Friday, 11 December 2015

The Fury of Tyson

Move over The Donald and make way for the libtards' worst nightmare.  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mr. Tyson Fury. (His real name actually. Called after Mike Tyson, and Fury is a common surname among Irish Travellers).

Here's Tyson in all his glory.
 "There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: One of them is homosexuality being legal, one of them is abortion and the other one's paedophilia." Far from retracting, in subsequent interviews he observed that 'girls that open their legs for every Tom, Dick or Harry are rubbish.  If I had a sister like that I'd hang her. A woman's there to be loved, cook food and have kids." Asked by the stunned reporter whether his wife would be offended by such outrageous statement he responded "why would she? She's married to a stallion".

At which point every faggot, dyke and paedophile in Britain put aside their perversions and, as one, launched a series of hysterical attacks on the heretic.  They were joined by every scrawny hunchbacked pencil-necked libtard out there, already coiled like rattlesnakes ready to strike at the first sign of Thought Crime. 130,000 of them signed a petition to have him banned from the upcoming Sports Person Of The Year competition on the HebeBC. Tyson's reaction? "Fuck them, I don't give a damn about that prize. They can stick it".  And we thought such men no longer existed!

Predictably they tried to have him prosecuted for, you've guessed it, HATE. But strangely Britain's minority-occupied Crown Prosecution Service declined to proceed. Here's what the fag who brought the case said: "he's entitled to his opinion but should keep it to himself." Yes, that's what he said. Which means that he's allowed (for now) to think Thought Crime but not to articulate it. Gotta love liberals. They did manage to get him stripped of his IBF belt however but even here he won out again."If they want they can take all my belts but they will never take what I've achieved"

What a man!

The mainstream media got in on the act, almost without exception calling for his head. But here again the disparity between editorials and reader comments was even more stark than usual. Here's one typical - and it is typical - response from a reader at Yahoo Propaganda News (now one of the most left-wing/liberal 'news' sites).

'Hate crime'?'. Since when has it been a crime to have a bloody opinion? Obviously it's much more difficult to have one against gay blokes because they're the first to ''rear up'' (pardon the phrase) and be offended. Prissy, self-opinionated, over-sensitive, overblown opinion of their own importance and, er, completely up their own a@ses (pardon again). And proud? Proud of what exactly?? Just get on with being what you are and shut the feck up with your inane bleatings.

Who'd have thought that a member of our travelling 'community' would rekindle my hopes for the White race?

And just as we go to press I see that the odds against his winning the Sports Person Of The Year award have been slashed! His popularity is soaring!

Are you watching Donald?


Eimear said...

To be fair to Tyson he is entitled to his views and is correct about the legalisation of the abortion and homosexuality. What I understand he is saying is that one day paedophilia will be legalised. You can't say that will never happen as you look at history. Someone can disagree with homosexuality but still have friends who are homosexuals. Just because I am anti abortion - does that mean that I have abortion phobia ? Someone may despise alcohol for what they seem it does to people and the hypocrisy of it ( state tax etc) but does that mean that they hate alcoholics ? Get a grip.. What's Greg Rutherford's gripe ? I don't condone Tyson's threat on Oliver Holt who has the power of the media behind him but let us not forget the threats and damage newspapers and journalists cause. Greg should grow a pair and not seek publicity. He's the one that criticises his bosses through the media.

brenda90 said...

Come on Tyson. We need more like you.

Anonymous said...

Tyson, you da man!

kulak said...

Who'd have thought that a member of our travelling 'community' would rekindle my hopes for the White race?

Me. You may remember. ;)

SAVANT said...

Touche, kulak!

CanSpeccy said...

Nice to see a boxer with a brain and with intellectual courage. Let's hope he retires from the ring before suffering brain damage.

Searcher said...

These people look fine to me:
Adults who LUV chillluns: PIE

The times they are a changing':

More fine people here. Nothing to see here, move along, move along...Kinsey funded by Rocke...gotta go
Kinsey's Paedophiles

Anonymous said...

He needs to get a pr manager
Honestly it's okay to have these views in my opinion but they are a bit harsh to some
And I suppose if he never boxes again he has got more money than I will ever Have and won't need to box again

But he needs to get a pr manager or If he boxes again his fights will descend into placard wielding left wing twats who will love the attention

Anonymous said...

