Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas everyone

I'm not a religious man but dammit I really am totally pissed off at the ever-worsening War On Christmas, hence the image. And we know the masterminds behind this war, don't we children?  Give me more overt enemies any time, such as the Sultan of Brunei who has underlined his impeccable Muslim credentials by threatening his citizens with five years in jail if they celebrate this Christian Holy Day.

And what are we to make of Obomber and Oily Dave straying off message with pro-Christian sentiments? To me it's utterly insincere and politically-driven. Because TPTB are seriously unnerved by The Donald's spectacular success and other unmistakable signs of a White awakening. Which prompts me to leave you some great thoughts from great men as we head into the (potentially epochal) New Year.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" Samuel Adams

"If there must be trouble let it be in my day that my child may have peace"  Tom Paine

"Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come"  Victor Hugo

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds the timid join him for then it costs nothing to be a patriot" Mark Twain


katana said...

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Sav and all the regulars here that help make this site one of my favourites. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

CaMoron is preaching the cuck side of Christianity: tolerance, respect blah blah blah.

Sports Personality - Eddie Izzard, Tranny Logan, Clare Balding presenting. You don't have to be a freakish, leftist tranny of ambiguous gender to work for tge beeb, but it SAF won't harm you.

Good to see Murray win. With his coach, he'll be right at home with Mr/Mz Logan!

Anonymous said...

I am becoming a christmas grouch myself and chastise anybody who spells it Xmas
I bet some libturd in the future wants the word Christ taken out and just wants to call it Xmas all the time

Oh and talking about grouches here's a perverse bunch .i mean diverse bunch in Birmingham
Eff the villa

SimonR said...

I'm not religious either, Savant, but I am dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know...

00:39 said...

Yes, Happy Christmas to everyone who stops by here.

Keep up the good work in 2016 Savant.

AnalogMan said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours, too. And to all the regulars here. You don't have to be religious to celebrate it. Do it just for spite - because it's ours.

Searcher said...

Sav, thank you for my favorite blog. It's a fab antidote to NUJ agendas and the humor makes it easier to swallow the bitter pills of truth. Here's to a better 2016.

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Cassius said...

Happy Christmas to you Savant and to all the great people on this blog, especially the posters.

Anonymous said...

You know it dawned on me the other day that every 'X'mas the uber wealthy hoi poloi of kikes and pilot fish from all over converge on Barbados.
Now if I was some form of ISIS Jihadi merchant based in Turkey, selling uber loads of oil to Israhell for millions of US dollars, Euros, Quids et al under western noses, yet harboured a pathological hatred of Jooooos as we're led to believe, wouldn't it be logical to send a 'possey' of ISIS wogs disguised as 'playboys from Dubai' with mercs, ferraris, jetskis, pussy galore to hit the Jihadi jackpot ?!? What a shot that would be ... which begs the question who really is ISIS ?

Anonymous said...

Happy CHRISTmas everybody A luta continua, vitória é certa for the RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas , God bless us one and all.

For those who are unfamiliar with "Austrian school economics" and have some time for some Christmas reading:

Once we win the war (or even to win the war) we need to go as stateless as possible .

Anonymous said...

At least we can be truly thankfully deeply that these 2 Muslim men and 9 children some of whom are 19 years of age get to spend Christmas in our land and not Disney land

I've heard next year they are going to one in Saudi. It's called dusty land

I'll get me coat
Eff the villa

Bye the way with all these politicians jumping on the band wagon about these poor Muslims with dubious connections to terror groups not allowed on a plane to America. Will Cameron invite them to downing street
Are they to become our clock boy

Tom said...

Happy Christmas to you too Savant

Mister Hanky said...

Hi-de-ho everybody!

Guess whois dreaming of a brown Christmas?

Somalia (Or was it Sudan? All them failed afrikan states look the same to me.) took €2 billion or so from the EU and then goes off and bans Christmas because that is what failed (Or do I mean muslim?) afrikan states do. So they do do!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Uncle Nasty said...

To all who visit the site, your friends and families and to all like-minded White folk everywhere ... may this be a day of peace, rest and good cheer among true friends.

Merry Christmas to all.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Savant and all.

red pill said...

Yes, the war on Christmas seriously pisses me off too Savant. Anyway Happy Christmas to all on this blog. I too feel that maybe something good will go down next year.

Frank Galton said...

Merry Christmas everyone

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, these two "god-fearing" Christians in South Africa need your helpful direction to be put straight. Thousands of White farmers and families slaughtered in the last 20 years ... and no effect on these gullible Whites?? Incredible!

Anonymous said...

Savant, well religious or not Nollag shona dhuit! Christmas is really the winter solstice and other pagan traditions wrapped in with Christianity.

Not terribly religious myself, but everytime when parting after a meeting in work, when others said happy holidays, I said loud and clear - Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year. Health, prosperity and happiness in 2016!

Anonymous said...

What do you lot make of this ?

Anonymous said...

Another ... typical

a swedish friend of this blog said...

I think Netenyahu has little interest in the Christians' plight. Just milking some anti-muslim sentiment. But he definitely is right in what he says.

Happy Christmas all!

Andreas said...

