Friday, 6 November 2015

Twilight in the desert

Flying over Saudi Arabia you see, unsurprisingly, mile after mile after mile of barren dun-coloured desert.  But then as you approach Riyadh a remarkable spectacle hoves into view. Hundreds of gigantic green circles, miles of them, surrounded by absolutely huge factory-style buildings. Behold the Saudi farming industry, a huge enterprise`extracting its water from ancient aquifers and using technology from the Irish Masstock company.

This industry produced such large quantities of wheat, cattle and goats that - and I bet you didn't know this - the value of the country's agricultural exports were second only to that of oil.  But no more. According to a Bloomberg report the aquifirs - reflecting the staggering  irresponsibility of the Saudi authorities - have been almost run dry, spelling the end of wheat production and the stock that depended on it. You see aquifer water, a legacy of the Ice Age, does nor replace itself. Net effect they've gone back to being major importers of wheat, while the cattle have all been eaten and the goats probably sent to ISIS for recreation purposes

This dramatic turnaround represents just one element of a perfect storm that's engulfing that vile country. Because trying to destroy Russia by driving down the price of oil, invading Yemen and fnanancing terrorists everywhere does not come cheap. Add in the huge parasitic "Royal" family and the need to buy off citizen discontent and you get record-breaking budget deficits.  Which at the present rate would burn through their foreign reserves and bankrupt the country within five years. Oh joy! And the impact on the dollar will be dramatic too, possibly fatal.  Because the Saudis would have to dump dollar denominated assets to the tune of about $700 billion. This turns the petro
dollar system on its head because rather than using petrodollars to finance American borrowings the Saudis will dumping the dollar assets that they have.

Will the American oligarchy provoke another World War to prevent this?


Celtic Morning said...

Will the American oligarchy provoke another war to prevent this? Simple answer. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Will the American oligarchy provoke another war to prevent this? Simple answer. Yes.


LVG said...

Saudi people are watching closely and aer intensely political under a repressed surface. Anger at the princely class has been ready to boil over for at least 25 years. Women, Shiites, the huge number of non-citizens, all are being severely repressed - and are watching and dreaming of when their time comes. And all are acutely aware of the enourmous waste of supporting thousands of princes and their entourages.

The disasters at this year's hajj, the larger one caused by the thoughtless actions of a prince and his entourage, and Iran's call for the Sauds to be stripped of their role as keepers of the holy sites have fueled this anger. If Saudi troops or ISIS mercenaries return defeated from the wars, there will be no stopping the explosion. And the power of a social explosion is proportional to the degree of repression that preceeds it.

Anonymous said...

As long as Cameron's tongue is available they don't need to worry about shortages of Andrex.


rambaloosa said...

Commodity-based economies always go tits up. See the settlements in the western U.S. whose economies were based on mining gold and silver -- which in their heyday boasted world class hotels and opera houses and visits from royals -- that are now ghost towns.

Good the Saudis have goat herding to fall back on.

Uncle Nasty said...

Another interesting point to be made is that control -- and ownership -- of water in the twenty first century will be even more bloody and intense than the century-old war for petroleum.

It is difficult to prosecute a war without oil, petrol, diesel, kerosene and avgas, but two short centuries ago, it was done. However ... and this is a big "however" -- it is impossible to do anything without water.

One of the reasons, Gaddafi had to go, is because he was controlling -- and husbanding -- huge amounts of water.

... and what Gaddafi actually did for the Libyans -- once again proving, that for jews, no good deed goes unpunished ...

For those countries who sit on a surplus of fresh water -- be careful, Lads. The yids are coming for you ... any day, now.


Anonymous said...

I dont like them anyway

Nero said...

Let's not forget how the Saudis rose to power.

ISIS style terror campaigns against anyone not on their side after the WWI creation of the new country. How the Shi'ites must boil.

Uncle Nasty said...

I find John Ward interesting, even if probably the only reason is that both he and I had a career in advertising and marketing.

It could be said that he and I have a sort of love/hate relationship, although that is not strictly true, as he probably does not even know that I exist. I have never commented on his blog as he refuses to see -- let alone acknowledge -- the third rail.
A lost cause as far as I am concerned.

The comment section of his blog can get quite lively, though.

May 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

@Full Stop

I hear what you are saying, but in this day and age the only conspiracy is the one that says that we AREN’T dealing with Satanists.

In the UK people with influence such as politicians, police, bankers, journalists, corporate “leaders”, tend to be freemasons. Regulars to this website already know that Blair, Brown, Cameron, Osborne, The Royals, Obama, Bush I & II, Kerry, Clinton, all their wives and all their bag-carriers are freemasons or the female equivalent. So it’s not outrageous to state that the UK is run by freemasons.

Now look at any masonic monitor, which is the handbook that each masonic lodge issues to new members. They are all pretty much the same as they have to be endorsed by the grand lodge of the order. Page one explains to new masons that freemasonry is not a social club and that it is not a meeting place for people to further their careers. The masonic lodge is a temple and freemasons go there to worship, so new members should behave accordingly while in the temple.

What kind of religion that is is made clear in the rest of the monitor, and in the masons’ “bible”, “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike. I recommend everyone read the latter – you can download it for free and if you can’t be bothered to have a skim through it then you really can’t expect your opinion on freemasonry to be heard.

To cut a long book short, freemasons believe that Lucifer is the good god and that the God of the bible is evil. They believe that Lucifer is the light-bringer who tried to bring knowledge and god-like status to humans in the garden of Eden but evil God stopped him and has been stopping him ever since. If freemasons do Lucifer’s bidding then they can bring about Lucifer’s reign on earth and become enlightened, making them gods.

