Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Reflecting on the "liberal" brain

Liberals say “race is an illusion”
Liberals say “We must merge all races into one”
Liberals say “Racial diversity should celebrated”
Liberals believe all three beliefs at the same time
Liberalism is a mental disorder


Marshall Mathers said...

If it wasn't for Africans Whites would still be living in piss and shit infested dirt and mud camps, and taking shelter in caves. Read world history not just white embellished history. I suspect you don't want to wake up from your truth on bull-shit Mountain. It makes you feel better to believe the ridiculous notion whites are exceptional. You are not. You're small, weak, and constantly overestimating your significance.

Your influence over the world is fleeting presently. You are a relic and your blip on the radar called history will be as remarkable as your one claim to fame, stone hinge. Very nice! No great religions came from Europe, no great world wonders came from Europe, no mention of your history (at least from you) past but a mere 100's of years ago. I guess we're supposed to believe the world just didn't exist prior to your brilliance came on the scene. Or is it much more likely that you like all before got your culture and other technologies you conveniently overlook from prior and much more exception societies.

This might be clearer to you if you actually used a reasonable date instead of the bullshit year 2015 crap. It is remarkable how many fools actually thought 2012 was going to invoke some apocalyptic event. Perhaps in 2012 something actually happened, but that was 10 of thousands of years ago. Given the archaeological evidence it is clear that the great African civilization Egypt ruled and was the culture, economic leader of the world for 10's of thousands of years. It is estimated the great pyramids of Giza are around 36, 000 years old.

This using simple low-tech means to estimate how long it takes a river bed to migrate 8 - 9 miles. This bullshit White proffered estimate of 4 - 5 thousand years old is a complete fabrication. A complete admission of inferior phobic history telling. That narrative does too much to undermine your premise that you're exceptional, big time! Even if we were to take the 4 - 5 thousand figure seriously it is telling that the measure of a civilization exceptionalism clearly is a function of how long they ruled. No so-called White civilization has ruled at the top of the nations heap or OTHERWISE for a half a millennium let alone a thousand years.

Someone who swallowed the Black Athena rubbish. Will post another one in the series when I find (sh)it.


Anonymous said...

-- "mental disorder"?

Okay up till then.

But we're a century into Plutocrats buying bogus opposition; in fact I think Wall Street was already buying the "American Left" right about the time they were agitating us to go join the Hun-killing-spree called World War I.

The US had an almost-labour party; the CIA destroyed it in 1968 (and army intelligence flat out admitted it.) The US had pretend labor unions and the CIA infiltrated them and used them against the rank and file since Ike; there were tons of paperbacks and one-off magazines about this, amazingly none of them
ever got scanned and put online.

"Liberalism" is a Freak Show created by British, American and Israeli intelligence to replace the real urge for human reform that existed before then. To get it back, we know where all the targets are.


Cato said...

Carthago Delenda Est

Anonymous said...

Only a really really deluded left wing twat could come up with this
Migrants in Sweden can claim to be children if they don't look over 40

Eff the villa scratching his head at the ludicrously of it all

rambaloosa said...

@Marshall Mathers. And ooga booga to you too Rastus.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mathers where did you acquire the 'name' and why do you still use it if you're so proud of your 'heritage' ? lol Why do jews coolies and coons follow us wherever we are or go, wherever WE create a foothold or civilisation as we've defined it ? You stick to us like shit to a blanket, wanting to be like us and get one over us.

Why do you fucks wear our clothes, drive our cars, reside in brick built houses eesigned by us, 'educate' yourselves in OUR doctrines in OUR institutions stealing our knowledge which becomes useless to you LOL

I guess I've answered my own question.

The only reason you shit coloured kikes and fucks alike want to live and breed in OUR lands from Europe to those we colonised as far as the Antipodes is because .... YOU CANNOT MAKE IT IN YOUR OWN STINKING SHIT HOLES not without our wherewithall, aid and all the rest of it ... can you ?!!? Even Dubai built with OIL money paid to white engineers developers et al. The entire Middle east would still be a desert if it weren't for the genius of a white brain.

When they're all gone or bred out mongrelised et al - your world will END and you'll be back to eating eating each other as they are already in Liberia, Sierra leone and probably Zimbabwe too.

Coolies of India this is YOUR future

Marshall Mathers said...


I am still searching for the other Black Athena rubbish. Yakub the scientist was experimenting with genes and the makers of the pyramids created white people which meant that these advanced scientists suddenly forgot how to fly and other such stuff.

You can get a degree in this in the US.

Searcher said...

Black Athena


Check who is behind this sorcery:
Every. Single. Time.

Found another behavioral "tell": unusual fascination with China.

DetroitRulez < Love It!

Searcher said...

OMG another one pops up. He narrated the Black Athena documentary.

One look; one listen of the lispy voice and straight away, I reach for my BUPO folder (Bullshit until Proven Otherwise) and file away another merchant. Here he is in Trinity, Dublin.

Chatting about war:

Whitetrash said...

I am glad to have discovered this website. There have been times when I thoughthough myself the only white person who noticed the cultural rot in western nation is a former of genocide.

George said...

@Marshall Mathers;

No, we are not exceptional. Other races have technology and the intelligence to use it to build great civilizations. That said, we are still awaiting evidence that this applies to blacks as well as other races. At this point blacks rule several major American cities as well as most African countries. The cities they rule are in ruins (Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.) and the African countries? Zimbabwe is a prime example of black inadequacy. A country that once fed Africa (under White rule) now cannot feed itself. South Africa now experiences regular electricity blackouts due to black Africans inability to maintain that technology. The bottom line is that it takes a people with a mean IQ higher than 70 (black African average) to run a country/maintain a civilization. You are talking about a people that never invented the wheel for themselves, and never had a written language. Substandard and sub-human. And they act the part at every turn.

Searcher said...

Someone made a point about the Irish Times (if memory serves me correctly) recently on this blog about the newspaper promoting some link between Ireland and the Middle East.

More nonsense from the same spectrum of anti-Irish, mongrellian people that is being pushed. An Irishman, born and raised in Ireland, graduated from Trinity, moved to USA to work. Now, he is referred to in his own native land as "Irish-born". M'Kay:

The Nigerian chiselers in this piece are righty described as Irish-born as that is the only Irish connection they have:

Yet again, the Irish Times reinforces the notion that Irish is an address. Irish people are whoever happens to be born here and live here. Irish descended people in America are "not Irish". Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin certainly concurs:

Learning outcome for the peops at the back of the class: Goyim are interchangeable. You have no roots/rights/tribe. M'kay.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry a self respecting white Cuacasian KNOWS who he is, what he is and where his roots are.. whether it be Ireland, Holland, England or Finland. He will not allow Marxist poisoned, retarded arseholes (white or 'other') to tell him otherwise.

Self loathing whites who are ignorant of the greatness of their fellow whites throughout the ages whites wherever they are, who denigrate us - their RACE with 'shame' about our forebears, are worthless trash regardless of any material wealth they may be in possesion of or college education for that matter it's eschewed...

Avoid them like the plague and seek to bond with proud white people of EUROPEAN descent. Avoid "coal burning" whores, dogs and shit like that - they belong on the Jeremy Kyle or Springer shows. They're kike entertainment anyway and more than likely too thick to realise it

Anonymous said...

another shining example of treason by our resident president hobbit

Anonymous said...

A bit techno for me but I'm glad pegidas got a big following

Clogheen said...

Our President was just doing a bit of status-whoring. The Advisory Council has no power and just showed up to collect their expenses. This new law will change nothing because the real power lies with our lawyers and they will ensure that the gravy train continues. They'll get to find something 'unconstitutional' in the law.

Marshall Mathers said...

On a side note, our A.A. president is celebrating Kwanzaa! (remember, the second a be silent)

Two perspectives, mainstream media and alternative:

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama offered their best wishes for those celebrating Kwanzaa on Saturday, the first day of the week-long holiday.

