Saturday, 5 December 2015

Swede's open their doors. Literally

Inviting non-assimilating foreign hordes into one's country is analogous to giving some street beggar the spare room in one's house. Now the Swedes, always at the bleeding leading edge of pathological altruism, are about to confirm the validity of this analogy because lots of families there are literally giving their spare rooms over to the Turd World.
Just look at this picture. Doesn't it chill the blood? How could parents allow their attractive young daughters sit on strangers' laps, let alone the laps of muh-dicking Africans?  Now project forward a few nights. Sipho is lying in bed, loins tumescent, scrotum swollen to bursting point from enforced celibacy, tortured by his inability to assuage his impulses. Then he hears pretty little Aneka in the next room, sighing and moaning in her sleep. Can you imagine what's going through his mind?

If you don't, just look at the international rape statistics graph below (in full size here).  Shows Sweden sitting proudly at the top of the table, orders of magnitude ahead of  Jamaica, its nearest challenger. Note that fifty years ago instances of rape were so low in Sweden that they used to get bulked in with other crimes such as domestic violence.

Now one in four Swedish women can expect to be raped during the lifetime.

Celebrate diversity Sweden.


reservoir-dog said...

My God, that picture turned my stomach. God damn the so-called parents.

Lisa_U said...

Is there any causal relationship to Sweden being the least religious country in the world?

Anonymous said...

Big Bro and the government, sure have that country pavlo-dogged.
They (the establishment), I hate to say it! will probably get a kick out of those figures.

richard-wil said...

Hilaire Belloc said it best, the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith. For all its faults, the Catholic Church was the cornerstone and moral authority of Western Civilization and kept the Jous and subverters in check for a long long time. The Protestant Reformation removed the temporal power of the Church, turning Christianity into an abstract hobby, and fractured Europe and the Christian world. Yes, some changes were due, but shattering the founding institution of the West was not the answer.

Anonymous said...

I feel sick looking at that
I could quite literally protest outside the Swedish embassy with a placard reading
You stupid Swedish twats I am going to kick the shit out of you for your children's sake

Eff the villa

Effing dumb hayseeds

Declan-P said...

We in the UK are way ahead on a project very similar to the Swedish one…. Our politicians and civic leaders (in addition to local law enforcement personnel) were very helpful in making sure the “Together” project worked well….Our project in Rotherham was so successful that other towns in the UK had their version of the “Together” project as well!

Anonymous said...

Morlock over Eloi - the parents should be arrested!!!

Anonymous said...

you just know that this will have a unhappy ending,the liberal church and parish i lived in before i left the city at the urging of Mr, and Mrs Irish American libtards turned the cafeteria of the school into a overnight hostel for nigger piss bums and their like,reffers for storing food were broken into and filth every where,liberates reply was""just give them a chance""last i heard the piss bums were put out by out raged parents of the kids,,John old rtf chicago copper...

Anonymous said...

I tell my kids – if you see a bat in daytime it’s probably rabid and you must not touch it. A muzzie in Sweeden is so far removed from its element – it must be sick – but they offer an outstretched demanding hand nonetheless.

John Bonaccorsi said...

"you just know that this will have a unhappy ending"

It will have an unhappy ending because too many whites, such as you, think punctuation and other aspects of literacy are not for men. Fuck you, John. You're as much a part of the problem as whoever let that black man live with the white kids in the photograph at the head of the present blog entry.

Anonymous said...

SAV --

This just has to be the endgame of some elaborate psyop.

The little girl in the middle looks like she's trying hard not to vomit.

Others probably are. Someone wants things to go BOOM. Getting there.


nilus said...

Related: check out Morgoths last-but-one post:
The Ultimate ''Cucks''

"Asked of the benefits to the hosts 28 year old Mareike Geiling, her altruism having been thoroughly misdirected by Jews into funneling it towards conscienceless, violent, parasitic invaders, tells Vice that "of course, living together also enriches the hosts".

Here in the UK where we have had decades of ever-intensifying levels of what the media and politicians have tried to sell as "vibrant" and "enriching" "diversity", most of us aren't able to even keep a straight face now if someone tries to use these terms in a serious way. We've watched how as areas becoming more "vibrant" magically also become less friendly, dirtier and more crime ridden."

Saturday Morning 5-12-15

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nilus said...

Saturday Evening, the JEWPOCALYPSE rolls on relentless:

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nilus said...

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The problem facing Sweden is the RAPE OF BROWN FEMALES BY WHITE NEO-NAZI BASTARDS, apparently...

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Sean Bean and Danny Dyer fighting

John W said...

It would be unusual for girls of their age to be allowed to be so familiar with any strange man, black or white, as they are with the men in this photograph. Appropriate for their father or brother, obviously, maybe an uncle, but I cannot think of any other man.

What are their parents trying to prove? How progressive and tolerant they are? The father needs his head kicked in.

nilus said...


BBC1 11.55pm "The Apprentice"
JEW Lord / Sir / Baron Alan Sugar

Channel 4 2.15 am "Fargo" based on movie by
JEW Coen bros

Channel 4 9pm "Non -Stop" produced by
JEW Joel Silver

After all this time and hundreds of these lists, I still find it just fucking incredible.

"There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

Uncle Nasty said...

I regard the Swedes as I regard hothouse flowers. Very pretty to look upon, but so divergent from reality that they simply cannot survive in the real world. They will wither and die ... and I will regret this, but my heart has to move on to viable White people.

Shut off their life support, shed a tear and move on to the Whites who fight back and give us hope; The Czechs, the Estonians, the REAL Russians, the Hungarians -- and the right wing race realists still resiting in every judaised nation.

The success of the left is directly attributable their internationalism.

We must become equally internationalistic, but first we must establish a base with a leadership at least as cynical as the original Bolsheviks -- and just as bloody-minded. There will be blood either way ... make sure that the right people spill it.

There were hints of this in Covington's Northwest quartet, where right-wingers, nationalists and racists formed what could be termed an international anti-Internationale where race realists from all over descended on the Northwest and can communicate.

This is the biggest problem now ... secure communication. Too much communication within the hosenose community, not enough within ours.

This is the price we pay for allowing the jews to white-ant us the way they have. This is the price one pays for being asleep at the wheel for nearly ten generations.

This, ultimately will prove to be the greatest mistake that the Hoffjuden have ever made ... they have de-sensitised us to violence.


Judeo-Christian? Fuck that. Dump the "Judeo"

Searcher said...

Nilus - thank you for reminding me why I very rarely watch TV anymore. And to think, I used to watch about 4 hours straight of TV in the evenings: soaps, comedy, reality shows. Admittedly, this was before YouTube etc. Never again!

Uncle Nasty said...

All I can say is thank God for Nilus.

Just when you delude yourself into thinking that things are going right, he injects a healthy dose of reality into one's yid-riddled** life.


**Would that be "Yiddled"?

George said...

That "look"; that leering smile on the black face of the dindu in the red shirt with the blonde adolescent sitting on his lap tells you what is DESTINED TO happen to all three of those unfortunate girls. The father of those poor girls is not a man nor a father- he only sired them. Both "parents" are brainwashed dimwits with a major guilt complex to boot. Rape of those children is a foregone conclusion. They will also all most likely end up being murdered. The father and mother would deserve it for being so stupid, but the kids, oh God, the children- if only there were some way out of that situation for them.

Uncle Nasty said...

Got these comments from the slog.

the ghost
December 5, 2015 at 12:25 pm

I only heard from top secret sources yesterday that France review of there constitution is going to include a possibility of permanent marshal law without review in it!
Anyone else heard similar in France yet?


December 5, 2015 at 3:02 pm

In the Strategic Defence Review. that nice Mr Cameron announced the forming to two new ‘Strike Brigades’, each of 5,000 soldiers, to act as a rapid-response force, able to be deployed immediately to fight terrorists or ‘others threatening the country’. Wonder who he had in mind ? (Clue, it isn’t ISIS/ISIL/Daesh)
One based in the North, one in the South – nowhere near Damascus……..

As anyone who has not spent the last few years under a rock now knows, Obama and his buddies are militarising the police and contemplating the formation of what could only be termed a palace guard ... a private army for want of a better term.

Google "Obama's private army" gets you 420 000 results and this:-

Who said it was bullshit and that the following had been "taken out of context"

Well, here's the context

We will enlist our veterans to find jobs and support for other vets, and to be there for our military families. And we’re going to grow our Foreign Service, open consulates that have been shuttered and double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011 to renew our diplomacy. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.

