Sunday, 14 February 2016

A feminist's cry for help

In what country do you find the worst, the most repellent feminazis? The consensus in the manosphere says Denmark. And I agree. Sexless humourless harridans, coiled like rattlesnakes to strike at the first sign of ThoughtCrime or sexual innuendo. Little wonder that Danish men are amongst the world's biggest pussies, all touchy-feely and in tune with their feminine side. Almost as bad as Germans.

I can't speak for the lady in this video, whether she's genuine or else a lapsed feminist who's been hit hard by the reality of enrichment. Same with this one (whose video was taken down by Facebook after the Merkel-Zuckerberg Concordat). What both have in common is a belated recognition that Muslim and African invaders represent a mortal threat to Europe's women. And both now want Europe's men to protect them. To 'man up'. Unfortunately my darlings that is problematical. First because as I've mentioned earlier, Europe's men have been feminised to the point where most are no longer up for it or indeed capable of it.

And second, why should they? Because it's women who have made them like this. They've pathologised natural boyish behaviour, assigning to it some bogus mental disorder validated with a catchy acronym like ADHD. If the psychiatry doesn't work - which it won't - the boys and young men are pumped with Ritalin or some other libido-destroying drug with unknown long term consequences. It's not just men and boys per se.  The whole fabric of our societies (inter-personal relations, family, legislation, education, entertainment and the workplace environment) has been utterly transformed by feminisation over the last fifty years. As the woman in the video says ' we see the consequences that men here are brought up to be like women, to think like women, to be soft-minded'. But still not quite as soft-minded as women who overwhelmingly outnumber men in welcoming the invaders and in voting against "far right" parties.

These are the reasons I object to her assertion that 'men need to take responsibility and go back to the old male virtues'. (Presumably she has in mind the likes of these Russian men in Murmansk who beat the shite out of a gang of rapefugees up to their usual stunts in a local nightclub.) So having neutralised, marginalised, ridiculed ('none of that macho bullshit here') and emasculated us you belatedly realise that you need us to control the savages that you invited in. I just love your sense of entitlement. Which of course is understandable given that you've been living off it for half a century.  Note: Those Russian men were largely immune to such influences, hence their traditional method of sorting out the rapefugees you now cower before.

So ladies if you want White men to defend you in the traditional way then revert to the traditional male-female roles that nature ordained. Recognise that men and women are not the same. (After all, if we were why could you not defend yourselves?) Then drop this equalist (sex/race/religion) bullshit, affirmative action, anti-White male quotas, mudsharking, micro-aggressions, feminist indoctrination, the anti-male (in)justice system, systemic disrespect towards White men, your totalitarian contempt for facts and reality, and voting en masse for pro-immigration parties,

Otherwise ladies we White men - and you now understand why - will stand by and defer to Ahmed, just waiting to take you as one of his wives, dump you for a younger one when he's ready and stone you to death if he suspects adultery.

The choice is yours.

Go grrrlllll...


Anonymous said...

Have you read Houellebecq's latest novel? It's pretty good. You'd like it a lot.

Glen C said...

You do not exaggerate Sav.

nemesis said...

White women are in their own way just as much victims as White men are, although some of them haven’t quite seen sufficiently through the feminist horse shit to understand that. If we can ever succeed in de-programming our sisters and making them understand what has been done to them, so that they realize that their place is by their menfolks' side and not with the Jews who hate them and hold them in just as much contempt as they do white men, calling them shiksas, etc...well, if we can ever succeed in doing that, you kikes had better start running.

iron felix said...

Yes, indeed. I have long ago decided that I am in agreement with those poisonous bitches who years ago demanded that there be a curfew on all males past puberty, effective from sunset to sunrise. Yes, thought I; why would I think of protecting people who daily insult and slander me when they run into problems they have brought upon their own heads, so by all means let the girlies have the streets---and the psychos---all to themselves. I will be happy to turn up the t.v. volume in the comfort of my own quarters should I hear screams outside.

Anonymous said...

Savant if you want to prove your point don't throw yourself under a horse I am backing

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

We shouldn't blame the victims, although hard core feminazis are to blame.

One thing is certain: Europe's women will eventually fall under male control again.

The only question is: which men?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be O/T
You know all those 'other races' that fought for us during WWII? Do these count?


National Front NZ said...

The women in these videos are great women. You were a bit hard on women Sav, there are many great women in the movement, fully deserving of our love and help. It is simple, protect and defend all pro-Whites, abandon all anti-Whites no matter who they are. Men are to blame for feminazis just as women are.

Anonymous said...

Savant sais :-
' rattlesnakes to strike at the first sign of ThoughtCrime or sexual innuendo.'

Should we have a whipround and buy her the complete box set of Carry On... films? Could give her a heart attack or years of note taking. Eithers good.


Anonymous said...

Nemesis said
'White women are in their own way just as much victims.' I assume you mean feminists.
Those white women have a choice. If they are victims it's their choice. I would say they're not victims but I hope they soon will be. Fuck 'em. Plenty of nice beautiful blue eyed blondes out there on our side and many know how to hadle a gun.


Jessie Pinkman said...

Yo Orwell, bitch.

First of all, a message to English left-wing journalists and intellectuals generally: ‘Do remember that dishonesty and cowardice always have to be paid for. Don’t imagine that for years on end you can make yourself the boot-licking propagandist […] and then suddenly return to mental decency. Once a whore, always a whore.’
—George Orwell [“As I Please,” Tribune, Sep. 1, 1944]

Everybody ends up paying. Paying fat stacks for diversity yo.

Anonymous said...

Media whores are accessories to genocide, and one day they might be tried as such in a court of law.

Tell them that whenever you meet one.

Anonymous said...

Re. my last post. Savants first link.
Iben Thranhol is a good example. I don't know if she can handle a gun though. Well I would! Anne Coulter too.
The girl in the second vid is a bit to young. But if I was younger..... She goes of a bit half-cucked (somebdoy was going to say it). I suppose it's to much to for her to have rid herself of years of brainwashing. She does tell a good tale though.
It seems to me that the under 25s are becoming the most awake. I commented once before about the lack of young protestors against anything. After missing two generations the fight for their own identity and politics seem to be coming alive. This time the older genration will not be saying 'In my youth...' We will be full of support and backing them.
Forward young white people and win. Generation Identity gets my full support. I love you guys and girls. You give me hope.


Anonymous said...

Check out the white bitches supporting these ugly primitive throw backs on here

Joe Blogs said...

Syrians in NZ.

The reporter never asked if they would like to go back to Syria if it was repaired.

Joe Blogs said...

Jeff Rense interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes about Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this post is a bit lame. What evidence is there that these women were ever feminazis? Some of the best anti-muslims are women, who've been on the right side of things from the start.

And even if these women haven't been on our side until recently, Sav spent most of his his life ignorant of the JQ, supporting echo narratives and opposing anti-semitism. Who cares.

Flanders said...

American woman: We need the men to take control again - Feminism has ruined our men

TeutonicWarriorChick - Nobody is White - and at the end of that post, there is a link to her Video collection for direct download.

Flanders said...

Eva Herman - NDR German channel fired her.

Eva Herman:
"Sparked heavy criticism after writing in an article for "Cicero" magazine that the emancipation of women was a big mistake (April 2006).

When criticizing feminism in her book "Das Eva-Prinzip - Für eine neue Weiblichkeit" again, she had to leave the daily news show Tagesschau (1952) after 18 years (August 2006).

Chosen "Pasha of the month" by German feminist magazine "Emma" (September 2006).

Was fired as host of Herman & Tietjen (1997) after stating during a press conference that the image of mothers under the Nazi regime was better than today (9 September 2007).

During an edition of Die Johannes B. Kerner Show (1998), she repeated her remarks regarding the family politics of the Nazis, so host Johannes B. Kerner finally asked her to leave the studio because the other guests didn't want to sit next to her any longer (9 October 2007)."

The jews have set up a special page and place to honor Eva. Be sure to visit there. Aren't jews sweet!?

If you do a video search you will find that the jews have done much worse than the above with the jew pornos that they have made to "shame" her.

Flanders said...

The jew has taken the place of the man in society by taking the money of the men, while hiding behind governmental taxation and distributing that money according to the goals of what the jew wants, and denying the man the choices which the man once made - and of that rightful benevolent influence which men once held over society and women.

"Through Feminism, the Jew attacks the core, primal identity of the female, weakening society by disallowing women to be who and what they are: caregivers. Though weak natured and pathetic men have often framed feminism as an attack on males and masculinity, I assert that it is in reality a direct attack on femininity and the female identity. The very core nature of the human female has been obscured and vilified by the Jews who conceived and led this movement, and this has been one of the largest factors contributing to the fallout of Western civilization. In order to restore natural law to society, the female will have to be strengthened, and the only possible way to do this is to reestablish the feminine identity by dissolving the Jewish doctrine of feminism. The premise of feminism is that females had been oppressed by males throughout the entire history of the human race. This should have struck all people as patently absurd, but through clever, emotion-based propaganda, the Jews were able to garnish wide support for this insane assertion. The Jewish racial “equality” movements were based on the ridiculous concept that “race does not exist,” just so the gender “equality” movements asserted that “gender is a social construct.” This Marxist doctrine cannot be viewed as anything other than a war on the Natural Order. What is a Woman? The human species, not too terribly long ago, existed in balance with the natural world. We lived in tribes, hunting and farming our food. Like all other species on the planet, the most base drive, beyond self-preservation, was the propagation of our genes. Within this order of nature, it was necessary for males and females to take on variant roles in society, due to their variant physical forms. It was impossible for a man to birth a child, just as it was impossible for a woman to spend days fighting the elements hunting, or fighting in a war over resources with a neighboring population. Because of these variant roles, which resulted from the variant physical characteristics, the sexes maintained variant psychological make-ups and definitively variant identities. Absolutely nothing about our biology has changed, but still the Jews, with their doctrine of cultural Marxism, actually expect us to believe that none of this matters anymore, simply because it is now possible, due to technology, for a woman to provide herself with food and shelter without the assistance of a man. ..." [Continues]

Flanders said...

We White men really should not be wasting our time bashing on women. All of us are victims, male - female - child, some knowingly so and others who are not aware whether by ignorance or delusion. Avenging the treason which has been laid upon us all should be the primary goal of each and every one of us, all who are awakened. Unless we can help to obtain additional converts to an awakened state, we should not be spinning wheels on minor patter for too long a time.

The author calls it Oligarchy - but it is Treason about which he speaks. No right thinking person with knowledge about the jew and a command of intellect can define it otherwise.

"As the Jewish NY Times, leading pundit, the very Jewish David Brooks, boasts, there has been a “Jewish takeover” of America.

That is pretty obvious when the most media- celebrated political leader in America is a Zio political prostitute who has sold herself to the Jewish racists. Those who still harbor the illusion that republicans are any different, must also understand that Republicans prostitute themselves to to Jewish power just as much as hillary, with the possible exception of Donald Trump. Trump said to the Jewish donors: “You won’t support me because I won’t take your money, you can’t control me me with your money and you won’t support anyone you can’t control.”

HIllary Clinton’s Top Seven Contributors – 100 Percent Kosher!".

Dan said...

Get hold of an Armalite or Ak47 it's coming.

1492 NOT 1984 said...

"...the psychological shock when they will see in future what the beautiful society of equality and social justice means in practice, obviously they will revolt. They will be very unhappy frustrated people, and Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously they will join the ranks of dissenters."

- Yuri Bezmenov
(Circa. 1984)

Replace Soviet Subversion w/ Plato's Five Regimes or Sir. John Glubb's Fate of Empires if the Reagan-era Red Scare stuff doesn't do it for you. It all seems to follow the same cyclical pattern anyway, whether it's the product of a deliberate conspiracy of not.

Anonymous said...

the "pussification" of the American male began back in the 60s here in the USA with the advance of the feminist movement,men were told that women were equal to them and all the other Gloria Steinem bullshit that went along with it, the outcome of it all is that 50% percent of the marriages ended in divorce and a huge amt. of kids don't know who their fathers are,knew of situations where the ""dad"" of the moment was left to stay home with the kids while mom was serving overseas.something wrong with this picture???when i was a kid in high school in the 50s if a girl got knocked up that was a big scandal and you never saw her again.had to handle fights at schools where the girl was told not to bring her babies on to campus to show off""think niggers "" and a huge row started with nigger granma coming up and hitting the principal,but have to say that some white kids are just as bad and the worst are the young girls with the nigger babies who signed up for 20 years of poverty,the guys in the 60s whined and pissed about the draft and the govt, caved in to them,some guys now in their 60s i still drop the word draft dodger when ever i am near them, now they are the establishment and their spawn are pissing on them, aint karma a bitch john old rtf chicago copper..

Flanders said...

