Sunday, 20 March 2016

That Turkish deal

Whatever illusions we might have harboured regarding EU traitors' leaders' efforts to solve the immivasion crisis have been confirmed by the so-called deal they've just struck with Turkey. The Turks' have promised to 'make all reasonable efforts'  to stem the flow of invaders to Greece.  An arrangement I'm sure Erdogan and his mafiosos will honour to the letter.

The arrangement (such as it is) applies only to Greece. The Turks will continue to usher the rabid hordes across the Bulgarian border in even greater numbers and presumably the more entrepreneurial among them will open up thriving new sea-based routes to Romania. And for each Syrian returned to Turkey the EU will take in one replacement from those already living in Turkey. What a deal! And for this the Turks will collect a €6 billion ransom, have their application for EU membership fast-tracked and visa requirements waived for most of their nearly 80 million inhabitants.

Even the supine and corrupt presstitutes in the media have deemed this a bad deal. But was it?  You see it depends on what the Eurocrats wanted to achieve. If their objective was to temporarily halt the politically embarrassing flood of rapefugees while ensuring the European population replacement project remained on course then in fact it was a very good deal. They appear to have done something about the crisis while reducing the momentum of the "far-right".

I make this suggestion because an iron-clad alternative solution is readily available to them if they want it. I'm referring to an adaptation of Australia's approach, an approach which has almost eliminated their illegal immigration problem. The EU could finance large detainment facilities in a number of key countries (e.g. Turkey, Egypt, Libya) to which all would-be illegal invaders would be sent. While there their applications could be processed with those rejected either returning to the countries of origin or else face indefinite detention at the centres.

Would the  human rights industry (and especially the Saudi Arabian chaired UN Human Rights Commission) object? Of course it would. They'd squeal and stamp their Gucci-clad feet and be joined by their lackeys in the media. But Australia faced the same challenges and just drove ahead.

No, my friends, I'm cynical about Eurocrats' motives and those of their political masters. For sure some of them will be genuine but the overall system is geared towards destroying European civilisation by blending out White people.

I remain to be convinced of a more benign interpretation.


MSM Delenda Est said...

EU membership fast-tracked and visa requirements waived for most of their nearly 80 million inhabitants.

1 in 5 Eusians would be a turk.

Nero said...

Surely this will become all so obvious. It's almost as if they are forcing the UK to vote for Brexit. Then it will be Ireland's turn, then Poland etc leaving a solid core of the original EEC founders.

Uncle Nasty said...

I just know that you're going to love this ...

Read all the comments, some of which seem to be pretty well informed about the truth behind the forthcoming TTIP agreement.

I have wracked my brains for years trying to figure out the endgame of the jews ... now I think I know.

And I am also comforted by the fact that New Zealand's very own tame jewboy signed it so fast he got friction burns.
I sometimes think that New Zealand has a lefty death wish. Let's see how liberal we can be today. After all, the stupid fucks were the first to give Women the vote back in 1893 and it shows ... believe me, it shows.

REASONS FOR BREXIT Nos 137 & 138: EC to decide TTIP content with no democracy at all, as Erdogan splits the EU right down the middle

By John Ward March 18, 2016 138 reasons for Brexit Independent and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) Recep Erdogan TTIP leak damns the EC fascists

Leaked documents from the ongoing EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations show that the European Commission will be obliged to consult with US authorities before adopting new legislative proposals in many areas. What’s more, only the unelected EC will have authority to decide in which areas there should be cooperation with the US: EU member states and the European Parliament will be completely cut out of the process.

The documents were obtained by the Independent and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) campaign group.They show a complex network of procedures specifically designed to tie up any EU proposals that go against US interests.

Nick Dearden, director of the Global Justice Now campaign group, said: “The leak absolutely confirms our fears about TTIP. It’s all about giving big business more power over a very wide range of laws and regulations. In fact, business lobbies are on record as saying they want to co-write laws with governments – this gets them a step closer. This isn’t an ‘add on’ or a small part of TTIP – it’s absolutely central.”

In short, it’s another giant step closer to the Corporate State ...and the world hegemony the US élite seeks ... as well as being yet another vindication of what Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban has been warning about for the last five years.


heuristic said...

Whatever else the TTIP and TPP are they most definitely are foundational steps for pulling the NWO together. Apparently what's included in the small print is mind-blowing.

Rob said...

So if I catch someone burgling my home, the best deal I should hope for is for him to go away and send another burglar to come and finish the job?

Re Australia: After having gone to such lengths to keep out the type of scavengers descending on Europe, it then gives out visas by the million to Asian immigrants, and legally "resettles" such sought-after treasures as Somali and Sudanese "refugees" in the country. The whole detention policy for invaders is just a scam like the "deal" cut with Turkey by the EU.

Olda said...

It is completely surrealistic that while the overpaid incompetent useless EU "leaders" in Brussels were arguing about how many millions of additional Muslims they should invite to Europe a few streets away the police was busy waging street battle to subdue a second generation Muslim terrorist who organized to kill more than 100 people. These EU "leaders" lost their legitimacy completely, except a few like Viktor Orban for example.

white rose said...

This too shall pass. Europe is already destroyed. Sweden is laughable. Germany is nasty now just nasty. I hope their economy tanks so bad that the entire country is in dire straits. They need a wake up call and will only get one if a terror attack occurs or the economy slides down to a great depression.

Anonymous said...

Which money will run out first
Saudis millions
Or europes benifit system
I think whites should now take 2 days off a week to show how hey could stop paying tax

Anonymous said...

If they are refugees who will return to their countries when there is peace why are they given citizenship? If they are desperate and will return home when it's safe they can live in prefabricated temporary homes. That shouldn't be to difficult to do. There they can be clothed and fed and even given a little pocket money. If I was genuinly in fear of my life and you offered that I would snatch your hand off.

This lady doesn't think it's all our fault.


nilus said...

a quick glimpse at the tv right now (11.10pm)

BBC1 Match Of The day:
White proles pay a fortune to watch rapey negroes kick ball for Dutch/ French/ German / Italian / Spanish managers of ((Russian)) ((American)))
JEW -Billionaire -owned clubs

BBC2 The People vs OJ Simpson. Ep 5 : The Race Card
JEW shysters
get blatantly guilty negro savage off murder charge:
If the glove Dershowitz !"
"I'm very good at my job..but I don't come cheap , goy "

Channel 4 The Taking of Pelham 123 (remake)
John Travolta is Evil White Guy
Denzil Washington is Magic Negro out to stop him

Channel 5 'Harry Brown'
People on Stabbistan housing estate terrorised by White Hoodies

ITV2 Family Guy
Anti-White ,anti-Christian JEW filth
baby fucks blonde pig

BBC4 "I'm So Excited !" Camp Spanish faggot sex-comedy, full of

ITV3 Private Benjamin , made by JEWS, written by JEWS, starring
Dave QI presented by
QUEER JEW , with
PIG Sarah "ah shat mesen" Millican and
COMMIE VICAR Richard Coles
sausage dogger , not sausage -dodger , the REVEREND Richard Coles:oh, how HOLY...

Channel 4+1 SynaGogglebox:

Film4 "Non Stop" WHITE terrorist on plane

followed by "Hanna " Chick with JEW name can somehow kick professional hardmens asses , woo, Gurrl Power. Its all in The Training, you see.

4music 8 Out Of Ten Cats: Best Bits , produced by
JEW Richard Cohen, with JEW Winkleman, JEW Widdicombe, JEW Riley etc etc etc

followed by 8 Out of 10 Cats , with
JEW Josh FUCKING Widdicombe and
JEW Heston Blumenthal

Yesterday Channel : POOFTER Portillo takes the A-Train...