We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We need to use technology to connect people to service.
We’ll expand USA Freedom Corps to create online networks where American can browse opportunities to volunteer. You’ll be able to search by category, time commitment and skill sets. You’ll be able to rate service opportunities, build service networks, and create your own service pages to track your hours and activities.

Other people say otherwise:

Praetorian guard, anyone? The notion of private armies seems to be quite popular, these days. Wonder why.


Anonymous said...

One sure way for the frogs who are being slowly boiled to realise what's going on is to see a dead one right in front of them - and the dead one shall be Sweden. Swedes, whilst pretty, are the worst of the white race - just let them die and have their land turned into a hell-hole which nobody, not even the deluded left, can deny has been brought about by 3rd-world immigration. I know some Swedes personally and there isn't a single piece of backbone in any of them.


Anonymous said...

John Bonaccorsi.U r probly nu on her. we ALL LUV JOHN. WE DONT CARE IF HE CAN SPEL. OR EWES PROPA PUCTURATION. he tels gud storyies. i thinc he can spel n puncturate. as e will ovten admite he lices a drop to drinc. jeneraly wen we dis sumone hoo is on are side we yews a cents of umor. iff jons spelin an all upcets u yew life with it or fuq of. eye thiNK UR AN TROL NEWAY. owd JON AD THE GUTES TOO PUT IS BODIE IN THE LYNE OF FIR TOO PRTEKT UZ. thatz gud enuf four uz.

Ian Kilmister

nilus said...


Mark Pougatch (Ukranian JEW ancestors, Im 90% sure) just spoke to Tyson Fury in the ring before the fight about to start.

He was goading Fury, trying to get him to APOLOGISE for "comments",
hinting that he is now a "role model" and "has to be very careful what he says"

Fury swatted him away, metaphorically. "If I cant say that a lady looks nice in a dress, I think all ladies look nice in a dress, now if I cant say that, what has the world come to?"

WANKER: "Yes, but you know what I mean"
Fury: "You should judge me on my actions, not a few comments"

Pougatch was deflated. Fury 1, Politically Correct grovelling and Atonement ,NIL.

The promoter Mick Hennessey was up next for the treatment , he also swatted Pougatch like the gnat he is:

"Tyson is loyal, humble, brave, respectful, disciplined, a lovely human being, with good old fashioned morals, who loves his family, loves everyone.
Are you saying that is not a good role model?"

Thats how it's done.

Channel 4 news:

An American woman, possibly slightly negro , called Crystal Wright has just pwned Krishnanbread GuruRoganjosh on gun ownership.
She is currently awaiting her concealed carry permit.

"Why would you want a gun?" the wanker ,predictably asks.


Then she says: "We have an epidemic in this country of death caused by ILLEGAL guns, not legal ones. In some cities, such as Chicago, the homicide rate has DOUBLED in a year, and do you know who is being killed? Black men. And do you know who is killing them? BLACK MEN..but Ive not seen ONE editorial in the New York Times about THAT issue "

PS Morgoth says: "During lasts week's spat with Majority Rights I was accused of trying to be like Andrew Anglin. In fact I've always aspired to be like Irish Savant."

Uncle Nasty said...

A comment from the Kakistocracy:-

December 5, 2015 at 12:28 pm

Bride of ISIS and hubby kill United Colors of Benetton.

Dead include:

One gay man (possibly Jewish)
One Iranian woman (religion?)
One black woman
One Mexican man
One non-white woman (race undetermined)
One Vietnamese woman
One Jewish nationalist man*
One Hispanic woman (good looking)
One Eritrean man
Five white men (who probably deserved it)

* Nicholas Thalasinos was passionate about his beliefs, a friend said.

So much so, Thalasinos had a “heated, passionate conversation” about politics and religion with the gunman days before the shooting, Kuuleme Stephens said.

Multiculturalism is devouring its own.

"United Colors of Benetton" ... Love it.


lotus said...

What is Sweden and other European countries trying to prove by allowing so many refugees? These refugees will never be grateful for the compassion but will turn against their benefactors where culture and traditions are different from the primitive land of their origin.It is like oil and water.

Eimear said...

"What are their parents trying to prove? How progressive and tolerant they are? "

Yes, John W. Status-whoring criminals putting their own children in terrible danger so that they can preen.

rastus said...

"United Colors of Benetton"


John Bonaccorsi said...

Ian --

Your post had a lot of misspellings.

John Bonaccorsi

Flanders said...

The parents have been indoctrinated more than the children have been. The parents have grown up thinking that communism in the guise of being liberalism, was a "cool" thing, and that "to think good is equal to doing good". The Marshall Plan following WW2 allowed jew communists, especially the ones in the State Department, to seed and nurture communist thought in Europe. That was done while telling the American people that the expenditures were for the purpose of "fighting" communism. A jewed media in both the US and Europe didn't help either the US or Europe. Like UN, I also say:

Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia
Sweden: The Bonnier Family - Peter Hjörne - Helle Klein - Robert Aschberg


Jewed Media must be eradicated. A White media must prevail!

Anonymous said...

Like Tyson Fury. His comments on the devil:

There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home," Fury told the Mail on Sunday last month.

One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?"

They don't like people to speak their minds and tell it like it is. Heavy weight champ, parents from Ireland. Calling for him to be removed from consideration for BBC Sportsman of The Year. Fury says he hopes he doesn't win it. Good on you!

nilus said...


"Glory" Based on a book by

directed by
JEW Edward Zwick , produced by
JEW Freddie Fields (Feldman) ,edited by
JEW Stephen Rosenblum ,music by
JEW James Horner , starring
JEW Matthew Broderickand
JEW% Cary Elwes as the "nice" White men,

and of course, Magic Morgan Freeman

Right now, Denzil Washington is being whipped for desertion, , but HORROR!! his back is already criss-crossed with whip scars from years before.

He stares defiantly at Broderick as a solitary tear runs down his
Noble Brown Visage.
Turns out he hadnt deserted, he was just out to get some shoes

"When Trip goes AWOL and is caught, Shaw orders him flogged in front of the troops. The scars from his beatings as a slave are exposed, giving pause to the abolitionist Shaw. While talking to Rawlins, Shaw discovers that Trip had left to find shoes to replace his worn ones. Shaw learns that his men are being denied regular supplies and confronts the base's RACIST quartermaster on their behalf.

He further supports them through a pay dispute, as theFederal government decided to pay black soldiers $10/month as opposed to the $13/month that white soldiers earn. Trip encourages the men to go without pay in protest, and Shaw tears up his own pay stub in solidarity, earning the respect and admiration of his men. In recognition for his leadership among the troops, Shaw invests Rawlins with the rank of Sergeant-Major."

SURPRISE SURPRISE...The film was nominated for five Academy Awards and won three, including Denzel Washington for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Private Trip. It won many other awards, including from the British Academy, the Golden Globe Awards, the Kansas City Film Critics Circle, Political Film Society, the NAACP, among others.


"The victorious Confederates buried him in a mass grave with many of his men, an act they intended as an insult. Following the battle, commanding Confederate General Johnson Hagood returned the bodies of the other Union officers who had died, but left Shaw's where it was. Hagood informed a captured Union surgeon that

"Had he been in command of white troops, I should have given him an honorable burial; as it is, I shall bury him in the common trench with the niggers that fell with him."

nilus said...

Lincoln Edward Kirstein (May 4, 1907 – January 5, 1996) was an American writer, impresario, art connoisseur, philanthropist, and cultural figure in New York City, noted especially as co-founder of the New York City Ballet. He developed and sustained the company with his organizing ability and fundraising for more than four decades, serving as the company's General Director from 1946 to 1989. According to the New York Times, he was "an expert in many fields," organizing art exhibits and lecture tours in the same years.

Kirstein was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Rose (née Stein) and Louis E. Kirstein.

The grandson of a successful Rochester clothing manufacturer, he grew up in a wealthy Jewish Bostonian family and attended the private Berkshire School, graduating in 1926. His father was president of Filene's Department Store when Lincoln entered Harvard.

World War II

Kirstein's theatrical career was interrupted by the United States' entry into World War II. After enlisting in 1943, before going overseas he started working on a project gathering and documenting soldier art. He eventually developed this as the exhibit and book Artists Under Fire. In the spring of 1944 Kirstein traveled to London for the U. S. Arts and Monuments Commission; after a month he was transferred to the unit in France that came to be known as the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) section, devoted to rescuing and preserving European art. OY VEY

Soon after Kirstein was promoted to Private First Class in January 1945 (in Patton's Third Army), his unit moved to Germany. He was personally involved with retrieving artworks around Munich and from the salt mines atAltaussee. His article "The Quest for the Golden Lamb" was about this quest; it was published in Town & Country in September 1945, the same month he was discharged from the Army.