"He's entitled to his opinion but should keep it to himself." Well whoever said that is entitled to their opinion but should keep it to themselves.

Anyone living in the Stafford area will want to book tickets for this.

As if you can't get enough without going to a theatre and paying to see more.


Uncle Nasty said...

kulak said...

Who'd have thought that a member of our travelling 'community' would rekindle my hopes for the White race?

Me. You may remember. ;)
11 December 2015 at 21:30

Oddly enough, as I think Analogman will bear me out, it was a Sci_Fi author (Harry Harrison? Harlan Ellison?) who postulated in one of his novels, that the only survivors in a post apocalyptic environment would be the outlaw motorcycle gangs ... the born anarchists. The rest of America would be too pussified to make it.

This, of course, was in the sixties. Not too sure what they are like these days.


Anonymous said...

But he needs to get a pr manager or If he boxes again his fights will descend into placard wielding left wing twats who will love the attention.

A PR manger would have stopped him saying it the first place. Now that he has made these statements all the better for placard carrying twats to look fools and get the shit kicked out of them by boxing fans.


Anonymous said...

From what I hear Aryan Nation are mostly a MC Gang. Probably the most feared gang in the US penal system. Outside they are very naughty boys as well.

Flanders said...

Savant, This is off-topic, but I think you will agree that it is worthy, as it is a good presentation of the agendas behind ZOG Bernardino.
"The San Bernardino Shooting False Flag Conspiracy (Mini Documentary)"

00:39 said...

Fair play Tyson, keep it up, son.

Anonymous said...

"the only survivors in a post apocalyptic environment would be the outlaw motorcycle gangs ... the born anarchists. The rest of America would be too pussified to make it."
What happens when their petrol runs out, and they have to run their fat asses off in the desert heat? My money is on the rock climbers to make it, followed by the (non-gay) Boy Scouts and hunters.


Celtic Morning said...

I used to think Tyson was just a dope. Now I see he is a great man, proud of who and what he is and not afraid to show it. What an example to the real men of Britain and the world. If you believe in something then stand up and say it and back your opinion to the hilt. Lets all be proud of who we are and what we are,be proud of our race and state it and if that makes you a racist then be proud of that too. Fuck the thought crimes. Like Tyson I believe that abortion should be a last resort for women who are unable to carry a child for their healths sake etc. It should not be just another branch of birth control.Homesexual people should not adopt, lesbians should not have IVF, paedophiles should be castrated and hate laws should be repealed.Lets all vote for Fury as Sportsman of the Year. Think what a kick in the balls it would be for the lib/left/cons who hate their own race and sell us out at every opportunity.If we must ban something then ban the "gay pride parades" for a start.

scouser said...

Totally disagree about Tyson getting a PR guy. In no time he will have him explaining and apologising and backtracking, issuing bland statements.

No, let him be what he is.

Searcher said...

I also disagree about Tyson getting a PR person.

I have seen a number of his interviews previous to his win and he is very engaging. He is funny. He doesn't have to be PC - travelers live at the outskirts of society. They are outside societal norms and with the disadvantages come some advantages: freedom of thought.

He was only 1lb when he was born (so was Colin Farrell). A typical 24 week old baby is viable and weighs on average 1.32lb. 24 weeks is the cut-off point for abortion in GB.

An American reflects on thought crime (not specifically on Tyson)
"Recall the trend of government tyranny today: If you disagree with me, you are morally unworthy of an opinion ("hate") and you are mentally incapable of reason ("phobia"), which are used to silence difference of opinion. This is to show the road to losing freedom of speech is now traveled and in progress. This was unimaginable just a few short years ago in our country but now is the powerful trend in colleges, politics and even now employment where people are terminated for an opinion that their government disagrees with. It often speaks to the weakness of the policy that says do not question.

If you speak publicly, not everyone is going to agree with you. When they don't, do you demand an apology? Do you sue them into silence? "

Anonymous said...

Off topic
Watch out who's buying that empty house next to you. It could be the government buying it to ease the housing problem amongst migrants

Searcher said...

Completely OT

Who owns the Central Bank in Ireland? Interesting blog:

Anonymous said...

Off topic and taken from OCC - it is a balanced rational comment that has to be repeated here...

It’s time to be moracists or moral race-ists.
We need a moral defense of race-ism.

Why should one defend one’s own race? Because it exists. Why do we defend the existence of a certain subspecies of fox? Because it exists. We don’t want it to go extinct because it is special and unlike other foxes.

