents a massive and illegal embezzlement, but no mainstream medium or Official or MP anywhere – not one – will write or talk about the events involved. I believe that, in order to put the entirely reasonable claims for compensation being made by Waspi into proper perspective, this story must be told – and more people should be digging. THAT, for sure, will make this Government act

Sav this is the stuff the British, average bint, understands!

Anonymous said...

Skip Goose at the journal pointed out that people who use selfie sticks are morons.


john7 said...

As stated, the 'white' boy should simply have agreed to not 'appropriate her culture'...provided she would do the same, which includes eschewing electricity, running water, housing more complex than a mud hut, automobiles , eating things other than rival tribesmen and grubs, and especially da cell phone... etc etc. THEN, charges should be filed.
Where oh where is the 'university' here, investigating and expelling the nigress for hate crimes?!?!? Im sure the litt;le fella was made 'uncomfortable' and needed a safe place...but , naturally, he wouldnt be welcomed in a safe place...unless he is jewish as previous posters intimate. If so, then hes in a quandary - does he scream antisemitism and play HIS victim card, or does he acquiesce for 'the greater good' and continuation of the denigration of white males and empowerment of the apes?
A poser that one...

hoosier said...

Good news from the Windy City! "As the first quarter of 2016 nears an end, violence in Chicago has reached levels unseen in years, putting the city on course to top 500 homicides for only the second time since 2008."

Keep it coming boys!

Flanders said...

The jew-run Daily Mail seems to be having a feast! Here, both the story that is presented and the biggest of jew falsehoods are presented in all their glory, including the "persecution" theme. Both the story and the video title lists it as being a "white student" while it is clear (or should be to anyone viewing it) that she had picked on a typical slovenly jew social-reject of the type which should be barred from all societies, and especially from White societies.

This is prime jew propaganda. Does anyone really think that the jews would push such a story if it were a White person who had suffered the attack? The jews are desperate to try to maintain the ILLUSION THAT ndeJEWS ARE WHITE. If a White man had undergone the harassment, the jews would have sacrificed him in an instant.

katana said...


Very frank article on the recent Brussels’ bombing, where the author, Thomas Dalton, cuts to the chase and points the finger at the ultimate cause of it, namely Organized jewry — KATANA:

Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight Wars for the Jews, isn’t It?

Flanders said...

If the jew-run Daily Mail had wanted some real stories about wrongs done to White people, they could have picked any number of them from the vast array of such stories which are not only not reported on, but are hidden from, White people and others by their familial jewry-run newspapers and television stations in the US. I'll provide them with a place to start, but I assure you that they will not report about these.

James said...

What about Art Garfunkel's Jewfro?

James said...

Beyonce culcha appropriated when she uses Lady Gaga race invented instruments to make african caterwauling which is recorded on Lady Gaga race invented recording equipment and made into Lady Gaga race invented music (Somewhat in the case of Gaga!) - caterwauling playing equipment which Lady Gaga race invented.

So that is 4 nothing to Gaga.

Is she using the lesser felted Ladyball?

Sorry but whites invented those things. Lady Gaga's race invented shit.

eleos said...

Look, the DM, jew-owned or not, is printing a lot of really REALLY good material that supports our cause. Remember this: The enemy of good enough is perfection.

Flanders said...

eleos said... at 23:41 is either a jew hasbarat or sunk too low to be able to view reality.

Emmuanelle Rahm said...

happy Barak Obama Day Everyone!

Flanders said...

A very good article, Katana, at 23:13, and the proposals made by Mr. Dalton in, "Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight Wars for the Jews, isn’t It?", should be applied by all White nations. That should be the goal for every White person, and we should never give up until it is accomplished. Thanks for all your fine work that you do at your site.

Uncle Nasty said...

You can't fix stupid, but God can always announce a recall ...

Speaking of appropriating culture(?) we find -- all too often -- whites actually embracing nigger and beaner culture.

This is not always a bad thing, as I have seen several New Zealand Whiggers with the whole jigaboo image .. dreadlocks, tribal tattoos, grotesque facial piercings and oversized earlobe inserts. The most interesting thing about them, I find, is that -- if suddenly confronted by one on the street or in someone's home -- I recoil from them as instinctively as if they were the real thing.

Hence, I regard it as a sort of Early Warning System.
Guess I am not a racist after all.

Anyhoo, to cheer you up, I present you with an example of cultural appropriation, that turned out for the best in the end ... That is to say I nearly wet my pants when I read it.

With a name like Deleon Alonso Smith, I guess the ethnicity can be assumed.

Teen reportedly shoots self dead while taking selfies with gun

Technically Incorrect: A Houston teen is reportedly about to start college when he decides to take some selfies while holding a gun. The consequences were tragic, police say.

Smith, 19, reportedly had two children and was going to start community college on Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, he went to his room and took some selfies while holding a gun, police told KPRC-TV. The gun accidentally went off and he shot himself through the throat and died, the report said.

His grandmother, Alma Douglas, reportedly told KPRC: "It's a numb feeling. It's still unbelievable. Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and now this kind of news."

A Houston Police Department spokesman offered me this statement: "According to a witness, the victim was handling a gun he believed to be unloaded. The gun then discharged and the victim was struck in the upper body."

This isn't the first reported incident involving a gun and a selfie.

More Technically Incorrect

Last year, a 22-year-old Mexican man died after he reportedly posed for a selfie with a gun and it went off.

Nineteen, just starting Community College and with two children, eh? Thank God he climbed out of the gene pool, before it got too crowded. "He wuz jes' tunnin' hees life aroun'" says Gramma.

The really funny bit, though? This reminded me of an old Van der Merwe joke.

Van der Merwe arrives at work Monday morning with a huge bandage on the whole right side of his face. His explanation? He was doing the ironing when the phone rang.

I think a similar thing happened to our Deleon Alonso buddy.

We'll never know for sure.


Uncle Nasty said...

Went to Flanders' New Nation link above, and found this ... very funny.

