Friday, 4 March 2016

Bliss it was that dawn to be alive

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings

Forgive me if I wax lyrical this fine morning but some rare good fortune brightens my day and lightens my step. Because the just completed General Election in Ireland has seen two of the most malevolent, treacherous nation-polluting scumbags tossed onto the scrapheap of Irish politics. Both Alan ('Shat the Rat') Shatter and Aodhagin O'Riordain (known to his parents as Aiden O'Riordan) have been given the shaft. From Government Ministers to not even a seat on the back benches.

But not before the traitorous scum had used their period in power to supercharge the population replacement program for Ireland, the success of which can be measured by the sight in every city and town of a rapidly growing dark underclass living on our largesse.  Strange, was it not, that during the formation of the Government both were rewarded with Ministries giving them power over this very issue?  A bit like appointing Casey Anthony as Minister For Childcare.  O'Riordain took his defeat with a faggoty outburst of tears, a far cry from the vindictive power-crazed bully who persecuted a town mayor for pointing out that Africans were rude and aggressive. Watching him blubbering into the camera provided me with a deep inner glow of contentment.

Nothing to the joy evinced by Shatter's erstwhile colleagues who barely concealed their glee at his humiliation.  Even his friends hate him! Scouring media comments I was unable to detect a single one offering sympathy.  In one sense he's shot himself in the foot because he's done the image of Jewishness immense harm, at least in this country.And you'll be staggered at this - wait for it - but what did he put his defeat down to? Bingo! Anti-Semitism. Oy vey, the sufferink! A claim which attracted almost universal derision and further underlined its already declining power to whip the goyim into silence.

So Shatter, 'deformed, unfinished, sent before my time' will soon fade into obscurity, brooding on the words of Browning:

There's nobody on the rooftops now
Just a palsied few at the window set
Thus I entered and thus I go

Yes, go, ye bastards. And at the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember you. For the damage you've inflicted on our country.


Anonymous said...

Why do we allow these bastards to walk away scot-free? Or, is our punishment later?

With Shatter, well, he's not Irish. And, what he is defines exactly what he does. But, Aodhagin O'Riordain is! So, can you read my mind?

kulak said...

Fantastic news Savant. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

If somebody left shatter alone in a darkened room with a loaded revolver would he be man enough to end his own suffering and Ireland's

Or would it spark a new political career for him. I was so far down blah blah blah then this anti Semitic gave me a German revolver

and I thought my work isn't done yet IM BACK

AnalogMan said...

Did he really say that "sent before my time" thing?

There's something in the air, all right. Smells almost like that damned traitorous siren, Hope. But I won't be fooled again.

It's almost as if some little boy named Donald had said, "but he's buck naked!"

Anonymous said...

I suppose they thought the Third World dross they imported would keep them afloat.

SAVANT said..., he didn't say that. But I was amused at the thought of it in his head.

I suppose they thought the Third World dross they imported would keep them afloat.

A minor factor for O'Riordan and a non-existent one for Shat The Rat. No, these fuckers are into nation-wrecking.

Anonymous said...

So who were these guys? Fianna Fail or Fine Gael? Republican or Blueshirt?

Clogheen said...

Shatter Fine Gael (blueshirt), O'Riordan Labour.

Anonymous said...

Roma gypsies were begging, thieving and mugging in Waterford. The locals ran them out of town. O'Riordan sided with the Roma. Got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought It! The micks first off the mark!...but has a indirect message been sent?.......... A bomb under a police car!

Flanders said...

Many White people fail to recognize just how much indoctrination the "average" jew goes through. It's constant for them from the time they are hatched to the time when they return to their father after having done satan's parasitical work. Additionally, some jews are specifically picked and taught those subversive tactics which jewry uses and continue to engage in some form of those over their lifetimes. Those latter are mentioned specifically in the Protocols, but they can be difficult to separate from the "regular" jews. This one mentioned in the link below, for instance, could be either one, but he likely is receiving the background training for those jews who are mentioned by the Protocols.

"Growing up in Atlanta, Scott Berger first became involved in Judaism as a teenager through Bnai Brith Youth Organization. But, it was not until he was a freshman at Tulane University that he first traveled to Israel with Birthright."

Even AFTER those jews [like Shatter] leave or are driven out of their privileged positions (which most people can't determine how they obtained those to begin with) they have often laid the groundwork for continuing jewish evils (those chosen by World jewry), having replaced existing White legislation on immigration, and introduced laws that will work to "reform" or to "modernize” White laws and society to reflect the aims of World jewry, even after the jew is no longer visible. The networks which promote World jewry, assisted by Freemasonry and by the thousands of "well-named" corporations, NGO's, and "humanitarian" organizations (which must have kept the 50 jews creating them busy daily for at least 3 months) all surround and bootstrap to advance those "Chosen" candidates, often hiding the backgrounds of the candidates until later, and NEVER revealing the work of the jew's World networks which had originally placed them.
Those networks now switch their attention, working to maintain and extend those evils already in place.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Brendan "he's so gay" Fay. Motherfucker brought to tears with announcement that the Lavender-Green Alliance will now march under it's own banner in NYC St. Patrick's Day parade. After "so many years"...sniff...sniff...And Big Bird DeBlasio will march with them, presumably with his formerly gay white shark wife.

20 years ago they marched with Mayor Dinkins ("I dinkins about it") and were pelted with beer cans, supposedly (maybe one can). Let me tell you all that the last thing you want to do on that parade route is throw anything toward an official. I got a close-up look one year at Giuliani's security. Six to eight monster cops on the street and flanking in the crowd one of the biggest, scariest undercover cops I've ever seen and loaded for bear.

Never mind that it's a Catholic parade reviewed by the Cardinal (What will he do?).

Never mind the vitriol thrown at the Cathedral for decades during the gay pride march in June. The assaults on passing clergy, the sex acts performed on the floats that pause before the Cathedral. Never mind that the National Man Boy Love Association marched in that parade for years until the feds threatened to pull their tax exemption and outright cash grants.

Anonymous said...

90,000 India Indians in my little county of 800,000. Started coming in seventies. Actually fit pretty well. At least they're not at all dangerous.

Anonymous said...

go, ye bastards

Sounds like a great title for a book about all the "leaders" of white nations.

But there's too many bastards. Book'd be the size of the old OED.


Searcher said...

Shit 'n' Tears might be gone but no let up from the Pope:

The Pope is "stupid/mad/oblivious". Francis is the first Jesuit pope (Jesuits were pogrommed numerous times). Francis preaches Marxism.

Good read on Pope Francis

Flanders said...

What the jews do inside all our White countries is very similar in ways to the Stalinist. International Brigades. Where there those jews used subversive guerilla tactics in places such as Spain, the present jew Brigades use cultural subversions conducted in similarly crafty and subversive, but still destructive, ways. That particular war has ended, but those Brigades continue their activities inside our White nations. Presently, as in the past, "jewish-controlled Press, Media, and Publishing houses, are labeling White leaders (and White people themselves) as “fascist”, while the Jewish-published history books still plump forward "documented" jewish fabrications", and provide "intellectual" assistance to those Brigades of the International jews.

"JEWISH COMMUNISTS COMPRISED the largest faction of Stalin’s International Brigade which agitated and participated in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.".

Searcher said...

Shatter has something in common with Jack Straw re dads and WW2.

Originally Posted by timhorgan
I wonder if someone could please ask this anti-Irish spiv Shatter why his own father refused to fight in WW2 and choose to emigrate to neutral Ireland rather than be conscripted into HM Forces.

Reuben Shatter was born a British citizen in June 1916 in Bethnal Green, London and would have been 23 at the outbreak of war in 1939 yet he refused rto fight or be conscripted and ran away to Ireland. -the very Ireland spiv Shatter now castigates for its neutrality.
If you want to start your own thread of anti semitic drivel then work away, please don't pollute this thread with your nonsense.

Originally Posted by fredflintstone
It may or may not be relevant to Alan Shatter's comments on Irish neutrality in WW II, but how is saying that his father came to Ireland to avoid conscription "anti semitic"? If his father had been a Quaker, would that make it "anti Quaker"?
Exactly -but it is the spiv Shatter who castigates the Irish for remaining neutral -it is the spiv Shatter who makes the point about "moral bankruptcy". But his own father ran away to the neutral Ireland Shatter vilifies -so the hypocrisy of Shatter stinks to high Heaven.

If he is so indignant then no doubt he would have asked his own father Reuben Shatter why he refused to fight the Nazis.

Mind you, the boy done good! Ireland has been kind to Shatter - a nice auld property portfolio here-

4. Land
(1) 52 Bushy Park House, Dublin 6; (2) 173 Bushy Park House, Dublin 6; (3) 45 Royston, Dublin 12; (4) 4 Upper Ely Place, Dublin 2; (5) 5 Sprangers Yard, Dublin 2; (6) 41 Bridgewater Quay, Dublin 8; (7) 53 Smithfield Village, Dublin 7; (8) 7825 Verona Walk Boulevard, Naples, Florida, USA; (9) 8040 Wilfredo Court, Verona Walk, Naples, Fl., USA; (10) 1149 San Marco Road, Marco Island, Florida; (11) 9 Skylark Court, Swan St., London, England; (12) 203 South Dock, Royal Victoria Docks, London, England; (13) 9111 Capistrano St. South #8302, Lely, Naples, Fl., USA; (14) 34 Block A, Smithfield Market, Dublin 7: investment & lettings. Other Information Provided: All property detailed is jointly owned with another (the "other" being one of two others in respect of each property) save for last property listed (Smithfield Market) in which I have only a ¼ beneficial interest with a ¼ interest vesting individually in 3 others.

Searcher said...

I am quoting the Shatter speech castigating Ireland for remaining neutral. I am doing this in response to his speech (below). It has nothing to do with anti-semitism whatsoever. It is a legitimate question as he must have asked his own father why he did not fight in the war.

Speech by Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence Opening

It is quite clear of course from his speech that he iss trying to use this device to bully and blackmail Ireland to remain silent about Zionist terrorism today.

"It is appropriate that we revisit the morality of the conduct of our State during the 1930s and 40s, whilst of course being conscious of the fact that only a short time earlier, we had regained our independence from Britain and there was an understandable concern by Government to ensure, insofar as possible, political stability on this island at a time of global conflict. However, there were questionable things both done and not done and we should not be in denial nor should we ignore that the conduct of our State, at that time, in the eyes of some [who exactly?}, delimits Ireland’s moral authority and credibility when today we seek to lecture later generations of those whose families survived the [muh] Holocaust on the conduct of their affairs in Israel, without regard to the extent to which they believe themselves under existential threat."

"WE" when it suits, "OTHER" when it suits, "VICTIMS" are forever.

Uncle Nasty said...

From Covington -- well, Bill White, actually ... His respect for the institution of democracy is even greater than mine.

Fixed French Elections Show Futility Of Democracy

by Bill White

Marine Le Pen made every compromise possible to win the French elections. Turning against her own father, she denounced his loyalty to the solar National Socialist ideal in the hopes of winning support from France’s huddled masses, and, acceptance from the French élite. After the first round of elections in December 2015, Le Pen’s National Front was the largest party in France, and poised to win seven of France’s 13 regional governorships.

Then the Jews who control France taught Le Pen a lesson in democracy. The right–wing French Republican Party, under Nicholas Sarkozy, a Jew, joined forces with the left-wing Socialist party, and denied the largest political party in France the governorships of every one of the French regions. In Nord-Pas–de–Calais–Picardie where Miss Le Pen was predicted to win a majority, election fixing dealt her a 56.7 percent to 43.3 per cent defeat. In province – Alps – Cotes –d’Azur, where her niece was overwhelmingly in the lead. Marion Marechal Le Pen was defeated 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent.

