Thursday, 18 February 2016

Adam Johnson contemplates his White Privilege

Continuing the theme from the previous post on injustice to White males I give you the case of Sunderland and  England footballer Adam Johnson. This talented athlete today finds himself facing the possibility of jail and the certainty of his career ending at the tender age of 28. And deservedly so when you learn that he has pleaded guilty to 'one count of sexual activity with a child'. Dirty paedophile bastard.

Except that this "child" was a strapping 15 year-old girl and the offences include "kissing and touching the girl".  Yes indeed, what a terrible experience it must have been for this "child" to be kissed and touched by a famous footballer in his luxury SUV. One of her friends told police that she met the "child" afterwards, telling the officers her friend was 'more excited - not excited for something, just excited - in a good mood really.  She seemed excited at first but then started to realise what she'd done because he had a girlfriend'.

No need to go into what 15 year-old girls are like today. Most could pass for their mid twenties and most - more's the pity - are sexually experienced by that age. In any event they're more mature emotionally and physically than their male contemporaries. Despite this were two 15 year-olds to have consensual sex the boy would be subject to criminal prosecution while the girl would face no sanction whatsoever. That's how far the (in) justice system has swung against males.

Well White males, to be more specific, as the case of Ched Evans graphically illustrates. In this instance Evans and a black team-mate had sex with some mudsharking slut (but I repeat myself). Evans (who is White) got jail and had his career terminated while the black guy walked away scot-free and still enjoys a thriving career.

So as Adam Johnson, contemplates the abrupt end of his career and the probability of jail time - all while Africans and Muslims freely rape and pillage their way across Europe - you could understand were he to be confused about the White Privilege with which he's been supposedly blessed.


Martinus said...

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? This is the selfsame cunt'ry that jailed a student for a 'racist' remark, jailed a young white mother for objecting to non-conformist, non-white immigrants while at the same time allowing another asylum-seeking currymucher, who was illegally (no licence or insurance) driving a car at breakneck speed through Bristol to claim benefits (dailymail, november 2011, I think), who knocked down a woman and then left the scene of the accident to 'go find out what his punishment would be on the internet'. He got a suspended sentence, I kid you not! The western world spent the last few years teetering on the lip of the abyss, we have now fallen and it is only a matter of time before we reach the gnashing teeth below.

Anonymous said...

Kind of on topic
And we let rapists move here.if he is on bail or a suspect in a case how can he move country surely he can't claim asylum from Austria

Searcher said...

C'mon, Whites are sociopaths. Guilty for being vile to women and the Black man. This is common enough knowledge (here, let the Jewish anti-racist activist Tim Wise educate you):

Young educated Americans are wayyy ahead of you Sav (as they have been receiving the benefit of this wise Jewish man's counsel for quite some time now):

Since 1995, he has given speeches at over 600 college campuses across the U.S.[2] He has trained teachers, corporate employees, non-profit organizations and law enforcement officers in methods for addressing and dismantling white racism in their institutions.[3]

Sonny Knowles said...

Transgender bathroom ban proposed

Students who identify as a while being b are to have their pervert privileges revoked under new laws.

katana said...


The full transcript of DavId Duke's latest video on the Ted Nugent controversy with him naming the jew as being behind gun control in the US, is now available as a PDF for download.

David Duke: Ted Nugent vs the ADL – Who is Behind Gun Control? — TRANSCRIPT


Anonymous said...

All these problems can be solve if one puts one's mind to it:

"There are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the most prominent Islamic leaders there has said."


Jada Plunkett Smith @ butthurt dot com said...

“With their chronic insecurity, their pathological need for fame, or their belief in its imminence, no group outside the confines of a mental hospital is more psychologically and emotionally unsuited to give advice to anyone else about anything than are actors.”

- Kevin Myers

Anonymous said...

The surprise is that anyone is surprised.
Transgender bathrooms? All for giving it a try. I think there would be a few that would change their minds if they went in after I'd had a session in there.


Anonymous said...

Yes the current environment is extremely toxic for young white men who don't know the tricks to navigate around the 'system', yet. But if, and by chance only, they pass all these hidden traps on their paths, at least as they become older they become aware of all these tricks.
Girls fare worse because unfortunately, as opposed as their male counterpart, they don't seem to get it when they age.

An additional trick of the system is to prevent the lucky and older ones who have passed the traps to teach the youngsters about how to avoid them.
Yes there is 'Internet', but it is my opinion that Internet will fall to the system too and become just another concealed trap.
For example the recent refusal of Apple and Google to cooperate with the US to de-crypt encrypted messages from cell phones, will just encourage more people to use more of these encrypted messages. That is a concealed trap.
De-encryption is difficult, but possible. Everything that can be encrypted can be de-encrypted by nature and in principle.
A general solution is to copy trillions of images of the cell phone's processor 'state' and run trillions over trillions of password keys in these virtual processor's images. Difficult but possible, which would then give people a false sense of freedom, especially if Facebook and Apple 'refuse to cooperate', ah ha.
Actually, an even easier way would be for Apple to say it doesn't cooperate, when it does.
It is exactly equivalent to Turing dilemma during the war when he had cracked the German Enigma codes. At some point it becomes counter-productive to crack the code in order to save ships, even if you can, because the enemy becomes suspicious. And it becomes imperative to let the enemy sinks your ships.

We live in a seriously fucked up Age where every rule is self-consistent with the White civilization dismissal. I don't 'understand' what is the final goal of that.
As Alain Soral said, there are things that are better felt than understood.
But why us? aren't Asian societies an equal threat to Globalism, provided Globalism was the final goal ? apparently not. Perhaps the so-called Asian way of life to keep traditions alive and immigration away, is just in reality about keeping the varnish of tradition, like a pretty but empty box.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they were left wing press

As for poor Adam Johnson he googled the age of consent he knew she was under 16 before he penetrated her with his finger and got the girl who was star struck to suck his dick

Rich playboy in his flashy car hanging around under age girls.would you approve if it was your under age stars struck daughter or daughters

Anonymous said...

Talking of unfair discrimination.


Anonymous said...

"A Minority For Every Occasion"

Apparently, Big Business isn't diverse enough...

kulak said...

My daughter will be 15 this summer.

Some 28 y/o touches her he's f'in dead.

Granted, lots of 15 y/o girls are sluts.

Anonymous said...

ChristOMisty quoted her father, "I want my girls to look pretty not sexy when they go out in public. How do you tell the difference? One of them make you want to look, the other makes you want to bit"

Here's a video that should help both men and women: In Defense of Men, What's left of them

Miles Copland said...

So the Police not the DPP apologizes to Lord Jewman over his investigation for child sex allegations but there is no apology to the non-lord working class guy who was accused of fingering an attention seeking coon actress.

Fuck you Sting for betraying your working class roots!

Anonymous said...

Off topic but newsworthy
Sir Donald trump yep he is now a knight at the round table

Not sure how I feel about that to be honest .its not about trump
More about he isn't British lol

Eff the villa

Likes Pee said...

'Von Miller and Sp'Ike Lee boycotting the NBA All Star game


Spike Lee objected to 24 out of 24 selected athletes being black so he boycotted the game. You won't find environmentalist Emma Thompson refusing to get on a flight to LA to get to the Oscars and the free $100 000 goodie bag. #WhitePrivilege

Shaunantijihad said...

Let us forget, for argument's sake, that we are being invaded and are still a White society. Is it still reasonable behaviour by a White male adult with a White female child?

Whilst I accept the rest of the post as a whole, I expect and demand that White men must abide by our minimum moral norms to get any support from me. I will not allow the filthy standards of behaviour by niggers and pakis to lower the standards I expect of White men, bearing in mind this is not about his kissing her, which is merely "out of order", but about an as yet unproven "serious sex act".

At the end of the day, if it was just kissing, then what he's an idiot, but it seems it may have been more serious.

And please don't say it isn't that bad compared to the stinking Pakis. We don't take our standards from those worthless bastards.

The case of Chad Evans, however, was truly shocking in the legal anti-White racism on open display there. But as she willingly fucked a nigger, then leave her to the savages, I say. I'll not weep for her the next time she tries her luck with that feral race and end's up battered, with AIDS or murdered.

Abraham Simpson said...

MV Ocean Gala

Sweden where a majority of politicians agreed that ramadam is a Swedish tradition is hiring the Ocean Gala to house migrants as they have run out of places on the mainland. Look at how white that ship is. Those poor africans.

To those sickos at the ministry for destroying Sweden.

Théodore Robitaille said...

Polish magazine cover

of the rape of Europa

Oh Poland
Their home and native land
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Poland,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land, glorious and free!
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee;
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee.

O Poland! Where pines and maples grow,
Great prairies spread and Lordly rivers flow!
How dear to us thy broad domain,
From East to Western sea!
The land of hope for all who toil,
The true North strong and free!
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!

O Poland! Beneath thy shining skies,
May Stalwart sons, and gentle maidens rise.
To keep thee steadfast thro' the years,
From East to Western sea.
Our own beloved native land,
Our true North strong and free!
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!

Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.
Help us to find, O God, in thee,
A lasting rich reward.
As waiting for the better day,
We ever stand on guard.
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!
O Poland, we stand on guard for thee!