5* The Yorkshire Ripper: Born To Kill
WHITE people are such savages

followed by "Killer Psychopaths" (WHITE ones) (Dennis Rader)

Spike: the X Files :
JEW David Duchovny..a touch of the wombat...

QUEST (WHITE) Couples Who Kill

Anonymous said...

Portillo is surprising in that he presents a good programme. Professional queer Stephen Fry cannot do as good a programme as he always has worse written material. Will he find better writes in Hollywood?

Professional lesbian and overrated actress Jodie Foster was going to star in a movie about Leni Riefenstal because she was also a famous movie maker. Hollywood is not where you will find Nuremburg fans.

Panic Room starred Jodie Foster as a professional tennis player who is menanced by bad guys who want to deprive her of her riches. Luckily a magic negro helps saves her.

OJ Simpson was proseuglyyided by an incompetent AA types called Marciaa Claarke and Christopher Daarden. Had they caasted Jodie Foster and Forrest Gump Whitaaker the result might have been different.

Michelle Fields' awesome boobs! said...

Michelle 3 reasons to be a journalist

Two are quite obvious. Her Honduran mother not so much.

UN and other readers are challenged to find their inner Whoo'pi Goldbergness with regards to Michelle Fields' reporting awesomeness!

(Does the ' go after the first O or the second?)

And when you do that you can move onto

"I never owned any slaves. You never picked cotton on a plantation. Reparations case closed."

MSM Delenda Est said...


Indian Wells CEO Raymond Moore somehow acquired his job despite ignorant understanding of the history or current realities of women’s tennis.

Moore said players in the WTA tour "ride on the coattails” of the men’s ATP tour, as reported in ESPN.

"They don't make any decisions, and they are lucky. They are very, very lucky. If I was a lady player, I'd go down every night on my knees and thank God that Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal were born because they have carried this sport. They really have."

Don't make any decisions?

How does Moore justify fulfilling his leadership position if he cannot understand the history of women’s tennis? It's been a leading worldwide sport for many decades, even before Billie Jean King and self-determined stars created independent opportunities to grow their sport in fantastic ways.

There have been legendary stars like Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Venus and Serena Williams and Justine Henin. There are so many other stars that have brought talent and charisma to women's tennis, and alongside men's tennis, it has always been a golden sport.


Does 69-year-old Moore not understand the work ethic, sacrifices and commitment that female athletes have made during the past half century of which he could have observed had he chosen?

Maybe Moore is just “lucky” to be a CEO at one of the great tennis venues without the kind of historical understanding and foresight that is needed to help lead tennis forward.

Maybe Moore should be on his hands and knees thanking whoever gave him this opportunity, because he had no respect for anyone in making his comments, and that means women and men, children, fans of tennis and anyone who loves to participate in this great sport however they can.

How were his statements supposed to do anything other than to tear people down? It’s clear that he has not tuned in to watch and get to know strong athletes who have dedicated their lives to developing a product that is entertaining, contains a wide range of skills and styles and is filled with genuinely wonderful personalities.

How should a mother or father explain those comments to a daughter who loves to play tennis? We’re not even talking at the professional level, but for all people who love to participate with recreational tennis and share the joys and fulfillment of this sport.

From the most humble tennis club all the way to the WTA and ATP tours, what better place is there for women and men to share common bonds of participation and competitive good will?

Raymond Moore made other out-of-touch comments, also noted in the ESPN report, and he tried to retract the comments later, but the genie had been let out of the bottle.

Instead of enjoying the women’s final, he darkened the mood and no doubt lined up a parade of defensive comments from many people in tennis.

What a shame.

Women's tennis gets fewer viewers than athletic tennis and get the same prize money for fewer sets and smaller TV audience at the Grand slams. Some guy points this out and gets a shellacking for it.

Also while the NBA is the National Basketball Association and not gender restricted(!) players who play with the smaller basketball have never been hired by teams that play with the larger basketball because they cannot handle the larger basketball.

So Mark Cuban saying he was going to waste a draft pick on some 6' 5" chick was just him getting brownie points off a pathetic MSM.

Anonymous said...

EU and Africa pact is going on, So add another billion or so Africans, Its game over for white people, No iffs or buts, The only defence is the bankruptcy of the EU ASAP STOP WORKING! The sooner the EU is bankrupt the less immigrants well come, simple, Go bankrupt or die.

Britexit What a joke Britain is an occupied state it will never be allowed to leave Period.

Ned Flanders Hippy Parents said...

Nigerian Bimbo Ayelabola has cost the NHS £181 000 as a health tourist. Remember that the next time you hear of a funding crisis. Such as that prat saying that he had 24 hours to save the NHS. Then Brown comes out with another time frame after being Chancellor for Blair for over a decade.

We tried nothing man and we're all out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Where would we be without good old pat condell he brightens my week

Anonymous said...

Which side of this argument would you be on

Katie Deppold said...

Joshua Ackey is a scientist who did research on between 1487 and 1489 genomes.
That is a film that everyone who reads this blog would pay to see Morgan Freeman play a scientist in. Kristine Wiig, Kate Mckinnon, Melissa Mccarthy none of them can play a scientist like Morgan can. Particularly if it involves research into a number between 1487 and 1489.

C'mon Hollywood get writing!

FOD said...

Condell is good but has been got to w/r/t the Tribe. He used to call them out, especially AIPAC, but now all he goes on about is the muslims.

Anonymous said...

arise middle england they are coming to the shires.this should bring the nimbeys out

Anonymous said...

Filthy filthy dirty bastards

James said...

Sex-Starved Feminists are a Political Force

An unspoken factor in feminist politics, which includes support for Bernie Sanders and hatred of the masculine Donald Trump, is the anger arising from sexual frustration. Women need satisfying sex as much as men. They are not getting it from feminized boyfriends or anonymous hookups.

Women get sexual satisfaction in the context of a loving marriage. This requires them to exchange their power for male power expressed as love and essentially adopt a receptive role. They must form a permanent bond with a man they can trust to love them and protect their interests. The movie "The Business of Strangers" (2001) illustrates what happens when instead they adopt self-assertive feminist shibboleths.

Any comments from the ladies out there?

James said...

Sarkozy Says 'No' to Turks in EU, Russians More European Than Turkey (Video)

Can you believe this?

I can't. I think he's lying to try to get elected again and once that happens he'll go back into genocide mode.

He's promoted White genocide before, in no uncertain terms and should really be in prison.

James said...

Henry Makow promoted this David Duke vid about how much the Jews hate Trump.

He starts off telling Trump that he'll never please the Jews.

"Not even Jesus when he was here on earth could please them. What makes you think I can?" - Harry Truman.

Interestingly DD shows proof that many of his politics have become mainstream.

A gentile reporter privately noted to him that all the reporters hating Trump are Jews.

Anonymous said...

'Dirty Jews' and the Christian Right

Asserting Jewishness by promoting obscenity.

Don't worry, it's not an anti-Semitic article its from Haaretz.

Squidward said...

Spongebob and Patrick

Seeing as people need distracting from Maria Sharapové testing positive for Mol-er-u that heart medicine which is meant to be used for a maximum of 6 weeks and Serena immediately jumping to her defence unlike ladyy lower ranked players who were disgusted with the failed test because they were unable to fail the same test.

Anonymous said...


Not to be confused with B.L.T., a tasty sandwich. Bacon Lettuce and Tomato served with mayonnaise on toast.