Well, white people exist, they are special in their own ways, and they are different from other races. Every race is special in its own way, and this is true of the white race too.

Also, while one could make a case that white imperialists needed to get out of Asia, Africa, and Near East, one cannot make a moral case that whites should lay down and surrender their own homelands of Europe and US and Australia where they became the new natives and the dominant majority.

It is a moral right(and responsibility) for a people to defend their homeland, just like it is a moral right for every man to protect his own home and family.
While some degree of immigration of non-whites have been manageable in the past, the system has totally broken down, especially what with leaders like Merkel inviting hordes of foreigners to come and invade.

Race-ism is moral. It is the appreciation of the existence of different races. It is the belief that races should be preserved. It is the belief that races have different homelands. Every land has its core residents. Outsiders should be treated nicely as guests, but they are guests, not native peoples, and they have no right to demand to settle permanently.

Now, some will say that America shouldn’t belong to whites since it was taken from Indians.
But if whites owe something to American Indians, that is between whites and Indians. It isn’t the business of anyone else. Maybe whites should give Indians more help, more reservations, more services.
But what does that have to do with immigration? If it was bad enough for Indians to have lost their lands to whites, how does it help them to lose the land to other races as well?

Suppose we say that it was bad that Hawaiians lost their land to whites. Okay, but how was that problem made any better by bringing in lots of Asians, thus making native Hawaiians lose their land not only to whites but to yellows as well?

If whites need to make amends with Indians and Hawaiians, let them. But their historical ‘sin’ won’t be solved by having America be invaded by yet more races of people.

Suppose I steal your land, and you’re very upset. Suppose I should make amends for what I took. Maybe I should give back a chunk of land. Maybe I should pay for what I took. Whatever I do, the last thing I should do is have even MORE people invade the land. That way, you’ve lost it not only to me but to lots of other people as well.

Another reason for moracism or moral race-ism is that races are indeed different, and different races are bound to achieve different things.
White civilization is the product of the white race.
Culture is the expression of the natural abilities and personalities of a people.

Anonymous said...

Every race has more of certain types of personalities and abilities. Jews have more people like Alan Dershowitz.
Anglos have more people like David Lean. Blacks have more people like Muhammad Ali. Germans have more people like Thomas Mann. Now, all races have people of different personalities and abilities, but every race has more of certain types than other races do.
There are more people like Woody Allen among Jews than among Poles. And every race has different aesthetics.

If we believe in beauty, then the beauty of each race should be preserved. Can new forms of beauty be created by race-mixing? Yes, and if there is some degree of race-mixing, that isn’t the problem. But when we have massive demographic shifts, it endangers the core aesthetic characteristics of people. If there’s a community of 1000 whites and if 10 non-whites arrive and mix genes, it might lead to interesting variations. But if a 1000 non-whites arrive and mix genes, then core whiteness will be lost forever. It is the moral imperative to preserve the beauty of every race. If we should preserve the beauty of animals and flowers, then it goes for races as well. Racial beauty is the product of 10,000s yrs of evolution.
It is a moral imperative to save great works of art. It is an even greater moral imperative to preserve the racial subjects of those works of art. If all the works of art depicting beautiful white people were lost, new works of art could be made of beautiful whites. But even if white beauty is lost in the world, all the works of art depicting white beauty will just be museum pieces no longer connected to anything real.
Suppose there is a certain species of a flower and a beautiful painting of that flower. Which would you rather preserve? Would you save the flower and lose the art OR lose the flower and keep the art? Of course, ideally, both should be preserved, but the fact is the art exists in the first place only because such a flower existed.
Surely, the sky is more valuable than a painting of the sky, no matter how great it is. The sky doesn’t need a painting to exist. But the painting of a sky needs a sky to exist(as subject). White beauty doesn’t need art to exist. Even if all art was banned, white beauty would still exist. But if white race/beauty didn’t exist at all, art depicting such beauty would never have existed either. And if artworks of white beauty exist but white beauty no longer exists, then the works of art no longer mean much. It’s like discovering the remains of a civilization whose inhabitants have been lost to history forever. It is no longer organic but just cultural skeletons.

Anonymous said...