I advise that one reads the rest.

An interesting revelation (to me, anyway) was the recent realisation that I may not believe (wholeheartedly) in supernatural or satanistic powers, but the fact that I do not believe is unimportant.

What is important is that the PTB seem to believe this with all their shrivelled little heart and act on this belief, so ... my believing it or not is immaterial.

Pretty much the way the witches of Salem could not believe what was happening to them -- but it didn't stop them from being framed and strung up, anyway.

Food for thought, no?


Uncle Nasty said...

I have read on more than one occasion, that the Saudis are actually jews ... but real ones.
Not the Ashkenazim fakes from Asia.

Can anyone confirm? Deny?


Andreas said...

UN, the saus have actually admitted their jewish roots. Lots of material on the web about it. Here we have one good link.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sweden ... stick a fork in it ... it's pretty much done.

SWEDISH ARTHOUSE SITCOM: ‘Sven, Brigit, Joris, Dawid, Android & 100% tolerance’. It promises to be a riot.

By John Ward May 29, 2013 100% police tolerance Andy Coulson Boris Johnson david cameron Investment banking parking tckets taxis

Sort of losing the plot, slightly.

In the light of the recent riots in Stockholm, The Slog wonders how Swedish authorities would tackle the West’s banking and political corruption issues.

Following the recent riots in Stockholm, police were asked to explain their role in controlling riots that seemed to be pretty much out of control.

“Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Lofving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen yesterday. Lars Bystrom, the media relations officer of the Stockholm Police Department, expanded upon Lofving’s approach:

“We go to the crime scenes, but when we get there we stand and wait. If we see a burning car, we let it burn if there is no risk of the fire spreading to other cars or buildings nearby. By doing so we minimise the risk of having rocks thrown at us.”

The logic of that statement sings out loud and clear, except for leaving the reader in some doubt as to WTF cops are for if their main concern is the avoidance of incoming missiles. But as the riots unfolded, the cars burned, and the rioters waited in vain for the police to do something irresponsibly inflammatory, it became clear where the authorities’ main priority lay. While documenting the destruction, a reporter from Fria Tider observed a parking enforcement officer writing a ticket for a burnt-out Ford. When questioned, the officer explained that the ticket was issued because the vehicle lacked a tag showing its time of arrival. The fact that the vehicle had been effectively destroyed – its windshield smashed and the interior heavily damaged by fire – was irrelevant according to the meter maid.

Somewhere in the darker recesses of my disturbed mind, there rests the idea for a sitcom in which man cop Sven and free-spirited meter maid Brigit live together in a permanent state of muddle. The humour arises from the cop’s ambition to do the bare minimum as intruders rampage daily through their apartment, and the maid sticks as many parking tickets as possible on their getaway cars parked conveniently (but illegally) outside.

In Episode One, Sven the cop is asked by his station commander Lars Bystrom to investigate the dodgy practice of rehypothecation in the banking system. On discovering that this involves bankers using, for their own purposes, assets that have been posted as collateral by their clients, Sven files a report recommending that divisional headquarters should monitor the situation, but only intervene in the event of executives throwing themselves off window ledges…and even then, not in a manner likely to irritate the descending body. The Divisional Commander recommends to Police Chief Mats Lofving that safety nets be fitted to the exterior of all banks so as to avoid any danger to passing pedestrians, and that battlefield-standard helmets be issued to meter maids handing out parking tickets in the vicinity of such institutions.

John Ward seems to think this is satire.

I think it's a brilliant concept for a TV series


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last -- regarding satire.

There was a dodgey little poofter in South Africa with the name of Pieter-Dirk Uys (no relation to Jamie) who was what passed for a satirist in the Old South Africa.

I recall reading that two years into the New South Africa, Uys hung up his gloves, basically saying that the country was now beyond satire. Nothing that his fevered imagination could dream up could be more outrageous than the ongoing reality.

Need I say that his mother was a jewess? The latest, however, that I find screamingly funny was that Uys now claims Bushman (Khoisan) ancestry on his mother's side ... seriously.

One cannot imagine another box to tick.

Uys was born in Cape Town on 28 September 1945, to Hannes Uys, a Calvinist Afrikaner father, and Helga Bassel, a Berlin-born Jewish mother.[1] Hannes Uys, a fourth-generation South African of Dutch and Belgian Huguenot stock,[1] was a musician and organist in his local church.[2] Bassel was a German concert pianist whom the Nazis expelled from the Reichsmusikkammer in 1935 as part of their campaign to root out Jewish artists.[3] She later escaped to South Africa and managed to take her grand piano with her, with which she taught her daughter, Tessa Uys (b. 1948), now a concert pianist based in London.[1][3][2] Bassel spoke little about her Jewish past to her children. It was only after her suicide that they discovered she was fully Jewish.


"She later escaped to South Africa and managed to take her grand piano with her"

Really? I didn't think anyone could top the story of the jewess Zissblatt who kept swallowing her diamonds only to endlessly poop them out in the morning (hopefully, wash them) and re-ingest them every night.

But the piano comes close. Reminds me of the old Gracie Fields number -- I took my harp to a party, but nobody asked me to play ...

Having typed the above, I now realise that Uys is probably right. Satire is trumped by reality ... every time.


Anonymous said...

- In response to UN's question on the Royal Family's ethnic roots.

