Tuesday, 23 February 2016


You got to hand it to The Donald. He doesn't hold back, irrespective of the target. The latest recipient of a verbal smack in the gob is none other than Pope Francis himself. And God's Representative On Earth was only trying to gain some cost-free false compassion brownie points by decrying Trump's plan to build That Wall on the Mexican border. A wall that would keep the unfortunate Latino 'pilgrims' (that's what the Pope called them!) from reaching their spiritual Nirvana in the USA. Pilgrims like these guys.

In any event The Donald pointed out the inconvenient Hate Fact that the Pope's own pad is surrounded by walls. Very high walls as this image illustrates. He could have gone further and asked how many "pilgrims" the Vatican had taken in over the last year. Or in fact since the present invasion began. The answer would have been, in round numbers, zero. Not only that but the Vatican has cornered the market in religious artifacts (splinters from the True Cross, twigs from the Burning Bush) in and around the Vatican. Woe betide any "pilgrim" who tries to muscle in on that piece of spirituality.

So Donald, in all probability if you're elected (assuming the Deep State allows you to be elected) you'll sell out or be compromised like the rest of them. If by some miracle you don't.....well, a JFK moment awaits you should you take on the Federal Reserve Board and/or hold an independent investigation into 9/11. But we'll enjoy you while we can and take consolation from the knowledge that if nothing else you've reawakened White Pride.


MB said...

Please don't buy into the media-induced image of JFK as some kind of hero. He never, ever opposed the Jews on anything! Was he shot? Sure. Does that mean he was shot for that reason. Nope!

eleos said...

MB. That is quite simply incorrect. He did two unforgivable things. He wanted to take away the Fed's power to print money and he was opposed to Israel getting nuclear weapons. LBJ reversed both positions after they killed JFK.

Declan-P said...

Trump's attack helps with evangelical Christians in the USA who don't like Catholics.

Esther said...

The pope talks a good game about the poor, living in a palace with his own army and retinue of servants.

Trump knows you can't go all that wrong bashing the pope. Even many Catholics don't trust the pope and the church hierarchy, after covering up decades of sexual assaults on children and other moral failings.

Uncle Nasty said...

Esther said...

Trump knows you can't go all that wrong bashing the pope. Even many Catholics don't trust the pope and the church hierarchy, after covering up decades of sexual assaults on children and other moral failings.
23 February 2016 at 23:02

I think what you mean, Esther, is that you can't trust the current pope.

There, fixed it.

Aaaaaand, while we're on the subject of kiddy-fiddling clerics, I'll see your Catholic priests ... and raise you a few thousand rabbis.



Strange, that ... It seems to come with the job. Together with the damp handshake, the watercress sandwiches and the whistling "Esses"

Over to you, Darlin'.


Uncle Nasty said...

And here's another fun fact ...

Cops in Sweden are patrolling the subways with auto weapons -- Mr Heckler and Mr Koch's finest, to be exact.


Immigration the biggest problem since World War II
by SB on February 24, 2016 at 10:30am

Swedish police patrol the subway with automatic weapons

When members of the Swedish public asked why police were patrolling the subway with automatic weapons, the police admitted that it was because they are facing the biggest problem that Sweden has faced since World War II because of immigration.

For some time, police officers have been patrolling the streets of Stockholm carrying automatic assault rifles of the type MP5, from the German company Heckler & Koch.**

In a post on Facebook, the police now explains that this action is a consequence of last autumn’s asylum chaos.

“Excuse me, has something happened?

Over the weekend, we have received many questions from you users of public transport, as we are patrolling with automatic weapons.

Since Sweden last fall raised the threat level regarding terror, in Stockholm there will always be staff with automatic weapons available.

For your security, we have, when we had the time, placed extra visibility in the subway.

…Meanwhile, Patrik Engström, head of the border police at the national level, says that mass immigration from the third world is the biggest problem that the Swedish police has faced since World War II.

I would say "Muuuuch bigger, Patrik. In WWII the Germans were on your side.

Are the Swedes waking up?
Naaaaah, they're just twitching in their slumber.


** Oh, and Buddy ... learn the difference between a machine pistol and an assault rifle. It could benefit even you, one day.

Flanders said...

I don't quite get (the complete significance which are behind the quoted words) this 3 min video which says that Pope Francis declared Satan to be God, but I agree with the other aspects which are mentioned. The world is in a spiritual battle for certain, and so far it's going for Satan and his kids, via Kalergi and associated plans. There will come a time when that momentum of dark evil switches, but we must do what we can to resist the devil and his troupe of liars, and help to make sure that they find their rightful place in Hell.

To me that is only the Godly thing, and one we Whites and true Christians must help to do.

The Bible says to resist the Devil and he will flee. That is why the jewsmedia is emplaced to break that widespread resistance by Whites and Christians. The lying media must be resisted and broken so that the tares can be separated and thrown into the fire.


James said...

He wanted to take away the Fed's power to print money

Can you prove that? There are all sorts of stories an executive order to do with silver money, but what are the real facts?

Then there is this. Watch it all. Even at over three hours long, you will be enthralled from start to finish.

9/11 to JFK - Everything is a Rich Man's Trick

I can't vouch for its accuracy, but it goes into some detail about the snipers at Dealey Plaza (all eight of them). It names names, it gives motives.

It's main flaw is that the creator is a Brit and therefore thinks like a Brit. Skips the Jewish angle for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Catholics are generally Democratics anyhow. I doubt this will have any negative effect on him.

CanSpeccy said...

Also amusing that the Vatican wall was built by Pope Leo IV after the place had been sacked by the Saracens (i.e., Muslims). Apparently, Leo IV was a Trump-like character who built a lot of things and was prone to boasting about it.

tsnamm said...

And this pope in particular, who is going to dismantle thousands of years of doctrine to go all "reformist" like the dying liberal mainline Protestant churches, that have no worshipers no matterhow many secular fads they try to follow...he'll destroy the Roman Catholic church.

Uncle Nasty said...

Fred Reed is always interesting ...


Who are Boehner and Pelosi? : A Slough of Irrelevance

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Fred Reed

I am a reasonably retired mid-level journalist of no import but much experience, interested in international affairs, law, society, education, and political trends. Yet, God’s truth, I do not know who Boehner and Pelosi are, or were, and now somebody or something called Ryan. Yes, I know that they are in Congress, or were, but I do not know what posts they hold, or held, or in which party they are, or were, or in which house. I really do not.

How can this be? How can someone who has spent a lifetime in the fetid bubblings of the news racket, including many years in DC, be so profoundly ignorant of the most elementary of political facts? Isn’t that like a neurosurgeon who can’t find the brain?


It’s simple. Congress seems to me to be of so little importance as not to merit attention. I mean this seriously. I cannot see that it matters who is on what committee or speaker of whatever or, for that matter, who wins the presidential election (unless Trump) or who is on the Supreme Court. I think I can name two of the stiffs on the Court.

Consider: The crucial issues facing the country are the endless wars, racial hostility, immigration, affirmative action, federal surveillance, uncontrolled looting and burning, the deterioration of the universities, wildly excessive military spending, the abandonment of the Constitution, the conversion of the schools into indoctrination camps, the federal practice of torture, and the enforcement of political correctness by the federal government, academia, and the media.

What is the relevance of Congress to these? Is it possible to imagine the alleged legislators (allegislators?) actually doing anything about any of them? If they were going to, they would have.

When is the last time Congress did anything that mattered?

Obamacare, perhaps, when they replaced a wretched form of health care with a wretched form of health care.

Read on and enjoy ...


James said...

Dr Brock "everyone should be coffee-colored" Chisholm, former head of the WHO thinks that he can cure insanity.

He may, however, have applied the definition devised by Dr. Brock Chisholm, the protégé of Alger Hiss and head of the so-called World Health Organization that was founded under Hiss’s patronage to lead the agitation for “mental health.” Dr. Chisholm officially holds that “mental health” depends on “eradication of the concept of right and wrong,” whence it follows, of course, that anyone who thinks there is a difference between good and evil is obviously insane.

Commies always seek to call their enemies insane. One of their tactics (as detailed in Bacu's book "The Anti-Humans" if memory serves) is to ask you to sign a declaration that you believe 2+2=5 instead of 4. You are asked to do this for days with constant appeals to sanity and when you finally do sign it they turn around and say "You're insane, because 2+2=4 - everyone knows that".

Oh dear, the slippery slope.

The American Republic was founded to maximize personal liberty by shackling government, which, as Washington said, is like fire: it is necessary for civilized life, but is devastating whenever it is not kept strictly confined and under control. Our tradition of freedom is still so strong that many American conservatives — especially those who call themselves “libertarians” — believe that police powers should not be used against sexual perverts or persons addicted to the use of opium, cocaine and other hallucinatory drugs. This view, of course, is predicated on the assumption that such vices harm only the individuals who voluntarily practice them — an assumption that is negated by both human history and the social realities of the present.


