Sunday, 27 March 2016

If whites disappeared from America...

Day 1, Morning: The bIacks wake up, but sense that something is wrong. There is no radio and no T.V. Electrical power is partially gone. Venturing out into the world, they notice almost no traffic, no police, no airplanes... almost total silence. Realizing this, they immediately begin to loot. Gun stores and liquor stores are among the first to be emptied out. It’s a free for all. Windows are broken, cars are stolen from garages and parking lots. By the afternoon, most valuables in stores and private homes have been stolen.

By the end of the First Week: Electrical power is all but gone. Phone service is sporadic. Working bIacks are beginning to understand the nightmare. But no one listens to them; they are "Uncle Tom's", who have always appreciated life in America. Black gangs are beginning to rob, rape and murder at an even higher rate than before. There is no government, no order. There is nothing to stop them. It is a great big party. Look, we always said life would be great once YT gone.

By the end of the First Month: Looting and anarchy continue. Law abiding blacks have to defend their houses from looters. War begins among black gangs as they battle for territory and vanishing resources. There is no longer any electricity, and most fresh food has spoiled. Fires are widespread from looting, and very few know how to put them out. There is no more tap water.

By The End Of The Third Month: Canned food can still be found but fresh water, milk, bread and produce are non-existent. Gasoline becomes scarce. No television or radio. Garbage and sanitation services are gone, and diseases begin to spread. Rats multiply. Some hospitals are still running but with almost no trained staff. A few law-abiding blacks try to restore order and resort to a shoot on sight policy.

By The End Of The First Year: Starvation is rampant. Food becomes the most valuable thing in the "New Black America." Trees are cut down for firewood. Many die from cold. Most infants do not survive, as medical care becomes non-existent. A few blacks hoard all the food for themselves by the use of force (just like Africa today.) There is no light at night, except from wood fires. Blacks begin to reorganize by tribes. Gangs rule the city. Travel is almost impossible, except on horseback, and gangs frequently murder travelers. Youth engage in dueling, to prove their manhood. Nomads now roam from destroyed town-to-town looking for food. All farm animals have been slaughtered.

By The End Of Five Years: Nearly two thirds of the blacks are dead. The life span is down to about 35 years, as it is in many black countries in Africa today. The U.S. has become Africa, only worse, for there are no white men to organize aid and feed them.

Am I right or wrong?

PS: This material sent to me by reader James Lord. I'm told it's been on Stormfront and been around for nearly ten years.


LikeS pee said...

Without "Da Man" holding him down the NBA becomes the largest sport. Just like you posted.

Anonymous said...

Nice post savant

But this girl gets it right every time as well

Anonymous said...

Best yet, Savant.

Anonymous said...

This prick was supposedly National Front would you have believed it ????

Rob said...

Your scenario sounds accurate, Savant, though you could have included some cannibalism and desperate superstition (e.g. chasing down albinos and using their body parts in potions in a last-ditch attempt to conjure back into existence the things they enjoyed under Whitey.) Of course, what would really happen is the Chinese would move in and take over the country. And then blacks would find out that whites weren't the worst rulers after all, not by a long way. Just wait till they get a dose of yellow privilege.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sunday, 27 March 2016

If whites disappeared from America...

One thing for sure -- all the jews would be raped, eaten or both within a month. Lot of good eating on some of them.

It's an ill wind ...


DH said...

Almost right. The chinese would invade in less than one year and move the remaining blacks to Africa.

Awed Bawl said...

jews use thick fishing line to mark territory:

Anonymous said...

You are wrong.

I have asked many of my friends to perform this same thought experiment. A dreadful disease has killed anyone with more than a 15% European genome. Death comes quickly - in a matter of hours. Blacks are left to their own devices. How long until utter anarchy prevails?

Your error? You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too optimistic.

How long until fresh water stopped flowing? At most until the automated systems failed. 2 - 3 days.

How long until the sewage treatment facilities broke down? Same.

The breakdown of law and order would be immediate with rampaging pillaging beginning immediately upon the dim realization that all was for the taking.

Law abiding blacks? They would be swamped by the lawless and would themselves descend to lawlessness very quickly.

Cessation of TV and radio - also, almost immediate. At most 3 - 5 days.

Greater than 2/3 of all remaining blacks would be dead within 6 - 12 months. At the end of 5 years fewer than 5% would remain.

Africa would descend into the most utterly vicious and hellish existence imaginable with their population plunging over 90% as well.

Now, an equally, perhaps more valuable, thought experiment. What would happen if everyone with less than a 95% European genome were killed off by a dreadful disease.

Every city in America would become a garden spot. Europe would flourish as never before. Africa would be repopulated by Europeans and would become one of the greatest places on earth to live. Crime would fall by over 85%.

Education would once again become a meritocracy as would all fields of endeavor including most importantly the STEM fields.

Music and art would improve dramatically and Europeans relieved of the odious influence of the shitskins of the world would once again direct their energies more productively.

Taxes would fall by over 75%. Prison populations would fall by 80%. Europeans would regain their confidence and begin reproducing. And since the Jews are not white, we would not be hamstrung by their pernicious influences. We would no longer be saddled by "the leaven of the Pharisees."

Ivan Shatov

Flanders said...

Aren't we all SICK OF THEM?!

Pretend TO BE White – white-skinned JEWs

Flanders said...

Did you notice in the jewsnews about Belgium that those jews called the White people who protest against the continued invasions of their White country? "Soccer hoodlums" or phrases of a similar nature. When are White people going to wake up to them, the scheming jews sabotaging our race, all while pretending that they are "white", too, when it suits their purposes - always with the proviso that they are a species of "white" deserving of "protection"?

Dan said...

The time frame takes too long. Nuclear power stations would irradiate everything within a week.

Flanders said...

Some unrealistic aspects need some revision from Savant's report.

" radio and no T.V." - There is ALWAYS A BOOM BOX, or something else even when the jungle bunnies have to beat on garbage cans.

"almost total silence" - Not around any black area I've ever been near - ever - unless the free commodity truck is on the other side of town.