Great blog Savant and please continue the good work in the New Year. In addition to you also to thank great contributors like Uncle Nasty, Searcher, Frank Galton, kulak, Nilus, Analogman. Sorry if I missed anyone. I know the names will come back to me as soon as I pres 'submit'.

Flanders said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Savant and all of the good White people everywhere. May your and our families, in all our White countries, experience the blessings which God has intended for us all.

Anonymous said...

Weren't no Santa Claus without the Whiteman and now they chased him away they miss him. Hint hint!

Merry Christmas to all!

And if you have a menorah you turn that son of a bitch on its side shine it up real nice and shove it straight up your candy ass!

Again Merry Christmas to all!

Anonymous said...

Finally caught:

tsnamm said...

Merry Christmas to all... And to all a good night!

A little something from the Middle German,
the beauty of our heritage...

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

What do you lot make of this ?

24 December 2015 at 22:08

What to make of it?

I'd say that Bibi is kicking off the 2016 fund-raisers from the Southern Baptists, West Virginia fundamentalists and all the other snake handlers.

In fact, pretty much anyone who falls for the old chestnut that modern-day Ashkenazi-riddled israel is somehow connected to the biblical Children of Moses.

Anyone who seriously thinks that Bibi and the Zionists** really give the furry little crack of a rat's arse about threatened Christians, has simply not been paying attention.


** Sounds like a rock group, doesn't it? Rather like Bennie and the Jets?

Flanders said...

According to media, Alan Kurdi has become a symbol of the plight of Syrian refugees desperate for a better life, even if that means risking everything by getting on a makeshift dinghy to Europe.

We all remember that little dead kid on the beach (in the minds of the public, a tragedy for any child) in Bodrum, Turkey, who became the poster boy for all of the media jews and for the one-world commune crowd, and for all of those who are working for the destruction of all National borders in all White countries, and doing so in part by terming imported invaders as being “immigrants”.

It turns out that the story which those jews and one-worlders were floating may NOT HAVE BEEN TRUE. That father of the kid, Abdullah Kurdi, may just not have been the innocent victim who he claimed to be.

“Zainab Abbas and Ahmad Hadi, whose two young children died from that boat accident, also told reporters in Baghdad that Abdullah Kurdi was a ‘people smuggler’ who begged them not to tell police in Turkey that he was the captain.

Abbas further explained to reporters that Kurdi was driving the crowded boat at a high speed and that her husband was trying to get him to slow down. According to the couple, Kurdi became distracted when one of his sons started to cry and he lost control of the boat before it crashed into a wave.”

The story is one of using “Immigration as a Weapon of Destruction” against our countries. It is warfare being conducted against OUR people and nations. It is stealth, but it is warfare. Those who attempt to utilize the good intentions and the natural emotions of our people against our nations and ourselves are deceptive traitors conducting war in the same manner as saboteurs and spies.

Don’t overlook the role of Dogan Media Group at the link.

Flanders said...

These are the type of results which the immigration crowds are eager to obtain.

Joshua Sinistar said...

The Government is afraid. It took awhile but even these retards see it now. Racism doesn't work anymore. The Race card is overdrawn. Saying South Africa needs a black government was fruity and nutty. Saying America shouldn't be White was playing with the oven. But saying Europe isn't White. well that's Full Retard. They can't stop now. They have to play it out. They'll keep doubling down until they lose it all. They always do. This time they have nowhere to run...

Anonymous said...

Just to add to all the others on here in saying thank you Savant for all that you do - and to wish a very happy Christmas to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Dawn the Beauty replied to jwcody with• 3 days ago

Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries✓

Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns✓

Anti-Whites say there should be no White Neighborhoods✓

Anti-Whites say there should be no White Anything✓

Anti-Whites say there should be no White People✓

Immigration = Colonization – “Diversity” = Fewer White Children

“Multiculturalism” = WHITE GENOCIDE

Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

Anonymous said...

Just finished the above book
What ever you think of tommy robinson at least he puts his head above the parapet time and time again
And gets put in solitary confinement a lot for his troubles or placed on a wing every time full of Muslim prisoners who are doing long sentences and want to kill him

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Check out Tony Hayers'(Nilus) Festive TV Guide

nilus said...


New post up at Morgoth's Review:
Tony Hayers Festive TV Guide, please check it out and enjoy!


3.00pm "Josh Widdicombe Dine With Me"
Josh Widdicombe turns up at ordinary people's houses with DVDs of his own
series and a bottle of kosher whine.
3.30pm "Jared Taylor's HuWhite Christmas Sing-A-Long"
Mostly homosexual celebrities join Jared and his band for a traditional musical treat.
Songs include
"Adolf the Red-Pilled Reichsfuhrer"
"Jungle Bells "
"I'm Dreaming Of A White Anything At This Point"
"Izzies Beginning To Look A Lot Less huWhite To Me"
"When We Was Three Kangs"
"Away In A Mengele"
"Dindu Merrily On High"
"The Holly And the Oy-Vey"
"In The Black Mudwinter"
"Little Honkey""Widdicombe, All Ye Faithful"
"Once In Larry David's Shit-com"
"Silence, Nig "
"Little Bomber Boy"
"Tailpipe Fairy Of New York"

hope you like it !! nilus/tony hayers/ GTRman

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to all my fellow Europeans. tomorrow belongs to us
Rob 14

Anonymous said...

sitting here in Chicago reading what used to be a great conservative newspaper The Chicago Tribune,any way as you probably know the nigs have been protesting downtown in th the loop that they are not humans and never will be after the rash of police shootings here,a item jumped out at me that ""Adam Gottlieb and his parents and sister were also protesting with the niggers""hope the Gotleibs get their ass kicked and mom and sis Gotleib get raped every which way possible,John old rtf Chicago copper,,,

john7 said...