Kirstein kept diaries beginning in summer camp in 1919 until the late 1930s. Martin Duberman drew on these primary sources for his 2007 biography, The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein, as well as Kirstein's numerous letters. Kirstein enjoyed sex with men: Harvard undergraduates, sailors, street boys, casual encounters in the showers at the 63rd St YMCA. He had longer affairs with dancer Pete Martinez, artist Dan Maloney, and conservator Jensen Yow among others, as well as relationships that were physically unrealized. Casual sex frequently developed into long-term friendship.

Kirstein struggled with bipolar disorder- mania, depression, and paranoia. He destroyed the studio of friend Dan Maloney. He sometimes had to be constrained in a straitjacket for weeks at a psychiatric hospital.

nilus said...

Lincoln Edward Kirstein (May 4, 1907 – January 5, 1996) was an American writer, impresario, art connoisseur, philanthropist, and cultural figure in New York City, noted especially as co-founder of the New York City Ballet. He developed and sustained the company with his organizing ability and fundraising for more than four decades, serving as the company's General Director from 1946 to 1989. According to the New York Times, he was "an expert in many fields," organizing art exhibits and lecture tours in the same years.

Kirstein was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Rose (née Stein) and Louis E. Kirstein.

The grandson of a successful Rochester clothing manufacturer, he grew up in a wealthy Jewish Bostonian family and attended the private Berkshire School, graduating in 1926. His father was president of Filene's Department Store when Lincoln entered Harvard.

World War II

Kirstein's theatrical career was interrupted by the United States' entry into World War II. After enlisting in 1943, before going overseas he started working on a project gathering and documenting soldier art. He eventually developed this as the exhibit and book Artists Under Fire. In the spring of 1944 Kirstein traveled to London for the U. S. Arts and Monuments Commission; after a month he was transferred to the unit in France that came to be known as the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) section, devoted to rescuing and preserving European art. OY VEY

Soon after Kirstein was promoted to Private First Class in January 1945 (in Patton's Third Army), his unit moved to Germany. He was personally involved with retrieving artworks around Munich and from the salt mines atAltaussee. His article "The Quest for the Golden Lamb" was about this quest; it was published in Town & Country in September 1945, the same month he was discharged from the Army.

Kirstein kept diaries beginning in summer camp in 1919 until the late 1930s. Martin Duberman drew on these primary sources for his 2007 biography, The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein, as well as Kirstein's numerous letters. Kirstein enjoyed sex with men: Harvard undergraduates, sailors, street boys, casual encounters in the showers at the 63rd St YMCA. He had longer affairs with dancer Pete Martinez, artist Dan Maloney, and conservator Jensen Yow among others, as well as relationships that were physically unrealized. Casual sex frequently developed into long-term friendship.

Kirstein struggled with bipolar disorder- mania, depression, and paranoia. He destroyed the studio of friend Dan Maloney. He sometimes had to be constrained in a straitjacket for weeks at a psychiatric hospital.

Anonymous said...

Victims all white no doubt

Flanders said...

Genocidal anti-White Narrative

Image recitation:
Main site:

Flanders said...

On ZOG Bernardino:

There are too many of these false flags which are obviously scripted so that jewsmedia can get dramatic messages across to an unaware public in order to get support for doing away with guns for Americans (there maybe other reasons, too, but that is a big one for the jew-NWO crowd). I’m not saying that there are no deaths or injuries, but sometimes there have not been and others not in the extent, ways and manners by which they are described by media lackeys.

There are many more anomalies than a training exercise. Yes, a nurse tweeted to her husband that the training had started, because it is a regularly scheduled exercise for that complex, and her perceptions matched that previous reality (monthly, I believe).

The best description, or at least the most comprehensive so far, with documentation, that I have come across is Jim Stone’s. I happen to agree fully with his admonitions, and I am certainly no Muslim sympathizer. They should all leave the US and take the damn jews with them, along with all of the imports (invaders called “immigrants” – “legal” or illegal) that the jews and the NWO bankers have brought into America despite the protestations of regular and true Americans over the last 50 years.
Jim Stone:

“You can get lies anywhere, even Infowars, Zero hedge and others are pumping B.S. on this topic and I don’t call it responsible to find the clearest story in the MSM and parrot it. The entire story line is a fabrication, and there is cold hard proof. In the picture below, the Mexican press had a full helicopter fly around of the top scene, and it DEFINITELY is not the second scene, there is no error there, the entire story is fake and rotten to the core AND FOR THOSE WHO CLAIM TO BE “ALTERNATIVE” OR “TRUTHERS” TO PARROT IT AS THE MSM PRESENTS IT IS A DISSERVICE TO EVERYONE AND A BACK STAB TO EVERYONE YOU PRETEND TO INFORM.
Obviously this shooting did not happen the way they say it did, and the massive pounce on the “Islamic terror” meme strongly implies to me that the establishment needs huge public support for something horrible they plan to do soon. And I really think Trump’s bantering about “dancing Muslims” was the precursor to this, I think he knew this was going to go down and seeded the public conscience ahead of this storm to cause the hatred to grow when watered . . . . and with headlines like “Muslim newlyweds slaughter co-workers who threw them a baby shower” (thanks anonymous for that tip) well, I think there is a little proof.”
Jim Stone – Dec 2-3 2015

William H McCarty said...

That photo turns my stomach. Truly a mental disorder.

Flanders said...

"I tried to have a discussion with a German on what is happening in Sweden. Their imminent economic collapse, rape crisis and media bias. This German swoops in and tells me that yes, some woman get raped, but a couple women traumatized is ok in the name of being PC." [The German response in an image form at the link]:

Flanders said...

Kevin MacDonald may have hit the main problem with Sweden in two articles. The first deals with group think.

"Strong social trust is indeed a great asset of Sweden and other countries with a significant Nordic population — a legacy of the egalitarian northern hunter-gatherer culture in which group membership is conditioned not on kinship but on maintaining one’s reputation as honest, trustworthy, and as someone who upholds the moral values of the community.

I confess that I hadn’t thought of this as leading to groupthink, but it’s not at all hard to see the connection. It is another example of egalitarianism maintained by shunning, where people who stand out or dissent from group norms in any way are ostracized."

The second article is the most important because it deals with the MASTERS OF GROUP THINK:

"The ideological change started in 1964 when David Schwarz, a Polish born Jew and Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Sweden in the early 1950s, wrote the article “The Immigration problem in Sweden”...".

The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden
Kevin MacDonald on January 14, 2013

Searcher said...

John Bonaccorsi

I think you miss the humor in Ian's post. He is deliberately misspelling etc. I know from experience that Amercians generally are not as sarcastic in their humor and sometimes don't "get it", when people are playing up for effect. You could put it down to a cultural difference. Irish/British/Aussies are very adept at using sarcasm for humor. It is practically second nature to a lot of us.

Also, I would agree with him on this point: John (retired copper) has posted on here for years and he did indeed put his life on the line in the course of his work. John and people like John, in my book, deserve a certain respect. In the same way that I would generally have more respect for my elders, I would also generally have more respect for a person who puts themselves at personal risk at work. That is my personal opinion and I don't expect everyone to share it, but I would agree with Ian on this one.

Anonymous said...

Vomit. Just vomit.

Anonymous said...

"This just has to be the endgame of some elaborate psyop."

The protocols of Zion are supposed to be a forgery but they describe everything that has happened since.

Flanders said...

Commenter: art

"WWWWTTTTFFFF! are you kidding me; niggers to the left of us, gay humpers to the right of us, feminazis in front of us, satan worshippers behind us, poofs and trannies on top of us….taking away freedom of religion so as not to offend the queer eye crowd

All right JESUS! stop the bus right now I want to get off at the next stop".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On a more pragmatic level: Has the enricher had a full medical?
It is a fact that many are still into tribal cures and mumbojumbo,
going by the booming underground sale of bush meat.( I would be reluctant to think too deeply as to the animals being sourced)!
Suffice to say . Some years back some of these practices were existing quite happily alongside and with Christianity, The one thing that I had trouble believing, was the cure for gonorrhea.This required the patient to have penetrative sex with an 8year old. This was practiced by some the width of the central belt of Africa.

katana said...

I've captioned Sav's image of the two house niggers here:

great white said...

Almost vomited when I saw that foto.

Anonymous said...