The girl who is on this "feminist" blog is not a typical feminist, but she shares some of the same ideas and aspirations as most of the women in America [the ones who may identify, but who do not espouse the credos] feel during their younger less jaded years. I'm leaving a link to an interesting post. Actually, I'm leaving two.

"Furthermore, the "All-Father" god Odin's invincible and beloved son, Balder, is pierced with a spear of mistletoe. Although Balder dies, in the time of the Ragnarok or Norse "apocalypse," he will be reborn or resurrected. This latter motif is similar to Christ's "Second Coming" depicted in Revelation.

Moreover, as Jesus is the "Light of the World," so Balder is the "god of light." In this way, Balder is the savior of the world who brings peace."

There have been too many women who have been placed into conditions which are beyond their control in America. They struggle with that just as we do, but the jew makes certain that their frustrations are channeled into non-productive positive false-wishing, just as the jew does to so many people while hiding behind the false veil of a secular government which cares nought for any individual, but is responsive only to the wishes and needs of the chosen's chosen.

Flanders said...

Confessions of a Feminist Asshole, [by a self-deluded screwed up cuckmale].

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 23:16 --

"We shouldn't blame the victims, although hard core feminazis are to blame."

But be clear that Sav is right, most EuroGals are NOT victims.

"Minority" CEOs in the States -- yes, the Token Corporate Spokespersons of the 90s are now really running what's left of America's business superstructure into the ground -- publicly and persistently brag how they'll NEVER hire a white male into their warm-and-globally-correct firms.

Outcry from the white gals? Nope. Nothing.

European gals, same from what I've seen.

Sad. At least the old hard-headed suffragette feminism got behind family wage, collective bargaining, the 40 hour week and such. What we have now is what Alice Roosevelt Longworth would have called Globaloney Feminism. Old time one-worlder rhetoric on hormone therapy.

Those of us who like to stick up for the gals have to pass on this one. Whenever they got a chance to weaken their men's bargaining position, they did. Men are weak now because "their" womenfolk help weaken them. Too bad but again, Savant is right.

We are all Danes now.


Flanders said...

This niggress DID, at last, find something that was invented by negroids, (with a little help from their koshbro's).

"Setting itself apart from Black liberation movements that often center the voices and experiences of Black men, Black Lives Matter was started and is currently lead by Black, queer women. They have used their rapidly growing platform to address the deaths of Black women, including transwomen. Alicia Garza was sure to address state violence as it related to reproductive justice during the discussion:

“I think from our perspective, reproductive justice is very much situated within the Black Lives Matter movement. And the way we that talk about that is that essentially, it’s not just about the right for women to be able to determine when and how and where they want to start families, but it is also very much about our right to be able to raise families, to be able to raise children to become adults…. And that is being hindered by state violence in many different forms. One form being violence by law enforcement or other state forces, and the other form of crisis through poverty and lack of access to resources and lack of access to health communities that are safe and sustainable. So we certainly understand that BLM and reproductive justice go hand in hand.”
"Leider was not the only Bay Area Jewish leader inspired by Black Lives Matter. The movement emerged in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, then took off as a reaction to the deaths of Michael Brown (in Ferguson, Missouri), Eric Garner (in New York City), Tamir Rice (in Cleveland) and other African Americans at the hands of police officers.

At the end of 2014, a group of Bay Area rabbis spent the first night of Hanukkah walking arm in arm down Market Street in San Francisco holding a large #BlackLivesMatter banner. Behind them marched hundreds of Jews who had joined this “Hanukkah Action” to protest police violence and racial injustice. They blocked traffic on Market Street for nearly half an hour.

Over the year that followed, police violence against the black community stayed very much in the news, with new high-profile cases emerging every few months. The Black Lives Matter movement grew.".

eleos said...

The unmanly behaviour of today's Northern European men would make you wonder about genetic determinism, a principle most of us here would adhere to. You know, the old nature/nurture question.

Flanders said...

[Off Topic] Bernie Sander's kibbutz:

"As Sanders’ campaign gained traction this year, Haaretz, like others in Israeli and Jewish media, had tried to identify the kibbutz, but until the author of the article, veteran journalist Yossi Melman, said Thursday on Twitter that Sanders had named the kibbutz in 1990, no one had tracked this particular article in the Haaretz archive.

In the Hebrew-language article, a pdf of which appeared Thursday on Haaretz’s website, Sanders tells Melman that he visited Israel in 1963 as a guest of the leftist Zionist Hashomer Hatzair movement and stayed at its affiliated kibbutz.

Located northeast of Haifa, Shaar Haamakim. (Gateway to the Valleys) was founded in 1935 by immigrants from Romania and Yugoslavia who had been trained in farming techniques. The kibbutz still includes farmland and has a flour mill and a dairy, but its primary income is now from the manufacture of solar panels, according to its website.

What drew Sanders to Israel at the time is not known, but his older brother, Larry Sanders, was spending time in the country. Bernie Sanders had earned some renown as a civil rights activist at the University of Chicago.

Sanders has been reluctant during this campaign to discuss his Jewish upbringing and his time in Israel, where he traveled with his first wife, Deborah Shiling, who also was Jewish. His campaign has turned away queries about his Israel stay.

The exact dates Sanders was in Israel are unclear. Although he tells Haaretz he was there in 1963, he did not graduate from university until 1964. He also had not married Shiling by June 1964, when she was listed as a maid of honor at her sister’s Baltimore wedding in a New York Times notice.

Sanders, born in Brooklyn to a Polish immigrant whose family perished in the Holocaust, had divorced Shiling and was living in Vermont by the late 1960s."

SAVANT said...

National Front NZ....I'm hard on women? These days are long gone unfortunately!!

Flanders said...

Reference: Bernie Sander's kibbitz comment above.

"Hashomer Hatzair (translating as The Youth Guard) is an international Marxist–Zionist Jewish youth movement founded in 1913 in Galicia, Austria-Hungary, and was also the name of the group’s political party in Palestine prior to Jewish seizure in 1948. (see Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party) Hashomer Hatzair came into being as a result of the merger of two groups, Hashomer (“The Guard”) a politically motivated Zionist youth group, and Ze’irei Zion (“The Youth of Zion”) an ideological circle that studied Zionism, Marxism and the Jewish narrative. Initially the political policy of Hashomer Hatzair was the capture of Palestine achieved by mass immigration of Jewish youth to seize living space in the form of ‘kibbutzim’."
"In Romania Communists including Hashomer Hatzair were involved in Jewish subversive political activities leading to the execution of anti-Communist Romanian patriotic leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu in 1938. The leaders of Hashomer Hatzair were later arrested and executed for their activities. --- After the war the movement had infiltrated European nations throughout the world concealing itself as a scouting movement within the Jewish communities."

If you conduct a search for Hashomer Hatzair, you will find that the Hatzair organization is very active in spreading the base for those networks which dispense leftist jewish poisons throughout our societies, working not only from their base in Israel, but from within locations in almost every major country. As is typical of how these jewish leftist organizations work, their subversions are usually conducted behind a screen of flowery languages, intended to portray themselves as being harmless and irrelevant to anyone but the jews, but the achievement of jewish supremacy through worldwide communism is it's [their] mission and it's [their] goal.

That mission is well under way. Our way of life, at least the real and quality life that we White people once had, is it's ultimate goal. The rest of the non-jews who remain after any resistance to their plans are destined for an everlasting and eternal subjection to the jews, living only in an inferior and jew-managed noachide status.

Anonymous said...

Dan said :-
'Get hold of an Armalite or Ak47 it's coming.'
Tesco. Sold out
Morrisons. Sold out
Sainsburys. Sold out.
Aldi. Had some on special offer. Sold out when I got there.

Anywhere else sell them?


Flanders said...

This is the about page for what I believe to be Hashomer Hatzair's main public website in New York. You won't find public displays about the purpose of their non-profit (don't jews just love to use that word!) activities.

"Hashomer Hatzair is a progressive Zionist youth movement, with ties to the Kibbutz Artzi movement and the Meretz party in Israel. In America it is a primarily informal educational movement , which is based in the concept of youth teaching youth and focuses on progressive Zionism, secular Jewish identity, social justice and peace. Active members range between the ages of 7 and 25. Hashomer Hatzair has five chapters and one camp, Camp Shomria, in the United States and one chapter and a camp in Canada. It sends out several programs to Israel throughout the year. It is also part of a worldwide movement and has activities with chapters throughout the world. During the year it has frequent educational and social activities for both the counselors and the campers."

Anonymous said...

Dear, oh dear. Chickens are coming home to roost. It's almost worth the unfolding nightmare to see these witches squirming in their comfortable shoes.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 03.55

The difference between ardent Feminazis and Savant is not equal. Feminazis don't debate they only make statements. They have their view and that's the one we should all take.
Savant on the other hand asked questions and researched. Thus an intelligent man comes to conclussions. If other evidence appears we can change our minds again.
The liberal/SJWs like to say that none of us are born racist. We therefore have a belief that has been formed and are not run by emotion. The same is true for the Holocaust. At school we are educated in the facts of the Holocaust. Later we find these facts may be wrong and question them.


Anonymous said...

Jews are whining about anti semitism again because councils in England are 'promoting' boycotts of Israeli made goods being sold here ? They didn'y whine about the boycott of white South African goods in the'70's/'80's .. No .. they were at the forefront of it. Hypocritical swine .. and now this

katana said...


Here's the transcript of DavId Duke's latest video on the Ted Nugent controversy with him naming the jew as being behind gun control in the US.

Of course Organized Jewry is the power behind all gun control throughout the Western world, as a disarmed population then lacks a real physical means of resisting jewish tyranny.

David Duke: Ted Nugent vs the ADL – Who is Behind Gun Control? — TRANSCRIPT


Shaunantijihad said...

Easy. No vote until you have two kids - with the same man.


James said...

Turkey is about to launch a false flag operation so they can invade Syria

The issues in the Middle East are far simpler than anyone else has told you. Israel began plans for dominance of the entire Middle East in 1982 with the publication of a paper by Oded Yinon titled, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" In it he makes clear, “To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states.”

That may sound familiar because it is the same plan in 1996 later called, "The Clean Break from the Peace Process." In the “Clean Break” the authors Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and Mayrav Wurmser suggest “Rather than pursuing a "comprehensive peace" with the entire Arab world, Israel should work jointly with Jordan and Turkey to "contain, destabilize, and roll-back" those entities that are threats to all three.”

The shit is shortly going to hit.

Israel has managed to convince both Turkey and Saudi Arabia that they can fight Iran by getting involved in Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia have massed ground forces on the border with Syria and appear ready to invade. Turkey has been shelling Syria for the past two days and appears to have sent troops into Syria to help defend the terrorists.

Al Assad is the President of Syria. Syria has a treaty with Russia. Russia has interests there and is in the country at the request of the legal government. Russia has conducted highly effective air strikes against the terrorists when all the US did for over a year was talk about fighting ISIS. Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft conducting an air strike within Syria in November. Turkey claimed the Russian aircraft breeched the border with Turkey for a total of 17 seconds and so they shot them down.

That’s disinformation, or better put, a total lie. I was a fighter pilot in combat. You can’t find, track, and shoot down an aircraft in 17 seconds unless you set them up in an ambush. It takes longer than 17 seconds to make a radar lockup or firing pass.

Anonymous said...

what a dick

Anonymous said...

Not your best article, truth be told, Sav.

Where is it implied anywhere that this lady was ever a feminist? Far as I can see, she's been on our side for a while.

The few women we have on our side, we need to act right by them.

And the women and children who (at least) aren't acting badly: yes, it's our duty to protect them.

AnonymousCoward said...

Not your best article, truth be told, Sav.

Where is it implied anywhere that this lady was ever a feminist? Far as I can see, she's been on our side for a while.

The few women we have on our side, we need to act right by them.

And the women and children who (at least) aren't acting badly: yes, it's our duty to protect them.

john7 said...

Amen Savant. Regrettably, we're all victims as it has been allowed by us and pushed by the jew. The women I know are as repulsed at 'feminism' as you or I, and are victimised by it daily. Afraid its gonna hafta really hit the fan before anything changes.
'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition...'

great white said...

No vote until you have two kids - with the same man.

With the same White man.

There. Fixed it for ya.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.42 said :-

Jews are whining about anti semitism again because councils in England are 'promoting' boycotts of Israeli made goods being sold here ? They didn'y whine about the boycott of white South African goods in the'70's/'80's.....................


Anonymous said...

This fucking dog-woman is one fuck of a misandrist cunt, aimed only at white males - trust me

Anonymous said...

A Americans view of a edl demo

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Yep it's starting. Kos police using tear gas on their own people when demonstrating against migrants
Remember Boris Johnson ordering water cannons for london

Eff he villa

James said...