Merry Christmas to all here, and 'amen' to Flanders. Remember 'the reason for the season'.

James Lord said...

Great post over at Morgoths nilus. If you were PC and toed the line the mainstream outlets would have you on their books.

FOD said...

I think the Jewish gig of indoctrination through media is fast coming to an end as the INTERNET REVOLUTION will transform the media in ways the Jews will NOT be able to they have been able to do in decades past...and centuries past as the scribes...


Anonymous said...

Today in Paris

Mrs in Paris atm, these lads just roaming about acting odd. Police on every corner apparently @TRobinsonNewEra
View photo ·
@TRobinsonNewEra Most have covered their face as another 5 fans show up.
View conversation ·
@AdamPrz @TRobinsonNewEra are you ok?
View conversation ·


@Dovhaak I'm in London mate, Mrs is heading towards euro tunnel now, Said its scary but she's ok, Thank you
7:48 a.m. - 25 Dec 2015
@AdamPrz ah ok, i'm in front of them in the street, it's very scary ..
View conversation ·
@Dovhaak Do you know what it's about? I heard they are trying to reach the tunnel but not sure to be honest, stay safe mate.
View conversation ·
@AdamPrz yes, they want to invade the tunnel but the police stop them, thanks

heuristic said...

FOD, not sure about the inviolability of the Internet. There are many options open to our masters. So-called Net Neutrality is about charging different rates for different levels of service. This tool can be deployed to make unco-operative sites slow to a crawl. Also the current 'hate' laws can be extended, as is happening now in fact, to cover not only blog owners but commentators. IMO this battle is only beginning.

Rory O'Neill Publican said...

So Blanti Piss got to go on TV3 and drum up business for himherits bar. This pathetic performer who is a media dahlin' will hopefully show up the emptiness of the media. F U Irish Times the sooner you disappear the better.

Merry Christmas.

Denise said...

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" Samuel Adams

Yup. That's why I relentlessly Name Der ewige Jude.

The Christ was an ARYAN.

LOGOS is ARYAN Word made Flesh.

A Happy Christmas, a Very Merry Yule, and a Beautiful, Bright WHITE New Year to all!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the Irish Savant, Lady Savant, and all the commenters and readers of this blog.


Flanders said...

It seems as if all the members of the Kosher Power Group [KPG] are all having problems with their diligent efforts to eradicate Free Speech. The newly recognized power for Israel, the EU, UK and the US and NATO, Turkey is threatening a senior newspaper editor with 5 years in prison, and main Turkish opposition group spokesmen are under [heavy] fire for, in effect, "siding with Russia", over the Turkish downing of that Russian plane.

December 25, 2015
"A lawsuit has been opened against Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Sedat Ergin with a demand that the journalist serve five years in prison for “insulting president” due to a report in the daily." [Continues about that and the Turkish opposition leaders].

Flanders said...

Great job on your post at Mogarth's, Nilus. You have always pinned those media jews, and skewered them in their illiterate, perverted snobbery, and I've wondered why you didn't have your own daily site. You are an observational artist.

Michael De Higgins said...

One of the more common memes that I’ve seen white supremacists spread around recently has been “diversity is a code word for white genocide”. The concept here is that diversity is only promoted in white nations, and that the end goal is to eliminate white people altogether by flooding all white countries with non-white people until there are no white people left. Well, guess what, white supremacists? That’s exactly right. Diversity IS about getting rid of white people, and that’s a good thing.

< more garbage>

To quote the great anti-racist activist Tim Wise: “Do you hear it? The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently? Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.”

Descendants of Holocaust survivors can personally attest to the evil that white people are capable of when they hold the reins of power.

Thankfully, whites won’t be holding the reins of power for much longer. When white people die out, so will racism, sexism, queerphobia, and all other forms of oppression. The only way to eliminate racism, white privilege, and white supremacy is to eliminate whiteness altogether. When I teach my students about human rights, critical race theory, and the role of whites in worldwide oppression, my white students often ask me how they can “atone” for the evils of whiteness and how they can make up for centuries of white oppression. And I tell them: you can do that by not having any children and ensuring that the white race does not live to oppress anyone ever again in the future.

< more garbage>

To people on the right side of history, however, this looks like progress. Whites are finally getting their just desserts – and it’s about time. I sincerely hope that, when the white power structure finally comes crashing down, whites will receive no mercy from the minority groups that whites have spent centuries oppressing. We certainly don’t deserve any mercy or kindness, as we have given nothing of the sort to others. When Ahmed Mustafa comes for you darling I hope you remember this statement.

< more thoughtfully taught cohenrant sentences >

So, yes, white supremacists: diversity is indeed white genocide. And white genocide is exactly what the world needs more than anything else.

Bahar Mustafa
Writing & Expression

Happy Hanukkkah to Emily Goldstein
Tomatobubble as referenced to here.