Anonymous said...

off topic in chicago at friday nite 10:55 5 murders of ''If i had a son "" subhumam species. if you want to see the areas of the city i worked in go to CHIRAQ the Spike nigger movie,they even have John Cusack irrish american lib tard playing Father Faker at the once beautiful church yours truly was married in St Sabina that was built by old time irish folks that are probably sinning in their graves if they could see the cruxifix removed and replaced by a black Jesus breaking his chains,just a thought,John old rtf chicago copper,,,

Anonymous said...

Recent thing you may have read about concerning the huge increase in death rate for blue collar white Americans since the late 90s.

All sorts of bogus explanations being pushed. The truth is off-shoring.

Anonymous said...

US military came up with the solution decades ago.

Saw off chunks of Antarctic ice, haul them to the Gulf, let them melt in the right spot using miles of plastic tarp to refill the aquifiers.

They can still afford it. Let 'em pay to do it.


Anonymous said...

Andreas said...
UN, the saus have actually admitted their jewish roots. Lots of material on the web about it. Here we have one good link. 6 November 2015 at 23:35,

That explains why so called ISIS is not attacking Israel and not liberating their Palestinian brethren. Also explains why Israel is treating ISIS wounded right under the spot light?? With the confirmation that the Russian airliner was downed by an Israeli .. erm ISIS bomb or missile over the Sinai, Soros and co continue to pool for Ukraine. No Syrian refugees allowed in Saudi, UAE or Israhell ? Soros wants them in Europe. See the picture - it's CRYSTAL clear!

nilus said...


BBC2 7.55 film "The Captive Heart"
World War II drama about a Czech captain who tries to outsmart the GESTAPO.."

followed by "Homes Under Mohammed"
More PAKI landlords, buying to let..

followed by "My Life On A Plate"
JEW Arlene Phillips

BBC1 "Simply Nigella"
JEW Nigella Lawson

Channel 4 6.15 am "How I Met Your Mother"
JEW Josh Radnor
JEW Jason Segel
JEW Bob Saget
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JEW Theresa Rosenthal
QUEER Neil Patrick Harris etc, followed by

"Everybody loves Raymond", X 2 ,created by
JEW Philip Rosenthal, starring
JEW Doris Roberts (Green)
JEW Monica Horan/Rosenthal
JEW Brad Garrett (Gerstenfeld) followed by

"Frasier" X 3 created by
QUEER David Lee, starring
QUEER David Hyde Pierce, written and produced by
JEWS, followed by

"The Big Nose Theory" X 3, created by
JEW Chuck Lorre (Chaim Levine)and
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JEW Kevin Sussman
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followed by "The Simpsteins" X 3
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Yesterday 6.45 am "Jew Do Jew Think Jew Are?"
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JEW Jerry Springer blah blah his grandmothers who both OY VEYED in

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MOVING WWII documentary: Eva Schloss -a Jewish woman who SURVOYVED life in AUSCHWITZ
as a YOU*NG GIRL -shares her EXTRAORDINARY tale and (TOTAL RECALL) memories of the tragic diarist, Anne Frank.

followed by "The Road To Dunkirk" Engrossing WWII documentary looking back at the daring operation dubbed the "Miracle Of Dunkirtk" ,in which surrounded British soldiers were evacuated by boat from northern France.

"Miracle" eh? Hitler let them go didnt he?

More4 3.10 "the Longest Day" (1962) War drama, the Allied landings at Normandy.

which takes us neatly to

"Guess Whos Coming To Dinner" (1967)
Social comedy about a young White woman who becomes engaged to a black doctor.(MAGIC NIGGER)

"To Sir With Love" came out around the same time, in UK.

Just a cohencidence, goy.

nilus said...


05:45 "Uphill Farming Today"
The Gay Farmer Helpline.
A Cheshire chaplain says the Gay Farmer Helpline he set up is saving lives. Keith Ineson says he talks every week to married, middle-aged men who are living a lie and have nowhere to turn.
Presented by Posh Lefty Female Charlotte Smith

10:00 "Woman's Hour" :Muslim fashion
Muslim high-street fashion
Mariah Idrissi and Professor Reina Lewis talk about
Uniqlo and DKNY's range for Muslims

"Does my bomb look big in this?"

"The yellow really sets off your eye-slits"

11:00 "Lives in a Landscape"
JEW Alan Dein hears how a community has helped following the death of two youngsters.

15:45 "New Writing from the Arab World : A Bedtime Story for Eid"
By Syrian writer Zaher Omareen. A mother explains terrible events of the 1980s to her son.

15.45 "Last Word"
JEW Professor David Cesarani OBE ,a leading authority on modern
JEWish history.
Matthew spoke to Friend, fellow student, and now
Director of the Institute of Historical Research,
JEW Lawrence Goldman.

16:30 "Feedback : JEW Vanessa Feltz."
"Roger Bolton hears listeners' views on JEW Vanessa Feltz's interview with a GAY man awarded £7,500 by a judge in a landmark case. The man was said to have been a VICTIM of discrimination that was purely NON-VERBAL after he claimed he had been ABUSED by a member of shop staff who used HOMOPHOBIC GESTURES at him over several months.
Some listeners felt that the exchange went too far and forced the man into a DISTRESSING situation. Roger speaks to one such listener to debate the line between journalistic rigour and journalistic insensitivity.
Also, when Roger Scruton appeared on Radio 4's A Point of View, some listeners found his advocacy of free speech a refreshing antidote to CERTAIN MODERN SENSIBILITIES, but others felt that the freedoms he was endorsing could result in ABUSE of groups such as HOMOSEXUALS and MUSLIMS. Roger Scruton discusses the balance between free speech and social equality, and the place of political correctness in the modern age."