Shame we have no one to stand on guard here eh?

James said...

Not saying that Jews have any real power, but some anti-Semites say they do.

"My family hired a local Irish-American attorney who told me straight up that Jews enjoy exalted and protected status in America, and they never go to jail or get arrested."

Chinese guy complains about Jews.

Jeez, I wonder if he knows how we feel?

James said...

Anonymous kulak said...
My daughter will be 15 this summer.

Some 28 y/o touches her he's f'in dead.

If the man has decent intentions, you should let it happen.

James said...

Hypocritical judeo-masonic Kalergi crypto-pope Francis says "Trump not Christian for his stance on immigration".

Even though he heads the church, he not Catholic himself.

Koala Beer said...

Malcolm Turnjew wants to change the date of Australia Day because it represents genocide of the Aborigines.

Will the slopes change it again once Whites are genocided?

Koala Beer said...

Sorry, that's not Turnjew that wants to do it, its some anti-white trying to start a petition.

Got to keep our facts straight (not that there's anything wrong with gay facts, this site just has straight facts that's all).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"A Minority For Every Occasion"

Apparently, Big Business isn't diverse enough...

I like the intellectual black guy. Ben Carson type.

Uncle Nasty said...

1 – 13 of 13
Martinus said...

... allowing another asylum-seeking currymucher, who was illegally (no licence or insurance) driving a car at breakneck speed through Bristol to claim benefits (dailymail, november 2011, I think), who knocked down a woman and then left the scene of the accident to 'go find out what his punishment would be on the internet'. He got a suspended sentence, I kid you not! ...

18 February 2016 at 10:21

Martinus, I am afraid, puts it neatly into a nutshell, here.

The one major reason I fought tooth and nail to come to New Zealand is this: ...

It takes a lot of effort to buy a firearm in the UK ... but it is possible -- for now.
Do whatever is necessary to invest in the really precious metals -- brass, lead and blued nickel steel.

And console yourself with the thought that -- Hollywood bullshit notwithstanding -- the most useful firearms are precisely those that are least restricted. The 12 gauge shotgun for close up and personal work, and the suppressed .22 rimfire rifle for those ... less intimate occasions.

I sound like an ad for a damn chocolate assortment ... or a sex toy.
For those who live in the UK -- England, Ireland, etc. -- or the colonies like NZ and Oz, I recommend you read:

The author estimates that tens of thousands if not millions of firearms from totally obsolete to Cold War vintage still clutter up basements, attics and cupboards all over the island ... in spite of dozens of so-called amnesties.

A very good read. Highly recommended


Searcher said...

O/T sorry

Golden Dawn's Ilias Kasidiaris is in the news going on about NATO and Turkey and TRAYTHURRRS

Previous eppo:
Kasidiaris quoted The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in a 23 October 2012 speech to parliament. Defending himself in a discussion of whether to lift his parliamentary immunity over his assault of Kanelli, he quoted the passage, "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism we shall send them for trial in the category of theft, murder and every kind of abominable and filthy crime."[6] Kasidiaris, as well as two of his Golden Dawn colleagues, had their immunities stripped by a unanimous vote of the parliament.[7]

In mid-2013, while in the parliament, Kasidiaris implied that he and other members of parliament were Holocaust deniers.[8]

Maybe someone should tell Kasidiaris that "The Protocols" is a forgery? To be precise, it is a plagiarized forgery according to the ADL (who seem to be experts on this kind of stuff).

To plagiarize is to pass someone else's work as your own, non? And a forgery is a copy of an original work.

If the ADL know for a fact that Amazon are selling forgeries, then surely they must also know for a fact that there was an original? Amy Schumer was accused of plagiarism recently. But the accusation could only stand if it could be shown that there was an original work to plagiarize in the first place. She has offered to undergo a lie detector test but maybe "it was real in her head" and she could pass a lie detector test regardless of the objective reality. I dunno, I get really confused. Anyhow, good to know that Amazon have a "controversial knowledge" section.

A Message from the Anti-Defamation League
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, circulated by the Czarist secret police at the turn of the 20th century, is plainly and simply a plagiarized forgery. "The Protocols" has been a major weapon in the arsenals of anti-Semites around the world, republished and circulated by individuals, hate groups and governments to convince the gullible as well as the bigoted that Jews have schemed and plotted to take over the world.

Searcher said...

Statement of April 6, 2000
As some readers may be aware, a hoax e-mail has been circulating widely that falsely claims has favorably reviewed this book. This allegation is, of course, absolutely untrue. Nevertheless, this rumor has become so widespread on the Internet that it's already a recognized "urban legend," just like alligators living in the sewers. obviously does not endorse The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This book is one of the most infamous, and tragically influential, examples of racist propaganda ever written. It may be useful to some as a tool in the teaching of the history of anti-Semitism, but it's unquestionably propaganda.

Does sell this book? Of course we do, along with millions of other titles. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is classified under "controversial knowledge" in our store, along with books about UFOs, demonic possession, and all manner of conspiracy theories. You can also find books in other sections of's online bookstore that analyze The Protocols' fraudulent origins and its tragic historical role in promoting anti-Semitism and Jewish persecution, including A Lie and a Libel: The History of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Should sell The Protocols and other controversial works? As a bookseller, strongly believes that providing open access to written speech, no matter how hateful or ugly, is one of the most important things we do. It's a service that the United States Constitution protects, and one that follows a long tradition of booksellers serving as guardians of free expression in our society.

Not all countries view these issues the same way. And one of our greatest challenges is to work cooperatively with other governments to respect their laws without compromising our core values of free expression and free exchange of information--values that the Internet embodies on a global scale.

Nevertheless, believes it is censorship not to sell certain books because we believe their message repugnant, and we would be rightly criticized if we did so. Therefore, we will continue to make this book and other controversial works available in the United States and everywhere else, except where they are prohibited by law.

Furthermore, because we strongly believe that the appropriate response to repugnant speech is not censorship, but more speech, we will continue to allow readers, authors, and publishers to express their views about the books and other products we offer on our Web site.

We hope we have eliminated any confusion surrounding this book. If you happened to be one of the many who received the infamous e-mail, we would appreciate it if you would pass this along to your friends. It is very hurtful to everyone at to be accused of racism.

Thank you for your consideration.

Searcher said...

O/T but I am curious

Does anyone know about this crowd? Golden Dawn, magic fraternity in Dublin?

Marisa Mayer said...

I, Marisa Mayer, uncovered the following cartoon Dear non-Whites you need us we do not need you using a search engine whose CEO made $40 million last year as losses increased. After centuries these people are still unable to "lean in" and get places on ability rather than aability. You know what I mean Mr and Mrs Smith?

The Karate Kid travesty was on yesterday and it had the ludicrous scene where Chinese people were fascinated by Morgan Freeman who was playing Willow Smith's mother's hair!

Chris Rock made a documentary about how much black women such as Beyonce hate their black hair and spend huge amounts of money getting it "white" and you will still hear the myth that everyone who is not black is envious of black hair.

Vincent Brown's programme had Ruth Coppinger boasting how she loves destroying her own area as it is now 25% foreign born and the schools are 50% foreign. Some woman in the audience said she was tired of white settled people's history she wants unsettled history and ethnic minority status for travellers.
Catch up on TV3's catch up service if you want.
As Wilson often said on Dad's Army "we're doomed!"

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they were left wing press

One would imagine so ... the right wing kind can be found among hen's teeth, rocking horse poo and other such items.

The really great thing? I can actually see this plonker trying to write it up somehow -- anyhow -- as a pro-immigration piece ... editor, whip in hand, looking over his shoulder at every word. Even a ratfink has to eat ... no?

My heart goes out.


Anonymous said...

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This book is one of the most infamous, and tragically influential, examples of racist propaganda ever written.

The protocols are a proven forgery. They obviously plagiarize the Talmud.

Does Amazon sell the Talmud?

Anonymous said...

And a forgery is a copy of an original work.

People keep saying that, but it isn't true. A forgery is any fabricated item made for fraudulent purposes. It does not imply copying.

Anonymous said...

If the ADL know for a fact that Amazon are selling forgeries, then surely they must also know for a fact that there was an original? Amy Schumer was accused of plagiarism recently. But the accusation could only stand if it could be shown that there was an original work to plagiarize in the first place. She has offered to undergo a lie detector test but maybe "it was real in her head" and she could pass a lie detector test regardless of the objective reality. I dunno, I get really confused. Anyhow, good to know that Amazon have a "controversial knowledge" section.

See my previous. Please stop disseminating this sort of idea.

Amazon's copies are obviously facsimiles (of a possibly forged original). Amazon is not selling forgeries, even if the protocols were a forgery. They are selling copies. Most books are sold as copies. Very few original manuscripts are ever offered for sale.

Thus, the idea that Amazon is selling a forgery is ridiculous.

A "controversial knowledge" is better than a memory hole. (Better for making gulag lists too...)

Anonymous said...

Bugger the protocols.

Amazon should be selling an English translation of "Practical Idealism" by Coudenhove-Kalergi.

Much more relevant.

Searcher said...