Merry Christmas to Humans.

Flanders said...

Anyone the jews can use to drive wedges into White hearts and minds is used against White people. Even contrived events – which is not the subject – are used. The subject is “In for the Kill”, but it is not so much the “minorities” doing it – It’s the jew.

“THE JEWISH MEDIA are eager to prevent White Americans from understanding that we are under attack from non-White invaders like Syed Farook, one of the San Bernardino killers. This is exemplified by the front page of today’s New York Daily News. The Daily News — which is owned by Jew Mortimer Zuckerman — dredges up photos of four White shooters, two of them certifiable nutcases, and puts them right next to Farook’s photo, and calls them all terrorists — along with a picture of the chief of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, who is accused of being a terrorist too.

Zuckerman makes sure we see five White faces next to the one unavoidable non-White face when the word “terrorist” is invoked. Mustn’t let the White folks draw any “racist” conclusions! And, just in case we don’t get the point with the pictures alone, Zuckerman tells us explicitly that the problem is not Muslim invaders or open borders or Middle Eastern wars, no indeed: the real problem is guns in private hands. The headline states, and I quote “Syed Farook joins [a] long list of murderous psychos enabled by [the] NRA’s sick gun jihad against America….”

Why would wealthy Jewish media moguls like Zuckerman want to prevent White Americans from seeing that more Muslim and other non-White invaders equals more terror, more killings, and more danger for America? Why would a Jew like Zuckerman want to protect a jihadi like Farook?”

Kevin Strom answers that question.

Anonymous said...

Yep as I said earlier their story is starting to unravel

Anonymous said...

Re Uncle Nasty
..."Not paying attention!"
I don’t get about as much as I did before I retired, So world view is some what limited, Mostly to the internet...But I feel pretty certain the second Renascence is starting , so all those present day Leonardo’s out out! Massive bouts of fit-ups are going to occur and recants demanded!
More and more folk are are thinking “it’s not cool” to believe all they are told my media whores/fagits and slags , some of whom work with orgs with close to a hundred years of trust.... that has built up! and tucked up their arses.
Oh! OH!my I forgot A very merry Christmas to Sav and yourself.and not forgetting what must be many hundreds of thousands of old new viewers and posters.

Flanders said...

Denise and John7, and all of our fine White people at Savant's and everywhere, will have an interest in the recording below.

If you want to see a historical record describing Christ, as a White man of course, see the video [Arcodeaus Reloaded - Time for a Common Sense] and the photo attached with the next post. Catholics should be warned that Dr. Wickstrom takes an ill view toward the universalist Catholic Church and is fully expressive of that, with no holds barred, but he gives his reasons. The primary section describing the White Christ is between around the 4:00 and about the 20:00 mark. I have records in my files which confirm the details of what Dr. Wickstrom relates, and these are also recorded in the Congressional Record as well as in other places. He discusses two different records.

“The most beautiful man on the earth!” Yahweh the Christ.

“blond, blue eyes, and a face expression like no other man”
Dr. Wickstrom tells the history of how this painting came about

A king of the German tribe Judah, and the heir to the German throne, killed by the invading Jews in Caanan.

“The Jews have no Messiah. The Jews are a minor figure in the Bible. The Jews are the children of Satan, per Jesus and designated as liars, deceivers, and murderers. And to this day, that’s what they are.


Anonymous said...

Christmas will soon be over

From now on ALWAYS remember that EVERY SINGLE NON WHITE in Britain including these rat/camel eyed schmucks with white skin is a fucking SETTLER in OUR lands... a SETTLER .. Got that ?

What did the ANC in South Africa say about "settlers" - which was heavily propagandised passionately by the BBC and its "white" affiliates CH4, ITV CNN et al ?????

One settler = One bullet !!!! Necklace the traitors !!!!

Karma's a bitch and unavoidable

Flanders said...

The jews are using the primary weapon that they use against our people, the Boycott. It amounts to being Political Correctness enforced by monetary sanctions. It is actually extortion and is an unconstitutional deprivation of property rights.

When the jews force our business leaders and corporations into compliance, it is the American citizen who loses. These businesses are the strongest backbones for the regular people, but they are being forced to compromise their principles – just as PC does to us. We should all resist this enforced compliance with the wishes of jewry.

“Boycotting the boycotters: California’s legislature set to lead the way?”
by Jared Sichel

“Dear businesses: If you boycott Israel, California will boycott you.

That’s the message a bill by Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) is set to bring to the California legislature in January.”

“CalPERS and CalSTRS have portfolios worth nearly $500 billion and are the nation’s largest public retirement fund and teachers’ retirement fund.

“The BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] efforts worldwide have grown, and there needs to be a response,” Allen told the Journal in a recent interview. “For our pension system to be investing in companies that actively are boycotting the State of Israel doesn’t reflect the desires of Californians.”

“Allen, a Christian, has attended numerous Jewish and pro-Israel events in recent months, including in Washington, D.C., and he supports a number of pro-Israel groups. He refers to the West Bank as “Judea and Samaria,” the biblical names of the area that are often used by supporters of Israel who believe the West Bank is rightfully Israel’s.