Feds eye rabbi who tried to sell synagogue for $13 million

By Julia Marsh

March 31, 2016 | 12:53am
Modal Trigger

Samuel Aschkenazi (right) is being probed for trying to sell their $13 million building (left) out from under them. Photo: Steven Hirsch; Helayne Seidman

A Queens rabbi who is being sued by the congregants of a Lower East Side synagogue for trying to sell their $13 million building out from under them and allegedly make off with the profits, is now under investigation by federal as well as state officials, The Post has learned.

Rabbi Samuel Aschkenazi, leader of the right-wing Hasidic sect, Ger, was served with papers by two FBI agents as soon as he stepped off the witness stand in Manhattan Supreme Court in the civil case Monday.

Aschkenazi was set to sell the House of Sages of Israel at 25 Bialystoker Place to developer Todd Fine before the state attorney general stepped in last fall and put hold on the transaction.

Aschkenazi’s attorney, Michael Bachner, confirmed to The Post that the rabbi is being probed by US Attorney Preet Bharara.

I am surprised that he did not go for a more, how shall we put this? Mythical? yiddish? kabbalistic? symbolic? ... figure.

F'rinstance ... 12 million? ... Eighteen million? All multiples of that magical, mystical six million number.

Naaaah, Too obvious. Someone would have clicked much sooner.


Anonymous said...

Denmark's greatest creation.

Burn that coal.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Negro police instructor shoots himself in the foot for the class [Most of you have seen this, but it must be seen]

katana said...

Flanders said... 1 April 2016 at 00:13
A very good article, Katana, at 23:13, and the proposals made by Mr. Dalton in, "Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight Wars for the Jews, isn’t It?", should be applied by all White nations. That should be the goal for every White person, and we should never give up until it is accomplished. Thanks for all your fine work that you do at your site.

Thanks Flanders.

Dalton wrote “Debating the Holocaust” which is a good intro into the subject. The guy who published the book is Michael Santomauro. He’s interviewed here by Jim Rizoli:

Published on Mar 26, 2016
Jim Rizoli's interview of longtime Holocaust Revisionist Michael Santomauro

Anonymous said...

"In fact she'd have been justified in the cultural appropriation claim only if the White guy had been wearing a loin cloth and a bone through his nose."


James said...

Latest hate from Simon over at - just a few short articles. Enjoy.

Neurotic Transfer and the Occident

I contend that European male susceptibility to neurosis and the consequent sublimation of sexual drives largely accounts for Occidental predominance in art, which can be regarded as a form of sexual display, and science.† The male flies from female ambiguity and irrationality to logical pursuits. Contemporary Western man is confused and made neurotic by a malevolent mass media, rendering him vulnerable to exploitation by populations less constrained in furthering their group interests.

Reasons why people hate Cultural Marxists.
(Marxophobia is rising, disturbingly.)

Female Strategies and End-Games

When strategies are simple, it can be advantageous to obfuscate, to confuse the opponent and mask the elementary nature of the strategy. This accounts for females’ illogical behaviour: it is irrational, but it is not without purpose. Once the ability is acquired to see past that surface irrationality, females become easier to understand than males.

Does the same apply to YKWs? Perhaps. They are quite single-minded once completely immersed in their anti-goy religion.

Anonymous said...

Asians can't think.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you want to know why Asians have slitty eyes, read the book "Erectus Walks Amongst Us".

It's a truly awesome piece of literature.

Flanders said...

If you check the About page for this site, I think you would agree that it is unlikely to have an article that we like. Is this one, "Europe Courting Godfather Erdogan", an exception? I'm confused, because I do like it.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Screaming Jay Hawkins- I put a spell on you- this vid will erase any lingering doubts

Gem Junior said...

I have met so many negroes just like her that I would have thrown her down the stairs as a reflex. Without even thinking. Just the face alone "Why you filmin me?" shows a lack of intelligence, empty and dull shark eyes without a spark of intelligence let alone human empathy or understanding. The negro feels indignant at the very notion someone should protect themselves or not do exactly what they say. Even the women have no respect for any life. I believe that at least 3/4 of blacks have sociopathic trait such as an overwhelming self esteem and self-importance but see others as a bug they could scrape their shoe on. MRI imaging shows that areas of the brain that should light up by feeling empathy when viewing someone in pain do not light up in these people, but are capable of strongly lighting up when thinking about themselves in pain. Black people are sociopathic. Just look at how they treat their own babies - they would lift an infant by one arm and carry it like a rag doll.

I don't see much of a future for us if we are forever saddled with them in our communities. I am so sick of them and don't care what anyone says to me "Aren't you sorry about slavery" "don't you think poverty impacts their behavior?" DO NOT CARE. I don't care just get away from me and let me pretend I live in a world with none of these evil people, they are pure evil. Not just stupid, but bad to the bone too.

Flanders said...

UN, I don't think you will be happy about this race traitor. Not that any of us are.

Someone else tells more about what he said, but knows what to do.

"On the question of whether he would kill himself, Delport said no. He enjoys his life and is not prepared to kill himself. (Yet)

Because, as Dr Jamie Glasov wrote in “United in hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror”, these sicko leftist pricks hate themselves so much that they want to kill themselves, but they want all other people to kill themselves first. Delport is a classical example."

Flanders said...

I'll take back any good words that I may have said or indicated about that Mike Smith link. I suspect that he is himself a stealth traitor. The first article on the main site seems to be an endorsement for a jew, who plans a "Utopia" in SA. He doesn't identify Douw Steyn as being a jew, but his description of activities surrounding Mandela and the ANC jogged my memory. I would have to look up some old links in order to be certain, but I'm confident that this was one of the jews who helped place the communist, Mandela, into prominence. I should have been warned about Mike Smith's lack of passion when discussing the traitor Professor, and the fact that he pushes links which discuss a black-type "non-violent" resistance as being a feasible strategy for Whites, which it most definitely is not.

Ryan Sandberg said...

Blacks do have a self-esteem problem. Look at Barak Obama. I an a better speech writer than my speech writers I have a better understanding of foreign relations than the State department (To be fair he would have known more than the idiot secretary of State - Hillary Clinton who is also not smart enough to know how stupid she is.) I know more about managing the Cubs than whoever and he is not even full retard. Unlike Michelle Obama.

rambaloosa said...