Kwanzaa is an African-American and Pan-African holiday which dates back to 1966, when it was founded by California State University professor Dr. Maulana Karenga.
According to the History Channel, Kwanzaa celebrations include African drums, singing, dancing, poetry, and a family meal. A candle is lit on each of the seven nights of Kwanzaa in honor of the seven principles of the (jewshit menorah it is based on.) holiday:
collective work and responsibility,
cooperative economics,
creativity and
A discussion of the principle is hosted after the candle is lit.

Alternative version:
The founder of Kwanzaa is named Ronald Everett, alias Ron Karenga. In the mid-1960s, Everett created a Los Angeles-based black militant group called United Slaves (US) for the purpose of igniting a "cultural revolution" among American blacks. Bill Clinton was the first U.S. president to extend official recognition to the so-called holiday of "Kwanzaa," a seven-day annual "African" festival that runs from December 26th to New Year’s Day.

Karenga created Kwanzaa (named after a Swahili term for "first fruits") as a way of evangelizing on behalf of his revolution. In his book Kwanzaa: Origins, Concepts, Practice, "Karenga" claims that the spurious holiday offers blacks "an opportunity to celebrate themselves and history rather than simply imitate the practice of the dominant society."

"Karenga’s" so-called Nguzo Saba (seven principles) for his "new black value system" are little more than Marxism transposed into an afrocentric key: Umoja (unity); Kujichagulia (self-determination), which, according to "Karenga," refers to afrocentricity; Ujima (collective work and responsibility); Ujamaa (cooperative economics), which "Karenga" describes as "essentially a commitment to the practice of shared social wealth"; Nia (purpose), which refers to "collective vocation" for black people; Kuumba (creativity); and Imani (faith). However, in "The Quotable Karenga", a book that laid out "The Path of Blackness," the sevenfold path is described simply as, "think black, talk black, act black, create black, buy black, vote black, and live black."

Marshall Mathers said...

Part 2

To provide a tangible symbol of his seven principles, "Karenga" took the menorah from Judaism, adorning it in Kwanzaa’s seasonal colors (red, black, and green) and re-naming it the "kinara." No Kwanzaa celebration is complete without the recitation of the Kwanzaa pledge: "We pledge allegiance to the red, black, and green, our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle, and to the land we must obtain; one nation of black people, with one God of us all, totally united in the struggle, for black love, black freedom, and black self-determination."

"People think it's African, but it's not," Karenga said about his holiday in an interview quoted in the Washington Post. "I came up with Kwanzaa because black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that's when a lot of bloods would be partying." "Bloods" is a '60s California slang term for black people.

Look at any map of the world and you will see that Ghana and Kenya are on opposite sides of the continent. This brings up an obvious question about Kwanzaa: Why did Karenga use Swahili words for his fictional African feast? American blacks are primarily descended from people who came from Ghana and other parts of West Africa. Kenya and Tanzania—where Swahili is spoken—are several thousand miles away, about as far from Ghana as Los Angeles is from New York. Yet in celebrating Kwanzaa, African-Americans are supposed to employ a vocabulary of such Swahili words as "kujichagulia" and "kuumba." This makes about as much sense as having Irish-Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day by speaking Polish.

@George Humans build blacks destroy.

Donkey Cartel the aspiring rapper and son of Obama shot by the police ended probation in November for shooting a 12 year old son of Obama a year previous.
That is some disfunctional family he has.

Shaunantijihad said...

Marshall Mathers,

I see the light! Thank 'ee!

I can only quote, with all due deference and humility, a conclusion reached by a reader at Porter's Kakistocracy blog:

"The only solution of course is for the evil white people to be confined to their own countries. There, they can be safely walled off from the civilized world where they can live in the dank squalor that white people are known for the world over.

The wall should be high enough, and defended heavily enough, to ensure no innocent people of color are lured in to be oppressed."


Anonymous said...

Belgians have to cancel new years eve celebrations as they are scared of attacks from a death cult

Searcher said...

Comedy gold (more Black Athena from the Jewish professor):

The comments:
sucker puncher 1 year ago
not one peckerwood* has commented yet
Reply · 5

jason lind 11 months ago
well give it time, you only loaded the darn thing two months ago.

BTW be careful what you ask for, they can be a contemptuous bunch who's only reason for visiting topics like these is to derail it and create strife.

i'd much rather have a group of black intellectuals reasoning productively than a bunch of race baiters mashing up the vibes with their silly notions.
Show less
Reply · 4

* "Peckerwood" - will have to add that to the cracka/cracker/pink chimp/albino mutant list :-)

Tom said...

The Poet\Scholar Robert Graves believed the mysterious "Sea people" were the ones who colonised and brought civilisation to ancient Greece,as well as the people living in Palestine,"Jews" They also travelled westwards through north Africa before making their way into Ireland.

I found his book "The White Goddess" very interesting but difficult to read, maybe some on here who haven't read it would be interested. But I guess a lot will know more about this than I do!

Cognitive Dissonance said...

What is most puzzling about the proponents of globalism, is that they strongly insist on the preservation of "indigenous" cultures. They lament the intrusion of "Western" i.e. European culture into Asian and African countries, but at the same time advocate diversification in European countries that have and would like to retain their specific culture. I guess nationalism and mono-culturalism is only bad when practiced by white people. France and the UK are on the way to becoming the same multicultural and multifaith paradise that Syria and Iraq are, with the added bonus that the indigenous majority is being increasingly prevented from practicing their own culture, lest it may offend any of the newly added population. Hypocrisy or evil intent?

Anonymous said...

Savant, you are aware that "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder" was the title of a 2005 book by Michael Savage, aren't you? I'm a fan. Jew or not. And Jew he is.

While he would disagree with some of the more extravagant and all-encompassing views regarding Jews here, he is forthright and articulate regarding the villainy of some of the Tribe.

Tore Soros a new asshole last week, calling him a pig in a pigsty and a lot of other stuff.

Said he heard Soros sold his fellow Jews to the Nazis. Wasn't sure about it and is still researching it, to cover his own ass.

Anonymous said...

Jiggaboo Jones came down from the "muddaship". He was riding his flying pyramid to inform "ebil whitey" that we "gots" some damn fine "hinges" made of stone...and "sheet".


SAVANT said...

@23.08. Michael Savage does good work but I've written about him in the link below. Glad of any support we can get but just be aware of this guy's limitations.

Searcher said...

Black History Month in Ireland

What it means to be Irish
Raven Aflakete is from San Francisco but has lived in Dublin for several years. He is a spoken word poet and performed at the BHMI launch. “What it means to be Irish is going to completely change, it’s already started … it will have completely transformed within two generations.”

Back to me: Children's Irish language textbooks feature Black mothers speaking Irish to their Black children. These are mainstream. A lot of people are unaware of the insidious nature of this indoctrination.

Education is the most important stage of the indoctrination. Most Irish adults are only aware of MSM agendas (and are not up to speed on what is happening in classrooms). Thankfully most of the right-on types who comment in the Journal can even recognize the brazenness of the nonsense of Black History Month in Ireland. Even the most "progressive" might get a bit worried if they see this:

Don't fall into the trap of writing off your fellow man as stupid/worthless. They have been lied to. Savant was most likely independently minded since young. Rejected religion etc. Most people are not as independently minded. They get demoralized more easily. They are also more easily turned. "Persuadables" as the Hasbara training manual calls them. The fog. Sheeple. Propoganda man. American Thinker has a good article on this theme:

More heart warming fare - a Catholic school (in Ireland of all places) being all Catholic... poor mites... the horror... the poysecution:

Anonymous said...

Is it a surprise that Michael Savage doesn't want to sign on to the opinions of others when he has a daily radio audience of millions and is walking a semantic tightrope? If he steps over The Line he will be immediately ostracized. Instead he manages to dance on it.