“In this context, Israel is most important to California in terms of the bilateral trade that we have,” Allen said. “For me personally, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. It is our strongest ally on that side of the world and maintaining our strong, close relationship is extremely important.”
“While the BDS movement’s effectiveness in the United States has been mostly limited to symbolic votes of support in student governments on dozens of American campuses, and within the Presbyterian Church and several academic associations, Europe is a different story. There, the movement recently achieved a major victory when the European Union, Israel’s top trading partner, mandated that some imported products originating from the West Bank be labeled “made in settlements.”

While this move may have negligible impact on Israel’s overall trade with the EU, there are fears that growing opposition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank could lead the EU to target companies that do business in the area.

This isn’t the first bill of its kind. Earlier this year, Illinois passed a law barring its pension funds from investing in companies that boycott Israel. And South Carolina passed a law requiring state contractors to affirm they’re not involved in any boycott against Israel. Allen’s bill, however, would make California the first state to focus on both state pensions and contractors.

Nationally, President Barack Obama and the Senate tentatively agreed in June to a version of a massive trade bill with Pacific Rim countries known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which included language calling on the U.S. government to discourage its trading partners from participating in boycotts against Israeli businesses in “Israeli-controlled territories.” Congress is not expected to vote on the trade bill until after the November 2016 elections.”
We must remember that if the TPP passes, ALL countries will be “Israeli-controlled territories”, just as the government of the US already is now.

john7 said...

Oh yeah...just remembered. Jesus said in Mark 9:40 , I paraphrase, "those who are not against us are for us." Welcome to the fight Mr Savant. :)

Anonymous said...


Vincent Browne said...

Ugly Celebrities Who Think They're Hot
10: Babs Streisand
09: Bette Midler
08: Cameron Diaz
07: Sarah Jessica Parker
06: Queen LaQueefa
05: Cher
04: Lena Dunham
03: Oprah Winfrey
02: Nicki Minoj
01: Khloe Kardashian

And I also stole

Obama was very disappointed to discover that Muhamed whateverthefuckthenameofthekidwiththebrokencloackwas only had a broken clock and was not cockboy as he first thought.

Happy Christmas

Grichel Made said...

#WhoWasLookingSmugAndTalentlessOnBBCEarlier? #Hint:GrossNezPutOnNeighboursTwiceADaySoHisDaughterCouldSeeItCancelledDoctorWhoAndRuinedTripodsForMoreSnooker.

Anonymous said...

Some cheer and lols.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's still Christmas - this is fucking hilarious ...!

Anonymous said...

Muslims Corsica attack the fire brigade and locals respond with what people call mob violence. But I call common sense against nasty bastards
Eff the villa

Dave33 said...

Gotta love the name of that pub The Blackcock Inn.

Imagine asking some bird 'how far is the Blackcock Inn?'

AnalogMan said...

tsnamm said...

A little something from the Middle German,
the beauty of our heritage...

Thank you for that link. I was not aware of that singer. I believe that's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing with her.

I'm a cultural barbarian. When you say "soprano", I immediately think of the fat lady in the opera who sings with "vibrato", which is a kind of voice wobble that I have always considered an affliction of "real" singers in their old age, caused by many years of abuse of the voice trying to be heard at the back of the hall without amplifiers. I always pitied them.

To my surprise, I have recently learned that "real" singers actually train to develop vibrato - for the purpose of being heard in the back of the hall (they don't need no steenkin' amplifiers). Apparently "real" music fans prefer that style of singing; they call it "warm", as opposed to "white" voices that lack .... I don't know, personality? I don't know - as I said, I'm a barbarian. For my part, I love that woman's "white" voice; and all the beautiful White people in that video. All the instruments, the blending into a symphony, the music - all White heritage. Ours.

Here's another White, explicitly ethnic, uniquely European expression of that heritage:

Celtic Woman - O Holy Night.

Anonymous said...

It was 101 years ago in 1914 when ordinary German soldiers and British & Canadian soldiers shouted out from their respective, rat-infested trenches to each other ... for a Christmas TRUCE. And so began a short respite from the madness of the jew-banker war. Of course, the traitorous general army staff were appalled that European brothers were actually fraternizing with each other on an open battle field. To keep the war profiteers satisfied, all these young men were eventually forced back into slaughtering each other. Four years later in 1918, about 15,000,000 of our best White European men were eventually killed off.

In 1943 during the 2nd slaughterhouse campaign, this highly-revealing French film was produced. Pause the button to read the English sub-titles.

Anonymous said...

Christmas truce - great advert

Flanders said...

This is from a commenter named Smitherines at another site:

"UK Daily Mail Links San Bernadino Attacks to Israel [and at least a few other jews]

By GPD on December 24, 2015
EXCLUSIVE New riddle of San Bernardino massacre: Russian sisters married to shooters’ ‘terrorist’ neighbor and brother have links to Israel – and murderer’s brother

Shooter Syed Farook’s brother and his neighbor – who is accused of buying guns used in the massacre – are married to Russian sisters [Russian in the same sense that jews in the US are "American", or that UK jews are "British".]