Just for laughs

Social construct in a plastic bag

Shaunantijihad said...

Take a blogger who cannot be trolled. What to do with him?

Send simultaneously an obvious troll, NU, whose purpose is to be outed not only by genuine commentators, but by other trolls, who are there to build trust until their services are required. Subtle hasbaras. To take time. To build trust. To change the ideas of the blogger by a very gradual changing of the comment section. The blogger is inevitably influenced by the comment section to a degree.

Am I being unkind to you Sav? I love you brother. But we are always under attack.

We do not blame White women for the mass immigration of the Afro-Islamic menace because it isn't true. We man up to the fact that although we too are not to blame for the immivasion this is nonetheless our responsibility and ours to solve. Also, when adults and 15 year old girls engage in some kind of sexual activity, we do not expect the 15 year old to have the burden of adult responsibility. That is not a stab in the back, my brother, but a bowl of cold water over your head... because I love you, understand?

Have you noticed that just as the mass rapes of White women is becoming a tsunami that the meme of White women being to blame for that very problem is being promoted around our sites?

This is a Judeo-Marxist attack, I believe. One we can all fall prey to and one we must resist.

Strength and honour!

Flanders said...

Take this test to determine whether you are a racist. Actually, you don't have to take it, just determine from the video whether your face shape pins you as being one.

"They’re coming for you, White Man. Your genetics are your death warrant."

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about this crowd? Golden Dawn, magic fraternity in Dublin?

I recently saw their books on Amazon. The authors have bios.

Are you thinking of gaining the power to curse anti-whites? Good idea. Worth a shot.

Flanders said...

I think he's correct.
This article states: "Everything other than TRUMP in the 2016 US election leads to a JEW arranged socialist ‘Utopia’ and Homeland Security lock-down in the once fair land of the free".

I differ only in that I think that is coming whether Trump wins or not. His November 13, 2012 article here is more illustrative of the coming reality.

"Did you know that the Jews and their dupes and acolytes have been progressively Judaizing the judiciaries in the West with injunctions sympathetic with Talmudic interpretations of the Noahide laws? Worse still, the Jews intend to shortly use legality of that sort to empower a Judaized global judiciary, sympathetic with the UN with its communist charter, to incarcerate and ‘process’ patriotic (especially white Christian European) ‘dissidents’, in the many Soviet style concentration camps and psycho-prisons worldwide.

FEMA’s head is the Jew Joseph Lieberman, and Under Secretary for Management of Homeland Security is the Jew Paul Schneider. The Jew Fred Schwien is Executive Secretary of Operations of Homeland Security and the Jew Jay Cohen is Under Secretary for Science and Technology of Homeland Security. In collusion with the leaders of world Jewry, the FEMA bosses intend to face, voice, eye, hand, and full body scan all Americans, as a precursor to the mass micro-chipping of everyone worldwide for trade and surveillance under Israel’s antichrist.

Over the past two years, President Obama has signed a number of Executive Orders suspending all civil and Constitutional rights and turning over management of an America under Martial Law to FEMA."

"February 21, 2013
Take a good look at this picture. The US government is training Latino youth as a kind of Hitler Youth or Communist Red Guard to put down American resistance to NWO/Communist tyranny."

Flanders said...

[A PDF discussing NC activities. I wonder in just how many states are these or similar programs are active, and exactly what training is received. Also, are these open or too "sensitive" for the public. The program was 2008, but they seemed determined that the minorities program continue]?
"Opportunities for Engaging Minority Communities in Security ..."

Colloquium Brief U.S. Army War College and North Carolina Central University OPPORTUNITIES FOR ENGAGING MINORITY COMMUNITIES IN SECURING OUR NATION

The Department of Criminal Justice, North Carolina Central University, in cooperation with the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, conducted a colloquium titled “Opportunities For Engaging Minority Communities in Securing Our Nation” on February 11, 2008.

Participants included community, state, and regional leaders from
the communities of interest, law enforcement agencies, health service providers, homeland security agencies, and educational institutions.

The program examined five aspects of minority community engagement in national security issues:
"...two concerned engagement in specific minority communities (Muslim and Latino),...".

These programs are selected and supported by the 92 Citizen Corps Councils established across the State, and they
serve 74 percent of the State’s population.

This colloquium demonstrated that minority
communities can be positively engaged in
securing our Nation. Many of the barriers to
engagement (poor communications, distrust, lack
of understanding) are known, many of the security
organizational changes and resource requirements
are clear, and the need for minority community
leadership and motivation is understood. The
panels provided case studies that show how
motivated, informed, and cooperating leaders
can do much to reach common security goals. But
panelists and speakers represented only a small
sample of the many agencies, communities, and
organizations that are involved in the process—
and they were selected because they have achieved
a degree of success. We can be encouraged by
their presentations, but should not assume that
they necessarily represent attitudes and behaviors
found in many communities in North Carolina or
beyond its borders. Even these “success stories”
indicate that much remains to be done to initiate
minority participation, and, once initiated, it
cannot be allowed to lapse through neglect."

Flanders said...

No matter who at Oxford is hit by these speechburners, the actions will be intended solely to secure the position of CHOSEN for the jews, which by itself, is anti-White and anti-everyone.

The Labour party’s national student organisation has launched an inquiry into allegations of antisemitic behaviour and intimidation at Oxford University Labour Club. Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, who was due to address the club’ s annual John Smith memorial dinner in a few weeks’ time, said he was “deeply disturbed” by the reports and was postponing his appearance until an investigation had been carried out.

A co-chairman of the club, Alex Chalmers, resigned earlier this week, claiming a large proportion of members “have some kind of problem with Jews”. He alleged that some members had expressed support for the Islamist group Hamas.

A decision by the club to support Israeli Apartheid Week, which seeks to highlight Israel’s “ongoing settler-colonial project and apartheid policies over the Palestinian people”, has angered some Labour MPs, who have called for the party to dissociate itself from OULC.

In explaining his decision to resign, Chalmers wrote on Facebook: “A large proportion of both OULC and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews. The decision of the club to endorse a movement with a history of targeting and harassing Jewish students and inviting antisemitic speakers to campuses, despite the concerns of Jewish students, illustrates how uneven and insincere much of the active membership is when it comes to liberation.”

The Oxford University Jewish Society (JSoc) said it was “high time” that the issue of antisemitism within the student left was confronted: “When antisemitism intersects with Palestinian solidarity politics, it is not the job of Jewish students to be quiet,....”.
The OULC executive committee said it was launching an investigation and encouraged members to come forward with information. “We are horrified at and condemn antisemitic behaviour in all its forms,” it said. “The comments detailed in JSoc’s statement indicate a shocking pattern of hateful and racist behaviour by some club members, and it’s of the highest priority that this be dealt with swiftly and lastingly.”

Tintan O'Foole said...

I suppose this makes the Clown Prosecution Services and Keystones look better in that people will forget their utter failures in Rotherham, Oxford, Derby and inability to investigate BBC types while prostituting a prosecution of a white man because award winning coon actress had a psychotic episode.

Wikipedia says that Macdonald was prosecuted with Ched Evans yet for some reason he is as forgotten about as that other footballer who was prosecuted for sexual assault yet no outcries for him to be banned from Premiership football.

Ir has all the credibility of the Nigerian woman interviewed in The Irish Times who moved here in 2002 to escape the threat of FGM on her daughters and the one thing she would change about Ireland is the racism. Not the practise of FGM which moved to Ireland with Africans just racism. Of course the interviewer never noticed this which explains why it cannot disappear upits own South County Dublin worshipping arse quickly enough.

Flanders said...

If at first you don't succeed ... .....

"Rosa Luxemburg (March 5, 1870/71 – January 15, 1919) was a Jewish communist revolutionary, propagandist and ideologue from Poland. In the initial phase of her activities, she was associated with the Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland and with the Warsaw Jewish Bund (or League) before moving to operate against the German people with the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany.

In 1902 she met with the notorious Polish communist, Felix Dzerzhinski while he was in Berlin. With him, who suggested the title, she founded the The Red Standard journal, initially published in Krakow. After the SPD's took the decision to support Germany during World War I, she co-founded, with Karl Liebknecht, the subversive Spartacist League (German: Spartakusbund) which later became the Communist Party of Germany. The Spartacist League plotted to usurp the State and enslave the German people under communism. In addition to undermining the war effort they were finally involved in violent attacks against the government of Berlin in January 1919. This was crushed by the patriotic defense organisation, the Freikorps. Luxemburg and hundreds of communist revolutionarys were captured, then executed."

Flanders said...

Someone had earlier asked about what events brought the National Socialists to power. It may well have been, "Fire in the Reichstag".

"By the early 1930s, the situation in Germany was becoming highly explosive. A third of the workers were unemployed, and democracy was on the verge of collapse. The Communists saw in this their best opportunity to seize power since their abortive revolution in 1918. A revolution was clearly in the offing, but despite the support of a few million voters and the Soviet Union, power seemed to be slipping from the Marxist grip.

The German people were turning to a new kind of socialism -National Socialism-and even some of the Communists were looking to Adolf Hitler for their salvation.