Very succinctly put. I think that was exactly what Ian was saying. I think he'd forgotten about cultural differences. You might want to Google 'Ian Kilmister'. I thought I recognised the name.
John. No need to bite back. We got your back bro.


Anonymous said...

The great man (no, the other one) had it exactly right. The greatest Prime Minister we never had.

'Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.'


Searcher said...

Maybe this illuminates slightly on a different mindset. It is commonly held that a man would do anything those he loves: to be willing to lay his life on the line to protect his wife/family/people would be a noble gesture and is one thing that distinguishes men and women. Women are not expected to go to battle. Women are not held to as high a standard of honor either. They are not expected to be able to back fighting words up with a physical fight.

Maybe this is why in regard to John (retired copper) I would respect that courage/willingness to sacrifice. Because it strikes me as something particularly honourable/masculine. If John (retired copper) is correct about John Bonaccorsi (that he is a self-hating Jew who posts on an assortment of blogs), then it might explain something in the mindset that is different. I think it is essentially a more female mindset.

I spotted some comments on some video on YouTube and they struck me as a bit strange so I copied them below. The mentality is not one of sacrifice for each other/someone else but to survive (a more female impulse). This is pretty much what I have noticed on other blogs/discussion boards. It's all about survival. "We maintained our traditions etc for 1,000s of years. We survived. Us vs The World. We're so unique. Apples of G-d's eye etc."

This is perhaps why the likes of Little Larry and Co are still on the go and not killing themselves from remorse/guilt. Their duty is a female duty - to survive. It is not a male duty - to live a life of honor/die with honor. The commentators below don't seem to acknowledge the tremendous promise of love/protection in someone stating that they would die for them. Not "We have your back too, Americans. You are our greatest ally, bar none"...", nope they may as well be talking to any ole' goyim (could be replying to a Chinese person for that matter).

InvincibleNumanist 8 months ago
G-d bless the Jews, our greatest allies.
I would die for you.
Reply · 135

David Ben-Gershon 8 months ago
our tradition is to live - not die. LIVE and by doing so inspire life
Reply · 79

Rutland 8 months ago
+InvincibleNumanist Don't die for us, live for us ;)
Reply · 89

Julie rozé 3 months ago
god bless you to we love you
Reply · 14

B-ryan 4 months ago
I thank the Jews for the freedoms I have today. The fact that they are still here after so many powerful civilizations tried to wipe them out is proof enough for me that they have the true God on their side. They have recorded their faults and their victories for all to learn from. They have contributed greatly to humanity and the world owes them for the sacrifices they made to preserving their laws that we base our civilizations on today.
Reply · 37

Anonymous said...

It has just come to me WTF is going down:
A spoke person, whom I thought was a little uncomfortable with the mantra she was giving out..on TV this morning...this was in regards to GPs being asked to filter out the unqualified for health care ..."not possible” they claim!!!!.
It took awhile for the penny to drop .... but she was into code! (in my opinion).
There is a mass influx of hundreds of thousand of those folk with treatable plagues! (in their own countries) on their way !
Our betters are gifting us with a potential .. for a repeat of the black death
It is a fact that the treatable is becoming un-treatable.
The fucking bastards!

nilus said...

Tyson Fury tells the twatterati and PC presstitutes to suck his balls.

Anonymous said...

We must start a campaign to get Tyson Fury as SPOTY winner. Just the gobsmacked looks of those ugly, mannish, marxist bulldykes Clare Balding & Gabby Logan and the rest of the uber pc BBC would be worth 100x the call cost.

Anonymous said...

"Assimilation", aka interracial marriage, is the final step to achieving White Genocide. More than any other White country Sweden's elites have a death wish not only for themselves but for the rest of their countrymen.

That's what treason is. Wiping out your own race biologically is the most final and worst kind of treason.

nilus said...

Truth Will Out Radio: Tyson Fury Beats Devil-Worshipping Jews

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss his on-going background research for his new documentary series Communism by the Back Door.

This week Dennis has some good news, he has been following the fortunes of boxer Tyson Fury who has broken free of the politically correct narrative and spoken out against homosexuality, abortion and paedophilia. Fury should be the sports personality of the year, as he has just beaten the 11 year heavy-weight champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko, but because of his anti-liberal stance, the Left are clamouring for him to be disqualified from the personality prize.

As well as claiming the end of the world will come when the West finally legalises paedophilia, Fury has also called his Ukrainian opponent a ‘devil worshipper’.This could be more truthful than he realises, since Klitschko is a Jew, as was revealed by Andrew Anglin in the Daily Stormer back in February 2014. Was Fury aware of this fact and is that why he made the devil-worshipper reference? Either way, it is extremely refreshing to hear such views aired in the mainstream media.

Also this week the British parliament voted to drop bombs on Syria, in order to protect Britons from Moslems already inside Britain. The foolishness of doing this is discussed along with an example of why democracy can never work given to us by the Labour Party, who could not agree among themselves which way the party should vote.

Dennis also addresses some questions from his Youtube channel on the holohoax, as well as a question on a circular issued by the Pope in German criticising National Socialism and a question about pantheism, both sent from the chatroom.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Searcher said...


Got it. G-d. Nuff said ;-)

Californian said...

Question for those who might live in Scandinavia: do Swedes, etc., see the threat here? There seems to be a real naivete amongst many of them. It's like they really believe that all one has to do is be really, really, reaaaaaaally nice to third worlders and third worlders will be nice to us in return.

And oh yes, one gets bonus status points for being nicer than one's neighbors who do not open the city gates to the barbarian hordes.


John Bonaccorsi said...

"I think you miss the humor in Ian's post."

Maybe you missed the humor in my reply, Searcher.

Doctor Wo said...

Mrs Clare Balding tries to influence next Doctor Who Personality of the Year

Renowned Bond afficiando wants Sue Perkins to be the next James Bond because she relates to her as a fellow lezzer unlike that horrid darkskinned Idris Elba.

Make her dream come true and vote for Tyson Fury as Sports Personality of the Year.

If you were a right on idiot she would vote for you!

John Bonaccorsi said...

"Because it strikes me as something particularly honourable/masculine."

This war, Searcher--this war for the very existence of our race--is one of memes and rhetoric, not of muscle. The Jew comes to it well prepared. A white man who has not mastered spelling, punctuation, and grammar has not completed basic training.

Anonymous said...

to all my ""back up bloggers"" out there who took my part.i humbly thank you all and apologize for the retort i gave the english teacher from Philly and the rough talk i gave him in reply.a merry christmas to you all and even to ''mr Philly" JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER...

eah said...

I'm afraid I stopped caring about Sweden long ago.

John Bonaccorsi said...

Merry Christmas, John.

Uncle Nasty said...

Something to brighten your day ....

I got this off my favourite hasbara site ... Theo Spark.

You're not going to believe it, but the subhead says:-

Think for a second what would have happened if instead of Franklin Roosevelt in the White House when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, we had Barack Obama or some reasonable facsimile.

Jews would have ceased to exist and the national language of the United States would be German!

This article examines what Obama might have said to the country on December 8, 1941!

Well, after I picked myself up off the floor (truth be told, after my landlady's granddaughter picked me up, dusted me off and offered me a stiff brandy) I decided to determine what other tragedies would have befallen us ... if the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour tomorrow. ...

in fact, Savant, let's have a competition -- what do you say?

I really advise that you read the original ... it reads just like an elementary school essay -- frantically penned the morning before the exams.


Searcher said...

Californian - I cannot speak for Swedes

However, I think what you said in relation to Swedes applies in Ireland. Disclaimer: this is my impression and I don't speak for the whole country, however I think this is fairly typical:

- Afrikanners were racist: we side with Black Sith Ifrikans (Steve Biko hero film; Mandela released, Joy of Joys,; Rainbow Nation, Fantastic). We get very little coverage on Whites being murdered in Sith Ifrika.

- Americans were racist: we side with the Blacks (MLK Come Dine With Me dreaming of food "n" diversity, Obama, hallelujah brothers 'n' sisters; Blacks are funny, wise and soulful; Uncle Tom's Cabin and To Kill A Mockingbird taught at school). Blacks are sent to prison disproportionally because the judges are racist. A White person wouldn't get sent to prison for the same crime.

- English were racist (to us also!): bit more complicated as we don't necessarily take the side of ethnic minorities in Britain however, there is a certain attitude of English people "deserving" mass immigration as "payback" for colonialism.

- French are/were racist: again, we don't necessarily take the side of the minorities, however there is an attitude of French people "deserving" mass immigration, again as "payback".