The most common explanation of homosexuality in societies that can be called civilized is that advanced by the great traveler and ethnological observer, Sir Richard Burton, in the commentary appended to his famous translation of the Thousand and One Nights. For Sir Richard, the prime cause is geographic and racial. He speaks of the Sotadic Zone, that is to say, the Near East, which is dominated by the Semitic and Hamitic peoples among whom the vice is inveterate and taken for granted, together with the adjacent areas of the Mediterranean basin that those peoples occupy or have penetrated and influenced. It is true that among those inhabitants of the Sotadic Zone, homosexuality is regarded as normal, and Sir Richard believed that that was the consequence of certain anatomical peculiarities that are generally found in males and females of those races. Other observers, especially those who, during the French occupation, observed behavior in the Jewish and Moslem quarters of cities in North Africa, believe that anatomical differences are much less important than the prevalent custom of subjecting infants to sexual abuse by adults and of sanctioning among children in their earliest years an animal-like and perverse sexuality of which most Americans would believe children of three to ten years physiologically incapable. For some of the highly unpleasant details, see The Cradle of Erotica by Allen Edwardes and R.E.L. Masters (New York, Julian Press, 1963).

For the remainder go here.


James said...

Not supposed to mention the unmentionable, but this will suffice.

In 186 B.C., therefore, we have the first clear instance in recorded history of a clandestine conspiracy engaged in a revolt against civilization by using sex to entice adolescents into a life of depravity and crime — evidently for the sheer pleasure of dragging human beings down to the moral nihilism in which the conspirators find a strange satisfaction. And homosexuality was a major part of a phenomenon that was to be repeated over and over again in the subsequent history of Western civilization.

In 186 B.C., intelligent Romans had to face a truth that few Americans are willing to face today: perverts are formidable, not because they practice a disgusting vice among themselves, but because they are driven by a demonic urge to corrupt and defile all mankind, to propagate not only perversion but every form of crime. From 186 B.C. to 1966 A.D. the evidence constantly indicates that for many degenerates the physical pleasure that they derive from their perversion is quite secondary to the pleasure they derive from ensnaring and degrading children and adolescents who would otherwise become decent men and women.

All From RPO again.

Like the modern “Liberal,” however, Enrique had a heart that was tender only for criminals and felt no compassion for decent people.
the members of the Homosexual International “constitute a worldwide conspiracy against society.” And that conspiracy is in our time a subsidiary or ally of the International Communist Conspiracy, not because homosexuals are subject to blackmail, as charitable people are inclined to suppose, but because their instincts lead them to the same frenzied hatred of Western civilization.

They are organised.

Homosexuality is only one of several factors in the decline of the West, but it is an important one. As is well known — at least since the publication of Anatoli Granovsky’s I Was an N.K.V.D. Agent (New York, Devin-Adair, 1962) — the Communist Conspiracy maintains in Russia two training schools for sexual athletes. The graduates of one college are heterosexual experts and specialize in the capture and manipulation of promiscuous females who, through wealth or marriage, hold positions of political power or influence in Western Europe or the United States. The graduates of the other school, which may be the more important, are perverts trained to attract perverts. The agents thus trained are, of course, a part of the elaborate mechanism by which the Bolsheviks now control and paralyze civilized nations.

James said...

Oliver on the John Birch Society. Over before it began.

After the conference between Welch and myself in November 1965, I determined to verify conclusively the inferences that his conduct had so clearly suggested, and, with the assistance of certain friends of long standing who had facilities that I lacked, I embarked on a difficult, delicate, and prolonged investigation. I was not astonished, although I was pained, by the discovery that Welch was merely the nominal head of the Birch business, which he operated under the supervision of a committee of Jews, while Jews also controlled the flow, through various bank accounts, of the funds that were needed to supplement the money that was extracted from the Society’s members by artfully passionate exhortations to “fight the Communists.” As soon as the investigation was complete, including the record of a secret meeting in a hotel at which Welch reported to his supervisors, I resigned from the Birch hoax on 30 July 1966 with a letter in which I let the little man know that his secret had been discovered.


Anonymous said...

@ eleos --

Quite right indeed.

JFK made the first (so far only) attack on the Deep State when he fired Dulles and swore to destroy the CIA. Zion-in-America had one choice and made it in Dalles in November, 1963. (If not for a whistle-blower, it would have happened in Chicago in October of 1963. Sad, the boys would have just loved killing him in the Mother of all Mob Towns, but hey, shit happens.)

However wobbly he might have been on other issues, he died fighting the real enemy. Since he can't go to Catholic heaven, let's at least make room for him in Valhalla.


quantum_insight said...

@tsnamm. That's the irony. The more 'progressive' a religion becomes and the more they pander to transient fads the less relevant they become. Meanwhile an unreformed 7th century cult goes from strength to strength.

James Lord said...

James. Another possible explanation for the rampant homosexuality in those zones is the practice of polygamy which means that wealthy males having multiple wives means many other will have no outlet at all for the sexual energies. Other than that nice Ahmed boy down the street.

An Fomoire said...

@tsunamm Catholic church is already pozzed as hell. Even without that Hispanic commie cardinal that sits in St. Peter's Chair.

Has been that way ever since Vatican II. Guarantee most of you here would have serious disagreements with that pos document. About the only parts I find somewhat unobjectionable are the allowance of part of the mass in the local language rather than latin, and the allowance of versus populum (towards congregation) in some instances rather than the normal ad orientum (technically to east, but practically away from congregation). V II fundamentally betrays Catholicism as practiced and as laid out by St. Peter and Paul.

Regardless of what the Third World bishops and cardinals say, the God of the Jews is not my god. My god is Jesus the Christ, and the Church should not permit the Jews to sully Him.

But sometimes that shit feels like putting on a mask, acting it out for the sake of it. I only know that I'd feel worse believe the shit in VII.

Some of you guys might know. Is the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) active in the republic, or is it more of a US and France phenomenom?

Anonymous said...

A male priesthood is a problem. The only people attracted to it are homos and betas. This makes them prone to attracting weak and appeasing leaders, none more than the present pope. Gay men have peculiar tastes and no normal straight man would want to spendcyears around them.

Also the Pope seems desperate to be cool and trendy - the CC will NEVER achieve that. Do you know what religion never demeans itself to the msm in a pathetic bid to win kike approval? The fastest growing religion - Islam!

Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting that the subject should turn to faggotry.

Over the last weekend, Auckland hosted what I call the Poof Parade ... Auckland's oh-so-PeeCee homage to the homos.

The Gay Pride®©☺☻♀♂ event

I was talking to a buddy about this, and, trying to articulate my feelings about the rather desperate enthusiasm that oozed from the MSM regarding the event.

I was trying to find a real opinion in their very careful stepping-on-eggshells praise of the event when I realised that the whole thing could be likened to the mixed feelings of a confused parent who had discovered the "bad" -- which to say that their offspring had just dumped a huge, runny, sulphur-reeking load in their nappy (diaper, for our American friends.)

But the goooood thing is that the child has used this naturally occurring pigment to paint a really big mural on the living room wall.

Mixed feelings, as I say ... and slight unease. The only way I can describe it.


Anonymous said...

Papal Bull.....
I have been commanded by His Holiness to inform you that you have been excommunicated.


Anonymous said...


New advert promotes ape miscegenation.

Funny as tho - The nog is shown being useful round the coalburner's house. Kike psyops tryna convince goy they aint the laziest race on earth!!!

kulak said...

When is the last time Congress did anything that mattered?

They outlawed incandescent light bulbs. Rat bastards.

Today I buy my 3rd replacement 3x as expensive chinacrap bulb that's supposed to last "forever"...

I *hate* Congress.

An Fomoire said...

@Anonymous 11:45, a female priesthood would be even worse.

The Church wasn't gay before 1900. It was perfectly sane and healthy. Before the death of huge portions of europe's nobility in the Prussian wars, german reunification, crimean, and first world wars (napoleon's war deserves an honorable (?) mention here too), the majority of bishops and cardinals (and hence popes) were from noble families. Bishoprics were bought, but that's fine too.

Aside from that though, since there's no nobility left to be priests, the Orthodox church did it right, I think. Married men are allowed to become priests (but not bishops), though priests themselves are not allowed to get married. You don't get the kiddy diddlers and bishops covering it up to save face.

Anonymous said...

mmm.. not to mention all those billions in gold extracted by the blood/bone of those mestizos for the unholy see.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of you might be interested in how the Pope ensures his safety apart from that monstrously high wall? Take a look here to see how the current Swiss Guard is armed;

"http://www.guns.com/2014/04/13/guns-swiss-guard/ "

Many a 3rd world dictator would love to have an armory such as that at his disposal.
Quite a contrast to his "peace and love" message.

Anonymous said...


The enemy within
Police and councillors knew and covered up Rotherham abuse.

James said...