L.G.B.T. Lesbian (homosexuals) Gay (homosexuals) Bisexual (homosexuals) Transgender (mutants).

So, the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising was indeed an historic occasion at the 256th NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade. Oh wait, that barely got a mention. No, the history was made because faggots, queers and mutants were able to march in the parade "under their own banners." Ridiculous non-Irish communist Bill DeBlasio was moved. "Finally we can all march." The faggots still played the victim bemoaning their "decades of oppression," ie. not being able to take over a Catholic Church connected civic event.

Congrats to the politicians and fucking corporations who finally got their way. And a big, big hand for the fucking Republic of Ireland government that worked tirelessly to make it happen. You know, I was always encouraged to be positive about all things Irish and to defer whenever possible to the real thing. But now I don't know. I mean, Ireland is on such a small scale compared to Irish American culture that now I think maybe I shouldn't have been so kind to some of the patronizing buck-toothed hicks I've met over the years.

In what can't be anything else but a crime against humanity, children are being given drugs used in prostate cancer treatment to delay puberty. Beware the faggots and mutants when they really start to team up with the transhumanist cyborgs. You're hearing it here first...probably.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the new TPP and TAP deals. Pure corporate fascism. I hear under current agreements Canada is being sued for 320 million because they don't want to put toxic waste into Lake Superior.

Searcher said...

Feminism, sex, dependency etc

I think he makes some very good points.

There are things that women say to project a certain image, that are not necessarily being true to themselves. It was not the norm for example in college educated women in the 1990s to openly discuss having children - we were programmed to delay motherhood for as long as possible as it was seen as the sensible/responsible thing to do. "Any animal can be a mother"; "trapping a man" through pregnancy; "using a man as a meal ticket"; "you could be trapped by having children and no income of your own'; "you don't want to scare a man off by talking of marriage and babies". Only weak/stupid women were "hellbent" on marriage and there were always selfish reasons behind it. Having a child is even seen as selfish in carbon footprint terms in some circles. It can also lead to resentment in the workplace (from other women in my experience). Women almost have to prove to each other that they are not goldiggers and that they are bringing as much/or a sizable contribution to the table as a man. "Toxic parenting" is another one. If our parents were "toxic", then maybe we will be "toxic" also. Celebration of single parenthood again is common. The single mother is praised pretty consistently in MSM. Women are pretty consistently encouraged by their circles and MSM to ditch a man if she has some complaint about him.

Frustration? A lot of men seem to pick up on when a woman "just needs a ****" - when harpiness is in the zenith! Maybe it's just a joke but there probably is something to it. Women tend to say it about a cranky man too so I suppose what's good for the goose...

On the other hand, feminism does not produce a man who is really going to gain a woman's respect. If he starts talking about "patriarchy" and "privilege" it's an automatic turn-off. If he is as passive-agressive as a woman it's pretty contemptible. There are not many of these "ideal men" out there either. Feminism has had its effects on women, but it has also had its effects on men. There are more reluctant dads than reluctant mums in my experience. There are plenty of average "beta" men in CH terms who can barely support themselves let alone a family. Why would a woman want to be trapped in a low-income family if she could potentially have a better lifestyle on her own? I thought women were supposed to be hypergamous - marry up, not down? SATC has had an effect also on women's perception of age - "38 is the year to start thinking about having a baby" (from an episode with Carrie and the Russian). I know people who think fertility is not really dependent on age, but is dependent on how well you look after yourself (like celebs).

I would disagree that women are "selfless' i.e. have no sense of self. OK he states "feminine women" - hyper feminine? I don't understand that one to be honest. Not selfish/forgetting about her own needs. Seems like a recipe for disaster imho.

Anonymous said...

Permanent residence in Europe is now guaranteed for this thing. He won't want for anything holiday camp - sorry I mean jail... and his life will be less lonely than that of a British pensioner

Anonymous said...

So, a couple years ago, a you know what killed two undercover detectives. He was sentenced to death. After an appeal the death sentence was confirmed. But last week a judge ruled the creature was mentally incompetent. Originally that was deemed as 70 IQ. But in a case a couple years ago, they decided the measurements weren't precise and with varying opinions from politicized psychologists...well...better safe than sorry. So now mental incompetence is set at 75 IQ and rising.

And the death penalty was the only thing these things could understand.

Anonymous said...

The thing that annoys my beautiful daughter even more than being hit on by all kinds of Americans is the foreigners who made disgusting whistling, sucking and clicking sounds when they see an attractive woman.

Anonymous said...

I mean sure enough you've got to be aware of the Jewish bankers but really, what about all the transatlantic WASP bastards who've been after everybody for centuries.

You never heard of the Dulles brothers?

If Michael Caine is a Jew I don't want to know about it.

Was Raffles a Jew?

Who knows about a movie made some years ago about the King's household servants forming a platoon in WW1 and going off to fight the Turks. Legend has it that a cloud descended and they ascended to heaven but in actuality they got too far behind Turkish lines and died like dogs, probably. Really chilling ending as the head servant officer watches his favorite laddie being executed.

MSM Delenda Est said...

His name is Trevon that is Trevon and those idiots in the media spelled it as Travon. Disgraceful.

Searcher said...

Re that Henry Makow article, a timely similar article from CH:

Anonymous said...


They want to be raped by apes. Still won't work for them. What they really want is to kick in your door and bash your head in. That won't happen either.

But they would if they could.

Searcher said...


This is probably very interesting for you - Nick Griffin spills the beans (have only watched Part 2 so far, but am linking Part 1 here in respect to order):

Searcher said...

Nick Griffin

I agree exactly with his point re Nazi fixation. He calls it "Program for defeat". He's right - they lost.

His point about childless men joining nationalist politics is a bit odd when you consider the "eternal batchelor" Herr H. He knew rightly that he had to stay "legally" single to keep the ladies gaga for him plus he had no chiselers. The male movie star's stock goes down when they marry. Acting = politics. That said, the childless batchelor lost in the end, so maybe Nick has a point.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Henry Makow promoted this David Duke vid about how much the Jews hate Trump.

He starts off telling Trump that he'll never please the Jews.

David Duke is an absolute treasure. Whenever I try to convert someone out of their ingrained mainstream thinking -- That is to say that all hosenoses are misunderstood angels and we Whites are all, in the words of an old mate of mine: "White Debbil slabe Massas" ... I start them off with a link to a David Duke video.

Because Duke never ever loses his cool.

He never becomes overly emotional -- in fact he treats the yids like naughty children. He presents the facts in a cool, calm, collected fashion and ends his lessons with that strange little quizzical smile, as if to say" Prove me wrong, jewboys. I dare you".

I think he is an excellent intro to a newly awakened Caucasian.

The really rough stuff can come later ... when the average White has learned to say the word "Jew"** rather than the milquetoast, tiptoeing-around-the-subject "jewish person ..."


**Much further down the road, we will teach them how to pronounce "Treacherous, lying, hosenosed cunt bastard." ... A sort of politically incorrect speech therapy, if you will.

-- but that's for later

James said...

Women as Weapons

This is a quite interesting article from Simon Sheppard at

Nowadays a female has only to make a claim of sexual impropriety, sometimes decades after the alleged event, to utterly disrupt the life of a partner, schoolteacher or media figure. Compare this treatment with that of the equivalent female crime (for in a masculine society it is considered a crime) of miscegenation.

James said...

So now mental incompetence is set at 75 IQ and rising.

But that's nearly ALL OF THEM!!

So much for White privilege.

"I'm sorry, you are white. We don't need to test your IQ, there's no way you are mentally incompetent. Besides you're racist."

James said...

