Monday, 11 January 2016

Ireland's Young Scientist Of The Year

Most of you here know my enthusiasm for our Muslim and/or African "New Irish" to be somewhat limited. But one annual event regularly works to counteract my misgivings: The Young Scientist Of The Year award, whose recipients (as this year's short-list picture above illustrates) repeatedly come from those very communities. Ireland's future is bright indeed with such budding geniuses to lead us forward.

Take this year's winner, Gbade Ukunwugu who used this genius as his inspiration. Here's his citation: "Gbade's project deployed advanced physics and robotics to channel kinetic forces towards practical everyday uses. Utilising cheap and readily-available materials (a length of wiring conduit) he researched, developed and designed an ergonomically advanced and environmentally friendly vector to channel the body's resources to productive use. No more the agony of getting up from your chair to turn on or off the light. Now using Gbade's innovative technology the user simply reaches out without moving from the comfort of her seat to effect the manoeuvre."

And what about the runner-up? "Second prize goes to Naeema Khan (pictured left) for her pioneering work on genetic determinism. Her project initially focused on the impact of  marriage age variances on  offspring. The case study featured an 85 year-old groom and an 11 year-old bride. Unfortunately the groom suffered a fatal stress-induced heart attack on the wedding night. Despite this crushing setback (from which no Old Irish researcher would have recovered) Naeema, undeterred, opened up a whole new line of  enquiry on the birth effects of consanguinary marriage among Ireland's rapidly-growing and thriving Pakistani community."

Delivering the prizes President Michael D Higgins, drawing himself up to his full 4' 9" declared, to thunderous applause, that the results 'conclusively and finally demolished the shibboleth which claims scientific ability varies by race". And concluded with this  poetic stanza of the kind for which he has become detested famous.

"Today we see that
No matter what hell-hole they come
Can win a prize for


LVG said...

Splattered my keyboard on that one Sav.

Searcher said...

How "young" do you have to be to enter? Is that a bit ageist anyway? Discriminatory feckers. What about the late bloomers?

I was thinking of a sociopath app. Multi-level quiz that identifies the sociopath in your society. Advice and multinational peer support group facilitated.

Cogged from some other website:

“EVIL”…. no need to split hairs or debate the meaning of the word or the concept, it is what it is and no matter what you call it, sociopaths are not “ill” or handicapped, disabled or unfortunate. The mental health community needs to define it as an illness to support a fundamental building block of human logic and reason…”The Just World Theory” is critical to our understanding of reality and if people in general were to really understand the evolution that sociopaths represent, we would have to come to terms with reality of being what essentially amounts to “prey”…

We enjoy a level of comfort and overall serenity in our day to day lives that comes with being the “dominant” species…but the truth is we aren’t. We are not all “equal” and do not have the same capacities. True sociopaths are people with all of the “strengths” and none of the “weights” to hold them down.

So what are we to do? Your advice, to basically “run for your life” is exactly what the establishment suggests. Essentially,
cut your losses, learn your lesson, and avoid it in the future.

Anyone reading this should ask themselves however, what this strategy leads to…? Sociopaths aren’t going to stop hunting the rest of us…and of course, sociopaths..”evil” if you will, thrive on societies understanding and forgiveness. I’m not going to make any suggestions nor offer advice… I only wish to give anyone reading this the inspiration to consider a different view of reality by considering the following:

Sociopaths thrive (perhaps by there own design) on our general belief that we as a society, as a culture, as human beings have “evolved” intellectually and as such, we should strive to be in complete control of our emotions and NEVER under any circumstances should we even consider using our physical ability to facilitate any type of “tangible” response… we have even stigmatized the very suggestion of tangible action and given it a negatively suggestive label…”violence”

It wasn’t that long ago that even in the most sophisticated societies, if you abused someone intellectually, insulted them, humiliated them, slandered them etc. there were actually consequences for your actions and you would have to answer for what you had done…i.e. if you insult my wife, it’s pistols at dawn.

Sociopaths are uniquely equipped for intellectual and psychological warfare….the only thing they truly fear is reality. In a world where there are no tangible consequences for their actions, sociopaths will continue thrive on the subjective and intangible reality of a society governed exclusively by intellect and emotion… You can try to run and hide…but if the few of us who have gained the gift of “sight” as the result of being victimized by a sociopath choose to ignore what we know to be true, I fear that it is inevitable that we are all doomed to suffer through life as “living prey” wandering in this house of mirrors they are adding onto everyday…

Anonymous said...

Move over Clockboy!

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

This may be slightly off-topic, but only slightly. One of the earliest of the more modern line traitors to White people, Lyndon Baines Johnson, from a line known for treachery which have allowed their poison to be spread to "give such budding geniuses" to all of us.

Everyone should know that LBJ was a jew. His disgusting mannerisms and his bullying ways, completely alien to a Southerner of those times, should have been enough to connect those dots. There are also his penchants for being treasonous to the ideals of both the South, and any ideals held by a real American. His little jewess, Lady Bird, was another screeching leftist, who gloated with him over the dead body of JFK.

I have seen several jew sites and articles which attempt to mislead and to divert people from the truth that LBJ was a jew, by claiming that LBJ was “just a friend” to the jew, and attempting to “honor” him by proclaiming him to be, A “Righteous Gentile”. That is clear disinformation to divert the public from knowledge about that which all jews do, Subvert and become Traitors, in no matter which land they try to conquer and subdue for “greater” jewry. No one should be gullible enough to overlook those blatant traitor jew’s attempted deceptions.

“The Johnsons, despite the Anglo-sounding last name, were a family of secretive Zionist Jews who strictly put their loyalty to the Zionist empire above all and therefore spread great tyranny and corruption in the land.
Research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family. His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. According to Gomolak, Aunt Jessie had nurtured LBJ’s commitment to befriending Jews for 50 years. As young boy, Lyndon watched his politically active grandfather “Big Sam” and father “Little Sam” seek clemency for Leo Frank, the Jewish victim of a blood libel in Atlanta. Frank was lynched by a mob in 1915, and the Ku Klux Klan in Texas threatened to kill the Johnsons. The Johnsons later told friends that Lyndon’s family hid in their cellar while his father and uncles stood guard with shotguns on their porch in case of KKK attacks. Johnson’s speech writer later stated, “Johnson often cited Leo Frank’s lynching as the source of his opposition to both anti-Semitism and isolationism.”

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

…Johnson blocked the Eisenhower administration’s attempts to apply sanctions against Israel following the 1956 Sinai Campaign. “The indefatigable Johnson had never ceased pressure on the administration,” wrote I.L. “Si” Kenen, the head of AIPAC at the time. As Senate majority leader, Johnson consistently blocked the anti-Israel initiatives of his fellow Democrat, William Fulbright, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Among Johnson’s closest advisers during this period were several strong pro-Israel advocates, including Benjamin Cohen (who 30 years earlier was the liaison between Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann) and Abe Fortas, the legendary Washington “insider.”

Johnson’s concern for the Jewish people continued through his presidency. Soon after taking office in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, Johnson told an Israeli diplomat, “You have lost a very great friend, but you have found a better one.”
According to Jewish law, if a person’s mother is Jewish, then that person is automatically Jewish, regardless of the father’s ethnicity or religion. The facts indicate that both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish.

These were the grandparents of Lyndon’s mother, Rebecca Baines. Their names were John S. Huffman and Mary Elizabeth Perrin. John Huffman’s mother was Suzanne Ament, a common Jewish name. Perrin is also a common Jewish name.

Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman, who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson’s mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.”

Searcher said...

Coudenhove-Kalergi prize (aka Charlemagne Prize)?
Handy list:
1950 Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi
1951 Hendrik Brugmans
1952 Alcide de Gasperi
1953 Jean Monnet
1954 Konrad Adenauer
1956 Sir Winston S. Churchill
1957 Paul Henri Spaak
1958 Robert Schuman
1959 George C. Marshall
1960 Joseph Bech
1961 Walter Hallstein
1963 Edward Heath
1964 Antonio Segni
1966 Jens Otto Krag
1967 Joseph Luns
1969 European Commission
1970 François Seydoux de Clausonne
1972 Roy Jenkins
1973 Salvador de Madariaga
1976 Leo Tindemans
1977 Walter Scheel
1978 Konstantinos Karamanlis
1979 Emilio Colombo
1981 Simone Veil
1982 Juan Carlos of Spain
1984 Karl Carstens
1986 The People of Luxembourg
1987 Henry Kissinger
1988 Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand
1989 Frère Roger
1990 Gyula Horn
1991 Václav Havel
1992 Jacques Delors
1993 Felipe González
1994 Gro Harlem Brundtland
1995 Franz Vranitzky
1996 Beatrix of the Netherlands
1997 Roman Herzog
1998 Bronisław Geremek
1999 Tony Blair
2000 Bill Clinton
2001 György Konrád
2002 The Euro
2003 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
2004 Pat Cox
2004 / John Paul II (extraordinary prize)
2005 Carlo Azeglio Ciampi
2006 Jean-Claude Juncker
2007 Javier Solana
2008 Angela Merkel
2009 Andrea Riccardi
2010 Donald Tusk
2011 Jean-Claude Trichet
2012 Wolfgang Schäuble
2013 Dalia Grybauskaitė
2014 Herman Van Rompuy (WHO ARE YOU? - N Farage)
2015 Martin Schulz[1]
2016 / Pope Francis

Does anyone Irish here know much about Pat Cox? How did he deserve his Coudenhove-Kalergi prize?? OMG I can't even... they awarded a prize in 2002 to ...the EURO? LOL

Searcher said...

Ps Flanders, allow me to chime in as another appreciator of your work here!

More on sociopaths.
No conscience. Masks. They are a "construct". Projection/denial are the most common defense mechanisms. So when someone tells you that you are a "construct", realize that this is because they are. When someone accuses of hatred/envy, realize that they are projecting. When they accuse you of duplicity, this is their own fault being projected onto you.

I Am a Sociopath
We're Not Bad But We're Not Good Either Well, here honestly goes round two. I wrote a long, in depth article and then bam, computer froze, I swear I'm not lying. It's funny I mention that considering I am a pathological liar, just like most of my kind on here. I call them "lies of the day", usually made up tidbits about myself or my experiences, unconsciously delivered and they are quite convincing. Do I feel guilty about lying, cheating and stealing? No, I don't, but do I know that I should, yes.

I've known that I was fundamentally different since I was a child, but not until last year did my therapist suggest a new name for it: Sociopath. Previous diagnosis include ADD, Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar, and Borderline Personality Syndrome. I know that things that other people said, things that should evoke emotion in me, well, they're cold words to me, but I know why now. Attempts to make me feel guilty, I just look at them as guilt-tripping and they evoke no emotional response from me. Sure, I'll say I'm sorry, but is it meant? No, its not because I know I'm not capable of feeling empathy, pity or remorse. However, I do playact those emotions because that's what you have to do to fit in.

At 25, now 26, I am much more aware of myself then I've ever been. Am I saying that sociopathy and being what I am is good? No. Because there are rules that govern normal society, whether or not we conscienceless people choose to follow those rules or whether we choose to break the social compact is our choice alone to make. I know where our kind ends up (prison) and I know what our kind do to people (lie, cheat, steal, destroy others lives).

In some ways, if you really want to engage in some creative thinking, sociopaths are like vampires, we don't have souls. We feed off other people at others expense in order to win the great game, and once a sociopath is dragged into the light of day for what he or she is, then well, that's the equivalent of meeting the sun face to face. Having a conscience makes other people different then us. We're predators, fundamentally. The world is black and white to us, win/lose, kill/be killed, predator/prey, etc. We always have to win, no matter what. People are considered either little more then pawns or as pets for our amusement or as resources we can exploit to our benefit.

I'm wondering if anyone who reads this article, my personal experiences, and has wondered why we can detect our own kind. Have you ever felt the same icy gaze on yourself, those cold reptilian eyes? Then you've undoubtedly encountered another of your kind. Don't be surprised, because there are supposedly 1 out of every 25 people, is one of us.

Searcher said...

Fundamentally, we're hollow on the inside, and we know we have to hide behind masks in order to fit in. Everything is a charade, because if we reveal who we are to someone, let them get too close, then the game is over. Yet, relationships are all about being close to someone.

My recommendations for people who are one of our group.

1. Develop a Code of Conduct: Ask yourself what does society allow you to do, and what doesn't it? Make yourself a box and keep your actions within that box, black and white thinking should come easily to you.

2. Keep your actions limited and small: If you need to lie, cheat and steal, do it on a limited basis. A very strictly limited basis. I, for instance, have no desire to visit prison, so I'm able to restrain my desire to steal, because I know I cannot get away with it forever. Find an outlet for your wants and desires that might not be people. For instance, video games and martial arts. The brings me to point #3.

3. Do not break the law: There are keeping your actions small, but then there is a clear line in the sand. When you break the law, there is a strong chance you'll get caught, and yes, although you might not think there are, there are consequences for our actions, even if you don't feel guilty for them.

4. Learn to act normal: You're not evil, but you're not entitled to run roughshod over other people. Learn, adapt, put on a mask, be normal for the sake of fitting in.

I cannot promise any or all of this will even work. But know that if you can go your entire life without being in prison, consider yourself to be lucky. Other people are not objects for our amusement, nor are they collective damage in our great games. There is no cure for what I am, what you are, but you can be normal and compensate for your shortcomings.

Flanders said...

We think about these things from a White viewpoint and they seem ridiculous, which of course they are, but I wonder whether a message of "community" is getting through to these jewish tools, which are intended to become a unified base against us. Should we be examining this from that standpoint? These messages, universal in all our countries, are not being given without a long-term plan in mind, and it's up to us to determine that intent and proactively undercut the effectiveness of plans which are adverse to us.

Anonymous said...

O/T Here's an opportunity to celebrate with that delicious German word ... "schadenfreude"

"Anti-racial profiling" Federal Judge attacked by WHO? Say that again!

Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic and actually better suited to the previous invasion thread, I could not resist this.

So sorry the safe accommodation doesn’t meet your exacting standards Miss

Recently in the Netherlands, during a shocking television segment about a fresh batch of Syrian migrants, a Dutch television reporter approached the Syrians after learning that they were sleeping outside in protest of the conditions they were living in.

“This is not a life when you get inside to a room without a TV. Just a bed, there is no fridge, no lockers, no privacy,” spouted an English-speaking Syrian woman with dyed red hair and nicer clothing than one might expect to see on a refugee.

“We’re going to stay outside because we don’t want to eat this food, and we don’t want to stay in the room. We’re running away from our country because of the situation, and now we live in a jail,” the woman continued, obviously disgusted by the modern, safe living environment provided at taxpayer expense.

The next morning, the reporter talked to her again, and she remained steadfast in her protest of such harsh living conditions. She even complained about the allowance they were receiving courtesy of the government of the Netherlands.