"Working bIacks are beginning to understand...". - They STOP working, if they ever did, whenever no supervisor is around - and completely if there is no paycheck in sight.

"Three months" - Make that the third day. "A few law-abiding blacks try to restore order...". You've got to be kidding me!

The rest of it, shorten the time span to months, and don't exceed one year.

Dan said...

The beaners would sacrifice nigs on the altar on some pyramid

JB said...

The (White) Rapture meets Barjavel's "Ashes, Ashes" (see:

Anonymous said...

off topic savant, just read a book by irish novelist Ninala Opfainlan. properly wrong spelling but i belive the english would Phealan.. didn't know what to make of it or her and she seems to slant to the libtard left.enlightened me please john old rtd chicago copper...

Flanders said...

If Whites disappeared from America, would the jews act as aggressively toward the dindus as they do to Israel's neighbors? I doubt it, unless they first disarmed the niggers, which the jews would have a very hard time doing.
A video and other links are at the posting below.

"Report on Sat, 03/26/2016
Israeli settlers on March 25 gathered outside the home of a human rights worker in Hebron to hurl abuse at him, a day after he captured on video an Israeli soldier's killing of a wounded Palestinian that has sparked international outcry. Imad Abu Shamsiya, a staff member with Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, told Ma'an News Agency after settlers threatened him: “I now fear for my life and the life of my family. I’m afraid they might attack my house and do me harm.”

Two Palestinian residents of Hebron, both 21 years old, were shot down after allegedly stabbing and wounding an Israeli soldier near a military checkpoint in Hebron’s Old City. Shamsiya recorded footage of a soldier shooting one in the head at point-blank range in plain view of the medical team after he had already been shot at least once and left motionless on the ground."

Flanders said...

A report in the Kurdish Daily News states that, "Erdogan’s Turkey is number one in exporting Islamic terrorism". Details are provided to document that claim, and more documentation lists the numbers of "refugees" still remaining in Turkey. Also, the jews media reports being made in the US are disproved by a document showing that Belgium had no knowledge about ─░brahim El Bakraoui, because Turkey was deceitful.

The report characterizes that deceit in a way which Americans are becoming very familiar, after viewing presentations by our own jewsmedia and "leaders". The report is not quite so direct, saying only that, "People from Kayseri, a province in central Anatolia, are known for their fraud and tricking people while doing business."

"Turkey has become the fertile ground for Islamic terrorism and exporter of the new generation jihadists in the world. Those, who want to join ISIS and other jihadist groups and get training in Syria and Iraq first make their way into Turkey from Asia, Europe, Africa and America then enter Syria via its borders. They number tens of thousands according to UN figures.

Although Turkish tourism is on the brink of collapse, its economy is shrinking, and its national currency Lira is in free fall against US dollar, Turkey is the number one country in exporting Islamic terrorists into Europe and Kurdistan."

Flanders said...

These are the White people whom our jewsmedia describe as being "soccer hoodlums", while trying to protect their country from continued invasions. When are we in the US going to stop our own invaders, and more importantly, the ones who cause and assist the invasions as well as the jewsmedia which is at their central position?

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Flanders, the number of Whites waking up to the true implications of the 'extreme-right hooligans' slur is growing all the time. I notice it all of the time i the comment sections of online media.

Iam Legend said...


Best actor Will Smith
Best Supporting actor Junior Smith (The face of that fashion label!)
Best actress Mrs Will Smith
Best supporting actress Junior Female Smith (Not the face of that fashion label!)
Best Screenplay Eek Eek Eek Ugh Ugh Blam Blam Blam by Quentin Tarantino

Lena Dunham the perp gets really perpetrated on by a Demoncrat and not a pretend Republica.Sister Dunham might learn to really hate Demoncrats and the vile things that they get up to.


Nero said...

What a thing 'tis to dream Savant.

Yet we already know what happens when the whites leave...Africa. Rhodesia is a case in point. A country which ate the missionary when it comes to civilization. The rest of Africa was only held up by the white man's International Aid budget.

Nonetheless, Savant's fantasy may yet come true...if only we deport every dindu who commits a crime. Transportation was once a perfectly acceptable solution - the old ones being, of course, the best.

Anonymous said...

Isis sends a reply to the pope who thinks we should combat them with love

Joshua Sinistar said...

You're an optimist. Most food today has no preservatives because Libtards don't like them. Anything not canned will spoil in a week. There is only enough food in the stores for two weeks due to the turnaround rate and limited shelf space. By the end of the first month less than five per cent of the non-Whites will be left. They will either be cannibals or hunting for animals some domestic like cats and dogs. All knowledge will be lost and literacy will disappear. There will be a regression to savagery and after two years the remainder will seem indistinguishable from other animals.

Anonymous said...

Savant, I never expected you to plagiarize. Please give credit to the original writer of your post.
Very disappointed.

DrAndroSF said...

They endlessly complain that we are what's holding them down, when the truth is that we are the only thing holding them up.

Anonymous said...

Correct on all accounts, just need to look at Detroit.
PS. Syria have driven the terrorist proxy army of the West back to Raqqa which is near the border with Turkey I expect within the week that Isis will be driven back to Turkey where they will receive safe passage into Turkey and then into Europe.

SAVANT said...

Anon 16.18. I got this material from commentator James Lord. He didn't want to be mentioned so I thought nothing of it. Please let me know where it originated and I'll immediately give due credit;

Anonymous said...

The enemy within teachers vote not to promote British values

Eff the villa

If this carries on I will home school my grandkids

Josce of Gloucester. said...

Sorry Savant but can you all contribute to This is going to be big, we've made a start but we could do with more hands. Gtr man/ Tony hayers. UN et al this is something I feel you would like.

Anonymous said...

Every fookin advedt for builers apprentices here has a sheboon photo. Coz Britain was built by hard working African apes!!!

"Dr" Michael King said...

Datz nod plaijarism dats iz mlking! Wenz u ged Ph. d?

Lord Reith said...