Worse, these margins of defeat were delivered not by White French voters but by hordes of non-White immigrants, 8 percent of the French population organized by French Jews.

His last sentence ...

The Jews have been trying to build a global empire for thousands of years and are finally closer than they have ever been before. But they have always lost at the last minute, as their hatred of humanity has caused their systems to collapse.

In Europe, the time has come to move outside of democratic processes to purge the continent of both Jewish and immigrant threats. If this isn’t done soon, Europe will become another America, on the road to becoming South Africa and Rhodesia.

My emphases.


Searcher said...

Speaking of elections - here's the latest "Can't Stump the Trump"

Uncle Nasty said...

From my favourite hasbarat site ... Theo Spark.

s America Becoming French?.........................from Rico

Even if you do not read all the way to the end, take this thought with you:

Later today the GOPe (the Republican establishment) will trot out their previous establishment "loser" choice for President, Romney.
- This is akin to having Marie Antoinette address the starving rabble from her balcony.

Just like the GOPe's recent establishment "loser" choice, Jeb Bush, Romney's message will not be seriously entertained or considered by very many. He will call Trump a phony, and a fraud, who is making worthless promises in order to get elected. Sound familiar? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
- After the Republican betrayal following the last mid term elections. "Get stuffed" or "what do you mean eat cake?" will be the reaction.

People are slowly figuring-out that the PHONIES and the FRAUDS are clearly the Republican and Democrat "establishment" career politicians and that it is their respective PROMISES have been worthless for a very long time now.
- For too long.

Trump may be many things, but the one thing he is NOT is an establishment politician. Hell, many would argue that he's not any kind of 'politician' at least not the kind everyone is used to (Romney, Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, et get the idea).
- That he is NOT is exactly what his appeal is to so very many. People are tired of "getting the business, as usual" from their politicians.

The "establishment political elites" of both parties remind me of the French aristocracy in that they do NOT clearly see what is coming.
- Sure, they know 'something' is in the wind and that 'the peasant's are revolting' ["they certainly are" a King Barry, Duke Romney or Duchess Hillary might cleverly sniff] but they are missing the point because they are scared witless of a real change.

I don't know what point these numbnuts are trying to make here, or maybe they're more subtle than I give them credit for -- which, somehow, I doubt.
Did they, in turn, not read to the end of the chapter to find out Robespierre's rather sticky end? Another child of the Revolution?

... or maybe -- against all expectation -- they have read the full story, and hope that history will repeat itself.


Searcher said...

O/T Kerching

Very interesting interview about "Babylon banking" - easy to follow

Anonymous said...

Is it a woman that shows the way or because she's a woman that she gets away with it? Either way I really like her. She treats the militia with the contempt they deserve.


AntonD said...

Ye gods, what dastards would our host command? Swept to the war, the lumber of the land.

Searcher said...


Do you ever notice the OT Leviticus food rules are brought up to attack Christianity? The food rules that are not even part of Christianity.

Gay marriage = eating shellfish.
I am the Truth, The Way and the Light = not eating shellfish.

How does she get away with it? I think it's because she is a woman and a motormouth. She is not easily intimidated, doesn't swear and doesn't back down (the truth is on her side). Funny to think that she is "getting away" with anything - she is in a Christian country after all. One of the commands of Christianity is to proselytize i.e. to share the Good News and warn people away from false prophets.

Someone over on MRev made the point about Christianity giving people courage. I completely agree. It's also a big tell that Pope Francis is telling Christians not to proselytize. Anything I have read on Quakers is fascinating. They were known for their fearlessness. They have been remembered in Irish history as being very hands-on during Famine Times and they are well respected as far as I know for their general outlook and contribution to society as a whole. I know anecdotally that they are very trustworthy people to do business with. I mention Quakers just as a point in relation to their courageousness and the respect with which they are held. There is "social capital"/reputation in the Quaker community that has been built up over generations.

I see there is a debate on MRev at the moment about race vs Christianity vs Paganism. TBH if it boils just down to race, is that really something that gets people inspired - pics of ugly "others" and good-looking "us"; IQ arguments; bikinis vs burqas?

I read some Swedish blog a while back.

It was interesting. One of the insecurities that XYZ pick up on with Swedes is that they never developed a high culture comparable to that of the Mediterranean peoples/German/English/French people even though they are "superior". Anyhow, the blogger tries to argue against that jibe and in so doing even tries to claim Italians as "Nordics" and then reverts to mirror licking stuff about how they are so good looking and "that's all that matters". Good looking reflections are not worth fighting for on their own. Swedes know they are rated top drawer aesthetically but it is not enough. There is a crisis of confidence that has been drummed into them. Getting their "culture" from outside, feminizing society, turning away from religion = gates open to insanity. Christianity is a huge protection against that whispering shit-stirrer that tells you you're not good enough. "Be not afraid, I go before you always".

According to the Eurobarometer Poll 2010,[5]

18% of Swedish citizens responded that "they believe there is a god".
45% answered that "they believe there is some sort of spirit or life force".
34% answered that "they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, god, or life force".
According to the Eurobarometer Poll 2012,[5] the religions in Sweden are the following

Protestants 41%
Orthodox 1%
Catholics 2%
Other Christian 9%
Buddhist 1%
Other 3%

I love the simple white cross. I think Jayda Fransen sees herself as a modern Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc is known above all for her courage and standing ground against France's invaders (the English at the time). Joan of Arc was also forthright and warned the English in writing to leave France.

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

We certainly have plenty of visible evidence for the fact, but a book by an Irishman, REV. DENIS FAHEY, sets out very good reasons for why jews cannot be dual citizens. The background leading to the statements is important, but this excerpted part stands alone, and begins in the section, "THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE BALFOUR DECLARATION" and continues into, "THE PRIMARY ALLEGIANCE OF THE JEWS" in Chapter 5.

The author's discussions about Freemasonary are also to be particularly noticed, as well as the author's proportional blending of knowledge about jewry and Freemasonry and their goals. Rev. Fahey is well aware about jewry's use of subterfuge and secrecy and in their use of Freemasonary in the advance staging for the introduction of jew communism into societies. The Rev. Fahey has very in depth knowledge about the Talmud and jewish messianism as shown in the sections after Chapter 5.

"For citizens of other states, citizenship is restricted to one state. Why should Jews be permitted to be citizens of two states? The anomaly is already glaring when they form a state within a state: it is doubly so when they have a Jewish state in Palestine. And it must always be remembered that it means keeping the enemies of Christ’s Kingship in a specially favoured position.

We read in Der Tag (Yiddish daily), New York, 10th July, 1937: “Hail the Jewish State in Palestine!—for close on two thousand years it has lived only in the memory of an uprooted, wandering people. Conquered and levelled to the earth by the Roman hosts of Titus, aided by the hordes swarming across Europe from the primeval forests of old Germania, it is now about to rear its head once more, looking with new hope across the Mediterranean. It is our historic privilege, denied our forefathers for twenty centuries, to see the Jewish State revived again in the old historic site. The landless people, so long deprived of nationhood, is landless and Stateless no longer. Once more are we a member of the family of nations, recognised and welcomed as such. Our ambassadors and ministers will be found in every capital, and a seat will be reserved for us at the council table of the League of Nations. Even in Germany, whence two thousand years ago came those who destroyed us, just as today they plot our ruin, we shall have our envoy speaking for us proudly, courageously, as one Government representative to another. Washington, the centre of Jewish hope in the western world, will count the Jewish ambassador among the youngest members of its diplomatic family . . . Hail the new Jewish State!” [4]

An ambassador represents a foreign nation in the capital of the country to which he is accredited. The Jews are, therefore, on their own admission members of a foreign nation in the various countries in which, for the time being, they dwell. The members of a nation which is represented by a foreign ambassador to the government of a country, cannot logically at the same time occupy posts in the government and seats in the parliament of the country in question. That would be an intolerable anomaly, for example in the case of Frenchmen in Germany and Italians in England. The same must hold good for the Jews, in fact, it must hold a fortiori in their case, because of their naturalistic messianic aims. The setting up of the Jewish state must logically lead to the elimination of Jews from the public life of England, Ireland and other countries.


Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

Read in the light of what has been written, the following observations will help to understand the difference between the situation of a Jew who becomes a citizen of the United States or France or Italy and, say, an Irishman who becomes a citizen of one of these states.

The members of the Jewish nation, while retaining their allegiance to their own nation, are also citizens of other nations. Given the messianic aspirations of their own nation they are bound to strive for the domination of their nation over the others, as they are firmly convinced that in this way alone justice and peace will reign upon the earth. The positions attained by them in the councils and legislative assemblies of other nations must logically be for them, at least primarily, means for advancing the domination of their own people. That Christ should reign over nations, in order that the influence of His supernatural life should be felt in all public life, elevating and purifying it, is utterly abhorrent to their naturalism. They entertain considerable contempt for the national patriotism of non-Jews, though in public pronouncements they may pander to it for the sake of their own interests. If the Jews, for example, assisted at a peace conference merely as representatives of a Palestinian state, their rôle thereat would be proportioned to the importance of that state, but when they assist as secretaries of Lloyd George and Clemenceau and adviser of President Wilson, then we know that English, French and American citizenship will be utilised for the furtherance of the interests of a nation that believes firmly that English, French and Americans are destined by God to be subject to it.

The primary allegiance of an Irishman, who has become a citizen of the United States, is to the United States. He may retain his sympathies with Irish national aspirations, but—to put it midly—he is not imbued from birth with the idea that the Irish nation is destined to rule over the Americans and all other nations."

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

There usually are economic programs ("initiatives") advanced by those jews who are promoting jewish aims in the politics of those countries whom the jew invades. Shatter, for instance implemented "Immigrant Investor and the Start-up Entrepreneur Programmes and the extension of the Irish Visa Waiver Programme".

The jews know how to make money for themselves and their Freemasonic allies at the same time that they are subverting the country, and perverting the wishes of the White majority people within the countries being subverted - all the while making it sound as if it is a good thing preferred by all. Extending jewry's control over the power networks they are thus building is an added attraction for them.

The jews see it as an added bonus that economic power and political power are removed from the native White population and is transferred to the hands and pockets of jewry and the allies to jewry, with more still going to those replacement populations. Every group favored by jewry has economic increase. That excepts the native White people whose relative power and economic independence is gradually withdrawn.

Those types of economic subversions are difficult for many of our own people to understand, if anyone other than jewry truly does. It is this area where the jew is fused with Freemasonry and with various other components, including government, business and religious leaders, creating webs which are difficult to identify and untangle, especially when they are tied to those principles identified (by American terms at least) as being conservative or rightest v liberal and leftist. Those labels are used to hide the jew behind the figureheads of those groups, and their intent is essentially to create economic chaos for those who are now the smaller businesspeople [Whites] in our own countries, while consolidating those businesses into jewish monopolies. There are levels of jewry who do know and understand what is being implemented and the reasons behind the policies. The next work explains some of those jews, their allies, and their methods - which are described as, "DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB".

"P.E.P. (Political and Economic Planning) is a semi-secret Socialist organisa­tion developed by the Fabians as part of their conspiratorial technique. Lord Melchett of I.C.I. was associated with it. He was a leading advocate of "rationalisation", which Trade Union leaders accepted as a step towards nationalisation. In 1920, H.G. Wells said: "Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger big business grows, the more it approximates to Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism".