She told the stunned reporter that she thought they’d be better off going back to their Islamic State-infested Syrian homeland.

Watch the video.

Gratitude ... thy name is nigger -- sand or otherwise. One emotion that has a shorter half-life that a sub-atomic particle.

My poor old Dad -- who was, like so many South Africans, quite a soft hearted person, pretty much adopted a Zimbabwean jigaboo who plied him with a long, convoluted sob story. Took him in and let him stay on the property, as a gardener. Food, board. a place to stay and a small salary for cigarettes and stuff -- in return for occasional gardening.

Six short weeks later, the boog was making demands and complaints ... until I heard about it.

Six weeks and two days on, the boog found himself back on the pavement, whining like a plane load of Pommie immigrants. My Old Man didn't make that mistake again.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

O/T Here's an opportunity to celebrate with that delicious German word ... "schadenfreude"

"Anti-racial profiling" Federal Judge attacked by WHO? Say that again!
12 January 2016 at 00:45

Ooooh ... nice one.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Flanders's post on LBJ.

Johnson displayed several jewish characteristics, that are normally kept well hidden. One, he despised niggers -- although ostensibly completely on their side, famously saying:-

"Son, when I appoint a nigger to the court, I want everyone to know he's a nigger." (on appointing the famous Thurgood Marshall.

as well as:-

Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963... "These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference... I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years".

Needless to say the lefties put their own spin on this ... more commonly called "damage control"

Read some of the more ridiculous ones here:

Helen Suzman (Liberal South African political darling) and Nadine Gordimer (famously left-wing jew author) were guilty of the same hypocrisy.


Uncle Nasty said...

New link for the gratitude-filled syrian refugee ...

I guess those racissss South African bastards are not looking too bad, now, eh?


Flanders said...

Thanks Searcher! All of us here have good messages to share and we hope it can inspire more people to open their eyes to the fact that our White world has stealthy enemies who pot-shot at us at every opportunity, and who work diligently to keep the minds of most people closed to that fact. It did not stop with USS Liberty or 911. It is ongoing, whether by words or by bullets. Our White people need to know that, and to recognize that white-skinned jews are NOT White.

"According to Richard Wilson, Israeli sniping and IEDs are false flag operations. He says that on March 28, 2005, Americans arrested 19 Mossad agents who fired twice on a US Marine checkpoint. The Marines beat up the Mossad agents and tore off their Star-of-David necklaces. (The US media incorrectly said the agents were Americans.) The Mossad agents said they were employees of Zapata Engineering, which helps the CIA conduct interrogations, and also manages US ammo dumps and US motor pools in Iraq."

Flanders said...

The Craziest Video You Will See Today Or Maybe Ever - Hoff - from another site.

A White man set on fire - Nigger lighting torch - Neeegroids filming

I don't know the details.

Flanders said...

Another TNB special from Pro-White Party.

"This attack by five Black youth in New York comes just days after the mass sexual assault of German women by Third World Muslim refugees in Cologne.

An article in the New York Daily News reports “An 18-year-old woman was savagely attacked by a group of men who took turns raping her during a horrific scene at a Brooklyn [NY] playground, officials said Saturday.”

“The victim was inside Osborn Playground in Brownsville about 11:15 p.m. on Thursday when the five suspects approached her and her father near the park’s handball courts, officials said.”

“One of the suspects — described by police sources as a man in his 20s or 30s in a red jacket and black pants — pulled a gun and ordered the victim’s dad to leave the playground, officials said.”

“’Get the f— out of here,’ he ordered, according to police sources.”

“Each of the five men then raped the young woman, the NYPD said.”

The bottom line is that women are not safe with Third World races running loose. Both Germany and New York City both have strict gun control laws, denying women any effective means of protecting themselves. The father of the girl, gang-raped in New York, could only walk away and call police, who only arrived on the scene after all five Black youth had raped his daughter.

One of the Black criminals had a gun –in defiance of all the gun laws in New York, but the father and his 18 year old daughter were completely unarmed thanks to the liberals, who never learn."

Flanders said...

Merkel and Hillary - The Mein Kundts Feminist Commissars of White Destruction

a swedish friend of this blog said...

UN, the sense of entitlement of those Syrians in Holland beggars belief. But the reaction from the commentators is great.

Here is just one. "Fucking bitch. "We run away from our countries and now we live in the jails". Ok bitch, nobody owes you shit, no country owes you shit, be thankful you got a roof to begin with u ungrateful fucking dumb bitch. There's men on the street who have to sleep in rain and eat shitty dumbster food, but you got no TV wow. Those that I talk about are NATIVES in their countries and suffer while you expect to be treated like a queen. Might as well fuck off."

James said...

Easy Meat” – British Report Warns Against Vigilante Justice

This is a shocking report. It is written with care, but the evidence is hard to believe. Readers should beware, because there is something to feel angry about on most pages: the prevalence of the crime; the length of time that it has continued; its blatancy; the lengths our authorities have gone to in order to cover up for it; but most of all, the vulnerability and suffering of the victims.


anger is going to spread as awareness of this crime spreads. Denial and damage limitation won’t work any more. It is hard to think of something more calculated to incite public violence than the targeting of native girls for rape by an immigrant population. The use of inter communal rape in the most savage territorial conflicts testifies to its perception as a weapon, and the fear of it evokes the most primal instincts. And this is the basis for our plea to our civil authorities to stamp out this crime by any lawful means: if the suffering of the victims can’t motivate you, then consider the threat to your grip on power.
Vigilante violence disables its own society, and is one of the short-cuts from Queen’s peace to all-against-all. The self-appointed doer of justice tears a hole in the entire fabric of the law. He is accountable to no one, and if his violence can be inflicted on child rapists then thieves and debtors will be next. The danger of vigilante justice.

One man's danger is another man's hope I guess.

Get the full report here.

Anonymous said...

Is this a simple case of Tourrette's, or something more sinister?

Anonymous said...

65% Asylum Seekers Still Unemployed After 15 Years


The newspaper de Volkskrant has been one of the largest and most penetrating multicultural call horns in the Netherlands for decades. But slowly doubt begins to creep into the minute brains of these leftist cloggies, as they have to admit that a new under class is emerging in the Netherlands, with corresponding high unemployment and crime rates. There is simply no way these people can contribute in any meaningful way to Dutch society, that needs engineers, not IQ70 retards with backward belief systems. And there are billions more of them waiting for their chance to sneak in as well.


Anonymous said...

German thugs with mindless violence against Islamists.

German mueslis in the vid look really cool too and like to relax together in their pyjamas.

Pegida hymn knocks Adele off German charts.

Honecker’s Revenge

Angela Merkel was a loyal side-kick of the communist leader and Soviet satrap Erich Honecker and served as his “youth leader of agitation and propaganda” until the very last minute. Honecker had to flee from his own people when it all was over to escape revenge. Angela Merkel however sneaked through the mesh and became chancellor of Germany when nobody was paying attention and is intent to destroy Germany, in full cooperation with the Americans, her new overlords. Chances are that she will suffer the same fate as Erich Honecker, albeit with a quarter of a century delay.

Anonymous said...

How does Ann Coulter get away with writing books about "The left's plan to turn America into a Third World hell hole"? They get on the NYT bestseller lists.

UN might have the answer...

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen or read so much open SUPPORT and SOLIDARITY for the GERMANS in Britain as I've read here. The Brits should have realised this in 1939 !!! See/read the comments on here

Anonymous said...

@UN 01.35

Yes my brother had a similar thing happen in the early 90's in Cape Town.
He was the sales manager of a packaging company selling pallet wrap, shrink wrap etc.
Doing their own extrusion so needed people to fetch and carry stuff - you remember the drill.
Anyway - he meets one of them at a traffic light on his way to his Epping factory one morning. Guy has nothing. Needs a job. Wife and family to feed. Please help.
So my brother puts him in the car - takes him to the factory and gives him a manual labour job with his company.
A month or two go by and my brother pitches up to work one morning to find the factory gates shut and locked and protestors doing the toy-toy at the entrance - striking for more pay.
He gets out of the car and says " get out of the way - you guys can spend the day outside with no pay , but I need to go inside and work"
The instigator at the back of the raving mob comes forward to my boet ( brother )
Lo and hehold - it is the man my brother saved.
Stuart says - " what are you doing Jon - I gave you a job when you had nothing"
Jon - " I'm sorry Mr Stuart - get back in your car before it gets damaged and go home - This is for the cause"

Anonymous said...

...and let´s not forget NASSA: Negro American Space Society of Astronauts:

Flanders said...

"The American military has become the enforcer and muscle that the globalists have been using to keep uncooperative nations in line with the international financial system… The three policies that are critical to the goals of the international bankers are free trade, mass immigration, and American interventionism abroad. Brian O’Brien, “What do the Bankers Want?”, The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve (2015)

Americans are likely to be confused by the actions being taken by the U.S. military in Syria. Why has the United States waged a covert and illegal war against the government of Syria for more than four years, a war that has resulted in 250,000 deaths and 11 million people forced to leave their homes? What American national interest is being served by arming and supporting anti-government rebels and mercenary forces trying to overthrow the elected leader of Syria? Who is behind the U.S. military intervention in Syria?


Ashton Baldwin Carter is the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, since February 17, 2015."
It is certainly not America’s national interest that motivates Ashton Carter.
He served as director of the Belfer Center from 1990 to 1993. Carter is currently a member of the board (on leave) of the Belfer Center.

Nathaniel Rothschild is on the Advisory Board at the Belfer Center, along with his Russian business partner Oleg Deripaska. Rothschild is a non-executive director of Genel Energy plc, the largest oil producer in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He is also a non-executive director of Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold company.

Oleg Deripaska is also the chief executive officer and chairman of United Company RUSAL, the world’s largest producer of aluminium."

"It is certainly no coincidence that the people who predicted the catastrophic terrorism of 9-11 were appointed to these key positions in this massive and murderous fraud. Nor is it a coincidence that the Rothschild family is connected to all the positions held by Ashton Carter since he graduated from Yale in 1976."

From a comment further down from the main posting:

"Unlike Philip Zelikow, Ashton Carter is not Jewish. Why would he help orchestrate a “New Pearl Harbor” designed to create a whole-new-world in which the US bankrupts itself, morally and fiscally, by waging permanent war against Israel’s enemies?

The answer appears to be that although Carter is not Jewish, he is a “kosher gentile.” [Or a Crypto-jew who, with the knowledge of greater jewry, is hiding his jewishness - Flanders] Carter has made a career of serving as token goy in groups of hard-line Jewish Zionists. For example, he is the token goy (alongside kosher co-authors Dennis Ross and Michael Makovsky) behind JINSA’s Carter-Makovsky-Ross Report railing against the Iranian nuclear program.

Ashton Carter is such a close associate of Paul Wolfowitz, the 9/11 mastermind who began working on the New Pearl Harbor project while studying under Leo Strauss in the 1960s, that Carter’s appointment as SecDef has been called “the second coming of Wolfowitz.”

Flanders said...

As all of these young "scientists" come into our countries, are they bringing their own food supplies? Are any of our White people, in any of our countries, not at least minimally prepared when their supply lines are cut? Not many raise our own food and those White's who do so also rely on an intricate system which is not controlled by our own people. If you've not stocked yet on food, water and necessities, to some extent of survivability, do so quietly - Beginning Now.

“There is for the first time since the war a general sense of security. The people are more cheerful. There is a greater sense of general gaiety of spirit throughout the land. It is a happier Germany. I saw it everywhere, and Englishmen I met during my trip and who knew Germany well were very impressed with the change.

One man has accomplished this miracle. He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, as resolute will and a dauntless heart. He is not merely in name but in fact the national Leader. He has made them safe against potential enemies by whom they were surrounded.

He is also securing them against the constant dread of starvation which is one of the most poignant memories of the last years of the War and the first years of the Peace. Over 700,000 died of sheer hunger in those dark years. You can still see the effect in the physique of those who were born into that bleak world.”

Anonymous said...

So the migrants who attacked these scots school kids will benifit our country

I don't see any effing doctors amongst the rock throwers

Flanders said...

Wouldn't it be better for all people if White people simply chose to survive, thrive, and to maintain their own White countries? Other people would not suffer harm and would be strengthened in their own countries or communities by assistance from strongly functioning White countries. [White as referred to above does not include those who are white by skin color, but who are a foreign International State with outposts within White countries].

"Most people don’t even know who is responsible for their food supply. They don’t know the names of the companies who put food on their table. The steak was bought at Walmart and that is all that is needed to know. The supply chains and the global cartels who run them are never mentioned. Companies like Cargill, ConAgra, Tyson, Kraft, DuPont and Monsanto want to rob you of the ability to grow and/or sell you’re own food. Legislation like S.510 , the ‘food safety’ bill have been crafted by former Monsanto employees and lobbyists to ensure that you get your food from their sources and not from any local small farmers, friends and neighbors who may offer cheaper and better products. Resource monopolization is taking place at this very moment in time!"
“The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands -- perhaps even millions -- of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths.” --The Herald
"Don’t forget that weaponized genetically engineered food and food without nutrients are both weapons for a silent war. We are all being judged as either useless eaters or useful idiots. Do you want to live as a cog in the wheel or a thorn in their side? I choose to life as I see fit and I will ensure my survival and you should as well."

Weaponized starvation is nothing new, and if you think that International Treaties, Protocols, and humanitarian laws are intended to protect YOU, wouldn't you think that their application would prevent you from being overrun by outside invaders ("immigrants") imported to be within your own countries? If you intend to rely on those "laws" and Protocols, go ahead. I know better than to do so.

"In Starvation as a Weapon Simone Hutter explores, within the framework of international law, the legality of using deliberate starvation as a means to an end. A close look at modern famine shows that, in many cases, food scarcity is not the product of coincidence, but a side effect or result of a deliberate strategy. Starvation is an efficient instrument when used to exert pressure and power, in times of war and peace."

Flanders said...

True “Feminists”, who are not in the “leadership” of that movement, are usually cuck women who suck the communist line, and who have no understanding that they are regurgitating the cultural Marxist BS that has been foisted onto their immaturely weak minds.

Flanders said...

The No-Fly list is actually not aimed at the people who are on it at the present time, or in the past. It is, I’m afraid, aimed at those whom they PLAN to place on it, which are going to be American and other patriots of differing countries. Check any country where communists have taken power, and restrictions on travel are one of the main precursors to people being starved, beaten or harassed by those who act in the name of the State, but who actually are controlled by the communists (usually with a predominately jewish) leadership. Check the Holodomor, if you can find a site which has not been completely scrubbed by the censors. No travel and food restrictions are deadly. Who controls our food supply?