The story about the coon in Houston offing himself convinces me that if only we could confine them on an island somewhere and arm them to the teeth they'd wipe each other other within months.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I wish more of this would happen. I have never seen a Nationalist with dreadlocks. SJWs by the hundred.


Hope Solo's borther Han said...

Carli Lloyd, and Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Becky Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo, want more money for being wimmenz

The 2014 men’s World Cup generated approximately $4.8 billion in revenue for FIFA. Revenue for the 2015 Women’s World Cup have yet to be reported* but will certainly be much lower. (Awesome reporting Howler appearing freelance journalist!)

But it is interesting to observe the discrepancies in areas where one would assume they would be equitably compensated. Also, the USWNT players’ complaint to the EEOC could expose the lack of transparency by U.S. Soccer relative to the revenues the women’s national team generates, which may have artificially depressed the players’ market value. (Or overpaid them because they are sponging off male revenue like the WNBA does.)

Evan Davis is a freelance journalist. His work has appeared in The Athletic, Howler, Deadspin, SB Nation and Vice Sports.

Is Cait Jenner going for a LPGA Tour Card? Bruce Jenner would not get within an ass's roar of the PGA but moving the tee forward would be a big help to him. Her. Her. Her! Her! Her!

Maybe the only way to get an audience and thus more prize money is to get this freak on board.

* Will it ever get reported? Wimbledon's Men's Final 9.2 million Women's 4.3 million viewers. TV station released the figured but reporters did not report them.

Anonymous said...

Vikings in America first
What would they make of their descendants today I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Imagine how many there are in Heathrow and Gatwick UK?
Both airports have HUGE infestations of South Asian, Indian sub coolies living next to them. Slough, Ealing and Crawley respectively ... fucking ridiculous

Eric Cartman said...

“We are aware of the video made of an incident which occurred on campus yesterday afternoon. University police were called to the scene of the incident when it occurred,” the university told the Washington Free Beacon in a statement. “The two individuals involved in the incident are not San Francisco State University employees.”

The female student appeared to confront the male student about his hair, according to the video. “You’re saying that I can’t have a hairstyle because of your culture? Why?” the male student, who sported dreadlocks, asked her.

“Because it’s my culture,” the female student, who is black, said.

“Do you know it was in Egyptian culture? Are you Egyptian? Nah man, you’re not,” the male student, who is white, responded.

“Are you Egyptian?” the female student, who was accompanied by another individual, countered.

“No, but it doesn’t matter,” the male student said.

“Where’s Egypt? Tell me
,” the female student asked.

A stoodent doesn't know how to find Egypt on her iPhone?


What? She b tryin' 2 claim Egyptians b blak?

Anonymous said...

Boycott M & S. Advert in The Metro today promotes miscegenation. Coalburner ho on a beach with negro and mongrel daughters.

Yeah right. A negro will hang around w the meatpacker till the mongrels are 6!

Anonymous said...

Re the damaged reporter @ the Trump shindig:
I have done some blue sky thinking on this ........and I am of the opinion they should be looking for some person with 3 fingers.
For some un fathomable reason, the mad hatters heist in Hatton Garden in London sprang to mind and how, brilliant work by the MET, spotted a bloke cruising the area of the crime in a 4 wheel - day glow pink - tutu.
(He had form and possibly dose of fred mercury in his blood).
After quite a bit of surfing I stumbled on th OJ Simpson trial and that ’glove’ ...then it all started to fall into place first on my list was Elmer Simpson and various others. But on a crude balance of present day justice I have decided it is Patrick !..Sponge Bobs side kick.
Remember that cartoon folk only have 3 fingers ...OK.

Anonymous said...

So, suddenly, the decrepit little Jew with the dirty hair is a white man? Are those even dreadlocks? Looks like it's just matted, filthy hair. 60% of this blog is about trashing Jews. So when you see one getting his comeuppence, you seem not to even notice.

And what do you know? Dictionary says it's spelled "comeuppance." Seems more correct the other way.

Blacks around here are a lot more friendly. At worst, they're sullen.

Anonymous said...

Coal-burner, mudshark, oil driller? Whatever happened to good old "nigger lover?"

Anonymous said...

Well, you all seem to think they're Jews so you won't mind me calling out the filthy scum Brit royal fambly who reportedly are coming out against Brexit, your last chance at saving whatever nonglobalist, nonmurderous culture you have left.

reservoir-dog said...

Anon 16.54. Would love to know what point you're trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Worth reading from a woman who was brought up in a Pakistani community regarding grooming and such

Eff the villa

Lawrence van der Merwe said...

Muslims have already created trouble at Heathrow and Gatwick despite being employees of those airports. Why were they chosen when they can refuse to do their jobs and inconvenience passengers?

Not surprised to hear of street parties in Brussels after the attacks. I guess the media were to scared of mentioning the no go areas that they are afraid to venture into. Third world doesn't suit them? Just like reporting doesn't.

Anonymous said...

reservoir dog, Well, there it is, the weak Jew made vulnerable by his own ideology. Personally, I never found them so threatening on a intellectual level and obviously not on a physical basis. The fanaticism and ideological rot in our societies is inherent in the cultures of the American Eastern establishment and the British Imperial system. They've both had ambitions of global hegemony that go back centuries. They have no concern for their own populations - always willing to feed us into the meatgrinder or chase us off or starve us. And all topped off by a psychotic class consciousness bookended by a kind of toptalitarian fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

Sanctimonious & smug leftist c*** Stewart Lee had half hour VBC show. Consisted of NO JOKES. Just the c talking avout food and any journalist who dared to oppose turd world immivasion. Fing disgrace - dirty & propagandising scum need to be taken to court.

Master Laura Bates said...

A director of Galway United has been forced to resign because he said he felt uncomfortable standing next to a Muslim yet the mayor of Cologne said the same thing and she was not forced to resign. #EverydaySexism

LikeS pee said...