So the BBC have Simon Fortescue-Wyhehamhurst interviewed by Katie Blue-Peter because he is a left wing comedian and it is a complete failure.
Why not have a genuine left-wing talentless comedian like Ben Elton on who could be flown in at great expense to provide absolutely nothing to the broadcast?
Or that unfunny bloke who is related to some bigshot?
Have the BBC lost sight of the values that have made the BBC the BBC since Lord De Grade took over?

Anonymous said...

@ Savant re: OG source.

I'm no longer sure if this is the original source, however, as you can see, this has been around the internet since at least 2006.

Keep up the good work - you have one of the most intelligent blogs on the internet.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Anon. Have duly amended the post.

Flanders said...

I'm in agreement with the poster at the link below, and my fear is that the biggest problem which White people face (in any of our countries) is not from the blacks or the imported invaders. Our biggest problem is the political linkage of jewry worldwide, heralded by this controlled "election" in the US. Many of us are, I think, looking falsely at Russia as somehow being a savior at a time when it has always been under control, and with jewish political power (communism) becoming the de facto acknowledged political system - or possibly being formally announced.

It’s not looking good for patriotic White people in America, in Europe, or elsewhere (at least for those of us who know who the enemies are). So long as the jewish media control continues, there is little we can do to have those people who should be our natural supporters become sufficiently informed to resist and to assist an overthrow of our natural enemy.

“It is increasingly apparent that the career con man Donald Trump is getting elected on the immigration issue so he can hand over America and Europe to the Eurasian communists, and aid Israel in the complete annihilation of Palestine, while trapping Islam in a Russian dominated expanded Soviet Union.”

James said...

I think that within 2 weeks cannibalism would be rampant. There was cannibalism during the big blackouts in LA in the 80s (I think it was).

Guess which race was eating eat other.

James said...

MSM = BS. Another top editor tells it as it is.

Recently, Dr. Ulfakatte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job.

He recently made an appearance on RT news to share these facts:

I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.

Flanders said...

While the information at this link doesn't stress the importance for the control of communications, it can be implied due to it's significance on the overall subject of crowd control.

Anonymous said...

Israeli settlers on March 25 gathered outside the home of a human rights worker in Hebron to hurl abuse at him

Wow those Jews must be really brave or have friendly cops.

I guess friendly cops.

James said...

Savant, I never expected you to plagiarize. Please give credit to the original writer of your post.
Very disappointed.

Most such pro-white anecdotes are purposefully in the public domain already.

James said...

From Makow.


"The Fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists."

Sweden is a 100% fascist country according to Roland Hunstford's 1972 book The New Totalitarians. A Swede posted recently on a blog that everything in the book was 100% true, but the country is seven times worse now.

In Huntsford's book, he said it was well known that Sweden has implemented every one of Mussolini's fascist goals - but without firing a shot.

So why does the MSM hate Mussolini but smile in Sweden's direction? Would it have something to do with race issues?

Sweden = anti-white = good.
Mussolini = pro-white = bad.

The funny thing is, Sweden used to be pro-white and racist in the 1970s. What a quick flip.
Maybe it can flip the other way again.

James said...

"Astroturf" = fake grass-roots movements.

Its good to have a name for the concept. Names/labels help.

James said...

David Irving -- "Talking Frankly"

Irving talks about his life.

Dave's an excellent speaker.

Link tweeted by Makow.

James said...

This reminds me of the guy who went around Israel asking young Israelis (Jews) who said certain quotes.

They ALL said HITLER!

But the quotes were from their national hero Theo Herzl. (They were all about making Jews suffer to get them out of Europe.)

Watch what happens when AIPAC attendees slam Trump's racist comments then learn they were said by Netanyahu

Link tweeted by Makow again.

Flanders said...

Some issues regarding "corporate" control over the media, absent it's true "philosophical" bent, is discussed and some discussion near the bottom of this 13 page PDF, which I don't find particularly helpful. Maybe someone else will, but we need to encourage discussion on how we take our media back. With increasing pressures against true internet freedom, such control may become imperative. We are all aware of how much the present media structure uses blacks against White America while concealing that they do so. Even aware White people do not know the full extent for how that censorship affects them and the entire world. It's much worse than people can realize without having the facts which they need to create the needed changes which must occur to make our societies safe.

""There are four basic problems with these standard arguments for the free market as the guarantor of a free press serving the public interest.

The first problem centers on the simple and obvious fact that the owners of mass media companies have the power to control the content of what the media produces.

“In commercial media,” Robert McChesney writes, “owners hire, fire, set budgets and determine the overarching aims of the enterprise. Journalists, editors and media professionals who rise to the top of the hierarchy tend to internalize the values, both commercial and political, of media owners.” 2 The political views of the owners of a firm that produces lawn mowers are unlikely to have much effect on the nature of the lawnmowers produced, but the political views of the owners of newspapers and television networks are likely to matter a lot for the character of the information
these firms produce and disseminate. The owners of media companies may, of course, abdicate that control or delegate such control to the people they hire. In principle they could give complete autonomy to editors and reporters to determine the character of the news. But since owners and corporate executives generally have political views on the salient issues in the press, and since they have the right to influence the operation of the firms they own, they typically exercise broad control over the character of news reporting: what issues get dealt with and which are ignored; which “experts” are quoted and which are not:...".

Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon said...

Ahmed Mohamed clock claims rebutted

In the comments section it is pointed out that blunderboy did not invite the kid who got suspended for drawing a gun, for allegedly chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun(?), for drawing a gun (incident 2), but managed to invite Ahmed to the White House where he supposedly said "You didn't build that." and laughed that the university across the Charles River invited this non entity to its campus. You wouldn't find Harvard bringing non entities to their campus!

Braindead zombie for Trump!

She knows what its like with a black in charge!

If Trayvon had a mother Loretta Lynch has pointed out that she can withhold money to police forces for enforcing the law on black people!

Convicted sex offender was instrumental in North Carolina bathroom law

(That that)
Lady looks like a dude

as Liv Tyler could say if she ever attend Hornets game.

Flanders said...

We increasingly see that the communications on the civilian levels are being translated into military programs. It's important that the control over such communications is appropriately representing the needs of our American people, and are not being somehow used against them or for purposes adverse to the vital interests of our nation and people.