It happens slowly at first, then seemingly it suddenly happens almost overnight when things become serious. We are increasingly approaching that point. And, weaponized "immigrants" may be not only themselves be the victims, but our persecutors inside our own lands.
We mustn’t forget that some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

** “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the GLOBAL MEDIA IS IN THE HANDS OF ITS PERPETRATORS.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The jewish takeover of Russia (Soviets) was what is wrongly (and euphemistically) referred to by jewish-media-controlled sources as having been "a Russian Revolution".

"The territory of Soviet Ukraine and the predominantly Ukrainian populated Kuban region of the Northern Caucasus (Soviet Russia) were isolated by armed units, so that people could not go in search of food to the neighbouring Soviet regions where it was more readily available. The result was the Ukrainian genocide of 1932–33, known in Ukrainian as the Holodomor, or extermination by famine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Flanders.

Ashton Carter doesn't look very White. He could easily be part Eskimo or something.

Whatever he is, he's helping clear greater you know where for the you know who.

Searcher said...

Starvation as a weapon:

There are certain religions where indirectly killing someone is not considered murder:


Actually, that site is probably anti-semitic, so here's a better resource:
There is, however, notwithstanding the presence of premeditation, no capital murder in Jewish law, unless death is caused by the direct physical act of the assailant. Thus, starving a man to death, or exposing him to heat or cold or wild beasts, or in any other way bringing about his death by the anticipated – and however certain – operation of a supervening cause, would not be capital murder (ibid. 3:10–13). The same applies to murder committed not by the instigator himself, but by his agent or servant (ibid. 2:2; as to accomplices see *Penal Law).

... am sure there are other religions with similar legal loopholes. We all pray to the same God. Universal values etc etc

It's interesting that murder for hire is fine too. HMMM

Anonymous said...

Ashton Carter - 9/11 criminal

I vote crypto, not non. It just happens that way too often.

He doesn't look like Ben Stiller or Howard Stern, but his cheek lines and the bottom of his nose make the masonic square and compass (is that the mark of Cain?) a little too easily....

They do use the less Eskimo-looking tribe members to front certain ops.

And here’s Carter in a September 2000 book chapter he co-wrote with former Defense Secretary William Perry:

In the coming years, “an incident of catastrophic terrorism on the U.S. homeland would be likely to spark concern and effort on a comparable scale” to the reaction to the Soviet detonation of an atomic bomb in 1949. “It is easy to see how the concern could escalate to hysteria, and how actions taken in the angry aftermath of a destructive event could be corrosive of civil liberties as well as counterproductive. Because the aftermath of [a] homeland attack could be as fearsome as the attack itself, our government should begin to organize for this future threat now.”

The Politico column leaves out one crucial observation: Ashton Carter and Philip Zelikow did not only foresee that an act of “catastrophic terrorism” would transform America the way Pearl Harbor did; but they even predicted precisely where it would strike. Their 1998 Foreign Affairs article actually predicted that the complete destruction of the World Trade Center would give America its “New Pearl Harbor.”

Pretty good for a Goy.

Anonymous said...

Vitabiotics how many times do you see adverts for these "vitamins" pasted on London walls and newspapers - advertised as proudly "British"? Guess what ALL of that shit is made in Pakiland India shipped to a paki in England repacked and labelled as British. That stinking wog has made millions duping his clients and his biggest customers are Nigerians who believe they're buying something that's quintessentially English like Boots or something.. . Stupid saps

Searcher said...

As we know, Wikipedia is Jewish run and Jewish censored (or fact-checked), depending on your perspective:

So, fom the horse's mouth (or Wikipedia to be exact):
"The Pharisees (/ˈfærəˌsiːz/) were at various times a political party, a social movement, and a school of thought in the Holy Land during the time of Second Temple Judaism. After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE, Pharisaic beliefs became the foundational, liturgical and ritualistic basis for Rabbinic Judaism (the term 'Judaism' today almost always refers to Rabbinic Judaism)."

What did Jesus think about the Pharisees? According to his good friend, Matthew, this is what Jesus had to say about them:

Jesus Condemns the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law of Moses
23 Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples:

2 The Pharisees and the teachers of the Law are experts in the Law of Moses. 3 So obey everything they teach you, but don’t do as they do. After all, they say one thing and do something else.

4 They pile heavy burdens on people’s shoulders and won’t lift a finger to help. 5 Everything they do is just to show off in front of others. They even make a big show of wearing Scripture verses on their foreheads and arms, and they wear big tassels[a] for everyone to see. 6 They love the best seats at banquets and the front seats in the meeting places. 7 And when they are in the market, they like to have people greet them as their teachers.

8 But none of you should be called a teacher. You have only one teacher, and all of you are like brothers and sisters. 9 Don’t call anyone on earth your father. All of you have the same Father in heaven. 10 None of you should be called the leader. The Messiah is your only leader. 11 Whoever is the greatest should be the servant of the others. 12 If you put yourself above others, you will be put down. But if you humble yourself, you will be honored.

13-14 You Pharisees and teachers of the Law of Moses are in for trouble! You’re nothing but show-offs. You lock people out of the kingdom of heaven. You won’t go in yourselves, and you keep others from going in.[b]


Searcher said...

15 You Pharisees and teachers of the Law of Moses are in for trouble! You’re nothing but show-offs. You travel over land and sea to win one follower. And when you have done so, you make that person twice as fit for hell as you are.

16 You are in for trouble! You are supposed to lead others, but you are blind. You teach that it doesn’t matter if a person swears by the temple. But you say that it does matter if someone swears by the gold in the temple. 17 You blind fools! Which is greater, the gold or the temple that makes the gold sacred?

18 You also teach that it doesn’t matter if a person swears by the altar. But you say that it does matter if someone swears by the gift on the altar. 19 Are you blind? Which is more important, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred? 20 Anyone who swears by the altar also swears by everything on it. 21 And anyone who swears by the temple also swears by God, who lives there. 22 To swear by heaven is the same as swearing by God’s throne and by the one who sits on that throne.

23 You Pharisees and teachers are show-offs, and you’re in for trouble! You give God a tenth of the spices from your garden, such as mint, dill, and cumin. Yet you neglect the more important matters of the Law, such as justice, mercy, and faithfulness. These are the important things you should have done, though you should not have left the others undone either. 24 You blind leaders! You strain out a small fly but swallow a camel.

25 You Pharisees and teachers are show-offs, and you’re in for trouble! You wash the outside of your cups and dishes, while inside there is nothing but greed and selfishness. 26 You blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of a cup, and then the outside will also be clean.

27 You Pharisees and teachers are in for trouble! You’re nothing but show-offs. You’re like tombs that have been whitewashed.[c] On the outside they are beautiful, but inside they are full of bones and filth. 28 That’s what you are like. Outside you look good, but inside you are evil and only pretend to be good.

29 You Pharisees and teachers are nothing but show-offs, and you’re in for trouble! You build monuments for the prophets and decorate the tombs of good people. 30 And you claim that you would not have taken part with your ancestors in killing the prophets. 31 But you prove that you really are the relatives of the ones who killed the prophets. 32 So keep on doing everything they did. 33 You are nothing but snakes and the children of snakes! How can you escape going to hell?

34 I will send prophets and wise people and experts in the Law of Moses to you. But you will kill them or nail them to a cross or beat them in your meeting places or chase them from town to town. 35 That’s why you will be held guilty for the murder of every good person, beginning with the good man Abel. This also includes Barachiah’s son Zechariah,[d] the man you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 I can promise that you people living today will be punished for all these things!

So, the Pharisees are connected with:
- Law
- Academia
- Politics (leadership)

Other characteristics:
- Travel over land and sea to win one follower
- Moral grandstanding yet are hypocrites
- Snakes ("nothing but snakes and the children of snakes")


AnalogMan said...

Savant, I love your blog, and I'm really glad you turned it around in those dark, not-forgotten-but-never-mentioned days when it hung by a thread. But I have to tell you, you're a great catalyst, but the real stars of your show are the smart people who comment here. This thread is, like many others before, a mine of information. I'm going to have to come back to it later to do it justice. Thank you all.

The first paragraph of your article is brilliant. When I read that citation, I was convinced it must be parody; but then I read the last sentence, and knew it must be real. That politically correct, but grammatically incorrect use of the feminine pronoun is the clincher. Can't fool me.

Anonymous said...

financial times article saying mass immigration is unstoppable by...

wait for it...

Gideon Rachman

Anonymous said...

feminist ideology is 90% Jewish, 10% lesbian



you don't have to kill a single person to commit a genocide all you have to do is continually attack the target population's reproductive cycle

anti-male ideology
anti-female backlash
housing shortage
anti-white violence
mass sexual violence against young females

if you look at everything that has been promoted (or covered up) by the media since WWII the pattern is clear - reproductive warfare aimed at white genocide

Anonymous said...

So I'm buying my billion dollar lottery ticket and the black guy in front of me is chiding the Indian shopkeeper because he hasn't sold him any winning tickets.

Being aware that any mention of Obama to a black, unless gushingly complimentary, is problematic, I say: "Yeah, you'd better sell us some winning tickets. We never did get that check from Obama."

The black guy looks puzzled and says, "What check?'

"You know, the checks we were all supposed to get when Obama was elected. The Obamacheck!"

"I never heard about that," he says, looking troubled.

"Yeah, well...there was plenty of money for all of us, but they decided to give it to the banks instead. Maybe we'll get a check from Hillary...or Trump. But I doubt. it.

"Yeah," the black guy says, "the Bilderbergers and the Rothchildes have it all."

Searcher said...

Colette Browne ("journalist") for the Philanthropist, Denis O'Brien* rag, Irish Independent (Indo):

Denigrating all refugees as 'rapefugees' is designed to stoke fear and prejudice

Saved all the comments before they close the comments section down.

*From the anti-anti-semitic on-line encyclopedia, Wikipedia:
Denis O'Brien (born 19 April 1958) was listed among the World's Top 200 Billionaires in 2015 (although his position and net worth fluctuates real-time) and is also Ireland's richest native-born citizen.[1][3][4]

O'Brien owns Communicorp, a media holding company which operates across Europe, but particularly in Ireland where it dominates national radio (apart from RTÉ) via stations like Newstalk and Today FM. The New York Times has described him as "the biggest player in Ireland's media landscape" and notes that "his Independent News & Media group controls the Irish Independent as well as the Irish Daily Star, the Sunday Independent, the Sunday World, Dublin's Evening Herald and regional newspapers,"[5] through his minority shareholding in the group. According to Fintan O'Toole, O'Brien "has accumulated excessive private power" and "been allowed to take effective control of the largest Irish newspaper group and of two of [Ireland's] three national talk radio stations."[6] O'Brien also owns telecoms provider Digicel, which operates in 31 markets across the Caribbean, Central America and Oceania.

O'Brien set up and chaired the Esat Digifone consortium which acquired a mobile phone licence in the 1990s.[7] The Moriarty Tribunal found almost beyond doubt that O'Brien's was awarded this contract due to payments he made to Michael Lowry, the then communications minister, who unduly influenced the bidding process. This contract formed the basis of O'Brien's fortune. O'Brien established Communicorp in 1989, with the company currently owning 42 radio stations in eight European countries. In 1999, he founded the international commercial aircraft company Aergo Capital – registered in Dublin, with offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Santiago and Singapore. In 2001, he founded telecoms provider Digicel in Jamaica. He also owns Topaz Energy and has a "significant interest" in Sterling Energy.[8]

After the sale of Esat, O'Brien moved to Portugal where he owns the Quinta do Lago golf complex. He later took up residency in Sliema, Malta however uses this to avoid tax and still resides predominantly in Ireland.[9] His spokesperson is James Morrissey.[10][11]

SAVANT said...

Analog...with you 100%. Many of the posts here are mere vehicles to get great commentators into the action. Long may it continue.

Searcher said...

Sociopaths again or David Icke's Reptiles/Russell Brand's Elite:

Sociopathic business model:

Quotes from a different website:
"What is the one thing a sociopath does not want other people to know? The truth. More specifically, sociopaths do not want the truth about them to be known as they are insecure, malicious, and devious people. Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts, they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That’s in large part because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to control other people and get what they want. If others were to know about their true nature, they...would lose the support networks of malicious minions they control and incite to abuse other people. Therefore sociopaths have a strong motivation to attack, discredit, harass, and ruin anybody who presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements."



"They may realize that blaming is how they control others to harm the targets they viciously attack, often family members or former love interests."

"Sociopaths may be especially cognizant of the risk that people whom they have used to abuse others might even turn against them, especially those who might be greatly angered by how they were manipulated into participating in destructive and harmful activities against others. People like to blame others."

"Sociopathic abusers often engage in distortion campaigns to control and manipulate others to prejudice them into having false beliefs about the victim. By the time the victim of the campaign is aware of it, he or she may have been routinely trashed and lied about for several years to the point that anything he or she says or does will somehow be interpreted as evidence of them being the problem."

"Many of the sociopaths recruit others to help them, typically using lies, distortions, and other people’s own experiences to convince them that they should help ruin another person’s life. Bill Eddy calls them “negative advocates” in many of his writings. I’ve often called them the “minions” of the sociopath. Some of these minions later realize that they were used to harm innocent people and end up feeling very bad about their own actions."


"If you have been in a relationship with a psychopathic personality -
• if you seek to expose them, bear in mind they are likely to respond with vitriolic rage, threats, vicious and hurtful communication, or attempts to discredit you and smear your reputation

• don’t beat yourself up about not recognising the signs earlier; just act as soon as you do
• seek therapy as soon as possible; the trauma of these encounters can be long-lasting and profound
• if possible, warn others of your experience
• bear in mind he will be doing his best to cast you as irrational or downright crazy"

"After the victim ends a relationship with a psychopath, this behavior is likely to escalate into downright stalking. This happens for the reasons I have explained in previous articles:

-- psychopaths, being control-driven, want to WIN. To them, winning means catching their targets into their spider’s nets and destroying them

-- psychopaths, being control-driven, want to exact vengeance and intimidate those who no longer worship them, want them, or obey them blindly."

Anonymous said...


Turns out the dad and daughter were drinking forties at the handball courts to keep away from the cops. The old man was so drunk the shopkeeper couldn't understand what he was saying when he told him to call the cops. Minorities anyway, I think. Not that that excuses the pavement apes.

Anonymous said...

I may have got the link from here originally. It's worth re-posting. Humour my be one of the best ways of winning more over to our side.


Uncle Nasty said...

Searcher said...

Starvation as a weapon:

There are certain religions where indirectly killing someone is not considered murder:


There is, however, notwithstanding the presence of premeditation, no capital murder in Jewish law, unless death is caused by the direct physical act of the assailant.

It's interesting that murder for hire is fine too. HMMM

12 January 2016 at 20:21

Searcher, one would profit from reading a little of the history of Murder Incorporated (Sensationalised in the 30's and 40's as Murder Inc ... smaller headline I guess).