- Germans are/were racist: they don't consider the Turks proper citizens. They have a superiority complex anyhow, so no big deal if they have a Turkish problem.

- Australians are racist: they have a nerve being picky about mass immigration (are they not immigrants themselves?); what about the Aborigines - isn't it "their" land really?

So, we have a golden opportunity to be ABOVE all that racism and be really nice and decent 'n' all and it will be DIFFERENT here. Because we are different/nicer than the aforementioned nationalities. There is a big special snowflake syndrome in Ireland that we are uniquely welcoming and friendly and decent. We (uniquely) get on with everyone. There is also an image concern that is pretty pathetic. A friend of mine relayed to me that it would "look good for the country to have Gay Marriage". This is directly parroting Shitter Shatter if I am not mistaken.

Swedes, from what I can gather, have been told consistently that they have no real native culture to speak of. This makes it hard for them to claim an identity of their own. The amount of media articles I have seen in Ireland that imply that we need new genes from immigrants (as if we are a bunch of defectives!) People do start believing it. Sad but true.

Anyhow, I gather from any discussions I have seen with Swedish people that they are very keen to show their anti-racist credentials. Irish people can be like this too (maybe to a lesser degree). It is so ridiculous though how the anti-fa types, think that they can turn on their own people who disagree with mass immigration and state that their fellow countrymen are 'not welcome' :-0

BTW the attitudes I have put forward above are not primarily coming from the home i.e. parents/grandparents. They are coming from school and the media. I don't hold them myself, but I encounter them and am aware of what are the "expected attitudes" amongst Gen Pop.

As a former anti-racist, I can admit that it's actually quite stressful. You are monitoring other people's speech. You get embarrassed by family members/friends/colleagues if they say something racist. You are trying to stick up for people you have nothing in common with (Roma gypsies, for example). You assume the rescuer role. You ignore any poor behavior as they have no power. You question your compatriots if they say anything negative about non-nationals and always think but that it is just one anecdote. Because you have been taught in school not to stereotype. That only morons stereotype. That stereotypes are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

A Muslim Ps for anybody that's interested tommy robinsons book enemy of the state is out this month. Even if you don't like him his book is lifting the lid on the skullduggery the British government got up to to silence him
Eff the villas buying it.

Also what about all this trendy shite
Your not a Muslim brum.regarding the tube station attacker

Uncle Nasty said...

Here's something else you may find amusing -- and this is genuine.

Every time Nilus publishes one of his epic (and I do mean "epic") screeds on the schmuckification, zottification and faggotization of Auntie Beeb, I spend the next day or two humming this silly, little ditty -- sung to the tune of "Winnie the Pooh."

Niggazanjoos, faggotzenjooz;
Faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy, niggy, niggy, niggy, niggy;
Niggazanjoos, Faggotzenjoos.


All day long ... Okay, Bernie Taupin, I'm not ... but still.


Anonymous said...

Ian Kilmister

U r probly nu on here

verrry subtle. Almost missed it.

AnalogMan said...

I'm a bit late to this spat which I'm glad to see seems to be amicably concluded, but my 2¢ worth:

We have plenty of intelligent posters here who can spell. We have some intelligent posters who can't. It may be hard for some to fathom that the latter exist, but they do. I think it probably has to do with how much they read as children.

Yes, it's important that those who advocate for us do it competently, and literately. We should take the trouble not to appear ignorant. Fortunately we have many excellent writers on our side.

Not everybody is a writer. Not everybody needs to be. I certainly wouldn't put spelling errors in the category of as much a part of the problem as whoever let that black man live with the white kids. That's just crazy.

Horses for courses, John Bonaccorsi. Let those who can, write. I'll tell you this much: when The Day arrives, I'd rather have John old retd Chicago copper in my corner than most other men with impeccable spelling credentials. You'd better learn to love our warriors; you're going to need them.

tsnamm said...

Hey John, the trials for the 4 cops indicted in the death of Freddy Gray have begun... Judge wants to have the 1 st one done before Xmas... Will keep you posted

Uncle Nasty said...

I can endorse this ...

Rise of the Shitlords
Porter / 22 hours ago

I’ve gotten a great deal of enjoyment from the flourishing shitlord meme. It’s an example of not only owning an insult, but leveraging it to the base of the shaft. Its connotation of regal irreverence being almost irresistible to the small constellation of dissidents it was intended to smear.

Of course this form of resistance to suffocating orthodoxy is as old as European civilization itself, and thus explains much of the drive to shuttle that relic into a nice museum display. As that blanket of self-abnegating conformity has grown increasingly heavy, most have melted meekly into the magma: see every outlet of respectable conservatism as an example.

Though the heat and pressure have also forged some razor-edged personalities. Combatants against whom liberalism’s hoary incantations are no more effective than a shaman’s appeals to Mictlantecuhtli. One of life’s small pleasures is in watching a libcuck cast about futilely in his bare quiver for that one accusation to silence an implacable opponent. Once racist has been fired to no effect, they are left simply to flail.

To the chagrin of liberals and conservatives alike, this type of rhetoric warrior is increasingly percolating to the surface. And they’re less interested in kneeling before modernity’s sacred cows than cutting them into steaks.

Please enjoy ...


KPZLK said...

That Theo Spark is one shameless lying malevolent whore.

KPZLK said...

Analog 21.41. Molto bene!! (Hat tip Old John)

John Bonaccorsi said...

"You'd better learn to love our warriors; you're going to need them."

If I make clear to one of our warriors or to any other white man that indifference to, or, worse, antipathy toward, intellect is inadvisable, I'm not failing to show love to any white, AnalogMan. Not every Jew is an intellect; but as a friend of mine once observed, it is only the rarest of Jews who scorns, or is indifferent to, intellect. That's why the Jews are winning.

Anyway, yes: things seem to have come to an amicable conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha patriots worried about the downfall of their civilisation are angrry with each other over grammar
Eff the villa says
We will burn books on our last barricade

Get ready to man up. I have got my knives sharpened alongside my shovels and hangmans nooses

Flanders said...

When a man is doing important work - Give them the respect they deserve and leave them alone.

"The Wisdom & Musings of John, an Old Retired Chicago Cop - Part 1"

The Metal Rat said...

Islam is merely a more extreme version of Judaism.

Flanders said...

Obama's speech tonight:
[Now it's time to begin taking more and more Second Amendment rights away]:

"In an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press," Attorney General Loretta Lynch previewed the remarks President Barack Obama will make when he speaks to the country Sunday evening about the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino."
"He will ask "Congress to review measures and take action"

“What you’re going to hear from him is a discussion about what government is doing to ensure all of our highest priority — the protection of the American people,” the attorney general said."
"Lynch's staff later confirmed that the president will specifically call on Congress to review certain gun control measures."
"President Obama will do more than just call for calm, he will ask “Congress to review measures and take action.”
But, tie the hands of those who may place restrictions on the true elements causing civil disruptions [Leave White people without (dismantle) a structural institution of defense within the country by]:

"The Justice Department plans to launch an investigation into the patterns and practices of the Chicago Police Department, a wide-ranging review similar to those that scrutinized the police departments in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, according to several law enforcement officials."

John Bonaccorsi said...

"I have got my knives sharpened alongside my shovels and hangmans nooses"

The Jews will likely have no trouble telling you where to use them.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but I was getting excited about seeing the new Star Wars film until I just found out that one of the lead characters is (of course) a Negro. Won't be seeing it, after all. Just can't take the political correctness quota anymore...

Flanders said...

The End Game:

“A Judeo-fascist theocracy to be established in the aftermath of an apocalypse and the return of a Jewish Messiahis very much the ideological goal of Lubavitchers. As Jewish Messianists see it: “In simple terms, we are at war. It is not a struggle merely for power, wealth, or some other material advantage; it is a titanic clash over the future of world civilization … This war has already spread into every nation, ever social institution, every human activity. It has thus become a world war in the ultimate sense.” And it is this war that must see the simultaneous crumbling of Christianity while setting up the Clash of Islam as the fire that ignites the world – and their “Moshiach”.”

Flanders said...