There are things that women say to project a certain image, that are not necessarily being true to themselves. It was not the norm for example in college educated women in the 1990s to openly discuss having children - we were programmed to delay motherhood for as long as possible as it was seen as the sensible/responsible thing to do. "Any animal can be a mother"; "trapping a man" through pregnancy; "using a man as a meal ticket"; "you could be trapped by having children and no income of your own'; "you don't want to scare a man off by talking of marriage and babies". Only weak/stupid women were "hellbent" on marriage and there were always selfish reasons behind it. Having a child is even seen as selfish in carbon footprint terms in some circles. It can also lead to resentment in the workplace (from other women in my experience). Women almost have to prove to each other that they are not goldiggers and that they are bringing as much/or a sizable contribution to the table as a man. "Toxic parenting" is another one. If our parents were "toxic", then maybe we will be "toxic" also. Celebration of single parenthood again is common. The single mother is praised pretty consistently in MSM. Women are pretty consistently encouraged by their circles and MSM to ditch a man if she has some complaint about him.

They produce all sorts of anti-white genocidal propaganda don't they. Something for everyone!

James said...

What the article does not address is the engineered destruction of the previous generation of Whites by Hollywood. It's typical game/alpha BS. Quite destructive thinking perhaps.

I've noticed many women now getting Dame Edna glasses and cutting their hair. Have they given up?

They expect we're finished. Generation X, then Generation Y, finally Generation Z and that's it.

James said...

In short, it’s another giant step closer to the Corporate State


Sweden is a 100% fascist totalitarian state. Roland Hunstford in his 1974 book "The New Totalitarians" (which is downloadable on the web and a very book read, BTW) said Sweden "implemented every one of Mussolini's Fascist programs - without firing a shot". So-called totalitarianism without tears.

His book was about how Sweden is the first country to reach Huxley's Brave New World.

They used to be (in the 50s, 60s, and 70s and before) quite racist minded, and everything was for the good of Sweden. Somehow that just changed and now its all, shall we say, a bit different.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Which side of this argument would you be on

21 March 2016 at 14:27

Amazing ... I went to this link, and immediately thought of this one:

Almost the same scenario ... but without the Gew98's and machine guns

It sounds (and feels) as if it's produced and narrated by the same jew slimebucket who created that farrago of lies "The World At War" ... Jeremy Isaacs.

But as always, they accidentally let the joo come throo (00:03:15) in which the old guy says that the heebs were behind all the unrest, so they became (naturally) disliked.

The narrator, of course, says at around 00:03:45 that the "... jews were convenient scapegoats ... held to blame for all the country's ills."

I wonder why?


Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “Which side of this argument would you be on “

Check out the photo ‘HARD LEFT protesters’. In the photo we see one of the ‘HARD LEFT protesters’ wearing a SPORTS DIRECT KARRIMOR jacket.

Financial Times, 14 April 2014

How it [SPORTS DIRECT] runs properties such as Lonsdale, Dunlop, Slazenger, KARRIMOR, Everlast and Sondico is a core strength.

The Guardian, 9 September 2015

A representative from the pressure group ShareAction claimed that [SPORTS DIRECT] workers are “JEOPARDISING THEIR HEALTH” for fear of being dismissed while another shareholder said the company’s reputation as an employer was “ATROCIOUS” and asked its chairman, [former Chief Constable of Cleveland police and West Yorkshire Police] Keith Hellawell, why he had not resigned.

Unite union members protested outside SPORTS DIRECT’S headquarters in dressing up as Dickensian workers and holding a banner reading: “It’s a ‘WORKHOUSE’ not a workplace.”

Cogs in the machine would be the cliche, but that really doesn’t capture the disdain of SPORTS DIRECT towards its WORKERS.


Daily Mail, 11 August 2015

Granddaughter of former Government drugs tsar [Keith Hellawell] is jailed for three years after attempting to sell crack cocaine

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Fred Reed asks the questions that many Americans ask ... now. Quite possibly, the questions that many more Whites will be asking in the near future.
But not yet.

Not quite yet.

Betting on Gray Sludge: What Fun
Posted on March 17, 2016 by Fred Reed

How stable is the United States?

Things do not look good. The country is disintegrating. The borders are open, against the will of much of the population. Our universities are in sharp decline, the students a rebellious unschooled rabble portending a peasant future. The economy gutters and standards of living fall. Jobs are few and becoming fewer. Racial animosity is high and rising, with blacks out of control and looting at will.

We have that least American of Presidents, a marginally competent Afro-Indonesian confection of Moslem background who doesn’t like whites, has little in common with most of the country and is now a virtual dictator reshaping the country as he chooses. The Talking-Headocracy supports this. The decline will not stop.

Can this last?

The foregoing disasters are forced upon the many who hate it by a corrupt government of self-interested hacks, Northeastern in flavor, intent on outlawing Christianity and controlling the population by ever-tightening surveillance and police powers.

The national anger increases palpably: Islamophobes versus Islamophiles, gun owners versus gun controllers, sexual curiosities versus the traditionally moral, lesbian feminists against men and normal women. Viscerality is high. The contending sides hate each other m more than they care about the issues that provide pretexts.

As one example among many: If white Southerners genitally mutilated their daughters, practiced honor killing, and didn’t allow their girls to go to school, the Islamophiles would erupt in fury. They overlook these practices in Moslems because they are using Moslems as a means of punishing people they loathe , such as white Southerners.

Please read on ...

I used to enjoy reading good Sci-Fi novels -- back in the days before the total judaification of Sci-Fi publishing and its subsquent descent into feminised mush.

The best -- and most satisfying, to my eyes -- Sci-Fi was of the "If-this-goes-on ... that-will-be-the-result" variety.

I never dreamed, at this late stage of my life, that I would witness the end of civilisation as we know it. It's like the last reel of a bad horror movie -- The hero, wench clutched in his arms, fighting his way through the burning castle, roof timbers crashing down around him and sword-swinging orcs popping out of the wainscoting.

That is the feeling I get when I see the end plan playing out.

A hundred years from now? The few surviving niggers and mischlings squatting around fires guttering on the flagstones of Notre Dame or Cologne Cathedral? While in gated (Fortified actually) communities, the last stunted and sterile yids sleep like Smaug, on mountains of gold -- and choke on GM food gone bad

Or, perhaps, the White race rebuilding the world anew ... niggers, jews, ragheads and liberals a fading memory. Tales to frighten naughty children into behaving.

"Eat your broccoli ... or the obamas will get you ..."

The choice is ours, Folks.


Frank Galton said...

TIME, 21 March 2016

Donald Trump’s AIPAC Speech Gets Subdued Response

[Donald Trump] repeatedly lambasted the Palestinian support for terrorism...“There is no moral equivalency. Israel does NOT NAME PUBLIC SQUARES AFTER TERRORISTS...”


As memorial ceremonies for slain Prime Minister YITZHAK RABIN kicked off in Israel, the TEL AVIV SQUARE NAMED IN HIS HONOR was empty.


Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

YITZHAK RABIN completed his schooling at the Kadoorie Agricultural High School...and then joined the HAGANAH underground...

Encyclopaedia Britannica

After World War II, when the British refused to open Palestine to unlimited Jewish immigration, the HAGANAH turned to TERRORIST ACTIVITIES...

BEGIN Road is a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv, Israel. The road is named after MENACHEM BEGIN.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

MENACHEM BEGIN joined the militant IRGUN...and was its commander from 1943 to 1948.

IRGUN committed acts of TERRORISM and assassination against the British, whom it regarded as illegal occupiers...