The Red response to this situation was one of extreme violence. One notable victim was the 21-year old poet and voluntary social worker Horst Wessel, who was murdered in 1930 after writing a stirring marching song for his Brown Shirt comrades. Two years later, as the General Election of July 1932 loomed nearer, the Reds abandoned all pretence of debate and discussion. Bloody terror became the order of the day.

In the six week period before the election there were more than 4 50 political riots in Prussia alone. In July, 38 Nazis and 30 Communists were killed. But the Red Terror failed. In the election, the Nazis more than doubled their number of seats in the Reichstag, and became the largest party; and in January 1933 President Hindenburg bowed to the inevitable and asked Adolf Hitler to lead a coalition government. The general election in the March of that year resulted in a clear victory for the Nazis and their nationalist allies.

Red fury now knew no bounds. In the campaign of violence and illegality that followed, the Union of Red Fighters openly called on their followers to disarm the SA and SS, while a few days later an official Communist publication, Red Sailor, urged: "Workers to the Barricades: forward to victory: fresh bullets in your guns: draw the pin of the hand grenades." A bloody revolution seemed imminent. A signal for its commencement was anxiously awaited, and it appeared to come on 27 February when the Reichstag building in Berlin was set on fire.

A Dutch communist, Van der Lubbe, was arrested near the scene, and subsequently he and four other suspects, including Torgler, the leader of the communist group in the Reichstag, were put on trial. The official report of the provisional inquiry showed that the Red group had had "a remarkable number of party meetings in the Reichstag of late, without any reason which could be traced." At Liebknechthaus (the Communist HQ named after a leader of the abortive 1918 revolution), the authorities found lists of a large number of people who were to have been killed or arrested.

Van der Lubbe admitted that he had fired the building and that it was meant to be a signal for revolution." [Article continues].

Shaunantijihad said...

Listen Sav, what is the most important practical thing we can do to help save the White race? That's the question, right? Because some of the comments on your blog are getting so irrelevant again (not by accident, you know what I think) that I find myself just scrolling down to find Uncle Nasty's comments and a few choice others whose opinion has real merit in my opinion.

Now, control of the USA is the crucial issue. The US military has been built up Soviet Union style to be bigger than all other militaries on earth combined, and they've screwed the US taxpayer into the ground to do it via the fucking kike owned Federal Reserve Dollar (which is illegal under the Constitution) - to promote Jewish hegemony and the extermination of the White race. What to do?

911 is still the smoking gun regarding the PNAC Jewish gang inside the US government and Israel. Only Trump has stated he wants a full, new inquiry into 911, as well as questioning the Orwellian meme that Islam is a religion of peace. For this meme has but one purpose - to keep everyone in Europe on happy pills whilst we are invaded - i.e. the planned genocide of White Europeans following the Jewish PNAC (911 catalyst) planned invasion of the middle east. (Bush was their White front man, a bona fide genuine sap and a traitor against America!)

We must do everything to:

a) Keep 911, especially the 3rd tower that was demolished, and the Judeo-US government's role in this, fully at the forefront of the US voter's minds so that their only real option is to vote Trump. Notice to all bloggers, for all those out there not yet ready to take the red pill (or was it the blue pill?) regarding the role of those dirty kike bastards in 911 then this is the first stop:

b) Keep the truth about Islam and the Jewish role in promoting Islam to destroy the White race, fully at the forefront of the US voter's minds so that their only real option, again, is to vote Trump.

In my opinion, all other issues must become secondary to this US election. Yes, even for us in the British Isles and Europe, although the Brexit vote is also a crucial local issue for us. You should be setting up some kind of petition to have an "Eirexit" too at the same time.

I know, I'm beginning to sound more and more like Uncle Nasty and Incogman! I'll take that as a compliment.

Fuck the kike bastards and anyone who tries to play down the demolition job on 911!

Tintan O'Foole said...

Teacher ignored girl's screams as she was gang raped

Same boys assaulted her earlier after cornering her in the girls' toilets. As these boys were recent additions to Europe you can expect media silence.

The German woman who was raped and pepper sprayed was over powered and her own pepper spray used on her. Remember that the next time you see some ass kicking tv character hand a beating to a baddie and when the Masyorass of Cologne tells German women to stand an arm length away from "native troublemakers".

Flanders said...

I think I had heard of this before, but I thought it would be of some interest since I have rarely heard it discussed.
"Revisionist Zionism - Under: Lehi: Origin and activities

"The movement called Lehi and nicknamed the "Stern Gang" by the British, was led by Avraham "Yair" Stern, until his death. --- While the Irgun stopped its activities against the British during World War II, at least until 1944, Lehi continued guerrilla warfare against the British authorities. It considered the British rule of Mandatory Palestine to be an illegal occupation, --- In 1940, Lehi proposed intervening in the Second World War on the side of Nazi Germany to attain their help in expelling Britain from Mandate Palestine and to offer their assistance in "evacuating" the Jews of Europe.

See: "German covering letter attached to the January 1941 offer by Lehi. The offer was to "actively take part in the war on Germany's side" in return for German support for "the establishment of the historic Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis"."

Anonymous said...

As much as I admire the stand of Poland against the invasion is it not a touch hypocritical? In England we have seen the appearance of Polish shops, Polish counters in banks and numerous other Polish related things. Poles are known for undercutting the indigenous worker.
They don't want invasion of their own country but are happy to invade another.


Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said...
I expect and demand that White men must abide by our minimum moral norms to get any support from me. I will not allow the filthy standards of behaviour by niggers and pakis to lower the standards I expect.
If we are not in a struggle to return to the old norms it's not worth the struggle.
We were once safe on our streets. We had a police force that upheld proper laws. Not a militia that enforced thought crime. We were polite and well mannered. We didn't need 'diversity' quotas or 'positive discrimination'. We had free speech. We may not have been perfect but our faults were our own. The majority of our problems now are created by others and traitors.
If we don't fight for what we value why bother?


Anonymous said...

Searcher said.....

She has offered to undergo a lie detector test.

She did in fact undergo a polygraph test. She passed with flying colours. After she left the office the Jewish gentleman conducting the test plugged the machine back in.


Anonymous said...

German prosecutor tells it as it was .he is angry that there has been a cover up over the cologne attacks by some members of the press
he lays the blame solely on migrants

Anonymous said...

Further to Flanders Reichstag fire.


Michael Brown Cigar Affricianando said...

This will happen again. Why do our leaders hate us?

Seeing as it is Black History Month

Nicolaus Copernicus born February 19 1473

Frederick Douglass dies

An African-American actually did something! Let us celebrate his achievement!

And for the Fourth of December

Alpha Phi Alpha is the first African American, inter-collegiate Greek-lettered fraternity. Initially a literary and social studies club founded in Dec 1905 by Charles Cardoza Poindexter. The group later evolved into a fraternity with a founding date of December 4, 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The individual recognized by the fraternity as founders are known as the "Seven Jewels". It employs an icon from Ancient Egypt, the Great Sphinx of Giza, as its symbol. Its aims are "manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind," and its motto is First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.

Simpsons reference

Mission statement Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities

Which explains why Trayvon Martin was an aspiring member!

Anonymous said...

The gentile Poles are a cocktail (dangerous in some extremes) of Germans, Slavs and Russians all opposing each other. It's beyond me how so many god awful yids came out of that fucking cauldron of a country and rose to prominence in the UK, America, South Africa and on to ruling fucking Israel (Yitsak Shamir)

Searcher said...


I know what you mean, however I don't think it is hypocritical.

I have seen Polish people interviewed in Poland and they have referred to the UK and France as examples of mass immigration of Muslims. They have seen it firsthand and don't want that in THEIR country. Learning from another's mistakes/experience is just cop-on/common sense.

There are English people* who go to Spain and don't assimilate (making fry-ups in the heat/not speaking the native language/socialising with other ex-pats and serving English booze). So what? If the Spanish people don't like it, that is for the Spanish people to complain about in THEIR country. *Not all obviously, but it is often touted by English people as some kind of double standard problem that they have to resolve.

What is ridiculous is thinking that you have no right to speak out against unwelcome developments in your OWN COUNTRY, if a lot of your people have emigrated.

Are Chinese people in China hypocritical about their immigration policies seeing as so many Chinese people have emigrated all over the world? Or do the Chinese in China have a right to do things their way, in THEIR own country. I don't think anyone advocates for China to improve their gene pool by taking in Africans. Polish and Chinese people here as far as I can work out, do not advocate for mass immigration of Muslims (or anyone else for that matter) into Ireland so I don't see them as hypocritical at all in relation to their own country's immigration policies.

Wanting what's best for your own country, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of any opportunities to work abroad is not hypocritical imho. An English person will bring something a little different to a workplace/town/family in Ireland, as would a French person, as would an Indian. Maybe that something different is appreciated and maybe it is not. It is largely down to the local culture/economic situation and how well it meshes with the new arrivals.

What is hypocritical, which has been touched upon a number of times, would be actively advocating through emotional blackmail to bring people into a country that is not YOUR OWN, whilst keeping your home nation's borders sealed tight. I see red when I see non-Irish people out with their signs saying REFUGEES WELCOME. The same goes for ROTTEN LENTIL They are seriously overstepping their place to think they have any natural right to dictate our immigration policy. The media bubble and political correctness encourages this sort of behavior.