Gold Market Price Manipulation and Front Running Trades

At around the 10 minute mark, whistle blower Andrew Maguire details how the Illuminati or whoever manipulates the gold market and makes easy money. Bit like LIBOR, but this is still in the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory stage and LIBOR is official now.


James said...

Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...
Interesting that the subject should turn to faggotry.

Over the last weekend, Auckland hosted what I call the Poof Parade ... Auckland's oh-so-PeeCee homage to the homos.

The Gay Pride®©☺☻♀♂ event

Look at the pictures. Fabulous!


Anonymous said...

If you don't like dis sheet you be rayciss.


Anonymous said...

Obama, dissed by Chiefs of Staff.


Anonymous said...

Got to hand it to Obummer, he's a fine BS artist.


Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Oliver on the John Birch Society. Over before it began.

After the conference between Welch and myself in November 1965, I determined to verify conclusively the inferences that his conduct had so clearly suggested, and, with the assistance of certain friends of long standing who had facilities that I lacked, I embarked on a difficult, delicate, and prolonged investigation. I was not astonished, although I was pained, by the discovery that Welch was merely the nominal head of the Birch business, which he operated under the supervision of a committee of Jews ...

They seem to be everywhere ... infiltrated everything. I recall reading, in the dim and distant past, that there was an outlaw motorcycle gang in the U.S. that made the Hell's Angels (even in the days of Sonny Barger) look like a Boy Scout troupe.

Just one of the necessary requirements for membership was that one killed a cop -- in front of gang members.

Will resistance ever get to that point? Perhaps. Will Whites ever go that far?

I don't know ... yet.


An Fomoire said...

Look, I understand francis is a damn hypocrite, and ought to be called out for it. However, the Vatican is perfectly entitled to have as big a wall as it wants, with as many guns as necessary (no such thing as too many, amirite huh?).

Rome, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Artwork inside are all too important to let even one moslem lay his hands on them, culturally important to Europe as a whole, not just Catholicism. This is why I really can't take anyone calling for the Vatican to open its doors too seriously.

Anonymous said...


Europes changing again

As wih my other post about Rotherham I wont be posting anymore as savant doesn't allow some of my posts

Eff the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

Just to show that there are no hard feelings, I give you this ...


It is over three hours long, so, I recommend you wait till a day off.

Quite possibly the most comprehensive -- and expensively and professionally produced deconstruction -- ever -- of Kennedy's assassination ... going back to the nineteenth century ... and implicating the so-called "Illuminati" or the "moneyed class".

But here is the "but" ... at no stage does it even mention the Third Rail.

Or the connection between the jews and the bankers. The Bushes, the Dulleses, the DuPonts, the royal family and all the first layer of subversives -- the ones we all know and love -- are mentioned all the time.

Not a word of the deeper layer of slime ... the eurojews; Warburg (SP?) Kuhn and Loeb (financiers of the Russian revolution) Jacob Schiff or the American heebs -- Armand Hammer and Norgenthau.

Amazingly, and in the face of all common sense, Roosevelt is portrayed as a "decent, democratically-elected" president who was misled by his fascistic advisors ... this is the same Roosevelt, one might add, who confiscated all privately owned gold in 1933.

But, like the best propaganda, it skates close to the truth, now and then.

it even mentions the "Square Mile" in London.

However, and this is a big however, it tips over into the realms of fantasy by implying that most Wehrmacht trucks were powered by Ford ... Opel, Mercedes, Auto Union, Magirus-deutsch and BMW Not even getting a look in.

Rommel's men in the western desert enjoyed an ice-cold Coca Cola every now and then -- No kidding, and finally ... Where it really blew it, however is where it states that the US supplied thousands of Thompson submachine guns to Germany (at around 33:00)

In actual fact these Thompsons were supplied to the Soviets, who were so embarrassed by the fit and finish displayed in US made SMG's that they promptly shelved them -- unissued -- and carried on issuing the occasional PPSH 41 and Nagant -- when they could get them.

How do I know this, in particular?

Simple ... those Thompsons are now flooding the collectors market as we speak, even in New Zealand, unissued and in the grease from the depths of Russian arsenals going back eighty years.

At that point, I stopped watching but I will pick up on it later.

Nonetheless, a fascinating -- and professional -- piece of disinformation.


Anonymous said...

White lives don't matter


Anonymous said...

Succint, spot-on, and excellent article.

Anonymous said...


Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio interviewed me on 16 February 2016. It was a fantastic interview! We covered many important topics and spoke for over two hours. A YouTube video is in the works. The first hour of audio is posted here:


Followed by a dozen links to the hottest info on the net.


Anonymous said...

Are the Swedes waking up?
Naaaaah, they're just twitching in their slumber.

Are the cops protecting the immigrants?

I can't believe they'd shoot immigrants with machine guns, but I can believe they'd shoot Swedes with them.

Searcher said...

I just looked at the website that Shaunanitjihad forwarded regarding 9-11.

I will make a few brief points.

(a) Most people have never heard of thermite pre 9-11 truthing
(b) Most people are not bowled over by evidence such as molten steel being found on the ground
(c) Most people are not engineers and have sweet FA knowledge on demolition work and what exact temperature is required to melt iron/steel

When a crime has taken place, this is the kind of evidence that is not necessarily compelling for Joe Blogs, jury member. I remember seeing Jim Corr on the Late Late Show speaking about thermite. For all I know, thermite is makey uppy. I am unfamiliar with that field of expertise. So it is not compelling.

The opening intro to that website states that "most members of the architecture and engineering community, as well as the general public, assumed that the buildings’ destruction had occurred as a result of the airplane impacts and fires." This statement alone completely negates all the truther videos saying that the way the buildings collapsed was a classic case of controlled demolition work and couldn't have been just brought down by fires. The truther "you'd need to be a moron to believe otherwise" attitude is rendered false, since according to the best truther website, most members of the engineering community didn't realize at the time that it was a demolition job.

I do not work in construction yet I remember clearly on that day trying to figure out where had the bombs/explosives been placed. I had initially thought the plane was loaded with bombs but that didn't make sense because the building collapsed from underneath.

I remember it being reported on TV that explosions had been heard (flicking around for news as is typical in Ireland: checking the BBC/UTV/C4/Sky and RTE). I had expected the planes to "break" from the fire through the middle and thought the sticking out parts would then fall off. I remember screaming at the TV for people to run as I was afraid the planes would fall apart and hit the people who were staring up at them. Anyhow, I don't care if people think I have a room temperature IQ for not knowing thermite; freefalling rates with graphs; pancake collapse of skyscrapers; melting temperatures of steel; how long it takes to rig a building with explosives, because I know that most people do not know this stuff and therefore do not find it compelling evidence.

In order to believe an "expert" you need to trust the expert. How can I trust experts when they say that the majority of them assumed normal fires brought down the towers that day? And when you can get a load of other "experts" to argue the opposite to what the first bunch are claiming. How do I know really how long it takes to rig a building with explosives (weeks apparently). And why does it take so long?

However, I thought it bizarre that George Bush never mentioned in his speech the people who jumped out of the windows which was one of the saddest things I think I have ever seen. It was hard to imagine the people inside who died but to see the people waving white flags out of the windows and people jumping was heartbreaking because they were clearly identified as people. His whole demeanor was off (again more shouting at the TV: not RUN RUNNNNNN this time, it was "he knows something"). I thought it was anti-globalist homegrown types had attacked the WTC (a big step up from throwing rocks at McDonalds but not too far off the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma bombing).

Searcher said...

What is compelling to me:

- A run-down on Larry Silverstein's insurance claims
- A simple yet well documented explanation of his claim against United Airlines
- Documentary evidence of when he specifically insured for terrorist attacks
- His own interviews and his weird demeanor
- George Bush's interviews and weird demeanor
- George Bush's PR guy (Ari Fleishcher) in The Washington Post. Very weird Twitter throwback. Also he contradicts Bush's claim that he watched the TV next to the classroom before going in to read an upside down edition of My Pet Goat. According to Ari, George Bush only sees the TV for the first time, after he leaves the classroom.
- What exactly did the people who stood down from the Truth Commission have to say (other than that is was a general whitewash - specific details are needed to inspire trust)


Anonymous said...

Auckland Pride is committed to the "Rainbow Community".

It is a fact that Gay, lesbian and bisexual teens and young adults have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts — and some other health and mental health problems, This disturbing trend centers around youth (aged 15 to 19) and Maori and has increased compared to the four years prior to 2011.

A 2008 study, published in the journal Pediatrics, suggests that parental and community acceptance, with regard to a child’s sexual orientation could have a big impact in reducing this rate. “A little bit of change in rejecting behaviour, being a little bit more accepting,” says lead researcher Caitlin Ryan, “can make a significant difference in the child’s health and mental health.”

In case anyone was wondering:
A "big" impact has been proven to be larger than a "small" impact. The science is solid here. If you want to know how much bigger, you are a hater.