Stewart Lee Spike's less talented brotha.

kikz said...

well.. it was .. sort of a White male.. a beta wigger.... but....yeah. i hadn't noticed scissors....

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>I believe that at least 15/16 of jews have sociopathic traits such as an overwhelming self-esteem and self-importance but see others as a bug they could scrape their shoe on.>>>

Uncle Nasty said...

While we speak of appropriated culture, this could be a problem for the yids 'n nigs.

More proof of Solutrean Man?

An ancient site spotted from space could be the westernmost reach of the Vikings


Last updated 09:07, April 2 2016

The ancient chronicles told of a larger-than-life Viking warrior with a shock of red hair, banished from his home for killing another man, who sailed with hundreds of followers to an icy island in the sea. And they told of his son, who set out only a few years later to an even more distant place he knew as "Vinland," but which today's historians believe were the eastern coasts of modern day Canada and the United States.

The Icelandic Sagas are thrilling narratives, full of swashbuckling exploration, epic feuds, dazzling romances and poignant betrayals. Still, they are only stories, told hundreds of years after the fact by poets with a penchant for embellishment. To date, the sagas have only led archaeologists to one actual, verified Norse historical site in the New World - the 1000-year-old seaside settlement L'Anse aux Meadows on the northernmost tip of Newfoundland.

It would take 55 years and a view from space to track down a possible second one.

The new archaeological find, announced Thursday, offers tantalising evidence of a Viking presence 500 kilometres from the only place in Canada they'd ever been seen before.

It doesn't look like much - a fire-cracked stone and some mangled scraps of iron unearthed from a muddy patch of ground called Point Rosee. But lead archaeologist Sarah Parcak says the site is almost certainly only one of two things:

"Either it's ... an entirely new culture that looks exactly like the Norse and we don't know what it is," she said. "Or it's the westernmost Norse site that's ever been discovered."

I can hear the yidspin machine rumbling into life already. As for Sarah Parcak, and the author of this article, (Sarah Kaplan, you'll have noted**) had better get ready for some fast and fancy footwork -- or face the wrath of the Tribe ...

and watch their careers evaporate before their very eyes.


**Poor kid. Obviously new, new, new in the MSM. Her desk probably still has remnants of bubble-wrap and Styrofoam trapped in the crevices -- and a well-worn copy of "Truth and Ethics in Modern Journalism".

Never mind dear, you will soon be introduced to Tribal etiquette and, no doubt, shown the bleak future that lies in wait for all those yids that jump the plantation -- and accidentally tell the truth.

AnalogMan said...


Mike Smith may be a traitor, but per Hanlon's Razor, I think plain stupidity, combined with a hugely inflated idea of his own worth, and dishonesty in pursuit of that image, explains him adequately. I could never understand his apparent support. He seems to have a lot of fans in America, but of course they don't understand that a lot of what he writes is plain old BS. Comments pointing out factual errors don't get published there, either.

You can safely ignore Mr Smith. (Or, judging by his writing, I think he would pronounce that "Smiff".)

Flanders said...

"Nathalie Goulet, a Senator for the UDI [centrist] party representing the Orne [a French department], announced on Friday that she had received death threats on social networks after she expressed astonishment regarding a 60% tax reduction available to French taxpayers who make a gift to the Israeli army.
"A senior French politician has revealed that the tax laws of France entitle a citizen to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to the Israeli army. As the French politician Nathalie Goulet observes: “This represents a tax benefit by the French taxpayer for the benefit of a foreign army.”

Or put more bluntly still, French citizens are being encouraged through the tax system to subsidise an illegal, belligerent occupation of the Palestinians by the Israeli army. It underscores the sheer hypocrisy of the French government as it claims to be trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through “peace-making” at the United Nations.

Maybe one should not be too surprised. After all, the United States and most European countries, including the UK and France, make donations to the Jewish National Fund tax-deductible,..".
"Why are these facts not more widely known. Both because the media make no effort to expose these abuses of taxpayers’ money, and because the rare politician who speaks out, like Goulet, is quickly terrorised back into silence."

Flanders said...

Thanks for your evaluation on Mike Smith, Analog Man. Whatever his motives, he will remain a hasbara from my perspective. SA seems to have too many of those, including the old South Africa Sucks site, which I think has finally gone away, or has been transformed into operating under a new name.

Across the Rio Grand said...

I read a book by an expatriate Rhodesian who visited Zimbabwe not too many years ago. Traveling with a companion, she stopped at a store along the highway. A black man materialized next to her car window. “Job, boss, (I) work good, boss,” he pleaded. “You give job.”

“What happened to your old job?” the expatriate white asked. The black man replied in the straightforward manner of his race: “We drove out the whites. No more jobs. You give job.”

At some level, my students understand the same thing. One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me. “What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?”

“We screwed,”
a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.

California raises its minimum wage rate to $15 an hour but not for baby sitters because the people behind this initiative do not want to pay them that much.

Anonymous said...

I had a professor of Russian in New York we all called Nina the Terrible.

One morning she pause in her lecture and informed us that she had come to understand why so many jigaboos are angry souls.

Her take was that if any of us, upon awaking mornings and looking in the mirror at that shark-eyed, dark visage would live angry too.

Terrible Nina had numerous sound theories like that.

Not bad for a NY university prof!

Flanders said...

The article could have said "Just niggers being niggers" and skipped the video pretending to be rap[e] "music".

"Far-left media outlets and wealthy left-wing foundations have actively drummed up a murderous hatred of Donald Trump. Foundations like Open Society, MoveON, and the Southern Poverty Law Center have actively worked to whip young blacks and young white leftists into a frenzy. This has resulted in a rampage of hate crimes against Trump supporters all over America.

Now this appears on youtube. Twenty black teenagers calling for the murder of Donald Trump in a rap song."

Flanders said...

According to this video: President Recypt Erdogan of Turkey has been rushed by ambulance to a hospital after suffering an apparent heart attack in Washington, DC.

Flanders said...