Also, George Lincoln Rockwell's Nazi group of the sixties was, I believe, called the American Renaissance Party. That might have echoed in the back of his mind being another survivor of the sixties. I thought of it when I became aware of the site.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say I saw Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" last night. Quentin is one sick puppy.The movie is insulting to both blacks and whites. It's not my idea of entertainment to hear "nigger" screamed 300 times in a movie. Don't know what Quentin is trying to prove since he got burned with the "dead nigger storage" line in "Pulp Fiction." That he hates whites as much as blacks? Clearly some childhood issue there. Shoddy 1980s type special effects in violent scenes. Boring dialogue to explain and advance convoluted, psychotic plot. No sympathetic characters. White audience tittered moronically, inappropriately and inexplicably throughout movie.

And this fucker has the nerve to trash D.W. Griffith and John Ford.

Glen C said...

Tarantino is indeed one sick puppy. Gave up watching his films after the first few. I felt degraded after watching them although he undoubtedly has talent.

Wheeless Detroit Wagon said...

@ Marshall Mathers ... how do you explain this evidence then? ... Also google up blue eyed early dynasty Egyptian Pharaohs. Photographs of blue eyed, caucasian featured busts in the Berlin Museum thankfully found in the 19th century probably before the archeological cover ups began.

Searcher said...

I wonder what Nilus would have to say about his favorite TV poysonality, Stephen Fry, and his opinion on the Irish language:

Born meddler. Would love to see him go to Israel and make the same points about Hebrew. He might well leave with his nose straightened for free.

Learning outcome: There is no financial reason to maintain your heritage goys, so give it up. Good goys.

Anonymous said...

Tarantino was obviously raped as a kid by one of his mom's black boyfriends.

It's been obvious for years.


muslims boasting about gang rape of German girl


"Hypocrisy or evil intent?"

some evil intent
some bought hypocrisy
lots of brainwashing by school and TV


"Found another behavioral "tell": unusual fascination with China."

Yes, it means they're going to swarm soon.

It's like gypsies, how do they decide when it's time to move on?

When their trash has piled too high.


@Whitetrash howdy

Anonymous said...

"Liberalism" derives from liberty, the condition of being "free" and "Liberals" are supposed to be the drivers behind "freedom".

So the only question is how and when the word was hijacked and become the opposite of what it was. Since "libertarian" is no longer a substitute thanks to banker buddies like Ron and Rand Paul, we have no word for us normals who actually would value freedom.

Vacuum. Will be filled. By fascism maybe? Edward Luttwak, neocon, thought so.


kulak said...

You give them too much credit Sav.

Shaunantijihad said...

No. 3 needs adjusting.

Liberal say, “Racial diversity should celebrated (except the White race)”

Searcher said...

Say no to Eurocentrism: You be wrong for dat. Dat's HiSTORY:

Every. Single. Time.

Writer of:
Guns, Germs and Steel
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 00:11

Hope you streamed it for free online.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but relevant as to flooding and foreign aid wasted

Anonymous said...

Chiming to your town very soon

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

My link didn't work. Here it is again:

O/T, RamZPaul latest vid - well worth a watch:

Marshall Mathers said...

Dorset was found to have related ancestors of Tutankhamun whereas Detoilet would not unless in first worlders who forgot to flee had something in common with Cleopatra.

Left a post last night on Oliver Letwin apologising for saying that "Bad moral attitudes" were responsible for the Bayswater Farm and other riots in England in the 80s.

He was wrong to apologise because the campaign to twin parts of England with Detroit was caused by "Bad moral attitudes" and those are innate in a certain section of the population.

Anonymous said...

Gary Nathaniel Moore of Houston, Texas rabbied his own mosque!

Anonymous said...

Marshall Mathers, I think it's ridiculous to use musicians names as an alias.


Searcher said...

Get educated beeyotches:

The African American Enlightment will hopefully rid the world of "inbred mutant albinism" i.e. Whitey.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liberals say “race is an illusion”
Liberals say “We must merge all races into one”
Liberals say “Racial diversity should celebrated”

Only Whites believe that bullshit.

GHQ said...

John, if he knows his people what does he think of the present situation in Germany? Does he think Germans are going to take the enrichment lying down or will they react?

katana said...

Happy New Year Sav, and you lot of racists! More victories to come!

Ban Black Socks Movement!!


Anonymous said...

Imiigrant pushers you have blood on your hands

Every single victim of those imported by that charlatan Charlton woman is a victim of immigration.

Anonymous said...

Lena Dunham has a problem with Bill Cosby for doing something similar to what she did to her own sister.

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

Get educated beeyotches:

The African American Enlightment will hopefully rid the world of "inbred mutant albinism" i.e. Whitey.
LOL Homo erectus is attempting to be intellectual? Could be a kike though prentending to be one - maybe his other moniker elsewhere is 'assegai' or something?

200 years of self rule and independence in Haiti has produced what pray tell me ?

Voodoo, cannibalism and mumbo jumbo all over AGAIN ?!? LOL Mongrelisation with whites and other races is exactly that MONGRELISATION like mongrelised Somalians a hybrid of execrable shit created from the mixing of Asian/Arab coolies and black kaffirs...

Anonymous said...

Now you can see who you shouldn't shop with Parasites who don't pay tax and support less ravenous parasites

Anonymous said...

Liberals, aka anti-Whites, also say that there is no White race but there is "white privilege"

Liberals, aka anti-Whites, say that race doesn't matter but we MUST have Diversity.

Liberals, aka anti-Whites say they believe in free speech but we MUST ban "hate speech".

Liberals, aka anti-Whites, belong to the anti-White Church of Political Correctness, the primary doctrine of which is White Genocide.

The religious beliefs of the anti-White Church of Political Correctness explain the psychopathic and pathological behavior of liberals, aka anti-Whites.

Anonymous said...

John Oyewolo got a CBE for his services to acting. Xhe really nailed the part of Miss Monkeypenny in James Bond and what happens? Bruce Cathlyn Jenner wins Glamor magazines Woman of the Year! #Racism
Hopefully an Oscar for portraying the janitor Finn in Star Wars Even JJ Abrams and Disney Could Not Screw This up? will make up for this tragic oversight. #JanitorPowerNotMidiChlorians!
Bruce Cathlyn Jenner also won a courage award at Mickey Mouse's Mickey Mouse ESPN Awards so that sheithe could give an exclusive interview to Mickey Mouse interviewer Diane Sawyer of the Mickey Mouse ABC channel to promote the Kardashian's show on E. #Sexism #Transgenderism

Anonymous said...

Dutch man murdered by a form of non white kaffir in London. NO pictures of the coon/paki allowed

Anonymous said...

Why we aren't out with our pitch forks clearing our land of these people I will never know
Malaysia a Muslim country.and we have loads of Muslims here has decreed the best thing to stop all the cases of child rape is to marry the kids off even earlier. Mostly very young girls I might add.the dirty bastards
Muslims here will follow suit

Anonymous said...

Most recruiting ads for the royal navy, raf and army are mostly featuring brave women and darkies with turbans called patel. What a kick in the teeth for the thousands of white boys who died for them and made the bloody military. Was thinking of volunteering for the reserves. Wont now. Let those women who you clearly think are better than me pull you out of the hole.

Flanders said...

The jew hasbarat trolls really should not be fed. They love to divert and control a thread.
Right Mathers?

Especially since the biggest evolutionary jump for the negroid race occurred simultaneaously with slavery.

"Hello and welcome to my website We Thought They Were White. My name is Dontell Jackson, and like many African-Americans, I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race's ills on the white man. It was not until I began looking into the actual history of blacks, whites, and other races in America, that I came to realize that many if not most of the resentment that African-Americans harbor regarding our long history of abuse and exploitation has been intentionally misdirected by those who are most responsible for it, to shift the blame away from themselves as a people onto the white race who they regard as their enemies.

The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. That crime was committed not by White Europeans, but by Jews who were engaged in transatlantic commerce between the Old World and the Americas where they hoped to establish a New Jerusalem from which to rule the world by way of exploiting all races who were not members of their tribe of "chosen people." In their efforts to accomplish that goal, the white race has been hoodwinked and manipulated as unsuspecting pawns almost as much as the black race has been."