So yep, I stand with any Polish person who wants Poland to remain a home for Polish people. Similarly I support any English person who wishes England to remain a home for English people. At the same time, I would have no problem going to London, and working for a multinational and I probably wouldn't care about the local Londoners if they were not workmates/friends/neighbours. I would be more interested in the social standing of people in London than their nationality. That is the default position of any immigrant to a city, let's be honest. I would probably want to hang out with other Irish or Europeans rather than native Londoners. I would probably vote NO to Brexit. But I wouldn't go out on the street to campaign for the English people to take the burden of large numbers of dependents into their country. I would think that is a decision for English people to make because I would always bear in mind that England is PRIMARILY the home of English people.

Searcher said...

Lemmyhead, nice one about the polygraph.

I remember seeing an episode of Roseanne. The truck driver sister and Roseanne were talking about a lie detector test. The truck driver sister said: "You'll be found out. It's only complete psycho's can outwit a lie detector test". Roseanne did her customary cackle: "ah ha ha ha"

Maybe it didn't happen quite that way. Aww feck it, "it was real in my head". That's good enough for me.

Searcher said...

Shaunantijihad said...

I agree with you regarding standards and not holding ourselves to low standards. I understand though that the point Sav was making is the double standard (that this footballer is held to a higher standard in his own country, therefore exposing the myth of white privilege. I have to admit though, I was thinking well 15 is not necessarily an innocent 15 year old and thank God, some commentors - yourself included offered resistance.

I am reminded of the recent Roosh media storm. Is he OK if he is a white man helping white men get with beautiful women (entire PUA movement revolves around that premise/promise). Is it just because he is an outsider that his "techniques" are unsavory. There is a persistence to Black/Arab men that does sometimes pay off, whereas White men would feel a bit of a plonker and a pest to engage in similar action. The PUA originated in America which is typically seen by European countries as encouraging shallow values in people. When people say Ireland is becoming Americanised, they don't mean it in a good way. They mean it in a shallow, selfie, entitled way. The real need for PUA is in a feminised/mutlicultural society. It's a symptom I think not the disease. Although I have say, there are some good tips and lessons in PUA for life in general.

I understand that you have picked up on a number of key points. I agree with you and I too see the USA as the main player (where change must originate). I also am hopeful about Trump.

I thought Sav was deliberately pushing commenters to make the point for him (playing devil's advocate)*. Maybe I am just projecting however, as I tend to play devil's advocate when I am bored and just want to refine an argument. I agree with you about the anti-women thing. It's a divide and conquer strategy (I spotted some very good comments on this the other day on MRev).

I don't believe much of what I read or ratings too much. For example, I read recently about "shadow banning" on Twitter. I am deeply suspicious of the Daily Mail comments and their ratings in the last while. However what is the worst thing I think, is to make too many assumptions about how many people are already on board with "us". Looking at previous articles and commentary on the Daily Mail or the Telegraph and the people seem woefully out of touch with the voting public. They assume that everything will right itself as "reason" will prevail. They seem to be clued in all ways except emotionally clued in because in fairness, most will not be emotionally manipulative IRL.

My take is that we have to understand HOW our current situation came to pass. It's no good just to say that Enoch was right as if he was the only one who called it correctly and his warning went unheeded. 74% of the public at the time were right also (they supported his views). They were not stupid. They did not welcome their marginalisation in their own country. How did a certain someone get a country off its knees in the last century? He was widely acknowledged by a very well known student of people to have been able to stare into the soul of the people and reflect it back to them. I think it is important for us to do this as much as we can for our own people. To affirm them. That they are alright. They are not defective/stupid or insignificant. One thing I learnt a while ago (on a personal basis) was that most people are more frightened of their own power than we realize. No-one has power over us if we don't give it to them.

When a person is afraid to go on national television and state that they do not want to feel alienated in their own country (and they are not afraid of reprisals from immigrants but instead are afraid to be cut down by their own people) then we realize that the problem is within us and (more importantly) therefore can be solved by us.

Searcher said...

I agree with you about 9-11, however it has been tainted by talk of tin-foil hats to date. People arrive at red pill stage at different junctions. For me it was Credit Crunch research. Then the Nice Treaty referendum, Part Deux, Nigel Farage also was a revelation. The gay marriage referendum in Ireland (anyone who was against was "Homophobic"). It got scarlet by Peter Sutherland traipsing about as if he owned every European country blabbing on about every European people "needing" to become a minority in their own home (25% must be non-homogenous). So for every 100 people, we need to take in 33 immigrants (they will then form 25% of the population). These 33 immigrants will be of child bearing age and will compete with the Irish cohort of child-bearing age (say 40 of the original 100 Irish). The immigrants will of course reproduce at a higher rate than the natives so within a short time frame, Irish people are in a minority in their own country. Of course the fact that no MSM discusses this in depth, framed as a warning to the people would leave one to believe they are simply the PR wing of global interests. No eternal friends, no eternal enemies, just eternal interests.

*This is partly why I was going to stop commenting as I thought I might overstep the mark and venture into on-line "hate". Anyhow, I think I will stop for now, as I know I am making a few too many O/T comments!

Anonymous said...

Cologne wants no more migrants from morocco as they already have about 6000 of them going around thiieving
Their claims have been turned down and it looks like they are to be deported

Firstly what if morocco doesn't want them back
Secondly now they are in Europe they will probably disappear. I know I would rather than go back to no job or income or access to white females in morocco

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Nice work if you can get it
Boss of a useless asylum centre in wales gets almost a million in wages in one year

Anonymous said...

The law is the law. The age of consent is 16. Finish. I do think that there are circumstances where a man (or woman) can be errr misled(?). Once you start saying 'Well she looks sixty three' is really opening a can of worms. If we had a decent legal system where everybody was judged the same we could rely on the system to be fair in all cases.
Searcher, is Shaunatjihad a Jewish gentleman? (I'm sorry I've got that phrase running through my head. Walking down the road I look at guys and there it goes! You have to have listened to the link. Sorry Shaun).


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


A more detailed general account can be found in Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol 5, No 3-4 1976 pp 54-82. The Secret Contacts: Zionism and Nazi Germany, 1933-1941.

I love the vignette of Polkes sipping with Hagen and Eichmann in the Cafe Groppi in 1937, p74. No wonder the show trial was BBC period drama blindfold production.


Anonymous said...

White leftist shite like this Adam Rutherford (google the fuck) fucked this man's life up not the niggers

Anonymous said...

Rutherford - half chat paki - Piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

A must watch vid - WOMEN!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

And yet, nary a peep over the Rotherham horrors.

Anonymous said...

British anti-German propaganda.

It takes lots of effort to prevent the truth coming out.

Anonymous said...

My Memories of Nino Scalia, the Most Jewish Gentile on the Supreme Court

“When there was no Jewish justice on the Supreme Court,” Antonin “Nino” Scalia told me, “I considered myself the Jewish justice.”

Thanks to Makow for the link.

Searcher said...


Maybe Shaun is dialling in all the way from Chicago?!! I think Shaun reckons there are a few JG's here though, laying low, popping up every so often with a subtle diversion off-course. I agree, not all commentators here are with "us" if you know what I mean. I even thought maybe someone had got to Sav (I have a fairly overactive imagination though so don't take everything I say seriously). I only started reading the blog some time after Nastiest Uncle stopped posting under the Nastiest Uncle handle. I agree he was annoying, but typical in the hasbara style. That and read the manual.

Had a thought the other night (termite head!) A while back a social construct made a witty comment about a blog being compensation for a small dick. By that logic, a comment is compensation for ... a foreskin? Tsk tsk.

I am thinking of a poem/cartoon. It revolves around describing a sociopath: professions entered; history of broken relationships; falsely accuse people of envy; live for this life only; no conscience; astute observers of human behavior; wounded as infants; triangulation tactics; projection; pretend victims; parasitic; ruin the other person's self-esteem and confidence in their own judgement. It is a WIP. Concern troll style.

Anonymous said...

Bataclan theatre oddities.

Anonymous said...

The KGB POPE: How Dare the Communist-Jesuit Pope Francis Interfere in American Internal Politics During an Election!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At a crucial moment in our struggle to survive as Americans in our American nation, the Jesuit bolshevik Pope Francis has interjected himself into our political process by declaring with his papal authority that Donald Trump is not a Christian merely because Trump seeks to defend our laws, our sovereignty and our borders. It was a scandal when J. F. Kennedy ran for President. Given that Kennedy was a Catholic, many Americans feared he would serve under the influence of the Pope.

This bolshevik thug, Pope Francis, has now excommunicated our Republican front runner in the Presidential race from Christendom, and declared it an heresy to be a patriotic American. All the worst fears Americans have had about Catholics, and most especially Jesuits, have now been made flesh and deeds by this communist criminal.

Anonymous said...

Tintan O'Foole (10:03) said... "Teacher ignored girl's screams as she was gang raped"

If only this unfortunate Austrian school girl had been alerted to this amazing technique of rape prevention developed by Finlanders...

Anonymous said...