Art, as great as it is, is a mere reflection of existing nature. So, nature is more important than art, biology is more important than culture. Suppose everything in a great white city is destroyed, but white people continue to exist. Like Berlin after WWII. As long as the people exist, the culture can rise again. But no matter how well-preserved the cultural works are, if the people are gone, the culture cannot be sustained. It too will crumble.
Japanese built Hiroshima again.
Suppose neutron bomb had been dropped on HIroshima and killed all the people but spared all the buildings. Without people, the buildings will too just crumble and fade forever. Without people, the achievements of that people mean nothing. Race is more important than culture. Even after the Dark Ages and fall of culture, the European culture rose again because the European race still existed. Thus, preservation of the race is the ultimate moral imperative.

If we had to choose between saving planet Earth while losing all the representations of Earth AND losing planet earth while saving all the representations of earth, of course we would choose the former. Even a million, billion, or zillion photos, paintings, and sculptures of the planet earth are worthless compared to the earth itself.
As great as the Louvre is, if we had to choose between losing the white race while preserving the Louvre and saving the white race while losing the Louvre, we must choose the former. As long as the white race exists, something like the Louvre can be created again. After all, so much of classical art and knowledge was lost. Only a handful of Sophocles plays survived. But because the white race survived, there was the Renaissance and Shakespeare and Beethoven. Race always trumps culture. Race can create culture, but culture cannot create race. Biology before sociology.

Each race, based on its dominant personalities and prevalent abilities, will achieve different things.
Even when they adopt the same ideas or creeds, they will do different things with them due to different personalities and temperaments.
Compare what whites, Asians, and blacks have done with Christianity. They read the same spiritual text, but blacks practice Christianity differently from Swedes or Mexicans. Blacks, naturally being louder and less inhibited, turn Christianity into a wild celebration of jungle passions.

So, to defend a culture means to defend the race that created it with its pool of dominant abilities and personalities.
If we value cultures, then we must also value races.

Black music owes much to black racial characteristics that are less prevalent among other races.
White literature owes much to white temperament and personalities less prevalent among other races.

If Japanese had the personalities of Nigerians, what we know as Japanese culture would never have been created.
If whites had enslaved Peruvian Indians or Vietnamese to work as slaves in the South, something like ‘black music’ would never have arose from their communities.

So, each race has its pool of characteristics, personalities, and abilities. Therefore, they are likely to produce different kinds of cultures. If we value cultures, then we must value different races.

Anonymous said...

Just like not every individual can do what Beethoven did, not every race can do what the Jews or the French did.

Anyone who says he admires and values a culture but cares not about its race is an idiot. Sociology and biology are linked. Sociology is the study of the collective behavior of biological creatures. Just like different breeds of dogs, wolves, and coyotes — even though they can all interbreed — have different tendencies, abilities, and temperaments, it is just as true that different races have different biological traits that tend to express themselves differently on issues of culture, philosophy, and spirituality.

Though many blacks became Christians, would Christianity have been possible if Jesus and Disciples and St. Paul had all been blacks? No, they would have been too full of shucking and jiving to sit quietly and meditate and pray and come up with profound queries about God and truth. Only non-blacks could have created and founded Christianity.

Anyone who values Western culture and civilization must MORALLY defend the white race.
There were certain tendencies, dominant personalities, and prevailing abilities among whites that made European culture and civilization possible.

Now, non-Europeans can learn from the Western way, can seek inspiration from it, and do their own thing with it.
Just as Europeans took certain ideas from the Near East and Asia, non-whites have every right to learn from the West and even improve on it or make variations of it.
Kurosawa adapted Shakespeare for his THRONE OF BLOOD. Asian-Indian writers were influenced by British culture.

But we must not confuse external conditioning with internal nature.
Given the social nature of humans, dominant external conditions affect the way we talk and act and feel and behave.
And such pressures can override internal nature.

We know that Alan Dershowitz and many Jews are naturally garrulous and argumentative. They like to stir things up. But if they were in a very conservative Christian community and surrounded by sober Christians, they would feel the pressure to act less Jewish.

We know that Japanese tend to be more inhibited and quieter than other races. But if a Japanese is placed in a black environment where so many people are shucking and jiving, they would feel the pressure to jive and act up too.

So, internal nature can be overridden or altered by external pressure.

It’s like blacks are loud and wild, but if a single black person with wild personality were placed in Japan, he would come under social pressure to act more polite and respectable.

Still, internal nature remains. And if a community is made up of a certain race, the tenor and climate of that community will be reflection of the dominant personality of that race.