Flanders said...

"A U.S. spy program uncovered communications between members of Congress and Israeli Jews.

The main question surrounding this story isn’t even being asked. The media is focusing in on separation of powers and mass surveillance when those are not the main stories.

What should be asked is why we have so many members of Congress collaborating with a foreign country filled with Jews? I don’t care how horribly negotiated the Iran nuclear deal may or may not have been. The biggest problem America has is that we have traitors that do more for Jews and Israel than they do the American people.

Flanders said...

What is termed as “liberalism” today is actually indoctrination, which is followed by zombies who recite the platitudes which jews and communists have provided them to make them feel good about themselves while they are promoting policies which tear down America and American society --- and they often receive monetary rewards for doing so.

Anonymous said...

John Oyewolo? Who he? Seriously, never heard of him. Is he another Sir Len Henry? Famous for taking money from white people to give to blacks? I would Google him but know I would only get angry.


Flanders said...

We all are aware of the primary source for todays type of "liberalism", with it's platitudes which are designed to lull unsuspecting and gullible (particularly those of the susceptible among White peoples) into an ennui and inertia about protecting their own races and cultures from an internationalist multicultural onslaught, and to blend them into a one-world system which is controlled by others and not by them.

Some people, who usually call themselves "liberal", are willing to look away and ignore when the primary sources for their own controlled "liberalism" do not follow their own rhetoric.

The actual point being that no one should be promoting policies to make themselves into a big pile of nothingness, no matter in which country it is being promoted. It is not liberalism to make everyone subjects to the commands of internationalist control freaks.

"Bigoted and hate filled Jews in Israel have banned a book from being used in schools which depicts a romance between a Jewess and a Palestinian man.

Clearly Israel has not learned to be multicultural and therefore will not survive into the future. Considering that Jews in Hollywood depict White women race mixing with disgusting ape savages all the time, we have another case of Jewish hypocrisy here.

I demand that Israel open their borders to every Black and mud savage in the world. Israel must be enriched."

Anonymous said...

Mario Balotelli's agent has called on people not to call him a cunt.

"Mario has nothing in common with Bono. He is a selfish waste of space who has been dressing room poison at every club he has been at but he is not a cunt."

Hopefully you will be able to set the record straight?

Searcher said...

"Homo erectus is attempting to be intellectual? Could be a kike though prentending to be one - maybe his other moniker elsewhere is 'assegai' or something?"

I had the same thought, however the frequent capitalizing for effect is seen in a lot of African American writings. There are also slip-ups in capitalization The persuasive manner is common to both. Actually both varieties are pretty good at emotional manipulation and lack of self-criticism or genuine humor. Both have a victim complex and have this "special ones" status to prop themselves up (collective narcissism).

However, I think you might be right on closer inspection. I don't believe the African American mind is inventive enough to come up with this kind of thing:

"In inner circles, this “reinventing or rediscovering” is commonly referred to as reverse-engineering. Deep in antiquity, there did exist a prehistoric super-civilization that was far more advanced technologically than we are today. Some of the spacecraft/aircraft, that existed back then that may have crashed during some ancient reconnaissance or war, has been recovered by the powers that be and they have been proceeding to reverse engineer various portions of that downed ancient craft. They have been reverse engineering everything from the propulsion system to the electronic capabilities of other parts and components of the craft. It is common knowledge in some circles that AT&T Bell Laboratories has been credited with the development of the transistor, however in reality what they have done is reverse engineer that technology from an ancient crashed aircraft/spacecraft. They like to refer to those craft as “crashed ET spacecraft”. However that carries a connotation that non-humans created and manufactured those craft when in reality they are human created and manufactured craft but was created and manufactured deep in antiquity before white people existed within the context that we understand them today. This goes on to say that many of the so called modern amenities that white people take pride in crediting themselves with developing and inventing, they really did not invent.

They only reverse engineered it from ancient artifacts or machines and took credit for it. One major lie was that the Wright Brothers developed the concept of flight. They were only credited with it. They really got the secret of flight from reverse engineering one of the downed ancient air craft/spacecraft. What they also don’t want to tell you is that when they recover these crashed ancient aircraft, often from archeological digs, they find the remains of black people in there as pilots, not “greys” or other aliens that they want to lead you to believe. Forensic evidence will confirm that!"

Flanders said...

“A BBC radio phone-in program in the early hours of December 22 allowed a caller to stay on air for almost 13 minutes in a rant that castigated Jews and their “rule” over British society, a watchdog group said.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism called the incident shocking “even for the BBC.”
Andy referenced well-known anti-Semitic tropes, claiming that the Jews didn’t originate from Palestine but that most came from “an empire called Khazaria” in eastern Europe and that “the Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own the corporate America, the media, you’ll find if you just do a little bit of research, they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.”

“They control money, money,” he repeated. […]

Andy continued by complaining about an obsession with the Holocaust in mainstream media, and repeating the mantra that “we are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system. The Rothschilds control us.”

The full interview can be heard on the show’s BBC iPlayer site, starting at 03:07:28.
Think about it: the Jews in the UK are openly demanding the BBC hand over this caller’s personal information to police so an investigation can be opened and the man can be prosecuted for “hate crimes,” simply by making a few basic observations publicly. This is totally unacceptable, and I hope the good people of the UK rally behind this courageous caller.

Telling the truth about Jewish supremacy and power in the West, among other important subjects, is a crime, according to Jews. Making basic, factual observations and criticisms of Jews, Jewish supremacy, and various Jewish-promoted and instigated agendas, such as cultural Marxism, wars in the Middle East, massive non-White immigration to the West, etc., is “evil” and “racist” and “anti-Semitic,” we’re led to believe. What utter nonsense!

If there is one thing the Jews hate the most, it is people standing up and refusing to accept their lies, their programming, and their tyrannical, anti-human agenda. And frankly, we do not have time to cower before the Jews anymore. These people have to be exposed and isolated – the future of our planet depends upon it.”

Anonymous said...

Uber liberal for LBC

Anonymous said...

When Brixton was twinned with Detroit

Riots break out in Brixton because da man is coming down hard on native black entrepreneurship aka drug dealing. To get the yoots off the streets training programmes are set up. Everyone on the courses wants to be a disc jockey. And what happens next? The BBC hire the son of an Anglican Bishop as their black music expert. #WhitePrivilege

But as he is friends with muso sorts nobody has a problem with this. #LiberalHypocrisy Privately educated guy speaks "jafrican" on air. Cultural appropriation? Not according to the media elite.

In Newark or the Detroit of the East as it is known there was a #BlackLivesMatter peace march which of course turned violent because that is what Detroiters of the East as Newarkians are known do. Facebook discoverer wasted $100 million on their education system.

In Detroit or the Newark of the Midwest as it is known there 8 people turned up for a #BlackLivesMatter event. It is as if #BlackLivesDidNOTMatter to most people there.

Q How did people know that NAACP organiser Rachael Dolezal was not black?
A She turned up for "work" on time everyday.

The organiser of #BlackLivesMatter fame disappeared with the money raised. Rabbiesque!

Q How do you know Batman is not from Detroit?
A He can go out with Robin.

Uncle Nasty said...

Excuse me while I hose myself ...

Pot ... meet kettle.

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Obama Administration's Espionage Against Israel Should Be Major Scandal

Following-up, "Obama Administration Spied on Israel — And Members of Congress, Pro-Israel Interest Groups as Well."

At the New York Post, "Why Team Obama’s Israel spying should be a major scandal":
No one should be in the least bit surprised that the United States and Israel continue to spy on each other, despite being longtime close allies.

Israel’s strategic position in the world’s most volatile region pretty much guarantees that. So does Jerusalem’s dependence on continued US support and goodwill.

But news that the Obama administration targeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for continued close electronic surveillance — even as it curbed it for other friendly leaders — still is pretty startling.