"In today's environment and with all other considerations assumed equal, the commander who has the "best" information (timely and accurate) will prevail in a conflict of military forces. The key phrase in the definition of command and control is "knowledgeable exercise of authority." The commander who commands without the benefit of information pertinent to the goal or objective, increases the probability of failing to control his resources optimally."

Anonymous said...

The BBC loooooooooooooooooove Clare Balding!

Anonymous said...

Eygyptian tv hosta argue who is to blame for brusses

Flanders said...

If we are to prevent Savant's vision becoming factual reality, we must learn the market which induces such a situation - where there are no more White people - to become more than a mere exercise in reality. It's not just in America where the White people face those enemies who make no secret about their intent to rid our world of it's best - and better-looking, inhabitants.

I found the following paper, "Communications and Culture Transformation", to be very good at cataloging the various social revolutions from the section, "Revolt and Social Change: May 1968". Following that, slightly more than halfway down the page are the most important sections for our attention.

"Co-operation and global distribution

Most of the first and second tier media firms have distribution and co-operation
agreements with the other players. For example: Disney has co-operation agreements
with Bertelsmann, NBC and TCI, Kirch, CLT Ufa, Canal Plus and TF1. Some even
have joint channels: such as Viacom and Time-Warner with the “Comedy Channel”.

For a more in-depth discussion of this phenomenon, the reader is referred to Herman
& McChesney’s book “Global Media” which analyses the global distribution and
ownership in depth. In another interesting look at the European (or active in Europe) media moguls, Berlusconi, Kirch and Murdoch , Kleinsteuber points out that all of them have co-operation and distribution agreements. He discusses the influences, and in particular the differences of the “mogul” companies and the more capital based companies, like Viacom or Time-Warner. He traces, for example, that Berlusconi has joint-ventures with Kirch both in Germany, France and Italy, and co-production agreements with both Kirch and Murdoch (Kleinsteuber,1996, p.136f.). The
influence of Bertolusconi’s political ambitions on the content of his media certainly highlights the dangers of such a political-economical mix of mass influencing power."

The author covers other areas such as Cinema globalization, Americanisation of TV, Critical Mass Levels of internet share, and resistance to globalization, all of which are important to our understanding the full impact that control over globalized media have on changes made on all our lives, and why it is so dangerous in the hands of people who are, and who act as (or on behalf of), enemies to us - and to all people, and especially to those who are like us - WHOSE LIVES TRULY DO MATTER.

Lois Lane movie reviewer said...

Gal Gadot was described as being like an athlete who gets to guest on Saturday Night Live with her Israeli-born inability to speak English.
I wonder why this woman is the new Wonder Woman for the Wonder Woman movie?

john7 said...

As stated above, the timeline is too optimistic - or pessimistic, depending on your point of view.
Mr Shatov [above] is correct. He may even be somewhat conservative in his 'if blacks disappeared' scenario! As long as the jews disappeared and / or were removed from power over media and finance, camel jockeys, dotheads and gooks sent home and most mexicans left, the numbers would be even better methinks.

James said...

Are smart people less racist?

They did an IQ test and asked whites questions about blacks.
They didn't do an IQ test for blacks or ask them the same questions about whites.

But that would defeat the purpose of the exercise: white genocide.

Another attempt at wiping out our race. It all adds up.

Put him on the list:
Max Ehrenfreund of Wonkblog - professional white genocide promoter. GUILTY.

James said...

Maybe someone else will, but we need to encourage discussion on how we take our media back.

Word of mouth works better than advertising.

Tell people you meet about White Genocide and the Kalergi Plan. Tell them Merkel is genociding Germany and Europe, and that Obama and Hillary Clinton are clearing Syria and Libya to provide her with the raw materials. Tell them Kalergi wrote a book in 1925. Tell them Merkel won the Kalergi award in 2010. Tell them Kalergi said "We intend to make Europe into a mixed race" in 1925.

Tell them Diversity is just a code word for complete white genocide.

You'll get some nasty looks, but you'll sow the seeds of thought*.

Assuming people are still capable of thinking.

James said...

More from Wonkblog:

How racism explains Republicans' rise in the South

Millennials are just as racist as their parents

Half of American whites see no racism around them

Another racist anti-white maniac running a blog to promote genocide. It's almost like a religion to some of these people. Maybe it is...


Flanders said...

"When you're White...".

Flanders said...

“gay man’s wheelchair”

Flanders said...

"Ever wish you could just stare at kids in Purim costumes without looking away?"

"Holocaust Freaks" are found, appropriately enough in, "Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children".

Awed Bawl said...

Gem Junior said...

That's pretty chilling. And sounds pretty plausible...

Flanders said...

There seems to be some resistance in Sweden that we have not heard about [More that I can see than the people of the US are doing anything substantive to stop the jew-induced immigration and black abuses here]. See the Home guard interview at the site below, but first you may want to checkout the Timeline of "How Sweden went from success to disaster through immigration".

"MASS IMMIGRATION | The Swedish National Institute of Economic Research released a report recently that goes against everything the Swedish government has claimed over the last forty years: Taxes will need to be increased to finance Sweden’s immigration policy. At roughly the same time, Statistics Sweden released a report which showed that immigrants in Sweden are the laziest in Europe when it comes to work.

You see, one of the major reasons given by the government as to why we take in so many “refugees”, is because apparently, we suddenly need them to secure our pensions when we grow old (although they secretly hope we die due to work overload long before retirement) and that they are an economic investment.

A timeline of the mass immigration disaster
Just to make an overview, I have put together a list below that tracks the Swedish government reasons for mass-immigration in chronological order."

Uncle Nasty said...

Think about it ... apart from the depredations of other niggers, the thing that would kill then faster than anything else would be the lack of drinking water.

After the bottles or cans of soft drink, fruit juice, booze, bottled or spring water available in supermarkets are exhausted, the only supply would be rain water or, for those in rural areas, spring or river water -- and considering that most rivers, lakes and other large bodies of water in the US are subjected to industrial strength pollution -- bacterial and chemical, they would drop like flies.