17:00 "PM" 06/11/2015
QUEER Eddie Mair with interviews, context and anal.

18:30 "The News Quiz"
JEW Rebecca Front
PAKI Romesh Ranganathan. Panel 25% JEW

20:00 "Any Questions?"
JEW Lynne Featherstone. panel 25% JEW

22:45 "Book at Bedtime :Trigger Mortis "
New James Bond novel by
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05:43 "Prayer for the Day"
A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with
PAKI/KEBAB/SIKH Jasdeep Singh.

23:00 "A Good Read " with
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05:45 "iPM"
QUEER Eddie Mair
JEW Suzy Klein

Man Booker Prize Winner 2015, Marlon James
Listen to the full uncut interview with the author of A Brief History of Seven Killings.

nilus said...

20:50 A Point of ViewRoger Scruton: Offensive Jokes

Roger Scruton argues for the freedom to make jokes that others may find offensive.
Goes straight to "the worst event in human history, THE HOLOCAUST" and then into "The appalling treatment of BLACKS during the slave trade" and then into "Dieudonne and his blatantly ANTI-SEMITIC jokes"
then "RACIST speech" now two more mentions of "THE HOLOCAUST" and "THE JEWS" and "THE NAZIS" ....and BLACK PEOPLE in America..
"THE RACISTS" were "defeated"..."RACISM"...."IMMIGRANT COONMUTINY"......oh, guess what, he's got a new book out

It's only a 12 minute show. He's supposed to be a clever man.

I was hoping for more than

Anonymous said...

@nilus Derbyshire had people on to discuss the RAF during the Battle of Britain and it was a whingefest that there weren't enough girlie pilots.

Unfortunately you are right about Extreme Engineering. I guess the buildings were so impressive that you would not notice that Forster is one who gets a presenting job on relative ability rather than real world ability.

Anonymous said...

Judge Alan Goldsack ? That a rich load of bollocks made up name.

Anonymous said...

Camila Batmanbellyjelly was not subject to the newspapers being prsent when the police came a calling like Bruce Grobelaar was nor was she finding out that the police wanted to talk to her when watching television as happened with Cliff Richard. I guess that is because she hangs around in exalted circles with the likes of the charming and talented Alian Yentob.

Nero said...

Saudi Arabian foreign debt equals their dollar stockpile.

They just couldn't stop spending when the going was good.

It is a regime in decline.

Anonymous said...

Syrian rapists Kent all claim to be under 18' it's starting our girls next
How long before we have a effing peasants revolt and march on dining street

Anonymous said...

Maybe Putin and Trump can head off the next world war.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I meant dining street. Where all the dignitaries pig out

Uncle Nasty said...

Bill White's opinion of the current caponised US military is not a positive one.

Just a few of his more ... forthright statements.

U.S. And Russia Play Chicken. Russia Wins

by Bill White

United States naval vessels in the Black Sea and also off the coast of Britain have been forced to flee their areas of operation after aggressive movements led to an overwhelming Russian response.

The first incident occurred on March 23, 2015, when the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, operating in the North Sea, was forced to flee to England's Hampshire coast after a confrontation with three Russian Akula-class nuclear subs. According to Russian news services, the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and its battle group began to move toward the operating zone of the Russian North Sea after threatening communications from the United Kingdom were intercepted by Russian intelligence. The subs were then sent to intercept the carrier group, causing it to reverse course. The incident was not reported in the American news outlets.

More disturbing for the United States, on April 10 the American Aegis destroyer U.S.S. Donald Cook was paralyzed by a Russian Su–24 using the latest Russian electronic countermeasures. According to Russian media, the U.S.S. Donald Cook, loaded with Tomahawk missiles, approached the coast of Crimea, remaining just within international waters, in violation of the Martreux convention, which is the treaty defending the rights of militaries from countries not washed by the Black Sea in those waters.


One reason that America has been left largely unable to respond militarily to Russia is the fact that with little public notice, Barack Obama has conducted the greatest purge of a country's generals and admirals since the time of Joseph Stalin in 1937 and 1938.

Almost 300 American generals and admirals opposed to Obama's homosexualization of the military, his plans to use the U.S. military against American civilians, and Obama's aggression towards Russia, have been removed from their posts in the past seven years. This has left the U.S. military leaderless and unable to defeat even ragtag militias like the Islamic state. Should full-blown war come on, Obama's army of girls and faggots will disintegrate on the battlefield.

There is another point that White, oddly enough, does not mention. Quite a few generations of US military have had nothing more to sharpen their beaks on than third world peasants with AKs and (at best) RPGs, leaving them with a built-in contempt for the "Enemies of Ahmurrica". It's been seventy years since the US military has taken on White people.

Could be some surprises there.


Anonymous said...

This weeks list of named drug dealers in multi culture Birmingham.
Gee I'm so glad the 2nd city has police officers

Anonymous said...

So Doctor Who tonight had Moffat indulging himslef in having a fangirl as a character and exactly the same one as was in his "mahvellous dahling" series with Benedict Cumberbatch. This great writer even had her twin sneak up behind her in the direction that the Doctor was looking in and he did not spot her. Such great writing. No wonder the license fee funded station pays top dollar for this talent.

Anonymous said...

So there are ads for a series called Scandal and there is some great acting in it as a guy has to pretend to be attracted to an ape. However Morgan Freeman who plays the ape shows that it is not well written as what man would what to make the beast with two backs with a beast?