As is The Wall Street Journal’s disclosure that the sweep included conversations with US Jewish groups and members of Congress.

The last is especially critical: Careful rules govern how the National Security Agency can handle such intercepted conversations, and it’s not clear they were followed.

But it’s also significant that Team Obama apparently had no problem with spying on Americans engaged in legitimate political activity — in this case, trying to block the president’s dubious nuclear deal with Iran.

Read the whole thing and reflect on what 2016 is going to bring ... maybe the US air force will bomb, torpedo and strafe an Israeli ship in the Mediterranean .... or perhaps a US military contractor will be convicted of stealing military secrets from Israel.

Who knows ... maybe American billionaires will be convicted of attempting to influence the outcome of israeli elections.

Can't wait to see that.


Dr. Wassell said...

UN, that blew my mind as well. America spying on 'its greatest ally'. What a laugh. And Marco Rubin (sic) in with the first salvo of outrage.

Big Billy Burgess said...

Q How do you know Batman is not from Detroit?
A He can go out with Robin.

Should be without Robin, surely?

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Africans Whites would still be living in piss and shit infested dirt and mud camps, and taking shelter in caves.

So it took so much for the Africans to get Whites right the Africans just fucked themselves.

Flanders said...

“Turkey is training Islamic State terrorists in a camp disguised as a training ground for the Free Syrian Army, a 20-year-old jihadist captured by the Kurdish YPG told Sputnik. The prisoner said Ankara’s help to the “moderate” Syrian opposition is not as innocent as portrayed.
With special permission from the local Kurdish authorities, Russian journalists received first-hand testimony that Turkey is “a friend” of Islamic State.

“They only appear to be enemies, however, they are friends,” the 20-year-old Abdulhadi, whose brother, Til Berak, is still fighting for IS told Sputnik Turkey. While Turkish nationals constitute only about “10 percent” of jihadists he had come across, the prisoner said Turkey is actively training Islamic State fighters.
While the camp was officially declared to be one of the training grounds for the Free Syrian Army, the YPG prisoner says, “all sixty of those who were there were ISIL members.”

“These were Syrian citizens, many of whom arrived in Turkey in search for a job initially, but later joined Daesh,” he explained.”

Anonymous said...

We over here who have humour say
What's the difference between batman and a Scouser

At least batman can go out without robbing

Eff the villa
I'll get me coat

Anonymous said...

Seems like we are all getting edgy. And rightly so

I'm wondering if this Dubai fire is something to do with Islamic spoilsports

Flanders said...

Actual photo of the liberal brain

Uncle Nasty said...

Back on topic (surprise!) ... that is to say: defining a liberal.

I do not feel that they have to be defined in any sensible way.

Seriously ... One merely has to learn to recognise them -- like one does venomous snakes or insects -- and then avoid them, if you can ... or destroy them if it's not too illegal and no-one's looking.

Like these two:

If you can't actually destroy them, you can help in their destruction by feeding their obsession until it destroys them for you.

Like those two.

I am being quite serious, here. Liberals are so self-absorbed, seemingly blind to the realities of life, and above all, self-righteous, that if one of them said:- "Oh Lord!! I hate this white privilege that's forced upon me!!!"

One could merely suggest -- with a straight face of course -- that they atone, somehow.


By helping those poor oppressed people of colour by doing missionary work in, say, Nigeria or Somalia**, or volunteering to deliver hot food, blankets and free cell phones to underprivileged blacks in Detroit, Malmo, Manchester, Chicago, Hillbrow, Baltimore ... you name it. Any third world shit-hole most convenient to you and them.

No matter what hare-brained, dangerous, self-destructive-to-the-point-of-suicide scheme they come up with, simply respond:

What a wonderful idea! What a generous gesture! You're such a good person!

Bingo. Self-solving problem.


** Or any other nog-infested hotspot du jour.

Anonymous said...

Even Mugabe thinks the Brits have gone to the dogs ... ROFL

Anonymous said...

VERMIN - white Maggots

Anonymous said...

Happy new year everyone
I've got a belly full of home made baileys which I made a little stronger than the last bottle
Good job I'm at home because if I was out on the town the sight of all those foreign faces would make me belligerent
And I don't want to end up in a cell or I'll stay in

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Happy new year everyone
I've got a belly full of home made baileys which I made a little stronger than the last bottle
Good job I'm at home because if I was out on the town the sight of all those foreign faces would make me belligerent
And I don't want to end up in a cell or I'll stay in

Eff the villa

Flanders said...

Graphic example of jewified liberal logic:

Anonymous said...

Answer should have been without Robin.

I got confused up there. No Benjamin Charles Elton in the joke telling stakes am I?

Q How do we know that tent model Camila Batmanghelidjh friend of Alan Botney and Samantha Cameron who should really stay in the kitchen out of the way and not be promoting an inappropriate tent model with a worthless charity is not Batman?
A Mrs Thatch (Wait)
A She cannot go out without robin'.

Anonymous said...

Who in the US said "I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job."?

Anonymous said...

I hate those people who knock at your door and tell me that I have to join them or I won't be saved.

Stupid Firemen.

Whenever I tell a Chinese journalist that he needs to get out I am a racist. A Mizzou professor does the same and she is lauded in the media. #JewishPrivilege

Anonymous said...

Since Hussein Obama was first elected as POTUS (President of the United States) a slew of high-ranking cabinet and other responsible government positions were freely doled out to less-than-competent Negroes. Then came corporate mimicry that pretended that competency is equal to all races. Of course, if corporate honchos want to win those government contracts and receive other tax-payer handouts, then it's best to fall in line like good boys and girls.

MacDonald's Restaurants was recently headed by another affirmative-action hire, however under his direction, I believe the "bottom line" even went below the line, so he was quietly removed. Now we come to America's well-known Sam's Club ... and who should we find managing that huge corporation. I leave that to your imagination.

Flanders said...

We are trained to look at left and right on a linear plane, with liberalism on the left and conservatism on the right. In actuality, the two are circular in the sense of a ring, and the larger population of conservatives (individualists) are in the center, with the left occupying the bottom left as Marxists-communists and also occupying the bottom right as fascists, both with state controls over the individual. Either of the latter are:

Leftism of the lowest order:

“Barack Obama the ridiculous Negro faggot in the Black House is apparently going to issue an executive order pushing more gun control.

He is only doing this because he doesn’t want White people to be able to defend themselves from all the crazy subhuman savages he’s allowing into the country.

From CNN:”

Flanders said...

Happy White New Year to all at Irish Savant and to all who are in our White families everywhere!
May the lies of the past be revealed
May the liars and infiltrators suffer expulsion
May sanity return to our lands
May God grant us all peace and happiness

Switzerland Follows Iceland in Declaring War Against the Banksters


Alex the Goon said...

17:54 - "Most recruiting ads for the royal navy, raf and army are mostly featuring brave women and darkies with turbans called patel."

Same in the states. Every shade of shit on the Brown Rainbow. The Noble Negro Officer leading a battlefield charge. How the fuck they get any White man to join, I'll never guess.

Shaunantijihad said...

Happy New Year! Let us not forget..

The source of our woes centres on who owns our fiat currencies - the Jewish international banking mafia, and especially the Federal Reserve. This power is used to control our politics and media. From this we get such Jewish treachery as 911 and the mass Afro-Islamic immigration to bring about the final solution to the White race.

Let us hope 2016 brings us closer to the action needed to stop and reverse the immivasion and deal with the primary source of our woes.

Anonymous said...

Flanders said :-

This content doesn't seem to be working. No, seriously, that's what it says.
The host was Simon Lederman. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Anon 22.05 said :-

Uber liberal for LBC

Apologiser for being white speaks to the LBC. Why didn't he just say 'Yes, I often say Nigger and Nignog I know a lot of people who say it. They are not racist they are pro-white. Yes I do hang out with the right wing parties in the EU they are the ones defending Europe.'
Why are white people always apologising? We have a right to say what we like. Paid for in white blood not full of sickle cells. Farage denies what most people think he stands for. Prick.
BTW. For our American friends. Trump is going to sell you down the river. Don't build your hopes up.