If you are, like me, a devout and devouring fan of jigabooress flying poetry, you will truly appreciate the video in this link. This artful delivery is, after all, by the "2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion".

Flanders said...

Let's not forget the background for that "white student", and the jewsmedia knows that culture very well.

"While they trumpet their belief that they are a "Chosen People" above all others, and celebrate a unique people defined by heritage from Abraham to the present - they tell White people that race consciousness is evil. While they established a Jewish nation where citizenship is based almost exclusively on the heredity of the "Jewish people," Jewish anthropologists promote the idea that the White race doesn't exist. Even though they devotedly support their own exclusively Jewish-run state of Israel, they work feverishly to undermine the White control and character of America through the "civil-rights" movement and massive non-White immigration. While they have laws in Israel prohibiting Gentiles from owning certain media, they boldly move to gain control of the great majority of the mass media in America."
Practically every step of the civil-rights movement's progress came through the courts. They decreed forced racial integration of the schools, enabled illiterate Blacks to vote, and ultimately forced upon America the massive anti-White discrimination program with the Orwellian name "affirmative action." Here, too, Jews took the predominant roles."

Flanders said...


Flanders said...

"Many of the martial arts weapons you see today began as improvised self-defense weapons, fashioned from common everyday things like kitchen tools and farming equipment."

BIG LIST - Survival Websites

Professor Farnsworth said...

Good news everybody

Ireland has not taken its fair share of Syrians.

Bad news everybody

Ireland has taken 500 so far.

I hope Alan Shatter has a spare room.


Anonymous said...

Demonstrations in Dover and Birmingham today
I bet the left turn up and cause trouble

Eff the villa

Potgieter said...

How often do I see it on WN sites? All the time. If not 100% in agreement and/or if you say anything positive about any Jew you automatically get labelled a traitor and a hasbara.

How our real enemies must chortle at the sight of us turning on one another.

David said...

Dutch EU politician tells us that Europe must be diverse in fact the whole world will be diverse, even the remote areas (I am sure one little country will be exempt though!!)
Those of you with fake facebook accounts might want to troll

It conjures up images of Roma gypsies and Nigerian conmen in freezing Inuit villages..good luck with that.

Albert said...

Saturday, April 02, 2016
15 Forms of Black Privilege in America
By Nicholas Stix

• Being permitted to conduct themselves in an outrageous manner in public, including indecent exposure, which would not be tolerated from whites;
• Freedom from punishment for outrageous and violent behavior in school;
• The license to terrorize white and Asian adults in public;
• Getting to commit criminal race hoaxes, without ever being punished, and frequently while extorting windfall payoffs;
• Admission to exclusive, overpriced private schools, despite being outrageously unqualified;
• Admission to overpriced private universities, for which they are intellectually and morally unfit;
• License to commit egregious misconduct in college, including plagiarism, cheating, and cursing out one’s instructors, without punishment, let alone expulsion;
• Affirmative grading and social promotion at all educational levels;
• Getting high-priced, influential and responsible jobs, for which they are unqualified and unfit;
• The license to terrorize one’s white colleagues and underlings;
• Promotion of their racist lies via publication of their letters and essays in newspapers, and interviews on TV, radio, and social media;
• “Free” home mortgages, paid for by whites;
• Having armies of “journalists,” “scholars,” “educators,” lawyers, politicians and “activists” lying, pressuring other people, and even committing crimes on one’s behalf.
• Getting to commit crimes for which they receive criminal justice affirmative action when caught—charges automatically dramatically reduced, before first court hearing; charges dropped; or receiving little or no punishment, if convicted; and
• The power to commit crimes against whites, and then have one’s victims arrested and prosecuted

No wonder Rachel Dolezal wanted herself some privilege denied to whites!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

From a patriots page this morning before Dover

Morning guys,well they,ve thrown everything at us to stop this march today.We,ve had police arrests,ridiculous bail conditions set,calls from MPs and left wing media to have the march banned,left wing FB pages posting names and addresses of our guys to put them and others off attending,we,ve had left wing aggitators posing as Dover residents and complaining to the media,we,ve had threats of violence if we turn up today off Antifa.But still,after all that still we come.Why?Because we will not be silenced.We feel this governments "Open Door" policy on immigration is wrong and we will damn well use our right to protest about it.See you in Dover.Do not rise to any baiting by the reds let the police deal with them.They,ve promised to do their job this time but we,ll have to see if they keep their word.Be loud be proud and Never Surrender.

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Not a big turnout in Dover maybe police stopped a lot or maybe others were on their keyboards like me

Shaunantijihad said...

Assault with a deadly weapon this is. Now picture this, a White woman, with a male friend, threatens and attacks a Negro with a pair of scissors demanding that they do something. Can you hear the police sirens? Can you see the headlines on every Judeo-Marxist anti-White news channel?

Anonymous said...

..."she'd have been justified in the cultural appropriation claim only if the White guy had been wearing a loin cloth and a bone through his nose.
Excellent, Savant.

Anonymous said...

Interesting drudge report links to a story about new wikileaks revelations regarding IMF conspiracy to cause an "event" to force EU into line on Greek debt crisis and refugee invasion. The "event" will be a spoiler for the upcoming Brexit referendum, scaring you guys to get in line on the bankster agenda.

Amazing comments on this. Makes Savant look moderate. I can't imagine anyone feeling so secure on line as to call for the lynching of anyone, including and maybe especially the banksters. But there it is...

rastus said...

Coon liveblogging in Chicongo when shooting breaks out and he gets capped.


rastus said...

This time with link!!

Anonymous said...

Saw "Black Mass" last night. Johnny Depp playing Jack Nicholson playing Whitey Bulger. The "Departed" and Mass should be seen together in order. Very entertaining. Interesting scene featuring Joe Cahill meeting with Bulger to plan for the gun-running voyage of the Valhalla.
Cahill on the run here in the US in early eighties meeting with anyone interested in the Cause. Including my dad.