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

Fabians and other Socialists are keen supporters of economic centralisation and the crushing of large numbers of small and medium-sized businesses. The most prominent in P.E.P. has been Mr. Israel Moses Sieff of Marks & Spencer. He is also one of the leading Zionists and a Russian-speaking Jew. P.E.P.'s typically Fabian conspiratorial methods are shown by the instructions issued on April 25th, 1933, with a broadsheet outlining what can best be called Sovietisation by stealth: "You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict condition of anonymity... is essential in order that the group may prove effective.." The broadsheet then went on to outline how farmers and manufacturers should be controlled by "duly constituted authority" and that small traders should be eliminated. The broadsheet showed beyond all doubt the totalitarian nature of the policy being pursued by P.E.P.

It is hardly surprising that, in connection with the policy of gradual Sovietisation put forward by P.E.P., Mr. Sieff made the claim that: "The only rival world political and economic system which puts forward a comparable claim is that of the Union of Soviet Republics".

On October 14th, 1938, Planning, the journal of P.E.P. stated that: "We have started from the position that it is only in war, or under the threat of war, that a British Government will embark on large-scale planning..", and went on to say that... emergency measures should, as far as possible, be framed in accord with the long-term needs of social and economic reconstruction". It will be seen that the Fabians welcome war conditions to further their ideas, as do their masters of the Sanhedrin. It is significant that the Socialists kept working to embroil us in war and, at the same time, voted for disarmament."

Flanders said...

End Zog does a good job in exploring some of the networks and exposing their Kelergi style agenda.

"We want as many minorities to make as many complaints about the racist indigenous people as possible in order that we can pump up the repression of the Irish people’s response until such time as there is no going back for them and they are unable to resist disappearing into history due to overwhelming immigrant birthrates.” she is reported to have told colleagues. “And we do that by always pretending to be Irish and making reference to Irish history as being our own while spinning it to our advantage, so that we can use Hegelian psychological techniques to shame the people into following our directions.” she continued."

Attributed to "LESBIAN JEW DENISE CHARLTON", "‘Chief Executive Officer’ of the Jewish privatly run Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) in 2003. The ICI is an ‘independent’ i.e non-governmental Jewish-created so-called ‘immigrant human rights organisation’ that answers to no one. It advocates for the ‘rights’ of immigrants and their families, and acts as a catalyst for public debate and policy change to ensure that the traitorous Irish Jewsmedia can have clear guidance on how to brainwash the indigenous people...".

Rob said...

Always beware of any lefty types using the Irish version of their names, like the equally loathsome Piaras Mac Éinrí. For the last couple of years, he's had the neck to pretend he's concerned about emigration from Ireland - this from the most enthusiastic cheerleader for non-white immigration.

Flanders said...

"15-Year-Old South Carolina Schoolgirl Writes Holocaust Denial Essay and gets top grade".

Shaunantijihad said...

Fantastic. Well done Ireland. Now, Savant, you must start a petition for a referendum to escape the EUSSR. If anyone can do it, you can!

Rob said...

Shaun - I think the in/out argument is a red herring. Withdrawal is undoubtedly a prerequisite for any kind of pro-white future, but even if we were out of the EU tomorrow, our politicians would not be transformed into fighters for our race. As things stand, it would be best to raise consciousness among whites for the moment and wait for the EU to implode by itself in the meantime.

Setanta said...

Agreed Rob. EUSSR exit would be a help but by no means the solution. Bigger than the EU in terms of damage is the ECHR, who stymie virtually every attempt to deport foreign criminals.

James said...

Retweet by Henry Makow.

David Duke calling for Barbara Spectre's arrest and imprisonment.

About time. Put Merkel in there too, and that guy in Norway, and Tony Blair, and David Cameron, and von Rompuy, and Hollande, and Helmut Kohl, and all those other bitches.

White genocide is a crime and must be punished. Why is it not being punished? Why is PEGIDA not calling for Merkel's arrest and imprisonment? Others in Germnay are. Why not PEGIDA?

James said...

it would be best to raise consciousness among whites for the moment and wait for the EU to implode by itself in the meantime.

The EU was created with a flaw: monetary union without fiscal and political union.

This flaw will be fixed.

You will get fiscal and political union.

Then, the Kalergi plan will go into overdrive.

The EU must be smashed before they can do that.

The EU is the Kalergi plan. The EU was designed for white genocide.

They want us gone.

Anonymous said...

Will Hillary get it?

James said...

Jill Dando shot for exposing pedo ring at Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.
Well that makes sense, with Jimmy Saville and al.

James said...

Makow thinks Hillary Cliton is a crypto Jew.

Why not?

James said...

Goerge Soros to prison too.

Searcher said...

Agree also re the EU in/out

Remember, this is Ireland we are talking about. The last two referenda we have had have been a template for what to expect. Lisbon Treaty, Part Deux referendum = you bunch of ingrates, vote yes to this treaty or you're in (unspecified) trouble, vote yes or say goodbye to jobs/economic recovery. Guess the weighting on MSM/politicians/spend re YES vs NO?

Gay marriage = emotional blackmail, vote yes to show your right-on credentials, only backward people would vote no, if you vote no you are homophobic. Guess the weighting on MSM/politicians/spend re YES vs NO?

Our last two referendums/referenda have been a farce imho.

Raising consciousness amongst ordinary people is far more important than just sticking to a EU EXIT strategy. There is no appetite in Ireland to take a stand on our own against the EU. We have seen where that got us before. Also do not underestimate the collective psychological damage to turning into tax slaves to foreign interests practically overnight and the MSM spin in our own and other countries on the mechanics of same.

Do not underestimate the powerlessness that people feel about our own government spending EUR540m digging up footpaths and roads to install infrastructure to give a centralized authority to cut off the water supply to any individual household. (The usage excuse is just that - spin - most people would use around the same amount of water). Water, an essential for life, is not a finite resource in Ireland: 82% of our water supply is surface water (comes from the sky then into the rivers and lakes). We are not dependent on underground springs etc for fresh water when we live on a rainy island. That huge spend is not on improving any water treatment facilities - it is solely for installing water meters to be controlled by a centralized entity.

Do not also underestimate the collective frustration with this "New Irish" insult on our MSM. There are many issues that we need to "get over" before you could realistically say that an EU exit plan has a hope in hell of succeeding here - prior to any other country in the EuroZone leaving. The only way we will go is with other EuroZone countries imho. As Rob says wait for the EU to implode by itself is a common attitude amongst anyone anti-EU. The rest of the population are pretty afraid to leave. I can see the scaremongering tactics in Brexit discussions also. Same old horse manure. This would be even more amped up in Ireland: at least the UK has the Bank of England and Sterling. We are tied to the ECB.

James said...

Comment on Makow.

For many years I never watched TV, but recently I've been watching a little now that my son's in college and I'm living by myself. Not being accustomed to TV, I'm struck by certain things that others may be used to. In particular I'm struck by something that's completely new since the last time I went through a phase of TV viewing, and that's how often cadavers are now shown on dramas. Often it's a doctor performing an autopsy, but there are many other occasions for this ghoulishness as well. Bodies are cut open and characters handle the organs like they're taking meat out of the refrigerator. It seems really degrading to me and somewhat sinister. Have you noticed this phenomenon? It seems deliberate, but I'm not quite sure what to make of it. This all came to mind when I was on your web site earlier today and looked at the piece on missing persons.

Yet the most disturbing thing about The Walking Dead is the race mixing.

Searcher said...


RamZPaul hallelujahs! Gog and Magog, Rapture, Trump:

Searcher said...

This should probably be put on that watchdog website,, just in case any innocent person reads it or downloads a copy for themselves.

Awful stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think the in/out argument is a red herring. Withdrawal is undoubtedly a prerequisite for any kind of pro-white future, but even if we were out of the EU tomorrow, our politicians would not be transformed into fighters for our race. As things stand, it would be best to raise consciousness among whites for the moment and wait for the EU to implode by itself in the meantime.

When you have a self loathing anti white POS like George Galloway or Kate Hoey advocating a "Brexit" as they call it they're not concerned about the indigenous population of the UK or the UK itself. On the contary they're concerned about niggers and pakis of the commonwealth, who as they put it, are restricted from coming to the UK needing visas etc.

A united EU can potentially UNITE Europe's indigenous or European PATRIOTS from Estonia to Spain with no borders to worry about. We can do what the gooks and migrants are being USED to do now. Europe is being flooded with fighting age non white cannon fodder in a design to crush any form of white dissent when they're latterly armed in the not too distant future.

The liberals in the UK are either oblivious or divided about it. It no longer matters whether the British population is for or against staying in the EU circus. Migrant trash of one form or another either from the commonwealth or the EU will continue to flood.

Britain was denied a referendum because they knew what the result would be - now it's too late regardless. Voting for an exit is worse than staying in as I see it now. It will seperate white Brits from white Europeans.

Europe's indigenous must unite within this EU circus to get rid of it wholesale not have bits of it like the UK breaking away and leaving the rest to consolidate and fester in the present nefarious form that it is, not to mention creating an even bigger fuck up in Britain than it is already.

We can and we will preside - it's what we're made of.

Anonymous said...

Churchill was on his death bed. I think it was his doctor who pronounced him dead. The nurse said his feet were warm and nobody dies with warm feet. Churchill replied 'Joan of Arc did'. Nice way to go out if true.
Jayda treats the militia with the contempt they deserve. I don't call them the militia lightly. My Godfather became a Chief Super. My Dads friends were coppers. My best mates Dads were coppers. All had served during the war. They were life experienced. They enforced the law without being petty. It was well known about certain types of criminals 'falling down the stairs'. It was true that some criminals got a beating. Only because they deserved it. Yes, to a certain extent they took the law into their own hands. They were the sort of people that could be trusted to do that.
This new militia are a political enforcement mob. They look like a militia. They don't have any life experience. They don't have the manners of the old time cops. Can we just leave it at I hate them. I hate them for what they are now after being left a legacy of great men. Just the same as the rest of Europe in all aspects really!

Anonymous said...

The Irish print media is full of the joys of this new fangled diversity .

my personal favourite is the tale of " Lovemore Dubie "

or how about this specimen ?

or this specimen

or this specimen

Meanwhile the liberal agenda rolls on

sentient said...

Wrong the say the media promote the benefits of diversity. They promote diversity but never detail the benefits. That would be because there are no benefits.

The 3rd Elf said...

Very much from the sidelines bro.

I have no horse in this race, loathe politicians of any stripe. Just want to pick you up on one thing please:

When you write: ...traitorous scum had used their period in power...

Shouldn't all of us avoid that word? Politicians are elected into office not into "power". Carelessly (maybe) describing any politician as being "in power" serves only to perpetuate this as fact when it's not (or shouldn't be). Since whichever politician (or arse-licking journo) first used the "in power" expression, nothing it seems has been done by anyone with a voice to call these cunts on it, and politicians and their media whores continue to use it daily.

To politicians everywhere: fuck ye, you're NOT "in power"; you're in OFFICE, and in office, to represent, not "in power" to oppress, rape and bully.


Great blog by the way.

James said...

Wrong the say the media promote the benefits of diversity. They promote diversity but never detail the benefits. That would be because there are no benefits.