A post at Saboteur365 quotes Zero Hedge on False Flag


The term flase flag is being way over used. You can have:

1) Government agents pretending to be the “enemy” carrying out an attack

2) Government agents carry out an attack and then frame a patsy, preferably a dead one, brought along for the purpose

3) Government agents provoking and stage managing a stooge into carrying out an attack

4) Government agents monitoring actual bad guys planning an attack, and work to assist them by running interference with honest investigators, or even providing actual help

5) Government agents become aware of a real attack, stand back watching, and allow it to happen

6) Government agents become aware of a real attack, stand back watching, waiting to swoop in at the nick of time for a headline making/policy influencing arrest

7) Government agents become aware of the possibility of a real attack, but don’t believe it or follow up fast enough to stop it from happening

8) A bona fide attack conducted by actual bad guys where government agents were caught completely unawares

In reference to your comment, is the interesting common thread. In every case the government has every motivation to LIE. From covering up their involvement, to simply hiding their incompetence and protecting their jobs, the government doesn’t seem to have any incentive to tell the truth. So, by default, the public is left with studying the quality of the lying to determine the level preparation and cooperation that had been put into the bs they are trying to sell.

My money is on #3. Wind up a couple of known radicals. Arrange for their public execution to make sure your involvement is buried with them. Reported shooter #3 goes down the memory hole. Much like the disappearing giffords shooters friend, the extra Sihk temple shooters, or the sandy hook mystery man in the woods

The above categorization was posted in a comment at the Zerohedge link."

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but I was getting excited about seeing the new Star Wars film until I just found out that one of the lead characters is (of course) a Negro. Won't be seeing it, after all. Just can't take the political correctness quota anymore...

7 December 2015 at 00:08

Not just that, Old Chap ... but the jews have ticked the feminist box as well, having a strong, sassy, independent womyn type as the lead.

I understand George Lucas stipulated that his wife be squeezed into the production as she would be a good token jungle bunny, but she was overlooked in favour of Whoopie Goldberg who rang all the gongs, being not only possessed of a fake Hosenose name, but is also uglier than a dog turd on a wedding cake.

Goldberg, however, having appeared (with no distinction, whatsoever) in several episodes of Star Drek felt that she'd ticked the token-nigger-doing-nothing-of-value-in-a-Sci-Fi-flick box often enough, and refused the offer.

Quite possibly she felt that having a fake jew name was pandering quite enough to the Hollywood elite.

Who knows?


Anonymous said...

"do Swedes, etc., see the threat here?"

Think about it as a sequence over time.

Stage 1)
Mass immigration starts but as it's partly for cheap labor it's concentrated in a few blue collar areas and often disproportionately male - there are lots of problems which the media cover up.

The police try to do something about the problems but as the media refuse to report what those problems are they can attack the police for harassment.

At this point the only people who know what is happening are the uneducated blue collar people in the target areas so the media use class snobbery to mock their complaints and convince people they are making it up out of racial prejudice.

Stage 2)
The police give up because the media have convinced the majority of the population they are picking on immigrants for no reason.

The people in the target areas stop complaining because it only makes it worse. As well as the immigrant attacks if they make a fuss they get attacked by their own people too because the media have convinced the rest of the population that the people complaining are simply racists who are making stuff up about the nice immigrants and if only these nasty white racists didn't exist everything would be fine.

Stage 3)
Long lull while the people who know what's happening keep quiet because the majority physically can't believe the media would lie on such a huge scale.

nb most of the anti-white violence is against the young and the elderly.

Stage 4)
Enough white kids have been through minority white schools to create a critical mass where there are so many saying the same thing that the media can't hold back the truth any more.

We're just coming into that stage now imo.

Flanders said...

Letter from a Finnish lady - Commemorate 6th of November as the Swedish betrayal day:

There is no longer any point in celebrating the Gustavus Adolphus day

Today is the day when the warrior king Gustavus II Adolphus fell on the the battlefield Lutzen in 1632.
He fell because he was ready to defend the lutheran faith and freedom of our peoples. Today it seems, that it was completely useless. Sweden is being exterminated as Sweden without firing a single shot. People from developing nations, although they don’t look that developing at all, are invading Sweden at a rate of an entire divison every single month.

Within two dacades, Sweden and its unique culture cease to exist as we used to know it. When there is no longer a clear ethnic majority in a country, it is no man´s land. It is simply a collection of factions, who, given the history of those immigrating into Sweden, will clash with each other on a day to day basis.

In a way it is up to swedes to decide, if they want to commit a cultural suicide. However, swedish government is now pushing those immigrants it cannot or will not house into Finland. The swedish government has recently, finally after decades of living in a lie, stated that Sweden is full. Inspite of this rational acknowledgement, Sweden does still function as human smuggling network for wellfare tourists with a full blessing of its government.

If one would simply take a look at the map. One would think that, Finland or Sweden for that matter are well protected against invasion of wellfare tourists. You’ll have pass several other countiries on the way from Africa and middle-east. Responsible governments would check any attempt to simply go through their territories. At least that’s what the Dublin agreement requires to do.

Finns and other Nordic countries used to have a special relationship due to our common history and culture. Now our countries and especially Sweden is flooded with people with whom we don’t have common history and whose culture is radically different from ours. That special relationship dies with these newcomers, because, obviously we can’t have special relationship with the entire world. It wouldn’t be special anymore. If this development cannot be reversed, Sweden and Finland are as close as Finland and some African country.

Today we have to come to the conclusion, that we are no longer like brothers and that is the fault of successive swedish governments who have allowed this almost bloodless occupation to take place and severe our historical ties.

So I propose we start commemorating this day, the 6th of November as the Swedish betrayal day.

Flanders said...

"Trumps Unclean Hands: When It Comes To Zionism Hillary & Trump Are The Same"

Flanders said...

While attention is focused elsewhere - "Ripping up the Rulebook: Israel’s Unlawful Killings"

"Respected Israeli journalist Amira Hass recently told the story of a former Japanese policeman who was visiting Israel. “I don’t understand,” he said. “In our country, if someone stabs a policeman, we grab him by the hand and arrest him. We don’t kill him. Why is it different in Israel?”

Shaunantijihad said...

I knew I recognised the monster on the left:

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Californian. Difficult to know the extent to which Swedes see the threat. This because just as under communism people do not speak openly their views. Among those close to me there is a range of views. The women are worse, they fall for the PC brainwashing much more than us men.

Corkonian said...

Searcher 20.59. I think you summed up Irish attitudes very accurately. A bit ironic that we see ourselves as less racist than the English since we were disproportionately represented in the British colonial armies and be under no illusion that our soldiers and settlers behaved towards the natives any better than did the English. Just read the comment above from "a swedish friend of this blog" and would think a lot of the same applies here. I know in my own company I just don't give a fuck and will say what I want and find that few people will loudly object. Commonest reactions are rueful shake of the head, laughter, or agreement.

Dr. Wassell said...

"I have got my knives sharpened alongside my shovels and hangmans nooses"

The Jews will likely have no trouble telling you where to use them.


Very droll John, very droll. At a time when we allowed to say such things a Professor at City College quipped that “The battle hymn of the Jews is ‘Onward Christian Soldiers, We’ll sell you the uniforms.”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Quite possibly she felt that having a fake jew name was pandering quite enough to the Hollywood elite.

Who knows?

With Redmayne winning a gong from the Adademy for portreying Bruce Cathlyn Jenner Goldberg stood down so that Idris Elba the UK's Morgan Freeperson could play the British chick. Think of this as his audition for James Bond where he could play Bond and the Bond girl thus fulfilling the SJWs who are all in love with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Filthy perverted bastard.. If this cunt was a naaaaazzzziii like the types he insists must stand trial on suspicion of involvement in jews incarceration during the 2nd world war, regardless of age or condition, he'd be jeered and put up against the wall metaphorically speaking

Anonymous said...

An anti Muslim video from Australia. Watch immediately before it is pulled. Very politically incorrect, would never get played in North America.


beppo said...

@Uncle Nasty 4:17

With the recent success of demands to celebrate and sanctify sodomy through the Sacrament of Matrimony, why would you assume that it is a dog turd?

Dave33 said...

Has that Australian vid got much reaction?

Anonymous said...

All those young girls in the photo look miserable. That should tell normal people something. I wonder whose idea it was to have one of them sit on an adult stranger's lap.

Anonymous said...

With Tyson Fury being the choice of candidate for sports Personality of the Year due to the anti-traveller sentiments in the mainstream media we must also support Glamourous man jawed Sue Perkins lookalike Caithlyn Jenner as Time Person of the Year for her support of the #PantsUpDontLoot.

beppo said...

@ John W 22:01

Bearing in mind the situation in the West these days, we cannot take it for granted that the father has any authority, rights or even say in the matter.

Anonymous said...

Dedicated to the poor duped men who sacrifice their lives for kike wars

kulak said...

The ideological change started in 1964

Like fire ants, they spread all over and stung at once.