Albert Einstein, Ilse Einstein, Georg Nicolai and Their Anti-White Orgies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Soon after Georg Friedrich Nicolai issued his call for a European Union, and stated that the mongols will be justified in exterminating the White Race, Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi made his pitch, sponsored by the jewish bankers Rothschild and Warburg, for the European Union in the hopes of breeding out the White Race through miscegenation with Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Coudenhove-Kalergi maintained that the jews were the master race and it was necessary to destroy the White Race to make room for jewish World rule, as I explained in my recent article, The Jewish Genocide of Europe: Kaganovich, Yagoda, Ehrenburg and Coudenhove-Kalergi

Amazingly frank discussions about wars of extermination took place 100 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Rape returns to Europe

James said...

Bow down and worship, bitches.

Einstein predicted gravity waves and they just found them. Believe it you hateful haters.

One day Einstein denial will be a crime and your evil Nazi science will be stopped forever. Then the world can relax and blanda upp.

AnalogMan said...

great white said...

No vote until you have two kids - with the same man.

With the same White man.

There. Fixed it for ya.

No vote until you have two White kids - with the same man.

Was that what you meant?

Anonymous said...

Attacking Einstein again. They never quit. Do we need to shoot them in the back of the head?

A team of astronomers using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey observed quasars behaving in manner that completely upends conventional theory. Using images from the Pan-STARRS survey, the scientists identified 1000 objects that appeared to vary in brightness over a period of just 10 years. Among these objects were a total of five galaxies that the team witnessed shape-shifting into quasars in a seemingly impossibly short period of time. The team also recorded a total of a dozen quasars “shutting down” in a period of hundreds of days, rather than the hundreds of thousands of years required by standard theory.

Given this situation, Dr. Tom Wilson explores some of the psychological reasons why certain beliefs endure even in the face of falsifying evidence.

Is it because these people are crazy?

Flanders said...

Off Topic [in a sense]:


Blacks make up 13.3% of the US population: what if they all left America?

The prison population would go down by 37%

There would be 53% fewer gang members

Obesity percentage would drop 11%

Average IQ Would go up 7.4 points - putting us 3rd in the world - tied with Japan

Average SAT scores would go up almost 100 pts.

Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 pts.

AIDS & HIV would go down by 65%

Chlamydia cases would go down 54%

Gonorrhea would go down 69%

Syphilis would go down 58%

Average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year

Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%

Homelessness would go down 57%

Welfare recipients would go down by 42%


Read the main story at that page, too: [scroll up from the comment link above]

"How To Survive The Holocaust
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2016

I grew up in the 50’s and we Jewish kids had no idea that a “Holocaust” ever existed.

Perhaps we were the first “holocaust deniers,” if not, Jewish historian Jacob Marcus certainly was.

For in the 1950 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, Marcus wrote that it was “thousands” of Jews, not 6 million, that “perished” during World War II.

Not a single gas chamber was mentioned.

It wasn’t until the 60’s when pro-Israel Lobbies grew in power that the number “6 million” and “gas chambers” suddenly was served up to a gullible public." [Continues].

Various Statistics About Negroes

Anonymous said...

Lefty men's guide to women:

Flanders said...

A jewess leader in the feminist movement writes: Part 1 of 2

"As a child, I thought all feminists were Jewish women. (I also thought all Jewish women were feminists, but that’s another story.) From an early age, I learned from my feminist mother about Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Shulamith Firestone, and other Jewish women who put their hutzpah to work for the feminist revolution. From this perspective, I assumed that the historical feminists I learned about from books and at school–women such as Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, and Alice Paul–must also be Jewish. After all, they were gutsy, loud, and determined, and they changed the world from their position at its margins.

"... my own feminist vision was immeasurably broadened by exposure to the work of non-Jewish feminists such as Kate Millet and Audre Lorde. And yet, my youthful assumption that there was something Jewish about feminism seemed to be validated by the disproportionate representation of Jewish women among the pioneers and leaders of the modern American women’s movement.

It’s almost overwhelming to consider the numerous Jewish women who have shaped every aspect of the women’s movement and of American life: from Betty Friedan, who sparked Second Wave feminism (the resurgence of feminist activism beginning in the 1960s) with the 1963 publication of The Feminine Mystique and the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in 1966, to Judy Chicago, who created art centered on women’s experiences in The Dinner Party; from Alix Kates Shulman and Anne Roiphe, who published the first novels of the women’s liberation movement, to Andrea Dworkin and Susan Brownmiller, who protested pornography and violence against women; from Robin Morgan and Shulamith Firestone, who organized women’s "consciousness-raising" groups and published early feminist theory, to Barbara Seaman and Alice Wolfson, who protested the dangers of the birth control pill in Senate hearings in 1970; from Gloria Steinem and Letty Cottin Pogrebin who founded Ms. magazine, to Carol Gilligan and Phyllis Chesler, who exposed gender bias in psychology; from Bella Abzug, who brought feminist politics to Congress, to Gerda Lerner, who created and institutionalized the field of women’s history. The list goes on and on."

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

"The status of American Jewish assimilation in the postwar period also contributed to the role of Jewish women in the resurgence of feminism. While Jews were new enough to America that they still identified as outsiders, assimilation was sufficiently underway that Jewish women were able to identify with others (such as non-Jewish women) beyond the boundaries of their community. By contrast, many African-American women in the 1960s identified predominantly with African-American men and were less willing or able to make common cause with other women across race lines. Generally upwardly-mobile, Jewish women in this period also tended to be well educated and endowed with a sense of entitlement that, alongside their sensitivity to injustice, helped fuel their feminist activism. They believed both in the necessity of social change and in their own ability to bring it about, and through their involvement in other social justice activities (such as the civil rights movement) they gained concrete organizing skills that served them well in building the women’s movement.

The shadow of the Holocaust and the long history of anti-Semitic violence often highlighted in Hebrew schools shaped the paths of many feminists coming of age in the 1940s and 1950s, such as Heather Booth–founder of the first campus women’s movement organization and of the underground abortion service, JANE–and Susan Brownmiller–who fought violence against women. Booth traces her lifetime of activism to a 1963 visit to Yad Vashem, where she took a personal oath: "I promised myself that in the face of injustice I would struggle for justice." Brownmiller ,.. admits that "I have never stressed my Jewish heritage in my writing. Yet the heritage is still with me, and I can argue that my chosen path–to fight ... had its origins in what I had learned in Hebrew School about the pogroms and the Holocaust."

Searcher said...

O/T Wonky nosed Stephen Fry is not a fan of Trump - say what?

Looking like a cruise ship magician, he has the nerve to call out some costume designer as a "bag lady".
He has left Twitter as a result. But, but Twats and Twitter....

Here he is officiating a "spin the bottle" game for adult Cluster B types:

Kevin Rafferty said...

"A jewess leader in the feminist movement"

You mean there are other kinds of feminist movement leaders?

Anonymous said...

Watch and weep. Watch your country take that last gasp of air as it dies.

I initially wrote a long diatribe on this. I've withdrawn it because I made statements that could have got me arrested.(Can saying that get me arrested? I didn't know about political uniforms). Analogies to the Gestapo. Not a police force but a political militia. Collaberators of the occupying force. Black and Tans.
The statement by Bedfordshire Police (at start of video) is racist, anti-white and has pre-determined who they are going to arrset before the investigation has begun. It also grants immunity to the 'local people'.
Let's understand something from this video. We are no longer Britains living in the British Isles. We are subjects of foreign invaders. The militia are not your friends. They are your sworn enemy. There is only one course of action left open to us.


Mike Miller said...


Where have all the cowboys gone...?


Flanders said...

A commenter who once showed promise, but who became sidetracked with Infowars and Lew Rockwell diversions still makes good points on his own blog, but doesn't seem to recognize the jew influence which created the very structure of the problems he addresses. Like many "well-meaning conservatives" in America, he can see the problems but cannot make the leap to understand how those problems have become manifest. Here he addresses some reports about two teen girls (REAL teens this time), who had committed suicide. Some of these "well-meaning" people are SO CLOSE, but just cannot seem to open their eyes and bring themselves to do research on their own in order to determine the sources of the problems they address. They are, in effect, an equivilent to feminists by having allowed themselves to become diverted into pratter and uselessness. [My emphasis below].

"You might as well create a bunch of crisis counselor “rapid response teams”, America, that can respond to teen suicides and mass shootings quickly, because I’m not seeing this ending any time soon. In fact, I see it getting worse. Heaven forbid someone talk about a —shudder—religious solution! People gather after these incidents and pray. To whom?! Maybe that’s what should have been done BEFORE, you know? Heaven forbid someone criticize the secular humanism that has nothing to offer us but the thought that after death, nothing occurs. Because, indeed, life itself began when a group of dust particles just swirled together in the universe and a few billions of years later, presto!, here we are. This is as ridiculous a notion as thinking a tornado could sweep through a junkyard and a cabbage patch and assemble a 747 jetliner, with passengers. The government rather likes atheism because there’s no one they need to answer to for their thefts and murders. Society likes it because then they can show endless gladiatorial’s and sell their own daughters on television and not once feel guilty about it. Hey, the tornado that swept through the junkyard and cabbage patch is long gone and won’t care.

Again, people have grown accustomed to the government “taking care” of problems so they can return to their regularly scheduled programming. People have collectively abdicated their responsibility for everything: Their lives, their children, their well-being, even their moral compass."

I'm not linking to his article, which is What are we going to do about the problems America, or something like that, but the link is to a cartoon on his site about Col. Bernies Sanders communist fried chicken. If one is going to be diverted, it had may as well be by something humorous.

Anonymous said...

O/T Photos of some White Americans murdered by Negroes last year. American Negroes perpetrate over 50% of all U.S. murders, yet Black males between the ages of 14 and 49 years ... LESS than 4% of the U.S. population!

Uncle Nasty said...

I just have to share this ...

It seems that some bottom-feeding jungle bunny tried to steal another jigaboo's Air Jordans ... but was disarmed in the process.

Thief tries to stick up Brooklyn driver in Air Jordan sale scam, but victim hits robber with car, possibly causing him to lose arm — WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT

BY Joseph Stepansky, Rocco Parascandola, Kerry Burke, Thomas Tracy /

He’s a little less armed and a lot less dangerous.

A 17-year-old gunman had part of his arm severed after he tried to steal a pair of Air Jordan sneakers from a would-be seller he met on Craigslist — and his enraged target slammed into him with an SUV.

The rendezvous — on E. 86th St. near Avenue M in Canarsie, Brooklyn — centered around a pair of $190 Jordan Retro 8 sneakers, officials said.

But when the man with the fancy kicks rolled up in a Honda Pilot around 12:30 p.m., the teen, identified as Zachary Sam, got in and whipped out a black handgun. Sam demanded the high-priced Jordans for free, cops said. As the teen stepped away from the SUV, the driver, identified by police as 39-year-old Philippe Pierre, pulled a U-turn and hit the gas.

The SUV charged forward, catching Sam under the wheels and dragging him several feet and pinning him against a metal fence, stunning video of the bizarre robbery gone bad shows.
Updated: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 2:04 AM

This is a keeper.

I haven't smiled so hard since the vid of the supermouthed negress at a traffic stop getting the shit tasered out of her by a cop.

Made my damn day. By the way, note the giant pothole in the street ... in Brooklyn?


Flanders said...

This feminism thingy I can understand from the standpoint of the jewish Marxist intent. What was and is more difficult for me is too understand is why the women would have felt attracted to the false illusions without being capable of understanding that the strategy was meant to be subvert and divide.

It just seemed overly obvious to most men who first observed it that it's premises were too ridiculous to consider, and we men were all surprised that it was ever taken even somewhat seriously by many women. I know that it was NOT being swallowed at all by most adult women at the time, and gained acceptance first among younger women who had been "trained" [primarily in universities] to expect certain actions, gestures and words to have meanings which only THEY were capable of considering as "sexist". It wasn't until media programs catering exclusively to the old ladies were presented that a "feminist class" [or should that be a Broad Class?] of permanently aggrieved females came into being. Most of them looked and sounded like Oprah's beached and dumbed whales. That much has not changed, but I think at least some of the more intelligent of them have been awakening, even without realizing that they were merely being easily raped dupes for the jew and Marxist gig.

"The women’s “lib" movement of the 60s was not so much about equal rights that no rational person would dispute — equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work and no irrational gender-based discrimination — but rather about conditioning women to believe that the man was the implacable enemy.

The movement was a Jews-only campaign and, using the time-tested Jewish strategy of occupying all outposts of an issue, they got feminism covered:

There was the progressive, enlightened Hugh Hefner encouraging women’s sexual liberation (pornography pays fat dividends), whose slogan was “socially explicit means socially empowered,” soon followed by Cosmopolitan Magazine guided by Jewish Helen Gurley Brown (author of Sex and the Single Girl), which prided itself on publishing the first male nude centerfold (Burt Reynolds) for women’s equal rights of enjoyment.