A quiet Japanese in a community of a 1000 blacks will act more black because acting black would be the norm.
A loud black in a community of a 1000 Japanese will act more yellow because acting yellow would be the norm.

Anonymous said...

At any rate, the dominant tenor and manners of a community will essentially be the reflection of the prevailing personalities and abilities of the race.

Surely, a community where a lot of people have personalities of Alan Dershowitz will be different from a community where lots of people have personalities of Robert Redford.

Now, this isn’t an issue of which race is better. But given that every culture/society is essentially the product of the expressions of its dominant personalities and abilities, every race is valuable in having birthed and/or shaped different cultures and cultural expressions.

Indeed, we can see this even when whites do black music and when blacks do white music.

Whites, due to their white souls, do black music in a white way, and blacks, due to their black souls, do white music in a black way.

This is true of individuals as well. If Norman Mailer and Ernest Hemingway were to exchange texts and rework them, Mailer will refashion Hemingway’s work into Mailerism and Hemingway will refashion Mailer’s work into Hemingwayism.

It’s like different movie directors can work on the same script but produce radically different works due to different personalities, abilities, limits, and possibilities.

Welles, Kurosawa, and Polanski all adapted Macbeth, and each produced a different work.

This goes for different races as well. While there is no single racial personality in a race — Welles, Ford, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Strauss, etc were all white but different in personalities and outlooks —, certain personalities nevertheless predominate in a race.

There are people like Dershowitz among non-Jews, but they are more prevalent among Jews.
There are people like Eddie Murphy among non-blacks, but they are more prevalent among blacks.

So, if we care about culture, we must care about race.

One may defend the white race as somewhat special in this sense. As Nicholas Wade said in his book, there may be a kind of Goldilocks factor among the races. Blacks are too wild and aggressive; therefore, they create too much chaos and mess.
Asians are too inhibited and restrained, therefore, they are less likely to be innovative and independent-minded even though they are adept at building and maintaining civilization.

In contrast, whites have the balance of control and freedom, and that may be one of the reasons why the West shot ahead of other peoples.

So, if whites have this quality that led to so much progress(that benefited other races as well), then the white race should be preserved for the good of not only the white race but all the other races as well.
If the white race continues, then it will produce many more great advances, and other races will benefit as well.

But if the Western world were to be filled and overtaken by Africans, Arabs, Asians, and Aztecs, there will be less room for whites to do their wonders. Also, if white blood is mixed with non-white blood, the white magic may disappear. Not only whites lose but other races will lose out too since the absence of white civilization will mean less innovation. It’s like if blacks turn every city into Detroit, not only will whites suffer but blacks will suffer too since blacks can’t do what whites can.

After all, North Africa and Central Asia are places where whites have mixed with either blacks or Asians, but they’ve behind the West.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the media and the lying press.

Anonymous said...

Re Mad Mick: I was thinking he should be put chains and dispatched to Oz.....thought better of it , in all probability the Diggers would festoon Sids bridge with their own wildly kicking undesirables, as a fair swop possibly?
It may be that they aint got a 5th column amongst the travellers yet.... probably causing a multitude of sphinxster to flutter.... possibly as many as 6 million!

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word Tyson said and I applaud him to the skies for saying it.

But I still would not want him living beside me.


Anonymous said...

The violent left kicking off in gemany

Anonymous said...

SA economy goes down the shitter.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is the hammer to wreck the establishment. He's trashed Mexicans, POWS, nursing mothers, the handicapped, and now Muslims. There's an iconoclastic element to all this. Better to have a little destruction now to shake things up. People realize that now is the last chance to keep the country from being totally overrun with third world foreigners. In my area, you could see this coming back in the eighties. But now that even remote rural areas are being swamped, people understand and want it stopped. Third world immigration accounts for a 55% increase in population over the last four decades. That's 125 million people according to the government. So it might be a lot more.

Anonymous said...

GOOGLE’s chairman wants algorithms to track and censor the internet.
I wonder if Google would consider making copy rite payments to:
Bletchley Park and their descendants...
they got there first!

Uncle Nasty said...

I have never known any of the Rolling Stones to get involved in Leftie politics. Of course I could be wrong, but I always thought that their primary interest was in making huge amounts of money -- and keeping every penny of it out of the hands of the Brit taxman.**

Be that as it may, it appears that Keith Richards' kid is not too impressed with the notion of ten million sand niggers in the back yard.