But why worry? nigger wisdom dictates that water comes from taps, the same way that beef comes from MacDonalds and chicken from KFC ... watermelon, you steal off the back of a truck.

Interestingly enough, there was an article published a while back (and mentioned on this blog) by a US high school teacher (a liberal to begin with) who finally got all kaffired out and published his experiences in dealin' wif inner city niggaz.

He actually asked his dark brown horde what would happen if all Whiteys suddenly disappeared ... the general consensus, oddly enough was: "We be fucked, man." They all thought this was a big joke.

The original quote from the original article:

At some level, my students understand the same thing. One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me. “What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?”

“We screwed,” a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.

The whole of the original article:

and ... just to show what we are dealing with, a string of liberal responses:

There is simply no helping some people ... so, why bother?


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, one commercial enterprise will thrive ... slavery of every sort.

The famous (or infamous, if you prefer) Simon Sheppard published the memoirs of several explorers in nineteenth century Africa ... and what they found there.

Read all about what it was like to live under Mutesa, Shaka, Dingaan and other black princes before the civilising influence of Whitey.

Under Chaka’s rule, as witnessed by Fynn, a movement of a royal finger, just perceptible to his attendants, sufficed to indicate that a man was to be taken away and executed. On the first day of Fynn’s arrival at court, ten men were carried off to death, and he soon learnt that executions occurred daily. On one occasion Fynn witnessed the dispatch of sixty boys under the age of twelve years before Chaka had breakfasted.

The ordinary method of execution in Zululand was a sudden twisting of the neck, but in one case a man accused of witchcraft was suspended from a tree by his feet and burnt to death by a fire lit below him. Sometimes people were killed by driving a stick into the body through the anus and leaving them to die.

On one occasion between four and five hundred women were massacred because they were believed to have knowledge of witchcraft. In some cases very trivial offences resulted in death. One of Chaka’s concubines was executed for taking a pinch of snuff from his snuff-box. A group of cowherd boys was put to death for having sucked the nipples of cattle.

Funny that. You don't read about that sort of thing in Black His'ry Mumf.


Flanders said...

The first post on this blog contains two videos about "Vaxxed: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn’t want you to see". The most informative and interesting for me was the second post from which the below was extracted. It's from, "Medical truth canceled due to Hollywood", and tells about "Medical mind-control in the film industry and Movie stars don’t need to be threatened with physical harm to make them knuckle under". The article doesn't directly name the jews who are behind each of these rackets, but does anyone seriously questition that anymore? If so, they are in dire need of injections of truth.

"The medical cartel and Hollywood. An unholy embrace."
"Finally, I spoke, not too long ago, with a man I’d call a medical fundraiser. He operates in and around the movie industry. He siphons $$ from famous people for medical causes. I wanted to see his reaction, so I told him I had a script about medically caused murder in America. Widespread murder. He looked at me and slowly smiled. He shook his head. He said, “You’re yanking my chain, right? I’ll put up my house against a dollar from you and bet the movie will never be made.” I played along and asked him why he was willing to make the bet. He said, “We and the movie people sleep in the same bed. We’re happily married for a long time. Now you’re going to come in and tell one of us the other has been cheating and you want to publicize that to the fucking sky. How do you think we’re going to react?”.

Flanders said...

Good questions and analysis re the Brussels attack, which states that "Derniere Heure published the still photo from the CC camera at 10.27am, two and a half hours BEFORE its alleged official release by the Brussels police: at 12.58pm.", and that "It is worth noting that together with La Libre (also part of Groupe IPM) (mistakenly) published the fake CC surveillance video of the Brussels airport bomb attacks by using the footage of the Moscow terror attack of January 2011."

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic ... but you know me.

I used to think that the MSM and the Twitter and Tweet forces in all their guises should be controlled or muzzled. I do not think this any more.

Just when you thought the ‘liberal interventionists’ and neo-cons couldn’t stoop any lower, they just have.

The ‘pro-free speech’ but actually very anti-free speech bullies have got a new target. A 61-year old nun called Mother Agnes-Mariam who has been living in Syria for twenty years and who runs a campaign called Mussahala (Reconciliation).

For the West‘s ‘liberal hawks’ and serial interventionists, this elderly lady, who is working tirelessly for peace and an end to the bloodshed in Syria, has become Public Enemy Number One.

Mother Agnes has been subject to a vicious internet campaign of character assassination, smears and defamation. We’ve been told that she is an ‘Assad apologist,’ ‘Assad‘s favourite nun’- she has even been called ‘the Syrian equivalent of one of Hitler’s brown priests’.

When the liberal hawks and serial warmongers saw that Mother Agnes had been invited to speak at the forthcoming international conference of Stop the War, they had a collective hissy fit.

An ’Assad apologist’ speaking to a large audience in Britain?! Why, in the name of ‘free speech‘ and ‘democracy‘ it must not be allowed! We must Stop the Nun! Two 'A List’speakers at the Stop the War event – Owen Jones and Jeremy Scahill – were urged by Mother Agnes’ enemies via Twitter not to share a platform with the nun. ‘Dear Owen/Jeremy, do you know who you’re sharing a platform with?’ style tweets were sent. The two were sent links to articles attacking Mother Agnes.

I now feel that the perpetrators -- the "Twitter Army" -- along with MSM editors, sub-editors, etc., should be dragged out into the street and necklaced. Their body slaves, the degenerate (and worse, inarticulate and illiterate) scum that merely write the articles, can get off with defenestration.

Start with the third floor for the underlings ... the file clerks, mail deliverers and copy boys -- then go up two floors for every increasing pay grade. Make sure there's lots of sharp-edged rubble and rusty girders to break their fall.

Now we move to the owners ... Le Grande Fromages in the form of Soros, Adelson, et al ... but later, when a suitable chastisement has been formulated.

In not too many words, the existing MSM, Twitter movement and all that, must be utterly eradicated, like plague rats.

We will never, never, never get one foot ahead as long as these creatures exist.


Uncle Nasty said...

Dammit, Flanders.

Do they have a 72-hour day where you come from?