Mariya and Tatiana Chernykh can be revealed to have strong links to Israel with their parents owning a home there

Tatiyana married Syed Raheel Farook, shooter’s brother after brief marriage to man whose family say it was ‘mistake’

Mariya has two ‘anchor babies’ with her Hispanic boyfriend, a petty criminal – but she married Enrique Marquez between having them

His immigration status is unclear but her visa is set to be revoked – although with two US citizen children, she can fight deportation

Raheel Farook and his wife have been visited by police over claims of domestic violence – most recently just before the terrorist murders


Family: The Chernykh sisters Mariya (second from left) and Tatiana (right) are caught up in the aftermath of the massacre. Tatiana is married to Syeed Raheel Farook, brother of the gunman. While Mariya is in what the FBI says is a sham marriage with Enrique Marquez, the gunman’s neighbor who is accused of supplying the guns. Mariya’s real partner is Oscar Romero, a petty criminal (left). The sisters’ parents Valentina (center) and Anatoly (second from right) are from a strongly-Jewish Russian village and have a home in Israel

They came in search of the American dream but nine years after Tatiana Chernykh arrived, she and sister Mariya have instead found themselves at the heart of a nightmare.

The pair are at the center of a complex web of personal relationships, with Tatiana married to Syed Raheel Farook, the brother of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan, 28.

Mariya, meanwhile, is in what the FBI say is a sham marriage with Farook’s friend and accomplice Enrique Marquez, 24, but lives with her boyfriend Oscar Romero, 33, in Ontario, California.

So how did a pair of Russian sisters with close ties to Israel end up at the heart of the worst terrorist atrocity in the US since 9/11?

Daily Mail Online can now disclose the full story of the Chernykh sisters and their journey from a tiny Jewish village in remote south-western Russia to their role in the California massacre earlier this month.

The rest of the URL here:

Anonymous said...

"unmistakable signs of a White awakening"

There is a double significance to this, as well as neutrals for most of the time YKW were slowly engineering white genocide there were ten times as many white people helping them as YKW but in their case not intentionally

- white homosexuals who thought they were only fighting trad culture and morality

- white feminists who thought they were only fighting the patriarchy

- white SJWs who were conned into believing that justice could ever be qualified

- white capitalists who were conned into believing YKW lies on the economy

- white voters conned into one or more of the dozens of reasons YKW invented to promote mass immigration

- white police conned into putting social cohesion before the law

- white military and security services conned into believing they were defending the realm

99% of these people didn't realise they were helping YKW bring about white genocide but with the refugee invasion we're now in the final stages of YKW's final solution and a lot of those people who've been helping them up till now will start to wake up also.

It might end up with YKW losing all their white supporters apart from the politicians and the media vermin - although bear in mind that is likely to be the darkest time as if it comes they'll probably try and arm their pets to kill us.

Anonymous said...

and merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

So Jesus was a white man, was he? Why then did he quote from Jewish scriptures, preach to Jews, throw moneychangers out of Jewish temples, and so forth? Why didn't he quote Homer and Virgil, preach to whites, and throw the moneychangers from the temples of Jupiter or Neptune? Even if he was blond and blue-eyed as a stereotypical "Nazi," why was everything he preached and supposedly believed in 100% Jewish?

Oh, I'm sorry. I forget. This isn't about FACTS or REALITY, this is about wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die, and self-comforting fantasies and delusions. I guess the "Devil" made me say all this, since evidently most of you believe our plight as whites is the result of supernatural spooks and ghosts and Old Scratch, aided and abetted by the Jews, who fell out of favor with their vicious tribal "god" when they refused to believe in his meek & mild "savior" of a son!

Oh, sorry, sorry; once again I've let reality intrude on your fantasies. Go back to sleep! You'll wake up in Heaven eventually, have no fear! In the meantime, the apocalypse is right around the corner, and has been for 2000 years now! That super-white man Jesus himself said that some of those alive in his day would see it -- where can I find some of these 2000-year-old folk? Can you point out just ONE of them?

Oh, there I go again! SO sorry. I guess I'm just an "agent of the Devil," as all the "good Christians" have assured me in 61 years of life on this insane asylum masquerading as a planet.

And yes, I know -- I'm going to "Hell"! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ron Everett said...

"Seven days of a made up Holiday"

On the first day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Umoja(Unity), as in his group United Slaves.

On the second day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Kujichagulia(Self Determination), as in two dead Black Panthers killed by United Slaves.

On the third day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), as in the time Karenga served for the torture of women members of United Slaves.

On the fourth day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), as in the commercialization of a phony holiday.

On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Nia (Purpose), as in the words of Al Sharpton, "De-Whitizing" Christmas. It's put there so the brotha's would par-tay.

On the sixth day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Kuumba (Creativity), as in the seven headed hydra symbol of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

On the seventh day of Kwanzaa, Founder Ron Karenga gave to me...

Imani (Faith), as in "People think it's African, but it's not. I came up with Kwanzaa because black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was American...". a 1978 Washington Post quote from Ron Everett now known as Maulana Karenga.

Has Obama not given this great inventor the Presidential Medal of Honor yet?

Normalcy Bias said...

Flanders that is an amazing story about the San Bernardino shooters' relationships. Amazing indeed. Because just about the last people jews from a 'staunchly jewish village in Russia' would marry would be muslims. The word 'sayanim' springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we only have our softness and fair play to blame for the near downfall of white Europe
It's as if we reached the top of the evolutionary tree
And we don't hunter gatherer anymore just work for ourselves and not the tribe and watch sport
And lesser tribes of a different colour and who worship to a different god have seen our weakness and the traitors within have enabled them to relocate to our land
So it's shit or bust we got to toughen up .maybe we will when all is about to be lost. I hope so
If their was a IRA for england say.i would join

Potgieter said...