Community acceptance might lower AIDS rates in a "big" way too.

Is "gay" self-acceptance, or is it really self-denial?

And the reality, with all the details.

Are the ills of gays really forced by lack of acceptance of society? Maybe not.

The point is, apparently many people are already mentally ill and then become gay as a result, not the other way around.

Flanders said...

In 2 or more Parts - Walls - Part 1:

There are walls INSIDE America that White Americans need to know about in order to be able to tear them down and burn them. There are prison walls which are known and prison walls about which few know. The Pope-mobile is not going to direct people past either one. Pope Francis' remarks help to build those walls higher. Jim Stone tells about the prison walls which most of our White American people know about, but Americans aren't fully aware about the depth and scope to which they exist.

"Drone rules for the U.S.
Want proof America is a lost cause? Here are the penalties for not having yours registered:

Up to a $250,000 fine in addition to the FAA slap on the wrist of $25,000 plus three years in prison (where you will live as a slave, probably making military drone parts). What happened to America anyway? This is what happens when evil people use laws to stuff their pockets and snatch slaves off the street. That is the new American dream ~ for disgusting evil people to use minor infractions to rob others of everything and take them as slaves. Who is in charge now? Put your thinking cap on, and make sure it is not just a little round tea plate that seems to be intended for keeping thoughts from reaching God.

HINT: The most notorious slave owning tribe in the history of mankind is in charge of America now, which fully explains why a trip to the toy section at Wal Mart can now quickly land you a new job, sans any legitimate pay. And in case you did not know, America has FIVE times the number of prison slave laborers than China now, and a prison population that dwarfs what China has. How can that be done, when America has a population that is so much smaller?

Americans are 15-20X as likely to become prison laborers than Chinese people are, and the drone laws alone are enough to help people figure out why. Imagine the Zio press EVER reporting that truth, or making that truth any part of any study to see where America lands on their next B.S. "world freedom index"." [Feb 24 2016]

[Stone says he's been sick, but he's also been on a good posting roll lately].

There is ONE wall that the American people SHARE with the Chinese people, but very few White Americans nor Chinese people, either, KNOW that this wall exists.

"It [the Chinese Communist Party] should have a legal identity, in other words, a person to sue, but it is not even registered as an organisation [in China]. The Party exists outside the legal system altogether.’

‘It would seem difficult,’ McGregor writes,
to hide an organisation as large as the Chinese Communist Party, but it cultivates its backstage role with care. The big party departments controlling personnel and the media keep a purposely low public profile. The Party committees (known as ‘leading small groups’) which guide and dictate policy to ministries, which in turn have the job of executing it, work out of sight. The make-up of all these committees, and in many cases even their existence, is rarely referred to in the state-controlled media, let alone any discussion of how they arrive at decisions.".

"We tend to assume that communism just naturally arrived in China. It was imported deliberately, with malice aforethought. Here are some of the perpetrators."


Flanders said...

Part 2 of 3:

American author, George Pinckney – as early as 1956 recognized the jewish lies which proclaimed that the jews were against communism.

"[A] voluminous and prolific amount of propaganda has been pouring forth onto the American scene, frenziedly painting Jews as valiant and crusading fighters for religious
and political freedom, and as noble bearers of the holy torch of patriotic sanctity...and were presented to the Christian public as heroic pioneer settlers, as dauntless Indian fighters, and as Revolutionary patriots...their loyalty and devotion to the American way of life and its free institutions was unabashedly “sold” to the American people by an alien propaganda machine, the likes of which no other great nation has ever either tolerated or experienced."
"The above list of Jewish-Communist traitors is far from
complete. To accurately cover the entire scene, a complete
survey would have to be taken of the thousands of radical
Jews who have over the years shamelessly exploited their
religion as a cloak for subversive activity ranging from se-
dition to espionage. Despite the frenzied protestations of
the various professional Jewish “defense” groups, the rec-
ord of American Jews is not one to be proud of. For years
this small, aggressive Jewish minority, motivated by a burn-
ing hatred of Christianity and Christiandom, has worked
diligently to attain domination over the social, political, and
economic institutions of America. Today, International
Jewry completely controls the press, radio, television and
moving pictures of the United States; with a few inconse-
quential exceptions, the channels of communication and
education have been practically monopolized by those Jew-
ish elements which are in both work and deed inimical to
the best interests of America. --- From the very beginning
of the modern Communist movement, its principal
philosophical and practical motivation has been provided
by the International Jew." - JEWISH “ANTI-COMMUNISM”, [Pp 4 and 29].

Flanders said...

Part 3 of 3:

“It was not too long ago that Americans themselves feared communism.”

"That Americans feared “communism” WAS (and to a large extent remains to be) the problem. The American fears were concentrated on “communism” without identification of the jewish component. This was an intentional misrepresentation which allowed internationalist jewry, who are the main impetus for and controllers of MONOLITHIC communism, and who are why communism is monolithic despite some regional variations (and depite what leftist professors malteach).

While America’s attention was focused on Party membership, most of the jewish communists [Most of them operated outside the confines of CPUSA membership and would never be associated publically with it] were being packed into the US State Dept and other key governmental positions which operated to spread communist teaching and to assist European communist organizations throughout Europe under the guise of “anti-communism”, particularly in the way it was implemented through the money giveaways of the Marshall Plan. All the while the American public were being told that those aims, as represented by the State Department and the jewish press, were anti-communist."
[This is an older article by Flanders, name misspelled by the site].

Revillo Oliver had pointed out the ruse used by jewry and perpetuated by the John Birch Society [JBS], and there were others who were heavily involved in hiding from the American public and the White people of America that the main instigators and promoters of communism in America were the jews. Communism was referred to in generic terms, always hiding Communism's main identity from the White American public, sending them on goose chases which lead to dead ends. Most Americans during the "cold-war" times knew nothing, or very little, about jews. Communism and "anti-communism" were both in jewish hands. Other hands were also involved. This next article focuses on those, but avoids mentioning the direct jew involvement with the interlocking control and operationtional mechanics connnecting these.

"With the onset of the McCarthy era 50 years ago, any perceived threat to U.S. sovereignty from the British Round Table and its American branch shifted to an obsession with the Soviet Union. Roy Cohn, who was legal counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy during the anti-Communist Senate investigations of the 1950s, would later become a member of the John Birch Society and a principle figure in the JBS intelligence gathering operation, the Western Goals Foundation. Out of the latter emerged the core group which, in 1981, formed the present Council for National Policy -- a consortium of high level political, corporate and evangelical leaders which is the primary coordinating body and funding conduit for Christian Right projects."
"Carroll Quigley and colleagues of like sympathy with the Rhodes agenda have widely propagated the belief that the American branch of the Round Table organization is exclusively the liberal Eastern Establishment. However, The Belmont Brotherhood revealed that the Anglo-American Establishment, which represents the interests of the aforesaid corporations, also launched the ultra-conservative movement in the United States, the John Birch Society being a pioneer of the extreme right of this dialectical process.

Produced in 1977 by a group of former high-ranking JBS members, "The Belmont Brotherhood" refers to the National Council at Belmont, Massachusetts where JBS national headquarters were originally located. Various sources cited therein document that the early members of the John Birch Society were also members of the liberal Establishment they pretended to oppose, and represented in great measure the corporate interests of America, which are advanced by the oaths of loyalty to one another in a secret brotherhood -- organized Freemasonry...".


Uncle Nasty said...

Now, stop and think. Is this the end game playing out ... or have the PTB lost control?


China stocks tumble over 6 per cent, worst loss in a month

Last updated 20:21, February 25 2016


The CSI300 index of the largest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell 6.1 per cent, to 2918.75 points, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 6.4 per cent to 2741.25.

China stocks tumbled more than 6 per cent, posting their biggest one-day loss in a month, as investors booked profits after the market's recent rebound.

The CSI300 index of the largest listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell 6.1 per cent, to 2918.75 points, while the Shanghai Composite Index lost 6.4 per cent to 2741.25.

Traders and analysts cited a confluence of reasons for the slide, including profit-taking, fears of tighter liquidity in the financial system, worries about the cooling economy and anxiety over looming liberalisation to initial public offerings (IPOs), which some investors fear could result in a cash crunch.

It should be remembered that China -- the economic powerhouse of the east -- opened its stock market a few weeks back only to have it crash and burn so badly that it was shut down in days.

If I were a Nouveau Rich Ricemuncher industrialist, with a garage full of Brabus Mercedes-Benzes and a harem of slanty-eyed yellow maidens panting at the door (Me love you loooong time) I would be a little .... concerned, about now.

I wonder what the slopes-in-chief have to say ....?

After all, they are the drivers of the economy.

Old Chinese proverb: Lose face today ... lose whole head tomollow.**


**Well oldish, anyway

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

@UN I also wondered at an old UK geezer hammering together such a wonderful piece of muppetry. Who paid for it all? As you say it skates close to the false secret reveal.