Anonymous said...

O/T but I just became aware of (former South African) Lime Lite's return to the trenches. She (yes 'She') announced her "retirement" from blogging earlier this year, but apparently has changed her mind. For those unaware, like I was:

Anonymous said...

In 2010, Merkel had the following to say about multi-culturalism:

Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily "side by side" did not work.

"This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed," Merkel told the meeting in Potsdam, west of Berlin, yesterday.

Just 5 years and a little bit of NSA spying later, Merkel has not only encouraged this same failed multi-cultural policy that she was complaining about back then, but she has doubled-down and quadrupled the problem. Willingly. Against the wishes of her own people.

ozziesaffa's blog

Apart from Germans being kicked out of their apartments all across the country to accommodate Muslims, one church has been converted into refugee centre with the crosses, altar and statues removed so as not to offend the Musloids.

Primary schools and kindergartens across Germany are abolishing a Christian celebration, St. Martin’s Day, and changing it into a generic “festival of lights” so as not to offend the hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants pouring into the country.

But that's not all the enrichment Germany is experiencing.

If you're a female in Magdeburg, you should probably think twice about venturing out alone - or ever again. In October there were 4 reported gang-rapes of young Germany females. A 24 year-old woman was brutally gang-raped in a Magdeburg cemetery. Two weeks ago two 19 year-old girls were gang-raped by “refugees.” And the last case was another 19 year old, brutally gang-raped by 'refugees'.

ozziesaffa hears of the 4 brutal gang rapes yet silence in the traiterous mainstream media.

Woman who dresses as two curtains because she is a huge crook is distraught at handing back her honorary CBE.

"Pull yourself together" says the psychiatrist.

Anonymous said...

The Brits who fought for Hitler
The narrator of this vid says the Amery's were "English" LOL! Were they fuck!

Anonymous said...

2000 Indian coolies in Hitler's SS
A Jew leading the legion of St George of only 59 Englishmen
How many Irish in Hitler's legions ?

Does the KIKE tainted "British" education system teach our kids that ? NO!!!!

Anonymous said...

You may have seen the story of Serena Williams using her athletic abilities to bravely chase down a phone thief and thought to yourself "That story stinks of monkey shit".
The Daily Mail among others got hold of the CCTV footage and discovered that their story bigging up Serena throuhg her own faecesbook post stunk of monkey shit.

faecesbook - when you cannot be arsed to do any work and want to turn up a story. Or non story as the case might be. Thank you Mark Suckerburg simulated journalism owes you a big thanks.

Anonymous said...

John Leguizamo (Who he? John Leguizamo) says that Saturday Night Live which attracts an audience of 4 million will lose him if Donald Trump is allowed to present the show and he will take 6 million others with him.

On being asked why he had no problem with a guy telling jokes at the expense of the fashion-challenged such as Elton John, George Michael and Graham Norton he replied that those jokes were funny.

Unlike what Sara H Silverperson, Lena Dunham, Amy Schooby-dooby-doo and he tells.

Anonymous said...

This is so wrong rioters at that left wing orgy of violence which saw horses stabbed in the eye refuse to give their names or address to the magistrate .but still given bail by the police hoping they will turn up.what a joke we have become

eah said...

Saudi Arabia: The Desalination Nation

A larger point is that these Arab nations are completely dependent on western technology -- without it they could not get the oil out of the ground.

Anonymous said...

Is this creature an Irishman ?

Anonymous said...

"The EU values the major energy and commercial shipping lanes that the Somali pirates harass more highly than it values border controls."

Unfortunately this is true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Diversity in Europe and Asia

Michael Moore ate here

Saudi law professor

Fashion as she differs in Europe and in Asia.
Michael Moore observation.
As far as I know that is a genuine Saudi law professor and a genuine Saudi law. It world so well over there they want it here.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty said...

"She later escaped to South Africa and managed to take her grand piano with her"

Helga Bassel actually wrote her holocaust memoirs of life under the Teutonic jackboot. It was called "A pianist touched by Hitler".

"Sweat trickled down my feverish brow as I approached the checkpoint - the checkpoint that was on the border of Germany and South Africa. There, just a few feet away from me, was freedom. It was amazing to think that the place where I stood, the Third Reich, had just issued an order for the execution and immediate turning into soap and lampshades of all jews, but that just over there was South Africa and a new life. I shuddered as I recalled hearing on the radio the ravings of that Hitler madman as he outlined his plan for us, the chosen people. "I will exterminate them with my pedal powered brain crusher", he screamed with diabolical laughter, "and then I will supply the German Folk with endless soap and lampshades, alleviating the wartime shortages and ensuring their continued support for a thousand years!" My heart, my big jewish heart sank as I recalled the horrible words of this madman. My resolve faltered. Was this the end, after all my struggles? I straightened myself up, and with a final effort approached the checkpoint with as much composure as I could manage. "Papers, papers!" snapped the SS man on duty. He was a huge, hulking brute of a man, with burning hate filled eyes, the burning colors of which were reflected in his spotlessly polished boots. Yet again I wondered at the mixture of ruthlessness and efficiency so typical of the Teutonic character. He read with suspicion my forged identity papers, procured in the ghetto at enormous expense. I had to give up all my grandmothers diamonds and gold to a sleazy little Prussian forger, but I was lucky, some poor jewish girls had to give up their virtue. The SS man looked at my papers with suspicion. "Fraulein Muller? From the little village of Ullmark?" "Why yes." I said. "well", he continued, "I know the village of Ullmark, and the only Muller there is Franz the baker! So who are you?" Curses! It was the end! I started to shake. "I am his daughter," I lied. "Wrong answer Fraulein", sneered the SS man. "Muller the Baker is unmarried! I think I need to take you inside the office for further questioning." Just then there was the sound of creaking and groaning. "What is that sound?" snapped the SS man. Alas! I knew all too well what was the sound. It was the sound of the grand piano I had so cleverly concealed in my voluminous underwear breaking free of its bindings. In a few moments it would break through and crash with a tremendous thud upon the ground. It was all over. Fate had ordained that I was to join the millions of my jewish ancestors in sipping from the bitter cup of death, death at the hands of a gentile."