You can't always get what you want: Daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards joins protest against migrant centre in their village

Angela Richards was among residents at a public meeting about the plans
Up to 3,000 asylum seekers may be processed over six months in Earnley
Opponents say the sheer number of migrants is ‘entirely disproportionate’
Planning permission applied for to change former school into hostel

By Tom Witherow For The Daily Mail

Published: 22:53 GMT, 11 December 2015 | Updated: 02:56 GMT, 12 December 2015

Locals: Keith Richards and his daughter Angela (right) have joined a protest gainst centre for migrants near villages where she and rock star dad lives

One of Keith Richards’s daughters could join a campaign against a Home Office plan to force thousands of asylum seekers on an idyllic village.

Angela Richards, daughter of the Rolling Stones guitarist and actress and model Anita Pallenberg, was among 200 local residents who attended a public meeting about the controversial proposal this week.

It was revealed that up to 3,000 asylum seekers could be processed over six months in the picturesque seaside hamlet of Earnley, West Sussex, which has a population of just 150.

Once the asylum seekers’ applications have been considered, they will be able to apply for housing elsewhere in Britain.

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

So ... here we have a village of one hundred and fifty people, to be used as a base for processing three thousand ragheads, niggers and assorted third world detritus, and the PTB see nothing wrong with this?

No doubt about it. They truly hate you. Perhaps it's about time you started hating them back?

Making a few plans?


** Mick Jagger was a graduate of the London School of Economics, and set up the finances of the Rolling Stones in such a way, that they once paid 1.6% of their earnings in tax to the Brits -- unlike the nineteen shillings in the pound, that other less savvy rock stars paid.
Good for him, i say.

There's one for you,
Nineteen for me.
"cause I'm the taxman.

George Harrison (1966)


Anonymous said...

I hope he has a lot of children. Paris Fury is the real queen of England.
- Helvena

Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic, but relevant nonetheless.

One has to wonder if the yids running the State Department are somehow drunk with power ... or just drunk.

NATO Picks a New Fight with Russia
December 3, 2015

Exclusive: The Obama administration and much of Official Washington have dangerously lost touch with reality, ginning up a costly new Cold War with Russia even as expensive wars continue in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria. The latest provocation against Russia is to invite Montenegro into NATO, writes Jonathan Marshall.

By Jonathan Marshall

If insanity means trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is best understood in a psychiatrist’s office. Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement that NATO plans to expand east by inviting Montenegro to join is guaranteed to destroy hopeful prospects of renewed cooperation between Russia and Western powers over Syria.

The move follows NATO’s recent defense of Turkey’s calculated and provocative decision to bring down a Russian bomber just seconds after it may have entered Turkish air space. More important, planned expansion follows years of bad faith on the part of NATO toward Russia, led by Washington.

You know what the jew's attitude to Russia reminds me of? A particularly nasty divorce.

I have been witness to several of these. Where what begins as a sensible, amicable agreement to part, becomes a screaming, screeching, nightmare scenario.**

Where hysterical tirades -- making no sense whatever -- are triggered first by an innocent remark from the one party, misconstrued by the other and, after everyone gets calmed down, again -- only to have another one kick off. Rinse and repeat.

If you've been to a Christmas family reunion gone bad ... you'll know what I mean.

I think this is one of the keys to jew-riddled America's insane antipathy to Russia. Not content to have spent sixty-plus years of the twentieth century murdering Russians (to the tune of more or less, one million per year), they now wish to sow the very Russian earth with salt.

Perhaps they're trying to get rid of the evidence? Who Knows?


**Rather like Dakota Fanning's performance in War of the Worlds (2005)

Uncle Nasty said...

Searcher said...

These people look fine to me:
Adults who LUV chillluns: PIE

The times they are a changing':

More fine people here. Nothing to see here, move along, move along...Kinsey funded by Rocke...gotta go
Kinsey's Paedophiles
11 December 2015 at 22:36

Went there. Frightening to the core.