From now on ALWAYS remember that EVERY SINGLE NON WHITE in Britain including these rat/camel eyed schmucks with white skin is a fucking SETTLER in OUR lands... a SETTLER .. Got that ?

All too true. The irony with your reference to the ANC is that there were hardly any bantus in the Cape when White men arrived. They flooded in when they saw the paradise we had built. The only reason they have 'democratic' control now is their ability to out-breed us.

Anonymous said...

That belt of 'humanity' stretching from the eastern borders of the Indian sub continent to that illegal occupation of the SW Asian peninsula, what was Palestine and including the rest of the Middle east, Turkey and north Africa, harbours and breeds the foulest most despicable forms of two legged roach on the planet.

Worse than cannibal kaffirs - and that's saying something!

I find it interestring that the Oriental people i.e. Japan, Korea, China, Viet Nam, Laos etc don't have a lot to say about them either way ?

katana said...

There’s some kind of SJW movement afoot attempting to have black socks banned due to their inherent racism.

More here, ...

Mrs. Heracitus said...

katana, I actually think such development (banning black socks in this case) are a good thing because at some stage the sheer insanity of the programme has to dawn on the general pubic.

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis attacking whites bham

Flanders said...

Anon @ 10:37, You sound as if you will certainly feel comfortable and quite at home with this guy.

Pedophile jew Greville Janner is dead. Greasy Greville followed a long tradition of going substantially unpunished by the jewed legal system in England, but death will likely place him with his father, Satan, where he assuredly belongs. Greville Janner was the VICE President Of The World Jewish Congress and the former President of The British Board of Jewish Deputies, and he was was also known as, the Baron Janner of Braunstone, Greville Ewan Janner, Greville E. Janner, as well as his earned title, “that greasy, cock-sucking jew, Janner”.

“The Jewish politician and British ”noble” Greville Janner is dead. Unfortunately, he died without ever being punished for crimes against children, let alone the usual cultural and political treason Jewish politicians tend to commit.

A news article reports: ”Lord Greville Janner, at one time arguably the most prominent Jewish community leader in the UK, died today at age 87 after a long illness … Janner was a Labour Party member of the British parliament for 27 years, and continued to be a member of the British House of Lords until his death. But Janner was eventually suspended from the Labour Party after multiple allegations of child sex abuse were made against him.”

”Police and prosecutors failed to pursue criminal charges against Janner, even though they had more than enough evidence to do so…”

The jews who do wrong always seem to have strong political help in covering for their activities.

“Did they seriously think this was acceptable and everyone would just move on to something else?

This is extremely unacceptable and highly inappropriate behaviour of any government, it is a very severe blight on the United Kingdom that David Cameron speaks so passionately about and how British standards must be upheld, whatever they are.

It is the continued abhorrent behaviour of the 295 MP’s defending the remaining 76 active MP’s in parliament and other VIP’s with the official secrets act when children’s lives have been taken, ruined and most remain traumatised until this day and the government churn out the gagging law and anyone who disagrees with them will be viewed as an extremist.”


“Janner was protected by his local police chief Michael Hirts, a fellow Freemason.

Police detectives falsified criminal evidence in an effort to protect Janner.

Janner sent thugs to the homes of witnesses, to scare them.

Janner got officials in his city of Leicester to shred documents relating to his alleged child abuse.

The police chief organised a campaign to destroy the reputation of a whistle-blower.

The above information comes from a legal dossier containing letters, affidavits, witness statements and court papers.”

Anonymous said...

The art establishment must stop “woefully undervaluing” work by female artists, experts have said, as they note an “unjust anomaly” has left the prices commanded by women trailing behind men of the same experience and talent.
Industry leaders have called on art lovers to put a halt to the centuries’-old discrepancy, putting a spotlight on “totally overlooked” women to help them catch up with top-selling male artists.

Horrid horrid art market out of touch with journalists!

I saw a film yesterday that could help her. A scarecrow went to a wizard and he gave a piece of paper that made the scarecrow smart. I think it was called The Professor. And it starred Morgan Freeman.

* Isn't that the same bovineexcrement that the ESRI came out with when

Chris said...

People need to move beyond the false hope of WN.

A very good listen.

Flanders said...

Good point about the Sayanim, Normacy Bias.

I don't know what to think about this next story, just in video form from RT. I note that even if there is credible evidence backing it, the policies would have stemmed from the Swedish jew, Eisenhower and his administration, rather than JFK as they practically state and actively imply. It should be interesting in either event, and it certainly would NOT BE Americans who would plan this, but those who are something else and hide behind national identities when it is important or convenient to do so. Any ideas as to who that could be? I'll bet the same ones are importing armies of Muslims.

"Revealed: US planned to nuke East Europe in 1950s to prevent Soviet expansion - VIDEO

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I used to think Xmas was anti-Christian but it turns out the X is a form of symbolic representation of Jesus like the Lamb or whatever.

Anonymous said...

At least hey have got the nerve to do it

Anonymous said...

Be aware ...

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders' post on Janner (26 December 2015 at 14:11) bores right to the core of the matter.