Irks me that Sinn Fein is now trending establishment globalist Left, supporting mass immigration and the like. Worse than the Officials. Pimping for the same people who had nothing to do with them during the struggle. The Left in those days only supported Third World liberation, considering the Republicans as racist, reactionary and even fascist. Basically supporting the British government. No place in the new world order for white nationalist populations.

Treated in the same way nationalism and populism is today: a complete distrust of regular people. Which is why many people see Trump, with all his rough edges, as currently the best stick to beat the establishment with. A lot of people here pissed off by what is now being seen as a new, globalist class system. Used to be that the upper class only had more money but pretty much the same culture and values. Now a lot of people, primarily but not limited to white people, see a future where cyborg homosexuals, tasteless jigaboos and obnoxious British Judaicized aristocracy expect to lord it over the rest of us. Looking for formal exalted status and separation along the lines of the old British aristocracy.

I've beginning to think that the powers that be left the mid-twentieth century generations alone to prosper because the guys who fought WWII were too informed and competent to be messed with. Now, however, we devolved into a swarthy bunch of idiots who know next to nothing and they're back at our throats.

Anonymous said...

For use later in the year.

Michelle Robinson said...

"If you are a White Male you have privilege coming out of your ass."

That is not privilege that is Obama dolls!

James said...

SHOULD THE WHITE RACE LIVE or die for not understanding Jewish mass murderers?

Is the white race so retarded and pathetic?

An interesting exercise would be to show this video to your nearest SJW and document the event*.

The 5 dancing Israelis at 9/11 were just documenting the event and nobody dindu nuffin.

Anonymous said...


Niggers are niggers no matter where they are located.

Anonymous said...

I guess the real question is: why wasn't she arrested and charged with assault?

Flanders said...

SheBoons' claimed that a White woman and other Whites assaulted them, while it was the negroidesses who were the assaulters and batterers. Guess which group Hillary tweeted her support for.

"Nice Deb : I’d like to nominate the three African American women who perpetrated a major racial hate-crime hoax at SUNY Albany, to be this week’s Weasels.

On January 30, Ariel Agudio, Alexis Briggs, and Asha Burwell falsely claimed that they were harassed and assaulted by a mob of white people while riding on a CDTA bus back to campus from the bars in Albany.

Their story involved 10-20 white students spewing racial epithets and punching and kicking them while on the bus.

Without confirming whether the allegations were true, SUNY Albany President Robert Jones said he was “deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident.”Hundreds of students appeared at a rally that also included members of the National Congress of Black Women and the Albany chapter of Black Lives Matter.

After watching to surveillance videos from the 12 cameras on the bus, listening to their 911 call (especially when they were on hold and didn’t realize they were being recorded) and after talking to multiple witnesses, the police decided to charge the alleged victims with third-degree assault and with falsely reporting an incident.

It turns out that Agudio, Briggs, and Burwell were the ones throwing the punches and yelling racial slurs. The other kids were just trying to stop the assault."

Hate Hoax at SUNY Albany

Flanders said...

In this video from a West African jew site, a statement is made by a Dr. so and so, whose name I can't decipher on the video. The statement is that there are 400,000 or more black jews in America. That statement appears on the video shown within this video. It is somewhere between the 25:00 min mark and 27:50.

My hearing is not the best and this video and my inferior machine makes it difficult for me to follow. Maybe someone else will be better at determining whether there is more information there which may be worth knowing.

Flanders said...

James, re 5 dancing Israelis, You'll be interested in this.

"Remember the 5 Dancing Israeli's arrested on 911 celebrating the Twin Towers falling? Remember they worked for Urban Moving, and Israeli Company? Remember they were arrested in Bergen NJ? Recall the recent stories that the FBI hacked the San Bernardino (false flag) cellphones with the help of a company named CELLEBRITE. CELLEBRITE happens to be from - guess where? - Bergen NJ

CNBS talking head just did a story naming Celebrite of Israel as the company that cracked the iPhone at the center of Apple's dispute with the FBI. Of course this is likely just a company with access to all of the NSA's data, mirrored in Tel Aviv. You don't have to hack the phone if you have access to every call made worldwide on your Mossad Servers. The NSA has it too. There was never a need to compel Apple to break the encryption code. Israel has had it covered, clearly."
None of the MSM talking heads are mentioning Israel or Cellebrite any more by name - they are being censored. They're saying it is a lone hacker working with the FBI - total lie.

Go to google news and type in Cellebrite - ZERO hits on any "network news", NYTimes, etc...:".
[But, Big Dan has it covered with the details - Flanders].

Flanders said...

"Iceland, and now Ireland, have taken action to hold criminal bankers accountable for their direct role in the economic devastation which enveloped most of the world beginning in 2008 — the exact opposite of what the US does.

Boston, MA — A former head of a major Irish bank has been extradited from the U.S. and brought before Dublin District Court to face several charges stemming from the bank’s role in the 2008 financial crisis.

David Drumm, former chief executive of Irish Anglo Bank from 2005 until 2008, had been arrested in Boston in October 2015, and originally attempted to fight extradition — but he recently withdrew the objection and was returned to Ireland early on Monday.

Drumm faces 33 charges in Ireland, which echoes Iceland’s unprecedented move to hold its bankers criminally accountable for their role in that country’s economic meltdown."
Quotes and link are from:

shine a light said...

Well-known British charity 'War On Want', loses government funding for "anti-semitic" campaign against Israel and the British Israeli lobby....

"At another rally – sponsored by War on Want – a speaker said that British government policy was created by “Zionist and neo-con lobbies”.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "Nathalie Goulet, a Senator for the UDI [centrist] party representing the Orne [a French department], announced on Friday that she had received death threats on social networks after she expressed astonishment regarding a 60% tax reduction available to French taxpayers who make a gift to the Israeli army.
"A senior French politician has revealed that the tax laws of France entitle a citizen to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to the Israeli army. As the French politician Nathalie Goulet observes: “This represents a tax benefit by the French taxpayer for the benefit of a foreign army.”

iTélé, 26 march 2016

A senator is surprised a tax shelter for the IDF and receives death threats

iTélé is a French-speaking free-to-air news channel. It provides 24-hour national and global news coverage.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


Re South Africa

Jewish Chronicle, 15 August 2014

Shimon Cohen, the Sultan of Spin

You’ve read the headlines, now meet the man behind them

During his 14-year tenure at Bell Pottinger, [Shimon] Cohen [the Sultan of Spin] says he wrote “a number” of speeches for NELSON MANDELA...