They don't do it directly most of the time, that is true. But their propaganda does contains subtle indications of the benefits. I'm sure most have heard all these benefits of diversity. Here is a list from New Zealand diversity propaganda just off the top of my head:

-It is "Our Strength"
-New restaurants
-Hate and bigotry prevention
-New ideas
-Economic benefits
-Helping poor refugees
-Spreading democracy
-Less boring culturally
-Exciting cultural displays/Cultural enrichment
-Better IT support
-Foreign money coming in
-Foreign language speakers who can strengthen business ties overseas
-Closer economic relations with foreign countries
-More open-mindedness
-Better sports talent
-Less white inbreeding
-Preparing for a multicultural future
-People to do the jobs white people won't do
-People to do the jobs white people can't do
-Higher school test scores
-More competitiveness
-More tolerance
-Less pasty white Brits
-More brown
-Better integration with Pacific peoples
-New Zealand is part of Asia so we need more Asians to fit in
-Diwali is good for the community
-Chinese new year has economic benefits
-Lydia Ko is #1 golfer, we should be so proud
-Population is getting older and immigrants have babies to replace us

And the best reason: diversity makes us more diverse.

So yes, its usually circular arguments: diversity is good because its good. You are right, they don't examine it too closely, or in any light that would show its flaws.

James said...


"He's an outsider, he's not them, he's not part of the club, he's uncontrollable. He has not been through the initiation rites, he did not belong to the secret society"

This video is a major problem for the global elite, Newt might get nailed for messing up this badly. This video can be saved by right clicking it and "SAVE LINK AS". SAVE IT AND RE-POST IT EVERYWHERE, ARCHIVE AND POST!

rick ronsavelle said...

Charles Lindbergh radio address on RACE [1939]:

Flanders said...

Anon 17:03 There are particular sources for that "liberal agenda" in Ireland and elsewhere. People have been socially conditioned to avoid the obvious, though simple, reason for that leftist "liberalism". Their very thoughts are shaped through the duplicitous use of media, utilized by the jewish communists in order to train the simple people into avoiding the stigma of envisioning the correct answer - jewish communism.

"In this year, 1968, it is only the fool, or at least the uninformed who does not
understand that Communism is Jewish. Karl Marx: was a Jew. That there is a
deep-seated bond between Jewish culture and Communism cannot be doubted.
Here are a few similarities.

Both Jews and Communists have a mania for social beliefs based on Oneness.

Both aim at universality and favor Internationalism.

Both repudiate beliefs in genetic worth and persist in an irrational faith
that improved environment shall build a better humanity.

Both preach social justice but employ this concept in an opportunistic way.

In the U.S., both freely breed pressure groups to insure having their own way.
Both place their dogmas above reason.

Both cultures spring from monistic minds, and follow the peculiar manias
that such minds suffer from, and neither appreciates the worth of moderation.

Is it any wonder that Jews, almost universally, transfer their loyalty from
Judaism to Communism.

One of their own prominent citizens, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise says: "Some
call it Communism. I call it Judaism."

Another very important fact about the Jew is that although there are French
Jews, German, Polish, English, Spanish, Oriental and Russian Jews, they all
have that 'base quality' which separates them from all other races in the world.
They have no respect whatever for the Gentile (Israelite). In fact, they ridicule
and use unprintable language about all Gentiles. They are a most segregated
people. Anywhere in the world you will find this uninforced segregation. It is
the Jew who gave birth to the 'ghetto!

The gentile has yet to learn that the Jew is naturally deceitful and thinks nothing of lying to his fellow man. The Jew will take the customary court room oath
before acting as a trial witness. He takes the oath (knowing while he is taking it)
he will violate it because within himself he does not believe he is committing a
wrong. This is an inheritance. It is part of being a Jew. He is born and raised
with this belief and this teaching is a part of his daily life - like salt and pepper on the American table. They will commit perjury for one another and yet almost in the same breath they will cheat one another. They seldome suffer from remorse."
"Too often overlooked by the Gentile is the 'positive evidence' that the Jew
is not of the White Race."

Walter White, 1968, Western Front, under the heading, "Who Brought the Slaves to America?", 32 pp.

Flanders said...

This is from the APPENDIX section from that link I just left above, a notice to jews from a 1956 Conference of American Rabbis'.


(Orthodox, Reform, Non-Religious and

We are about to reach our goal. World War II furthered our plans greatly. We
succeeded in having many millions of Christians kill each other and returning
other millions in such condition that they can do us no harm. There remains
little to be done to complete our control of the stupid Goyim.

JEWS IN AMERICA - These are your final instructions:

1. Continue to enlarge our control over radio, TV, newspapers, movies
and magazines.

2. Educate our sons and crowd the Gentiles out of the practice of law,
medicine, pharmacy, and all the retail trades.

3. Make their schools and colleges training camps of our Red revolution.

4. Bring ridicule upon their Christian faith, divide their people, weaken
their churches.

5. Demoralize their women and children.

6. Corrupt their courts and bring them into contempt.

7. Turn class against class. The Negro against the White.

8. Buy politicians and continue to corrupt their local, state and national

9. "GET" the Fascist anti-Semites, one way or another.

10. Use willing tools like Truman, Eisenhower, Stevenson, and Warren;
they will do our bidding. Yes, even Johnson and Nixon.

11. Plan unlimited immigration of our persecuted people without restriction.

12. Continue our control of their money thru the Federal Reserve System.

13. Continue to place Jews in key positions in government, army and navy.

14. We must destroy the Republic and replace it with a Democracy
(Jewish -governed state Socialism.)

15. Continue our control over labor, agitate unrest. strikes and violence
by any means or schemes.

Especially through these methods shall we plunge this country into destitution,
demoralization. bankruptcy, and civil war. further lessening the numbers of
our enemies.

The Bolshevik Revolution made us masters of Russia.

The last war made us rulers of all Europe except Spain.

Let the next war make us MASTERS OF AMERICA.

For the preservation of our race, you are warned to renounce, abjure,
repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even
under oath. as directed by the Talmud.

It is needless to caution you of the terrible consequences that might follow
if these instructions should fall into Goyim hands.

Dated - 1956
Walter White, 1968, Western Front, under the heading, "Who Brought the Slaves to America?", 32 pp.

Anonymous said...

Where have all the strong men gone
Our enemies addresses are out there
One or two doorstep visits will frighten others

Flanders said...

An older jewish man, who seems to have been surrounded during his aging process by the newer situation in which the individual jews have become emmeshed by the propaganda exhortations from zionist jewry, admonishes them. He had come to recognize that duplicity behind the jewish leadership, and that he was not on their "right track", but he tackles them on their Zionist expressions, while seemingly oblivious that it is those leaders of jewry who are the instigators for the NWO, which in actuality is a JWO communism. He would doubtless be as scathing toward them, and would recognize the danger they pose to the world. It is his types of jews who have concience as well as consciousness which are missing from the opposition to the JWO, with too few exceptions. Most jews opposing zionist malfeasance feel that their duty is done by opposing only those zionist brutalities visited on Israel's neighbors, but are content to seek their own rewards for actively engaging in activities assisting with the JWO types of atrocities being intentionally visited onto White countries and people.

Those actively participating jews will come to realize that their own price for assisting them is likely not to be the type of reward that they envisioned - regardless of who it is who is the ultimate "winner".

"As I come to the end of the road, past eighty years of age, Jewish
questions torture me day and night: how can the scholarly, wise, old,
civilized, ethical and humane Jews lose their heads and their three
thousand year old evolved and innate wisdom to embrace the materialistic
and bloody pagan ideals of predatory political nationalism? How can an
artificially in-gathered strange human mixture of progressive and back-
ward, philosophical and illiterate, compassionate and cruel Jews, forcedly
persuaded to immigrate into an old Arab homeland, become united
through subversion and propaganda (education) and, after arriving at a
total of about two and a half million Jews, threaten, challenge, overpower,
dislodge, occupy and govern the homes and homelands of millions of
Arabs, thereby defying the hundreds of millions all over the world who
sympathize with the just cause of the Arabs? How can a real wise Jew - or
are there no more wise Jews since they became pagan nationalist-militarists
- today imagine that Zionist Israel, in its suddenly isolated state in the
world, and after 25 years of expanding in search of "secure boundaries" be
allowed, by our new world order that is fast beginning to assert itself, to
further expand and further conquer in search of still safer "secure
boundaries?" How can wise Jews allow themselves to become a football in
the hands of superpowers and constantly treat with contempt the United
Nations that gave birth to Zionist Israel? How can a wise Jew ignore the
old Hebrew maxim: Tofasto meroubah lo tofasto (if you caught too much,
you caught nothing)?".

JEWISH CRITICS OF ZIONISM, With The Stifling and Smearing of a Dissenter,
by Moshe Menuhin

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Will Hillary get it?
5 March 2016 at 11:45

I'm putting my money on the cankled cow. I'm betting that Trump is being set up to "Take a Terrible Fall" just about a week or ten days from the so-called elections.

He will be the hot favourite, right up to the point where some jewess or another will accuse him of molesting her when she was still a foetus in Mama's womb (But it's true in my heart, Your Honour) -- there will be a concerted media storm (a la Trayvon Martin or the Sandy Hook shooting ... or something)** and Trump will be denounced as everything it is possible to denounce someone with.

A paedophile, racist, right wing, capitalist, paedophile, Klu Klux Klan, NAZI, paedophile, antisemite, misogynist wife-beater, paedophile, feminist hating, paedophile, pollution-supporting, capitalist, hamster-fucking killer of small fluffy animals who utters insane obscenities and shrieks with maniacal laughter as he whips ...

All right. All right. You get the picture. Did I mention "Paedophile"?

The press will go into their usual frenzy -- complete with grainy photographs in bell-bottom trousers (Trump. Not the photographs) detailing how he kissed the girl (PAEDO ALERT!!!) across the street at his fifth birthday party. There will be the usual explosin in living colour, and one week later, The Great Unwashed of the USA will be mildly surprised to hear that:

1. They have unreservedly condemned trump for his despicable behaviour.
2. Trump has withdrawn
3. The elections have been held.
4. They voted Trump out -- even though no-one actually remembers the event.
5. They voted Hillary in -- even though no-one actually remembers the event.
6. They should be proud, proud, proud to know that they have elected the first female, crypto-jew, lesbian, uglyazfuk crook as Prez -- even though no-one actually remembers the event.

(Suck on that, Helen Clark.) ... and the Great Unwashed in the USA will spend the next four years wondering (and deconstructing) how it happened -- even though no-one actually remembers the event.
Don't you just love the democratic process?


** A thought popped into the head. When the ultimate taboos, say, paedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia (or a combination thereof) have -- thanks to the machinations of the jews -- lost even their stigma, what blackmail handle will the yids have on potential politicians?

Or ... is this the real reason for the sudden speed-up of the boiling of the frog? They're running out of unacceptable perversions?

I really recommend "Wag the Dog." (1997)

Watch it once a night between now and the elections.

Searcher said...

Has anyone here ever figured this one out? I have read it numerous times:

Financing war is very profitable
Why? Huge expense; longterm nature of loans (like mortgages); the longer the war the better and extra financing comes at a higher cost (when nations are desperate for injections of extra finance). Wars never go as planned so I presume that typically there would be supplementary calls on finance (in a lenders' market, rates and arrangement costs can be hiked substantially).

Financing civil war is the most profitable of all

I never worked out how civil war is the most profitable. I just can't.. I can't even... it's 2016 and I still don't know how it works... 2016... OMG I can't even!

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but still ...

In which we learn from the Christian Science Monitor ... ah, sorry -- another Christian institution hijacked by the noses (there, fixed it) -- that German academics, these days, glean their worldview from only the most trusted and reliable sources.