Tired. Angry. Pissed off. Had two hours sleep and going on a 10 mile hike. Why make these promises to people when you know you're not going to feel like it? I'm an idiot but you knew that already.

hoosier said...

Correct about that AA stooge MCDolalds put in charge. Not surprisingly he came up with the '365 Black' concept, in effect speeding up the flight of white customers from the franchise.

Anonymous said...

Who in the US said "I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing a better than average job."?

Looks like the bottle got to the blond's head!

Anonymous said...

I'd be more inclined to boycott RatDonald's for what they put in the burgers!!!

Anonymous said...

That twat interviewing Farage is proper antifa, dressed in middle class attire, plus a private education all handed down by its father who received everything for nought from the post war taxpayers of the UK, as did all these communist fucks... Mandelson, Straw, Blair (and his disgusting missus) Brown, Hewitt, Harman, Abbott (ape woman)Hain (who was booted out of SA) Corbyn (socialist millionaire) - the fucking lot of them.

The purging of the houses of Westminster and the unelected house of Lords is long over due as is the dismantling of the unelected EU circus in Brussels.

Anonymous said...


Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's attempt to stop baltimorons spontaneous outbreaks of basketball games in the 65% detroitally-challenged city.

Anonymous said...

First, he talked to Pearlman about the likelihood that he would ever accept a position on a New York team. "I would retire first," Rocker said. "It's the most hectic, nerve-wracking city." That was a benign comment compared to what came next. On the city's residents: "The biggest thing I don't like about New York are the foreigners. I'm not a very big fan of foreigners." Then there's the experience of riding a New York City subway: "Imagine having to take the [Number] 7 train to the ballpark … next to some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing." He was no more charitable to his Atlanta teammates, calling one black player a "fat monkey."

"Rocker reserves a special place in his heart for Mets fans, whom he began badmouthing during the regular season." Said Rocker: "Nowhere else in the country do people spit at you, throw bottles at you, throw quarters at you, throw batteries at you.… I talked about what degenerates they were, and they proved me right."

Indeed, Rocker—who told ESPN television "The last thing I wanted to do was offend people"—was fined $20,000 and suspended from play until May 2000.

union representative Shaym Das noted in an Associated Press wire story, which also pointed out that Rocker's punishment was more typical of a player who used drugs or engaged in similar malfeasance. Rocker's New York-based insults "[were] crude, stupid, and could've been left unsaid," wrote Baseball Digest's John Kuenster, "but it was hardly deserving of a lengthy suspension from the Braves. Take a subway train in most any big city in this diverse land of ours, and you're going to see some unusual creatures sitting right across from you. So what else is new?"

Read more: John Rocker - At Full Blast - Braves, York, City, and Atlanta - JRank Articles

John Rocker was also made go on a divershitty and tolerance course. He told an interviewer that he did not learn anything and it was a waste of time.

He did not mention the insane womanmans like the one who attacked people with a knife and if you use the wrong pronoun with xer you could be fined up to $250 000.

Despite boasting about it being able to get away with it (Writes check for $250 000 to Bill de Blowsio.) it was charged (These are not two offenses but one .) with assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

So that Rachel Richard creature at RTE could you see someone punished for referring to it as Richard when dressed as Rachel but when it would dress as Rachel it could demand to be called Rachel.

Alice would have have to run down a rabbit hole these days.

Uncle Nasty said...

When schmucks fall out ...

It appears that George Lucas, showing the style, restraint and judgment that have become his hallmark over the last decade or two* has decided to flay the jews at the new Disney.

Star Wars creator George Lucas apologises for comparing Disney to 'white slavers'

George Lucas has apologised for criticising Disney's handling of Star Wars and saying he had sold his characters to "white slavers" in a recent interview.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Lucas says he misspoke and used a "very inappropriate analogy".

It was not clear what the Star Wars creator meant by the "white slavers" comment, and interviewer Charlie Rose did not ask a follow-up question on his PBS show that aired on December 24. The charged words nonetheless sparked ire when the interview was posted online on Wednesday.

And there, George, you strike the problem that besets anyone who decides to live with niggers ... you begin to think like one.

Then there is a possible explanation -- however unlikely, in that Georgie Porgie's melanin-enhanced partner is a keen scholar of exactly who the original slave traders and slave ship owner really were ...

Names like: Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy; Jacob Franks; Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson; Moses Levy; Justus Bosch and John Abrams; Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix; Mordecai and David Gomez; Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell; Wm. De Woolf; James De Woolf; Jan de Sweevts, John and Jacob Roosevelt (Yes!!!); Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks -- sort of leap out.

Members of the local Shin Bet? No doubt ...

Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.


*I am being quite serious, here.

Uncle Nasty said...

Also visitied Flanders and Lemmyhead's link:

Flanders said :-

And, once again hosed myself. Tell me the following does not smack of desperation:

Jonathan Sacerdoti, director of communication at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said the incident was shocking “even for the BBC…. The radio presenter simply allowed an ignorant racist to speak for nearly [a] quarter of an hour while offering no counter-argument, correction or condemnation of his views that Jews control money, banks, commerce and the media. We expect the BBC to now hand the caller’s telephone number to the police.”

I dunno, Sacerdoti, old Sock, the man sounds like a particularly well-informed racist to me ... Is it just me, by the way, or are the shrieks of "anti-semite" beginning to sound a little ... hysterical -- shall we say?

Secondly, do you think that -- as a public relations flack -- that it was a particularly smart move to re-list all the guy's accusations -- almost in point form? If so, don't quit your day job.

Either that or the reporter is taking the piss.

Don't you just love that bubbling sound of jews pooing in their combinations?


Anonymous said...

GHQ IN RESPONSE} have not seen Heinz for about a year or so and never did find out about the Merkle fiasco as that really started after the last tme i saw him,i must inquire with enrollment ppl at club if he is even alive as he was in late 80s when i last saw him,,,,,John old rtf chicago copper....

Flanders said...

Part 1:

Angela Merkel, born Angela Dorethea Kasner (July 17, 1954), is a jewess Dual-"Citizen" of Germany and Israel, who has German and Israeli passports. She speaks Hebrew (her mother tongue) at the Knesset. Her grandfather fought against Germany in WWI. In 2008, she received the "B'nai B'rith Europe Award of Merit" for fighting "anti-semitism".

Merkel's mother was a jewess named Herlind Jenztchsh, (alt. Jentzsch). Her father, Kasner, was a jew, and was born with the name Kazmmierczak. He was a crypto-Converso jew who was a "devout" Lutheran pastor who had “sympathetic” views towards the communist regime of the GDR. She, Angela, was Helmut Kohl's (Hennoch Kohn's) "girl". She was appointed by Kohl (CDU), then the Chancellor, to be the Minister for the Environment and Reactor Safety. The German people privately call her "Angela Hochverrat" meaning Angela High Treason. Others have called her "Merkiavelli for what some have dubbed her Machiavellian political tactics".

Angela Kasner was the eldest of her siblings, Marcus, and Irene. She joined the Free German Youth movement, through which she showed leadership skills at a young age, and became District Board Representative and Secretary of Agitprop – the agitation and propaganda campaign of that movement. She and her family were given special privileges such as "easily crossing from West Germany to East Germany, and owning two cars."

Angela Merkel Naked *updated

Angela Merkel Under Fire Over Communist Links - New Image - Daily Mail Report

"Oscar winning actress and revolutionary Marxist Vanessa Redgrave has said German Chancellor Angela Merkel has something “very, very special”...".

Flanders said...

Part 2:

"Merkel, the Red footsoldier: German chancellor under fire over Communist links as image of her in uniform is released
Photo found of her as 17-year-old marching with East German officer
Released as she’s forced to play down book which alleges communist past".
She had been accused of "holding a post as a propaganda secretary in the youth movement the FDJ".
"She is looking for pen-pals.