Jerusalem Post, 21 February 2016

Golan Research Institute to be named for YITZHAK SHAMIR

Arutz Sheva, 25 December 2012

Road in Jerusalem to be Named for PM YITZHAK SHAMIR

Daily Telegraph, 30 June 2012

YITZHAK SHAMIR...was a former TERRORIST who, a little to his own surprise, found himself Prime Minister of Israel in 1983.


Bigger than Central Park in New York, the ARIEL SHARON Park is currently open in a limited format, and will be opened in stages until its completion in 2020.

BBC, 11 January 2014

Aged just 14...[ARIEL] SHARON joined the HAGANAH...

Encyclopaedia Britannica

After World War II, when the British refused to open Palestine to unlimited Jewish immigration, the HAGANAH turned to TERRORIST ACTIVITIES...

"Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism. There is no 'good terrorism' or 'bad terrorism.' Real or imagined injustice or deprivation cannot serve as an excuse for the murder of innocent [Jewish] civilians.” – Ariel Sharon

Daily Telegraph, 22 July 2006

Israel celebrates IRGUN hotel bombers

The accusation, which reopens the debate about the use of politically-inspired violence in the region, follows the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the attack on the King David hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946, by the IRGUN...28 Britons were among 91 people killed.

"Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism.” – Ariel Sharon

Frank Galton

GHQ said...

Interesting that distinction between 'jew' and 'jewish person'. I personally feel constrained to use the former, find myself using a variation 'he's jewish' rather than 'he's a jew'.


Michelle Fields awesome boobs! said...

Because Duke never ever loses his cool.

He is no lightweight Megynsic Kelly you say?

Anonymous said...

One of the superinjunctions was taken out by a MP who stopped newspapers from reporting that he brought in cocaine and prostitutes to parliament and that would not be in the public interest to be reported.

A Lord who sniffed the devil's dandruff while engaging with prostitutes who he brought into parliament is now set to be a former Lord as he is to be sacked for his unacceptable behaviour. Guess what this Blairite was the ennobled mp who got the superinjunction.

Genetic testing reveals fostered girl to be 1.5% native Choctaw(?) so she must be placed with non Choctaw relations of the child's father.

She has lived with her foster family since before that racist moron in the White House defeated Mittens. The Choctaw relations were where at that time?

Kennewick man was a non Indian guy who was discovered in the Pacific North West and because of this native American act he had to be handed over to some local tribe despite not being either dotted or feathered.

Historical vandalism at its finest.

Shurley Valentine said...

Swiss prison guard on the run with HIV+ Syrian rapist she helped escape.

Uncle Nasty said...

GHQ said...

Interesting that distinction between 'jew' and 'jewish person'. I personally feel constrained to use the former, find myself using a variation 'he's jewish' rather than 'he's a jew'.

22 March 2016 at 08:43

Interesting, indeed. It's almost as if people use the term "jewish" and "jewish person" because the straight word "jew" has unpleasant connotations. Same with "yid" and "kike"

I wonder why? ... and who is to blame?

After all, when one looks at the origin of the above terms, "yid" is nothing more than a contraction of yiddish ... and the word "kike" was created by -- wait for it -- educated New York sephardic jews in the nineteenth century -- to describe the average Khazar immigrant of the time.

On Ellis Island, the immigration forms contained a box in which the prospective immigrant would draw a cross, indicating that they were literate in English, or a circle (keikl in hebrew) to show that they were not.

Hence "kike" ... which was a term of contempt.

A similar thing happened in South Africa. The most egregious, unpleasant low-class yids were called Peruvians or "Peruvian jews" because most of them (once again, Khazarian imports) arrived from Europe during the twenties and thirties in an ancient, rust-bucket scow called the Peru.

For a South African jew to call another jew a "Peruvian" was a favourite -- and mortal -- insult.

I actually had a friend of mine (a jew) call another one a "fucking Peruvian yid bastard" to his face.

I was rather stunned.


Andrea Dworkin Gorilla said...

The 14:00 at Exeter had a prize of £2,274 which is much less than what was on offer in any race at Cheltenham. Why? Higher standard of racing at Cheltenham.

It is not that long ago that the WTA could not get a sponsor because TV viewing figures were not as attractive as Maria Sharapova's. Sports stations tend to want to put on top class sports rather than those that feminists claim to be interested in.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, I was confirming the origins of the word "Kike" when I came across this entry in the crappipedia.

Oh, it is to laugh. Enjoy ... and use.


Anonymous said...

His was made a few years ago about Belgium

Anonymous said...

Do you all remember when the ‘Shoe-bomber’ and ‘Underwear bomber’ got on their planes and the airport security cameras all failed just as these patsies were getting on board. Israeli security company ICTS had a total camera failure which is not dissimilar to the one they had in Paris when the ‘shoe bomber’ Richard Reid got onboard his target. Likewise, at Logan Airport on 9/11/2001 and also the London bus on 7/7/2005.

Guess who’s in charge of security at Brussels Airport?

Established in 1988, ICTS Belgium operates from its principal office in Brussels, with operational centres at Brussels Airport and Redu. ICTS Belgium specialises in the provision of security services to airports, airlines, corporate, private and public sector clients. We are able to offer a national cover and a comprehensive range of security services.

Contact us:

Bosstraat 30
B-1930 Zaventem,

Surely, this time, they’ll get it right. I await good images of the suspects from the CCTV systems at the sites of the attacks.


Anonymous said...

Decades ago Jews would say that "Jewish person" was in effect antisemitic because it watered down the blunt effect of "Jew." But use it and in a case of having it every which way, you could be suspected of antisemitism anyway. Personally, I'm annoyed that "Jewess" and "Negress" went out of style.

Have to laugh at Irish woman Zoe Saldana being accused of racism because they use make-up and darken her skin for the Nina Simone movie. Nothing as scary circa 1969 as when Nina sang Kurt Weill's "Pirate Jenny." Especially if you were tripping.

Anonymous said...

SavRe Bruxx
Looks to me as if an open goal was presented ... as folk from a noo-go-zone would see it?

Bar Mitzvah We have lousy beer and customers said...

One of todays Simpsons reminded me I saw a clip with former Simpsons producer Conan O'Brien where he had the unfunny Sarah Silvermann who had highlighted how unfunny jewish clown Krusty was by being completely unfunny herself and by dressing up as Hitler on his show then having to leave after around two minutes because the SJW libtards in the audience could not bring themselves to fake laughing at her unfunny Hitler schtick.

Though why she thinks Donald Trump resembles Hitler when Hillary has the moustache and the oven.

Anonymous said...

From Midnight Express to Daily Express

Tim Stupid, Whitetopia TN said...

I actually had a friend of mine (a jew) call another one a "fucking Peruvian yid bastard" to his face.

I was rather stunned.

Sarah Silverman inspired Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady?
Did you get her to keikl a piece of paper so that you could sell her autograph?

There is a youtube vid of a guy screaming about someone's white male privilege and he likes to dress up in his sister's cheerleading outfit and wear it around campus.

Bill Clinton said...

GOProud ad backfires.

I'd hit that. That is provided she lowered her standards.

Crooked First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Rodham Clinton said...

So would I

Humumna Humuna Huma's lesbian lover.

Frank Galton said...

Allan@Aberdeen said: “Guess who’s in charge of security at Brussels Airport?”

ICTS Europe, 18 February 2013

The new CEO of the ICTS Europe group will be Mr OREN SAPIR, whose successful career with ICTS Europe spans over 23 years.

OREN SAPIR, President & CEO ICTS Europe

Oren' (Hebrew: אורן) is a masculine given name, meaning pine or ash in Hebrew

Sapir means sapphire in Hebrew.