The huffington post and the edl .whats left of it might be having a fall out
Bye the way the huffington post have printed that the edl are facists a few times
THe rag even put a picture of me on its pages once on a demo calling me far right
I'm not far right just not far wrong
Eff the villa

Rev Al Dullton said...

White privilege is real. Here Rachel Dolezal proves it.

Anonymous said...

Yep 20.000 in a park in Yorkshire today for a funeral

Eff the villa now knows the invasion has worked ffs

Anonymous said...

Yep eygpt is run by madmen. 4 year old accused of murder .magistrates don't read the paperwork

Eff the villa

Searcher said...

O/T but current

I'd say Mel Gibstein's dad would have a thing or two to say about this. I might check in with his blog in the next while to see what his take is on Fakie Frankie (the Pope beloved by atheists everywhere who have freed themselves from the opium of the people).

"We share a unique and special bond thanks to the Jewish roots of Christianity, he said, and we must feel like brothers, united by the same God and by a rich common spiritual patrimony upon which to build the future.

"He concluded saying we have to be thankful for all that has been realized in the last fifty years of Catholic-Jewish dialogue because between us mutual understanding, mutual trust and friendship have grown and deepened."

PS has he not seen the latest from the ADL and their anti-semitic map (one fifth of Italians and one fifth of Irish people are apparently anti-semites.) Other Christian countries are higher again - generally trending Eastwards. Does Frankie understand his "flock" at all? (Which seems to have quite a few haters). Envious mofo's.

Anonymous said...

German Mayor ?!? German ? Really ? Look at the cunt

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

My Memories of Nino Scalia, the Most Jewish Gentile on the Supreme Court
“When there was no Jewish justice on the Supreme Court,” Antonin “Nino” Scalia told me, “I considered myself the Jewish justice.”

Thanks to Makow for the link.
19 February 2016 at 18:40

Oh well. Now that the only fake yid on the supreme court has popped his clogs, the PTB can appoint a real .. jew .... or ....... two?

After all ... they've never done it before ...?

At supposedly only two percent of the population that means that, demographically. there should be no more than one fifth of one yid stealing oxygen on the USSC. Kept in a flask, one assumes.

Strange how there's more than one expects. Mind you, there's always more than one expects.


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 18.51
I might be wrong but I think you don't like Pope Francis.

Searcher. NU came on and at first made some valid points. Others wanted him off and I defended him. Savant allowed him(?) to stay. He then got rediculous. If he had just put a good argument up I think he would still be here. I like to hear opinions that differ from mine. NU instead of carrying on with reasoned argument became insulting and ridiculous. I remember that at the time there was much debate about 9/11. He was making some patently ridiculous claims that were proved wrong time after time. He persisted instead of giving in graciously. He also insulted anybody who made counter claims. Things were getting a little foisty. I couldn't defend his position because he had become a really bad case of piles. When he was banned I think everybody made a joint sigh of relief. I had to back pedal at one time because I attacked him and called him UN! UN set me straight and I apologised. Sent him some chocolate as I remember didn't I UN?
Went out with my mate tonight. Made our way to our usual all night truck stop. For those that are not affecianados of truck stops I must reveal two of the finer points.The first is that you don't see much colour except white. Secondly if you selec the full English Breakfast from the extensive menu, you don't get any halal meat. Our meals were delivered by two delightful waitresses derssed all in black. Well black jeans and tee shirts is all in black.
Driving along on the way there my mate turned to me and says, in a Scouse accent 'Are we going on a Jewish retail shopping experience!' His favourite bit is 'Brings up loads of questions about Israel'.


I wonder what happened to Keiser? I heard he had become part of the CPP. I did message him occasionally on DS and he came back for a short time. If you're reading this Keiser, good luck with what ever you're doing.


Flanders said...

"We Jesuits take pleasure in admitting those of Jewish ancestry." - J. Nadal Morey

"An excellent resource documenting all the so called Jesuits who are really Jews turned Catholic, hence “crypto-Jews”, can be found at The Jesuit Order in its founding was very much Jewish. All five of its founding members were Marrano Jews(i.e. Jews masquerading as Christians).".

"The Jews disguise themselves as the religion of their enemies, continue with their
treachery under this false guise, and then get everybody to blame their disguise for the world’s problems. Ingenious".

"Jewish infiltration of the Vatican stems back many hundreds of years, and it would be safe to say that the Jews have a strong vice-grip over that institution, from the inside out. One of the most blatant examples of the Jewishness of the Vatican is the fact that the Pope himself wears a fricken Yarmulke.".

"The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that…

“A number of Catholics undertook to organize a competitor bank to rival the Rothschild power… sometime about 1830. The Rothschild’s crushed it.”

It says further:
“It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic
competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the
guardians of the papal treasure.”
"Do Jesuits control the Media, own Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, and constantly
inhabit high positions in government? Nope. Have Jesuits been expelled from 109
locations since 250 AD? Nope. Did Jesuits run the African Slave trade, instigate WWI & WWII, invent Communism & Neo-Conservatism, perpetrate the 9/11 attacks, attack the U.S.S. Liberty, assassinate JFK, run the Diamond District, Porn Industry, run the Drug Trade? Nope. Are you called “anti-Catholic” for blaming Jesuits for everything under the sun that they don’t even do? Nope, but we’re called anti-Semitic for blaming the people which ALL of the evidence shows are the ones responsible.".

A 16 pg PDF by Zion Crime Factory

Flanders said...

A supplement to the Protocols - in three parts. Part 1 of 4:

"We can again say, that we could present volumes of evidence in support of the eternal plans and goals of world Zionism/Jewry, however, we will present just one such documentation for your consideration.

Published in the October 21, 1920 (No. 195) “La Vielle France,” we read:

“There is a striking analogy between the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the discourse of the Rabbi Reichhorn, pronounced in Prague in 1869 over the tomb of the Grand Rabbi Simeon-ben-Ihuda and published by Readcliffe, who paid with his life for the divulgation; Sonol, who had taken Readcliffe to hear Reichhorn, was killed in a duel some time afterwards. The general ideas formulated by the Rabbi are found fully developed in the Protocols.”

In its issue of 10 March, 1921 (No. 214) “La Vieille France” gives the version of this funeral oration which was in “La Russie Juive.” It is perfectly clear that the funeral oration and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion come from one and the same mint. Both are prophetic; and the power which made the prophecies has been able to bring abut their fulfillment. This oration is so important that we append to it an account of the fulfillment of each of the sections. There can no longer be any doubt as to whose is the power which is disturbing the world, creating World Unrest, and at the same time reaping all the profits. Jewry is enslaving all the Christian peoples of the earth. There IS a Jew World Plot and it now stands finally and completely unmasked.

1). Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy ‑‑ CHRISTIANITY.

"Judaism, which was destroyed politically (as a result of the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.), went forth into the great world. It adapted its possessions to its wanderings. I once compared it to an army going to war, a "movable State."

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 4

Jews were compelled to smuggle their goods across from frontier to frontier; so they chose abstract wares, easy to stubble; and this gave them ability, despite ghettos and restrictions, to enter everywhere; and so it is that the Hebrew people have penetrated everywhere. The argument is that JUDAISM, BY PENETRATING AMONG THE CHRISTIANS, HAS GRADUALLY REINSTITUTED THE REMNANTS OF PAGANISM. SUCH PENETRATION HAS NOT BEEN WITHOUT DELIBERATE JEWISH CONNIVING IN THE SHAPE OF ASSISTANCE BESTOWED IN A THOUSAND WAYS, DEVICES AND DISGUISES. IT HAS BEEN AFFECTED IN GREAT MEASURE BY CRYPTO-JEWS, WHO HAVE PERMEATED CHRISTIANITY AND SPOKEN THROUGH THE MOUTH OF CHRISTIANITY (By false teachers, as we were warned of by Christ). BY THESE DEVICES OF THEIR JEWISH BLOOD; and owing to an instance for 'requital,' THEY (Jews, who, posing as Christian teachers - such as Mike Evans, Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe, and the Jews lackeys - such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggert, Oral Roberts and almost all, if not all television evangelists) HAVE GRADUALLY INDUCED CHRISTIANITY TO ACCEPT WHAT WAS LEFT IN IT OF PAGAN ELEMENTS AS THEIR OWN; AND IT IS THEY (Those Jews, posing as Christians) WHO, IN PRINCIPLE (even though they are called by great Gentile names), OF DEMOCRACY, OF SOCIALISM, AND OF COMMUNISM. ALL THIS ACHIEVEMENT...HAS COME ABOUT CHIEFLY THROUGH UNKNOWN ANONYMOUS JEWS, JEWS IN SECRET, EITHER CRYPTO-JEWS WHO MINGLED AMONG THE CHRISTIANS AND NURTURED GREAT THINKERS FROM AMONG THEM; OR, THROUGH THE INFLUENCE OF JEWS, WHO, IN THE GREAT CRISES OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, HAVE STOOD BEHIND THE SCENES; OR THROUGH JEWISH TEACHERS AND SCHOLARS (Posing as Christians, men such as John Calvin*) FROM THE TIME OF THE MIDDLE AGES. It was disciples of Jewish teachers who headed the Protestant movements. These dogs, these haters of the Jews have a keen nose. In truth, JEWISH INFLUENCE IN GERMANY IS POWERFUL. It is impossible to ignore it. Marx was a Jew. His manner of thought was Jewish. His keenness of intellect was Jewish; and one of his forebears was a most distinguished rabbi endowed with a powerful mind. THE NEWSPAPERS, UNDER JEWISH CONTROL, obviously served as an auxiliary in all movements in favor of freedom. Not in vain have Jews been drawn toward journalism. In their hands IT BECAME A WEAPON HIGHLY FITTED TO MEET THEIR NEEDS...The MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE AT LAST REALIZED THIS SECRET, THAT JUDAISM HAS GRADUALLY PENETRATED THEM LIKE A DRUG...AND IS TRYING TO ORGANIZE THE FINAL BATTLE. TRUE CHRISTIANS ARE TRYING TO ORGANIZE ITS LAST WAR AGAINST JUDAISM. And there is no doubt that this being waged specifically against Democracy, against Socialism. This is another world wide warfare again against the forces of Judaism. I venture to think that Socialism in its highest form is the fruit of the Jewish spirit, and the fruit of the world outlook of the prophets. It is they who were the first Socialists.
Part 2 of 3:

WAR IS NOW BEING WAGED AGAINST US {but unknown to most of Christianity. Because God's People refuse to accept knowledge and recognize the enemy}, AGAINST JUDAISM, not in our own land, but in the great outer world where we are scattered. They would 'smoke us out' of all the cracks and crannies where we have hidden. They would exterminate us like bacilli, and be rid of us." (N.H. Bialik, in an address delivered at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, May 11, 1933, which appeared in Lines of Communication, Palestine, July, 1933) *(We Jews can boast of being the Creators of the Reformation! Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent, and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation. (From a series of speeches at the B'nai B'rith Convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in the London Catholic Gazette, February, 1936; Paris Le Reveil du Peuple published similar account a little later and Phillip II, by William Thomas Walsh)

Flanders said...

Part 3 of 4:

2). This year, united over the tomb of our reverend Simeon‑ben‑Ihuda, we can state with pride that the past century has brought us very near to our goal, and that this goal will be very soon attained.

3). Gold always has been and always will be the irestable power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences, can fix the rate of all values, the current prices of all products, can subsidize all State loans, and thereafter hold the state at our mercy.




7). WE SHALL FORCE THE CHRISTIANS INTO WARS by exploiting their pride and their stupidity. THEY WILL MASSACRE EACH OTHER, and clear the ground for us to put our own people into.

8). The possession of the land has always brought influence and power. In the name of social Justice and Equality we shall parcel out the great estates; we shall give the fragments to the peasants who covet them with all their powers, and who will soon be in debt to us by the expense of cultivating them. Our capital will make us their masters. We in our turn shall become the great proprietors, and the possession of the land will assure the power to us.


"The god of the Jews had been secularized and has become the god of this world,' Marx wrote. 'Money is the jealous god of the Jews, beside which no other god may stand.'" (David Horowitz, Human Events)

10). WE COUNT AMONG US PLENTY OF ORATORS (talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, and etc.) CAPABLE OF FEIGNING ENTHUSIASM AND OF PERSUADING MOBS. WE SHALL SPREAD THEM AMONG THE PEOPLE TO ANNOUNCE CHANGES WHICH SHOULD SECURE THE HAPPINESS OF THE HUMAN RACE. By gold and by flattery we shall gain the proletariat which will charge itself with annihilating Christian capitalism. We shall promise workmen salaries of which they have never dared to dream, but we shall also raise the price of necessities so that our profits will be greater still.

11). In this manner we shall prepare Revolutions which the Christians will make themselves and of which we shall reap the fruit.

Flanders said...

Part 4 of 4:


13). We have already established our own men in all important positions. WE MUST ENDEAVOR TO PROVIDE THE GOYIM WITH LAWYERS AND DOCTORS; the lawyers are au ourant with all interests; DOCTORS ONCE IN THE HOUSE, BECOME CONFESSORS AND DIRECTORS OF CONSCIENCES.


15). If one of our people should unhappily fall into the hands of justice amongst the Christians, we must rush to help him; find as many witnesses as he needs to save him from his judges, until we become judges ourselves.

16). The monarchs of the Christian world, swollen with ambition and vanity, surround themselves with luxury and with numerous armies. We shall furnish them with all the money their folly demands, and so shall keep them on leash.

17). Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, THAT WE MAY DESTROY AMONG CHRISTIAN WOMEN ATTACHMENT TO THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF THEIR RELIGION.

18). For ages past the sons of Jews, despised and persecuted have been working to open up a path to power. They are hitting the mark. They control the economic life of the accursed Christians; their influence preponderates over politics and over manners.

19). At the wished for hour, fixed in advance, we shall let loose the Revolution, which by ruining all classes of Christianity will definitely enslave the Christians to Us. Thus will be accomplished the promise of God made to His People.

Is there even one of the foregoing Jewish aims and goals, that have not already been fulfilled in America? Dear Christian, White Aryan brethren, hear the words of Yahweh our God, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.” The hand writing on the wall today as never before in the history of the world. You, dear readers, are the jury. Yahweh is watching and waiting to see if we will repent, and be obedient to His Word, to drive the Serpent Jews into the sea. Then and only then, shall the prophecy of Ezekiel be fulfilled:

Ezekiel 25:14:

[Excerpt is from near the end][A].htm

'MrMcDonagh@Travellersencampment said...

I cannot provide you with the link to the 71 year man in North Carolina who shot an intruder and did not become a victim because does not report stories involving responsible gun ownership.

Mr McDonagh with 166 previous convictions is given 1 more 1 last chance because #Tisourculchaboss

Sick of our spineless politicians said...

Myrtle Cothill 92 must go to South Africa where she has no family

In one constituency many people who would be UKIP voted for call me Dave Camoron's party to prevent a harrietharridanmanite candidate getting in. What difference does it make?

James said...

When liberals are in charge

We saw tax protestor, Gordon Kahl, left, riddled with machine gun fire, his hands and feet chopped from his body, and then set ablaze by the feds and his charred torso shipped to his horrified widow in North Dakota. Murdered in cold blood just because he stood up against the fraudulent IRS and he held some "strange" religious beliefs.

And we thought the Inland Revenue Dept in NZ were bad...

Anonymous said...

This teacher should be effing well kicked out

Anonymous said...

Oy vey, we are so worried about intermarriage. It will destroy the Jewish people. Oy vey.

It is worse than Islam!

17). Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, THAT WE MAY DESTROY AMONG CHRISTIAN WOMEN ATTACHMENT TO THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF THEIR RELIGION.

Anonymous said...

Leaked report migrants commited 200.000 crimes in Germany last year

Flanders said...

List of scholarships available only to gays, lesbians and bisexuals - 2009

They don't want to give you money, you aren't worth it.

U.S.-wide: - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
A must watch vid - WOMEN!

Comment at top of the page:

I'm incredibly suspicious of this channel. It comes out of nowhere with first-rate production qualities, illustrating the problem well, but then ending with a defeatist narrative. This feels a lot like controlled-opposition. The enemy wants you to give up the fight, they want you to believe you can't win. The truth however, is that woman are much more pliable than men and vote much less than men do also. We can still win this. With the right organization and effort we can make serious electoral gains and claw our nations back. Don't let anyone tell you that we can't.

Yes, these channels seem a bit Jewy at times. Making white men and women hate each other.

Simon Sheppard explains what motivates the feminine conspiracy (their biological imperative):

Anonymous said...

The video says women move more and more to the left in their voting and use the government as a substitute husband and provider.

In other words, they vote for the Gynaceum.

Note that the Gynaceum relies on men providing.

Anonymous said...

Leaked report migrants commited 200.000 crimes in Germany last year

Ignoring their crimes of invasion which was one each.

Anonymous said...

Not even rich Jewish businessmen can escape the female conspiracy.

Flanders said...

More on the pooping Pope and his innane peeping babbles.

"By declaring that building a wall is unchristian, he just threw up a wall around who and what can be christian.

That's hardly "building bridges" now is it?

But then keep in mind that this is a guy who covers up his crucifix so as to not offend non-Christians.

The hypocrisy of this particular left-wing ideologue in question, is in the fact that you cannot advocate or participate in, abortion, gay marriage or divorce & remarriage and be a catholic-christian, and yet countless catholic politicians throughout the world do so, openly and loudly, with the explicit or passive approval of "his holiness"."

Anonymous said...

Petitioning Council of the European Union

Allow all white South Africans the right to return to Europe

Doesn't fit in with the Kalergi Plan, but worth a shot.

Or does it? Europe will become a big race-mixing concentration camp. Best put SA whites in there rather than leave them in S. Africa where they might have more separatist ideas.

What does UN think of this?

Flanders said...

From Part 2 of a lengthy tract, "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT - CATHOLIC OR JEWISH?".