She likes Abba and reading.

She did not get many replies, so now all of Europe has to suffer.

Who is she? Read her personal ad."

Flanders said...

Part 3:

"The Christian Democrats enjoyed using Merkel as their poster child for diversity, which helped her move up the party ranks.

She retires [from her pressures as Chancellor] "to the small hideaway cottage she shares with her husband. The house lies at the bottom of a nondescript cobbled lane in the depths of the east German countryside near where she was brought up."
"The other factor often credited with giving her the edge over her still mostly West German contemporaries is her upbringing in Communist East Germany. She was born Angela Kasner in capitalist Hamburg in 1954 [Others say, Templin – and not Augsberg]. Her father, Horst, was a Protestant pastor who took the highly unusual step of moving with his wife Herlinde and Angela to Communist East Germany just a few weeks after his daughter's birth. At the time, only convinced Communists were opting to stay in Soviet-controlled East Germany. Horst Kasner, a devout Protestant, was not one of them [Says an (MSM) Independent report].
[Another report, A BBC documentary highlighted how Merkel’s Socialist father held boisterous debates around the dinner table. "Her childhood was also shaped by the Cold War - Merkel's Socialist father held politically charged gatherings at his seminary and as she grew up, vigorous debates rang around the dinner table. ---]. The family first lived in the small town of Quitzow before moving to the larger provincial East German town of Templin in 1957."
"She not only joined the Communist Free German Youth movement – which some critics still describe as the socialist answer to the Hitler Youth [Says the Independent report] – but also learnt Russian, the language of East Germany's ultimate rulers."

AnalogMan said...

Happy 2016 to all.

Say, does anybody remember South African President Thabo Mbeki's Millennium Africa Recovery Plan? Wasn't that supposed to eliminate disease, poverty and conflict from the African continent by 2014? Anybody know how that worked out?

Flanders said...

Part 4:

"Our Jewish Friends Are at Home in Germany"

"Merkel never was part of the “Wir sind das Volk” movement, that paved the way for regime change in East-Germany in 1989. Angela Merkel is the Erich Honecker who survived 1989 and miraculously made it to the leader of Germany. Ironically she could very well become the victim of the next all-German Wir sind das Volk uprising, triggered by the invasion from the third world. The lefties of the USSR and Eastern-Europe went belly up in 1989-1991. But there is still one globalist s***pile at large: the US and its Western-European satraps and their silly dream of world empire for the AngloZionist banksters. But their days are numbered as well." [See Deep Resource link below].

"Since the occupation of Germany from 1945, Jewish control and power over the country is total.

Thus it is no surprise that Angela Dorothea Kasner, a Jewess with clear pro-Israeli policies should emerge as the leader of the country.

One hopes Germany is free of this covert Jewish control of their country, and ALL foreign troops leave Germany with their bases. One hopes German elections are free and fair and not decided in advance as they are in Japan........Germans are capable of conducting free and fair elections.

One hopes Germany disengages from the illegal Afghan mission, which essentially at its core is a heroin mission for the Anglo-American Bankers in London and New York. I know I do not need expert arguments to convince them it is nothing other than a 'narco-plantation' operation. Is the German military really proud to associate with such a mission? Really? and in the process kill a few Afghan civilians by accident, and then apologize? All it requires is the courage to see the actual facts.

But we have Angela Dorothea Kasner at the helm....and she in line with Israeli Hertzilya security dictates is making the same Jewish noises in unison with Israel; Mossad Sarkozy and Daoud Cameronski PM of the UK.......Israel must be a purely Jewish state, thus multiculturalism has failed in Germany....".

"There isn’t going to be a harmonious living together between the Europeans, Islamists and Africans. Instead there is going to be a major confrontation, from which a European renaissance could occur and the salvation from the hated multiculturalism, imposed on us by the US. Multiculturalism: the American flavor of communism.

Let’s bury the Marxist 1968 generation."

A Composer said...

Nigga'Lotto by A Composer

Oh no! Tray Tray has been shot
Gibsmedat government money.

Oh no! Tamir been shot
Gibsmedat government money.

Carrying a knife
He is checking it twice
Is he gonna be naughty or nice?
Slash the honkies tires!

Who is that?
Polis man with a bang bang
Oh no! Chicongo astrophysicist been shot
Gibsmedat Chicongo taxpayer money Mister Rahm

Donkey cartel is checking the stock
oh look a Montague or a Capulet
Hard to know which is which when you don't know who your daddy is
Polis man with a bang bang
Ends the shopping spree.

Flanders said...

5 of 5 [for now]:

Recites a translated tract of interest:

Maybe someone here does, but I don't read German, but I don't have to in order to get the "picture".

German video: Angela Merkel 1st Juden:

"Angela Merkel Net Worth is $11.5 Million. Angela Merkel is the current Chancellor of Germany; she has a net worth of $11.5 million. Angela Merkel has built her net worth as chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union since 2000, and chairwoman of Angela Dorothea Merkel, German: ; nee Kasner is the Chancellor of Germany and Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union . Merkel is the first female Chancellor of Germany."

Searcher said...

I read a comment recently that resonated as it is one thing to see why something is wrong but it is even more energizing to realize WHO is pushing for it. Ingroup/outgroup matters hugely and this is why it is practically illegal to broadcast WHO is doing the pushing. Since, if "they" are all for it then we should be against it not because of XYZ but because "they" are pushing it. If "they" push social changes then we should be against it. If "they" try to set us against each other, then we should unite. If "they" try to redefine social roles/gender/family, then we should resist it. If your envious friend (frenemie) tells you that you would benefit from Botox, then you reject the "advice" not because you are against Botox, but because of who is telling you to get it. The frenemie is untrustworthy. The frenemie's advice should never be taken on matters of consequence.

A lot of people don't really care about multiculturalism etc in Ireland or in their own countries. Boiling frog scenario. However, what would really get them sitting up and paying attention is the systematic way it has been facilitated/forced in all Western countries by people with a certain mentality that is opposed to our own, who are not our kin; with disastrous long-term consequences for the majority of the native population. When "they" are not "us" then it is an altogether different proposition. When "they" are simply aligning their interests with our homegrown special interest groups to weaken "us" as a whole, then game-on.

It is hilarious for your friends if you have been hypnotized to believe that you are a chicken. But it is only hilarious because they have not similarly been hypnotized. They can collectively see that you have been tricked into believing that you are a chicken. This is why humor is the biggest weapon imho. Laughing at "the trans-chicken" and pointing out the hypnotist and the stage he performs on is vital.

I'm not really into politics
I used to think that "liberal" just meant live and let live. "Conservative" meant scary Thatcher. "Neo-conservative" was crazy Bush. "Communism" meant intellectuals who were up for the working man.

For that reason, I also do not see ordinary people with a liberal mindset as real enemies, as they know no better. We have all been educated and exposed to the same memes (the younger you are the more extreme the "education"). We understand our own people, and if we don't, we should try harder.

MSM and Church
I used to wonder as a teenager, why practically all media in Ireland were so anti-Church. It only dawned on me recently, that it was because they saw the Church as competition. The Church had a huge influence on people's mentality through weekly sermons and community strengthening. But journalists want to take the place of the Church. Church leaders are competition. In the past, the Church and the media co-existed, so why did it all get so dichotomous in the 1990s? And why, do MSM not realize that they will be turned on or worse again, tuned out, just as people turned on and tuned out the Church?

On a related point, was anyone else here aware that Irish MSM is so closely linked with (((controlled))) UK MSM, through the NUJ (National Union of Journalists (UK & Ireland)? I only recently copped that the NUJ was primarily UK based. It explains a lot. Founded in 1907, the NUJ is one of the biggest journalists' unions in the world. Funnily enough, a branch of their union is called a "chapel". "NUJ chapels: a voice in every workplace". Preachers. Traditional black vs "fashion" black. Oh the silvery metally substance :-)

Searcher said...

