Saturday, 2 January 2016

I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked.

My my, doesn't time fly? It's been thirty years since Bob Geldoff launched Live Aid, and in the process transformed himself from impoverished one-hit-wonder has-been into a Moral Voice (capital M, capital V), one who Speaks Truth To Power (STTP). Such status is achieved by way of endlessly berating and cajoling others to do the right thing. While judiciously precluding yourself from any ensuing personal impact.  Think Al Gore making billions from the global warming racket as he jets around the world in his carbon-spewing private plane, Bono moving 'head office' to Holland in a dodge to avoid paying taxes in Ireland while indignantly demanding more money for 'the poor' from compliant Irish taxpayers.

But few have capitalised on their Moral Voice status like Saint Bob, including a Knighthood from HRH and the acquisition of a vast fortune. All from his ability to cajole millions of people to open their pockets.......while keeping his own carefully closed. And what did Live Aid achieve (apart from transforming Sir Bob's fortunes)?  Well we do know from this scathing investigative report that most of the money raised was funnelled through Mengistu Mariam, one of the  most corrupt and bloodthirsty despots Africa has ever seen. Which is some accolade.

Didn't seem to bother St. Bob though as he preened in front of the cameras hugging Mariam while handing over the loot. "Geldoff was warned repeatedly.....about Mengistu who was dismantling tribes, mercilessly conducting resettlement marched in which over 100,000 died, and butchering helpless people." Maybe St. Bob thought that a million or two fuzzy wuzzy corpses would enrich the  soil of the hither barren land. In any event money continued to pour into the country from the West and soon the Ethiopians had the biggest army in Africa. With which they later fought a bloody and prolonger border war with Eritrea.

Vast amounts of EU food aid were also supplied, leading to an unprecedented transformation of the country's demographics. Unbelievably, the population almost tripled in forty years, from 32 million in 1975 to 91 million today. And here’s what this population growth leads to

As the population increases, more and more land is deforested and over-farmed. Forest coverage has declined from 40 percent 75 years ago to only 3 percent today. People must travel farther and farther to find firewood, the principal fuel, which reduces time spent farming. Without firewood, many resort to burning animal dung, instead of using it to fertilise their depleted soil. Without trees to help hold it in place, the soil erodes from the steep highlands. As a result, many previously habitable areas have now been transformed into dry lands and deserts.

This vicious cycle exacerbates the effects of Ethiopia’s droughts, leading to severe and ever more frequent crises. But drought is not entirely to blame: Ethiopia “faces famine when we have a bumper harvest and when we have drought” since the amount of arable land per person is so low (1/2 hectare for 8 people).
And now set your faces to shocked. The country has another famine. The drearily familiar headline says it all.  Millions at risk as severe drought hits Ethiopia. According to the UN if the 'international community' (i.e. White countries) don't step up with donations 15 million could be at risk this year. (A comment by Adis Aba on the same report provides some additional detail if you're interested.)

Any chance of Sir Bob riding to the rescue again?  What do you think?


john7 said...

Oh, he or others like him will undoubtedly jump up, make millions for themselves, stroke their egos by being on television, drain lots more money from the dumb goy who need it at home and make the africans plight even worse. You can bet on it. And 'we' collectively, never learn, being so immersed in the jewmedia and their bread and circuses.

Lord Copper said...

"With which they later fought a bloody and prolonger border war with Eritrea."

Etopa's leader was Eritrean leader's cousin. Eritrea is next to Somalia both geographically and population wise.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should of had a ride in this car Muslims pushed down a tube station in brussels

Anonymous said...

Australia has decided to degender their passports.

Some British subject was in Oz and his occupation was listed as Courtier.

There is no t in courier said the border agent.

Anonymous said...

I went into this in a post, probably a few years ago. Every time we save an African we submit future Africans to death by starvation, disease, thirst or famine. Put simply it's a never ending problem, if we choose to make it our problem. I remember in the previous post asking why we don't demand to know what bang our buck buys. Trillions have been poured into Africa yet it's always the same problems. Every time we save one we create another potential invader to our countries. It's time to call a halt.

As I said yesterday I was going on a hike. My mate picked me up to drive to our start point. I was listening to the radio during a lull in the conversation. Two presenters one male and one female. The conversation went something like this.
Female Presenter 'Did you go you last night' (New Years Eve)
Male Presenter 'No, I stopped in because I was working'.
Female Presenter 'So you and your girlfriend had a quiet night in'.
Male Presenter 'No my girlfriend went out. It had been planned for a while now. She went out in fancy dress with a few friends'.
Female Presenter 'What did she go as?'
Male Presenter 'Superwoman. She said that she had changed her mind about the fancy dress because she had put on a few pounds over Xmas. I told that she looked so sexy in the costume and a few pounds wouldn't make any difference. Anyway she put it on and she looked really hot, the costume was figure hugging and showed off her curves'.
Female Presenter 'What were the others dressed as?'
He then describes a few characters mainly male.
Female Presenter 'Did she have a good time?'
Male Presenter 'I don't know. She wasn't back when I left home. She's not answering her 'phone or texts'.
It's bad not realising you've been cucked. What's worse is not knowing you've been cucked and then broadcasting it on radio. As he's a radio presenter, probably a libtard so all will be forgiven. If he wakes up.


Anonymous said...

The problem in Ethiopia is the explosive population growth and corruption, Corruption clearly is evident all over the world so lets bottom line it population growth rates are the cause of Ethiopias problems, Sir Bob does the live aid thing and yes it worked, It bent the law of nature as nature self corrects animal imbalances cruel yes but corrected so now the imbalance is much worse so what's next import the problem to the west offcourse, when the west falls and it will then nature will do its thing not only in Ethiopia but the west too, however i am sure Sir Bob will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Geldof, Bono, and Gore all have miserable expressions permanently etched into their faces. Any un-indoctrinated toddler can tell at a glance that they are a$$holes and only a simpleton or a libtard can't figure out that 1,000,000 women who have 15 kids each adds 15,000,000 more people to the ecosystem.
In 1957 Canada's population was 17 million now it is 35 million, Nigeria's was 24 million now it is 175 million. Libtards think they can help Africa by bringing in 10's of millions to Canada helping to destroy Canada's eco-system and infrastructure but those 10's of millions Africans will be replaced in only a few years thanks to the African birth rate. Then what?
Canada's green party is in favour of increased immigration what a bunch of phonies just like Geldof, Bono, and Gore.

Anonymous said...

In the States thought Geldof was an odd Irish name, then heard his comment about not wanting to hear about any Hibernian crap. As Swift said if being born in Ireland, if he was born in a barn, would it make him a horse?

Anonymous said...

28% Black Indianapolis had 144 murders last year.
65% black Baltimore had 344 murders last year.
83% failedcontinent-American Detroit had .... ?

Searcher said...

Where is Herr Van Staffenburg when you need him?!

Anonymous said...

On a beach in Lesbos "I only managed to bring over 6 of my children"!
Think ahead folks. They they have allways outbread the resources.
Do we have any wilderness left for them to make productive?

Unknown said...

"White countries" is a term soon to be obsolete thanks to the christian hating jews!

Anonymous said...


The true size of africa map shows that you can fit the lower 48 and Europe onto the the second biggest continent on the planet where the people native to the place have done the square root of nothing with the place.

As black History Month has one extra day in it this year you might like to put it up on February 29th.

AnalogMan said...

Lemmyhead said

I went into this in a post, probably a few years ago.

Yes, we've been here before. About eight years ago Kevin Myers had a very good series of articles in the Irish Independent making the same points. He had been a reporter in Ethiopia in the 80's and saw (but didn't write) the truth on the ground. Of course he was immediately attacked, but stood his ground. There was even a BBC report that found much of the money raised back in the eighties was naively handed over to terrorist groups posing as local charities for "distribution".

Liberals are constitutionally incapable of learning, so here we go again.

rambaloosa said...

Chicago final stats for this year.

Final 2015 Totals
Shot & Killed: 442
Shot & Wounded: 2553
Total Shot: 2995
Total Homicides: 499

95% of them pavement apes.

Anonymous said...

Hard to get your mind around the fact that the wheel was unknown in central Africa in the middle nineteenth century.

Especially when you consider that you could walk to Egypt, or Ethiopia for that matter.

Searcher said...

Sav's favorite "Irishman" (ho ho ho) - the Anti-Santa:

For Pete's Sake

He is truthful in this comment: "The EU needs ..more...migrants".
The EU. Exactly. The EU. NOT European people/society. The EU. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious that Geldof was a puke with his anti-Irish, anti-nationalist rants. Which might have helped him get a knighthood from the old whore of a queen. Maybe more so than his "humanitarian" service.

Anonymous said...

Hesitate to ask but still curious about what you guys thought of the movie "'71." It made all the combatants in NI look equally bad.

Anonymous said...

This prick is at it again. What does he want ... a rope ?

John Bonaccorsi said...

For whatever it's worth, the paragraph below was posted by me in a comment thread at yesterday (January 1). I was responding to a liberal type who'd chastised America for resisting doing anything about the present, so-called refugee crisis, which, in the view of the said liberal, was a result of American actions. I wrote:

"You're making a big deal out of nothing. The era of foreign aid and other post-colonial wrongheadedness on the part of the West is coming to an end, after a mere half-century or so. Merkel's recent opening of Europe's gates is its final manifestation; the over-populated, under-skilled, thoroughly-dependent Third World is its monument, which will barely be remembered a century or two from now. Earth moves through a photon sea, from which energy far beyond our needs will soon be relayed, down to us, from the Moon. The age of combustion would have begun to end decades ago, if liberals hadn't rerouted Western enterprise from space exploration and other civilization-building to the mothering of non-whites, worldwide. The time is not far off when all the trash in our trash dumps will be burned simply for the release, into the atmosphere, of precious carbon, which will be extracted from the air for the creation of gasoline, limestone, and other treasures. The world's vast non-white population whose growth liberalism has effected will be left to die. Whites will move on; and as I say, hand-wringing such as yours will be a footnote to a footnote, a small part of a brief period of nothing."

PS In case you're wondering just how simple the future could be:

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 15:53 --

What the hell happened to Canada? I can prove they were bright once.

Canada had a sliding scale based on Unemployed Canucks VS "any" possible immigrant, refugee or whatever. If enough Canadians were out of work or even under-employed, the gate shut. Native-born people come first. If they were hurting, tough beans about the "refugees" (or whatever).

We used the Canadian slide-rule in the 80s trying to get our dickhead president Ronny to grasp the fact that our own downsized workers, then, were already falling through the cracks while he was cooking up the Amnesty for Illegals fraud. Conservatives in the States insist Reagan was "pushed" to sign the amnesty bill, but the same Reagan refused to do squat for the downsized, often homeless, natives. Our example was Canada, always putting their own first.

Did they change the law? Did they just join the jackals that run the rest of the world? Why couldn't a single white country hang onto its marbles?


eleos said...

24 days to Al Gore’s ’10 years to save the planet’ and ‘point of no return’ planetary emergency deadline!

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic ... perhaps.

It seems the ultimate aim of the Hoffjuden is to basically parasitise the western world, ensuring themselves a guilt-driven income for life a la the never-ending Auschwitz Guilt Fandango.

However there is a whole different agenda to control the Untermenschen ... and that is to keep them in a state of constant paranoia, which is the "Everybody hates you because of your big fucking noses, and the only people who will look after you is us Rabbis" syndrome.

Scare them back to israel, where they can really control you.

Seems to be working ...

Facing death chants and hate crimes, Sweden’s Jews live in a climate of fear

‘A lot of Jews are scared’ in this Nordic community of 15,000, as lines blur between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism**

By Josefin Dolsten December 22, 2015, 7:55 pm 121

Josefin Dolsten is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Related Topics
Israel-Sweden relations

7 things Miriam Adelson does — besides back GOP candidates
General strike called off as unions, Treasury reach ‘historic’ deal
Leftist MKs slam civics textbook for having ‘more Judaism, less democracy’
Jewish father and son freed in Venezuela with $400K ransom
France is Israel’s largest source of aliyah for 2nd straight year
Adelson named as biggest funder of Jewish News Service
Treasury, unions hold last-minute talks in bid to avert general strike
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protest IDF draft
EU mulls adopting definition of Jew hatred, says new anti-Semitism czar
4 Israeli restaurants make France’s list of world’s top 1,000
‘Fiddler on the Roof’ revival vibrant and heartfelt

On a chilly fall day, passersby on a central street in Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, were greeted with chants in Arabic urging the killing of Jews.

“Death to the Jews,’ and ‘More stabbings,’ the protesters screamed,” recalls Jehoshua Kaufman, head of communications for Malmö’s Jewish community. The protesters at the October pro-Palestinian rally were referring to the near-daily stabbings of Jews by Arab assailants over the past couple of months in Israel.

Swedish politicians, including two parliament members, were present at the protest. However, after Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman, condemned the event, they distanced themselves, claiming they had not understood the meaning of the Arabic slogans.

Kaufman questions how such an event had been permitted to take place, and why the politicians had not demanded a translation of the chants.

Well, well, well. He does, does he?

Maybe, Kauffie baby ... Just maybe, you should ask the people who are really running the show in little Svenska ... Hmmm? The ones who actually do the permitting and denying?

** Oh. And "... lines blur between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism", eh? ... and just who's driving that one, hmmmm?

Once again, the default position is Cherchez le fucking juif


PS ... look in the related topics column, and you'll be heartened to see that the ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ revival (is) vibrant and heartfelt

Does that mean that Tevye -- and the whole cast -- is played by Ethiopian Falashas?

Uncle Nasty said...


Radio Islam: Italian website investigated for 'influential Jews' blacklist post

By Umberto Bacchi
December 18, 2015 11:17 GMT 34

Italian police have opened an investigation after a controversial website published a list of "influential Jews" working in the country. The names of journalists, businessmen, actors and personalities of Jewish faith were published on the Italian page of Radio Islam, a multi-language platform hosting essays from renowned holocaust deniers.

The webpage branded those on the blacklist as members of the "Nazi-Jewish mafia". Some lawmakers called for the site to be taken down.


I wonder how many politicians and influence-peddlers they found?


Searcher said...

The 71 film

TBH I never heard of it. Have no inclination to watch it either.

Re its impact in Ireland, it reached... wait for it...number 8 in Box Office Top Ten!

"Bucking the norm of decreasing box-office returns week on week, strong word of mouth saw the film retain 80% of its per-location average. That coupled with the film expanding to cities outside of Dublin and Belfast propelled the film into the Irish box office top ten at number 8."

No surprise really to hear you say that all combatants came across badly in that film. Pacifism is the way forward. Buildin' bridges. Only skangers and malcontent no-hopers took up arms. Fought for nothing. Yada yada... Ian Paisley, Martin McGuinness and Jurry Adams were the victors. Republic of Ireland middle class commiserating now with the Sinn Fein victim backstory (whereas in the past it would be socially stigmatizing to be outwardly supportive of Sinn Fein in middle class circles). Sinn Fein getting lots of FaceTime with MSM and getting popular in Rep of Ireland, believe it or not. I don't say that this is a huge trend, just that it is a definite trend, how strong it will get is another story.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, yes, but very clever


Anonymous said...

just caught this on the true news blog.elected nigger concilman told fellow nigger constuents "" to throw rocks, bricks and stcks at policemen they meet on the street"""gotta love the ""racists"" in the south they knew the "folks".btw this was in mississippt,,,,

Anonymous said...

'Why the politicians had not demanded a translation of the chants'.

White people who are travelling on trains, buses, walking around shopping centres etc. should have a range of interpreters. There may be people talking about killing them or planning terrorist plots. God forbid but perhaps these non-English speakers might even be making racist comments. Without interpreters we may never know. These people may never know that they are committing the most heinous crime of all when using racist speech.

(Happy New Year all. Sorry I forgot in previous posts.)

Anonymous said...

Why is he 'sorry'? It's true !!!

Anonymous said...

Black privilege

George Washington Carver? Slack'Ware Ubuntu? No. Invented by deluded white fools.

Anonymous said...

annony @ 20:32

A most excellent hatefact. LMFAO. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

All this migration shit was orchestrated by the U N 15 years ago

Eff the villa

The bastards never thought about community's just a wok force

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...


But, but. you be suffering fear and phobia - best stay indoors where you are no danger to anyone. Put on the tinfoil hat. Prep like a kulak.

On second thoughts, you might be right.

Get this, check 5.05 onwards:
"I was born here, I was educated here, you'd be surprised at how many people will have a whip-around to buy you a ticket and your supporters to go...... to go to the South Pole, it's a colorless landscape, it will suit you fine".

Maybe, these furriners are organizing whiparounds for Lemmyhead, Savant etc.

You really have to laugh - this type of "debate" in a pub would be easily sorted. Nick Griffin's dad fought for England in WW2. He is English. Yet this johnny come lately, "I was born here/educated here" wants to send him out of his own country to....nowheresville ...the South Pole?!!! I have heard Russell Brand come out with something similar: an as yet unidentified island for "all the haters".

Anonymous said...

Merkel and the importers claim that they are importing much needed workers when in the real world 60%+ of those imported go on welfare. #BewareOfInnumeratePoliticians

Anonymous said...

Sweden ultra progressive government has introduced photo ID checks on its southern border in an attempt to halt the flood of parasites arriving there before their society collapses.

Searcher said...

Sorry, forgot the link:

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty:

Jehoshua Kaufman, head of communications for Malmö’s Jewish community.

Just struck me, UN. I understand there are about a hundred thousand South Africans in Auckland. Do you know who's our head of communications?

Anonymous said...

Isis nutcase can stay in Ireland

Anonymous said...

"The bastards never thought about community's just a wok force"

I'm imagining an army of Chinese chefs marching into Europe...

(Sorry couldn't help it!)

Anton said...

I recall seeing footage of a zebra mare under attack by wild dogs. She instantaneously aborted the foal she was carrying, and while the hounds were ripping the foal apart, she made her escape. Also mentioned was, that during extended droughts, mares would fail to become pregnant; a self managed system of ensuring the species long levity and survival. The same cannot be said for the people Sir Bob and others have tried to save over the decades. Despite ongoing hunger, drought, pestilence, war and other impediments, these folk just keep on breeding, multiplying like flies. Sitting in the sun, fly covered, hand and begging bowl extended...with one on the back, one on the teat and one in the belly. Surely the "humane" thing to do is just to let them perish?

Anonymous said...

Excellent imo - survival

Anonymous said...

Louis C K


Racist overrated fuckwitt of a "comedian".

Blacks in the US are on the pigs back compared to the people who sold their ancestors. Free this free that free other stuff and they worship violent thugs like Tryvon Martin and Michael Brown who would both be alive today if one of them had just continued home rather than turning around and attacking a guy who was going to his truck to drive away and the other if he just followed a policemans advice that the sidewalk was for walking on not the middle of the street.

Anonymous said...

The bastards never thought about community's just a wog farce

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.09
Wok force
Yeah should of being work force. I thought the same as you when I read it

But it's hard to post from a multi cultural nursing home. We get watched.and slapped

Eff the villa.

Anonymous said...

Eff the Villa.
Form an escape committee. Dig tunnels. I have my motorbike combination if you need an escape vehicle. I will see if I can fined someone to make forged papers. I will send you a Red Cross parcel. There will be a silk map hidden in the Monopoly board. At the bottom of a tin of beans you will find a compass. No chocolate. Sorry. UN ate the effin lot.

(Wondering if Villa has seen any gas chambers)

Searcher said...

OT but current:
US discussion board (DataLounge), discuss Saudi Arabia expelling Iranians. Interesting comments:

dindu nuffins said...

Searcher you are right about the comments at DataLounge. More and more people are waking up to what the zio's are doing to the white race.

Flanders said...

This is an off-topic posting about the Oregon BLM [The BLM is the Feds Bureau of Land Management] standoff. It’s something we should all be aware about before the messages become managed by media. We should all be seriously ready and supportive.
The link below has a very good recitation of the complicated facts. In brief it is a recurring story about a Federal government which continues to overstep their constitutional boundaries, though actions of it's agencies.

Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins

“In October 2015, the 9th District Court “resentenced” Dwight and Steven, requiring them to return to prison for several more years. Steven (46) has a wife and 3 children. Dwight (74) will leave Susan (74) to be alone after 55 years of marriage. If he survives, he will be 79 when he is released.

During the court preceding the Hammonds were forced to grant the BLM first right of refusal. If the Hammonds ever sold their ranch they would have to sell it to the BLM.”

“The latest scene involved two ranchers being sentenced to five years in federal prison for inadvertantly burning about 140 acres of BLM rangeland in two separate fires, years ago. That is an area big enough to feed about three cow-calf pairs for a year in that neck of the woods.

Dwight, 73 and son Steven, 46, admitted in a 2012 court case, to lighting two different fires. Both fires started on Hammonds’ private property. An August lightening storm started numerous fires and a burn ban was in effect while BLM firefighters fought those fires. Despite the ban, without permission or notification to BLM, Steven Hammond started several “back fires” in an attempt to save the ranch’s winter feed. The “back burn” fire break worked and protected the Hammond’s ranch. BLM firefighters saw the back-burn and called it into their headquarters as an “arson.”

Sadly, wind drove the back-burn onto federal land, on which the Hammonds paid for grazing rights. Despite this, the US Attorney for Oregon prosecuted the two men, saying they committed arson against federal property along with nine other charges. The jury convicted the men of only two charges, starting the fires they readily admitted to starting.

Arson against federal property calls for a mandatory minimum sentence of five years prison. The Hammonds argued that such minimum mandatory sentences were unconstitutional and a judge agreed. He sentenced the two men to LESS than the five years. Not satisfied, the US Attorney appealed and the Ninth US Circuit ordered the District Court to re-sentence the men in accordance with the statute.”

"The Constitution Proves the Militia is RIGHT!

Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 17 of the U.S. Constitution, which reads as follows:

"To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over

such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of

particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat

of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like

Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the

Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection

of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful


Based upon the Constitution itself the federal government has no

actual authority over the lands that they claim the Hammonds

burned. It is State land, and there is none of the above functions of

the Federal government taking place that would permit federal land


And as an added note, Congress cannot lawfully add to their listed

powers, jurisdiction or authority through the legislative process.

never been enacted."

Flanders said...

The following account, "FBI en route to Oregon Federal Building occupation with scores of fully armed agents", theorizes that a swift confrontation is expected. It may be that, but I suspect that it is to control the area in order to prevent reinforcements and resupply, while media is fed controlled information. We should have an idea by morning about that.

"Burns, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — Heavily armed and well-equipped federal agents have arrived in Oregon from various parts of the U.S. to gain tactical advantage over the armed patriot group who commandeered a federal building Saturday, by responding swiftly and with force if necessary.

Additionally, political figures have been placed under an unofficial public gag order and were instructed to not talk about the situation. So far major mainstream coverage of the event has been limited.

It is important to note that if authorities really have issued a sort of unofficial gag order then they are most likely planning on a violent confrontation with the militia and patriot groups on scene.

Intellihub staff anticipates FBI agents, along with embedded members of the press, to arrive on scene sometime during the wee hours of Monday morning."

Anonymous said...

This cunt killing 3 whites in 2008 was/is no racist is he ? Yet the do-gooders still allow 'expenses' to be claimed - typical. God I'm ashamed to be white at times when I think of the treacherous maggots who won't deal with fuck like this appropriately

Anonymous said...

If I was in the army I would revolt

Anonymous said...

Back to normal. I thought Yahoo comments were starting to loosen up. All my comments removed except for the joke ones. One that did survive was me saying that pigs shouldn't be fed Muslims because pigs don't deserve to be put through that. When you think that the comment that suggested that in the first place survived just how bad must my comments have been? I didn't mention violence or Jews. Just common sense comments on immigration and Islam. I guess the promotion of violence is now on the agenda.
I think I may have mentioned this before. When you look at how many MSM outlets have comments it must easily run into the hundreds. These are all being censored. Is there one central source that does the censoring? How many are involved in censorship? Has anyone ever met one of these people? How much must it cost?

(Thinking that the MSM would say Savants blog was Fascist because he censors free speech. Hang on he doesn't)

Corkonian said...

Lemmy, Yahoo used to be quite good at allowed unhallowed thoughts appear. Which is just as well for them going on the comment voting which typically ran about 20:1 against the Synagogue/Cathedral position.

beppo said...

@ Anon 8:37

Read further down the article: whilst in prison, he maimed three prison guards with a broken bottle and got off with it.

beppo said...

@ Anonymous 15:53

An overlooked aspect in this matter is that Canada's increase in population is largely or entirely due to immigration, whereas Nigeria's is endogenous.

Uncle Nasty said...

According to some Australian snotbag, it's now a problem for whites to seek each other out for a date.
Spread this around to all WN sites you frequent ... I think it will get a reaction

Interestingly enough, the author has not signed it. It's published under the byline of

A few lines of the sneery little article to set the tone:

Dating site just for white, straight people

Last updated 18:12, January 4 2016

Only white and straight need to sign up please.

It's a tough world out there for white supremacist folk trying to get a date with a like-minded person with the same skin colour but opposite sex.

But racist singletons need not despair of their chance to meet and mate with another of their ilk, and someday even bring forth some of their own pure white offspring.

Thanks to the internet, American racists can even cut out the KKK meet market (if they want to).

The sheer pettiness and adolescent, womanish spite evident in this screed tells me that it's written by a would-be coal burner ... and probably a fat, hairy and fuck-ugly one at that.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, I actually went to the site

Ohhhh, fuck.

Talk about wasting one's anger on a collection of female and feminised wankers. These people, as a friend of mine used to say, will be first against the wall ... come the revolution


Anonymous said...

Yahoo maps were better than google and Apple.
And then Cheryl SANDBERG wannabe Marisa Mayer took over.

Saint Louis 49 murders per 100 000
Detroit 44 murders per 100 000
New Orleans 39 murders per 100 000

I suppose bear leader would say that proves that gun control works in Chimpcago?

The 3 southern Hemisphere murder capitals are all RSA.

42 Latin American cities make the top 50 and the other 2 I forget where they are.

So Nord-Rhein Westfalen has a muslim no go area. I don't think Merkel lives there do you?

Anonymous said...

Q How do you know you might be in danger of getting AIDS?
A You feel a stabbing pain in the ass.

A guy who was an expert in the field at a certain hospital was fired for pointing out that the rate for the 1% getting STDs is many magnitudes greater than for straight people. The people don't want to be told despite what a hasbarat troll who used to post here would have you believe.

In nJew Jorick city a hare halalnukkkah has said that the 6 million number is pure unadulterated pigshit. brew won't be getting a welcome in the land of his birth!

Flanders said...

The jewess, Angela Merkel’s, “Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A Sham”.

“No one in Syria had to flee the war, and they all have come to Europe just to seek money and take up jobs supposedly offered to them by Angela Merkel, an “asylum seeker”Syrian in Germany has admitted to the Huffington Post.

The confession is contained in an article prepared by a well-known Iranian-born writer living in Germany, Ramin Peymani, and published in that newspaper’s German edition.”
“The Syrian told Peymani that his mother lived in America, that that his sister was still in Syria.

“Did you escape with your mother? Why your sister has not come?” Peymani asked.

“No, I did not flee. None of us had to flee,” the Syrian freely admitted.”

Peymani then asked him the logical next question: “Are you saying that most Syrians do not flee from war and persecution?”

The Syrian answered: “Yes. My friends and I went because we didn’t want to go to the army. And because it is easier to get a good job and earn money in Europe.”
“So why had they all now come to Europe, Peymani asked … to which the Syrian replied:

“In the summer we saw on the Internet that Germany wanted people to live there. We were invited to come here. And it was said that the state would take care of us and we would be given jobs. But I cannot find one…”.
[Flanders commenting below, after de Nugent]:
John de Nugent points out about Europe,

“As former MEP Nick Griffin, graduate of Cambridge University, pointed out recently, Western European militaries are too small now to stop the muslim millions.

The British Army is only 100,000 men and yet there are 4.5 million mudlims in Britain, many of them young men! That is a ratio of 1 against 45!”
In America, people have virtually stopped resisting the invasion of our land. There are far more than is officially admitted, and it would not take long to eject completely the ones who are wrongfully here now, but as we see in Europe the jews will continue finding new ways and agents to invade us unless true resistance is mounted. The jew-controlled government will not help. They will call for UN reinforcements, or internationalist banker jews will incite disputes whereby foreign governments will join with jews in boycotts or military actions adverse to American interests. White America has to find effective ways to resist, and the first step is for all White Americans to wake up to the facts of who is behind it all.

Anonymous said...

Make sure those pigs are up to date with their jabs

Eff the villa

Flanders said...

There are controlling interests who coordinate and promote all of the little change agents such as Geldoff and many others who are similarly involved. I was able to trace that network to a great extent on the internet a few years ago, and it led back to the Rockefeller Family Trust in the US. I had traced how they use some of the humanitarian and philanthropic incomes obtained from innocents and from masonic types of businesses and entities who are paying their "dues" into under the table political payments to US politicians, and for seed monies for leftist projects, and for propaganda coordinated efforts. At that time their website on the Independent Sector bragged about taking in more than $15 billion per year.

They have now removed most of that information from the internet (before I had the experience to place the materials together in a usable form), but there still are some vestiges remaining. It is an area I have seen few people who are aware about it, and they conduct their groupings in a massively coordinated manner. Here are a couple of links for those who want to explore the workings more in depth.

There are other "Sectors", which also are a part of this network.
Additionally, there are communist training schools which operate with impunity. Try searching for Highlander Folk School, and you will find similar types of links between it, and it's present successor (with a similar name and now spread from Tennessee into several states), which link to MLK, Rosa Parks, many jews who were communist and who are too numerous to mention (including Eleanor Roosevelt and Pete Seeger), and with many musicians and labor groups. It was an offshoot of Commonwealth College which was closed down in Arkansas for communist activities. Don't be fooled by the "new persona" which use leftist articles and new sites to place a new gloss on them in order to hide their old and their present communist activities.

Anonymous said...

Further to my other comment on this.i don't think the MOD is fit for purpose and should be told robustly

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Owen Jones • 4 hours ago

I was telling my good mate Stephen Fry that being sexually attracted to women thirty years younger than you was sick. Such perverts have no place in the Labour Party

This refers to Danzcuk who got himself involved with a 17 year old who works for a sex chatline.

Strange how the pure as Tony Blair and Cherie Booth Labour party have a problem with this non-Corbynista yet had no problem with Blair loyalist Mandlescum who had his pink socks kicked out of cabinet for illegal activities. Twice!

German looniversities giving free courses to rethugees

Free as in paid for by the taxpayer. Our glorious traitors want to do the shame 'ere.

Anonymous said...

Read this and join the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Italian bus driver gets punched by migrant

a swedish friend of this blog said...

I cannot fucking believe it. That Italian bus driver gets up and beats the shit out of the migrant who punched him. Has he not read the script? You do not fight back against assaults but these unfortunates.

Anonymous said...

Women molested by large groups of Muslims cologne new years eve

No arrests

For fucks sake
If I had a phone call to say that was happening to my women folk I would be there with my mates and I bet it would be us arrested for trying to do the police forces job

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Is Sir Bob Geldof KBE the guy who wrote in his autobiography Is Is Shit?* that he were from a wurking class Dub-a-lin background? He told the tale of his walking across the cricket pitch of his fee paying school to annoy the groundskeeper. Is is shit? A former neighbour from Glasthule called him out on this.

*Is this it? isis the title but the version I have used works better. If I had gone to a fee paying school perhaps I could have come up with something better?

Searcher said...


Thank you for all your links.

The co-ordinated nature of these think-tanks and organizations is something that the general population are unaware of. I see you refer to Geldoff as a "change agent". This is a term used by Common Purpose.

"Independent Sector is the only national organization that brings together nonprofits, foundations, and corporations committed to advancing the common good."

"Common purpose", "common good", "universal values". When someone repeats these phrases, it should set the alarm bells ringing.

Brian Gerrish has done some work in this area, however he does not reach a wider audience (no graphics, no personal charm, no optimism). I applaud his work, however, he is so emotionally invested, he cannot step back and communicate his message in a matter of fact manner. Watching him is like watching a scared child telling you about the bogeyman. Informative but chilling. I honestly think reverse psychology is the best way to kickstart people. Agree and amplify.

"I don't know what these conspiracy theorists are getting so het-up about. If anyhone is going to set the pace of social change and redefine the family and gender and so-on why not the Rockefellers? They are so courageous and avant-garde. They have bankrolled work into child sexuality; timing how long it takes a baby to orgasm. That's the kind of thing that we really need to know about so that pedophiles will stop being stigmatized by tiny minds. Babies are sexual beings, FACT. It's 2016 for crying out loud. If they bankroll and promote Common Core in the USA to dumb down Americans then so be it. Separate the wheat from the chaff, right? If the parents are stupid/cheap enough to send their children to public school, then what do they expect? If globalists want to locate manufacturing in China so what? Do I really care about Chinese people working in sweatshops, as long as my iPhone works, right? I mean Jesus, next thing they'll be telling us they don't believe in monopolies on essential resources. NEXT"!

Let the inner SJW rise within.

Anonymous said...

It was actually worse than I 1st thought

Eff the villa and merkel

Anonymous said...

Phokin textbook case of pathological altruism on London ITV news. Prince's Trust grants a hideous she-boon thousands of pounds. Cue shots of Prince Charles and lots of White people looking pleased. This boon was a convicted drug dealer just out of Holloway! Miraculously she makes tge cafe a success. But the thing that interested me was the background. Lots of employees going about their business - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM A BOON. I mean wky the hell do wealthy White people go our of their way to help turders rather than the reverse. They wouldn't help us - proof in the flipping report.

For that matter why doesn't Prince Harry (who I generally like) build a community scheme to help his own race. Instead he's brainwashed into helping 60IQ future criminal niglets in Shottabali or whatever it's called.

Searcher said...

Anyone else here notice the trend of "social experiments". Act the eejit in public, look for reactions from the general public then publish it (Dom Jolly copycats). Like this one which is now a paid ad on YouTube:

Who is financing this paid ad? If it was two randomers doing their "social experiment" why don't they just upload it as normal people do? Why the paid advertising? OK just, checked Sasha Daygame is a PUA guru. Reframer.

Does the "social experiment" phenomenon have a cumulative effect on people, i.e. value signaling status by interfering? Or the opposite: ignore a situation as could just be a set-up?

Hmmm. It just reminds me a lot of Common Purpose tactics. Setting little fires off intentionally. Then put them out. Reframe people (in this scenario, through praise/shame).

Searcher said...

Anyone else here notice the trend of "social experiments". Act the eejit in public, look for reactions from the general public then publish it (Dom Jolly copycats). Like this one which is now a paid ad on YouTube:

Who is financing this paid ad? If it was two randomers doing their "social experiment" why don't they just upload it as normal people do? Why the paid advertising? OK just, checked Sasha Daygame is a PUA guru. Reframer.

Does the "social experiment" phenomenon have a cumulative effect on people, i.e. value signaling status by interfering? Or the opposite: ignore a situation as could just be a set-up?

Hmmm. It just reminds me a lot of Common Purpose tactics. Setting little fires off intentionally. Then put them out. Reframe people (in this scenario, through praise/shame).

Anonymous said...

since new years here in lovely Chicago land 42 wounded and four Doa, looks like great beginning thus far,not a human in the bunch which makes it better, John old rtf chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

The MOD hasn't been fit for purpose for many years.

They order an aircraft carrier that will be mothballed when its sister ship is launched and they hope that the larger F 35s will fit in its hangars because it was ordered after being designed to take the smaller F 35s. Meanwhile frontline soldiers do without equipment because the amount of money that they cost compared to a £2.5 billion aircraft carrier means that no MODbod is interested in spending that amount of money. No photo ops for Ministers and important officials.

Wifebeater Floyd "Money" Mayweather says that enough people do not worship him and that proves #Racism. I would have gone with #Assholism myself but then again I can read.

Anonymous said...

I' m shocked I tell you. Shocked.

Obama's musical son Azi'Kiwe Presley was shot when he wandered into the wrong house when looking for the recording studio. #RapRecordingGoneWrong

Anonymous said... Check out the cucked comments too, fags as far as I know write this drivel, if any of you are on face book you might drop a few lines to them, a word of warning, they are easily triggered, lol

Anonymous said...

BARF! No eating that

Freaksow entrant #1

Cannot be unread

Freaksow entrant #2 freaksowing.

Such bigotry! Bruce Caithlyn Jenner will be coming for your bigoted heteronormative ass!

Flanders said...

Searcher, Replying to your 17:59, I hope you find my links helpful. In fact, I began the search for American connections with Common Purpose, after having undertaken research on CP, and Gerrish was a prime exposer for that group at that time. A very knowledgeable gentleman and I've wondered why I had not heard more. I followed Common Purpose into Australia and Canada through different groups, as well as studying heavily on it's British base, where they were involved with all kinds of governmental equivilents to NGO's, "charitys" and NGO's too, but I was never able to establish a direct link between them with the US or with Independent Sector. I know that they had expanded into Europe proper. One possible common link was a UK professor at Oxford, who had been rumored as being "Deep Throat" on the Nixon setup, and from Nixon's administration. I don't remember his name for now. He was setting up some type of council for world educators, whose misson actually was intended to provide global intelligence services and propaganda facilitation, pipelined for the Rothschilds. I had suspected there would be some links through the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, or the RIIA, but their information (useable parts, at least) is very heavily controlled. The CFR existed more than 50 years in America before they were exposed by a very brief article in a 1954 newspaper, and they have had their organization well set to lead most areas of business and government. They survived the exposure and became an unnoticed ruling group with a persona of being a think-tank type organization, instead of being seen as a vehicle for establishing communism. I lost contact after my IS research came up unproductive, but I had suspected that when Soros later set the European branch of CFR that Common Purpose had merged with them.

Anonymous said...

Article from Boris Johnson about our debt to muslim spain which is relevant in a number of ways.

Jews have had the nerve to call Moorish Spain their golden age for a long time despite the fact their prosperity there came from 700 years of white slave trading including entire villages of people taken from Britain and Ireland. It's a good example of their total amorality when it comes to non-Jews and not only that they also complain about their treatment after the Spanish and Portuguese reconquest like they didn't deserve it.

Also, after the reconquest the Jewish slave traders mostly moved, half went to Portugal (where they started the African slave trade) and half moved back to the Ottoman empire (Turkey) where they dominated the white slave trade in the Balkans and Ukraine.

It's quite possible both Cameron and Jonson's ancestors were white slavers in Moorish Spain with Johnson's branch moving to Turkey after the reconquest and Cameron's to Portugal and then Holland/England.

Separate to all that it gives a clue that Islamification is a deliberate policy with YKW trying to recreate what they consider to be their golden age.

Anonymous said...


Women molested by large groups of Muslims cologne new years eve"

Civil war coming.

Anonymous said...

Knew someone quite well who happened to spend a weekend with David Rockefeller at his (Kentucky?) estate because her dad was a kind of community leader in the Midwest. This was late sixties. Point being that this scum pig bragged to her old man about how thanks to feminism, and implying how his kind of people programmed it, that "we were able to double the workforce", get the women out of the house and working.

A far cry from America of the fifties and sixties when anyone who could hold down a job had his own house and maybe a vacation place. Even the town drunk had his own house.

Uncle Nasty said...

I am quite surprised that no-one has commented on the Covingtonian moment that is happening right now in the USA.

The story is convoluted, but in essence, USG stormtroopers in the form of the FBI are swarming down to the site in Oregon. This is not a good thing, as members of the FBI do not have a sterling and unblemished record in the field of armed confrontation.
They are, when all is said and done, cost accountants with auto weapons -- a dangerous combination. (The mentality of a civil servant with the soul of a termite)

The FBI's record, in fact, is so bad that even their successes are fuckups. The Dillinger "shootout" was in fact an ambush and so cluttered with Feds that two innocent bystanders (both women) were injured in the crossfire.

The Fed's record of recklesss endangerment of pretty much everyone continued with the murder of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge as well as the deaths of 82 people at the Waco siege of nearly a year later.

These were their successes. Their failures were almost as spectacular, like the Dade county shootout of 1986, which could best be described as black comedy.

From the RT link above ...

According to Cooper, they hope their occupation will spell the beginning of a US-wide movement.

“It doesn’t have to stop here. This could be a hope that spreads through the whole country, the whole United States. Everybody’s looking for this hope because the government has beat us, and oppressed us, and took everything from us; they will not stop until we tell them 'no',” he claims.

I await events in Oregon with keen anticipation, but do not hold out much hope for the participants. I pray they won't -- but fear they will -- meet the fate of the Weavers and Koreshes.

The US gov't likes publicly murdering its dissidents ... it makes the next ones think twice.

Pour Encourager Les Autres


Flanders said...

I usually hesitate to use Henry Makow for a source. He has a tendency to "compartmentalize" information and tends to direct his readers away from real connections or toward any path which doesn't show consolidated jew leadership connections in his detailed "fact-filled" articles stressing the "illuminati" or "Elites", or their associated groups, often preferring to direct them toward that nebulous group of jews, a group incapable of being truly identified with any level of precision, the "Zionists".

Calling that scum by illustrious names does not turn pigs into stallions. The article I cite below is in his usual well-written style and it is an interesting article which highlights another lesser known group, a black masonic group, one that I have not been aware about before. I guess I could not have, since the media is run by the "Illuminati", the same group that Henry says are behind the US government.

One statement Henry makes that I agree with completely is:

"The enemy may appear to have a white face but it goes much deeper than that."


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I've ALWAYS thought that Geldoff's "Save African Lives" movement as idiocy, simply because it creates fourteen future starving Africans for one starving African in the present.

Anonymous said...

Negroes seem not to have much economic success in their African countries, nor even in formerly White-developed nations of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)and South Africa which they usurped from the White pioneers' descendents in recent decades, and whose European forebearers were fully responsible in inventing and constructing both of these nations on the African continent. American-born Blacks can't even make a success when whole cities are handed over to them. Detroit city comes to mind.

Today, tens of thousands of low-IQ African Blacks have made inroads to various U.S. cities to "live out their dream" on the backs of White people, once again.

In this story, hundreds of shopping malls across the country are closed or struggling to remain open, but not these black African "entrepreneurs" who can't fathom the obvious trend. But first, check out the "Dead Mall Series".

Uncle Nasty said...

Following the money is always an interesting exercise.

You are no doubt familiar with the current yiddel* obsession with China? Maybe that's not such a good thing.

As you may know, a chink appeared in the armour in August last year.

Well here's the latest ...

... Trading on China's stock markets ended early after steep losses triggered a new 'circuit-breaker' mechanism, installed to curb volatility.

The 7pc drop in China's blue-chip CSI300 index prompted an automatic early closure of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges on the first day of trading since the new safety measure was introduced.

The markets were paused for 15 minutes in afternoon trading after falling 5pc during the day, only for the sell-off to worsen once dealing resumed, triggering an early closure.

This was the first day of trading after a rollercoaster 2015, when the Shanghai Composite endured huge swings over the summer and created a short-lived market panic known as Black Monday. Despite the volatility, however,the index closed the year 10pc higher than it began.

The share price falls came after poor manufacturing data suggested China's economy was losing steam. The Caixin China Manufacturing PMI index, an unofficial research index, showed a drop to 48.2 last month from 48.6, drifting further from the 50 mark that separates growth from contraction.


*Always wondered how to spell that ... Yiddel? Yiddle? Maybe one of our resident hasbarats could enlighten us?

Uncle Nasty said...

In this story, hundreds of shopping malls across the country are closed or struggling to remain open, but not these black African "entrepreneurs" who can't fathom the obvious trend. But first, check out the "Dead Mall Series".
5 January 2016 at 00:07

Went to the "Dead Mall Series" rather creepy, but answers the question of the amount of low-budget to no-budget horror clunkers set in shopping malls.

The AfrikMall, however ... I thought to myself, just how they expect to make money from a bunch of niggers who will just shoplift their weekly groceries ... 'n 48 inch plasmas 'n sail foams 'n sheeeit?

Then I saw the organiser of this farrago ... Emmanuel Eliason, chief business development officer of Afrikmall, said he hopes to announce a public opening date within a couple weeks.

Emmanuel Eliason, eh? Right ... the fix is obviously in. We're looking at a small-time Lucky Larry Silverstein, but how is he going to organise a plane crash into the mall, on his budget?

Piper Cherokee piloted by a few Ethiopians, perhaps?


Flanders said...

I came with a link to the same site as Anon 00:07, but a different article. This one relates the response to a MSM source which had to close it's comments section because regular people became "hateful". The article and the comments to it inspire more rebellion to the conditions which have been imposed on White people for far too long now. This is only one of those comments.

"Anonymous said...
PK, beautiful work; very well observed and communicated.

I'd rather face a dinosaur than a ghetto full of orcs. Death by dino would probably be mercifully fast and at least entertaining in a sick way.... "I'm being eaten by a T Rex!!!!". But to be killed by a smelly vicious orc, probably tortured and raped, no thanks. Can we swap n*ggers for dinosaurs?

Too accept anything other than complete separation of White and Negro is to accept defeat; to guarantee our destruction as a force of civilization. Whites are a tiny percentage of the humans on this planet; we are being utterly overwhelmed in numbers by black, yellow, brown and whatever Arabs are. We are a tiny, tiny minority. They are invading our countries from without and from within; outbreeding us, then sucking the vitality from us via financial burdens aka welfare. We are under full attack. This is truly a war.

Do something folks before the tipping point is reached. Expel the invaders. You deserve a White country or two on this planet full of non-White countries. Don't you...?"

Flanders said...

"The newspapers, television, movies, the government school, counselors, and in some degree even the church seemed to be acting in concert to destroy everything good. There was a clear synergy between all the institutions, evincing a common set of goals which, to every appearance, seemed equally anti-Christian and anti-White. After all the gross injustice which had transpired against me and mine with the unified blessing of, if not coordination by, the system, I could not bring myself to serve it.
Sometimes people ask me why I never got into organized sports. It’s an unspoken assumption of Liberal Whites that in spite of all other issues, if a kid just gets on a team everything else normalizes. Silly as it is, it is a common conviction. I expect it comes by way of their having been dazzled by all the civil rights fairy tale movies of interracial sports teams as well as the socialist/conformist programming of government schools, generally.
It was after the race riot, when most of the Whites who had fought were swept up by authorities, that I began connecting more often with Bill and a couple others I’d known from elementary school and around the neighborhood. Bill, as you know, was a White kid, but Julian and his older brother Jaime were Filipino, Alex was Mexican, and James was a Korean.
Even though they were raised in America, attended the same schools, and were exposed to all the same media, there were any number of sayings, stories, folk songs and the like which either Bill or I could reference to one another with no impediment, but the others were clueless of them all. If I said, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” Bill knew exactly what I meant, but it was gibberish to the others. If I mentioned Bing Crosby or Bob Hope, Bill had heard “White Christmas” and seen the ‘Road to’ series. If I whistled Dixie, Bill knew the words. In all these regards, as far as the other guys were concerned, the White guys might have been from another planet.

More important still, when it came to any religious or political discussion, the two White guys thought and spoke on wavelengths entirely inaccessible to the non-Whites in our company. This in spite of all of us claiming Christian heritage for multiple generations. Though we were all supposed to be Americans, it was only Bill and I who had any sentimental connections to Independence Day or Thanksgiving celebrations, patriotic songs, speeches, or sites. Our friends thought us odd indeed for that. Despite all the social engineering to the contrary, the little cultural divergences like that were ubiquitous.

Though we long knew that our non-White friends tended more liberal than us, the real life-and-death impact of those differences would come into stunning focus around the siege at Ruby Ridge and the Waco massacre. In both cases, we White guys were outraged at what was apparent for rabid, anti-American tyranny. Yet the non-Whites beat their chests triumphantly not only in exuberant support for the murder of those innocents, but with a unanimous sense of self-vindication. Inasmuch as we identified with the victims of those massacres, they could only identify with the killers. As one opined, “Dirty rednecks think they can escape the U.S. government? Hell no! This is America, you racist bastards!”

At this, we White boys stood aghast. Inconceivable as it was to us, the non-Whites’ understanding of American patriotism was doing whatever the government commands, no matter how arbitrary; otherwise you and your children must die. I nearly came to blows over this issue with two of them on more than one occasion."

Uncle Nasty said...

One good thing about the Tribe, they never stint on the ammunition they keep handing us ...

So much for tolerance: Israel bans Arab-Jewish romance novel for promoting interracial relationships
While Israeli anti-miscegenation groups threaten Arabs for relationships with Jews, books are banned in school
Ben Norton

Topics: religious intolerance, Israel, interracial marriage, anti-arab bigotry, aol_on, News, Politics News

(Credit: Reuters/Nayef Hashlamoun)

The Israeli government banned a romance novel depicting an interracial Jewish-Arab relationship from schools, according to reports in the Israeli media.

Israel’s education ministry ruled that the book “Gader Haya” (“Hedgegrow” in Hebrew, but translated into English as “Borderline”) cannot be used in high schools, claiming the love story threatens “the identity and the heritage of students in every sector.”

In the justification for its decision, education ministry officials insisted “intimate relations between Jews and non-Jews threaten the separate identity,” warning that “young people of adolescent age don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”

Prominent right-wing Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva described the book as a “pro-assimilation novel.” “Assimilation” is often used by the Israeli right as a euphemism for miscegenation.

Diversity for thee, but not for me, I guess ... Keep it up, boys. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The abomination that Britain is today

£10,000 - peanuts for a 2 legged roach like this

James said...

Heads up!

chimpout et al run by YKW.

James said...

Is it good news that Islam is invading Europe?


Excellent news.

Anonymous said...

(The mentality of a civil servant with the soul of a termite and immune from prosecution when on government business)

Look up AA hire L. Hariouchi who was involved in the Elk Ridge murder of a mother and son because of his incompetence but owing to the law could not be prosecuted.

Same thing happened in Waco where the ATF were shot by the FBI who were storming the compound at the same time which neither agency knew about under orders from the hatehound Janet Las Vegas which lead to the forces of law and order using flammable tear gas which should not be used indoors indoors which caught fire and the obedient media ignore this insisting on spinning the story that those inside were responsible for the fire.

Richmond Virginia brought in a law that illegal possesion of a fireman meant 5 years in the slammer no plea bargains ifs butts or maybes. Surprisingly Obama's offspring found this law to be worthwhile obeying. Nearby Washington DC has no such law and found a 54% increase in Africangreetingsgonewrong.

Anonymous said...

Brian Garrish wandering around Plymouth pointing out the wierd statues the council put up and the strange designed buildings is easily his best video.

Shaunantijihad said...

Mass assaults, murder, raping and pillaging across Germany. According to the ex-RAF guy at the BNP the German authorities and the German media are totally silent, leaving German people, especially females, at extremely high risk.

Merkel, who may well be a Jew, wants to create the conditions where German people will accept the new Soviet European Union. Those here and at Savant's site know too well that the Jews who ran the USSR tortured, enslaved and murdered 60+ million White people over a 60 year period.

Anonymous said...

A pile of links to look at,

Anonymous said...


Henry does enough. He does more than most.

He's right- many Jews are dupes, but they might not even be counted as jews by the hard core, and will be expendable.

"Less than a million Jews killed in the Holocaust - Yosef Mizrachi"

(In other words, the other 5 million don't matter, even if you believe they died.)

The bible (Torah) predicts that 2/3 of the Jews will be "cut off" when the Messiah comes, so Henry's warnings to those trapped in Judaism might be worth heeding. They are expendable as Goyim, and most Jews will be counted as Goyim in any case.

Anonymous said...

The Entire Ball Report "Air Photo Evidence" Now Online!
Germar Rudolf has posted this extra-large PDF file on his website under the heading Air Photo Evidence.
What an impact looking at this complete, over 100-page report makes! What is impressing me the most, out of a total overwhelming impression, is John Ball's presentation, starting on page 37, of the United States CIA Report written in 1979, titled "The Holocaust Revisited." Ball presents evidence that certain dark spots on the photos, intended to show that gas chamber operations were taking place, were not on the original exposures. CIA workers used magnifying and stereo-viewing equipment to study the photos, then added marks with pens to indicate holes in roofs, people in lines, and fences around buildings.
These photo comparisons make it clear to me that the American government and it's Central Intelligence Agency participated in a hoax highly injurious to millions of Europeans (mainly Germans) and just as highly helpful to more millions of others, especially Jews, Poles, Russians, leftists and communists after the war was over. It must occur to everyone who studies these photos that the Holocaust has been built up over time to back a political agenda by the Allied powers to dominate their political adversaries. However, it has now taken on a life of it's own, like a Frankenstein, under mainly Jewish leadership.
Almost everything in the complete Ball Report has already been known and shown, but as isolated items. This is the first time the entire report has been made available on the Internet in high resolution. So thanks to Germar Rudolf for posting it, and even more thanks to John Ball for the fantastic work he did in the interests of truth and scientific inquiry.
Germar told me that he's getting so many hits and downloads that his bandwidth is "through the roof" and it's "getting expensive." So do recognize the value of this material for yourself and visit his donate page to help lessen the expenses.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is off to Africa to work for an NGO trying to control flies in the Congo.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Just made a donation of €50 to Germar Rudolf. Fascinating material. Hope he doesn't meet with an accident any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The unmentionable one's mother?

Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin, that made my day.

Anonymous said...

AA Amadán O Rearend announces that he will be increasing the amount of money that direct provisioners receive.

Them much needed cultural enrichers and prisoners have a higher budget per meal than soldiers do.

The Labour Party campaigns for ideas and policies that progress our vision for a fairer and better Ireland, for a Fair Society that is built on a prosperous and ...

Doncha' jewst love bureaucrazy?

Dublin Bay North readers you know what you have to do.

Anonymous said...

White genocide in a pill.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Reply to @MMFlint who is from Davison, Michigan. Any idea who it is now?

to give you a hint some of his autobiography comes from a Hollyweird movie which he says happened to him in real life®. He ios another fraud like that singer Bono® and actress Kate Winslett. They cannot stop acting even when the cameras are off.

Anonymous said...

This is worse than Irene Zisblatts (the diamond defecater) tall tale but just as funny, in a sick kind of way

Anonymous said...

New dimension of crime’: Crowd of ‘Arab origin’ blamed for mass sexual assaults in Cologne on NYE

Uncle Nasty said...

They lie to us now ... they lied to us then.

Verrrry interesting. Even more interesting is that it's a Russian site.


Anonymous said...

Yep she is Jewish and fully supports Israel

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Swiss flag

This is what the Swiss flag looks like. A secondos - son or daughter of Naturalised citizen - is offended by the White Cross because it is of Christian origin and wants it replaced with a crescent moon. And the Red background to be changed to Green. And "There is no God but a la snack bar" in Arabic to be placed on the flag.

Que Tin Tin Tanora said...

Most Irish cinemas will not show The Hateful 8 due to technical difficulties.

It is shit and they do not have faeces handling capabilities.

Searcher said...

I knew it!

Mary Robinson, Aug 2001: I am a Jew

Or, was she just ahead of her time with the "I am X" meme? "Nous sommes tous Americans"; "Je Suis Charlie"; "We are all Muslim"?

We all bleed red. Pigeons are human too.

"My husband is a cartoonist, I love political cartoons, but when I see the racism in this cartoon booklet, of the Arab Lawyers' Union, I must say that I am a Jew - for those victims are hurting. I know that you people will not understand easily, but you are my friends, so I tell you that I am a Jew, and I will not accept this fractiousness to torpedo the conference."

I wonder what she had to say about Charlie Hebdo. Google is silent on that twosie. It's hard to pick in fairness. Who am I? A Jew/French Cartoonist/Muslim? Rotate? Plank on a Monday. Plank on a Tuesday. Plank on a Wednesday. Drawing les funnies on Thursday. Kebabs on Friday. Religious rest on a Saturday. Plank on a Sunday. Plank on a Monday...

Anonymous said...

Mass assaults, murder, raping and pillaging across Germany. According to the ex-RAF guy at the BNP the German authorities and the German media are totally silent, leaving German people, especially females, at extremely high risk.

Merkel, who may well be a Jew, wants to create the conditions where German people will accept the new Soviet European Union. Those here and at Savant's site know too well that the Jews who ran the USSR tortured, enslaved and murdered 60+ million White people over a 60 year period.

You forgot to mention THE KALERGI PLAN.

Deduct 14 hate points.

Anonymous said...

They lie to us now ... they lied to us then.

Verrrry interesting. Even more interesting is that it's a Russian site.

But the photos of half eaten German soldiers after the Russians finished supper are real enough. It is interesting which parts they ate: intestines and thighs.

Anonymous said...

Is Merkel to blame for this ?

Anonymous said...

From the Air Photo Evidence file, regarding the Katyn forest massacre:

The German army, which occupied the area from
July, '41, did not discover the gravesite until
February, '43 after they searched with villagers
who remembered being near the railway station in
1940 and seeing prisoners being driven towards the
forest. From April to August, 1943 the Germans
dug up and identified 4,143 bodies while hosting
international delegations of forensic experts.
August another 250 bodies were found in an eighth
grave but there was no time to exhume them.

That was all rather easily forgotten wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Go back to where you came from Abdul you cunt ... see second vid lol

Anonymous said...

watch 20 seconds in

John Bonaccorsi said...

"We will also have to explain our Carnival better to people from other cultures, so that there's no confusion about the cheerful behavior in Cologne that has nothing to do with candor, especially candid sexuality," [said Mayor Henriette Reker, who was stabbed by an assailant back in October but is unfortunately still alive]. ("Merkel outraged at New Year sex assaults in Cologne") ("Attack on Cologne mayoral candidate 'motivated by xenophobia'")

Anonymous said...

"Fearful of stigmatizing migrants as potential rapists and playing into the hands of anti-immigrant politicians, most European countries have avoided addressing the question of whether men arriving from more conservative societies might get the wrong idea once they move to places where it can seem as if anything goes.

But, with more than a million asylum seekers arriving in Europe this year, an increasing number of politicians and also some migrant activists now favor offering coaching in European sexual norms and social codes."

New Jorick Slimes

So some migrant activists admit that they are importing people without first world values whereas we know that most cannot acheive them.

Swedish deputy cries on TV because she cannot destroy Sweden fast enough.

Cologne and Hamburg have experienced enrichment. Merkel does not live in Hamburg any more so she will be unconcerned.

My husband is a cartoonist, I love political cartoons, but when I see the racism in this cartoon booklet, of the Arab Lawyers' Union, I must say that I am a Jew - for those victims are hurting. Oh vey! Oh vey! Does Monsieur Sarkozy's daughter-in-law have any Shekels for me? I could do with some Shekels.

Danczuk's bird in Rochdale lists herself as being 4 feet 12 inches and a hefty 82 kilos. Body Mass Index of 34! You have to laugh at the natural athletic abilities of those that are naturally athletic! Or half naturally athletic in her case.

And that worthless cow Merkel won the Couujewherdy Kalergi prize from the EU. What is that given for? The prime minister with the neatest handwringing?

Searcher said...

O/T sorry Sav

Michael Savage hatin' on Millenials

His technique is very interesting:

- Ignore a good point that doesn't further his position (even if it doesn't completely contradict it)
- Dontcha' think?
- Dontcha' understand that?
- Interrupting/talking over someone.
- Making his own argument a second time, and saying that the person agrees with him, when she has not agreed with him.
- Hysterical voice.
- "That's what I just said" (when it is untrue)
- Not "winning"? Invalidate the person's argument ("let's stop with who caused this"- which was the other person's entire point).
- You're not telling me XYZ are you?
- When have you last seen "hypothetical scenario"? Tell me when? (Demanding an answer to a strawman question). Then answer his own question.
- Totally inappropriate use of an expression e.g. "Two wrongs don't make a right".
- So you're telling me "insert own opinion"... "is that what you're saying?"
- Insult the person ("...this woman is like a robot herself").
- Liberal use of projection ("she is like a broken record"!)
- Cut off the caller.

Interrupt as often as you can; raise your voice; state that consensus has been reached when it has not; ask tangental questions; throw in bizarre points to throw a person's train of thought off course; insult; cut the person off. Browbeating par excellence.

Mentors' quotes
"If you can't debate like a rational human being, act like a shrieking harpy and hope for the best" - M Savage
"Ask not for whom the bell tolls actually" - S Schama

I seriously wonder about the much vaunted verbal IQ. Oftentimes, it seems to be on a par with that of a gypsy/peddler. I am open to be corrected on this (generalizing much?)

M Savage in "My Second Life": A shopping centre car park. Trading fighting insults/trying to sell fake leather jackets. Good deals on tarmacadam. Perriwinkle blue.

Anonymous said...

,The two Bills

Bill: Know any good jokes?
Bill: Yeah! Police offer $2000 reward to find a rapist and $5 000 to find who put bacon on a mosque door.

Anonymous said...

I was a ginger 3 of my kids are ginger long live the celts

except this cunt

Eff he villa

Anonymous said...

Yahoo/sky shcmucks pulled the vid on the Englishman twatting the antifa

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous on 5 January 2016 at 19:40:

Here's some info on the bastard who did most of the killing of the Poles buried at Katyn:

"Hand-picked for the position by Joseph Stalin in 1926, Blokhin led a company of executioners that performed and supervised numerous mass executions during Stalin's reign, mostly during the Great Purge and World War II.[2] He is recorded as having executed tens of thousands of prisoners by his own hand, including his killing of about 7,000 Polish prisoners of war during the Katyn massacre in spring 1940,[2][3] making him the most prolific official executioner and mass murderer in recorded world history.[2][4] Forced into retirement following the death of Stalin, Blokhin died in 1955, officially by suicide."

Uncle Nasty said...

On topic ... Shocked! Shocked! Shocked! I tell you!!!!

I am sure you'll all be stunned, shocked and (dare I say it?) shattered to know that:-


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Last week, 17 men were arrested in New York for defrauding Germany out of $42 million in payments to phony holocaust survivors. Tens of thousands of American Jews had filed for pensions from Germany claiming to be concentration camp survivors. All swore they had been in the camps, told stories about gas chambers, human skin lampshades and such but not a single one had been in a camp at all. The state of Israel claims to have, alive today, nearly one million holocaust survivors.

As many as 90% of these may well be, not only frauds but many could easily be former concentration camp guards themselves, far more likely than surviving death camps. What better place to hide than Israel?

With numbers of camp survivors going up each year, we tend to forget we are talking about death camps. There were few survivors and most of them died immediately after the war. Those alive were found dying and couldn’t be saved, and most of them weren’t Jews but rather Russians, Gypsies, Communists, trade unionists and anti-Fascists.

Look at the numbers. There were only 5.3 million Jews listed as living in Europe, outside the USSR, in 1940. In a rough average, 12 death camps, filled to the brim with gas chambers and crematoriums ran 24 hours a day for 1000 days. Some are said, in testimony of literally thousands, to have killed from 17,000 to 20,000 per day. Lets use the figure, 10,000 per day times 12 camps times 1000 days.

Where do a million survivors come from? I can see a thousand, ten thousand but not 30,000 and certainly not the 15 million necessary to justify the current number of claimed survivors according to typical actuarial tables for healthy adults of the period, those who were not starved and tortured for years. Look at Vietnam veterans. Only 700,000 of 2.9 million survive 35 years after the war. Something is wrong here.

He's got that right.


Uncle Nasty said...

I am trying to track down the original poster of this link:-

But the thread is growing so fast that I keep losing it, so let me give them a grateful Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It is solid gold.


Anonymous said...

This about the Russians being mass murderers must be rubbish. The best way to massacre people is in gas chambers. With Zyklon B. Everybody knows that. The advantage of gas chambers and Zyklon B is that there is absolutely no evidence left behind.


Searcher said...

Lemmyhead - thank you ! Am going to use that one.

PS are you aware of when school students started to be brought to Auschwitz? It started in my home town (in Ireland) around the mid-1990s. I thought it was an odd thing to do. It was certainly effective at making an impression on impressionable people.

James said...

It is solid gold.

No problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2209 English twanging antifa

Flanders said...

Thanks anons at 19:40 and 22:15:

Prior to Katyn was the genocide in Ukraine, the 1938-era Holodomor.

Why have so many of our White people never heard about Vinnytsia and Dresden?

It was jews who directly did Vinnytsia. It was jews behind the policies destroying innocent White people in Dresden.

The jew propaganda of MSM and movies blames White people, while concealing the crimes of the jews.

"Dr. William Pierce: Genocide at Vinnytsia, Ukraine in 1938"

AnalogMan said...

It is solid gold.


Second that. Thank you, James. Saved.

AnalogMan said...

The advantage of gas chambers and Zyklon B is that there is absolutely no evidence left behind.