Then there was the “Reg’lar” Feminist party of Germaine Greer, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, who did not disagree with Heffner on principle but decried “women’s exploitation by pornography.”

Betty Friedan’s book, The Women’s Mystique, tried to educate American women about their plight as full-time homemakers, a role she called stifling. (It was not a problem they would have much longer as the middle class was melting and no family could afford raising a family on one salary only.) Her book was praised by opinion makers like Allan Wolf and Daniel Horowitz." [Continues with descriptions of other jewesses].

Flanders said...

Any woman, or former man, who can support Hillary, Barbara Mikulski, or Dianne Feinstein should not be offended by attacks. If they are so damned idiotic as to support the more blatant enemies of America, they deserve more than public humiliation, and have already disgraced themselves all on their own.

"A bunch of dumb feminist bitches in the U.S. Senate are claiming that Hillary Clinton is the victim of sexism.

This is a completely ridiculous argument. The DNC is run by the crazy Jewish feminist wench Debbie Wasserman Schultz and has stacked the presidential race heavily in favor of Clinton. Many hundreds of super delegates have already been pledged to Clinton by DNC insiders.

But despite this, she’s apparently the victim of sexism lol. How can people not see how absurd this is? She isn’t the victim of anything. People dislike her because she’s a lying criminal bitch. It doesn’t have anything to do with her gender."

Sean said...

Here's an example of the extent of Jewish power in Britain today....

"Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to become criminal offence for public bodies and student unions

Local councils, public bodies and even some university student unions are to be banned by law from boycotting “unethical” companies, as part of a controversial crackdown being announced by the Government.

Under the plan all publicly funded institutions will lose the freedom to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Any public bodies that continue to pursue boycotts will face “severe penalties”, ministers said.

Senior government sources said they were cracking down on town-hall boycotts because they “undermined good community relations, poisoned and polarised debate and fuelled anti-Semitism”.

Sonny Knowles said...

#WellDoneBeyonce for calling out the Grammy Awards as #Sexist for voting for Taylor Swift over Kenya West when giving out Record and Song of the Year when his unintelligible drivel is more pleasing to black ears. @JadaPlinkettSmythe calls out the #NBAAllstarGame2Black as 24 out of 24 participants voted into it are black #100%Diverse.

Master Laura Bates said...

“”All Jews and gentiles are devils… Blacks are no devils… Everything black people doing wrong comes from [the white people]: Drinking, smoking, prostitution, homosexuality, stealing, gambling: It all comes from [the white people]”

– Muhammed Ali

Manny Pacquaio said something and apologised.

Emma Thompson reads a carefully prepared script on #OscarsSoWhite #KillAllJewsInTheAcademy and nobody had a problem with this. #EverydaySexism

Hermione Grainger-White said...

"Her Twitter feed is alive with posts on issues of race and diversity in TV and as a flag-bearer for fairer casting, she is understandably excited by Swaziland-born Noma Dumezweni’s role as Hermione in the forthcoming stage adaptation of the Harry Potter saga.

“It is wonderful,” she says. “So exciting. You do find out when you are on social media that the majority of people are incredibly supportive. There are just one or two who…. yeah.” She tails off. I think she means to finish the sentence with “tear you to pieces” but she is too discrete."

Hermione is white as confirmed by author JK Rowling herself so how can a darkskinned Joanna portray a pale skinned ginger?

Sonny Knowles said...

Haroun and the Sea of Lies by Salman Rushdie

Haroun left Sudan or Somali some failed african state. He arrived in France. He walked 31 miles through the Channel Tunnel dodging trains that sped past him and was granted asylum and was arrested. The people did not immediately make him King. Haroun is sad. Haroun wants to leave UK as he is not King and the free food and accomodation is not up to his tastes.

Uncle Nasty said...

Well, well, well.

Is the perceived reality (I think the luvvies used to call it a "paradigm") beginning to shift?

Why this is still the Winter of Disconnect, and the latest rally isn’t Spring as we know it, Jim

By John Ward February 16, 2016 Anglo-American on the line Qatar Russia/Saudi deal disappoints Sustained oil demand is a myth Winter of Disconnect

The oil price is where Texas needs it to be, not where it should be

While the stock and commodity markets were busy correcting five years of ludicrous over-valuation for most of the last six weeks, the 3% were busy telling us that the markets are insane and “none of this is supported by the data”. After another rally got under way for both stocks and oil yesterday – based on flimsy and forlorn hopes respectively – the data clearly didn’t support it….but by Monday evening Goldman Sachs was saying the worst is over, banks are just fine, and things ‘are returning to nomal’. Which probably explains why Miner Anglo-American lost $5.6bn last year, has stock rated as Division IV junk, and is in my estimation no more than four months away from needing a rights issue. And that’s OK too says Goldin Sacks, because ‘the risk for junk has returned now that investors see the fabulous value they represent’.

The futures say the markets will power ahead again today. But apart from one tentative oil-supply ‘deal’ between the Saudis and Russia this morning – and empty bromides from Mario Draghi yesterday – nothing has changed from last week, when the markets were melting down.

‘Qatar oil cuts disappoint’ says Bloomberg as I write. WhatTF else were they going to do? Did the markets expect Putin to fall on his market share for the good of Texas?

It all depends on whether you think yesterday was about ‘the markets’ alone.

The bank valuations have rebounded – why? Oil is back at $35 – why? The banking sector issues are unsolved, and if oil supply is cut, how will that make demand for it go up? While I said last week that there will be rallies long the way, I freely admit to having been surprised by both the size and suddenness of this one yesterday and overnight. On Sunday, I headlined ‘It’s hard to see anything more than more of the same’. Yesterday I wrote, about the latest rally:

‘On this sort of thinking sits the fate of the world economy. And that economy faces a dire future because of the glaring disconnect that continues between the financialised capitalism of monetarist drivel, and the real global slump out there which, without QE being counted as ‘gdp’, would be even more bleedin’ obvious.’

Referring to the emphasised bit, could it be that Uncle Harry Oppenheimer's gold empire is fraying a bit at the edges?

I'd like to think so.

Speaking of which, it appears that South Africa faces a disastrous drought condition that could turn it into Zimbabwe, almost overnight. Partially because of typical kaffir incompetence ... the White created water reticulation system -- seeing as how niggers feel that "planning", "maintenance" and "repair" are nothing more than White Man's buzzwords -- is disintegrating fast.

It also appears that the niggers in charge feel this is a good thing as it will drive more White farmers off the land, which will in turn be given to ANC supporters.

They don't feel that there is a problem as they have not yet made the connection between water in the kitchen tap and in the rapidly crumbling dams and pipelines.

And here's an interesting thing. What with the big so-called resurgence of world-wide antisemitism, has the heat under the old Lets-feel-guilty-about-Africa hotplate been turned down a bit ... while the noses try to figure out why people, after all this time and effort, still do not love them?

They just don't seem to have their heart in the niggaguilt thing ... right now.


Janina Kugel (Moron) said...

Siemens Corporation has been firing a lot of white engineers.

Siemens South Afrikas itself
This is the black head of human resources at Siemens corporation, Janine Kugel.

Chimpin as dangerous as chimpout

Go grrling girl making the world a more dangerous place for girls.

medusa's curse said...

Here is one of the Danish women you refer to Sav.

Shaunantijihad said...

Agree totally with Iben Thranholm. Sensible woman. Makes her even more attractive than she already is. When you stop and think for a second, she's the polar opposite of those butt ugly, screaching, Kike harpies foaming at the mouth with hatred of Whites, like Spectre.

What's not to like, Sav?

Hugh Laurie Cantab said...

“”Its now very common for people to say ‘I’m offended by that’ as if it gives them certain rights. Its no more than a whine, it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I’m offended by that, well so fückïng what ?”". ( Stephen Fry )

U go boygirl. He was offended by reaction to a comment he made so he left twitter in a fit of pique again. He won't be back until he returns again.

Sonny Knowles said...

Ronda Rousey had everyone kissing her ass telling her she could win against men.

"The first time I was hit I was knocked out."

On Ellen de Generes talking about suicidal thoughts. Product of hanging around with imbeciles?

rick ronsavelle said...

Betty Friedan’s [Friedman] book, The Women’s Mystique. . . actually The Feminine Mystique

btw Bettina was a Card Carrying member of the Communist Party

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Janina Kugel (Moron) said...
Siemens Corporation has been firing a lot of white engineers.

Good. I hope it goes out of business.

There must be a business model where white people can work without diversity, maybe 10,000 independent contractors on a website?

Anonymous said...

Watch what you say

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Local councils, public bodies and even some university student unions are to be banned by law from boycotting “unethical” companies, as part of a controversial crackdown being announced by the Government.

Call Israel ethical and then boycott it.
I personally never buy anything from Israel. I'll never drink soda stream or use a Stanley tool.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Intel chips.

James said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
O/T Photos of some White Americans murdered by Negroes last year. American Negroes perpetrate over 50% of all U.S. murders, yet Black males between the ages of 14 and 49 years ... LESS than 4% of the U.S. population!

OK, so is this in any way justified by historical "lynching"?

Going to Wikipedia, the font of all that's true...

These would be the maximally exaggerated figures, would they not? - The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites being lynched between 1882 and 1968.

OK, so 2.6 times as many blacks lynched. You'd think it was 100% blacks lynched based on "common knowledge".

Let's do some fact checking. 1968 - 1182 = 86 years.

So, 3446/86 = 40 blacks per year on average. (Blacks at least accused of some crime.)

On the fuhrerious88blog page there are about 140 victims of black do-it-yourself justice. Not accused of any crime, not judged by a mob, just pure anti-white hate really or racial jealousy. (We can ignore the Alison Parker "murder" since it was fake and she's not white anyhow.)

So a "small sampling" nets 140, and the average for lynching was a max of 40.

What about peak lynching?

Even if all the lynchings were crammed into 10 years that is only 340 per year. Way more whites are murdered by blacks every month. There are 12000 murders a year in the US.

Black lives may matter, but White deaths don't.

So lynching is a non-issue. It was mob justice and not as racial as the black agitators would like people to believe.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm a lapsed catholic

Eff the villa

reservoir-dog said...

Betty Frieden is also a certifiable lunatic according to her ex-husband.

James said...

Watch and weep. Watch your country take that last gasp of air as it dies.

Muslims going "We're taking over mate".

Will the cops stop that or are they treasonous?

rick ronsavelle said...

>>>Anonymous said...
Watch and weep. Watch your country take that last gasp of air as it dies.<<<

It seems that those folks STILL do not know who is pulling the strings. Is that possible at this late date?

Update from Golding and Fransen:

Anonymous said...

Ball-shaped paki bitch nina nannar (as stupid as her name) promoting White Genocide at ITV News. Friends Chandler says: "You'd have to have more diversity now". Witch propagandises rather than reports: "And that's a good thing". Next day makes a needless ref to nig tantrum at Oscars when reporting BAFTAS.

Think it's bc it knows nobody wants to look at a fat yellowskinned paki, so makes everything about intimidating YT!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black on white chatter by blacks

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Look; I don't know how the education system in "Great" Britain, Sweden or the rest of the EU works, but here in the USSA, children are indoctrinated with feminism, PC bullshit and marxist doctrine from the day they enter the schools at age six. Parents lose control of their children's minds from that point forward. They are made to feel guilty for both their white skins (and laughably, our looks are what blacks envy and hate us for the most), and for the supposed wrongs of white people of past generations. This combined with media influence (owned by the elite) and the hundreds of Jewish political organizations fomenting hatred of us among the coloreds has brought us to the present situation. But... we are not blameless here. Far too many of our people have always been content with beer and entertainment and content to be ignorant of politics in the past. Indeed, the so-called "Greatest Generation" (excuse me for laughing) were content to go to war with their racial brothers for the profit of the military/industrial complex and of course, extending Jewish control over other countries with valuable resources which goes on to this day.
We are past the point of turning this thing around, and it is partly our fault for our 1) lack of interest in our own racial brothers and cousins and 2) our unwillingness to use force to correct the situation when the opportunity was available to us. As to the woman in the videos; get used to wearing a burka, being afraid to go out of doors unaccompanied by several males at any time of the day or night, and living with the prospect of rape if the above two conditions are not met. Sorry, but the end of Western Civilization is in sight, and the end of Europe is just around the corner.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sonny Knowles said...

Ronda Rousey had everyone kissing her ass telling her she could win against men.

"The first time I was hit I was knocked out."

On Ellen de Generes talking about suicidal thoughts. Product of hanging around with imbeciles?
16 February 2016 at 18:20

Even funnier, when one really looks at the negroid Williams sisters ... and their delusions of adequacy. Go to the following link and feast your eyes.