Rabbit or Wolf?

Note: Rabbits are vegetarian. Dead giveaway, as the man says. Take it away, Mr Ramsey: :-)

Searcher said...

More on r/K theory (highly recommend):

I realize that I am naturally r (a flippin' rabbit!) However, am turning K. Hmm.

Flanders said...

Don't we all just love those "liberals" who would do anything to protect Free Speech? We have all heard them spout, "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll fight to the death to protect your right to say it". For liberals that saying applies only to those who ARE leftists.

"A patriotic White man named John Pisone has been fired from his job for voicing opinions about lazy Communist protesters and an outdated piece of farm equipment. The Marxist leaning Daily Kos site also did a whole write up on it.

Below is the video that the Marxist SJW homosexuals used to get him fired from his job." [At the link].

"As many of you are already aware, the haters of free speech at Disqus have decided to shut down our comments section. Supposedly we are somehow violating their terms of service. Apparently if you hurt the feelings of Jews and non-Whites with truthful information, that is cause for Internet shut down.

Long story short, we only have a few more days before the comments section gets shut down.---The Jews and their Marxist allies simply can’t handle this type of truth because what we are saying cannot be argued with logically. Instead, all they can do is to silence our speech through devious methods.

Andrew over at the Daily Stormer is currently dealing with the same situation. There also appears to be a wide ranging attempt to shut down this type of speech on a variety of platforms. Facebook and Twitter are the worst but it is now extending to other areas of the Internet including WordPress blogs. Andrew has also written a separate piece on this that is worth a read.

All of these attempts to shut down our speech will fail in the end. Let’s face it Jews, you have already lost. You might as well just book your plane tickets to Tel Aviv now."

Flanders said...

"Liberals" seem to have a strange "appreciation" for any truly Christian attitude or thought, don't they?

"The two main reasons for the more extensive Jewish penetration of the British aristocracy were the earlier introduction of civil marriage, and the admission of Jews to the hereditary peerage on a par with the native elite (beginning with Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1884). Endelman writes that in Britain, “marriage without a religious ceremony became legal in 1837, and in 1839 Hannah de Rothschild (1815–1864), daughter of the founder of the English branch of the banking clan, married Henry FitzRoy, younger son of the second Lord Southampton, at St. George’s, Hanover Square, without first becoming a Christian.” - Endelman, Leaving the Fold, 79.

The Evil Jews Hate Christ – It’s in their Satanic Blood

Christ “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

Revelations 22:13

Flanders said...

Do you want to let your White women know what the jews at Google think of White women?

Go to Google
Enter a photo search for White women
View results (with any filters off)
Enter a photo search for black women
View results

14 Words had it simpler:

Get the filthy Apes off their back!

Flanders said...

To find the biggest differences on a Google image search, try searching White man and then try Jewish man. And after that,

Note the differences between the images that jewgle shows on a search for Jewish man – versus the images which once were at WHO CONTROLS AMERICA?.
Even without those images actually being there a person should know.

Flanders said...

Liberals are not the only ones who enjoy diversity.

EVERYONE in our White countries enjoys the tremendous benefits of diversity!

Anonymous said...

Offspring of illegal communist immigrants into Britain and proponent of terrorism in white South Africa pockets £400 million

Shaunantijihad said...

Flanders, thanks for that link.

SAVANT, KATANA - heads up! In fact, all of you, ATTENTION! RED ALERT! I have asked someone who I believe is a German speaker to help translate, but in the meantime I have used a web translation page:

Angela Merkel before the Israeli Knesset, in her own words, her "native language" - HEBREW

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Madam President, ani muda lachem, Shen itan li, le ladere lechem, kan me bait me chub atse, sekavot kadol asuri (15sec). [applause 10 seconds]. I thank all the members of the Knesset for that I thank you all that I have in my native language to speak to you today." (35sec)

Spokesperson: "But many people forget that Ms Merkel not only has a father. Her mother was a Jewess from Poland, Herlind Jentzsch (45sec). And because in Israel the Jewish descent through the mother is transferred, you also had no problems to get an Israeli passport (53sec). If you are a Mr Ebel faith, then you are already an Israeli passport concerned (59sec). A woman with an Israeli passport at the head of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY"

Shaunantijihad said...

Here is the video. Can anyone German speaker confirm the claims made

Anonymous said...

Mayhem in occupied Brussels new years eve

Bill Bailey said...

Immigrants and faggots they make no sense to me
They come to our country and think they'll do as they please
Like start some mini Iran or spread some fucking disease
They talk so many goddamn ways it's all Greek to me

Guns 'N Roses - One In A Million

Bill Bailey said it like it was, is and will be.

Anonymous said...

It says 100s of British soldiers could be arrested for simply doing their duty because a rag head makes up charges

Flanders said...

Thanks Shaunantijihad. Yes, I would love to see an English translation for that.

The only way that the EUjews have been able to maintain their capabilities to push all of their imported "immigration" armies into Europe is because they've maintained the fiction, swallowed by most people, that the leaders of it are "one of us". We know that Sarkozy, Hollande, Merkel and others are white-skinned jews who are promoting anti-White policies as part of a JWO agenda, and are using the natural good and humanitarian natures of White people against them. Proofs of that can open many people to the facts who otherwise would refuse to consider the possibility.

"I was at a very large American mall today. I am a white male.

I was the minority. By far.

There were mexican families with 10 kids eating at expensive restaurants. There were turbans. There were muslim women with burka things on their heads lurking around. There were indians driving 2 mph for a mile down a 1 way street. There were blacks on iphones and wearing expensive clothing waiting for the city bus…I know for a FACT they were shopping with government money. These people could hardly function in a social setting as they were sitting on the floor….of the mall….blocking the entrances and exits.

Maybe 10 percent of the people were in there were white. I am talking about 10 percent out of thousands of people…

What the fuck…..? I felt so uncomfortable it was insane.

This country is DONE….DONE.

This man’s experience took place in Madison, Wisconsin. I suggest he travel to San Antonio, Texas and visit the Walmart store at the corner of Interstate 10 and DeZavala Road. He will understand why Amurkistan is the proper name for the U.S. now."

Unknown said...

Liberals A.K.A "zionists influenced brainwashed sheep!"

Unknown said...

Lmao!! Your joking right?? Blacks hadnt even discovered the wheel or the sail until Europeans arrived on the dark continent .

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

Happy 2016 to all.

Say, does anybody remember South African President Thabo Mbeki's Millennium Africa Recovery Plan? Wasn't that supposed to eliminate disease, poverty and conflict from the African continent by 2014? Anybody know how that worked out?

1 January 2016 at 20:04

If you stop to think about it, AnalogMan, It's working very well.

They do it by shipping all the niggers to Europe and the USA.

All right, they are behind schedule, but this is Africa.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Mayhem in occupied Brussels new years eve
2 January 2016 at 12:57

I visited Brussels in 1970 ... the most boring fucking place on the planet -- and I have a very, very high threshold of boredom.

Best part of it was the movie "in Bruges"

I imagine these days, the Brussellers** long for those days of boredom.


**What the hell do you call a citizen of Brussels, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this vid which is 40 years old this year.

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing and this proves beyond all doubt that internatioinal self loathing, white liberal/communist trash were and are responsble today for that Chinese occupied, festering sore that Zimbabwe is today. Who was the Australian cunt that verbally insulted Ian Smith along followed by similar in UK/Europe and North America at the time. If it hasn't already I hope a slow burnng cancer eats those cunts alive.

Anonymous said...

Racist hoaxes of 2015

Anton said...

I have a firm belief that liberalism is the "enemy within the gate" that Cicero remarked on. Their task is the slow sapping of virtue, value, morals and loyalty, like a leech or some other parasite. They are more insidious than the armed enemy that faces you.

Anonymous said...

Well said Anton ... couldn't agree more !!! WHITE liberals are putrid filth !