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust memoirs of Helga Bassel, continued...

"Suddenly there were was a great commotion behind me. I turned. A poor little rabbi had been unmasked and was being manhandled by several burly SS guards. One of them, a small troll like man with a face of pure evil started shouting. "Dance, little jew boy, dance. Dance,little jew boy, dance! Ha ha ha!" The SS man holding my papers suddenly became excited. He too started to shout. "Dance little jew boy, dance! Dance,little jew boy dance". He flung my papers at me. "Get out of my sight Fraulein, and next time get your answers straight. I'm going to have some fun. We haven't caught a jew for days!" With that he joined the other SS men in their mocking of the poor little rabbi. Not daring to breathe and scarcely daring to believe my luck, I grabbed my papers and walked as quickly and as calmly as I could through the checkpoint. Behind me I could hear the heart rending cries of the poor little rabbi. "No, not my Talmud", he shrieked piteously, as I heard the sound of paper being shredded. The demonic howling of the SS guards tore at my ears. "Dance ,little jew boy, dance! Dance little jew boy , dance!" Then I remembered the last words of my music teacher Dr Moshe Glockenspiel as he was dragged away to the gas chamber. "Survive! Whatever you do, survive. By any means, at any cost, survive!" I composed myself, took a deep breath, and walked the final few steps. There was a tremendous groaning sound. It was the piano! It was breaking free. With a crash the piano burst out of my underwear and smashed upon the ground. The SS guards saw what was happening but there was nothing they could do. I had stepped over the border from Germany into South Africa. The piano had fallen out in a different country -South Africa. How they cursed! " Gott in Himmel! I knew she was a jew! I knew it!" cried the SS man who had looked at my papers. "Swinehund!" he shouted, "Swinehund! Come back!" But I was free! Behind me, a terrible nightmare of sausage eating, lampshade making Teutonic monsters. In front of me, a new and successful life."

Her life in South Africa is detailed in Volume II of her memoirs "How the blacks suffered: almost, but not quite as much as the jews." It details her growing anger at the injustices that blacks and coloured people suffered under the apartheid jackboot, and how she resolved to do something about it. It tells of how she helped to usher in the new Utopian majority black ruled South Africa and then moved to Israel.

Vanguard said...

What an utterly brave and amazing woman (Helga). Imagine fleeing with a grand piano under your arm. As libtards, just wow!

reconquista2200 said...

Off-topic (kind of). From The Irish Times, Fri 6 Nov 2015

Imam calls for syllabus on Islam to be taught at faith schools

nemesis said...

Wow, couldn't wait to get to the 2nd post on poor little Helga. That poor poor woman. The story rings true and realistic. A lot more so than that stuff from Elie Wiesel.

Searcher said...

Does anyone here remember the "Touche Pas A Mon Pote?" logo from the 1980s?
It seemed pretty successful at the time: a hand up with the slogan written on the palm.
It was used to teach me and my fellow students in Ireland, how to deal with racism. A "racist" was the lowest of the social orders, and apparently France had some racists who were "ruining it for everyone". Having no immigrant population worth noting; we could feel comfortably superior because we would never attack a person on account of their skin colour. We would put the hand up and say, "No...stop what you be doin', you is wrong fo' dat..."

The thought has occurred to me (on numerous occasions) that those kinds of slogans/logos are always feel-good; easy to get on board with and hit a home-run with core values: cherishing the individual; advocating peaceful expression; unity; solidarity; high mindedness.

Black Lives Matter: How can you argue against that? The seemingly opposite stance is that Black Lives Don't Matter, but the counter-argument is in fact: All Lives Matter. All Lives Matter though is too broad and universal: weak tea. Instead why not turn the Black Lives Matter slogan on its head: White Lives Don't Matter.

However, that is just a reaction to something else that has already been done and is not pioneering on its own merits. There is a need, I feel for some logo to that is feel-good; easy to get on board with, hitting a home-run with core values. Something that really taps into something worth getting behind. Maybe "We Matter". "Save the West" could be the slogan. The logo itself is not coming to me (but I would not advocate a Cross). Maybe Alpha, Beta, Gamma could be put together in some pattern. They are used as classifications of men (mainly in the Chateau Heartiste type of realm). The point being that we all matter (whether Beta, Alpha or Gamma).* "Together we are strong" is the underlying message. Using Greek letters can touch on the past and the present: the birthplace of Western Civilisation, (and currently out in-the cold, suffering the asset stripping and ponzi lending in a most obvious manner). A ring of small flags one after the other could form the border around the central piece, including all European flags and USA/Canada/Oz/NZ/SA.
* It is also a tacit acknowledgement that, yes of course, we have bums/losers/weirdos of our own, but they are our bums/losers and weirdos and are not a valid argument to be offered up as a contrast to the shiny, super-duper enrichers. Our nations are not simply warehouses for worker bees.