... When Cornelia Kirchner-Feyerabend, a high school history teacher, was growing up in Nuremberg, the rally grounds were hidden. Not physically – for their size, more than four square miles in total, made that impossible. The site includes the semicircular Congress Hall, the largest remaining National Socialist structure in Germany, and the Great Road that gives a view of Nuremberg castle, a symbol of Hitler’s expansionary aims.

It was more that schools didn’t organize trips to the site. Nor did Ms. Kirchner-Feyerabend, as a youngster, ever go to a concentration camp. Visiting both is obligatory now.

In the aftermath of World War II, history was shrouded in silence. It wasn’t until the 1960s, during the trials of 22 SS men for their crimes at Auschwitz in Frankfurt, that many young Germans learned about the crimes of their parents – turning the protests of that turbulent era into ones specifically directed at Nazi collaboration and impunity. Kirchner-Feyerabend, a history buff in a suit and pearls, says she doesn’t know what her own father, a soldier in Russia, did during the war. “You can’t imagine how many times I’ve regretted I never asked,” she says.

In fact, like so many of her generation, she says she learned the most about her country’s history watching the 1978 award-winning American TV miniseries “Holocaust,” featuring Meryl Streep.

One has to assume that this so-called history teacher completed her post-graduate education by pigging out on Schwindler's List and Tarantino's Inglourious Basturds.

By that token, one wonders if science teachers, these days, are required to view the Back to the Future trilogy, Terminator II or Jurassic Park for their finals.

By their boneheaded fuckwittery, shall ye know them.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, you will all be stunned -- STUNNED!! I tell you, to learn that the Holocaust POS rates 8.2 out of ten At the IMDB.

Almost as much as that other interminable concentration camp joke Schwindler's List which hits 8.9 ... even without the gag reel.

Speaking of which ...

I'm looking forward to 2018 when Steve-Baby's going to release the 25th anniversary super-duper ultra-special, 3-D, no-holds-barred, fully-uncensored, completely-restored, director's cut, B'nai-Brith-Sheldon-Adelson approved, totally Kosher, 22-disk Blu-Ray fourteen-pound box-set edition?

Delivered in a magnificent reproduction crema oven MADE FROM CAST-IRON TAKEN FROM BUCHENWALD ITSELF!!!!!

With 196 hours (Count Them!!!) of hilarious outtakes. A laugh-fest for the Whole Family!!!

Order now! The Lines are open!! And ... THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!! The first thousand orders phoned in are eligible to receive this exquisitely detailed Grossmutti Victim Figure®©$ by Mattell®©$ -- Cast in genuine resin, Mixed with genuine Auschwitz-sourced victim ash and EIGHTEEN MAGNIFICENT INCHES TALL!!!!! Striped pyjamas an option

AND EVEN THAT'S NOT ALL!!!! The first ten thousand callers will get our SUPER-DUPER-POOPER Zissblatt Option -- at a nominal extra cost, of course.

A thimble full of washable, reusable, Zircons for your Grossmutti Victim Figure®©$ by Mattell®©$ to swallow EVERY NIGHT!!!!!


I'd pay money for that.


Searcher said...

PS Fab article Sav - gave a good ole LOL

Says it all really: "Even his friends hate him!"

SAVANT said...

"Even his friends hate him".

Searcher - I have to admit that this originated with Oscar Wilde!

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

This is from the APPENDIX section from that link I just left above, a notice to jews from a 1956 Conference of American Rabbis'.


Flanders ... I will be blunt. This particular article worries me.

Many historical documents have what I can only call a patina of truth ... grammar, consistency, historical and -- if I may coin a word -- non-anachronistic modes of speech and writing.

The statements ostensibly made by the jewish author are (to me, anyway) too specific. Unsubtle. Almost as if they are aimed at the dumb goyim.

They smell like a set-up-to-be-knocked-down over-the-top declaration ... a Hollywood script. These, of course, are merely my impressions.

But I still feel a faint unease over the flavour of the words.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to may last, I do not -- for one instant -- dispute the aims of the Tribe as listed.

I merely find that very comprehensive list a little weird.


Searcher said...


FWIW I thought the same as UN. UN put it better than I could but I got the same impression.

Anonymous said...

UN, I agree with your skepticism about those extracts I posted which don't sound "kosher" in their style. I have seen similar works from different places which did not have those particular items listed. I don't think that the original author for the main materials had those in his work. The site seems to be gone, but this link seems to have kept a copy. I don't know what to tnink about the origins for those quoted sections.

Here is some more information on the slave traders.

"In 1757 Isaac Monsanto, a Sephardic Jew born in the Netherlands arrives in New Orleans by way of Curacao establishing himself as a merchant and engaging in the business of shipping slaves and cargo from the Caribbean to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1767 Monsanto purchased a plantation known as Trianon outside of New Orleans. By the time the second Spanish governor took control in 1769, expelling the Jews from Louisiana, Isaac Monsanto had become one of New Orleans' wealthiest merchants. Under Spanish rule, Monsanto was stripped of his holdings and forced to leave the territory, relocating to the town of Mancha near Lake Pontchartrain in British territory, where he was joined by his brothers, Manuel, Jacob and Benjamin; while their sisters relocated to Pensacola, then part of British West Florida. Following Isaac's death in 1778, Manuel, Jacob and Benjamin Monsanto continued to manage their mercantile firm, dealing not only in dry goods but in real estate, commodities, debt collection and slaves. Records show that Benjamin Monsanto traded thirteen slaves for some three thousand pounds of indigo in 1785. By 1790, Manuel and Jacob had set up shop on Toulouse Street in New Orleans, while Benjamin and his wife Clara moved to a 500 acre plantation worked by eleven slaves on St Catherine's Creek near Natchez, Mississippi, where he continued operating part of the family business until his death in 1794. The Monsanto chemical corporation was founded by John Francis Queeny, who married Olga Mendez Monsanto, daughter of Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto, a descendant of this family.

By the time of the American Revolution, over 30 Jewish families could be found in Newport, Rhode Island, alone, bearing family names such as Lopez, Levy, Rivera, Seixas, deToro (Touro), Gomez and Hays. In the New World, the Jews continued to engage in their long established careers as merchants and money lenders, manufacturers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, and were leaders in the forefront of the slave trade, amassing vast fortunes by importing and selling African slaves to the colonial plantations."

Anonymous said...

Those words don't seem to match with the materials listed while doing a search, and don't sound like the words which would be used by Levi Olan, “the conscience of Dallas.”, either. - Or for,

And the style doesn't fit, "The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), founded in 1889 by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, [which] is the principal organization of Reform Jewish rabbis in the United States and Canada."

By functional description the disputed work could be more closely related to, "Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations", but they would have no need for the low-brow simple wording.

"The Conference was created in 1956 in response to requests from President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his administration. The American Jewish community of the period was experiencing a large growth in its similar policy groups (such as the American Jewish Committee and American Jewish Congress) and the increasing influence of the Jewish denominations on politics (particularly from Orthodox and Conservative Jews). The Eisenhower administration wanted an easier method to gauge the opinion of the community, without having to wade into the internal politics of the community, and polling leaders of each organization. The Conference established a unified voice for the community, one that government officials could consult on important matters.

The Presidents Conference and AIPAC work together closely, with all members of the conference sitting on AIPAC's executive committee, which is distinct from its board of directors. The two organizations follow a clear division of labor, however; the conference focuses on the executive branch of the U.S. government, while AIPAC concentrates its lobbying on Congress."

Shaunantijihad said...

For all guys in the Euro, this is worth a read:

Essentially, it now costs Eurozone banks money to keep deposits at the ECB because the ECB wants to encourage them to lend, lend, lend. But some banks are simply stockpiling cash in their own vaults. The conclusion the author comes to is a high probability the Eurocrats will start to ban more and more cash.

There has been a flight to gold around the world, and central banks have been net buyers for 7 straight years and as a result silver is undervalued compared to gold. So, I'd change a few Euros for silver coins... while you can. We might be in for a very bumpy ride.

Searcher said...

Saw this posted on MRev - another gem from Granville Thorndyke:

"This Sceptred Isle". I know it refers to England, but for me it might as well be Ireland. Leased out/protection from the sea as a frontier; inky blots and rotten parchment bonds. It is shameful.

On that theme of how connected island people especially are to their land, I read this recently and thought it very good:

"I am an Identitarian because a warning light has gone off inside my head. I have come alive to a threat."
This resonated with me strongly - it is the coming alive to a threat that gets me agitated. Not on whether the odd Nigerian rapes or fleeces someone through fraud (or if overall they are disproportionality engaging in crime). It is the existential threat to our own survival. The displacement of our own people, all the while, becoming collectively even more indebted while subsidizing a foreign breeding programme in our own land. Plus diluting our own traditions/customs away to watery nothingness.

This is our future:

Anonymous said...

Flanders said...

I just noticed that my comments at 03:43 and 03:58 are showing as Anonymous. I suppose I just forgot to paste name into the comments.

Uncle Nasty said...

I sometimes wonder if I am part yid.

I get great pleasure out of giving people something that did not cost me a penny.
Either way, I visit Katana's site quite often, and boy, has he got a surprise coming for all of us ...

Rethinking Mein Kampf — by Thomas Dalton

February 29, 2016 by katana17

[In this very good essay Thomas Dalton outlines the case for his forthcoming translation of Mein Kampf. He also gives a concise summary of Hitler’s position on the major topics of Racial Theory, Religion and Jews. Lastly, Hitler’s legacy is discussed.]

a few quotes ...

In mid-October of 1918, the German front near Ypres, Belgium was hit with mustard gas. Hitler’s eyes were badly affected, and he was sent to a military hospital in Pasewalk, north of Berlin. In late October, a minor naval revolt in Kiel began to spread to the wider population. Two major Jewish-led parties, the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD), agitated for the Kaiser to abdicate—which he did, on November 9. Jewish activists in Berlin and Munich then declared independent “soviet” states; for a detailed discussion of these events, see Dalton (2014). Germany formally capitulated on November 11. After the dust had settled, a new ‘Weimar’ government was formed, one that was notably susceptible to Jewish influence.

Hearing about the revolution from his hospital bed, Hitler was devastated. All the effort and sacrifices made at the front had proven worthless. Jewish agitators in the homeland had succeeded in whipping up local dissatisfaction to the point that the Kaiser was driven from power. The revolutionaries then assumed power and immediately surrendered to the enemy. This was the infamous “stab in the back” that would haunt German nationalists for years to come. And it was the triggering event that caused Hitler to enter politics.


and ...

Worst of all, hidden away inside, was their “moral rot.” Jews seemed to be involved in all manner of shady, unethical, and illegal activities. Hitler began to study the situation in more detail. “The fact was that 90 percent of all the filthy literature, artistic trash, and theatrical idiocy had to be charged to the account of a people who formed scarcely one percent of the nation. This fact could not be denied.” Pornography, lewd art and theater, prostitution, human trafficking … all could be tied to the Jews.

The famed mainstream Viennese press, Hitler discovered, was almost completely a Jewish enterprise. Jewish writers repeatedly praised Jewish actors, authors, and businessmen. People, events, and policies favorable to Jews were lauded, and those that were disadvantageous were condemned. Even the dominant political party, the Social Democrats, was found to be led by Jews.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ‎

Or, as Yogi Berra famously said: "It's déjà vu, all over again."

I am really, really, really looking forward to this ...


Anonymous said...

Darkmoon cites Justin Raimondo, who tells about everyday Ukrainians resisting the killing of themselves and other Ukrainians.