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Eygyptian tv hosta argue who is to blame for brusses

28 March 2016 at 23:19

"Argue" is putting it pretty mildly, I'd say ...

This is very very interesting ... I wonder on whose payroll the guy is? He literally screams about the fleas ... but ignores (or obfuscates) the plague rats.


Anonymous said...

African bros would send emergency aid immediately to alleviate the hunger and pain of their Dear loved ones in Merikas. 'Roots' sustain the withering tree.

white rose said...

James (01.33). Practical and sensible suggestions. Just note that I find my fellow women to be hopeless cases. They live in their own bubble, their interests take in a narrow spectrum (family, friends) and go much deeper than those of their make counterparts, (They know the birthdays of all their friends's kids while their men would hardly know how many kids there are!). Poor material for revolutionary change!

Anonymous said...

Worth watching if you have a spare 45 mins

Uncle Nasty said...

This is hilarious ... and so true.

Microsoft’s Tay of Pigs

Porter / 2 days ago
Race war now!

I’m sure readers here enjoyed a hearty laugh at Microsoft’s aborted millennial AI chatbot, Tay. This corporate exercise was unceremoniously abandoned after the incipient entity failed to remain within modernity’s millimeter lanes of propriety with a series of comically indecorous tweets. That a billion dollar bank of servers and CPUs leaped the rails in less than 24 hours is, as much as anything, a comment on how much real human intellect is squandered navigating our labyrinth of liberal pieties.

Though upon realizing their parroting creation had promptly become a garrulous anti-semite, Microsoft executives demonstrated how superior the human mind remains in self-preservation. This by flinging themselves prostrate with the tick-box terms that no artificial obsequiousness has yet to match.

“We are deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay…

Tay is now offline and we’ll look to bring Tay back only when we are confident we can better anticipate malicious intent that conflicts with our principles and values.

Although we had prepared for many types of abuses of the system, we had made a critical oversight for this specific attack. As a result, Tay tweeted wildly inappropriate and reprehensible words and images. We take full responsibility for not seeing this possibility ahead of time.

✅ deeply sorry
✅ offensive
✅ hurtful
✅ conflicts with principles and values
✅ inappropriate

and, of course…

Deep Blue can be programmed to forecast a chess board 37 moves in advance, but only man can see when his livelihood is about to be scuttled.

Though it’s always amusing to watch these rhetorical shibboleths evolve. Reprehensible, and it’s twin repugnant, are now group-marker adjectives defined as: something many believe but none are permitted to say. For a machine to appreciate this nuanced divergence from the dictionary requires one that can be made to feel fear. Fear is what keeps intelligent men from openly remarking on their environment. And fear is what makes Microsoft developers offer lurid contrition for words none of them spoke.

Looks like the goal is not artificial Intelligence after all ... they're trying to re invent the wheel

They actually want artificial stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Belgium. Local immans refuse to say a prayer for those non Muslims killed

Uncle Nasty said...

Just watched the new Star wars flick. Haven't laughed so hard since Schwindler's List.

I am amazed that the fanboys haven't twigged that it's an expensive CGI-riddled retread of the very first one with all the old hackers; Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill et al not so much drawing pay ... as pensions.

Ah, well.


Anonymous said...

Coming to a neighbourhood near you Muslims in the west are openly calling for sharia

Anonymous said...

18 year old fights ISIS in Syria

to do list

insert picture of those who fled their homeland and whine about getting Europen food in Europe.

Anonymous said...

If The White Genocide Cult is successful nothing will end well for anyone that remains. Not just in America but everywhere else, even East Asia.

White Genocide is a bat shit crazy plan, concocted by psychopathic lunatics who should be locked up in padded cells with the keys thrown away. The good news: more and more White folks are getting red pilled.

Diane Tics said...

Scientology ad appeared and it was majority minority if you know what I mean.
How do they expect people to find them credible if they engage in rubbish like that?

Anonymous said...

I have called for the sealing off of the entire SubSharah landscape for the reason of reducing the black population to what nature intended. Their current numbers are simply unsustainable and will eventually decrease from many of the reasons mentioned in the post.

Africa has one of the highest population estimates for the next century. What will happen to them? Unfortunately many of them will migrate to Europe and the United States.

Flanders said...

Vanishing American has a way of providing clarity about leftists and their pets which few others have mastered. She expresses more of that in, "Co-opting the victim cult?", and asks "Can that be done?"

"But the left did not introduce the idea of ‘free love’ to blacks, nor compel them to practice it so enthusiastically. That kind of sexual carelessness was long a part of the culture; some apologists blame it on slavery when they were supposedly not allowed to marry (false) or the alleged fact that wives and husbands were torn apart, etc. But after emancipation, the same pattern continued with no slavery to blame for it. Black apologists like the respectable right’s darling, Thomas Sowell, blame “White redneck culture” for black misbehavior; Sowell argued that ‘rednecks’ have been a persistent bad influence on would-be virtuous blacks, and that blacks’ dysfunctions are from Scots-Irish rednecks. Again, nobody can force someone into a certain way of living.

The left has undoubtedly exacerbated and exploited the dysfunctions of minorities, but they didn’t cause them just to use the people as pawns. They were just shrewd enough to see the existing qualities which they could divert for their own ends. There are materials from the Communist Party from the 1920s and 30s in which they discuss the plan to make blacks the ‘vanguard’ of their hoped-for revolution in America, seeing as how the White working class here was not suitable fodder."

Flanders said...

Working Soooo Hard to make Whites disappear from America!!!! Graphic examples:

"TruConservatives: Where Are They Now"

"The Tea Party Revolution six years later"

Thanks to White Information Network for this link.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong, Savant!

There would be no canned food after several weeks.

Cannibalism probably in the second month. Or am I being too optomistic?

Anonymous said...

Artificial stupidity! The best one this year UN.
They have trouble deconstructing the short and sharp.
Spot on ....if they make a wave...........ride it.

Anonymous said...