Didn't the X-Files show how JFK was shot in their first show?

As I have maintained for ages the JFK question and its scripted outcomes are a rolling program to keep everyone gurgling in idiocy.

Who gives a flying one how JFK got killed, the fact is he got killed and so did the USofA, the real target, not JFK, toxic bat shit or magic bullet? Who cares whilst krytpokreeps are running in scum on an industrial scale and turning the west into a swamp of GMO zika infected occupation savages.


Shaunantijihad said...


The evidence presented at the official architects and engineers site is not beyond the scope of non-architects and non-engineers because they have presented the evidence in a way anyone of reasonable intellect can understand. They are endorsed by a community of 2,500 world renowned scientists working in these fields.

Perhaps you should trust the signatories who know that the THREE towers were demolished with explosives, or, simply point out to your friends that there were indeed 3 not 2 towers brought down on 911, and leave them to peruse the site.

The fact the world's most senior scientists in these fields are of the same opinion is critical. If it is true that some senior military officials know who is really behind 911 and are backing Trump is very significant for us all.

Anyway, 911 is still the critical smoking gun for the Jewish power over the West, and the website is the official site of the worldwide architectural and engineering community opposing the false information presented by the US government.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine this being broadcast on the BBC?


Thought not.


direita said...

Savant : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0be_1456418828

"British "Hindu dude :
We will continue to come here in the hundreds of millions until Europe will turn black"

Anonymous said...

Re: Peedough Paraizio!.... If ever a saying is true , ” In the land of the blind ..... the one eyed man is king”, tops the lot!
Plenty of damaged goods to support that view ...has been so for many years.
I’m thinking, sights such as this should , in anticipation of things folding up for the elite fuckers! We should offer amnesty. To any judge/politician/decent hard working cop social services person who has had to swallow shit for all these years, For what has been, in my opinion, a policy to avoid the majority of indigenous folk been made aware by the behaviour of 8th century primitive replacements and thus becoming aware of what in fact is going on!
To come forward and offer evidence of the methods used to shut them up! It is the only way it can come about, too many in the know have become a statistic, or porn is found on their computers!

Searcher said...

I get what you are saying.

However, when the truther website states very clearly in the "Evidence Section", in the very first paragraph, that most of the engineers around the world believed at the time that fires and the impact of the planes brought down the towers, then it negates any hindsight statement that says it was a controlled demolition based on the rapidity of the collapse.

If the rapidity of the collapse is such a strong indicator of explosives, then surely most of the engineers around the world would have realized that at the time.

This is what they see is Key Evidence (listed, I presume in relative importance as logical/rational engineers would be expected to do). I have taken the liberty of adding two headings to distinguish between evidence that was available on the day in real-time and evidence that was available after the towers came down.

Observable that day
-Rapid onset of destruction,
-Constant acceleration at or near free-fall through what should have been the path of greatest resistance,
-Numerous eyewitness accounts of explosions including 118 FDNY personnel,
-Lateral ejection of multi-ton steel framing members distances of 600 feet at more than 60 mph,
-Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete, and large volumes of expanding pyroclastic-like dust clouds,
-Isolated explosive ejections 20 to 60 stories below the “crush zone,”

After the event
-Total destruction and dismemberment of all three buildings, with 220 floors each an acre in size missing from the Twin Towers’ debris pile,
-Several tons of molten steel/iron found in the debris piles,
-Evidence of thermite incendiaries on steel beams,
-Nanothermite composites and iron microspheres found in WTC dust samples.

I have highlighted in bold any key evidence that non-engineer TV watcher me, remembers seeing that day.

I speak about my own impression from sitting/jumping out of my seat at home watching TV simply because I thought there were explosives and I am not from an engineering background. I thought the way the towers collapsed looked as though they were brought down with explosives. According to this best in class truther website little old moron me was ahead of "most of the engineers around the world" because I did not believe that the impact of the planes and the resultant fires were the sole factors for bringing down the towers. I thought that very day that there were explosives involved. Which didn't mean very much to me at the time as I simply thought the terrorists were really well organized. Planes and then explosives to complete the made for TV shock. Many people at the time thought it was like looking at a disaster movie. The visual impact was surreal.

And what of the explosives? The official report of the 9/11 Commission states that the towers collapsed because of fires and the impact of the planes colliding. This accords with what "most of the engineers" around the world believed that day. The world renowned engineers who didn't suspect explosives that very day lose a lot of credibility in my eyes, given that the key evidence I highlighted in bold was available to the world and its mother that day. I have only highlighted parts that I actually remember seeing - I am not going to pretend that 60mph beams etc registered with me.

Searcher said...

Explosives - so what - where does that lead?
What I didn't realize (and I would guess that most people would not realize) was that it would take weeks to rig a building for demolition. Does it really take weeks to rig a building and why does it take so long? How did the terrorists gain access to plant explosives is the obvious segue question which leads back to Larry.

Because I don't look down on someone not having knowledge, I can ask "stupid questions". I don't care if random people think I am stupid and I don't feel stupid for not knowing how to take a building down. I can be pretty crap in a debate because I am not so much interested in "winning" as in finding out more and refining an argument. However, I also don't have a big ego to protect so can act the fool to catch a fool and don't get too strung out. I know that bashing people on the head does not work - people just think "nutter".

If I were on a jury I would probably be the least likely person to be bamboozled by an "expert". I don't respect authority as much as the norm. So I don't respect the (((MSM))) but I also don't respect the authority of (((world's scientists))) or (((world's engineers))). This can be a negative trait of course, however, I prefer being inquisitive/curious and won't simply take something on faith (if I have not already built trust or faith in that person). The people who look into 9/11 are generally of a curious bent also.

The main thing that the engineers on that website agree upon is that the buildings were rigged with explosives. That is fine. They arrived at a conclusion that moron me reached almost 15 years ago. But what next?

- Why did the 9/11 Commission not agree that the buildings were rigged with explosives?
- Who are the people who resigned from the Truth Commission and what did they have to say?

For an example of what I am saying about engineers, skip to the 16 minute mark here to see how relying on "my engineers say this - well our engineers say that" pans out:

The reason, I think that 9-11 has the tinfoil hat tag (apart from the obvious motivations to label people with "dangerous opinions') is that when people do speak publicly about 9-11 they have not had the opportunity to really hash out the best points/the salient points/the "sellable" points. So when someone attacks Larry at a meeting: shouting at him about X number of people died, the result: 1 - zero effect on Larry. 2 - the person shouting appears unhinged and only fellow truthers understand the anger and the fury at Larry. When Jesse Ventura rocking back and forth in his seat with fury starts on about 9/11 and Charlie Sheen speaks out, it seems like it is the kind of thing that attracts "nutters".

A different approach
That Scouser who rang the radio station with all the names and facts at his fingertips in a faux naif "Thank You" list, was brilliant. It is impossible to argue with a satirist.

Sidenote: My favorite Jewish Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Henry Kissinger, apparently had to resign from heading the 9/11 Commission because he would have to disclose the private clients he consults for. Mlkay.

It was a crime.
Cui bono?
Motive. Opporunity. Means.

When I say cui bono, I would always bear in mind that there can be several entities whose interests might align in the commission of a crime. A hitman is financially incentivised to carry out a murder. The person hiring the hit man has their own motive/s. And of course, other people connected to the victim might benefit without having any involvement in the crime.

AnalogMan said...

An Fomoire said...

Rome, St. Peter's Basilica, and the Artwork inside are all too important to let even one moslem lay his hands on them,

I think you missed the point. Nobody's saying the Vatican should have open borders, we're saying to the nations, "Go thou and do likewise".

We've seen what moslems do to cultural artifacts when they get the upper hand. Buddhist carvings. It's the same everywhere, when niggers in the USA, or kaffirs in South Africa, conquer a territory, they immediately eradicate the former culture.

Once the savages democratically take over the government of Europe, how do you rate the chances for the Venus de Milo? Michelangelo's David? Rodin's Kiss?

Don't do as the Pope says; do as he does.

James said...

Who gives a flying one how JFK got killed, the fact is he got killed

Miles Mathis disagrees. He thinks the whole thing was faked.
Funny how the Internet creates uncertainty isn't it?

James said...

"The Einstein Terror"

From the bet-you-didn't-know-this files...

Back in the 1920s, Physicists were beaten up and threatened with death for doubting Einstein's theory of relativity. Same as the Holocaust. Their methods are always the same. They always remember, and we always forget.


Anonymous said...

Last summer I paid a visit to the war museum in Media City Manchester.
I pointed out that a shard from the WTC 9/11 ..Had been shoe horned in in a WW2 Blitz exhibition,I estimate it was about a ton in weight (One of the items that fluttered out of the building in the the 9/11 vids).
As a child I remember American airmen Laughing at (for the news reals) thermite fizzing away in the aircraft structure.The Japanese would drop this stuff in the path of the big bombers! No big laugh in reality.