“If we had provided Ukraine with weapons,
they wouldn’t have had to use cluster bombs.” - MAD JOHN - McCain

"When Ukrainian army officers came to the Ukrainian village of Velikaya Znamenka to tell the men to prepare to be drafted, they weren’t prepared for what happened next. As the commanding officer was speaking, a woman seized the microphone and proceeded to tell him off: “We’re sick of this war! Our husbands and sons aren’t going anywhere!”

She then launched into a passionate speech, denouncing the war, and the coup leaders in Kiev, to the cheers of the crowd.

What she did is now a crime in Ukraine: the only reason she wasn’t arrested on the spot is that the villagers wouldn’t have permitted it. But in Ukrainian Transcarpathia, well-known journalist for Ukrainian Channel 112 Ruslan Kotsaba

"has been arrested and charged with “treason” and “espionage” for making a video in which he declared: “I would rather sit in jail for three to five years than go to the east to kill my Ukrainian brothers. This fear-mongering must be stopped.” Kotsaba may sit in jail for twenty-three years, the prescribed term for the charges filed against him."

Kotsaba’s arrest is part of a desperate effort by the Ukrainian government to intimidate the growing antiwar and anti-draft movement, which threatens to upend Kiev’s dreams of conquering the rebellious eastern provinces.

Kotsaba’s particular crime, according to prosecutors, was in describing the conflict as a civil war rather than a Russian “invasion.” This is a point the authorities cannot tolerate: the same meme being relentlessly broadcast by the Western media – that an indigenous rebellion with substantial support is really a Russian plot to “subvert” Ukraine and reestablish the Warsaw Pact – now has the force of law in Ukraine.

Anyone who contradicts it is subject to arrest." [Continues at the link].

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget to paste my name. The Name/URL section is not providing a space for it.


Uncle Nasty said...

I like this guy.

He knows how to extract the urine.


Anonymous said...

Not the type of site I would normally visit, but I can't resist new information about the good humanitarian works of our old friends, Monsanto and Bill Gates [Foundation], who work so diligently for the Multicultural World. Here they are engaged in a Private Enterprise Initiative.

"In a new twist to the old Green revolution, AGRA is focusing on private control rather than public—more profit, less oversight. A prime example, private seed companies will produce and sell their "improved" seed varieties to farmers, rather than giving farmers access to publicly developed seeds."

"The Gates Foundation would like their association with AGRA to appear as a strictly philanthropic venture, but, it appears that as Monsanto stands to profit so does the Gates Foundation's endowment.

AGRA states that "only about one quarter of Africa's small-holder farmers have access to good seeds"—and good seeds, in the eyes of AGRA funders and partners, are GM seeds, seeds that must be purchased every year, not farmer-saved seeds. Traditional seed laws that allow saving and exchange between farmers are "outdated" according to AGRA and they continue to push for changes in seed laws that would protect patented seed."


Searcher said...


That stuff on AGRA is kinda anti-semitic.

Henry Ford thought much the same thing years ago. He had to settle out of court. Seems Henry Ford, along with being an industrialist of some repute, was also a conspiracy theorist. Like Martin Luther/Shakespeare/Voltaire etc. Envious mofo's.

"Ford's paper, the Dearborn Independent, was devoted to promoting his anti-Semitic beliefs and he accused this young lawyer, Aaron Sapiro, of being a part of an International Jewish conspiracy bent on taking over America one farm at a time.

This far fetched charge was levied in 21 articles aimed at Sapiro and it left him no choice but to sue this icon of industry Henry Ford."

Anonymous said...

More Multicultural protections for the poor people of England and UK. They are so blessed to have these Multicultural humanitarian and special interest charities, foundations and corporations looking out for them.

"The charities watchdog will on Monday issue new guidance on political neutrality after Friends of the Earth, The Wildlife Trusts and Greenpeace all made public comments backing EU membership.

The charities have all insisted that Britain being a member of the EU is vital to protecting Britain’s wildlife - with one suggesting that those backing Brexit want to make the country “the dirty man of Europe”.

Their public support of the Remain campaign has prompted formal complaints from eurosceptics...".

Old Rupert won't tell you about it though. He's gotten himself hitched to some Philly who used to be, I guess, grazing in Mick Jagger's stables. [16 or more Photos].


Anonymous said...

You may have seen my post about improving THE IRISH SAVANT blog. Not that we can get much better than Savants wisdom in the written word.(Lemmyheads a Sychophant).
The news IS something better! How about actually talking!! I have spoken to Savant and I'm starting up an 'IRISH SAVANT GOOGLE HANGOUT'. Savant will be on and we have many 'superstar' guests arranged to come and talk as well.Perhaps we can talk with U.N.? Flanders? Searcher and all you other regular posters that write so much to make this blog so great. Did you say Morgoth? He's up to be a 'superstar' guest! So it doesn't get better than that! YES IT DOES! There will soon be an IRISH SAVANT Youtube channel! The Youtube channel will be a repository of the great videos you guys link to in one place! An ever growing archive of your important info!!!

O.K. Guys and ladies. That's the sales pitch. Now is the time for your views on this idea. There will be no point setting up these things if you don't want to use it. If you're interested in the hangouts then please could you express your interest in a comment please? Please say if you would like to join in the discussions or just listen to them. If you have things that you feel would make topics of discussion please say that is as well.
For those not acquainted with the Google Hangouts they are very simple. All you need to do is sign up for a Hangout account and get a microphone (mine cost £1 from Poundland and does the job). You can also stream live video into the Hangout if you want to show your ugly mug.

Hangout help and information can be found here :-

I look forward to hearing all your comments.


Flanders said...

Daily Slave says that "It is time that we all demand that the Internal Revenue Service revoke the Anti-Defamation League’s non-profit 501(c)(3) status. As a non-profit organization, they are not allowed to intervene in the electoral process or show bias towards or against particular candidates for public office.

You can file a complaint by filling out IRS form 13909. More information about the complaint process can be found here on the IRS’s website. It is a short form and should only take 10 minutes to fill out. Everyone should do this.

You will need the following information to complete the form which is found on the ADL’s 990. [All the information needed is at the link - Note, too, while you are there that the jew Tim Wise had his Facebook page removed because of complaints. Now Timmy is calling on his jew buddies running the Assbook to reinstate him, and gloating because he's assured that they will].

Suddenly, I have the Name/URL back.

Flanders said...

It may say migrant, but it looks more like bastardized race-mixing.

"Pinned Tweet

Christian Copland ‏@PopulationWatch · 9h9 hours ago

German govt is literally explaining to migrants how to properly impregnate German gals using pictures #WhiteGenocide".

Flanders said...

I suspect he is right about Pegida. Whether he is or not, he's right about this.

When the Jew observes that his strategy of importing Muslims to genocide the indigenous is causing blowback he will switch to strategy two and overthrow the top layer of the occupation government. This layer will be replaced by a new layer which will promise to crack down on Muslim immigration. Meanwhile no one notices how the blacks and Hindus and Sikhs and Chinese and the ‘good Muslims’ and all the rest fall beneath the radar and the Jewsmedia continues to pour out multiracialist propaganda. All that has happened is the Goyim have had the tough medicine that will poison them to death delayed a little longer. And all the while the Jew sits in his ivory tower and he laughs and he laughs and he laughs!"
"3 March 2016 - North African teens and young men game the German system and pose with wads of cash received from German authorities and drug dealing on social media.

The young men are part of a growing culture of migrants who love ‘gangsta’ rap music, Nike air max shoes, SWAG culture and Allah. These migrants mostly hail from North Africa and most of them are under-age with the rest claiming to be under-age.

Receiving generous benefits from the German government and moving from one under-age migrant home to another invokes the old Victorian era idea of the European Grand Tours that aristocrats and the wealthy would take to enrich themselves in the culture of the continent. The young people in this case have used German hospitality to commit crimes, sexually abuse women and have the time of their lives, while not one has been deported, according to a damning new report from die Welt

Moving from places like Paris to Malmo, Sweden then to German cities like Bremen, the young North Africans’ movements and lives are well chronicled on Facebook and other social media. One group of Moroccans have been especially prevalent on social media with their exploits. They arrived in a south German centre for unaccompanied migrant children last year.
The same migrant’s Facebook is full of photos of himself in various locations all over the continent. He took ‘selfies’ in Paris, Brussels, Malaga and Bremen including one photo of him with a friend holding a mountain of euro notes and coins while the pair give the middle finger to the camera with even more euros in their mouths."
"Tory backbencher David Davies called for compulsory age checks on asylum seekers claiming to be unaccompanied youngsters aged under 18 to close a potential loophole in the country's border controls.

He raised the issue after obtaining figures showing that the numbers of unaccompanied asylum seeking children accepted into the UK has nearly doubled while the number of age checks has fallen."
Mr Davies said border officials told him of men with grey beards or advanced tooth decay who claimed to be children when making asylum applications.
The analysis also showed that around one in 30 (3.2%) of an estimated 1.2 million people who sought asylum in the 28 member states lodged their claim in Britain.

The percentage of asylum seekers received by the UK was the ninth highest in the EU.

And Germany received by far the highest share, with 35%."

Flanders said...

Some jews have a difficult time with certain jewish crimes - but can't find anyone to help them.

"Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis: At Least 100 Victims".

"This is a closed neighborhood, that is not used to “hanging out” their dirty laundry, but in light of such shocking events all of the social codes have been breached. With great courage, and the backing of the rabbis, the parents turned to the authorities and issued complaints, and despite the difficulty—cooperated fully.

But here they were greatly disappointed, as described by D., a mother whose 5-year-old was repeatedly abused: “The investigators presented the girl with blurred pictures of the suspects, and afterward the children’s investigator claimed that her testimony was “problematic” and “not reliable.” Not long ago, in the neighborhood, she let out a terrible scream and pointed to the man who hurt her, who stood meters from us, and even called his name. So what else do the police want?!! Why are these criminals still wandering around the yard??”

Anonymous said...

Every single bad thing happening to ALL our White nations is a result from one thing - Treason. That is unlawful, in case people don't know. That is what has happened to the USA, which has become the jewUS.

"The Federal Reserve Board is merely one tip of that ice"berg", but there are many other Franken"steins", most of them series of NGO's which are intertwined in elaborate mazes and directed by the CFR, jews and others for the benefit of their creators.

"Through the creation of money and the resulting inflation of our currency the masters of the Federal Reserve have stolen trillions of dollars in wealth from us. The theft continues every hour of every day.

So what can we do about it? As every military vet knows, you can’t fight what you don’t understand. Before you can take effective action against the Fed you need to know the enemy."

"America has been taken from Americans - by stealth treason"


Flanders said...

UN and Searcher, I think I have finally tracked down the discreprency regarding that posted attribution to THE CENTRAL CONFERENCE OF AMERICAN RABBIS. I don't know whether it was this 1st site below, or the site they mention having obtained their material from, or someone else entirely who posted that PDF with the Appendix addition. The posting here, however, matches that PDF version exactly.

And, I now know what the true source was, at least for one version, and I have an old posting which shows BOTH versions of those. I'll just give you the links. This first one makes the same attribution as the PDF. I doubt that either listing of those American rabbis' was an intentional deception, but was probably a misunderstanding somehow.'ential-notice-to-all-american-jews

Here is where he said he obtained it, and it has the same source listed.

Here is my old posting which shows the probable actual source, relating to Israel and Russia, and note that there is another even more complete version further below the initial one shown, with more information on the source. I had first suspected that they may have been talking about this one, except that theirs was too simple and too short to make that determination.