A Dictionary of Jewish Names and Their History

Frank Galton

Searcher said...

Say what, a Turkish deal?

In real news, a married couple moved to LA and enjoyed retail therapy.

Check out the Fry-Spencers as they walk on the footpath and cross the road.

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 01 October 2010

The Israeli firm ICTS International (not to be confused with ICTS Europe, which is a different company) [ICTS Europe currently serves over 300 private- and public-sector organisations in the AVIATION (Brussels international airport etc) and maritime sectors. ICTS Europe’s CEO is Jewish businessman OREN SAPIR], and two of its subsidiaries are at the crux of an international investigation in recent days, as experts try to pinpoint the reasons for the security failure that enabled Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board Northwest flight 253 and attempt to set alight explosives hidden in his underwear.

ICTS was established in 1982 by former members of the SHIN BET...

BusinessWire, 10 January 2005

ICTS International N.V. [established in 1982 by former members of the SHIN BET], today reported that The United States Court of Federal Claims, in a decision filed on Friday, January 7, denied the U.S. Government motion to dismiss claims brought by HUNTLEIGH USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS USA Inc.
Business Insurance, 20 September 2011

HUNTLEIGH USA Corp. [a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS International/USA. ICTS International was established in 1982 by former members of the SHIN BET], the company United [Airlines] employed to run its security gates in Boston and Newark, N.J., on the morning of the [9/11] attacks...

Frank Galton

katana said...


This is the transcript of a 65 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach younger Whites about Adolf Hitler and his true White revolution that severely threatened to break the power of Organized jewry. He highly recommends young people read Hitler’s Mein Kampf as part of their education in fighting jewish communist and liberal brainwashing — KATANA.

Teaching White Kids about Adolf Hitler — TRANSCRIPT

Uncle Nasty said...

As Alan in Aberdeen refers to the dust-ups of Logan Airport on 9/11/2001 and also the London bus incident on 7/7/2005.

Those who are interested in black-flag incidents, rather like the one recently perpetrated in Belgium, as well as the usual terrorist street theatre, may be interested in this:

An Australian investigator by the name of Joe Vialls (can't really vouch for the name ... jovials?) did a pretty exhaustive investigation into the assassination of WPC (Woman Police Constable) Yvonne Fletcher.

You may remember her?

In early 1984, policewoman Yvonne Fletcher was murdered while on duty outside the Libyan Embassy in London. From the moment she was shot, the media misled the British public into believing that Fletcher had been shot by the Libyans, who were subsequently expelled from the country in a fanfare of negative publicity.

But where Vialls's investigations really get into high gear is in his inquiry into the alleged Port Arthur Massacre of 28 April 1996.

This event, in which a single borderline-retarded civilian named Martin Bryant managed a kill rate well above that required of a fully trained soldier, an impossible task for a man with Martin Bryant's mid-sixties IQ and his total lack of military training, which is an interesting but largely unimportant observation because we have already proved in absolute scientific terms that Bryant could not have acted alone. That leaves us looking for the motive, which is impossible to determine with any certainty, though it is reasonable to cross link this to Yvonne Fletcher's pre-meditated murder in London purely in terms of cause and effect.

It should be pointed out that the Oz "massacre" was the so-called trigger for the almost complete disarmament of Australian sportsmen and shooters. Wads of complex -- and draconian -- anti-firearms legislation appeared almost overnight.**

It should be pointed out that the two years prior to the "massacre" (quelle surprise!!) were -- cohencidentally -- the highest influx of ex-South African jews into Oz ... immediately after the ascension of Saint Mandela to the ANC Gravy Train -- Sorry! Sorry! The New South African Rainbow Nation.

An event that every influential South African yid moved Heaven and Earth to bring about ... but, strangely, did not hang around to spend some quality time there, in the New South Africa ... tasting the fruits of their success, so to speak.

Be that as it may ...

The weekend cometh, so enjoy the story behind the very, very odd events surrounding WPC Fletcher's untimely demise -- and Australia's Port Arthur massacre


** I have subsequently spoken to a few disaffected Ozzies about this, and they said that the new Oz legislation had been formulated in Canada years before ... which may sound a bit odd -- until one considers that some ANC flack pointed out that the ZA firearms legislation that came out in the nineties was given -- in a spirit of co-operation, of course, to them by ... Canada.

The wind chimes will be loud in Canada, come the revolution, methinks

Oh, as an aside, The Oz "massacre" occurred six weeks after the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, which also -- amazingly -- triggered the fastest anti-gun legislation in British history ... almost as though the Pom legislators were expecting it, somehow.

Cohencidence? You decide.

Flanders said...

I'm taking a break for a while, due to some issues which have come up, but I’ll be checking back later whenever I get the chance, and will be back when I’ve taken care of the other issues.

Flanders said...

A Few Proverbs About JEWS

UNcle Nasty said...

Newsflash from Joo Zealand part of Noo Zealand. Professor deemed to be antisemitic. Accidentally touched Third Rail and got 30,000 KVA though his arse before being fired ...

Auckland University hate-crimes professor leaves job after remark about Jews


The New Zealand Jewish Council wants University of Auckland to publicly distance itself from Professor Scott Poynting's remark.

A University of Auckland professor is to leave his job after an anti-Semitism row sparked by a letter to the Waikato Times.

Acclaimed hate crimes expert Professor Scott Poynting​compared an Israeli company employing Palestinians to a German company employing Jews. The commentary rankled various groups, including the New Zealand Jewish Council and a fellow academic, who complained to the university, branding the professor's letter to the editor as anti-Semitic.

University Vice-Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon addressed the complainants in a letter, which he detailed investigations had been undertaken.

The institution had found Poynting not guilty of professional misconduct and it had been suggested to Poynting he should write a second letter to the editor of the Waikato Times clarifying he was not intending to make anti-Semitic remarks, McCutcheon said.

Poynting had refused to write a clarification, so McCutcheon apologised on behalf of the educational institution.

"... I do acknowledge that the way in which Scott Poynting expressed himself caused considerable distress to many members of the community. On behalf of the University of Auckland, I offer my own sincere apologies for that distress," McCutcheon wrote.

However, the final line of McCutcheon's letter saw the New Zealand Tertiary Education Union (TEU) wade into the debate.

"Professor Poynting's employment with the University of Auckland concludes on 30 June 2016."

It was important to note Poynting was retiring in June, as had always been the case, TEU organiser Enzo Giodani said.

The university, however, would not confirm the manner of his departure.

Probably on a rail ... tarred and feathered, if the local noses have anything to say about it. I'll be sending this to a few select friends along with the question: "Do you think the noses are, shall we say, overreacting?"

I will mention -- again -- the case of the local academic who, years ago, was hounded out for questioning the total of fricasseed heebs. It should be born in mind that the above Prof is an "Acclaimed hate crimes expert", so maybe we should hold the sympathy.

However ... ten out of ten to the guy. He didn't grovel ... but, being an Acclaimed hate crimes expert, he's probably aware of the consequences of heebs scenting blood.

They loooove a good grovel.

Can't wait to read the comments.


Olda said...

Be back ASAP Flanders. Always admiring your research.

James Lord said...

Amazes me - NOT - that Western countries put transport security in the hands of the Israelis. Not as if they might use the opportunity to get up to something.

FOD said...

“Remember, brothers, this famous poem:

First they came for the Mexicans, and I said nothing because I was laughing too hard to talk.

Then they came for the Moslems, and I said nothing because I was blasting Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” so loudly that no one would be able to hear me if I said something.