Popular mythology today (Goodfellas, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Departed -- just about any gangster flick you care to name) historically points the finger at the Irish, the Sicilians -- these days the Russians, Mexicans or White Southerners (Lord of War, Sicario, Winter's Bone, Breaking Bad)

For those who labour under the delusion that the schmoes are passive, harmless little creatures who only use the ignorami of other races to do their wet work, a bit of selected reading would dispel that.

Do I have to belabour the obvious ... That *** = Hosenose?

Louis "Lepke" Buchalter – original head of Murder, Inc.***
Albert "The Lord High Executioner" Anastasia – Succeeded Buchalter until he became boss of the Gambino crime family
Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Aniello Dellacroce
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel – hitman and head of Murder, Inc.***
Abe "Kid Twist" Reles***
Philip Kovolick – Buchalter's top labor racketeer and narcotics dealer***
Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein***
Harry "Pittsburgh Phil" Strauss***
Louis Capone
Allie "Tick Tock" Tannenbaum***
Seymour Magoon***
Harry Maione
Mendy Weiss***
Hyman "Curly" Holtz***
Jacob "Gurrah" Shapiro***
Frank "The Dasher" Abbandando
Louis Cohen***
Pep Strauss***
Frankie Carbo
Louis "Shadow" Kravitz***
Philip "Little Farvel" Kovolick***
Samuel "Red" Levine***
Joe Adonis
Sholem Bernstein***
Mostly stolen from Wikipedia
... Where things get interesting, however:-

Should I mention the infamous Purple Gang?

That should do for now.


Searcher said...

Music, the church's greatest adornment:

Italy: Allegri (Miserere mei)

USA: Samuel Barber (Agnus Dei)

Ireland: Enya (O Come Emmanuel)

Germany: Helene Fischer (Ave Maria)

Norway: Sissel (Pie Jesu)

Russia: Agni Parthene

France: Heureux les miséricordieux

Frank Galton said...

“The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands -- perhaps even millions -- of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths.”

“We are all being judged as either useless eaters or useful idiots.”

The Guardian, 21 April 2002

Millions were in germ war tests

The Ministry of Defence turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.

Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.

One chapter of the report, 'The Fluorescent Particle Trials', reveals how between 1955 and 1963 planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population. The chemical drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator was towed along a road near Frome in Somerset where it spewed the chemical for an hour.

While the Government has insisted the chemical is safe, cadmium is recognised as a cause of lung cancer and during the Second World War was considered by the Allies as a chemical weapon.

In another chapter, 'Large Area Coverage Trials', the MoD describes how between 1961 and 1968 more than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, were exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii , which mimics anthrax. These releases came from a military ship, the Icewhale, anchored off the Dorset coast, which sprayed the micro-organisms in a five to 10-mile radius.

The report also reveals details of the DICE trials in south Dorset between 1971 and 1975. These involved US and UK military scientists spraying into the air massive quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria, with an anthrax simulant and phenol.

Similar bacteria were released in 'The Sabotage Trials' between 1952 and 1964. These were tests to determine the vulnerability of large government buildings and public transport to attack. In 1956 bacteria were released on the London Underground at lunchtime along the Northern Line between Colliers Wood and Tooting Broadway.

The MoD report traces the history of the UK's research into germ warfare since the Second World War when Porton Down produced five million cattle cakes filled with deadly anthrax spores which would have been dropped in Germany to kill their livestock.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Searcher: " It's interesting that murder for hire is fine too. HMMM"
That flies against the Old Testament. King David's greatest sin (i think it said "his only sin") was when he ordered some soldier to the front lines, where he faced certain death in battle, so he could take the guy's wife/widow.

Searcher said...

UN, I never heard of Murder Inc. Thanks for those links.

O/T but should be concern to everyone here: safe spaces. What younger people lack in experience, they make up for with passion. Which is the way of youth, always. Nothing new in that. However when nation wreckers harness that passion, it's "problematic" for everyone:

Just a reflection on "safe spaces". It reminds me of the term "secure unit" (prison/psychiatric hospital).

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Easy Meat” – British Report Warns Against Vigilante Justice

This is a shocking report. It is written with care, but the evidence is hard to believe. Readers should beware, because there is something to feel angry about on most pages: the prevalence of the crime; the length of time that it has continued; its blatancy; the lengths our authorities have gone to in order to cover up for it; but most of all, the vulnerability and suffering of the victims.

Maybe it's just me getting old ... but I'm losing patience.

After reading just ten pages of this, I get down on my knees and thank God that I do not have kids living in the UK.

In fact I have to wonder at just how many Pakis have died in Hit and Runs over the last few years. Hey, it's pretty much the last weapon left to the caponised Brits**.

Any stats?


Music wire and sawed-off chunks of broomsticks are still cheap and very readily available, though. And very, very quick and effective -- if you don't mind getting up close and personal.

Uncle Nasty said...

They don't always win ...

The Antwerp Diamond Centre Robbery

The Antwerp Diamond Heist, dubbed the “heist of the century,” was the largest diamond heist in history. The thieves stole loose diamonds, gold, and other jewellery valued at more than $100 million. The heist took place in the Antwerp Diamond Centre, located in the centre of the gem district in Antwerp, Belgium.

On February 18th, a group of thieves drove out of a Brussels airport with millions of dollars worth of diamonds and gems. The investigation is ongoing, but this isn’t the first time that the federal authorities in Belgium have had to track down a team of highly sophisticated jewel thieves.

During the weekend in February, 2003, a team of professional thieves carried off what was one of the largest diamond heist of all time. The vault beneath the Antwerp Diamond Centre was left open, diamonds and other items of worth scattered along the floor, as it was discovered when the Centre opened for business on Monday morning.

All those jews ... all that money -- gone. (sniff)

I shall shed a tiny tear ...


Anonymous said...

‘We can’t arrest them’: German police officer speaks out on refugees

They are purposefully raising the pressure in Germany, purposefully allowing immigrants to get away with anything- just like in the USA.

Are they purposefully engineering an eventual German backlash, or is this just extreme white genocide?

Anonymous said...

There are certain religions where indirectly killing someone is not considered murder: used to have a multitude of details on this exact topic.

It's gone now, but still available on the internet archive. IT IS WELL WORTH READING THE ENTIRE BLOG FROM START TO FINISH... so get to the archive and start downloading before they scrub that too. Download the whole thing. It's a manual job, and a hassle if you don't have software to do it, but well worth it, and this stuff needs to be preserved.

It will increase your knowledge of the jews by a factor of 10 - guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Daily mail editors are guilty of White Genocide.
Put em all on the list.

Put Alan Hall on the list too.

Mayor of Liepzig can go on the list too.

Might be easier to make a list of people not on the list.
White man's burden.

Anonymous said...



They keep these stories quiet for as long as possible... and then mention them briefly... never to be heard of again! It's a pattern, just like in Germany. RIP


The people slowly getting sick of shitty daily mail BS. These reporters must be ashamed when they go home at night.

Anonymous said...

Woman gets off lightly again. Comments scarcely angry. Contrast this to the machete guy previously.

"He is a virus"
"give him the death penalty"
"he is a beast"
"hanging is too good"


Studies have shown that the average sentence FOR THE SAME CRIME is 3 times higher for men than it is for women.

What did she hope to achieve by pouring bleach in her baby's mouth, if not to kill him? If the father did it, you would have every SJW from all continents of the planet screaming for weeks.

One comment said "Absolutely horrific" and another said "This woman is evil" and that's about it.

The system is anti-white + anti-male.

Basically its anti the white man.

Anonymous said...

Churchill wanted to drop Anthrax on Germany to kill all the people. The rest of the Brits, being decent chaps, said no. Firebombing cities is quite enough thank you.

And this report says it was for livestock.

I call BS on that one.

Flanders said...

A little more extensive list of jew mobsters are at this link, but I'll not list them.

"The jewish media and jew run Hollywood have long sold the world on the idea that most “mobsters” were “Italian”, but this is not the case. Have a look. -

Flanders said...

January 12, 2016
Kristallnacht Zwei

"I think we all know what comes next. The Germans are beginning to fight back against the invaders of their country:

Hundreds of anti-refugee rioters have gone on the rampage in the German city of Leipzig after a demonstration where they called for asylum seekers to be deported and their nation's borders closed.

The attacks come just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Europe had lost control of the crisis. The right-wingers broke away from a largely peaceful march in the eastern city to trash the suburb of Connewitz.

Doner kebab fast food stalls were destroyed, cars set ablaze and shop windows smashed by around 250 hooligans of LEGIDA - the local branch of PEGIDA, the anti-migrant, anti-EU organization which marched against the refugees earlier in the evening.At one point the demonstrators, who threw fireworks at police, attempted to build a barricade in a main street with signs and torn up paving stones before they were dispersed.

Firemen had to tackle a blaze in the attic of one building set alight by a wayward rocket fired by the rioters. A bus carrying leftist pro-asylum demonstrators was also attacked and seriously damaged.

Police said they have identified and arrested 211 of the crowd of right-wing hooligans, many of them with criminal records for violence.

'This was a serious breach of the peace,' said a police spokesman, confirming that several police officers were injured in the clashes triggered by simmering anger over the New Year's Eve mass sex attacks against women in Cologne and several other German cities." [Continues at the link below]
"Revolution is a process. It doesn't come about overnight, and it is fueled by actions and counteractions alike. The anti-German "authorities", who are clearly no longer regarded as legitimate by a significant portion of the German people, can arrest as many nationalists as they like. Not only will their actions be regarded as shamefully hypocritical in light of their refusal to arrest the orcs raping and sexually assaulting young German women, but similar tactics didn't suffice to stop the rise of the National Socialists; you may recall where Hitler wrote the newly legalized Mein Kampf.

They can't arrest the entire German population, and the minute the "authorities" shed any German blood, they will become the targets of an enraged nation. This was not "a serious breach of the peace", it was the first real evidence of the crisis of the German state." [Continues]

Flanders said...

One way that jews burn books online?

"One of the people following my author page received this from Goodreads today:

Hi there

Your account was recently brought to our attention. Upon review, we have decided to remove it from the site. A CSV of the books you shelved is attached for your personal records. You are banned from using Goodreads in any capacity going forward.


The Goodreads Team
That's four banned already. As I said, for all the libertarian pretensions of the CEO, the company has been entirely converged. The purpose of Goodreads is no longer to simply read and review books, but to advance social justice ideals by building up SJW authors and attacking anti-SJW authors and anyone who supports them.

That is why Goodreads will go into decline and Amazon will eventually shut them down and replace them. The only way a converged business can survive is as a parasite, either with a government host or a corporate one.

Flanders said...

Notice in that Vox Poppli link that on the right hand sidebar is a link to a PDF, The SJW Attack Survival Guide.

It seems a common-sense guide for times when common-sense may be under stress, and will be worth reading and keeping if you are one of the targets for those Marxist "warriors". One of the sections from that short PDF is below.

6. Do not resign!
Do not resign! You must always keep in mind that their real goal is not to formally purge you, but to encourage you to quit on your own. That allows them to publicly wash their hands of the affair and claim that your decision to leave was not their fault. They will often enlist more reasonable allies to approach you and tell you that it's not possible for you to continue any more, they will appeal to your desire to avoid conflict as well as to the good of the organization, and they will go on endlessly about the supreme importance of an amicable departure. Don't fall for it. Don't do their dirty work for them. Make them take the full responsibility for throwing you out, thereby ensuring they have to suffer the unpredictable long-
term consequences of their actions. No matter how deeply the deck is stacked against you, the outcome will always be in doubt unless you resign. You always have a chance to defeat them as long as you don't quit, and perhaps more importantly,
refusing to quit buys you an amount of time that you can use to find another job before they manage to disemploy you. Considering how long you can reasonably expect to draw out the process, which will usually take not weeks, but months, you will considerably enhance your chances of finding alternative employment if you do not resign.

Do not resign! There is no advantage to you in doing so. As with apologizing, resigning is only going to make matters worse, not better, despite what the SJWs will promise you. They'll assure you that it will be best for everyone if you just quietly resign and go away, that it will be better for the organization to which your past contributions are greatly appreciated, and that the one last thing you can do for it now is to avoid making an uncomfortable scene. They'll promise that if you resign, you'll be able to quickly and quietly put the controversy behind you—and the moment you resign, they will alert the media, send out a statement to the entire organization, and begin waving your scalp like a bloody flag. This is because one of their primary goals is to maintain the illusion of their irresistible power and inevitable victory, so they need to advertise their victories in order to intimidate other potential crimethinkers into falling into line."

So don't believe them when they tell you that a resignation will make all the pain and humiliation go away, because SJWs always lie! And whatever you do, don't resign!

AnalogMan said...

Great article on Covington's site: The Black Dilemma by Anthony Bryan.

Apparently some sources have attributed this article to the Baltimore Sun, but the Sun modestly denies it. The Sun should get so lucky - hah!

But it just gets more surreal. Note the comment under that denial:

What a terrible disservice to a fine newspaper. The attitude is as evil as its purported facts are wrong. Please convey my sympathy to Mr. Duncan, whose reputation has been smeared by this fake article.

When I read in "1984" about "War is Peace" etc, it never occurred to me that people would actually believe that stuff, but here we are. Up is down, good is evil, black is white.

Isaiah 5:20 King James Version

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

"Fine newspaper", indeed.

Flanders said...

Trump and all of the ding-a-lings, CAN JUMP IN THE OCEAN!

I have not yet checked out the details on the background of this Lady below, but considering her video presentation by itself, I would gladly nominate her for the office of The President of the United States of America!

Here is her video link, relating somewhat to the Oregon issues and the Hammond Ranch, BUT with a much broader coverage of American constitutional issues. Following the video link is the link to the site of KrisAnne Hall.

What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative!

Flanders said...

Not very many people have ever known about Clinton's negroid son, but I've known about him since shortly after he was born from my personal sources. There are volumes that the jewsmedia would not print about Bill and Hillary, and this is only one story which is of a "minor" nature compared to many other Clinton wrongdoings that the media refused to reveal. That is except for an article with photos in Globe magazine, which was published right after it was born, I've never seen the story in print since that time. Photos and a video accompany the article.

"As a result of Bill Clinton’s adultery, he had an illegitimate son with Bobbie Ann Williams— a [black] street hooker who paraded the area and claims her and Bill inhaled cocaine and had a foursome with two other prostitutes during the time Clinton was serving as governor. She further reports that her son, Danny, is their illegitimate son."

Flanders said...

There is a lot more at the link below, especially about the Clinton's fortunes, than just the story about how the Clinton "tar baby" story was forcibly suppressed. This is just a small section

"I guarantee you that if you do this you'll never work in
Democratic politics again."

That was the threat issued by George Stephanopoulos to Steve
Dinari, director of Ross Perot's Illinois campaign, when
Dinari informed him that he was ready to go public with a
credible allegation that Bill Clinton had fathered an
illegitimate son.

"Nine months earlier, Globe magazine carried a report on
Little Rock prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams, who alleged that
during one of 13 sexual encounters with then-Gov. Clinton in
1984, she conceived her son, Danny. Photos as well as
eyewitness accounts attest to Danny's resemblance to Clinton.

Both Bobbie Ann and a corroborating witness, her sister
Lucille Bolton, submitted to lie-detector tests to bolster
their accounts. Both passed.

Dinari was told by Stephanopoulos that the story had already
been investigated and rejected by "every major national news
organization," which, according to several sources close to
the Danny Williams story, is altogether untrue.

In interviews with this fall, Bolton, who acts
as family spokesperson, said that only Globe magazine had
looked into the story in 1992 and that in the intervening
six years was "the only one I've talked to."

Flanders said...

While I cannot say that the article is definitive in it's findings, it offers more reasons for people not to have full faith in Trump, not that I ever have. If you choose to have that faith, be prepared for Trump to bow out to Hillary, or perhaps have been the choice all along, but not for reasons favorable to us. There is some discussion on Chabad Lubavitchers', too. It's a Makow sourced article.

"A lot of people who should know better, like Kevins Barrett & MacDonald, think Donald Trump is some kind of saviour. Barrett even thinks Trump will bring the perpetrators of 9-11 to trial. The article below reveals Donald Trump is a longstanding member of the satanic Masonic Jewish conspiracy that afflicts society: “Donald Trump is nothing less than a sideshow and a counterfeit medieval medicine man offering cheap miracle and ILLUSIONARY fixes for America’s problems here and abroad.

Jewish opposition is designed to give Trump credibility, as in the banker coup ruse of 1932."

Searcher said...

Pharisees (again):

5 Everything they do is just to show off in front of others. They even make a big show of wearing Scripture verses on their foreheads and arms, and they wear big tassels[a] for everyone to see

Now I know what the little cube on the forehead is. It contains Scripture verses:

And now for the tassels:

Now, a lot of anti-semites say that the modern peeps who are known to us as Jews, are not in fact Israelites (as they claim to be). Anti-semites also claim that there are fake Jews and real Jews and talk about Khazar. I have seen the Black Israelites in action (through the power of video), and I wonder, if you are the "real chosen ones" then you don't have to shout about it, surely. What's the point in shouting on the footpath about being chosen? And threatening to kill "Edomites" when the day of reckoning or whatever arrives. Calling out "fake Jews" (poysecuted variety) and saying that they are not the real Jews. Now that part is quite funny TBH. I am G-d's chosen pet... Move over Butter, I am the favorite... NOOO I am the apple of his eye...You are Edomite....Canaanite...blahdie blah

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 23 September 1936

Lloyd George Calls Hitler Among “GREATEST” He’s Met

“Chancellor Adolf Hitler is one of the greatest of the many great men I have ever met,” declared David Lloyd George in an interview with the News-Chronicle.

The wartime British Prime Minister, who saw Hitler twice on a recent trip to Germany, said that “I have never seen a happier people than the Germans,” adding that the Nazi system is “A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT.” He expressed himself as impressed by the “universal adoration” of Hitler throughout the Reich.

“I have never seen a happier people than the Germans.” – David Lloyd George

Business Insider, 22 August 2011

These Are The Most Miserable Countries In Europe

Last week, the Foundation for Future Studies released data from polls it had conducted with over 15,000 Europeans in 13 countries.

#3 - Germany (Joint)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

What a sick joke Merkel winning the Charlemagne prize.

Was Charlemagne famous for flooding Europe with Muslims?

Anonymous said...

We don't need to worry too much about Islam. I've been reading the Government report on counter terrorism. Extreme right wing actions are just as dangerous. The Government quotes two cases of 'right wing extremism'. Note how well planned and organized these attacks are. The logistics, planning and number of people involved in these attacks is mind boggling. It would seem that the Neo-Nazis are just as well organized and armed as the Moslem extremists. Phew. There was me worrying that white people were defenceless.

'Islamist extremism is not the only threat,as seen by the vicious actions of a number of extreme right-wing and neo-Nazi groups.In 2013 Mohammed Saleem, an 82 year old British Muslim from Birmingham,was murdered by Pavlo Lapshyn,an extreme right
fanatic who went on to bomb mosques in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Tipton. In January 2015, Zack Davies attempted to murder Dr Sarandev Bhambra in a racially motivated
attack in a supermarket in North Wales, and was sentenced to life in prison.
He had claimed the attack was ‘revenge for Lee Rigby’, and extreme-right publications were found at his home.'

The body counts are evening out.
British Far Right (Includes figures for murders committed by non-British) 1
Islam. ?


James said...

“Easy Meat”

Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery

Lemmyhead, here is a publication that contains extreme material, because it describes extreme Muslim crimes and the extremes the British govt will go to in order to cover it up.

Many girls are terrified and with reason... a girl had
her tongue nailed to the table when she threatened
to tell.

That's extreme but she shouldn't say bad things like that.

The whole PDF is extreme. Its an extreme PDF file about extreme pedofiles. Twice extreme.

The forward states:

This is a shocking report. It is written with care, but the evidence
is hard to believe. Readers should beware, because there is something
to feel angry about on most pages: the prevalence of the crime; the
length of time that it has continued; its blatancy; the lengths our
authorities have gone to in order to cover up for it; but most of all, the
vulnerability and suffering of the victims. go get a heart checkup before you download it. Extreme documents like this can cause harm.

this issue is about the Muslim community.
– Sikh Media Monitoring, Daily Mail, 2011

Extreme as shit.

It’s a real shame when votes come before young
girls’ lives.
– groomed victim’s mother, Standpoint, 2010

Extreme. Now she is teaching her daughter racism. Take her children away and give them to a more diverse family so they can learn more tolerance.

the authorities did not understand what was
happening to us, either because they did not believe
us or because they could not comprehend that
something as serious as this was possible.
– grooming victim, The Times, 2012

Racist bitch!

There’s a culture here of denial and cover-up and a
refusal to accept the reality that we have men ... who
treat young girls as objects for their sexual pleasure.
It’s time to tell the truth. We must root out this evil.
– Denis MacShane MP, The Times, 2012

Shame on him for his extremism. He is spreading hate.

Victims of Multiculturalism
though we are living in the 21st century, some
people have retained medieval attitudes towards
young girls. The barbaric treatment in this case was
depraved, almost beyond imagination and must
never be allowed to happen again.
– NSPCC, The Independent, 2013

How can someone be a "victim" of something so wonderful? How deluded and extreme.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments. Some Muslims are complaining because more white rapists are operating in the UK.

Too stupid to realise:

- the report states this, but notes that Muslims are different in that that operate in gangs, and operate in the open, with impunity. A white rapist gets taken down ASAP.

- The Muslim says Jimmy Saville is White. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. (Sorry)

- The Muslim is full of shit. Islam is anti white.

James said...


Mujammel, sorry but you are in denial. This a problem not just in the UK but across the world. In Australia, it is Lebanese & other Middle Easterners who are the problem, Muslims. In Holland it is the Moroccans and Turks who are doing the raping (they are known as “loverboys”), Muslims. In Sweden, there is a rape epidemic, again carried out by Muslims. Same problems in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway… Whilst you may not like people pointing the finger at Muslims, you cannot deny the facts. You are welcome to use Google and confirm what a lot of people already know.

I met a Muslim here in NZ, and his hobby is saving up his money and annual leave to go to Europe for 4 weeks a year to bang White chicks. He said he gets plenty of action. So dirty.

Searcher said...

O/T Sav - sorry but this is kinda important (spotted it over at Morgoth's Review):

*RBS doomsday prophecy: UK bank tells investors to sell everything ahead of 'cataclysmic year'*

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has warned its clients that 2016 could be a "cataclysmic year", going as far as predicting stock values could fall by a fifth and oil prices could plunge to $16 (£11, €15) a barrel, even though crude has not dropped below the $30 threshold for 12 years.
The doomsday scenario, described in a note the bank sent to its clients on 8 January, was somewhat echoed by two other major lenders, with Morgan Stanley saying the price of oil could fall below $20 a barrel, while UBS warned of a "significant change" in the markets.

Caratacus • 2 days ago
Never mind bonds, or cash; in the States they're being advised about the three 'G"s - Guns, Gold and Get away. We're not allowed the first in this enlightened country, and there's not a lot of room due to a bit of overcrowding recently so that only leaves gold. When the artificial depression of the price of precious metals is finally removed, nowhere will be safe.
17 • Reply•Share ›

v2jievoi Caratacus • 2 days ago
The guns get you the other 2
4 • Reply•Share ›

Reminds me of a comment I saw somewhere else a while back: Forget gold and silver. Lead will be more valuable.

Searcher said...


Just a follow-on to Boardwalk Empire.

"The big shocker was when the book “The International Jew” was brought out by a minor character who said it was written by Henry Ford. This book, which was published in 1920 at the time that the action in Boardwalk Empire is taking place, explains the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”
Ford’s book is no longer in print and it is virtually unknown by the younger generation in America, but you can be sure the kids will be googling it. I am surprised that such a controversial book was shown in a TV show when it was not at all necessary for the plot.


Maybe Martin Scorcese is being super subtle.

I thought it hilarious that he (or whoever) made sure Jonah Feldstein only got USD60k for his tour de force of playing "himself". Was Marty hopeful that people would catch on to Feldstein Junior's odious poyshonality when he was doing promotional interviews? Setting snake J Belfort out to do interviews might also help to clue people in. Sadly, it has not worked on Gen Y/Millenials, from what I can gather. GenX and older can see what utter creeps they are but Gen Y seem to see that film as a blueprint for SUCCESS (at least that seems to be the on-line reaction).

I sympathise with Marty to a certain extent. If he had gone to town on the Jewish angle with WOWS, he might have been found on a red gingham tablecloth, pants around his ankles with an orange stuffed in his mouth. "Auto-asphyxiation...", say the NY Times. Sheesh, Hollywood eh?

PS Does anyone else here think that the naming of Generations is a bit creepy? GenX, GenY, GenZ ....What comes after Z?!
Oh that's right the Global Goals (2030) - GenZ should stop being born around 2025. That's when we are no longer Gen Anything...just Dark Age step 'n' fetchits.

Marshall Mathers said...

These rapefugees want to live in old Detroit which was Detroit before the new improved Detroit came into being.

You will always find that they can get their sob stories into the press and they recently had their subvention increased. Native Irish people who are put up in Bed and Breakfasts or Hotels have to leave at a certain time in the morning and not come back until a certain time in the evening. They also have no Sky boxes provided in their rooms which is another €s paid to the ungrateful.

Searcher said...

Afternoon skit:

Searcher said...

Should we be surprised?

Anonymous said...

Merkels favourite book

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

German whistle blower

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

That's when we are no longer Gen Anything...just Dark Age step 'n' fetchits.

Gen is the planned end of the White race I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Never mind that.

Try this.

Now that's what the Catholic Church should be like. If there was a religion we could all enjoy, this would be it!

This site explains:

- how evil the Eskimos are
- how Eskimos work with Freemasons to gather souls for hell
- how they changed the bible to deceive and corrupt (they did it a long time ago)
- how correct bibles were illegal in Britain on pain of death up to not so long ago
- where they admit to altering the holy texts (admitted in the Talmud)
- where they explain why the bible was altered (to ensure survival of the Jewish people)
- why the current pope is evil
- why just about everyone is going to hell
- why you should never go to most "Catholic" services anymore
- how they destroyed the traditional mass and removed the altars
- why Latin is important and why translating the bible into various languages is evil
- how long Jews have been infesting the Church
- 1000 other things Catholics should maybe think about

Anonymous said...

Genocide, The British Don’t Want You To Know About – They Systematically Starved To Death Over 60 Millions Of Eastern Indians!

Two points:

1. They don't care if you know about this. It's probably like the Chinese Opium thing which was Eskimo from start to finish.

2. The genocide they don't want you to think about is White Genocide. (That's systematic too, BTW since apparently systematic genocides are worse than normal genocides.)

Churchill, explaining why he defended the stockpiling of food within Britain, while millions died of starvation in Bengal, told his private secretary that “the Hindus were a foul race, protected by their mere pullulation* from the doom that is their due.”

How many millions succumbed to the famines cannot be fully ascertained. However, colonial rulers’ official numbers indicate it could be 60 million deaths. In reality, it could be significantly higher.

Hard to count them there are so many.

Since 1947, during the next 68-year period, Indian Subcontininent’s population, including those of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, has grown to close to 1.6 billion. Thus, despite poverty and economic depravity in the post-independent Indian Subcontininent, during those 68 years population has grown by almost 1.2 billion.

Not fair. It could be 3 billion if the British didn't do that.

* pullulate

verb (used without object), pullulated, pullulating.

1. to send forth sprouts, buds, etc.; germinate; sprout.
2. to breed, produce, or create rapidly.
3. to increase rapidly; multiply.
4. to exist abundantly; swarm; teem.
5. to be produced as offspring.

Anonymous said...

Starting to get out there, but no mention of Kalergi anywhere.

That is frustrating.

Merkel should be in prison forever.

Flanders said...

Rapeugees gang-rape a 3 year old boy in an asylum centre in Norway.

It's an immigrant kid of unknown nationality, but you know that if they rape their own kids in this manner then they certainly will rape other women and kids in all of our White countries.

Police have no suspects. The rape took place at the Forus centre in Stavenger, Norway's 3rd largest city, which hosts some 800 "asylum-seekers" on January 6.

"The alleged incident took place after Norway announced it was offering non-European asylum-seekers classes in Western sexual norms, in an attempt to prevent violence against women.

Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway's reception centres for refugees, explained that the aim is to help asylum-seekers 'avoid mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture'.

'There's no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,' she said.

'There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms.'

The courses were launched after a 'wave of rapes', committed mostly by foreigners, took place in Stavanger between 2009 and 2011."

Flanders said...

A 2013 article with links on, "The Rape of Europe".

Anonymous said...

On local news tonight an exercise in logic.
Gloucestershire Police close down Race Hate Investigation Squad because of budget cuts. After Squad closed reports of 'Hate Crime' fall 50%.
The obvious thing to do? Reform Hate Squad!


Flanders said...

US sailors on their knees bowing to Iranian captors are shown on this video, which has no volume from what I can tell. It seems that Iran has documented the weapons and the electronic equipment that was onboard the seized vessels.

Of course, this is going to be an "extreme challenge" to the "allied democratic forces". We have to wait to see how the plot has been written for this to play out. A lot of posturing and sabar rattling is certain, but will there be more?


"Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says it has held two US naval boats after they entered the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.The IRGC says the American vessels were stopped near Iran’s Farsi island in the Persian Gulf and were transferred to the island. It says the sailors are in good health and are being kept at a suitable place. The Pentagon says Washington has received assurances from officials in Tehran that the vessels and the sailors will be released soon. The White House also expressed optimism and said it was working to resolve the situation and get the personnel returned. US officials also said Secretary of State John Kerry called his Iranian counterpart Mohammed Javad Zarif over the incident.

Vote Aodhan O' Riordan for the Destruction of Dublin (and maybe all the bogger places too!) said...

Bogger councillor goes off message

He expressed the belief that local people should be housed before foreigners. For thoughtcrime Aodhan O ' Riordan will be seeking his re-education. That is once he gets over the fit of the vapours.

Flanders said...

Here is the front page article about the US sailors captured by Iran, from Daily Mail. It seems that they have been released.
John Kerry denies he had to apologize, but:

"According to the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, John Kerry’s family are actually Jews whose surname was Kohn."

"Dramatic video shows ten American sailors on their knees as they surrendered to Iranian troops in the Persian Gulf while a U.S. 'commander' is filmed apologizing to the revolutionary guard
Footage of sailors on the floor, with hands behind their heads surrounded by Iranian guards has been released
It was aired on the Islamic republic's state television after they were freed following a diplomatic standoff

When the sailors were taken off of the boats in the Persian Gulf, they were questioned by the IRGC
Later the captives were filmed looking relaxed while sitting on a big carpet sharing plats of food and water
One of the sailors was filmed apologizing for their unit's 'mistake' and praised the Iranians 'fantastic' behavior

A female sailor with the group was given a makeshift head scarf to wear while they enjoyed meal
Reports by state media inside Iran stated the U.S. issued a grovelling apology before the sailors were freed
However John Kerry's spokesman said there is 'zero truth' to reports the Secretary of State said sorry

Anonymous said...

You can take a kaffir out of Zimbabwe ....

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of self loathing WHITE TRASH that's destroying us

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

Rapeugees gang-rape a 3 year old boy in an asylum centre in Norway.

It's an immigrant kid of unknown nationality, but you know that if they rape their own kids in this manner then they certainly will rape other women and kids in all of our White countries.

Police have no suspects. The rape took place at the Forus centre in Stavenger, Norway's 3rd largest city, which hosts some 800 "asylum-seekers" on January 6.

Of course they have suspects ... eight hundred of them.
Spoiled for choice.


F McCool said...

Amadan O'Rearend is a faggot, you know that?

Flanders said...

I was doing a double check on the photos at that Daily Mail link, and I will say that those "sailors" don't look like sailors. None that I have seen or been around. It's very unusual to find any sailors dressed the way they were, and especially bunches of them. Also, the boats they were on didn't appear to have any visible markings. I find that impossible for a regular US military craft, unless it is used in clandestine ways. The story that they drifted off from the course they were claimed to be on is not plausible either when viewing the map. It seems more plausible that a false flag event was interrupted.

While I was there, however, I ran across this story which explains how well homosexual adoption of children is heading. They won't be showing this story of "Tom, Davy, Liz and Their Two Mommies" to the kiddies in the kindergarten molestation courses at the local schools.

"Lesbian couple 'beat one woman's 5-year-old son with a HAMMER, duct-taped his eyes and kicked him in the groin until he bled and suffered two strokes'

Rachel Stevens, 28, and her partner Kayla Jones, 25, charged with felony child abuse by injury and child neglect
Affidavit states Stevens hit her son with a hammer, and both she and Jones whipped him with a belt

Toddler was hospitalized in early December with lesions to his face and seizures, and doctors then found he had multiple broken bones
Police say 5-year-old's abuse went on for several months
Stevens and Jones started online fundraiser claiming their child was suffering from seizures after taking a fall

The kid also had two strokes while being treated due to the horrific natures of his injuries.

Je Suis Milo said...


I associate the Dirndl with Bavaria and Austria but I will accept that they might have been used in Cologne as Mayorass Heker wants them banned from the forthcoming festival in Cologne as they offend Muslims and Barack Obama has told the whole world that you are not allowed to insult Islamists no matter how nutty the fruitcakes are.

Dortmund, Duisberg, Essen and Cologne are the cities in Nord-Rhein Westfalia with no go areas.

Anonymous said...

Bored so watching tonights premier leauge highlights
Lots of foreign and black faces on the pitch
THe stadiums under floodlights show lots of beaming white faces
Thousands of away fans have taken the whole day off to travel 100s of miles
And then it dawned on me
Why haven't these teams got a b team
It's because the a team ate em all

Eff the villa

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 11 November 2015

Germany may need €21bn to house and educate refugees - report

Germany faces costs of more than €21bn ($22.5bn) THIS YEAR to house, feed and educate hundreds of thousands of refugees, the Munich-based Ifo institute said on Tuesday.

The new estimate, which assumes 1.1 million people will seek asylum in Germany in 2015, represents a sharp increase on a previous projection from late September which put the cost at €10bn.

Reuters, 15 December 2014

Germany says will help FINANCE four new ISRAELI WARSHIPS

As part of its atonement for the Nazi Holocaust, Germany is COMMITTED TO ISRAEL'S SECURITY and has often helped pay for the cost of military equipment such as submarines.

HAARETZ, 18 July 2011

Germany to FINANCE submarine for ISRAEL

ANGELA MERKEL'S government allocates funds to SUBSIDIZE Israel's purchase of German-made submarine; Submarine is Israel's THIRD TO BE SUBSIDIZED BY GERMANY.

Sputnik International, 04 October 2015

Anger as MERKEL Sells German Sub to Israel Without Consulting EU

Germany's Federal Security Council has approved the export of a fifth submarine to Israel.

It's the penultimate submarine promised to Israel by German Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL and will be handed over by the company Thyssen Krupp.

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 17 December 2015

Israel’s newest submarine leaves Germany, bound for Haifa

The nuclear-capable INS Rahav will join the Navy’s four other Dolphin-class submarines in Israel next month

The submarine, built by the German Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft shipbuilding company, was unveiled in April 2013...

The INS Rahav cost Israel a reported $2 billion (NIS 8 billion), but the Navy officer was loath to discuss its price.

The price tag, seen by some as exorbitant, of the Rahav was offset by a CONSIDERABLE DISCOUNT from Berlin that is rooted in a contentious 1953 reparations agreement between Germany and Israel for the Holocaust.

The controversial agreement, which significantly boosted Israel’s economy during the early days of its independence, has brought BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF MILITARY AND ECONOMIC AID TO ISRAEL throughout its history and was further invoked to purchase the new line of naval vessels.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Charlie hebdo is it poor taste

I think it's poor taste to show that poor little boys body after it had been moved by the turkish police and not the true picture of his dad who really killed him just because he wanted new teeth
Rip little Allan kurdi

Eff the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

Rapeugees gang-rape a 3 year old boy in an asylum centre in Norway.

Linda Hagen of Hero, a private company that runs 40 percent of Norway's reception centres for refugees, explained that the aim is to help asylum-seekers 'avoid mistakes as they discover Norwegian culture'.

'There's no single cultural code to say what is good or bad behaviour because we want a free society,' she said.

Had a discussion on this with a friend who is slowly (Oh, God ... so slowly) seeing the light on the privatisation of previous state or municipal responsibilities, which degenerate into profit centres earning obscene money for the MD's and CEO's (friends of the elite) while delivering no -- or, at best, minimum -- actual value, at insane prices.

Late sixties (1967), I paid a nominal ZA R10.00 for a South African passport -- valid for life. Ten Rand in 1967 was worth approximately fifteen US Dollars

2016 ... a New Zealand passport -- NZ$800.00 (R8000.00 at current exchange) and valid for ten years (until recently, was actually valid for five years but the locals kicked up too much of a stink).

Now ... prisons, vehicle licensing, water, electricity, telephones, sewage, refuse collection are all privatised -- and with costs, I might add, that are slowly bleeding everyone on the planet to death.

Most western countries now have privatised police (security companies) and privatised military (Like G4S and friends) so what's left?

The judiciary? And that's about it.

G4S is particularly interesting ...

The company has over 620,000 employe(e)s dislocated worldwide and participates in operations in 125 countries, with a focus on developing markets. G4S plc (LON:GFS), traded on the London Stock Exchange, has been named the second-largest private employer in the world, being outrun only by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT). The operations in which G4S is engaged involve: (a) the providing of security forces for private clients and government agencies, (b) intelligence, (c) land-mine clearance and (d) training.

I am getting very concerned about this.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the Brooklyn gang rape is more complicated than first reported. Probably not her dad. More likely a ghetto dad. In other words, the mother's boyfriend. Usually referred to as the "uncle." Suspects claim girl and "dad" were having sex and what followed was consensual. And there was no gun. Suspects lawyers say there is a video showing this. Although hard to imagine the victim would agree to orgy on cement handball court. Of course if you're drinking "Old English" malt liquor rotgut you might agree to anything.Brownsville pretty much worst of the worst in NYC.

riptapart said...

The father was very drunk at the time. He and his recently reunited were getting wasted together at the park.

It is a jungle world that we Whites just cannot comprehend.

My Name Is Sean Penns said...

@POTUS is taking new commonsense steps to help #StopGunViolence.
@POTUS is taking steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks.
FACT: Each year, more than 30,000 American lives are cut short by guns. It's time to #StopGunViolence.
FACT: Guns now kill as many people as cars in almost half of the U.S. It's time to #StopGunViolence.
@POTUS is strengthening our background check system.

Among the stars who dutifully relayed the messages to their followers were Ashton Kutcher and Mark Ruffalo, who tweeted “@POTUS is taking steps to keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks; and famed singer Andrea Bocelli, who tweeted “FACT: Each year, more than 30,000 American lives are cut short by guns. It's time to #StopGunViolence” to his 207,000 followers.

We must outlaw violent guns because they cause gun violence whereas legal moderate guns do not. #HollywoodLibtardsMisunderstand2ndAmendment

Flanders said...

Food control IS People control - Wickstrom

Flanders said...

Reestablishing the ability for people to discuss facts and opinions without being imprisoned, impoverished or murdered will go a long way toward reestablishing FREE SPEECH.

In fact, there is NO free speech until people CAN, and DO so.

"This is one of the better films I've seen that exposes the bold-faces lies we have been told about the so-called Jewish holocaust -- lies that have been shoved down our throats from the time we are children until this very day. People have spent time in jail for trying to expose these filthy liars, but because the liars control the legal system, the schools, and the all the world's media, they have had a monopoly on the minds of the good people in our world. No more. Now is the time for The Truth to be made known and I am visioning an AVALANCHE OF TRUTH coming forward right now that not only exposes the lies and the liars, but enables Mankind to deal with these vermin effectively. Enough is enough. We can remain silent no more. Please share."

Flanders said...

Just In Whose Holocaust Have We White People Been Invited To Participate?

"The White Holocaust"

"The Communists blamed the so-called Nazis for crimes which they had themselves committed. The hundreds of thousands of bodies said to be Third Reich murders were in truth the fiendish work of the living devil Stalin himself. What is worse is that even though empirical, indisputable evidence has proven these statements to be absolutely true, the Jewish American media continues to purposely misrepresent the crimes against humanity committed by the Stalinist Jews and blame the Germans for the crimes that the Jews actually committed. This fact alone shows a clear and demonstrable Jewish prejudice and Jewish control of the American media, so much so that it may be said that there is no alternative media in the police state now called the United States."
"A similar tragedy occurred in Ireland in the mid-19th century: the so-called Potato Famine of Ireland. The truth is that the English had in their possession enough food to feed the Irish, but deliberately kept it from them. Therefore the English starved to death or forced over 1,000,000 Irish from their home country. (This was only one of the most recent genocidal atrocities committed by the English against the Irish.) But we must not entirely blame the white Englishmen, for these events occurred under Jewish control. By 1868, the British had a Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. This Zionist Jew was only able to gain this position of power because of the already established Jewish power base in English politics, industry, and banking. It was this Jewish power base that orchestrated the Irish famine, deliberately starving Irish men, women, and children in order to gain more economic and political power and to eradicate the Catholic and Protestant churches of Ireland. Their strategy for gaining power worked, for the Jews had gained enough power to make one of their own Prime Minister shortly thereafter, in a country that had once banned Jews from its borders.

Still, this is only the beginning of the holocaust of the White Race."
"Another heinous hate crime against whites is perpetrated by the United States' legal system, wherein predominantly black juries have often set free black criminals in the face of overwhelming prosecutorial evidence. Yet, white jurors rarely pass judgments based on race and do not typically set free criminals just because they are white. (Although non-black jurors have been browbeaten by the threat of race riots or murder to vote not guilty and set free nigger criminals.)

These hate crimes are but another part of the plan for the genocide of the White Race. More insidious criminal acts against whites include open discrimination against whites who apply for jobs. Jews cry for so-called diversity in the workforce, in the schoolplace, and in all aspects of society, while qualified whites lose their jobs to inferior negroes. Every time a white man loses his job because of so-called affirmative action or the desire for so-called "diversity", the mongrels are stealing bread from his family, thus perpetuating the holocaust of the White Race."

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

"The timing of the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls was indeed quite unique’ and too much so to be a mere coincidence. The window of opportunity for their discovery could only have been by the direction of the Almighty Himself. For those of us who can remember, the Bible at that time was under vicious attack, and the scrolls served as a bulwark against that assault. But the significance of the timing of their discovery goes even farther than that — much farther. It was in the spring of the year 1947, as two shepherd lads were grazing their mixed flocks of sheep and goats along the foot of the crumbling cliffs that line the Dead Sea in the vicinity of Qumrân that reportedly one of the animals happened to stray from them. One of the boys by the name of Muhammed ed-Dîd casually threw a stone into a small circular opening in the cliff face and heard a shattering sound instead of a solid smack. A few days later the boys returned to investigate the unusual incident and found some of the scrolls. After a series of accidental happenstances these scrolls ended up in the hands of the Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem, Athanasius Yeshue Samuel. After a period of trying to have the scrolls evaluated and authenticated they were finally brought to the American School of Oriental Research in February, 1948, where competent scholars, one being W. F. Albright, examined them. The timing was such that the scrolls were found and evaluated shortly before the counterfeit, so-called, "State of Israel" was established on 14 May, 1948. The question naturally arises: If the "Jews" are God’s chosen people as they falsely claim, why didn’t the Almighty allow them to be instrumental in finding the scrolls? It is obvious, from the account of their discovery, that the Almighty prevented them the privilege as they have no legitimate claim to their origin. Not only that, there was not one "Jew" on the original editing staff of the Dead Sea Scrolls! However, that would change after the Six-day War in 1967, nineteen years later, when finally the "Jews" got their hands on them. (And when the term "Jew" is used, it means the "Jewish" proselytes who were not purely Judah by birth.)

But this is only a later development of the account, for we need to go back to the year 1917 for a more important element of the story. Once we resolve the relevance of 1917 in this chain of events, we will see clearly how all this fits together."


"Some people are under the bewildered delusion that because the United Nations recognized the establishment of the counterfeit so-called "State of Israel" at the behest of Harry Truman that that makes them a bona fide nation of the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Lawfully, Palestine came under British rule under the British Mandate, and remains that way today in Yahweh’s sight. That means we have two kinds of people in that area today; squatters and trespassers. On December 11, 1917, when General Allenby entered Jerusalem, after the Turks had evacuated the area and the Mayor of Jerusalem presented a letter of surrender, that completely, and Lawfully settled the matter to our present day." [End Part 1 of 2].

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

"To show that the British government was Lawfully in control, the following documentation is found in Behind The Balfour Declaration by Robert John, pages 32 & 74: "Letter of November 2, 1917 — the ‘Balfour Declaration’ — from the Foreign Secretary, A. J. Balfour, to the head of the Rothschild banking family, pledging the support of the British Government for the idea of a Jewish National Home in Palestine." In addition to that letter, an almost similar word-for-word draft was cabled by Balfour to [Colonel] House in Washington on 14 October, but with the extra passage shown here in brackets: "... Dear Lord Rothschild, ... I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet ... ‘His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people [race], and will use its best endeavours to facilitate achievement of this object; it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country [by such Jews who are fully contented with their existing nationality and citizenship]’. ... I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation."

Let’s review the directives set forth by His Majesty’s Government by the above letter and cable along with the one previously cited. Both were issued in 1917, one October 14th and the other November 2nd. The first stipulation stated: "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine." The second condition being: "the rights and political status enjoyed in any other country [by such Jews who are fully contented with their existing nationality and citizenship]." Now have those "Jews" who eventually settled in Palestine lived up to those Lawful directives? All you have to do is watch television and you can observe they are breaking these regulations on a daily basis. After about thirty years of this defiant behavior, His Majesty’s Government issued another Lawful directive, which I cited before, and will repeat here from the book Understanding The Dead Sea Scrolls, edited by Hershel Shanks, chapter 1, by Harry Thomas Frank, page 8: "His Majesty’s Foreign Office had somewhat irresponsibly decided that since the problem of Palestine could not be solved by reason they would withdraw, leaving the two sides to decide the issue by blood." I do not agree that this was an "irresponsible" decision on the part of His Majesty’s Government, but rather a very rational one! Again, all you have to do is watch television and you can observe this directive is continually being carried out on a daily basis! Unless Queen Elisabeth II repeals it, it will continue to be effective until Messiah’s return at His Second Advent (Matthew 18:18-19). Don’t look for conditions to change in Palestine, even though we pump billions of dollars in that direction or have hundreds of peace conferences. What the King has decreed is what will be done come hell or high water! "Blood" is what the King decreed and "blood" is what we continue to behold on the part of both parties!

One very important aspect we should notice by the King’s directives is he never decreed a State for the "Jewish race", only a home land, so they had to pursue the objective of nationhood by a different avenue." [Continues at the link]

Flanders said...

This story from a Turkish news source indicates that it is not very difficult for terrorist "Asylum Seekers" to obtain initial entry and documentation materials which facilitate them into then entering "legally" into the European "Refugee" systems. The story of this "suicide bomber" and 4 more (who not identified and present locations not disclosed)indicate the ease. I wonder whether the other four "Asylum Seekers" who were with him celebrated the New Year in Cologne.

"The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suicide bomber who killed 10 [German] tourists by blowing himself up in Istanbul’s touristic Sultanahmet Square has been identified as a Syrian citizen born in Saudi Arabia who recently appealed to a district directorate of migration management for asylum in Turkey.

The bomber, identified as 28-year-old Nabil Fadli, applied for asylum at the Zeytinburnu Migration Management Directorate in the Istanbul district on Jan. 5, security sources said.
Fadli was provided a biometric identity after his fingerprints and picture were taken by the migration center. In his interview, Fadli told migration officials that he fled the war in Syria and wanted to enter Europe. He said he would stay in an apartment in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, but he later moved to a hotel in Kadırga.

The man arrived at the center alongside four other men and remained at his declared address for a few days. The office gave identity cards to the four other men as well.

Fadli was among the Syrians migrants who were given “temporary protection” during their stay in Turkey.

Syrians who are given “temporary protection” are permitted to receive services such as residence permits, health, education and other social services."

Flanders said...

Josef Stalin (aka Dzhugashvila [Stalin's birth name], Jughashvili, or Jewison) and his brother-in-law, also a jew, Lazar Miseyevich Kaganovich, Soviet Union First Deputy Premier, were responsible for hiding the murders of millions of White people in the era of the Holodomor. Kaganovich helped to place Stalin's supporters in important jobs within the Communist Party bureaucracy
Lazar M. Kaganovich, (Jew) Soviet Union First Deputy Premier, in
charge of all heavy industry, made a speech on November 6, 1955 in
Moscow at the annual meeting of the Moscow party organizations at
the Bolshoe Theatre on the eve of the 38th anniversary of the October
Revolution. All members of the Presidium were present. The New
York Herald Tribune of November 7, 1955 quoted as follows: “Mr.
Kaganovich predicted a ‘world-wide victory for Communism’ in the
present century. An economic specialist, he is one of the last of the
Old Bolsheviks. It was clear that he had been selected as the orator
on the occasion to rekindle interest in this country in Communist
aims and also to make it clear internationally that the Soviet Union
cannot be diverted from its goal of a Communist ‘one world’.”
“War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable.
Today, of course, we are not strong enough to .attack. Our time will
come in 20 or 30 years. To win we shall need the clement of surprise.
The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by
launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There
will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The
capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in
their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends.
As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched
Presiding Officer U. N. Security Council, 1949
Prom a Speech before the Lenin School
of Political Warfare, 1931

[Very good video below - Flanders]


"A New York Times journalist wins the famed Pulitzer Prize as a reward for covering up and fabricating reports about one of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century.

This particular villain's name was Walter Duranty and what he did fully 70 years ago was convince most of the world that allegations claiming Soviet dictator Josef Stalin engineered the mass starvation of as many as 12 million Ukrainian peasants and farmers was simply anti-communist propaganda.

We now know this appalling crime of genocide -- akin to the Nazi persecution of the Jews of Europe in Adolf Hitler's death camps -- was true."

Anonymous said...

That traitor LBJ called back the jet fighters that were scrambled during the Israeli act of war and attempt to destroy the USS Liberty in 1967. He continued to cover it up afterwards. Him and that other traitor John McCain's father.

Uncle Nasty said...

He's not wrong, you know ...

There was a joke doing the rounds in ZA quite a few years back. A nigger in a HiAce jumps a stop street, and of course, is pulled over by a White cop,** who starts to write him up a ticket.

Long story short, there is a dialogue between zot who says he slowed down. The cop's response:- "You didn't stop. It's a stop sign, and you didn't stop. That is an offense."

Zot: "But I slowed down."

Cop: "Yes but you didn't stop"

Zot: "But I slowed down. Lots and lots ..."

Cop: "But you didn't stop"

Zot: "What's the difference? I slowed down almost to a stop."

Cop: "I'll show you."

Cop takes out his truncheon and beats seven shades out of the nigger.

"Now (Whack! whack!) ... do you want (Whack! whack!) me to stop? (Whack! whack!) ... or just slow down?"

Right .....

Ethnosuicidal nationalists

“‪Even the pro-white ‘movement’ seems beholden to this irresistible death-wish.‬”
—‪Joseph Walsh

The revelation has come to me that liberals, conservatives and white nationalists are, ultimately, on the same fucking page. The only behavioral difference between them is speed.

Gentile liberals, led by the Jews, are driving the train on the road to white extinction on high speed. Non-Jew conservatives are merely trying to lower the speed by softly hitting the break here and there to slightly hinder the liberals’ ways. White nationalists, already outside the train, are heading exactly toward the same direction but at a much slower, walking pace.

Let us compare the values of the self-styled White Nationalists with the real defenders of the Aryan race, the National Socialists:

• Hitler and the NS men organized themselves in a political party—the very first, elemental step to make a difference in the real world. The WN cyber-based “movement” on the other hand refuses to leave the homely comfort zone. Nationalists who are doing this: Every single “neonazi,” white nationalist, southern nationalist or conservative racialist today, including old internet sites such as Stormfront, American Renaissance, VDARE and Majority Rights. None of them has dared to form a racist party. (In the case of Greece’s Golden Dawn, they are not Aryans.)

He's not wrong either ... slowing down dhimmigration is not good enough.

The portcullis must come crashing down NOW!!

Then ... pray that some will resist. You know the drill. Shooting their mouths off; screaming imprecations; better -- making threats. Best of all -- attacking those who remove them.

Then it's machine gun time ... followed by the noose.

First phase complete.

Second phase ... media.
Third phase ... traitors
Fourth phase ... go international.

A lot of people will read this and say I'm stark raving to even talk this way ...

It will come to this.
There will be blood.


** Shows you how old this joke is ...

Flanders said...

We aren’t too fond of “jewgaboo art” here. But, this piece below has been bestowed a good title.

“Since art needs a title, let’s call this one Swimming in a Sea of Aids.

Cultural Marxists, primarily Jewish intellectuals and other sick perverts, tell the goyim what is art and what is not. Play with the lighting and create an insane pose or expression and you have instant art, kosher approved. It’s just propaganda.”

John Major's Secretary said...

"Only in Britain could it be thought a defect to be 'too clever by half.' The probability is that too many people are too stupid by three-quarters."

John Major

Anonymous said...

Of course they have suspects ... eight hundred of them.
Spoiled for choice.

801. He might have raped himself.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon at 17:04 --

"Gen is the planned end of the White race I suspect."

That might be a good suspicion.

Hollywood was barely into talkies in the late 1920s-early-1930s when a rafter of early films about something called "Flaming Youth". Mostly about bootlegging among the young and restless, and the beginning of no-tell motel era.

The motel part raised my suspicion: J. Edgar Hoover used "crossing a state line for immoral purposes" as an excuse to build an agency most Americans considered unconstitutional at the time, the FBI. Hollywood hit Hoover with some publicity by blaming the kids, and he also got to raid the early motel biz. And I'm sure Hoover's fairyboy soul was hardened by the fact there was a lot of boy-on-girl sex, shudder!

Every generation since has gotten a negative moniker of some sort. Hipster, boho, beat, hippie, slacker, X...

Oh yeah, "Generation X" originally was tagged onto post war British youth, being the title of a paperback that made it across the pond back in 1964. (Not a typo, that's nineteen-SIXTY-four.)

Plus ca change and all that.


Anonymous said...

a New Zealand passport -- NZ$800.00 ??????????????????????????????

Are you sure?
I've been told it's 180 for a 10 year passport but someone who just got one.

Good that its 10 years again. 5 years really means 4.5 years of useful time- quite ridiculous.

Declan-P said...

Jews took over the RC Church at Vatican II.

Frank Galton said...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

A traitor in our midst

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Germans got its effing traitors as well

katana said...

OT Here's a very informative interview by Jim Rizoli with author Benton Bradberry and the story behind his truth telling book, "The Myth of German Villiainy" that exposes the jewish lies behind our “official” understanding of the events of the 20th century, whereby Germany is poisonously portrayed as the “evil villain" that started the two world wars. The truth is the very opposite.

Anonymous said...

Flanders, I like your posts. But I'm afraid you left yourself open to this one. I apologise. I shouldn't really do this but it's my job as the one on here who can't take things to seriously all the time. I'm just going to post the quote and leave it at that.
'I will say that those "sailors" don't look like sailors. None that I have seen or been around.'

(Hello sailor)

Anonymous said...

UN said :-
'I am getting very concerned about this.'
So you should. I have often thought how any insurrection would be put down. The army and police of any country that revolted would be problematic for the PTB. These private armies may be the answer.


Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama left an empty seat beside her to represent all the sons of the no good idiot that she is married to to highlight feralnegrokontrol. Mickey D might be a short arsed waste of space but (and it is a massive butt in her case!) these two highly respected graduates of top class universities are at the top of their game!

Anonymous said...

Dirty effing bastard

Flanders said...

Lemmyhead and UN,

Regarding the privately contracted intelligence and military, a good site to check out is Abel Danger. I'm an old Marine, but the Marine who operates the site below speaks in languages which I can't logically comprehend, at least in finding rational ways to place the language he speaks into a useable format. I suspect that is actually because of his long familiarity with the intelligence, governmental treachery, and "private" contracting matters he discusses, and my own relative ignorance about those. An example of the range of what he regularly discusses may best be exemplified by this photo:

[It's the photo under the Serco...? video, in case the link doesn't show it, in the first post on "#2563: Serco's Resilient Boeing Clocks – Death-Pool Trump Force One – Jihadi 8(a) Johns].

The main site is here, and you may want to check specifically for SERCO, Oracle and "Honourable Artillery Company":

James said...

Modern Medicine Interferes with Our Breeding

Topics include birth rape, father trauma due to fathers having to witness the abuse of their loved ones and not being able to protect them. Usurpation of the father's role and the disempowerment of men is the goal and it often causes a breakdown in marital relationships after the birth of children.

The occult forces in control of western medicine are INTENDING to do harm. Their efforts are methodical and purposeful and are designed to create brain damage in infants and a breakdown in the mother/infant/family bond. The brain damage is intended to alter Mankind so that we will become servants to the luciferian machine.


Vaccines are biological weapons designed to genetically mutate Mankind. By injecting the DNA from aborted human babies into the bloodstreams of babies that are alive, they scramble the baby's genetic code. They also inject DNA from monkey kidneys, pig blood, bovine fetal serum, catepillar eggs, guinea pig brains, and neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury along with poisons like formaldehyde, MSG, aspartame, and more.

Also included in this discussion is a bold analysis of the judeo-christian god and who he really is.

Anonymous said...

Dirty effing bastard

Complaining about bad immigrant behavior is something they WANT us to do.

The good-looking, clean, well behaved immigrants with good jobs will destroy the white race even faster. Remember that.

Integration is just a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE

Anonymous said...

Flanders, thanks for the link. I haven't a clue what half of it's about or why it's important. There is one article I found very interesting. I hadn't heard about the case against Jeffrey Epstein being re-opened. If you can get through the writing it makes interesting reading. I'll leave you to work your way through it. One paragraph I find well worth the effort. It reads:-

"Apparently, the government believes that because Epstein pressured some of his young victims into performing sexual acts, those victims themselves were complicit in Epstein's crimes and, therefore, are barred from seeking relief under the CVRA," the motion says. "There has never been any public document (or other private document that we have seen) in this or any related case that has 'accused' Epstein's young victims of committing 'the crime' that Epstein committed."