Flanders said...

I found that the problem with my Name/URL was probably due to the fact that my security settings were set too high and I've now changed them back.

Flanders said...

Freemasonry, operating as a secret society among all our nations, is not given sufficient discussion or gravity. By their secrecy, they war openly in our midst. We must assume that masons willingly work with the jews. Their very slogan is a repeat for those banners which the jews use against us.
A liberal and multicultural mindset is ingrained into the masons, along with a conditioned willingness to accept orders from those whom they do not know and who are at levels of secrecy which they have not yet obtained - and they then work to emplace those same teachings, by stealth yet openly, into the fabric of our societies. They ally with the goals of international corporations and with multi-nationalist multiculturalism.
They may act as leaders and as humanitarians, and some in the public may buy that, but we can no longer afford their stealth deceptions, whether those are intentionally done or of their own self-deception. Freemasons are dangerous. They endanger our people, our countries, our lives, and the very ways in which we live our lives.

"What is it that makes Freemasonry so dangerous when it is combined with other of the jew’s resources? An idea about the destructive force behind the secret societies of the Freemasonics can be envisioned _____ as follows:

“Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon."

"Freemasonry, Jewry, Noachide "Laws" and NWO"

kulak said...


I look forward to hearing all your comments.

I'm game.

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Great to hear Lemmyhead. An enthusiastic supporter in the making.

Searcher said...


I like your idea.

Unfortunately, I am one of those motormouths at risk of saying something I would regret. I have to reign myself in posting here at times so I will decline your invite. But I look forward to hearing from the hangouts when they are up and running! I listened to one that Millenial Woes hosted. It was really good - young people from various European countries reflecting on their Marxist education/indoctrination.


Anonymous said...

Muslims did it

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kulak and Swedish friend.
Another thing if I can. Could you let me know which country you're in so I can arrange times to try and suit as many as possible.


Anonymous said...

Adl person I was born in 1940 I survived the holy hoax seeing trump supporters raising their right hands brings back memorys

James said...

Trump an outsider - the 2 minute video that says a lot.

Newt Gringich says the Donald was not initiated into the club and didn't go through the "initiation rites".

"He's driving the republican party establishment crazy."

Flanders said...

Jim Stone has an ability for reality awareness. He understands that there are to be no political solutions from voting in an arena which is secretly guided and managed.

"I am going to say it like it is, Trump has over 800 delegates. On Super Tuesday, it was allowed for whistleblowers to get online, do their own independent work, and say the election was being stolen. However, no one has been online since Super Tuesday saying anything at all other than Trump is horrible and Cruz is great. This means the elite that Gingrich spoke of - the secret society, has activated something to keep meaningful discussion about the election off of the internet entirely. PEOPLE DID NOT JUST SUDDENLY CHANGE THEIR MINDS AND JUMP BEHIND CRUZ, WHAT IS HAPPENING ONLINE IS A MANIPULATION AND THEFT OF NOT ONLY THE ELECTION, NOW THERE IS A THEFT OF PUBLIC OPINION AND DISCUSSION HAPPENING.

Cruz is an elite insider and an enemy of the American people. There is no hatred in the establishment for Cruz or any candidate other than Trump. DO NOT fall for the crap that is being pushed in the forums and blogs saying that the elite hate Cruz more than Trump, this is yet another deception and an attempt to fake the American people into believing that gee, maybe the election was not stolen, look they hated Cruz and he got in. Cruz is a kike. Trump is not. Cruz is absoutley definitely beyond all doubt a proven FAKE just because he is a crypto Jew. The type of people who believe Cruz would actually do anything at all to fix the nation are the type who think Arabs brought the towers down - the pit of reality illiteracy.

America is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. What Gingrich spoke of was an elite clan that serves only itself, while putting on a false face for the country - a deception hidden under the veil of a fake stolen vote that has no reflection of the people's will AT ALL. And in this scenario, it does not matter if it is Biafra, Tajikistan or the United States, the people have the right to rebel and remove the usurping government by force.

It is no wonder why there is such a push for a gun ban in the United States. Clearly the cabal fears an awakening of the people, where the people truly know their elections do not matter. They want America disarmed entirely before even beer belly Joe sees the writing on the wall.

The election has already been stolen. Don't bother sitting around wondering if it will be stolen when it already has been stolen. The elite Gingrich talks about made that decision long ago, and activated their corrupted circles to make sure this election would go to them. There will never be a truthful political process in America until it is taken by force, and these people are ousted, dead or alive. TRUMP OFFERED A PEACEFUL SOLUTION, AND KIKEDOM SAID TO HELL WITH IT."

Anonymous said...

BIDEN TO MEXICO: "Only the violent crazy outcasts of American society think there is an immigrant problem"

Biden was on Mexican television last night, and he made my gut churn. It was like a hypnotizing horror show, I could not turn it off. And during that show, I learned that:
Americans who think there is an immigration problem are extremely fringe people who have little to no education, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Trump is an irresponsible psychopath who is dangerous, likely to be a murderer, and probably escaped from Bellview to subsequently receive a new identity, from which he terrorizes much of the civilized world.

All Americans who should not be in prison love the immigrants and welcome them with open arms. Absolutely every American who is not both insane and illiterate wants 5 times as many illegal immigrants, and also wants to hand them everything, so they do not even need to work when they get to the U.S.

Biden kept repeating over and over again these exact lines: "The American people love Mexicans, except for an extremely dangerous radical fringe" "The American people love Mexicans and Mexico, exept for an extremely dangerous tiny minority" "The ONLY Americans who do not love Mexicans are dangerous and illiterate"

It went on and on and on, and I was absolutely blown away. Biden actually scared me last night, because he said these things in a way which implied that they would soon be enforced as law. And the magnitude of the lie - I do not even need to mention that. The attitude, where "if you do not like losing your job to an illegal, you are violent and illiterate" is exactly the type of attitude you get from enemy soldiers who are ripping your society apart for the final takedown, "If you disagree you are dangerous", Yes I'd say, only to an enemy that might be afraid of being shot for destroying the nation.

Biden clearly displayed the depths to which the communist/leftist faction of America has already sunk to. They actually have the audacity to marginalize main street America as dangerous, illiterate, and violent. And that is who the prison camps would obviously be for, RIGHT?

There are precedents. About 120 years ago jews tried to make it illegal for a white woman to resist the advances of a black man in the US. Race mixing is part of their religion. Race mixing for the Goyim that is.

Searcher said...

Funny (in a smh sense) take on YT by an African American:

Rhesus monkey DNA coming outta the caves. Ni Lampedua, ni Bruxelles:

Flanders said...

White people have forgotten, or have been intentionally mislead from the knowledge that God, through his letter to us, does not approve of the immigration happening today, and that no White Christian should do so either.

"Today, an immigrant scarcely needs to be off the boat long enough to get over their seasickness, before he can start the process of becoming a citizen. Far too short a time is required for aliens from some parts of the world, to really learn our way of life. They can and do, memorize certain things they must be able to recite on their examination for citizenship. However, these things pertain to the mechanics of our government, not the ideals which led the founding fathers to use these mechanics to make us great. Under Yahweh’s laws, those who were not closely related to us in race could not be admitted to citizenship ever. They could not become citizens even after ten generations, Deuteronomy chapter 23.

By violating Yahweh’s laws, we now have considerable blocs of unassimilable aliens who have been given the vote. They hate all the ideals of this land to which they have come, only to get more money. Now our political parties are selling out the great white American majority, in bidding for the support of the alien minority groups.

Under Yahweh’s laws, nobody of another race is to be allowed to hold public office. Deuteronomy 17:15 says, “Thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, one which is not thy brother.” The word translated stranger, is the Hebrew word nokri which doesn’t mean someone you haven’t met, but one of another race. That persons of another race could reach positions of power is clearly stated to be a curse which comes upon us for our violation of divine law. Deuteronomy 28:15, 43-45 states, “But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee ... The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high, and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him; he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail ... because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee.”

We have been persistently led away from the laws of Yahweh by certain political groups who don’t even claim to represent the majority of our people, the white Christian Americans. These politicians openly admit they represent only alliances of minority groups."

[Be sure to give attention to the Critical Note at the bottom of this page].

Anonymous said...

@ Searcher --

"Henry Ford thought much the same thing years ago. He had to settle out of court. Seems Henry Ford, along with being an industrialist of some repute, was also a conspiracy theorist."

True enough but don't forget Old Henry really didn't think it was a "conspiracy", it was too obvious and open for that.

There was an old auto dealer in my town when I was a kid who had to distribute a "free" copy of "The International Jew" with every Ford he sold. That was pre-WWII. The dealer was Jewish. His question to the Dearborn office was, "why should I have to distribute stuff against my own people?" and the Dearborn office replied that every movie house in the nation has to show Jewish movies which were all commie back in the Red Thirties, so what's the dif?

I always thought the Dearborn office was right about that. If the rest of us have to put up with their propaganda onscreen, why should a bit of tit for tat be so outrageous?


Henry IX said...

Off topic I know. But there really is no hope. In the bar tonight talking about the Maria Sharapova ban three of the seven said they would sooner shag Serena than Maria. I fucking give up, I swear.

Searcher said...

Daily Telegraph - Brexit

Their little cartoon is comical.

Young, educated, affluent female - Votes to stay the EU
Old, uneducated, lower class male - Votes to leave the EU

So... only "losers" would vote to get out of the EU.

It's similar to what someone posted above about Biden. Demonise the voters.

Have MSM criticized Chuckie's Aunt Madelaine re-writing Dante's Inferno to designate a new space for women who don't vote for Hilary Clinton? Is Aunt Madeleine "a friend to woman?"

Flanders said...

The non-White* EU leadership is playing monkey games in order to blindside the people within those White countries they are seeking to overrun. The sneaky war being waged against White people and White countries continues without let up. Consider how these next two reports juxtapose in order to provide a final Kalergi style treasonous push against White countries and against their LEGITIMATE citizens.

Those non-white leaders (who are in the background of all our governments) work by keeping White people from asserting their natural rights and preventing our insistence upon sovereignty over the political affairs of our own countries.

"Turkey has offered to take back unregistered migrants from Greece while sending the same number genuine Syrian refugees to the EU. In return, Ankara wants double the promised EU funding, visfree travel, and faster progress towards EU membership.

“We want to prevent waves of refugees, and tragic events in the Aegean Sea,” said prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, following a summit with 28 EU heads of states in Brussels, which had to be extended into the early evening."

"Turkey BLACKMAILS Europe for 3 BILLION Euros, also requests VISA FREE ENTRY by JUNE !".

*For those who may wonder, merely having white skins does not make the people who claim to be our "leaders" - White. Anyone who supports these intentional perversions of "immigration rights" is anti-White, and their actions against our countries amount to being actionable treason.

Searcher said...

O/T Yowser, Ghadafi was also a conspiracy theorist/anti-semite:

Another notable quote from Gadhafi:
"As for political asylum, Africans have no problems with politics. That's one of the tricks and lies you hear. They say "We're here for political asylum." Africans don't have this problem. These are people who live in the jungle, in the desert. They know nothing about parties, elections or opposition. Political asylum? How many have political asylum? Millions? Millions pour into Europe. Do they all want political asylum? It's hilarious."

Anonymous said...


There a question as to Negroes being proportionally more criminal? We don't care as long as they support Trump.