Another similar site that should be regularly read:-

You cannot imagine just how deep the rot goes.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what you think of him .tommy robinsons book .enemy of the state. Is a good read
It gives a really 1st hand account of growing up next to a Muslim enclave
Ie drug gangs extremists etc .and then the skullduggery of the police

And if you don't want to buy his book and give him can download it for free on bit torrent I think

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

From Boston, Irish descent, hate to observe what is happening in the world, but realized it's all orchestrated by deep state. Whatever is the plan, it's happening at a qucker pace. Obongo is the king of false flags, happening more and more frequent. I'm sickened by what: is going on in Europe and especially my beloved Ireland. Is it Israel (Zionazis) or something even deeper?, maybe. The Boston Marathon bombing was without a doubt a false flag with 2 FBI patsies. Two FBI agents involved in the case just happened to have an accident during training where they fell out a helicopter to their deaths. Another person mysteriously dead in a pond in Rhode Island and another acquaintance of the brothers murdered during an interrogation by an FBI agent. The brothers were seen with different backpacks then the one shown as evidence and clearly in photos did not have a pressure cooker in their backpacks. One brother executed and the other has not been seen since the manhunt for him. All of metropolitan Boston shut down and house to house hunt with people being forced from their homes and Marshall law, all for some scared shitless 19 year old. His defense attorney,against his wishes plead guilty, so he was railroaded. Same day, gold taken down big (15% drop in 2 days). Same day, security drills going on, many blackwater types seen and photographed at event and Many tips from public that the FBI ignored because they knew who done it. Merry Christmas and Happy St. Stephens.

Anonymous said...

O/T, but a topic that's related to the future of any White-Euro nation.

IRELAND's Most Diverse Town

...and how long did this unwelcomed transformation take? 15 yrs. 20 yrs.??

Nero said...

And we know who wrote that Yahoo comment, don't we Savant?

SAVANT said...

Actually no, Nero. But now that you mention it there is a strong similarity to my style, especially the bits about 'rearing up' etc.! No, that was a genuine comment and there were lots more of the same.

Anonymous said...

please Mr, Tyson comre to Chicago and be our new Mayor or Police Supt, as the old one was fired last week for not reaching out to the black community,John old rtf chicago copper,,

Anonymous said...

Abortion is the last resort. It should be only for rape or health of the mother. I know a gal who used birth control pills, failed, IUD, failed, finally said "tie my tubes" at 25! She is very ill mentally, though her medication helps along with her family. She is an outlier, she's never going to have a "normal" life and everyone knows it. Mentally, she is still a teen ager.

Everyone pitches in and helps her with her babies and at least SOME semblance of a normal life. She never wanted kids but loves hers dearly as a gift from God. She wanted a life with a man, but made a poor choice in a "husband", he left. She can't hold a job, can't remember things told to her the previous day, breaks my heart because she is a sweet, loving and reclusive gal. She hates her life dependant on the dole, but right now, there is no other choice for her. Everyday is a struggle to fight the demons in her head telling her some of the most horrible things I've ever heard come out of a person's mouth. Things that I'm convinced are some sort of a noosphere evil, because she is all sweetness, still making scrapbooks full of flowers and butterflies and rainbows.

The "father" like her, is retarded, but he has other children as well. We all tried to explain it to her but it took her getting burned to figure it out.

Frank Galton said...

VIDEO: Tyson Fury On Poverty And Immigration (skip to 01:15)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"Aryan" nation are a bunch of mongrel that dreams by white.

direita said...

“I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.”

Tommy Robson

Anonymous said...

Like Trump, another confirmation that the anti-White narrative is falling apart. The White Genocide cult can keep dishing it out but, more and more, they are getting it dished right back. What little credibility MSM has left is going totally into the crapper where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Read his book it explains a lot.and he tells what happened with quill am

Anonymous said...

Mickey Vs Gorgeous George

Anonymous said...

It's endless

Gem Junior said...

Ilove Tyson Fury, and so does everyone else I talk to. People are sick to death of PC and at some point it recently reached National Maximum Sickening status and I think the world just unanimously agreed to shut it down. High time too. The trouble is that there are many who are being dragged kicking and screaming to the PC funeral and will do all they can to resurrect it, but it will probably be pointless. People are sick to their back teeth of being told how to speak and think, and I notice even little kids saying "That's Racist!!!!" sarcastically. What a beautiful thing it is.

Searcher said...

"Greater Manchester Police have also confirmed that they are investigating hate crime allegations against the boxer."

Have to hand it to him, he does a very GSOH:
"“I think I am one of the most hated sportsmen in the country at the moment, so I want to file a claim against everybody else. Compensation, victim’s crime compo – here we are, me.”