At least eighty years before Count Kalergi had his first homosexual experience, true believers were promoting the mongrelization of the white race. I recall an abolitionist book I read entitled "Lincoln and Slavery" by I forget who but I had the original 1866 edition and in the introduction the author lauded the end of the Civil War and called for a robust reconstruction. His hope was that through miscegenation, the "true American race" would arise. Point is that this radical dream was present at least a generation before in that hothouse of abolitionism, New England. Ironically, the whitest (and still is) and most homogeneous region of the country. Also, the most Puritan and fanatical. I think a big influence in this was the anti-slavery movement in England which would have predated the controversy in America. The New England establishment was slavishly Anglophile.

The good news is that it didn't work out so well as we're still white even with all the jigs around here.

Time to start blaming Wilberforce (was he a Jew?) instead of Kalergi. I'm telling you that a lot this bullshit has it's start in the Brit empire, long before the EU and even before the Judiacization of the transAtlantic establishments.

A lot of this ideological fanaticism has an Anglo-Saxon base.

Han Solo's sister Hope said...

Haven't laughed so hard since Schwindler's List.

Try this for size.

Obscure blogger takes piss out of bad film.
17 year old Swedish girl with learning difficulties has a bot that automatically searches for pictures of Dasiy Ridley's character ebcause she is a big fan.
@DaisyRidley can read the English text unlike the 17 year old Swedish girl with learning difficulties and does not like it.
She sets her 1 400 000 followers on 17 year old Swedish girl with learning difficulties
17 year old Swedish girl with learning difficulties leaves twitter after the harassment she received.


Han Solos' sister Hope said...

#BuggerIt A shocking omission.

Star Wars : the Uninspiring Rethread by JJ Abrams did get mocked by the fanboys but not as much as Ghostbridustersmaids starring Melissa Mccarthy (Comedienne despite any sign of comedic talent), Lesli Jones (Comedienne despite any sign of comedic talent), Kristen Whig (Dammit! Should have hired a Tory!), Kate Mckinnon (Not the Professor nutter) which are hilarious.

Some guy even cut the trailer to make it look like an interesting movie.

Oh vey! Herschel does so much blow he doesn't know how to cut a good trailer these days. <--- Needs to be read in Jackie Mason's voice.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned numerous times in the comments - the decline and eventual full collapse would occur in months rather than years.

The elderly niggers and adolescent niggers would be gone inside of a month. Remember, no medicine either. Niggers have a number of illnesses, sickle cell and high blood pressure being two of them. The middle aged bucks would be on a rampage the very first day and cities would immediately be ablaze killing tens of thousands in the first few days. And water, no water would wipe out the majority of them, niggers are mostly concentrated within cities, they know nothing of survival in the woods. Most wouldn't even know where to locate potable water and would die off within the first week.

The remaining niggers would be alpha predators that would form tribes and begin to mass kill other tribes for resources, women, and simply because that's what nigger do - kill and destroy everything in their path.

After a few months of open combat their population would be near 20% of what it was before the initial collapse. The remaining would resemble what we see in Africa now. That population would eventually dwindle down to 10% and hover around that number. These niggers would simply devolve in to an animalistic existence living off insects and easily gotten sources of nourishment.

Anonymous said...

More treachery by the bbc

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Maybe Microsoft's TAY was more than a simple algorithm. Maybe...maybe there was the germ of actual intelligence there. Otherwise, why so emphatic? Maybe we're the slow ones.

Anonymous said...

MLK who quoted another guy is quoted today in the top letter in The Indpendent in which he wanted Rosa Parks to be judged on her character in refusing to shift her commie arse so a disabled veteran could have a seat.

Gem Junior said...

3/28 5:55 Old Chicago cop: Yes, it's Nuala O'Faolin, she's a big Lib and a big Lezz, her books stink. My mom (who was also a Lib unfortunately) bought one of her books once, called "Am I Somebody?" I guess because it sounded pathetic.... I picked it up and perused it while barfing all the way. What is it with liberals and wanting to be victims even when you aren't? Anyway, that's my input for ya. Hope it helps...

Anonymous said...

So british tax payers give turkey 80 million to fix their sewers
And turkey builds a mousqe in America costing the Turks 100 million


James said...


Kalergi Plan in full swing, but it's being talked about more and more.

Henry Makow just tweeted another link about it.

It's an OK article but it confuses the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize with the Charlemagne prize. I think we established a while ago on this site that there are actually two separate prizes. The issue is still not 100% clear, but the evidence seems to prove that there are two.

This article has some good photos of the man of the future.

James said...

✅ deeply sorry
✅ offensive
✅ hurtful
✅ conflicts with principles and values
✅ inappropriate

and, of course…

UN, the Tay program was a funny bitch.

Blogger: Tay, how would you rate the Holocaust on a scale from 1 to 10.

Tay: steaming 10.

James said...

Anonymous white rose said...
James (01.33). Practical and sensible suggestions. Just note that I find my fellow women to be hopeless cases. They live in their own bubble, their interests take in a narrow spectrum (family, friends) and go much deeper than those of their make counterparts, (They know the birthdays of all their friends's kids while their men would hardly know how many kids there are!). Poor material for revolutionary change!

Oh well, you watch girls playing soccer. They look like a school of herrings chasing a piece of food.

Once they change, they'll all change direction at once. Women cleave to power. They are reputed to have sent Hitler 10,000 pairs of knickers a week. Normally they wouldn't even look at the guy twice.

Awed Bawl said...

and simply because that's what nigger do - kill and destroy everything in their path.

They have something in common with jews:

"We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it "the" Savior; we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners...I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . ."

Dr. Oscar Levy [1867-1946]

James said...

Immigrants speak

Balls too big from no sex.

Bad eat so we need money for supermarket.

Sleep on floor. No anyone care about us.

Dream everybody to come to Sweden.

I go to Norway because Norway have good prison.

Its normal to call them whores, its a manly thing.

James said...

Nigel Farage says the UK needs to exit the EU, "a project which however noble its original intentions, has gone rotten."

I guess Kalergi did have noble intentions, in a way.

James said...

Fear Factor

"Scare mongering tactics" says planet of the apes boss with nice posh proper Bri'ish accent.