During our two-hour interview, Cohen lights up at the mention of Mandela.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: Practically every step of the civil-rights movement's progress came through the courts. They [organised Jewry] decreed forced racial integration of the schools, enabled illiterate Blacks to vote, and ultimately forced upon America the massive anti-White discrimination program with the Orwellian name "affirmative action." Here, too, Jews took the predominant roles."


Shelley v. Kraemer, 334 U.S. 1 (1948), is a landmark United States Supreme Court case which held that courts could NOT enforce racial covenants on REAL ESTATE.

The Jewish Solicitor General's brief filed on behalf of the United States government was written by four Jewish lawyers, but their names were DELETED from the filed brief.

SUPREMECOURT.GOV, 18 February 2002

“...[Jewish] Solicitor General, PHILIP PERLMAN...broke with tradition in the 1940s and successfully urged in a friend of the Court brief the unconstitutionality of racially restrictive covenants on real property. The case was Shelley v. Kramer, decided in 1948. The brief for the United States was written by four lawyers, all of them JEWISH: PHILIP ELMAN *, OSCAR DAVIS, HILBERT ZARKY, and STANLEY SILVERBERG. But their names were DELETED from the filed brief. That decision was made by ARNOLD RAUM, the Solicitor General's principal assistant and himself a Jew. "It's bad enough," Raum said, "that Perlman's name has to be there." It wouldn't do, he thought, to make it so evident that the position of the United States was "PUT OUT BY A BUNCH OF JEWS."” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States

* Washington Post, 05 December 1999


A former law professor at Georgetown University and the University of Hawaii, Philip Elman made his GREATEST CONTRIBUTION in the relatively UNKNOWN ROLE HE PLAYED in the landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education SCHOOL DESEGREGATION LAWSUIT.


On May 17, 1954 the United States Supreme Court handed down its ruling in the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. The Court’s unanimous decision overturned provisions of the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision, which had allowed for “separate but equal” public facilities, including public schools in the United States. Declaring that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal,” the Brown v. Board decision helped break the back of state-sponsored segregation, and provided a spark to the AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...



Linda Brown was a seven year old black girl. The NAACP * [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] helped her father to bring a legal case against the education board. On 19 May 1954 the court declared that segregation was against the law and the constitution of the USA. The Board of Education of Topeka and every other education board were forced to bring segregation to an end.

* HAARETZ, 04 December 2014

JEWISH philanthropists helped CREATE, and CHAIR, the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]...

It was largely with the help of Jewish philanthropy that the largest and longest lasting civil rights organization in the U.S., the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People], was founded in 1909. Among its founding parents were a number of Jewish leaders, including Henry Moskowitz, Lilian Wald, Emil Hirsch, and Stephen Wise [Rabbi Stephen Wise]--all of whose signatures remain to this day appended to the organization's founding charter. For nearly a quarter century, from 1914 to 1939, Joel E. Spingarn, another Jewish leader, would serve as its chairman. Financial contributions that supported the activities of the NAACP in these early years came mainly from such wealthy German-American Jews as William and Julius Rosenwald, Herbert LEHMAN [Lehman Brothers], and Felix WARBURG [Warburg family].

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 25 February 2015

This Day in Jewish History the White JEWISH FATHER of AFRICAN STUDIES [Melville Herskovits] Dies

[In 1921] Herskovits undertook graduate studies at Columbia University*, where he did his master’s and Ph.D. under the guidance of [Jewish anthropologist] FRANZ BOAS**, then the country’s most distinguished anthropologist.

* [The] Institute for Social Research [Frankfurt School], which had been founded in Frankfurt in 1923...moved to Columbia University after the Nazis came to power [in 1933].

** The person most responsible for saturating anthropology with Cultural Marxism was Franz Boas.

In sociology, the advent of Jewish intellectuals in the pre–World War II period resulted in “a level of POLITICIZATION unknown to sociology’s founding fathers. Boas and his students were intensely concerned with pushing an ideological agenda within the American anthropological profession. They were a compact group with a clear intellectual and POLITICAL AGENDA rather than individualist seekers of disinterested truth.

By 1915 the Boasians controlled the American Anthropological Association...By 1926 every major department of anthropology was headed by Boas’s students, the majority of whom were Jewish. His protégé Melville Herskovits noted that: “...the four decades of the tenure of [Boas’s] professorship at Columbia gave a continuity to his teaching that permitted him to develop students who eventually made up the greater part of the significant professional core of American anthropologists, and who came to man and direct most of the major departments of anthropology in the United States. In their turn, they trained the students who...have continued the tradition in which their teachers were trained.”

Ashley Montagu was another influential student of Boas. Montagu, whose original name was Israel Ehrenberg, was a highly visible crusader in the battle against the idea of racial differences in mental capacities.

Jewish anthropologist Israel Ehrenberg first attracted public attention as the author of UNESCO’s “Statement on Race” (1950), arguing that race is a social invention with no biological basis.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

As I once said, classic Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) was extremely dangerous to the yidstablishment because it asks the question: "If this goes on ... where will it end?"

Thinking things all the way through and asking the awkward questions is something that the jews and the loony left, thick though they may be, are utterly terrified of, because they know -- deep in the shrivelled little organs they call their souls -- they do not have answers ... any answers.

... and also why they target and subvert youth. Those malleable minds that think with their collective testicles and ovaries -- and respond to bumper stickers and slogans

I cannot tell you how much happier I am to report that their little charade is fraying around the edges as something I have been praying for for years seems to be happening at last.

Kids are deciding that being a lefty (and by implication, a yid arse kisser) is no longer cool. The Alt-right is coming to town.

When this becomes viral -- and it's fast moving there -- there will be much pooping in the trousers**.