"If Judaizers played a major role in the formation and establishment of the Roman Catholic Church, is it possible that Roman Catholicism was a Jewish project from the beginning? There is, in fact, a long and fascinating history of Jewish infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church which has been nonetheless, and by clever design, perceived as a Gentile institution. If Roman Catholicism was a project of Cabalist Jews for the purpose of subverting Christianity, it is conceivable that this Judaized Church has functioned for nearly two millennia as a covert branch of Judaism, whose handlers gradually and imperceptibly shifted Western Christendom to more advanced stages of apostasy than was possible during the vigilant period of the early Church when ecumenical councils convened to combat heresy, rather than to embrace it. At the present time it can be safely stated that the Roman Catholic Church is a merely a front for Judeo-Freemasonry to draw apostate Christendom into the messianic kingdom of the Antichrist.

There is also evidence that many of the pseudo-Christian religions were founded by Kabalist Jews. The founder of Mormonism, another Judaized version of Christianity, was Joseph Smith, who was a practitioner of Kabala and a Freemason:"

Anonymous said...

The force is strong in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Where there is smoke there is fire and where there is communism there is a jew.

Disclaimer: Four (4) samples is not representative and does not indicate a trend or pattern.

Flanders said...

When reading the below, remember that Adam Weishaupt was a jew, as was Loyola, and associated with the jew Rothschilds in forming the "illuminati".

"Eye of Horus on lintel of
The Church of Anunciation in Nazareth [Photo]

A priority for me on our Omega Times tour of Israel was to check out a story I had heard regarding the altar of the Church of the Anunciation in Nazareth, the Galilean town where Jesus grew up. I had been told that the Eye of Horus, the allseeing eye of the Illuminati, was displayed over the altar of this church!
On arriving there with The Omega Times tour group a few short weeks ago, I found very quickly that not only was this the case, but was shocked to find the same Egyptian/Babylonian symbol displayed over the lintel at the main entrance of the church as well. This then was no accident of chance, but a purposeful design with a message in mind.
This is absolute evidence that the Catholic Church has indeed been infiltrated by the Illuminati and its Masonic and mystery Babylon fellow travellers. ---- Following the Meditation room incident, Pope Paul VI took a broken cross and held it up to be revered by the people, who had no idea this was used by Satanists as far back as the 6th century, and by black magicians and sorcerers in the Middle Ages as a sign of the Mark of the Beast!".

Anonymous said...

Gordon Kahl..

Wikipedia version

Another version (much more exciting)

Hermione Grainger-White said...

After cruelly losing out to play the part of Hermione Granger onstage because the part went to Morgan Freeman Emma Watson is taking a year out to gorge on pizza, moan self pitily, indulge in man bashing i.e study feminism.

The stupid moo does not realize it was not white van man who sacked her from the role.

Fuck you JK Rowling you Edinburgh bimbo for not standing up for the actoress who made you a million or two.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell some of the people who did this could be camped in calais

Anonymous said...

Katie Hopkins views on the pope v trump

Searcher said...


Keiser is brilliant. INTJ: great mind. I know a few like Keiser IRL. Verrry independently minded and allergic to creating BS (unlike me - female Russell Brand - talk shite but "it makes sense in my head"!)

The anti-woman thing again also is popping up at the same time as Shitlord hubspot is put together. No surprise. When all Alt Right sites are put together under a banner called "Shitlord" and some (like Chateau Heartiste) are only pro- women who they fancy for shagging purposes (which is how the eskimo would love them to think. Also hammer home that women only want money. Which is how the eskimo would love them to think). Some of the Shitlord sites are also very anti-homosexuals. I don't believe in gay marriage (as the foundation of a family) but I have gay friends (men and women). Gay men can be incredibly insightful (I wouldn't say this in public, but a good number have narcisstic personality disorder). The good point: they know how to sell/present an image/trigger people as they have been trying since a young age to work other people out. It is ridiculous to spite off your nose to cut off your face (by excluding people who could help enormously). I would prefer the gaylord down the road to help putting a video together than some silent, manly type.

A lot of the sites also don't seem to realize that showing pictures of White women in bathhouses being catered to by dusky handmaidens is not a version of "slavery" that is really terrifying to women. With all their insight into hamster mind and "tingles" do they not realize that these artistic renderings of "White Slavery" instead of being frightening, could actually be quite appealing? If you read up on the "White Slavery" by Arabs, you will notice that the White women were generally well treated. Some even wanted to stay when they were being "rescued". It was the men who were mutilated (boys also) and worked into an early death. It was always the men and boys who suffered most under Ottoman control as far as I can work out. Scaring women doesn't really work so much. Even a Burqa. There are advantages to women who don't "measure up" in a looks-obsessed society. Bad hair day? Not a problem. Spotty face? Don't worry. Hide in this thing - your "SAFE SPACE'!

Also, whilst men realize that the Afro-centric story is BS, they seem to think it is enough that they know it not to be true. I see the other side of that, it's not enough that I personally can see how untrue it is, it is important to dismantle it piece by piece (tiring and painstaking) but these are memes that are being weaponised against us. You think that it doesn't matter? Well it does, you need to know your audience (who clap, as expected, when the "victim" stands up to the "oppressor"):

Weaponised meme at work
OBE Black lady destroys Nick Griffin based on BS meme (all of us are descended from Africa).
Also a nice little dig at his 2.2 in history (nobody is proud of a 2.2) It's the kind of bitchy dig a woman or a gaylord might make.

Does anyone here honestly think Douglas Murray/Milo Yxsadfjksjdfpolis are no good just because they are gay? I think it is because they are gay that they can really go on the attack (in a way that a straight man would not be able to - muh oppressor!)

SAVANT said...

Shaunantijihad. Agree totally about 9/11 being the smoking gun. If that particular cat escapes from the bag then all bets are off. Because it'll bring everything down with it. Once the first string is puled it will lead to more and more unravelling which will only gather pace the more that's revealed.

And that's why I don't think Trump will be allowed win. He's been careful so far not to blame anyone in particular but he sure as hell knows the identity of the real perps. As does everyone else who takes even a modicum of interest in the subject.

De SA Bishop said...

Especially for Black *Gistory Month

*the main point or part-ory. It is a new word for a new word order.

(nobody is proud of a 2.2) That is why a 2ii is called a tutu.

Anonymous said...

Australia letting hate preachers some from the uk have a conference

Anonymous said...

I hope the swedes start kicking them all out

Anonymous said...

Us British are as bad. Afghan claimed to be 12 and we believed him
Jihadi videos and child porn found on his phone

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.01

A report in the Express states that "The vast majority of asylum seekers commit no crime." I have to admit that is factually correct. 20% do commit crimes but the majority of 80% don't.


Magdolna Hargitay said...

Isn't there a way that forensic experts can tell someone's age by the bones in the wrist and through teeth? I would have learned such a thing if I watched that overrated pos CSI:All White Men Are Criminals with the delightfuld daughter of 1950s sex symbol Jayne Mansfield.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha beyonce might have no police at her next concert

Anonymous said...

Muslims are mad they throw baby's off mousqes

Flanders said...

Anon 11:57, Thanks for that link on Gordon Kohl. There is one correction which should be made to that story, "The 36 year old local Sheriff, Gene Matthews, was killed incidental to the FBI siege on the Gordon Kahl hideout.".

Sheriff Matthews was murdered intentionally. The FBI tried to pin his murder on Kohl in order to further demonize Kohl and to remove a witness who would not go along with them. Sheriff Matthews would do his job and his duty, but he would not go along with the butchery of the FBI. He was a good White man. I know that personally since he had arrested me at one time, a few weeks previous to that for a DWI, but exercised the discretion that Sheriffs had at that time and released me without charges. I was a kid, but I knew the story of the massacre of Kohl and Sheriff Matthews from hearing it from local people in the Smithville area of Arkansas where this went down. The account given is true but it can't give the full flavor of the actual horrors inflicted by those FBI goons.

White people should try to pay attention to strategy when they buy their homes and try to obtain locations where they can mutually watch each others backs and catch enemies in a crossfire when they attempt unwarranted invasions. That is hard to do, I know, the way that things are currently structured but it is one factor which may be helpful to a few of our people in the coming days.

Uncle Nasty said...

Magdolna Hargitay said...

Isn't there a way that forensic experts can tell someone's age by the bones in the wrist and through teeth? I would have learned such a thing if I watched that overrated pos CSI:All White Men Are Criminals with the delightfuld daughter of 1950s sex symbol Jayne Mansfield.
20 February 2016 at 18:29

Back in ZA We had an infallible method for determining the age of jungle bunnies ... saw the top of the head off and count the rings.


Anonymous said...

Re: A Message from the Anti-Defamation League & Statement of April 6, 2000
This book is one of the most infamous, and tragically influential, examples of racist propaganda ever written - The Talmud?
This book is one of the most infamous, and tragically influential, examples of racist propaganda ever written - The bible?
Both a lot worse than if not on a par with “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, but I see nor hear anyone call these racists propaganda, nor trying to discredit them. I actually think The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to be as authentic as the aforementioned two… only difference being the adl are not using subterfuge looking to discredit those because they show The Jews in more favourable light where than The Protocols… is a Business Plan really and sets out what and how and shows the lengths they are willing to go to… if anything it is just another a piece of jewish propaganda just like the bible/torah) and the talmud!