Anonymous said...

John,your a class act sir,,,,Merry Christmas.

nilus said...

"Renowned Bond afficiando wants Sue Perkins to be the next James Bond because she relates to her as a fellow lezzer"

Sue Perkins, one of my top ten unbearables, is not only a bean-teaser but a JEW, therefore explaining her BBC status as "most cherished":

Her grandmother was a Lithuanian jew, therefore her mother was, therefore the beady-eyed, thin-faced, all-over-the-BBC,inexplicably popular, unfunny ,unlikeable ,grating, eternal student Sue Perkinsteinbergovitch is also.

There are two Venn diagrams that it very much pays to be in at the BBC (and wider TV world)
One is of course JEW, the other is , no prizes for guessing, QUEER.

So at the Bheeb, you have the QUEER Clique and the JEW Clique:

Dr Who, created/re-launched by MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL PROPAGANDIST Russell T Davies ("Queer As Folk",etc: His recent projects include Cucumber, a Channel 4 series about middle-aged gay men in the Manchester gay scene (FAGGOT RACE-MIXING !! THEY CANT HELP THEMSELVES!!)
Banana, an E4 series about young LGBT people in the Cucumber universe; and Tofu, an online documentary series available on 4oD discussing issues which have arisen in the sister series, modern sex and sexuality with the cast and public."

The "Cucumber,Banana,Tofu" refers to the hardness of an erection. Many,if not most, male QUEERS are ,in essence, Phallus Worshippers.

There has recently been a slew of QUEER-themed "cockumentaries" aimed at kids, on BBC3,
such as "How Straight Am I ?" and "Young,Trans And Looking For Love" or Reggie Yates series of QUEER propaganda.

The Head Of Drama at the Heeb-I-See is a young FAGGOT called Ben Stephenson, who has made it his stated mission to "Commission and produce more gay-themed programs and insist that more gay storylines and characters are introduced into programming overall"

Clare Balding is the BBC's Magical Dyke. She's a snotty, stuffy arrogant cunt, and not very easy on the eye (think Ray Mears in drag) and yet we are told she is a "National Treasure" who "won the nation's hearts" during the Negrolympics, when in fact she was rude, 'public-school-hockey-captain' dykey.

She has at least TWO chat shows, and presents TV and Radio shows about Walking, Cycling, Horse -Racing,Athletics,Rugby, Trooping The Colour, etc etc, and also presented Crufts,
in which she accidentally came runner-up. buddum-tish

If you can occupy the hallowed Venn crossover, your ascension is guaranteed:

Stephen Fucking Fry , Matt Lucas, Simon Amstell ,Sue Perkins, Dale Winton, Robert "Judge" Rinder , Andy Cohen, Jeff Lewis, etc etc.

Sue Perkins was given her own self-penned shitcom , in which she played a.....
lesbian vet who falls for a dusky mulatto, (one of those frizzy-haired just-black-enough females beloved of advertising agencies.)

I've had more fun accidentally banging an ingrown toenail.

QUEER JEW Simon Amstell was given TWO series of "Grandmas House",(BBC2)(written by JEW Amstell and JEW Dan Swimer) in which he played a ..QUEER JEW called Simon Amstell...who fucks a boy on his sixteenth birthday (Series 2, episode 1)

The National Lottery Show (BBC1) is presented by TWO JEWS!! Dale Winton, a camp FAGGOT JEW, and Gaby Roslin (who now presents a DIRE "magazine" type show on a Saturday morning.
(Channel 5)

She also fills in for "Lorraine" (ITV) which features all these FAGGOTS,daily:
Dan Whooton (showbiz gossip)
Mark Heyes (fashion)
James Waite (Bake-Off winner-cooking)
Andi Peters (Competitions)
Richard Arnold (TV)
Gok Wan (fashion)
Rylan Clarke (trivial)

James Bond: directed by
JEW Sam Mendes
Q is now QUEER
Miss Monneypenny is BLACK
Theme song: QUEER Sam Smith

Searcher said...

If they come at you with magnets, you'll know why :-0

Temporary Magnetic Lobotomy

Anonymous said...

If the parasites just rape mommy & daddy, well, no sadness on my part. But their poor daughters.... scary.

Savant, Sweden has been on this path of destruction for so long, I'd hesitate to even set foot on their soil for fear of being infected with whatever occupies their space.

I heard on the radio the other day that fluoride affects the territorial part of the brain. If true, it explains everything that is happening to the West. Can anyone confirm this?

Sweden will learn. Their population will be reduced down to a few million known as the Swedish Democrats. And, those are the ones we want to survive this war.

Anonymous said...

@a Swedish friend
"The women are worse, they fall for the PC brainwashing much more than us men."

"It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and the noser-out of unorthodoxy." (George Orwell, 1984)

Anonymous said...

"We must start a campaign to get Tyson Fury as SPOTY winner. Just the gobsmacked looks of those ugly, mannish, marxist bulldykes Clare Balding & Gabby Logan and the rest of the uber pc BBC would be worth 100x the call cost."

This might work. The cultural Marxists have a problem: there are 11 other candidates and so no one anti-Fury candidate for them to rally around. Hence, I presume, the campaign to try to get him removed from the nomination.

nilus said...

"No TeeVee For White Men" Monday evening 7th december

Channel 4 now: (7.30pm) "The Turner Prize 2015"

presented by
SCOTTISH JEW Muriel Gray, and a
NEGRO male, and
Lauren "I'll Do It" Laverne
pretentious-o-meter: 90% approaching critical

BBC2 7.30 "Only Connect"
JEW millionaire Victoria Coren

ITV 8pm "The Martin Lewis Money Show"
JEW (orthodox multi-millionaire) Martin Lewis

BBC2 8.30pm "Simply Nigella"
JEW multi-millionaire Nigella Lawson

Channel 4 8pm "Low Pay Britain" presented by

BBC2 9pm "London Spy"

ITV 9pm "Las Vegas with Trevor McDonald"
NEGRO, Sir Trevor to you, boy

Channel 4 9pm "Hunting The Paedophiles: Inside The National Crime Agency"

BBC3 9pm "New: Reggae Reggae Yates' Extreme UK: GAY AND UNDER ATTACK

'Reggae Reggae "discovers" that, for young BLACK and ASIAN (paki) gays AND transexuals, their harshest critics and PERSECUTORS often come from their own
COONMUTINIES, or even their familes'

"In Russia, as I write, six-million homosexual souls face persecution, starvation and torture in POGRAMS.....we MUST dedicate ourselves to the rescue of these unfortunate martyrs, in danger of death just for their religion"

"Oops I meant "the colour of their skin"

"Nope, silly me,scrub that.
I meant "just because of who they choose to fall in love with"

(is that OK Moishe? Anything else?)

nilus said...

Demoralisation , anyone?

Channel 5 9pm "Benefit Beauty Queens"

followed by
"Danger: Teen Bingers"

5* 8pm "Benefits Britain: Life On The Dole"

9pm "Cant Pay? We'll Take It Away"

followed by "Britains Flashiest Families"
Considerably richer than YOW, goy

followed by "Benefits: Millionaire Shoplifter"

Spike 8pm "Beware: Boozed Up Britain

Channel 4 8pm "Low Pay Britain"

ITV 8pm "The Martin Lewis Money Show"
save a few shekels

Channel 4 8.30 "The Shoppers guide To Saving Money"
Shekels, goy: important.

followed by "Hunting the Paedophiles"
Just the goy ones, goy.
We shall make the West so corrupt that it stinks

BBC3 9pm "Extreme UK: GAY and UNDER ATTACK"
Everyone is gay, goy, they just dont know yet.
A mouth is just a mouth, a rectum just a rectum.

BBC4 10pm Storyville: The Six (OY VEY) Day War
Documentary about a long-withheld piece of oral history -taped interviews conducted with returning ISRAELI SOLDIERS after ISRAEL'S land gains in the Six-Day War of 1967.

Dave 8pm "QI XL"

ITVbe 9pm "The Real Housewives Of"
QUEER JEW MILLIONAIRE Andy Cohen shows you
goyim how the other half live

ITVbe 7pm "The Millionaire Matchmaker"
JEW millionaire Patti Stanger shows you how life will never ever be for you,
goy scum.