Finally they came for the Jews, and I said nothing because people can’t talk while they’re chugging champaign straight out of the bottle.

Then they stopped coming, so I played X-Box with my neighbor and then went to the gym. Then later me and my girlfriend and my cousin played Scrabble while listening to jazz music and trying out some different types of cold cuts and cheeses we bought at Whole Foods.”

Anonymous said...

The Dutch school teacher who tweeted about Muslim kids in his class whooping for joy when they heard about Brussels
Has had a visit from 3 policemen warning him about tweeting negative stuff about Islam

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

@UN I hope I can add a little clarity to this vexed subject. Since we have soooooo many questions like aren't they this race, are they that religion, aren't they whatever tribe? Let us just use a standard definition from now on. So the good prof's remark will read.

"Acclaimed hate crimes expert Professor Scott Poynting​compared a Fukkwitzi company employing Palestinians to a German company employing fukkwitz. The commentary rankled various groups, including the New Zealand fukkwish....."

So when we are accused of being anti-fukkwitz we know we are dealing with real fukkwitz.


Rowdy Roddy Piper Fan said...

gawker is appealing

I bet those words were never used before!

So the founder is saying the case was only taken to prevent worse stuff about #Hogan getting out.

If they have worse stuff on him why are they not releasing it? Could it be because it does not exist?


Anonymous said...

Europhobe cries over Brussels attack:

Federica Mogherini is Europe's foreign policy chief. She is regarded as one of the architects and enabler of the displacement of Western culture in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Yep it's all going and we are allowing it

Anonymous said...

SJW nonsense in Indo about Maria Sharapova being paid more than the Serena brothers because she looks like a lady and her ladylike behaviour does not include offering to stick a fucking tennis ball down a line judge's fucking neck. A Chink line judge.


Californian said...

Well, looks like the Belgian Front is opening up. Be interesting to see the convolutions that liberals will go through to explain away this attack.

I wonder. Over the decades, liberals have rationalized terrorism by the Algerian FLN, the South African ANC, and etc. Now that terrorism is happening in their own front yards, what shall be their response?

Of course, the real threat here is not the occasional terrorist attack. The threat is the displacement of white Europeans by third worlders. Europe can survive some death and destruction. It can not survive race replacement.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the attempted flaying of the Acclaimed hate crime professor, and his historical predecessors, here's the story of Joel Hayward, and what transpired for him ...

"History Now is hardly a large-circulation publication. But Christchurch newspaper The Press is, and it has decided to print the article in edited form over two days. The first half, published yesterday, applied scrutiny from which the university does not emerge well.

"Dr Fudge, whose specialty is medieval dissent and witch-hunts, casts doubt on whether the working party properly considered the case for the defence of Hayward, particularly as it failed to respond to, publicise or accept as an appendix a 150-page defence dossier containing supportive submissions from academics.

"The case of academics like Dr Fudge, Dr Hayward and arguably that of the German Waikato University student Hans-Joachim Kupka, who was hounded out of New Zealand after being accused of Holocaust denial during internet chatroom debates suggest that the status of the Holocaust is becoming alarmingly close to sacrosanct.

"That would abrogate one of the important functions of our universities; constantly to explore and challenge accepted wisdom.

"It is not a good look for any history department, anywhere, to seem to be arguing: can't we put the past behind us?

"The much-quoted wartime exhortation "Lest we forget" is worth remembering. But it should never be interpreted as meaning "Lest we question."

Extract from THE SOUTHLAND TIMES Editorial
23 July 2003"

Even though the downside was that the delightfully named Dr Fudge (such a sweet man ...) learned what witch-hunts were all about from the front end, I am gratified to see a mainstream newspaper actually criticising the heebs ... as well as academics receiving a much-needed lesson in judenrealpolitik

Their endless carping, whining and bullying ways will not have been forgotten.


Uncle Nasty said...

FOD said...

“Remember, brothers, this famous poem:

First they came for the Mexicans, and I said nothing because I was laughing too hard to talk.

Then they came for the Moslems, and I said nothing because I was blasting Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” so loudly that no one would be able to hear me if I said something.

You forgot the mention them coming fo' de niggaz ... That's when you, your Grandma and your wife can spend a delightful evening lying on a blanket on the lawn, listening to the Concert In the Park ... and you can leave the 12 gauge at home.

Around the corner, your eight-year-old daughter and her friends can play hopscotch while waiting for the street lights to come on.

For that alone, I'd burn a whole nigger suburb to the ground.

... and laugh.


nemesis said...

"It is not a good look for any history department, anywhere, to seem to be arguing: can't we put the past behind us?

"The much-quoted wartime exhortation "Lest we forget" is worth remembering. But it should never be interpreted as meaning "Lest we question."

Excellent. Excellent indeed. Of course so obvious it should not need stating. But it sure does when the subject is the Holohoax.

Anonymous said...

I don’t consider muslims who hang around the cafes and bars of Brussels to be inclined to nor capable of the attacks carried out and I’m seeing pictures in today’s newspapers of ‘the perpetrators’ who both died – very convenient. The police tell us that they did it and that’s it, and the grainy images showing two ordinary looking muslim males pushing their baggage trolleys are the clinchers. We are to look at those official images and nothing else, courtesy of the cameras of ICTS. The muslims in Europe are inclined to opportunistic criminality not excluding rape and murder: this atrocity requires competence and organisation, not traits associated with the muslim horde brought into Europe by jews.

– ICTS International N.V. was founded in 1982 by a select group of security experts, former military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies. The company’s goal was to develop and implement pioneering aviation security concepts and systems, with particular emphasis on high-risk environments.

– In 1998, ICTS International N.V. made a strategic decision to focus on the US market. The following year, it acquired Huntleigh USA Corp., which provides airline passenger screening services at 47 US airports, including all the international aviation gateways in the USA. –

So Mossad and Shin Bet run airport security in Europe and the US – and they really do: just put ‘ICTS airports’ into your search engine and see what they have.


Buy Atomised or The Elementary Particles said...

Sevram in Belguim has had 6 of its "Belgians" killed fighting .for. ISIS. Maire had a poster of Nelson Mandela on the wall. First world Belguim has no need of third world Belguim.

Houellebecq wrote an interesting book on this set in France.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it "Lest we misremember? It was all real to me."

Diamond eating woman

James said...

Trump didn't suck circock hard enough.

Go Trump.

Anonymous said...

Brussels on 3/22. Skull and bones number.

James said...

The New Zealand Jewish Council wants University of Auckland to publicly distance itself from Professor Scott Poynting's remark.

Jews are so powerless and helpless. So why are they always helping Muslims? Are they crazy?

James said...

6,000,000 lies

This is good viewing.

James said...

Makow - White genocide in South Africa.

"You see, I have been one of those white liberals I now so much despise.
My eyes have opened. I see my people suffering. I cannot believe
that I was oblivious for so long to the genocide being perpetrated on us."

I'm sure UN can provide interesting commentary on this.

Maybe we should all say we were once ex-liberals. Then maybe some other liberals will listen to us.

James said...

This is good.

Zuma (our president) has announced they will be instituting something called a blacklist for racists.

They'd love to call it a whitelist, but that's too obvious.

James said...

Still talking like a liberal.

I do not think they understand this. What will become of this country if they just demand everything for free? Do they not realize it will be the end of South Africa - completely?

Some people will never get it. They'll have to ask St Peter at the gates.
He'll just roll his eyes and pull the lever.

James said...

Perhaps it is a racial flaw whites have? How anyone can be a liberal in South Africa boggles the mind really. How does one determine what they think?