Glen C said...

What an utterly ridiculous thing to say it doesn't matter who killed JFK. This was arguably the most important domestic event in the 20th century for USA. For example if it were established that the FRB or the Bush Crime Family had organized it the consequences would have been immense.

Anonymous said...

it was like the statement that pig Rosie Odonald made on tv after 9 11 that the whole thing was a conspiracy"" this was the only time ever that steel was seen to be on fire"" and the american ppl look to her like a religious icon..john old rtf chicago copper...

Searcher said...

O/T but important: Cogged from the comments section at MRev
What is this BS anyhow? European values? Control freakery amping up steadily. The UNELECTED European Commission of course are involved: "4 legs good, 2 legs better".

From the "Moments" interview with the EU's Coordinator for Combating Antisemitism. Katherina von Schnurbein (27-1-2016)
Q There is a law against Holocaust denial in the EU but it hasn't been implemented in every member state. Will it be?
A It has to be. It has been adopted at the European level and member states have to implement the law on national level. At a certain stage,the European Commission acquires the enforcement. This happened in December 2014.Immediately,we started a dialogue with the different member states to see whether they will change in accordance with European law,If they don't we will launch infringement procedures and eventually take them to court.

Q You recently said "when the canaries don't sing anymore,Europe is in crisis" Is Europe in crisis with rising antisemitism?
A We are facing a very serious situation.What we are experiencing right now was not the idea of the founding fathers of the European Union. This European community is built on the ashes of World War Two and the Shoah.What they wanted to create was a society of equality and non-discrimination.A place where everyone could feel at home,in particular the Jews.In that sense we are worried at the moment....

Q What's on your agenda?
A One of the priorities now is to tackle online hate speech.We recently initiated a European dialogue with IT companies,Then we will ensure the enforcement of existing legislation,which includes the Holocaust denial ban.We will also work closely with NGO's that are helping to prevent and combat,among other things antisemitism through projects.We currently have an open call on five and a half million euros to tackle hate crime and hate speech.We will also look at the question of education in general-not only Holocaust remembrance but also European values and the way we want our society to live together in Europe.

Commenter adds: And then a great darkness shall fall upon the land

Flanders said...

The murder of JFK was not a symbol for mystery theories. I never like JFK while he was alive and I was not too disappointed when I heard about his death. It wasn't until I realized that the murder of JFK was the starting point for the formal imposition of open and everyday communist treasons against America, and it's institutions and people, that I came to realize that the murder and coverup really does matter. By that time I was already looking at the jews.

"Let me ask a simple question about modern American history and politics: Why does the murder of President John F. Kennedy still matter?"

Bollyn answers that question and others, but he also gives answers - several of them, and those answers tell you why his murder matters.

"Why JFK and 9/11 Still Matter"
[May take some time to load to the proper page. - November 14, 2013]

Bollyn provides even more detail about the parties involved in JFK, RFK and 911 in this article below.

"The Crown Family Connections to the Kennedy Assassinations" - [November 21, 2013]


James said...

Sound familiar?

Let’s start with admin. Most of the scandals start pretty high up. The Poo Bah, and Board of Trustees, know full well that the $100,000,000 building going up will only cost $20,000,000 to build, and the rest will get spent on kickbacks, mostly to construction and vending firms owned by Trustees, or something similar. Higher education has been in a building boom for many years now…anyone with half a brain knows this level of building makes no sense, considering how much coursework has been moved online. I’ll use the madcap building spree as an example for this post, but sex scandals and academic frauds work pretty much the same way.


James said...

Savant : http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0be_1456418828

"British "Hindu dude :
We will continue to come here in the hundreds of millions until Europe will turn black"

Send it to the white genocide project. This is an important admission.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

@Glen C. The full spectrum of perps was brought in on the mission. No one was left out. You name the crew they were in on it. What no one seems to understand is that it was not JFK who died that day, it was USofA. USofA got in the way of the global ancient perptocracy and when the ordinary US people put a non perptocracy friendly POTUS in place that man was dead man walking. Ike's little speech about the milindcong complex was a load arsebark from a made man. Why did he not get popped off like Patton, they both knew what had occurred in Europe and why.

If you want to know what USofA did to really piss them off you need to go back into the 1940s. How dare USofA stick its freedom loving nose into Europe and bring antiperp ideas to the Euroscum!

USofA also stole the A-Bomb the Zionists were working on in Nazi labs. OFM that was an offence to their god. 18 years later POTUS got it. If it had taken 180 or 1800 years the first perpunfriendly POTUS at that time would have died publicly to traumatise the nation and kill freedom.

So Glen it really doesn't matter because all you do is spend your life chasing shadows in a perpcontrolledzone, listening to paid perp pets, Mae Brussellstylee, inflate their rubbish theories in perpVision and get mentally unhealthier every day. It really is a function of US citizens' psychies so carefully measured by Wells, another paid perp pet, in the late 30s. US citizens have/had enough money to believe anything given to them. Perp intercourse has become default daily life now that the real USofA is gone.

Get used to it worse is to come.

Anonymous said...

Zika hoax.


Have they considered the other cause of undersized brains? Too much negro DNA in the population?

Anonymous said...

Commenter adds: And then a great darkness shall fall upon the land

"British "Hindu dude :
We will continue to come here in the hundreds of millions until Europe will turn black"

Searcher said...

9-11 correction

Just to be clear. I didn't think "inside job" that day. I didn't think "false flag". I didn't think "controlled demolition". I wasn't a "truther" on 9-11 who had everything worked out - on the contrary - I had nothing worked out and still don't. I have suspicions but that is all.

I thought:
(a) Explosives were used within the buildings. Explosions were heard that day and I remember trying to figure out where the bombs had been placed. I just thought that explosives was part and parcel of the overall operation and did not think any further on the matter.

(b) I thought the parts of the planes that were sticking out were liable to fall off once the middle sections were completely burnt out and with the continuance of the fires. I thought the way the towers suddenly came down in a giant whoosh was strange - I did not think "controlled demolition" but I did think it looked weird.

(c) I was very taken aback by George Bush's demeanor and words. Something seemed off. Gut reaction.

False flag - never head of the concept until Jesse Ventura brought it up in TV interviews and stated that "every war" started via a false flag.
Inside job - I only ever related this to bank robberies or other robberies.
Controlled demolition - I only ever knew the term "demolition" which always looked pretty amazing on TV when old residential blocks etc would be brought down with a hand held device.

I am no expert on these matters and imho most people are not. However most adults remember watching this on TV.

I hope as you say that the full facts are revealed.

I don't mean to dismiss the engineers' website out of hand, however proving that there were explosives is only relevant insofar as it refers the narrative back to the comings and goings in Larry's buildings prior to 9-11. How did Larry and his team not cop on that his buildings were being rigged with explosives? The French fellah who walked across the Twin Towers on the tightrope managed to set up a pretty amazing stunt using a small team over a period of time and "casing the joint" meticulously. Maybe the terrorists' demolition rig crew were similarly sneaky and lucky? Who knows? I certainly don't and I have never seen any good discussion on this aspect which is the next logical step once the the use of explosives is accepted (explosives that must have been planted in a certain manner which experts say takes weeks, yet never explain why it takes so long).

The presence of explosives is only one part of the puzzle.

Larry acting the weirdo and making his insurance claims gets alarm bells going in my head. I had never heard of Larry until much later, after having looked at lots of engineers and truther videos which were typically just rewinding footage and circling smoke or holes or whatnot with the communication skills of Rainman. People acting as if they knew everything or demanding questions in a kind of hectoring manner. This is coming from someone who was already skeptical and willing to listen.

George Bush acting the weirdo when asked simple questions about 9-11 gets alarm bells going too. His face when in the classroom imho had a "Oh shit, it's happening" expression. The official spin that he didn't want to "frighten" a room full of children is ludicrous. Since when would children be "frightened" by an adult guest leaving their classroom, when they already had the teacher in the room with them?"

James said...

It's good that people are starting to realize that Stephen Hawking was full of shit and died years ago.


Check the comments. The replacement is obviously not Hawking.
Just another Higgs bozo.

James said...

Probably the most fascinating element of Donald Trump as a candidate is his being simultaneously both a liberal and a nazi.

That's what makes him so different.


Searcher said...

When these things are not discussed in public on an ongoing basis, it can be exceptionally difficult to really get traction going, so that people can discuss them competently with others who have not had the time nor the inclination to look into these events.

Millenial Woes was hosting some hangout recently. He is fantastic at enabling people to speak out about their leftist indoctrination/education. Communication and truthful sharing is key I believe. The more we share the more we realize that "cultural enrichment" in Ireland for example is the exact same phrase used in France. It's almost as if people get together and plan out these memes or something...