E4 +1 8pm "Hollyoaks"
"Stephen drunkenly makes a public declaration of his love for Harry"
FAGGOT propaganda for your children, goy

E4 9pm "The Big Nose Theory"
WHY, ITS ALL JEWISH ,apart from that one goy FAGGOT

ITV2 9pm "Through the Kikehole"
JEW Dave Berry

followed by "American Pie: the Wedding"
KIKE FILTH, I mean, err wholesome family entertainment, goy.
The bit where he eats the dogshit is simply divine

Dave 10pm "Crackanory"
JEW Rebecca Front
JEW Sarah Solemani
JEW Carrie Fisher

followed by "Would I Lie To You?"
JEW Claudia Winkleman, produced by
JEW Richard Cohen

ITV4 9pm "The Sentinel"
JEW Micheal Douglas

Drama 11.20 "Birds Of a Feather"

Really 10pm "Brainwashed" Maura Schmierer joined a CHRISTIAN group but was soon trapped in a militaristic REGIME

followed by "Born To Kill"?
Harold Shipman, a Nice White Goy???

Anonymous said...

JEUUEER Suelizibeths Perkins should be nominated for a kdayhood so that she like Sir Lenworth George Henry could finally be seen to do something funny.

Some guy who has a problem with Tyson Fury and persontions the petition to have him removed from the Sportsman of the Year voting was asked why he did not know of any petitions to keep the UK muslim free seeing as Captain Hook and pals have more extreme views and are more likely to act on them.

When he replies I will place the reply here. You all come back now you hear?

Shariah don't like it
Reject the casbah
Reject the casbah

As The Clash of Civilizations sang on their hit record.

PS William Thomas Murray sang the praises of Miley Cyrus at Comiccon* and she will be appearing in his Star Wars inspired Christmas Special which will air around hanukkkah time on Netflix.

* Redlined. Must be missing an o!

Uncle Nasty said...

Thanks, Nilus.

Faggotzenjoos, faggotzenjoos,
Faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy, faggy ...

Just can't seem to get it out of my head.


Anonymous said...


Shouldn't that be

Anonymous said...

Just a question .eff the villa here
All this against the Jews. Is that all Jews or just top Jews
Myself from a council estate in sunny brum until I moved to the south coast
I haven't met many Jews but the ones I have met who are working class seem okay and have the same worries as I do
In fact some of them now hate the left who once supported them against facists
Just a honest question

Anonymous said...

"All this against the Jews. Is that all Jews or just top Jews"

Who knows. All we know is the most politically active ones - including financial donors, media people etc are anti-white - mainly out of paranoia imo but paranoia or hatred either way it ends in white genocide.

Flanders said...

Anonymous 23:54, You just need to read and decide for yourself. I suspect from the question you pose, that you are indeed a jew, because jews do that type of comment while pretending to be not a jew. If you are not aware about that, then you certainly ARE in need of education, and I am speaking about a true and real education of the type you will gain from participating and observing the conversations and interactions here.

Anonymous said...

At least Johnny Rebel is behind us:

Gem Junior said...

Sweden is gone, gone. If the people are doing this, they are insane, and cannot blame their leaders. I would bet that at least one of those little girls will be raped. If she's lucky she won't be slashed to pieces by the double whammy of African AND Muslim. What a bunch of losers, who once had created and then lived in a pure, crime-free paradise.

Uncle Nasty said...

Is there a tiny ray of hope for Sweden? Are they growing a single lonely testicle between the lot of them?

Sweden Anti-Immigration Party Surges in Poll Amid Refugee Crisis

by Niklas Magnusson
December 1, 2015 — 11:42 PM NZDT

Swedes are responding to their government’s historic intake of refugees by turning to an anti-immigration group that both the ruling coalition and opposition deem too xenophobic to work with.

The government of Prime Minister Stefan Loefven is losing support as the Sweden Democrats -- a party that wants to significantly reduce the intake of immigrants -- surged to its highest level on record in a Statistics Sweden poll published on Tuesday.

The Social Democrat-led government, its Green Party coalition partner and their Left Party ally would get 39 percent of votes if an election were held today, according to the poll, which was compiled last month. In June, the bloc enjoyed the backing of 42.8 percent of voters. Tuesday’s poll showed the Sweden Democrats at 19.9 percent support, compared with 14.4 percent in June.

It’s the latest sign of the major change in sentiment sweeping across Scandinavia’s biggest economy as the Sweden Democrats -- a party with neo-Nazi roots -- forces itself into the mainstream of Swedish politics. It became the country’s third-biggest party in last year’s election and managed to block the government’s first budget, forcing it to form a pact with the core opposition parties in an effort to prevent the Sweden Democrats from disrupting lawmaking.

But voters are signaling they want the group to have a bigger say. And after Sweden’s generous asylum policies led to a surge in refugee flows from war zones in the Middle East, the government’s political clout has waned. Its budget pact with the opposition fell apart in October and both the coalition and the main opposition parties have since been forced to tighten their stance on immigration.

I would say no. Anyone who feels that a slowdown in the rate of third world invasion is some sort of victory has not been paying attention.

What needs to happen is the complete cessation of ALL third world immigration, The arrest and incarceration -- pending their trial for treason, and subsequent execution -- of all the enablers, and the wholesale rounding up and summary ejection of all third word scum. After branding them with a highly recognisable unique barcode.

Then -- and only then -- will we see the light at the end of the tunnel. As things stand, the only visible light is that of an oncoming express train.

The only response to the subsequent howls of left-wing indignation?

How about a hearty "Fuck you if you don't like it." And air drop them over Tel Aviv


Uncle Nasty said...

It would appear that once a Pollard, always a Pollard, eh?

The Congressman Who Spied for Russia
The strange case of Samuel Dickstein.

By Peter Duffy | October 06, 2014

Samuel Dickstein was short and silver-haired, “a slim little man in a natty gray suit,” the New York Times once characterized him. It was said he never left his red brick home on the Lower East Side of Manhattan without his Malacca walking stick, strolling past the teeming tenements with the air of what his Jewish immigrant constituents would call a big macher.

But Dickstein, a Democrat from New York City who served in the House of Representatives from the early 1920s to the mid-1940s, conducted himself in public life with none of the refined elegance that his self-presentation suggested. At a time when Joseph McCarthy was still an unknown lawyer in Wisconsin, Dickstein invented the modern practice of naming names—broadcasting the identities of suspected subversives without the slightest pretense of due process. If anyone can be credited (or blamed) with introducing the phrase “un-American activities” into the nation’s lexicon, it is he. An unusually shameless publicity hound in a legislative body full of them, Dickstein had a habit of inviting his antagonists to step outside and settle matters like men, once announcing such a fistic challenge to Rep. Thomas L. Blanton of Texas on the House floor. (Blanton appears to have declined.)

So over-the-top as to be ineffectual—he had the poor taste to call for Noel Coward to be barred from the country because the English wit made a quip about the manliness of Brooklyn soldiers—Dickstein left Congress in 1946, and served as a state Supreme Court justice until his death in 1954. In 1963, a portion of the street grid close to where he used to live on East Broadway was christened “Samuel Dickstein Plaza.” No controversy attended the occasion. He then went about the time-honored practice of being forgotten.

That is, until 1999, when Allen Weinstein and Alexander Vassiliev published The Haunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America—the Stalin Era, which through the use of previously unavailable KGB records went a long way toward convincing those who could be convinced that Alger Hiss and Julius Rosenberg were in fact working for the Soviet Union. The authors also revealed that Stalin had a spy in Congress, an exasperating character who once “blazed up very much, claiming that if we didn’t give him money he would break with us,” according to his Soviet contact. To this day, Sam Dickstein is the only known U.S. representative to have served as a covert agent for a foreign power. His codename was Crook.

Read more:

Dickstein? A good Scots name, that.


R.A.Moore. said...

That photo is absolutely sickening! The unworthy parents obviously want their 3 Aryan daughters to crap out a football team of yellow missing links in the next decade! Although, I very much doubt the 2 silverbacks in this nauseating photo will wait for them to hit puberty first, before they seduce(RAPE) them! I bet the so-called parents will blame the daughters for the impending monstrosity & the following legal consequences to come! The parents(in name only) have shit where their brains should be & are quite obviously race-traitors of the vilest & most disgusting kind!


Anonymous said...

What are their parents trying to prove? How progressive and tolerant they are? The father needs his head kicked in.

He will get his head kicked in if he says no.
Is he even there?
What power does a White man have in Sweden anymore?
Can anyone from Sweden tell us?

Anonymous said...

Islam is merely a more extreme version of Judaism.

It's no wonder we are losing with idiotic thinking like that.

Read the Talmud.
Read the Quran.

Then come back and give a rational assessment, if you can.

Anonymous said...

Islam is more extreme than this?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Sickening Sickenin. That's what is.