Firstly one of these steroid-enhanced freaks has been photographed -- for the new Pirelli calendar -- by the least talented (but most celebrated) celebrity photographer in the world ... Annie Leibowitz, an overpromoted and overpraised jewess (of course) -- who, like most jews, abhors real beauty, so she makes a great show of the "women of achievement" theme, including such icons of fugly as Williams herself, Amy Shumer (ferfuxache!!) and -- God help us all -- Yoko fucking Ono** ... quite possibly the most appalling and untalented oxygen thief since Zsa Zsa Gabor*

I can see Pirelli sales plummeting this year as never before.

"Achievement", though? Well ... not even that, I'm afraid.

In which we read of the wildly famous and popular player, Karsten Braasch.


Karsten Braasch v the Williams Sisters

During the 1998 Australian Open, sisters Serena and Venus Williams boasted that they could beat any man ranked outside the world's top 200. The challenge was accepted by Karsten Braasch, a German player ranked No 203 (his highest ranking was No 38). Before the matches, Braasch played a round of golf in the morning, drank a couple of beers, smoked a few cigarettes, and then played the Williams sisters for a set each, one after the other. He defeated Serena, 6-1, and Venus, 6-2. Serena said afterwards "I didn't know it would be that hard. I hit shots that would have been winners on the women's tour and he got to them easily."

In 1999 when Serena Williams was 18 and ranked 4th in the world, she re-opened the debate on whether women can compete with men in professional sport. The US Open champion believed she could take on and beat the best players in the men's game - she even applied for a wild card entry to take part in a men's singles event, the Eurocard Open, but this did not eventuate, mainly because she could not compete as she was not a man.

All proving that some people never learn.


* The nineteen fifties equivalent of the Kardashian family ...

** Old joke from the sixties: "What's yellow and lives off dead beetles?"

Anonymous said...

Black on white chatter by blacks

Eff the villa

JQ Super Savage is da man bruh.

Searcher said...

"Sorry, but the end of Western Civilization is in sight, and the end of Europe is just around the corner."

"Beer and entertainment and content to be ignorant of politics in the past."
People drinking with friends, enjoying their leisure time and not getting hung up on politics. That is normal behavior. Many of us here have only wised up in the past few years. No need to think ourselves superior to our friends/family who still watch X Factor and get wasted at the weekend. All our nations are hugely indebted and suicide rates are on the rise. It is little wonder that people seek escape in entertainment and alcohol. This also happened during the Roaring Twenties. It is to be expected. Political correctness means that we are particularly afraid of social exclusion. This evaporates about the age that you stop paying much mind to what people think of you: for some (minority) this happens in their teens, for most of us around 30/40 and some only find that release when they are retired. We have also been taught for as long as I can remember to "never discuss politics or religion" in a social setting.

The fact that we can discuss and exchange ideas with people we don't personally know in different countries so easily via the internet is a big plus. Especially for Irish people (who are ridiculously conscious about "our place in the sun" and don't want to stand out as nationalist weirdos if every other Western country "embraces diversity"). It is imperative for Irish people to be appraised of attitudes in other countries. The Nordic experience would probably have most impact on the average Irish person who would tend to pedestalise the Scandinavian looks and society and crucially see them as pretty innocent and not in any way deserving of "white guilt".

"Indeed, the so-called "Greatest Generation" (excuse me for laughing) were content to go to war with their racial brothers for the profit of the military/industrial complex and of course, extending Jewish control over other countries with valuable resources which goes on to this day."
What lesson can be learnt? Numerous people did caution against war, yet the general population were railroaded into it. We can learn from the Freemasons. They are well organized and networked. If you don't agree with the secret society route we can at least try to get family/clan networking. There is a lot of anger and confusion under the average person's skin. Just scratch it and they will be receptive to being red pilled. Let the question hang and let the connection be made by themselves. Very few people are won over by haranguing or being told that they are asleep/stupid/brainwashed/idiotic. I like to refer to the "Muslims". The "Muslims" who invented feminism. The "Muslims" who run Hollywood. "It would be a bit anti-semitic to talk about the IMF so we shouldn't do that". At least that way, people have to put 2 and 2 together themselves and take ownership of their own conclusions. I like to say: "Don't outsource your conclusions/thinking to me". Some people will always be at the tail-end of the things. They are probably also the more innocent/more trusting people who would do you a good turn. Don't turn on them for their naivety. Born that way :-)

Anonymous said...

The chief Cuckstable of the Bedfordshire Police seems like he might be slightly anti-white. Doesn't he know that's a crime? Maybe he should send himself a letter?

In NZ they killed a man a few years ago (Jan Molenaar). They surrounded his house, and he finally committed suicide. He shot one of the cops, and the media explained that he was a gun nut with issues.

Thousands went to his funeral though. I guess there's a culture of police hate in this country. I can't imagine why though.

Anyway, apparently the brave British soldiers think Britain first are cowards.

Being pro white aint easy. It's harder than anything you do in the Army, that's for sure.

Professor Gates said...

40 blacks per year on average. (Blacks at least accused of some crime.)

1.3 Baltimoremonths as a professor of Black History would say. If it could use Whiteman's numbers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the end of Western Civilization is in sight, and the end of Europe is just around the corner.

I just wish the EU would state their real intentions.

Searcher said...

Your message to women. Maybe you could also address a message to men:
Get used to being forcibly circumcised and your sons also. Get used to having your young sons/grandsons drafted into a paedo harem (especially if blond and fair of face). Get used to having your daughters taken from you also. Get used to seeing any countrymen who stand against invaders, have their head cut off in public. Get used to the fact that the burqa disguise, FGM and Taqiya will be last on the list of things you really get concerned about and that you failed in your duty as men to organize and protect your own nation (and instead you assumed the feminized role of pajama boys that Jewish feminists had wished for you to assume and they in fact succeeded in turning you against your own women).

Fine, it's a bit OTT, but there is no point thinking that men can live on their own and say bye bye to women. We are all in this together. Some men are of a total gombeen mentality (side with any rich/powerful clique) and some women are complete pains in the arse. However, attitudes can change very rapidly.

Sav, predicted ages ago to a younger person about what the new Star Wars would be like. This impressed the younger person when it came to pass. Of course it did. Correctly predicting the future, is way more impressive than just saying "everything is wrong". Sav, like RamZPaul is well above average IQ, ENTP type. They tend to be the best at predicting a future outcome given a set of current variables. They will always have sway over their peer group (because they are more often correct than not and have superior communication skills). Not everyone thinks in the same way and not everyone has the same priorities, however, we will make it together. You need the sandwich makers and the pilots. The tailor and the baker, the candlestick maker, you get me?! I am the eternal optimist and will never give in, so I had sworn off not making any more comments but had to fire one off when I saw your post (as it seemed to come from a demoralized standpoint). BTW I agree with all your points, I just take a different perspective. We will survive (in what number is another story). But yep a few rockets up people's arses could be just the ticket. Scare them with worst case scenario and in a totally detached manner so the agitation can come all from themselves. Reverse psychology. It works a treat on really stubborn people.

Professor Gates said...

The guy being celebrated by Thunderthighs Knowles at the Superbowl was none other than Mario "If I had a son" Woods who brought a knife to a gunfight with cops. I believe he got a creditable silver medal. #RememberTheSilverMedallistsMartinBrownWoods u made Black History Month what it is!

Flanders said...

James 19:03, Great job of pointing out the fallacies on "lynchings". I can only add that most of those earlier lynch parties were not perversions of justice but were swift retributions for grievous wrongs committed by those vastly deserving of the swift justice. The niggers today kill White people, not for any wrongs which are committed by Whites against the blacks, but simply because the killers are simply niggers who are encouraged to be niggers.

The black community and the jews are willing to ignore all of those killers and just parade a few of the better behaved blacks in front of and around their media viewers, and provide a few as "co"-"workers", so that people identify with those few blacks and forget that the vast sea of niggers who are never corrected, even within the black communities, but actually are encouraged to continue with their murderous TNB.

Uncle Nasty said...

Not all is gloom and doom. For once, New Zealand is leading the way ...

Newspapers here are biting the dust, left, right and ... well actually, far left.

Why the shock? The writing has been on the wall for years
by Cameron Slater on February 17, 2016 at 8:30am

Apparently Fairfax staff are shocked that 70 of them got the arse card yesterday.

It surely couldn’t have been a surprise that the business was poked. Fairfax outsourced a large chunk of their printing last year…to the NZ Herald. With decisions like that it is little wonder they are going down the gurgler.

But staff are shocked?

Dozens of New Zealand jobs are in the air after Fairfax Media decided to end an experiment sharing work between its Australian and New Zealand operations and instead outsource subediting work.

At an announcement this afternoon approximately 70 full-time sub-editing staff – many from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch listening in via phone conferencing – were told of a proposal to make their jobs redundant.

The affected staff process stories for Australian sister titles including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Financial Review and The Age.

Fairfax New Zealand had picked up this work in 2012 following cost-saving restructuring at Australian operations.

Fairfax yesterday told staff it was proposing to end the arrangement and instead have the work conducted by Australasian firm Pagemasters.

A Fairfax Media spokesperson said: “Today we briefed the approximately 70 full-time equivalent staff in New Zealand that would be affected by a proposal to move editorial production work they perform for Australian metro mastheads to a third-party provider, Pagemasters, which would operate from both New Zealand and Australia. The proposed new arrangements would provide Fairfax additional flexibility and savings. Consultation with staff is ongoing.”

Affected staff told the Herald they were in shock at the announcement and said it was unclear whether Pagemasters would be in a position to offer replacement employment or whether they intended to shift work to Australia.

When your newspaper no longer reflects the ideals of society the subscribers wither and the readers stop reading. Click bait won’t ever solve that.

Expect more rationalisation as the multi-millions spent on much-vaunted integrated newsrooms similarly fail to attract readers.

Once new and more nimble players enter the market, true disruption will occur and the old media companies will self-euthanise.

Never mind lads ... Bunnings Warehouse and Mitre 10 MEGA** seem to be having a neck and neck race to see who opens the most new stores in 2016.

They'll be hiring.


** Hardware and Builders megastores in NZ, for the uninitiated

Searcher said...

More hatin' on the white woman (from a brotha' no less):

Sample comment:
She has been the 'hidden' hand in mostly all things evil. She's collecting the worlds riches. She's the world's real 'whore'. I see this all of the time. I have a friend who were at the time dating a short Persian women. He was always was constantly approached by white women being so bold to tell him he should be with her in front of his current girlfriend. But whenever we were on an outing (not even dating but going to movies, dinner, etc.), he wouldn't be approached. Of course I'd see them eye him but they never approached when I was with him. So I know you're telling the truth. It happens too when I'm with my adult nephew and brother.

According to Dr. Joy DeGruy, the white woman has killed more little black babies and children then anyone. The was a law that absolved her from justice if she accidently killed a slave during 'correcting' him/her. There are whole gravesites of little black babies/children murdered at the hand of white women. No one talks about that. No one talks about her drug addiction, no one talks about her manipulation of black men to get them locked up. No one talks about her propensity to steal. No one talks about her easiness of her to sleep and trick men out of riches or possessions. Yes, she has been 'hidden' but now she's walking around scared because it's coming out.

Uncle Nasty said...

Searcher said:

All our nations are hugely indebted and suicide rates are on the rise. It is little wonder that people seek escape in entertainment and alcohol. This also happened during the Roaring Twenties. It is to be expected. Political correctness means that we are particularly afraid of social exclusion. This evaporates about the age that you stop paying much mind to what people think of you: for some (minority) this happens in their teens, for most of us around 30/40 and some only find that release when they are retired. We have also been taught for as long as I can remember to "never discuss politics or religion" in a social setting.

Thank you, Searcher. I have been looking for a long time now, for a good concise definition of PC ...

Political correctness means that we are particularly afraid of social exclusion.

... and that is it.

We have also been taught for as long as I can remember to "never discuss politics or religion" in a social setting.

Of course we have ... for the same reason that the tradition of the local pub was so carefully destroyed in the UK. People might go down there and ... talk a little treason.


Michaleen Flynn: Well it's a nice, soft night, so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason. G'night, Sean.
Thornton: G'night, Michaleen.
The Quiet Man (1952)


Searcher said...


This is really bad. I am not at the cornflakes stage, but it's a default browse for any weird and unfathomably famous person and invariably the gut is correct:

Oh dearie me:

Flanders said...

Rick, That update link did not seem to be working. Do you have a site or a transcript which has pertinent information? Do you remember the overall of what was in the message?

Anonymous said...

"Your message to women. Maybe you could also address a message to men:..."

Of course there are consequences for the males as well, but in the last sentences of my post I was addressing the "plight" of the woman in the video who (although a feminist) is evidently (and ironically) expecting the men of her country to suddenly "man up" after having been gelded by a lifetime of indoctrination and now distressed at the plight of women in her country.