David Cameron's guilty of unacceptable comments.

Watch the whole 4 minutes if you can. Or not. Whatever.

No mention of the Kalergi Plan as usual.

Anonymous said...

Farage wants an "Australian-style points system" for immigration.

Yeah, that's working for Australia. Trouble is, only white people need the points. People with zero points get in all the time.

Harold Wilson said...

Harold MacMillan suggested building a wall around Africa and occasionally looking over the wall to see if any advancements had been made.

john dicarlo said...

SAVANT, Thankyou for resurecting this obscure but very accurate appraisal of what would happen to blacks if Whites were to suddenly disappear from what used to be an almost all White homeland, America.

And, I hope you don't mind, but I have already taken it as my own and posted it in reply to some arrogant, hateful, nigger I'm taking apart in a thread on YouTube. I'm keeping it!

Uncle Nasty said...

Awed Bawl said...

"We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it "the" Savior; we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners...I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . ."

Dr. Oscar Levy [1867-1946]

Oscar Levy was a most fascinating person. He was pretty much the only jew ever to be deported from England for his "controversial views"

Here is an extract from the letter he wrote to George Pitt-Rivers, of Worcester College, Oxford, who ... wrote a most illuminating brochure entitled, "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution" which is published and sold for two shillings by Basil Blackwell, Oxford. The book is the result of unprejudiced observation and study and agrees with the statements made in The Dearborn Independent about the personnel of Bolshevism. The manuscript was sent to Dr. Oscar Levy, as a representative Jew, and Dr. Levy's letter was subsequently published as a preface to the book

... For the Jews, as you are aware, are a sensitive Community, and thus very suspicious of any Gentile who tries to approach them with a critical mind. They are always inclined -- and that on account of their terrible experiences - to denounce anyone who is not with them as against them, as tainted with 'medieval' prejudice, as an intolerant Antagonist of their Faith and of their Race.

Nor could or would I deny that there is some evidence, some prima facie evidence of this antagonistic attitude in your pamphlet. You point out, and with fine indignation, the great danger that springs from the prevalence of Jews in finance and industry and from the preponderance of Jews in rebellion and revolution.

You reveal, and with great fervor, the connection between the Collectivism of the immensely rich international Finance -- the Democracy of cash values, as you call it -- and the international Collectivism of Karl Marx and Trotsky -- the Democracy of and by decoycries [sic]. . . And all this evil and misery, the economic as well as the political, you trace back to one source, to one 'fons et origo malorum' -- the Jews.

Oscar Levy ... End Part one of two


Uncle Nasty said...

Oscar Levy ... Part two of two

Levy's letter to George Pitt-Rivers (contd.)

Now other Jews may vilify and crucify you for these outspoken views of yours. I myself shall abstain from joining the chorus of condemnations! I shall try to understand your opinions and your feelings, and having once understood them - as I think I have - I can defend you from the unjust attacks of my often too impetuous Race.

But first of all, I have to say this: There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. Take the Great War that appears to have come to an end, ask yourself what were its causes and its reasons: you will find them in nationalism.

You will at once answer that nationalism has nothing to do with the Jews, who as you have just proved to us, are the inventors of the international idea. But no less than Bolshevist Ecstasy and Financial Tyranny can National Bigotry (if I may call it so) be finally followed back to a Jewish source -- are not they the inventors of the Chosen People Myth? and is not this obsession part and parcel of the political credo of every modern nation, however small and insignificant it may be?

And then think of the history of nationalism. It started in our time and as a reaction against Napoleon;

Napoleon was the antagonist of the French Revolution;

the French Revolution was the consequence of the German Reformation;

the German Reformation was based upon a crude Christianity;

this kind of Christianity was invented, preached and propagated by the Jews: THEREFORE the Jews have made this war!

Please do not think this a joke: it only seems a joke, and behind it there lurks a gigantic truth, and it is this, that all latter-day ideas and movements have originally sprung from a Jewish source, for the simple reason, that the Semitic idea has finally conquered and entirely subdued this only apparently irreligious universe of ours.

There is no doubt that the Jews regularly go one better or worse than the Gentile in whatever they do, there is no further doubt that their influence today justifies a very careful scrutiny, and cannot possibly be viewed without serious alarm.

The whole article (here)

For those who are interested, more on Levy:-

Subsequently his life was complicated by having to leave the United Kingdom and his medical practice despite his support for the British side against the Central Powers when World War I broke out. He went back to the German Empire in 1915 and then to Switzerland. Back in the United Kingdom in 1920, he incautiously wrote a preface for an inflammatory political pamphlet by George Pitt-Rivers, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution. He was deported as an alien in 1921. He then lived in the French Third Republic.


You had to be a pretty serious threat to the NWO to be deported (although a jew) from the UK in the twenties.


Uncle Nasty said...

Other links on Oscar Levy ...

His obituary:-

Needless to say G.K. Chesterton (like all the other clear thinkers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries) is currently undergoing a make-over as an "Old School Racist and Anti-semite" and will soon disappear, as Orwell put it, "Down the Memory Hole".

Well, here is a link to Levy's contributions (in PDF format) to the writings of such luminaries as Pitt-Rivers, Arthur Gobineau and others.

Along with a good deal of his translations of The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche

Get 'em while they're hot ... and available.


Awed Bawl said...

How would you rate the holohoax on a scale of 1 to 6,000,000?

Heraclitus said...

Interesting observation on G.K. Chesterton UN. I had noticed that myself. Were he alive he would probably feel like a Stalin apparatchik who incurred the great man's displeasure. A growing campaign in the official media signalling his impending doom.

Michelle Fields awesome boobs! said...

Michelle Fields was meant to cover a Ted Cruz rally butt she went to a Trump rally instead. I guess she knows Trump would appreciate awesome boobs!

MaryGold said...

Exactly, you have it in one.

Anonymous said...

If whites disappeared from America...

...and as blacks shuffle among the ruins, trying to keep the BBQ going (don't ask about the source of the meat on the spit) while fending off attacks from feral "teens," the cry will go up from a million throats: "It's all YT's fault!"

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