I'm thinking that internet memes are the best method of awakening people to the Alt Right. I have seen some very funny, thought-provoking memes.

A meme could be a pic of say P Sutherland with the following text above and below:
Hi. I am anti-racist. I need a Europe full of Muslims and Africans. High-interest loans will be available for the coming civil wars. Equal opportunities for the all-important war harvest. "Cos I am anti-racist.

(That is actually too text-heavy but it was just to illustrate the point).

I love Morgoth's pithy line: We See You
I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a meme showing a selection of names/faces involved in the following areas:
Banking crisis
At the top of each meme: Lights unto the nations
At the bottom of each meme: We See You

Searcher said...

History lesson (Touche Pas a Mon Pote):
SOS Racisme was created one year after the March for Equality and Against Racism, considered to be the first national anti-racist movement in France, which took place in 1983. Most participants were young people from North African immigration, who protested against racist crimes. In 1984, a second march was organised, led by Farida Belghoul. That same year, the socialist government helped to create SOS Racisme, a more moderate anti-racist organisation, without the main leaders of the two marches, who denounced a "hijacking" of the movement by the Socialist Party. The UEJF, a Jewish student organisation, also played an important part in the creation of SOS Racisme.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust memoirs of Helga Bassel, continued...

God Damn, that was funny. I do not usually find written humour all that ... well, humorous (sorry) -- with, of course, the exception of the late Terry Pratchett -- but this was terrific.

The crash of the piano making its desperate last-ditch bid for freedom really cracked me up.


James said...

Pretty much the way the witches of Salem could not believe what was happening to them -- but it didn't stop them from being framed and strung up, anyway.

Food for thought, no?

Care to wager?
I'll see your Salem Witch Trials comment, and raise by one conspiracy theory.

Salem Witch Trials = False Flag Op?

Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told

Searcher said...

Sorry Sav,
More off topic rambles...
Here is a really well made short video from The Vindex (only uploaded a few days ago):

I thought the message from the video maker worth noting:

Comrades, thank you for the positive feedback.
Most people seem to have understood the message this video is portraying quite well.
However, this video is not an excuse for distasteful hubris remarks, or distasteful anti-immigrant remarks, because if we study the video close enough, we will see the Zionists have planned just that, hence 'planned chaos'. They want this angry rejection in order to aid the coming chaos by dividing people and creating resentment between them, which is what multiculturalism is really about, and why it was created in the first place. It keeps people focused on each other, and with the control of a national media who pretend to embrace it, it keeps those people fighting amongst themselves on certain issues, so the real enemy cannot be ousted, much more than just genocide, rather subconscious agitation on a deceptive scale.

Yes, we used the British Empire and advertised this hubris of Northern Europe to resonate in the youth of National Action, but not with the intention to promote anti-immigrant resentment or to glorify imperialism, but rather to remember this lost courage and determination and to channel it against the right people, to inspire and create new tactics which could potentially avoid chaos, and turn it back on the real enemy who need chaos to survive and maintain control.
We must be aware of how our reactions feed the Zionist machine.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Really? I didn't think anyone could top the story of the jewess Zissblatt who kept swallowing her diamonds only to endlessly poop them out in the morning (hopefully, wash them) and re-ingest them every night.

At least her guts were working. In Eisenhower's POW meadow camps after the war the Germans had so little to eat that they only managed to back one out about once a month if they were lucky and had to lean forward so if they passed out with the effort they wouldn't fall in and drown in the crap ditch. Everybody was so weak that rescue was not likely. The author of this little memoir said he saw others fall in the shit and drown, but everyone was too weak to rescue anyone else.

This also happened to that Rugby team that crashed in the Andes as well. 45 days without a shit. So don't worry, she wouldn't have had to clean those diamonds too often. And if she did, well then, she was incredibly regular.

Anonymous said...

I trust that you will all find this VERY interesting....

Who Stole Feminism?

Christina Hoff Sommers' book was supposed to be fighting Feminsim, but as usual, something else is going on entirely.

What I soon realized is that I had uncovered yet another instance of misdirection, one where we were being offered two paths that were both manufactured and false. We had one set of writers being paid to push one idea, and another set paid to push the opposite idea, when once again the truth was on neither path. Both ideas were being promoted to subtly force you off out into the bushes, while the truth was
hiding behind door number three.
Sommers is promoting the idea that girls aren't in a crisis: they are doing just fine. She tells us they are doing better than boys in almost every way. While they probably are doing better than boys in the ways Sommers describes, her statistics also appear to me to be pushed. Her conclusions don't fit the obvious experience of anyone with eyes. That experience confirms on a daily basis that neither boys nor girls are doing fine. Everyone in this culture is traumatized, and from my research over the past decade it appears they are being traumatized on purpose. This includes boys and girls, men and women, of all ages and all races.


Surveys of fourth, eighth and twelfth grades show girls consistently reporting that they do more homework than boys. By twelfth grade, males are four times as likely as females not to do homework. Here we have a genuinely worrisome gender gap, with boys well behind girls.

But Sommers is pushing her interpretation just as much as Gilligan or Sadker. As you see, she reads this statistic as a worrisome gender gap, and implies we need to get boys doing more homework. Is that the correct interpretation? No. Why not? Because most homework is busywork and much of it is now propaganda. My interpretation of that statistic is that girls are more easy to control, are more likely to believe lies, and are more likely to buckle to government propaganda. In which case, the boys refusing to do homework begin to look like little revolutionaries.