" You need the sandwich makers and the pilots. The tailor and the baker, the candlestick maker, you get me?! I am the eternal optimist and will never give in, so I had sworn off not making any more comments but had to fire one off when I saw your post (as it seemed to come from a demoralized standpoint)."

- Not from a demoralized standpoint, but rather a realistic one, and by the way, it seems to me that you left out one most important ingredient in your list of society's constituents; that of the warrior-philosopher (think ancient Sparta). I am not referring here to the police and soldiers whose "loyalty" (if it can be termed such) is owned ultimately by the elite 1%, but a class of men who seem no longer to exist in the Western world. That is, the very type of man that our lady of the video seems to be yearning for. Your soldiers and police (and ours here in the US) are going to follow their orders regardless of what those orders are- their paychecks depend on it. Our politicians and nearly if not all corporate executives as well as the elite one percent are psychopaths. Psychopaths not in the sense of Hannibal Lechter (a typical Hollywood misrepresentation), but in the actual psychological definition thereof as a person without a conscience. A good book about this by the way is "Political Ponerology" by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.
In Europe and Australia, you are disarmed, so what can you do? Your soldiers and police will not protect you, will they? Why have they not done so up to this point? What will it take to turn the tide against the Golden Horde sent into Europe which is meant to "fundamentally change" it in the same way that Obama has promised to do here in the US? We here are not much better off, by the way. Though there are something like 300 million guns in private hands here, not a shot has been fired in anger by any of our so-called "Oath Keepers", even in the face of the murder of Lavoy Finnicum by the Oregon State police and the FBI. And similarly nothing came of the tragic killing of over 25 children (burned to death) by the FBI at Waco, Texas years ago. I could site many other examples, but there is no need.
Yes, I understand that what I say sounds like the rantings of a demoralized man, but rather this is reality as I see it. I have watched our civilization being turned into a Pathocracy. Every tool available was used against us from our technology to our women. Now the final tool; that of Islam. Islam is perfect for this by the way, since the object of our rulers is to deny us liberty, and Islam despises individual liberty. "Submission" to Allah, is just a disguise for submission to the state.
So I ask you, from what quarter will rebellion or even feeble resistance come?

Flanders said...

British Patriots arrested by Freemasonic Police - [Flanders posting]

Anonymous said...

Why do millions of Indians shit all over the place?

Maybe God is in the big white telephone.

James said...

When your newspaper no longer reflects the ideals of society the subscribers wither and the readers stop reading. Click bait won’t ever solve that.

The NZ Herald is anti-white genocidal propaganda and the editors should be arrested and put in prison. They are breaking the law daily. I'm amazed they have any readership at all but NZ is full of sheep and everyone knows that.

James said...

Flanders, in the west it was mostly Chinese and Mexicans that got lynched (according to the Wikipedia page). They don't matter. 1/3 overall were white. They don't matter either. In fact its very important that they don't matter, because otherwise people would realise that under lynching Blacks were actually punished rather more leniently than they are now, relative to population etc.

As usual people like asking for things to get worse than they ever were - and they're never disappointed in that regard. And now whites get lynched every day and nobody does shit about it at the high levels. Cops just clean up the mess.

Smash the anti-white propaganda. Remember, most of the stats they throw at us may or may not be true. That doesn't matter. It's still anti-white.

They always ignore the other stats, the more modern stats, the really important stats. Just like Mark Twain said.

Stop the Kalergi Plan. Stop Merkel. Stop White genocide!

Searcher said...

O/T ish...

This is a how-to guide on how to make a slave. Obviously I don't advocate for its use literally. I see it useful as an insight into a controlling slavemaster mindset:

The offsetting of gender roles are particularly relevant in terms of Sav's original post.

Anonymous said...

Look at this rat faced cop acquiescing to kike demands for a grovelling apology.
Was there a similar apology for Bramall?

James said...

Once new and more nimble players enter the market, true disruption will occur and the old media companies will self-euthanise.

...or exchange plasmids and cause new strains of anti-white propaganda pathogens to develop and emerge amongst an unsuspecting public.

The left is highly virulent and capable of incredible variety.

Flanders said...

Someone had recently asked the identity of that old woman actress who cried rape. The link below gives a much more complete story and does it quite well, covering ground about several aspects of that case. Among them are the issues of feminism, prosecutorial misconduct, state agency against Whites, and others. The author is himself a victim.

"An award-winning actress appearing in the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones has been outed as the woman who falsely accused Mark Pearson of rape after he walked past her. Souad Faress claimed that Pearson digitally penetrated her, violating her inside her underwear, for several seconds in the middle of Waterloo Station in London."

"So, what’s the white man and decent white woman to do about such false rape accusations?

Spread her name and photographs to the far corners of the internet. Avenge Mark Pearson and send the message that similar behavior will be met with fury and rage. She may have won awards as an actress, but her name is not even close to well-known enough to avoid a lifetime of being associated with the false rape accusation of all false rape accusations.

Two final points: Shouldn’t women who make false rape accusations be tried and when found guilty serve a prison sentence. Since psychopath Souad is a Ghanian Arab, deport her to Ghana after she’s released from prison.

The final point I wish to make is that as I’ve disclosed here before is that a cabal of nonwhite females falsely accused me of rape, child rape, and murder, a set of accusations via insinuation which cost me $200,000 to defend and got me fired from my job as a university professor, a job I held for 30 years without a blemish on my record until the group of psychopath females decided to destroy me.

One of these women recently got a grand jury to indict an 83 year old ex-priest for rape and murder. She had hounded him for 56 years. Is that psycho or what?"

Searcher said...

O/T completely

Just happened upon this other Irish blog. I thought you would find some of the articles interesting (although he stopped in 2009!) Well written though.

Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Gloria Steinem said...

Help! Help me! Help me musulman and save me from the evil white male oppressor.

My name is Germaine Greer and I approve of this message.

Flanders said...

Another old jewess feminist, Bella Abzug:

Bella shares a common link with Bernie and multiple other once young jew communists - Hashomer Hatzair [Make note of the description of their activities, and how this compares with the link I earlier shared on that organization in regard to a comment on Bernies Kibbutz].

"Her Hebrew school teacher, Levi Soshuk, recruited her to a left-wing labor Zionist group, Hashomer Hatzair [the young guard]. By the time she was eleven, Bella and her gang of socialist Zionists planned to go to Israel together as a kibbutz community; In the meantime, they were inseparable and traveled throughout New York City, hiked in the countryside, danced and sang all night, went to free concerts, museums, the theater, picnics, and meetings. Above all, they raised money for a Jewish homeland with Abzug in the lead. At subway stops, she gave impassioned speeches, and people tended to give generously to the earnest, well-spoken girl. From her first gang, Bella learned about the power of alliances, unity, and alternative movements."

"After Abzug was defeated in a four-way primary race for the Senate in 1976 by less than one percent, President Carter appointed her chair of the National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, and later cochair of the National Advisory Commission for Women. Active in the UN Decade for Women conferences in Mexico City (1975), Copenhagen (1980), and Nairobi (1985), Abzug became an esteemed leader of the international women's movement. She also led the fight against the obnoxious Zionism Is Racism resolution passed in 1975, which was finally repealed in 1985 in Nairobi. Long active in supporting Israel, especially in Congress and in Israeli-U.S.-Palestine peace efforts, she insisted that Zionism was a liberation movement. Always controversial, her definition of Zionism embraced the international peace movement represented in Israel by Shulamith Aloni and others who promoted the peace process.

During this time, Abzug's not-for-profit advocacy organization, Women USA Fund, organized with Brownie Ledbetter, Patsy Mink, Gloria Steinem, Maxine Waters, and Mim Kelber, published educational materials and created the Women's Foreign Policy Council, which led to the creation of WEDO.

In November 1991, WEDO convened the World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet. Fifteen hundred women from eighty-three nations met in Miami, Florida, to produce the Women's Action Agenda for the twenty-first century. This agenda became the platform for action at UN conferences preparing for the Fourth World Congress on Women (held in September 1995 in Beijing) and created an international women's caucus that transformed the thinking and policies of the UN community. Since 1991, Abzug has promoted the program around the world.

In the face of personal medical challenges, including breast cancer and heart disease, Abzug continues to confront global problems of poverty, discrimination, and the violent fallout of this "bloodiest century in human history." As chair of New York City's Commission on the Status of Women (1993-1995), and in partnership with Greenpeace and WEDO, she launched a national grass-roots campaign against cancer called "Women, Cancer and the Environment: Action for Prevention."

Kevin Rafferty said...

Talking of that old bat Bella Abzug, I remember back during the IRA troubles in the eighties when she, shamelessly seeking the Irish-American vote, declared her support for the armed struggle would continue 'as long as the British continue to occupy Dublin'.

Anonymous said...

Actors showing what really goes on with child brides
A staggering 1.2 billion worldwide

Eff the villa

lool said...

Interesting developments in non-PC Poland....

"One of Poland’s most popular weekly magazines has splashed a graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants on its front cover. The image may be one of the most politically incorrect illustrations of the migrant crisis to date."

Plenty of interesting comments inc some clued-up ones.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rafferty said...
'as long as the British continue to occupy Dublin'.
I hadn't realized tourism had reached such high levels.
A request to all. Can we please stop refering to the 'police'. The correcet name is the 'Occupying Militia'.


Anonymous said...

This morning I Watched a spokes person from the United Institute for defence giving, her take? on the the situation in Syria ....Woz it Russia whodunit ...the bombing of hospitals.
To my mind she was far from happy with the words coming out of her own mouth.
Big brother at work I’m thinking.

Searcher said...

So I ask you, from what quarter will rebellion or even feeble resistance come?

Good question. My bet is on people who have no real White Guilt (Irish people for example - it suits us to think of other Whites as oppressors but not ourselves). Also Irish Americans don't seem to buy into the American White guilt - given that Irish people were enslaved en masse also and according to the internets seem to be as "racist" as Italian Americans when it comes to the "downtrodden African Americans". We would be quicker than most however, I think, to form alliances with our immigrant population and "see the bigger picture".

The resistance I think will come first from USA. High unemployment, farcical social trends in the universities, debt ridden society, wars that do not benefit the national interest of Americans, Chinese interests buying up the natural resources, Clintons selling off Uranium resources to Russians; open borders under Obama; state proscribed intellectual child abuse via Common Core; ((((Soros))) funded BLM and (((MSM))) flaming racial tensions . I see the USA like a tinderbox. A few sparks and the fire will catch. Maybe California first.

That's where I am betting. If the Euro collapses tomorrow, Ireland would have to look seriously at deporting people who have been billeted on the nation with no real benefit to us. As Sav has identified before: Roma gypsies; Africans; Muslims. I don't think it would come to war here if the collapse comes soon enough. The Muslim population here seem to be generally very well treated and we don't have the hate preacher types that have popped up in the UK (we don't have that large a Muslim population though in absolute terms and they have only greatly increased in size in the last 2 decades). There are typically 2 generations of Muslim families here for the most part. They are not that deeply rooted here as, for example the Muslim populations in England.

Greece also is resisting, but their narrative is not getting to a wider audience. Similarly, an island nation, they have no real White Guilt. They have been demonized in (((MSM))) as lazy, untrustworthy, parasites on the hard working Germans, taking retirement early with a strong black market economy. However, if they get their message out to a wider audience, they might be pleasantly surprised at how much support there is out there for them. A lot of Westerners have holidayed in Greece and like the Greek people. IMF Christine LaGarde (nee Burns of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant) has said she has no sympathy for Greeks and this does not go down well with normal Europeans.* Hungary and Poland are clearly taking a strong stance against invasion which is heartening to all like-minded people in the West. Australians have lots of Greeks and English/Irish/Scots descended people. They tend to be pretty macho (in comparison to European men) and will continue to offer resistance. A good number of Australians also have travelled extensively and will have seen with their own eyes the degeneration of Europe.

Searcher said...

If I were the anti-George Soros type (with access to unlimited funds), I would fund Greece to help them protect their borders and build up their military to take back control of their national assets (which have been transferred to "greedy bankers": airports/seaports etc).

However the biggie, would be on creating a news channel that gives in-depth analysis and background information to various wars over the past 2 decades and current events like the standoff in Oregon. Totally blow apart the MSM (similar to Trump yet more high brow). I used to think (forgive me) that there was something wrong with Americans that they couldn't distinguish between Iraq and 9-11. However, I realize, that people the world over believe what they are told (it is easier). I would not idolize Russia in the slightest. I like Russians on a personal basis, but the mindset is harsh. They have terrible social problems. Put it this way, I would rather live in Tokyo than Moscow right now (and in 50/100 years time).
Demoralised vs optimistic? Morale in a war is imperative. 30 demoralised soldiers = 10 with morale. 3 to 1. No point in kicking the bucket before the critical mass really starts to form. The world will not collapse if all Nigerians return to Nigeria and Somalians to Somalia and Pakistanis return to Pakistan. The world will not collapse if all Irish people return to Ireland (actually I would love if that happened). Anyhow, as the UN masters keep telling us, migration is inevitable. Deportation is a form of mass migration too.