For example, Jim Corr is seen in general (I think) as a bit of a nutter for his Late Late Show appearance. His own sister came out and said how it is so sad that he believes the things he believes. The climate change "denier" on the show beside him basically dismissed him and more or less was telling him to stick to the music. His website has no more info on 9-11 and someone set up a website dedicated to the :"whacky world of Jim Corr":

If Jim Corr is reading this blog, I want him to know that I don't dismiss him or think he is crazy etc. I think he was a step in the right direction and he was brave and right to stand up and say what he had to say. I am simply saying that we should learn from each other and learn what works and what doesn't. That is all. Perception is extremely important.

Anonymous said...

Scalia's favorite book - the Talmud.


Searcher said...

O/T again but something Sav might be interested in (IT)

American IT workers at Disney replaced by foreign H1B visa holders: having to train their replacements

American lawyers describe how to secure positions for H1B visa holders to the detriment of American workers

Irish workers replaced by workers in Poland - having to train the replacements (love the comments section)

There are similarities. Skills shortages? We get told in our media that Irish people are shite at maths (I think retired architect, turned commie politician Ruairi Quinn beat that drum a fair bit or at least helped that meme along nicely in MSM) and that there are loadsa jobs but that people here are not capable of doing them! "We" need to attract more talent etc. Such a load of codswallop. As soon as it gets more favorable for a multinational company to relocate somewhere else - it's bye bye you "skilled" mofo's. Nice knowing you.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Rense had Dr. Richard Alan Miller on his show January 20, 2016. Miller said that they used Buckminsterfullerene "Buckyballs" in WTC 7 and if you look at videos of the collapse of this building there is a steel girder that literally vaporizes. That is fullerene. He is a physicist. That would not be part of construction and is a red flag as well!

Searcher said...

That Liveleak piece

OMG what a little SH*T

I have to laugh also at the cheek of someone like him trying to put himself in with Irish people (Ireland was part of the United Kingdom for centuries and right next door - hardly comparable). There was always back and forth population flows. "First "they" came for the Irish, then 'they" came for the communists, now "they" are coming for the Muslims."

Appropriating the Martin Niemoller poem. Insinuating something from a commonly known meme but twisting it to suit his purposes. Am guessing he is Muslim. Ed: Google confirms my confirmation bias!

"The new migrants from Africa/Asia/Latin America and from Ireland"??? What is he smoking? Irish immigration to England is not a new phenomenan.

"It's really important that we don't essentialise all refugees...." WTF? Essentialise? Is that the new stereotype? I feel old :-)

"For 500 years imperialism has looted "our country"" - which country is he banging on about? He starts off encouraging Blacks and Asians to arrive in the UK in 100s of millions and then loses the plot slightly when he starts going on about "our country".

"Europe will turn black" according to this yoke. Jesus wept. Actually I started laughing towards the end - he was getting so riled. YES, YES - payback - Evil Imperial Empire! Chimpokemon - gotta catch 'em all!

Anonymous said...

What you Europeans don't understand is that the arrival of the invading army is the first stage. The second stage is when they are told where to find the hidden weapons. And, most likely, they will not only be firearms.

Be prepared. Store food. I haven't heard of any prepper movement in Europe. Where will you get your water if the rivers and reservoirs are contaminated? You better start preparing for doomsday part one.

Anonymous said...

Who are the elites who left the continent just prior to this invasion? Track them down, hunt them down, go after the families of those who protect them. They knew beforehand. They were in on the game plan. Why no focus on your royal families? Do you think they are innocent? Buckingham Palace is a hive. You're dealing with deceivers.

The invaders are a symptom of your real problem. Our problems lie in the City of London, Brussels, Washington, and Tel Aviv for starters. It will never end until we focus on the architects of all our misery.

Anonymous said...

Jim Corr will get through it fine. It will be a rough ride but he has truth on his side.

It is far easier to fool a man than to convince him that he's been fooled. - Victor Hugo

Anonymous said...

For example, Jim Corr is seen in general (I think) as a bit of a nutter for his Late Late Show appearance.

What did he say, in a nutshell?

Kevin Rafferty said...

I did not see Jim Corr on the LLS but he has been deemed a nutter because of his claim that 9/11 was an inside job. Just like in the USSR madness equals not accepting the official version of events.

Croesus said...

UN you must understand that stock markets are, and always have been, more about confidence than economic principles. At their deepest levels they are irrational. This can work in both directions, inevitably exacerbating the problem. So when central bankers promise QE or ZIRP the punters get overtaken by the lure f cheap money and pile in. The CBs have been successful so far in keeping the plates spinning, and indeed recovering when one of the plates spun dangerously out of alignment.

How long this can continue is another matter. I have been proved wrong in so far as I thought it would never last so long.

Anonymous said...

I just concluded a visit of Chinese importers. They have no idea. "The Chinese government will take care of everything", they say. "They have a plan."

Look, Westerners have no idea, the Chinese are worse.

We all just cannot handle bad systemic news. It is beyond comprehension. We do not want it and push it away. Rather live in cloud coockoo land. The system thrives on this shortcoming of humans and uses it. I think it has to do with our brain wiring and predisposition to be religious.

It is all extremely interesting.

Anonymous said...

Re Tony Blackburn popular BBC DJ: Getting the "tin tack!".................
Quite unfortunate in my opinion, as it will have the effect of deterring folk who are UXBs of knowledge, regarding past outrageous behaviour , who may have had thoughts about spilling the beans.............

Anonymous said...

after the number of shotings here in Chicago large groups of black ""yoofs have been seen fleeing from everyGRASSY KNOLL"in the city known to man JOHN.."

Shaunantijihad said...

Searcher, that most people going about their business, including engineers and architects, heard on the radio or saw some TV footage with planes hitting the TWO towers, and and did not immediately think "conspiracy" is human nature, even for scientists in the field. If they had said otherwise no doubt you would be accusing them of being "tin hat conspiracy theorists" waiting to cry "conspiracy!".

What your posts are entirely about regarding , is that all the evidence from 2,500 scientists opposing the official narrative must be jettisoned because the website says some of them were in shock and believed the narrative being spun in the immediate aftermath.

You position is that people should not take the http://www.ae911truth.org/ science website seriously because they did not immediately jump to the conclusions they have but only after undertaking extensive scientific inquiry, you know, like scientists do.

One might imagine your purpose was to confuse the issue that 911 was indeed a planned demolition.

911 remains the smoking gun to destroy the enemies of the White race, and I find "arguments" dismissing http://www.ae911truth.org/ on the grounds that the person who wrote the website obviously wanted to make it clear they are not naturally "conspiracy theorist" and that they only came to this grave conclusion after extensive study as being specious at the very least.

Our enemies just hate 911 being discussed. This is the end for Jewish rue in the USA and Europe. 911 was the Jewish nail their own coffin. Suck it up.

Anonymous said...

Searcher. I'm a gambling man and when I have a problem like 9/11 I try to offer the odds of something happening before the event took place. How would I, as a bookie price that up?

A skyscraper,tower if you like, had never completly collapsed before. Odds of this happening anywhere? Let's be mean with our odds. 50/1. Ahh you want to bet on two skyscrapers collapsing? Hmm might be this guy knows of a weakness somewhere? Better cut the odds. 2/1. You want to bet on three?! And this third one is different to the other two? This looks a bit suspicious but it's never happened before but be cautious. 20/1. You want to bet that the third building will collapse at near freefall rate? That's never happened before. 10/1. The military will be holding an exercise at exactly the same time as a terrorist attack to stop the same terrorist attack? Mug. 50/1. A plane will attack the Pentagon at the same time and succeed?
10/1. After this attack there will be no video available? 10/1. There will not be any large pieces of wreckage from the plane? Hmm that's not happened before. 20/1. Another plane will be hijacked, crashed and again no discernable wreckage? 20/1.
The odds of those things happening at the same time then Sir,come to
40,000,000,000/1. 50p straight win accumulator it is then Sir.
Do you get my point? The odds of any one thing happening are fairly low. The odds of all these things happening at the same time......
And that is not taking into consideration things like double insurance, stock market 'blips', no intel, and many more things. Could this have happened? Yes. Is it likely to have happened?


Anonymous said...

It gets worse in chicken brained, chicken shit PC britain http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/647539/Ukip-UK-Independence-Party-school-police-called-website

katana said...


There's a recent video that's got over 200,00 views in about 10 days, titled "Why Women Destroy Nations and Other Uncomfortable Truths".

Despite disclaimers in the video that the author is not trying to assign blame to any group or gender the whole thing points the blame finger at women. There's no mention of the yid.

For the full transcript of the video, and also my thoughts on it, please see here:
Why Women Destroy Nations and Other Uncomfortable Truths


An Fomoire said...

Anon @2.23

I've a well in the field beside my house. My granny and grandad used to drink out of it. They've been dead for thirty years, but it didn't stop them from living to eighty. Died within half a year of each other too. Sad, but nice too.