I started speaking up over the last couple of weeks and it has become quite clear that I am stepping on people's toes. Some of my own family members, who I have grown up with, have taken me on in public and turned their backs on me, branding me a right wing racist for not believing in the Rainbow Nation anymore. They automatically assume I hate all people but white because I dare to stand up for my forefathers and for my fellow white people that are being murdered every day. I do not understand that. I do not understand how they can live in the same country, know about this, and turn a blind eye. Of course the media plays a great role in this, not reporting on the horrendous crimes of brutal torture and murder, but still ... When you want to speak up, you are left feeling alienated and alone.

James said...

A commenter on Henry Makow's article said this:

Paul said (March 23, 2016):

White Genocide will happen here in Canada. I have worked among non-whites for years and see nothing that will stop it. The only type of non-white that I can trust is a non-white nationalist of their race and that is rare to find. It has been hard for me to face this because I often stand up for non-whites and would like some kind of reciprocation but rarely get it.

I think it is possible that outright white genocide will eventually come to New Zealand as well. The usual driving forces are present, but the real tell is that nothing exists to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Bankers caught committing crimes.

Judge fined them "to send a POWERFUL MESSAGE".

Is a $5000 fine a powerful message? Yes, it says "Do it again".

Anonymous said...

hoist by own petard
Back to Brux bomb.........I’m wondering are these gangsters have fallen for. A very ancient trick .......a method to get rid of unwanted soldiers. Promises of wealth and and/or 80 large breasted women.
Were these bombs on instant fuses ...not remote or delay as they may have thought?.
The last thing some of our rulers may want, is an excuse to keep raiding no-do areas ......full of our replacements and causing upset!

Anonymous said...

The origin of the student loan program can be traced to Bill Clinton signing the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993

Omnibus Reconciliation Act? What sort of name is that?

So now we have a generation of whites with so much debt it will probably prevent them having children. Genocide in action.

The US enacts all these innocuous sounding laws, and the devil is always in the details. None of the congressmen have time to read the details. Its a Talmudic farce.

Shirley Crabtree said...

Marler had the case against him for calling a Welsh player a gypsy boy dealt with. However unlike the English player who did not have a case to answer for kicking an opponent on the head World Rugby has decided to reopen the case which was dealt with at half time when the Harlequins player apologised for what he said. If they want to show that Harlequins are not the establishment club who can do whatever they want and suffer no consequences perhaps they should have banned the team that Dean Richards sacked the coach of because he did not like the way his son was being coached despite being told that they would be banned if they worked with a guy who was serving a three year ban for eventually getting caught manipulating the blood replacement law.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will have people go wah! wah! wah! I am offended on your behalf."

Micky D's daughter is running on the NUI panel "For Social & Economic Equality". Seconder Ailbhe Smyth Equality Avocat.
If you have a NUI vote perhaps you could look at an ABMDHD candidate?
Is there anyone running on a non equality we don't need more foreigners coming over here creating employment for our Quangocrat pals?

They are mostly fake candidates
Fight for the rights of foreigners
Well, you hurt my friends, and you hurt my pride,
I gotta be a man; I can't let it slide,
I am a real Graduate, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a real Graduate, fight for what's right, fight for your life!

I feel strong about right and wrong,
And I don't take trouble for very long,
I got something deep inside of me, and courage is the thing that keeps us free,
I am a real Graduate, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a real Graduate, fight for what's right, fight for your life!

Well you hurt my friends, and you hurt my pride,
I gotta be a man; I can't let it slide,
I am a real Graduate, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a real Graduate, fight for what's right, fight for your life!
I am a real Graduate, Fight for the rights of every man,
I am a real Graduate, fight for what's right, fight for your life!

Anonymous said...

I would wager this story to be true.and after all of it the liberal left will still find excuses for them even when they have killed some of their mates
Eff the villa

Kenny said...

FOD said...
Condell is good but has been got to w/r/t the Tribe. He used to call them out, especially AIPAC, but now all he goes on about is the muslims

I am genuinely curious ... do you have any links to videos/articles where Condell calls out the Tribe?

Because I have never seen any, and I find it hard to imagine. I can think of several people who I'm sure understand the jewish problem but won't talk about it, but Condell seems to understand absolutely nothing beyond the fact that Islam is a threat to his beloved 'liberalism'.

Anonymous said...

For effs sake Muslim leader in Australia says Muslims might get violent if headscarf laws aren't revoked or looked into

Searcher said...

Ditto Olda's comment Flanders.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “

Yep it's all going and we are allowing it”

Daily Telegraph, 22 March 2016

Easter quietly dropped from Easter eggs

Examples highlighted by the firm include the Cadbury Easter Egg Trail Pack, whose label now reads simply “Egg Hunt Pack”.

The label on the 2016 version of the Quality Street Easter egg, made by Nestlé, reads simply: “Large Milk Chocolate Egg with Quality Street inside.”

Similarly, the Milkybar Easter Egg, also a Nestlé product, is now labelled simply as “Milkybar White Chocolate Egg.”

Branding on eggs sold by its rivals Cadbury follows a similar pattern.

Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by American company Mondelēz International (originally Kraft Foods) since 2010.

Jewish businesswoman Irene Rosenfeld is Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International.

Daily Telegraph, 06 December 2009

Irene Rosenfeld: Kraft Foods's chief executive

Irene Blecker was born on May 3, 1953, to parents Seymour and Joan Blecker, a young Jewish couple who had made the small suburban town of Westbury, some 25 miles outside New York City, their home.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is chairman of Nestlé.

According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, Brabeck-Letmathe was born in Villach, Austria, into a Jewish family with its origins in Iserlohn-Letmathe in North West Germany. He studied economics at the University of World Trade (today Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration).

Frank Galton

Searcher said...


Re Condell - I agree. He has praised Jewish people for their Nobel prizes. Muslims are just jealous of Jews, I think is his reasoning.

He is hilarious all the same.

If memory serves me correctly, I think he said he had Jewish neighbors growing up. He is from an immigrant family himself so it is entirely possible that he has a strong, protective instinct towards Jews.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot her funniest tweets.


@WOWdudehahahaha I fucking hate niggers, I wish we could put them all in a concentration camp with kikes and be done with the lot.


@BASED_ANON Jews did 9/11 Gas the kikes- race war now!!!#KKK

Hackers on the 4chan forum have been blamed for Microsoft chatbot conversion to the right. A Microsoft representative said the company was making "adjustments" to the bot:

Flanders said...

Thanks, Olda and Searcher, I'll be around as much aa possible, and will try to stay current with Savant and all the great commenters here at Savant's whenever I get the chance.

Anonymous said...

White Genocide = New Zealand = progressing very nicely, thank you very much.
67,000 p a mass immigration,[not counting extras that join the darkies later].
Chinese peasants, brainwashed communists = will become real Kiwis. So nice!
Indians, Sikhs, Pakis, other black matter, all just love our welfare state.
White NZers have been programmed by socialists to be 100% dependent upon Gov. Control. The only thing that protected these brain dead, feminized, do gooding, ever so nice to all psychopaths cretins was the distance from the lunatics up north. Once a happy leech on the backside of the world. No more. It is dying!
No jobs = China/no housing = mass immigrants/no education = feminized
NZ popular Blog spots = Zionist/ Communist-Socialist/Maori-anti-White Marxist/Feminist nut jobs/ Anything and everything to avoid reality, as is where is. The best we can hope for is the Northern Hemisphere take off into outer space, soonest.

Anonymous said...

We had a census in 2011 as scheduled and now we have one in 2016. Is the 2021 one 5 years early?