Also, hopefully more and more people will start wising up to the UN and the current Marxist incarnation of a "Pope". It will come inevitably, as Frankie appears more anti-Christ in his messages: atheism is fine; Judaism is on a par with Christianity (re-iterating JP2 who stated that Islam/Christianity/Judaism were 3 threads of the same tradition); millions of Muslims in Christian countries is just grrrreat.


Anonymous said...

Just listen to the posh mommys boys and girls voices of these no borders activists

Eff the villa would live to get a grip of one of them and smash their teeth in

Anonymous said...

Please listen to this. Stick with it. All is not what it seems. Why can't we produce more guys like this? I went from anger to laughing in this vid. It's only had 2,159 views and 16 comments since 2014. John from Waterloo is a hero.


Searcher said...

PS for anyone who is worried about Europeans being "disarmed".

How do you think criminals/terrorists manage to get weapons?
We may as well worry about not being able to get cocaine/heroin (what with drugs being illegal an' all).

I heard this before, but I don't know how true it is that IRA members took a great interest in chemistry courses when incarcerated (you can study at prisons here). Jim Corr, when he spoke out about 9/11 on Irish TV explained that thermite was "not the kind of thing you could make in your garage". The "Lying Eyes" court case in Ireland, illuminated the fact that the double-crossing fake assassin had made Riacin from a recipe he found on the internet.

For all the guns in USA, there have been massive attacks on the American people. Poisoned food (sugared bread; MSG; fructose/corn syrup popping up everywhere; hormones in meat); existential guilt trips forced on children; swindled out of their future in 2008/2009; being spied upon; torture being allowed for when it is renamed "enhanced interrogation techniques"; made a laughing stock of pretty consistently on (((reality MSM))) which is not only shown in the US but exported around the world.

If an alien arrived in USA and turned on the TV he would think the natives have an attention span of a goldfish (with constant recaps and ad interruptions) and in need of medication (lots of ads for ED/Hair Loss/Weight loss) and therefore unwell. If an alien arrived in the UK and turned on the TV, he would think that the lowest rung of the social class were white people and that Brown people were posh. He would also think that insurance and cold and flu medications were life's essentials and that White women loved to couple up with Black men. Irish TV: he'd think this is a people who really hate themselves as they are constantly running themselves down. That they worship Muslims and Africans who are there in Ireland to "culturally enrich" a backward, insular people. The Catholic Church is uniquely evil. We love to hear at six o'clock a round-up of who died in a variety of tragic circumstances, what the mixed bag of weather will be like in the morning and how many people lost their jobs and how many new jobs we got from politicians.

Searcher said...

Anyhow, the point I want to make (forgive my long-windedness) is that unity is the biggest strength (not how many guns you have in the garage). Better have 10 people you can trust, than 1,000 with a rat in the pack. Unpozzing people intellectually/spiritually though art and discussion is hugely important. Nobody wants to be the weirdo who everyone turns against because they jumped the gun at the starting line.

There is a lot of goodwill towards normal Americans who can be honest with themselves and us. Unpicking (((MSM))) narratives is a huge part of that process. Young Americans in Ireland (as far as I can tell from my own experience) are very well liked and appreciated. It is probably a function of a high probability that an American in Ireland is middle class, polite, good humored and educated. Also American tourists tend to be very well appreciated (at least by those in the catering/pub trade!) This is why I love sites like Majority Rights/American Renaissance/RamZPaul/Veterans Today. They are real. They are also of a way higher standard than the US/UK (((MSM))). I also love Millenial Woes because he is real (same as the Swede, Golden One).

Anyhow, there is no way we will end up like "fairytale creatures". Not going to happen.

Is there a drive on in USA, for example, for a cashless society starting with controls on maximum cash purchases (like in France with a EUR1,000 limit)? Most Europeans I would guess are unaware of the banking legislation that has changed the normal understanding that people have in relation to their deposit accounts. I imagine, that Americans are likewise uninformed by their (((MSM))) of important changes in banking:

Share the knowledge. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sonny Knowles said...

The BBC will be showing a tv program based on the OJ Simpson case. Who will play the AA prosecutor Marcia Clark who had the competence of a Alison Saunders, Dame Barbara Mills or Marie Whelan? Chelsea Clinton is certainly ugly enough to and is not living in reality so that is another plus point. Christopher Darden could be played by any AA actor from crappy tv shows. Ice T springs to mind. Or Emma Thompson's "son" could get a nice bit of AA nepotism going there nad perhaps an AA Oscar for a bit partin some movie.

Searcher said...


That is exactly the kind of thing that wakes people up.


The Scouser accent is the icing on the cake. Faux naif. Perfick.

"If you want a PayDay loan just go to him...."

"There are lots of extremely good Muslim filmmakers?"!!! LOL. The broadcaster's fake teeth are about to fly out with indignation, lisping intensifies as he realizes he is being played. "John, I think there is something of the 'dark" about you!!!"

LOL. You could not make it up. Thanks for the best laugh I have had in a while. Truly.

Stephen Fry said...

Eliot Spitzer was acussed of Dominique Khan-Straussing a prostitute. Oh vey! It is worse than the hollowcost so it is.

Anonymous said...

Australia is changing.if this 8 year old girls parents were white right wing they would take her into care
Any way this little girl might change her mind when she is dragged into a room for fgm

Eff the villa

James said...

This report from Dr Schoon is quite interesting.

-jewish bankers
-gold price has bottomed (lots of evidence from three established market timers)
-crimes and manipulation, billions of dollars
-Judge Sotomayer helped Martin Armstrong
-Warren Buffet at the trough
-Yeltsin blackmailed to appoint Jewish president of Russia but Putin stopped it in exchange for becoming president
-Jewish banker murdered by Mossad
-Israeli arms smuggling and money laundering
-The American gulag system, political prisoners
-Billions of dollars flying around in the week after 9/11

Entertaining, if anything.

James said...

Actors showing what really goes on with child brides
A staggering 1.2 billion worldwide

Eff the villa

I know. It's terrible.

According to the article, a little girl can get married at 16 years old in Scotland. What sort of barbaric place is that?

Anonymous said...


Dr. Wassell said...

What I cannot understand is that with all the tribe's power they cannot stop DSK and Spitzer getting prosecuted. Wonder did they turn rogue?

James said...

Actors showing what really goes on with child brides
A staggering 1.2 billion worldwide

Why are they all staggering? Underaged drinking at their weddings too? This is intolerable (unless its part of their culture and they aren't white, of course).

Anonymous said...

@ Searcher 16:44 --

"Better have 10 people you can trust, than 1,000 with a rat in the pack..."

Good way to put it. A point I've been trying to tell my fellows here for about two decades.

"Guns" in America became a political issue after Jack Kennedy's death, and the MSM plays us all like an old wheezy accordion. My enlightenment came at a gun show in the 90s, details unimportant. But all the fellows with the high-priced and high-caliber collections would be better off spending one night a week reading books like the crazy Russian anarchist Prince Kropotkin's Mutual Aid and getting to know the neigbors than adding to the iron rack.

The strategy of America's overlords has been to keep guns legal, but keep their owners in perpetual anxiety. After a very short time, people that nervous reach a level of paranoia that precludes trusting anybody. Clever strategy, that.


Sonny Knowles said...

A feminist idol's cry for help?

Gloria Steinem had a saying that women were just men with girl parts. The Williams brothers are an example. After losing to a male player outside the top 200 Serena asked for a wild card into a male tournament so that she could be humiliated again. Ronda Rousey talked tough and lost a fight going on Ellen to talk about her suicidal thoughts.


"Ronda is your classic case of Rocky III. She got over-inflated, thought too highly of herself, and ran into a better fighter. She needs to give up fighting. Her heart is not in it, and if this is the way she handles losing, then she really does need help."

This is the woman who said that she was the best striker in MMA despite not having a boxing background. And when she came up against a trained boxer what happened? She got found out and everyone who was interested in her were uninterested.

"She's been surrounded by people that have been stroking her ego for a long time. Like most people in a similar situation, she started to believe that she was unbeatable. I think the worst message she was given is that she was tough enough to abandon the skills that got her there and try to box with Holm. Someone convinced her that attitude was all it took to be a boxer, and whoever that is should be retired from her camp. Personally, I think many of her bouts were hand-picked to benefit the UFC more than her. Her handlers knew she was fighting some washed up opponents, but no one let her in on that secret."

I hope you enjoyed Serena's defeat at the Australian Open as much as those who never forgot what she said to the line judge after being foot faulted!

Anonymous said...

Shit happens.

Muslim women forced to give birth on hospital floor.

Another "baby of Kalergi" comes into the world.

Anonymous said...

Searcher @18.35
I was exactly the same. Outraged at such an asshole to start with. Then the penny starts to drop. Outrage turns into a smile and then to laughter. I've been had! But not as bad as the radio presenter. How the guy does it and doesn't drop out of charecter is brilliant. Every thing the presenter says is agreed with but some how not. For those that missed it. :-

Money back if not delighted.


Anonymous said...

Searcher. Is he a Jewish gentleman? PMSL.


Searcher said...

PS I just wanted to clarify a point I made above. I do not advocate for a blanket deportation of Africans/Muslims. I have had mixed experiences with both groups and I can see there are individuals who are decent and add to our society. However, the more people we have in Ireland who have no connection to us in roots/culture, the less Irish our nation becomes.

I believe in limits and I also believe in putting Irish people first (not last) in our own country. We have not had ancestors who built up our society and nurtured our culture for centuries, to just roll over and give it up for some false ideology of turning the country into some multinational corporate entity. I am the kind of person who is not particularly scared of being poor and also skeptical of the likelihood of a Pakistani retail assistant and a Nigerian taxi driver to "provide for me in my old age" (the pensions excuse). I realize that the vast majority of people are more materially minded (no value judgement intended) and I recognize that economic collapse/financial collapse is the "ne plus ultra" to really concentrate the minds. However, we can all do our bit, to open the discussion. Allow a "safe space" for people around us to voice their concerns without fear of PC strictures. The funny thing is that "safe space" in its original meaning infers a prison not freedom. It's the Orwellian theme again. The liberated worker (from their chains) USSR nations were effectively prison states (so good they won't let you leave).

Anyhow, you can always count on Irish/Scottish/Aussie people to give a solid two fingered salute to BS. Gallows humor. We're all on the way out. May as well stand for something (other than a mishmash of "consumer behaviors"*, corporate job titles and FakeBook likes).

PS The whole Israel and the rapture BS never caught on in Ireland. We have to side with Nutty Yahoo and organ traders or face what? Boiling lakes of lava? Give me a break.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Searcher. Many indeed are decent people, hard-working etc. But I disagree that they 'add to our society'. The fact is, being African and/or Muslim they are not of European stock and will dilute our gene pool and national character.

Searcher said...


He is a classic.

...."I was roasting in the car. I heard a caller calling from Chicago, a gentleman from Chicago, a Jewish gentleman. An' he calls all the way from Chicago to put forward the eh Jewish position. I thought it was eh it really explained to someone, I thought he was sayin' that all he wanted was peace. I absolutely agree with him."...

If I ever met that man I would buy him more than a pint. He would be legless. Roastin' in the car LOL!

Lispy radio man, Roger: "There are plenty of non-Jewish directors of films.
John from Waterloo: "Oh of course, of course, but they're not as good"!

I think someone needs to send Roger some of Tony Hayer's/Nilus' lists!

Giberal Liberish said...

Amusing argument between Muslims on TV. Must watch!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed Serena's defeat at the Australian Open as much as those who never forgot what she said to the line judge after being foot faulted!

Stop providing so many links. Everyone's seen it already.

Anonymous said...

Somalis in Sweden evicted, demand free housing and more money.

I hope they get what they deserve.

A somali family in Sweden was evicted since they cant show any income. They mobilized other somalis in the small town of Katrineholm and marched to the welfare office. There they demand free housing, better playgrounds, more money, free immigration for all somalis, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

@ Searcher:

"Good question. My bet is on people who have no real White Guilt (Irish people for example - it suits us to think of other Whites as oppressors but not ourselves).

Well my hat is off to the Irish then, when (and if) they resist the dissolution of their sovereignty as a nation. It did happen before, as I recall with the IRA.