The global homicide rate for blacks is, conservatively, 500%, as against every other population in the world. In the US, a bare majority of the 15,000 annual homicides are by blacks, who make up 13-15% of the population. Oh wait...that's more than a 500% rate.

But the good news is that they're easy to spot and a lot of them are really trying to be decent. Which means that the homicide rate for the bad ones is astronomical.

Trump's appeal to blacks is two-fold. He epitomizes what many of them would want to be and his mouthy sort of greasy style is similar to theirs.

But the really good news is that a lot of them, including the brother of sainted civil rights martyr Medgar Evers, like Trump.

With 61 million immigrants and an equal number of their kids, this might be our last shot at giving the globalist establishment a bloody nose.

Searcher said...

This is why I turn off Alex Jones (skip to 4.30 for Alex Jones):

He claims here that the EURO was a NAZI Plan. But hang on a sec, Hitler was opposed to the EU founders: the Pan European Movement. So how were the NAZI's in favor of the Euro?

Oh I geddit. The Euro crisis has been blamed partly by MSM on Germans wanting to control Europe. Nasty Germans being so nasty to poor Greece etc. (Or maybe that's just the comments section of MSM). So Alex Jones' statement that the EURO was a Nazi plan dovetails that propaganda/idea pretty nicely.

I don't like Aaronavitch but he makes a point I thought of ages ago. If the likes of Alex Jones is really telling important/revealing truth, how is he still alive?

Alex Jones says "It's like Nazi Germany" regarding spying. Ahem, it was communist countries that were notorious for spying. The Stasi anyone? Not Nazi Germany, as far as I know. He mentions 1984. 1984 was about Communism, not Nazism. How does Alex Jones not know this? Also why does he keep saying "" at inappropriate moments?

If I wanted to marginalize anyone speaking out about current political systems, I would leave Alex Jones completely intact. So if any normal person on the street mentions Bilderberg etc then they are immediately associated with a nutter. Also keep framing the Nazi as the bad guy. Worry about the Nazi. Alex starts shouting out of nowhere and is very agitated. He comes across very badly. Or maybe that was how it was supposed to go?

He was banging on recently about Trump being assassinated by "the Elite" and he was tearing up. I agree with people advice not to use that term. I have no problem with elites: elite sportsmen/elite art/intellect/terroir. Striving for excellence is normal imho. I have no problem admiring excellence in others and in their creations - I find it inspirational. Parasite is a more fitting description.

tsnamm said...

I'm game... sounds awesome

GHQ said...

Is Alex Jones a consistent ally? Definitely not. But is he calling out the globalists, the elite, their control of the media and banking system and their support for flooding White countries with muds? Yesiree!! Fact is AJ is waking a huge number of people up. And the value of that in itself cannot be underestimated even if he sometimes goes off the rails.

Anonymous said...

The Euro and the European Union was actually a British 'Nazi' idea suggested by Sir Oswald Mosley - after the failures of the second world war

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tsnamm. I look forward to talking to you. 'Sound awesome'? I do really have some awesome guest speakers who have said they will come and join us. Please give me some time. It's more complicated than you would think!


Anonymous said...

Great blog Savant. I posted once before but it disappeared when your article went missing recently. Profundly depressing reading at times, but necessary to wake up us Irish and and our fellow white brothers and sisters from other white nations to the future that awaits us if we continue to stand idly by, while we become minorities in our own counteries. It's great to see peole from many different counteries who are regular contributors. I'm glad to see English contributors here. We Irish and English have so much more in common than what divided us in the past. In the past I worked in London for four years and it pains me to see English people become second class citizens in their own country.

Like yourself I was delighted to see the back of Shatter and O' Riordain. Looking forward to more of your excellent articles.

Searcher said...

Re Blacks and Criminality

PS I wasn't speaking about Blacks in the USA. I was speaking about recent African immigration in Ireland where the most common objections centre around their over-representation in criminal behavior/social welfare dependence/aggressive entitlement complex. You got me thinking about something though and I thought it might be worthwhile sharing:

Being of a formerly liberal mindset myself means that the criminal aspects do not agitate me hugely. I weigh up the possibilities of whether it will happen to me. Terrorist attack in Dublin? Maybe. Am I worried? No. (The amygdala being smaller :-) ); I also have a strong belief in bringing out the best in someone through their environment. I didn't even know what liberalism meant really: had a hazy idea that it was "live and let live".

However, what does agitate me is the long range consequences as far as demographic change and the stifling legislation that has been passed to prevent Irish people from speaking out. I feel swindled from an educational standpoint that we were fed so much anti-racism teaching when I grew up in 99?% White country. The fact that our MSM is transparently driven by a globalist agenda is also infuriating. Plus the pretty consistent anti-Irish stuff they come out with. The one-sided nature of "public debate" is very apparent to me. Plus the obvious fall-out: high rates of mental illness in Europe (38% of Europeans have been diagnosed with a mental illness). * Suicide rates spiked in Ireland over the past while.** The BDSM site with 30,000 Irish subscribers is another indication that things are not well in the population as a whole. It's not rocket science: but is rare that anyone publicly addresses the real issues that drive people to despair or to emigrate in such huge numbers. PC rules.

I know that is pretty biased and self-congratulatory etc however I would agree with one thing. They say that the "liberal" mindset allows two opposing thoughts to co-exist: this is true for me. I don't have to have certainty. Does God exist, for example? I don't know for sure, but does it help me to put my faith in God and parcel off my concerns so I can get on with things? Yep. Do I get angry with God if something bad happens? No. I think it pretty ridiculous to expect God to intervene and save me if I am in danger (it doesn't stop me praying though!).

Disrespect for authority: If Trump became POTUS and opened the files and said ta-da, it was the Saudis after all, I wouldn't believe it (for obv reasons). I don't respect authority for authority's sake. This is another liberal feature imho. However, if a liberally minded person realizes that their positions/stances on a variety of issues are perfectly in tandem/aligned with globalist agendas, it can be a game changer for them. I prefer Judo to boxing because I think it's cleverer - you leverage your opponent's weight/force against themselves. Boxing looks primitive in comparison imho. I also don't know if there any longterm disadvantages to Judo (brain damage/broken noses/broken facial bones). In a sense, that's how I see getting people out of the liberal mindset. Use their force against them. Agree and amplify. An oppositional stance is not enough.


Searcher said...

Have you noticed that a lot of videos have improved in quality over the last year or so? I would guess that there are more formerly liberally minded people moving over to the nationalist/anti-globalist side and this is the reason that the quality of "propaganda" goes up. Previously, there was pause, rewind, sometimes sneery but poorly executed work with little or no insight into how to sell a message. No real appreciation for the impact of music, art, language etc.

Look at Oscar Turner's work for example:

Voice of Europe:
2k15 - A year of social insanity:
National Revolution:

I agree with the Winston Churchill quote (falsely attributed to him apparently):
"If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain".

The way I see it, the kiddult generation (GenX and GenY) are more childish than their parents were at the same age. Turning up at Comic Con, dressing like teenagers, eating junk food. The brain has had to constantly adapt (to new technology/social change/work patterns). Consequently, the vast majority will hold a liberal mindset for longer than usual. This is maybe why it took me personally so long to red pill.

The benefit to that is that someone like me can "turn" a liberal person, because I know what would get them going. Also appreciating that we have all been subjected to a similar education. Being tricked/swindled is a strong meme. Identifying that there is an enemy actively undermining our people, and crucially from the special snowflake Irish mindset, that the exact same patterns replicate in every Western country is particularly potent. I think a lot of the anti-racist propaganda works so well because it taps into existing beliefs/values on human dignity/respect/charity etc.

Take the likes of David Icke. He speaks to Terry Wogan about "The Project for the American Century". How is Icke so out of touch with "normal people" that he doesn't realize that no-one practically has heard of this?

I might as well jump out of the Late Late audience and say to Ryan Tubridy "what do you mean you never heard of the Kallergi Plan?" I realize that practically no-one has. I realize that MSM are operating in an echo-chamber. I realize that they are out of the loop in lots of ways so why would I try to feed a baby steak? A baby that is probably on the telly for narcissistic reasons (look at me!) and is therefore loathe to "look stupid" i.e. be a conspiracy theorist themselves! Why put yourself in their frame? Create a new frame - the alternative media and put the MSM on ignore as much as possible. They need attention to survive. No ratings = irrelevant.

Uncle Nasty said...

GHQ said...

Is Alex Jones a consistent ally? Definitely not. But is he calling out the globalists, the elite, their control of the media and banking system and their support for flooding White countries with muds? Yesiree!! Fact is AJ is waking a huge number of people up. And the value of that in itself cannot be underestimated even if he sometimes goes off the rails.
8 March 2016 at 09:52

I feel that an extremely interesting point has been made here.

Convincing people of the enormity and full depth, of the crime that has been -- and is still being -- perpetrated on us by the Judeo-Masonic monstrosity, is a a huge, almost insurmountable, task.

We have to reverse an enormous quantity of lies. Lies that have been ground into our faces for two centuries, now ... and it's just too much for the average person to handle.

It's one thing to be informed that the person you thought was your Dad, is, in fact, not.

It's another thing entirely to be informed -- all in one go -- that you were actually adopted by a family of itinerant vampires, who do chartered accountancy for a living and are being smuggled into Patagonia under the guise of a troupe of Marching Band tuba-players.

Too much information. I find it best for the subject to naturally turn to Marching Band tuba-players ... and then take it from there.

And this is where Alex Jones, and people like him, have great use. They give legitimacy to those thoughts that trouble even the thickest and most obtuse of us at one time or another.

That first nagging inkling of a feeling that you are not getting all the truth, all the time, which, in the more paranoid of us, blossoms over the the years into the cast-iron certainty that everything ... EVERYTHING you are told is a whopping bare-faced lie ... and that the whole world has turned into Hillary Clinton.
So ... yes. Alex Jones and his ilk have their uses.

Even a stopped clock ...


Flanders said...

You said it correctly, UN, and in a way which should make anyone with a real awareness rethink any possible benefit from Alex Jones. Listeners and readers of Jones and other similar hasbarat types of operatives for jewry are redirected toward those formal NWO parts which seemingly are "secular" in their nature, which matches with the indoctrinations which we in our society have all previously undergone. Most of those organizations Jones, and some others. talk about are real and do have influence, and much of it in the totalitarian ways that they describe (as do we who are jew aware).

The problem most people have is in coming into real awareness about the real and deep role jewry plays. The real significance behind the mis-directions engaged in by Jones and other shills for the jews is that all of those NWO parts are only significant parts of real jewish controlled networks. That realization is what Jones and others are emplaced to delay, in order to subvert people's awareness about the real problem of international jewry, which is who it is who utilize those NWO vehicles. Jones will never reveal that they are controlled strictly for purposes of jewry, and even when he hints at it, he uses terms such as "Illuminati", "Elite", "Zionists", to divert attention. There is nothing at all which is elite or illuministic about the actions of traitorous networks of jewish scum who, despite their flowery propaganda, hate the freedom of White people and of every one else.

kulak said...

It's another thing entirely to be informed -- all in one go -- that you were actually adopted by a family of itinerant vampires, who do chartered accountancy for a living

Hehe. Brilliant UN. :)

rick ronsavelle said...

>>>Convincing people of the enormity and full depth, of the crime that has been -- and is still being -- perpetrated on us by the Judeo-Masonic monstrosity, is a a huge, almost insurmountable, task.<<<

"You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt" Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, Jan. 1928

“You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not only the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.” Statement by the Jewish writer, Marcus Eli Ravage, in Century Magazine, February, 1928: