Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Google's War On Whites

Just when you think the War On Whites can't become any more gross you discover....yes it can. Picked this up over at Chateau Heartiste. If you key in 'happy American couple' to Google - and then select Images - you'll get screen after screen of what you see below. Which borders on self-parody.
And there's more. If you search for 'white women' you'll go through multiple screens before you come across one of them in the company of  a White man. But you will come across multiple images of them in the company of black men, with the  women often in disgustingly submissive postures.

Be aware that this does not happen by accident. A neutral search would throw up a representative picture of American couples. Search algorithms and data tagging would have to undergo considerable work to produce such a grotesque misrepresentation of the truth.

Never forget. A war is being waged on Whites.

But let us leave on a positive note and realise that our enemies don't always get everything right!  (Mind you they pulled out all the stops to immediately remedy this particular problem)


Anonymous said...

Change your search engine.

The Examiner went looking for a columnist and turned up Terry Crone Irish times reject

Maybe you’re worried that they’ll grow up and get married and dilute the Irish DNA? I hate to query Identity’s advanced thinking on this issue, but I’d have thought that would be a win/win. If we could water down our genetic enthusiasm for alcohol, for instance, wouldn’t that be a fine thing?

Just think of the benefits for our athletics, rugby and football teams. This morons can parrot that moronically. And Irish dancing. They are going to make Riverdance riverdancier with their natural rhythm.

Anonymous said...

Bald scouse prick Simon Rimmer presents a show about restaurants. To illustrate his point that they put the best looking people in the prime seats, he chooses 'good looking' people. WTF does he choose? A chavvy White slut & you guessed it - a flippin negro boy. When the world's ugliest race is being used to illustrate a point about beauty. Beyond fokin satire!!

CanSpeccy said...

All search engines seem to use the same algorithm. Bing, DuckDuckgo, Yandex, all yield the same preponderance of mixed race pictures despite almost 80% of Americans being white.

Searcher said...

Terry Prone

The poor ole Jews
"You’re not anti-semitic, are you? I’m sure you’re not. But you know something, the really sad thing is that the Jewish community has halved in the last decade or so. Without you being nasty to them. So it would be good to leave them alone, OK?"
- A holy terror. How would we cope sans Hugenot Terry and her Jewish pals?

Rubbish Irish culture, the grand output of which is Peig 'mkay (just like Swedes have no culture)
"Possibly it’s because you’re too young to remember the Ireland I grew up in, where we had an identity, we had sovereignty, we had white skin and not a whole lot else, other than the miseries of that tedious old trout, Peig."

Irish people are defective: familiar ground in Irish MSM
"Maybe you’re worried that they’ll grow up and get married and dilute the Irish DNA? I hate to query Identity’s advanced thinking on this issue, but I’d have thought that would be a win/win. If we could water down our genetic enthusiasm for alcohol, for instance, wouldn’t that be a fine thing?

Skin color is what people object to, 'cos they be like colorist:
"Or, maybe it’s the colour issue. In the village through which I pass on my way home from work is a little school. United by the same uniform and accents, dozens of children pour out of it every day, all different skin colors."

We can't cope without immigrants. Health system collapse! Usually touted in the UK ad nauseum
"I mean, if you take non-nationals and ‘new Irish’ out of the health system, including nursing homes for older people, we’re done. We’re just done. It wouldn’t be possible to take care of our people without them."

So, no McDonalds for little Terry growing up? No Starbucks? No outstanding Pakistani doctor back in the day? ("Sok she had two Jewish doctors as neighbors). No Irish doctor would have been good to a neighbor. 'Mkay. We would be done for if we had minimal immigration. Pakistanis are mainly doctors here (that is the impression given by Terry's article). Or are they mainly cab drivers/kitchen workers/garage shop workers?

Nowhere does Terry address the fact that this massive immigration into Ireland is relatively recent. We don't have to go back to Terry's childhood to see a difference. Just go back to the late 1990s. Of course, that would be kinda balanced. Terry is the Queen of Spin (PR/Communications, teaching Irish politicians to spin and dodge bullets for decades now).

Because when the media finds seagulls more appealing than you, your PR/marketing is going to be an uphill struggle. I hope and pray.

- MSM is on the way out Terry. People are sick of spin doctors, Terry. BWAAA WAAA WAA

Searcher said...

I can't get over how quickly the tide is turning - i.e. waking up/redpilling.

Here is another very recent thread on DataLounge regarding Germany (Cologne)


I never comment on the site (it's a gay site and while they tolerate straight men fairly well, some are allergic to "fraus" - unless they have gossip to trade). A good number of the posters on DataLounge are very witty/intelligent/well travelled. Their political views are generally liberal/progressive. A sizable number of their comments are now pretty similar to what you have on your blog. It crossed my mind that maybe some of "our" peops had started commenting but my gut says no.

I find it very interesting. This is fairly recent (the tone of the comments and the finger pointing).

Anonymous said...

I took your cue Sav and typed 'White Women' in the search engine. I skimmed through well over a hundred pictures and I mentally vomited before I could continue. Not a single picture showing a loving or flirtatious embrace between a caucasian woman and a caucasian man. Most all were either single pictures of caucasian women or 'Nordic blond' women with negroid men - that's fucking Joogle for you!

Anonymous said...

The happy american couple results - which, as CanSpeccy points out, hold across all search engines - are because it's returning results for happy african american couple. Nobody searches for "happy american couple" pictures. There is a move against us but this isn't part of it.

Really Savant you're starting to dredge the bottom. I'd have expected you to post about Cologne today.

Flanders said...

This is from a comment I had posted earlier at another site, which is based on information from the link below. It has definite similarities, and mistakenly thought I had reposted it here earlier.

Here is another way that the jews at Google use to accomplish much the same TYPE OF CULTURAL MARXISM on the internet. This has to do with the race-mixing agendas that are being pushed, not only on TV and the movies, but in almost all jewish-owned or controlled publications everywhere.

Do you want to let your White women know what the jews at Google think of White women?

Go to Google
Enter a photo search for White women
View results (with any filters off)
Enter a photo search for black women
View results

Or, try another one to find the BIGGEST differences on a Google image search, try searching White man and then Jewish man.

And then after that,

Note the differences between the images that jewgle shows on a search for Jewish man – versus the images which once were at WHO CONTROLS AMERICA?.


Even without those images actually being there a person should know the difference between suit-clad jews at the heads of our corporations and other organs of "our" governmental institutions, and the "religious" jews images which Google passes to the unknowing and unaware public.

You can also tell a difference when searching Christian man and Atheist man.


Flanders said...

Here is another related comment that I don't think I've posted here.

Flanders on Communism established through PROGRESSIVE CULTURAL MARXISM

This is something that all Americans need to know.

The jewish communists have implemented cultural Marxism, actually communism itself onto America, and if you observe that filthy TV, you can understand how they do it – If you pay attention. They have moved national thought over generations of time by this means, and not just on TV, but through the schools, churches and other organs of the state and culture, where they have intentionally established leadership positions in order to do so.

Notice on the news programs and on moderated shows like Meet the Press, etc. They take the established American position which they want moved and invite ultra-"educated" and authoritative guests to attack that position (conservative, because that is what most Americans really are).

At the same time, they provide an unpopular or inept person (or their plant) to defend it in an embarrassingly ineffective way. The host guides the conversations and the usual media tricks pick the views and points they want to stress. Over time, a further leftward position is established, and the process begins anew, except that now the more American position (the conservative base) is ridiculed and moved further leftward, too. They float grand and glorious visions of how the “new American” (leftist) position will be, and float it further leftward at the same time as the conservative base is moved leftward. It is a series of cycles that happen over lengthy sections of time, and people cannot observe what is happening because they are viewing only in the current time.

It happens that way on soap operas, movies, publications, and the talk shows, too, and in schools and churches and other "cultural" portions of our life. They now have people in enough key positions that their messages come at us in a constant barrage. That is a strength that they have obtained over time by using variations of this process. Because they control the media in particular, it seems never-ending and ever-pushing – because it is. They will never let up until they are forced into letting up. There are not going to be political solutions to their excesses. Awake and observe, then prepare to confront the enemies of America and America’s White people.

Anonymous said...

Hey good news, I've found some white people!

Try doing a Google image search for 'criminal' and it's pretty much the reverse. You'll sift through nearly as many white crooks before you see a black guy as you will sift through bright toothed and wholesome 'happy American couples' before finding a white guy.

eah said...

It's not just google -- I just did the same image search on MSFT's search site bing.com, and the results are exactly the same -- I had to scroll way down into the results before I saw a white couple -- all the previous images were of Blacks or mixed race couples. So there is something going on, but I'm not sure exactly what...

Anonymous said...

Arnold Judas Rimmer's brother? I thought Lister (Ably played by Craig Charles.)was the scouser.

Anonymous said...


Now German women must have a code of conduct to stop Arab sex pests.says a woman

Anonymous said...

Rabbi tells Jews to leave for Israel now.

War coming. US will be partially destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Jews spill the beans.

What are the Goyim?


Anonymous said...

Tarantino anti-white


Anonymous said...

Honest Jew tells truth about Israel.


Anonymous said...

Dr Alan Sabrosky - Mossad did 9/11.


CIA founded 1947.
Israel founded 1948.


Anonymous said...

I assure you this is an Irish name

Non native speaker flogging personalized Nutella was so eloquent that a shopper was persuaded to buy a jar in a presentation box. Nobody at the manufacturing plant had a problem with the combination of letters either.

Dress like 3rd worlders if you don't want to be raped

Henriette Reker Kolnerin brain donor says that local women should dress like turd worlders so that they won't be raped by turdworlders. #FeministsHaveNoProblemWithVictimBlaming

Anonymous said...

Re the NEW YEAR frolics in Germany:
This ..in my opinion , sent a shivers through folk in their 80s..who had lived through the end of ww2 and witnessed Eastern hoard set loose on German civilians by the Soviet Bolsheviks.
WTF is the (so called German government up too ? Many of these so called refugees are behaving like a conquering (dark ages) army ...,tasting the fruits of conquest!
They must now out-number most EU countries standing armies!

Anonymous said...

The general rule is

YKW or married to YKW or homosexual

Merkel's husband


eah said...

Really Savant you're starting to dredge the bottom.

All of these "Anonymous" commenters dredge a kind of bottom themselves -- just pick an equally anonymous moniker (mine is "eah"), and use it.

There is a move against us but this isn't part of it.

Maybe not. And maybe your explanation is at least partly correct. But a search engine should return results corresponding to the search term, wouldn't you say? That's what I expect when I search, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Now German women must have a code of conduct to stop Arab sex pests.says a woman"

says a feminist

Anonymous said...

Some BS spin in the Telegraph about IS developing their own SAMs.


The true story will be one of the anti-Assad coalition is supplying them with MANPADs and this story is cover for it.

Russki pilots better watch out.

Anonymous said...

Filth http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/560941/What-is-Pegida-extremist-right-wing-group-Newcastle-march

Anonymous said...

Faggotry is a mental disease http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/632089/Prince-Charles-charity-frontman-defrauds-Asda-cash-flood-victims

Anonymous said...

Can I offer a simple explanation? Why would any white couple in America be happy? Why would any white couple ANYWHERE be happy>


Anonymous said...


Yep let's bend over backwards for them

Searcher said...

Guess what results when come up when using these search words:
- Genius
- Philanthropists
- Nobel Prize Winners

Save the funniest for last:
- Irish Savant

Anonymous said...

Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then promote and justify it.

Anonymous said...


5 years ago merkel made a speech denouncing multi culture.they called her a racist for it
Did she feel guilty over it and let them in
Or maybe somebody paid her to let them in
She has got 11 million in the bank
Not bad for a commie
Eff the villa

Andreas said...

Hungarian woman being pummelled by enrichers at Budapest station. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CYCTicjWkAANdVx.jpg

Searcher said...

Tea-time humor, from CH commentator:


Flanders said...

A once valiant and proud people, many Germans have allowed their minds to become defeated.

German kids beaten up by Muslim migrants

"Do they defend themselves, the Germans? No, they are terrified."


Anonymous said...

Eye witness from Cologne

Mentions something the presstitutes did not.

James said...

WTF is the (so called German government up too ?

The KALERGI PLAN is what Merkel is up to.

Merkel won the Coudenhouve-Kalergi award a few years back, so maybe she's trying for another one?

Kalergi Plan laid out in 1925!


The Illuminati Jewish Plan for European Genocide

More from our mate Henry Makow on this exact topic.


Illuminati Behind Europe's Invasion-by-Migration


1882 Dresden "Anti-Jewish" Manifesto Explains NWO

The last significant effort to defend Christian national values was the "First International Anti-Jewish Conference" held in Dresden in September 1882.

The conference which attracted 300 prominent businessmen, aristocrats, politicians, clergy, lawyers, physicians, farmers and intellectuals from Germany, Austria, Hungry and Russia, produced a manifesto addressed to "the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism." The document shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli 130 years ago, and explains why the West's racial cohesion and Christian heritage are still under constant attack today.


James said...

5 years ago merkel made a speech denouncing multi culture.they called her a racist for it

Doubtful if you read and understand what she said.

She is a long time white genocide agent. She got the Kalergi award. That's HARD CORE anti white shit that is.

If she said MC "failed" it means Whitey was resisting. White woman's legs were snapping shut. Now, she says, "resist this" and opens the flood gates.

The article caption starts off "In Germany, experts are divided over chancellor Angela Merkel's comments that immigrants there need to do more to integrate."

"Need to do more to integrate" is code for "immigrants aren't getting enough white pussy", that's all. And the interview is with super-duper arch-anti-white Kahane!! WTF?!! Kahane (Cohen) is as bad as Merkel, possibly WORSE.

I can't believe we are still discussing this after everything that has happened and everything we know. THEY WANT US GONE, and then FORGOTTEN! It's THAT SIMPLE!!!!! No ifs, no buts.

Trollette Kahane sez:
"Immigration is the future".
"You have to make a good policy of immigration all over Europe."
"The history of Europe with its small countries and nationalism is getting into a crisis"
"You have to adapt all the understanding of the states"
"You have to adjust the education" (brainwash the kids)
"we are not anymore only white, or only Portuguese, or only Swedish, or only German - they are multicultural places in the world."

FFS, whenever these people say MC is failing, they simply mean its not going fast enough!

Again, why do people swallow these stories. Merkel simply wants Whitey all gone, always has done, and always will do. She doesn't need bribes, or threats. She LOVES her job.

Come one man, smarten up.

Anonymous said...

Merkel saying multicult failed would be about as serious as this version of the Queen's xmas speech.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Trump exposed Jew hiding behind gentile name.


"I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz" - I mean Jon Stewart. Who BTW is totally overrated".

Why would he do that?

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

It's not really "Google's War", is it?

"White people should remember that WE ARE the Americans. We have allowed, not intentionally but by virtue of unseen stealth trickery exercised against ourselves and other White Americans, others to become falsely labeled with our name. They may falsely carry that label, but that does not make it true, just as calling a tree a frog will not ever make that tree to jump. Recognizing those who are falsely labeled with our rightful name, and recognizing them as being equivalent to White Americans is a disservice to ourselves and a disloyalty to our nation and our forefathers, as well as being logically invalid."

The above was a preface to a link I had left at Savant's previous posting.

[Link to the Faith and Heritage link I had left at Savant]

Some responses show that many people get it, including Matt.

"Flanders, I read the article you posted. About 25 years ago I worked in Hawaii. It was the same thing. Hawaii is a nice piece of real estate, but ruined by all of the Asians.

The hatred I saw toward white people was a real eye opener. I would sit in a project meeting on 30 million dollar project and be almost the only white person there. Constantly hearing the locals referring to white people as “fucking haole” this or fucking haole that or anytime a white person came up.

The white people had to send their children to private school to avoid being assaulted. They had designated days in school for the less fortunate white kids, where the third worlders would assault them these children, called “get Haole day”.

The locals with no shame, and would even tell me about these cruel assault on white children with a twisted sense of pride and accomplishment, and have a reaction like they expected me to say that’s great.

And that’s just the beginning, the list goes on. I think if people really understood, they’d fight tooth and nail to keep these cursed third worlders out.

I didn’t mind Hawaii, but I came away with a disgust of all Hawaiian/Asian people. I got so sick of the locals, as they called themselves, I stopped going.

Often white men are oblivious to what’s happening around them, and have a hard time perceiving what people think or listening to what they say.

Multiculturalism is Jew’s fraud and tool. None of these Asians are our friends, no more than the Africans or the Muslims. We need a European America."

Dicarlo's response covered the general issue:

"Well, of course those people who live in America who put the concerns of America first, ideally would be called Americans, and would most certainly be White. Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese or jews have never put America first and in fact they put their own group interests first before ever considering what was good for America.

Blacks only care about black issues centered around special rights and free stuff and their empowerment to do whatever they please. Hispanics, many here for centuries, only care about hispanic issues, defending the illegal immigration of third world hispanics, and jews create division any way they can leading all nonwhites against us.

Whites and their once orderly societies are the target. America was a White country, founded by White Europeans with Christian values. The minorities have not only refused to assimilate into White culture, but with the leadership of jews, they are all working together to destroy America by changing it from a once moral country with high standards set by hundreds of years of trial and error, into a chaotic, warlike, criminal, state, in which American Whites are viewed as unamerican if they dare insist the US government abide by the principles laid down by the White European Founders and the US Constitution." [comment continues in Part 2].

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2 [Dicarlo's comment continues]:

This ‘American’ thing was based on the idea that people are created equal. That statement was written exclusively for a White America. It was written before the founders knew America was going to be inundated with non white races by immigration policies written by anti-white jews. If these nonwhites are promoted as ‘Americans’, then count me out. Truth be told, we simply are not equal. Race matters. Racial differences breed different behaviors which are easily discernible. It’s pretty obvious that different races can’t live together if it is not at least understood that it is equal rights for all only if there are special rights for no one, but that will never happen as long as there are jews in the mix creating all sorts of situations that are destructive to an orderly, moral, society.

America was founded by White Europeans to be a free country for White Europeans. They had fled jew tyranny in Europe. When did it all go wrong? When did America first begin to become anti-American/anti-white? I suppose early in the 20th Century when the jew Federal Reserve (1913) was given the power to print money from nothing and loan it to the Federal Government which agreed to pay it back with interest. Not long after, jews tricked America into WW1, and after that came the devastating depression of 1929, caused by jew money manipulation, soon followed by yet another fratricidal war, manipulated by the jews who are working to eliminate us altogether. Whites allowed jews to take America over and now it is a multi-racial shithole police state.

Jews installed destructive multiculturalism and diversity over the past 60 years, but you can’t say White Americans, in the historical traditional spirit of America, didn’t naively give their best efforts and trillions of dollars of their hard earned money to try and make it work. Unfortunately, mixing of races doesn’t work, and has never worked in the history of man and that the overwhelming majority of Whites still can’t see it’s race first with all other non-White races is quite remarkable.

Today, we observe even more extreme hatred and hostility by nonwhites toward Whites no matter how much cowardly Whites bend over to please them. We awakened, racially aware Whites see the orchestration of all programs destructive to us, by supremacist jews, but most Whites don’t. Americanism as it was conceived in days gone by was embraced only by White Americans and could work only if America was overwhelmingly White and governed by traditional White values and principles."

AnalogMan said...

eah said...

And maybe your explanation is at least partly correct. But a search engine should return results corresponding to the search term, wouldn't you say?

To be fair, I had the same first reaction as Anon. Every photo of a black couple is probably categorised as a "happy African American couple", which matches three of your search terms, whereas White couples may match on only two terms - "happy couple". I have no doubt that there is some bias in the search algorithm, but some of it is logical. Within their terms of reference, at any rate. I mean, the term "African American" itself is just silly.

Uncle Nasty said...

A bit of relief.

It would appear that the next Prez** of the US feels that she should drag her dope-addled dork of a hubby with her on the campaign trail.

The Rah-rah girls that accompany them seem to agree. They're all, quite obviously, thrilled at the prospect of being groped by the old fart.


All White girls, oddly enough. Does Billary know what message she's sending?


**Yup. She's the next.

In 2008, The PTB tested the waters to see if the US voting public would swallow a charisma-impoverished Kenyan-born nigger fag with no discernible history.

This year's electoral favourite has to be a contest between a butt-ugly convicted white lesbian murderer ... or a not yet convicted one -- and Aileen Wuornos couldn't make it.

Anyone want to bet against me?

Anonymous said...


Pegida uk press announcement
Since this announcement tommy Robinson has been arrested on charges of attacking a Muslim prisoner who tried to chuck boiling water in his face. The charges were first dropped. But since his pegida involvement they have reappeared.funny that

Eff the villa

Ps could be a good day out in birmingham for this demo

Joanne Keith Galbraith-Rowling said...

Proposal to change exam times due to Ram a Dan

Department of Education propose to move exams from their traditional times in June due to RamalamadingdongrockandrollisKing despite the fact that those in the age group that take exams are not subject to the fasting requirements. Didn't the official pay any attention when they were at Slithering house in Hoaxwarts?

Nero said...

On the German situation...

It is worth remembering that when the Red Army raped millions of Germans at the end of the war, it was often not the regular Russians who were doing it.

Much of the Red Army was not Russian including many asiatics from Central Asia e.g. Khazakstan. These were the worst offenders. Often muslim see. This is burned into the collective memory of the Germans.

No doubt the all-or-nothing, high will power Germans are starting to rage. Just quietly at first. For Grandma's sake.

Anonymous said...


Yep Muslims in turkey are selling fellow muslim migrants fake life jackets

Eff the villa
Every day I hate more and more

Joanne Keith Galbraith-Rowling said...

Search turns up this

It is all in the way you search as AnalogMan says.

"Happy American couple" will get you positive results for photos that like Hillary's conscience does not exist.

I mean, the term "African American" itself is just silly.

Race traitor Chalize Theron won her Oscar before Hallet Berret did. hALLE UJAH Berry's grandparents were all from the Northern Hemisphere (with one even been Scouserally-challenged?) whereas naturalized citizen Theron was actually born in Royal Sun Alliance or whatever the hell its name is now post colonially.

Anonymous said...

The thing that struck me about the accounts of the Cologne Arab riot was the woman who said that she and her companion were startled by the large group of foreign men outside the train station and that she was groped from all sides when they started moving through the group.
Lucky she was wearing pants, she said.

She might try wearing a brain next time. You see a group of rowdy young men and start moving into and through the group? A group of rowdy people should always be avoided, You stop, you go around, you move back. Anything but going straight ahead as if there is nothing going on.

You have to react to reality. The only reason to go ahead as if nothing is happening would be if you were already in such a bad situation that reaction might provoke an attack.

I worry about you Europeans. You are much less overrun than we are here in the US but even less able to cope with situation, let alone defend yourselves.

As for you Irish guys, I'm afraid that everything is being played out on such a small scale there that you don't have a chance. Is Ireland really the only country in the world that actually VOTED for gay marriage? You're shaming your cousins.

Uncle Nasty said...

Now here is something that we are not often told ...


White Births Matter
January 5, 2016 |
Terrence Hill

All births matter — and White births are holding steady. While the end game is anyone’s guess, new data makes mincemeat of the old propaganda narrative that Whites in the United States face inevitable demise in the near future. This particular propaganda line–churned out by our brutal anti-White elite on a daily basis — is increasingly untenable.

The final data for the year 2014 has just been published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Births: Final Data for 2014.” [1] It shows a continuation of trends that have tracked falling total fertility rates for Black, Hispanic and Native Americans. The demographic data for these groups continue to show a steady erosion. White and Asian total fertility rates are up, with the Asian total fertility rate showing remarkable volatility, but still showing significant decline over a multi-year period.

Keep in mind that total fertility rates estimate the number of children per women over a woman’s lifetime. A total fertility rate (TFR) of 2.1 is considered replacement rate. Also keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) includes the peoples of the Middle East and the Subcontinent as White.

This will not greatly affect the figures for non-Hispanic White because — while data are difficult to attain for these groups — Indians in the United States are known to have a birthrate significantly below Whites and East Asians, and the birth rate of Middle Eastern peoples in Europe and North America is only slightly above replacement.

Given the modest numbers of both these groups in the United States (though growing), and the lower Indian total fertility rate, the data amalgamated under the Non-Hispanic White category is an largely accurate measure of European-American TFR.

I wonder what the birth rate is among the Tribe ...?


Anonymous said...

"Is Ireland really the only country in the world that actually VOTED for gay marriage?"

At the time it was the only country to be given a vote on the matter. The result was surprising.

Slovenia rejected gay marriage in a vote in December. There is some talk of Australia having a vote next year.

Anonymous said...

You get the same results from Bing and Yahoo. No matter what you think of it it's likely just the zeitgeist, not some nefarious plot.

CanSpeccy said...

@ Anon

The happy american couple results - which, as CanSpeccy points out, hold across all search engines - are because it's returning results for happy african american couple.

That's what Jew Among You said, but you get the same results if you add a "- African" to the search string, or if you search for 'happy white American couple'

But in any case, WTF is the use of a search engine that can't tell the difference between "American" and "African-American" but in either case returns images of mostly mixed race couples (and mostly white female + black man) whether you search for "American couple" or "white American couple", when the US is still almost 80% white.

Flanders said...

“I think if I were Jodi Harpstead, LSS of Minnesota’s CEO I wouldn’t be going to St. Cloud and bragging about their role in creating the largest communities of Somalis outside of Africa and on top of that saying ‘no one is getting rich doing this work.’
“It would be one thing if Lutheran church-goers were shelling out the money to run this so-called ‘religious’ charity and pay her huge salary and benefits package, but they aren’t. LSS of Minnesota is a quasi-government agency since the vast majority of its $89,384,263 income (reported on page 9 Form 990, 9/30/2014) comes from government fees and contracts.

They actually say on that tax return that their mission is: “Express the love of Christ for all people through service that changes lives and builds community.” [Where is the ACLU on the separation of church and state this time?]

And, as for no one getting rich, Harpstead’s salary and benefits package (including related income) for that year was $387,360! To put that in perspective that is a higher salary than US Supreme Court Justices and twice as much as US Senators and Members of Congress pull down.

LSS has nine other employees over 6-figures!”

Searcher said...

Demographics are very interesting.

I found this video, but am a little confused on how he works out how many survivors would statistically have died since the end of WW2. If anyone here looks at it, they might confirm if his extrapolations are reasonable (from 23 minute mark). His maths seem off to me.


Just another question. Why did West Germany have to pay? Not East Germany? Or the other European nations who sent their pals on the trains? Should France, Holland etc not pay into the FUND?!

Also is that true about Elie Weisel and the trademark (or am I being too literal?)

More on demographics, from world renowned expert, D Rockefeller:

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the birth rate is among the Tribe ...?

I wonder who/what they count as white...

Germ Fink said...

Jews confess all!
Does anyone here speak French?
I'd like confirmation that the subtitles are accurate before spamming this all over the place!

Anonymous said...

Germ Fink they are speaking Hebrew. Look at the signs behind them.
It does seem accurate based on the few words I can pick up.

Anonymous said...

OK might have heard it all now.


Anonymous said...

Whites in New Zealand over 2000 years ago.

Watch this fascinating and well-made doco.


p.s. Uncle Nasty, the makers are in Auckland so you can contact them if you like.

Anonymous said...

Brave New Europe: ‘Code of Conduct’ Suggested for German Women Attacked by 'Gangs of Arab Men'

Our concern should not be interpreted as a xenophobic call for Germany to protect its "fragile white women" from "the evil brown men". It's about what kind of nation Germany wishes to be: A nation which invites others to share its rich cultural and social identity on its own terms, or a fragmented nation in which people are compelled to "stay within their groups" out of fear of "provocation".

Gawd almighty.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Rense & John Friend - A Manufactured History & The War on Whites


Anonymous said...

Hateful comments at the bottom of this article!


Anonymous said...

Nice paintings by Uncle Addie.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps what we thought happened on NYE in Cologne was far worse.

https://murderbymedia3.wordpress.com/ (video near top)


Anonymous said...

Won't mention a certain someone but they aren't geniuses according to this guy.


Anonymous said...

Police say like a civil war in Cologne.


Ferengi Ambassador said...

69 comments? I bet you humans would not 69 any of the proto-women featured in the photos the search returns amIrite? AmIrite?

Anonymous said...

photos of the new iRISH NECULAR family...

Germ Fink said...

The signs in the back ground are in hebrew, but I remember hebrew having more 'throat clearing' type noses in it.
I too recognize a few words to, but if I am going to stake my reputation on this video being translated accurately I need to know for sure.

Anonymous said...

14 Syrians and 1 Afghan arrested in the Cologne attacks.

The Incredible Feminist Woman

Anonymous said...

Going Clear - Scientology and the Prison of Belief

I looked from Scientologist to Libtard and like the animals on Animal Farm could not tell the difference.

The reasons Libtards are not derideed is that there are more of them and they control the media.

rastus said...

"An ABC7 News car was broken into while the crew was attending a press conference held by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier to discuss a Task Force created to fight robberies."

Doncha love da chimps?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Andreas said...
Hungarian woman being pummelled by enrichers at Budapest station.

Nah, that's a guy with gay hair who's getting beats:

The photos belong to the Anadolu Agency, were taken on 01.09.15 at Budapest's Keleti station, and the caption to all three photos is:

Migrants fights each other outside the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest, Hungary, September 1, 2015. Hundreds of angry migrants demonstrated on Tuesday demanding they be allowed to travel on to Germany, as the biggest ever influx of migrants into the European Union left its asylum policies in tatters.


We should all be vigilant against spreading wrongly labelled photos etc, as the opposition would love to "expose" right-wing propaganda "lies"

- PP

Anonymous said...

Henriette Keter's guide explained in English

Someone kindly translated the Mayorasses words into the English.

Flanders said...

“Bill & Hillary Clinton: A Life of Violating People”

“NBC Universal, News Corporation, Turner Broadcasting and Thomson Reuters are among more than a dozen media organizations that have made charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation in recent years, the foundation’s records show.”


Flanders said...

Americans have far worse rapists than the muslims, and they are both Clintons.

“Juanita Broadderick has joined Twitter and is now making tweets how Bill Clinton raped her and how Hillary tried to silence her.”


MbM's post continues:

"It’s time to signal boost her so Hillary has no escape. Follow Juanita on Twitter, retweet her posts, tell Trump to retweet her, message Trump’s twitter about it, message Fox News and other media outlets about it, make this shit go viral and watch Hillary crumble.

Juanita Broadderick’s twitter: https://twitter.com/atensnut

Archive of Juanita Broadderick’s twitter: https://archive.is/n3vc3

Juanita’s tweet on Bill raping her: https://twitter.com/atensnut/status/684822324227379200

Archive of Juanita’s tweet on Bill raping her: https://archive.is/kci4a
“Hillary tapes reveal she voluntarily defended a child rapist that she knew was guilty. In this 1980’s taped interview, Hillary Clinton laughed about getting the convicted rapist of a 12 year old child off on a technicality”.

“HILLARY Clinton “Took Me Through Hell” Says 12yr. Old RAPE Victim”

Searcher said...

Scientologist/Libtard = universalism + self-actualisation; in-group new construct vs the out-goup old construct (i.e. the rest of humanity)

Appeal: Save the World (universalism); Be a better person i.e. special (self-actualisation).

Out-group labelled: Suppressive person (SP); Bigot/hater/"xyz"-phobe/"xyz"-ist (except for feminist); Freeper; Rethuglican; tiny mind; uneducated; ignorant; basement dweller; loser; troglodyte; antediluvian; behind the times (it's 2016!); selfish; smug; bully.

Dichotomy: Victim vs Opressor.

The Vic
The is based on "a victim group" being considered "other" and therefore excluded/ostracised. The goal is to change the out-group (rest of humanity) to accept the "other". The only way to do this is to change the out-group's perceptions.

The Perp
The out-group can no longer judge (their moral judgement is flawed/subjective/social construct) and in return the in-group will try not to be "judgy" (they are more enlightened anyhow, so they must lead the way). Anybody disagreeing with the ideology will be ostracized.

Not a Vic, but don't want to a Perp?
If one is not an identified "victim" then one can still follow the ideology in a number of ways:
(a) recognizing/"checking" one's "privilege" (could potentially be a Perp)
(b) become a SJW* and (c) identifying with the "victim" group
Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband wear the t-shirt
* The SJW role is open to both Vics and potential Perps

But, it makes no sense...
If you ever wondered why feminists and gays welcome Muslims (as per incredible feminist women cartoon above), this comment from DataLounge sums it up better than most:

"No irony is that the gays , feminist groups and Jews are demanding to take more refugee and immigrants from these third world countries . The same group(gays,women and Jews) who is most prone to violence from the immigrants/refugees
It's called "queer othering" or "jewish othering" and basically it's the concept that as an oppressed minority it would be the height of hypocrisy and bad taste to demand rights for one's own group then turn around and try to deny them to another "oppresed" minority like Muslims. And based on historical precedents to do so would invite "intolerance", "bigotry", "racism", and revocation of basic human rights that MIGHT lead to ostracization and even GENOCIDE.

The idea is noble in concept but from a practical standpoint it is ultimately nihilistic because if you are going to extend "tolerance" to the MOST INTOLERANT ideology of right-wing,fundamentalist,gay- - murdering ,women's right denying,free speech eliminating,apostate killing,ultra-reactionary Muslims who seek to turn our open,Western societies into draconian,Sharia dominated shitholes then you end up believing in NOTHING."

Central Flaw
The ideology is flawed primarily because it is against nature AND reason AND experience.

Anonymous said...

I too recognize a few words to, but if I am going to stake my reputation on this video being translated accurately I need to know for sure.

Well it aint French that's for sure.

Also, the things they are saying are accurate, so the question is whether they are saying them. You will have to get a Hebrew speaker from somewhere then. Post it on realjewnews.com and ask Brother Nathanael. He will know.

Micheal Hoffman might know too. Email him.

Anonymous said...

We should all be vigilant against spreading wrongly labelled photos etc, as the opposition would love to "expose" right-wing propaganda "lies"

Yes, best not to post lies but they still work.

Look at that speech Putin did in Russian and there are two version on the net with totally different English subtitles.

The enemy lies all the time and it works for them all the time.

Anonymous said...


More Syrians raping Germans new year

Effing hell

Anonymous said...


And in helsinki

Anonymous said...


And zurich

Anonymous said...

Here is a vid where they explain the whole Goys will be slaves thing in English.


The video is pretty clear but still a little tricky because they sugar-coat the slavery concept. It won't be so comfortable for us.

Here's why: when "Israel is mighty", then "peaceful ways" can be discarded and they can kick our butts...HARD. "Peaceful ways" is a restriction on Talmudic behavior designed to prevent riling up the Goyim. Once they can get away with it, then a Jew can say "I need a kidney transplant, I'll take that Goy's kidney" and there is no problem with that. This is explained in the video, but again it is not fully explained.


beppo said...

@ Searcher
The thread on your Datalounge link is indeed interesting; particularly comment 126 about decadence in the Weimar and Hitler's moves to fix the problems re child prostitution especially.

Brings to mind Fagin in Oliver Twist set in London about a century before ... the same pattern of behaviour from the same people - your time and location may differ.

Anonymous said...


I can see the German police starting to crack heads regardless of what their superiors say

Eff the villa

Dingo said...

There is a old Boer saying that rings very true. " If you cross a plough horse with a racing horse, you will neither get a plough horse nor a racing horse."
Bugger the parents, its the kids that inevitably suffer.

a swedish friend of this blog said...

effthevilla. The German senior police and their political masters are the problem, not the solution.

Anonymous said...

BillyButtHurt uses twitter properly

A feminist welcomes refugees. Try #Slutwalking with rapefugees around!

Searcher said...

Ebonics Airways

Searcher said...

More hatin' on Millenials

PS Beppo, I only realized relatively recently that Fagin was an anti-semitic stereotype. Charles Dickens also had some unfavorable Irish stereotype/s. He was a bit of a celebrity in Ireland nonetheless and no changes were made to his writing in the depiction of his Irish character/s. I read a while back that he was persuaded to change Fagin to make him less obviously Jewish.

If you think that you are above criticism (more spesh than the rest) then you simply cannot abide criticism. Normies expect criticism/praise. They take criticism on board (as it may be useful for self-improvement). They reflect and adjust if necessary. Allergy to criticism is also a hallmark of Cluster B personality disorders (narcissm/borderline) whose biggest tell is a "constructed" personality. Projection, much? Mr Ignatiev with yer "social construct" nonsense?

Flip the coin and it occurred to me that there have only been 2 ambassadors to Ireland who have directly criticized the Irish people in my living memory. (Excluding Sarkozy who was Prime Minister/not the official French ambassador).

I am not talking about criticizing government policy etc but the Irish people themselves (of course, these two waited 'till after the Bank Bailout/Tax Slavery deal of 2009, to get their digs in). Guess who?
Clue: both would have very strong Victim Cards. Their similarity has been noted by Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Henry Kissinger. Correction: one was a Deputy Ambassador (not the actual Ambassador).

Anonymous said...

In Douglasville, Georgia my wife and I decided to have a late breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. After a long wait to be seated we were waited on by a large very black and ugly female. There were only black females and black males acting as waiters. This female interrupted me twice during my giving her my order. When we finally were served not only were the plates cold so was the food. This incompetent black female never once came back to our table, until my wife called to her to refill my coffee cup. I know this sheboon intentionally held our plates until they were cold and intentionally did not attend our table because we were Whites. She had absolutely no fear of us complaining and no concern about her negligence nor her incompetence. Today I went to SunTrust Bank in Douglasville to make a deposit. A very small very black and ugly female told me at the banking window that the next time I come in that bank to stand across the aisle in a food aisle, the bank is in a Public supermarket, until I am called to the window. I looked back at the place she was pointing to and I asked was someone waiting there and she said "no".
These two establishments are in the public domain. They are there for my business, my patronage. I can plainly see that the US is finished. The US has most assuredly gone through the looking glass.

great white said...

@1.20. My daughter does casual work in a rest in Wilmington. She said the black staff are rude, unfriendly, unhelpful. In fact they helped open her eyes to the truth of wht her racist old dad had been telling her.

But here's the point. If you complain to them before you get your food getting it cold like you did will be the least of your problems. They'll do a Jesse Jackson. If not worse.

Frank Galton said...

UN said: “I wonder what the birth rate is among the Tribe ...?”

Daily Mail, 26 September 2015

Israel 'is on the road to disaster' because its high birth rate and soaring immigration means it is running out of land, warns environmental professor

• Average Israeli woman has 3 babies - double other industrialised countries
• Jewish immigration has also seen population double in the last 25 years

Israel's birth rate, the HIGHEST IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD and once seen as a survival tactic in a hostile region, could be its undoing unless measures are taken to reverse the trend, experts warn.

The average Israeli woman has three babies in her lifetime, nearly double the fertility rate for the rest of the industrialised countries in the OECD.

That, accompanied by heavy Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union, has seen Israel's population double in the last 25 years.

The birth rate is even higher among Israel's Arab community and more than double among its ultra-Orthodox Jews, two groups that also have low participation in the workforce, dragging the economy down.

'Israel is on the road to an ecological, social and quality of life disaster because as the population density rises it becomes MORE VIOLENT, congested and UNPLEASANT TO LIVE IN and with absolutely no room for any species other than humans,' said Alon Tal, a professor at Ben-Gurion University's Institutes for Desert Research and founder of the Green Movement party.

“...as [Israel’s] population density rises it becomes MORE VIOLENT...and UNPLEASANT TO LIVE IN...”

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

International Business Times, 04 February 2011

HIGH ARAB BIRTH RATE in Israel raises concerns about country’s Jewish identity

Dr. Wahid Abd Al-Magid, editor of Al-Ahram's Arab Strategic Report, has predicted that Arabs may become a majority in Israel in 2035, and “will certainly be the majority in 2048.

Some in Israeli’s Jewish political establishment have already sounded alarms over the issue.

Early last decade, Dr. Yitzhak Ravid, an Israeli government armaments expert, proposed that Israel “implement a stringent policy of FAMILY PLANNING in relation to its Muslim population.”

In a speech to Israel’s parliament in 2007, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, warned of “a demographic battle, drowned in blood and tears.”

“...a stringent policy of FAMILY PLANNING...”

The Guardian, 14 September 2011

The Israeli embassy in London...called reports about Israeli settlers poisoning the water supply of palestinians "unacceptable behaviour" and was by no means government policy.

HAARETZ, 16 February 2014

Israel has adopted a drip-feed approach to providing the Palestinians with water instead of letting them CONTROL THEIR OWN NATURAL RESOURCE.
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/1.574554

YNET News, 14 January 2013

CBS: Jewish births up, MUSLIM BIRTHS DOWN

Fertility rate among Jewish women in Israel increases while rate in Muslim sector drops, according to demographics report

Frank Galton

David Lynch said...

I'm sure you get this question a lot Mr Savant but if you really believe all that you write here then why don't you put your name to it?

Let me guess: It's because shadowy government forces would come after you because you're such an incredible threat to the system?

Uhhhh - nope. You're a blogger, that is all. A noble profession to be sure but hardly anyone for someone in a position of power to take notice of or be worried about.

I think the real reason for your anonymity here is because in real life you are a proud liberal who hangs out at dinner parties crying loudly into your glass of champagne about the forgotten rights of oppressed minorities, then runs off to the toilet on the pretense of needing to compose himself and excitedly types out a new entry for this blog one-handed whilst jerking yourself off into the toilet bowl with the other and giggling maniacally to yourself about how you've got us all fooled.

I see through you, Mr Savant.

James said...

Posting again in case anyone missed it.

New Zealand - Skeletons in the Cupboard


60,000 skeletons ground up for fertilizer, giant skeletons removed from their resting places and destroyed, 2000 bound skeletons simply covered up by bulldozers and buried without respect under modern buildings -

'New Zealand - Skeletons in the Cupboard' digs deeply into the now denied history of the early Patuparaiaehe, the Turehu, the Urekehu and the once powerful but peace loving red or golden haired green-eyed earliest inhabitants - the Ngati Hotu and the Waitaha. Who are these people, where did they come from and where are they now?

Following on from the exposé of hidden Hawaiian legends in Plummtree Productions first film:
'Cousins Across the Sea - The Peoples of The Pacific',
the first episode of New Zealand - Skeletons in the Cupboard entitled 'The Red Heads' will shock you. Why has this evidence been destroyed? Who is hiding what and why?

Flanders said...


1. What form of administrative rule can be given to communities in which corruption has penetrated everywhere, communities where riches are attained only by the clever surprise tactics of semi-swindling tricks; where loseness reigns: where morality is maintained by penal measures and harsh laws but not by voluntarily accepted principles: where the feelings towards faith and country are obligated by cosmopolitan convictions? What form of rule is to be given to these communities if not that despotism which I shall describe to you later? We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the GOYIM, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any GOYIM who oppose us by deed or word.

Flanders said...

"First they came for…"

First they came for the jews – and that was all they had to do.

Flanders said...

How jews use negroids to create boom and bust in Real Estate, and to disrupt the quality and the continuity of life for White Americans.

“Look at the industries/sectors of the economy who require economic activity in real estate to remain viable: banks that need a constant influx of new loan applicants, sellers of materials who need to supply construction projects, construction firms that need projects to meet their own payroll, developers need to always be designing and developing new areas, architects and engineers need work and demand for their services, real estate sales persons need tons of properties always going up for sale, and followed by sub-contractors and handy men, etc….
Nobody prospers if every homeowner and business owner remains solidly in place in their fully paid-off homes and commercial buildings.

So what do they do? In the old days — the population growth of White people in a 90% White nation — was steady enough that there was always enough work and development occurring on its own with no need to artificially intervene. People were excited to build equity into their own home, as it was their largest investment.

Today, the solution is to move the Negroes around the board, thus create the desire of Whites to evacuate, abandon the equity and build anew somewhere else. (Block-busting)”


D_Shawn said...

Be interesting to see the race of those who run Google. Do they live among the "diversity" they promote? One wonders how long they would last in the 'hood.

Anonymous said...


A few tweets and she gets police protection.

Kevin Rafferty said...

First they came for the jews – and that was all they had to do.

That is sheer brilliance Flanders. Duly noted and retained for future deployment.

Anonymous said...

Charles Dickens was told that Fagin was anti-semetic. He wrote David Copperfield to balance things out. Copperfield was Jewish.


Anonymous said...

This is what a Chinese man's hands look like according to thejournal

Chinese granddad stabs granddaughter and the stock photo they use for criminals is a photo of what could have been used in the Drumm article. As professional as the old lazy lady! (Hurrrah for typos! Spelt lady as lasy and one thing follows another.)

So when Obama introduces background checks his offspring in Chimpconogoarea will realise they should not have them and turn them in?

Anonymous said...


Does the left think its okay for cologne sex attacks as they were upon rich white girls

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

If what happened in Cologne, happens in my neck of the woods, the hurley stick will be coming out.

Anonymous said...

@"David Lynch" 06:40 "I'm sure you get this question a lot Mr Savant but if you really believe all that you write here then why don't you put your name to it?"

Looking aside from your trolling vulgarities, "David Jewish", Irish Savant DID contemplate coming out of the closet a few years ago, but held back partly because some of his readers advised against it. Wisely he did so. Although the "alphabet agencies" probably have the capabilities of rooting out (we the people) dissident bloggers if determined to do so, let's not enable them with their undesireable tasks.

However, as a leading proponent of "full disclosures" would you kindly leave us your name, home address and phone number so we may contact you directly?


SAVANT said...

@David Lynch. Wrong. My attitude in public is the same as that on this blog. I don't pretend at all although I would moderate the way I express my views depending on the company.

Nobody interested in a humble blogger? Well you obviously haven't heard of Dermot Mulqueen who a few months ago was sentenced to five months in jail for 'denying the Holocau$t.

"Mr Moylan said that his client “was taken aback” to be arrested in the first place. He said that his client is single with no children, has no previous convictions and is currently on social welfare after previously working in Dublin as a taxi-driver.
In his statement to Gardai, Mr Mulqueen said: “I found out that the Holocaust was a hoax in August 2013 after coming across a video by David Cole on Auschwitz on YouTube.”
Mr Mulqueen told Gardai: “I am not a racist but I have found out that the Holocaust was a hoax and I wanted to highlight this so that other people would realise this.”
He said that “people are not aware that Jews declared war first on Germany in 1933” and that putting the axe through the TV was an act against “Zionist Holocaust brainwashing”.
He said: “I had no intention to harm any member of the public.” He confirmed to Gardai that he was not on any medication or suffering from any mental illness.

Mr Mulqueen said that the Nazis had no plans to exterminate the Jews but had a territorial final solution to move the Jews from German held territory “and I have problems with this Holocaust religion”.
In evidence, Mr Mulqueen told Judge Durcan: “I never realised you could get arrested for swinging any axe into your own TV.”

Well you know now Dermot.

Anonymous said...


I nearly had a heart attack with anger watching this young German lad getting beaten up by a larger migrant bully who punches and kicks like a big girl

Eff the villa

Nero said...

“I never realised you could get arrested for swinging any axe into your own TV.”

That should be,"I never knew you could be sent to jail for telling the truth in court!"

Anonymous said...

Yet, another dissident Irish blogger whom I always make time to read:


Anonymous said...


One down now they should remove merkel

The effing bitch

Anonymous said...

I think people are waking up. All White school chosen to ask astronaut questio. Well presented, good-looking White kids. It used to always be divershitty schools / zoos to encourage futire negro physicists. A sign the internet means msm know they can't pull that shite so easily now?

Searcher said...


Having seen lots of comments on discussion boards etc, "David Lynch" uses typical tactics of a hasbara.

(1) Look into your profile. Find some "dirt" and use this to discredit your argument. In this case, it is killing him not to have any personal "dirt" on you.
(2) If this information is not available, try to come up with some attack on your honor: in this case, it is to accuse you of hypocrisy and cowardice.
(3) Imply that you suffer from paranoia and grandiosity (you're such a threat ooohh... shadowy forces oooh...). Projection much?

Two additional tactics that were not employed by David Lynch in this case.
- Bring up your nationality and shame you based on your nationality.
- Accuse you of irrational hatred.

These additional two tactics would not work on you for the following reason:
- You are not hiding your nationality ("Irish" Savant")... duh
- You put your points across in an intelligent manner (accusations of irrational hatred have no force in your case).

TBH even though the surname used is Irish (Lynch) the cultural references are not ("jerking into the toilet boil....giggling maniacally to yourself"). Not the stuff of an Irish imagination, in my estimation.

Anyhow, the fact that "David Lynch" saw fit to try to draw you out whilst denigrating your efforts, tells all of us here, that you are on the right track.

Thanks David!

Savant, I would join in with others and advise you not to disclose your identity. This blog is a good forum for the exchange of ideas. Everyone can play their part. We need our warriors as Analogman referred to previously. We also need our thinkers/writers/artists/politicians. We cannot demand that you fulfill every role. Dermot Mulqueen's blog was not a patch on yours. I respect Dermot Mulqueen for standing by his principles. However, it is important that your blog continues. You do not need to be at the head of the parade to lead the crowd. Politicians and writers can access your ideas and those of other commentators here. Warriors can gain a perspective and sense of community that is not shown in MSM. I have saved a lot of your posts for safekeeping (with comments) using free software (PDF writer installed as a printer). I would advise everyone who visits here to do the same.

Searcher said...

Just read that Guardian piece:

"For xenophobes and racists, or merely anyone opposed to immigration, this story is Christmas come a week late."

Gaby Hinsliff CARES more than a xenophobe or a racist. The racists and xenophobes REJOICE at the thoughts of white women being attacked. The racists and xenophobes LOVE to hear this because it strengthens their ARGUMENT.

However, is it more plausible that:
-Gaby HATES that these attacks took place because they go AGAINST her ARGUMENT for multiculturalism, which is more IMPORTANT than protecting kin.

- Racists and xenophobes HATE that these attacks took place and are ANGRY about it because they CARE about innocent women (kin) more than they care about Gaby's ARGUMENT for multiculturalism.

The anti-morality
To avoid giving racists and xenophobes more ammunition or Christmases come late, it behoves Gaby and her ilk to downplay and avoid when possible highlighting/reporting on serious crime. "Cos bigger picture 'n' all. F**k morality/ethics/kinship (which are just social constructs in case you hadn't realized!)

red pill said...

Good point Searcher. That bitch is driven first and foremost by her hatred of White males than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Several young white and Asian women slashed across the face with razor knives in the last couple years in NYC.

Police have captured a suspect and surprise, surprise, he's a crazy jig, arrested 35 times

The point here is that the last woman slashed was a 24 year old white woman who thought the man approaching on the empty street was acting strangely. She thought about crossing the street but didn't want to offend him.

Anonymous said...

The more obnoxious and hateful anti-white rhetoric is a way to telegraph one's social privilege. Kind of like the Cadillac in the driveway, the pool in the backyard, the European vacation and other forms of conspicuous consumption that used to be a way of trumpeting your affluence and social position. This is clearly illustrated in the Daily Express article recently posted here by a commenter. A cunt from nowhere flat out insulting Irish culture and people, calling a local anti-immigration group losers and so forth. Never underestimate the effect of this kind of nonsense. The bravado of the doomed. The canary in the coal mine talking shit.

A class strategy last seen and employed, by the way, by "middle class" touts in the Republic when they left their nationalist brothers and sisters in NI to be hung out to dry by the Iron Lady and that old whore of a queen.

Uncle Nasty said...

Jews as cancer cells?

Flanders said...

How jews use negroids to create boom and bust in Real Estate, and to disrupt the quality and the continuity of life for White Americans.

“Look at the industries/sectors of the economy who require economic activity in real estate to remain viable: banks that need a constant influx of new loan applicants, sellers of materials who need to supply construction projects, construction firms that need projects to meet their own payroll, developers need to always be designing and developing new areas, architects and engineers need work and demand for their services, real estate sales persons need tons of properties always going up for sale, and followed by sub-contractors and handy men, etc….
Nobody prospers if every homeowner and business owner remains solidly in place i

Another interesting point, Flanders, is the insatiable demand for growth, growth, growth!

I have, several times now, had a discussion with supposedly professional people in which I asked with all sincerity -- why go for untrammeled growth? Why not stability? Much more easily achieved .... and maintained.

I honestly feel that this paranoid pursuit of endless ... and ever-increasing growth, power and profit will lead to disaster. But then I stop to think who drives it, and we are back once again, to the Tribe.

They may supposedly have a lead in IQ -- which I find more and more hard to believe with every passing day, but even if that is the case, they keep proving themselves dumber than a box of face bricks. However we now get to the point of my rather provocative headline (above)

You may be interested to know that cancer cells never stop growing. This extract:

What happens in a healthy organism is that cells are constantly replicating and replacing themselves with identical copies. A mechanism inside the body handles growth to make sure cells don’t overproduce.

When that mechanism malfunctions in an organ, the cells don’t stop growing, and they develop into tumors. Usual treatment involves a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, depending on many factors.

Do I have to point out that the carcinoma could be regarded as a mindless, unthinking parasite that is genetically engineered to ultimately destroy its host -- and in the end, itself?

So, the notion that jews are a cancer upon the human race (if I may paraphrase Susan Sontag), may not be so far-fetched after all.


To end on a lighter note ... the lyrics of a song regarding Charles Whitman (America's first really notorious mass murderer**)

... said there was a rumour that he had a tumour
nestled at the base of his braaaaaaaaain.

Written and performed (oddly enough) by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys

** I exclude Abraham Lincoln, of course.

Anonymous said...


Must be a nightmare for the people of Calais to be called right wing just because they hate what has happened to their town

Ps as a n Ireland catholic who loves england and Ireland brought up in bham with red hair .and I have 3 of my children with red hair how the fuck can I be right wing because I oppose Islamic facists and the harm it will bring to Europe

Walking away scratching his head
Eff the villa

Where's it all gone wrong
Ps I've just being informed Cheltenham is the latest town to start to suffer with black and Pakistani gangs on a large scale setting up

Anonymous said...

Worth a meme? In a comment section of an article that features an attack on Europeans, I am thinking culture wars eg Star Wars with BM/WW leads etc?

I Do + Can Weep (that's all you have to type..then occasionally the explanation..see below)

Assault +
Negation of

Uncle Nasty said...

Another ... shall we say, interesting event unfolding. The Slo-Mo implosion of the Chinese economy.


Concerns grow over China's economic health

Friday 8 Jan 2016 1:43 p.m.

Shares on major exchanges have fallen for a sixth straight day and crude oil prices touched multi-year lows as investors fretted over the state of China's economy and its ability to stabilise its stock market.

In a move that deepened concerns over China's economic health, the People's Bank of China set the yuan midpoint rate lower for an eighth consecutive day. The 0.5 percent decline was the biggest between daily fixings since August.

China suspended a circuit breaker implemented at the start of 2016 that stopped trading for the day when the benchmark index fell 7 percent, a halt already triggered twice this week. Analysts and investors said the mechanism, put in place to avoid market volatility, may have backfired.

"People see the weakness in China and in the overall equity market and think there's going to be an impact on corporations here in the United States," said Robert Pavlik, chief market strategist at Boston Private Wealth in New York.

Rounding out its worst four-day start to a year in more than a century, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 392.41 points, or 2.32 percent, to 16,514.1.

Don't you just love the restraint oozing out of that headline?

"Concerns grow over China's economic health"

I suppose editorial etiquette demands it as "Jew stockbrokers pooh in their combinations as China melts down to the Earth's core" is a little too ... unrestrained, shall we say?

Heh, heh.


Uncle Nasty said...

Went to my favourite hasbarat site:- http://www.theospark.net/ ... Saw this (my emphasis, number three down)


Couple gets engaged at Walmart, steals sex toys at mall, police say
Mitchell: Foreign Policy Problems 'Got Worse' on Clinton's Watch, So Why is She Qualified?

Erosion, undermining Israel through lies and deception

Refugee slashes throat of 7-year-old daughter of host family
Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Responsible for Torture
Gaddafi and Obama: One of them was fighting Islamist terrorists in Libya
The Lamest Duck
Judge: Monkey can't own copyright to viral selfie

... and thought Oh, boy! This is going to be good!
Clicked on the link, but strangely enough, I got this:-

Server Error in '/' Application.
The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /Articles/Article.a /18192

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:

A rattlesnake-fast bit of self-censorship, there?
Damn. ... and I was so looking forward to a laugh.


Searcher said...

Wot a laugh:
These ignunt peeps at the Telegraph don't even know what "cis" is ROFL. Thank God there are helpful educators at hand to explain modernity in terms of cisgender; cissexual and genderqueer. Tiny minds explode... one, two, three! Once more, from the top: there are oppressors (perps and potential perps who have the "privilege" of being a potential perp) and victummmms. Muslims be poor 'n' all, and bombed by The West (whose governments and media behave in our interests) so they be victumms (not as victummy as Jews "n' Blacks but they still be victumms). Any bad action made by a victumm is cos' oppression. We must look at the real culprits: the rapehappy native hetrosexual men (sorry CIS WHITE MALES) currently in university. The FAS course attendees and football hooligans are off the hook. It's the students goddammit! Fight the real enemy!

Edward Studor • 23 minutes ago
What do you think of what happened across Europe NYE girlpower, was that 'vibrant' enough for you?

girlpower Edward Studor • 22 minutes ago
What do you think about the thousands of rapes, sexual assaults and unwanted advances that women in British towns, cities and uni campuses have to face EVERY DAY?

Edward Studor girlpower • 19 minutes ago
No, I asked you about the crimes that happened in European cities on NYE. Do you condone the perpetrators just because they were not of European origin?

girlpower Edward Studor • 17 minutes ago
Of course I condemn the perpetrators.
Now will you condemn the white cis males who perpetrate rape culture in our unis?

new_number_2 girlpower • 21 minutes ago
What does "cis" mean?

flatcapchav new_number_2 • 9 minutes ago
probablya typo & she meant racist.

girlpower new_number_2 • 20 minutes ago
Cis is short for cisgender and cissexual, which mean your experiences of your own gender matches the sex you were assigned at birth. It is the opposite of transgender; "genderqueer" is the term for people who have gender identities other than male or female.
I hope this makes things clearer for you.

DisasterArea girlpower • 8 minutes ago
The majority of rapes in Britain and across the Occident over the past 50 years has been committed by blacks on white women.
In many of the countries where the stats have been released the total number of white on black rapes has been nil.
You can take you stats from every era over the last 50 years, in any Western European nation and you'll see I'm right.

girlpower DisasterArea • 7 minutes ago

Anonymous said...

Well the word on the street is that the baftas have ignored star wars and the latest James bond movie in favour of a transgender movie
Says it all really about the people who sneak and crawl about and who eventually make this decisions in these groups because they have chased all the normal people away with their mad politics.

Eff the lot of them

Uncle Nasty said...

I am very fond of the Voltaire quote ... it explains so much:

To learn who rules over you ...**

Now, if you would learn what rules over you, just open your eyes. By their deeds, shall ye know them.


More Hunt Balls: how the Health Secretary ‘protects’ whistleblowers

By John Ward January 8, 2016 Jeremy Hunt. NHS Whistleblowers Sharmila Chowdhury Virginia Bottomley

Sharmila Chowdhury is an NHS whistleblower who reported consultant fraud in an NHS hospital and was dismissed as a result. The case is about as shocking as any I’ve come across.
Ms Chowdhury reported fraudulent professional claims (amounting to £280,000) to her senior management in an NHS Trust. The report was fully evidenced, but in a pernicious cover-up, false counterclaims were used to frame her. She was marched out of the hospital in full view of her colleagues by a senior HR manager – and then dismissed.

She quickly took the claim to a Tribunal, and won easily: the judge instructed the Trust to reinstate her, but its management refused…offering the convenient excuse that ‘new technology’ had rendered her post redundant. Short of funds and unemployed, Sharmila Chowdhury settled for a sum which barely covered her legal fees.

Here's where things get really interesting:

At Richmond House in June 2014, Chowdhury and six other similarly bullied whistleblowers went to Richmond house to meet with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. As part of his strategy to position the NHS as an overspending shambles riddled with corruption, Hunt had been mouthing off in the media about how NHS whistleblowers should come forward and be assured of complete protection.
At the Richmond House meeting, the Health Secretary was effusive in his thanks, and seemed committed to dealing with Chowdhury’s completely undeserved outcome. In February 2015, in fact, he told the House of Commons about whistleblowers “who were blacklisted from future employment in the NHS as the system closed ranks”. Closed ranks indeed: despite her qualifications backed up by 35 years’ NHS experience and an unblemished service record, Sharmila has been unable to find work in radiography or management, failed to get interviews, had interview offers withdrawn and even had a job offer withdrawn.

And that, folks, is what rules over you.


** I am sure you'll be fascinated to know that the Voltaire quote is now being attacked as a fiction ... but, even better, it is now regarded as (Duh duh duh DAAAAA!!) --**ANTI-SEMITIC**--

Oh, Lordy.
The full hatchet job is here:


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, I could not resist this.

Not only is the Voltaire quote ---***ANTI-SEMITIC***--- but it apparently comes from a convicted WHITE pedophile, crack-snorting, white slaver, Hitler and NAAAAAZI-worshipping, WHITE puppy-screwing, mole-strangling, alcoholic, whip-wielding, WHITE moustache twirling. ex concentration camp guard, who -- did I mention WHITE?

Who, incidentally, molests small children and kittens, makes soap, leather goods and lampshades and knits submarine socks in his spare time.

There, that should do it.


Go on. Read it for yourself:


Frank Galton said...

UN said: “Went to my favourite hasbarat site:- http://www.theospark.net/


[Link] Refugee slashes throat of 7-year-old daughter of host family”


A refugee from ERITREA ** living in Sweden slashed the throat of a seven-year-old girl.

The victim was the daughter of a family in Sweden that had taken the African into their home.

The crime occurred in July, 2015, but has only recently been made public. Daniel Gebru had arrived in Sweden ten months before the crime.

Gebru was sentenced to psychiatric care and deportation, but there is no evidence that he will actually be deported.

The court ruled that Gebru was mentally ill, even though he had previously been evicted from the home for failure to pay rent. There was no apparent reason for the killer to have been in the home when the murder occurred.

Two other Swedes were killed by migrants from ERITREA ** at an IKEA store in August. The killers were considered the victims of mental disorders resulting from abuse in their home country and, consequently, effectively absolved of their crimes.

** Jerusalem Post, 07 January 2014

ERITREAN migrants resettled from ISRAEL to SWEDEN

The resettlement...was part of the “ONGOING PROCESS of willful deportation to SWEDEN...”

Frank Galton

James said...

Ps as a n Ireland catholic who loves england and Ireland brought up in bham with red hair .and I have 3 of my children with red hair how the fuck can I be right wing because I oppose Islamic facists and the harm it will bring to Europe

Red hair? Then you better watch this video then.

New Zealand - Skeletons in the Cupboard


Anonymous said...

David Lynch - you are as surreal as your filmed body of work if you think Savant is a member of the champagne swilling, chattering class.

Anonymous said...

Vomit. Just effing vomit, vomit, vomit....

Flanders said...

Kevin Rafferty, A belated Thank You for your kind comment at 11:12. I glad you enjoyed it. Use it well.

Anonymous said...

"A black kid asks his mom, 'Mama, what's a democracy?'

"'Well, son, that be when white folks work every day so us po' folks can get all our benefits.'

"'But mama, don't the white folk get mad about that?'

"'They sho do, son. They sho do. And that's called racism.'"

VastWalker said...

I googled "happy american couple" and clicked on more images and it also displayed the San Bernadino shooters.