"The resistance I think will come first from USA"

- That IS actually a possibility, but not so much for the reasons that you speak of (though they factor in) but more so simply because the government here has created a large cadre of ex-soldiers who have experience in the Middle East wars and yet are old enough to remember how things used to be in the days prior to the coup of 2001. Some of these have joined "militias" and the Federal government has put all local law enforcement agencies on notice that veterans returning from war in the Middle East are potential terrorists.

" I see the USA like a tinderbox. A few sparks and the fire will catch. Maybe California first."

- Yes to the tinderbox allusion, but "Kalifornia" (we laughingly include the "K" as a reference to its USSR like government) - really? Why there? It has the most stringent gun controls in the nation and has practically been taken over by Mexicans while most middle class Whites have left the state in droves for places like Oregon.

Anonymous said...

@ Searcher (continued):

" Hungary and Poland are clearly taking a strong stance against invasion which is heartening to all like-minded people in the West."

- We here do not really think of the eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland as being a part of the West. Hungary has the "advantage" (if you can call it that) of having suffered so many invasions in its past history that their level of caution is much higher than the others. Poland too, having been part of the Communist Bloc at one time, is similarly hyper aware of the dangers these invaders pose to their culture. Yes, their strong stance is very encouraging.

"If I were the anti-George Soros type (with access to unlimited funds..."

- Ah well, that is a big part of the problem, is it not? I have said in the past that there are no rich whites willing to fund political action groups and foundations for "the advancement of white people". No insult intended to you here, Searcher, but this is a pipe dream.

"However the biggie, would be on creating a news channel that gives in-depth analysis and background information to various wars over the past 2 decades and current events like the standoff in Oregon. Totally blow apart the MSM (similar to Trump yet more high brow)."

- Creating such a channel would seem impossible since "the usual suspects" own the MSM lock, stock and barrel, and have been gaining much control of the internet as well. We still have "free speech" here to some extent, but as soon as they are done gutting the 2nd amendment to the constitution ("gun rights") they will go after the 1st amendment as well (speech). The empire is centered here, as you know, and already YouTube and Twitter both censor comments and podcasts that interfere with European Union rules on "offensive speech".

" I used to think (forgive me) that there was something wrong with Americans that they couldn't distinguish between Iraq and 9-11."

- No forgiveness needed, lol there IS something wrong with MOST Americans, and that has to do with a short attention span produced by distractions like TV and their cell phones as well as that indoctrination via the public schools that I told you about. Also they too believe what they are told however... this latter part is more true of the older Americans than the younger generations. Those who grew up with computers and the internet tend to get more accurate world views from improved contact with others in the world view the net. Actually, many do view 9-11 as a false-flag event and Iraq as a place we had no business being in, much less bombing for the sake of George Bush's oil interests.

Searcher, thank you for your input. Some of it has been very encouraging.

rick ronsavelle said...

Flanders- the link still works here in Aztlan [SoCal]

Try this alternative:

Update from Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen [summary}

English high court issued an injunction at last moment
we face a 6 grand [6000 pounds] plus legal bill. Injunction has crippling conditions- meanwhile islamic terrorists tour the country. They are banned from even entering the town of Luton. Barred from any type of publishing which might stir up racial hatred.

Police are being "judge, jury,and executioner."

Paul and Jayda drove thru Luton and were attacked-grounds for injunction on THEM rather than on muslim attackers. "We cannot march during the holy month of Ramadan." If they lose in court they may have to leave Britain or go to prison. As losers must pay costs, it could be 30,000 pounds plus.

I would search in the youtube search box Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding

Flanders said...

I'm not a poetry type, but this one should be read. It has meaning that you will identify with - and that's true for us all.

"The Embers of Europe are dying,
The phoenix is sleeping in peace,
But no rest for the peoples of Europe,
The nations that bankers must fleece;
No peace from political traitors,
There’s never respite from their wars;
Now the Embers of Europe are dying,
Invaders are kicking its doors.

The flickering flames of revival,
Snuffed out by the treacherous few,
[Continues at the link].

Flanders said...

I know that everyone is going to be overjoyed that the glass ceiling is again to be shattered by the jewess, Angela Merkel.

"The idea surfaced again just as Chancellor Merkel was preparing for a delicate mission to Brussels this week to try to convince at least a few other European nations to help ease the burden Germany has been aching under since it took the unprecedented step of opening its doors to refugees.

An opinion piece in the New York Times by a former communications aide to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon named her as the perfect choice to be his successor when his term runs out at the end of the year. The article, included a graphic featuring the famous Merkel's rhombus with the world in its middle, listed all the reasons why "there is a compelling logic in favor of a Merkel candidacy."

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Savant your article has excited much attention on blogs here in Sweden. Much comment is favorable and not only men!

SAVANT said...

Searcher (15.12). I agree with your position on the sources of rebellion. In particular I concur with the idea of serious economic problems as the real catalyst. Only when the serfs can't afford to watch the Jootube's prolefeed will they ask what's going on and ultimately rise up in anger.

Flanders said...

Savant: "Otherwise ladies we White men - and you can now understand why - will stand by and defer to Ahmed, just waiting to take you as one of his wives, dump you for a younger one when he's ready and stone you to death if he suspects adultery."
Ahmed has no intention to dump them, Savant. He is going straightforward to bed, er wed, a more "age appropriate" one.

Denmark: Child Brides “Must be Legal”

"There are now so many child brides among nonwhite invaders in Denmark’s invader centers that the time has come for that country to change the law regarding underage marriage, one of the most prominent Islamic leaders there has said.

According to an article in Denmark’s Metro Express newspaper, the imam of the Danish city of Aarhus, Osama El-Saadi, has called for the legalization of child marriages because it is the invaders’ “culture.” [Continues].

Flanders said...

Thanks Rick, That update link is working perfect.

Anonymous said...

18 February 2016 at 07:35

The white men of Europe and America have adopted the "English way" hanging on in quiet desperation ... waiting for somebody else to kick it off.

Anonymous said...

I used to be sceptical but I now believe we must vote to STAY in Europe. The east Europeans hate the yids, wogs and the pakis/coolies as much as or more than we do!
We must UNITE with them as a new universal European Christian force for good.

Pegida is a start.

I didn't like Tommy Robinson much before but he needs our support and so I'm all for him (and Paul Weston) now. He takes a lot of flak for his views which are similar to ours but he's very brave... poor kid

Searcher said...

It just occurred to me last night that in the past year, two Gen X friends (female) mentioned on separate occasions that women in Ireland were (second class citizens or had about as much rights as Muslim women have now) in the 1970s.

Now, both were quite highly strung when they come out with this"fact" so I didn't press the question with them except one friend spoke of the "marriage ban" during economically depressed 1970s when government employment contracts were not available to married women.

Anyhow, they are both trend followers, so I know they didn't come up with this themselves. My question is where did it come from? The 1970s also is noteworthy - not the 1960s or the 1950s but the 1970s (the decade was "not a friend to woman" apparently).

Does anyone else notice in MSM, women who ran a business in the distant past are referred to as "feminists" even if there is no evidence that they were (and even before "feminist" became a thing).

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent video by Karen Straughan regarding privilege and duty, men and women

James said...

"The idea surfaced again just as Chancellor Merkel was preparing for a delicate mission to Brussels this week to try to convince at least a few other European nations to help ease the burden Germany has been aching under since it took the unprecedented step of opening its doors to refugees.

In other words, the immigrant warehouse is having a clearance sale to make way for more stock coming in soon.

Merkel is part of the Kalergi Plan. He is guilty of white genocide and should be in prison. Why is PEGIDA not calling for her imprisonment?

James said...

Chinese New Year being set up in Auckland Domain now. Big operation. Indian Diwali only gets Albert Park in the city, or part of Queen St (the $400 st in NZ Monopoly).

Some Chinese millionaires are backing this I suspect.

Gullible Whites will trundle along and go oooooh ahhhh at all the lanterns and eat some muck.

The setup and security crews working like ants. None of them are Chinese.

Man it's sad.

Flanders said...

This is left after the new posting, but this link has a video which is important to this issue, Why Women Destroy Nations and Civilizations. It also carries a link to:
"download of Sex and Culture.

We need action but we need knowledge first."

Flanders said...

Clara Zetkin née Eißner - She joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) and its far-left wing, the Spartacist League; this later became the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), which she represented in the Reichstag during the Weimar Republic from 1920 to 1933.

Zetkin was born Clara Eissner in Wiederau, a peasant village in Saxony. Her father, Gottfried Eissner, was a schoolmaster and church organist who was a devout Protestant, while her mother, Josephine Vitale Eissner, came from a Jewish bourgeoisie family from Leipzig and was highly educated.

Zetkin was very interested in women's politics, including the fight for equal opportunities and women's suffrage. She developed the social-democratic women's movement in Germany; from 1891 to 1917 she edited the SPD women's newspaper Die Gleichheit (Equality). In 1907 she became the leader of the newly founded "Women's Office" at the SPD. She started up the first "International Women's Day" on 8 March 1911, launching the idea of it in Copenhagen, in what later became the Ungdomshuset.

When Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party took over power, the Communist Party of Germany was banned from the Reichstag, following the Reichstag fire in 1933. Zetkin went into exile for the last time, this time to the Soviet Union. She died there, at Archangelskoye, near Moscow, in 1933, aged nearly 76. She was buried by the wall of the Kremlin in Moscow.

Zetkin was memorialized on the ten mark banknote of the now-defunct German Democratic Republic (GDR) (East Germany).

In 1954, the GDR established the Clara Zetkin Medal (Clara-Zetkin-Medaille) to honor women particularly active for women's rights."

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

A must watch vid - WOMEN!

19 February 2016 at 18:14

A hell of a link, but, amazingly, it works.

Regarding the video, I recommend you move to about 04:00 to Stefanie van Berg saying: in essence:

That Germany will undergo radical change (the magic buzzword ... "change")
That in twenty or thirty years Germany will no longer be Germany -- i.e. Germans will be a minority.
... and she warns (specifically) all those "right wingers" that this will be a "good thing"

Well, what does one say?

1. The so-called "democratic" political process is utterly broken. Or, more to the point, it has been fatally flawed since its inception.

2. The cracks in the facade are no longer surface crazing ... but are now gaping holes, through which we begin to faintly perceive the dreadful reality.

3. We now know that blindness, laziness, preoccupation with trivia, childlike naiveté, unreasonable willingness to trust what we are told, and, let's be frank, plain stupidity have got us into this pickle.

4. In the words of Will Rogers, it will not get us out again.

5. Watch people like this, carefully. Take down their names. Compile dossiers.

6. When -- not if -- the counter-revolution begins, take care of them ... first.

That is ... if the current PTB have not already done so. As far as the left is concerned, radical loudmouths on your side are always ... useful when you're climbing the ladder.
Once you've reached the top, however, not so much.

After all, people whose only talent is flapping jaw, are inclined to keep doing so, long after their usefulness is over. Hence the old story of the Revolution alway devouring its children.


Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Chinese New Year being set up in Auckland Domain now. Big operation. Indian Diwali only gets Albert Park in the city, or part of Queen St (the $400 st in NZ Monopoly).

Some Chinese millionaires are backing this I suspect.
Gullible Whites will trundle along and go oooooh ahhhh at all the lanterns and eat some muck.
The setup and security crews working like ants. None of them are Chinese.

Man it's sad.
18 February 2016 at 20:08

Or, as Nanny Ogg (goodwill diplomat) would have said in one of Terry Pratchett's novels:

"Eatin' their foreign muck an' gabblin' their heathen lingo."

Oh, it is to laugh.

An aside, here ... and back to reality. The Chinese, it must be admitted, are realists. They are quite aware of the value of the bribe, and pretty adept at spotting the corrupt among Auckland's city councillors ... pretty much all of them.

The currymunchers, however, though corrupt as hell ... are tighter than a shark's arse and will only bribe a councillor as a last resort -- which is why they are always left sucking the hind tit.

The White Aucklanders? Oh Lord, where do I begin?

While all the corrupt aliens are having a ball in the mansion, the Whiteys are still looking for parking down the street.

I despair, sometimes.


Adolph Cromwell said...

A white man can do everything right and his daughters still betray her race. A white man can be an ideal husband and his wife could still cheat. What white women do is on THEM, not us. We need to refuse to take responsibility for THEIR actions. We need to make them own up to it when they betray us, mock them and punish them as men of other races do.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the states, but love reading your blog because even though I have no Irish blood in me, have visited Ireland and love your country and its people. That being said, good to see that in your elections you are also pounding on the scumbags. Recently on super Tuesday here, Trump swept past all of the other "republican" candidates also in the race. Also, I had to laugh out loud about Shatter screeching about "anti-semitism." I'm half Jewish-but what in GOD's NAME IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?! They just cannot understand how destructive they are to many nations, and then wonder why people have despised them throughout history. It is painful to me, even though I am a traditional Catholic, to see and understand now why other people call Jews "nation wreckers."

Anonymous said...

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