The Heebestablishment control everyone -- everyone who is appointed to positions of influence above a certain level.

Note: I say appointed. Anyone who still believes that election or elections -- the so-called democratic process and controlled by the so-called populace -- plays any part in the placement of these individuals, lives in a fairytale land.

No one appointed to these positions is innocent of vile criminality, complete dissolution -- or potential corruptibility.

If they are not corrupt (or corruptible), they will simply not be appointed, as the criminal establishment (The Judeo-Freemasonic partnership) need a large, visible, easily graspable handle with which to control them, should they develop or grow some kind of conscience -- threatening to damage or even bring down the edifice -- or more likely, prove even more venal than their controllers and attempt a coup or power grab.

This will never do.

Speaking of the core ... these creatures put out the public relations flackery, that China or Russia or the sand niggers in Iraq, Iran, Syria etc. etc. etc. are the villains. This is first-level disinformation for the dumbarses out there who devour every word in the daily bird-cage liner.

Second level disinformation, for those who have taken the trouble to actually peep beyond the headlines lays out the scenario that the villains are the Republicans (or the Democrats, if you will ...), the Labour Party (or the Conservatives ...) Cameron or Corbyn, or Farage, or Obama or Merkel or the grey and murky indefinable "banks" and hidden "financiers" ... who are all painted as power-crazed -- and in the last century, anyway, always portrayed in political cartoons as fat cats in incongruous turn-of-the-century tail coats and top hats**, who will always be there, nothing can be done to resist them, and thats the way of the world.

This level is brought up (in suitably hushed tones) at parties.

This is the carefully constructed hidden secret that a bit of digging is meant to find. This is the "esoteric" stuff for the followers of Infowars and Alan Jones.

Even more bizarre, I believe that israel -- yes, even darling israel is portrayed as one of the villains (when convenient and necessary) and that even they are being duped. The real PTB, it is said, consist of about 250 families, and even israel is being conned into thinking that they have influence. Rather like the hook-nosed jester who sits at the foot of the King ... and gets the occasional pat on his pointy little head.

They don't.

Sitting at the foot is not the same as standing at the right hand.
They are merely fooled into thinking that because of proximity to the King, that they are closer than the rest of the courtiers.

They're not

Then ... we have the core. The core, I firmly believe is the infamous "Square Mile" in London.

End of the City of London Part One


Uncle Nasty said...

the City of London Part Two

Like the Vatican, Like Washington D.C. it does not really exist in the normal way, It is a Corporation, with its own police force. The "City" -- as it is commonly known, is a major business and financial centre as well as being the core of the legal and insurance establishments.

The City is a major business and financial centre.[8] Throughout the 19th century, the City was the world's primary business centre, and it continues to be a major meeting point for businesses.[9] London came top in the Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index, published in 2008. The insurance industry is focused around the eastern side of the City. A secondary financial district exists outside of the City, at Canary Wharf, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) to the east.

The City has a resident population of about 7,000 (2011) but over 300,000 people commute to and work there, mainly in the financial services sector.[10] The legal profession forms a major component of the northern and western sides of the City, especially in the Temple and Chancery Lane areas where the Inns of Court are located, of which two—Inner Temple and Middle Temple—fall within the City of London boundary.

Many are under the impression that All the major decisions of the early twentieth century were made by Germany, France and the UK (Churchill, de Gaulle, Stalin, Roosevelt) ... late twentieth century decisions were made by the US and the Soviets (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Kruschev). I feel that everyone, including the US and the Soviets, were meant to think so.

By the villains who have been controlling the planet for about two hundred and fifty years, now. The Judeo-Masons of the COL.
Drop a decent-sized fuel-air bomb on the COL (on a weekday) and ninety nine percent of the world's problems will simply ... float away.

Hey ... I am always open to correction. But let's put it this way. It cannot be denied that there are thousands -- if not tens of thousands -- of gentiles who would happily screw the rest us for the occasional crust, or worse -- the occasional pat on the head.

Now we have a Tribe, notorious for their negotiable virtue, historically infamous for screwing us over. Why shouldn't they cast 98 percent of their own into the Abyss? Imagine -- israel just as disposable as the rest of us.

All the more for them, eh?


** Thanks, Parker Brothers of "Monopoly" for the FatCat image.

Anonymous said...

@Dog of Flanders

So that's the best you can do, compare me to some odious Jew?

Typical. EXACTLY what I expected. I would tell you to read Hans Guenther's "Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans," available in translation at the Internet archive (and Solar General and others), but, that'd take you away from reading your precious old Jew-book, wouldn't it? (BTW, I don't believe in your "Hell," so I have no fear of going there. My destination is VALHALLA.)

Pitiful. And you call yourself "Aryan" and "white."

Anon @ 10:37

SAVANT said...

Glad to hear it Lemmy. Yes, just saw earlier about the original Lemmy. Apparemtly he lost the will to live. I know the feeling!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find the picture of Black or african-American Monopoly? There is a go square, a jail square and the rest are go to jail.

Marshall Mathers said...

Black Monopoly

As it was before the Parker brothers stole it from its inventor George Washing Carver!

pincer said...

Irish Savant -de I also wish you and all the readers all the best for 2016. In the sense of this thoughtfull chant:

Citizen Kane.