Anyway, it's also rumoured that St. Brigid blessed that well. So I can used it too kill Zika Zombies too!

On Zika: Maybe it's a fake thing. I could believe that. Curious as to why TPTB would want to destroy Brazil though.

It's also curious that the epicentre of the Zika outbreak in Brazil is pretty much the same place where GMO'd mosquitos were released a couple of years back. Only the GMO bit in these moskies (which apparently makes all the males die off before they can reproduce, females dying slower) doesn't work in the presence of a chemical that's used quite commonly in Brazil to spray on crops.

I'll try and find a link for that (It was on zerohedge though, and not everything there is completely true, so).

Anonymous said...

Lemm @ 26 feb 12:04
That post of yours is worth putting about a bit.
Having been recipient of the result of gambling ..I can assure you it will electrify millions of poor fuckers, many have been stuffed by gamblers. Regardless of circumstances starvation/war /deaths...they'll put a bet on!
It a gem to slip into a normal conversation .
Guarantee a bit of a buz.

Searcher said...

Agreed - the betting analogy is a good one.

The beauty is that it doesn't say "I definitely know this or that" - but it does make the point about how "likely" a set of events are. When MSM and politicians (who are the "authority" for most people) do not discuss 9-11 openly, then it is better I think to bypass appeals to authority and use what information we have all been given - that is easily verified. And parody it.

I think Sav did a similar style piece on Lucky Larry... how lucky he was in a number of variety of ways.

The betting idea also invokes the "wisdom of crowds" - a crowd is good at coming up with the exact weight of an animal, for example, when you average all their estimates. Similarly there is "common knowledge" built in to betting odds. Instead of a believer of authority feeling like the insider, they can be made feel like the outsider (not in a brutal way though as it is very uncomfortable for a trend follower to feel on the outside).

In my experience, the people who don't want to look into 9-11 are people who value their security, follow the rules and think there are real differences between political parties. The people who are interested in 9-11 are unemployed/self-starters/skeptics. There are always less of the latter in any functioning society since there consensus/groupthink is not valued by a skeptic/self-starter, but it is valued by people who like routine, like to know their place/what is expected of them. They expect to be told the truth - the more "authoritative" the person telling them the "truth" is the better. So what better "authority" than a well known face on TV who keeps them "in the know". That authority is replaced by what? The internet? But nothing has been verified on the internet - people could be telling all sorts of lies. AHHHHH I might have to use my judgement and wonder how "likely" something is to be true... NOOOOOO Make it stop!

This is why the likes of Jim Corr gets attacked as a nutter. People are uncomfortable with authority not telling them the truth, so they attack him personally. If he came out with the betting analogy, people would be forced to think for themselves (in the round) rather than think that they have to evaluate "his nugget of evidence" - the nanothermite. People know instinctively that nature abhors a vacuum so if/when current authority collapses, there has to be something to take its place. "Better the devil you know", is the default position of the majority of people at any given point in time. Real, tangible threats to their security is the only thing that mobilizes the majority.

In the meantime, though, it is good to continue researching and putting things together and sharing information with each other.

One thing I notice that Trump does really well. He is an excellent communicator - he knows his audience. He speaks plainly because it resonates very strongly with people. People are sick of BS - "...predicated on the premise that the overarching paradigm shift was in part due to the synthesis of old and new methodologies in tandem with favorable social conditions, so that the principle of continuums have replaced outmoded binary perceptions... blardie blah" Sick of the nonsense, of people basing their intelligence on knowing the difference between a Burqa and a Niqab. Sick of being told they are stupid or selfish for wanting a good life for their children.


Searcher said...

One final thought on 9-11

None of us know FOR A FACT who organized the attacks on 9-11. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous. I personally don't think appeals to expert witnesses are that compelling - someone might as well point me in the direction of the 97% of scientists who believe that cows farts and SUVs are causing glacial melting and extreme weather conditions. That may just be me though.

Shaun btw I don't want people to stop discussing 9-11. On the contrary, I think there are many angles that can be explored.

I believe to show that explosives must have been involved is a piece of the puzzle and by no means the whole puzzle. This is really the main point I wanted to make. Engineers are not necessarily the most gifted communicators (their key skill is visual spatial intelligence).

Anonymous said...

Satmar rabbi given six months yesterday for assaulting four boys. They didn't want to testify against him. Or was it sixty days? Although clergy of all persuasions, and NYC teachers at the rate of one a week, are molesting kids, the commonness of the crime should not mitigate our outrage at all of these bastards.

I really don't understand it. I absorbed enough of the Catholic stuff, before walking away, to be horrified at the idea of defiling the innocent. Like a double sin. And that the hierarchy did not understand the very specific teaching on reputation and occasion of sin?

Sex scandal in the Catholic Church would seem to be a conscious conspiracy by malicious elements to destroy its reputation. Look at the WWII documentaries of priests celebrating mass under fire. They were held in such high regard in those days.

But...and I don't know whether it was simply a matter of not wanting their only son to become a priest or some other caution on their part, my parents did not encourage a close association with the clergy. Okay to have an old priest or two over for dinner and drinks during the holidays but beyond that...

AnalogMan said...

Searcher, no offense intended, but your arguments concerning 9/11 put me in mind of a line from an old song:

They have the feminine mind
Which is something like being colour-blind.

Men and women are different. This point was brilliantly made in a TV programme I saw in Britain in 1998 called Why Men don't Iron. I can't find the video on the internet, but there is a book with the same title. I don't know if they are related, but I presume so. This programme, plus another I saw the same year called The Mindreaders, about autism, are the two sources that I consider to have been the most valuable to me in terms of interpersonal relationships (and I majored in Industrial Psychology).

Anyway, in a nutshell, men and women have different strengths and interests, and that's why little boys play with toy cars and guns, and little girls play with dolls. Women are people-oriented, and excel at empathy. The male brain, by comparison, is mildly autistic. It is oriented toward things, not people.

So, I note your comments about physical evidence being less persuasive than people's behaviour, but caution you that most men don't think that way. Well, some men. OK, I don't.

Uncle Nasty said...

Searcher said (regarding trump):

One thing I notice that Trump does really well. He is an excellent communicator - he knows his audience. He speaks plainly because it resonates very strongly with people. People are sick of BS - "...predicated on the premise that the overarching paradigm shift was in part due to the synthesis of old and new methodologies in tandem with favorable social conditions, so that the principle of continuums have replaced outmoded binary perceptions... blardie blah" Sick of the nonsense, of people basing their intelligence on knowing the difference between a Burqa and a Niqab. Sick of being told they are stupid or selfish for wanting a good life for their children.

I do recommend this 9 minute extract from George Carlin's speech at the 1999 America Press Club on American political speech ...


Take note of the guy to Carlin's right ... he is NOT amused.

On a more serious note -- a longer Carlin (audio only) take on political correctness and this monologue is far less gut-busting than one has come to expect from him.


But still brilliant.


Uncle Nasty said...

Carlin again ... all the words you can't say.



Searcher said...


Nice one - love George Carlin (RIP) but I hadn't seen this one. He is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

There's a recent video that's got over 200,00 views in about 10 days, titled "Why Women Destroy Nations and Other Uncomfortable Truths".

Another video in the same series discusses racism. Whites can be racist because they have power and prejudice.

They can detect racists by face shape now. bla bla bla.


Anonymous said...

Black man is almost capable of speaking English, so he apparently "owned" the white lady in the other chair.


James said...

WOW. An actual call to try Merkel for genocide. Maybe the idea is catching on!

They should mention the Kalergi Plan though.


Anonymous said...

"Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own."


Anonymous said...

Oz property market "insane".

Genius investor doesn't seem too worried about the consequences.


Clogheen said...

That Australian housing bubble seems a mirror image of what brought down the Irish banks. And the whole country.

Searcher said...


Point taken. I agree.

Uncle Nasty said...

Found this on Wikipedia ... surprisingly neutral, considering from whence it comes


But -- and this is an unintended consequence -- coming from what 99% of the unthinking perceive as an impeccable source, it does nothing more than reinforce the concept of the heebs in control, as well as provide useful links to all of their higher profile victims ... and the punishments inflicted thereupon.

All in all, rather useful.

For a so-called "smart, High IQ race", they can be pretty fucking dense sometimes.


Uncle Nasty said...

Posted in an older thread, sorry.

Uncle Nasty said...

Found this on Wikipedia ... surprisingly neutral, considering from whence it comes


But -- and this is an unintended consequence -- coming from what 99% of the unthinking perceive as an impeccable source, it does nothing more than reinforce the concept of the heebs in control, as well as provide useful links to all of their higher profile victims ... and the punishments inflicted thereupon.

All in all, rather useful.

For a so-called "smart, High IQ race", they can be pretty fucking dense sometimes.

29 February 2016 at 21:45

rick ronsavelle said...

Molyneux- Libertarians wrong about immigration? He's almost there. Very good video.