An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right

by Allum Bokhari & Milo Yiannopoulos
29 Mar 2016

A specter is haunting the dinner parties, fundraisers and think-tanks of the Establishment: the specter of the “alternative right.” Young, creative and eager to commit secular heresies, they have become public enemy number one to beltway conservatives — more hated, even, than Democrats or loopy progressives.

The alternative right, more commonly known as the alt-right, is an amorphous movement. Some — mostly Establishment types — insist it’s little more than a vehicle for the worst dregs of human society: anti-Semites, white supremacists, and other members of the Stormfront set. They’re wrong.

Previously an obscure subculture, the alt-right burst onto the national political scene in 2015. Although initially small in number, the alt-right has a youthful energy and jarring, taboo-defying rhetoric that have boosted its membership and made it impossible to ignore.

It has already triggered a string of fearful op-eds and hit pieces from both Left and Right: Lefties dismiss it as racist, while the conservative press, always desperate to avoid charges of bigotry from the Left, has thrown these young readers and voters to the wolves as well.

National Review attacked them as bitter members of the white working-class who worship “father-Führer” Donald Trump. Betsy Woodruff of The Daily Beast attacked Rush Limbaugh for sympathising with the “white supremacist alt-right.” BuzzFeed begrudgingly acknowledged that the movement has a “great feel for how the internet works,” while simultaneously accusing them of targeting “blacks, Jews, women, Latinos and Muslims.”

The amount of column inches generated by the alt-right is a testament to their cultural punch. But so far, no one has really been able to explain the movement’s appeal and reach without desperate caveats and virtue-signalling to readers.

Please read on and smile.


** No relation to Much Binding in the Marsh

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said:

It was largely with the help of Jewish philanthropy that the largest and longest lasting civil rights organization in the U.S., the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People], was founded in 1909. Among its founding parents were a number of Jewish leaders, including Henry Moskowitz, Lilian Wald, Emil Hirsch, and Stephen Wise [Rabbi Stephen Wise]--all of whose signatures remain to this day appended to the organization's founding charter.

I am always bemused and amused by the lefties who do not know that Nelson Mandela did not stand alone in the dock during the Rivonia treason trials.

I delight in pointing out that he was aided, abetted and basically surrounded by subversive** jews ... all of whom skipped bail -- and the country -- so fast that they got friction burns ... leaving Little Lord Nelson blinking in the sunlight ... all on his little wonsie, to take the rap.

Needless to say, in 1994, when the useless pawn was swept to power, they were back again and all over him like a cheap suit ... and Nelson, the dumb fuck, swallowed their bullshit once again.


** Is there any other kind?

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to Mandela and the yids** ... here is a somewhat more comprehensive -- and much less forgiving article on the unholy alliance of niggazanjoos that destroyed a country which was once the ninth greatest economy on the planet*


* No kidding, it really was.

** Sounds like that old Elton John number -- Benny and the Jets.

Hugh said...

Luke MacManus is the son of Liz MacManus who was so in favour of the gender quota that she tried to have a son chosen as her replacement as LABOUR candidate in Wicklow.

I do not know if he was that son but I know he was the maker of the documentary on how hard foreigners have it over here.

The enxt missable installment will be on thursday at 9:30

Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting site, by the way ...


Mrs Alice Balding said...

The BBC also love Sandi Toskvig the lesser talented lezzer.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the white kids say Pakistani parents they even tell their kids off for playing with white kids

Eff the villa

SAVANT said...

Hugh, I didn't know that he was Liz McManus' son. It figures.

Ted Phoenix said...

Uncle Nasty at 16.19

There's a good article on Morgoths Review on Milo Yiannopoulos's Breitbart article (BTW did you know he is Jewish?)

"Whether you want to call it Alt-Right or White Nationalism or just good old fashioned Nationalism, there is a rapidly spreading current of White racial awakening and dissident thought on ''The Right''. Milo has to walk a tightrope, he can't ''cuck-out'' and cave into anything which could be perceived as Leftist and politically correct because his huge fan base would turn on him, at the same he can't fully endorse Alt-Right ideas because he'd lose his job and as a homosexual Jew it would be seen as committing intellectual suicide."

Joe Btfsplk said...

An initial stream of exposure of Giacomo Vallone & The European Knights Project points to Jack Sen semi-hair-raising

Frank Galton said...


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nigger females are often times worse than their male counterpart. Equally as worthless though, they do have very volatile personalities.

They hate White men and women with a passion, perhaps more that your run of the mill buck nigger. In the inner cities like New York or Los Angeles on can see the untamed negress. Brutal individuals, they are furious all the time. Completely hateful of everything in life.

They are fascinating to watch from a distance. A very safe distance indeed.

Patrick Starr said...

I did not like Justin Bieber but today I found out that the dreadlocked culcha appropriating moron was fined $89 000 for egging his Schwarz neighbor's house and that he is a juden. Well done sir well done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant,

I am a devoted fan of your missives, and so are my children, who frequently horrify their SJW teachers with answers like : "I am NOT a racist. I love white people." and "Jewish bankers hold the world in artificial and voluntary slavery through usury and their control of our governments."

Of course this is only possible because their father is a prince among (Caucasian) men, a true provider and the pillar of our family.

It is always uplifting to have contact with like minded people. Therefore .....

I have a big favour to ask - Uncle Nasty and I live in the same country, and possibly in the same city! I would love to meet him / her face to face over a beer, wine or a cup of coffee. Because I know that you would never share private information, I humbly ask that you pass on my contact details to UN, and I will leave it to him / her to decide if we could meet one day.

Should you choose to pass it on, please mail me with the subject line UN, and I will reply with my home address, work address and all my telephone numbers.

Thank you!

SAVANT said...

Dear M. Thank you and I most certainly will try to facilitate a meeting between yourself and UN. In fact he's made at least one other direct acquaintance this way. I don't have his email address so I'll contact him via a comment. From then on we can work via the

Just one thing, both of you need to take care because sometimes "liberals" try to muscle in (literally) on such arrangements.