I see the statistic as a sign of hope. If we are going to intervene, it would be to help the girls see through the propaganda, realizing that homework is often a complete waste of time. No, it is even worse than that: homework is now being used to massage the throat and make the blue pill go down nicely. That is worse than a waste of time: it is death in slow motion.

Yes, homework is White Genocide.

john7 said...

Uncle Nasty beat me to it - the Libya deal was for water ; the rest is just added value.

Anonymous said...

Touche Pas a Mon Pote --

Brings back memories, it does.

At the time France was France and I thought, pfah, they'll never have the problems we got here in the States. They're just playing Holier Than Thou again.

Man, was I wrong. Like or no, that was when the dice were loaded but good. The point then was: Touch not this topic. Again. Ever.

Seems it worked.


Anonymous said...

sheboon punches elderly woman on a bus England

Anonymous said...

No record of 6 million being killed - Ronald Reagan

Blakey said...

Travelling on public transport in London today is dangerous for white people:

Shocking CCTV shows moment(black)teenagers punch an 87-year-old (white)woman in the face after she confronted them for not buying bus tickets

Coming to a town near you soon.

00:39 said...

Surprised that attack on the old lady on the bus made it into the news at all. Of course, when I saw the headline, I knew straight away what the perpetrators would look like.

Shaunantijihad said...

Poor Helga! I have tears in my eyes. Did she stash the piano in her cleavage or up her ****? She was obviously an amateur. Ellie Weisel was a veteran who survived five different super efficient extermination camps. He would have swallowed it.

Those hideous Whites! Imagine the horror! They had schools for Whites only! And a country for Whites only! And there own police force! Being Jewish, poor I, have none of these things!

One moment, some thugs are attacking the Jewish school! I'm calling the Shomrin and sending my piano to my Jewish homeland... before I drop some policy off at Downing Street on my way to work at the BBC.

Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

Re : Jelly babies lecture to the German folk.
I have decided that her mantra . Is to the effect ... That Germans.. including the unborn!... were responsible for all the wickedness committed in the 30s and 40s! and in consequence be punished.
No mention of the actions of the Poles/Soviets/League/ of Nations/Bankers .. That were the cause of Hitlers rise to power to power.

Anonymous said...

Of course, when I saw the headline, I knew straight away what the perpetrators would look like.

Some stories just scream teenapers at large such as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, the latest one.

Zoe Soldana should have got an Oscar for Star Dreck - Adventures in Lens Flare by JJ Abrams as not only did she have to pretend to be interested in a jew but a very merry jew as well!

Her arsicle in the Huffington Post Latin voices is pure mexcrement and proves that she should stick to acting.

Anonymous said...

John Leguizamo is a second rate comedy actor from twenty years ago. A Puerto Rican who from time to time would express his dislike of Irish-Americans on various talk shows. Seems the Irish kids used to beat him up in the old New York neighborhoods. Of course, a PR without a knife is easy meat.

Anonymous said...


Freemasonry is central to UK and US WASP culture? Ya' think?

Actually, the idea is that the WASPs are the Chosen (the "Frozen Chosen" as an Episcopalian friend used to say) leading up to the godhead of the aristocracy and those cousins of Jesus (and every other historical achiever), the British royal family. The KKK and Orange Order in Canada at border areas at the turn of the last century operated out of the same masonic clubhouse (Orange Order in Vancouver and the KKK in Washington state.

The lightbringer concept does show up but the idea of the sacredness British people and Royals predominates, I think.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says I support Michael Brown than getting 50 pairs of free Air Jordans

Free Air Jordans it is what Michael Brown would have wanted.

Rabbi Rafi Ostroff being arrested for singing at the memorial site in the main Auschwitz camp

With the policeman on the left wearing a British policeman's uniform from 1935 to 1955.

Looting Poundland? How satandards have fallen

I like the typo it gives you an appreciation of the natural state of an "Diane Abbot daughter (If she had one)".

Sinead on IrelandAM today says that nobody should benefit from committing a crime. There was a law like that in the UK. When one of their own Vickie Pryce was sent down the BBC had no trouble promoting her book of her prison experience. I guess if Lee Hurst wants to get back on he should not tweet that unlimited immigration is having a dreadful effect on working class areas on London like where he and Billy Bragg come from.

Anonymous said...

Well riddle me this. What has the shamrock sinn fein and nazi regalia including swasticas SS tattoos and white racists got to do with each other.
Nothing if they each stayed in Ireland And Germany
But put them in a American prison being prey to predatory black and Mexican gangs they become the aryan brotherhood
I still find it mildly amusing that red haired Irish Catholics helped form a brutal prison gang called aryan brotherhood
What strange bonds we hold on to when threatened

Eff the villa

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Well, they played along with the US to harm Russia but when shit hits the fan and they can't restore their price, they'll be at greek debt levels in a decade.

great white said...

Maybe your wrong about Merkel Savant, If you wanted to start a civil war to tear apart the EU, I couldn't think of a better way to do it than to inject a bunch of Muslims throughout Europe.

Anonymous said...

was in Boston last year and have to say never saw a more disruptiable disgusting group that calls themselves the Southies,tour bus was stopped at red light and fat irish american bitch on welfare with a size 60 waist ran after kid out of the public housing area yelling""you little cocksucker,you took the last pepsi and I'm going to cut your nuts off""driver said this was common for the area,the screaming not the nut cutting and was the disgarce of Boston, this would make the public housing units in nyc look like the Hamptons,,,

LVG said...

@4.26. You get that kind everywhere. But it is shocking nonetheless.