Does this really say that under age girls are pressured into committing indecent acts so they too are guilty?


Californian said...

Vigilante violence disables its own society, and is one of the short-cuts from Queen’s peace to all-against-all. The self-appointed doer of justice tears a hole in the entire fabric of the law. ...

The "society" of many EU countries--as well as much of the USA--ought to be disabled. That society is one dominated by hostile elites working for the destruction of White people. And when "the law" puts White people in jail for exercising their Free Speech rights, it ought to be torn to shreds.

Vigilantism is a healthy sign of White people self-organizing to defend themselves and their civilization.

It's worth studying the vigilante groups which appeared at various times in the USA. And the Boer commandos of the 19th century. And for that matter, the German Freikorps which arose to defeat the Reds after World War I. Look for lessons learned. Then apply them.

And I'll make my usual "plug" for an international Right to Bear Arms. As Machiavelli put it:

Before all else, be armed.

Anonymous said...

I think the current hyper immigration frenzy in Europe is the result of your politicians and various "elites" again aping their American masters. Our scumbag plutocrats over here believe that third world immigrants and their whelps in the US have reached a critical mass demographically because they comprise a full 1/3 of the population with millions more coming in every year. Put that together with what they believe are another third - corporate fascists and progressives (communists) - and you have a clear majority who want to tear the country to shit and move in into official global government. Hence, the smug triumphalism and insults to the native population (I mean Americans here, not American Indians, though they count too).

It won't be as easy as they think...for a variety of reasons. But it's important for you Europeans to understand that it's not really as far gone as you think. Your numbers of ridiculous foreigners are not close to overwhelming yet so you still have a chance.

And probably more heavy lifting than we want to do will be required. And it will be more rainbow here in the US than we might like but even our jigs and fags are getting sick of the bullshit. The plutocrats want to double and then triple the populations in our countries.

U Loess Scout? (No!) said...

So that bizarre case of rape by rapeapes in New York might not be what it seems as another poster posted as daughter was dooing the do with babymamas current boo the way that
do and when asked politely by the african-American gentlemen would she do them she said yes because that is what


Anonymous said...

I have done a bit of Grey-Sky thinking:
What triggered this ...The Ca-moron proposed raid on Dormant@?! accounts.(To house our replacements?).Germany has come up with bankrupting figures for their folk to dish out!
Well I have had a experience on this one.(dormant)
Out of the blue! a couple of years ago. I was advised that some money had come to light regarding a non contributory pension that been paid into many many years ago. I was asked to prove my identity and this dosh would be released! Not a lot of money, but welcome all the same.
Their must be tens of thousands of folk who have relatives in a similar situation. and not know it! These pensions are only payable on retirement .. not your dosh until then! When I looked into this.. I realized it should have been paid out ten years ago.(It had been sitting in a bank in Swizland).The reason this came to light ... the org concerned had gone into receivership and had to make public announcements as to all the dosh held.
My point is
It is my opinion the elites are going for broke .They (the elites) must know that the dimmest realize they are to come out of this very badly, especially when they start bringing the rear guard in! They come, filled to the brim with contempt!
All kinds of legal@?%$ wheezes wll be brought into play to de-house the local population.
They have form on this: In ww2 the British and German Governments adopted various methods!
In Britain all private housing was declared state property and used to house in many instances those who had been bombed-out.. This was much to the alarm of the owners, who in most instances had pissed off to safer places! America and Canada and bolt holes in the UK .
Great difficulty at th end ww2 getting them out (the bombed out , ask the likes of Liz Tailer and many msm fkrs).
In Germany at the end ofww2 .A far more serious situation existed compounded by genuine refugees!
You were only allowed so much space per person and had take folk in!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

A recently published book written by a Skvere hasidic rabbi and endorsed by the Skvere Rebbe himself tells Skvere hasidim and other Jews to hate all gentiles. Gentiles are wholly evil, the book says. They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful.

The book is called Yalkut Shaiylos u'Teshuvos. As the title indicates, it is a collection of questions and answers on halakhic topics. The questions were asked by young Skvere yeshiva students in New Square, New York. The answers are rabbinic.

The section translated below is titled, "Goyyim" and it explains the Skvere hasidic view of non-Jews, citing among other sources, the Skvere Rebbe himself.

The anti-gentile hatred is based on rabbinic sources. Those sources are heavily influenced by kabbalah and by hasidic thought.

A similar attitude toward non-Jews can be found in the Tanya, the so-called bible of Chabad hasidic thought written by the first rebbe of Chabad, Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and reprinted thousands of times by Chabad worldwide.

The translation was made by the noted filmmaker Menachem Daum, who sent it to me along with the scans of the book posted below and requested that I post it.

All remarks in square brackets [ ] are Daum's. All remarks in these brackets { } are mine. All text within normal parenthesis ( ) are the book's author's.

Question: Is it appropriate to not love, or to hate, a gentile?

Answer: A Jew is intrinsically good. A Jew is a part of God above. Even if at times he strays it is not because he has become evil. It is only that there is evil within him that he has to cleanse.

However, to separate with a million degrees of separation, a gentile is an impure thing. The entire essence of the gentile is evil and impure. Even if he occasionally does good deeds he does not thereby become good. As the Holy Light of Life {i.e., the author of the book Ohr HaHayyim] says regarding gentiles, even such a one who is very careful in his actions does not obtain any degree of holiness thereby.

As is also well known, even educated gentiles who guarded themselves because of their clear understanding of what is right, nonetheless failed when they were tested, because a gentile has no power for goodness within him.

On the contrary, the evil thoughts of gentiles contaminate the world’s atmosphere and create ordeals for Jewish children.
As the Remnant for Pinchos {i.e., the author of the book Sheairit L’Pinchas} says, the thoughts of gentiles, even when they are dead, still linger in and contaminate the atmosphere.

I never knew.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Light of Life {i.e., the author of the book Ohr HaHayyim} says that for a person to be totally protected from evil he must hate the thing that has caused him to sin. This is why God commanded to uproot the trees of Midian. Since the Midianites caused the Jews to sin with the Peor idol, so therefore Jews must hate everything connected to Midian. Consequently, gentiles, whose thoughts bring upon us ordeals, may be hated.

The second point is; one is not to concentrate on the face of a gentile. As the Willows of the Valley {the author of the book Arvei Nahal} writes on the Talmudic passage, “it is forbidden to look upon the face of an evildoer”, because the other side [the devil] {the sitra achra} cloaks himself in the guise of an evildoer and it is a danger to look at him. This passage refers to a Jew who has, God forbid, become an evildoer. Certainly, beyond any doubt, a gentile whose whole nature is essentially evil, looking at his appearance is defiling.

In the Abbreviated Set Table {Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh} it states that if one sees beautiful creatures, even a gentile, one makes a blessing. The Abbreviated Set Table {Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh}adds this is only if one caught a casual glimpse, however concentrating on a gentile is forbidden.

Are they crazy reading all this crap? Maybe!

Once, in middle of the night, The Perfumed Bed {the author of the book Arugot Haboshem} sent a messenger to his son, the Jacob Speaks {i.e., the author of the book Vayagid Yaakov}, requesting he should immediately come over. He quickly came running and the Perfumed Bed {the author of the book Arugot Haboshem} looked upon him and told him he can now leave. He only called upon him since a gentile doctor was there earlier and he didn’t want that the last thing he sees before he sleeps to be a gentile, so he called him only to take a look at him.

Our Honorable Holy Teacher, Our Master, Our Guide, Our Rebbe [of Skver], may he live a long and good life, repeated in the name of the Maharal that gentiles are referred to as “wicked waters” while Jews are akin to fire. Naturally, when fire and water mix the water extinguishes the fire. However, when there is an iron barrier between them, for example, water in a pot, then on the contrary, the fire cooks and evaporates the water. Similarly, if one has connections to a gentile the gentile can, God forbid, extinguish the fire in the soul. However, if one is separated in all matters then the Jewish soul will triumph.

This thinking is certainly different to the average person. It is obviously effective however.

Anonymous said...


What to make of this?

Uncle Nasty said...

Amazing how this thread has exploded. Some just do and some just don't.
Further to Californian's comment:

Californian said...

The "society" of many EU countries--as well as much of the USA--ought to be disabled. That society is one dominated by hostile elites working for the destruction of White people. And when "the law" puts White people in jail for exercising their Free Speech rights, it ought to be torn to shreds.

Vigilantism is a healthy sign of White people self-organizing to defend themselves and their civilization.

It's worth studying the vigilante groups which appeared at various times in the USA. And the Boer commandos of the 19th century. And for that matter, the German Freikorps which arose to defeat the Reds after World War I. Look for lessons learned. Then apply them.

And I'll make my usual "plug" for an international Right to Bear Arms. As Machiavelli put it:

Before all else, be armed.

I add this one.

For among other evils caused by being disarmed, it renders you contemptible.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding the NZ$800.00 New Zealnd passport ...

Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Don't know where the hell I got that. I plead insanity.

Old Cheech and Chong skit -- about some old codger caught having it off with an underaged girl, and now defending himself in court.

"Ah plead insanity, yeronner."
"Yup. Ah wuz crazy about thet gal."


Searcher said...

"Complaining about bad immigrant behavior is something they WANT us to do.
The good-looking, clean, well behaved immigrants with good jobs will destroy the white race even faster. Remember that."

I totally agree.

Bad behavior/crime was expected by everyone here. The cover-up by government employees and media was likewise expected by everyone here. The spin and cover-up by MSM was likewise expected. One is not surprised.

Take the UK pedophile rings for example:
Operation Yewtree
Politicians/judges/police/media workers have a huge power base. It is understandable WHY and HOW those rings (politicians/media/judiciary) were covered up (fear/intimidation/well connected).

Operation Protection
Pakistani taxi drivers have no power base. Why were their crimes covered up? It is seemingly bizarre to cover-up the crimes of a group that has no power. Bizarre unless you see it in a logical, pscyho fashion: the aim was to further demoralize the native population (Whites).

Back to Germany and their "new Germans":
Germany (1): Rob/assault/rape German girls women in Cologne
Municipal response: let nature take its course.
TPTB reaction: cover-up by police/MSM.
Solution: German women change how they dress and stay away from "refugees".

Germany (2) White protestors (Pegida)
Municipal response: water hoses, riot police in large numbers.
TPTB reaction: slam protestors for "making hay" out of other's misery. Label them as racist and far-right.
Solution: People should identify as anti-racist since Pegida are just as much a problem as rapists.

Learning outcome
Racist = Rapist (they are as bad as each other).

Effect on the "feels" of a White man
I am powerless.

Searcher said...

"Bad refugees" vs "good refugees"
I think it is akin to moving the Overton window. The general population has learnt that they cannot call to deport "refugees" even when they behave appallingly. That is the first lesson. The more important (and unstated lesson) is that you cannot deport "good" refugees.

That lesson is unstated because for people to realize that their inheritance is being given away wholesale means a whole lot of pain and anger. It is also frightening for people in general to come to terms with how their genocide has been planned - by simply introducing biological weapons in human form (which we have been psychologically conditioned, since children, not to resist).

That reality is exceptionally frightening and I think that is why people don't want to "go there". Simply because it necessitates contemplating the logical conclusion: war (not in a far off place, but on your doorstep). Simply speaking out about it means 2 things: (a) you are already stronger emotionally than most of your peers (who cannot even contemplate it for fear); (b) you are not afraid of your own power (most people are).

I would make one final point.

All immigrants are not equal
Regarding Muslim immigration, I would make a distinction as follows:

When there is a large enough Muslim population in any country to live as a viable separate culture (multiculturalism), then that Muslim population will make certain demands on the host nation. This statement has a basis in reality (halal food in France; occupying public highways to pray in the middle of the day; Adhan in USA and Sweden*).

It is statistically proven that the Muslim population will grow at a faster rate than the host White nation and Muslim women will appear in public in various stages of disguise, called "modesty"): check birth rates, public streets for evidence. Not all Muslims are ultra strict and not all Muslims are particularly religious. But this does not matter. Even a non-religios Muslim, will identify with his "group" if push comes to shove.

Islam is a religion (not a race), which is like saying water is wet. However, the vast majority of White people are not Muslim, and do not wish to become Muslim. The vast majority of Chinese people are not Muslim etc. Being Muslim is highly correlated with Arabs/Africa and South/South East Asia. This statement is based on statistical information (not in wishful thinking). A White muslim is most likely a convert (and not brought up as a Muslim). Their "Muslimness" is not rooted in them culturally in the same way that Christianity is.

The good thing about Ireland
Our culture is not based in fear or anger. It is based on shame. Irish people tend to believe the worst about themselves. Shame can be the hardest thing to overcome however, when that has been understood and properly harnessed, there is no limit. The best way to help people to get over shame is to point out all the bullshit that is promoted by the likes of Terry Prone and friends. Unravel it as the work of a bully. Unmask the sociopaths/reptiles.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the mercenary armies.

Home-grown armies and conscripts are well known to become, shall we say ... reluctant? ... to fire on their own. After all, when the dust settles, they have to go back to live among those who are currently being abused.

Mercenaries have no such qualms ... which is why the current alliance -- UK, France, US are using them more and more.

They find them ... useful. Especially in the plausible deniability dapartment.

Coming to a theatre near you ... soon.

The big problem with mercenaries, of course, is that they resemble lawyers. As long as you keep winning -- and keep paying them, all is well.

When things turn to custard however ... in come the yids, waving chequebooks, and as the man said: "... today they own the crop ... next year, they own the farm."

That is another story -- one heard by kings and princes for millennia, now.


Searcher said...

* Adhan (call to prayer)


In 2004, the Al-Islah Mosque in Hamtramck, Michigan, US, attracted national attention when it requested permission to broadcast its call to prayer. This upset many of the non-Muslim residents of the area, which has a large and long-established Polish Catholic population. Proponents pointed out that the city was already subject to loud bell ringing from the local church, while opponents argued that the church bells served a nonreligious purpose. Later that year, the city amended its noise regulations to limit the volume of all religious sounds. Prior to this, other mosques in the Detroit area had been using loudspeakers to broadcast their calls to prayer without incident.[6]

Searcher said...

Bible lessons for us all:

Are we the dopes here (Esau)?
Esau exchanged his inheritance for a "mess of pottage".

Is the IMF a modern-day Joseph?
"As for the people, he made slaves of them from one end of Egypt to the other":

SAVANT said...

John, Fox News is a bit better than the other channels but is just another Establishment Israeli-first propaganda outlet.

Searcher said...

Age of Aqurius / Global Goals / Gen (blank):

Anonymous said...

great news if you are a rodent cultural marxist, rapefugee or a goat fucker...

Stab City's First Islamic Clothing store opens: (16-1-16)